Miscavige’s Super Ponzi Scheme

The St Petersburg Times has pretty much proven what we have been saying here for years now, the Super Power building is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, or as Luis Garcia put it “a cash cow.”  See Monday’s lead article, POWER PLAY.

Please also see the editorial published by the Times: IRS Should Review Scientology Tax-exempt Status.

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  1. I was just reading that article when you posted this blog.

    If you click on Cindy Plehuda’s picture it’ll take you to other pictures. One of them is Lauri Webster. I knew her back when she looked like a woman. I don’t know if she too has gone into Miscagive’s valence but dang, she looks like a dude!

    Two paragraphs in that article are very disturbing. It’s where Cindy was talking about data PC’s give to their D of P’s. :
    She added: “It was not confidential by any means. I could tell you who the child molesters are. … The guy naked under the raincoat, exposing himself, the people who have had affairs.”
    Parishioners had no idea their secrets were out, and fundraisers were careful not to let on, Plahuta said. But they made clear in their presentations that Super Power would address the issues they knew were troubling their targets.

    In other words, instead of notifying the mother of the child who was molested and instead of notifying the police that a predator was on the loose what did they do? They used the data to miss withholds on the guys so they could get money from them. This is some mighty sick stuff.

  2. Someone ought to be watching the newspaper boxes and video tape who takes the papers.

  3. As Mike Rinder correctly pointed out several times, Super Power was developed by LRH to be deliverd to the STAFF of Scientology organizations, not the public.

    Wrong target DM. Again.

  4. Pat-It is so sick I could vomit.

  5. Tobin and Childs are on a helluva roll. Kudos to you guys. All this crap should have been the subject of internal knowledge reports and nipped in the bud as being utterly contrary to any and every “church” policy that Hubbard ever wrote.
    Instead, the criminals are heros and the don of the mob is their anointed saviour.

    Miscavige has been building implant stations for a long time. This one definitely takes the cake. Well done dave…the only thing that could have actually helped YOU is now in utter self-destruct mode because of your own evil purps. Gotta admire the craftiness of your big con.

    If anyone had any remaining doubt about whether or not the “church of scientology” is completely devoid of the religion of scientology or the philosophy of L Ron Hubbard, you have to be either completely blind or equally suppressive as miscavige.

    The blind are most certainly leading the blind. Hope you guys don’t fall off too steep a cliff. Few lemmings survive the plunge don’tchaknow.

  6. I don’t understand this, please explain to me following:

    David Miscavige likes new big buildings. Why not the SP building? New planning of the interior of a big building might take weeks, maybe even a few months but not many years.

    I really don’t understand it because DM is into buildings more than anything else.

    The money was there too. So what did exactly happen?

  7. Pat, I also knew Lori Webster and was very surprised by that picture.
    I also agree mighty sick stuff is right. How any of this was/is allowed to continue as far as I am concerned is criminal and continues to be justified. As for the information on child molesters this is just against the law period. I have absolutely no tolerance for this at all.

  8. Pat, About Laurie. She married a highly effeminate (and abusive to staff) man named “Donnie”. She was the Supercargo first for the Freewinds. She came down from Boston to finish OTVll the end part of 1987, busted up Donnie’s marriage when they met at the Sandcastle. He threw his then wife and kid under the bus and followed Laurie into the Sea Org. She, (maybe he too) had enormous debts spread out on a wall of credit cards she had used to get up the bridge. How did she pay it all off? By being a vulture on Flag public. She ran all about the base regging people for “donations” to pay off her personal debts! She did it by telling them the Sea Org needed her on the Freewinds to release OT8, and since THEY would not make the sacrifice and join staff, they should at least pave the way for her! She was an abusive to staff executive and got busted down as Supercargo Freewinds, then busted as C/O Freewinds Relay Office. She went up to Int for a minute and got busted out of there too. Her husband was C/O Freewinds for a few short weeks before he got busted down for being abusive to staff AND PUBLIC! The only place they have been able to use her where abuse gets curbed is on public lines where she operates just fine as a 1.1.. It is fitting she has been posted as a beggar all of these years. Still, I agree about the picture. She certainly has reinvented herself!

  9. You’re telling me. The more I think about it the sicker it’s making me.

    A thought. Cindy Plahuta., if you know the names of child molesters (plural!!) within the church do you realize this is right up there with Penn State? Actually it’s worse. The cult is supposed to be a church. Do you get the seriousness of this? You need to go to the FBI. This might just be what gets an investigation back in gear.

  10. top of the vale

    I am sure when IAS monies are spent on diving sorties off the Freewinds by dm it’s considered business because the fishes are being regged?

  11. Mag. Nificent.

    The SP Times is calling for a review by the IRS or a Congressional inquiry.

    The SP Times series of articles would make a brilliant dossier to print out and deliver to your local federal politicians. I encourage you all to make appointments to speak with them – go in small groups if you can – and ask them to back a review by the IRS and an inquiry into the fundraising activities of the CoS.

    You guys were always the ones who were going to get the results. I’m so pleased at how many of you have stood up and told your stories. The impact will be felt far and wide.

    God bless you all!

  12. DM is right there with Reed Slatkin. Ponzi baby…Ponzi….

  13. This is a public apology to one of the folks posting here that goes by the nickname “idomind.” I’m aware that most of you are pretty thick-skinned by now when it comes to being attacked on the internet, but I felt it was important that I come and offer my apology.

    I was “leading the charge” in the comments on the Power Play article Marty posted above, and I inadvertently said something rather insensitive in response to idomind’s post there. I’d like to offer a deep and sincere apology as I am respectful of the beliefs of Independent Scientologists.

    If anyone decided to read my comments there, please keep in mind that I try to distinguish between the “church” and the Independent Scientologists by not capitalizing the word “Scientology” when referencing the former. I mean no disrespect to anyone here or your beliefs.

    Thank you for your time, and again, I deeply apologize and did not mean to offend.


  14. theoracle,

    That’s why they made her a reg. She’s highly money motivated and has a high income demand, bottom line.

  15. Great article,

    Cindy Plahuta is very credible. I’ve known her since before she got into Scientology and she’s always been a straight shooter. I admire her courage for speaking out about this financial fraud perpetrated on C of S parishioners.

  16. Hey, wait a minute. Charmaine regged US for the money for the cross! Now I find she regged Luis and Rocio Garcia too. How many people paid for that f’ing cross? Lynne and Bert

  17. I don’t know that it qualifies as a classic “Ponzi scheme”, as a Ponzi is taking in new investments to pay off old ones (because you have stolen the old ones and they cannot earn any interest). This whole Super Power thing is just a TOTAL SCAM, outright fraud.

    To experienced Scientologists who read this blog, I have to say that ONE reason (not the only one) the SuperPower building has never opened is that you can’t seriously believe that the “promises” of what Super Power achieves are actually true. First of all, I don’t believe there is any set of processes by themselves that result in those EPS, much less lower level ones (and I know of no OTVII or OTVIII who has those abilities) but everything I have read about Super Power sounds like it is a totally bogus rundown, and I would guess that Miscavige&Co KNOW THAT FOR SURE. Reading about what it allegedly covers sounds just wierd – talk about validating the body’s over importance and solidifying one’s agreement with being in a MESY body!!! Objectives done properly work extremely well in helping a being become more at cause vis-a-vis his body and the physical universe.

    Does anyone REALLY think the Feschbach’s got those ep’s that were mentioned? Talk about Kool-Aid!! Probably the biggest reason Super Power is being held back is that it has proven to be not much when piloted and if delivered, the word of mouth would completely dry up the “cash cow.” So it is kept undelivered as sort of a “promise” and almost an “urban myth” as to its miracles (….Jesus will be coming back…..he will come back some day….could be tommorrow…could be in 10 years….could be……) to keep the money coming in. Miscavige is absolutely one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known (maybe THE genius) at getting HUGE sums of money….
    for absolutely NOTHING. It’s staggering, amazing…. almost aesthetic in the patterns by which it is accomplished. BUT … one thing it CERTAINLY is and that is, CRIMINAL!

  18. I should have also said in my last post, that if those promises are even close to being true about Super Power, Miscavige WOULD have started delivery, if for no other reason than the people getting them would be SO blown out, that they would certainly be “taken on the road”, events held and even MORE money gotten in (like the COS did with Wollersheim when NOTS came out – he gave many lectures at reg events). There’d be no reason to hold it back. It could then be put out as a pre-req for OTIX (not that it would need to be, cause any OTVIII would certainly be regged for it anyway). Probably Miscavige is worried about Super Power being a dud with the wrong pc or pc’s and the COS being sued for fraud again.

  19. @Report,

    The building is worth to him empty than full, and DM likes cash more than buildings.

    If the Super Power Building is not opened, he can continue to make up reasons why not and extract more donations to “fix” it. If the building is opened, then he has to deliver some actual service out of it. But he doesn’t have any auditors left and can’t deliver a hot pizza on time never mind an entire auditing rundown.

    So the building is worth more to him empty than full.


  20. Times are a changin’
    Of note is how many more folk step up to talk to the media, to talk to Law enforcement to use their names in very public resignations.
    The sheer quantity is amazing.
    This was not the scene 25 years ago or even 20 years ago.
    You could snap your fingers now and name 140 ex Sea Org would would testify in a Court of Law in heart’s beat.

  21. Church spokeswoman Karin Pouw vehemently denied that Superpower fundraiser Charmaine Roger got down on her knees for donations…

  22. Tory Christman

    :pfffftttt:: Sorry–as horrific as it is, please don’t think child molestation will bring down C of $. My friend Tommy Gorman was “in” when he found out one of the members was being raped, repetitively. He went to the “Ethics officer” (Thinking they’d be on his side, helping her). They told them both to shut up, in so many words. Tommy was so infuriated, he got all of their families who were “in”, kept them in a room and educated them, until they ALL WOKE UP and left, forever.

    It’s my opinion they slide by these abuses, saying (when they finally have to) that it’s either *an individual,” certainly not the tech) OR someone miss applying their “tech” OR “It’s part of our religious tenants, so we don’t want to talk about it”. (DUH! Puleeeeeeeease!)

    This topic re $$$$ and Super Power is WAY closer to something that may bite. Follow the money, every time. It nailed Capone—why not DM?
    Tick tock, Tick Tock, Time is on *our* side! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL 🙂

  23. Tory Christman

    Ditto. Unfortunately, we live in a country where “religion” over rides
    sooooooooooo many things, even criminality it seems. All we can do is keep exposing it, keep insisting it **IS** looked into. One day, one Judge
    will have the guts to do so. And that day, the Ponzi scheme shall come crashing down. Blessings to all 🙂 TLC

  24. Tory Christman

    Hi Mark!
    Interesting…I missed that. When I was “in”, I was sadly there when they were ripping people off for literally millions of dollars for “Super Power”. It was pitched that IT would be THE opening for “ALL people—Scientologists and non-Scientologists, too”. I always said, even when “in”: *I* will never do Super Power—once I heard you had to run around a pole, AND pay for it? Are you kidding??? Happy Thanksgiving to you and ALL here! Tory/Magoo

  25. Tory Christman

    I can tell you from my view, in the 80’s came out
    A few of us who were tech trained sat in shock, reading this.
    Have you ever read it?
    Pre this…………….”in the old days” think of a triangle:
    Bottom: Tons of missions.
    Next: Class 4 Orgs.
    Next: Class 5 Orgs
    Next: ASHO And ST. HILL
    Next: AOLA and ANZO
    Next: FLAG
    Next: CMO
    Next: L. Ron Hubbard
    (((Granted, there may have been a few more management positions,
    but the point is, the MAJORITY of Scientology used to be “Tech” based.

    Then, once this “Command Channels of Scientology” Arrived (In the 80’s):
    A) DM Had already wiped out almost ALL of the missions.
    B) So it started with WDC
    C) RTC
    D) CMO
    E) Middle Management
    F) Lower Management
    (( 3/4 of the page was Management))
    Way down below the half way mark was
    a St Hill
    b AO
    c) ASHO
    d) Class 4-5 orgs
    e) missions

    The “tech” had become a blink—-and sort of “oh yeah–those guys”.
    We were amazed. It was the beginning of the end, for me.

    The missions were what brought in the new people. They’re done.
    The FSMs of C of $ have been re-cycling “OT’s” for years. I used to complain about it—as they NEVER brought anyone new in. Most of “us”
    (Who created C of $ and brought in millions) have left. SO? He’s buying
    and selling buildings. That IS what C of $ is.

    To you all lurking: Think about it: How many “new” people are really arriving? GO LOOK: It’s D E A D.

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL 🙂

  26. Question With Boldness

    Please let me clarify: the parishioners that were regged that were flashers, child molesters were found at ethics because they had been caught by the police. Not because it came up in session or they wrote themselves up. If they had not been caught by the police I seriously doubt that they would have mentioned this at all to any org!

  27. They claim “We are going to Clear the Planet”

    But they can not confront: “We can’t even Clear downtown Clearwater.”

  28. I don’t think you can really call it a “Ponzi scheme” because Ponzi used the money from later investors to give the early investors their money back– plus a high rate of return! Can’t really imagine Miscavage doing that…

  29. David Miscavige’s “Church” protects CHILD MOLESTERS – to the benefit of the “Church’s” bankable income from these known molesters; BUT leaves them free to prey on the public – by not reporting them to the proper authorities?!!?

    ‘Sound’s like Davey is becoming more and more like a “bona fide” Pope!

    Anyone that is still swallowing DM’s crap needs to knock it off NOW! How much more can you take from this fool?

    David Miscavige is nothing more than a glorified false prophet. You can do better.

    Deny the face of the depressor, look down and say; “No more…”

  30. +1
    “22. I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain”
    Go koolaide drinkers! This is your standard tech!

  31. The key points of Super Power should be or actually are perceptions. Let us look at the Scientology Technical Dictonary: „Perception….3) any means of communicating below the level of knowingness. There are more than fifty perceptions used by the physical body, the best-known of which are sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. (CONA Gloss)“
    Thus, Super Power is handling my abilities below the level of knowingness. Thus I am more able to see, taste and smell my environment. That is exactly what I wanted to get out from Scientology.
    The point is, if you are perceiving through body perception channels you are actually not perceiving present time as for example the signal lenght of sight is let us say 150 milliseconds (inside you body). A cup falling off your desk is not at the position in space you see through your eyes. Therefore you are a bit late grabbing your cup while falling. A beginner operating thetan would see (or call it know) the exact postion of the cup and directing his hand without using nerve signalling and then he could grab the cup. Let me quote another definition of Perception from the Technical Dictionary: „1. perception is the process of recording data from the physical universe and storing it as a theta facsimile. (HFP, p. 181)“. Now years later Ron developed a new rundown that gives you super powers by reducing you knowingness, setting you out of present time and reinstalling the picture recording electronics (in case you got rid of it by „old auditing“ no longer in use as this was before the „blind leading the blind“ days.) By the way this is state of the art electronics that handles the different signal run times in the physical universe of sight and sound and adjusts it a way that all signals appear as being perceived at the same time.

  32. About Charmaine. She was Jewish and raised in an orphanage in South Africa. Although she remained in contact with her parents until they passed. She had one brother who is also a Scientologist but only in a minor curious way. He was brutally handsome. Perhaps the most handsome man I have ever seen. He looked like a much improved version of Errol Flynn. They were both very civilized and genuine people. They came right from an orphanage into an Org in South Africa. Charmaine had two children and was a good mother and had help from their father to raise them. But she was always on top of them. She was a huge provider, even as a staff member, to provide for her children and mother. She was quite sincere and really cared about staff and public. She was also loyal to the Sea Org and believed everything she was told by the Int execs. Maybe that was not a good idea. But there was nothing synthetic or dis genuine about her. I hate to use the word “big being” as it has become so cliche. But she really is a big being with enormous genuine ARC towards people. She would give you the shirt off her back.
    Of all the people I had to let go of when I left the Sea Org, I only worried about two of them. She was one. The thought of her suffering in any way tormented me. She is what we all hoped would rise from the ashes as a real product. Dedicated, caring, unselfish, loyal, sincere, honest and constant. She was very well loved by everyone.

  33. P.S. Donnie’s kid he abandoned to go in the Sea Org was a three year old little girl. Laurie didn’t think twice about that kid growing up with out a father, or his wife being put in the position of a single mother raising a child. Donnie and Laurie were two of the most “entitled” persona I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

  34. I hate to mention it, but I think everything connected to the Super Power building is abbracadabra. Opening night, and this will be when we see DM making an exit far right and the machines there for enlightenment prove to be illusion. Let me add I would love to be wrong about all of this. I would gladly have to face myself in a mirror as an S.P. and have the planet cleared in spite of me. Turned into a cell for my lack of faith. I would be very happy to know the planet survived in spite of me and my misguided ideas. DM, please make me wrong. I would be eternally grateful.

  35. Oh, just wait til she degenerates down another notch…it’ll be a ski mask and a .38!!

  36. So if he finishes the building, he might actually have to deliver the program which he doesn’t have…

    Solution: just keep fundraising forever

  37. I hope the IRS becomes interested as suggested in this published editorial “IRS Should Review Scientology Tax-exempt Status.”

    I additionally hope the IRS and other new readers of the blog review “Settin’ the Record Straight” posted here on October 11, 2011.

    The “church” has now run into extremely foul waters. From my point of view, this began many years ago at around the time of LRH’s passing when the power was usurped and directed toward persons and things not Scientological. Rachel

  38. Heu….. did I miss something somewhere ??? Is Charmaine not around anymore ?

    I loved her. I met her few times in PAC. She was awesome with everyone.

  39. Tory, Ditto. No new people for a very long time. Recycled the old and continue to do so. Same names, same faces and then the children of the same names! Eventually beating the same drum over and over gets old and wears out.

  40. If the “church” wouldn’t turn in admitted child molesters but instead used those supposedly sacred secrets as a means to get money then they’re in a world of trouble, PR-wise if nothing else. And I’m not so sure there’s nothing else to worry about regarding this revelation from Cindy.

    Protecting child molesters is one of the few things this society doesn’t tolerate. Using their sick crimes to pad the cult’s bank account instead of protecting the kids? I’d be hard pressed to think of anything much worse.

  41. It’s a VERY expensive cross… for a VERY expensive building 🙂

  42. martyrathbun09

    Become at Patron With Glittering Gold Fairy Dust Wings and you’ll see the return – as shallow and as glitzy as it is – apparently it is what gets the PWGGFDW’s off.

  43. Well…
    Flag doesn’t handle Second Dynamic issues (like adultery or destroying children) because Flag MAAs don’t interfere with the second dynamic because ethics are personal…
    That’s what the Chief MAA at Flag told me anyway.
    So I guess per that logic, child molestation (being technically part of the 2nd Dynamic) would be perfectly OK too…. right? 80

  44. 80 – should be 😯

  45. A dirty dozen ponzi schemes to prevent Clears from being made:

    1. Wasting pc’s $$$ on expensive property in a time of a million foreclosures a year.
    2. Selling L’s while firing all delivery personnel.
    3. Never finish the building for which you enforce pc’s to pay.
    4. Make pc’s pay against drugging and using the $$$ to push drugging legislation.
    5. Make pc’s pay to prevent psych abuses and then abuse them.
    6. Threatening pc’s with loss of their Bridge until they pay and then make them redo it.
    7. Selling PTS courses and then forcing wrong items so the students become PTS.
    8. Fundraising to save the planet and then using the $$$ to destroy it.
    9. Fundraising to help prisoners and then teaching them to become better criminals.
    10. Teaching the business world how to get away with murder, blackmail them with the crimes you made them commit, extort them for it and make them commit more.
    11. Selling the same theory over and over, ensuring it never gets used, then sell it again.
    12. Keep pc’s paying to prevent loss of family and upon failure, split the family.

  46. Unless wives are stopping reg cycles of course…

  47. Regarding Super Power and its delivery … I have a well-rounded amount Bridge under my belt which includes a fair amount of ethics, tech and admin training. I recall when Super Power came out as a pilot in 1978. LA Day had just moved into the complex. It was intended for staff and I even had a staff member start on the pilot; I think the first step was KTL but I cannot exactly recall those details.

    Knowing what I know and from what I’ve researched about Super Power, the building and machines and public delivery make zero sense to me. I believe Super Power was a simple rundown discovered by LRH to enhance staff performance, later embellished, made very complex, and (dis)oriented toward the public. Rachel

  48. I expect we’ll find out in short order just how many folks donated money for the cross. We stand at 2 couples, 4 individuals, right now. Rachel

  49. Good point Brian. And they simply don’t get that they can’t clear clearwater largely because you have to be a theta being to clear someone. And I’m pretty sure they ain’t makin no more theta beings in that there SP or FH or any other glorious building.

  50. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, let’s put in the amounts too to tally the cost of that cross – The $3 Million dollar cross?

  51. martyrathbun09

    You are right. It was the SP Times’ most notable error in this series as far as I am concerned – attributing the NASA crap to Hubbard. There are dox aplenty on Super Power and LRH never advised building a Sci Fi implant station.

  52. re your #9, Fundraising to help prisoners and then teaching them to become better criminals.
    Many months ago, RJ referred back to a previous comment on this subject but I couldn’t locate his original. It’s been a mystery ever since.
    Can you expand on this, Erwin, RJ or anyone?
    Paul K

  53. Blow the whistle on those that try to cover up any and all instances of rape and/or child molestation in the C of $. It got Jan Eastgate arrested in Australia long after she committed that crime.

  54. George,

    I get what you’re saying about the lag in physical perception putting one slightly behind “present time.” However, what you say seems to postulate that only being in a state of knowing allows one to exist in present time, and using the body dooms one to being slightly out of present time continuously.

    The thing is, time is always a postulate of one sort or other. You’ve got time as a postulated rate of change and you’ve got time as a postulated rate of persistence (where there is no relative motion to measure time, but where the particle persists at a given rate.)

    Any time theta postulates a viewpoint, theta has located itself to that degree and become a problem to that degree. Pure theta in a state of “as-isness” is timeless. Theta in as-isness does not exist in a time continuum as such.

    Both theoretically and practically, theta can achieve a state of theta as-isness, which some call Nirvana or whatever. The Tao treats the state.

    But, practically, theta only tolerates theta as-isness until the urge to create comes. And that urge comes quickly. Theta loves to create. Create viewpoints, time, space, energy, matter, form, qualities, on and on. And, boy, the knowingness of what has been created serves much like the tension in a compressed spring. All this POTENTIAL CREATION is just sitting there waiting to be released. Ever see a kid just waiting to get at the presents?

    Creation is reward for theta.

    So, theta creates and is in possession of another time continuum of varying degrees of sophistication. And any viewpoint employed to channel perception of that time stream will remain slightly “gapped.” There will be a differential between theta and “present time.”

    That differential permits degrees of solidity and persistence: is-ness. Theta can synchronize with present time, which allows better experience of what is happening and increased ability to know, control and be responsible for what is happening. The ARC of present time is the ARC of theta simultaneously. So, if you’re “in present time” everything just seems so vivid and bright and wow!

    Not that theta can’t experience the simultaneous ARC of many things, including present time. Just that…

    But, if that simultaneous ARC is too great, present time begins to as-is and becomes rather transparent or thin. It sort of fades until you’re left with pure theta as-isness.

    So, in practical terms, having those infinitesimal lags allows theta to experience present time most optimally. Those gaps allow perception channels to obtain.

    So, what does this have to do with power? LRH said something along the lines of “speed of particle flow alone determines power.” So, what the hell does that mean? That running as fast as you can with no intent or direction makes you more powerful that moving deliberately? That doesn’t make sense.

    But, speed is a ratio of time and space related to particle motion. An atom bomb has all this power because of all the particles moving very quickly to occupy the surrounding space; moving quicker than the particles occupying that space can absorb. If that same amount of energy were to be absorbed by the structures and particles and space over several hundred years, you wouldn’t have much “power” manifested. Much like the energy of the sun being slowly absorbed in an environment over time is actually much greater than the energy emitted by the bomb.

    Change manifests when power is applied. If the environment or individual can absorb the energy applied, little change is manifest. He just goes about his business as before. (I’m just talking about energy applied, not ideas or thought to keep it simple.)

    Power is measured by rapidity of change. The knock out punch. The explosion of fortune.

    Which brings us back to perception. Perception channels allow an individual to monitor and experience the world. If you increase the speed by which information is gathered by the individual, you increase his potential to more rapidly deliver energy back to the environment. The more rapidly energy is delivered to the environment, the more susceptible that environment will be to having its inertia overcome, which manifests as change.

    More change, more power.

    Environments and organisms are susceptible to homeostasis, or the tendency to seek an equilibrium. Causing a change doesn’t guarantee that the change will persist. You get a sort of dialectic morphing unless the environment or organism is so inundated with changing energy that it takes on the intended outcome. Otherwise it continues with its tendency to be what it was, modified slightly by the energy applied.

    Power always has something to do with perceptions of the environment to which power will be applied. The weaker one’s perception, the less KRC one can apply. “Knowing” is only relevant if you are knowing the conditions and elements of the relevant environment or universe.

    Apologies for pontificating. I was just musing about power and super power and perception and time continuums. Maybe I should have left that second cup of coffee alone.

  55. OK! 2 couples, 4 individuals. Garcia’s $65,000. Schippers?

  56. Joe,

    LRH developed Super Power to handle Sea Org staff who were dramatizing case on post in the mid-70’s. It was part of his experiment to see if an effective admin org (the Sea Org) could be built with people who were not trained and processed up the actual Bridge. If you look at the list of rundowns comprising Super Power, you’ll see that they handle certain specific points that would serve that purpose.

    It wasn’t called Super Power because it was intended to give anyone magical OT powers. It was a remedial undercut. It was also to take the place of Power Processing, which could no longer be run on most Scientologists, as they were going Clear on NED. The “Super” part of the name was to promote it as being even better than Power Processing, so Scientologists wouldn’t ARC break over the loss of that very effective and much-loved level. Any expectations beyond that have just been dub-in.

    In my opininon, the reason Super Power was needed was that the Sea Org had taken in far too many very young, admin-oriented recruits who were never aware enough to be spiritual seekers in the first place. Most of them never would have entered Scientology in the 60’s (had they been old enough then) when it was entirely tech oriented.

    LRH used the mest work and command structure inherent in ship operations to try to boost them up, and then developed Esto Tech, XDN, and finally Super Power for the same purpose. They were all undercuts not needed for everyone.

    Super Power was to be delivered by the same type of staff as were to receive it, but when LRH started to train them, he found that they just weren’t “getting it” as auditors (unlike the hundreds of more aware seekers who’d been successfully trained earlier). So he developed Pro TRs as an undercut to auditor training, and then had to undercut that with the Purif.

    But in the 60’s, at the peak of the drug culture, lots of great auditors were trained without these undercuts. They went on to be the key owners and execs of the great missions of the 70’s. Meanwhile, the Sea Org was taking in recruits who were just at a lower level of awareness — not all of them, of course, just way too many.

    Super Power was remedial, not some higher OT level of some sort, even though it would certainly benefit anyone.
    The reason DM has never released it, and will offer it first to the public if he ever does, is that he doesn’t want Sea Org members to become able enough to see him for what he is and throw him out. He’s an SP, and needs to keep those around him weak. He controls them by using some of the mechanisms Super Power would proof them up against. If Super Power is ever released, it will be in a form altered to restimulate those mechanisms without going all the way to real EPs on them, followed by other actions that will handle the resulting confusion by solidifying the aberrated stable datum that the way to be “powerful” is to follow DM’s idiotic “command intention.”

  57. I investigated the incarceration rate of the US and found them not only to be increasing fastest but also the absolute highest ww at a time that Davey had infiltrated 1000 US prisons. RJ delineated exactly how Criminon Tech got reversed and I concluded:
    “I can’t see how having criminals read WTH in lock down, doing patty cake TR’s, evaluating and moralizing for them (after o/w’s!) by C/S’s with robotic TR’s, can possibly not increase incarceration and recidivism rates. To me it’s full blown RS Tech, the same that turns ethical dentists, doctors, businessmen, chiropractors, etc, into criminals.”

    You’ll find the conversation in the lower section.

  58. She is around. We’re just exchanging information. She is in one of the photo’s posted at the Tampa Bay article.

  59. You hit that right on the head! So true!

  60. Excuse me Sam, but Flag and all other CoS establishments do NOTHING except stick their nose in other people’s second dynamics. And that’s since the 90’s at least!

  61. Li'll bit of stuff

    Kassapa ( & Joe P, just ahead of you1)

    Thank YOU both for your illuminating posts, as only real “men-in-the-trenches would know and now SO DO WE!.

    Since the ante has been “UPPED”rather dramatically in the last couple of weeks by S P Times’ Childs & Tobin doing just the most incredible job of putting the ” ENTRAPOLOGY” founder Into the “spotlight”, I really hope that this series will
    have the desired cumulative effect.Marty & Mike seem to be convinced.

    Have a nagging suspicion though,that “IT”will just continue to do what it always does,in response : Trundle out it’s most “dauntless, defiant group the world has ever seen…..”. ORDER THEM into the dreaded “spotlight”,so as to permit “IT” to slither away hurriedly into the shadows.That this REPTILE IS totally devoid of ANY ” human ” qualities,other than as “feigned”, seems to escape so many ( seemingly ). otherwise intelligent beings. “IT” as we enlightened ones know, possesses venom throughout every cell of its tiny, deformed “superstructure.” Behold the “MAD CABBAGE”.

    Still hold the view though,not withstanding the sterling work of all our TRULY GREAT journo’s, that it’s going to take that “something special” something “so shocking” in order to HOOK, FOCUS AND SUSTAIN the world attention required to BURN this despicable creature out from its hitherto impenetrable lair. IMHO, re-inviting the fire power of the likes of TIME MAGAZINE,NEWSWEEK,BBC.to ask


    Or something better, perhaps? YOUR views please !

    Remember AXIOM IO y’all ?? Li’ll bit

  62. Granted I haven’t been inside an org since 1998 but even at that time if a person had any issue worse than a case of hiccups they weren’t allowed on the premises. The fear & paranoia had already set in.

    Are we to believe that known criminal sex offenders were going into the orgs in 2002? Or were the Super Power regs going out and preying on the predators to make a few bucks?

  63. Li'll bit of stuff

    Once, Thanks so VERY much, for showing me just how BLOODY FAR I still have to GO !! ( esoteric sod!!! )

    (sulking!) Li’ll bit

  64. Tory,
    The running program or “Cause Resurgence” rundown is not part of “superpower” and is a separate rundown by itself.

    In ’79 LRH was working on the Humongous rundown which was later renamed Superpower as perhaps it also could be given to those who went Clear on Dianetics who missed getting Power and Power plus on the grade chart. He would talk about it to his immediate staff about it as he usually did on what he was working on.

    The part of enabling the planet to be cleared or words to that effect applied to All Staff getting the rundown first and public later. There was a local issue at the Int Base in the early ’80s on LRH Strat (strategic) Plans for the base which listed getting all execs and crew on the Int base through Superpower, after the Purif, objectives through the Survival rundown and all other appropriate steps.

    Dan Koon’s info on the rundown is posted at http://www.scientology-cult.com/super-power.html written in May 9, ’09 for those who haven’t seen it. In ’95, I received half of the rundown, at which point the only Cl 9 auditor left auditing on the Superpower Pilot at the Int base got busted and her OK to audit removed so she became an AO supervisor for a very few students doing their solo and above. Only a handful of people completed the action at the Int base on the pilot and up to the point where I left in 2001, no one got any superpower there. It seemed to be designed for a staff member as the first rundown, Ethics Repair List addressed the ethics and justice actions incorrectly done which staff would tend to have more experiences with and went on to other incredible and unexpected areas which I had no idea were restraining oneself as a being, other than the typical Overts and Witholds already cleaned.

    David Miscavige in a surprise move during the Lisa McPherson flap with the promise of Superpower to the public with funding and glitzy event of ground breaking of the SP building, moving huge trees to accommodate the building, huge single concrete pour of the block sized foundation and basement in the news, perhaps to keep his faithful distracted from the court case, giving them bigger problems such as debt to handle personally.

    Of course, hidden from view and the truth of the matter is that the Humongous rundown LRH created for staff has been suppressed and altered for the past 30+ years!

    The running program, which is an auditing rundown was completely misapplied and administered as a penalty/correction for “ethics bait” for the likes of David Mayo in his time and many others. The running track at the Int Base from more recent overhead photos has been totally removed and weeds now grow there instead. Perhaps it will be a new “Flag only” exclusive and expensive rundown at the SP building – will that be cash or credit card?

  65. No doubt. I’m just quoting the PR line used when the MAAs are done destroying inconvenient marriages.

  66. Confirmed!

    The SP Times did an article in ’06 on Matt Feshbach who completed Superpower in ’95 without Miscavige’s implant station Tech.

    In ’06, the complexity of machines were introduced as per this article! If the Gold Cross netted 3 million, how much did the perceptics machines generate for David Miscavige?

  67. This one shoots straight through the heart… Sadly, that insurance policy bought a whole lot more than $5k worth of Scn. but didn’t include actually helping the people devastated by their loss.

  68. Tory, it means nothing to them. Nothing that people are acquiring O/W’s in the church on other people in the church, because they are a group of very imbalanced deranged people. Some of whom had made it through their NOT’s. How, I wouldn’t know. I went in to the org in New York one time and asked about my account and was jumped. And I mean jumped as in by two people. I laugh about it now, but they had the police downstairs already waiting for me with their stories all worked out. It is unbelievable people think they are associating with a religious group. I can’t get over it. I read about Tomm’s wife. That is very sad, especially form the pervert that did it to her. But…enjoy the holiday. 🙂

  69. Jethro, while we are on the subject, Jan Eastgate is another fine example of a demented member of the church at large. Oh, she’s normal though [sic], she’s OT, she goes and hides that “grown men in the church normally feel up little kids”. It’s common I guess because she is such an expert on psychiatry or so she thinks. She may wind up talking to one in the near future.

  70. Tory, do you remember years ago when the motto of AOLA was “Insistence That You Become 100% Standard”. Today it would seem the church’s insistence is that we don’t it would seem. I saw a picture in a magazine of a pregnant lady that was in the Sea Org, when pregnancy was allowed, and she was pointing at a course pack a student was studying apparently inisisting that this student become 100% standard. I believe it was a promo for the Class VIII course that was taught there. And I used to think “Oh God, I hope that one day that is me! Class VIII”. Today, I would think there was something wrong on a grand scale if I entertained that notion. The world around has changed and so have the viewpoints of the many people in it. 🙂

  71. Scott, This is the interesting twist, in this drama. If any of us were money motivated, the last place we would have placed our ourselves, is in the Sea Org.
    That David Miscavige took this entire tribe of people, that started out as knowledge motivated, and turned them into and degraded them into money motivated people, by order, is probably the most sadistic measure he has taken.

  72. Flag auditors, ordered to beg from the P.C. after a session and before exam? That is sadism at it’s worst.

  73. I think only Matt did Super Power.
    Matt Feshback has been in unrelenting debt since doing Super Power.
    While he was able to pay off a 1999 tax year $2 Million debt to the IRS in 2000, he has since not been able to pay back an IRS failure to report income $3 Million lien in 2003 resulting in it accruing to $4.25 Million. Despite giving most of the proceeds of the sale of his home in 2008, he’s still in debt of at least $3.7 Million on that tax tear alone.
    http://www.scribd.com/doc/71740947/Matthew-L-Feshbach-Kathleen-Feshbach-IRS-Lien-Discharge-on-Home-Sold-Leaving-IRS-Lien-Balance-of-3-568-951-90?in_collection=3325908 You can read about these and other related Feshbach docs here http://www.scribd.com/collections/3325908

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