“The fundraisers involved have no recollection of the incident”

Ok, I’m catching up this Sunday morning.  I was greeted with this little number on the St Pete Times website, “Another 50,000”.   This is the response Brian Culkin gets after stepping up and sharing important history: “The fundraisers involved have no recollection of the incident.”   Well Miscavige, who are the fundraisers you now acknowledge did work Brian over?   Why did you not allow Tom and Joe to question them?   I guess the holocaust never happened either – since apparently your institution cannot remember two years ago, let alone seventy years.

Message to Miscavige’s Fundraisers:  Scientology can help with that inability to recollect.


31 responses to ““The fundraisers involved have no recollection of the incident”

  1. “The fundraisers involved (admits it happened) have no recollection of the incident. (lies about it)

    Have these people ever read the Data Series and can spot an outpoint.

    Contrary Fact, anyone?

  2. Here’s what I don’t understand. Why doesn’t the c of s simply apologize for past actions instead of the oh so predictable, ‘he/she was an apostate…’

    I know it will never happen because the microchip default goes into discredit mode, but a bit of humility can go a very long way…

  3. I think it goes like this. ,,,,, with cans in hands ‘remember a time ,,,,,,’. Ias fundraiser, no response ,,,, meter rock slams, audior repeats the question.

    The denial by the church after SP Times article is nothing short of ‘how do I wipe away the pie from my face’?

  4. Are they calling Brian a liar? Injustice always recoils on those that deal in it.
    Even Hubbard said it. It seems they can’t tell the difference anymore between justice and injustice. And they think themselves enlightened.

  5. Marty, the more the organization denies the more guilty it looks in the eyes of others. It reaches a point which I believe it is now past where people either come out and reveal more or walk away!

  6. Boy, they just keep stepping in it, don’t they. Here’s a great lying quote from the article: “It is unfortunate that some isolated individuals mismanage their personal finances. Personal finances are the responsibility of the individual, not of the church.”

    Really? Funny but I remember an IAS briefing back in the mid-90’s that was given in the Fort Harrison auditorium by the famous D-list Hollywood star, Jeff Pomerantz. Anyway, I was there with two people who were not wise to the IAS’s devious ways. To wit, when trying to convey the urgency of people giving more money, Jeff actually said, “I don’t care if you miss your mortgage payments.” I made sure the couple I was with understood that such a statement was in no way LRH, but was pure Pomerantz. The did not give.

  7. L. Ron Hubbard wrote one policy in 1968 that is senior to all other policy. In fact it’s called “senior Policy”. At one time, if there was a disagreement over what was promised this policy sorted it out. I don’t know if current RCS staff or public even remember Senior Policy any more. It is HCO Policy Letter 21 November 1968. It goes….(begin fair use)

    Senior Policy

    We always deliver what we promise. LRH

    It seems current RCS policy couldn’t be more reversed than it is. It seems it’s more like, Promise them anything, just get the money or the stat. Then if you do something that makes us look bad, just deny it and call the person an apostate and a liar.

  8. Yes, Laura Ann. And then there is a policy called FIRST POLICY, written on 2 Sept 1970.

    “The first policy of a Scientology Org, laid down on about 8 or 10 March 1950, is:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am so not seeing anything even vaguely resembling friendly here, except the covertly hostile platitudes while conning folks out of thier homes and bank accounts. I guess that is “friendly” to a 1.1.

  9. May all liars be blessed with perfect memory:

  10. Choosing to “Not-Know.”

    I wonder what Ron would say about that?
    Not really. I know. But I wonder if anyone in the co$ would? Or if they even care any more?

  11. Wow!
    That’s some pretty serious memory loss! Scientology can help you with that!

  12. C of S has perfected amnesia and duplicating how to act like a politician. One in the same although SCN has better TR’s! Same result all are damn liars and 1.1.

  13. DM is KING 1.1!


    He is a true pro at being 1.1.

    Thank god people are leaving in droves, speaking out and just saying can’t take this anymore.

    If you are on the fence with SCN jump over to the INDEPENDENTS its much for LRH style and for sure you will keep your house and most of your money.

    Run for the hills, the heck with dealing with the BS.

  14. Well they remember enough to say there was no problem since Brian did not pay another $50,000 so it proves you can say no. We got no victims here they say and according to the church the former members ALL lie. Current members and staffers are not allowed to communicate only the authorized PR person is allowed to talk to media. It makes the church look really bad but who cares at this point.

    I wonder what the current folks still in think. Oh they are forbidden to think on their own because they are told they would get it wrong. They need the organization to think for them. Just like if they think I have given enough donations the powers inside tell them :wrong answer see you cant think right, you better listen to us and give more. It shows a lack of respect and trust for current members so naturally how are they going to go free in the hostile environment set up for them by management?

  15. LOL
    Marty – missed the last line of your post but looks like we’re all on the same page here 🙂

  16. “The fundraisers involved have no recollection of the incident.”

    Every Hit Team of Reges who detain, threaten, lie and extort it’s Parishioners were only really just trying “To Help“.

    Thus an Inability to accurately Review one’s Actions when confronted with these Anti-Social Acts comes into Existence, and “Recollections” can only be expected to blank out.

    “Yes, your Honor, the Hand must have done it.”

    “Criminality” and “Bad Memory” go Hand-in-Hand.

  17. Sam, you’re one of few people who can type a reply on a blog, and still convey that you are smiling! Love it. 😉

  18. That’s because they have “selective recollection”. You mean you don’t remember studying about “selective recollection” in the Data Series? What’s wrong with you?? Great job on the videos brother! Keep up the confront and don’t back off ’till you get all your $$$$$$$ back. You’re are truly a big being and am proud to be your friend.

  19. Yes they only remember things that support DM’s agenda everything else is a blur or it didn’t happen.

    lets face it no one tells a lie (s) better then the C of S. they are pros

    its a known fact the church is dying and very few new people enters the gate of this cult

    they just exploit the crap out of the existing members but they to are leaving in droves

    all good things comes to an end

    tick tock

    the castle built on sand is sinking

    anybody have data on org student activity and new people entering?

  20. Laura Ann

    Yes… They are also refusing to deliver on their promise to refund in foll to anyone who is dissatisfied with their results and wants their money back.

    They are refusing to even return monies that we put on our accounts for future services, that we no longer want.

    Let’s not even get into what policies of the “church” itself, that that violates, much less SENIOR POLICY.

    In the Church of David Miscavige’s Scientology, his senior policy, as evidenced by its continuous use , is “DENY EVERYTHING” If policy interferes with David Miscavige acquiring more wealth and suppressing those around him, then his “church” no longer considers it valid, unless of course they feel it is a policy that they can hide behind, but only when it is convenient.

    “Mercurial Policy” might be a fitting description, if they even bother to acknowledge its existence at all.


    The “church” has become what it has perfected…

    It doesn’t seem to have any use for the truth at any level any more.

    Eric S

  21. Karin must be kept isolated. Her rebuttals are so disassociated from the truth of what is going on under her nose. She either is knowingly lying or she is being deliberately sheltered so that she can live in her goody- good church-of-no-wrong and spew these disillusions with conviction. All I have to say Karin is “keep it up” because the more you continue to repeat your disassociated, delusional rebuttals, the more everyone can see that you are really full of it. Unfrigginbelievable!

  22. I have noted a couple of times. Karin doesnt write any of these responses. There is no way POB leaves the SP Times in the hands of Karin who he views with contempt. She is merely a mouthpiece. Of course, she COULD walk away and thus not have her name used like this — but she is NOT writing this drivel.

  23. Which leads us to her next response–I never saw it (meaning anything she gave a rebuttal to. LOL)

  24. Because the PURPOSE of DM and his masters is to ruin the Church, completely, by propagating these actions. These actions and associated Black PR are the direct PRODUCT of those who want the Church destroyed, forever, by implosion.

  25. “Fxxx them!!” Sorry for my language, when I saw the title of this thread. Those fundraisers have definitely forgotten what they have done or said to get $$ from us, until the time their quotas need to be made, then they suddenly remember you and your “contributions” again. Really blood-sucking vampire.

  26. “The fundraisers involved have no recollection of the incident”

    The CO$ version of “Ich habe das nicht gewusst”

  27. The church responses make me sick. Every Scientologist can spot those lies. No wonder why we are not allowed to go on the internet. 

    Thanks a lot for speaking out!

    I share your experience like many others. I was conned the exact same way. 
    My ability to say no to these folks was far gone. I was promised a huge money inflow if I raised my IAS status and finally I did after heavy press. I thought that donation would keep the parasites away for a while. 
    To make a long story short it just continued and continued: library campaigns, ideal org, IAS… Then someone called me from Int and acknowledged my great contributions and asked if I could do another flow to the IAS just a small flow of $100,000. I said no and had to explain several times before he finally told me he understood. He called again the next day asking the same.
    Fundraiser ack: “I understand, but…” 

    I went ALL IN on the wrong hand.
    It was f#%€£¥$ insane! 
    Where’s the Bridge? 

  28. “…have no recollection…” Are you kiddin’ me? That must be the cheapest excuse I’ve ever heard. I have almost perfect recall of “the special briefing just for you” incidences. Have will I ever forget.

    The orgs used to offer free Book One intro sessions. Give it a try.

  29. How will I ever forget 🙂

  30. Mike, thanks for reminding me of the true source of this outrageous insanity!

  31. Oh puhlease! Get yourselves out of confusion David Miscavige, Inc. It’s true, LRH tech correctly applied handles that!

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