Village Voice Interviews Valeska Paris Guider

Learn more about the Corporate Scientology “OT VIII” ship:

The Village Voice Interview: Valeska Paris Guider.

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  1. Of all the little uglies, I think human trafficing has the highest probability of sticking to Davey’s handmade booties. You know, the ones with the elevator soles that are custom made for him in England.

  2. After reading the church’s rebuttal in the Village Voice article, I have a question. How did Valeska marry Chris Guider if she had a husband on board the Freewinds (“she went shopping with her husband, she entertained 6 members of her husband’s family.”) Perhaps she was married on the ship but divorced when sent to the RPF in Australia?

  3. Well, as usual, CofS gives a non-response. I guess that means that their PR and legal departments are pretty much in non-e.

    Given the inherent weakness in the American judicial system, perhaps the axe of justice will fall in another country. I wonder why in places like Russia and Germany and France, these issues are not brought up? Much more likely to draw blood in those nations.


  4. Well of course it all makes sense. Many of the top execs of Scientology sent to toil in the bilges and perform other actions inflicted upon them with the obvious intent to humiliate and cave in –while the “two most important thetans on the planet” (POB and deputy POB) lounge around getting waited on hand and foot at astronomical expense. And in the 2004 IAS video deputy POB is babbling on about how you have to ask yourself if you did enough each night before your head hits the pillow. That line was used on us for years to make sure our heads did not hit the pillow. Hell, if I only I and many other people had known that POB and deputy POBs definition of enough was: saw enough movies, ate enough gourmet food, participated in enough expensive and exotic forms of recreation and entertainment, waited on by enough slaves and servants, had their egos stroked enough, spent enough time hallucinating about how important they were, and spent enough of the tax free money extorted and bullied out of parishioners. Silly fools we were, working 18 or more hours a day, enduring all sorts of deprivation — and all out of a dedication to clearing the planet — in fact doing so despite the best efforts of POB to undermine it all. Well, all I can say is: gag me with a cruise ship.

  5. There are things that I just don’t get when it comes to the Church of Scientology. One is the idea of work, work, work, even for little children as young as 4 years old. I know that staff are “rewarded” once in a while, but it is all arranged by someone else. Why are voluntary pleasurable activities denied for staff and public members (as much as possible)? But then there is David Miscavige with his lavish meals, plenty of sleep, and voluntary recreational activities – motorcycle riding, diving, watching first run movies in the evening or other form of entertainment. It requires an explanation from David Miscavige as to why he denies so much to his staff that which he feels entitled to for himself. (I think we all know the real answer, but I’d like to see Ms. Pouw’s response to this.)

    Another is this – what made Valeska so valuable to the Church that they cut her off from family and the world outside of Scientology at 17 years old? Was it more to punish her mother?

    Lastly, how can any of Scientology’s A-lister celebrities receive such special treatment, knowing that staff (adults and children) are treated so poorly. How can they eat the meals prepared under these conditions? How can they attend these events produced by sleep-deprived staff who work under such duress? How can they then mouth empty words condemning treatment of people in the broader world? How their souls must suffer under these lies.

  6. …Oh and I forgot the POB Birthday presents 5000 (or so) SO members having $5 or $10 taken from their pay, which at most was $50 and quite probably considerably less, thus resulting in $25,000 to $50,000 in birthday gifts for He Who must be Worshipped, Idolized, Abjectly Obeyed and Contributed to Big Time – at all times.

  7. Yes, she was divorced from her first husband.

  8. Geeze, speaking of the Captain Freewinds. He had a whole tribe of children when he arrived. His wife got thrown under the bus real quick. Kicked out on the street in Clearwater because someone didn’t like her as a p.c.. Did she take the kids or did they keep her children too? If she took the kids, has Mike been providing for them? What ever to happened to the kids while Mike has been playing Pirates of the Carribean?

  9. Great interview Valeska. One thing really creeped me out; the part about having to put on make-up before being videoed signing the confidential papers prior to leaving. In other words, your captors knew your physical condition was horrible. No way did they want to risk anyone else seeing it on video.
    This would be like the Germans putting make-up on the concentration camp prisoners before the Liberators came riding into Dachau in 1945.

    ps. On a happier note, congratulations on the new baby on the way!

  10. Karin Pinocchio Pouw:
    All passports were held by the Port Captain in accordance with maritime regulations – the Port Captain just held Valeska’s for 12 years; shopping, if any at all, is done on a crew pass.

    She was also never forces to perform labour in the engine room – just like Mike, Heber, Lindsey, Yager and others were never forced to perform labour in the engine room.

    Any decision Valeska made with respect to whether she communicated with her mother was her decision alone – that’s why she was escorted for 6 full years.

    The allegations concerning Mr. Miscavige are denied – but not answered with a slander suit.

    She left the Church on amicable terms – so amicable that she had to sign a gag order.

    Valeska is lying to you, she is an unreliable source – so much a lier that an extremely litigious church doesn’t sue her.

    It would be irresponsible for Lateline to broadcast these spurious and uncorroborated facts. – only corroborated by Chris, Mike, Marty and all other ex SO.

    She and Chris cannot get their life in order – they only contribute to society, earn a salary and raise a family which can’t be said of any SO member, bar none!

    For ABC it’s dishonest to pretend this is a news story – half a year of illegal imprisonment or held hostage is very news worthy, let alone 12 years.

  11. dumbleton-powles

    this is bad story with a good ending. I also knew claire hamilton who was put on a roof in the rain in anzo while she had pneumonia – the details in my head are sketchy, it was on the rumour line a few years ago – found the story on claire pages at
    then there is virginia stewart – her background is in the dumbleton-powles report, along wiht del morris and she talks about no disconnection

  12. It’s one of the most evil misuses of dedication I can imagine. I have never met more selfless people than those in the Sea Org. It continues to just piss me off thinking about it. Thankfully there is that tinge of relief as the whole nasty affair continues to be exposed.

  13. Karin Pinochio Pouw – LOL! – KP Pouw!

  14. Yes, to pervert and exploit our dedication in this way was/is just about the most hideous form of treason to a cause I can imagine. And considering the cause in this instance, it is the most hideous form of treason against and across the eight dynamics. Amazing POB and D/POB ever sleep at night.

  15. I figured that too. 🙂 She is smart girl to get off the Freewinds. I don’t see how any government allows the Church of Scientology to confiscate people’s passports before they board the ship. That is a point worth taking up.

  16. Thank you so much for speaking out, Valeska.

    Every once in a while I have a blinding re-cognition, “WOW…I REALLY was in a cult.” It stings for a little bit, but the increased awareness adds up to full understanding.

    Best for the rest of your new life.

  17. Valeska said re Tom Cruise ” And we had to call him ‘sir.’ It was like he was David Miscavige’s deputy or something.”

    Disgusting! What does a movie star have to do with religion?

  18. I sense and perceive that there is a criminal indictment in the works for POB.

    Sleep well you little lunatic.

    Paybacks (karma) can be utter hell.

  19. By the way dave, even your lawyers are sick of you.

  20. I have a favorite line from KP’s statement:
    “As to the allegations concerning Mr. Miscavige, it is ludicrous to suggest that someone in Valeska’s position had a close and personal relationship with the ecclesiastical leader of the religion. ”

    It is ludicrous to suggest that any “non-ling” (less than an underling) had a personal relationship with the Pope on a Box (an applebox). THIS is the image David Miscavige WANTS to be painted of himself.

    Imagine a person who claims to be the religious leader of millions, the beacon of hope, the guidon to enlightenment that DISDAINS to have a personal relationship with a parishioner. Who is this diety?

    Yes, Dave, YOU said that and Karin Pouw had it PUBLISHED on the internet. Well, there it is. Very loud and unclear. You’ll have to take An Essay on Management out of the OEC now. Cancel ARC, especially the Communication part. Erase Pan-Determinism (not just the hyphen, but the entire blather about the concept from the early 50s on). Kill a whack of Axioms. Uhhh, oh yeah, Model Session, The Auditor’s Code, The Code of A Scientologist, well, let’s just skip the details shall we – just cancel the whole subject.

    You are priceless Dave. Imagine – a religious leader that disdains relationships with the parishioners and has it PUBLISHED!!!

  21. Former Flag Customer

    Valeska Paris was used by Scientology and she awoke to a brighter reality. I am happy for a wonderful new family that is honest and true.
    Having completed OT VIII on the Freewinds more that 20 years ago, I look back at Mr. Cruise’s birthday party with complete revulsion. The entire event had nothing at all to do with ‘spiritual development’.
    Mr. Miscavige mis-managed the Freewinds ‘concept’ ; caused harm to human beings, and the public image of Scientology. His crimes are high indeed.
    Looking back over the more than 20 years since OTVIII, I only see what ‘might have been’ without the intervention of Mr. Miscavige. The ‘Freewinds’ was a great idea forever soured by the ignorance of Mr. Miscavige.

  22. Hey KP what’s your new post title?
    I notice it’s missing from the official Church of Scientology International letter head.
    Sycophant? or Sock puppet?
    Nice to see you’ve been promoted from the post of ex-husband stalker 😀

  23. Valeska and Chris,
    Congratulations on the new baby!
    If you ever summon up the courage to read this, that’s 3 grand-children you’re losing by my count.
    Is your church worth that kind of sacrifice? Really?
    Haven’t you lost enough already old friend? 😦

  24. Hmm.
    What’s the excuse for holding the passports of staff not under maritime regulations? Mine was held at Celebrity Centre International while I was on staff there and wasn’t returned to me until after I finally managed to escape (err I mean ‘route out’) from the PAC RPF. Can’t recall having taken any cruises during that time.

  25. I’d love to see the videos of me signing the reams of dox they put before me after spending 4 months mostly in the old medical waste incinerator room deep below the PAC Base. (after spending four months confined to a room on the ship and prior to spending 6 months under guard in a rural cabin in New Mexico).

    After I was allowed to ‘rout out’, I saw my sister the next week. When she saw me she said: “Oh my god – What did they do to you? You look like a radiation victim!”

  26. I am in awe of Valeska’s strength, courage and moral compass in fighting for those still imprisoned and speaking out on the cruelty she endured.

    It us heartwarming to see she and Chris blossoming and growing their beautiful family.

  27. Laura Ann,
    That is a David Miscavige SO “tradition” and standard. It started in about ’90 when Tom Cruise was first brought to the Int Base and started his training – KTL, LOC & academy levels while getting his auditing as well. All of the Int Staff had to address him, a Non SO as “Sir”.

    He was twinned up with his Assistant Andrea Morse on his training.

  28. I love how the Australians pronounce Miscavige.

  29. Your passport was taken simply to prevent you from leaving easily. (I know you already know this Sam) The Church has no legal authority to confiscate anyones passport on land or on the ship.

    Passports of most nations, U.S included, remain the property of the issuing Gov”t. The CoS has no more authority to operate as an agent for a Gov’t than any other civilian organization.

    Deflecting this control practice to maritime law is farcical. Cruise ships don’t forcibly take the passports of passengers to then pass them back out every time you go ashore on a day trip in port. This is simply more CoS BULLSHIT and a means of preventing (controlling) those who wish to leave from leaving.

  30. How? Denial, maybe?

    Or, listening to lies and wanting to believe them so what you’re doing doesn’t seem like an overt, but seems instead to be a deserved reward.

  31. Well put Erwin! I especially like what you say about the Engine room! Yeah, Mike, Yager myself and all the others that were put down there for weeks or months were very happy to do so and went down their on our own free will! Yeah right as if!

  32. Thank you LDW 🙂

  33. Well put Jim, the other thing is nowhere do I say or does the ABC or anyone else say I ever had a close and personal relation with David Miscavige and I am very happy that I never did. I don’t really think anyone does unless he can use them for his advantage like Tom Cruise.

  34. Thanks Sam and well put! I hope my dad wakes up one day. Or he can just wait till DM’s Church colapses which wont be long with all the crimes they hide and deny.

  35. Yeah it’s pretty funny 🙂

  36. Thank you so much Mimi!

  37. David Miscavige & His Sycophantic Cult is finally being exposed for what it really is; CRIMINAL!

    Choke on it Davey, “Tick,Tock” ‘Dude….

  38. That’s right I divorced my first husband and out of the 7 years we were married we probably spent a total of 9 months together. He is an IAS reg and was off the Ship pretty much the whole time.

  39. What is the difference between an IAS Reg and a Public Reg? For my information? Why is one a reg for an Org and the other for the IAS? Don’t orgs still tithe each weeks earnings?

  40. Is it because the IAS Reg is only there to put money in coffers of the IAS and not to sell auditing and training? And if so, when an IAS reg regges you, what does he or she say this money is for usually or going towards? Buildings or just towards the church?

  41. Dear Valeska,

    Thank you for speaking out!

    There is no question as to why the complete denial from the Church. Mike Rinder already laid out the reasons beautifully in an earlier post. The official answers from “Karin Pouw” are dictated by DM and for ONE purpose only: to escape any possibility of being criminally prosecuted.

    EVERY SO member knows the allegations by Valeska and others are true. EVERY SO member, whether on the Freewinds or elsewhere have turned their passport into the person holding the Legal officer, Port Captain or DSA post, and it is solely to make it harder for that person to leave or “blow”. Everyone knows it and agrees upon it.

    Of course you can’t say this officially so you’ll see “according to maritime law…” and a bunch of other crap which they too know is just that – PR crap.

    The responses from the Church will ALWAYS be 100% total denial to EVERYTHING, no matter the PR ramifications, which they are very aware of themselves, but have no choice in doing, as the worst that could happen is for DM to personally be prosecuted.

    Only if the Church was officially put under the arms of the law in an investigation, some staff may actually see the light and decide to be honest with the law rather than covering the ass of DM. When not under any legal pressure, the existing staff WILL deny and tell lies to make it seem that ALL ex-staff are apostates. If they don’t they get in so much personal trouble they can’t even confront the potential consequences.

    The lies will ONLY be exposed if some legal enforcement arm manages to launch a valid investigation into the Church where staff members have to swear under oath to testify, and some may actually decide to be truthful. If not the Church will continue to deny 100% no matter the PR ramifications and label all people who criticize them as “apostates”.

    The Church public may not know the inner workings of the SO, but they usually have seen enough, but they “understand” for their own personal convenience and conviction, as should they do otherwise they would be enemies with all the significance which goes along with going against ANYTHING which DM says or does, and hence they will support, no matter how unethically, what DM is doing.

    It is truly scary how this could be, but nonetheless it is a hard, cold fact!

  42. Hey, Lawrence, the building fund reges are a completely separate group from the other two. IAS reges are collecting money for the IAS. The technical service type reges are collecting money for your auditing and training. The building fund reges are collecting money for the building. Oh yeah, and everybody is regging and collecting money for basics to be thrown away to libraries, garages, etc. etc. ROFL

  43. Laura Ann, ya gotta beleeeeve! And a movie star gets ya to beleeeeeve! Hallelujah!

  44. I dream of depositions.
    Q…if you had to choose between following David Miscavige or LRH who would you choose?
    A…Oh, LRH of course!
    Q…Good, now, you see this issue called “Ideal Org,” please read exactly what LRH says about buildings…

    So many questions. So many people to ask them to.

    I just dream of depositions.

  45. Here’s a potential backfire on a CofS tactic. They tend to hire a lot of lawyers on little situations so that when anyone wants a lawyer against them, all the lawyers in town have to say, “Sorry, can’t take the case, conflict of interest.”
    Well, it seems like any lawyer and any witness to any signed papers would have to admit they had a conflict of interest because they work for the church. Thus, there are no valid witnesses to the papers that were signed, or anyone who says they KNOW that the person didn’t sign under duress, etc.

  46. Andrea Morse? Michael Doven’s current wife? That poor girl after dedicating 15 years of her life (day and night) to Tom Cruise, assisting him, from Jan 2005-July 2005 was held against her will at Flag, as ordered by Tom Cruise, and she did a public RPF, tons of sec-checks (being mid OTVII) and then completely removed by Tom Cruise from his post. She was so pissed but had to toe the line because Michael D (her hubby) was still connected to TC. David Miscavige had Michael Wiseman to keep an eye on her so Michael W’s wife hired Andrea in her company. That is where she is and silenced.

  47. And by the way, that is one CUTE little guy you’ve got, Valeska!

  48. I meant, “removed from her post”.

  49. Raul — Absolutely spot on. Every ex-SO member that reads this blog can confirm every word you write here. It’s a conspiracy of liars creating a conspiracy of lies.

  50. Grendel's Mother

    Excellent point! That irked me, too, when I read it.

  51. So you are saying that Tom Cruise uses DM and DM’s antics to abuse his own staff? What did he do just call up his good buddy “Dave” and tell him he wanted Andrea held at Flag, sec checked and do a public RPF?

    I have heard of DM putting out the red carpet for Cruise over the years and wasting tons of money, but this is the first I have heard of him using DM to abuse his own staff.

    I guess it is not surprising since Cruise has been in DM’s valence for years now. No wonder Cruise doesn’t notice what is going on. He has too many mutual crimes against the people closest to him. Would love to see more details of this abuse coming out. That would catch the attention of the press.

  52. Sam, that practice was also applied to trainees at the ITO (International Training Org). One of our staff told us after return that her passport had been collected there when she arrived, as a surprise. Then, during study she had a hard time to concentrate on the materials at all because she felt like a prisoner. She felt unable to get out, had headaches constantly, felt held there against her will and trapped. There has been heavy charge on that and her stories left us speechless.

  53. The article by Tony Ortega was powerfully written. I’ve seen bodies rotting in WW I trenches, eyes turned up to the sky – it looks like it’s in black and white, tinged with green, and the scent is, as often described, unwashable.

    But I could not get through that article.

  54. LOL. Spoken like a true Viking!

  55. Hello Raul.

    The Church public may not know the inner workings of the SO, but they usually have seen enough, but they “understand” for their own personal convenience and conviction, as should they do otherwise they would be enemies with all the significance which goes along with going against ANYTHING which DM says or does, and hence they will support, no matter how unethically, what DM is doing.

    In my opinion the average public and even many staffs hardly spot the difference between source and aims of Scientology and top-management agenda.
    The propaganda machine installed by PoB, events, IAS “Briefings” etc. is quite effective.
    PoB is not aware of the real power and truth of Scientology.
    Scientology has the ability to correct itself.

    Has anyone ever wondered on an event, why PoB “confronts” with his right hand. I first thought that he just goes into the valence of John Paul II, the then catholic pope. *gghh*
    But when I saw Mr. Rinder for the first time on TV after he left and he spoke about beatings at the Int Base, I instantly KNEW that this was true. Of course.
    (If you never saw him confronting with the right hand, look one of the old videos on the official site, for example this one. )

    Step back, Dr. Miscavige. Go down from the box.

  56. SO members (still in the SO) go online too. In some cities they go to public internet / call shops. (For example train stations.)
    I saw some doing that – and I wondered if they are allowed to.
    I never asked.

  57. This is so cute.
    And the boy looks like his father.
    You look beautifull!

  58. It seems I missed to add the foto link.

  59. Great article and love the photo of you and Declan.
    Congrats too! 🙂

  60. Hey OSA bots that read this blog – Are you ever going to get the point?
    By protecting Miscavige YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF THE “CHURCH”.

  61. Did David Miscavige get a hair transplant of some sort?

  62. The gags just keep on coming, HereNow. Just when I get my nausea to calm down, I read something that makes me gag.

  63. When the FBI interviewed me (like many, many other ex Sea Org staff)
    they were VERY interested in the fact that passports are taken (at all Sea Org bases) when a new recruit first arrives. They were interested to the point of wanting to know exactly where each of these locked file cabinets are located.
    I know some people believe the FBI is dropping the ball, I’m not one of them. I think they are going to extremes to get their ducks in a row.
    Tick, tock, tick, tock…. time will tell.

  64. I met another female public (not my place to state her name) that TC had sent to Flag to do a “public RPF” where she was made to clean toilets with a tooth brush when she wasn’t being thoroughly overwhelmed and made to sign gag orders so as not to reveal her gross and disgusting 2D “experience” with Cruise. No joke. Cruise and Miscavige are birds of a feather. Nasty….

  65. Laura-

    I remember when I first went to Flag, the very first or second day, the IAS had me watch a Tom Cruise video. And I said something to the effect
    “That guy is a such a weirdo, why would I want to watch him.”

    Gasps by the IAS.

    By the end of my time at Flag, Tom Cruise was my favorite actor ever and one of the most able beings in human history.


  66. She was a trained Auditor. She could Audit and get PC’s up the Bridge.

    There is nothing more valuable (if you’re a Scientologist) in the universe, or as threatening (if you’re a non-Scientologist) either. Take your pick which of these two values is in play in this particular sub-game here ..

  67. I knew Chris during the period he went uplines from ANZO, and I have to say that I’m very glad he finally cognited what was going on and stopped contributing to it. Tell him an old friend said “Hi” .. I never did do the sec-checkers hat that he suggested, though .. 😉

  68. Come on Sam, you know it’s for your own good. Hard working people like you can’t be bothered by the burdening responsibility of keeping a passport. It’s to help you dedicate your time and effort to mankind and not be distracted. You wouldn’t want to lose it or worse, as you know, the world is full of SP’s that might steal it and refuse to give it back. You know you’re in the Sea Org and, in full compliance with maritime regulations, all those traditions are to be followed whether you’re at sea or in the middle of a desert. As HCO is in charge of all things relating to personnel, they’re to handle insignificant papers like passports. You know, it’s in the best interest of you and clearing the planet, you want to clear the planet and not be bothered with petty admin. And admitted, in case you might harbour some fleeting thoughts of blowing due to your own overts, HCO is actually helping you to overcome those by enforcing your presence, get you enough time to be sec checked and back onto your basic purpose of clearing the planet. It’s all done for your own good and really is the greatest good!

  69. Sinar,
    Thank you for the background. 🙂

  70. Lynne,
    You crack me up!! 🙂

  71. Now I see a little more clearly. Thank you Lynne. 🙂

  72. d-p, I’m familiar with the d-p report. How is it Virginia Stewart’s background? Thanks

  73. “TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Can there be no trust between a kidnapper and his hostages?
    A man who held a Kansas couple hostage in their home while fleeing from authorities is suing them, claiming they broke an oral contract made when he promised them money in exchange for hiding him from police. The couple has asked a judge to dismiss the suit.”

    Ah, the logic of the criminal mind!
    Ah, the logic of our justice system to even entertain such a claim!

  74. Valeska
    He will.
    The Jean-Francois I remember was a strong principled man.
    However misguided his actions may be now, it takes a lot courage to stand by your convictions and hold your ground.
    When he realises he has been betrayed and decides to exact justice for what has been done to his family the universe will tremble.
    Far better a man who chooses a side and disconnects for now in the belief that he is doing the right thing than a weather-cock who plays both sides in order to have a ‘safe’ life.
    Keep doing what you’re doing.
    He’s a Sea Org Member – eventually they all ‘come back’ 😉

  75. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Poor gal, I remember the frantic phone call I received from Andrea, LeAnn and Derek ( L’s Husband at the time) asking for assistance in locating her purse.

    She and LeAnn were strong arm robbed in the Miracle Mile/ Beverly area of LA one mid-week night. In Andrea’s purse was Tom’s little black book, as she put it.

    I spent hours helping them through the trauma and looking through dumpsters, trash cans and tracking homeless down in the area. I’ll never forget standing in the middle of a side street in the area hugging both of them in my arms as tight as I could and they were bawling their hearts out. My shirt was soaked.

    I distinctly remember how bad I felt for her because I knew how upset CCINT would be with the matter and how she would be sec-checked, labelled PTS and basically have to pay her way through a CSI handling for a unfortunate incident she had no control over. If anything, she could have had a better personal security plan in place but that is a different matter.

    Anyway, stark contrast of the look they had in their eyes from when they were close friends of mine.

    Those were two very scared and upset ladies! I did all I could to help them resolve a matter far from my ability to resolve.

    — Jackson

  76. Some call it torture.

  77. Nah. Their PR dept. is HFA: COB RTC
    …along with every other post. Because everyone knows Davey has to “do Everything!”

  78. Brian,

    I never understood the positioning with Tom. After the couch episode on Oprah and the Brook Shields, Matt L. glib incident, I didn’t think his PR was all that good. Then it was reported that Katie was a virgin. Didn’t he marry her after the baby was born? I didn’t feel that looked good either. If an SO member did these things, I believe it would be off to the RPF we go.

  79. Aaahh, that is a beautiful photo and tells it all. That photo is as close to the essence of what attracted me originally to Scientology – pure unadulterated THETA – (or at least what I thought was to be fully extant in SCN) but has clearly been lost, if it ever existed, due to that madman. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing theta-life as that photo of Valeska and her son represents. To think one has to flee the church to find that kind of theta anymore…what a travesty DM has brought upon this group. But the Guiders are having another baby. That is what I call “getting on with your life.”

  80. Sinar, Mat, Gary et al – this information about “Mr” Cruise forcing his staff to go to Flag for “public RPFs” –i.e. “Mr” Cruise’s own little Private Celebrity Hole, no doubt under the tutelage of his Mentor “Mr” POB, where his staff were humiliated, degraded, etc — is not surprising but is very interesting all the same. If some organized form of the data people have on this subject and on “Mr” Cruise participating/witnessing similar acts of “Mr” POB inflicted on SO member, such as the now-famous “Shrimp” incident, it would be devastating and would certainly go viral. Thus I encourage further revelations along this line, if anyone has similar anecdotes/incidents. It could make a high impact post or series of posts.

  81. Yeah, whole lotta gaggin’ goin’ on.

  82. Scientology has a new name:


    they are experts in that field and they are superliterate in


    and they are masters at

    give me all your moneyology

    anything to do with deception, lying, denying, coercing, manipulating and extracting every dime you have or at least trying to they are the king of the world at these things

    run for the hills a scn is coming run hide dive or they will corner you and tell you all the reasons why they need all of your money

  83. Mike’s wife Jan went to the RPF at Flag. By the time I got there she had graduated and was the Treas Sec on the Ship. Mike divorced her when she want to the RPF and married Julie P I forgot her last name but he had an affair with her while still married to Jean and then divorced Jean and married her. He later divorced her when she got in big trouble with DM and was put on the RPF on the Ship for years. Mike and Jean have three boys, August, Sean and Jack. Jack was at the Curacoa cadet Org when I got there and August and Sean were in the Sea Org on the Ship. The Ship would be in Curacoa over the weekend and parents would see their children then. Sean ended up going out 2D with Zerrin Muller and left the Sea Org. August and Jack left shortly after Sean. Mike Napier loved his boys. That was one thing that was possitive about him and as far as I know he is in regular comm with all of them and so is the mother and they have come and visited him on the Ship.

  84. scilonschools

    I see the Daily Mail (Online) weighed in on the Human trafficking story-
    “‘They imprisoned me on a cruise ship for 12 years’: Harrowing claims of a former member of the Church of Scientology”

    Unusually brave of them!!

  85. “As to the allegations concerning Mr. Miscavige, it is ludicrous to suggest that someone in Valeska’s position had a close and personal relationship with the ecclesiastical leader of the religion. Those allegations are denied.”

    This is part of the statement the church gave in response to a story Valeska gave to a reporter. It is probably the only true statement they have ever given, and it shows just how DM treats people in the church now. Like someone other than a celebrity could only dream of having a actual conversation or relationship with the great DM….and how horrible it is that Valeska would deem to think he would ever speak to her or notice her. We all know DM said this too, as nothing goes out with out his personal stamp of approval. He may have even written it himself.

    I can totally see him in the movie theater on the ship, all by himself watching movies while the staff works on thru the night in my mind. Or having a gourmet meal while others are eating nothing but rice and beans. And him knowing how much they are suffering and smiling to himself at the thought of it. Knowing that everyone, absolutely everyone is there at his beck and call. And they can do nothing about it.

    Thank goodness that last sentence is no longer true. Thanks to Marty and countless others, people are waking up and getting out. Congratulations, Valeska on the news of your new baby on the way. Your husband and you both deserve every bit of happiness you can get for each other.

  86. T — Well noted. Mr. Arrogance strikes again. This is like his famous statements in response to requests from the media to interview him: “Do these nobodies think they can just call the Pope for comment? I deal with Presidents of countries and the heads of movie studios, I am not going to deal with the BBC… CNN… Rolling Stone… LA Times…” (Of course, after the story is aired/published he then includes in the church response — “The bigots refused to report on the REAL story of Scientology, proven by the fact they didn’t even interview the leader of the religion, Mister David Miscavige.”)
    His arrogance knows no bounds, and what is amusing is that the arrogant are so out of touch and disdaining towards the peons that surround them they have no idea of how grotesque they sound or how hated they are until they are finally cornered in a ditch by their former sycophants….

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