Statistics from Casablanca Tejas

Miscavige’s total response to three intensive weeks of our exposing his NO DELIVERY, FRAUD, FALSE STATS, AND SUPPRESSION is:

When you hear Marty Rathbun accuse the Church of having an empty facility – look at Rathbun’s own “facility.” See what he is “delivering.” Ask yourself how Rathbun is doing in his “mission.” 

That is a literal quotation of what his minions recently put out on their anti-Marty sites and through their anonymous email system.

For those actually engaged in examining the activities and statistics of both sides in attempting to make up their minds, please compare Miscavige’s ENTIRE IAS event to the stats of the past seven days alone from our little house in South Texas.

Oscar on a giraffe

One Auditor Made.  Monique “Mosey” Rathbun completed Level 0 internship by delivery of a text book perfect Life Repair from beginning to beautiful end phenomena.

Well Done Auditing Hours (Mosey and me):  34:33

One Life Repair completion

One Grade IV completion.


3 Solo NOTs auditors back in the chair auditing.

1 NOTs pre-OT repair.

2 Life Repair completions.

1 ARC SW completion.

1 NOTs Completion.

Several checksheet page completions by several Solo Auditors in training around the world.

Winter plans:

Mosey will be delivering Grades throughout the Winter. I won’t be taking new pre-OTs until May.  Between now and then – in addition to C/Sing for Mosey and others –  I will be working intensively on another project that will result in broad scale false data stripping, de-ptsing, and rehabilitation of wins people have had in Scientology over the past few decades.

Happy Holidays.

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  1. Thank you, Marty, for all you do. In addition to Tech stats, between you and Mike you also put 7 thermonuclear posts on your blog. That’s production!

  2. Ear to Ear SMILE!!

  3. I believe those statistics. Case gain being made by people worthy of case gain without hidden charges running into the millions that invalidate people’s case gains. So Mosey likes to audit huh? That is important. Me personally, whereas I have nothing against my getting audited, I am not sure if I could do it. 🙂 I like good auditor. Like Karen! 🙂

  4. Scott Campbell

    Fantastic production M&M!

    You guys are the best. Keep on exposing the truth about the C of S and de-PTS’ing the field. You are really doing the planet a wonderful service.

  5. “Well Done Auditing Hours?? What the Hell are those??” says DM

    Great production Marty and Mosey. I would love to join your ranks auditing in the future.

  6. Great stuff,more power to your elbow, you are doing a great service.

  7. Fantastic news!

    Although, in truth you don’t need to post any stats in defence of anything. When I read, as I occasionally do, the bile poured out of DMs/ (Minerva) mouth like most others probably I either shake my head in sorrow or chuckle at the inanity of it.

    Besides, I know first hand what a real auditing session is now thanks to you, and aside from that have had more actual case gain from the correct indications on this blog than I could have ever imagined.

    On a related note, I had occasion to sit in front of a KA drinking old-timer the other day. A real nice old geezer actually. But when I heard him say, after I’d filled in a few blanks in his education about the current CofS, that “what COB had given him was Source”, I just mentally shrugged. There’s only so much one can do do to help; the rest is up to the individual.

  8. How predictable….People actually winning with Scientology and DM goes berzerk.

  9. All I have to say is “Well done Team Rathbun!!”

  10. Nice job Marty and Mosey,

    Beings going free.

    Just for fun, I would love to know what the well done auditing hours in the Las Vegas idle org were last week. Anyone in LV want to see if they can get that number.

    I’d also like to know how many staff they actually have since they combined all three orgs into one.

  11. Well done! You and Mosey rock.

    You know Miscavige is stomping around in his bunker screaming “See, see, he is avoiding the Total Square Feet statistic!!!”

  12. That is so great! And THAT is true production…not some silly number of useless, barren square footage, but REAL products that have gained something valuable and actually have an exchange value across the dynamics. The achievement of delivering real scientology tech is what its all about. Well done to you and Mosey!
    And I bet everyone had a fun and happy time achieving it…which is unlike the way it happens in the Church… assuming one ever finally achieves anything in the Church.

  13. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, Misha! Always to the point! Yes! 7 thermonuclear posts! Spot on! Go Marty!

  14. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, thanks for the statistics and congratulations to Mosey and all the rest.

    Tell Miscavige that’s this is NOT your only production. The WHOLE INDIE FIELD has been revitatlized to a significant degree because of you.

    Doesn’t this count David? Oh you think it doesn’t? Hahaha. OK… but IT IS Marty’s production whatever you may think.

    We are stronger than ever, getting stronger by the hour. Now, that’s statistics.

    The Org Board is forming up as the days go by. More of us work together!

  15. AWESOME!

    And Go Mosey! You are a better Scientologist than all of them kool-aide drinking fools. 🙂

  16. You walk it like you talk it, Marty.

    But, where are all the styrofoam columns and computer graphics exploding across the screen? The Shermanspeak? The nausiating voice overs by Jeff Pomerantz? The closed org buildings shown as being open on the big screen behind your podium? And where’s your podium for that matter?


  17. Very Well Done

    And you did not count all the cycles you helped through your blog,just by being there and showing the Tech was available outside the Radical Church…
    Personnally,I went from stuck on OT III to OT IV completion to OT V (nearly done);I am working on the solo checksheet to be ready for SoloNots in a few weeks.
    Thank you for all the help you provided with your blog:you were the spark that made me move on up a little higher again… and winning with Standard Tech


  18. martyrathbun09


  19. Ciao Marty,
    thank you from one of the 3 Solo Nots auditor.
    Not only my life changed but of course also my husband and my son are more happy near me now !!!
    From Italy, Eliana.

  20. Absolutely awesome, Marty and Mosey! Takes me back to the early (better) days when I first got on the Bridge.

  21. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  22. Another Corporate Scientology foot bullet. A small one, but still a foot bullet nonetheless…DM, and His merry band of Koolaide drinking followers, just can’t connect with reality.

  23. Nobody ever said that Marty had as many students and pc’s as any org in the church does. That statement that was made to counter Marty’s claims that the church facilities are empty.

    Marty did not get millions of dollars of donations to have an ornate cathedral, with hundreds of empty square feet to deliver to his less-than-one-hundred or less-than-fifty bodies in the shop per week, like the church does.

    Marty does not claim eight million members while only delivering to his relatively small group, like the church does.

    Marty apparently doesn’t have hundreds of dissatisfied customers walking away and speaking out about widespread tech and admin squirreling, like the church does.

    Whoever wrote that line was, as is usually the case with the church’s claims, trying to divert the reader’s attention off their own outpoints with irrelevant claims about the people who are blowing the whistle on them.

  24. Correction in the first paragraph last sentence. It should say, “That statement that was made to counter Marty’s claim that the church facilities are empty, is just a diversion.”

  25. ha ha! and the Events stat!

  26. Marty and Monique,

    What an amazing experience this journey has been this year. Yes, I was the one that just finished grade 4. Throw away all the stats and what you really have, Thetans moving up the bridge on our own determinism. No pressure from the Course Sup to help his stats, but the ability to actually obtain the greatest win of all, “Moving up a Little Higher.”

    My awareness has exponentially increased on my own universe and actually realizing that Yes, I can operate without the body-WOW! I do know this for a fact, I’M FREE! And to look back on the track, all I’ve ever done was made my own postulate to simply go in agreement.

    What a major win for both you and my 73 year old mom who just completed her “Life Repair.” You delivered flawless session and with that, product is the reward.

    Casablanca is delivering! And it is delivering Standard Tech Auditing.

    Thanks again for everything you two do, and most of all, THANKS LRH!

  27. VWD & VWD to you both!

  28. GTC: Whoever wrote that line is none other than the King of Smoke and Mirrors, the master of misdirection and the bantamweight champeen of bullshit, the Pope on a Box hisself.

    POB is absolutely fixated on Marty. And believe me, nobody is allowed to make a move or a statement concerning Marty that he is not micromanaging. By now I would guess there are a few thousand pages of transcripts concerning Marty and every night when he wakes up in a cold sweat from his latest nightmare, he grabs the dictaphone and more pages are added to the mountain.

    It is astonishing how much time and effort is put into “stopping Marty” — dozens of webpages and sites and PIs and lawyers and staff and public thrown at the “problem.” The funny thing is, it is perhaps THE single thing that proves the RCS is going nowhere but down, because if they were doing all the things the Bard of BS says they are, they would not have time to be worried about one guy and his wife delivering to people they refuse to deliver to down in SOuth Texas. It shouldnt even show up on their radar screen!

  29. Mat — that is one of the all-time funniest posts I have ever read. Partly because I think you could well be right! He has made a big deal about how Marty lives in a shack (you know he wouldnt set foot in any building that doesnt have polished marble floors and custom built woodwork….

  30. Michael Fairman

    Will the bullshit laden vitriol oozing from the CofS never cease???
    Attack, attack, attack any and all criticism like the mindless machines in “Terminator” Doesn’t matter if the criticism is true because robots cannot introspect. Just lash out at the programmed “enemies”. That’s all Miscavige and his hypnotized thugs are capable of doing. They have in fact become MEST.

    OK ,this is for the POB and his bozos who are reading this. Here I am, one of Marty’s many stats. You’ve already read that I wanted to toss auditing in the garbage until I visited the “empty facility” in south Texas. In case you missed it, let me reiterate. His and Mosey’s “mission” has more theta per square foot than I can perceive in the millions of square feet that comprise the ostentatious, yet sterile, heartless, monstrosities you call “churches”.

    Marty helped me get back to loving to audit. And least you think I am a Mary sycophant,worshiping at his feet, let me disabuse you of that notion. I have always been my own man, and with each solo session I do I become more and more my own man. Auditing is now fun and easy, unencumbered by the constant demand for money, and all the varied “albatrosses” that were hung around my neck at Flag. (True, i was carried financially , but that itself became an “albatross”).

    As to the wins that have resulted from Marty’s “delivering” — in the eleven days I have been back from Casablanca, my body feels like it has lost most of its mass. I’m a moving pocket of air with just enough of arms and legs to do what I have to do; held on the ground by my choice. The other day after a couple of short sessions I knew I could visit his “facility” and it would not have cost me a dime in gas or airfare. But he had a PC there and I didn’t want to disturb them. This is how Marty is doing at his “mission”.

    So Miscavige, Minerva, and all the other assorted mongers, purveyors and disseminators of hatred and lies, do us all a favor and take a long walk on a short pier.

  31. martyrathbun09

    Hi. We all are going to hear a lot more from you soon. Stay tuned folks.

  32. Michael Fairman

    Bravo to you and Brava to your mom.
    And large Acks to M and M

  33. Renere,
    You are so welcome! It has been my pleasure to witness your journey up the bridge!

  34. Christie,
    Thank you but I have just been lucky to have access to the tech without all the additives. Doesn’t make me better, just more fortunate 😉 But it is about time for the Kool-aide guzzlers to come off the bottle already 🙂

  35. I’ll second that…
    VWD M&M

  36. loving the, ‘bard of BS’ moniker…

  37. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, Mike he has lost his knack… A thetan can get a mop and mop the floor if needed… No! Not DM. Oh he needs to be served from all aspects (getting the tip DM?). Cannot serve but be served.

    DM thinks we are all gonna bow to his Big Temples and… High Crimes. Hell no! After 11 years I am out we are now more alive and kicking on all sides.

    A Grass Roots Indie Movement has started on the planet and going Global now.

  38. Theo Sismanides

    some band i like!

  39. Theo Sismanides

    Wow, Eliana, this is great to hear! Greece saluts Indie Italy!

  40. Theo Sismanides

    Yeah Michael… THE EMPTY FACILITY in South Texas!!!

    What a Vacuum! hahaha…

    Hey isn’t Theta really EMpty and a Vacuum? Hahahaha… Marty… what have u done, you son of a gun? Created a no space thing?

    I will quote from the Tao about the Water and its excellence… Just for you Mr. Fairman and my other sage friends here Moving Up a Little Higher each time:

    The highest goodness is like water. Water is beneficent to all things but does not contend. It stays in places which others despise. Therefore it is near Tao.

  41. Viewing from my angle, I see Marty conducting a noisy investigation. I never viewed him as competing with the Church. But working with other Scientologists to make a better world.

    But if there is a competition, I’d like to know what the Church’s stats are in conducting an investigation into the reports of abuse, fraud, embezzlement, PR flaps, blows from church lines, and the other flaming outpoints part and parcel with the Miscavige regime???????????????????????????? Does the Church have any stats at all on confronting or handling these issues or is it all left for Marty to bear the burden?

  42. P.S. Great stats by the way Marty and Mosey! You are not only upstat, you are sequitur! Honest. Fair. Open. Clean. Generous. And committing months upon months of volunteer work to salvage what is left of this matter called Scientology. One can not really compare the two houses. Marty’s house was built on the dreams of an upright people. Not the terror of the needy. Marty’s house will stand just fine.

  43. As an aside, if it were not for Marty and Mosey making it safe for us to practice our religion without permission from the Internal Revenue Police of the Church, three of us would not have been able to finish L11 this week. So, the work and effort bleeds through many flows beyond Marty’s house. You can count three L11 completions as LEAST on your stat report this week ending!

  44. Well Done Marty and Mosey!
    Whatever we might disagree about you are producing the products and that is ultimately what deserves respect not playing with words.

  45. Great report!! One little house in Texas delivering more standard tech than in all the dwarf’s giant buildings put together.

  46. Great job Marty and Mosey! Keep up the good work!

  47. “you know he wouldnt set foot in any building that doesnt have polished marble floors and custom built woodwork….”
    well you know, all that sparkling ‘stuff’ takes the attention off of him….it’s his cover

  48. Well done!

    This is how I see it.

    Casablanca Tejas “mission”: 34.33 hrs ÷ 2 “staff” = 17.15 hrs per person.
    All Scn missions Int’l: 1500 hrs? ÷ 3000 staff = .5 hr per person

    Hum, I guess DM and Company are too busy regging for “stuff”.

  49. Well, those are some impressive stats, but what about REAL expansion? How many new buildings have you acquired?

    Just kiddingf. You guys are Awesome!

  50. TroubleShooter

    Awesome delivery news Marty. VWD to you Mosey! And I second your – stay tuned. . .

  51. I LOVE FDS! If anyone hits west Texas and wants to do some, look me up!

    Rock their world, Marty! If anyone knows how to get TA and actual Products, according to LRH, it would be you! Keep up the good work!

  52. Marty,
    You don’t include all the Ethics, Chaplain, Qual and PR handlings you’ve also done over the last 3 years on your stats.
    Mosey very well done! And thank you. You are setting an example for us all.

  53. “what COB had given him was Source”
    OMG! Forget listening to anyone else; this person needs to start listening to himself!

  54. I have seen ‘sudden’ for a while Michael. You do it with such panache 🙂

  55. Great job Marty and Mosey. I’m so glad you are there and doing your standard thing – auditing and training the way LRH laid it out to be done!

  56. Mosey & Marty,
    What amazing products you are delivering daily. I talked to Renere on the way back and he is VVVVVGI.
    Thank you both!!!!

  57. Marty and Mosey & Mike,

    A hurricane of sanity blowing the lies off the subject and exposing the troll to his followers.

    Tipping my hat you and yours for taking the brunt of the BS and shining on through.


  58. Tory Christman

    Tick Tock….:)

  59. Tory Christman

    I agree: Great job to all of you! One thing I’ve learned over the 11 years of being “out” is no matter what “Facts” (honest, good, clean FACTS) you or I may present to those “in”….how these same facts are viewed is STRICTLY through their own, tiny, microscopic, altered reality C of $-Truman Show.

    So my policy is live your life, enjoy it, do the best you can. As my Dad (Pro Football, American Football Hall of Fame and broadcaster in the 60’s for NBC) told me and many other professionals:
    “The last thing I say to all people is whatever you do, give it a hundred per cent. If you don’t quite make it then, put in one more percent. You won’t have any trouble then”. Paul Christman

    No matter how dim the room is they sit in, no matter how bad the food is they eat (while Davey boy scrunches the best of it all)….one day, one day they’ll all go (just as we did) “ENOUGH!” And the shrimp knows where they’ll go, then, and *that* is what I’d put money on pisses him off more than even people leaving.
    Happy Holidays to you ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  60. Michael,
    I love the wins!!!

    I have one myself, I finished the checksheets for the NOTs Co-audit and Solo NOTs. They are available for anyone who needs them. Just the original LRH materials, laid out so you can study, demo and drill and audit the real stuff. You know, the stuff that wins, not Dave’s stuff.


  61. Wow,
    The poor old guy has a huge crashing MU! DM is not Source though he sure tries to be, asserting He is Dept 21 and confusing the issue with his transcription errors, interpretations, alterations and omissions. Only LRH is Source!

  62. Nor do you include the lives you have touched.

  63. Of course Mike!

    Those non marble floors could soil his custom shoes!

  64. Renere,
    Congrats to you and Mom who are on Source and Indie!

  65. Totally Awesome M&M!!!

  66. Thanks very much for sharing the incredible wins, Michael! You do inspire others with your eloquent and wonderful message.

  67. Mat, very funny… got me thinking, though. Maybe Marty is holding back on a Total Square Feet statistic out of some sort of compassion. After all, DM is as predictable as the villains in any Warner Brothers cartoon. Snidely Whiplash, anyone?

    The stats of what Marty & Mosey produced last week sound competitive with what the entire Church of Scientology delivered, given their global network of Idle Orgs. But if you incorporate the Total Square Feet Statistic, the RCS’s numbers get dismal even faster. Marty could measure the square feet in his house. Then he could measure WDAHs per 1,000 square feet of space. If Marty’s house has 1,500 square feet, he’s doing 20+ WDAH’s per 1,000 square feet. Miscavage’s WDAH per square feet probably involves .000033 WDAH/1000 square feet, assuming 100 hours and 3,000,000 square feet… So Davey, when bragging about Total Square Feet statistics, should be careful what he wishes for — he might get it…

    In baseball, winning by six runs is often considered a blowout. What is it when you win the “square foot game” by six orders of magnitude?

  68. Marty & Mosey,
    Awesome photo of Oscar the blue heron! You guys are really gettin down! Feel like jumping around!

  69. As I continue to do my chrono study I came across an article from December 1954, ACCENT ON ABILITY.

    It mentions enhancing one’s abilities on the Dynamics, and as it went over the first four, it struck me, what an org, a mission, a practice, a person can actually accomplish with training and auditing applied.

    This took me all the way back to when I got into Scientology, by being sold a DMSMH, going to the local Mission (a couple of guys in an office in the middle of the city), and then to the org in Toronto.

    What I got was the idea I could know myself and my fellows and with that knowledge I could “trade” across the Dynamics and take them up at least a little higher.

    There was something about the wording of this article, ACCENT ON ABILITY, and my reading it again now, that had things fall in place as far as what it is I can exchange with the KRC I’ve gotten over these years.

    It’s stated best in the first tape of the 9th ACC (released some time ago as the Perception of Truth Series, from Dec 54).

    “Human aberration has only been a bugbear to man because he couldn’t
    control it, he couldn’t predict it, he couldn’t start, stop and change
    it. The anatomy of control is start, stop and change. He couldn’t
    start, stop and change aberrations. He couldn’t start, stop and change
    the state of mind of his fellow beings. He couldn’t handle aberration.” Intro to the 9th ACC, 6 Dec 54.

    The body of work and techniques, the knowledge, the skills in using them, enable beings to be more at cause over the fundamental items of daily life; thought, considerations, problems, solutions, interaction with others, goals, the past, themselves, and their fellows.

    A Scientology “center” , of whatever size, isn’t “Let’s Make A Deal” on spiritual enlightenment.

    It is somewhere that you can find real help to make your own life, across that life, more understood, more at your own choice, more able to pan-determine, more fun, less mass, faster particles and an easy fluidity over the whole scale.

    Enabling others to know how to know – whatever they want to.

    Thanks Marty, you scoundrel of the nth degree.

  70. Well done, Mosey! Isn’t it a great feeling, hearing that EP!? Congrats Marty – my whole “waiting for” is to see people all around auditing and training, independently, no restrictions, no threats, no limit to gains.

  71. Great news you guys, great stats and more to come.

  72. “What is it when you win the “square foot game” by six orders of magnitude?”…, I would say it has gone WAAAYYY past the mercy rule! They are out!

  73. I think what he was trying to say in fairness was that The Basics were “source” and he had great wins from that. It’s just the same conditioning that to greater or lesser extent we all bought into – well I did anyway for a while. Trying to show such people that these books have been altered in some instances AWAY from source would just be an “enemy line”. He actually used that phrase to me. The Church is not expanding is “an enemy line”; dozens of first-hand testimonies of DM savagely beating staff is “an enemy line” I did try and explain that the truth was the truth whether palatable or not – Jeff wrote an excellent essay on this and other “thought stopping” phrases here but as I say, sometimes I think you just have to mentally shrug and move on.

  74. “When you hear Marty Rathbun accuse the Church of having an empty facility – look at Rathbun’s own “facility.” See what he is “delivering.” Ask yourself how Rathbun is doing in his “mission.” ”

    Isn’t this simply a validation of Marty’s activities while exposing their own soft underbelly? And now that Marty’s showed us some real numbers, it shows how vacuous their claims of 70x expansion are!

  75. And talking of enemy [of the truth] lines … this from a brand new cult press release entitled Human Rights Day 2011: Church of Scientology Spearheading Human Rights Education: “The first Church of Scientology was formed in the United States in 1954 and has grown to more than 9,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups and millions of members in 165 countries”.

  76. I have been doing my own investigation for about one month now, and am convinced of everything Marty, Mike and others have written here to be true. I know what’s true for me especially when I experience it.
    Having done a doubt formula and now on Liability, I know who my new, and old friends are. ALL OF YOU. I AM YOUR FRIEND TOO. I AM NOT ACCEPTING A SHODDY SUBSTITUTE WITH THE LABEL “SCIENTOLOGY” ANY LONGER.
    It is not a coincidence since making this decision that my work stats are in affluence and going into Power for the first time in 3 1/2 years.
    Many abilities have returned to me too.
    I look forward to our futures together and in rebuilding our religion to the way SOURCE intended it to be.
    After being stopped on both sides of the Bridge due to arbitraries and deattestations that I just can’t agree to as they make no sense to me, I am relieved to know that I really am no longer stopped in my Bridge progress. I look forward to hopefully meeting Marty and getting the correct program and rehabs once and for all. Thank you Marty, Mike, Mosey and everyone for your amazing courage.

  77. Martin — Amazing. 9000 now? They HAVE to keep upping the number as these are statements made to the press. They can’t keep saying 8000 for years when they say they are expanding 70X. 9000 is as real as 8000. Is as real as 6000. Or 2000. A number plucked out of the sky.

  78. Sorry, that tape series is the Solution to Entrapment, not the Perception of Truth. Oopsy daisy doodle.

  79. What strikes me most about this article of Marty’s is the honest simplicity of accomplishment.

    The statistics themselves are not going to change the world — or are they?

    HOW do any of us know exactly what those 34:33 hours of auditing will change the fabric of life?

    We don’t know.

    What IS the affect of a pebble thrown into a pond, the gentle waves rippling to the other shore?

    But what is clear is that these statistics are honest, are connected to real people whose lives have improved.

    It dawned on me recently that while I have a LOFTY vision of bringing meditation to an ENORMOUS public through connections of mine in the veterans (military) community … that IF I cannot help my own tiny buddhist community live in harmony (currently there is some upset caused by a serious lack of skilled leadership) — then I’m completely fooling myself about this larger vision.

    I had to look at what degree of EGO was involved with HUGE POTENTIAL statistics versus just quietly working at helping a small community finds its footing.

    Marty and Mosey are lovely examples of two people who move to their own drummer who just so happens to be one of heartfelt care.

    No wonder dm is obsessed with them — he has made it impossible for others to care for him. And everyone of us have a human need to feel worthy of love. He’s immeasurably lonely and lost. Sadly his salvation is easy — just a slight turn, an extended hand from him asking for help.

    And as easy as it is – the chance of this happening is 99.9 % impossible. The ability to ask for help comes from a realization that help is possible.

    dm knows no one can benefit from help. Help is a con. Of that he is certain.


  80. Thank you!!!

  81. Nice to see you again Colorwheel 🙂

  82. Wow. A genuine acknowledgement. Thanks Jim.

  83. Marty and Monique – thank you for sharing this wonderful news. I am very happy for all of you.

  84. Marty,

    Can’t even get myself to make a comment that adds to the simplicity of yours. Then seeing the responses from those you serviced kind of makes it hard for “Minerva” and “Vincent” aka POS to come back with the statements they would predictably write, and which there is no need to repeat here.

    Having loved to audit from my very first days in Scientology but completely lost the willingness to be audited I can only hope there will be some time left over in your schedule after May – would like to make an appointment!

    Amazing what this blog is able to rehabilitate, and the pathetic shriveling from the anti-Marty sites actually helps in that rehabilitation – it confirms what I read and experience here is indeed truth – keep going with your posts Minerva and Vincent – you have made my resolve resolute!

  85. Former Flag Customer


  86. But seriously,

    VVWD to you and Mosey for hard work! For helping folks!


  87. DMs Psychotic Break

    What would the Bard of Bullshyte’s Total Square Feet statistic be in a 10′ x 12′ cell, I wonder? I bet the marble in that place is really shiny, and if he’s lucky he can find a nice pal to whittle him some wood carved ‘furniture’.

  88. Marty and Mosey,
    Thank you both for all the help you give others. This is where the purpose of LRH tech shines. The wins of the students and the wins of the pc’s.

    VWD on completing a level to Mosey. The success from your pc was a really nice testament to the product you produced. And to Marty, despite all the crap thrown your direction you continue to produce and to expand your island of sanity into the world.

    You did leave out any statistic on the many and varied wins produced by this blog and the communication here-in. It may not be easily measured by you but I believe the TA produced internationally exceeds all of the RCS actions. Thanks guys!

  89. This is about the silliest response from the Cof$$$ to accusations of wasting parishioners money one can imagine. You didn’t collect millions for an empty building, you didn’t waste that money and as far as I can see you are not about to engage in such activities (at least I hope so…). It is also somehow insane to compare your personal production with the whole production of a church that takes millions for that service (…although even here you’re probably on the winning side).

    Maybe this weird insult should also serve to distract you from your real production which at the moment could be “Supression Removed” IMHO. Nobody really expects you to deliver auditing at the moment (though its great if you do successfully), but what’s really needed is to uncover and stop all those crimes of a corrupt church to prevent further damage. I’m afraid that seems to be your mission at the time. Nobody else but high ranking ex-members know about these crimes and nobody else can do that job.

    So, if you look at this stat (…like I said “Suppression removed”, “Crimes Uncovered”, “Money Saved from Greedy Lunatics” or the like), well it’s hard to beat you at the moment. Mike seems to try hard too and also Jeff, Steve and all the others are delivering. I hope you don’t rest on your success but keep on whistleblowing until this nightmare is over. We still expect more beans that need to be spilled.

    It’s time to close with a borrowed quote from James Brown:
    “Keep on doing what you’re doing but make it funkeyyyyyy!”

  90. A1 on the WDAHs and Stats.

  91. Location, location, location!

  92. You forgot to say “and all the while defending spaces from goons on paddle boats and golf carts—you know, Seal Team Six!”

    They are pathetic in all respects.

  93. CW,
    “I am relieved to know that I really am no longer stopped in my Bridge progress.”

    That was and is my biggest concern and the reason why I sometimes comment here; this is where the people who put that there reside occasionally. And not necessarily for me but for others. A person who just goes through some basic courses and honestly does them is infinitely better off and with more tools than he bargained for to make it in life.

  94. VVVWD Mosey! You made my day with this news! Great stats M&M! Love, Jan.

  95. Unfortunately, Marty doesn’t even need a relative comparison. Even with the actual total WDAH of the whole Corporate Church combined, he still wins. For a corporate examiner to indicate an F/N he has to wait until the pc gets ARC broken about not having a (3 swing) F/N. Auditors can’t indicate real F/N’s and must overrun, PC’s are decleared instead of cleared, etc. Even if an auditor by chance makes a WDAH and even if the examiner by chance indicates an F/N correctly without getting RPF’d, the win is still invalidated by the regging off auditing resulting in ARCX, self auditing, etc. I think that Les, Helen Chen, Jim, etc provide a much better birthday game and comparison for Marty as you just can’t compare auditing and implanting.

  96. I just want to note something about Mosey….

    Correct me if I am wrong, but a little over a year ago, she was on the Student Hat…now she is in the chair delivering Grades!!! Sounds like speed of training is in down in South Texas. Must have a lot of F/Ning students with tongues hanging out, REALLY learning somethin around them parts.

    And not only that, but we saw right here her ability and confront of BS as she smacked down the Goon Squad in her own front yard. She reminded me of a female grizz protecting her cubs in that clip!!!

    In many, many ways Mosey you are one special thetan! Thanks for being on our team.

    Andy Dufresne
    “…time and presure…”

  97. Doesn’t dm know that you get what you resist?? Even he, as the pope ,can’t escape this mechanism.

  98. I know, close and personal, that your stats are not only far from being empty numbers, but alive with beaming and stunning wins. Thank you so much for helping mankind-isn’t that what it’s all about???

  99. Thank you. I love this!

  100. “I have just been lucky to have access to the tech without all the additives.”

    Exactly right! There really is no better way to approach it.

  101. Colorwheel — What a great comment and very good job on your part in moving up the conditions. I love your use of the word “deattestations!” It seems to be an oxymoron (a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms) in the corporate church. In closing, don’t ever think we in this community don’t read and acknowledge a comment such as yours. In fact, quite the opposite is true: We, for the most part, read every comment and acknowledge .. even if only to ourselves. L, Rachel

  102. Marty & Mosey
    your support to the Independent Field is incredible.
    We are for the first time again, after decades, applying Scientology as L. Ron Hubbard always intended, for the betterment of the individual and not to make him a slave.
    People are really getting helped now.
    And this is because you are there helping us.
    Yes the subject is safe again.
    Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.
    Renata & Claudio

  103. Hell yes, Michael! Truth!

  104. Mark, I think it’d be “But those won’t get him the money I have or the palace I live in or the movie stars I know…”

  105. martyrathbun09

    Renata and Claudio,
    We were just talking about you two and how much you have served as inspiration to us. What you have accomplished over the past year is awesome. Think about those postulates we shared when we got together several months ago and how far you have surpassed them already. You two are the living proof that CONSIDERATION is senior to MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME. People get ready.

  106. As if one would need any more proof that COB and Co are full of s@$#, check out this from the “razz line”…. I mean how frickin obvious does it have to get!?!?!?

    From: Grant Erfert [mailto:]
    Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 11:57 PM
    Subject: LA: Upstat experienced Inglewood Staff Member looking for immediate work


    I am a 13 year Staff member who recently relocated to Inglewood to be the Lead C/S Foundation. I am looking for a 9-5 in the Santa Monica, Culver Area.

    I am a literal jack-of-(almost)-all-trades. I have experience in:

    Auditing and C/Sing (GAT Flag-Trained)
    Ethics Specialist
    Food and Beverage, Catering
    Construction, Renovations, Plumbing, Electrical, Handyman
    HVAC (EPA Certified) I was promoted to being an OES at an HVAC company.
    Sales (not phone sales and must have a base salary)
    Automotive (I doubled production of a Jiffy Lube I managed and I love working on cars)
    I started working at 11 with a paper route.
    Hell, I even have Law Enforcement experience.

    Really I can do just about anything. I have an excellent comm cycle and can handle any situation with good comm.
    I live in Santa Monica and am on post in Inglewood so I would like to keep the commute short.
    So, if you know of anything please don’t be shy. I am looking for something immediate.


    Oh Grant, THANK YOU.

    Hope you don’t get Comm Ev’ed….

    Andy Dufresne
    “..time and pressure…”

  107. Nicely done Marty & Mosey.

    It is particularly telling that Mosey, having never stepped inside a Mission or Org for services, is able to learn and apply auditing skills and the Missions and Orgs around the planet are failing miserably at this task. For decades the CoS has been graduating “Auditors” that don’t then audit. Unable to see the cause of the problem they engaged in program after program to “Fix” this. Needless to say they had wrong ‘Whys”.

    Price fixing, overbearing controls, monopolistic rules, attacking those that were successful, you needed the latest updated high crimes, i.e. the real “Whys” were never considered or deliberately ignored.

    For my own part I am working with 2-OT5’s to get them Soloing so add that to the tally.

    Well done guys and gals.

  108. one of those who see

    Real Stats from M & M! LFBD!
    So well done!!! And congrats on becoming an Auditor Mosey!!!!!!!!!
    Very excited about your new project Marty!!

  109. Brilliant, Marty.
    You’re wearing many hats, and I appreciate that. Keeping this comm line open is a fantastic achievement. It helped me shed the blinkers from my eyes and changed my life for the better a million-fold. There’s no price too high on the restoration of hope – and you did it on a free-to-all wordpress site!
    My eternal gratitude,

  110. Dear Rachel, I am sorry to not have met you in person and so appreciate meeting you now! Gene was my doctor when living in L.A. And he was wonderful. Loved his dry sense of humor. Thank you so much for you comm and theta. L, Colorwheel

  111. Ciao Marty,
    you are the best, your responsability is big! I want to thank you for your C/sing because is accurate and fast, my eternal gratitude. You are fantastic.

  112. Good job Marty and Mosey. Nothin’ better than setting others free.

  113. From all that you do, this best describes what I am again feeling after 25 years:
    “Limitless undying love, which shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on
    across the universe”. — The Beatles
    Thank you!

  114. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Nice Job and keep on trucking. Haven’t posted hereon in some time, a couple of years maybe, but your stats compelled me to post congratulatory wishes and those of solidarity.

    For my part, I keep dreaming of a day when I’ll get there, get squared around again, and get back on Solo NOTs. It’s only been about 20 years since I’ve done a session — hardly solo’d more than a couple of hours all together during my years in the SO — but so much I still remember.

    Happy and prosperous New Year.

  115. Wow Marty, That’s so great. I kinda suspect you and Mosey have personally out-performed all of the PTLD/PTLF in WDAHs and VFP and what-not; Could not prove it yet, but likely.

    Its not a totally fair comparison because they can only draw from a city area of a few million people while you, sitting in your costal village in Texas, get to draw in folks from all over the world.

    Also, probably you have nicer digs at Casablanca than PTLD (Last time I was on-lines there they had a hard time keeping TP on the roll in the restroom, when they could keep the water on – Things may have gotten better now that the Org and The CC have collapsed together into one; Lets hope.

    I know that they have been raising $$ for an Ideal Org so maybe that will turn things around; I just hope there is enough money left over and renovations for water and toilet paper.


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