The Corporate Scientology WEDGE

Here is yet more evidence that David Miscavige’s obsession with splitting married couples for the purposes of empowering his own criminal self has made it clear on down to the local organizations of Scientology.

Please watch the video, The $350,000 Wedge. 

Also, please read the “Knowledge Report” of Orange County Executive Director Ed Dearborn that Luis Garcia refers to in his interview.

Note the routing and the designated carbon copy recipient:


In David Miscavige’s New, Golden Age of Tech for OTs, the line is real simple.   If you do not bankrupt yourself for his off-policy, off-purpose, self-empowering and self-aggrandizing schemes destructive to the forward progress of Scientology – why then, you are routed OFF your spiritual route to visit Miscvige’s “MAA FSO.”   MAA stands for Master at Arms, a fancy name for Ethics Officer.   The MAA’s in Miscavige’s new Golden Age of Tech for OTs line possess the following qualifications:

a.  Never went to college, and preferably dropped out of High School.

b. Never held a job, never paid rent, never balanced a bank account.

c. Never had a life outside Corporate Scientology.

d. Never studied Scientology, philosophy or organizational policy.

e. Drilled to be arrogant and haughty and to hold adults in contempt.

f. Drilled to threaten one’s immortal future by wielding the title MAA FSO to extort money in sums beyond the means of the parishioner to pay.

g. Indoctrinated by “Scientology schools” and their Kool Aid drinking parents to believe that David Miscavige is infallible, senior to L Ron Hubbard policy, and that they must worship worthy their adopted Fuhrer.

The snot-nose robot MAAs FSO are roughly equivalent in mentality, compassion, and understanding to Hitler’s Nazi Youth.

And with those qualifications David Miscavige empowers them to hold the immortal future above people who have dedicated decades of their lives to forwarding the aims of Scientology.   In my opinion, it is an epitome of REVERSE Scientology.

Thank you Rocio Garcia for handling that wonderful husband of yours.  Even though they whacked you for a considerable sum of money along the way you ultimately proved yourself more strong, more wise, more ethical, more OT, and more valuable than David Miscavige, Ed Dearborn, and all of the Nazi Youth combined.  You triumphed – and you and Luis are continuing along that line.

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  1. Luis!
    You couldn’t ‘handle’ your wife?????
    ROTFLMAO!!!! She’s a keeper! 😀
    Good for you for PROTECTING your husband Rocio! And well done to both of you for making it with your marriage intact. Many marriages (mine included) failed to survive the onslaught.

  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you guys, Luis.

    You’re such a big generous being of good will that it is probably hard for most to understand how something like this could happen to someone like you.

    The answer is simple – you love your fellows despite all reasons why one should not. You even have love for little vampires – and said: “Ok, here’s half a million worth of havingness to fulfill your blackmail scheme. Did that help you?”

  3. This is exactly the reason, why Germany and France is cracking down on Scientology. The information conveyed in these articles is not new. As a matter of fact, it is common knowledge. What is new is that these allegations, that have been around in the back of people’s minds, have been given faces, names, and most importantly: documents. And all of these in one place.
    It is a trove of information that cannot be lied away. It is another sting to corporate Scientology.

  4. Waiting to hear Karin Pouw’s denial that this KR was ever written.

    Or maybe she’ll say that parishioners enthusiastically embrace such reports because it furthers their spiritual enlightenment. And then she can go get 50 people at Int (probably all that’s remaining) and have them write affidavits to the SP Times hailing the wonders of these kinds of reports.

  5. Good grief! Luis, put a lien on that building as co owner. You do have the evidence that proves you have a financial interest in the property. Has anyone noticed they NEVER trust any of the contributors as partners in the real estate investments? Isn’t that a little telling?

  6. “I had indicated that a proper ask of anyone, per the tech of fundraising, is about 10% of one’s net worth”. Ed Dearborn

    One could write a thesis on the insanity of this one line – but what’s the point. In any coherent language what he’s actually saying is “I am the living dead – so far and so deeply have I betrayed my own sense of what’s right and wrong that I am a danger to anyone coming into contact with me”.

    The thing is though, to some degree or other, we’ve all been there, where Luis, Brian et al have been and spoken so eloquently about. We’ve all had the late night uninvited home visits, the special “confidential briefings”; we’ve all experienced that dull sick feeling in the stomach at course end time, knowing the IAS are laying in wait. That feeling of having our natural help flows corrupted into obscene guilt pressure, the pressure of being told to do what you know is NOT survival, despite what you’re being told. It’s evil, pure and simple.

    I had a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of a DM apologist quite recently who told me “Well, at least he’s not buggering little boys like the Catholics” said with a sickly smile. Angrily I retorted that the wholesale financial rape and ruining of well meaning parishioners was, in its own way, equally as bad (although the comparison itself was grotesquely inappropriate). Freedom medal winners reduced to begging, OT VIIs and VIIIs who have complete breakdowns, or die of cancer; etc etc. It is hard to confront, but this individual (and some on this blog will know who I’m talking about), knows many such people himself. Knows Idle Orgs is a complete scam. Knows the IAS is off policy and a fraud. Knows once decent execs have been destroyed by re-education programs and slavery into gibbering wrecks. But still his solution is to “get the plane veered back on course”. If he and his ilk seriously believe that Basics Graduates are going to have a mass cognition and rise up and take their Church back, they aren’t just deluded, they are complicit. THAT is the confront required. The confront of evil. Maybe we all need to toughen up a little bit. This sickness must be beaten, for sickness it is.

  7. Oracle,

    Wow, that’s a novel idea! A lien. Maybe some merit to this idea.

  8. Floating Needle

    Hip hip hooray! Luis is a man of integrity and his KR was widely circulated and helped many souls awaken from the mind control being enforced in RCS.

    My hat is off to you sir.


  9. Scientology will take EVERY penny you have if you let them. It is the most relentless and
    greedy group I have ever encountered this lifetime and all my other lives.

    Run for the hills when a reg or anyone connected to RS that is. They do not give a rats ass about you or anyone else unless you are handing over money. They are gross, disgusting and pitiful to the nth degree, so run for the hills even if you smell a SCN a mile away. They are rotten at the core!

  10. By the way, I am curious to know if the people getting donations for the real estate are getting commissions. And if they are, what part of those commissions are they donating back themselves towards the buildings?

  11. Oh one a couple more things.

    SCN is a scam and a cult!

    Run for the hills they are dangerous to your pocketbook and your mind.

  12. You know, a lien is a great idea. Anyone who donated to a fund for any of the cult’s buildings should slap a lien on it.

    ps. I can see DM and OSA scurrying like rats right now to see if they had people sign forms waiving any rights to title in the property they were donating for. Run rats, run!

  13. Also, I’d like to know since DM gets a chunky paycheck every week, how much exactly he has donated towards the new buildings? Or the I.A.S.? Or the Super Power building? What is his current status as a contributor? He is a white collar executive bringing in mega bucks.

  14. Pat — I commented on the last post that these KR’s are extremely damning and the RCS has NOT given their usual “they are forgeries” response. It’s kind of hard when the SP Times has copies of the original docs with signatures.

    These documents are WMDs.

  15. Fascinating information. I’m so impressed with you, Rocio! Very nice presentation, Luis!

    Interesting, when Dr. Denk got back on SOLO NOTS at Flag in 2002 and returned home, we were shortly thereafter contacted by Charmaine of Super Power and Gunhild Jacobs of ASI Preservation of the Tech. It seems they were double-teaming for a large donation to be put to their respective projects. I said “no.” Actually, I wanted to be the bad guy as that let Dr. Denk continue to be the good guy and continue to deliver professional medical care while auditing on the level.

    Wedge in the marriage? I expect so, especially when Dr. Denk originated I was supposed to go to Flag with him in late 2003/early 2004. This was a very odd origination on his part as we’d always taken separate trips so the other could handle the household during the absence of one of us.

    I can only suspect pressure was put on him to get his wife to Flag with him so we could handle or be handled to operate as a “team” to donate.

    Too bad! He didn’t wish to return to Flag (he so stated that to me), fell seriously physically ill and passed 10 short months later.

    I doubt it’s in anyone’s best interest to try to override the natural order of things and then lie about it. Rachel

  16. Sorry … MWDs? Rachel

  17. at least an equitable interest, not forgetting the Super power building.

  18. Hey, if it does not get renovated and it does not open and the outrageous property taxes are not kept up and it falls into the red or gets sold, Luis will have the lien and be able to get his money back. He didn’t invest in an empty building sitting closed on the sidewalk. That IS NOT what he invested in. Int Landlord could sell that place off tomorrow as an afterthought. Then what?

  19. I know this is rhetorical question, but there is something beyond the expected “not one thin dime.” Miscavige thinks he has given more to the IAS and Ideal Orgs and SUper Power than everyone else combined — because they are HIS IDEAS! And he is the poster child and cheerleader of these criminal out exchange, rip off scenes and IS PROUD OF IT. The thought of him turning any of his ill gotten gains over to anyone is lower on the list than him admitting he is a squirrel. He decries everyone else for being MEST oriented and he is the most MEST oriented person I have ever come across.

  20. Funny! Couldn’t even duplicate the letters. I mean WMDs? Rachel

  21. Luis, and anyone else who has contributed to these real estate investments, has every legal, moral and ethical right to see the Church deliver what they promised in exchange for these contributions. And if they financially responsible. to slap a lien on the properties as insurance they will get what they were promised. Since the Church is no longer on speaking terms with them, this would be the only method to ensure proper legal, ethical and just exchange occurs.

  22. Honest people have rights too.

  23. Ed Dearborn wrote, “I had indicated that a proper ask of anyone, PER THE TECH OF FUNDRAISING (emphasis added), is about 10% of one’s net worth.”

    I have just one question Eddie boy, What HCOPL did that pile of bullsh*t come from?

  24. Interesting admission. The K/R is evidence that the donation was for the building in OC. If the funds weren’t used for this, then it’s fraud. Either way, not much wiggle room.

    Even if Luis did sign a waiver, almost certainly not binding for lack of parity.

  25. Weapons of Mass Distruction

  26. All the lien holders could then go to a judge to force the cult to pay up. What a great way for people to get their money back from the Idle Orgs and Super Power too.

    I wish there were something tangible to lien with the IAS.

  27. No wonder he didn’t want to return to Flag nor bring you with him. He probably saved your life!

  28. Sorry Rachel,

    My post below is a response to you. Forgot to click “Reply” before writing it.

  29. The thing would be, a verbal contract. These people were promised SOMETHING in exchange for their donations right? A cleared city? A pass to the next bridge step? A cleared planet? There WAS a promise made right? Well, the Church has an obligation to PERFORM. And anyone who bought into the project has a right to expect the Church to PERFORM. And if there is a situation of NON PERFORMANCE the Church needs to return those funds to the investors. I don’t care if it was called a “donation”. There was something promised in exchange. That makes it a contract where both parties have to PERFORM.

  30. Oh, there is. If you made a “donation” to the I.A.S., they implies an exchange. Security for Scientology? A safe world for Scientology? That Scientology would always be there? That the religion would remain intact? Look at the current grade chart. They don’t even have Life Repair on the bridge anymore.

    There are protesters blocking the entrances to the Church. Scientology is practically illegal in certain places. Does that sound to you like the I.A.S. has performed?

  31. Agreed, 100% Martin. Sickness it is. Ed Dearborn’s remark about fundraising tech was written as though it was a well known datum. Of course, that could be debatable since the grammar is so butchered (one example of many in this “KR”) that Ed’s Key to Life cert should be burned and the ashes smeared on his forehead. This poor dolt is illiterate or badly sleep deprived or both.

  32. Oracle — I think you are right about this. There were also more tangible promises made: for Ideal Orgs people were promised their names would be prominently displayed on a plaque in the lobby and they would have a front rwo seat at the Grand Opening. The church can claim this is no big deal — then they can live up to their promises or return the money. Super Power is even more dramatic — people were promised discounts on the service (a REAL tangible valuable), priority service, access to the “Cornerstone Lounge” and other things.

  33. You guys are amazing! Thanks for all who participated in the new series of articles!

    The fact that the Church is denying that parishoners were not pressured to go in debt & continuously donate $ is ridiculous!!!! I’ve received KRs myself for not donating after donating repeatedly. Many of my friends also did. We probably could publish a voluminous book just by collating the KRs that were written on publics for not donating.

  34. Scientology Survey

    Just for fun…

  35. For every dime that flows into the Church, there is an exchange promised.
    Otherwise, it would be “out exchange”, which Hubbard condemns as “criminal”
    He permits redress for Scientologists , when he writes in warning to the staff: “The only thing you can be upbraided for is no results”. He grants this as a right.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Do you mind if I hold this back for a short spell and give it a little more prominence and accent it in a post rather than a comment? It deserves the attention. Brilliant dude.

  37. Scientology Survey

    no prob… I tend to make light of things more than I should and not get too serious about things that should be taken more seriously.

    Maybe next visit you can help me that. ;0)

  38. Thus the name “David Must-have-ige”.

  39. Thank you Scott! What an eye-opening comment. I had honestly never considered that; now I’m considering it heavily. L, Rachel

  40. FTT — I have a KR to “donate.” LOL Rachel

  41. Scientology is NOT a scam or a cult. The CHURCH of Scientology is.

    Scientologists are NOT dangerous to your pocketbook and your mind. Staff and hypnotized current customers of the CHURCH of Scientology and its related organizations are.

  42. If the CoS was delivering standard Scientology and Dianetics standardly there would be no reason or need for the fund raising fraud. But since to deliver services is counter to DM’s goals . . . there ya go. As service delivery continues to fall the begging and coercion for funds have increased. There is the inverse stat proving that DM’s Co$ cannot deliver.

  43. I have closely watched Ed Dearborn’s irrational behaviors and forced regging on OC public for almost 13 years of being public there. Ed Dearborn, himself, was removed briefly and received Black Scientology/Dianetics a couple of years ago. Ed is the most arrogant and out-ethics person who left his first wife with 2 kids (none of the kids wants anything to do with Scientology) for another woman. OC public and staff can not stand Ed.

  44. We vehemently deny the accusation that David Miscavige is not buggering little boys.

  45. I had indicated that a proper ask of anyone” pef the tech of fundraising is about 10% of one’s net worth.

    Can anyone quote me the exact Reference on any “Tech of Fundraising” of anyone’s Net Worth?

    Furthermore, I have also never come across any LRH Reference about the IAS or direct Donations for any Real Estate Acquisitions of the Church.

    Who’s fabricating these supposed Policies, and if they actually exist, I would love to see a copy of them.

    By the Way, in some European Countries it’s Mandatory by Federal Law that any Employer remit 10% of one’s Earnings directly to the Catholic Church if one is a Member thereof. Those Fees however include any and all Church Services, be they Weddings, Funerals, Marriage Consolations, Confessions, Counseling, Sunday Services, etc.

    It seems the Church of Scientology feels it has equal Entitlement in Addition to IAS Donations, Superpower Donations, Church Course and Auditing Services, etc. In other Words, any Way a CO$ Parishioner can have his Pockets looted, it’s all fair Game.

    It’s almost inconceivable that “INT Landlord” can “order” it’s Parishioners to donate Money for an entirely arbitrary Cause and be subject to Ethics/Group Justice upon disregard of these bogus Edicts, Orders they fabricate out of ‘thin air’ around a Boardroom Tables which have nothing to do with any actual Situation that threatens the Church of Scientology. The Church thinks has the same Monarchy-approved inquisitional Powers of the Catholic Church of Centuries past.

    Perhaps the Superpower Building, along with all the fancy high-Tech Perception Verification Equipment might want to add a WEIDER long-stretch Rack for those who have failed the Church for the last Time.

    How oblivious can one be to Evil when one is perfectly willing to threaten to break up a long-term Marriage in order to extort a Donation.

  46. In the late 80’s when I worked on the Dianetics Hotline Ed Deerborn was head of Div 6 at OC. I spoke to him at least once a week to let him know who called from his area and was interested in Dianetics Auditing (Book 1).

    Then he was much different than now. His drive was to get people in, onto Book 1 auditing and moving up the bridge.

    It is sad to see this is what he has become.

  47. Yes – 10% of 5,000,000 today, then another 10% if 4,500,000 tomorrow, and then another 10% of 3,050,000 the next day, until…

    And, I would love to see the “tech of fundraising.” I seem to have overlooked this in my OEC vols and Management series.

  48. You know, a lien is a great idea. Anyone who donated to a fund for any of the cult’s buildings should slap a lien on it.

    No, you can’t. Not in Response to a Donation. A contract for Services performed must exist, as well the exact Values of Exchange. A Lien is a legal commercial Instrument, and in most Jurisdictions has to be applied within 30 – 90 Days after completion of Service(s) performed, or Failure to make contractual payment on an Item.

  49. Of course Luis couldn’t handle his wife. The writer of the knowledge report obviously has never been married or has been in a serious, stable relationship with a woman. Of course, he couldn’t and, if he is a good husband, would never try to “handle” her.

    After a few “briefings” by the IAS, where students attending courses were stopped from leaving until a quota of fundraising was reached, students started slipping out “go to the bathroom” in the last 10 -15 minutes of course time and then never returning when the IAS was in town. I knew someone who only attended course in the morning, figuring that the IAS regges would stay up so late at night regging people that they would not be around in the morning. People developed all sorts of ways to avoid these guys and staff of the local org would often assist them. The local WISE businesses were a bigger source of money, so it became easier to camp over there and there would be brief periods of relief.

  50. On a personal note: I had two sea org members show up at my house at 9:00pm reg’ing for IAS donations. At the time I did not own a credit card and only had a bank account with $1000ish in it. They told me that if I donated a $1000 now it would open-up my flow lines and money would come pouring in abundance. I asked what was there theory on why that would happen, and they told me that the theta universe would respond in kind to my theta out flow. 2.5 hours later after saying no 100x, I escorted them to the door. This was just one of may like events.

  51. There are no waivers.

  52. The building has been sitting empty since April 2006. Why were they in such a rush to get the money from Luis?

  53. From Wikipedia:

    “Charity fraud is the act of using deception to get money from people who believe they are making donations to charities. Often a person or a group of people will make material representations that they are a charity or part of a charity and ask prospective donors for contributions to the non-existent charity. Charity fraud not only includes fictitious charities but also deceitful business acts. Deceitful business acts include businesses accepting donations and not using the money for its intended purposes.”

  54. The previous owner spent MILLIONS restoring it and renovating it. It was in turn key condition. The fact that is has sat there almost six years rotting and unused is evidence in itself Luis was lied to to when he he was told the building was an urgent necessity.

  55. I also find it interesting that the building is a restored performing arts center. And DM has not allowed anyone else to use it.

  56. It would be interesting if anyone who was a big contributor to the IAS would put a lien on POB’s $70M office building for financial irreg of their contribution!

  57. Very good points, Martin.

    The Knowledge reports written as published by the Times don’t even come close to any report of policy violation, destructive action or out ethics being committed and thus are totally invalid per the KR Policy letter. It is not out-ethics to chose not to contribute one’s money, especially when one does not have it as in using credit cards. In fact it violates an LRH policy which I’m sure most know about on the subject of never spending more than one makes – Orgs aren’t supposed to use credit cards to pay for their bills, why should parishioners be forced to do that?

  58. When my husband did his Patron it was back around 1990 -1991 the emergency at the time was Germany. Handle Germany! It was our money that paid for that Patron. If Marty had to go over there this year to “handle Germany” it sure sounds to me like the IAS fell down on the job.

    What is the status in Germany? Is it solely empty orgs that people are staying away from in droves? Are there gov investigations? Or more?

  59. Stats pushing. Miscavige is the world champeeen stat pusher. Any excuse or story is usable if it will separate the mark from his cash right now.

  60. Miscavige has really changed and perverted the morals of the group, to suit his voracious, rapacious and insatiable desire and fixation for cash, checks and credit cards, which changes the guidelines of the definition of out ethics!
    The cult now considers that if you don’t fill their quotas, go bankrupt or severe debt, you’re ethics bait!

  61. I am stunned as I read these latest accounts in The Times. It’s hard for me to believe that I was ever a member of an organization that is so obviously a deceitful, destructive money and power hungry CULT. It’s so obvious. A blind man could see it. I know that the accounts are accurate and true. I lived it. I saw it. All flows. Over and over and over. Yet, somehow through some mental gymnastics I had managed to partly deny my involvement. I don’t know if this is an indication of progress (“moving on”) or denial (non-confront). I imagine it is probably a combination of many things.
    But, the fact remains that I WAS a member-and a zealous one, at that. And, notwithstanding the recognition that this cult has seriously and rapidly deteriorated, when I look at that fact in the reality of this moment, it is a source of significant personal shame.

  62. Rachel, you said you had a KR too, I hope Marty can utilize that somehow if not the SP Times.

  63. Mike, Bert has already detailed the fact that he was denied entrance to the Grand Opening of the Seattle Org, and we have a picture showing that the display in the lobby did not have our names. Two strikes…

  64. Yes, he can. For all of the reasons I already laid out. There was an implied / verbal commitment in exchange for that donation. The Church has a duty to perform.

  65. Les,

    “intended purposes.” Hmmm. Do you really have to explain all the complexities of intended purpose to those incapable of understanding? Can’t they be implied?

    Such as, the intended purpose is the conquest of the physical universe, best accomplished by giving all the physical universe to the ONE TRUE BEING CAPABLE OF HANDLING IT! DM, of course.

    The religious argument would be: we are giving to God what is God’s. Which is implied rather than stated.

    Any great invasion requires time to build up resources and troops to make the push against the enemy. That one is merely accumulating resources and troops, thus becomes an argument. “We’re waiting until we’re strong enough to attack and win.”

    And if “charity” is giving to a cause, then what greater charity is there than giving all of your soul and possessions to the only true “cause” left–that being DM, the one and only capable of causing anything, not only in Scientology, the Sea Org, but all of existence.

    Excuse me, Les, I’ve got a headache. And I’m feeling nauseous. Twisting facts is just so damned hard. I need to lie down.

  66. Yes they only remember things that support DM’s agenda everything else is a blur or it didn’t happen.

    lets face it no one tells a lie (s) better then the C of S. they are pros

    its a known fact the church is dying and very few new people enters the gate of this cult

    they just exploit the crap out of the existing members but they to are leaving in droves

    all good things comes to an end

    tick tock

    the castle built on sand is sinking

    anybody have data on org student activity and new people entering?


    implied contract n. an agreement which is found to exist based on the circumstances when to deny a contract would be unfair and/or result in unjust enrichment to one of the parties. An implied contract is distinguished from an “express contract.”

    VALUABLE consideration was promised to Luis in exchange for his donation. A booming org, a cleared city, trained auditors, clears.

    They did NOT ask him for the money for diddly squat! They PROMISED him valuable consideration which was to enhance HIS environment , his group, his community.

  68. He sold his soul to the devil.

  69. Sinar-A reg used to have to use reg tech to get you to buy something-he had to have some skill-selling has its tech. Now, you can be obnoxious, bullying and know nothing about selling-all you have to be is a bully and operate on made up policy, like 10% of your income goes to fundraising,
    Actually, staff don’t have to know the tech of their posts-they just have to be bullys, lie and steal your money-dm made it all simple.

  70. RTC-CO$ O/W Sequence:

    1. DM/Senior Management issues Orders to Sell an Item(s) along with insanely steep Targets.

    2. Reges/Staff may not go to Sleep, have decent Food, get sent to Ethics/RPF when these insanely steep Targets are not met.

    3. Reges/Staff solve the Problem posed by 2. by lying, cheating, defrauding, detaining, extorting Parishioners of Funds leading to major financial Ruin.

    4. Financially demolished and despaired Parishioner feels by Conscience responsible these anti-social Sales and Donation Scams must be made known and speaks to the Press.

    5. The Church issues a “Suppressive Person” Declare against the one who spoke to the Press, labeling them “The Disaffected/Apostates” and disconnecting them from their Families & Friends.

    6. Church PR Statements follow to the Effect that Staff & Public are excited about Donations, and that no Policies exist to lie, cheat, defraud, detain, extort Parishioners of Funds, and generally deny everything.

    7. Press Reports on Reges/Staff lying, cheating, defrauding, detaining, extorting Parishioner’s Funds will get these Reges/Staff punished, may not go to Sleep, have decent Food, get sent to Ethics/RPF. Those not busted by the Press will be commended.

    One just makes other People to do the Bidding of one’s own Criminal Orders and then hold them responsible for any adverse Fall-outs.

    In this wise, RTC/CO$ Management makes other people become what they themselves are: Criminals

  71. +1-always good to keep the differentiation in.

  72. During that time the IAS was telling Flag Public that the Germans were building concentration camps to kill all the Jews. There are also laws prohibiting getting donations based on lies and false reports.

    Did anyone here donate money to Narconon? That went straight into CofS bank accounts. It never hit the street or any Narconon.

    Although a 1988 U.S. Supreme Court decision prohibits states from requiring paid fund-raisers to disclose to would-be contributors how much of each dollar goes to the sponsoring charity, there’s no law that prohibits a prospective donor from asking, “Where does the money go?” Before you pay or authorize a contribution, the paid fund-raiser is required to tell you where you can get that information. Also, anyone fundraising who is getting a commission is legally obligated to tell you that up front. While it’s legal for professional fundraisers to contact you, the law requires they be up front about being paid professionals. It is highly illegal to lie about the programs your donations will be used for. That is fraud.

    “For those callers that use pleas, especially pleas involving patriotism and current events, make sure the organization has the ability to deliver the help it is claiming to provide.”

  73. Sam, I understand what this must have meant for you losing your family. Continue to ROTFLYAO. It is one good way to make sense out of this madness. I have lost comm lines to 3 of my children due to this madness. it is painful to know they are alive but not able to comm with me. It is just amazing to me how many ways families are threatened. I know OTs who want out but know they can’t without losing their families. What kind of group is this C of S that thinks it can save the world while destroying families with reckless abandon and also, seemingly, with impunity? The family is the foundation of this civilization and from which all good things emanate. Yet, when I was a koolaid drinking member, I managed to make a mess of the comm lines with far too many of the people that are important to me.

  74. How about gluttony? That building sitting empty for almost six years? WASTE and excess. And any idea how much it has devalued rotting there in a down market over six years?

  75. Scott,

    I want to mention, thank you for that eye-opening radio interview you did the other day. I was a crew member with you although for a short time. My overall sense told me to get the hell out of the “most theta place on earth”.

    Your experiences nailed that assumption.

    My best wishes to you and yours.

  76. One of the times while doing services at ASHO in LA I was body routed across the street to the IAS offices. Can’t remember the reg’s name but it wasn’t as bad as other cycles I endured i.e. Gang regging etc. I learned from experience that if I just admired the reg, validated them, etc. I walked out with $ accounts in tack. After he tried several 3rd dynamic buttons, which were totally flat, I asked him “how many IAS members are there anyway?” He said, “I won’t tell you.” I said “hmm, why not?” He said because there are so few it is embarrassing!” I told him there should be hundreds of thousands or maybe millions given the all out effort to ramp this program up. He said “uh
    g, not going to tell you cause it’s embarrassing.” About a year later I become a “Founding” member of the IAS only because I appreciated the support and truly did want to support my local org staff. Fast forward maybe 12 years: I came home from work one night and had a voice mail from a lady, Eastern European accent, kinda yelling, “Hey, you need to up your status with the IAS!!!” Then she hung up. Didn’t even leave a number to call her back so I could give her my credit card #. I found that quite entertaining.

  77. I was on staff several times in missions, orgs, and SO orgs, and participated in weekly FP at all 3 levels. The Church’s finance system is literally a Ponzi scheme. This is because all the money collected each week gets spent in one way or another that week, leaving nothing to pay for the cost of delivery when the customers who just paid for service show up to get it. Public often arrive on a substantial delay after they pay, and then it takes weeks or months to deliver to them, the cost of which has to be covered by new income collected from new customers at that time. So, old customers are delivered to using money gotten from new customers. That is the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

    The consequence of this system is eternal desperate scrambling for income. As long as GI stats are rising, there should be plenty of new money to pay the costs of delivery to customers who paid in the past. But when GI stats are declining, orgs have less money coming in now than delivery commitments made earlier, and they have a financial crisis. And, this factor affects financial viability all the way up to Int.

    The resulting chronic financial desperation in turn makes top-heavy admin seem necessary, in order to somehow get orgs to make more money. Of course, that doesn’t work, because it wrecks the tech-admin ratio, which is supposed to be close to 1-to-1, and never more than 2 admin staff for 1 tech staff. If Sea Org management staff were allocated to lower orgs for purposes of calculating total tech-admin ratio, it would probably come out 4 or 5 admin staff for every one tech staff. Actually, today it’s probably that bad just counting local org staff. And all those admin staff have to be supported.

    So, the solution becomes an even worse problem, requiring more of the same solution, which makes the problem worse still, and off we go spiraling down into a financial black hole.

    When the mission network was run by Worldwide in the 70’s, missions were required to use a better, only semi-Ponzi FP methodology. They couldn’t spend money collected until the paying customer actually showed up to start service, meaning individual courses and intensives, not packages. This system resulted in financial viability for missions, many of which had huge bank balances of GI not yet released to pay bills. That money caught DM’s eye, and he created the early-80’s Finance Police to go get it, which they did, destroying the mission network in the process.

    Meanwhile, one small mission holder I knew went a step further towards financial sanity and allowed his public to pay for services on a time-payment basis stretching out over the time predicted for them to take those services. This had a very positive effect on his cash flow for two reasons. First of all, it was very easy for his students to remain active on the Bridge continuously from the day they walked in to do the Comm Course. They were never hit with having to spend large amounts of money at any one time — just a monthly amount they could handle. That factor, combined with a good gradient sequence of Div 6 services flowing right into auditor training enabled him to retain almost 80% of his Comm Course grads, and get all of those 80% up the Bridge.

    That, in turn, secured the future income he needed to keep his doors open to deliver to his students and pcs. He could predict his income and expenses accurately a couple of years into the future. And he didn’t waste the money he spent on Div 6 promo, because he didn’t lose many customers. As a result, his mission had no desperation for income, and only very minimal admin was ever needed.

    Meanwhile, another mission across town started at the same time as my friend’s mission. The mission holder there was wealthy, and created an “ideal org” type mission — 2000 square feet, very upstat mest, 10 staff before he had any public coming in, and all the admin look and feel of a Class 4 org. But that mission lost 85% of its Comm Course grads, whereas my friend’s mission lost only 20%.

    Then the Sea Org descended descended on him, accused him of financial irregularities, and kicked him out of the wonderful third dynamic he’d created. The mission survived, just barely, and eventually evolved into one of the biggest missions in the world in the early 2000’s. Then the Sea Org came in again, this time to rip off all of its FSMs, and some of its staff, for the local Ideal Org. Of course, now both the mission and that org are just scraping by.

    In the Independent movement we actually have an advantage, in that it seems to be safer legally to charge fees for use of the courseroom and supervisor, rather than for delivery of specific courses or packages. As I understand it, Jimmy Rebel’s “The Courseroom” in Florida, and the Warrens’ & Freemans’ Life Enhancement Center in Idaho both accept weekly or monthly payments. I’ve spoken to Bob Mongiello about all this and he likes the idea, too.

    Of course, DM doesn’t care about any of this. He just wants all the money he can get right now. But as we re-establish real Scientology to take the place of DM’s dying cult, avoiding Ponzi scheme FP will enable us to keep Admin light, and Tech in charge as it should be.

  78. Donors of $35,000 — Cornerstone Club status — were promised a 40 percent discount on the cost of their Super Power program. Their names would be engraved on a plaque inside the building.

    Gifts of $100,000 fetched a 50 percent discount and priority scheduling when doing the Super Power program.

  79. … verbal commitment in exchange for that donation.

    A Donation always implies some sort of Exchange back to the Donor such as Goodwill, Recognition, or merely self-satisfaction that he has advanced some Cause of his Choice.

    Thus It doesn’t Matter what is said, agreed upon or been committed, unless you have something on Paper that complies with the Criteria for filing a Lien. And even then, a Donation would invalidate any contractual Basis.

    Should some Jurisdiction however allow this, it would be too easy for the Church to have it removed, by merely showing Evidence it was a Donation.

    One could get a Court Judgement and slap all sorts of legal instruments against the Building, but you would have to win the Case first.

  80. Hitler Youth, as an analogy for Flag MAA’s, is totally accurate. Corporate Scn today is Fascism, plain and simple. They block your progress up the Bridge if you don’t DONATE your life savings to the cause. Would LRH ever have insisted on that? God damn it man, this movement is now in FULL REVERSE of its original intended goal. Miscavige is so obviously an SP. The tragedy of it all is that you don’t see it until you LEAVE. It’s absolute INSANITY at is most explosive level. Nobody can unseat this guy now that he has unmocked all checks and balances at the INT Management level, because he has absolute power, and most people are too scared and insecure about themselves to assert themselves based upon some far-off, subconscious inkling that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH ALL OF THIS.

  81. By the way Luis, slap a lean on the Super Power Building too. Id the Church going to perform for you on that? 40% discount on your super power program? 50% discount and priority scheduling? I don’t think so. I don’t even think they needed that money from you for the cross that went up five years later. And I think anyone who wants to subpoena the books will find they had the money for the building LONG before they stopped begging for money for that building. I would say between California and Florida you were defrauded out of a million dollars if you calculate interest and legal fees.

  82. Jason,

    Yet we carry on. And thanks for all you do.

    I don’t even know how to give you an adequate acknowledgment.

    I hope this is a try.

  83. The “buggering little boys” justification is priceless!
    “we are not burning witches at the stake”
    “… Not keelhauling SO members”
    “… Not dropping atomic bombs”
    “… Not gassing Jews”

    Wow! You got me there.

  84. Church needs to return those funds to the investors. I don’t care if it was called a “donation”. There was something promised in exchange. That makes it a contract where both parties have to PERFORM.

    Maybe Graham Berry cares to pitch in on this, since it seems you are running on with this Fallacy.

    You may not care whether it’s called a Donation or not, but the Law sees this differently.

    You cannot legally claim Contract when making a Donation. Fraud perhaps, Contract NO.

    I have filed over a dozen Liens, primarily against Buildings, and Donations don’t cut the Cake.

    The Church can prove it’s a Donation, by merely indicating where the Funding for the Cause went.

  85. What a riot. DM and his rats will be scurrying once again to see if they can figure out exactly what it is you have to donate.

    I can hear DM: “All hands”, “Screaming Emergency”, “Nobody sleeps until all KR’s ever written on Rachel are found”. “On second thought we’d better gather up every KR written on everyone on Marty’s blog.” “We need a KR Mission.”

    Now that the cult knows that their nasty KR’s will make it to the press they’ll probably stop writing them, just like the SP declares. And they go into hiding just a little bit more.

  86. Yep, that is true. Even years ago, I skipped graduation on purpose because it was a reg and recruit-fest. Leaving early would be hard – at least when I was doing the BC – because of adding up points, getting my stuff, and all that. If I ever left early on Chris Stevens… Well, lord help me!

  87. I’d like to see that “tech of fundraising” too.

    “…I told the whole goup that night that 2.4 million was still needed in two days to complete the project, which was a completely real statement per the orders we had received from Int Landlord.”

    “As of recent, I asked Luis last week to step up and make another gift of $350,000, as he knew that 2.4 million dollars had to be raised in a matter of days.”

    “Luis…is going the effect of her (Rocio) or some possible disaffection and enemy lines, or minimally PTSness to the middle class. This is true”

    The KR doesn’t state any policy letter or ethics code which has been violated.
    Even the KR itself isn’t written as an Ethics Chit or standard despatch, or as a Report per HCOPL 1May 1965 Staff Member Reports.

    Quite simply, this is natter, and Ed Dearborn trying to cover his sorry ass.

    That just leaves this shadowy ‘Int Landlord’ person. Now, I wonder who that could be…

  88. Not only do I have the KRs written on me, I have the originals of the ones I wrote on them…over the past 25+ years.

  89. Don’t worry if you made a mistake, Jason. You’re still the beautiful, wonderful being you always were.

  90. There is a Green on white in the PR series which covers the subject of
    “PROPAGANDA by changing the definition of a word”.

    DONATION /i> in Scientology is actually EXTORTION, $$$ suctioned out vampire style with threats, overwhelm, “Knowledge reports” sometimes lock down,

    Donation /i> indeed !

  91. Jason,
    The group today is not the same group when you joined and dedicated your support. We were all fooled…as it gradiently took on another valence mandated by the current “leadership”. Those of us here totally understand what you say and have also experienced that personal shame. Thank God we have woken up and no longer support the pretense, As LRH so wonderfully stated, “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow. “

  92. You are correct about the way the missions had to handle their finances.
    It was call APR…advance payments received and APU…advance payments used. The monthly FP sum was based on APU not APR. So you could have a GI of 25,000 and only get to use $5,000 of it if you were not delivering.
    This was actually the way that orgs did their finances too, until about the end of 1973.

    You are also correct about the way we handle our finances. We don’t accept advance payments at all. I would rather bill a parishioner for service than have him take out a loan, especially a big one. We do weekly course charges, just like back in the late 50s early 60s. It totally keeps us focused on top quality and fast service. It’s also very viable on the finance lines.
    We don’t owe anyone and they don’t owe us. Fair exchange at a minimum, exchange in abundance as we’re able.

    Criminal exchange is DM’s modus operandi. Always has been, always will be.


  93. dang typo…that should be a period, not a comma, after pretense.

  94. Scott Campbell did a fabulous flawless interview.

    a magnificent radio interview.
    Last part is like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller !​5023262.html?v=a428c34c495ebe24​90ead269540ef5c6

  95. Jason,

    I do understand you. But hey! We’ll have the last laugh. Everything in one’s life is a learning experience. This span of time, our involvement with this cult as you say, is but a speck on our tracks.

    “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow.”

    Ain’t that the truth?

  96. Great minds…eh, Luis?

  97. Hello Mr. Beghe.

    It’s hard for me to believe that I was ever a member of an organization that is so obviously a deceitful, destructive money and power hungry CULT…

    From what I have seen from you on both, tv and cinema, it makes sense for me why you were in Scientology (Church). You are a great artist. Scientology, if correctly delivered and without this (off-policy) fraud fabricated around it – at this time – is a very fascinating subject for artists.
    And we fall in love with the philosophy and the aims of LRH and sometimes we can’t see the fraud behind the curtain. And then, some time later we find some outpoints and then some more and finally we know how those things were put together by those criminals who only abuse LRHs Tech, his good standing and trust.
    This is not obvious in the first place. It’s arranged in such a way that we tend to belive that “this” is what LRH intended it to be. Every new Scientologist (on Org lines) needs some time for orientation (flows, terminals, authorities, policy).
    I takes long for some people to realize.

    After all you denied to give any further power forwards this misaplication and abuse.
    Thank you very much!
    The more people of your magnitude will follow, the faster the cult will be disbanded.
    To be honest, I didn’t like all of your interviews I’ve seen on the subject. But it was obvious to me what kind of ARC breaks “Tech” produces if applied in an inverted manner.
    Even if IAS/IdleOrg/fundraisingTech is a BIG outpoint – the gratest overt is to invert technology itself. That’s the main reason why the Church is attacked from so many directions. This is the most unethical thing: a denial of results!


    (P.S. Of course hard fundraising is a way to deny results too).

  98. Mr. Beghe
    This one was a reply to your post.
    I missed to use the reply button:
    my reply

  99. I have a question for DM:

    Some of us are subject to those pressures and still go on doing our jobs. Others have long since succumbed and rave and torture and strut like the demented souls they are.

    To re-save some of them is a dangerous undertaking. Were you to approach many ruling heads in the world and offer to set them free (as only a Scientologist can) they would go berserk, cry up their private police and generally cause unpleasantness.

    Indeed, one did—he was later assassinated by no desire of ours but because of the incompetence of his own fellows about him. He could have used Scientology.

    Instead, he promptly tried to shoot it down by ordering raids and various berserk actions on Scientology organizations. That he was then shot had nothing to do with us, but only demonstrated how incompetent and how mortal he really was.
    L. Ron Hubbard
    What Is Greatness?

    Why is this part (last thre paragraphs) removed from the current NSOL?
    Is that for the same reason why the black-scientology paragraphs were deleted from the PDC lectures?

    Kind regards,

  100. If someone asks me for a “donation” and tells me ten children will starve to death next week if I don’t give it. And I give it. There is an implied contract there that those people, because they took my “donation”, are going to save the lives of ten children. Oh yeah, we have a contract. A contract is when two parties are obligated to perform. I made the donation. Now they have to perform the task of saving ten children from starvation. That is the way it goes.

  101. The Church is BUILT on these types of contracts. Every exchange they make with the public is called a “donation”. If you want a course, you pay by “donation”. A FIXED ETCHED IN STONE PRICE LIST defines DONATIONS required in exchange for services. So, a member would expect, by ANY donation, based on the policies of exchange the Church itself sunscribes to, that when a “donation” is surrendered, something is expected in exchange. This is how the Church seals all of it’s contracts to the public.

  102. “An implied contract is one in which some of the terms are not expressed in words. This can take two forms. A contract which is implied in fact is one in which the circumstances imply that parties have reached an agreement even though they have not done so expressly. For example, by going to a doctor for a checkup, a patient agrees that he will pay a fair price for the service. If one refuses to pay after being examined, the patient has breached a contract implied in fact. A contract which is implied in law is also called a quasi-contract, because it is not in fact a contract; rather, it is a means for the courts to remedy situations in which one party would be unjustly enriched were he or she not required to compensate the other.”

    Luis, in all of his donations, was led to believe via his donations, he was to be enriched in some manner. The Church “registrar” always asks for the donation, in exchange for enhancement along one or more of the dynamics, being the exchange. You are always told what problem is going to be solved for the group of mankind or yourself in exchange for that “donation” . The “registration” cycle ALWAYS goes like this:

    A. You are presented with a problem. (Can be yourself, or someone or something else.) The problem is always your “case” or someone else’s case.

    B. You are asked to throw money at it to make it vanish. Hence you hear the phrase “theta the solver”.

    It’s giving you a problem and a solution to make it go away at the same time.

    Luis is entitled to a solution for whatever problem he was guaranteed would be solved by his “donation”, which is Church nomenclature for PAYMENT.

  103. Grendel's Mother

    Jason – I drilled with you at CCI and now I’m writing to you here. We we awesome people then, dedicated to bettering ourselves and others. We didn’t change, but the group did. The group betrayed us. It took a while, but we saw what was happening. Many haven’t even yet! Don’t be ashamed – you have nothing to be ashamed of. We did what we did to help. And that it what we are still doing.

  104. Grendel's Mother

    F*cking Flag. Hypocritical MAAs and Chaplains more than happy to turn mother against father, husband against wife, in order to get a “stat.” Imposing their disposable 2D culture on to the shit scared of ethics public. Husband doesn’t want to make the big dono? Ditch him. Wife doesn’t want to max out the credit cards? Ditch her.

    You’re out-ethics if you stick to you spouse. Marriages are so middle class PTS.

    And they have the gall to call themselves a Church.

  105. Your humble servant

    You cannot simply slap liens on things just because you were wronged. You first have to get a legal judgment or go through some other legal process to establish that there is a legal debt–one that has been confirmed to exist by some legal process. You can then create a lien by various means, such as recording a copy of the judgment with the country recorder or getting a judicial order to “attach” a bank account. If you want to get a lien against the Super Power building, then first file suit and get a judgment holding that you were defrauded in that you gave your donations based upon false representations, such as that the money would be spent in constructing the Super Power building and in properly training Super Power auditors, and that everything promised would be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time. (As you know, most of the money has not been spent at all or has been spent on other projects. As to the proper training of Super Power auditors, we don’t know how many have been trained at all, much less properly trained).

  106. Thanks guys,

    The interview was actually twice as long but had to be cut down to 57 minutes for broadcast. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to get the whole thing out there.

  107. In my jurisdiction, when money is given to another for a particular purpose, the other person holds that money on trust for the purpose. If they use the funds for anything other than the purpose, it is both a breach of fiduciary duty and a crime – stealing by direction.

  108. Hey Karen, That link you put up took me to some Russian site. Here is the actual link:

    [audio src="" /]

  109. Correction, theoracle, the IAS, particularly Michael Roberts and Jeff Pomeranz, were saying the neo-nazis in Germany had already started constructing concentration camps for the Scientologists, not the Jews.

  110. Your humble servant


    These are very good references. The operative issue here is fraud and misrepresentation, not breach of contract. Yes, it does sound like breach of contract or breach of an implied contract, but the law of donations is very specialized. Simply classifying a transfer of money as a gift or as a donation implies that the giver wasn’t expecting and isn’t entitled to anything tangible in return. There may be exceptions to this, but it is a tricky argument to make. On the other hand, if you were tricked into giving something or making a donation by substantial misrepresentation or false pretenses, then you didn’t knowingly and intelligently and of your own free will make a gift at all. You were lied to. You were tricked. That is fraud. And, as the legal saying goes, “fraud vitiates everything.” They simply took your money by trickery, and if you can prove that you have the right to get it back.

  111. I understand your Point, and I have no Disagreements with you.

    Unfortunately, the Law in respect to Liens doesn’t work that Way. By Law you have to comply with the Requirements of Liens, and a Donation along with the Paperwork the Church gave you falls short of filing one. Secondly, as I mentioned before, just about any Lien is easily removable by any Lawyer.

    My Point is only about the Instrument of Liens. I’m not making any other Point.

    You are talking about justice Issues, I merely commented on the Nature of Law in respect to Liens.

  112. Not a valid Argument that will see a Lien through.

    It’s a legal Point.

  113. Your humble servant

    Yes, this is the other aspect of these huge “donations” obtained by fraud. The fraud is accompanied by subtle or not so subtle THREATS, and that is in fact extortion. As you say, it is also by OVERWHELM, such as teaming up on a person, sometimes for hours at a time, until they weaken and give in. Also, such approaches can amount to hypnotism, and the demands for money hypnotic commands. A person skilled in hypnotic techniques can, by controlling the attention of the victim and getting him or her to accept a rhythmical, forceful outflow of words from the hypnotist (or should we say reg?),, lay in what amount amount to hypnotic commands. “You can do this;” “This is the greatest good for the greatest numbers of dynamics;” “You are saving lives;” “You are doing the right thing;” “You are really helping;” “Your donation is urgently needed now,” and so on–a mostly one way flow of communication– can really amount to hypnotic commands.

    There are operators in Europe, and probably here too, that can find a suggestible stranger on the street and talk the person into taking the operator into his or her home and giving him whatever valuables are in the house. Afterwards, the victim is dazed, hardly knowing what happened and without any idea of how it happened. IAS registrars have been using some of these same techniques.

  114. None of the above Points you made have anything to do with filing a Lien. Most Lien Forms require you to attach a copy of the Contract & Invoice/Bill with your Application. You don’t have one, and the Receipt the Church gave for your Donation won’t do.

    I’m merely pointing out a legal Reality in respect to filing Liens, I’m not contesting your Point of View.

  115. Your humble servant

    I would appreciate it if you would not say “Scientology” when I believe you mean the present, official Church of Scientology, or as some say here, the Radical Church of Scientology. Scientology is an applied religious philosophy which I personally hold in very high esteem, as others here do as well. Since David Miscavige and his acolytes have ruined the reputation of the subject of Scientology, and of the word “Scientology” as a generality, probably the vast majority of the public who have heard the term “Scientology” believe that everything about it is rotten. However, I don’t believe you are one of these people.

  116. Marty, I have a question.
    When you say “The MAA’s in Miscavige’s new Golden Age of Tech for OTs line possess the following qualifications” from a. to g. ,
    you are joking , right ? Or possibly are you serious about it ?
    Please answer to it.

  117. Your humble servant


    Thank you for pointing that out. To me, the deliberate alteration of anything Ron wrote as intended tech or policy, pretending that he said something he didn’t say, or pretending he didn’t say something he did say, or changing what he said under the pretense that he said something different from what he said, is evil and beneath contempt. Now, I suppose that Ron’s essay What is Greatness wasn’t meant to be tech or polic– he was just expressing his thoughts and opinions in an aesthetic way. Nevertheless it was contemptible and censurable to lead people to believe that they were printing the whole essay if all they were doing was printing the part of the essay that they liked or approved of.

    We know why DM orders changes to LRH’s works: He believes he knows better; he has no respect for LRH; he thinks he is God; he has no respect for Scientologists; he thinks they are chumps; and he is insane.

  118. Thanks much!! This distinction is still missed by many in discussing “Scientology” — not the Independents certainly, but those unversed in the subject’s past and present.
    Then there are those who say they are one and the same…. but that is either being un- or mis-educated about it or likely SP.

  119. I’m keen to know in which countries there’s a mandatory 10% remit to the Catholic Church. I’ve never heard of such a thing. In fact, I’ve never heard of the Catholic Church teaching or applying tithing at all. As far as I know, it’s not done. The first I ever heard of tithing was in a pentecostal church.

    Ed Dearborn’s 10% highlighted for me that the CoS spokespeople seem to have latched onto the fact that SOME other churches practice tithing, as if that justifies their fundraising practices. It doesn’t. I’ve been in churches where tithing is taught, both as a parishioner and as a member of the pastoral team, and no one in the church would ever know if you gave 10% or more or less. You can give completely anonymously (cash in an envelope or bag) or if you want to claim a tax deduction then the church treasurer will issue a statement at the end of the financial year. But nobody checks who gives what. The staff don’t ever talk about who gives or how much. It’s just not done. Your giving is a matter between you and God.

  120. Dearborn invented the Idle Org project. In 1998 I was auditing at the Flag HGC and wrote a big KR on Dearborn and his idiocy of buying huge properties at crippling prices while his org, OC, was struggling in much smaller premises. The senior C/S came down personally to tell me, against all LRH policy (which was pretty much adhered to at that time) to shred the KR and ensure it didn’t got send nowhere. She must have been tone 39 as I was just a small student intern, struggling to make it but I refused. Of course I got taken out of the chair and got the usual ethics black mail levelled at me so I send KR’s to RTC and that was the end of my Church career. I never returned to the HGC but started as a field auditor.

  121. Ex OC Staff Member

    Aside from sharing all the outrage expressed in these comments, I find myself mourning the death of the great Orange County Mission of the late 1970s/early 1980s as run by John Woodruff. We had a flourishing, fun movement in OC back then where people just came to hang out with like-minded people and do Scientology. But death by a thousand cuts started with the Int Finance Police being sent in by Miscavige. Had DM left Scientology alone in OC, a generation later it would still be a fun, inspirational place to come hang out and get some Scientology.

  122. Mirari
    I can laugh now 🙂
    I’m so sorry to hear about your children – that must be an unbearable pain.
    Yes I lost my marriage – but for me a marriage is something that can be re-created in present time whenever I decide I am ready.
    However I didn’t lose any of my family members because I never agreed this was possible. I fought and I kept going until I won. You and your OT friends can do the same as long as you realize that you CAN win if you use the LRH tech that is available. Use it and you will win because you are on the side of goodness and truth. If everyone does that instead of agreeing to lose before the battle is even begun then the suffering can end for all of us.
    Fix your comm lines and broken relationships. There’s always RPEC – it’s in the past and we live for the future.
    That’s my advice.
    Good luck!
    xxx ♥♥♥

  123. I can confirm that the MAA’s that I met at AOLA and Flag have no clue about life and the real world. And they wave a big stick, especially if you have the nerve to LOOK!

  124. martyrathbun09

    I am not given to making things up.

  125. It was removed because it mentioned something which fell into a semi-political category, and LRH did advice to remove political mentions for certain applications and have legal checks done for this reason.

    However, this advice (which I don’t remember word-for-word) was specifically aimed at the recorded lectures. He wrote many political articles in the 60’s, especially for various magazines (both internal Church publications and external) so why this reference, which was written as an essay could not have been issued in its entirety is a question only Misc-a-weeee could answer…

  126. Grendel's Mother

    Do not for one minute think that those MAA’s have the same product that you do. They are not – NOT – interested in helping people improve conditions across their dynamics. they are not – NOT – interested in salvaging relationships. They are purely and solely interested in the stat – cash and routing on to an OT level, deserved or not. So do not think that their ignorance of life and the real world is a detriment to them doing their job, it is not. Because what we think their job ought to be is not what it is in fact in the Church of Miscavige.

  127. It seems as though this new breed of MAA’s, from RTC on down, have taken after DM’s obsession with sexual activities as well, notwithstanding all RTC youngsters who were ever assigned as the senior MAA people over Int/Gold went out-2D, meaning they were involved with sexual activities involving extra-marital affairs, or were involved in sexual activities while not being married, which constitutes “out-2D” per the rules of the SO. They would usually blow afterward. Many were “recovered” and are now being freeloaders and are being carefully monitored.

    Hell, one of the first D/IG MAA’s for Flag, a former marching band drummer from Mexico, decided to have some fun with a cute Blondie and then decided to blow, and he was the personal “trainer” for the FSO MAA’s after the initial GAT release. He was of course replaced with a new boy which per eye-witness accounts have never been known to smile while being the RTC MAA for the FSO, and his “hat write-ups” are the holy scriptures from which the current FSO MAA’s operate. Don’t know about his own 2D interests but as marriages are forbidden I assume he has subscribed to a monastery life, but he sure knows every single 2D secret of every single Flag staff member, and he surely has to report up on them, in excruciating detail to you know who.

    The reports of staff and public 2D activities circulating between the MAA offices and their files, all the way up to DM’s office would make any major porn distributor cry of envy…

  128. Thank you guys. I am not beating myself up. Shame is like any other “unpleasant” emotion in that it is an indication that something is off, one has deviated from their ‘path’. I have more to handle that’s all. I know that I knew, somewhere in my mind that my integrity was out while I was a member yet I continued to justify remaining so. I think the shame is there to help me find other, current areas in my life where I can have more integrity. I am not “regretting” yesterday. I am trying to learn from it….

  129. To clarify something, marriages at the FSO level IS allowed, but not so when it comes to RTC. It started with RTC not being allowed to be married to spouses in orgs outside of RTC. Then it became an unspoken law (at Int and within RTC offices) that dating or God forbid, getting married was other fish to fry, because RTC/Int (all but DM) was in such a low condition.

    Of course restraining any normal human being on the subject of sex results in problems and my question is whether or not this too was intentional, or DM was just enforcing his own problems in that area…

  130. O.K. sure, there is a bit of red tape involved. That’s just paper pushing and social mingling. During the time I spent working as a Beverly Hills executive, two days out of my month were spent in the court room representing clients who would not be caught dead squabbling in a court room behind their attorney. I know a little about how real people interpret and use the law. It’s a very real thing with real people like a poker game.
    And those very real people influence in every way the way the scales balance. Of course I didn’t mean Luis to go himself and attach a piece of paper. He would get a judgement though. Of that, I am 100% certain.

  131. Good point. They do not keep funds in escrow accounts. It all gets comingled under DM.

  132. “The German church, thanks to a compulsory church tax, is the wealthiest Catholic Church in Europe”.

    “The state supports both the Catholic and Protestant churches. The state collects taxes for the churches and there is religious education in the schools, taught by teachers who have to be approved by the churches. Church taxes are “automatic paycheck deductions” taken from all registered church members, “regardless of how often members attend services”.

    “German Roman Catholics, however, are divided over the issue of a compulsory Church tax. Under the tax an additional 8 percent to 9 percent of personal income tax is deducted at source by the state from registered churchgoers (of Catholic and Protestant communities)”.

  133. Hello.
    To some degree this is tech. If you consider that Love is the absence of Hate (I do not mean low tone “so called love” but based on real understanding of the human nature) this data from the assay has lots of technical value.

    In the Data-Series (#30) Ron gives another data of comparable magnitude (at least IMHO):

    The ability to actually see an outpoint for what it is, in itself is an ability to attain some peace of mind. For one can realize it is what it is, an outpoint. It is not a matter for human emotion and reaction. It is a pointer toward a situation. – LRH

    Also the “Code of Honor” has data close to the concept of “What is Greatness”. And all of this sort of pulls you out of hate, blindness and regrets.

    You say:

    Nevertheless it was contemptible and censurable to lead people to believe that they were printing the whole essay if all they were doing was printing the part of the essay that they liked or approved of.

    I absolutley agree,
    this is one of the biggest outpoints and since HASI is blown away there should be a new group taking responsibility to keep the original works pure.
    Even if this seems to be a hard task, this is what Ron wants us to do: Keep it free of any taint (either political or ideological).

    Kind regards,

  134. Scott, I sure am glad you’re still with us!

  135. Thanks for more truth Mr. & Mrs. Garcia!
    One of those Flag MAAs, child of OTs, lived an absolutely 100% sheltered & pampered life. I can’t even imagine her living under such conditions at Flag or wielding such power – but she has.

  136. Oh, I hadn’t heard that one!

  137. Exactly. And if Luis gets a judgment on this and the Church does not pay it, he has every right to slap a lien on the property. SO OC can start another fundraising chapter or Management can make another “gift” to the project.

  138. No wonder I was unqualified for Int clearance at that time.

  139. Thank you, Formost. How remarkable!
    I see from the NY Times (Wikipedia’s source) that the payment is 8 – 9% of the income tax payment, not of the whole salary/income, and that it is unique to Germany (among the EU).

    “The tax amounts to an additional 8 to 9 percent of the income tax payment, depending on the state where a taxpayer lives, and is passed on by the Government to the state headquarters of the denomination of the taxpayer.

    For instance, if a taxpayer had $400 in income tax withheld monthly, the church tax would be an additional $32 to $36.”

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