Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

Giving thanks to those who share

Through thick and thin

In mirth or sorrow

Rain or shine

Like there’s no tomorrow

Giving thanks to those who care

Through up and down

In health or pain

Day or night

Like your rise is their gain

Giving thanks to those who bear

Through good and bad

In win or loss

Wrong or right

Like your burden’s their cross

Giving thanks to those who dare

Through bright and blue

In fall or rise

Ebb or height

Like your hope is their prize

Giving thanks to those who won’t scare

Through praise and threat

In chains or wings

Low or high

Like freedom brings

Like freedom dreams

Like freedom sings

Like freedom beams

Thanks to those

Who let freedom ring

Happy Thanksgiving

122 responses to “Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving

  1. Brightfametexan

    Well said. Thank you!

  2. Amen brother.

  3. Crashing Upwards

    Wonderful Marty. Hope all have a great day. Its a new dawn. The darkness is yielding to the light. Hope is returning. Truth always in the end prevails. The best days are yet to come.

  4. Being generally miserable and ungrateful sods in the UK we don’t do Thanksgiving – but I’m gonna make an exception this year. Thank You Marty, Mosey and all friends on this blog and elsewhere, for being there, true to your ideals and integrity, and for all the fun and truth imparted along the way. May all those still asleep in POB’s cult wake up soon and share the warmth of true friendship and comraderie.

  5. Have a good turkey day everyone! Though our battle is tough, we’ve made so much progress over the last two years!

  6. Thank you for everything you do for us , Marty and Mosey happy thanksgiving!!!

  7. GREAT pictures! Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

  8. Too much turkey = too much fun! Have a good turkey day you all! 76 degrees in Phoenix. Ha Ha.

    ML Tom

  9. Marty – beautifully articulated. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Eat too much turkey, watch too much football, and relish the abundance of friends you have.

  11. Having worked through many a Thanksgiving Day, I join you in your postulate that those still in wake up so that they can experience the spirit of Thanksgiving.

    After leaving, I experienced two very different Thanksgiving celebrations. The first was at a homeless shelter and we were the beneficiaries of a full Thanksgiving meal, compliments of the city. They went out of their way to make it decorative, festive, plentiful and to express hope for better days. All of the city opinion leaders were the waiters and waitresses, taking our orders and serving the food. It was their way of saying that we are all important people.

    My second occured after I reunited with my daughter after losing track of her for three years. She cooked us her first Thanksgiving dinner, better than any I had ever tasted. She was so proud herself and I was too!

    Those simple pleasure moments easily replaced the void created by earlier can’t haves issued to staff every year on Thanksgiving. Insisting that stats be up to in order to have the evening off so that you could be with your family. Working in Div. 6 we never had it off because new people wanted to be home with their families.

    Thanksgiving is truly a time where one has the opportunity to strengthen bonds with family and friends through meaningful communication and good food. It is a time to postulate prosperity in life, now and in the future. These past two years certainly have been prosperous in terms of reconnecting to Scientologists, the tech, expanding love and friendship. For all of these things, I am thankful. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, even you sodding Brits!

  12. Martin —

    I’m generally a grinch on these holidays as they’re so reminiscent of good times long passed. Widowhood, you know.

    However, your comment made me laugh (then cry, so we’ll forget that part). Yes, I’ll join you in making an exception this year because there’s so much good going on that an exception can and should be made.

    Beautiful poem and photos. Thank you one and all! Have a great day!! L, Rachel

  13. Yes Happy Thanksgiving from another “Limey”.

  14. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL my friends! Much Love, Sarge

  15. TroubleShooter

    Leadership is the ability to look for ones’ own mistakes, to go UP the mountain while others are only keeping their eyes on it, to leave the path others are following when you see it’s not going toward your own goals and the confidence to change step when discovering the drum beat that others are marching too does not match the beat of your own heart.

    I’m thankful for the leadership you’ve provided Marty if that’s what you intended or not. I’m thankful that you took your hat as DIG Ethics seriously which is how I see your create on your blog and I’m grateful that you have the heart that you do. I’m thankful for Mike and ALL of you whose personal tunes create a composition that inspires and is an orchestra of intellect, courage, strength and power.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mosey and to all of you today who celebrate what you’re thankful for with people your thankful to be with.

  16. Yaaaah, Sarge!! Hi Sarge! I hope you are doing well and it is SO good to hear from you!

  17. You people are all so beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to you Marty and Mosey. Also to all my friends here. It has been a great year of reconnection for me!! Thanks to you all.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to Marty, Mosey and all the Indies! There is a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to!

  20. Beautifully stated, I agree completely!

    I am thankfull for all the new viewpoints which reverse the dwindling spiral again.

  22. My best wishes to you, yours and all. Love and thanks!

  23. Beautiful words! Happy Thanksgiving Marty & Mosey. Love you guys.

  24. Grendel's Mother

    Thank you, Marty – and to everyone who has spoken out and fought for what is right. It’s been tough to experience all the betrayal that’s been heaped on me, but knowing you are (all) out there helps.
    Let freedom ring!

  25. top of the vale

    Very, Very Theta!

  26. To all our Independent friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

    Ed and Helma Paulson

  27. I am thankful for having you, Mosey, Mike and many great people in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL good people.
    Love, MKU

  28. I have alot to be thankful for-Great friends, Great blogs and a great Tech and no mo RCS for me!

  29. Awesome poem and pictures Marty!
    Thank you all for this wonderful dynamic group, including the European Indies that don’t celebrate this day. Many are taking on their natural hats.
    It is indeed the BEST Thanksgivings so far compared to when being on staff, at the job or other low points of the past.
    To hell with the economy, things have never looked better!

  30. with gratitude beyond what any word can convey

    Happy ☀Thanks☀ Giving! Love & Laughter!

  31. Happy Thanksgiving to all the freedom fighters on this blog. Thanks for all you do Marty and Mosey.

  32. Tory Christman

    To ALL who stand up to protect freedom, you are thanked today….for all you have and do to help protect freedom! This includes the many who left Scientology years ago, all by themselves, pre-Internet, facing the world alone with OSA right behind them, ensuring IF they spoke out, they were thought of as “crazy”. Then “The critics” (those who never were “in”) but took up exposing C of $’s abuses–fighting their trying to stop free speech on the Net. Then many more Scientologists leaving on the Net, and then Anonymous in 2008, which was a huge help, due to their volume, creative videos and messages. Along this time, thankfully Marty and Mike also departed and began this blog, which has helped SO many people.

    Things really popped with the usage of the Net, some x-Scientologists speaking out, the critics, Anonymous and with Marty and Mike and the “Independents”. Yes, as you said so well, Marty: Thanks to those who let freedom ring! Please never forget: *every* single person counts. IF you’re trapped “in”, know it only takes walking across the street. IF you’ve “disconnected” from your loved ones, PLEASE call them, today!

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  33. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful Marty. Thanks to all of you for being here and communicating.

  34. You’re the man, but your lovely wife is still the queen…:)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends.

  35. Happy Thanksgiving Marty and Mosey.
    Because of you LRH’s legacy still exists and will be recovered for all of those for whom it has been denied. Because of you the Aims of Scientology will be achieved and all of his work will not be in vain. I salute you.

  36. Tory Christman

    Karen, your 2 Thanksgivings made me smile, and cry (good tears), too. Isn’t it amazing how much you appreciate every single person who is kind, once you’re “out” of C of $? For me, some dear friends invited me, for years, to their Thanksgivings. I’ll never forget them. I’ll never forget each person who has been kind to me, literally saving my life, in many ways. Bless you ALL 🙂

  37. “The Master never reaches for the great;
    thus she achieves greatness.
    When she runs into a difficulty,
    she stops and gives herself to it.
    She doesn’t cling to her own comfort;
    thus problems are no problem for her.”

    –Lao-tzu, Tao Te Ching

    Beautiful poem and photos, Marty.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  38. Tory Christman

    I hope you spend the day celebrating the joy and wonderful life you had with “Dr Denk”. As I’ve told you, he saved my life (literally) more than once. I’ll always be thankful to him, and you for all you did to help him. I know he’d want you smiling….and happy. May your future be filled with love and joy. Happy Thanksgiving! Tory/Magoo

  39. Tony DePhillips

    We are here to stay!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

  40. Nicely stated. I think my Thanksgiving food is going to be way better than the Sea Org Galleys today.

  41. Thank you all for a better game. Love and strength to you on this day of gratitude. Here is a poem you may like.

    Don’t Quit
    When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
    When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
    When the funds are low and the debts are high,
    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit —
    Rest if you must, but don’t you quit!

    Life is queer with its twists and turns,
    As everyone of us sometimes learns,
    And many a person turns about
    When they might have won had they stuck it out,
    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow —
    You may succeed with another blow,
    Often the struggler has given up,
    When he might have captured the victors cup;
    And he learned too late when the night came down,
    How close he was to the golden crown!

    Success is failure turned inside out!
    So stick to the fight when you are hardest hit!
    It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit!

    written by
    Edgar A. Guest

    Actually, things are looking up up up lately. So thanks for sticking it out, all of you.

  42. xoxoxo Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  43. Tony Dephillips

    Marty did you write that?
    Very nice.
    Are you letting your inner artist out?
    Hope you and Mosey have a good one.

  44. Awwwww! HOW beautiful! I love you Marty and Mosey, for who you are, what you do and the riches you now have more than ever as a result of letting your spirits truly shine on us all. You are actively making the world a safer, saner more loving place. I can never thank you enough for caring enough to do what you are doing. You are the embodiment of what Ron meant by pan-determinism. Shine on my brother and sister!!!

  45. Thanks, Marty. Happy Thanksgiving, to you and Mosey! And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  46. Li'll bit of stuff


  47. Li'll bit of stuff

    Martin, neither do I,but what the hell, it’s bloody contagious on this site, i’nt it mate ? So ‘ere’s another big THANK you ALL for BEING YOU

  48. Thank you for all that you are doing. I don’t agree with everything that you say, but that is the product of truly thinking people. I wish you the best and know I am with you all the way.

  49. Beautiful, happy Thanksgiving to all!

  50. Ditto to all of that.
    Enjoy being with your loved ones!
    And for those who’s hearts yearn for lost friends and family, my postulate is that they will waken from their slumber and be together with you for next year’s Thanksgiving.

  51. LOVE it! 🙂

  52. I am thankful for Movin On Up.

    This blog got me out- and very well may have saved my life.

    Forever grateful for that.

    Love to all,


  53. Karen,

    Great stories.

    Let’s hope the gates of freedom open a little wider and some still locked up get a chance to share their’s next year.


  54. FCDC Class of 1974

    Thank you Marty. I am thankful we are still free to help others. Happy Thanksgiving.

  55. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Thank you all for being here and communicating!!!

  56. I gave thanks today for you all. This is the best Thanksgiving yet. Love.

  57. Happy Thanksgiving Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie and everyone who continues to keep shining truth for all to see. Very grateful for you all.

  58. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Happy TDay to everyone! Grateful thanks to Marty and my friends Yvonne and Kay who helped me onto this independent path. And to all of you who keep communicating the truth so the rest of us can move on up a little higher.

  59. Thank you Luis and Rocio, Scott Campbell and Karry for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving get-together for the Southern California Scientologists and those that even showed up from Switzerland and Russia and so on…….
    It was a United Nations of geographical diverse Indies !
    So much good will and cheer and camaraderie.
    Thanks you Marty, Mosey, Mike and Christie for putting us altogether, for without this blog such connections would not even be made.
    Some of us there had enforced “Church” disconnections, from family, but we became family for the day !

  60. Heartfelt thanks to Marty and Mosey and to everyone posting and reading this blog, getting the word out, doing auditing and training, and moving on up. This has been a beautiful Thanksgiving day full of light and friendship!

  61. Karen- I know what you are talking about when you had to work on Thanksgiving-I did it many times too on staff-it was ridiculous. Now, I really enjoy the holidays. I just got back from a beautiful thanks giving with Luis and Roccio Garcia and friends.

  62. And the queen’s fishing skill is better than yours, brother. 🙂

  63. Happy Thanksgiving sto all of you from Trey & Nicci.

  64. Thank you, Sam.
    And thank you to the others for showing up. Very, very encouraging.
    Could it be the cos is really, inadvertently, a very effective filter; the awake, heart-centered beings ‘come out the other side’ and start showing up on these sites. The unconscious ones tend to stay behind, remaining in the corporation.
    Hopefully, not for much longer.

    Thank you all for being here.

    I want a win-win reconciliation with my own family ( it wasn’t a disconnect, but a major ARC break … wrong confront of 2 Big Time SP relatives ), and Sam, by next Thanksgiving I will have good news to report.
    Happy Thanksgiving, courageous hearts!
    May God bless us all even more.

    Son of Wonder

  65. Back atcha Marty, and to all others who read and post here!

    Thanksgiving is not a native Russian holiday, but it is easy to adopt for it’s universal values.

    Close your eyes.

    Now open your eyes, and see a brand new world!

    Thank you all for doing so. And I thank myself as well.

    It is how Thanksgiving came about. The pilgrims left England looking for a new world in which they were welcome and free to live according to their own beliefs.

    And they found it.

    Now, here we are doing that too.

  66. Neil Diamond wrote and performed some of the greatest mystical songs ever as well as some of the best simply human love songs. He seems to me to have a great perception and ability to communicate with the common sufferings and hopes of Mankind.

    Here’s a medley of 2 of his songs from his album “Serenade”. Somehow you-all, on this Thanksgiving day, put me in mind of Neil Diamond. Because you are all Diamonds!

  67. The Sea Org is a homeless shelter. People check in, having abandoned any home, for a shelter bunk in between work shifts. Only us seasoned Gypsies who know the magic still swirls ’bout certain heads alive and real can experience such adventures. As Al sais, “Home is where your heart’s on fir, and where that restless snowbird melts away.” We are still intact with every possibility still possible. That makes every day a day to be thankful about. Best wishes for all here for the holidays!

  68. +1 !!!!!!

  69. I know this is SO 3 years ago, but ….if this isn’t IMPINGEMENT on a broad scale, I don’t know what is:

    Love to all sentient beings everywhere, who create the world as they want it to be.

  70. I just spent the best Thanksgiving yet with about 50 family and friends!

    Thank you to all who put the TRUTH out for the rest of us! Love you!

  71. Thanks so much to Mosey, Marty, Mike and everyone involved in making it possible for us to have another chance for the spiritual freedom and truths of Scientology despite all attempts by certain persons of ill-intent to snuff out the bright light of hope and freedom.

  72. Very theta, Marty.

  73. Boom! Another hole in “mest think!”

  74. “The Sea Org is a homeless shelter. ” As startling as that comment sounds, it is actually worse in today’s RCS.

    Although most people joining the SO do so with a strong sense of purpose, many have become disallusioned as a result of the slave like, can’t have practices in today’s SO. So many have abandoned the thing they most identify themselves with, their church, their friends and their way of life because of the corruption, invalidation and entheta.

    I at least had a clean bunk, decent food and time and space to destimulate. I even got free chiropractic and had I needed it, dental. I made new friends and found Scientology again! The ONLY real barrier I had was my own consideration that I had failed. Once I got over that consideration, everything went perfectly, even better than expected. I discovered my own dynamics again…and I had them all.

    It is sad to see dedicated good beings being treated as sub-human. So much talent being wasted when it should be rewarded. In addition to preserving the tech we need to preserve the people who want to deliver it.

    Only truth can penetrate the wall of lies and it IS penetrating. Look at all of us who at an earlier time, would never have looked beyond the church for information. Each day, someone else looks or posts or speaks out publicly because they “hear about” that truth, they recognize it as true and they know it is no longer in the church.

    Being part of the Scientology reformation has given me back that sense of pride I once had as a staff member. It’s a special feeling that no amount of money can buy yet it provides an abundance of wealth in the form of friends, purpose and a genuine desire to help in a very self-determined way. Not threats or force required, just because…I want to.

  75. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all of you. It is a sad time for me because my Mom is on her deathbed, (I have been with her almost 24/7 for over 40 days and nights,) but I did get to spend a few hours for Thanksgiving Dinner with some of my family that I had been estranged from, AND my son called me to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving and wants to come home for Christmas! He recently came to visit his Oma, (German for grandmother) so I was reunited with him.

    Thank you to Marty and Mosey for this blog, that gave me the courage to DO SOMETHING about Disconnection and get my son back!. Thanks to all who contribute here that gave me so much help and support and contributed to backing me up so that I could do what I had to do. Until a few weeks ago, I had not seen my son for four years. He is a handsome young man and we are getting back in communication! This had been a huge Present Time Problem that took up so much time and attention, and hopefully now I can continue to rebuild my life. There are many of us having to do this, rebuild our lives, and many of you have become my friends during this process. I give thanks to the many friends I have made in the last two years, and for the progress we have made as a group to restore true Scientolgoy to the world.

    My very best wishes to all of you who are restoring freedom to the world. Marty, thank you for the beautiful poem — it so aptly describes the nature of our group!

    All my love,
    Catherine Von Ach

  76. Correction:

    I give thanks to the many friends I have made in the last two years, and for the progress we have made as a group to restore true Scientology to the world.

  77. That was a helluva nice fish that Mosey caught.

  78. You’ve got the magic. You will always be among the truly wealthy. The biggest “can’t have” run on staff is “can’t have Scientology”. No auditing, no training, no policy. The minute one steps out of agreement with that, it all rolls right back under you. In the end, it is up to every individual to have or not have. The essential conflict between DM and Marty is that DM is running can’t haves and Marty is running can haves. Marty is mainly running can have truth, and can have Scientology. DM is mainly running can’t have truth, can’t have Scientology. For every truth Marty shares on his blog, DM tries to invalidate it with a lie. For every brave person that comes forward with the truth. DM sends a messenger to discount it and them, with another lie. For every person that braved it to Marty’s house to have Scientology. DM had them stalked and harassed to prevent them from going up the bridge. Oddly, even in Scientology, the war has come down to the have and have not. Thank you for being part of the have. Just because you want to.

  79. A classic ballad Marty. Quite aesthetic. Thanks for putting that one on us.

  80. Thank you Karen. It was great seeing you yesterday.

    You are also a wonderful ambassador to create a pro-survival connection between all of the world’s Scientologists. Thank you for all that you do.

  81. Al Jarreau – a former Scientology celebrity – his girlfriend – (later his wife) Susan Player brought him to CCLA on La Brea … really nice man. Quite a talent.

  82. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I was in NYC for a long weekend, visiting two old Sea Org friends who I haven’t seen in 30 years that because of this blog – we reunited. They have stayed in touch with MANY former SO members from the days of the Apollo (I wasn’t there) and it’s amazing how well everyone has done. AND how happy they are to be long gone from the clutches of the Corporate Nightmare of DM.

    Some stories from Int (because one of them was there) are HAIR RAISING. Yet another voice saying the same thing as Marty, Mike and the others.

    I am thankful to find my friends well and happy after so many years of having no idea where they were. Thankful to Marty for starting this blog and all of you who post – regardless whether you are Independent, under the radar, decidedly no longer interested in receiving more scientology services OR even someone completely antagonistic to everything scientology.

    Those who are completely antagonistic tend to go away on their own without be told to — then, others come and try to sow seeds of dissension. BUT I like their occasional presence because I can usually sense what they are up to very quickly.

    This blog is a GREAT place to “test” my perceptions — and all I need is ME, a computer and the internet.

    I don’t need no stinkin’ Super Power Building 🙂

    Love to you all,

  83. To you all, Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks Marty for the wonderful blog.Love to you all this Holiday Season.
    Carol and David

  84. Did she have any turkey? 🙂

  85. Happy Thanksgiving Tony. 🙂

  86. Here’s a song that perhaps sums up the sincere, admirable, needed and beautiful vibes that can be found here.

    May everyday be a Holiday.

  87. No. She loved Karry’s home made cranberry dressing though!

  88. Just great!
    Love it.

  89. My Mom passed away peacefully with family present, a reunited family that had been torn apart by disconnection, Thanks to all here for your support in helping my postulate of a united family come true. I got to spend time with my Mom making her comfortable, and for this time I am very thankful. She is a spiritual being who will live forever, and I give thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for making me realize that we are all spiritual beings who have immortality, and without that awareness this period of time would be very difficult.

    Love to all,
    Catherine von Ach

  90. Catherine,

    I am so happy to hear of your GREAT news regarding reconnection with your son! Absolutely wonderful news!

  91. Karen and Oracle,

    Both of you have got the magic. Beautifully said.


  92. She is the girl! 🙂 #1 🙂 THE LADY! 🙂 I did the same in addition to soy acidphilus yogurt in peach and strawberry to help my digestion.

  93. Tom M. {targetted} 🙂 Guess what Tom, seeing as how we are on the topic of Thanksgiving? I haven’t had turkey in 15 years! I am not deprived either, just a vegetarian and I had a really good Thanksgiving. So is Karen #1.

  94. TroubleShooter

    Lady Min,

    We haven’t met yet but your story touched me when I read it and it’s made my day to read your post of seeing him again and restoring communication with him. I’ve already had a great day reuniting with someone I’ve always cared about and who I recently found is OUT and your post here is the cherry on top. Congratulations on the progress and I wish you great success and happiness as your family ties strengthen.

  95. TroubleShooter

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    There is peace that comes with knowing that this ending is followed by a new beginning. Sometimes it’s difficult to experience even when you KNOW this but that’s ok too right?

    Thank you for being there with her and giving the comfort to her that you did it definitely helped her through the experience that I have yet to meet someone who isn’t scared of it happening even when they know they’ll be back – you did a wonderful thing there.

  96. Catherine,

    I feel assure that your Mother and family members have been blessed by your understanding and knowledge.

    Many say “Thanks” for making better tomorrows, as well as, yesterdays.

  97. Tony DePhillips

    Beautiful post Karen.

  98. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Lawrence.

  99. Tony DePhillips

    If any of you get too down here is a nice extroversion technique!!

  100. Tony Dephillips

    You have magical comm Oracle.

  101. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 2356.

  102. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ingrid, just need to say; “it’s all so beautiful” and emphasizes the powerful effects of GRATITUDE, when truly expressed!!! I would really like to say, to the one man, to whom I am most eternally grateful, especially those “replies” and acknowledge. ments, to each and every letter sent to him, by my then young but, gung-ho family! We ALL appreciated YOU, Ron, for your untiring love, warmth and caring and boundless insight and wisdom. You shared it with one and all and made it possible for each of us to move out of the darkness, into the light.

    My eternal love and gratitude, Li’ll bit

  103. I am Thankful that no Regs came to my house today….

  104. Li'll bit of stuff

    Barney, we gotta REALLY feel for them and hope that,sometime somewhere, somehow,THEY can just get THE MESSAGE, that their future (if not their eternity) beckons them OUTSIDE of COB Scientology ! So,to you COB, I say; Stick your billion year contract up your reptilian ass, you certifiable,sick little dwarf from HELL !! In fact, the sooner YOU move OFF lines,back to your kin in the cauldron, the better. Now just piss off, you’re not wanted here !!! ( on THIS planet, or any other, not now, not EVER again ( not even in a billion years ) Stupid ASSHOLE!!

    Oh, yes COB,our collective THANKS GIVING message! F— OFF!!

  105. Li'll bit of stuff

    Me too! ‘specially the imminent death of the Church of In$anity!

  106. Li'll bit of stuff


    I’m sure that each and every one of us feels your pain in the
    {physical) loss of your dear Mother. Perhaps, you may draw some comfort, in the wise words of the great Khalil Gibran in ‘The Prophet” ( referring to:-.”after departing the body.”.).

    “……..THEN shall you truly soar !!……..” Much love, Li’ll bit

  107. Li'll bit of stuff

    Catherine, another gem from the same book; ” …a while……. a rest upon the wind.. and.. another woman shall bear me…

  108. theoracle,

    Wow, so plain, clear and basic.

    Thanks for that!

  109. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Rachel,

    Thanks again, for sharing this with us.The greatest ability we do share with one another via Marty’s theta blog, is to simply create and communicate the abundant ARC to be given and experienced as individuals and as a group. At the end of the day,(per LRH’s FACTORS,) isn’t THAT the reason for which WE created this game of Universe in the first place ??

    An all time favourite of mine from Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet”,

    ” ……a while….a rest upon the wind…and another woman shall bear me…..” THANKS BE TO YOU love, Li’ll bit

  110. +1
    It was beautiful!!

  111. Catherine,

    I am truly happy for you, your son and your family!!!

  112. Catherine, I wish you the best, and I pray that your mother’s journey is as painless as possible. I am very happy that you were able to reunite with your son. Having had the “choice” myself to disconnect from my dad at the tender age of 19 (which I did not do), I know that eventually, a boy needs his mom. Happy Thanksgiving!

  113. Vaya con Dios to you and your family – and your mother.

    A quote from the most incredible obituary ever written (http://www.bartleby.com/237/2.html):

    A rift in the clouds in a gray day threw a shaft of sunlight upon her coffin as her nervous, energetic little body sank to its last sleep. But the soul of her, the glowing, gorgeous, fervent soul of her, surely was flaming in eager joy upon some other dawn.

    Peace to you.

  114. TroubleShooter


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