The Fairmans vs. Scientology Rights Violators

I have obtained a copy of Michael, Sky and Joy Graysen Fairman’s lawsuit against Corporate Scientologists who have violated their civil and human rights quite apparently on orders from David Miscavige’s Scientology Corporation.

Read the lawsuit here: FAIRMAN COMPLAINT

Michael and Joy are adhering to their lawyer’s counsel not to comment on the suit publicly.   But, if one reads the lawsuit in full there really should be no questions remaining.

Thank you to Michael, Sky, and Joy for stepping up with strong backs despite Corporate Scientology’s attempts to ride them.

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.

– Martin Luther King Jr 

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  1. I read the filing. What’s not said here is at least as powerful as what is said here. All of the charges against the Thorburn practice involve Thorburn (by name) and “Does 1 through 5.” But the front of the suit names “Does 1 through 20.” So there are 15 un-named persons not accounted for in the causes of action in the initial complaint.

    It seems clear to me that the depositions taken of the Thorburn practice employees and the examination of e-mail records and phone records provided in response to subpoenas are aimed at identifying and compelling depositions under oath from the individuals at the Church of Scientology who ordered the disconnection of the Fairmans. Those people will probably then be added to the suit as Does 6 through 20.

    So the likely by-product of the suit (regardless of how much money the Fairmans may or may not collect) is brilliant: it will expose in sworn testimony and physical evidence that the Church still practices disconnection, a direct contradiction to DM’s (and Tommy Davis’s and Karin Pouw’s) solemn denials that they don’t. And that’s a linchpin of the Corporate Scientology folks trying to prove that they’re decent human beings…

    When disconnection is proven, essentially all the stories about former Scientologists that claim disconnection become vastly more credible in all respects because the existence of disconnection becomes a proven fact, so all the other sordid details (RPF = prison, DM assaulting people) thus also become far more credible (I’m not talking about how these are viewed by readers of this blog many of whom have have experienced such horrors themselves, I’m talking about how they’ll be seen by people looking at the evils of Corporate Scientology for the first time).

    In a couple years, this has the potential to make an updated Tony Ortega Village Voice “Top 25 Things Hurting Scientology” list.

  2. Well, the drums are begining to sound.


  3. It also occurs to me that the Fairmans’ attorney may already have physical evidence linking Church of Scientology officials to an order specifically telling Thorburn to disconnect from the Fairmans. If so, then in the event the person from the Church of Scientology who authored such an order denies that there were specific orders to disconnect from the Fairmans, they can be revealed as liars and perjurers. I am purely speculating here, but one can always hope…

  4. The good doctor should have left well enough alone. After all, Michael hadn’t even been to see her in three years. But oh no, in typical DM fashion, she decided to create an adversary where none existed previously.

    If she thinks for a minute that the cult will come to her aid and pay her atty fees, she’s dreaming. She’s about to experience firsthand the expression “hung out to dry”. She’s on her own baby! Wouldn’t surprise me if in a few months she shows up here as a new Indie.

  5. Excellent! I’m guessing “DOES” stands for Department of Employment Services. Did I get it right? Nice MLK quote!

  6. martyrathbun09

    Actually means: people who were involved in committing the violations whose names are not presently known but who may be added later depending on what discovery reveals.

  7. As in “John Doe” or “Jane Doe.”

  8. Former Flag Customer

    Excellent legal document.
    Thousands will benefit merely from the legal research.

  9. The Fairman’s experience describes how retaliatory the Church of Scientology can be with its disconnection policy. Not only does the Church disconnect from you and shuns you, but they contact any and all connections you may have with the Church – regardless of how small or distant it may be – and require that these connections be severed. Relationships within families is probably the most heartbreaking, but relationships with your doctor, dentist, chiropractor and other businesses; children’s friendships and their schools, …. It really is discrimination when it goes beyond Church doors.

    This is exactly why I planned my exit and arranged for non-Scientology doctors and dentists, moved away from the bubble around the Church in a different community, my children attended local public schools, found non-Scientology employment, etc. Without disconnection as a tool, the Church has no power over me. But for people whose entire world revolves around the Church with every area of life linked in some way to the Church, disconnection is a powerful tool, which the Church wields with such devastation. I hope the Fairman’s case is effective in hammering home the immorality and illegality of the Church’s policy to professionals and business owners and stops the Church from using them as a tool to control people.

  10. Michael,

    Thank you for your dedication to seeking justice against the sad spectacle of backward and cultish business practices.

    I would bet that if DM knew he had days to live, he would spend his last moments overseeing “SP declares”, like Hitler, spending his last days seeing that his own wife’s brother in law was shot for trying to leave Berlin, and issuing orders to destroy everything in Germany.

    I see his influence in pressuring WISE business along similar lines; dictating them to sow the seeds of their own demise to fulfill the desires of a madman.

    If Michael Fairman in an SP, then I wish I was one too.

  11. If its possible, the Church will pressure the named defendants to do anything to prevent the disclosure of Church involvement in this disconnection, up to and including settlement offers before discovery gets underway. It will be a very interesting to see how this plays out.

  12. To the Fairmans, drum role please……..well done!

  13. A good friend in Clearwater was devastated when his Veterinarian would no longer care for his dog. I never saw the declare order on the dog, but I guess he too was an SP. The dog, in fact had a condition that required regular treatment, so this isn’t just a silliness, it is callous disregard for the welfare of a patient.

  14. Very accurate comment. Reading this complaint, it is pretty clear there isnt much wiggle room for the chiro. It’s not a winnable case. So there will be intense pressure on her to get this settled before discovery. These discrimination cases are a serious problem for the church. Michael, Joy and Sky are paving the way for many others and a forced change in policy by the church — and that change will erode their hold over the KoolAid drinkers. It’s another wave washing away the sandcastle kingdom of Dave. Michael has prompted me to look into filing a similar case here in Florida as the pediatrician who had cared for Shane since he was born sent the same sort of message to Christie once she was declared. It may even be a worse violation to not only discriminate based on religious beliefs but also discriminate against a child based on their parents beliefs!

    Michael, you will not have any trouble gathering factual evidence to support your case — I am sure it has happened to others and the pattern and practice of the church will be beyond dispute.

  15. In DMs inverted world every Scientology Protector = SP

    Halleluja! Sing with me:

  16. Thanks Marty and John P. Pat additionally clarified for me that the plural of “Doe” is “Does.” Got it!

    Now, I gotta tell y’all, this area is absolutely fascinating to me. I’m not a doctor nor am I an attorney. But, as Dr. Denk’s wife, I lived with this stuff for thirty years. I’m hoping to contribute to this discussion as much as I possibly can.

    At this point, I’d really like to say that when the chiropractor’s office, Dr. Thorburn right?, sent out that letter to the Fairmans, they cut across a help flow. That’s disastrous. I’ve never met a health care professional who didn’t wish to help. What a subversion of the natural order of things!

  17. Incidentally, there is what appears to be a typo in Paragraph 22, which may hint at other legal action to come. It says “Sky Fairman’s bills were timely paid and she has insurance for the medical treatment provided by Benest Corp.” That should have read “Thorburn Chiropractic.”

    Dr. Lisa Benest, referenced elsewhere in the suit, is a dermatologist who also began to refuse to provide services to the Fairman family earlier in 2011, and the suit accuses her of speaking to Dr. Thorburn, the defendant in this suit, to get Dr. Thorburn to stop treating the Fairmans. Mr. Fairman’s wife Joy commented on Dr. Benest’s actions on other message boards at the time. This typo could hint that the Fairmans’ attorney was doing a cut-and-paste job to create two lawsuits at the same time, one for Dr. Thorburn, and one yet to be filed against Dr. Benest. Twice as much for legal eagle Kendrick Moxon and the rest of the Corporate Scientology management to sweat over…

  18. Sue — I followed very much the same exit strategy. I additionally made sure my “connections” were no longer really connected as I didn’t want them to get in trouble for/from my actions. I just knew that would be the next step. My gosh it got lonely for awhile there… it was like a push me, pull you. Continuous call-in and occasional visits from org terminals trying to re-involve me in that activity from which I’d already exited. The loneliness has finally abated as I’ve discovered new friends in a compassionate community thanks to Marty and “Moving On Up a Little Higher.”

  19. Wow! Doesn’t that create some space and light.
    That’s really taking the fight into their own backyard. Very gusty Michael, you’ve given a new and refreshing meaning to integrity – thank you and best of luck.

  20. top of the vale

    Having recently watched the George C. Scott movie PATTON, I was reminded yet again that executive indifference to human rights was not tolerated at all by The Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Dwight D. ‘Ike’ Eisenhower. Ike pulled Patton aside and instructed him to apologize to everyone he offended and put him on probation. But here in the Co$? DM answers to no one. There is no one to reprimand him, make him apologize, nor put him on probation.
    On the other hand, I would love to see TC grow some cojones and take it out physically on his bosom buddy for all the travesties that DM has committed behind his back. All the joking and degrading that Lord Little is guilty of needs to be dealt with by taking the little fucker behind the barn and giving him the ‘what for’! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!
    Hey, you little leprechaun, YOUR TIME IS COMING!

  21. Michael, Joy and Sky,
    Thank you so much for having the courage and integrity to hold your location and insist that crimes against the constitution and humanity are revealed and justice won.

    I was living and working in Vegas when you were doing the Dianetics ads on TV. I’ve never seen so many people just walk in and ask “what’s this all about.”
    A friend and I were running a Dianetics radio show at the same time and the feedback from the public was largely positive.

    You were a truly great spokesperson for the subject back then. And you are a truely great spokesperson for the subject now.


  22. I have always liked the King quote you use above, but please, on this day, why don’t you try practicing what you preach. Do something that will make Lisa McPherson Day 2011 a very special day.

  23. Nothing but good can come from this.

    Way to go, Fairmans! You are blazing a trail for many to follow.


  24. True, to sue them is the nicest and most humanitarian thing to do. It’s one of the best ways to get them deprogrammed. They have to bargain to keep RCS out of the courts, so you can demand Does 1-20 to read major issues from this blog, savescientology, friendsofLRH, etc, and take it from there.

  25. I have to admit, I didn’t really get the significance of this action until just now. Of course! It brings attention to unfair use of disconnection!
    Thank you Michael, Joy and Sky for your foresight and bravery!!

  26. Me too. It took about 6 months to reorganise my life so when disconnection hit us it would have as little impact as possible on my children. The retaliatory disconnection is vicious. Even more vicious than I had originally anticipated.

  27. Joy, Michael and Sky,
    Justice for the cruelty that is disconnection and the damage it does to our families.
    I salute you. Not for this law suit especially, but for taking the stand which led to the discriminatory actions taken against you in the first place.
    Have a beautiful Christmas in the incomparable company of one another. You are all very special.

  28. OK… I admit it too. Im a bit slow on the uptake these days!

  29. Disconnection has become so ‘normal’ now that have grown numb to what an atrocity it really is. I almost missed the point entirely!!!

  30. Mike,
    Yes, in the case of Shane, this is worse. The statute of limitations doesn’t even begin to run for a minor until he turns 18 years old! The pediatrician will have NO LEGAL justification to refuse to see/treat a child due to the religious belief or non belief of the parents – especially when those belief’s had nothing which changed whether care would be allowed or given. Some religions won’t allow certain medical procedures but that is not the case with Shane. It was a denial to treat based upon the pediatrician’s adjudication of the parents religion. Illegal in Florida.

    I see another large crack opening in the shell game. Once the shell fully falls away there will be true freedom for so many. The world of the KAD’s (KoolAid drinkers) is shrinking by the hour. For them, there are storm warnings on the horizon.

  31. Clearly you don’t know Marty either in a personal or professional capacity so just as clearly you are in no position to judge.
    What are YOU doing? And who are you anyway?
    That’s brave! No-one can judge your character can they? You haven’t got one!

  32. Laura Ann,
    This brings attention to unfair use of disconnection as you stated. This allows, and makes a stand on, the fact that following the illegal orders and dictates of DM will not be accepted as a defense or excuse. The chiropractor could have stated it was not legal to do. Instead the easy way was to become a willing accomplice to more illegal actions. All will start to see the truth – if you do the crime you shall pay the price.

    Remaining in good standing is not senior to the laws of the land. Human rights violations are not subservient to the throne of RCS. Our personal eternity is in the hands of our own personal integrity – no indulgences or tokens of “status” are needed. Nor, will they help on this road of truth and understanding. Enlightenment never occurs with lies or blinders on.

    Whew, so glad to be amongst the Indies – the bastion of free thinkers.

  33. Damn straight, John. If just one of these cases ever gets in front of a jury it is game over. Karin Pouw or Tommy Davis saying “it never happened” on TV is one thing. In a court, a prosecutor would jump all over that with a line of eye witnesses that stretched all the way to DM’s bunker in Gilman Hot Springs.

  34. Gern Gaschoen

    One thing: the disconnection policy is intended by LRH to make sure that the PC stays in session without ethics distractions.

    What do you people think will happen if disconnection cannot occur in the case of, say, a prostitute doing her Purif, still having contact with her pimp?

    The point is this: there *is* a right time and place for disconnection to occur. How will this lawsuit effect that right?

    Disclaimer: I’m not trying to defend the Church practice of ruining families and causing immense upset. But the fact remains, as an Auditor, there will be times when I cannot get the PC in session unless they are disconnected from someone who is suppressing them. How will this work?

  35. Off the fence.

    SP = Suppressive pooch.

  36. First the James gang and now the Fairman’s. Scientology professionals, still operating under the corporate curtain, take heed. The laws of the land are very specific regarding discrimination. As much as the church may pressure you to do so, disconnection may cause you more harm than you originally imagined. I suspect there are many business disconnections out there that are factually violations of discrimination laws and I bet that there will be more suits, challenging this activity, in the future.

  37. To LDW: Is that Vet you’re talking about on Sunset Point road just east of Hercules? He specializes in Canine gastro complications. He’s OT VIII and on staff at Tampa FDN. He admitted to me not so long ago that he’s got a ” negative net-worth” but he’s committed to “the church.” If you filed a lawsuit you’d mop the floor w/ him.

  38. The street direction should read “just WEST of Hercules.”

  39. In addition, sending hate messages to Michael and Joy were

    1) Squirrel Buster visits 3x
    2) Malicious tabloid websites of lies

    Immediately prior to Doctor disconnection

  40. Deprecating leprechauns is a wee bit much, ain’t it?

  41. Sapere Aude,

    I’m glad you’re here, too! 🙂
    Your comment brought to mind something from The Way to Happiness precept 9, “Don’t Do Anything Illegal”.

    My personal favorite is Precept 7, “Seek To Live With The Truth”.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Good point Karen.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Read up on the blog – you are not even in the neighborhood on what this is about, where it came from, and where we are going.

  44. Mike,
    Suppose Shane had ended up in an emergency room. Would his pediatrician have refused to come?
    When that pediatrician dumped his minor client, did he refer him to another doctor and forward his medical records or just summarily give him the boot with no concern at all for his well-being?

    The SP Times might love a story of a local doc dumping a child based on the parent’s religion. Imagine if this happened to the child of Muslim parents. It would make national news and the doc would find himself in a whole lot of trouble; civil rights trouble.

  45. Yeah, no leprechaun deprecations allowed! Other than being wee, they have absolutely nothing in common with POB!

  46. C’mon…really? Disconnecting from the dog?

    Perfect example of the suspension of all judgement in the Church world.

  47. Decompression is best done in gradients (Marty took 3 years). Blogs like this provide them. Staying in comm is the carrier wave on which they’re build.

  48. Mimsey Borogrove

    Dear Michael and Joy, I really hope you take it all the way to a court judgment so it is in the public record. If it is settled, and there is no public record, there is no precident against this sort of behavior by the Church and their parishoners that can be used in future cases. Such as in the Danny M case, it was settled, and there is no leverage of a precident that can be used against them.


  49. Soooo. I am sorry – in addition to Marty’s comment, no one has a right to be a victim. What I mean by that is, if I am in business – say a convenience store – and say Mr. David Miscavige comes in the door – or someone who was once convicted of child molestation and has done his time and is not manifesting a threat – I do not have a right to cower and cringe just because some mean man came in the door. I own a public store, and must serve the molesters (one current, one former 🙂 ).

    Equating this action with a prostitute being forcibly connected to her pimp is insane. Both pimping and prostitution are illegal.

    So the *right* time for disconnection is disconnection from illegal practices. For a shop owner, it is when the customer breaks the law.

  50. Off topic, sorry Marty. I’ve been out of the loop being one of those in SoCal without power for the past 5 days.

    Note to Michael:

    Nice work Michael. On the lawsuit too. I was glad to read of your renewed interest in the Tech and getting back on 7. I have been soloing since March and it has been a gas. I didn’t have the CoS version of solo training and misauditing procedure to overcome and can appreciate the reticence to get back on that horse. When the material is addressed per LRH and only per LRH, not the RTC version of LRH, including their training checksheet, a wonderful experience is there to be had. My sessions are tremendous. I commonly end sessions with FTA’s that sometimes go on for days. The material is simply wonderful to audit and so very simple really.
    The CoS uses this level as a control point on their parishioners. Their hype is such a load of CRAP. The level is relatively easy to audit. Certainly easier than auditing lower levels. The near endless and ridiculous memorization required by the CoS of RTC drills for handling this and that is unnecessary complication piled on by Miscavige to frighten, control and extort money from those on the level, to say nothing of depriving them of the wins available and possibly their interest in completing it. It is easy to learn and it is almost too easy to Solo it. The CoS has spent 30 years propagating the idea that it is difficult and very tricky requiring heavy ethics, long duration training, loads of money and excessive oversight to run properly or you might ruin your eternity because you can not possibly do it correctly without all of this, especially our oversight. What a load of horseshit.

    You no doubt already know this. Once the procedure is understood, it is a breeze. Follow LRH’s instructions and the program, within the materials, and off you go, handling your own eternity without RTC, FLAG, accomos for months, ethics to oblivion, sec checks to fear and depression, bypassed F/Ns etc etc. How horrible for them, you on your own, handling your eternity.

    Read it drill it do it. No problem. loads of fun, immeasurable case gain. Have a problem, take it up in session, problem gone, end session, big smiles, FN all the time, life is good. This is how it runs for me. I hope to hear it running like this for you too. Soon.

    To the case- Awesome. Will follow this with great interest. The Church will lie about their involvement, no surprise there. What a precedent this could set.

  51. Awesome, Fairman clan! People can be as obnoxious as they want to be in private, but the law is the law. It is a good lesson for Miscavige and his minions to learn.

  52. Gern,
    Write to me, I’ll work out a Cram for you to get this question sorted out. It IS answered in the LRH materials.

  53. Seriously Gern, write to me. The suppressive re-introduction of enforced disconnection is anything BUT LRH material. It serves no positive purpose, this enforced disconnection.

    Your question “How will this work?” is answered in the material.

  54. Michael Fairman

    Dear Ann

    About the auditing– absofrappinlutely! About the case — absofrappinlutely!

    Thank you

  55. Transporter,
    It was a friends dog. Somewhere in Clearwater. I’ll make sure he sees this post regarding unconstitutional refusal of service. These guys are so off the rails it’s mind-boggling.

  56. To some of my favorite SPs, the Fairmans-you go guys!!! From your friendly SP auditor.

  57. top of the vale

    You’re right, make that ‘THE WEE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE’!!
    Now I’m going to go and puke!

  58. top of the vale

    Yea, DM is toasting the fact that he had her killed and got away with it! Benetta ought to get the needle right next to the troll.

  59. In addition medical practitioners must subscribe to a code of practice enforced by the association to which they belong. Almost all medical associations have a rigid code of practice. I wonder if this has been addressed with the relevent medical associations?

  60. You go, guys! Getting a judgement against Thorburn looks like a slam dunk. Let’s hope your attorneys are also able to pull the strings that run right through this corrupt organization claiming to be a church and all the way straight to a black heart in a short body out there in Gilman Hot Springs.

  61. I very much hope so.

  62. Well done, Michael. Go get ’em!

    Also, I hope that you file separate complaints with the state board of healing arts. This will affect their professional licenses to practice; and while it is unlikely they will *lose* their licenses (though they certainly deserve it), it will subject them to further disciplinary action and it will also identify them publicly for their religious discrimination. They will be very unlikely to discriminate again in the future if their license to practice depends on not engaging in discrimination.

  63. The clarification of this, as I see it, is in the Code of Honer paticularly point 8:
    Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.
    Reading the whole Code of Honor through should clarify any confusions about when disconnecting from another person is an ethical action.

  64. I salute the Fairman family for standing up for their civil rights.

    It is unbelievable that the Scientology staff and public allow DM via the use of the justice codes to deny them their civil/legal rights. The Church seems to consider that their justice codes trump an individuals civil and legal rights.

    The amount of abuse that is perpetrated on staff and public would never be tolerated in a non Scientolgy organization. It is baffling why these people allow this type of vicious control. If they ever wake up the Church would be inundated with law suits.

  65. Cindy Pinsonnault

    I think some scientologists begin to exclude non-scientology vendors, healthcare workers, professional services, etc. out of a sense of community. However, I think it also happens because of the church’s continual indoctrination that non-scientologists are bumbling, out-ethics boobs and to use their services somehow makes one less of a scientologist.

    It’s all circular: Keep the money going around the scientologists to keep the money coming into the church. Keep everyone connected so they don’t dare leave, criticize the church, use their own minds or think for themselves. Keep an “us versus them” attitude so any outside criticism is dismissed as “suppressive wog nonsense.” And back to the beginning.

  66. Cindy Pinsonnault


    This is just too good. Thank you for pursuing and persisting in this. It means so much to us all.

  67. Interesting….
    your experience is what I always thought it should be like…i never started on Nots after my Ot IV as all sounded so complicated and…..Ot1 to ot3 were very simple levels to audit if one grasped the subject, but with great wins to attain on it !
    After my OT 4, I never dared again to take an e-meter into my hands, as one could make so much out-tech. This was a drum-roll going on for 30 years, and I just realize it now that I bought it. Never cleared words on my kids or run some ruds on them neither with my friends.
    I can remember the simplicity of running r3r and really clearing people versus the complexity of book one tech.
    I never thought that Nots is a complex thing and it has some basic principles that have to be understood and when that is achieved, all complexities are gone and you know what you have to do!
    I’m I right ?
    If yes….that’s interesting. Ot 5,6 and 7 as simple as clear. ot1-3…..EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Hmm…

    Quoting now from Wikipedia,
    [Start Quote]:
    Within sociology, 'discrimination' is the prejudicial treatment of an individual based on their membership in a certain group or category. Discrimination is the actual behavior towards members of another group. It involves excluding or restricting members of one group from opportunities that are available to other groups.[2] Moral philosophers have defined it as disadvantageous treatment or consideration. This is a comparative definition. An individual need not be actually harmed in order to be discriminated against. He or she just needs to be treated worse than others for some arbitrary reason. If someone decides to donate to help orphan children, but decides to donate less, say, to black children out of a racist attitude, he or she will be acting in a discriminatory way even if he or she actually benefits the people he discriminates against by donating some money to them.[3]
    The United Nations stance on discrimination includes a statement that: "Discriminatory behaviors take many forms, but they all involve some form of exclusion or rejection."[4]
    [END QUOTE] Source: Wikepedia.
    Good Job, Mr. Mescavige

  69. This is truly wonderful. I especially liked the “Infliction of Emotional Distress” section. The Church so callously does that. It is satisfy to imagine the possibility of them getting nailed for it, if only indirectly.
    I applaud Bruce Gridley, attorney, for taking this on. Does anyone know more about Mr. Gridley?

  70. Although the Church of Scientology may scoff at complaints rendered against them, they fail to recognize the severity of the matters. They are only allowed to be a church and enjoy the benefits of being a church as long as people permit them to. It is a privilege not a guaranteed right that lunatics calling themselves “The World’s Fastest Growing Religion” can remain anonymous so far as their crimes are concerned yet parade about as good will group. All people make mistakes and learn from them, with one exception – the Church of Scientology that does thngs wrong a second time as long as they got away with it the first time OK. I look forward to meeting these fools again in my next life because this one is out of the question! 🙂

  71. This is fantastic. It’s a great suit. Your win will be our win and a win for this whole planet. Thank you.

  72. Exactly! My thought after reading the filing … “Boy oh boy, the depositions are going to be really interesting!” Considering what is at stake, expect all manner of delaying tactics to prevent depositions from being taken.


  73. Ann:

    Thank you for this positive report on OT 7. I have been afraid of it for a long time, seeing how it was being handled currently, and had no desire to get into what appeared to be a bottomless pit. Was really happy to read this.


  74. Thanks to the Fairmans and their attorney Bruce Gridley for this really clever lawsuit that strikes at the current Church’s use of disconnection as a political weapon.

  75. You know what the greatest OT power is?


    “To love all all is to understand all”

    The church is so far away from that. This suit just confirms the lengths the organization will go to stop the interchange of love

  76. A suggestion to the Fairmans and their lawyer, which I’m sure you’ve already considered; the Court found against disconnection in Larry Wollersheim’s case. There is legal precedent there AGAINST disconnection. There is another case where the Court found AGAINST disconnection which I’ll dig up as I can’t recall it offhand. In other words, there are already Court decisions on this issue.

  77. Well, this is all fine except Dr Thorburn has an obvious out. He can simpy tell the judge he is disconnected from the Fairmans because they are evil and therefore he cannot be in the same room, or lawsuit as them.
    Even his name being typed on the same page as theirs could potentially give him the PTS sickness. Judges are usually pretty understanding about this stuff.

    Maybe this case will finally define the lines of disconnection. I mean, if Dr Thorburns attorneys communicate with the Fairmans attorneys and the Fairmans attorneys refuse to disconnect from the Fairmans does Dr Thorburn have to disconnect from Dr Thorburns attorneys?
    These are issues Church members are dealing with daily so it will be good so get some legal opinion on it.

  78. TroubleShooter

    Mike, check your email please.

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  80. +1000000 Thanks for the insightful evaluation of how auditing is supposed to be and IS when you get away from the suppression!

  81. You guys are awe inspiring!

  82. Carisa Marion


    I remember having this discussion with an ex 2d who was a chiro in California. Apparently there is a law where a Dr. can refuse to continue to treat a patient but must refer them to another Dr. and state why they are unable to continue treating, this is verbal so someone would have to check into the exact regulation but I’m guessing the Drs. in all these cases never do that as they are under orders and assume the recipient knows the real why so doesn’t even try to cover it up with a pretend “reason”. I haven’t read the filing but I’ll bet there was no referral to another physician in the letters.

    What’s so stupid in these cases is that the reissue of the Disconnection policy states it is not to be applied in situations where it violates the laws of the land which would of course apply in all these cases as well as in any case where two people are parents to a child. Why no one still in the church enforces that is beyond me. Actually Placido Domingo told me he did refuse to disconnect from the mother of his children and had quite a few choice words for the imbecile who tried to order him to do such a thing. More people need to “just say no!”

    Please note: In Florida, at least in 1995, it was required that two divorced parents discuss all medical, educational and religious matters regarding their children. My ex in 1995 called to disconnect from me completely the day his girlfriend moved in with him. He stole her from her husband while he and I were married and never did any conditions, then disconnected from me while I was in good standing never speaking to me again. He was on VII while all this went on. Besides public disavowal of a Scientologist in good standing being a crime in the church, cutting all comm was a violation of the laws of the land in the joint custody of our children! It’s time the church got it they are here on the same terms as the rest of us and their mafiosa days of total disregard for the law are over!

    LRH cancelled the stupid policy in 68, its reissue is an abomination and embarrassment, a mechanism of total control and intimidation besides the fact there is so much Scientology tech on why it could not possibly validly exist. (Marty has the KR I wrote detailing the LRH where I assigned the Int execs treason for the CNN interview lies among other crimes. That kr got me 8 months of hell, “2 on 1 OSA meetings” where they tried to convince me I had been brainwashed by Marty who I’d never met…..Even after I proved my innocence and had OSA clearance to go back in session and they and my CS tried to get a CS approved, again the order came down. The order not to service me would never be lifted unless I agreed to “change my mind” because my report was quote unquote “disrespectful of David Miscavige”. )

    It should be illegal for anyone to put duress on another to disconnect from anyone as the right to choose who one speaks to is an inherent right of any being per LRH and any being allowing themselves to be overruled in their own self determinism on that point is in treason to themselves which makes case gain very difficult.

    It’s time we attack back on every instance of abuse, there never is nor was any reason for anyone to sacrifice themselves covering up crimes committed by the church or by “OTs” especially when doing so does not stop one person from reaching for the real tech that is not only no longer monopolized by the Church but no longer even available in the Church! I regret sacrificing myself and my children to cover up things that in truth were never “isolated incidents by a few incompetent staff”. By ’95 there was rampant criminal activity and for me and my children the crimes and enturbulation continued for 16 years with no ethics action ever taken. I was told back then a new chaplain cycle was going to be done as I had all the evidence, instead I was offloaded from Flag a few days later, just 6 weeks after Lisa Mc Phearson died. I got in a car accident right in front of Flag after being told I could not write any reports on anything going on in my cycle. I was told the cycle could never leave Flag as illegal acts had been committed that could not be revealed in court. I am leaving out gory details here…..My only solution was to do the Suppressed Person rundown. I did 500 hours of set ups and PTS and Suppressed Person rundowns bypassing Flag who refused to put ethics in. It took me years to pay off debts and AP for all that. I should have gone straight to court 16 years ago and said, “Go ahead and declare me!” I would not have had huge debts in my divorce, real child support based on actual incomes and the courts would have enforced communication and standard visitation for my children. And I would have been lucky to be declared and kicked out of the church then instead of now!

    My postulates are with the Fairman family and I appreciate their willingness to attack back! We aren’t taking this shit anymore!


  83. LO

    “I never thought that Nots is a complex thing and it has some basic principles that have to be understood and when that is achieved, all complexities are gone and you know what you have to do!”

    Sums it up nicely. More and more, people are sticking their toes in this water and discovering it runs easily. It also corrects just as easily and LRH gave us the corrections should we need them.

    Come on in the water is fine. :>)

  84. Dr Lisa Benest is the wife of former Chief Officer Freewinds Bob DeSimone. When they found out that Scott Cambell had joined the Indies, they wrote him a disconnection letter. If he still has the letter it could be used in the suit.

  85. Write the cram here for us all to see.

  86. You’re right, and I think that this needs to be made much more clear in the future: disconnection has its time and place.

  87. Prostitution isn’t illegal everywhere – thats a very American-centric point of view. But, enslavement by pimps happens everywhere. So how will the tool of disconnection be protected by these suits in the future?

  88. What I, personaly, find intriguing about this litigation is that, having practiced law in Los Angeles myself for 20 or so years, I know Kane, Ballmer & Berkman to be a highy regardles law firm, with an excellent reputation for doing ethical and competent work, and an excellent track record. KBB does not bring suits just for the fun of it. They bring them to win. They would not bring a lawsuit of this sort unless, after conducting their own due diligence, they determined that the complaints were just and likely to succeed.

  89. I meant “highly regarded law firm”

  90. The gravamen of the Complaint is not the disconnection. The gravamen of the Complaint is failure to transfer the Fairman’s medical records. The only way Thorburn could try to sidestep that, would be to file bankruptcy. However, certain kinds of wrongs — and this may be one of them — cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

  91. Gern Gaschoen

    I don’t understand – as an Auditor, I need the tool of disconnection to ensure that my PC can get through standard processes to EP without interference from a suppressive person. If I am trying to get someone through their Grades, having that PC connected to someone who is trying to invalidate their gains and degrade the PC while they are doing standard processing is highly destructive to the effort. I have had this scenario a few times now – I’m getting someone through their Grades, their pimp or cousin comes along, messes them up in the middle of it all, typical inval/eval/degrade and so on, and so we do an ethics cycle with real application of the handle/disconnect tech and the PC gets back into session unencumbered by external case. Disconnection, when necessary (and it *is* often necessary), *works*.

    I understand that the Church has misused this policy and with this false application, turned the whole issue into a repressive control mechanism for the usurpers regime, but there is another side of this: suppression is a reality, and disconnection (when handling cannot be done), *works*.

    So, in this fight to ensure that ex-SO family members are able to maintain quality communication with each other, are you removing/decreasing the effectiveness of a valuable tool or not?

    Please clarify the position here, in this powerful community, on how these suits are *not* going to impinge upon my ability to deliver Standard Scientology to my PC without external interference and enturbulation.

    LRH says, plain and simple: handle or disconnect. Are you *sure* that this effort is not going to be removing one of those valuable tools from the equation? If so, please just clarify it without opp-term’ing with me on the subject – it is vital that we Scientologists be able to use disconnection with certainty, when it is absolutely needed. I *know* the Church has misused this policy – I’m talking about Auditor hats, and the Dev-T/non-WDAH’s that occur when an SP is on the lines of a real, willing PC. Disconnection must not be removed from the toolkit: it is vital, in many cases, to be able to disconnect standardly and properly. These suits, while a very valuable new front in the effort to clean up the usurpers misdeeds, must simply not cut across that line, and I hope to understand how this is not going to be the case. Right now, I don’t see much but that the baying crowd has its pitchforks sharpened and are drawing closer to the kill of what I consider to be an essential tool in the road to enlightenment for every single PC I’ve ever had the fortune to assist.

  92. Well, actually, that definition of “discrimination” really means what used to be called “invidious discrimination”. There is nothing wrong with having discriminating tastes, or discriminating between an applicant for a job which can do the job and one which cannot do the job. There is also nothing wrong with making discriminations between women when one is wanting a wife, or between men when one is wanting a husband, or between players when one is fielding a baseball team. Life is about making discriminations. And, it should be.

    What is wrong, is making invidious discriminations between people or entities who are otherwise identical in all relevant respects.

    Nor is there anything intrinsically wrong with refusing to provide routine, non-life saving, medical or chiropractic care for people who don’t share your religious beliefs.

    What Thorburn did wrong was not turn over Fairmans’ records.

  93. Gern Gaschoen

    Please tell me the references you are referring to. I have done many ethics handlings with my PC’s and handle/disconnect has been vital to the effort to give the person control over their environment.

    I’m *not* defending the mis-use of this policy. Absolutely, people should have the right to communicate with whomever they desire, and nothing in my point of view is to counter that fact.

    I do, however, think that the proper and important usage of this policy, which is intended by LRH to protect the PC and ensure that their processing is done well, is going to be cast to the wayside if this position on disconnection is not clarified by those seeking its removal and cancellation.

  94. martyrathbun09

    I am not doing anything. Michael and family are suing for unlawful conduct.

  95. Gern Gaschoen

    Thats a fine code (of honOr), and I live by it daily. But have you never had a PC that goes nowhere because, between sessions, they are getting heavy suppression on their lines about some subject or so? Because, I have, and disconnection when there is clear evidence of suppression, is a definite boon to the activity. I have helped many, many people simply by handling or disconnecting from the suppressive person in their environment – this is a real, viable tool. If I didn’t have this tool, many PC’s would not have made it through even the most basic of processes.

  96. Ann –

    This is such a GOOD de-PTSing (and/or false data stripping) piece you wrote! Some responses below indicate that.

    There must be many who’s earlier decisions about the impossibility or “danger” of the solo OT levels can be changed for the better with this sort of message….

    How to disseminate this reality far and wide??

  97. Yes. The disconnection, however, has to be on their determinism.
    Enforced disconnection is suppressive as it detracts from the self-determinism of the PC.
    Disconnection is, however, a temporary solution. In the long term the PC needs to be at cause over the suppressive aspects of that terminal.


  99. Joe Pendleton

    Yeah – it’s always the pimp or the cousin.

  100. Joe Pendleton

    Gee – I guess some of these chiros will be having to spend their extra money on legal bills instead of their next “honor status.” I think it’s time for some really bright legal mind to take on the COS and challenge its status AS a church (always remember that Jim Bakker, a pretty good guy in general, went to prison for overbooking his religious retreat at Heritage, USA – selling more time shares than he had actual rooms for). Of course, the problem ALWAYS is that if you accuse the COS of extortion or imprisonment, none of the sheeple will talk. That’s why it doesn’t really bother me much anymore if folks are being fleeced of all their cash. Sorry, but if you decide to be one of the sheeple, then you have to take responsibility for all the bad things that will happen to you. The data is now on the internet. You’ve had auditing and training, ýou allegedly can see and perceive. No excuses for being a victim anymore. Though I do feel bad about the young people who are being forced into the COS/Sea Org, as their parents are willing accomplices in all that will happen to them.

  101. Gern, why does it all have to be so regimented and driven into a reactive level of A=A? There is no actual contradiction or conflict here. If I were an auditor with a cousin ruining my PCs gains, I would do all I could to handle the cousin but if I had to, I would disconnect my PC from that cousin. But if the cousin were labeled an SP but was not knocking down my PC and was in fact a decent person, I would not disconnect my PC from that cousin. Why do you need an exact directive on that? What if your dentist were an idiot pissing you off every time, would you need a policy letter approved in triplicate to dump him? We often make such decisions in life. No need to put the responsibility on LRH’s doorstep or get Marty Rathbun involved in your everyday decisions.

  102. Great strategically placed kick in the teeth, Michael! As soon as Disconnection falls, the entire house of horrors will be washed away by the torrent of freed communication. DM will end up making license plates together with Rod Blagoyevich!

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