Claire Yurdin Goes Independent

Dear All:

I have resigned from the Church of Scientology under its current leadership by writing a letter of resignation to the Ethics Officers and MAAs of all the orgs where I have been on lines since becoming a Scientologist in 1969. I am now an Independent Scientologist.

The letter is below:


Dear Ethics Officer/MAA:

I have completed Doubt on remaining a member of the Church of Scientology under its current leadership and have decided to resign as a member of the current Church. Per step 6 of the Doubt formula, I am announcing this to you, the Ethics Officers and MAAs of the orgs where I have been on lines since becoming a Scientologist in 1969. I am now an Independent Scientologist.

Here is my Scientology resume:

  • OT 4, mid OT 5
  • HDC Class 4 (both pre-Golden Age of Tech, both interned)
  • Superliterate
  • Minister’s Course, PTS S/P Course; Route to Infinity (Freewinds)
  • Range of smaller courses
  • Staff admin hatting courses
  • Founding staff member of Paris Org (staff there for three years) where I rose to Org officer.
  • Staff for one year on NY Day
  • Audited for six months at the oldFifth AvenueMission, NYC
  • Staff for five years at the Delphian School,Sheridan,OR, where I was a curriculum developer and taught high school French

I felt for a long time that something was wrong, but could not figure out what it could be. I observed a growing number of outpoints. I wrote a report on anything I personally observed that was off-policy or out-ethics. However, I did not look at the anti-Scientology websites, dismissing them as the work of crazies.

The light first dawned for me with the March 6, 2010 New York Times article about Christie Collbran’s tortuous departure from the Sea org. It is hard to ignore the New York Times. But what truly riveted my attention were links in the online article to the June 21, 2009 articles in the St. Petersburg Times (not a paper I usually read), by Childs and Tobin, interviewing Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder about their departure from the Church. Rathbun and Rinder were #2 and #3 international executives for years and could not be dismissed. Their revelation that the current head of the Church, David Miscavige, regularly assaulted his staff shocked me terribly, among other things. A few weeks later, Anderson Cooper of CNN (another source hard to ignore) devoted a week to interviewing high-level departed executives on the topic of Miscavige’s propensity for assault. Marty appeared with Anderson Cooper. It was impossible to ignore what these longstanding former executives of the Church said and impossible to ignore Rathbun and Rinder, both highly credible sources.

Going online and becoming a regular reader of Marty’s blog and other websites, I found more and more corroboration from unrelated sources as the development of blogs and websites has enabled people to speak up online at no cost. The increasing number of outpoints I had observed started to make sense. Gaining power by a coup, David Miscavige, who has increasingly revealed himself to be a true Suppressive Person, has eliminated the checks and balances that once existed in the Church and cowed or exiled any opposition he may have had, it would appear.

Outpoints I have noted include:

  • There has been an unrelenting campaign to build huge expensive buildings, unwarranted by the size of their field and delivery statistics. {Note: This is especially true in my home area ofSeattle.] These are financed by demanding donations from Church members. This is out-policy. See HCOPL 23 Sept. 1970 Quarters, Policy Regarding on org premises. See HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II Org Programming on demanding donations for buildings. These huge expensive buildings are also out-gradient
  • The org staffs remain paid a pittance while the head of the Church has a lavish lifestyle and these expensive buildings are built. This is an outpoint.
  • Flag has been sending promotions for delivering grades, thereby undercutting the lower orgs, which are supposed to specialize in them. Flag is supposed to concentrate on higher level services. This is out-policy. See HCOPL 23 Nov 1969 Allowed Technical Services
  • Flag has been boasting in its promotions of speed of delivery. This is out-policy. See HCOPL 17 June 1970 RB Rev 25 Oct. 1983 Technical Degrades
  • I receive floods of email from orgs where I have never been and never will be. I called the central database I/C to ask that I only be sent email from the orgs where I am currently on lines and was told that this would be done. It was not. This is enforced communication (out Code of Honor). (I have marked them as spam in my email program.)
  • The Golden Age of Tech was launched, implying that LRH, who spent his life training people and is the source of the subject, had failed to give us the right way of training. This is out-policy. See HCOPL 7 Feb. 1965 Keeping Scientology Working, HCBO 8 March 1962 The Bad Auditor, HCBO 22 January 1977 In-Tech, The Only Way to Achieve It.
  • It appears that Miscavige has redefined F/N from what LRH gave us to say that the needle must swing at least three times. This is nowhere written by LRH and is out-tech. Overrun must be occurring on a massive scale. This is out-tech.
  • There has been a degrade of study tech in the Basics program, which tells the student look up a misunderstood word in the glossary rather than use a dictionary. This is out-tech.  See HCBO 23 March 1978RB Word Clearing Series 59 Clearing Words
  • The runway to auditor training has been lengthened by putting in long pre-requisite courses (Pro TRs,Upper Indocs, Pro Metering, and the Basics, which takes over a year all by itself.) The result is very few auditors trained. This is out gradient and hence out-tech. As co-auditing is the practical means by which auditing can occur on a great scale, the number of people being audited is extremely curtailed.
  • Sea Org members have been forbidden to have children since 1986. There has been no family time with existing children allowed since 1987. This is an enforced blocking of a dynamic when LRH stressed balance of the dynamics. See Fundamentals of Thought, Chapter 4 The Eight Dynamics.
  • There has been a suppressive application of disconnection, breaking up families. This is a misapplication of PTS/SP technology. This is out-tech. See “PTSness and Disconnection,” Introduction to Scientology Ethics (1998). Disconnection is now being used, in fact, as a political tool.
  • The prices for auditing and courses are so high that the average middle income person cannot afford them. This is an outpoint.
  • The e- meter, an essential auditing tool, is priced at over $4000 and probably costs about $200 to make. (I thought we were supposed to be clearing the planet.) This is an outpoint.
  • The supposed statistics of great expansion from Management are false. One has only to walk into one’s empty local org to see this. This is an out point.
  • My OT 5 has been very poorly handled.

The statements of OT VIIIs Geir Isene ( and Luis Garcia ( could not be dismissed either. Both Geir and Luis are highly intelligent and credible.

I am grateful for my many gains and wins in Scientology and continue daily use of the spiritual and mental technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Should the leadership and direction of the Church change for the better, I would consider rejoining. Please remove me from your mail, email, and telephone lists at this time, however.


I won’t describe the levels of shock, horror, and personal loss I have felt or the difficulty in confronting all this and arriving at this moment as the participants in this blog are surely familiar with same.

It is beyond pitiful that Miscavige has not been handled internally long ago and that we are relying on journalists and bloggers for information and hoping the FBI will march in to put in ethics on our church from the outside.

I remain devoted to the spiritual, mental, and ethics, technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Once Miscavige falls, as fall he must, the Church needs to be reorganized so such a person cannot again seize and maintain control. As we know, LRH was not a fan of democracy. (“The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank. Thetans without banks have different responses. They only have their banks on common. They agree then only on bank principles,” HCPOL 7 Feb. 1965 Keeping Scientology Working).  Note that LRH wrote that before he developed the Upper Bridge.

Perhaps there could be a convention of OT 7s and above to choose the CEO of the Church. At those case levels, the bank is no longer an issue.  This would be somewhat like the College of Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church, which chooses the Pope. All OT 7s and above could be invited. Candidates for CEO position would make a presentation and the group would vote to choose one.  The CEO would report to the OT group regularly and could be removed by a 60% vote of same if need be.

It does not hurt to think ahead a bit.

With thanks to those courageous Independents who have preceded me,

Claire Yurdin (Adams, Luhrs)

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  1. Good for you Claire! Welcome out!

  2. Claire,

    Well said and welcome.


  3. Welcome Claire to the Freezone or Independent Field.

    LRH said that we only have trouble when there are poor results or no results. He was referring to the tech.

    I am reminded of how much Scientologists put up with when they are still in the COS. They won’t put up with poor results or no results.
    If you can attend the 10th Annual Freezone Convention. Originally Rey Robles, who is holding it this year, was going to have the subject of the convention “Para-Scientology” something that usually interests everyone. Whether he is sticking to that idea or has moved to another theme I don’t know.

    The convention is in Los Vegas this Dec 2nd in the evening, and 3,4th during the day. For details call Leslie at 775-971-9419.

    You may rest assured that there is excellent tech in the freezone. True it is Buyer Beware but Success Stories tell the truth. There are many posted at

    Enjoy the freezone for its diversity. It is kind of grass roots here, more like it was in the 1950’s, with people delivering tech in there homes. More and more groups are starting up. The entire bridge is available.

  4. Correction, last paragraph, should be in “their” homes. Can’t believe I did that!

  5. Excellent, Claire. Well said!

    One only need to LOOK at the current communications of the church to know that the church is no longer involved in Scientology. Scientology lives in independence.

  6. Congratulations, Claire. Welcome to the sweet light of truth and freedom. Thank you for your very well written announcement and for your courage to make a public stand. You have earned the friendship and support of a very valuable group of self-determined individuals.

    As an aside: Did you live in Austin for a short while? Your name is familiar to me.

  7. Good luck to you Claire and hopefully you will find many good friends and enjoy your life “outside” the “Co$”.


  8. Thanks Claire. Spot on observations & write up. Welcome.

  9. Welcome and thank you. Wonderful write up AND I actually love the idea of a group of OT7s at a convention. Excellent idea.


  10. Hi!

    Very happy to see you come aboard!

    I agree with your idea of a conclave of bankless Beings gathering together to Keep Scientology Working

  11. Click to access command-channels-of-scientology.pdf

    The “Command Channels” booklet has loads of relevant info for whomever is going to reform the Scientology top ranks current dictatorship.

    Even though LRH was anti-democratic in Keeping Scientology Working, that’s absolutely clear, LRH didn’t leave the movement with a dictatorship.

    The Command Channels booklet is more the summary overall picture of what LRH left the movement to govern itself by.

    In the years to come, I hope the above link stays up, and people download this info, and keep sharing it.

  12. Well done Clarie! Eyes wide open for sure! thank you for your story .What a Happy time this is becoming, the giving of truth to others.

    ML Carol

  13. Andrew Robertson

    Can one learn from history, Claire? The Thermidorian Reaction was a revolt during the French Revolution against the excesses of Maximilien de Robespierre’s Reign of Terror. Though the sole remaining strong man of the Revolution (following the assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, and the executions of Georges Danton and Jacques Hébert), Robespierre’s apparently total grasp on power was, in fact, increasingly illusory, his only support being the Jacobin Club. On 27 July 1794 the Convention declared him an outlaw and he was arrested and his power and authority abruptly ceased.


  14. Thank you for the magnificent statement Claire!

  15. TroubleShooter

    “Perhaps there could be a convention of OT 7s and above to choose the CEO of the Church. At those case levels, the bank is no longer an issue. This would be somewhat like the College of Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church, which chooses the Pope. All OT 7s and above could be invited. Candidates for CEO position would make a presentation and the group would vote to choose one. The CEO would report to the OT group regularly and could be removed by a 60% vote of same if need be.”

    Wonderful formula Claire. I recently had a realization on the title Marty chose for his blog – BOINK! It was while reading the recent articles on the Mission network – BOINK!!! “Oh I GET it!!! I DO feel like I’ve moved up a little higher!!!!”

    It’s posts like yours Claire that blow some charge or validate something or indicate that causes the move.

    Let me add one correction if you please:
    “Perhaps there could be a convention of OT 7s and above to choose the CEO of the Church. At those case levels, the bank is no longer an issue. This would be somewhat like the College of Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church, which chooses the Pope. All OT 7s and above could be invited. Candidates for CEO position would make a presentation and the group would vote to choose one. The CEO would report to the OT group regularly and could be removed by a 60% vote of same if need be.”

    I don’t know about you Claire but I sure as hell wouldn’t put my church into the hands of OT VIIs unless they were veteran staff/SO with proven stats and by survey were found to be treasured by those who worked above and below them….I’ve known too many VIIs who don’t measure up to true leaders just as I’ve met pcs not yet Clear who DO.

    Congratulations on your freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Welcome Claire,

    Reading your post got me wondering when entire orgs will leave the fold rather than just individuals.

    Battleship Potemkin.

    Which org will be the first? Which will have the courage?

    Now, that would be a worthy Birthday Goal: have at least one org completely desert the church after handling their doubt formulas.


  17. Floating Needle

    Welcome Claire. Great idea on how to to elect the next CEO… brilliant!

  18. Hi Claire,
    Nice to have your voice here. I believe that it will be well-executed doubt formulas that will bring this ship around and get it on course. Yours was well executed.

  19. Thank you Claire for your wonderful write-up and for having the courage to stand up and clearly say; “thanks, but no more”. Your courage and integrity are back and no longer will you be part of a machine that has invented a brand new GPM – “The freer you get-the more you get trapped”.

    ML Tom


  21. Welcome Claire! Neither you nor your writeup can be dismissed. We embrace you. Rachel

  22. Welcome Claire! Great write up. You should be able to get your NOT’s sorted out fairly quickly.

    Yes, the training line up has been totally booby trapped, what with DM’s “GAT”. The biggest sin is No Application. The next biggest is Mis-Application, The third is Application for selfish ends, which is a subtle form of non-application. This last one is what DMology is all about, and is a pastime for the gutless wonders who dare not play a game for fear of losing.

    Making Auditors is easy. It takes way longer to make slaves.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Claire!!
    VWD !! We would love to add you to our group here in Seattle now that you are officially an SP. We only take the best!!

  24. Impartial English Girl

    Wow – brave and smart letter. Good luck to you, Ms. Yurdin, for a long and happy future.

    Love to all,

    IEG xx

  25. Congratulations! I can relate to the levels of shock, horror, and personal loss you have felt or the difficulty in confronting all this and arriving at this moment. You are right, I’m very familiar with it.

    I don’t believe we’ve ever met. How long have you lived in Seattle? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to meet you in person.

    Marie-Joe, Seattle, WA

  26. Congratulations Claire on withdrawing your support from an truly suppressive group.

    If you want to stop the spam emails here’s a surefire way. Hit reply and in the body of the return email copy & paste any one of Marty’s blog posts. Don’t just put the link because they’d have to click on it and if anyone is monitoring the sites the staff visit, they’d be found out. Paste in the entire post, comments & all. Any of the posts on the IAS are always good to send. Or better yet, copy & paste any of the recent SP Times articles. Those recent articles have OSA in a spin. You just never know which staff member will read your email and head for the door. OSA doesn’t know either! Your email address will be deleted in a flash.

  27. Well done, Claire!

  28. Very well done, Claire. I know how you felt seeing many outpoints and still not able to put a finger on THE outness.
    May you never be the same again.

  29. Grendel's Mother

    Claire – well done and thank you for your write up!

    But, I have to add my voice to TS’s – there is no way in hell that I would trust the current RCS OT7s with the future of True Scientology. The ones I know – and, again, this is the Miscavige 7s, not the indies – are morally bankrupt, ethically criminal and guilty of deception, pain and betrayal on a scale that is unbelievable unless you have been a victim.

  30. I would think that the ED and crew who have the courage to do that — maybe at the same time walking away from their Idle Org and obtaining affordable premises and (revolutionary act) actually delivering some auditing, with all donation regging banned — might go down in history as “some of you born revolutionists”, saving Scientology from the church.

  31. Bert Schippers

    Claire, Thank you for speaking out! Everyone who does helps bring the suppressive regime to an end!

  32. WWD, for now this is one of the best declaration of Indipendence ever read. Gongratulation for your freedom.

  33. Welcome and thanks for detailing how you arrived at your decision.

    People will put up with, and ignore, a lot if they THINK they are getting Scientology. This complacency is reinforced by CofS convincing people that they “are the only game in town”. It is further strengthened by public who have their personal, familial and financial lives entrenched within CofS circles. But when public start confronting they are not getting (or contributing) to Scientology at all – that is another matter.

    Donald Trump wrote when assessing an endeavor or opportunity people should ask themselves “What (out-points) are you pretending to NOT notice”. Love or hate him it is a good question to ask.

    It seems those public who ask, and answer, this question and are concluding:

    . International events are based on lies.

    . Orgs are not full and their product of auditors made and PCs audited are in sharp decline.

    .Total Church membership (and goodwill) is crashing.

    .DM’s programs are not fixing these problems; they are creating them.

    . Delivering Scientology is not the emphasis. The only stat that may be rising is “DEMAND FOR MONEY” which is in affluence (I would say power but the vertical “upward trend” would have to level off first to call it power – that will not be happening anytime soon)

  34. Puts a smile on my face mocking that one up.

  35. I gotta go with TS and GM…

  36. Theo Sismanides

    Claire, that’s so good! If all and everyone start doing that…. thank you!

  37. Happy chuckle here too!

  38. Hi Claire, Congratulations on making your announcement. Looks like it’s time to get together for that coffee we talked about, now that you’ve declared. Love, Lynne

  39. FCDC Class of 1974

    Yes welcome Claire I loved your providing source to your write up have not seen or heard that done in awhile. Oh and Tony that “official SPs” description made me howl. We independants are offensive to some one and he is DM, the procaimer of official sps.

  40. “I felt for a long time that something was wrong, but could not figure out what it could be.”


  41. Yvonne:

    We lived in Austin for three years and you phoned me. We met in person at Flag, however. Knowing how active you and Ken had been in Austin Scientology, I was really struck when you resigned.

  42. Hello Claire.
    Season’s greetings.

  43. I’ve often thought of the Thermidorian Reaction opposition to Robespierre as two insane groups trying to enforce their version of freedom on the collective French psyche. Robespierre is a fascinating character. I believe one of his famous quotes is, “We will force the people to be free.” From a Scientology perspective, you wonder where he was on the Tone Scale, and his capacity as a “liberator.”

    Its funny you mentioned that because I was just reading a book about the archetypal significances of the French Revolution.

    Congrats to Claire too. 🙂

  44. Welcome, Claire! A well-observed and documented write-up, well done. You’ve got guts!
    Best wishes, Rich

  45. Yes, I concur, that is a fair call and I would go as far as anyone involved with the GAT requires a very cautious assessment. Original LRH checksheets are the go.
    Ethics is the door which leads out of this mess.

  46. Great suggestion. I had pasted in my announcement but I like this idea even better.

  47. Andrew:
    Interesting that you bring up Robespierre and the Reign of Terror as an analogy. We have had our very own Reign of Terror with DM opponents declared SP rather than guillotined without a trial, however.

    We have seen the fall of a string of dictators recently (Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, and Qaddafi in Libya), fueled by use of the new media. And we are using the new media as well. I read that the Egyptian students would wave their cell phones and say “This is our weapon.” It does give one hope.


  48. Congratulations on being vocal and speaking out about ‘the elephant in the room’.

  49. TroubleShooter & Grendel’s Mother:

    Good points. There are indeed OT 7s who are what you say and those under Clear who are sterling. Ethics can go out at any level.

    We do need to think of an way to keep a DM from getting in and staying in again.

  50. Hi Colwell,

    I remember you from New York Org days.


  51. Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome. I really appreciate it.

  52. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Claire,

    Congratulations!! First big step VERY thoroughly accomplished
    You may, or may not, be aware of the Second step; variously described as; re-balancing, de-compression, re-balancing, etc that I believe MOST on this site,have / had to work through.
    Though the time taken to ” re-gather ” one’s stable data and
    re-establishing TRUST, surely varies greatly, from person to person, the SHEER VOLUME of THETA freely available to you
    right HERE on Marty’s “POWERHOUSE” blog, will make it seem like a “breeze!!!!”

    Welcome BACK to REAL SCIENTOLOGY, CLAIRE and may
    you enjoy ALL the THETA , ARC , FUN, PRANKS and LAUGHTER available, which is what going FREE is all about!!

    Lots’a luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  53. Great idea on the council of OT7s and above to vote on the leadership and it’s performance.

  54. >> Perhaps there could be a convention of OT 7s and above to choose the CEO of the Church. At those case levels, the bank is no longer an issue.

    I’m one of those who believes the current “church” is beyond being reformed, but having said that, I would rather have a group of class 12 auditors and OEC/FEBC graduates pick the new “CEO”. I’m not sure that just being OT 7 would be enough. Also, it should be a group of public, staff and Sea Org members. Currently the “church” is completely run by the Sea Org, and the current Sea Org is a cult. There needs to be a lot more transparency. Currently, there is none and the current “church” is nothing more than a PR machine.

  55. Claire, what a wonderful person to meet. And I mean that in whole. Your observations are SPOT ON per and based on true actual LRH references that have been cast aside while the current leadership of the church disguises their out-ethics and O/W’s by degrading the tech LRH left. I had case gain reading your Doubt Formula. Hats off to you Claire. Hats OFF! 🙂

  56. I’m hoping others were “struck” as well. Happy to reconnect with you in this way. I remember the phone conversations and meeting at Flag now. Congrats again.

  57. I would love to see an unauthorized body of:
    Admin people, especially DSECs with a proven track record of HONEST production
    Auditors, especially Class VIIIs with a proven track record of HONEST production
    Ethics terminals with a proven track record of HONEST production

    …get these folks together and do a real plus-point eval and an out-point eval and forward these evals to those in the independent field who are wanting to get the show on the road in whatever capacity.

    There certainly is a huge body of accurate data to draw from just here on this blog.

    OT VII is fine, but without the training they lack the KRC.

  58. Yeah Claire! That’s the 5th Ave Mission spirit! Bienvenue!

  59. old OT 8 in a young bod

    Congrats Claire! Another being with integrity is free!!! Woo-hooo!

  60. Mimsey Borogrove

    Hi Claire – let me ask you a question or two – why not a council of trained auditors instead of OT’s? I would think they would have a better understanding of Ron’s goals than an untrained person. Or what about judging the candidates based on their stats? Like, has the person run a successful org or mission? Shouldn’t the electing and voting conncil be made of persons with a proven track record of delivery?

    What do you think?


  61. L’ll Bit:

    Glad you mentioned the Second Step, which has been upon me. There is a definite decompression and re-orientation underway. Daily walks are helpful in re-stabilizing. This blog is indeed a great help.


  62. A standard Doubt Formula – beautiful.
    Very well done and welcome to the Indies!!!

  63. Congratulations Claire! Welcome to the free and true world of Scientology. Your observations are spot on. Reading you, I had a realization that with each person stepping out into the light and making these type of observations about the RCS, we are creating a new reality. One that is based on truth. Remember that story about a civilization floating in space? When enough people postulated “it can’t just float in space,” it collapsed. I see this happening with RCS. With each person that comes out publicly and states his/her observations… the postulate grows stronger… new reality… KABOOM!

    Very well done, Claire!


  64. Claire – welcome. Your public annoucement is excellent.

  65. Les,

    Totally with you on this one. IT’S ABOUT PRODUCTS, not case level, or even training received. I have seen the greatest products done by people who were not “certified.” And by contrast, I have seen flagrant overt products by people who had many diplomas on their wall. Of course, the best combination would be trained, processed and able to turn out great products. But I would never never put any person in any position of responsibility without examining his/her production record. Incidentally, that is one thing wrong with our political system. Production rarely gets looked at.

  66. Congratulations Claire !
    Those BULLET points were damned good !
    Well spoken.
    Warm welcome and high fives to you !

  67. Wow! So awesome for you to be here.
    I know everything you write to be true.
    I like your ideas for the future as well!

  68. Claire,

    What a fabulous announcement! Your kindness and care show! Welcome!

  69. Tony,

    Y’all are stompin Texas in Indie numbers! I’m gonna blame it on the drought.

  70. plainoldthetan

    I would add some level of auditor training, like interned Class VI to the convention attendees. Just my $0.02.

    Having worked in a company with a pile of untrained OT VIIs, I can testify that the training side is as vital as the processing side.

  71. Right on Luis! 🙂 I agree. 🙂

  72. Mimsey:

    I was trying to deal with LRH’s objections to democracy as bank agreement.

    However, I think trained auditors and administrators with solid track records have a very strong understanding of LRH’s goals and a high level of KRC from training and experience, regardless of case level.

    Perhaps we could take a two-step approach. Maybe OT 7s could nominate and vote for a council, composed largely of auditors and administrators with strong records. And this council could elect a CEO for a designated term. (Upon thought, I think a specified term is needed in the equation.)

    This is as far as I can see right now.


  73. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Claire —
    Well done on the doubt formula and what a great letter. Welcome out!

    Luis is right: A new reality is being created based on truth. Every person who leaves the church and announces why flows a little strength to the next person struggling with their own doubt.

  74. Peeple have gotten so uzed to mizspellings on the forums tha we dough never notiz ennymor.

  75. TroubleShooter

    Right On GM
    VIIs who got cob’s mob job had to learn how to do what they were told as A REQUIREMENT to be “EPed” on the level, at least per my observation of watching so many of them “auditing on board”…I was so so so so so relieved when I saw the OT VIIs and VIIIs coming out on the blog!!!!!! It gave me proof that some actually DID think for themselves and weren’t afraid to say so. Thank f’n GOD!

  76. TroubleShooter

    Yeah me too!

  77. TroubleShooter

    Amen brotha

  78. Luis:

    Absolutely love your idea of creating the the new reality! And how the old reality of the current C of S will become weaker and weaker as agreement is withdrawn and eventually collapse without the firing of a single gun.


  79. Nice move Claire. Truth prevails Your summation spells it out. Welcome to the land of the free.

  80. Hi Claire-Boy are you in for some good times now and great friends. Welcomr to the new world!!!

  81. Chuck

    Thank you for posting the Command Channels link. When I was on staff we all got and had to check out on that data, but I left it in my staff Hat Pack when I left. God to have the reference again.

    Eric S

  82. Hmmm….

    Would you believe… “Good to have the reference again.”?

    Eric S

  83. Tony DePhillips

    Both sides are building islands of sanity. Let’s meet in the middle, maybe Vegas? 🙂

  84. Yes, we can change the world. Let’s keep it up.

  85. Thanks for the ack, Claire. And an ack right back at you for voting with your feet 😉

  86. TroubleShooter

    Personally I consider it would be fine to have an OT council, but I have no interest in anyone becoming the CEO, COB, Grand Poobah, or any such thing.

    I prefer the concept of running things the way the Exec Councils were set to run. It is not “democracy” at all. What I remember it to be was the concept that there are representatives from each area (Secretaries and above) and that a consensus was required in order to pass something.

    I really liked the format because, besides representing the needs and goals of our own area, we also had to keep in mind the “greatest good for the whole Org” and each of its parts. We had to exercise a “pan-determined view”.

    True, it is going to take some pretty aware people, with expansive viewpoints, and high ARC and KRC to really make it excel, but we have that kind of people, (and some of them are not even “certified” OT as yet), and we are capable of guiding more to that awareness level.

    I think that the “command structure” , or Org Board, that L. Ron Hubbard set up, has excellent potential. But the people that take the management posts ( or ANY post optimally) have to be able and willing to really BE their post.

    The only real flaw that I see with LRH’s last org board is that it tends to be lopsided toward “management” posts. I would at least like to see that everyone who holds a management post should have minimum Admin AND Tech hatting. I have no confidence it putting the Technologies of Dianetics and Scientology in the hands of anyone who is not fluent with that Tech, however well Admin hatted they may be. Of course I would also not put a purely Tech trained person into an admin post unless they were also trained suitably in the Admin requirements of that post. I feel that higher and higher ARC and KRC are necessary the higher one is posted on the “Org Board”.

    Just some of my thoughts on the subject.

    Eric S

  87. Michael

    …”Reading your post got me wondering when entire orgs will leave the fold rather than just individuals.”

    Yes… I have been looking at that one too lately. That evolution will be a major shift in the dynamics of this whole game methinks.

    Eric S

  88. Sounds good! 🙂

  89. Louis and Les

    Totally with you both on this. See my post above, to TroubleShooter.

  90. Tony Dephillips

    Plus100!! Awesome idea!

  91. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Geir!

  92. Luis, thank you for saying that. While, personally, I’m proud of my certs, the only thing anyone should care about are my products. The most compent OTs I know NEVER talk about their case level. The craziest theetie weetie OTs I know wear their “OT status” as a badge on their forehead.

    Some of the wackiest, out of touch, ARC Breaky people I know are OT VIIs, and some of the squirreliest people I know are FEBC’s or Class VI’s.

    PRODUCTS are the only things that matter. People who actually produce them are comfortable in their own skin and let the products speak for themselves.

  93. Hi Claire,

    What a fantastic gift to get another Independent Scientologist declaring her personal freedom.

    This is what I really want for Christmas – more Indies to come out publicly!

  94. Don,
    As far as DEMAND FOR MONEY, AOLA has an all hands going to reg money from public to buy LRH fiction novels to be given to foster children for Christmas. I doubt the church has surveyed the foster children area to find out what they do want (like they obviously didn’t survey all the libraries). I guess Author Services is not going to let go of any of their massive profits and do a pure donation, but staff can now be in a position to make public wrong for not helping these children. And then, aren’t LRH fiction books more geared toward adult readers?? Anyway, another instance of a silly “bright idea” with the underlying intention to rip-off the Scientology public some more.

  95. Quite right Eric. I’d love to see any staff in a future org be auditors first, the current Class V minimum before joining staff. There is nothing worse than admin staff not trained in auditing Tech – they donot really understand what LRH was about in the first place and are very liable to give wrong advice to raw public coming onlines. The real reality of what LRH was about comes only in the auditor’s chair, personally experiencing the person in front shoot uptone at the end of a standardly applied session. And not just one session, some 4 to 500 hours giving auditing to different people.

    I’ve seen Admin staff handling public make huge blunders because they did not really see the person in front of them – all they were really interested in was their stat on Thursday 2 pm. Lack of tech training and the wrong purpose.
    Which is another point that needs handling. The purpose of doing any job is not the stat on Thursday 2 pm or some other time in a week. The purpose is to help people get up the bridge, f**k the stats if necessary. My personal experience in this is: while I was concentrating on the end result of what I was doing, the stats looked after themselves. I soon learnt that “looking after the stat” soon crashed my ethics condition and quickly gave that up, filed under “useless and unworkable information”.
    In my personal business my main goal was “to have satisfied customers”, not xxxx income. That got, working on my own, 3 people up the Bridge, 2 to the old ( = before the “new” OT levels) OT 7 and myself to OT 3 (including what is called New OT 4) in just 5 years.

    In my humble opinion the current SO should be disbanded completely, never to be resurrected. Which is a pity for those in the SO having had honest purposes in joining and quickly got dragged down into the quagmire. With standard, in-ARC ethics handling they can be salvaged. Notice “IN-ARC”, not the sledgehammer tactics used today in the SO. Purpose cleaning up may be necessary too. I guess this is valid for all those on staffs of Class V and lower orgs as well.

    That so many “vote with their feet” is the greatest thing that has happened, is happening, since LRH issued the OT levels.
    Thanks to all of you, you bunch of great beings.

    Just my thoughts.

  96. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Félicitations / Congratulations Claire !!
    Bienvenue chez les Indépendents / welcome to the Independents !
    Great letter. Cheers & success galore to you ! Θ

  97. Very nice job, Claire! Another nice, clean upper cut to the jaw of the pontiff of evil. He’s going to require a standing eight count soon!

  98. Hey Claire, your idea of a sort of “conclave” to vote in a new “COB” as the Cardinals do a Pope is intriguing. I, for one, though am glad that the COS is losing members and slowly “withering away.” I am not for a reformed COS. I think a centralized, authoritative church that seeks to control all of its parishoners’ lives – including their spiritual “eternity” is a very BAD idea. Even if the church restricts itself just to spiritual matters (which centralized church authorities NEVER do by the way), the better way to go is toward freedom and self-determinism for those who want to practice Scientology. I’m not saying LRH was wrong in the 50s and 60s – he did what he had to do to establish and grow the first new major religion really since Islam. But, it’s a new day and a new age of communication. There’s no reason for one organization to control all prices for example of auditing throughout the world or for there to be an INTERNATIONAL justice chief that all Scientologists have to kowtow to. All these factors just result in the severe track dramatization of religion we see now in Scientology. And if you don’t think that’s true, just read the story of the Headleys (book “Blown for Good”) where two sets of parents have abandoned their children and grandchildren, and brothers and sisters have abandoned their siblings because they are in the grip of a fear mongering church. Or just look at what has happened with Mike Rinder’s family as well. No church or group should have this power over individuals’ lives. So I don’t really care any more who will run the COS. The org board is certainly a workable idea, but in the COS, it became bloated to the point of unworkability (CMO, WDC, FBO network, LRH Comm network, Guardian’s Office, then DSA network, yadda yadda yadda, all before Miscavige came on the scene – it didn’t just fail in it’s application; it was a good idea that didn’t know when to stop growing and becoming more and more complex – how about just a Qual division that does its job?). Independent Scientology will slowly but surely abandon the unworkable (or in practice, not workable) and/or untrue aspects of Scientology policy. In fact, it is ALREADY doing that, as your own essay explains. In Scientology policy, one never, EVER trusts the press in any way, as they never have any good intentions. We now know that absolute is not true, and not being under the COS’s rule, we do not have to agree or act under that datum. So, let’s keep exposing Miscavige and his COS and let it slowly waste away so that Scientology can be a free subject again for those people who really just want to gain spiritual enlightenment and help others to get it as well.

  99. Congratulations, Claire!

    I’m not a usual poster but want to congratulate you for a wonderful write-up. Thank you for having the courage, integrity and intelligence to speak out against these abuses and defend your rights.

    I loved your suggestion that OT7s take part in deciding who should manage Scientology because they would not be dramatizing bank. Of course you were referring to REAL OT7s, not the Miscaviage versions. As Marty stated, LRH never set up his mgmt legacy as a dictatorship. Don’t worry – the more you read here and in the Free Zone, the more you will be able to recover the original, on-source materials that were issued before DM altered them. You have some exciting, happy discoveries to make that will validate your knowingness!

    LRH gave a tech/admin ration of 2:1 tech to admin. All of Scientology should follow that and any org boards that do not would be suspiciously off-source.

    You are now part of a warm, free, in-tech, group. Enjoy yourself!

  100. Ha Ha ! Good reference — Battleship Potemkin!

  101. Congratulations Claire! Your training lineup sounds like mine,as it was A to B once upon a time. You mentioned that you were at Delphi. My husband was there in 1990, and he saw your picture and thought he knew you. Were you still there then?

  102. Claire, I don’t know if you know what became of 5th Avenue Mission, and Howard and Mary Rower Mission holders? They had kept that Mission going down in the village for decades and were considered the pillars of Scientology in New York. They were wholly dedicated and well loved. In their late 60’s when the finance police were put upon them by David Miscavige.. They refused to give up their bank accounts as they had set asides for their old age. They were declared and the mission closed. All staff and public except for one person followed them. The one person who did not committed suicide. The rest just vanished off the lines of Scientology. Howard and Mary were quite heart broken about it and passed away shortly thereafter. The finance police went after Helen Geltman at the upper West Side Mission and the same thing happened. Helen ended up on the street and Alan Walter took her in (She gave the finance police everything not to declare her, then they made her resign. She too was in her late 60’s) She passed away shortly thereafter also. This was all under command of David Miscavige. Needless to say without any missions in New York anymore, the New York Org is empty and mainly just a base for Sea Org EUS crew. A Mission in “Harlem” opened. Supposedly. It’s just on the upper East Side. They are calling it the Harlem Mission and it isn’t even in Harlem!

  103. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Claire, thank you and remember; It’s just a few clicks away

    Fun & Laughter STILL the VERY BEST MEDICINE! luv, Li’ll bit

  104. Claire,
    Tres bien fait, VWD!
    Really appreciate your excellent and standard Doubt formula and your ideas leading to ACTION!
    May you have an enjoyable decompression phase 🙂

  105. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dear Luis,

    You’ve nailed it ! KABOOM ! Nasty,nasty NASTY news for the
    COB, Church of IN$ANITY: ” Your MOTIVATOR is on it’s way as
    ordered by you “SIR”. It WILL be delivered as promised!!!!!!!!!

    Great to see YOU standing TALL for all the “doubters & lurkers”.
    pondering ” losing their eternity.” WAKE UP! YOU have been
    disgustingly CONNED into the BIGGEST BETRAYAL of your
    innate trust and goodwill imaginable !

    Luis. I sincerely hope that you have / will lodge the appropriate Lien/s necessary to recoup your assets from this MADMAN
    before he “scuttles ” them away TRUTH WILL PREVAIL and
    be manifested to HIM via impending motivator; KABOOM !

    KABOOM POWER to YOU and your family Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  106. Simply reinstating LRH’s checks and balances and requiring every terminal to make Bridge progress as auditor and pc (=no SP) would do the trick. The internet would provide transparancy. The basic reason for the highjacking was legal and not Tech, Admin nor Ethics. When things get desperate, do the usual.

  107. Chère Claire,
    Trés bien fait. Tu as du courage.
    Quelques unes de mes pensées:
    The french revolution was the culmination of the thinking of the french and english philosophers exchanging their ideas through letters and books -they weren’t at all happy about all the blood- . It’s called the age of enlightement (, and brought about the french and american revolution. All the freedoms we are enjoying today were postuled by this group of individuals (plural !).
    Nevertheless it took several 100ds of years for those dreams to become realtity to the western world, after the french revolution Napoleon took control and he killed millions of europeans through his wars.

    That the USA were founded was the finalization of the process that book printing was invented in the 15th century and the common people (a group of individuals, not a mob) were able to read the bible (the catholic church forbid that common people are aloud to read the bible, as they wouldn’t understand) and they found out that the catholic church was lying at them in order it could control them. This brought about the reformation (Martin Luther) and the pilgrim fathers (, a group of individuals, and finally the USA.
    The historiy of Scientology is nothing new. The same pattern occured many times in the history of mankind. Power corrupts and this has been finally proven by LRH himself when he founded the GO and SO and gave them unlimited power. Perhaps his intention was to teach us a lesson, so that we at the end take ourselves as millons of individuals, that can think to apply the tech, without any leader or i/c that tells us how to do it.
    Many Scientologists interpretate it the way that they think, they should follow an individual, who they think is above the bank (the same as they were following LRH and not thinking for themselves) as they think as a group they would generate bank agreements.
    Nowhere LRH says that !
    “The decent, pleasant things on this planet come
    from individual actions and ideas that have somehow gotten by the Group”
    He talks about individual actions (plural) and that a true group is made of individuals that perform individual actions and not a mob.
    The Internet that helps us to reach our freedoms (same importance as the invention of book printing) was build and thought out by many individuals, also a group, but they are not organized as a group with a hierarchy, leader etc..Nobody has control over the internet many are dreaming about to put it under their control or to have the monopoly over it.

    We don’t need any boards, orgs, leaders or authorities for us as millions of individuals to put KSW points 1-10 in. A philosophy is not an organisation or a poltical party, neither a church or whatever, it doesn’t need democracy or a leader or…..The only thing a philosophy needs is individuals that can think and apply it.


  108. Claire, Welcome to Scientology. I’ll tell you, the independants are the model for Ideal Orgs policy. Not surprisingly, DM has crashing MUs and has run his altitude and hidden data lines so hard on management that they have temorarily lost their own viewpoint. You are setting an example for others by showing them it is safe to look and have a viewpoint amd showing them how to return to the path of Scientology. You are Safeguarding the Tech.

    Great to have you here! Although I am not sure if we have met I am certain that we known some of the same people as I worked at Delphi in SF area for 17 years and dealt with the curriculum department often. Did you work in curriculum during the early years with Dave and Jay or later with Heron Books? I had done my training up there in the mid 80s and was part of the math and reading pilots in the 90s. We might have even met once at one of the HM conferences. Either way, there is always a special connection when you meet someone who has walked the same earth as you. Big hug and warm welcome.

  109. I had a funny experience with this. One of the orgs in LA was emailing me at least twice a day, every day. It just didn’t end until I sent one of Marty’s posts. But, first the person wrote back yelling at me for daring to spam her! You can’t make this stuff up. I couldn’t resist writing back reminding her who was spamming who. I was instantly off their list.

    ps. There’s a HUGE additional benefit to this. Not only will it get you off their email list, it gets you off their US postal list too.

  110. The backlash to disconnection: getting declared nowadays gains more friends than you loose.

  111. Li'll bit of stuff


    “Interchangeable” words, those two, (perhaps ?) Both theta
    anyway,okay? Brings into focus,though just how the score
    has turned in the “game”. Theta Indies +IO — CO$ -FLUNK!
    (mainly due to COB”s preoccupation with jerkin’ his Golden gerkin in the toilet -( we have pinhole camera proof! dwarf!)
    instead of “coaching” the COS with integrity,as he no doubt PROMISED LRH he would!!!!) Despicable little I.I LRH would
    have been been completely OUTRAGED and have” had YOU frogmarched to YOUR GOLDEN MANTLE PIECE, sprayed with GOLDEN GLITTER and made YOU,(complete with your said GOLDEN gerkin) do HARD WAY TR’S in front of a GOLDEN MIRROR for a continuous period of TWO BILLION YEARS!! while being forced to listen to FREDDIE MERCURY singing

    Ah! the air is SO refreshing outside the C of IN$ANITY Li’ll bit

  112. Brava Bravissima !!!
    Francesco & Luana

  113. Bernie — Your comment rings true. However, there was at least one LRH fiction book that was oriented toward a younger reading public, The Automagic Horse. I found this description on a site:

    “The Automagic Horse is a colorful blend of high adventure and boisterous fun — with a tantalizing touch of mystery — fashioned by one of the world’s master storytellers to excite and delight young imaginations everywhere.” Rachel

  114. Thanks for linking this Command Channels booklet, Chuck! I remember it now from “the olden days.” I personally think if this had been followed, we wouldn’t have the situation we have today. One thing I notice in the booklet is there is no IAS! And, the only photo I saw of a person was that of LRH. Yes, if we’d stayed on those command channels, life would be far different today than it is. Rachel

  115. I tried this.

    When I was in the process of leaving the church, which consisted of leaving staff as well, I submitted an assignment of Treason on myself, along with a recommendation that the whole staff assign themselves Treason for the same reasons.

    The reasons for the Treason assignments that I wrote were the failures to where the hat of applying the tech and policy. Some examples were the things that we talk about on this blog, such as failure to make auditors, taking straight donations, etc. It listed many specific non-standard actions that we had all gone into agreement with, and it followed each with the references that we were violating by doing those things.

    As it happened, my recommendation for all the staff to apply Treason was not heeded, and I was the only one who followed up and did the formula. In fact my recommendation never made it past the HAS so nobody (or at least very few) else got to read what I wrote.

    Theoretically, if the leaders of my org would have taken up my recommendation, it could have resulted in the whole org withdrawing their support. But apparently they are not ready for that yet.

    Dave Fagen

  116. Congratulations Claire! I wish the best for you and may that feeling of freedom always remain.

  117. Do you really think that OTVll’s that are currenly in the church are bankless? Witness the actions of John Allender and the squirrel busters! The current crop of OTVII’s is a feckless buch of pansies, they don’t have the brains or the balls to Keep Scientology Working. They have more money than brains to even stay in. A solution (Probably not the only solution) would be to have a temporary committee that would put in place the origional ideas of LRH. Staff it with the appropriate Staff and then step aside. I don’t think LRH ever wanted or needed a supreme leader, so don’t elect one. Just put in LRH.

  118. TroubleShooter

    Hats off to you Dave for trying.

  119. Tony DePhillips

    I guess this is the correct estimation of effort to get off of the mailing list!! LMAO…

  120. TroubleShooter

    “AOLA has an all hands going to reg money from public to buy LRH fiction novels to be given to foster children for Christmas.”

    The Mission Earth series is SOOOooooo not for kids it’s ridiculous to even consider those for this project. Whatever IS up cob’s sleeves is sure to provide entertainment as the predictable pattern of shooting themselves in the foot never fails.

    cob needs to create the illusion of a spike in LRH book sales somehow!! He has his New Year’s event coming up for gods sake! He’s scrambling or he’s sweating while he makes others do the scrambling to come up with some up-statistics to scream out. He must be giddy about the amount of bad pr he’s caused this past year which he’ll spin as a highest ever
    # of column inches on Scientology!!

    It’s going to take some work to keep the up the ruse this year when the # of hits on Marty’s blog, # of Scn celebrities who lost a competition on national tv and # of refund/repayment requests hitting highest evers this year cast such long shadows!!!

  121. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hello Rachel,

    Not quite on topic, but can you recall “Miracles For Breakfast” by Ruth Minshull ? It was a practical,operating manual for parents to “raise their kids” AND vice versa. Incredibly concise and truly workable, her personal application of LRH’s philosophy was a masterpiece! ( Still relevant today! ) His Royal LOWness,Prince of Darkness, (AND Buildings)
    and Notorious Founder of the Church of IN$ANITY, The dis-Honourable SIR DAVID MADCABBAGE, saw fit to WIPE this little GEM out of existence. Further evidence of his utter depravity,and sheer hatred of children!

    This IS the reincarnation of Hitler, chomping at the bit !!!

  122. Great job on following your gut and making it out the othe side.The way OUT is the way through. That was a fantastic and clear doubt formula, very easy to duplicate.

    In it you mentioned that you were staff at Delphi in Ore. Perhaps you knew my father? He has been at Delphi for 30 years. I have not spoken with him in over 20 years. After he sent me to the Sea Org at the age of 14. I left the Sea Org when I was 21 and my entire family disowned me. At the direction of my father and uncle. So anywho not trying to make it a long story here was just wondering if you mby had known him and could let me know anything?

    Hearing someone that was at delphi waking up sorta gives me a little hope. with all that said I’m just as happy and proud of you for doing the right thing and remaining true to your personell integrety.


  123. Yeah! let’s all meet in Vegas! I will host a BBQ.

  124. Interesting origin to the name of the Lobster Thermidor French classical dish, which doesn’t really have anything to do with the French Revolution or reaction.

    Congrats and Welcome to Claire as well!

  125. Don’t know how many things I’ve tried and failed, picked myself up to try again and fail, only to try again to do what seemed absolutely impossible, until hmmm… just maybe. Tried again … a little better…tried again and suddenly, there it was.

    Failures never prove impossibility. Nor improbability. Nor much of anything.

  126. Li'll bit of stuff

    Rachel, on a “good ” note, HE’s going to come to a gruesome ending THIS time TOO ! His actions have guaranteed it !!!!!

    Just a postulate, Li’ll bit

  127. Well done Claire. Very cleanly and clearly stated.

  128. Good spotting Erwin – the highjacking was indeed a legal shuffle with the blessing of the courts. There is a definite problem with 3rd Dynamics in that once something has an agreement written into their law books, the potential of the prisons to fill up just that bit quicker or the body count grow is remarkable – the solution becoming the problem is a malady that us earthlings seem to thrive on, no matter how destructive – noticed anything benign come out of govt’s recently?
    If DM could have his teeth extracted with relation to copyrights and such and make Scientology openly available to use without legal threat,(any evidence of DM’s underhanded dealings with forged signitures?) I reckon we’d see an eventual filtering out of the idiots and only those who can actually work with the tech expand/survive.
    Sure it might be a bit messy, but it would be better than trying to “think” a way forward, IMHO.
    Didn’t Reg Sharpe say something LRH used on the Study Tapes before DM’s editing that you can give ’em the tech but they won’t be able to apply it because it takes a Scientologist to apply Scientology.
    Unpalatable for some but deregulate religion might just be the trick. It’s sure a f” up mess in it’s present form and look around, how much time is left? Sanity is limping to the sidelines on this planet.

  129. Clearwater Lawyer

    Congratulations on your announcement and your brave efforts to bring the truth to those still in. I am sure it was not an easy move for you, but your actions along those of others that have openly expressed their concerns will pave the way for many more. It was once a scary, narrow, rocky road that a scientologist had to travel alone in his quest for the truth. Now it is a brightly lit, broad avenue – on its way to becoming a superhighway ready to handle volumes of “church” members seeking to leave.
    It is good to consider new forms for future organization. There are many institutions (government/private; non-profit/corporate; spiritual/secular; etc.), each with its own organizational structure. A review of some of these structures will help you identify which management elements will best suit the unique needs of a new or reorganized church.
    Great job on the write-up Claire!

  130. I guess I should have made it clear that I was talking about Independant OT VIIs or “cleaned up” OT VIIs (cleaned outside of corporate scn) …
    there are plenty of OT VIIs who are OUT of the corporate church and good people

    Claire’s idea was an idea — not a template — just a way to move forward.

    So I think all sorts of ideas are good …


  131. Now that’s a flash from the past … “Miracles For Breakfast” by Ruth Minshull. Haven’t seen a copy of that book for many, many years. Thanks for the reminder! Rachel

  132. Just came across this from HCO PL 28 February 1980, “Production and One’s Standard of Living.”

    “In an org or management unit in Scientology, the real VFP is valuable fine people who produce valuable final products who then make up a valuable fine public. Every piece of work and duty in a management unit or an org contributes to that.”

    Pretty much lays it on the line … Rachel

  133. Dylan:

    I am sure I knew your father as our times there seem to overlap.. I was at Delphi Sheridan 1989-93, but have not really been back since except for a short visit when driving through Oregon. Could you remind me of his name?

    Am saddened to read that he and your family disowned you.


  134. Theoracle:

    Thanks for filling me in on what happened to Howie and Mary Rower and Helen Geltman. I knew that the 5th Avenue Mission closed, of course, but did not know the terrible story. Those two missions were excellent and brought many many people into Scientology.

    Everything I read makes me even happier to have resigned.


  135. Tony Dephillips

    Jeb is dat you??

  136. Cher Jean-Francois:

    Ca fait plaisir de recevoir une reponse d’une scientologue francaise car j’ai recontre la scientologie a Paris et j’etais membre du personnel d’abord a la Paris Mission et puis a l’organisation de Paris. J’ai toujours des bons souvenirs de Paris.

    (It is a pleasure to have a reply from a French Scientologist as I met Scientology in Paris and was staff first at the Paris Mission and then at the Paris Org. I still have good memories of Paris.)

    Amities, (Friendship)


  137. Tony Dephillips

    Sounds like a plan man. 🙂

  138. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Trouble Shooter,
    I was going to make the same comment. LRH got pretty descriptive in that series.

  139. TS–Not just OT VIIs and VIIIs but also those IVs and Vs who dug in their heels and refused to go on into DM’s squirrel cage (you know, where you run around and around for years and don’t get anywhere…)

  140. Tony Dephillips

    What was his name?

  141. Joe:

    Thanks for this thoughtful post. I was trying to deal with LRH’s objections to democracy. Many valid points have been made re: how just an OT 7 case level is not enough.

    I think that none of us have the taste for a huge all-encompassing organization now after all we have seen and experienced in the current C of S. Thus the wasting away of the current C of S and the rise of small unrelated practitioners and groups appears to be what is (and will) happen.

    We will just have to make our way, applying Way to Happiness #7…”What is true is what is true for you…Thank your own way through things, accept what is true for you, discard the rest…” Policy is, (or should be) made from what has been found to work. Times change, requiring a continuous reexamination.


  142. Big chuckle on “who was spamming who.”

  143. Jewel:

    I was at Delphi 1989-93 in the Curriculum Dept. and teaching high school French.


  144. LBOS–I still have my copies of Miracles for Breakfast and Ups and Downs in Life. If my home security alarm ever goes off I will know DM is trying to break in to get rid of my books! LOL

  145. The only trouble is that someone like DM knows how to fake products–look at the stats that are shown each year as representing products when they are only red herrings. It will take each of us being aware enough to LOOK and SEE if the products are really products. And that’s where we failed many times before.

  146. The legal battle is indeed not unlike the build up of the bank and its persistence becomes as much problem as solution. Filing up of prisons is however not necessarily the result of legal. American justice is far worse than our EU system; in my country the prisons and psych institutions ran so empty during a time that crime lowered without legal being changed to any degree, that we had close a great percentage of our prisons if we hadn’t filled them with inmates from our neighbouring countries.

    The Indies already conquered the copyright problem, thanks to intelligent legal proceedings in the past where the tech was submitted as evidence, putting it in the public domain. I think that squirrels will always persist otherwise LRH hadn’t provided so many references to make their damage as little as possible, nor would he have provided all those ample remedies.

    True that those who really know and apply the tech will expand (Indies) and those that squirrel (RCS) must continuously steal, lie, threaten, beg, blackmail, twist, extort and do all other things that god has forbidden, to make ends meet and still have a rough time. But they won’t disappear as the tech will always attract the SP’s that will use it to get rich quick and keep their flog in despair and under control.

    Deregulating religion is as bad an answer as deregulating (financial) markets; look what a mess that has become. Religion is fortunately free and at this time no one can stop you legally from exercising your right to practise any religion of your choice. Even Davey doesn’t command a flog greater than a couple of thousand of cowered and ill koolaiders and even those will be set free the moment justice gets executed.

  147. Dylan,
    That would be great! I’d like to meet your wife and baby!

  148. Karen:

    I worked in Curriculum both in the early period with Dave and Jay and then for a year or so after it became Heron Books (1989-93 before the department moved to a separate building). I spent three years working on creating the literature-based reading program, together with Dave and Paige Perkins. It is a great program.


  149. Completely agree. Dizzy

  150. GetTheConcept:

    That was a very brave effort!


  151. TroubleShooter

    You’re absolutely correct Lynne, I know of what you speak.

  152. TroubleShooter

    And good thoughts they are WindWalker.

  153. Off topic news flash. It would appear since the petition got pushed through and the government is being private about the issue, the Church is turning anti gov. 50.00 for a dinner in Texas to get briefed on the U.S. Gov and mind control.

  154. I didn’t mean to offload a chapter of negative. But somehow felt the platform had been set for their story to be told, for them too here. They have not been forgotten and I know, they still matter in every way. They passed away before the internet, and before this movement. Nevertheless, they passed away as Independents. True friends of L.R.H.. True Scientologists in every meaning of the word. Whatever wrong indications and injustices were thrust upon them, let the air become still without that by our acknowledgment of them here. I feel this mention has settled some things for them. Thank you for coming forward and contributing to that.

  155. Claire

    Welcome!. Always good to have another “poster” here.

    Here’s a little hint… when you want to answer someone, if you look at the line that contains that poster’s name, you will find the word “reply” at the end. If you “left click” this word it will open the “reply window” directly below their post. Then simply write your comment and “send”. Your reply will be “attached” to their post “thread”.

    Good luck and good posting.

    Eric S

  156. I guess DM did a doubt formula and decided U.S. Gov should be harmed attacked and suppressed? (He wonders why the gov in Germany is less than trusting) And while that is going on the U.S. gov is trying to figure out if DM should be harmed, attacked, or suppressed? Ah… the mortals and the eternal entertainment!

  157. Bernie,

    One more shameless example of church greed – and fronting behind foster children is as shameless as it gets.

    If they cared so much about foster kids why not make a cash donation to the foster.home for Christmas gifts? How about a toy drive that collects and donates toys to the kids?

    No, C of S is going to sell their books (at full price and profit) and tell those who buy them to give them away. How generous of them!

    There are 2 essential components to any C of S “charity”

    1. It never involves any of their money.

    2. They will make money on the endeavor


  158. Too add to the high comedy, DM is pushing a “power of postulates” convention aboard the Freewinds when he hasn’t been able to put a dent in the God Rathbun !

  159. Please edit to read IMMORTAL Rathbun. Clearly unsuppressible!

  160. Li'll bit of stuff

    Rachel & Lynne, gotcha! Methinks it all started going
    wrong for the Golden Midget, when he decided he just
    wasn’t “big enough”,so therefore,he “focussed” his
    mono brain cell on “assuming power” (his words!) as a substitute! He has been playing reverse “pianola” down the bannister of the Havingness scale AND the Pre-Havingness scale (and dramatizing ALL of this ever since!!) Check out the scales, for R-Factor

    BTW, still have my copies too! Still great refs. and does anyone know what became of Ruth and her two sons,Paul & Lee ?? SHE was also a PROLIFIC author and a wonderful,witty genuine spokesman for Scn. ANYONE have ANY Feedback on them?

    Blasting from the past ——- luv & ARC Li’ll bit.

  161. I remember Howie and Mary fondly, and wish them well wherever they might be. Crazy and very perplexing times, but now indicating and exposing the true source of the suppression at least gives us a why.

  162. On second thought, I don’t think there should ever be a “CEO” or “COB” position in the church again. It’s too easy for it to turn into a dictatorship like it has with MIscavige. As others have stated, I think the real solution would be to have a system of checks and balances built into the church, as what is stated in the Command Channels booklet. Regardless, I think the biggest problem that needs to be fixed is TRANSPARENCY. The current “church” is extremely corrupt and everyone in it lies about the real state of affairs; even people who have personally been beaten by Miscavige are willing to lie because they’ve been so brainwashed.

    I also think we also need a system where whistleblowers are protected instead of declared SP, and I think any policies that even mention the word “disconnection” should be cancelled (you don’t need a policy if you want to disconnect from someone). I think OSA should be disbanded for real this time. I think child labor should never be part of the Sea Org again. I think a lot of other things should either be changed or cancelled, but don’t see any point in listing them out as “The Reformation” will probably never happen. I think the C of $ will continue to dwindle down to the point of non existence, though there will probably be a small group of independents who continue to practice scientology.

  163. In my untutored opinion, the emphasis for qualification of executives and administrators ought to be not the processing level they have attained, but their pre-GAT, Standard Tech training level.

    No offense to anyone is intended, but “technically ignorant” OTs are not likely to know and do what is required. Possibly what is needed to maintain and deliver the Bridge correctly, is training up to Class VI at least.

    LRH stressed the importance of the training side of the Bridge, in order for a person to actually reach OT.

  164. When I was in Scientology I was did something with friends at parties that a D/RD might address {hint}. I no longer do this for over 25 years but the church NEVER ONCE addressed it. NOT ONCE. They would tell me about a Freeloaders debt they thought I owed {even though I was never on a contract}, they would tell me about something they heard about me from somebody that might not be true but they were going to address anyway. And here I was sitting there with this not major but still PTP RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and the subject never came up. As soon as I stopped this on my own because it interfered with my job the church STOPPED communicating with me altogether. It is as if, if there is not something wrong with you to them you cannot be right! Now is that TECH or is that TECH? 🙂

  165. Vercingétorix

    Incredibly well-expressed write-up, Claire. One can’t help but imagine that it would get some of the recipients of your letter thinking on their own. I hope you will publish it in French, so that it can have an impact in France and other francophone countries. There are good people on staff there as you know, who don’t have the data and who are just following orders from Int. I did speak to one of my acquaintances who blew down and cognited (luckily I chose the right moment; we had each been afraid to broach the subject for a long time), but it would be great if there were a French blog for people to go to. Félicitations !

  166. Ruth Minshull’s Miracles for Breakfast is available online at several sites. Here’s one where it can be downloaded in PDF or Word formats:

  167. I hear you. But he only fakes it to those who aren’t there to see for themselves. You can’t really fake products. You can only fake stats.

  168. I have the greatest respect for all three of them and hope that one day they will be able to see the truth. Possibly more challenging because they are fairly isolated up there.

    I loved the reading program you guys put together, outstanding product!
    A real credit to your abilities.

    I was in the Lower School and we had a core minimum that was selected and put in the appropriate gradients. Then it was up to us to read and evaluate other books and put each one on the correct level. That was one of my favorite parts of the reading program.

    Unfortunately, the church’s greedy tentacles have wrapped themselves around Delphi, particularly LA where I have heard that it has been used as an SO recruit pool. And, it was while I was in Sheridan that I was first introduced to the IAS back in ’86. I never dreamed that it would turn into the monster that it is…Smoke and Mirrors used to extract money from public for false causes. Money that should have been used for bridge progress. Now we can put that beast to rest by shining the light of truth upon it and DM.

  169. Thanks everyone.

  170. His name is Russty gill and is married to a lady names Mary. I have never met her. I also think they had a child together.

    the last time we spoke was over the phone in 1991 but the conversation was him telling me he was disconnecting from me. I , of course, told him that it was off policy to disconnect verbally and that it should be in writting. ( like any good messenger would) I mean really if you are going to do something it should be done correctly.

    I’m not a fan of the disconnection policy mind you but I still have never gotten the disconnection letters.

    So your data would be a little dated but any info would be sorta cool. Thanks


  171. Theoracle,
    I just read that article and many of the comments. Did you catch this comment:
    Just when you think it can’t get any uglier, the S.D. group puts out another nauseating flyer. Ugh. That was our org when we were bubble-heads. At one point in the whole idle org evolution, Kurt Listig (owner of Taylor guitars and David Meyer’s boss) GAVE the SD org a building worth about $13million. The crazy SO said, “no, you can’t have that building for your idle org, give it back.” And they did. Then they had to raise the money to buy that falling apart community college campus in La Mesa. Niiiiice. Folks in the know have told me there are structural, electrical and plumbing problems at that place that will not easily (or inexpensively) be taken care of. They will NEVER finish it.

    They were given a building and made to give it back? Hmm, what could possibly be the reason? Try this. If they were given a building it wouldn’t financially harm the parishioners. That would never do. In keeping with DM’s psychosis, back goes the building so the financial rape of the parishioners can begin in earnest. When they’re thoroughly squashed they can give them their framed State of Slavery plaque. Mission accomplished.

  172. No I didn’t see that! Well um,,looking into my bag of possible links to understandings….. a building was gifted and they were made to return it. That is a CAN”T HAVE being run on the staff and public . I’m sure the donor wanted the locals to have it and not the real estate conglomeration know as RTC? Anyway, San Diego has been taken over by gangs and tourists. I used to take my kids there to do summer camp at Sea World. Last trip, there was a huge gangland wedding at the Hilton (the gangs are actually doing well now financially) where we were staying for the week. The security officers were hiding from the guests and reprimanding me (got busted smoking in a stairwell, as security was hiding there). Anyway, if you use the migration map, you can see any city in America and spot a mass exodus , and see where people are fleeing from and where people are coming in from to see the future of any city. Just posting here to assist Int Landlord in future planning. Good luck with San Diego!

  173. P.S. If I were Int Management, (what a preposterous idea, I know), San Diego is where I would sprinkle ten or fifteen Narconons , and use that base to build up L.A. Org. I know Int Management wouldn’t know anything about street people and considers them all unqualified DB’s. Nevertheless times have changed, and plenty a gang member drug addict
    driving around in Mercedes. With Swiss bank accounts. That don’t like people in uniforms.

  174. Very well done Claire.

    You are Keeping Scientology Working by using ethics and justice tech to arrive here. Welcome and thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  175. Dylan:

    I did know Russty and Mary. They had a baby together and Mary had two daughters from her previous marriage who were with her at Delphi as well. Russty taught art at Delphi when I was there and he and Mary seemed to be happily married.


    Eric: Thanks for the tip on posting a reply.

  176. Vercingetorix:

    I am willing to translate my letter into French. Do you have a specific idea of where to post it?


  177. Yes Rachel, good point – I’d like to read that one!

  178. Hello Claire,
    Wonderful and pointed write-up flanked by references. I bet you are loving the absence of no Church pressure on your bank account and your time, not to mention how you should think and act.

    I know one person who worked at Delphi, Kathy Brod. I haven’t seen her for almost 10 years (I met her in LA when she was on the BC and I was doing services at AOLA). She was certainly a go-getter and very productive.

  179. Well done and kudos on your excellent write-up. We got into SCN in the same year, 1969. I left in May of 2010. The data one learns is shocking, a bit hard to confront at first but then, very freeing. Many years ago I knew Karen Hollander, mother of Danny Keogh. Is she still “in”? She was at Delfi for many years and formerly married to Allen Hollander. So many people from my past that I would like to know are OK…any info would be appreciated.

  180. Vercingetorix:

    It is usually recommended to translate towards one’s native language. While I speak French well and translate well from French to English, it would be a better translation if done by a French native speaker. Could you undertake the translation of my letter? (I am assuming that you are a French native speaker.) I grant you permission to do so.

    Perhaps you could set up a French blog if there is not one now as well.

    Qu’est-ce que vous en pensez? (what do you think of this?)


  181. Thanks, I hear you on many points.
    I’m a little battle weary and have pushed through a lot of stuff to get some sort of handle on what 3rd Dynamics do and how ruthless they can become. It does indeed require the Tiger to press forward.
    SPs are part of the make up of this universe, so ignoring them isn’t exactly workable in the long run and the fundamental of case itself is a two terminal affair, so it’s wise to know how to handle that flow.
    Do you think we are free enough to put up a shingle and advertise Scientology Services in the media without repercusions?
    The RCS is what it is and has a descending relationship within itself – it’s becoming a mirror to its own degradation. With that said they have created a cyst of us veres them mentality which grows stronger with the diehards, I’ve still got family on the inside and haven’t talk to ’em for years except for a Chritsmas or birthday card. They happily give their bucks to IAS type things and firmly believe in the “good” they are doing. I would love to get through to them but they truly believe the sun shines out of DM’s a…s. Nothing less than a 2 x 4 impinges.
    I don’t agree with the analogy of religion and financial markets but if it makes sense to you – OK.
    Truth is religion when I look at it – up to this point in time the Scientology manner of handling the group’s response to organising itself has allowed some squirrels to run amock – if DM lost his hold on the copyrights publicly I would be a happy fellow.
    Making something scare is old hat and sux.

  182. At this point David Miscavige is sucking “Donkey Dicks” – and hoping nobody that is still “In” is onto his “Short” comings…
    Watch now as he reaches for his copper rods…(nothing will happen – except for his grandiose hype about how ‘Super Power’ it makes him feel) – all of this while Davey tries to swallow his own ‘juice’.

    Congratulations Claire! You are now FREE from the restraints of the maniacal Mad Man Midget – and all of the Kool Aide drinkers that entertain him…all of the ill will that he evokes will best be served up to those that blindly serve him. (A.K.A., “Foolish Sheeple”).

    CONGRATULATIONS! on your insight, principle, wisdom, introspect, vision, fortitude and KNOWLEDGE that allowed you to set yourself FREE!

    Way to go CLAIRE! You are an inspiration to those that will follow.

  183. There is absolutely no need to ‘elect’ anyone.

    Just get LRH Policy *IN* in the delivery Orgs, and watch the stats.

    Those who have real stats delivering real OT’s and Auditors, get trained, and so on .. lead. Those who don’t, don’t move up the Org board. Its as simple as that.

    Do we need a CEO? Yes, probably, we do. That person should be one of the best-trained, most-Audit-hours individuals in the entire Scientology cadre. How do we find that person? Statistics.

  184. Li'll bit of stuff

    Valkov,appreciate your info— Thanks for the effort !

  185. Here’s another hypothetical:

    Let’s say that ten years or so ago, the tiny one wanted
    to be ‘trump-like’ (ala D. Trump) and he began
    to jump around and pound his little chest, and purchase
    commercial buildings (with reserves of course), and/or
    purchase the notes (loans) for other commercial buildings
    (with reserves of course),
    creating a so-called real estate portfolio for himself….as investments.
    The real estate market was good, values were continuing to go up.
    It was great.

    Then, let’s say, the real estate market began to take
    a dive and the losses (and potential losses) began to be very real.
    What to f’ing do?
    How do you cover these bad decisions?
    How do you cover your tracks?

    A brilliant idea is born.
    The ideal org program was born.
    How convenient, how easy, how brilliant would it be, to demand
    parishioners to cough up the money, to replace the money
    already spent, that c of s had already sunk into those buildings?

    So, let’s see…..
    How to become a ‘big man’?
    (buy or buy the notes for, commercial buildings)
    Hey! Looking good, beefing up! Penis extenders for everybody!

    Then, the real estate market begins to dive.
    (uh-oh, losses looming, butt-biting, dollars flying away)
    (oh, what to do, what to do?)
    Ah-ha!! Make the ‘public’ reimburse and clear any debt, and still hold title.
    All tax free.
    F’ing brilliant!!
    (sell a ‘bill of goods’……sell a ‘pig in a poke’)

    fundraisers begin,
    the meat grinder is born,
    seminars on how to extend your credit are a must to attend
    door to door collectors are sent out
    the pressure is on
    the ‘greatest good’ takes on a whole new meaning

    in a nutshell:

    buy up commercial buildings (some with tenants in place)
    buy notes on commercial buildings (at a discount, from lenders who want to lighten their load on risk)
    pay off some of those building purchases, gaining title
    foreclose on some (since c o s shell is now the ‘lender’ to the purchaser) gaining title
    spend the easy, available, free, stashed money, to do all this
    titles to properties are acquired

    real estate market goes south
    market values decrease
    loss on investments is inevitable

    the church (well, a distant/arm’s length ‘shell’ for the church) wants to recover losses or prevent possible losses) and thus cover any tracks for playing real estate mogul

    create a frenzy for fundraisers
    make the public pay for these buildings
    who cares if it looks odd….re the location for an actual org
    someone gave you a building….give it back….we have a better idea!

    the ideal org program is born, in the locations of prior acquired property
    the squeeze machine is built

    the money is provided, no matter the cost or hardship to public
    the buildings are paid for, for with money left over (profit)
    the title remains in the arm’s length shell, for the c o s
    no one knows (parishioners are told it’s ‘their building’)
    (go ahead, check the title and tax records….see who really owns what)

    And then, a plan to start over with the fundraisers,
    making the ‘public’ rehab the building
    Then charge ‘em rent.
    F’ing brilliant!!

    What if all this is not about delivery of service?
    What if all this is about acquiring, public funded, tax free properties?
    What if all this is about purchasing, renovating to the max, all for free?

    There’s a thought.

  186. Wise words Claire. Thanks.

  187. Many auditors broke from the Church and put up their shingle There’s only a couple of 1000 people that don’t know it yet.

    The best way to get your family back fastest is working out doubt and announcing it to both sides if you haven’t already done that. We’re all making our own problems and keeping ourselves in lowers is working extremely well for Davey and the bank (pun intended).

    Freedom and tolerance of religion is fought for hard and is the best guarantee for peace. Human rights abuse, discrimination, fraud, war, etc, in the name of religion is about the greatest harm that come from unregulated religious practises. Government should see to the right of every citizen to freely practise his religion but can’t allow illegal activities under the cloak of religion.

  188. Although speculative, this could/should be a post all on its own. Rachel

  189. Andrew Robertson

    “Government should see to the right of every citizen to freely practise his religion but can’t allow illegal activities under the cloak of religion.”

    Precise and accurate Erwin! And no amount of lies from Karin Pouw can change that. There is no exemption for criminal behavior. Here’s an extract from a pastiche I recently posted on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology regarding the alarming increase in the length of her nose. The Fairy in the story is of course Mark Rathbun and an amalgam of those who post on this blog who know what is true and what is not:

    “And where have you
    put the four pieces of gold
    now? ” asked the Fairy.

    “I have lost them,”
    replied Karin. But
    she told a lie ; for she had
    them in her pocket.

    Scarcely had she told
    this lie when her nose,
    which was already long,
    grew two fingers longer.

    “And where did you lose them? ‘

    “In the forest.”

    At this second lie her nose grew still longer.

    “If you have lost them in the forest, we will
    look for them and find them, because all that is
    lost in my forest is always found again.”

    “Oh, now I remember well,” replied Karin ;
    “The four pieces of money were swallowed when I
    took that medicine.”

    At this third lie her nose grew so long that
    poor Karin could not turn himself round in
    the room. If she turned to one side, it struck the
    bed or the glass in the window ; if she turned to
    the other side, it struck the walls or the door of
    the room ; if she raised his head, she ran the risk
    of putting out one of the Fairy’s eyes.

    And the Fairy looked and laughed.

    “Why do you laugh? ” asked Karin,
    quite confused and surprised because her nose had
    grown so long.

    “I laugh at the foolish lies you have told.”

    “How do you know that I have told lies? ”

    “Lies, my girl, are recognized immediately,
    because there are two kinds : there are lies that
    have short legs and lies that have long noses.
    Yours seem to have long noses.”

    Karin, not knowing where to hide herself
    for shame, tried to get out of the room, but she
    did not succeed. Her nose had grown so large
    that she could not go through the door.

    It seems an entirely appropriate comment as Karin is continuing to lie about the awful experiences of Valeska Paris as revealed on this blog.


  190. thanks for the info that you had.

  191. Penny:

    It was Janet Hollander who was at Delphi and mother of Danny. As far as I know, she is still there and still i”in”. My data may not be recent, however.


  192. Bernie:

    I am really enjoying being an Independent Scientologist (both of them). Love being free to think free of pressure.

    Kathy Brod is a very fine person.


  193. You are correct – I really need to revisit my ethics and sort them into present time – well put, thanks. During the 90’s I was much maligned by being honest and holding a viewpoint. It was indeed a lonely journey. Not one Org terminal would agree with me the GAT was squirrel at that time – yet it is obvious now. Being a vanguard was expensive, it cost me my friends and group.
    I will never agree though with regulated truth. Gradients yes, but the history of man has seen far too much ‘regulated truth’. Religion is a word with many definitons and flavors apparently and is so manipulated it’s broken. Getting a good grasp of R6 has taught me to reject much, mans insistance on killing in the name of God is as ludicrous as it sounds. Rejection of data is just as important as accepting it. It’s ones intentions that define which direction sanity lies.
    I have no argument with what you say, I like most of it but rejecting some of it is my way of remaining me.
    Thanks Erwin.

  194. Vercingétorix

    Claire, c’est vrai, it’s true, et bonne idée, but I’m on a work deadline for the next few months, and being here a long time, it takes me longer to translate into French these days, especially Scientologese. I’ll see if I come across someone in France who might do this. I don’t know of any independent French blogs, other than a “freezone” site in Switzerland, and not sure this is still active.

  195. Please, do keep your viewpoint and when conflicting data arrives, voice the concerns and try to improve and align data so as to reach greater truth. Giving up your integrity is about the greatest disservice you can do to yourself and to those around you. Just about all problems a being accumulates can be traced back to a time he gave in.

  196. Its been a while. How are all of my friends that are moving top a little higher?

    Hey, is it just me, or is this David Miscaviage guy starting to sound like a not very nice person?

    Wondering if its just me?

    Bed Man in OKC

  197. From the point of view of all who contributed to IdleOrgs, could this not be viewed as a legally actionable real estate scam? I’m sure most staff and public believe the new building will be owned by the local org, and donated on that basis.

  198. OK, I’ve discovered the link I posted leads to a poor copy of the book – there appear to be phrases missing and major typos, etc.

    Sorry about that folks!

    Here is what appears to be a better PDF copy of Miracles for Breakfast:

    Click to access miracles_for_breakfast.pdf

  199. I understand Howie went on to open a night club (which I can totally see), but passed away in 2000. Here is a recent obit for Mary who passed away earlier this year. No mention of Scn., but she had quite an interesting life outside of it. Thought I should pass this on for anyone who might be interested:

  200. Pingback: Proč se církev bojí internetu | independent beings

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