Orange County – Now, For The Rest Of The Story

The following article by Luis Garcia is a follow- up to the several part series in St Petersburg Times, Inside Scientology: The Money Machine.   We are going to be doing a bit of Paul Harvey here.  A number of articles will follow that expand upon themes covered by the Times, but with the rest of the story filled in.  In this case, here is the rest of the story on the Orange County Idle Org fraud that was touched on by the Times.

The Orange County Ideal Org Project; a tale of lies and deception.

by Luis Garcia

First, I would like to acknowledge Joe Childs, Tom Tobin and the St. Petersburg Times for their impressive and unbiased marvel of investigative journalism in the recent series The Money Machine. My hat is off to you, gentlemen.

The rabbit hole is deep and has many twists and turns. I will attempt to shed some clarity and give some additional data on the Orange County Ideal Org evolution. Rocio and I donated the first $100,000 in 2003 that kicked off the OC (Orange County) Ideal Org project. This was announced at a subsequent event with a large attendance, and an additional $340,000 were raised. The project was underway. Other events of all sorts ensued, slowly raising the amount of funds in the pot.

In February of 2006, it was announced that “OC was next.” A mission composed of 3 people arrived. Quentin Tauffer, SO fundraiser extraordinaire came to OC accompanied by 2 women, one doing Admin functions and the other doing Ethics. The first order of business was to issue Ethics interviews summons. Rocio and I were summoned, as well as many OLs and OTs in the field. The ethics interview turned out to be an en-masse rollback. Soon after, a couple of guys were “handled,” and you never heard another peep from them. Now, with all CI removed from the field, the “briefings” could start. And indeed they did! Daily briefings at the Org, where everyone was asked to give and where everyone was asked to get on the phone, go visit people at their homes, businesses, etc., and get them to give as well.

This continued for about a month and most staff in OC and about 30 public were literally working the fundraising drums all day. But it was slow going. The donations were just trickling in. Ed Dearborn confided in me, “the flows are stuck and we need a substantial donation to un-stick them.” You know this part of the story so I won’t repeat it. After we made our donation in March 2006, “because we enthusiastically support our chosen faith,” as spokeswoman Karin Pouw said, it was leveraged to get 2 other individuals to donate large sums for a total of $500,000 each or more. These individuals have since gotten divorced and their finances are in a real mess. Other people also upped their statuses and made large donations. Within 2 weeks all the funds needed to buy the building in Santa Ana, CA had been raised. The flows had been un-stuck.

There was a Victory celebration type event held, where contributors received commendations and leather jackets. The ED, Ed Dearborn, announced to an audience of over 400 that fundraising had officially ended. The renovations would be funded with the proceeds of the sale of the existing building in Tustin, CA, as at that time, there were interested buyers for it offering around $5 million.

Parishioners celebrate the end of fundraising in OC

Commendations given by Quentin Tauffer

The $250,000 leather jacket


Renovations were to start immediately! There were just a couple of little hurdles to overcome first, though.

CSI (Church of Scientology International) had retained a company by the name of Staubach on a global basis, to locate, negotiate and conduct the purchase of buildings. The building for OC had been located and negotiated by a parishioner. There had been no brokers involved, which was a plus often aired at briefings, I mean think of “all the commission money we are saving!”

Although Staubach was not involved at all in the locating or purchasing of the OC’s Ideal Org building, they sent us a bill for their commission nevertheless: $160,000. We couldn’t of course go to the seller after the transaction was finalized and tell him to pay a commission to a broker that was not even present during the transaction. So we had to pay it. And we couldn’t go to the public and tell them about this lunacy either.

So just a few short weeks after it had been declared that “all fundraising had ended,” the ED announced we needed to raise $160,000 to “pay the architect and get him started.” This money was raised in a few weeks.

Staubach’s commission was paid. Karin Pouw’s statement “all donated money is spent carefully and efficiently” is perhaps an inaccurate statement. Who ever heard of a real estate buyer paying a commission to a broker for not working the deal? Indeed, only in the COS’ world of efficient economies.

The second hurdle was that right after the purchase, the last tenant’s lease had just been renewed “by mistake” for another 5 years by the DSA Orange County, Marie Murillo. After this little oversight was recognized, Marie Murillo and the then FBO Ian Faulkner, went to meet with the tenant to see what it would take to get him to move. The tenant was no dummy and he had informed himself very well as to the nature of his new landlord; and having found that the church of Scientology was engaged in an “unprecedented period of expansion” buying prime real estate all over the world like there was no tomorrow, he said it would take a cash payment of $450,000 plus 3 months of free rent and 3 months of free utilities. Now, this is when Mr. FBO, Ian Faulkner, put his foot in his mouth, and said something along the lines of “we could do that.” You see, for Mr. Faulkner to comply with his orders and “handle the tenant and get him to move” only meant extracting a few hundred thousand dollars from back-broken parishioners. No big deal. It’s very easy to spend somebody else’s money.

When he hit a wall in trying to raise this much money, again, after only a short while of having announced “no more fundraising,” I got a call with a request to help them negotiate with the tenant.

As you can imagine I was dealt a bad hand. The tenant, based on Mr. Faulkner’s confident response in their first meeting, was now licking his chops and very much looking forward to his big pay-day.

I met with the tenant multiple times and used all my business skills to get him to abandon the idea of $450,000. This process took me 5 months, all the while incessant queries and orders from the office of the Landlord Int kept coming down, such as “what’s the hold-up? We need to start the renos! Pay him! Get him out!” This was a top priority cycle. The tenant was holding up the Ideal Org in OC. Unthinkable!

I got the tenant to agree to a cash payment of $175,000 and a short period of free rent. He moved out in May 2007. I don’t quite remember how this money was raised, I mean what shore story was used, but the public were definitely not told that we paid $175,000 of their money to fix a little mistake on the DSA’s part. I received the following email from Mark Pisani, from the Int Landlord’s Office:

From: Mark Pisani []

Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 10:42 AM

To: Garcia. Luis

Cc: Dearborn, Ed; Murillo, Marie

Subject: Tenant termination agreement

Luis –

I have attached an agreement form that was drafted by the church’s real estate attorneys at JMBM Law firm. It was written for another org but I changed the dates here. Correct the dates as needed to suit your needs. 

Obviously, stay in close comm with ED and Marie (as you are doing this for them).

ml, Mark

I was given commendations and I also received the following email from OC DSA, Marie Murillo. She knew I would be going to Flag soon for a refresher, and she thought this might help me with my perceived transgressions:

From: marie []

Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 11:56 AM

To: Luis Garcia

Subject: report

 Solo Nots DoP (for Luis Garcia)                                                          May-11-07


 Re: Luis’ participation on handling the remaining tenant of our new Ideal Org.

 Dear Sir: 

 This is to clarify a bit more Luis’ help on the above cycle as the commendations that both the ED and I wrote on him only mentions the final product and not necessarily all the work involved.

 Our building had a remaining tenant that had just renewed another 5 years lease right after we bought the building. They occupy the space which is at the corner of the building. This is going to be Div 6 as it is the only area in the building that has windows to the outside and therefore the most exposure. At the beginning of this cycle they demanded $450,000 plus 3 months free rent and free utilities. We simply could not afford that and the cycle ended right there.

Needless to say there was no way that those tenants would not be handled regardless how much this would cost us, as it jeopardized the renos and the opening of our new org.

I worked with Luis on this since October 2006 or so. He helped me review the lease and found different areas where we could be asking the tenants for insurance that they did not provide and other items that were important to us and could also help them change their mind about leaving.  I was in constant communication with Luis at that time. This cycle of reviewing the lease was a many hours cycle as it involved legal aspects that Luis had to research.

Luis got them to agree to leave for $175,000 which is considerably less than the original $450,000 amount.

I want to add that at some point I had to leave for Flag as I went there to finish OT-7, since that moment Luis took over the cycle fully which allowed me to not have any attention units on this while I was getting thru the end of OT-7. He was in comm with me but took full responsibility for the cycle.

This cycle was priceless for my org as with the tenants there for another 4 years we would not be able to open the Ideal Org.

I knew that Luis had taken the last few months to dedicate himself to get thru the level, he took off work and any other activities that did not consist of getting in session and was working on getting done with OT-7, regardless of this he answered to my request for help on a cycle that was of great importance to the org and made the time to do this. I truly appreciated this.

This is true,

Marie Murillo


We were now ready to start the renovations. Were we? Nope. The real estate market had just started to falter and the $5 million buyers were no longer there. We could only get $4.5 million or so.

So at a new enthusiastic briefing, an audience of not-so-enthusiastic parishioners were told that… $500,000 more needed to be raised.

Fundraising events, raffles, barbecues, bake sales, and even poker games in the name of the Ideal Org have run ever since. And let’s not forget “events” such as “Bowling for OC’s Ideal Org” or “The Pirates of the Caribbean Fundraising party,” or “the OC’s Ideal Org golf ball drop.” Yeap, numbered golf balls were sold and dropped from a helicopter on top of a golf course hole. The ball that went into the hole first would win its proud owner a TV set! As you can see all very on-policy Scientology actions.

OC’s Orange County Executive Director, Ed Dearborn, setting the bowling example, leading his flock to a Cleared OC.

Freewinds’ Registrar Gavin Potter, double hatted as Ideal Org’s pirate, telling “enthusiastic” parishioners to “donate or else!” “Rrrrrahh!”

New FBO Kirsten Krieger (center) watches intensely as a player says “all in.” A symbolic moment indeed, as many have said the same words in the COS: “ALL IN.”

Orange County’s ED, Ed Dearborn, addresses the parishioners at “The Most Uptone Fundrasing Event Ever!” Yes, this was the actual name for it. Note how parishioners “enthusiastically” fill the first two rows of chairs.

Orange County’s ED, Ed Dearborn, explains to a group of “VIPs” that the Pro-survival thing to do is to fork over their retirement funds.

Four recent fundraising events held by OC. Same faces in all photos, half or so of the people are staff. Orange County reached ST Hill size, for real, in 1986. I know, I was there. Where is all the OC public?

OC’s Roll of Shame. This is the list of everyone that has donated to the OC’s Ideal Project. Note the name “Luis & Rocio Garcia” are missing at the top.

As time passed, two things occurred: 1) the price they could get for the existing building in Tustin has been steadily declining. All they can get now is $3 million, IF they can find a buyer. And 2) the price for the renovations has been steadily increasing. When I asked the ED, Ed Dearborn, about this he said “all that stuff from Gold was very expensive.” The target to be raised became a moving target. First it was $500,000, then $800,000. Then $1.2 million, then $1.6 million, then…

In January of this year, I received the following letter from the Orange County OT Committee:


“It IS happening!”

This is a brief accounting summary of the project as I understand it:

1. Building purchase price: $6.2 million. April 2006.

2. Commission paid to Staubach: $160,000.

3. $175,000 paid to tenants to get them to move.

Add to this the lost of rental income for the last 4 years: $8,000 per month, 48 months = $384,000. Moreover, the lease would have been up by now, so the $175,000 tenant pay-off could have been saved. But hey! The renos had to start yesterday! “Pay him! Get him out!”

4. Now, the letter above says $1.3 million was raised in the last 6 months (more like in the last 5 years, since 2006).

5. “Management made an award of $1.2 million.”

6. So that leaves a mere $2.7 million more to be raised by LRH’s birthday (March 2011). And that is if the damned target stays put for a while! I’m telling you, this target has had legs for the last 5 years!
7. But let’s not forget the $3 million they will hopefully get from the sale of the existing building. Back in 2006 they had multiple offers for around $5 million and they turned them down.

Do the math, and this 100 year old, asbestos-ridden, 42,000 sq. foot building is going to cost a total of $14.7 million ($350/sq. ft.).


Also note that New OT VIIIs Marty Prince (Cramming officer), Yvonne Prince (Senior C/S) and Marie Murillo, (DSA) have recently “come on board and are now in charge of the fundraising.” What about their posts?
But wait! There is more. The building does not have it’s own parking lot. The lot across the street is used by government employees during the day and it’s pretty full. That leaves the 2-
hour coin meters on the streets… if you can find one available. Genius!

The building has sat empty since that last tenant left in May 2007. Events are not even held there anymore. The neighborhood it is in, is not precisely Beverly Hills. All businesses have bars and security doors in the storefronts. Some poor staff members have had to spend every single night there since 2007, to keep it secure.


Now, who shares my opinion that LRH would probably not approve of any one point above, let alone all of them combined?
I hope this finds you well, and I hope this helps shine some light on OC.




283 responses to “Orange County – Now, For The Rest Of The Story

  1. I’m ashamed to say that most of the Pirate, etc, themed fundraising was born in Seattle.

  2. Bowling for bucks? What ever happened to delivering services for bucks? Such a novel idea.

    When CSI retained the Staubach company I can tell you the reason they got paid despite not having found the building. The reason is that Staubach’s would have been retained as a “Buyer’s Broker”. In that written agreement it would have been laid out that they’d get their fee whether or not they were the ones who found the building. This is not unheard of. But, the buyer has to agree to it which evidently CSI did. CSI could have requested an exclusion from paying a fee if they were the ones who found the building which evidently they didn’t. To say CSI wasn’t smart is an understatement.

  3. The waste is unbelievable . Thanks for the additional detail Luis. Very enlightening — and very similar to some of other “Ideal Org” projects that I was loosely involved with a few years back.

  4. Grendel's Mother

    And all this to replace a building that was – as I understand – owned outright free and clear? And was a really great space, too. Insanity.

  5. Floating Needle

    Proof positive that the current church does use basic policy. These are gross financial irregularities to the nth degree!

    Thank you for shedding some light on how far off the rails this whole Ideal Morgue ® has really gone.


  6. Luis,

    This is a tragedy. If you and Rocio hadn’t devoted so much time and effort and money to this insanity, it would be laughable. How could they be SOOOOO incompetent?

    This is robots at work. “Complying” with orders. Afraid to make normal decisions that anyone would make because they fear the repercussions of doing so.

    But the levels of insanity defy description.

    No wonder Angie Blankenship (WDC “Ideal Orgs”) is no longer performing in this circus. ANd no wonder her replacement Bob Wright or the Chief Designer Laurance Barram/Stumpbke quit the circus too.

    I guess, you, as a Scientologist in VERY good standing, were Fair Game in the eyes of the Vulture Culture. You could be tricked and lied to and nobody gave a second thought to it.

    If there is any justice in this world, every red cent you paid will be returned to you.

    PS: Cost of OC limited edition fundraising jacket — $25,000
    Money lost by Marie Murillo — $550,000
    Photo of Ed Dearborn bowling for dollars — absolutely priceless

  7. one of those who see

    The Money Pit! I don’t have words Luis, except Thank You for your reports including this one. The details are important for all to know. So glad you are out of the Church or as I call it – THE ONE BIG UNUSUAL SOLUTION.
    To people newly reading here. All we have to do is apply standard tech to people. They are happy about it. They come back for more. They tell others. We help them with their lives using the ethics tech. We tell people “Hey, we’re over here. We got something you may like.” People go free, There’s plenty of money. At some point you can improve the mest. But the mest isn’t the thing. Thetans going free is the thing. Simple story.

  8. Luis,
    Thanks very much for expanding on the full Fundraising saga in OC. At this point, similar to the Superpower building scene, it would be more profitable to not open the new Idle Org as the direct donations would cease and fundraisers would be out of their jobs.

    Perhaps there would be less PCs for the new Idle Orgs if they discovered that new Idle Orgs now in service are made to install the expensive “look in” systems from Gold to monitor PC sessions.

    It is completely remarkable that the “no more direct donations are needed” years ago, but the continual moving target currently in vogue still goes on! The OC sheeple sure have short memories!

  9. I am unable to speak, ah, ah, uh, um…

    For just $2.7 million, that’s right for just $5.5 million. Yep, you heard right for only $14.7 million we can CLOSE that org in Orange County and buy an empty building, that will remain empty year after year after year.

    THIS is David Miscavige’s answer to spiritual enlightenment. It makes perfect sense, yes it does Dave, you’re a freakin’ marvel of what that is all about.

  10. Thank you Louis for telling the rest of this sordid tale. The never ending grabs for cash are sickening.

  11. Luis,

    I was going to say that you have described Know Best pushed through by robots and Yes Men and Gals but upon reflection I do believe it was planned to some extent by King Know Best. I remember OC fondly. What a better way to break the back of the field and take their money at the same time. Perfect planning. Build an Ideal worthless unusable Org building at great expense and skim the hell out of it in the process.
    i would have hoped that OC staff and SO would have figured this out but they seem to be firmly in fear or lower. I’ve been there myself once. It is a sad thing to look back and see the work one has done to help make all this stupidity. Why do they continue – many reasons but one could be the fear to realize that your efforts were destructive.


  12. Mike,

    It is laughable, and trust me, I do laugh when I see the many pictures or I re-read the many emails and other stuff I have kept from that era.

    The tragedy is seeing the people that are still inside this looney bin getting dressed as a pirate or as a 1920’s gangster or can-can dancer or as a pilot from the movie “Top Gun,” mortgaging their kids’ future, giving up their annual 4-day vacation, wearing the same shoes for three years, in short –giving their guts and blood, thinking they are actually helping mankind. Let alone the staff who give their entire life thinking they are actually helping the planet. The only one that ever benefited from all of our time, work, donations and dedication is Miscavige, aka POB. To me that is the real tragedy.

  13. top of the vale

    An Gavin Potter couldn’t complete a cycle of action if his life depended on it!

  14. I am stunned at the absolute farce of these “ideal orgs”.
    This is so criminal — and so NOT Scientology. This is 100% Miscavology — courtesy of the Radical Church.
    Sick. Sick. Sick.

  15. +1 doesnt really communicate how in tune I am with you on this. It’s horrifying, and you are right, the people still there, giving up their blood, sweat and tears for what they think is a worthwhile cause, when they are actually being taken advantage of is a terrible nightmare.

  16. Luis, you are such a stable datum for me. Thanks. I just wanted to say that I think the reason WHY there is no real true fundraising ever taking place is because there is not ENOUGH REAL TRUE SCIENTOLOGY in the world getting results to make people want to donate to. When all of my neighbors are Clear in my neighborhood is the day the Church of Scientology {if it is still around} will arouse my interest again. And the way things are going Luis, thank goodness eternity lies ahead! 🙂

  17. Tony DePhillips

    OMFG!! What a joke davie mismange’s little group of dipshits has become.
    I will tell you that I am not that surpised though. Your story sounds very similar to what happend in Seattle. I won’t bore you with all the details but these things resonate with me:
    1. The fund raising is OVER!!! Hip hip hurray!!
    2. The financial target with legs.
    3. Corny fundraisers
    4. the first two rows not filled with people.
    5. Huge financial blunders.

    There comes a time when tolerating stupidity is an overt in itself. I thank you Luis for writing this debrief in your very smooth and readible style.
    One last note. I tracked with your story very easily. When your story included the part from the DSA Maria, her communication was very convoluted. It was as if she some how wanted to covertly take credit for the things you were doing while she was “validating” you. And I noticed she conveniently left out the part of her causing the problem to begin with.
    Oh yeah !! and the part of losing the tenants rent because the dumb ass cult is too worried about speed of particle flow in their “tone 40” world of delusion is just over the top DUMB!!!!
    Again, thanks for enduring what you did and then for getting the fu– OUT!!!!

  18. Have you ever had one of those dreams where you just kept doing more and more things wrong and you kept getting further and further away from the thing you were trying to reach? Nightmare, I should say.

  19. Seattle went through that progression too. We had the money. Then we needed more. Then we had it. Then we needed more. Final fundraiser ever. Oops, need more. They finally wised up and no longer used the term final.

  20. Kinda makes me think of the Keystone Cops meet Abbot and Costello.


  21. Makes me think of the utter fiasco in Portland where they bought a building, decided it wasn’t right, sold it at a loss and went for another building (not sure where that stands). I’m also curious to see what happens in Sacramento. Apparently the reno’s have started. But there’s no parking and little foot traffic in its downtown business location. They too had a whole sit with having to buy out an existing tenant and finding him a new restaurant location.

  22. There are plenty of other boondoggles sitting around waiting to be exposed;

    Battle Creek
    etc etc — numerous hype announcements then stony silence while the blood is slowly being drained out of the victims in the basement…

    But then, what about the orgs you NEVER hear anything about. Flag’s next to closest “org” — Orlando? Or how about Kitchener? Brisbane? Nuoro? Albuquerque? Port Elizabeth? Polanco? Lisbon? HAPI? (I picked one from each Cont). Even if you were in those cities you would have difficulty FINDING the “orgs”. The massive international expansion seems to have missed these cities (and a lot of others, no excuse that these are not big cities — what about Long Island “org”? Frankfurt? Buenos Aires?), but then again, it also seems to have missed a lot of other places too. Still only ONE org in all of Japan? No org between Italy and Zimbabwe? No org in India (remember the hyped expansion videos from India??), SouthEast Asia? Brazil? Or how about Houston? Jacksonville? Pittsburgh? Oklahoma? San Antonio?

    POB continues to blow smoke up the ass of his KoolAid guzzlers. They are truly the blind being led by the criminal.

  23. The event room at OC was/is mainly filled with staff and hardly any public. OTC members hated to come to the events and would hardly show up at the weekly OTC-OC meeting because they knew that they would be regged or insulted by Ed Dearborn who thought he was the God!

  24. Your humble servant

    This story boggles the mind. Why one earth would Marie Murillo, knowing that the org was purchasing the building, renew the existing tenant’s lease for 5 years? It makes no sense at all. It is impossible to do that sort of thing as a simple “mistake.” What on earth was going on? From the sound of it, that “mistake” caused months of delay for the project, not to mention all of your time and hard work, plus $175,000 to get out of the lease, which was a very good result considering. During those months of delay property values fell a couple of million dollars, costing another couple of million in the sale of the existing org premises. No problem! The parishioners can pay it!

    Possibly the church entered into some stupid contract with Staubach that provided that a commission would be owed on any new church properties purchased, whether Staubach brought about the purchases or not. Who knows? Why would the church enter into such a stupid agreement? Otherwise, in the absence of such an agreement the church simply stupidly paid a bill it did not owe. Are the church parishioners who are paying the money to be bothered with such annoying details? Oh no! It is not for them to know. Their job is just to pay and pay and pay, that’s all.

    I note too that out of the way bad neighborhoods/industrial areas where no one wants to go are the PREFERRED LOCATIONS of the so-called ideal orgs. And to top it off, if possible, the buildings should not have any parking!

    Great ways to kill off the philosophy and activity of Scientology: Make sure anyone practicing the subject is broke and place all the orgs where nobody wants to go.

  25. You are absolutely right Luis. I hope this curse doesn’t get any worse. Those pictures are very disturbing. I was in the Flag Bureaux in the mid 80’s and OC was booming and now this is extremely horrifying. Thank you for your article, was very informative, I got to be honest with you it did make me a bit sad to see the crude history of what has happened since we worked so hard with the OC Execs, Exec Strata, CO FB, Programs Aide WUS, CLO WUS etc, to make OC Saint Hill Size and now this.

  26. Mike, Very good questions about orgs, or lack of orgs, in all the locations you named. And in the US alone there are a number of other relatively large cities one could add to your list that don;t have orgs: Baltimore, Charlotte, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Newark, Oakland. And US cities with orgs we are not hearing about: Detroit, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Denver, MIami, Portland, Chicago, San Diego, Sacramento. I remember being briefed in about 2006 that the entire evolution of converting existing orgs to Ideal Orgs would be completed by 2010 and the expansion of these org would by that time result in generating one brand new org per week! Oh really?

  27. Michael Fairman

    Dear Luis and Rocio
    First of all thank you for telling like it was and is to the St. Pete Times. And thank you for the detailed clarification of the financial butchery that went on at the Orange Country Org. The sickening KR that was written on you both is still another example of how low these people have sunk. You both are in the vanguard of those that will bring this corruption, indecency, and blatant extortion to an end. You have my admiration and respect for the unflagging courage and persistence you have shown, and I am proud to call you both my friends.

    Love, Michael

  28. It’s true, the OC Org already had one of the nicest Class V buildings in the U.S., and they sure as hell had not out-grown their space.

  29. I hope I don’t offend anyone here. I’m an immigrant to the USA myself and I feel any immigrant’s considerations. I employ many hispanics of all ages and sense that I understand their culture and the role they play in current US society – good and bad. I have for many years worked at a Catholic charity called “Loaves and Fishes” which is a soup kitchen that gives out free meals every Saturday – along with free haircuts/free “back to school backpacks”/ free dental work etc. Loaves and Fishes is located right around the corner from the new Orange County so-called Ideal Org. From years of experience, the people hanging out there are not seeking spiritual freedom – they are mainly trying to stay off the radar so as to not be deported. How anyone came up with the idea of putting an American “Ideal Org” in a place of town where 90% of all conversations are conducted in Spanish is beyond me.

  30. Grendel's Mother

    You are so right!

  31. Grendel's Mother

    What about Boston? Didn’t they get rid of prime real estate in the Back Bay to go to Roxbury?

  32. I was just reminded about the extra money we had to pay in Seattle for “the architects.” Was that a Staubach’s commission too? And the fact is that a Sea Org guy spent a many months looking for that building and Staubach’s had nothing to do with it. What kind of a scam contract is that, and did someone get a kickback on those commissions? It just seems to cut in every direction…

  33. The implosion has gone beyond the dead city churches. I spent 2 weeks at St. Hill a few years ago and the place was so empty and lifeless it blew my mind.

    A friend of mine who lives in Clearwater and has been taking service there for almost two decades recently reported that Flag is so empty it has an “eerie feeling” . As a note that person is also no longer going to Flag for “service”.

    At the current rate of “expansion” there will eventually be a huge building for every Scientologist!

  34. That second building in Portland had a paying tenant, Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Shortly after the purchase, the restaurant was gone (not sure if they finished a lease or if the church got them to leave early). The last we saw it sits vacant.

    But, this building is in an ideal location. During breaks and lunch, everyone can run across the street to the strip clubs! There’s a male one for women as well as the girlie ones for men. This should keep the EOs busy!

  35. You know you are in a cult when the speaker can get up there and insult you and you cannot protest for fear of the future condition of your family, your job, and your soul!

  36. Bert Schippers

    Wow, this article sheds light on what probably was really going on behind the scenes for the Seattle fundraising! How many things were hidden from us? Pure insanity.

  37. Mike, you left the San Diego boondoggle off the list but it needs to be mentioned. We were all regged to buy the Colman College campus in La mesa ca. Then we were regged for the renovations. A few months ago I got a letter promoing the new loction which by this time was’nt going to be the La Mesa campus but was in fact going to be the current location in down town San Diego and there was to be no more fundraising because that money would come from the sale of the newly bought property. Not to mention the property Kurt luistig bought that was’nt good enough for POB. Same shit different city.

  38. Also, the La Mesa campus besides being way too big was a great location being right on I8 and very visible with plenty of parking. No wonder POB did’nt like it.

  39. As I demonstrated last year, they weren’t even paying the utilities on time for the new building.

    When I left OC Mission’s Treas staff in late ’79, they had over 450,000 in the bank, rental income,and a paid-off mortgage. When I returned in Jan ’84, they had about 20k in savings and a mortgage, mostly due to the Kemp settlement and the Finance Police raiding of mission coffers.

    I am not sure offhand if the mortgage was paid off by the time eh reached St. hill size, though.

  40. From HCO Policy Letter of 24 February 1964

    If the Org slumps: Don’t engage in “fund raising” or “selling
    postcards” or borrowing money.
    Just make more income with Scientology.
    It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary
    solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.
    For Orgs as for pcs “Solve it With Scientology”.

    Every time I myself have sought to solve finance or personnel in
    other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from
    experience that Org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented
    combs or fund raising Barbecues.

  41. To all you fence sitters and thier friends.

    Take a good hard look at the lies, incompetece and off policy actions you see with this cycle.

    Now realize that the org Case Supervisors and your “eternity” are being directed by same incompetent assholes.

  42. Luis-It really comes through that your intentions are to help . I’m glad you are now on our side.

  43. Glug,glug,glug……
    Davey; are you getting this?
    Your secret is out,
    the truth shall prevail.

    ‘Thanks to one and all for exposing the extreme amount of greed and, in some instances, almost criminal fundraising tactics of david miscavige’s (purposefully NOT capitalized) ‘Church of Corporate Scientology 100’.

    All that is left, under david miscavige, is a sickly skeleton of what was once a great, and thriving, community of success and happiness.

    Independents; The future is yours!

  44. No Org in Poland. No mission. No single (functioning) group.
    Isn’t it so, that Miscavige’s roots are in Poland?

    Haha… Another polish pope. Must be a joke. Too bad for DM, he will never arise to JP II’s degree of fame and personal strenght.

    I “wonder” why he has no interest to clear poland (must be a technical blind spot).

  45. CSI is very smart; it engineered cost upon cost to break Scientologists financially.

  46. A particularly favorite quote of mine:

    “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important.

    When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. [high explosives] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

    Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”

    L Ron Hubbard

    Tape: The Genus of Scientology
    Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress
    31 December 1960

  47. Miscavige meet born revolutionists.
    Are you feeling the explosions yet?

  48. Interesting, as the Budapest ‘Ideal Org’ building had a similar fate… It was bought in 2006 and the renos still were not started, and the fundraising is still going on…The original target for the renos (1.1 bn HUF, which is 4,8 million USD) was met in 2007. Then it took 1 year and 8 months for the Int Landlord Office and POB to complete space planning and approve it respectively, and a new target was set: 1.9 billion HUF, which is 8,3 million USD. Budapes Org also got billed for the planning (a six-figure amount in USD), which had to be paid to CSI. Interestingly, Budapest Org execs refused to pay at first, but then EU Landlord came down and transferred the money personally… Also, all furniture and A/V equipment is to be purchased through CSI…

    Now they are desperately trying to get the remaining money together, while the building sits empty.

    Peter Bonyai
    ex-Building Fundraising Mission I/C Budapest Org

  49. Luis,
    I share your opinion 100% that LRH would not have approved of any of this financial insanity. I think he would be furious with the whole Ideal Org program in the first place.

  50. This is THE ultimate betrayal thinking we are actually helping mankind while being conned.
    I feel like crying and laughing looking at those event pictures. It is painful.
    Only a monster can trick people like that. It’s hard to forgive oneself when you’ve sacrified years, money and your life to a “good” cause and the end phenomena is total misery. That’s the hardest part for me to confront.

  51. Thanks for that write-up Luis. It was very illuminating.

    I’d like to say that I was shocked by the level of financial mismanagement and the cavalier disregard towards the financial (not to mention spiritual) health of the public Scientologists in Orange County. But, the Church of Scientology has redefined the word ‘incompetent’ and the events that you have described appear to be standard operating procedure now.

    And it’s always the same – the public have to pay (and pay) and they don’t even get a product for it.


  52. Wow, all I can say about all this Idle Org insanity is “HAVING TO HAVE BEFORE YOU CAN DO”. Just think of all the time, money and effort that has gone into the OC fundraising, where the staff members COULD be disseminating and training and auditing PCs. These staff members have totally lost sight of their purpose. Things like renovations and/or new buildings are supposed to come out of money paid for church services like auditing and training. “Pure fundraising” has no place in Scientology and is squirrel admin, but just try telling that to some brainwashed cult member registrar who only sees you as a walking ATM. The Church of Scientology has become the Worship of MEST. The current C of S is a direct reflection of the personality and mental state of “Pope on a Rope” David Miscavige.

  53. Let’s not forget that the building itself purchased for 5 mil is only worth 3 mil also now.

  54. un-frikking-believable!

  55. Luis and Roccio,
    Thank you so much for stepping up and getting the truth out in a way that all can understand!
    Luis, You mention that OC actually became Saint Hill size in 1986. I suppose that was in the old building? It seems this would prove that good old LRH tech is the workable way to go and not DM’s bright idea.

  56. I remember volunteering as public reg at the OC org in the mid 80’s. During that time we averaged 40 – 50 first service starts a week. I don’t think that’s the case today. When Ed Dearborn became the ED I was shocked. I thought he was an arrogant jerk. I got myself in trouble for voicing my opinion to some people. Early on, in the fund raising for the new building, the org had an event where they had raised $500,000. A girl approached me and asked a survey question about where the new building should be located. I told her I thought the org should stay where they were and use the money to renovate the existing building. Needless to say, this didn’t go over well.

  57. Fantastic analysis, so easy when removed from the INSANITY, and painful in the cold light of day!

    Must say loved the line-
    “Do the math, and this 100 year old, asbestos-ridden, 42,000 sq. foot building is going to cost a total of $14.7 million ($350/sq. ft.).”

    You sell that so well:)

  58. I remember volunteering as public reg at the OC org in the mid 80’s. During that time we averaged 40 – 50 first service starts a week. I don’t think that’s the case today. When Ed Dearborn became the ED I was shocked. I thought he was an arrogant jerk. I got myself in trouble for voicing my opinion to some people. Early on, in the fund raising for the new building, the org had an event where they had raised $500,000. A girl approached me and asked a survey question about where the new building should be located. I told her I thought the org should stay where they were and use the money to renovate the existing building. I told her they should move when the traffic demanded it. Needless to say, this didn’t go over well.

    it would be nice to be validated after all these years for what I observed, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s so sad to see what happened to the OC org.

  59. Dear Brilliant Management team of the OC Org,

    Instead of paying 400,000 to become ‘OT 8’ at the Corporate Scientology brainwashing factory where you can become superhuman and a business titan- cause over MEST of all kinds……

    There is a 500 dollar commercial real estate investment course in Boston I know of. It seems you could use it.

    “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.” -Sartre

    But of course…except for this one. It was those damn Suppressives. {Sigh}


  60. Luis, you and Rocio are amazing beings. As Tobin and Childs so correctly spotted it- the sin committed was “insufficient generosity”. It’s obviously a new crime or high crime in the world of Miscavige’s CO$. The arrogance, sense of entitlement, and disassociation that pervades this organization is beyond belief. It is so insane its actually hard to confront. I have worked in the non-profit arena my whole life. There are codes of conduct, etc. that fundraisers respect and abide by. NEVER would you accuse one of insufficient generosity. NEVER EVER would you mistreat a donor -especially someone of your caliber. It is painful to see how blinded Scientologists inCO$ are being kept. If they could see how much they would be truly valued by any other non profit for contributions a fraction of those made to CO$ they might start putting things in proper perspective. Seriously, in the world of 501(c)(3)’s what was done to you is a MAJOR “WTF?????”

  61. Luis, what a story; that you can still maintain a sense of humour about it all is such a credit to you.

    As of late 2009 when I first flew high over over the radar, the Idle Orgs circus was in full swing in the UK. Nick Wakley (public with a criminal record as an OT) had been assigned OTC I/C Idle Orgs, and was being set ridiculous targets for buildings in Manchester and Plymouth. Plymouth in Devon, South West England stood out as the most absurd. A town of barely quarter of a million, where the local Org has been pretty much idle for the last 40 years! Prominent local public obviously had been given access to Org databases as I received a begging letter from a well-known medical doctor Scientologist, although I live 250 miles away and have never been Plymouth public.

  62. I remember volunteering as a public reg in the mid 80’s. During that time we averaged 40 – 50 first service starts a week. I don’t think that’s the case today. When Ed Dearborn became the ED I was shocked. I thought he was an arrogant jerk. I got myself in trouble for voicing my opinion to some people. Early on, in the fund raising for the new building the org had an event where they had raised $500,000. A girl approached me and asked a survey question about where the building should be located. I told her I thought they should stay where they were and they should move when the traffic demanded it. Needless t say, this didn’t go over well.

    It would be nice to be validated after all these years for what I observed, if it weren’t for the fact that’s it’s so sad to see what happened to the OC org.

  63. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for checking in and sharing Peter.

  64. “Who shares my opinion that LRH would probably not approve of any one point above, let alone all of them combined?”

    I share your opinion, Luis! Thank you for making this additional data known.

    I’m so glad you are now Independent. We are all the better for it! Rachel

  65. Nice LRH quote, Sam! However, I really don’t think “central headquarters” exists. There’s earlier outpoints!! Rachel

  66. Luis – thank you for filling in the rest of the story. I can only add, with great sadness, that it is sickening to see how decent Scientologists buy all this crap. Miscavige’s drive is creating nothing but criminals. He is using Scientology to hurt and destroy people. A friend of mine recently told me Scientology is doomed when is starts to hurt people. Today, no Scientology is used in the orgs.

  67. Mat — I think you are onto something here. A huge building for every Scientologist. But I think that is Taget One. POB is really shooting for “Target Two” — huge buildings everywhere for him and D/POB to play video games in (that’s why the FART Div 6es….)

  68. Is it possible that Staubach and some of the Fully automated robotic div 6 units costs (which are about 8 times fair market price) are going as royalties to his highness DM? Are there any other money flows from this evolution that might possibly be going to him personally?

  69. No worries.
    We’ll just blow up the SP instead 😀

  70. About 1988 the Org had a chance to buy a clean modern building at fire-sale prices. It was 50,000 sq. ft., freeway frontage on the Interstate 5 with lots of parking, not too far from Disneyland. The main tenant had left and the seller had a cash flow problem, hence the low price. John Woodruff really wanted this, and at the time the Org had just gone Saint Hill size and was busting out at the seams of their Tustin building. If it’s possible that a building actually could boom an Org, this one with its high visibility and easy access was the one.

    After requesting more and more info until the CSW looked like a phone book, the Int landlord turned the deal down because one small tenant in a corner of the building still had a couple of years left on their lease. Ironically, the Int Landlord said they didn’t want to be in “the landlord business”.

  71. +1 with Rachel. I share that opinion, too!

  72. Luis and Rocio, you two are just awesome. Your incredibly generous contributuions in the name of honest, heartfelt help could have left a flow of admiration for miles and miles around you.

    If ED and his goons had the ability to recognize true theta, they would have recognized that. They would have backed off at the point where they began to use force and corrupt the theta help flow which you so willingly, initially gave.

    But they are into a suppressive valence and thier greed, hubris and compulsion to over-run everything corrupts the help, destroys the theta and is internally destroying themselves.

    So glad you recognized their game and declared your independence.
    Thanks for the eloquently stated truth.

  73. … to put it mildly.

  74. To all you fence sitters and thier friends.

    Take a good hard look at the brilliant lies and competece in reverse policy actions you see with this cycle.

    Now realize that the org Case Supervisors and your “eternity” are being directed in the same reverse direction.

  75. I worked on the renovations of the Freewinds, St. Hill and the Management Building from 1987-1989. I remember finishing, that’s what I said finishing, done, with the 12th floor of the Mgmt bldg and we were told to tear it down due to design changes. I remember Dan Murnan walking up to Nettie (CMO Missionaire) at the time and throwing money in the air and saying I’m tired of our church just pissing away money. That was probably the only time I saw Nettie speechless. Dan was the only one who had the integrity to walk off the job as he wanted nothing to do with that sort of waste. The rest of us kinda made a mantra “If the eagle shits on us every Friday, we’ll do whatever they ask” I’m embarrassed to say. St. Hill was the same fiasco. The only solice I can take from those days was the fact that we actually got our products done. Oh yeah, I did travel throughout Europe for several weeks after St. Hill.

  76. Dear Luis and Rocio,

    We don’t know each other, but thank you for laying all of this out for others to see. It hurts to read, both in the sense of the complete disrespect of individual people the “Church” has gotten into, as well as the complete asinine disorganization and waste of parishioner’s donations just to comply to DM’s next likewise asinine order.

    With all that LRH wrote about finance policy he would truly hit the roof had he been made aware of this.

    I’m getting more and more convinced DM must be following some propaganda write-up doctored by a Rockefeller, a Rothschild, a Morgan or even Hitler himself based on how things have evolved under DM’s rule. Maybe they are his role models…

    It is a well-documented but little disseminated fact that the sort of domination and control obtained by the likes of Hitler, Mao and more modernly the top banking families, is accomplished through very specific propaganda campaigns. The masses will always outnumber the rulers, even including their police and spies, so therefore, by instilling certain values into the societies, starting in school and then promulgated through all media outlets. The “masses” get used to these values and accept them slowly as fact, or in the very least something they know they have to agree with or else they will be regarded badly.

    People are not necessarily wondering if Big Brother (or Hitler or Mao, or whatever tyrant at the top) are watching them, but they are worried about what their mother, their son, their neighbor or their colleague are thinking about them. Hence, through a brilliant propaganda machine every citizen (or group member) is turned into a “spy” or “police” for the system.

    You can see this very much in force in the US, whereby tons of false values have been instilled into the society and if you express something outside of those values you are rejected or even reported on.

    Same goes on within the Church of Scientology under DM, using the exact policy letters which was meant to prevent such a situation to reverse it and turn every staff and public into obedient, mindless slaves.

    The first time it really hit me that something is wrong (though there were many instances before where I should have reacted, but was too “in the system” to notice) was when DM wrote down to the Int staff that he didn’t need us, nor expect us to be brilliant. ALL he needed was for us to simply ride his coattail and if we simply did what he said and nothing else, everything would come out right. This was back in 1999 or 2000 or around that time.

    From the EPF and all the basic SO courses you get indoctrinated by LRH to have INITIATIVE as a staff member. But here was DM saying that we should simply just follow him in his very footsteps. Well, that’s what people did and that’s how come something like Luis detailed about OC can occur and everything else you read on this blog or in the St. Pete Times.

    The “Church” of Scientology is manufacturing, intentionally, robots and have turned a philosophy written and intended to set man free, into a microcosm of a slave state under 100% control where freedoms not only are non-existent, not only something that should be sacrificed, not only something that if even considered has to be “approved” by DM, but is something the group as a whole now deem “out ethics”. The very core of Scientology’s religious philosophy has been turned to something that is “other fish to fry”. I have argued this point with several people and one for one I’m getting back that “…this is not the time for Freedom – we have to salvage the planet before it is too late…”

    These are statements by people I know to be very decent people and who are giving their ALL to the church and it makes me so angry that one person is so readily willing to make nothing out of all these very decent and compassionate people who all help because they believe what he says. One person maybe worked for a year to get together $100,000 to give to the Church, which the “Church” is willing to waste in a single hour, just to comply to some “right-now” order from DM.

    By his actions his is known, and there is little difference between Hitler, Mao and DM, except they were much more competent at what they did and they actually delegated power, but DM is so full of himself that he will do it all alone with slaves, and thank God that is the case as it will ruin him.

  77. Does this train wreck ever end? This is peoples lives being destroyed!
    What an unbelievable example of when aberration becomes inverted.
    David Miscavige – the Pied Piper of misery and delusion.

  78. Thanks Luis for the complete writup of this tragedy. This is Keystone Kops meets the Three Stooges in this weeks espisode of “let’s play real estate”. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

    ML Tom

  79. Sergio, were you in CMO PAC for awhile?

  80. top of the vale

    There’s an old saying that’s applicable here, “A boat is a hole into which you throw money.” Conversely, “IDEAL ORGS ARE HOLES INTO WHICH YOU THROW MONEY.”

  81. Raul,

    Insightful and oh so very accurate, as usual.

    I had forgotten all about his arrogant pronouncements that everyone just needed to “ride his coattails” (he never mentioned that every now and then he brushes those on his coattails off and into the garbage so they don’t get too used to being near to the high life)…

  82. Thanks for the write-up.

    This mismanagement and waste is nothing new in Scientology endeavors. What is new, I will cover later.

    I have been involved in a few projects including an early FH reno in the 1980’s. I have also read numerous accounts of early SO projects both on land and water. I would say that “clusterf*ck” is more the norm than the exception.

    This is not about Miscavige as it predates him and, IMO, occurs even where he is not an influence (talking 1980’s here). I put it down to a number of inter-related causes:

    1. Us vs. them. Long been a factor in Scientology. It is “us” sane and ethical Scientologists vs. “them” insane and unethical wogs. The fact that the opposite is often the case cannot be perceived or communicated about.

    2. “Scientology is the senior tech”. This is a big cause. While metaphysically speaking this may true, when it comes to plumbing, plumbing is the senior tech. This is a hard one for zealots to get. The tech of Scientology may be a great aid to a competent plumber or to someone that wants to be one but it is not the tech of plumbing. That is its own tech and can take years to learn.

    3. “Make it go right”. They are conditioned to think that “make it go right” is all one needs. And this may be true in a sense – “make it go right” will get you to the other side but the amount of waste and missteps can be staggering. If they would just hire a competent “wog” in the first place …

    What this boils down to is that people that are not competent are given responsibilities that they are not equipped to handle. Then they approach it with the wrong viewpoint, that they will somehow magically “make it go right” without knowing anything about the subject. After they screw it up they kick it into high gear, learn enough or get some help but somehow muddle through at an immense waste of effort and money.

    Then they do it all over again.

    I think Scientology has been operating this way for decades. If anything, it is a bit better now than in past years.

    So what is different now? The greed. Decades ago it was mainly just a waste of time and labor. Monies came from services delivered and there was not so much available to waste. Now, vast amounts are regged with no exchange. Criminality, by definition. I don’t know if the root causes of this waste outlined about can be corrected or if they are endemic to the type of organization that Scientology was created as – insular, selfish, and self-absorbed – but that is my 42 cents.


  83. ELOQUENT … That’s the word I was looking for but couldn’t quite come up with on my own. PERFECT! L, Rachel

  84. I would expect nothing less from a former Dallas Cowboy. Taking the 160K for doing not a damn thing. I am sure there have been good Cowboys over the years, but being a 49er fan since the days of John Brodie, I don’t know of any. Of course, if this saga had only been about Staubach’s rip off, we wouldn’t be talking about this now. The corruption, slipshoddiness and outright stupidity of the OC cycle rivals anything one could find in government or the military (you know, Blackwater serving $30 breakfasts to soldiers in Iraq). Just an unbelievable account, Luis. DM wants all the money yet, when he gets his hands on it he treats it like Monopoly money.

  85. Actually Miscavige’s roots are in the former Yugoslavia, either Serbia or Croatia. So, a comparison with Slobodan Milosevic would be more approriate…

  86. Similar wasting of money occurred at Pasadena Ideal Org. Tenants kicked out at great expense, then the building sat empty for God knows how long.

    No parking at the Pasadena org. Figure that one out. Reminds me of how the street in front of ASHO/AO was torn up and bricks laid down, then nobody was allowed to park there anymore. Then a tent would get put up in the parking lot for events and take up more of the parking – and it would get left there for weeks or months. It got to be a real problem to find a place to park. But maybe people are solving that problem now by just not going there.

    I could never figure out why there was all this effort to get people there and the parking was abysmal for no good reason.

    Guess I know why now.

  87. High impact comment, Raul, beautifully written.

    It actually leads to a very nice handling: Make LRH our opinion leader.

    This is who we listen to, follow, and do as he says. Remember the question (sorry, cannot remember the Source issue), “What would Ron do?” In order to make this commitment, it requires one know one helluva lot of Source. What a great idea!

    This handling, by the way, allows each individual to shed and shun the “ride the coattails” concept. At the very best, that’s robotic. Rachel

  88. Indie-saurus-rex

    Two things:

    1) The targets and promises surrounding Vancouver’s push to attain an Ideal Org. seem to fall in line with the experiences of OC’s Ideal Org. push. A year, maybe a year and a half ago, Van Org. announced that they were ready to purchase their building – JUST ONE FINAL FIND RAISING PUSH WAS NEEDED!!!. Fast forward to present day and they’re now looking at purchasing an entirely different building, never mind the renovations, materials purchases, etc. I feel very bad for that whole scene and can only hope that stories such as Luis & Rocio’s penetrate deep before more money and LIFE is wasted.

    2) All of this makes me wonder about what must be a complete and utter circus surrounding the push to flip both Kyalami Castle (South Africa) and AO Canada into Ideal Org-type facilities. Yiiiiiiiiikes!!! lol.

  89. Someone a couple posts ago suggestion slapping a lien on the building. Seems like to a good idea to someone like me who knows nothing about such matters.

  90. martyrathbun09

    Stay tuned.

  91. Speaking of Harlem, Mike. That one gets even more bizarre, because it was a building built for an org that never even existed. The huge building on 125th St was purchased in 2003 or 2004, I think, and paid for by IAS. As far as I know it’s still sitting empty now, and there is still no org in Harlem.

    Harlem was supposed to be an “African American Org” and Davey’s master plan for getting masses of black people into Scientology. Looks like he has found much more appropriate accomplices now in the Nation of Islam.

  92. Luis, very comprehensive picture of gross financial mismanagment. Putting all religious issues aside, the financial fiasco that was OC Ideal Org would get anyone fired in the real world. Just the 175K wasted to buy out the tenant would be enough to sack the whole team. Timing is everything in Real Estate. And their timing is based on their internal campaigns, not the market. They spend blindly. It hurts to read your case study because the funds could have been put to so many better uses, on any and all dynamics.

  93. This makes me wonder about the Cine crew at Gold. They have to go to new org openings to film the grand openings and they must know what is going on. Maybe DM forbids them to go anymore and hires non-SO to video events. Or else they are blind beyond belief if they have not wised up and blown.

  94. Luis, Rocio,

    Do you think most building donors realize the Church could easily fund these projects with their own money? RCS could probably pay for the majority of these building projects with just the interest on their current assets.

    People/groups are told to “give until hurts” yet one group seems to be absolved of their responsibility to “dig deep”, the owner of the building – CofS.

    I try to image what it must have felt like to be one of those who really did dig deep who then had to sit down and read the OT Committee letter trumpeting the generosity of management who….

    “made a jaw-dropping “award” to “our” church of 1.2 million! You read it right another 1.2 million awarded.”

    Let’s make sure I understand this. The public gives the church a $14 million building and the church’s contribution (which probably never happened) is considered an “award” to those who donated?

    Are you F..ning kidding me? The award I would want after reading that letter would be a fountain pen and directions to the Refund/Repayment door.


  95. The way POB runs things is so much like a bad government I can’t stand it:
    1) massive inefficiency wasting millions of other people’s hard-earned money without a second thought.
    2) Continuous implementation of policies and actions that destroys the financial viability of its constituents and takes away their economic freedoms
    3) Continual and ever-increasing erosion of the human and civil rights of its constituents and institution of an ever more oppressive police state.

  96. From the advertizement on the oh so glorious Vancouver Idle Org:

    “Building an ideal organization is to create the physical embodiment of Scientology and provide a safe environment where people can attain spiritual freedom. Scientology works to see that all people have the right to thought and the freedom to think for themselves. From drug education and prevention, to the creation of literacy, to actively helping the community, plus supporting human rights in every corner of the earth, it is a new era for the whole panorama of human potential.

    Scientology has the technology capable of restoring the infinite goodness in every human being. An ideal organization in the beautiful city of Vancouver will provide a full array of social betterment programs dedicated to helping all British Columbians.”

    Ohhhhhh…if only it were true.

    P.S. I wonder why you have to be a member to log into the website beyond their PR info page?

  97. Dan — A lot of them are involved in the bs videos for the IAS “Freedumb Medal” winners and other PR crap. I know a few of them became disillusioned with the phony staged videos and ended up in the RPF…

  98. Luis, nice…..thanks for exposing yet more tales and lies told to the parishioners of the now cult of scientology. Yet another scam unfolds!

  99. In the St. Petersburg Times Interview it says:

    David Miscavige was born with a twin sister into a Polish-Italian family. Home was a new, two-story colonial house in southern New Jersey.

    A firend of mine, who met Ron Miscavige about 2000 in SH, even talked with him polish. He said that his grand-grand-grand-…-father was the famous polish writer Adam Mickewicz.
    I wonder if it’s true.
    It may be.

  100. John — I think firing would be a generous outcome. In the “real world” these people would be sued by their shareholders for gross violations of fiduciary duty. The people who sit on the “boards” of these churches (like OC) have no clue what they are supposed to do or what their responsibilities are.

  101. Thanks Mike,

    Right, he never did mention that, but he was sure to suddenly give you a false hope that you were really riding and right when you thought it was all fine, he would would give you the boot into manure on the side of the road, while pointing you out to all the bystanders, humiliating you in the worst possible fashion, and your life’s goal (no matter what you worked out on LOC) becomes to get on that coattail again – an obsession – oh so dangerous.

    I’m glad I stuck to the manure long enough to not get tantalized by that coattail anymore… I know you know what this means, but for someone not having lived it, it’s almost inconceivable…

  102. NSY — Right. SOmehow they managed to cobble together an “org” for Compton after 5 years or so. That was the other building that was bought after Dave’s grandstanding announcements about providing the tech to the “black community” (at completely unaffordable rates). Bet that “org” is manned by staff brought in from all over the world. And you know the reason that one was done before Harlem (even though Harlem was bought first) is that it is in POB’s backyard. So he probably got asked about it more often by D/POB (TC) as Will Smith was asking Tom…. This is the real “command channel” of Scientology.

  103. Thank you Rachel,

    Great idea. I knew your husband fairly well btw. He was a great man!

  104. Raul — 100% duplication.

  105. The best way they have solved the parking problem is driving all the public away-no need for parking spaces anymore.

  106. They ran out of Endless Rundowns, so now they have Endless Fundraisers (and Endless Sec Checks, Endless RPF, Endless Renovations, and for POB, Endless swimming pools, Endless scotch, laughter, and gourmet dining).

  107. Your right. Firing would be the lowest ethics gradient. Let me ask you, Mike, are the members of the local church boards required to sign undated resignations? Are they basically a front without any real power? I recall undated resignations being commonly used in the past. Has it carried forward to the present?

  108. Thanks Peter,

    It seems like there is some kind of a pattern emerging, as off LRH policy actions and unusual solutions just generate bigger messes, which is solved by just getting bigger donations! The buck doesn’t stop with the originator – David Miscavige, but goes directly to the donators in Reverse Scientology. He is the approval terminal of doing business with Staubach company leeches as proposed by the Int Landlord minions as a solution to build Idle orgs.

  109. “How anyone came up with the idea …”


    Here’s how it probably went down. A cowed and ill (and out-of-valence “tone 40”) associate of DM demanded to the ED OC Org on Monday that a building be found by Thursday at 2. DM’s “ideal org” stats were probably down that week.

  110. John — Yes, they sign undated resignations, but that doesnt really matter as the bylaws require the board to be in good standing with the Mother Church so if they get out of line they simply get declared and are removed that way. So, the undated resignations are probably not even kept current in most orgs. The Boards have no real world functions.

  111. “How help became betrayal” comes to mind. Mr. David Miscavige uses the tech as a playbook for how to dominate and subjugate people.

  112. Sinar,

    Angie and Debbie Cook could shed a lot of light on all this. Debbie was being used at one point (when she was DM’s fair-haired wonder and before he put her in the Hole) to get the relationship with the outside building firm set up after ANgie and others had “failed to handle.” Then later after Debbie “failed to handle”, ANgie reappeared until she “failed to handle” again and Bob Wright took over, but then he “failed to handle”.

    Now they are all out and have all been paid for their silence.

    Their information could cause a riot, or perhaps a lawsuit or too…

  113. Good old Dan – He was a buddy of mine back in the day.

  114. Yes – it is sick. The whole thing is going to the same people who made the “jaw dropping award.” That is like the Boss Man giving you scrip to pay for 10% of something at the company store for a birthday gift… for the Boss Man.

  115. btw: My disgust is not that the donors didn’t get personally rewarded.

    It is that the church considers putting any of their own money (albeit small) to their own damn projects as “charity” toward those shouldering the real burden.

    Scientologist pay high rates for service, considerably more than is needed to forward the religion and “keep the doors open”. Then, when the church wants something (that they can afford) they pound the public to pay for that too.

    They then position public who do not “enthusiastically embrace” this system as out-ethics. Unbelievable.

    Some day be a study will be done on how RCS gradually inoculated and anesthetized, people of good will, to accept criminal fleecing.

  116. I’ve got give Int Management credit. When they can get people to spend millions of dollars to buy THEM a new building, and they chip in less than 10% and convince people they have given them a “gift”, you really have it going on.

  117. So Organizationally there can never be a bottom up revolt. No conclave, no voting, nothing. A leadership change will most likely only be done through an internal cabal or external law enforcement. Also, members voting with their feet heading for the door will be a third means of the leadersip being challenged and weakened. Seems like 2 of the 3 three are markedly in motion. The cabal is, well, secret. We recall the last words of Julius Ceasar; “et tu Brute'”. Brings to mind Mariko-San’s telling Pilot Major Blackthorn that realizing that you cannot trust anyone is not sad, its just one of lifes most important lessons.

  118. But remember, Grasshopper, how help became betrayal started with the individual trying to help. I only see betrayal here.

  119. Design changes and re-do’s are the hallmark of construction (and destruction), cost overruns and target overruns under David Miscavige’s reign of building new buildings, facilities and existing building renovations at the Int base as well.

    A master plan of the base done in the late ’80s had fruit and nut orchards at the base as part of the landscaping and adding self sufficiency to the base. Various orchards were put in with irrigation completed with long hours and duress of getting it done on time, but before the trees grew and bore fruit, they were removed with another new plan put in place.

    The base was supposed to look like Disneyland or a theme park type of landscaping, perhaps to impress A-Listers. The landscape designer at the Int landlord office was the fair haired darling for a time. However, he was later toasted as maintaining a theme park landscape required too much time and effort by a large grounds crew and is out now, but still toeing the line as his son, having grown up at the cadet org is in the SO.

  120. Thank you, Raul. Really nice to be in comm with you! L, Rachel

  121. Oh, excuse me, I wasn’t supposed to know anything about that since I did the levels back in the seventies and we were all blind leading the blind back then. ROFL Snort!

  122. I vaguely recall we had one fundraiser called “The end of endless fundraisers.” Of course it wasn’t.

  123. OLS —

    Actually, this is purchasing liability of a staff member:

    “The second hurdle was that right after the purchase, the last tenant’s lease had just been renewed “by mistake” for another 5 years by the DSA Orange County, Marie Murillo.”

    Reference anyone?

    Marie Murillo should have been made to either handle the tenant to void the lease or personally pay the $175,000 to buy out the lease. Luis Garcia shouldn’t have had to get involved in this aspect at all. Rachel

  124. I agree with every single point you mentioned.

  125. Yes, that building bought by Lustig wasn’t good enough. The building we chose in Seattle and could have bought and used “wasn’t good enough.” Do you recall a characteristic of a Suppressive Person that “nothing you do is ever good enough?” Hmmm…

  126. I is amazing what we – what people – will put up with for a chance at spiritual enlightenment. This is a carrot that goes beyond all carrots.

    The buying of indulgences back in the Roman church that led to Martin Luther and the reformation – you have to remember that the threat was real. The priests, and the priests alone, had the ticket to heaven, or the condemnation to hell. Every priest, and every pope, and every parishioner was sincere – they believed with all their heart that they would die and go to glory – if they followed the dictates of The Church.

    And so we have what we have now.

    Luis and Rocio – you know the value of Scientology, and the Church sells itself as the sole purveyor of the Road to Truth. You guys are the epitome of what Scientology can be for people. You are both good people. You have given your treasure and time and expertise to help us all – to HELP us ALL. This is very, very admirable.

    So the idea that you can be “declared” by Miscavige’s minions is PROOF the church has no soul – and is no longer involved with Scientology.

    Every Scientologist I know and knew who were really Scientologists were sincere. And, believe that despite any malfunctions of Church management, the Church still holds the key – we are willing to deal with the ineptitude to keep the road open, because there is no alternative – according to Ron (back when he was around) and the Church today.

    But this kind of crap is no longer an occasional occurrence. It is SOP. “Standard fundraising tech?” “Give until it hurts?” “You know it is the greatest good for the greatest number to do what you need to do (about a pregnancy)?”

    This is betrayal of epic proportions. The ONE thing that can defeat this mechanism has been subjugated to perpetrate and perpetuate the mechanism. So, we have people being gathered in to reread books – and worse, the books are alter-ised – they are no longer LRH’s books. The Basics are a fraud.

    We have people being sidelined from bridge progress to being sucked beyond dry for “donations” to the IAS, and to build buildings which ARE NOT NEEDED. Inglewood? Give me a cussing break! Bufalo? Really? Nothing wrong with either city, but whatever happened to the Bean Theory, for God’s sake?

    Given the level of suppression on the lines, is it no wonder mistakes were made in following these illegal orders by the OC field and staff? 5 year re-up on a lease? Are you kidding me?

    This is stupidity on a grand scale, and it is PAR FOR THE COURSE.

    Marty is right – it is worse than it EVER was when I was on course and directly on lines.

    So, we have stupid, PTS, mistake-prone, broke, and subjugated people in the Church of Scientology.

    Count me out.

  127. Lynne

    It wouldn’t surprise me if David Miscavige is getting a “commission” (pun intended, in the “overt” sense) on ALL of the money in those “deals”. You know… after all he is the main “mover and shaker” that set the whole thing up in the first place. Surely he DESERVES a substantial kickback, right?

    Lets see…. 5% “finder’s fee” from the architecture firm
    5% of the cost of the new building (real estate buyer’s commission)
    5% from the sale of the old building, ( real estate seller’s commission)
    25% from the manufacture of the furniture, made in his “slave camps” (Oops… RPFs)
    25% of the cost of the audio video equipment.
    75% from the sale of the video presentations for Div 6 ( because he was both “Director and Producer”, the writer, editor, etc.
    And of course, 10% of ALL the money “regged for Donations” since “if it weren’t for him NO money would have been raised. Not a thin dime”.
    And the “late fee penalties” because of not EVER reaching the targets set.

    Oh yes… I will BET that he is doing quite well financially, personally, off of this whole “Ideal Org Fiasco”.

    Eric S

  128. Sam, please note that a guy who said something about “cruise missiles” wound up in jail. I am sure your statement is figurative, not literal, but be aware of how close the line is. Love, Lynne

  129. Two things:

    1) I left in late ’80, not ’79.
    2) My photo set of the current and future OC org buildings from last year is here:

  130. Raul,
    Thanks for reminding me about LOC, from what I understand the LRH advices on this course was intended for each individual to figure out and then have a plan on the person’s own determination of his goals and actions to achieve those in life. That of course, goes against DM’s grain and so the course now “on hold” and not on the line up for newbies.

  131. I hope Debbie, Angie and Bob are aware of the term “co-conspirator.” Being paid to keep your mouth shut about felonies sounds pretty conspiratorial to me. Perhaps one or more of them will see the light and turn state’s witness.

  132. Hey, Ax, the final product is “fresh air and freedom” after you’ve had enough to wake you up. LOL

  133. It costs some of us more than others to get that product. LOL again (at self.)

  134. Jim,

    Life is basically a static. Empty buildings? Depleted savings? Makes sense to me.

  135. top of the vale

    “The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold” .. Aristotle …

  136. Lynn,

    That’s three strip clubs. The DM strip club for wallets.

  137. Bodil,

    Anyone know what their course room looks like now? 400 people attending a fund raiser seems like a lot to me. Considering.

  138. Rachel, I respectfully disagree. Our problem was that we did allow LRH to become our opinion leader in spite of his words, “If it isn’t true for you…” From there it was easy to let him by the one who knew and we didn’t have to take responsibility. From there, it passed over to COB.
    I believe that we have to stand up and be our own opinion leaders. You are one fine lady, a great example of independent thinking. You and I and everyone have made plenty of mistakes by thinking for ourselves, but we gotta do it.

  139. Paul,

    You’ve got to love a survey that demands certain “correct” answers. Now, that’s a useful survey, something that verifies a fixed idea.

  140. Les,
    The Ad implies that current Orgs do not “provide a safe environment where people can attain spiritual freedom” or falls short of it. That’s the truth of the matter with the DM created insane regging and tech alterations!

    The sad thing is that the larger and more glitzy building is not going to make a difference, except having existing public names on a list, but with less personal funds and debts. Thus pushing towards just another wrong why, which the idle orgs strategy goes towards, similar to “blind leading the blind”.

  141. Excellent points, all. Re: your point #2–Scientology is knowing how to know, i.e., you CAN know about plumbing using Scientology (Study Tech, FDSing, removal of case reasons why you cannot learn, etc.). But you are right, a snake is easier to use than a Prepcheck on your blocked up toilet.
    The rest of it you can pretty much chalk up to the fact that Scn is a do-it-yourself operation in its most fundamental basis. Look at DMSMH. DIY mental therapy. Personally, I think that is healthy unless you have a nut running the organization.

  142. Disinfected, you make me think of a Scientology principle, the KRC triangle. Making things go right can go a long way on the R (Responsibility) corner, but nothing would happen if there were zero C (Communication). But the one that is being left out as in the tech of plumbing, is the K (Knowledge.) So yes, the product is zero or worse.

  143. SKM,
    Thanks for the correction. Looks like I was mistaken. I had my Yugoslavia info from a friend who got it direct from the lips of Dear Leader himself. It’s deeply troubling to me that something UNTRUE might have passed through the carefully exfoliated and moisturized lips of the Anointed One. My friend will have to turn himself in for sec checking so they can roll back this enemy line. Actually, DM will probably just add the question to every Six Month Check, since all those c***suckers are out to get him, anyway.

  144. Luis,

    They say that if you want something done, give it to a busy man. My wife has given me this long list of things to get done before guests arrive for Thanksgiving.

    Uh, well, ah, could you help me negotiate the list down to, say, someone else doing it all so I can head to Florida? Seems like a good solution to me.

  145. Yet another example of the church being in such a hurry that it can’t get anywhere. This makes me sick to my stomach and I’m not even OC public . . . . . .

  146. Sinar, Actually DM perverted it around to that your hat in life was to be your current post in the org! Wonder how that went over at Int Management when people changed posts almost as often as they changed their underwear. And now, with no one having a post . . .! Remember Peter Albert from Qual? He came up with a hat in life that was not his post and got royally cremated.

  147. Aeolus, I remember that deal, and, frankly, it was a bad deal for the org despite the space being really needed. The Treas Sec was against it because the org would not have actually owned the building. The int landlord office would have owned it, and the org would have paid rent. Forever. Also, the rent was calculated based on an above-market interest rate for the building loan, which Shew thought was insane.

    Of course, they later expelled him, which left them free to pull stunts like the fundraising Luis mentions.

  148. yep, it is all that on steroids

  149. Good spot Sinar.
    Another thing I noticed in looking at the front of the new OC org and the Pasedena org and the Vancouver building. All these buildings look more like banks than churches.
    Hummm wonder why?

  150. Michael Fairman

    This was so true in the making of the public and tech films. The waste of time, energy and money was extraordinary. Lighting, re-lighting, shooting and re-shooting the same scenes over and over, just to come back the next day to do it ll over again was abysmal — for the actors and the crew. The best sound and film equipment was bought and later the best sound stage facilities were built, but Cine (bless them all) couldn’t hold a candle to a professional production company. It was frustrating but, hey, we were helping to clear the planet. Looking back, it was another example of the waste and mismanagement you describe.

  151. Luis,

    Thanks for another example of RCS end of endless Hill Ten’s. I literally dropped out of our local Class V (Cincinnati) within days after they announced their Idle Morgue program. That was the proverbial last straw the broke the camel’s back.

    I said to my sister (and I can quote) “Let’s get out of here before this ruins our lives.”

  152. Lynne,
    Thank you for your concern.
    Jail sure would be a fun way to get my lawyer involved.
    I’m happy to fight the fight whichever way RCS brings it.
    Perhaps I should enter LRH’s tape transcripts into the procedings as clear evidence that my terrorist threat was incited by the scriptures of the church?
    Puuleeeeeeze! Seriously???!

  153. Sinar;

    “Design changes and re-do’s are the hallmark of construction (and destruction), cost overruns and target overruns under David Miscavige’s reign of building new buildings, facilities and existing building renovations at the Int base as well. ”

    Ron wrote a Flag Order about this very thing. I don’t have it to quote. This was after a major cost over-run in drydock of an SO Ship (the Athena/Avon River I believe.) This caused months of delay and thousands of over budget expenditures.

    This FO made is a comm ev offense to change the planning of what exactly was to be done when a ship went into dry dock. This FO is still used today with the Freewinds. When other problems are found they are put on a list for future correction.

    This is another example of DM know best over Ron’s policy based upon experience and observation. The change and over-run’s are just evidence of poor of no planning in the first place and being changed upon whim and dramatization. Sad to see the demise of a once great organization and group.

  154. Dan and Lynne

    I think that there is, in Scientology organizational culture, a general disregard for and disrespect of the technologies that this planet has already developed. I do not think LRH had this issue but nonetheless it seems to have taken root in Scientology organizational culture.

    It may have basis in a general disregard for MEST or for science. It may be nurtured by the concept of the “instant hat” and “read it, drill it, do it”.

    What it boils down to is a misestimation of effort as regard the “K” corner of the KRC triangle.

    This is sustained by a false sense of ability. Anyone objecting to an incompetent approach has “CI” and is “invalidating”. It is very hard to be an adult in this group as in “are there any adults here?” You also see this manifested as ridiculous targets and quotas that few make. And if they even come close, it is because they sacrificed every other dynamic to do so.

    There is more to competence than knowing Scientology. You also have to know the tech of the field. And that tech was probably not developed by L Ron Hubbard but you still have to respect it if you are going to be effective with it.

    Which brings up the other endemic problem. The cult of personality around LRH. Not a popular subject here so I will just touch on it. There is a very Bizarro World quality when dealing with zealots. They will not accept any idea unless you can show them that LRH thought of it also. So if you want to communicate with them you cannot appeal to their good sense or to logic but must litter your conversation with references to LRH writings or it will not penetrate. Obviously this further insulates them from non-Scientology technology and non-Scientologists.


  155. Thanks for the additional, Mike!

    All this buying sure explains why there can’t be any transparency as to where the funds such as IAS, donated by many of those who cannot really afford it, in reality goes to.

    Idle Org donators paid for the alleged “failed to handles” and mistakes by the DSA OC!

  156. Incidentally when giving dire warnings you really should provide specifics. What ‘guy’ are you referring to? And under what exact circumstanceswas he jailed? Please excuse my suspicion when faced with broad generalities. It has become rather instinctual these days. Look forward very much to your reply.
    ‘Love’, Sam

  157. Dan,
    I carved prime sirloin roasts for Roger Staubach and the entire Cowboy team while they were in town and getting ready for a game with the Rams and they seemed to be nice, but very big guys, with double sized appetites for beef. The company though might be a totally different bird of a type of feather more appropriate to be in business with the Vulture Culture.

  158. Disinfected, I get your point totally. However, some of the technology has been learned so thoroughly and has worked well enough, that it is hard to find other terminology for it. The thing about needing to have authorship by LRH is very similar to “if it isn’t written in the Koran…” or “the Bible says…” It’s a habit that’s well-established on this planet. LOL

  159. Michael, I agree. When we need a new 100-amp service from the power pole for more machinery, we don’t imagine we can get up there and do it ourselves! That could be hair-raising! LOL

  160. Marty, “stay tuned.” ??? I am already salivating. LOL

  161. look at carlton gore road in auckland – it is structurally unsound and they were in the backblocks of panmure above a jetski shop – it got demolished. now they are on a bus route where no one gets off as they are going home or going to the city or uni. jeez – i am glad i am a ‘pauper’ nothin’ to see here. My riches are in the real world

  162. They say it ballooned to 14.7 million and “awarded 1.2” BS, I do not buy it – they inflated the costs for reg purposes .

    My bet …. that building was paid in full through donations with MILLIONS left over. DM gets a free building AND cash in the bank. I believe everyone of these Orgs where financed with the same “strategy, which would explain why they could sit incomplete for years.

    Charitable organizations are required to make available financial data which shows how much of every dollar donated for set cause actually goes to that specific cause. Like Feed The Children. As Scn is a religion (that is anything BUT charitible) they are not required to make those financial disclosures AND what a nightmare it would be if they were.

  163. It’s kind of like “enriched” white flour so advertised on wonderbread years ago. Took out all the nutrients, put a few back and called it enriched. But it still was useful for making little balls to throw at each other…

  164. For years, I had to write a weekly 15 letter quota to Durban staff in the ’90s to push Gold products and films which was a useless exercise as the maybe 10 staff probably had their own priorities and problems. Completely ridiculous internal “outflow” but had to get done aside from doing one’s post so one could collect the weekly SO pay. Finally got out of this by doing lots of traveling.

    Turning Durban to an Idle Org seems pretty ridiculous due to the size of their public having to fund an Idle sized Org! Durban doesn’t even approach the size of good Mission! Blowing tons of smoke indeed!

  165. Hope to meet youy someday. You are much smarter than we were.

  166. That was meant as admiration, not cynicism.

  167. Lynne

    Hey, maybe we should acknowledge that as a “state of release”.

    “Freedom from the ravages, suppression, and overwhelm by “the church of David Miscavige’s Scientology, Is no longer the effect of David Miscavige’s imposed insanities on any Dynamic.”

    Hey…. I have attested to that!


    “Would you be willing for others to have the gains you now have?”


    Eric S

  168. Aeolus

    …”Ironically, the Int Landlord said they didn’t want to be in “the landlord business”…..

    That is just tooo funny…

    Can anyone say “misunderstood?” I knew you could

    Oh… I’m sorry… They are right. Damn… They are not in “the landlord business” They are in the “free real estate acquisitions business”. And let’s not forget, the “money extraction business.”

    “new “PR stat” or David Miscavige… “every 2.3 seconds a Scientologist is duped out of more money than they can afford to give”

    Straight up and vertical, that one!

    Eric S

  169. Raul, you got it right. Another leader who was a master of this tactic was Stalin. There is a very good Russian movie titled “Burnt by the Sun” that shows the entire process.

    “Burnt by the Sun” (Russian: Утомлённые солнцем, translit. Utomlyonnye solntsem, literally “Tired by the sun”) is a 1994 film by Russian director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov. The film depicts the story of a senior Red Army officer and his family during the Great Purge of the late 1930s in the Stalinist Soviet Union. Like a tragedy by Sophocles, Burnt by the Sun takes place over the course of one day.
    The film received the Grand Prize at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival[1] and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, among many other honours.

    The “Sun” of the title is Stalin himself. The parallels to how Miscavige operates is close to exact.

  170. Good point SA.

    It also doesn’t help that DM in his Hermes is not in touch with reality and does not keep up with current trends in the real world. He was and continues to be way behind the Analog to Digital conversion trend ongoing for decades with major investment into a Film Lab building, tapes to CDs & DVDs, and huge book printing facilities when tablets and cloud computing are the now and future.

  171. Thank you, Luis, for this well-written history.

    Several things stand out:

    The sheer incompetence of the project management.

    There’s no evidence that any LRH admin was used, for example, something simple like Target Types.

    The failure of the project management to complete cycles of action, that is to say, to a done.

    The delays on the building were never project management’s fault.

    There never was any project management, only fund-raisers and KR-writers.

    No sign of the IAS or Int Landlord or WISE or an AVU Approved Programme based on LRH policy.

    No skilled and proven ‘Done-It-All-Before’ team.

    No miscavige dropping by to rally the troops, give heartening speeches, show ‘how it’s done.’ Or give a public demonstration of how to audit somebody. Or do some group processing to boost morale. Or give a Congress. Or choose OC for his new series of GAT ACC lecture tours.

    Maybe somebody thought they could Tone 40 a new building into existence.

    Or, more probably, someone is mocking Scientology and Scientologists in order to boost their own self-esteem, because this Ideal Org fiasco has NOTHING to do with clearing anybody: $14.7m and not one cleared person!

    Incidentally, has anyone ever owned up to being miscavige’s C/S?


  172. Michael,
    Thanks, I’ve always wondered what the difference was as they Cine guys were very willing, but the amount of flaps and re-do’s were completely unreal.

  173. What a flippin WASTE. Of everything. Of everyone. WASTE.
    Thanks for adding to the info, Luis. A true knowledge report.

  174. LOL Michael,
    Methinks the independent Turkey will taste better than the Kool Aid marinated ones in Florida.

  175. Boston has been 2 million away for years.

    They bought their new building in the hood- it sits empty and losing value by the day.

    I remember when I first got in in Jan of 2009- now mind you I ran a multi million dollar real estate firm in my 20’s- I remember the ED explaining to me their plans. And I remember thinking in my head. (head to self- “These guys are so fucking clueless about real estate its not even funny”)
    But- because in the other ear to self (other ear to self- “But they are the most able beings on the Planet”) I never actually voiced my concern.

    Its actually comical.

    The real problem is when they actually sell the building on Beacon Street- it worth 5 million or so less than they thought.

    My prediction: They sell their new, unrennovated Ideal Org at a huge loss and start again.

    Large glass of Kool Aid please. Hold the water. {sigh}

  176. Interesting that the Ideal Org push does not create expansion, just a fancied up version. Ideal Orgs are all products in cities with an existing org and its public, which serves as the money base.

    There is no expansion as there is no new org formed. No new scientologists are created, and in fact there may be a net loss of membership.

    Real new orgs are rare, when was the last new org formed? Other than a Sea Org org.

    Of course orgs have traditionally formed from successful missions, and miscavige killed that off in the 80’s.

  177. Yep – And I never realized LRH was blind 😉

  178. From Ex Scientologist Message Board (9th November 2011):
    The latest news from Flag from an insider:
    I was told today that all of the CSWs; particularly the LOA CSWs are to be approved only by David Miscavige and no one else. Just him, that’s it. And staff has to wait until he is good and ready to read them.

    Also that there is a new question added to the A-J checks; David wants to know who is masturbating and whoever is found comitting that ‘overt’ is ordered to do a major ethics program.

    The new pre requisites to attest to OT 7 are: to sell at least one Basic Books package and to be a Patron of the IAS, if not then you cannot attest.

  179. This may be rather obvious but I realised a common denominator with these kool aid drinkers in that none of them are in present time. DM might be fighting demons from eons ago but his flock aren’t – they’ll all stuck in the future.
    All these years of implanting – “your journey to OT, when you reach blah blah state, we’re blazing to trail to OT, you help need now to make planeting clearing… etc etc etc. It creates one powerful surge of hurling them into the future when “the rest of the planet realises…”
    Geezes, what a trap. Believeing in a future that will never arrive and giving everything you’ve got for it. The conmen of RCA and their lies will go down in history as the greatest scam in history next to investment bankers and tax agents.
    Literally, God help them!
    In contrast Hubbard always said, does it work? & get trained and processed now – he despised procrastination.

  180. Re: the org manned by staff brought from all over the world, I received a letter begging me to join Inglewood (Compton) org staff not that long ago. I am very far away from there, have never been on their lines, not even remotely close. Found this highly bizarre.

  181. A little research proves that the need to raise extra money for paying commission to Staubach was a complete lie. $160,000 out of $6.2 million works out to about 2.5%. That’s half of the usual commission rate for commercial real estate; commissions are typically split between the agent representing the seller and the agent representing the buyer. So at least the Church of Scientology regs are not lying about the amount. A small blessing, I know…

    But I checked with a buddy: commercial real estate commissions are paid by the seller out of the amount actually received for the property, just like in residential real estate. So Staubach’s commissions would have been paid out of the $6.2 million that the Church already paid when it got title to the building. The seller would have paid his agent 5% at closing, and that agent would have given a cashier’s check for half to Staubach before anybody got up from the table. Industry practice has always been that agent commissions get paid at closing, so Staubach was definitely paid. That means that the Idle Org scam absolutely, positively made up a false issue to raise even more money on a complete pretext.

    The fact that Staubach got paid when they didn’t actually find that particular building is a distraction from the real issue: there was no need for additional money in the first place. My buddy said it’s standard practice to pay a “global real estate company” commissions on every deal signed no matter whether they actually brought it in. That’s because the real estate brokers will propose 100 deals to the client for each deal that gets signed, so they deserve to get paid for the time spent on all the deals that didn’t close. And proposing a building to a commercial client is a lot harder than showing a residential client a picture of a house.

    I am not trying to say this story is anything other than disgusting venal and/or criminal behavior on the part of the Church of Scientology. I am just trying to point out exactly what is immoral/criminal/sleazy, so people can better understand where to focus their anger and so they can see the specific con mechanism at work. You’ll die young if you’re angry about everything all the time. And you’ll get duped by the next con if you don’t understand exactly how the last one worked.

    Anger should be directed squarely at the CoS for making up a deceitful reason to raise money. It shouldn’t be towards Staubach, whose deal with CoS is probably in line with real estate industry norms. Staubach is successful and is generally seen as a quality player in commercial real estate, so the chances are that they’re not doing anything unethical. Scientology is almost certainly a very small client for Staubach. Given some of the idiots Staubach has had to deal with (as detailed in some of Marty’s previous posts), CoS is unlikely ever to be one of their favorite clients. In fact, if Staubach knew then what they know now about CoS, they probably would have passed on the deal in the first place.

    John P.

  182. Your humble servant

    Thank you Valkov. That sounds worth seeing. Psychopaths like Miscavige and Stalin are very predictable. If Miscavage were able to get into a position of absolute power like Stalin did, I don’t doubt that he would be killing people en masse too. As it is he has to satisfy himself with lame substitutes like beating people up, breaking up families, making women kill their unborn children, imprisoning people in the hole, and generally terrorizing them. Even those relatively “mild” actions have resulted in some deaths.

  183. DM is running the ultimate pimping game. SO and org staff are his ‘ho’s and the parishoners are the tricks. And just like a pimp, DM even beats up on his immediate ‘ho’s. As far as Staubach … I wouldn’t be suprised if there was a kick back on the commissions. As far as the waste of money … it doesn’t matter to DM. What matters is always having an urgency that his ‘ho’s can sell to the tricks.

    When all is said and done, all the tricks get are some kudos/applause from the other tricks and some of the ‘ho’s and a framed piece of paper to hang on the wall.


  184. What a waste of resources. What a waste of people. What a waste….
    That can’t be high on any scale.

    I am SOOOOOO happy I am not involved in this craziness!

  185. Thank you all. Just wearing my hat of “apostate.” An enthusiastic one, though.

    There is more truth where this came from. Ed Dearborn and the Mighty Orange County multi-million real estate venture refuse to repay my $9,800 I had on account.

    Some of you know me a little bit by now. Does anybody think that I’m going to roll over, crawl under a carpet and forget about it? It’s too small of an amount to worry about? As Marty would say… stay tuned.

  186. Yes, yes it does makes sense. Whew. Dave’s uncanny logic is truly a marvel. Worthy of admiration, but not too much in case it disappears and we don’t get to aspire to it’s heights. Higher still because of that applebox.

  187. Well, what a shock!! And they are no doubt hiring anyone for this “African American” “org”. POB’s idea is not to bring the tech to this community — he could care less. If it was, he would be getting groups and missions established in South Central LA that would grow and become an org. Instead, he is doing this for self-aggrandizing reasons. So he can tell the NOI “see, I am not a racist, I spent money on one of my palaces to go into your part of the world too…”

    And because he “bought” an org instead of BUILT an org it is no doubt so out R it isnt funny. Maybe someone could swing by the place sometime and see what percentage of the staff are African American.

    No doubt POB is sitting in his office patting himself on the back and telling everyone who will listen what an incredible job he has personally done for the African American community in spite of the CI of all the SPs that surround him. Arrogant doesnt begin to describe him…

  188. Or in the case of San Francisco, they had to get “new” renovations…and so the cycle continues. It really is endless.

  189. Excellent, WW

  190. One guy on an Ad for Inglewood Org is Frizell Clegg who is African American was at Sup at Westwood Mission in the late 70’s along with Linda & Rich Gilbert and Sonja Jacques. Last time I saw him, he had bought a kids training academy with horses in Newberry Springs which I guess didn’t make it.

    It would be interesting how long he would stick around, having had the experience of a booming Mission staff in the 70’s.

  191. One of them is probably Larry Jacobs, photos of him a couple of years ago in the PAC RPF at the Shrine:

  192. martyrathbun09

    Of course we should worship corporate americans who certainly deserve all praise for “earning” 100s of thousands of dollars for nothing. I’ve got news, America has become a rentier economy (primary indicia of a decline of empire by Kevin Phillips’ American Theocracy). Think I’m going into agreement with anything because “that’s the way business is done”? Think again.

  193. martyrathbun09

    Sounds like ESMB rumor. Try to keep it off this site – we’re into fact here.

  194. Apostate. Now THAT’S a hat!!

    Though I am not sure it is the correct term — which is usually applied to people who renounce a faith.

    Reformer may be a better word.

    The idea of you rolling over and playing dead is about as likely as David Miscavige admitting a mistake. Actually, I put my money on POB!!

  195. Mike,

    I think you know I was being sarcastic. Merely using the term the RCS uses for people like us. You are right, I have not renounced my faith. In fact, everything I do is in an attempt to safeguard it.
    Reformer is good.

  196. John,

    Staubach didn’t do squat for Orange County. They did not present anything. The seller was never told there was a broker representing us, because there wasn’t. The seller didn’t have a broker either, so he never paid a dime in commissions to anyone. This idea of “money for nothing” is just wrong.

  197. “Let’s get out of here before this ruins our lives.”

    That I’m sure is the most quoted Phrase I have heard CO$ Parishioners speak. A lot of People I know left the Church about the same Time the Idle Morgue reging got into heavy Gear.

  198. Yes, he is one of them. I think he really started blowing up after he was sent to Tasmania to shoot the video of Wendy Honnor, “pioneering” with groups all over the country and he could not find ANY. He ended up rounding up local people to shoot and Terry from the IAS set up some groups andf staged a “ribbon cutting” (they didnt have anyone else “approved” to get the medal so had to “make it go right.”). What an absolute joke that was. She had done nothing except PR herself somehow… Larry was rightly upset. He kept saying it was bs (and believe me, his tolerance level was pretty high — he had done Gold shoots for years faking full courseroooms, seminars, body traffic in orgs etc etc).

  199. Newberry Springs? What sort of place is that for a kids training academy???? No wonder it failed. As you know Sinar, NS is, to be kind, not very sophisticated nor centrally located!!

  200. Luis — I knew you were being sarcastic. So was I. But I do think the hat of reformer is a good one. And my money is still on POB to admit somethign wrong before you roll over and play dead!!!

  201. Hubbard says when something is obtained dishonestly it must be hidden.
    I guess they are hiding the donations through losses.

  202. LOL! What do you think Int Management is? A BAD GOVERNMENT! The leader isn’t even elected! ANCIENT BAD GOVERNMENT! They are light years behind Egypt and Iran now! It is one big internal revenue service with the purpose to TAX TAX TAX. We’re talking 15th century.

  203. Lynne

    Yes, I had the same response. Self determinism, moving over into pan-determinism, is the only sure route to actual freedom, and any chance of really creating the world in which you wish to live. ANY other determinism is not going to be aligned with your own honor, and integrity, and your “ABILITY TO APPLY REASON” to the creation of your Dynamics.

    There really is no problem with “falling in behind” someone who is going in YOUR direction, but EVERY decision you make, or agree with, needs to be adjudicated against your own ethics.

    The ONLY freedoms you will ever achieve are the freedoms toward being able to be fully responsible on all Dynamics. I know of no other freedom.

    Eric S

  204. Hi Rachel,

    HCO PL 2 June 1959 II – Purchasing Liability of Staff Members, OEC Volume 0 // BASIC STAFF HAT (1991), p. 183

  205. Lynne,

    Mutual admiration assured.

  206. Lynne


    The C in KRC is actually Control. Your sentence still works, but has a different meaning.


  207. Laughter!

  208. Born revolutionists trained in LRH technology on Ethics, PR, and all kinds of other things! And some of us are trained in real estate! DM, you got rid of everybody that could help you. Now you are a big joke, spending millions of dollars of parishioners money on failed real estate deals! The funny part is that the trained revolutionists don’t have to do ANYTHING! You are doing it to yourself faster than any of us could have imagined. We just have to sit back and watch!

  209. Mike, do you have a comm line to Miscavige? I just solved the Missions problem. It’s called The Golden Age of Missions or some such thing.
    It involves going into business with Starbucks and having enlightenment video panels on one half while people wait for their caramel macchiatos. The BIS and intro services stats will be HUGE.
    I need to get the writeup to Miscavige because I don’t believe he is aware that ideally “Ideal Orgs” need “Ideal Missions” to drive people into the “Ideal Front Doors”. I think LRH wrote something on this as well.

  210. Very valid state of release! I have received repayments on all of my donations to six different orgs, obtained a Type C Declare for my son, with the Church leaving him alone, and am now in very good comm with him! Made incredible friends on this blog and at the 4th July event, and am on a standard tech line! One can be CAUSE over the Suppression of the C of S. LRH Tech works on them, too! Us born, and TRAINED revolutionaries can do it, all without adverse effects. Thanks WW, for identifying this new state of release! It is truly a valid state, and probably part of the journey to spiritual freedom! thanks!

  211. Chris — the best commline to POB is right here on this blog. He reads it every day.

    I think he might go for your plan, but with a slight modification. But I think the real item would be to get the video panels into every Hermes store. That is more POB’s style…

  212. I often wonder why he is lying on ocassions where it is not needed at all.
    It’s too stupid.
    It may be, that in this case (his origins) are to be held secret (for whatever reason). I don’t know.
    I only know, that Mickiewicz (Adam) had some secrets which are not dicussed at schools (his connections to the freemansonry lodges).
    (One can make some google search if one is open minded to “conspiracy theories”.)

    If it is true that Ron Miscavige is really Adams great-great-grandson I don’t know. I know that my friend wouldn’t lie to me at this, so I am pretty sure that they talked in polish. But I don’t know if the story about the family roots is true.

  213. Video panels and an IAS Reg. I can’t remember what all goes into an Ideal Mission. I think thats it.

  214. Miscavige reads this? I want to dedicate a song to him.

  215. No, Chris, you forgot the Basics Book “Consultant” and the Ideal Org Reg and the Super Power Reg and lastly, an MAA. With that, its a fully manned Ideal Mission.

  216. I am sure he rocked out to it…

  217. It was one of the most treacherous actions imaginable. The CofS knew he was innocent, but went after him anyway, destroying his finances, driving him out of the country. Everyone involved should be investigated and tossed in jail. Viscious, evil people.

    If you read the whole story, you’ll be shocked and stunned by it.


  218. Sinar,

    You got it exactly right. LRH even made specific advices for Gold to get people who be working in Cine to get through KTL and LOC as a post requirement, and had the supervision of these courses been proper, and the management been proper, they do result in very stable staff members. In the early 90’s this was pushed as the main strategy and many people got stabilized and getting quite professional at what they did and it went on for some years, then the DM psychosis really started after 96 and all that had been built up and established was little by little crushed. LOC done without interference or evaluation has the potential to fully stabilize an individual. I know – I still follow what I worked out almost 20 years ago!

  219. Zdravstvuj Valkov,

    Thank you. Yes, I’m familiar with Утомлённые солнцем, as well as Russian history and I agree fully that Stalin’s propaganda machine rivaled that of Mao and Hitler, actually Stalin got more people killed under him than Hitler did, which is less known. Hitler and his boys were responsible for roughly 40 million deaths – Stalin about 50 million. Both of them were beat by Mao who is estimated to be responsible for some 57 million deaths during his regime.

    Stalin = DM
    KGB = OSA

    Can’t argue that equation…

  220. Indie-saurus-rex

    Not only that, but we were getting regged for donations for the Quebec Ideal Org. For those who do not know, the Quebec Org is about 3000 miles from Vancouver. They should not have even HAD our mailing list, much less use it to illegally reg donations. As you say, I cannot imagine the insanity that will rain down upon the Canadian Orgs, in order to put the “advanced org” there. It is supposedly “sponsored by” the IAS. Well, roughly translated that will mean that BOTH the IAS and the Int Landloard, will be crush regging for the funds to build/renovate it. The orgs have already been “assessed” for their required contribution to the stupidity. It will come out of their gross income, which right now is barely enough to keep the lights on.Then they will doubtless completely rip off all the good staff from the local orgs to man it up. And where is it? It is a couple of hours drive out of Toronto, in the middle of nowhere. It would be the equivalent of the Arrow Lake Narconon facility. Anyone ever drive by that one?

    And, as you say Vancouver is already deeply embroiled in their own “death push” to finance their own “ideal Org”, complete with ever changing money requirements.

    I really hate this…. You take a struggling org, being run by dedicated individuals, and then utterly kick the snot out of the whole lot of them, and then announce “they are totally Counter Intentioned and suppressive,” because they didn’t “make it go right”.

    The only way that they could ever really “make it go right” would be if they cut their losses, mutinied as a group, and set about to actually use LRH to rebuild their tech delivery. Anything else is futile at this point.

    Eric S

  221. Peter wasn’t the only one. I got away with it by wording the final outcome so it had a function/action definition which did apply to my current post but was not limited to it.

  222. I don’t think he would/could go that far, but there is an exact parallel between Stalin’s paranoia against dissent and DM, as well as the actions to put a stop to different schools of thought. Only their methods in execution differ, but even as such there are direct parallels.

  223. Likewise! You can get my email address from Marty or Mike and you’re welcome to drop a note.

  224. Lady Min

    Very well done on all your achievements from your new “state of release”.

    You are exemplary of the abilities gained!

    Eric S

  225. Lynne, I respectfully disagree – but not what you’re saying but your duplication of Rachel.

    I didn’t read that we have to robotically follow LRH in everything we do, but remember that LRH also said that one of the end goals is increased self-determinism and a thousand other references such as The Code of Behavior (the original lecture where LRH lays out what would become The Code of Honor.)

    So in essence, following what LRH would do, means the opposite of your understanding. We can get into a semantic debate about this, but in the end what LRH would do is understand fully what there is to know about the mind and life and then apply it according to your own integrity towards the most survival across the dynamics, and who could argue with that?

  226. Isn’t that exactly what LRH said to do, and hence what’s wrong with following a rule of thumb of “What would Ron do?”

  227. Nettie always had a clean space whenever I had dealings with her.

    She is not stupid – she is not suppressive. She is likely making calculations along the lines of “least of 2 evils”. I’m sure she recognized the truth of Dan’s origination, but was too deep in the trap to respond and acknologe that truth appropriately. The consequences of acknologing that truth were WAY too painfull. Loss of rank, loss of 1d , loss of 2d, loss of 3d, RPF, run around considered a dirt bag by your peers, potential loss of ETERNITY and as a result……..she “cut bait” with her integrity.

    Nettie will be OK. She is strong, she’ll fight back to a path of integrity.

    When she does, welcome her, she is not evil.

  228. “d”s are ok too! Typos!

  229. Michael, your observation is very correct. It is hard to define the various problems with one reason, but the reasons are manifold:

    1) The tech films were all directed (outside of TR 4) by a B-list (at best) arrogant director – Mitch Brisker.
    2) Staff were often busted from Int into Cine and Einstein defined what happened as a result in a very concise way, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Traditionally, the more technical posts in the movie world are occupied by people who chose to work in this field and have a personal passion for their specific trade. It takes years of experience, training, apprenticing and moving up the ladder to become an A-lister in that field. The majority of Cine guys were busted from other posts and they didn’t choose to become what they were posted as, nor had a personal passion for it.
    3) If someone screwed up they were often simply busted and another untrained, un-motivated person took over, just to follow in the same footsteps.
    4) DM micromanaged the films (and all the A/V produced) and he has his own quirky ideas of things which of course can’t be argued, and which contained not one iota of artistic sense, or any sense at all, except whatever computations that were going on in his mind.
    5) Some of the problems were created by people driven by a personal passion to see others fail or get in trouble – witness Gary Wiese who was the Chief Editor and wouldn’t hesitate to blame the shoot crew for his editing incompetence and sometimes the shoot crew got blamed for something he could/should have handled.
    6) You could witness the opposite in some departments, like SFX (Special FX) where you did have some staff who either had prior training, or were self-taught, but were in the majority dedicated to their field and truly geeks when it came to computer graphics. Hence they could come up with some high quality material, but this was one of the few departments which were manned in this fashion. Those who got busted into SFX didn’t last long and unfortunately, none of the original crew lasted the duration and today all the SFX are done by Professionals with SO helpers. Same goes for pretty much every other department in Cine and Audio – all done by expensive professionals handsomely paid out of parishioner’s money, with no attempt to build up an SO team (which was mandated by LRH.) Just go to LinkedIn and look at how many Cine/SFX/Audio/Music/Copy posts have worked at Golden Era Productions in the last 6-7 years. The amount is staggering. But DM loves the Pros and hates competent SO members.

    I’m sure there are other reasons as well, but the above answers some of it.

  230. Excellent post!!

    To David: Slaves can BREAK THEIR CHAINS.

    Especially when they realize the chains DON’T EXIST!!!

    What is the quote about truth penetrating 10 inch steel?

  231. Yeah. It’s painful and difficult. Every single day. That confront of what was the scene vs what is the scene. Yeah. I’m still working on it. Every single day. Sometimes may times per day.

    I still think my salvation is in the principles and application of Scientology.


  232. Disinfected,

    I agree with your observation wholeheartedly! What sometimes is difficult to differentiate is the fact of what LRH said to do, and how it has been “applied” within the Church, or specifically the agreed upon way things are done.

    I have witnessed thousands of incidents of idiotic, robotic applications by staff members in a field not directly relating to Scientology – most often observed in regards to renovations and Cine.

    People are grooved in to a mindset to only follow LRH, but in a robotic way whereby they ONLY read what he said (which sometimes is as little as an advice, or a passing sentence in some dispatch) instead of the tech of the field they are trying to apply.

    The truth is that LRH stressed OVER and OVER again how important it is to become a professional is the field you are in, by learning the specific tech of that field.

    LRH did discover that some technical fields were full of false data, so he personally studied the field and then wrote issues to cover the basic technology himself, like the Int-base-only policies on sound/audio. But even in these fields did he recommend other material to study, as well as courses which would give you a good training, like the New York Institute of Photography.

    Most of this was written in the 70’s and of course the field has moved on, and instead of understanding this simple fact and doing ones own research in 2011 and putting together references, material and courses which would correctly teach a subject, the staff hold on to the 70’s issues.

    However, what they DO and what LRH said to DO are two very different things. LRH DID say for a plumber to study the field of plumbing, but because the executives and managers are under such constant stat push, and because musical chairs are so abundant, and because training, hatting and EstO actions have been replaced by “make it go right” the entire system has failed, now resulting in gross organizational mistakes and millions of dollars wasted.

    But this is not intrinsic to what LRH said to do, but the very opposite of what he said to do, so please see the difference.

    Thanks for listening, Raul

  233. I’m watching the back and forth about Staubach’s commission and I wanted to add some information. Even in small scale real estate and commercial contracts, there is typically a section to be filled in specifying whether or not there is a broker, and therefore a broker fee. Before the closing, if a HUD-1 is used to track how money is allocated, there are several lines where brokers fees are filed in by the seller and buyer’s attorney.

    What I suspect happened was that the person Orange County used to negotiate the deal and write the contract did not know that there was a national brokerage agreement that needed to be honored locally. Normally most large non-profits have legal departments which inform their local affiliates of such obligations in writing assuming they are not spending all their time chasing Mike and Marty around.

    What I think may have happened here was that OC had no clue at the time of the P & S that they were responsible for a nationally incurred broker fee because no one above them informed them of this issue which is yet another example of how disfunctional the COS has become.

  234. Your humble servant

    Great group of photos, thanks.

  235. In connection with the discussion a few posts above about “what would Ron do?” vs. “didn’t Ron himself tell us to be self-determined?” I am flashing to the scene in Life of Brian where he’s pleading with the crowd, “You don’t have to follow me, you don’t have to follow anybody, you’re all individuals!” and the crowd chants en masse “YES, WE’RE ALL INDIVIDUALS.”
    On technological developments in the world at large: this is what Miscavage is particularly inept at perceiving. Huge amounts have gone into a “Film Lab” when digital video has killed film, into book-printing plant when the Internet can disperse unlimited copies. Does he type out his orders on an Underwood, and run them through a mimeograph?

  236. Thanks, Scott! Rachel

  237. I sincerely believe that the set up within cannot be changed EVER because no PROTEST is permitted.

    Witness the very thorough debriefs by Luis.

    You cannot initiate ANY criticism or original thought or opposing viewpoint that does not toe the “party line.”

    Black PR ! Enemy Lines ! Roll back to find the Enemy !
    Heresy to voice that something is wrong !
    The “Church” is built to have THOUGHT POLICE kick in. And it absolutely strictly forbidden for a pc to name David Miscavige as an SP or an antisocial personality. Such an origination is not accepted by the auditor.
    As reported by ex-Freewinds and ex-Flag pc’s who come for repair to the Independent community, David Miscavige is absolutely “off limits” in session. Nothing negative may be said about David Miscavige inside of the Cult of Scientology. Said another way, David Miscavige’s and his strategies of Ideal Orgs and his incredulousn expansion of the last 5 yearts may only be glorified !

  238. Take your average SO Gold staff member and their purpose line. What is their purpose line? Helping. BIG TIME. On the only game that matters to them at present – most likely along the lines of auditing, freeing beings and assisting others in gaining spiritual awareness.

    They get posted – likely not on a post of thier choosing or purpose line – as a gaffer, sets, director, etc… They are not professionals and on top of that (because of the ashole at the top) they often don’t get enought sleep, don’t get regular meals and are burnt out on their purpose line.

    Now compare that to a pro who’s purpose line is building awsome sets, acheiving excellent lighting, directing with enthusiasm and passion. And what do you know…….

    They may be spiritually vacant shells, but they sure can make an awsome set, direct an awsome scene, etc.

    The Data Series policies apply here familiarity, differences and similarities.

    Cine is not Hollywood. I grant that it is the Little Big Man that expected Cine to be Hollywood and wasted enormous amounts of cash and time trying to make it so.

    LRH did not expect Cine to be Hollywood. He expected Cine to make training films to assist in making lots and lots of auditors. And without that purpose in mind, Cine is a waste of time.

    The staff in Cine see the bullshit, see the deceptions, see the lies and it kills their purpose along LRH’s original intent. And with their “eternity at stake” they soldier on.

    Miscavage is a Suppressive ashole and has a lot of good people suppressed in his twisted little world.

  239. We should not overlook a thing:
    all this stupidity is no coincidence.
    It is full of booby-traps. The whole “Ideal Orgs” Operation.
    It’s there for one reason.
    DM gives the Scientology Community a game in order to dissuade them from their main objective: spiritual freedom.
    1) In the first instance, the prices for service where rised.
    2) Then, LRHs comm lines were cut.
    3) Then the IAS was established (and a “running system” HASI was disbanded).
    4) The Tech became useless, full with arbitraries in means of “Golden Age of Tech”.
    5) Events were interspersed with ever more false PR. And ANY Scientologist has to participate (visit)
    6) Ideal Orgs Operation was created as the new “Game of Expansion”.
    7) SP declares for the most awaken ones. (Not only by case level but by integrity)

    (This list goes on and on)

    And nothing of this happened by coincidence.
    It was installed to bring us off-purpose. To involve us into a mest game.

    I just can’t see that this is all because of personal greed of David M-IRScavige.
    And I just don’t believe that this all happend because he is “such a stupid guy” or something. He does not invert the tech nor valid policy simply by mistake.

    I know that most of you know this.

    He feeds us off with false purposes. That’s why orgs are either empty or no fun anymore. ARC is low. People mesured by false standards (those made up SP standards).
    But the worsest thing is, that the future of the many is in real emergency.
    The whole project as begun by LRH is bugged since ’82 (at least).

    That’s the hard thing to realize (even for me).
    I have no clue yet how to bring the real show back on the rails.

    Or do you suggest that the best thing to do is to leave and stay in the independend field forever?

    Kind regards,

  240. Ah.muchbetter. Thank you.Hardlythesamethinh nowisit?Do’tconcernyourselfwithm
    ysafetyanyhow.pleasedonotconcern yourselfwithmysafety.IhavefarbetteelawyersandIknowhowtotakecareofmyself.

  241. Scusstypos-phonegonemad

  242. I’ll try that without the phone!
    Much better – thank you.
    Hardly the same situation now is it?
    Please don’t concern yourself with my safety.
    I have FAR better lawyers and I know how to take care of myself so I don’t need any more ‘warnings’ about curbing my communication,
    I do really appreciate your concern for me. What’s your last name? Perhaps we know each other?

  243. ROFL–Thank you for pointing that out! Yes, did you ever have to fill out a survey after an event before you could get out of there? Let’s see, I must have liked SOMEthing about the event–what can I say? The bad times were when I couldn’t remember anything. Must have been the hypnosis. LOL

  244. Raul, I agree with what you say. I am only saying that we failed to do that and therein went off the path. Cheers!

  245. WW you are so right! I goofed!

  246. Hey there sharp shooter! 😉
    I don’t know about ‘nothing’.
    We’re being there and communicating and we’re a force to be reckoned with that grows bigger and stronger every day.
    Yes – we can sit back and watch Miscavige self destruct but the fact that we ARE watching is an ethics gradient in itself.

  247. Nobody has yet mentioned the FSM commissions. Every event that raised $1 million really only raised $900K. Also, there were so many times when people pledged and the funds were supposed to be at a certain level, but at the next event if they paid the old pledge, it was counted all over again as a stat. It was another way of “fancy arithmetic” so we could never keep track of how much was really being collected and disbursed.

  248. Well done on getting your son back!!!

  249. Karen,

    As usual, right on the money.

  250. Does Miscavige really read this blog every day?
    Well… mock this up.
    Four men sitting at a table at a meeting; they are Marty, Mike, Steve Hall & David Miscavige. Nothing is said, just sitting.
    Someone comes in and slides Lisa Mcpherson’s PC folder to the center of the table…
    Now image that senario is real.

  251. Non-scn, you raise a VERY good point re the HUD-1 (also known as the closing statement) for this sale.

    The HUD-1 is the form that shows what all the costs are; the price of the property, who’s paying for what and how the money is being dispersed. The closing agent/attorney always asks if there are any monetary agreements “outside of closing”. In other words, the atty wants to know if there is any money going back & forth between the buyer and seller that’s not showing up on the HUD-1. That would include broker fees which, by the way, are always, not sometimes but always, listed on the HUD-1.

    Luis, you have grounds to call the California Real Estate Commission about Staubach getting paid outside of closing. I promise you they’d LOVE to hear about this. If you want more info Marty has my email address.

  252. Dan,
    I was the KTL / LOC Sup in my org for 9 years and I know of several people who bogged on that point. It was an arbitrary that the C/Ses got indoctrinated into by telex, if I recall correctly, and then the C/S had to indoctrinate the Sups. If a person gave a Hat in Life that was not their post, it was not accepted and they were made to do it over. The only way that this could be enforced was by verbal data, because the references did not say that the Hat in Life always had to be the person’s post.

    Dave Fagen

  253. Yes, I tried Sec Checking my bathtub when the drain kept getting clogged but somehow, I don’t know if my procedure was wrong or what!

  254. martyrathbun09

    Very good point in the first para Robert.

  255. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this differentiation Raul; an important one.

  256. martyrathbun09

    That “passion” to see other’s fail, and the blame culture, was created by the master of making others fail and blaming.

  257. SKM

    Regarding… “I have no clue yet how to bring the real show back on the rails…. Or do you suggest that the best thing to do is to leave and stay in the independend field forever?”

    Of course that is up to you, assuming that there ends up being anything left to “rejoin”.

    But here is perhaps a good line to follow.

    It has to do with “ethics conditions.” Until the Scientology organization “suffers on up through the conditions” at least as far as Non existence, it is not particularly wise to associate with it. If you read the “lower conditions” over again, you can see there is plenty of work to be done before that point is reached.

    On the other hand, the group of Scientologists that are operating “independently”, outside of “the Scientology organization”, are mostly operating above “non-existence”, and some on up into “high Normal” or even “Affluence”.

    My personal advice would be to apply “The Code of Honor, the definition of responsibility, and the Ethics Conditions” to the situation. With good understanding and honest application you will do well.

    Eric S

  258. Zdravstvuj Raul! Ochenj prijatno.

    For those not familiar, Stalin would commend people, ceremoniously elevate them to the status of being “Heroes of the People”, then, when their popularity became too great in his eyes, he would destroy them without warning, sending them to GULAG or worse. He always made sure no-one else could become a popular rival of his or be in a position to create any dissent.

  259. Очень приятно!

    That sounds just like someone I know 🙂

  260. Yes, a differentiation that is getting harder and harder for the public at large to see as they observe what DM and CofS DO, not what LRH and the philosophy of Scientology SAY – plus a lot of the Int advices/policies are not available to the public at large.

    This is really one of the biggest hurdles to get through in the aftermath of DM – to clean up all the false impressions left behind by his criminal activities and perversions and reversals of the technology!

  261. OK, I follow. Cheers.

  262. Something like, “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

  263. Thank you for the acknowledgement, WindWalker . . . I reread your “abilities gained”, and it is true, many dynamics are being cleared up. There were other wins; just listed the main ones! I could write pages and pages of wins. I can honestly say the actions I took to get my son back took a lot of confront: direct communication to David Miscavige through his attorney Monique Yingling, and many others to Continental Justice Chiefs and OSA. I ordered them to CEASE AND DESIST their actions regarding the comm line with me and my son, and let them know what the consequences were for non-compliance. They took me seriously and have complied. It was an amazing journey, and was a true example of what can happen when you are 100 per cent willing to say what you know is true, and say it until they get it. I can honestly say there is no cycle that has made me feel as causative as this one!

    Thanks again for your perception that there is a state of release regarding freeing oneself and one’s dynamics of the suppression!

  264. I got some inside skinny from someone in Sacramento. There have been three “EP’s” to the building fundraising (“Once we hit this target it’s a done!”) so far and they are now on their fourth. One of the things that came up was that once they started the reno’s, they found out the basement would need $3 million in additional reno’s they didn’t know about. The total cost of the building is going to be $20 million! And they are currently having fundraisers EVERY WEEKEND.

  265. Sam, I realized that as soon as I posted it. Hundreds, if not thousands of us, are taking actions every day to make what is happening now a reality. I am sure many of the mistakes he is making is in response to what we, as a group, are doing. I did not mean to invalidate that in any way. Just wanted to point out that the implosion occurring has to do with his own self-destructive and group destructive actions that he takes on a daily basis, and that any downfall he experiences is of his own causation! We’re just helping move it along faster, and making others aware of the damage he is doing to the philosophy and technology of Scientology. Yes, we are a mighty force to be reckoned with, something he probably never in his wildest imagination thought would occur. He is getting his own SRA, (SEVERE REALITY ADJUSTMENT). The operating basis on which I freed my son from his clutches was “THE WRONG THING TO DO IS NOTHING!”
    Thanks for the cram, fellow sharpshooter! (We ARE born revolutionaries, aren’t we!)

  266. Thank you Sam, something to be truly thankful for on Thanksgiving Day! Your help and support along the way is truly appreciated; you are one of the terminals who inspired me and gave me courage to do what had to be done!

  267. Dear Luis,
    Thank you for the additional info. I myself missed out on a good deal of this completely insane financial spin of the last 11 years . The IAS was around then and it was odd enough. I informed HCO in mid 99 I would not be resigning a new staff contract I was promptly sent to LA for “handling”.
    My SP Declare in early 2000 was based on my “speading black pr and enemy lines on GAT”. Translated into actual Scientology this means I applied “how to defeat verbal tech” to various RTC issues being force fed to the org I was in.. As well as everywhere else.
    I very much appreciate the information you have provided herein as well as with the “money machine” series not to mention your earlier declarations regarding the severe alteration of Scientology by David Miscavige.
    As a Scientologist since 1972 ,with 19 years on staff ending in 99 , the more recent criminality regarding finance is so far removed from anything found in LRH policy that it is hard to conceive it could actually be something going on in “the church of Scientology” but obviously it is.

  268. Hello Eric,

    thanks for your reply.
    You’re right:

    Of course that is up to you, assuming that there ends up being anything left to “rejoin”.

    But here is perhaps a good line to follow.

    It has to do with “ethics conditions.” Until the Scientology organization “suffers on up through the conditions” at least as far as Non existence, it is not particularly wise to associate with it. If you read the “lower conditions” over again, you can see there is plenty of work to be done before that point is reached.

    So true…

    And yes, I am working on my own (1st, 2nd Dynamic) conditions now to disconnect completley.

    Thank you to all sharing your viewpoint.
    Knowing that my assumptions from the last decade was not only made up by myself is a valid acknowledgement. Lots of bypassed charge blowed in the last couple of weeks just by reading what you have to say!


  269. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Scientology hires Staubach Co. to shepherd $45M revival June 13, 2008, Janet Leiser, Tampa Bay Business Journal


  271. Was the letter writing to Durban as part of your “OGO” (Org Gold Officer) duties? OGO being the Golden Era Productions version of the “OFO” (Org Flag Officer) duties that most in Flag middle management do, as a “double hat” to their normal staff duties?

    One benefit of that “double-hat” was getting to know life in the orgs pretty well, how desperate it is, in the “small and failing orgs” which seem to never change, no matter what.

    I loved doing OFO duty myself, in my years when the Flag Bu was at Clearwater, and later when Flag Bu moved to the complex, and then to the HGB.

    In some respects, this building purchasing phase, is from another whole view, a huge byproduct of the CBO or FO “Flag Relative Importances” being grossly out.

    There’s not been a sane international management eval in decades.

    For years, I’ve wished these types of discussions that I knew should be being had, if these discussions could only occur internally in official Scientology, if only they had the freedom to even percolate the ideas from the parishioners, from the staff, without penalty repercussions, and were there the “Evaluator Corps” in Exec Strata to freely draw widely and just use this information to do what is right.

    The “Eval Corps” is such a dropped hat, it has fallen on ex members.

  272. Agreed.

    There is more flow of truthful information out here, it’s like another dropped hat of the movement, which itself doesn’t allow truthful information and it doesn’t know what to do with that information (lack of hatting).

    I’m so wishy washy reasonable, I think of 3 big justifications or bright long range silver linings to the clouds that these disastrous building purchasing and renoing phase, none the less.

    I remember that the Sea Org, sort of went through a huge wasteful phase in the 1980s and 1990s, on the Sea Org buildings renovations, endless renovations of the major Sea Org properties, and then in 30 years or so, things finally settled out, and the major Sea Org renos were all done.

    I’ve thought that despite all the pain that this Class 5 org purchasing and renos is causing the parishioners, that how things will change for the handful of “Central Org” status orgs who have their renos done, likely those with stable setups will make their own history in those cities, and things will adapt slowly around them, as bad as their locations, as bad as their current situations are. Things I noticed, for the Sea Org buildings, are they sort of cause the local ecosystem to adapt around them in their stark unique way. (Like downtown Clearwater has, like life around the complex in LA has, etc.)

    People at Gold/Int in the 1980s remember how disastrous and dire “Gold’s” manufacturing capabilities were in the 1980s, how much was wasted, the blaming, the unhattedness, amateurism, the whole Int Base went through a long learning curve, and all that is nice about it, is the buildings and property. The people are put through the wringer, just like is happening with the public being put through the wringer over this buildingjpurchase and renos strategy phase.

    So many types of handlings for improving buildings. Remember the GCT (the “volunteer” slave labor force that was doing Int Base renos in the early 1980s)?

    Some Int Landlord type person who lived the last 40 years of Scientology movement renos, ought write their memoirs.

    It’s like in the end of the day, a lot of people contributed to at least the major cities in the world, having some stable quarters.

    I think in longer terms, even though I don’t believe in reincarnation, I don’t even believe in the soul, but irregardless, I do think that IF buildings are necessary to remind people of the subject, Scientology, then at least, the major cities of the world, the handful that there are, like the 10-20 that have these big reno’d orgs now, at least the buildings are there as a reminder, for the long range building showcase dissemination purpose.

    If one believes in future lives, you will have a building to remind you if you otherwise, next lifetime, since you won’t be in Central Files anymore to get your mail promo, you will then be able to think in terms of “where to go” if you decide to go find out about the subject.

    And, my thoughts also are, that some future leaders of the movement will be saner than current leaders, and do amnesties (I’d personally squirrel the amnesties and NOT require the damned A-E steps BS requirements), just cancel ALL of the SP declares, on the valid policy points from the Board of Review policy and in particular the point that everyone’s good contributions were NOT taken into consideration and thus everyone’s SP declare was factually off policy.

    And just let all who consider themselves Scientologists come share in the buildings and spaces, period,. That way those who donated zillions of hard earned dollars for these buildings, can go still walk into them and appreciate them and use them in some way.

    Anyways, I’m happy that so many ex senior members and parishioners are free to at least discuss their movement freely.

    How to get this to transfer this free discussing of things into the movement so they learn how to freely discuss their ongoing history, is the challenge.

    I mean, official Scientologists are not even allowed to watch the LRH memorial event, the briefing when LRH died.

    There is so much on the internet official Scientologists should be viewing and discussing, without penalty.

    I’m so glad at least the outside world has YouTube, so people can watch the forbidden history of the Scientology movement.

  273. Heh everybody! May I have your “COMMAND ATTENTION”? I have just been briefed by COB, MISSCABBAGE, and he has announced a new Div. 6 program now available at every Org on the Planet.

    The program is so exciting and was a successful pilot program which began long before economic tsunami that occurred in 2008.
    Are you ready? Please sit down…this is EXCITING!
    The Church of Scientology is now offering a program


    We will give you a few sneak peaks into the data fresh of the press which is 400,000 sq.ft. printing facility purchase by the Co$. Please don’t worry about the fact that books are becoming obsolete. We will turn it into a “SWINDLE” manufacturing facility soon. This is our version of the “KINDLE” with all books re-written again and downloadable for a mere $25K for the basics. $100,000 for the Green Vols. $150,000 for the red vols. Coming soon to an Org near you. But .. lets not get off track. Back to the real estate investing courses!

    Your first course is: “JUST BUY THE FRICKEN BUILDING”. Just pick anything out and buy it! Don’t worry about LOCATION OR MARKET PRICES and don’t even fret the fact that we lost lots of non-refundable earnest deposits (it ain’t your money anyway – just get er done). If you don’t close – forfeit the money and try again for another closing date. “This is the way the game is played” – says Brenda Smith – a 15 year old I/C of the Landlord’s office for the Co$. “It makes the game so much fun when we have something to lose”. “People just get so jazzed up”!

    Make sure you purchase buildings with NO PARKING! It makes the game more fun! Who needs to park a car. The staff and public won’t have any cars anyway because they can’t AFFORD THEM! They gave all of the money to us to buy these grand investments! “Now that is standard application of the tech 100% – 100% of the time” says 12 year old Phil Brandt – fundraiser extraordinaire for the Orange County Org.

    Announce to the world you are out buying property paying cash – it will set the tone that you are serious and increase real estate values! It will raise the value of your building you want to buy! Isn’t that what you want? Lot’s of value!! Donald Trump – eat your heart out. You don’t know what you are move over and fire yourself now. The Co$ is setting the standard in PT on how to invest in real estate!

    “BRILLIANT advice” says one of our newly graduated student – 14 year old Jason Freeman, who just wrapped up his internship on the pilot at Flag! “I finished the pilot and then was sent to Dallas to help them purchase theirs. This is so much fun – way more fun than the board game – Monopoly!

    Now the commissions are typically built into the sale price and already agreed to by the Listing Agent – representing the seller. The listing agent simply shares it with the buyer’s agent. So the buyer gets representation w/o having to pay for it. But we are ALL ABOUT CHANGING THE WAY THE WOG WORLD BUYS REAL ESTATE- just wait until you hear this tidbit of senior data! Don’t collect it….let the listing agent take the whole pie. Then after you close on the purchase – pay THE BUYER’S agent (that did nothing because your OT committe found the building and the 11 year old from Landlord office dictated the purchase) – his commission. The cash comes from the parishioners and you don’t have to tell them.

    It ain’t your money – so feel free to spend, spend, spend!

    The last little hummer we will leave you with to get your mouth salivating for this phenomenal program written by his legion – Mr. COB himself – Slappy Mismanagement: Make sure you over-improve the property so that it is upside down for $1 Billion years. That way the loser Sea Org staff have a building to come back to!

    “Only Tom Cruise is a REAL SCIENTOLOGIST and that is why I took the public’s cold hard cash and threw a little birthday bash for him! It was only $300K and we had fun. Tom will really be disseminating Scientology now!!” says Slappy Mismanagement, COB, Church of Scientology WORLDWIDE

  274. SUCKERS !!

  275. Pingback: David Miscavige The Tax Delinquent « 31 Factors

  276. I have a question for all you Ex-Sci’s. It seems to me that your the people who ran, funded, expanded, etc. the church! So why dont you guys start a new church? You have the money, talent, education etc.? Seems you can fix the problems and learn from there mistakes.. Any info would be great..

  277. Several have. The catch is, there’s no real one single unified “believes in the tech” group outside the CoS. Different people think the good stuff ended at different times, thus different factions. There are, given history, reasons people mistrust each other. Once breached, trust is difficult to regain.

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