The Circus Comes to Town

By Mike Rinder

Having just seen the latest annual IAS circus featuring Chairman of the Board IAS (and nobody else,  including L. Ron Hubbard), a few thoughts sprang to mind (apart from the fact that I felt I needed to take a shower after being slimed).

Firstly, for an association that promotes itself as “open to anyone” and with such pressure brought to bear to get people to attend the event, they are awfully shy about letting the world see all their “good works”.  Earlier efforts to maintain the “security” of the DVD’s that go to the orgs are now completely  over the top. Less precautions are taken with State Secrets in many countries.  What is POB so worried about?  That his hype will be exposed for what it is? Or even worse, his over-the-top claims about the astonishing inroads in Guatemala, Pakistan, Colombia, Congo, Papua New Guinea  blah, blah, blah will be seen on the internet in those places and official responses will Dead Agent his bullshit.

Secondly, Shermanspeak ® has reached new lows.  Right out of the starting gates POB bloviates thusly: “We meet again in the kingdom of the IAS. And should anyone wonder what foresight and fortune brought you to this place that was always waiting – this place we were destined to reunite since the first tick of time, well, allow me to reiterate just who we are: We have come to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology.” If you can make sense out of this, you have obviously been subjected to a reverse Scientology rundown available only in the RCS.  It went downhill from there like a southbound train on a rocket ride to eternity.  I was going to count the number of times POB began sentences with “Given” or “Notwithstanding” or used the phrase “says it all”, “which is to say”, “all of which” or “which in turn brings us to this,” but it was just too painful.

As a sidenote, the “Kingdom of the IAS” seems to have been a theme, but more appropriate would have been “Circus of the IAS” – as it featured (literally) fire-eaters, stilt walkers, galloping horses dressed in medieval costumes, a big tent and a barking ring-master in a tuxedo.

Thirdly, it was rather evident watching his “Grand Opening” that there isnt much to talk about. Believe it or not, he showed the opening of NN Arrowhead, Applied Scholastics, WTH Fdn etc AGAIN and the conjured “stats” that bust out the top of graphs have become ludicrous.  How these people keep buying it is a wonder of the modern world.  A snaking pipe bursts out the top of a graph described as “Number of Disaster Sites Responded to by VMs” — 164 SINCE the wake up call!  Talk about Merchants of Chaos!  The more disasters there are, the more POB can hype his cumulative false stats!  Or this one, “2893 Governments On Board with Our Programs” since Wake Up Call.  Another smashing “Affluence” of unverifiable horseshit.  The Missions I will leave for another post as that was just comical.

His shermanspeak rendition of org “expansion” was presented as this: “10 fold expansion in sheer size and scope since Wake Up Call.”  The “graphs” come on the screen and crash and bang and nobody has any idea what they are really showing — they just give a general impression there is massive expansion occuring of some type, somewhere.

But his Grand Finale took the cake:  “If the Wake-up Call was ultimately about opening eyes to the necessities of Planetary Clearing , then what has since been accomplished says it all – Scientology sectors across the world now delivering help at a rate 70 times higher than in 2001.”

This is an all time whopper.

So, I thought comparing what the great man said in front of his loving audience to RCS PUBLISHED information would be interesting.

Of course “delivered help” would be reflected in org growth, so let’s begin there (I am sure if ever challenged to justify this statement he would say it is “all delivery” meaning counting every employee of any company that has had a WISE seminar as someone “helped”, but even given that sleaze, if it really increased 70 times in 10 years it would HAVE to show up in orgs).

As has become his predictably boring habit,  POB made a big deal about Ideal Orgs – promoting Inglewood and the seemingly jinxed “Jaffa” (Tel Aviv) Ideal Orgs with lavish fly-throughs, announcing them “complete” even though Jaffa cannot open because they do not have permission to occupy the building.

It’s well known the RCS doesn’t make information about stats from the Ideal Orgs (or any others) available to anyone.  Occasionally something leaks out, like stat graphs from a disgruntled San Francisco staff member (both an Ideal Org AND a SH Size Org) or eyewitness reports from visitors to the empty Ideal Orgs in London, New York,  Madrid, Pasadena, Malmo and others.  All one has to do to check up on POB’s bs is walk into any of these orgs.  No matter how many times he repeats that they are “the embodiment of the Bridge itself” or “each one a monument to civilization” the fact remains they are more like empty MEST monuments to POB’s insanity. But of course every KoolAid guzzler falls for the old trick – if they see the org they are in empty and failing they just know all the others are booming and their org is “out of step” and out ethics to boot.

So,  as Dan Sherman might put it, let’s take a “grander view from above the planet, straight up and vertical, three feet back of civilization.”  And for this first look, let’s stick to the orgs. And let’s stick to the data the CHURCH makes available.

There is a great baseline provided by the church for comparing relative growth. The 1992 edition of What Is Scientology? — perhaps the last broadly available accurate and honest information about the church of Scientology.  No doubt POB regrets it enormously, for it contains a list of all orgs and missions in the world, and the dates when orgs were first established.  If you look at the site these days, it is deliberately designed so it is virtually impossible to make such a list, though I am sure if you spent enough time you could. But for the purposes of this review, there is really no need.

Let’s analyse the “70 times” expansion with a very simple criteria.  How many orgs are there?  As POB keeps repeating, it is orgs that are the “islands of sanity bringing LRH tech to their entire zones.”  So, one would presume with 70x expansion there would be MORE orgs bringing LRH tech to their “entire zones.”

WIS lists the following:

NEW ORGS OPENED in the 1970’s: CCLA, Munich, Plymouth, Buffalo, Boston, Vienna, San Diego, Portland, St Louis, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Malmo,  Manchester, Montreal, Ottawa, Sacramento, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Milano, Bern, IFA (Mexico City).  22 in all.

NEW ORGS OPENED in the 1980’s: Brescia, Cincinnati, ACD (Mexico City), Edmonton, Phoenix, Brussels, Novara, ITD (Mexico City), Birmingham, IFA (Mexico City), Sunderland, Albuquerque, Columbus, Bogota, Basel, Angers, Berlin, Canberra, Rome, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Valley, Kitchener, Padova, Oslo, Polanco (Mexico City), Geneva, Pordenone, Madrid, St Etienne, Tel Aviv, Harare, Quebec, Joburg North, Caracas, CCLV, Winnipeg, Aarhuus, Barcelona, CC Paris, Torino, Verona, Clermont Ferrand, Tampa, Lyon, Orlando, Lisbon, Kansas City, New Haven, Brisbane, Brighton, Ann Arbor, Guadalajara, Hamburg, Zurich, Long Island, Orange County, CCNY, CC Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Steven’s Creek, CC Dusseldorf, Monza, CC Portland, Nuoro, CC Dallas, Lausanne, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hanover, Atlanta, Stuttgart. 72 in all.

NEW ORGS opened from 1990 to 1992: Catania, Salt Lake, Mountain View, Puerto Rico.  4 total.

From there, the information is based on my memory.  I believe St Petersburg, Moscow, Athens and Budapest were opened in the late 1990’s, or at least prior to the “Wake Up Call.”

SINCE the “Wake Up Call” – Inglewood, last month.

So, in the 3 decades prior to POB’s kick off point for his 70X expansion, 100 NEW orgs opened. Since then ONE. Maybe he just got his numbers/words inverted and he meant to say 70X contraction? Or 1/70th as much expansion as in previous decades? Or something???

But, let’s slice this cake of a cleared civilization another way.  Of the 10 largest metropolitan areas on the planet, only 3 have orgs – Tokyo, New York  and Mexico City. The 7 others  don’t even have a mission – Seoul, Mumbai, Jakarta, Sao Paolo, Delhi, Osaka and Shanghai. 70X expansion? Really?

Ah, but Dan and Dave could say that 70X expansion came about with the EXISTING orgs.  But back to the trusty WIS? book.  Prior to the Wake Up Call, the following orgs were declared St Hill Size:  Orange County, Munich,  Hamburg,  Zurich, Milano, Stuttgart, Stevens Creek, LA Org, CC Paris and Budapest. Since then, POB has bestowed that status on Joburg Day, Tampa Day, SFO Day and Moscow. There are a whole slew of his “Ideal Orgs” that have not qualified for “SH Size status” including some of his most grandiose – London, Berlin, DC, Brussels.  Surely, with 70X expansion generated by only the existing orgs, every single org would by now be SH size?

And finally, on the subject of orgs – what about some of the places POB has hyped over the last decade, showing grandiose “fly-throughs” depicting “completed” buildings that have never come to pass:  Harlem is the crown jewel of his Ideal Orgs dunces cap, but its flanked by some other gems:  Battle Creek ring a bell, New Haven? Sacramento? Kaoshuing? Copenhagen? CapeTown? Toronto? The list is almost endless. That is a demonstration of 70X expansion?

To borrow another favorite from the bard of bullshit – when you add it all up, you come to this:

Since 1990, under the direct personal orders of Mr. Scientology himself, the Chairman of the Board, Mr. David Miscavige: the international network of Scientology orgs has been steadily shrinking in terms of reach and help provided (theta), while steadily increasing in terms of buildings and the always supremely important “square footage” (MEST).

Or, to put it another way, David Miscavige has truly perfected the skill of turning theta into MEST

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  1. martyrathbun09

    2893 governments? Jeez, DM is already off to Target II and III I guess. Or stuck in a bad meta-amphetamine trip.

  2. Floating Needle

    Last sentence was the best!

    David Miscavige has truly perfected the skill of turning theta into MEST!

    Summed it all up for me!

  3. Mike – great summary. I actually took the time in 2010 to go through their “Org Locator” in some detail and here is what I found: 140 Orgs, 342 Missions. I went back and checked my copy of What is Scientology, from 1998, which dates from a time when they still published org and mission address lists. The count, from that list, is 143 Orgs, 230 Missions. So the number or Orgs is virtually the same. Sure, there have been a few new Orgs: Harlem, CC Nashville, Inglewood. But there have also been Orgs that have quietly disappeared: CC Portland, CC London, Copenhagen Org, Puerto Rico (downgraded to a Mission). Probably there are more. Missions have apparently increased by 112 – but missions, as we know, are nothing like they used to be. Missions used to have 25 or 30 staff or more, rivaling the size of Orgs. Today’s missions are likely to be a couple of guys in a house, open maybe a few nights a week. The one listed in Portland is closed and shuttered. So all this “expansion” is hot air. They don’t show address lists or actual statistics for a reason – they would put the lie to Miscavige’s claims. If the stats were ACTUALLY going up, don’t you think they would show them? You bet they would. If they actually had 8,000 orgs, don’t you think they’d publish an address list? Of course they would.

  4. Great article Mike. It came through loud and very clear.

    I know Birmingham Org was on a roll back in 2001. In 2011, per all the intell I’m getting, it is now a skulking shadow of its former self having experienced heavy contraction due to Miscavige’s orders which drove it right off purpose and into the ditch. Same goes for other UK orgs, even St Hill UK is having a real hard time with heavy staff losses, for the same reasons.

    When I was at management in 2006 it was the same story over the entire planet. Massive contraction. The only stat going up measured bricks and mortar.

  5. All this could be repaired if DM would only get trained and move up the Bridge.

    Oh, wait, he does not get case gain.

    Guess he will have to stick to collecting Scotch and real estate development. Both, paid for by the IAS, oops…I mean, the field.

  6. Mike, awesome report! DM is the clown of all clowns. How anyone sits at these events and buys this bullshit and keeps buying this bullshit is so beyond me! Gawd, just step back behind your head and look.

  7. mark mckinstry

    Thanks Mike.

    I’d love to make a flier out of your post.. call it “The Real Wake Up Call”. Pass it out after the New Years event.

    These folks have been put into a coma with Shermanspeak and Dave’s grandstanding. Coma Call would have been more appropriate for his 9/11 announcement, based on stats and the current awareness of those listening to him.


  8. Well put, well said!
    I can’t recall the last time there was an event that harped on Auditors Made, WDAHs, and STP. Those are quite neglected as stats over the past few.

  9. Expelled4Life

    A couple days ago I received the NY Org’s current magazine. As most know the NY Org, both Day & Foundation, are “Ideal” having had their renos fully funded by the IAS. They are also both “St. Hill Size”. Would you like to know how many Div 4 Academy comps there were between Day & Foundation? Two. One was a Student Hat and one the PTS/SP course. That’s it. If anyone needs proof that Scientology is being managed by an SP you don’t need to look any further than your local Org’s magazine.

  10. After David Miscavige’s presentation, staff at orgs around the world must look around at their own org and just feel like crap. What David Miscavige is telling them is that everywhere else is “expanding, flourishing and prospering,” …except their org. Unless people get together and compare notes, this lie is not exposed. I’m sure that it is a secret (a withold) that burdens org staff unnecessarily. What a creep, David Miscavige is.

  11. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, only ONE thing left to do……….P-U-K-E………!!!!!

  12. The UN has 193 governments as membership as an order of magnitude! Hmmm, perhaps DM needs to can his fact checker (himself).

  13. You know, you gotta wonder just how blind these ‘Scientologists’ really are? How is it possible to not notice that there is zero expansion at best, negative expansion the more likely? I just can’t wrap my mind around that.

    Also, one of the quotes by Mike of DM saying, “We have come to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion … ” I find interesting. For those who don’t yet know, the IAS is the membership for the ‘Scientology Religion’, and not for the Church of Scientology, two legally and different entities. HASI is still the only valid membership for the CofS, not IAS. If you were a member of the IAS, you were NOT a member of the CofS, never were. I don’t even know if the CofS even exists any more, other than in name only.

    Bait and switch.


  14. How is it that Dan Sherman has lasted so long? Has he never been consigned to the RPF? I’m sure he’d have some amazing stories to tell, were he to ever come to his senses and blow.

  15. For me, the picture of Miscavige, standing on a box behind his desk (with his knees almost even with the top of the desk), leaning over, pretending like he is a BIG man, so full of himself, says it all.

    If real people weren’t being conned out of their money and children it would be the funniest show in town.

  16. I think I know the answer to this one. They obviously count any government of any size as a government, i.e. town of Podunk once took 500 WTHs and put them on the counter of the town offices = 1 government, one public school in Bangor Maine uses the human rights program = 1 government; the police in some village in Nepal attend a study tech seminar = 1 government. Assuming they count it up that way (and I do assume that) this is actually a puny number made to sound large.

  17. Oh, that’s easy to get around. You count each municipality, each county, each state or arondissement or precinct or whatever.

    Oh, yeah, it’s still bullshit.

  18. Dan Sherman is not in the Sea Org and is just a well paid hired writer, getting VIP food, services, travel and lodging at the Int Base & wherever the events are.

  19. Making all the staff feel terrible with this trick is probably a bonus for POB. Maybe they should present the stat for number of staff tricked and caved in at events in the next event.

  20. Why would Dan Sherman leave the cushiest job in the world?

  21. Great story, but kinda pales to the giant sucking sound now coming out of the Freewinds.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this. Stay tuned over the next few days. We are about the blow the lid on the fraud being perpetuated about “Missions.” It is all apparently smoke and mirrors when one looks at the STATS – dox coming.

  23. Every week I run into someone who is no longer in the RCS but is, “under the radar”. All recognized the bull spewing from DM’s mouth long ago. The rest will certainly wake up sooner or later, hopefully with their sanity, marriages, and finances in tact.

  24. Mike,
    I think there was some loss not considered. I believe there used to be 3 orgs in LV and now only one. I don’t think there is a STL Fdn any more or a Detroit Fdn org. I am sure there are examples of closures in many continents. Honesty would require the loss to reflect a downstat and the opening of one org needed to just keep if flat level.

    If we look at mission losses that is even greater. I have thought for several years what absurd claims are sometimes made. Remember the announcement to place an ideal org in Zimbabwe!

    I doubt at this time that area could support anything greater than a mission if that. An entire average annual salary won’t even pay for the books and somehow there shall be an “ideal” org building. I know one of the last ED’s of an org there spent a good part of a year in jail/prison before his parents got him out and extradicted to Canada where they had moved to. The field definitely didn’t leave the area in power and you think with no gradient an ideal org will fit in. Poppy-cock.

    I recently received an email stating they were working to get all books into Indonesia. About a 99% muslim country where I don’t even believe they allow other religions to promote. How about the great acceptance of VM’s after the tsunami about 6 years ago. I believe you were “invited” to leave. I know many were actually helping but the local governments caught onto the fact that a small amount of help was the justification for a lot of church “PR”. Just another incident of taking credit where it was not fully earned.

    A note to the OSA watcher – keep it simple. How about giving real stats and show the expansion (or lack thereof) by using the stats laid down per policy by LRH that are report on the weekly OIC. Empty buildings don’t count as a bridge product. The real products and sub-products are those that lead to making trained auditors auditing in the field and making clears.

    As to 2,893 governments onboard with your programs – OSA please name just 10 of these! And can you name a single new Narconon that has opened, any new schools, a list of new missions. How about the number of first time new clears (not those run through the gauntlet another time.)

    The only expansion and production that has 70x’d is the production of the Indie field!

  25. Mike – a razor- sharp analysis – my only other comment is I think you are being too nice to DM.

  26. Chris Johnson

    If you can conceptualize that the “real” goal is to alienate members, immunize them against mind-control techniques and then push them into an independent movement that will force a genuine reformation of Scientology, then stats are indeed through the roof!

    I try to view the Scientology story through the long lens of history. It makes the current plot lines even more fascinating. I feel like I’m witnessing the equivilant of the Lutheran reformation!

    PS: Great writing Mike! I always enjoy reading your words. 🙂

  27. David Miscavige thinks he is Mr. Scientology? He doesn’t think he is an administator of the church?

  28. Great post Mike!

    Thanks for forcing yourself to watch this event and laying out the real stats so the rest of us don’t have to. 🙂

  29. I just sent your post to my belgian connections, along with this email :

    “Dear friends,

    I restrained myself to communicate it for quite a while, but there is something you have to know. You were fooled by a man who took over full control on the Church of Scientology, the self-proclaimed COB David Miscavige (this post of Chairman of the Board doesn’t even exist officially…). We were kicked out of the Church for having for having pointed out to OSA (quite standardly) the out-tech and off-policy actions of David Miscavige, as were expelled a lot of other experienced old-timers.

    His out-tech, off-policy actions destroyed the reputation of the church. I am (still) scientologist since 36 years, and I never saw so much bad PR, entirely created by the lies of this poor soul.
    We have to confront this, KSW is OUR responsability.

    Several High level Executives of Int management are now telling the truth over this guy and his actions. Please, look for yourself, apply personnal integrity. Almost all of the ongoing Int Strategy is off-policy, leading us to a Titanic disaster. Just confront it, compare what is going on to the actual LRH references and to the reality of what you can honestly observe. The only power that David Miscavige seems to have now is pure “propaganda”. LRH would not TOLERATE this behaviour!

    You will find below a commentary of Mike Rinder on the latest IAS event. There is a lot more to read on this website, perhaps less polemical, but what is interesting is that Mike Rinder was the head of OSA int for more than 20 years and worked directly with LRH. He left the Church, he is not a squirrel, he is still truthful to LRH, and his only hope to salvage this philosophy is through the Internet. Truth, sometimes, has to be confronted, when it has been alterised.

    Moving On Up a Little Higher is a website created by Marty Rathbun, the “ex right hand “of Miscavige. He said it all….
    Please, be honest with yourself, and apply the Code of Honor. Observe, make decisions, act (definition of Ability… 🙂
    It’s up to you, my friends…

    Much, much love
    Olivier Gilet”

  30. “Another smashing “Affluence” of unverifiable horseshit.”

    Says it all.

  31. Thanks Laura. It’s not my favorite way to pass a couple of hours, that’s for sure. There is more to come — these events are bullshit extravaganzas!

  32. No — this is the title he feels he warrants and his closest sycophants bestow upon him in sworn declarations.

  33. df: I beg your forgiveness and will not make the same mistake again.

  34. Speaking of contraction, the sign to the Mission of Carytown in Virginia was painted over today:

    Apparently the mission closed a few months ago:

  35. SA, you are of course right and I appreciate the additional info/correction concerning the orgs, though simply by orders of magnitude, 10 orgs here or there is really not even that significant (can you imagine the shermanspeak hype that would accompany 10 NEW ORGS being opened??). Just by gross statistical analysis the volume of orgs is about the same for last 15 years and the population of earth has increased by at least a BILLION (maybe 2) since then. There are other orgs that have effectively “disappeared” too — anyone hear anything about Hanover, Joburg North, ACT (Canberra), Edmonton, Hawaii etc etc. And there are 2 “orgs” on the books still in Zimbabwe and I think both of them had buildings bought for them but there are no staff. It’s a struggle to get them “open” an hour a day to collect their mail.

  36. HN: You can bet this is exactly how it is “counted,” with one minor modification: any government OFFICIAL that expresses agreement with the Human Rights Campaign or Drug Education is counted as a “government.” And of course, it is a cumulative stat and nobody ever counts anyone that drops OFF the list. It’s total manufactured blah blah.

    If in fact there were all these governments, large or small, that REALLY supported the “International Association of Scientologists” you can bet they would have their name up in lights and be used over and over to “prove” that everyone who speaks out against POB is a lying apostate. How many times have they trotted out Lee Baca to try to gain credibility (until he got scorched for it).

  37. E4L — Exactly. There is all sorts of information like this that is around, but hasnt really been condensed into a definitive, documented whole. Auditor mags these days might have 5 different people completing a level of the BC. There is probably not a Class V org on earth that has made more than 2 Class V auditors in the last year. Possibly Milano, but even that is questionable. They probably still have everyone “doing the Basics.”

  38. Nicely done Olivier!!!

  39. Great idea Mark! 🙂

  40. Mike- can you post the video for us to watch?

    “It was definitely the most theta night ever” -spoken after event by an OT 8, the living embodiment of truth and beingness

  41. Thanks Jeff. You did a lot of work on this I recall as its a pain in the ass trying to navigate around their “state of the art” website.

    I just responded to Sapere — as the real point of this is correct orders of magnitude. It’s not even close. I am going to be doing a posting on the Missions based on the IAS event. It’s as much, maybe more, of a farce as the orgs. I am also pretty sure a LOT of those missions are in Russia and I suspect half of them either no longer exist or are “Ron’s Orgs” now.

    And you are right — the BIGGEST omitted is that IF any of the BS was true, you would see it plastered EVERYWHERE. Lists of all the NEW ORGS. Lists of all the Missions. Lists of all the schools and Narconons and Governments supporting Scientology. It would be PLASTERED all over the website and you would not be able to shut POB up.

  42. Mark the Hungarian

    Please please please put a copy somewhere so we can see it. I’m dying to listening to the little man ramble on hypnotically (and not in a good way) for 2+ hours.

    Any chance you can create a .torrent file to “disseminate” the hell out of POB’s verbal diarrhea? Or post it to youtube/vimeo/some-other-video-place? Or if not you, could someone else post up a link/info about how we can watch it?

    Your words describe it perfectly, no doubt, but the Shermanspeak you mention… 1. it all adds up to, 2. but that’s not all, 3. which in turn brings us to this, 4. etc. is just too farcical not to watch.

  43. This medieval circus has a midget too, a little man bursting with grandiosity and pomposity who didn’t learn to speak properly or count correctly because he didn’t finish modern high school. So he’s intent on recreating the Middle Ages inside his compounds.

    One hopes the trapped “nobles”, “vassals” and “peasants” find the circus amusing or edifying or something. But it just stupifies the public who pass by or otherwise bother with it.

    Vassal Cardone’s new book is # 23,570 on Amazon. Vassal Cruise’s last movie is # 2,798 there.

  44. Mike
    You watched through the whole event???
    Yeowch! That deserves a freedom medal award!

  45. beers_not_tears

    FWIW, this caught my eye on Reddit today:

    Apparently it’s from the Richmond Mission. So that’s -1.

  46. beers_not_tears

    Oops! Didn’t realize this was already posted below.

  47. “…and the seemingly jinxed “Jaffa” (Tel Aviv) Ideal Orgs with lavish fly-throughs, announcing them “complete” even though Jaffa cannot open because they do not have permission to occupy the building.”

    Jaffa has other problems: Gur Finkelstein, Scientology’s legal representative in Israel (and, according to Ynet, worldwide, as well) hired a gang, dressed them as Orthodox Haredim, and tried to blow up the building. Eleven people have been arrested.

  48. I just checked the UK org locator against the ‘What is Scientology’ listings.
    Missing from the org locator are the following:
    Mission of Wirral, Mission of Cambridge, Dianetics Centre of Carlisle, Chichester Dianetics Centre, Dianetics Information Centre East Grinstead, Dianetics Information Centre of Fleckary, Dianetics Information Centre of Hove, Mission of Kendal, Dianetics Information Center of Leighton Buzzards, Dianetics Information Centre of London, Dianetics Information Centre of Norwich, Dianetics Information Center of Pool, Dianetics Information Center of Southampton, Dianetics Information Centre of Cornwall, Dianetics Information Centre of Tottenham, Dianetics Information Centre of York, and Cardiff Dianetics Centre.
    Where did they all go?
    That’s a total of 28 Orgs and Dianetics Centres listed for the UK in at the time WIS was released vs 14 listed on the current org locator.
    I had a quick look at the Ideal Org videos while I was perusing the website. Nice videos. NO PEOPLE!!!!! Not in one single person in any video of any Church of Scientology interior! (oh well – at least it’s honest).
    Also five pages dedicated to the COB and one page for LRH. It’s nice that Ron gets a mention on the Scientology website but you have to click another link if you want to know more – can’t have all that stuff about the founder on there.

  49. More on Jaffa/Gur Finkelstein/Scientology story from YNET. They report that it was meant to stir the future investigation towards a Jewish terror attack against Scientology. And perhaps give new incentive to stir up world wide donations???,7340,L-4069940,00.html

  50. Lynne, from knowing Dan Sherman for many years and knowing his scene at Int, he has anything but the cushiest job in the world. Int events are, one for one, total nightmares. They are engramic in the extreme. I was involved in them for just two years, 1996 and 1997 and I quickly got myself removed from the area. The event speech evolutions are an utter pain-in-the-ass beyond description if you have not experienced it. Dan Sherman used to be a bestselling author (“Prince of Berlin” and other spy novels). He was hired as the LRH Biographer but spent nearly all his time last I knew (late 2003) as DM’s personal speechwriter.
    And while we are on Dan Sherman, I will remark on the good old WIS? project of 1992, which I worked on with Dan Sherman and Trevor Meldal Johnsen under Mike. One of the stats in that book gave the number of Div 6 completions for 1991 as something like 500,000. It took no great mathematical thinking to realize that if only 1 out of 20 of those half million Div 6 Comps had moved on into Div 4 auditor training then every Org Academy would have had more than 200 students on course, which was the St. Hill Size requirement. I knew then that either the stat was utterly false or that orgs were unbelievably out-tech. So, which is it, DM? It is one or the other. Of course, that was nearly 20 years ago. 70X those figures and you have 35 million Div 6 Comps, which equates to 1,750,000 Academy students. Now we are getting somewhere in terms of planetary impact! Or am I just pulling numbers out of my ass? It is one or the other, DM.

  51. Even before “the Basics” Class V orgs were not making class V auditors in volume due to GAT arbitraries. Between 2001 and 2006, Stevens Creek org made 1 class V auditor.

  52. If I ever get to see that IAS event, I will make this the soundtrack, Dylan’s literary equivalent of the Sistine Chapel:

  53. Thank you, Mike, for providing us with actual stats we can think with.

    I’ll tell you, in Seattle, our Missions are in deep trouble. We had one in the University of Washington area and it downsized to a location twenty miles south of Seattle, then went out of business.

    We had a Mission a block away from our old org in north downtown and it downsized to the north edge of the city, then downsized again into a house somewhere away from the path of growth entirely.

    The top people from all the Missions we have were ripped and robbed, basically forced to join up at the empty Idle Org.

    I drive by the Idle org daily and it is empty, empty, empty.

    But I’m sure the other Idle Orgs are just kicking ass and taking names. 🙂

  54. Oooooooooops! That’s going to be a very interesting investigation.

  55. The Bard of Bullshit! Perfect!

  56. “We meet again in the kingdom of the IAS. And should anyone wonder what foresight and fortune brought you to this place that was always waiting …”

    Dozens of nauseating late-night IAS phone calls to harass you to attend …

    … this place we were destined to reunite since the first tick of time, …

    The only destiny I see here is to put Ethics in on Membership pocketbook plundering.

    Or, to put it another way, David Miscavige has truly perfected the skill of turning theta into MEST.

    Excellent summary.

  57. That image of a Big Man reminds me:
    The keynote of importance is simply this: anything which is important is solid or big, and the more important a person believes himself to be the bigger he is liable to get, or the more important a person believes something to be, the more solid he is liable to make it. Anybody who believes that minds are important is liable to make them solid, hence we immediately get the type of bank which some people have, with their solid facsimiles, and in consequence masses and ridges. R2-55 COHA.

    Geez Dave you ARE important.

  58. expelled 4 Life

    Temporary thread hijack:

    Just received this e-mail a day after e-mailing my complaint and canceling my membership.

    Dear ,

    Due to a significant number of negative comments, the benefit event at the Capitol Theatre featuring David Pomeranz scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2012 at The Fort Harrison has been cancelled. There is no make-up date scheduled.

    Robert A. Freedman
    President and CEO
    Ruth Eckerd Hall

  59. Sorry, Sam. I know you are being perfectly serious about this matter but I just gotta LOL at this comment. Rachel

  60. LOL – masochists!

  61. +1!
    If I have to suffer any of it I’ll take straight up Rinderspeak over un-diluted Sherman gobbledygook any day of the week!

  62. An excellent summary in the history of Miscavigetown – nice work Mike.
    “Kingdom of the IAS” hey? He’s gone from Pope to King now, since the IAS is his scam and nobody elses. Geezes, what a blige rat, a little bit reminissant of King Rat but James Cavel couldn’t come up with the depth of betrayal and treason of that furry little rodent in his wildest dreams.
    Sooner the epiloge is written on the cycle of Miscavige the better off the world will be. If only TC, Travolta and others painted of the same brush would realise they will go down in history as associates of the worst SP in history – the one working hard to take Scientology away from mankind.

  63. Mike

    Yes, it seems that David Miscavige is trying to position himself against Barnum and Bailey”s “Greatest Show on Earth”. His head must be sooooo faaarrr up his ass that he never seems to have considered that what he really has done is position his version of “Scientology” with a CIRCUS. (a defunct circus at that) All show… no substance.

    As far as current stats go, it would be interesting to put out a call for anyone who gets a “local mag” giving statistics, to send it to an Indie “stat Compilation” terminal. If there was sufficient response one could post all the stats together so that each area would have “dox” that show how they compare to the other areas or Orgs, according to its own publications.

    One would need to be a little careful though, because if my observation is correct, our area accumulates their statistics for several months before a new “mag” is published, and It would still need to be compared to earlier “mags” to make sure that the same completions were not listed in earlier publications.

    Anyway, thanks for the excellent post, and I look forward to the “expose” on the “Missions Fraud”.

    Eric S

  64. Wouldn’t call any job working with or for or near POB as “cushy”!

  65. Yeah, that Zimbabwe caper always puzzled me, putting an org into an area with such rampant inflation and political tyranny. We were aware of what was going on there because of having relatives being terrorized off their farms, but it was made somehow noble to sacrifice to create a church there. Shoulda listened to my gut reaction way back then…

  66. Brian, I thought you got that masochistic thing run out!

  67. Sam, I didn’t see your reply before mine just above. I agree 100%.

  68. Thank you, Mike, excellent review. In regards to “Or, to put it another way, David Miscavige has truly perfected the skill of turning theta into MEST” I wonder if there is elasticity to this. Just as Tone 40 borders with -40, the MEST as the end product of DM, with our help, may eventually reach its critical mass and turn into theta. I am talking about a huge explosion of theta. That would be the end of DM and his criminal organization and an incredible renaissance of Scientology and spirituality. Somebody out there high up on the Bridge and with a complete and clear understanding these things, could you please comment on that idea?

  69. Excellent excellent. Thanks for this great writeup. I especially like the hard data on number of orgs opening. It’s irrefutable.

    I think that newer Scientologists have a hard time spotting the out points because history is destroyed. There is nowhere you can get the data easily. People just disappear as un-persons. If an org closes down, mum is the word. And it all sounds great and why believe the lie? But after a few years of this bullshit…

  70. Wow, Exp 4 Life, I take it that was a non-scio issuing that notice of cancellation? that is truly HOT!

  71. Not that i can make any sense of it…

  72. one of those who see

    Hi Mike,
    Just started reading your post today. Got to “southbound train on a rocket ride to eternity” and I had to stop. LOL!!!!!!
    Will continue as soon as i can. F-ing hilarious!!

  73. Sam — Amazing there aren’t 70X Missions in the UK? The Kingdom of the IAS? Guess its not really important to Clear UK — there are far more important places like Burkina Faso and Bolivia, Siberia and Sierra Leone where nobody ever sees what’s REALLY happening so you can keep showing staged “openings” of Missions and “Groups” and there is little chance anyone will catch you out.

  74. one of those who see

    Excellent report Mike. Theta into Mest – exactly.

  75. Me, too!! LOL!!!

  76. Nice work, Mike.
    Watching miscavige is a chore because he inflows so obsssively, and when he addresses your attention to something else, it’s so ephemeral you can’t grasp what it is. The events are so obviously stage-managed that you have to wonder why. I used to to think it was an American thing (sorry).
    For me, this is all good news! I’m laughing all the way from the bank!

  77. Mike,

    DM did not lie about expansion, not exactly.

    He stated:

    ” Scientology sectors across the world now delivering help at a rate 70 times higher than in 2001.”

    As the number of people his scheme helped in 2001 was zero his 70x’s figure is accurate. 70×0=0

    We used to hear (at events) about WDAHs, Auditors, Clears and OTs made.

    Now unverifiable generalities like “people helped” gets panned off as a product and reference to bogus multiples replaces graphs. This is as much of an indictment on the state of the public buying this as it is the “messiah” who is selling it.

  78. Cushy or not, I’m wondering why he hasn’t been banished to hell by DM, as everyone else in the vicinity seems to have been. Does the fact that he isn’t in the Sea Org (thanks for that explanation, Sinar) make DM feel he has a different relationship to him than to, say, Tommy Davis?

  79. I believe the ‘King of the IAS’ has a roll model:

  80. Yes, at that statistic, I had a vision of a council of tribal elders in some remote Andes mountain village being handed a stack of pamphlets (in Russian or Hindi or some other language not spoken for thousands of miles) and the Volunteer Missionary chalking up another government helped, boosting the total to 2,894.

    As soon as the Volunteer Dupe leaves, the grateful elders use the (nonstandard tech) pamphlets to help ignite the village’s traditional dried cow dung cooking fires. Another government on board, indeed, since bullshit is just another form of cow dung.

  81. When I left Scientology it unfolded in stages, much like the emergence of a baby bird emerging from an egg.

    As you might expect, when I was in Scientology I threw myself into it with passion and abandon and dedication. Almost 2 decades in the sea org, marathon 60 to 80 weeks, nose to the grind feverishly wanting to produce, produce, produce as a loyal hard working staff member.

    As the abuse slowly shattered my world I would often think intermittently that I must be some kind of SP for my negative thoughts which were after all, “Black PR” and “Enemy Lines” counter to the “pure goodness of all of Scientology.”

    What is of supreme value of Marty and Mike is that they unravel the spin, the sheer delusions being pimped out on grandiose stages, and tell the bottom line TRUTH. So that the baby bird newly emerged from the egg ~~discovers it has wings, and can FLY

    Thank you M and M for the revelations and analyzing the truth from the smoke and mirrors and labyrinth of lies, spin and spiritual vampiring.

  82. Given the goal of a Cleared Planet then the most important stat would be Number of Clears made. I haven’t heard any figure above the 50,000 quoted many years ago. Publishing Clears made long since seems to have vanished as a practice.

  83. Rich — “I’m laughing all the way from the bank!” Wonderful….

  84. Don — yeah, you’re right about that. A lot of 0 is still a lot of 0.

    You are also right about the indictment on the state of the public buying the messiah’s hot air. Unfortunately it is a reflection of the reverse Scientology that is the exclusive offering of the Kingdom of Dave. It is the EXACT opposite of “Think For Yourself.”

    Yeah, the closest he came to WDAHs, Auditors, Clears and OTs is that every 30 seconds someone takes a step on the Bridge. And that is probably every 30 seconds of an 8 hour day and a “step on the Bridge” is probably defined as everything including extensions courses, reading a book or seeing an “Intro Video” (not even signing up for a course)…

  85. Formost,
    Of all the choice phrases and expressions in this snippet of Shermanspeak (r) relayed to us by the Big Guy (the POB, our “one only”, disdaining to be touched by or consort with the parishioners), you have isolated the “key” as in “in” locutions.


    Holy shit Dave, you said that!!!

  86. Tony DePhillips

    Shocking language Lynne!! 🙂

  87. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe in Zimbabwe dm will be able to use the little known “Machete tech”?

  88. Tony DePhillips

    Me three!!

  89. Tony DePhillips


  90. Sadly all that is attained on the DM bridge is the State of Interior with Full Somatics.

  91. Tony DePhillips

    I think dm has acheived 70x expansion in:
    * entheta created.
    * Bad PR for Scientology.
    * Highest ever disconnections.
    * Enemies of RCS at an all time high.
    * Refund requests. Highest Ever.
    * Out tech created and failed to be handled
    * PC’s and Pre-OT’s losing, acting in a crippled manner at an all time high.
    * Scientologists filing bankruptcy.

  92. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike and Rich — Me too!..AT the “founder” of BANK !!

  93. “The Bard of Bullshit” is a moniker that fits David Miscavige PERFECTLY!

    Thank you soooo much, Mr Rinder, for your continued support in helping expose David Miscavige as the king of Obfuscation that he is.

    And kudos to you, Mr Rathbun, for providing a most excellent forum for the TRUTH to be spoken – and the LIES of Miscavige to be spotlighted.

    The Corporate ‘Church’ of Scientology is regularly, and repeatedly, being exposed for the false personification that it is…

    Time is on OUR side, and it is only a matter of time before the walls come crumbling down around the little clown at the top.

    70×0 is still ZERO, but it still brings in mountains of cash every week.


  94. Mark, great idea! Using Torrents would be a great way to distribute the IAS video. Way easier than dealing with length limitations on YouTube and its ilk. I second that. I must be a latent masochist because wondering where I could watch this video was my first reaction to Mike’s post.

  95. Misha,
    That’s a fascinating idea. I think it would make for a wonderful novel to tell you the truth, how life condensed to a certain point (a particle), explodes to create the next universe. You’ve taken the Big Bang and added in the factor of life. Pretty damn cool.

    Here’s a borrowed 2 cents:
    “There is one thing you should know about ARC. The most ARC there can be
    is a complete identification: the person is the person with whom he has the ARC. One sees this in valence shifting. This goes down a dwindling spiral until the most complete ARC there is exists in the form of eight anchor points enclosing no space: in other words, a particle”. PAB 15, Acceptance Level Processing.

    “Knowingness condenses. Trying to know becomes the first level of communication. This ‘looking to know’ condenses into ‘emoting to know’, which condenses into ‘effort to know’, which in turn becomes ‘thinking to know’, which then condenses into ‘symbols to know’ which, and this is the astonishing thing, becomes ‘eating to know’, which becomes ‘sexual activity to know’, which then turns into oblivion of knowing or ‘mystery’.

    “An energy particle is a condensed knowingness. Trying to discover or move one is an action with the goal of knowingness.

    “Gravity, … becomes in the mind, and is, the effort to know, to pull in knowingness.” COHA, R2-60.

  96. Misha,
    Ooops, forgot to add my own 2 cents.

    No, I don’t think that this will reach a limit of elasticity and flow back the other way to a boom of theta. I do think it will compact as mass, and then as mass does, sit there motionless in a low scale mockery of the motionless higher scale Static. Floating on the time stream like a turd. Yep, that’s DM.

    I do think that there will be a tremendous resurgence Scientologically, and a renaissance in the field, in new and expanding Missions, Groups, even Central Orgs as more people gather to experience what this stuff is actually all about and like all of us “old timers”, once young timers, grasp that goal, that star high dream of beings aware and creating freely a future.

  97. King David?

  98. What Missions?
    Don Quixote’s chasing of windmills?

  99. Mike,
    You’re posts are always a good read!

  100. “Kingdom of the IAS”.
    Enforced kingdom, mind you, but nonetheless a universe, I reckon.
    My, my,my, no doubt, he’s completely crackers.

  101. Come on, DM. Leave some for the flies.


  102. If half of the claims made at events over the last ten or so years were true everyone on earth would be a Scientologist, all the governments on earth would be run with Scientology and we would have the first Ideal Planet.

    Not only do I think that people watching these events fail to actually look at the claims being made, I believe it has gotten to the point that people actually do not even duplicate what is being said. There is very little thought or actual examination of these claims. “The Chinese government is using Scientology admin tech now dude.” “Cool dude, thats awesome”.
    I’m glad we heard about it at the event because otherwise we would have never in a million years heard any mention of it elsewhere.

  103. The popular “6 degrees of separation” concept could maybe be used here. ( If you’re not familiar with it, the Wikipedia article is fascinating.) I feel it’s likely a reality that it’s mostly true. So say, per the theory, there’s only about 6 degrees of separation from you and most anyone else on the planet.

    How small is the separation between you and almost any Scientologist or Church of $ member? I’ll bet it’s a small number… maybe 3 or 4 at tops. I
    mean I was in the SO for a short time and knew Jeff Hawkins and he knew Mike Rinder later on, so little ol’ me who’s out on the edge of nowhere (sorta), is only one degree of separation from Mike. And due to who Mike has known, (among others) only 2 degrees of separation from LRH! So I think we’re potentially a lot closer to waking up the “Sleeping” masses than we even know! Even if this is more “conceptual” than practical thing, it does have its validity.

    Doesn’t thinking of this interrelationship and how close you are (in this respect) to every Co $ member make you feel stronger as an Indy? Does me.

    What Mike has written is DOX , not opinion or “he said, she said”. This is something even the most die hard KoolAid drinker cannot just explain away. If they really face it, that won’t wash!!

    I think putting Mike’s hard hitting prose in a piece to send to all your remaining “in” contacts, whether by email or not (“Snail Mail” might even be best if you have a street address!) would impact way more stuck Church members than just those receiving it. The mention above by Mark of creating this as part of the “REAL wake-up call” piece is excellent. And if it’s TOO hard hitting as far as gradients go, consider an article from Friends of Scn. Or a favorite from this blog.

    Just disseminating TRUTH is a good thing!

  104. King David The Little
    (proper title)

  105. Just a note, if you have comm lines, keep them in so you can start up a private practice based on personal contact, and actually deliver Dianetics, when all this is over with the Co$.

    What I would like to see is:
    “John Doe, Scn Cl VIII, $80/hr”
    “Jane Doe, Scn Cl IV, $40/hr” is fine, too.
    “Jane Doe, Scn Cl VI, $60/hr”
    “John Doe Group, PLC, IFA, Scn Cl XII, $140/hr, Scn Cl VIII $80/hr, Course Room to Cl XII” would be nice, too.
    “John Doe, Scn Cl XII, 27 yrs. $150/hr., family owned and operated since 1984”.
    Etc., everywhere.

    Any Churchie-minded who want to compete in LA or CW can use this ad here:
    Recon$tituted Church Part$! We still welcome non-recourse $$$ donations! Amateur real property sales, second mortgages, estate planning, legal counseling, tax advice; get a **Free Introductory Harassment Training** (FIHT) from our tough and experienced Dominatrix and Masters. Ask about our exclusive, intrusive, “Get Your Ethics IN!” (GYEI!!) programmes: “Trust your Eternity to us!” Applied religious extortion a house specialty! Gala chartered cruises, parties, and staged events seasonally by reservation only; budget paddle-boat and golf cart rentals, PI-guided tours of Indie Reservations; vanity stages, smoke, mirrors, apple boxes (voice enhancements sold separately); security compound guards and security checking 24/7 for your continued convenience and safety; comfy First Class Steerage berthings, outdoor shower facilities in back-to-nature settings, free abortion and marriage evaluations, video copies of your vacation stay available (enhanced audio, no additional fee). No Case Gain welcome: Cl XII $3,000/hr, Cl VIII $1,500, Class VI $1,200, Class IV $800 (trainees may be substituted without prior notification), “Endless Phenomena, Home, Home, On the Three-Swing Floating Needle!”; minimum 500 hrs.. Remember, “If it’s not affordable, it’s worth it!” Heart attack specialists sold separately. Currently hiring volunteers! Ask about our billion year deals!

  106. Hi Mike,

    Great article. I didn’t see the event but I just got the most recent “IMPACT” mag. It also quoted that bit of ridiculousness you mentioned regarding “delivering help” – (whatever nebulous and ineffectual C of S “Glutz PR” activity POB’s definition of “help” encompasses).

    And here it is, strait from the (miniature) horse’s mouth as quoted in the mag:



    “You are making possible all the possibilities that are our tomorrow. – Chairman of the Board RTC.


  107. You caught me!

  108. “…we were destined to reunite since the first tick of time…” Really? As a minister’s kid I grew up hearing those debates about Predestination vs. Free Will, which had already been raging for a few centuries. Even as a kid I always opted for Free Will, because otherwise, what’s the point? And the way I saw it, Scientology even took the concept of Free Will up another couple of notches.
    Based on the quote above, his COBness apparently comes down on the side of Predestination. From his viewpoint, his audience is not even there on their own determinism, because they were already destined to be there from the beginning of time. It’s hard to think of anything more polar opposite from LRH.

  109. You forgot to add as a “step on the bridge:”
    Didn’t throw away the promo piece before they got out of sight around the corner.

  110. Mike,

    Thanks for taking one for the group. I guess your immune system has built up the necessary defenses to withstand the “overwhelm by verbal diarehha” that spews forth from DM.

    70x of “help” is probably a correct stat, as long as you realize that in the “Kingdom of the IAS” HELP = BETRAYAL. (See the SPTimes articles for confirmation.) I would say yes, his stats are straight up and vertical in that respect. Obviously, he was never “cleared” on the help button, and his myrmidons just follow his lead lying, stealing, upsetting and betraying those unfortunate enough to wander across the border.

    Fortunately, real help is available for those who are capable of seeing.

  111. Grendel's Mother

    A few years ago at an event it was trumpeted that the Inkhata Freedom Party in South Africa was using LRH Tech. Wow – that was huge!!! And then we never heard about it again. And all the Columbian prisions were using Criminon… and we never heard about it again. Over and over we hear some amazing story of LRH Tech being adopted… and then we never hear about it again. That was my first hint that something was up – that and the BS GAT (yuch!). Can the audiences really be that brain dead? (Okay – don’t answer that.)

  112. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Mike and Don,-VWD!-Classic INDIE Laser Tech!

    Like to do THE Little Dwarf Ringmaster a little Tribute in appreciation for ALL his efforts to bring
    “The GREATEST Circus Show On Earth,” to ALL.

    To Thunderous (canned) applause, strobe-flashing,.
    subliminal implanting, crash-boom-bang! hey-diddly- dee! reverse-scn-dianetics-voodoo-mumbo-jumbo’ 7O x ( O = O ) “expansion”, wriggling-jiggling-over- the-top-stats-belying-EMPTY-morgues FANFARE…..


    Followed by ….hushed silence of the expectant audience…………………………………………………..!!!

    After keeping the audience’s attention riveted on the glare of the EMPTY SPACE of the spotlight, for seemingly an eternity……………………………….


    ” That’ right, folks! They’ve ALL DISAPPEARED! ”

    UN-HYPNOTISED Li’ll bit

  113. Karen, the ser fac DM runs on all staff is “You don’t matter”. He did it to you. He did it to Marty. He did it to Mike. He did it to this girl kept 12 years on the Freewinds. Obviously, he was wrong. In his mind, so far, he is the only one that “mattered”. Yes DM. You have convinced us that you matter very much. As Sam would say, “How is that working out for you now?”

    For you OSA spies, if Karen didn’t matter, if Marty didn’t matter, if Mike didn’t matter, how the F%&K are you supposing you matter in the end? Even Hubbard doesn’t matter anymore. GAOT declared Hubbard Hubbard’s overt products. His wife didn’t matter. His kids didn’t matter. His work doesn’t matter.

    In the end, I have to agree that even you believe, that you don’t matter either. Well, these other people mattered, in case you have not noticed.
    5000 hits on a youtube video matters. Don’t you think stats matter anymore?

  114. Wow Karen, you just paralelled my track! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I spent quite a bit of time wondering if I was an SP or not. It was the exact same for me, work, work and work with feverish abandon but then slowly wondering about things I was seeing around me. Wow, great comment Karen!

    ML Tom

  115. When I was still in the SO, there was nothing I despised more than these events. Even back then I could tell that these expansion news were bullshit but somehow it was agreed to never question any of these stats as presented by management because these events were so “theta” and the public “loved” them so much (Not). I remember one of these events were Scientology had just taken over an entire continent, and we were all so mesmerized by all these “good news” and pumped up into believing that “wow, we are really doing it!” just to return back on post the next day to be slammed by the CO about the down stats across the boards. I remember standing there in the muster line looking around at the other fellow robots all looking solemnly in a sort of apathy at the entire situation and that’s when it really became clear to me that these “expansion news” were completely exaggerated if not fabricated.

  116. Back when I was still a believer and would go to events, I asked a staff member if I could buy a DVD of the event. I didn’t want to tell my daughter about all the wonderful fantanstic things the Church was doing, without verifying the glowing reports from an independent source. I was told by the staff member that they were not for sale. The reason was that they wanted people to come into the Church.
    We were clearly at odds. My goal was to disseminate Truth. Theirs was something else.
    Glad I woke up.

  117. Incredible report. Yet all 100% true, in my experience.

    The last org that will remain open will most likely be Flag. I hope the poor souls that wander in there quickly turn around when they realize it is nothing but a sorry imitation of an implant station.

  118. Brian, maybe it would be good to have for analysis or something, but I for one cannot sit through more than a few minutes of this stuff. I’ve got better things to do- such as almost anything.

  119. I can’t make it through 30 seconds of this garbage now that I’ve been out for a while. Imagine being pressured to come in and sit through all that for hours and clap everytime a phony stat explodes out the top of the graph.

    I have an FN just thinking about not having to do that.

  120. Mr. Rinder,
    thanks for your article.

    I saw the event myself and I loughed about this 70x expansion bs.
    The only problem with this is, that it seems that the average public doesn’t really see the outpoint. They are “trained” to buy this BS on a gradient and real stats ain’t important for them. They doesn’t really expect, that they should be shawn at all, as “we know the orgs are all right, all long over the make break point and we now focus on the world outside to help them”.

    As Scientology concepts and administrative concepts underlie a continuous redefinition, the average public/staff is not familiar with the “ideal scene” of an org, field, delivery.
    I do like the idea of having a flyer / booklet for distribution as a “Wake Up Call” tool and I think the best way to wake up people is by giving them the correct LRH reference (maybe “fair use” sequences will be enough) on specific subjects (Ideal Orgs vs. SH size / IAS vs. HASI / The Reason for Orgs vs. vulture culture / GAT and what happened to stats and on and on).
    The data given in a sequence on a gradient. “Light” data first, then havier data. And in such a way exposing the arbitraries. Small ouptoints sum up into a total collapse. If the data is given in a harsh way, it’s above the confront of the average guy who was implanted lately. Thus it should be done in a gentle manner. It shouldnt be entheta like (the annon way – they also present truth, but they miss the point often).
    This used as a Dead Agent tool with the benefit of FDS at the same time will make OSA pretty nervous.
    Unfortunatly my english skills are not good enough to put this stuff together.
    20K 8.5 x 11 flyers cost around $1,000 maybe less if you have a good comm line.

    As a Scientologist I see the need to act.
    I came at age of 18 to Scientology (not that long ago) and I was faced with outpoints and arbitraries from the beginning on. This circus must stop aqap!

    I see lots is happening right now and it goes into the right direction.
    Saying Scientology has expanded 70x since 2001 is the last evidence of his Majesties desparation.


  121. Dear Mike,

    Again, spot on and dead-accurate in your evaluation. Here’s a little reflection communicated in true Shermanspeak:

    (Opening Statement)

    In the midst of chaos and suppressives not even rivaled by Genghis Khan we are standing here united, at a pinnacle of our expansion, to once again marvel over yet another unprecedented evening unfolding like that of no other.

    Rest assured, when we are through with his, all you’ve been told thus far are but a drop in the ocean to what will be revealed tonight – a literal cornucopia of developments distilled down to one inevitable, but invariable truth.

    (Rolling Thunder)

    But notwithstanding those things which are to come, let me begin by updating you on the unparalleled expansion taking place in every corner of the globe, which is to say the unspeakable reaching levels exploding the veritable cornerstone of prior concepts of what is possible, which in turn brings us to this:

    With internet hits reaching an unprecedented level of interest, participation and global enlightenment superseding that of all combined Miscavology websites combined, our blog has now not only churned out one million two hundred thousand feet of linear, single-line articles and comments – enough to reach from here and to the moon and back – but this says it all: As of last night, at 2:34 am, we hit 5-digit numbers of official complaints and exposes of Miscavology activities, world-wide, now reaching as far as Ulan Bator, Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður and Tweespruit and that’s what I call a Global Miscavology Deathtrap!

    (Graphic with exploding Miscavology lies. Title “EXPOSED” superimposed and the number “10,000” slamming down with a bang.)

    And if that wasn’t enough, just consider the numbers flocking to this website like the annual migration across the African veldt, all of which sums up to this: with almost one Independent Declaration every day, with one new lie exposed and replaced by truth every second of the day, 7 days a week; with the likes of acclaimed Scholars, Celebrities and Government Officials frequenting this blog; with scores of ex-members with over 20 years of SO experience corroborating on the facts given their personal experience in and around Miscavology; we have finally arrived at an invariable conclusion: With unrivaled numbers joining our ranks we have now surpassed the numbers of ethical and productive Sea Org staff members by a factor of ten thousand! How was this feat possible? Given the ideal Miscavology staff member criteria demands a virtual clone of King David himself, which is to say an impossibility as he cannot stand competition, which in turn reduces the equation down from an improbability to an impossibility and that leaves us with only one realization to wrap up this unsurpassed facet of this evening’s celebration: The big atomic clock is rapidly ticking and is reaching its reset point and with only seconds left to tick tock, we cap it off with yes another first: The number of creditable and believable official Miscavology Church statements have now reached a yet unprecedented figure of negative zero and THAT’s what we mean when we say: “Over and out!”

    (Graphic of Karin Pouw rebuttals crumbling into a slimy, oozing pile of unidentified excrement with flies buzzing around but even they cannot stand the bullshit and they one after the other drop dead on the ground with their legs in the air. Title coming smashing down as a graph rolls up in exploding pomposity: “BS degree in BS of the Highest Degree!”)


    With all that in mind, we turn to yet another even more paramount facet of our ever-growing expansion. Where there is truth and freedom, there is also that ever-present drive to destroy it and nowhere is that more evident than what I’m about to cover.. Whereas it is customary on this occasion to focus on the abuse by psyche-destroying Miscavology, tonight this is taking on a whole new perspective.

    As we follow the Mercator Projection in its every parallel, we arrive at this: and here let me put this in perspective by a quote from L. Ron Hubbard:

    “Anything which has wide acceptance and has been successful, wherever suns shine and planets swing, is based upon some fundamental truth.”

    Which in turn brings us to this last announcement for the evening: It is with great dishonor and ultimate displeasure I now bring you the result of 34 years of around-the-clock work by one individual to ensure the wide acceptance of Scientology has hit rock-bottom and then some. This one can’t be swept under the tatami mats:

    The public acceptance of Scientology and LRH has through decades of manipulation, deprivation of any last traces of integrity and self-determinism, removal of any “counter-intention”, altering of tech and admin policy in the name of LRH, implementation of strategies so reverse from LRH policy its inconceivable, and, attacks and forced disconnection of such a vast number of people who only wanted to help make this planet a better place that what has unfolded would make Houdini roll over in his grave of envy – The world’s best deception trick – unparalleled propaganda – mind control that would make Pavlov salivate at the ring of a bell hop – and it all comes down to this: Miscavology has successfully destroyed any legitimacy, acceptance or belief in L Ron Hubbard and Scientology to the point of a virtually irreparable magnitude.

    What started as a philosophy to move mankind forward into greater peace, harmony, understanding and well-being has turned into the greatest ponzi scheme of the 21st century and what’s worse – those inside still endorse it though it goes against their very own core beliefs.

    And on that note we have come to the conclusion of this evening’s event. It is that very point when you start to cringe a little bit because you know its coming. It is that point where you’re hoping that maybe it won’t be mentioned again. That’s right! What are YOU going to do about it?

    Traditionally this is the part of the event where Miscavology and Shermanspeak spends 48 hours straight formulating how they will get you to donate the rest of your money after the event for some imagine evil cataclysm which if you don’t donate your money your entire eternity will be lost. This is the time where the two Wordsmiths of Chaos come together to figure out how to take that last remaining ounce of willpower, self-determinism and dignity you may still have left, while making you feel you are not contributing even remotely enough and you must be “out-ethics”.

    I say, this is the wake-up call where you determine for yourself if your own aims and goals and willingness to help mankind is being forwarded by Miscavology or not, and if its not, stop supporting it. Become an independent, or do something with your resources you are willing to contribute to help mankind, but don’t spend them on something that only takes and never gives.

    “There are two ways men ordinarily accept things, neither of them very good. One is to accept a statement because Authority says it is true and must be accepted, and the other is by preponderance of agreement amongst other people.”

    “What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that you have lost everything.”

    “Truth, as a manifestation of human conduct, would be the holding or voicing of facts as one knows them and refusal to utter or hold statements contrary to what one knows.”

    “Truth is not determined by its appeal but by the evidence.”

    “Truth is built by those who have the breadth and balance to see also where they’re wrong.”

    “I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who CAN use it to help themselves and others.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  122. “How these people keep buying it is a wonder of the modern world”. Indeed. These people buying it are not modern at all. Their “thinking” is comparable to old KKK.

  123. Or at least Chris, I could find one damned teacher in my state who uses any kind of LRH study tech, you’d think!

  124. ““You are making possible all the possibilities that are our tomorrow.” 😆 LMFAO at that one!

  125. Excellent analysis and thank you for suffering through it.
    I’ve gotta post this again…it’s just too damned perfect not to!

    Give ’em the old razzle dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    Give ’em an act with lots of flash in it
    And the reaction will be passionate
    Give ’em the old hocus pocus
    Bead and feather ’em
    How can they see with sequins in their eyes?

    What if your hinges all are rusting?
    What if, in fact, you’re just disgusting?

    Razzle dazzle ’em
    And they’ll never catch wise!

    Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    Give ’em a show that’s so splendiferous
    Row after row will crow vociferous
    Give ’em the old flim flam flummox
    Fool and fracture ’em
    How can they hear the truth above the roar?
    Throw ’em a fake and a finagle
    They’ll never know you’re just a bagel,
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    And they’ll beg you for more!

    Give ’em the old double whammy
    Daze and dizzy ’em
    Back since the days of old Methuselah
    Everyone loves the big bambooz-a-ler

    Give ’em the old three ring circus
    Stun and stagger ’em
    When you’re in trouble, go into your dance

    Though you are stiffer than a girder
    They’ll let you get away with murder
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    And you’ve got a romance

    Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle dazzle ’em
    Show ’em the first rate sorcerer you are
    Long as you keep ’em way off balance
    How can they spot you’ve got no talent
    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    Razzle Dazzle ’em

    And they’ll make you a star!

  126. How appropriate to Mike’s great write-up, DK! And fantastic IAS event sound-track material.

    Look at some excerpts from Bobby’s song:

    (Begin Fair Use:)

    They’re selling postcards of the hanging
    They’re painting the passports brown
    The beauty parlor is filled with sailors
    The circus is in town
    Here comes the blind commissioner
    They’ve got him in a trance
    One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
    The other is in his pants
    And the riot squad they’re restless
    They need somewhere to go
    As Lady and I look out tonight
    From Desolation Row….


    …Dr. Filth, he keeps his world
    Inside of a leather cup
    But all his sexless patients
    They’re trying to blow it up
    Now his nurse, some local loser
    She’s in charge of the cyanide hole
    And she also keeps the cards that read
    “Have Mercy on His Soul”
    They all play on penny whistles
    You can hear them blow
    If you lean your head out far enough
    From Desolation Row.
    Across the street they’ve nailed the curtains
    They’re getting ready for the feast
    The Phantom of the Opera
    In a perfect image of a priest
    They’re spoonfeeding Casanova
    To get him to feel more assured
    Then they’ll kill him with self-confidence
    After poisoning him with words
    And the Phantom’s shouting to skinny girls
    “Get outa here if you don’t know”
    Casanova is just being punished for going
    To Desolation Row.

    At midnight all the agents
    And the superhuman crew
    Come out and round up everyone
    That knows more than they do
    Then they bring them to the factory
    Where the heart-attack machine
    Is strapped across their shoulders
    And then the kerosene
    Is brought down from the castles
    By insurance men who go
    Check to see that nobody is escaping
    To Desolation Row.

    (Excerpted from Bob Dylan)

  127. Yes, Freedman, a non-Scio, issued the cancellation,
    “But a Scientology spokeswoman said late Thursday the church would still host the Jan. 7 benefit, disregarding the “hate mail” and pledging to still pass along all proceeds.”
    This story reveals the true state of PR area control in CW currently, surely at an all-time low:

  128. Thats true how the stats on the numbers of governments is counted Mike. However the 10 orgs that went Saint Hill size before wake up call in 2001 were all considered false as they went SH size for a week or two after getting recognition of SH size then never got that big again.

    On the 70X in “help” I believe that DM is counting the help through the VM line. DM can count that as it was a failed program that was not implemented till DM restarted it after the wake up call. There were thousands of VMs so it could be the help of VMs was 70X.

  129. 2001-2006 was before the ideal org but werent they Saint Hill size though while only making one class V auditor? Thats crazy.

  130. Great word, Tom – myrmidon

    from Wikipedia:The Myrmidons of Greek myth were known for their skill in battle and loyalty to their leaders. In pre-industrial Europe the word “myrmidon” carried many of the same connotations that “minion” does today. Myrmidon later came to mean “hired ruffian” (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) or “a loyal follower, especially one who executes orders without question, protest, or pity – unquestioning followers.” (

  131. Mark the Hungarian

    Masochists of the world unite! Hah ahha.

    I think watching this falls under no pain, no gain, or something.

  132. Mike – how are you able to sit through one of POB’s four hour long implant events without being completely restimulated?

  133. The emphasis on the posts here all have to do with the source point of these lies, but nobody is talking about the receipt points. Miscavige piloted “the great lie” approach at the LRH death event. He got most of the worldwide community of Scientologists to believe that L. Ron Hubbard decided to abandon his old, but completely healthy (of course) body to continue in his research AND in doing so, Ron also decided to abandon over half of the Management Series data and other Scientology basics. He did not post, hat and apprentice a deputy on his post. He did not not do a power change condition. He did not write a program with standard targets that would ease the transition from him to another leader. He did not record or write a personal in-ARC farewell to Scientologists (all of the preceeding which he ceratinly would have done) Etc etc etc. Of course, now we know much more of the true data about LRH’s physical condition and how he had been very sick for years. But my point here is that Scientologists who had studied the Data Series, the PR series, had done OT levels and the BC bought Miscavige’s story with NO blowback, noise or anything else. The chairman must have had a real “Aha” moment on how easy this all was to accomplish (as a real blueprint for his bullshit in the future) and I think we need to look at OURSELVES and ask how come. You can check in with your own answers, but I’ll just say that Scientologists in my experience (from 1970 onward when I joined staff) have really made the consideration somewhere along the line “to believe.” It’s almost as simple as that. Believe and do not inspect or question. Ever. Back in the mid 70s, Quentin Hubbard was an iconic figure for a while, Ron’s son and a Cl. XII auditor and then one day he was dead. And nothing was ever said about it in my org and we heard no explanation from above. Just that anything that wasn’t involved with production was other intention and distractive. One day David Mayo was a Scientology God. When he came into my org, as a CS myself, I could hardly approach such a figure. Then one day he’s a squirrel and an SP. No outpoint even noticed by yours truly. Believe. I don’t expect that more than a handful of Scientologists will disbelieve or question anything Miscavige says. And you wanna know what? I don’t think they really care if what he says can be verified in the PU or not. Mostly one’s ears are alert at events for anything he says that’s gonna cause one immediate money or hassle post event. There’s a great song from the musical “The Book of Mormon” called “I Believe.” It’s on youtube. Check it out. Each individual Scientologist will have to have his or her own “come to Jesus” moment on Miscavige, but they will also have to confront how they became a person who will believe any bullshit handed them, as long as it’s from the “boss” of the COS or his PR staff.

  134. martyrathbun09

    You are so right upon the tipping point or leverage point being the adoption of “belief.”

  135. martyrathbun09

    Reasonableness; textbook.

  136. martyrathbun09

    Perfect duplication.

  137. Does anyone know if there was a Scientology project in Africa called Education Alive? That was heavily promoted to me in a Reg Cycle by Teddy Bragin and another Scottish fellow.

  138. Speaking of IAS v. HASI, the Impact Mag with its coverage of the event mentions a briefing giving by Karin Alpers of IAS Administrations, enlightening the public on the IAS itself. The article has the balls to claim that the IAS membership system was developed by LRH! Come again? It is trying to con people into believing that the IAS is based on LRH Policy on the HASI. Oh sure. HASI Lifetime membership cost $75 (not $5000 – there is your 70X expansion — of your membership fees), and for that $75 one got a 50% discount on training and processing and could even get services on a payment plan — the Lifetime membership could be jeopardized is services on a payment plan were not paid off. The membership dues went into the HCO Book Account for dissemination purposes – NOT into weeks of scuba diving for POB and $400,000 birthday parties for movie stars that POB is sucking up to. There were no ascending (dis-)Honor levels. By the way the weekend celebrated the first ever achievement of the level of “Patron Maximus”, wonder what superlative name will be invented for the next higher honor level to be invented.

  139. Great analysis. Also on stats for 4D campaigns, it is no wonder a few years ago when I was still in, more and more event evolutions came out in order to calculate 4D campaign stats variously in a new unit of time. These drove me nuts once every two months because I always had to add those original weekly figures in different ways, for “creating” all kinds of awesome expansion statistically. What a shame from today’s viewpoint!

  140. Joe — excellent comment.

    There is also the deep need to belong TO THE WINNING side. Seems to be a very human trait. Those still in listen to those glowing BS events, hearing how they are STILL (wipe brow, praise jesusDM) on the winning side.

    Which means they are BETTER than their fellow man and certainly MUCH better to all those scummy former scientologists.

    Power over others runs really deep. It’s conditioned at an early age on the playground.

    Scientology – like other religions – can either help you die to yourself (your ego, your patterns, your shortcomings, your BELIEFS) OR it can through it’s very powerful workable technology BUILD UP your ego so it’s a cement block.

    I doubt that even having lost it all – Richie Acunto is having an awakening – although I hope that’s not so.

    All of what’s happening to us as former members of a cult COULD be THE best thing in all our lives that every happened. We were there. We were involved. We chose to be there. We agreed.

    Now the work is … how come? Why did I leave? Am I smarter now? Can I see “the two paths – good and evil” FAST enough?

    It’s a fabulous time for each of us.

    Splurge on it 🙂


  141. Yes,

    And have you noticed that in the ASHO LA publication, the number of clears made by that org actually went from over 50,000 to less than half that after the GAT came out and the process began of invalidating all those “improperly attested Clears”.

    I find that amazing. And I am sure DM finds it profitable.

  142. MR – well look on the bright side. Having only to watch and comment truthfully on the event must be a lot better than when you had to suffer through months of pre-event preps/event torture at the hands of POB, then still have to watch and usually participate in the event as well, then get tortured more after the event. Probably 70X less stress, right?

  143. Perhaps the great plan is for DM to get EVERYONE to leave the Cof$ and go elsewhere, leaving him with all the MEST. Then he can rent out all of the idle orgs to the moonies, the krishnuts, or perhaps NOI. As for his personal staff? Not to worry, he can borrow staff from TC.


  144. MR,
    So true your comment on the orders of magnitude needed. I don’t have the issue to quote at the minute but I believe in the Planetary Dissem PL there is a section about orders of magnitude needed. There is also the reference that the speed necessary to ramp up to the orders of magnitude fall upon management.

    Well, the current “management” – if one calls this chaos that – falls upon the head of the kingdom, DM. Therefore, lack of orders of magnitude falls to him as his failure.

    Mixed into this is the changes to what this mean. Orgs used to require a staff, a Flag Rep, LRH Comm, FBO, AG/DSA, etc. The last few orgs I was in had at the most just ONE of the required postings. Missions, in the day, delivered Dianetic auditor training (HSDC) and Student Hat, HQS, etc. Now missions are a glorified package of materials purchased and an allotment of the population granted to their “space.” Today’s missions cannot compare to days of the past. I know a mission that is only open 2 evenings a week, has less than I believe 5 students reading the basics, no auditor, no C/S, no anything really – yet this is considered on the stats as a functioning current mission.

    As you, Marty, and many here know. The true orders of magnitude have to do with people introduced to a solution, people receiving processing and making spiritual gains, auditors being made and Clearing. The product is not buildings, fly by passing of a web site, number of flickering television images paid for, etc.

    I truly believe that the current Indie field already out produces all missions and most orgs of the world. That truth is understood by the staff allowed to hear anything about the reality of the sit. All of the management staff in the SO know what is said at these events is utter balderdash. More just need to wake up, smell the roses and walk down the path of truth that so many of you have demonstrated can be admirably done.

  145. Another thing that makes completely sense to me now, is why an urgent order came down a few years ago, demanding all the past event DVDs/VHS tapes around my area of control to be collected. We were order to collect them up and destroy them thoroughly. I am not kidding and I remember having POed a shredding machine for shredding those DVDs and do CR’s on those stupid actions. I think “the security of event DVDs” may not be the real reason, instead you guys, like Mike, Yager, etc. whoever showed up in the event videos have to be made disappeared from DM’s world.

  146. Randy, exactly what I’m talking about!

  147. I think I heard of something called Education in Africa in the 80ies. Even the Queen was supposed to have contributed 10 thousand Pounds to it, I was told.

  148. No doubt that phenomenon of being old St. Hill Size for a short time occured because of the famous stat push actions we are all too familiar with. . Yet another violation of LRH policy.

  149. Tara, PERFECT…”Razzle Dazzle `em” POB has that down cold.

  150. Yes the stat counting went ad absurdum.
    We had 2 VM i/cs calling us from different Orgs and wanting to know if we have been active as VM. Each time I said “no, I’ve no production as a VM” but the they insisted if I only applied the arc triangle or any tech I would be an active VM. Each time I explained that I’m a Scientologist and because of that I do apply tech anytime and they could count me each week without calling. I always got a nice ack on it but they kept calling each thursday asking the same question and asking of other members otf the family having been active. At the end I gave up and just said yes, feeling they are poor souls – their action having nothing to do with VM activities- and sometimes I also meant they could also count our baby (grandchild) or our neigbours because they have such nice arc.
    the same was with the OT-comitee where we were counted as active, with Ihelp. So we were counted in 2 different orgs several times as active members in different groups, they didn’t if we had any products. Just did you help somebody this week ? This is the most silliest question to ask a Scientologist, it’s his normal life.
    We knew of a scientologist that had big production on book 1 activities and was called book 1 auditor of the year etc…had about 20-40 hours of book 1 per week – all false reports, he didn’t have one pc ! He counted anytime he was in comm with somebody as book 1 delivery ….
    Those are the made up stats !!!!!!

  151. Thanks, Jim, excellent explanation and thanks for your prediction of the resurgence of spirituality. Don’t know about a novel, I am already working on a novel and have a sci fi thriller on hold but I could definitely do a short story on that. Too bad it does not go full circle in reality but what is reality if not a set of agreements? There is a giant corporation whose intention is to make us all solid and controllable and take existence out of the realm of Theta and those who oppose them, devising a brilliant plan to provoke the Chairman of the Board and force him to intensify their actions in order to bring about the Big Bang of Theta. I definitely see a fascinating plot emerging here.

  152. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Chris—-You sound just like my WIFE !!!

  153. Now there is an old dramatisation, It was already done with Pharaos in ancient Egypt. All references were removed mentioning the name and anythig having to do with him from monuments and so on.
    Still, we did find out the truth anyway!

  154. I read an article of the “10 saddest cities in the US” yesterday, and St. Petersburg was #1, with Tampa high on the list. The CofM can’t even clear its back yard, and it is trying to put books into Indonesia?

  155. Thanks, Mike! The numbers the CofM are pushing are so obviously BS, and yet somehow tolerated by the sheeple that you have to wonder – what are they really doing in those auditing rooms and “GAT” course rooms? Certainly not Scientology.

  156. expelled 4 Life

    Temporary thread hijack:

    Forbes Magazine: “IRS vs. Scientology: Here We Go Again”

  157. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi there Carcha, how you doing?

    Nice to see some more “positive” bottom line suggestions.
    Definitely prefer the first paragraph material. Both sane
    AND affordable AND “forward looking”. Give us more !!

    Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  158. LO –This is exactly how its done.

    POB is the biggest stat pusher/stat ignorer/stat faker in the history of Scientology. The LRH policy covers all 3 as birds of a feather. He has perfected the art. And of course, if anyone ever makes him look bad by demonstrating that one of his statements is false, he will find SOMEONE to blame — but as he holds himself out as the authority on all things Scientological, he cannot pretend that he, fully applying the Data Series and stat analysis tech as the guardian of standard application, doesnt KNOW the hot air coming out of his mouth is nothing but that.

    You have explained how VM “groups” and Dianetics “groups” are counted. It is the same thing for the following:

    “Organizations applying LRH admin technology” = anyone who is a Scientiologist that works in a business or HAS worked in a business plus any non-Scientologist who ever attended a seminar on admin tech

    “Drug Education Groups” = anyone who has ever handed out Drug Free booklets

    “Applied Scholastics Schools and Groups” = Delphi schools, Greenfields etc (ie the 10 or so legitimate schools that actually do apply LRH study tech) PLUS anyone who ever attended a lecture on study tech by anyone affiliated with APS plus any Scientologist that home schools their kids.

    “Total Students Reached with Study Tech” = All students in the educational systems of an entire country where a study tech lecture was delivered to teachers from the Education Department (whether they ever used it on actual students or not).

    “WTH Chapters” = anyone who ever gave out copies of WTH

    “CCHR Groups” = anyone who ever “signed up” to do CCHR volunteer work, whether they are still doing so or not.

    And on ad nauseum. There is no limit to the stat fakery and ignoring of real statistics when it comes to the RCS. Meanwhile, the stat push on money has surpassed what you would even expect of a vulture culture and has entered the realm of the VULTURE VACUUM.

  159. enccas — absolutely correct, there were lots of SPs in those events. Not just me and Marty, but films with Michael Fairman, Jason Beghe and Larry Anderson. Awards to people, whether it be “top FSM” or to a Mission that no longer exists… Or even promises from the POB that were not fulfilled (OT IX and X, Super Power, Dictionary, Mark VIII, KTL, LOC or “the entire country of Bulgravia is the first to fully adopt ____ LRH tech”).

    These are all embarrassments to the POB and if there is one thing about him that is paramount above all his other attributes, it is his VANITY.

  160. “Speaking of IAS v. HASI, the Impact Mag with its coverage of the event mentions a briefing giving by Karin Alpers of IAS Administrations, enlightening the public on the IAS itself. The article has the balls to claim that the IAS membership system was developed by LRH!
    It is trying to con people into believing that the IAS is based on LRH Policy on the HASI. Oh sure. HASI Lifetime membership cost $75 (not $5000 – there is your 70X expansion — of your membership fees)..”

    there is your 70X expansion – hahaha!

  161. SA — You speak sooth. If King David was rally interested in planetary clearing, he would be doing everything to reach as many as possible and get them to read or listen to some tech that would handle their ruin. He has literally convinced his sheeple that “if we build it they will come” — which is about where he lives, in the world of illusion and suspended disbelief that is Hollywood.

    King David is an abominable imposter masquerading as LRH’s best friend. Gag.

  162. At least 70X less. I really do feel for the people that are involved with putting together these circuses. I know what they go through each and every event. Despite the increasing paranoia and resulting “security” surrounding his performances, one day someone IS going to stand up in the middle of one of his hypnotic ramblings and challenge one of his statements. And that will probably be the last “event” he will do (from then on, his events will be in front of a small, hand-picked audience done exclusively for rebroadcast, more like the Freewinds events).

  163. Being King requires a Queen (as Shelly seems to be awol).

    A “shortie” that matches his disposition.

  164. Jim — Totally agree they were not close to being SH size. It was a stat push joke.

    But I guarantee that every one of those orgs was delivering far more then than now.

    And if King David had ANY org that was even CLOSE to being SH Size it would be being announced with massive fanfare. You can bet your bippie on that. For God’s sake, he declared SFO Day and Fdn SH Size! They weren’t anywhere near close.

    But there is not a SINGLE ORG on earth that comes close to being SH Size today, not even temporary attainment of the stat quotas.

  165. Windhorse, excellent post as always.
    When “belief” serves as a substitute for looking, observation, reason, and personal verification of fact, result, stats, etc.. as it appears to be the case today among the “good Scientologists” I find it a sad state of affairs for those still in.

    Perhaps for some, as was the case for me, a chain of overts on “self”, Code of Honor”, etc, bears a part in all of this. Perhaps the subscription to this belief is later on the chain.
    I can see how pressure being brought to bear upon the individual, to conform, attend events, ongoing scrutiny of ones alliances, and support ongoing demands for monetary donations for ever present emergencies, could support and justify the urgent demand for ongoing belief.

    “We are the IAS, steadfast and defiant” etc, fighting the good fight against the black hats, etc. Very motivational for those who need a fight in order to have a side to take that makes self feel a little safer from ones own view of things. Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable saddle blanket filled with burs.

    “Waste substitute” is a positive step UPSCALE as one “moves on up a little higher”

    A step OUT of radical corporate Scientology IS a step UP the havingness scale on the subject of Scientology, for in ones own universe, Scientology as a subject can once again be under ones own control.

  166. It is harder to verify statistics and facts on the other side of the world or in a country that speaks a different language. Lies can be too easily discredited here. Even coolaide drinkers say: “I know all my local orgs are starving but what they are doing ‘over there’ is worth my sacrifice!”

  167. Me Five, gotta be worse than taking a leak on an electric fence Mike!

  168. Sorry Robbert, you have the accent wrong:
    “Kind David, the wee!”

  169. Don,

    great point. People helped, could be anything from handing out condoms to the laughs the world gets from the COS responses to media such as Valeska’s story being all lies and false but she violated a confidentially agreement.

    But normally the X growth was based on SOMETHING, a few ideas:

    70x inventory of books in COS bookstores. Possible.
    70 x square footage. Didn’t grow that much.
    70 x spent on renovations and maitnenance of marginal orgs. Possible.
    70 x the amount of orders and cross orders and micromanagement. Perhaps.
    70 x cash reserves?
    70x increase in DMs personal material quality of life and income?

  170. The day someone stands up and challenged him will be a banner day. The stress of events definitely filtered down through the echelons to ILO, Cont, Orgs, as they became more and more obsessed with having one sales person or more for every poor public, the press-ganged staff/salespersons milling about and chanting “cash or credit” for hours on end, then getting desperate at 2 AM and calling people on the other side of the world, trying to make sales quotas.

  171. Or the NOI parishoners will be exported there after DM sucked out all the money out of them.

  172. Add in some stat rationalisation and stir.

  173. …there were lots of SPs in those events.
    Not just me and Marty…

    So SP is the new abbrevation of ” Scientology Protector”? 😀
    No wonder His Majesty re-issued the “disconnection” policy LRH abandoned.

  174. HN: Not only that, the desperation to collect “STATS” and “DATA” for events became almost manic. These days its just made up “numbers”, but I bet the pressure still goes down the lines for EVERY EVENT to come up with new garbage “we grew enough carrots in the last half century that if we laid them end to end they would circumnavigate the moon more times than the total passing yards Dan Marino threw in the AFC championship game in 1997, or to put it another way….”

  175. top of the vale

    Farquaad = Miscabbige = Farquaabbige….seems pretty close and their both very short. Maybe DM will get gobbled up by the Dragon LOL

  176. MR: LOL! Oh yes indeed, I am sure that’s the way it is. And not only that, no sooner does one event end than the pressure starts for “data collection” for the next event, with perhaps the only respite all year a month or so after the org showings of the MV events, before the demands for the IAS event start up. “Chronic Event Stress” could potentially be voted in by the psychs as a mental disorder for the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

  177. Claudio Lugli

    He measures the expansion in terms of “money in his pocket” – This is the only 70X expansion that occurred in the whole of Scientology!!!!
    The rest, including the wealth, the well being, the sanity, the OTness ad infinitum of the Scientologists just contracted 70x tru the application of Reverse Scientology. This is my experience, this is what I observed having toured 3 major Ideal Orgs Rome, Madrid, London – EMPTY SCARY PALACES . NO ARC whatsoever. Just MEST MEST MEST he has 8008 in reverse! IMPLANTER

  178. Now, Bryan U., a report from the east side of the state of Washington. I checked online and found two missions listed in Spokane. These may be the same mission but I found two different addresses. I drove by each of them today; doubt they are missions if they ever were. One space was vacant and for rent; the other had tightly closed blinds on the windows. Not a sign to be seen at either location.

  179. awesome, thank you wh.

  180. +1

    Have you ever asked your fellow Scientologist to tell you what was said during the event? The most common answer I heard: “Gosh, you just need to see it yourself. I just CAN’T remeber! … BUT there IS expansion everywhere on the Planet!”
    The “rolling thunders” already work like the “learning machine” from Battlefield Earth.

    Next to come in int-events: Hypnohelmet-Devices for ALL!
    (On your own cost – of course.)
    This will be the new “Mark VIII induxium E-Meter”
    “No need for electrodes enymore! Your Progress up the bridge guaranteed! Straight up vertical!”

  181. Well for Saint Hill org size no where does it mention basics book course completions so I dont think that any orgs can be SH size. The size is well known by ED 339R but what the stats are is a guess. Even if SFO Day and Fdn went Saint Hill size even the staff would not know it as the stats are not posted or known in general. I think thats a departure from “Ideal” and no one says anything? Everyone quiet about the stats another departure!

  182. Tom, Karen

    I was pretty lucky. In the mission where I “cut my teeth”, whenever anyone said something like “I think I must be an SP” the usual answer that would come back was something along the lines of…” Well, if you think you are an SP, you most certainly are not. This is because real SPs do not have the capability of admitting any personal faults. They do not have the luxury of “self inspection”.

    Served me many a time.

    Eric S

  183. Perhaps the goal of a Zimbabwe org was to take advantage of the rampant inflation. Since DM obviously loves having lots of dollars, his dream would come true in that country. Recently, they issued a 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar bill. That’s 100,000,000,000,000 dollars. A picture is here. It was worth about US$1 for several days until it too sank from sight.

    DM may have been hoping that he could pay staff billions of (Zimbabwe) dollars and save even more money while hoping they were fooled into thinking they were getting rich.

    The above is obviously tongue in cheek; we all know that this was just another iteration of the Ideal Org scam, but far enough away from home that nobody would ever check to see if it even existed or not.

    After the Zimbabwe Idle Org scam is revealed, I predict the location of the next ultra-remote Idle Org will be Pyongyang North Korea. The country is really hard to get into. And citizens are jailed for talking to foreigners, so the handful of staff doesn’t actually have to do any dissemination or deliver any services. But hey, at least Anonymous wouldn’t find it all that easy to get there to protest outside, and the staff would make even less than Sea Org staff in the US (average North Korean wage is $30.00 a month, so he’ll probably offer $1.00). Wonder how the Shermanspeak written for the dedication ceremony would sound in Korean… Probably not unlike revolutionary rhetoric from North Korea’s own homegrown midget dictator.

  184. a circus needs a Clown

  185. You said, “By the way the weekend celebrated the first ever achievement of the level of ‘Patron Maximus.'”

    OMG. Somebody actually parted with enough cash to claim that awful Gluteus Maximus trophy? Any idea who the poor fool is?

  186. Bob Duggan.

  187. Me too.

  188. It is true, Mike. I suddenly realized that I started getting surprised/shocked by the sales drillings, PT-order-only operations I received in my last few years of career in RCS. I often said these are created by some “arrogant American” who do not know other cultures. And now I know who that “arrogant American” is. Being specific is much better than being general. Oh, on Larry, it reminds me that I had been asking if we could get the DVD version of Orientation Firm after the LD was suspended. But I only got PR response. So I had to work out for the missions what other properties they could use to orientate their new people. Completely make sense on why it takes forever to produce Orientation Film in DVD form. The only person fits is too busy to sell (sorry, it should read “save”) the planet.

  189. windhorse

    Excellent post.

    Yes, I also think that “the deep need to belong TO THE WINNING side.” is also often a part of why those who have withdrawn from the “church” but still will not announce their departure publicly.

    It is like the man with a mistress. He sees advantages in both his wife and his mistress, and is not really able to make a choice because he does not want to make the “wrong” one. He is in doubt.

    One is not in doubt every time he comes to the point where he has to make a decision. ( unless he is in extremely bad shape) “Doubt”, as a condition, exists “when one CANNOT make up one’s mind”.

    It can be a tough one, because it seems to be survival to “keep one’s options open”, and perhaps it is in some instances, but when it is below “liability” and one has already “taken on the color of an enemy”, to some degree, the lack of decision moves over toward “fraud” or “betrayal” of both of the “groups” that they are “stringing along”. It is a cowards path.

    For those who find themselves desperately trying to straddle (reconcile) two divergent paths, perhaps have a look at this….

    Consider the FEELING of being indecisive, for whatever reason, in whatever situation. Now consider the FEELING of standing right up, in plain sight, and announcing your decision or your chosen alliances.

    The second scenario is perhaps a bit more scary to contemplate than the first…. but have a look (check out the emotional aspect), which is higher toned? In which of the two scenarios are you more proud of yourself?

    The only truly “winning side” is your own assumption of your own responsibility (as cause). In which of the two above scenarios do you feel more “at cause”?

    Whichever one chooses, there is this…
    From the Code Of Honor, by L. Ron Hubbard…

    “9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.”

    By my personal observation, it is the “overts” against one’s own honor and integrity that are the most “painful” to a Thetan, and bring about the most “resurgence” when they are viewed and the being takes responsibility for them.

    Anyway…. You just got me thinking…

    Eric S

  190. Has anyone else noticed that the church website doesn’t even make the “church locator” easy to find on the first page? It’s hidden wayyy at the bottom, written in small letters. It’s as though the webmaster is afraid to send people to a church.

  191. Hi, Li’ll bit of stuff,

    Appreciate the ack. I’m fine, freezing over Winter, buying huge bags of popcorn, reading books, listening to lectures. I get the feeling a lot of people are kind of re-tooling to deliver real Scn..

    Hope your weather is good over the Christmas Season!


  192. Dankoon, Sinar, like BT, I have wondered about what the scene is
    with Dan Sherman all along. I have read his books at the time,
    thought he might produce an interesting LRH biography…
    Surely he can’t be duped by DM to that extent.
    If you had more data on this, I’m sure, others would be interested.

  193. Gern Gaschoen

    Yes, I too am noticing this factor in my sector of the universe. Folks who are just staying ‘around the lines’ rather than ‘on-lines’ in order to be there when the scene gets cleaned up. There is some sort of trust that, somehow, the Admin tech will save us from this disaster.

  194. top of the vale

    If Mr. Duggen is Patron Maximus then DM must be PIMPUS MAXIMUS!

  195. Me, whatever # (i’ll get in the long line!)

    Brilliant report by Mike Rinder! Illuminating in truth as a Flemish painting! Thank you for distilling the ringmaster Miscavige’s circus event to reveal the bozo behind the curtain, and in such a delightful read… with perfect alliteration (the bard of bullshit!) and bang-on verbs such as bloviating! THANK YOU!

  196. Li'll bit of stuff


    Sounds like the very best “Fuel” to carry you through,
    ( Carbing up on popcorn ) keeps the Bod happy,
    while Theta- feeding on LRH lectures. It doesn’t get
    much better than this, that is,until the coming reformation
    (hopefully, as described by you,) becomes a reality.
    Weatherwise, we are going to swelter in African SUMMER

    Hope you stay cuddled up & enjoy the TREATS Luv Li’ll bit

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