The New Order And Its Remedy

Here’s a little something in response to the handful of cur dogs who criticize our efforts to cease the spiritual carnage that has become in the public mind Scientology.  It is something from L Ron Hubbard, the Founder of the subject.  This is likely so obvious that it goes without saying to the majority involved in this grassroots movement called Independent Scientology.  But, I re-iterate as there are OSA bait dupes on the fringe who expend a lot of energy  on attempting to drag down folk who are taking responsibility for this thing called Scientology.  As confusion is their stock in trade, let us have a little stable data as remedy.

Excerpts from L Ron Hubbard lecture, Formative States of Scientology – Definition of Logic.

Let’s take the subject of Scientology and let’s see if there’s any logic involved with it at all.  There isn’t a mathematics that can embrace the subject of Scientology, because it is an invented mathematics.  It’s an invented mathematics that accepts gradient scales and “absolutes are unattainable.”  And it is a method of thinking about things.  And it is just as true as it is workable.  And no truer.  And is not, in itself, an abitrary, fascistic police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts.  It’s a servant of the mind, and servo-mechanism of the mind. It is not a master of the mind.  Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking.  Don’t think it won’t do that.  It has every capability of doing that. 

Contained in the knowable, workable portions before your eyes there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe.  Control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.

Fortunately, it was intelligently invented, and I say that without any possible bow; I say that because part of its logic was: the remedy should exist before the bullet…

…So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject, anybody that knows these techniques, is himself actually under a certain responsibility – that’s to make sure that he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor. That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have.  It’s not safe. It’s not safe for Man; it’s not safe for this universe.  This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here.  Let’s see that none are made. (emphasis added) 

And of course, the paragraph of this lecture that was edited out in David Miscavige’s New Golden Age of Knowledge version by David Miscavige personally:

It’s a very simple remedy.  And that’s just make sure the remedy is passed along. That’s all.  Don’t hoard it. Don’t hold it.  And if you ever do use any black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available.  Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself  “the new order.”  We don’t need any more new orders — all those orders as far as I’m concerned have been filled.

Now when it comes to logic, the logic of putting this together had as its first criterion what?  Application?  What were we going to do?  What were we trying to do?  That was fairly well thought out, we were trying to help beingness. What are we going to do?  Well, we’re trying to help beingness.  There’s a good cause and effect definition.  We sit down and we say, “now, what’s our purpose? What’s this all about?  What’s the first statement made on that?”  Well, that was it.  It wasn’t a slop around of ‘well, let’s be scientific and let’s fool around and let’s see if we can make a lot of money.’  No, it was just a simple clear-cut statement.  It presupposed one thing: that something could be done. 

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  1. Your humble servant

    Marty, thank you for the very nice writings this Christmas season. The doors are not just welded shut for 90% of people in the present, radical Church of Scientology, they are welded shut for everybody. Even if they are wealth enough to take that route, no one progressing up the Bridge that is offered by today’s official Church of Scientology now will achieve the gains they should have achieved, and they are in extreme danger of being transformed into unthinking zealots who will pretend they have achieved high states of ability and beingness but who have actually been pushed down scale into robotism and slavish servitude to DM.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  2. It was always my understanding that when I took a course or bought a book and took the time to learn the technology of Scientology and Dianetics, then that knowledge was mine to freely use. I made a donation and was trained, so I could use it in anyway I felt appropriate. I think this is why people resisted having to pay “taxes” on business income generated to WISE. When this was implemented, most people I knew viewed it as a tax, and illegal at that. David Miscavige’s attempts to control all delivery of Scientology auditing and training flies in the face of original LRH intention. It stifles interest in learning to audit. Why train to be an auditor, when the only place one can audit is inside an org? Talking to the media is inconvenient PR-wise, but I believe that the biggest threat to DM’s empire is people auditing and training independently. When he sees people pulling away from total involvement in his Church and starting to lead lives outside of it’s confines, this scares him. It is only a matter of time before they start applying what they know to help people in their homes. God forbid they give an assist to someone, or run an engram, who hasn’t paid DM for that service.

  3. Go Niners!

  4. Brilliant stuff as usual Mr Rathburn. The cure for Scientology is more scientology! An infinite loop of perfection.

    Ron really did a crack up job of envisioning the whole of scientology as a holistic matrix that self corrects.

    It is inevitable that the PoB will eventually fail, the only question is when.


  5. Love that! Always have. Talk about a problem that contains its own solution … He had it roped out from nearly the very beginning. This essay is the raison d’etre of the Independent movement.

  6. That “little editing job” says it all.

  7. Marty, thanks! I take is as our marching orders from LRH for 2012. All of you, the last of the closet Scientologists, out, out, out! Let’s not horde it, let’s make it known, let’s use it. Let’s overcome fear of being shunned and craving for humanoid approval. There is nothing to lose but our chains. A little action is in order, creating some interesting effects, gaining some altitude, assuming some power.

    It’s been a good year but my postulate for 2012 is to make it truly a year of ACTION and not just for Marty, Mike and Steve (thank you very much, guys!) but for all of us.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Unduvap Full Moon Paya Day and Happy New Year to everyone!

  8. Awesome post, Marty. When I read that I am amazed at the sheer ability of Ron to just talk in his lectures – no notes, no practice, excellent English, clear, and concise. And he did it for thousands of lectures.

    This excerpt is so true. Merry Christmas!

  9. Well said, Marty.
    The desperate methods miscavige is currently using to try and secure his monoply on the application of the tech will be his ultimate undoing.

    While preventing auditing and training within his 1984-like group, miscavige attacks, like a mad dog, anyone who simply gets results. By his own actions he’s made the copyrights and trademarks of scientology and dianetics about as well thought of as the nazi swastika and communist hammer. He’s reduced their value to less than zero. One only need look at the latest gallup poll on scientology for the proof of that.

    That a few thousand people are still suffering under the delusion that miscavige is leading them into a new golden age of tech and expansion, and that those people are being damaged is sad. But their numbers are steadily dwindling and any legal stand on a monopoly of the tech itself has long since disappeared.

    Miscavige with his greed has made the trademarks and copyrights worthless, leaving him with nothing but a tenuous grip on a few symbols and words which none of us need to continue our independent journey of helping men and women go free.

  10. I just texted the whole LRH quote including the part about DM removing ‘the remedy’ to my SISTER in Clearwater who disconnected from me last January!!!
    Thanks for posting something I could use in this way Marty. I will hope for at least a spark of realization or understanding to be created before her programmed dramatization of being attacked kicks in and the wall slams down. That will at least be something. Eventually, with enough sparks there could be a small fire…etc… If I can’t communicate with her – or better said- she will not listen to me or any other “apostates” at least I can try to let
    LRH do the talking…

  11. George M. White

    The independent Scientology movement is truly a wonder to behold. I wish it had been available twenty years ago.
    The auditors have this tenacious nature which manifests strong personal belief in the words of the teacher.
    This movement is willing to consider other viewpoints and is searching for the right marketing mix by experimentation.
    What about an amnesty Mr. Moth-cavige? Can you imagine the possibilities if you could respect another’s opinion?

  12. Guess it’s all about having the tech at the right time. I got hit unknowingly in 1979-80. Whole track nightmare through not knowing there was spirit as well as mind and body.

  13. Quite sadly … everyone has THE path, confused with the RESULT.

    BUT BUT — the result — enlightenment or free theta doesn’t REQUIRE THE path.

    Why? Because we are all enlightened already … we are free thetans already.

    BUT BUT we just don’t know it. Obscured as we are by our neuroses, our millennium of habitual patterns, by our wrong views and countless missteps.

    So, we look for and find a path that will help us from our human suffering. Some find scientology, others Zen, still others the Dao, or Buddhism or Christianity or Judaism, Islam, Hindu — and others less well known but wisdom traditions nonetheless.

    HOWEVER, if we ever think that THE Path IS the fruition (of enlightenment) – we have opened ourselves up to any dime-store guru, despot, dm or the like to steal THE path which we foolishly THINK is the fruition.

    Even a Path kept “pure” isn’t itself the fruition — just something that helps
    lessen the neuroses, obstacles, cobwebs etc., so that at some point, perhaps lifetimes away — some will say — I am an AWAKENED one.


  14. Addendum: When I said above “everyone has the path confused with the fruition” I should have said most everyone.

    Certainly I have it confused and need to remind myself almost everyday that the Path I follow Shambhala Buddhism – has a value to me because it helps me to think better, see more clearly, get rid of past obstacles etc and all too often I start thinking THIS path IS the FRUITION.

    AS IF — I’m enlightened.

    Which clearly I’m not. The PATH is for us (whichever path you might choose) in order to enable you to recognize that you ARE enlightened.

    And that is NOT a conceptual idea, nor anything which can be communicated about. Just talked around. Some are enlightened just by hearing a enlightened being but not many nowadays …

    And I KNOW there is an LRH tape that covers this — something about the 3 baskets — with the Unknowable, the knowable and something else.

    It’s an OT HATTING series — 4 tapes — fabulous!


  15. Just magnificent, wonderful quotes.

  16. “Confusion” by New Order

    You just can’t believe me
    When I show you what you mean to me
    You just can’t believe me
    When I show you what you cannot see

    You’re hiding from feelings, searching for more
    Sharing and hoping, untouched for so long
    Our lives still change from the way that we were
    And now I’ll tell you something I think you should know
    You just can’t believe me
    When I show you what you mean to me
    You just can’t believe me
    When I show you what you cannot see

    You cause me confusion, you told me you cared
    He’s calling these changes that last to the end
    Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies
    The past is your present, the future is mine
    You just can’t believe me
    When I show you what you mean to me
    You just can’t believe me
    When I show you what you cannot see

    You tell me you need me, I’ll make it this time
    The thread won’t divide us, the sensation survives
    I was sure that I told you it was good from the face
    You’ve caused me some problems, you’ve taken my place

    Why can’t you see what you mean to me?

  17. Independent Scientologist

    Over the 18 months that I’ve been out of the cult, I’ve concluded that LRH’s undoing (which led to the church’s undoing) was a failure to take his own advice and apply his own tech. A prime example – possibly THE prime example – was making the OT levels confidential, which gave the Sea Organization a de facto monopoly on wisdom. And that prompted a dramatization of a very old game involving High Priests, High Priestesses and “I’ve got a secret!”

    Thank God somebody had the wisdom to wrench the OT levels free from the church and post them on the Internet. I have to add that none of LRH’s shortcomings detract one wit from the brilliance of his tech.

    – Ron Matlock

  18. What DM is doing, trying to get everyone to bow to him and his taking over of the tech and people’s lives, is just what every fanatical leader has done. Look at Hitler and Nazi Germany. Hitler thought he had control over everyone. He had them telling on each other to keep them in line. He put out propaganda to scare people into staying with him. He also did that to make people believe lies. But over time, people woke up and started backing away from him. They were allowing Hitler to think they were still with him while doing the exact opposite of what he wanted them to. Others just left and when he found out he sent his SS to find them. With DM, you have the same thing. He will not give up until the last second. I wonder if he will go out the same way as Hitler, though. I do not see him just giving up and allowing anyone to take him off of his throne.

  19. Very inspiring post! Happy Christmas!!

  20. Ron gave us the antidote to all of this-on this planet he knew insanity and MEST beings would try and destroy this Tech-he wasn’t a girl scout,but, when I was one the motto was “Be prepared”

  21. Good post. It is baffling that anyone could read this and not see the CoS for what it has become i.e., the attempted monopoly holders of all aspects of the subject. The suppressive elements are more difficult for those inside to see and confront. For those of us outside they are readily apparent.

    The 100% Standard Tech button has been twisted to mean; Nowhere outside of the CoS can Standard Tech be obtained. A ridiculous assertion, but forwarded non-the-less. Auditors are afraid to audit in the field because they buy into this and of course because of the punitive measures the CoS engages in should one become a target. Made up Out-Tech reasons are used by untrained Inspectors to suppress field auditors. All done under the guise of the shore story of maintaining Standard Tech with the underlying reason being maintaining control of the monopoly.

    These few paragraphs and a simplistic understanding of KSW seem all that is necessary to comprehend how off the rails DM has taken the CoS.

    Forget about the beatings, the Out Tech, Off Policy, Out Ethics, imprisonment, ruining lives, destroying LRH’s legacy, financial mayhem, et all, just reconcile the above paragraphs with KSW and ask yourself, “Have I seen ANY of what LRH warned us of.?” If your answer is yes, then the only errors you can make are to consider that it is a singular event- not systemic or that it is somehow you or your fault. It is neither a singular event or you or your fault.

    Disclaimer: There are a few with whom responsibility significantly rests.

  22. Michael,
    Dang but you put a huge smile on my face. Thank you 🙂

  23. Go Niners!!!!

  24. Yup, its pretty much the only Way to get Ethics in. Natter boards are no Skin off their backs, but effectively taking people up the Bridge here in the Freezone/Independents is the core of their undoing. Those who have previously given up Scientology return, but into another fold, that for the very first time ever makes the Journey possible.

  25. George M. White

    Your post reminded me of one my favorites from Boethius:

    “Here shall be your labour’s close;
    Here your haven of repose.
    Come, to your one refuge press;
    Wide it stands to all distress!”


  26. wh,
    That tape, with the three bins, is the first time on tape the word Scientology is used. It’s used as “a scientology”, the second bin of knowledge which is the bin with the means to gain the unknown and put in the bin of known. Chart Of Attitudes, 28 Dec 51.

    “But upon the alertness and the ability to know of the individual depends how well he can use bin two and how much he can drag for himself out of bin one. Because in bin one is everything: Here is life eternal, here is happiness, the basic truths behind Freemasonry, the Catholic Church and so on—all of these things have some basic truths behind them. Whether they have attained those truths or not is beside the point. There are a tremendous number of answers; theoretically, there are answers to everything under the sun.”

  27. Thank you Marty!
    I had a good laugh at the realization/vision how DM CAREFULLY, yeah so CAREFULLY, places the noose of the rope around his neck with such omissions in the so called ‘corrected’ / ‘updated’ LRH materials. That so clearly shows his true intentions as the psychopath he is.
    What a great piece of truth to spread around WITH the Christmas message
    to our friends and family that are still stuck ‘inside’.

  28. Here is the missing Part, directly from the voice of Ron:

  29. martyrathbun09

    No it is not, and I think the creator of this is attempting to take it out of context to have LRH say the opposite of what he is trying to get across.

  30. Ron,
    I re-read the PL on how come the Upper Levels were to be kept secure. It was until enough were away, that is, a temporary expedient until the above quoted data was a fact; the remedy was well disseminated.

    It occurred to me that with what had happened with DM coming onto the lines, a classic SP, that the time was upon us. Enough were through and the material needed to be made available – now. ( I personally don’t think the wide availability of the material is an “accident”, but that’s me.)

    If you look at what DM has done to NOTs…

    The cautions taken early on were for good purpose. Today is different. The time is here.

  31. But this part was edited during YOUR WATCH marty, you were the IG, either this passed under your nose, or you autorized it yourself.

    How about some reponsability?

    I am very overrun with the process “david miscavige is an asshole”, he is one, okay.

    But besides that there is much, much more to answer for.

    After two years you have not provided ONE SINGLE PIECE of legal actionable evidence.

    You can not put miscavige in jail because he is an asshole.

    And if he is a modern hitler, let me tell you that I have not see one single evidence that he kill a single person ever. He might had ordered it, but there were more persons who
    very willingly pull the trigger.

    Time ago I asked about the fake Ron Hubbard who recorded the “rons journal 38”, that was the ONLY piece suppossedly suporting the new management of which you and mike were gladly part of.

    How about Mike Hunsaker “The Pilot” who was MURDERED.

    Was this a OSA operation?

    Does you or mike rinder have any any information about it? information about this?

    This part about the PDC is a very old information that the freezone knew and spread in the face of the supression that you and mike unleashed upon us all that time.

    We were very busy keeping scientology alive while you worked to supress it.

    If anything is good that you are coming to present time.

  32. Sorry, in place of Mke Hunsaker above, it should be KEN OGGER, the pilot, mike hunsaker was the webmaster of

  33. Thanks Jim — yes that is the tape, I think. On this tape LRH says something like it doesn’t matter if what you find as truth are colored sands from the Gobi Desert (or something like that) … you have brought more from bin one to bin two (unknowable to knowable).

    That always inspired me to look beyond what was “conventional” or acceptable.

    Thanks again — do you know which OT Hatting Series it is a part of. I might still have that set somewhere.


  34. martyrathbun09

    Where’s the love?

  35. A prime example – possibly THE prime example – was making the OT levels confidential, which gave the Sea Organization a de facto monopoly on wisdom.
    There was a reason, at that time, for Ron in doing so.
    If he haven’t done that, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish his work to a certain point.
    It took just few years after he went trough the wall of fire and when the church was taken over. Just a few years.
    Ron knew the enemy. It wasn’t a new game for him.
    Thanks to Ron, the tech is now available. Without the Sea Org of the early days the OT levels would never be revealed.
    I feel nothing than admiration if I consider what Ron was trough to get the job done.
    Yes, the Church is dead, but I don’t think that Ron would be surprised about that. He gave us all the hints so we would know that at the right time. One of those hint is cited by Marty in this very post.

  36. Well Done Joy!
    When you give them LRH…they can’t argue with you. He says what he says. I have found this very successful as it takes it out of the “me versus you/them” realm, and simply gives them the truth of what LRH says. You don’t need to “talk about it” or defend, or do anything other than giving them exactly what he says. If they have any bit of intelligence or self determinism left…somewhere in them…it will ring a bell. Good for you.

  37. Are you nuts or something?

    Marty left in ’04 — Ken Ogger died in ’07 — perhaps you are suggesting that Marty, like some mafia don, was now pulling strings on the OUTSIDE, having left the prison.

    Hint to Ruiz — you’d seem much more credible if you didn’t link to an almost IMPOSSIBLE to read website. iCause. It’s an internet maxim, at least to me — anyone who makes a website with BLACK background and at least 4 different colors might not be certifiable but certainly should be banished from the net. I’m surprised you didn’t have streaming new age music on the site.


  38. My comment should be under Victor Sandino Ruiz

  39. Great! Thank you, Jim, for all your posts! I learned a lot from you guys.

  40. WH,
    Not sure which series this was part of as I read it in the R&D Vols. Jim

  41. Marty,

    Thanks for another “in your face” documentation of this psychotic sociopath, otherwise known as David Miscavige. Yeah, right, he solely edits original materials to cover his own suppressive ass?

    He’s represents one of mankind’s worst enemies. Or is that enema?

    This little small man, and his shrinking coterie, is the constipation we collectively seek relief from.

    And with that I’d like to spread a little holiday sarcastic cheer care of Ogden Nash:

    May All My Enemies Go to Hell.
    Noel, Noel, Noel.

  42. Kenn ogger did not “die” he was murdered.

    And I REALLY, really would like to hear the history about the fake “Ron Hubbard” from “Rons journal 38”.

    The website works fine, if you think the aestetics is not fabulous, be my guest and help to improve it.

  43. Victor Sandino Ruiz,

    When you communicate from 1.5 you don’t communicate from truth.

    It isn’t your place or mine to speculate upon what Marty and Mike may or may not have done. They’ve been more than open about the now distant past.

    If these two gentlemen aren’t currently the living embodiment of responsibility then I don’t know what is. Please observe that you are communicating on a blog that has helped so many people it’s incredible.

    I notice zero theta in your comm. Your final sentence about coming up to present time is the pot calling the kettle black.

    Please, Victor…..come up to present time. December 20th 2011. Seven full years after Marty got the heck out. Three years before the death of this pilot you blame on him.

    Time, place, form and event. Please take the care to use them wisely and accurately. Otherwise, on this particular forum, you will stick out like a sore thumb.

  44. WH,
    Streaming new age music…ha!

    That’s hilarious. Thank YOU wh for a really good chuckle.

    Streaming new age music… 🙂

    (And for Senor Ruiz, dude, stop listening to new age music backwards. That shit’ll fry your brain. Next you’ll be wearing your pants with the zipper in the back!!!!)

  45. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Marty.
    The little one is trying to stop the practice of Scientology. He IS trying to create a monopoly of the subject. He is violating the basic tenants of the philosophy.

    He HAS turned it into a cult. He is no LRH. He is a mest being.

  46. one of those who see

    Some of the most important and relevant quotes by LRH which clarify the scene in the Church and what the Independent movement is all about.

    Happy Chanukah to all the brave Maccabees that congregate here! Channukah – The Festival of Lights and the Celebration of Religious Freedom.

  47. Victor Sandino Ruiz.

    Time to reap the benefits of some of that Scientology my man. Bagging on Marty gets you nowhere. Exposing Miscavige, is for those who don’t yet know or are waffling and there are certainly plenty of those still left.

    Sure would love to hear some wins from you on your auditing and training.

    Why not post them?

  48. Time ago I asked about the fake Ron Hubbard who recorded the “rons journal 38″ …

    CBR Bullshit.

    … “The Pilot” who was MURDERED

    Squirrel. I’ll let you know when the tears come running.

    Was this a OSA operation? Does you or mike rinder have any information about it? information about this?

    Hit ordered from LRH’s Spaceship in Sector 9 through the decomposing Corpse of CBR.

  49. Boy, I’m sure glad I found Scientology.

    Now I’ll just keep it to myself and use it to make a lot of money!

    And I only have one thing to say regarding the diatribe of Victor Sandino Ruiz above: Victor, SP’s cannot complete cycles of action.

  50. VSR, Come and join our world, the world of love and sanity!

  51. Very interesting post.
    Thank you.

  52. Thank you Marty!

    That must be one of the best quotes on the subject of LRH’s intentions about Scientology which serves to prove that the current Church is not forwarding LRH’s strategy about Scientology and its use.

    Great tool to use to inform others not yet awakened. There is no argument here, just the straight facts, not just against the attacks from the Church, but also the attacks from anti-LRH/Scientology groups and people.

    Happy Winter Solstice and a Merry Christmas to you and Mosey! I hope to come by later in 2012.


  53. Here’s a beautiful video with a one-take shot about caring and compassion. Do you ever see this around an “Ideal Org”? I think not.

    The “ideal Org” version would have the first guy sent to write O/W’s after falling and then sign up for an assist program (paid) and everyone else would be trying to reg for the IAS… and if anyone tried to help, they would be hauled into ethics for being patty cake and violating KSW and the few remaining tech guys would get an RTC cram on beingness, having to watch the Platoon Drill Sergeant opening scene until they are blue in the face. The homeless guy would be escorted off the premises and the street vendor would be asked to leave so people would use the in-house canteen instead for profit.

    But in a world based on compassion, help, decency, freedom and humanity, this may actually happen as a natural course of action:

  54. Up front I want to say this is a parody – but oh, so close to home:

    David Miscavige Will Always Live
    Hemet, December 19 (KCNA) — Leader David Miscavige, the great father of the Scientology people, passed away too suddenly.
    The Church of Scientology is overcome with bitter sorrow at the demise of the father of the nation who had energetically worked day and night for prosperity of the Scientology homeland and the happiness of people all his life.
    Its Sea Org and people’s loyalty and sense of obligation to him are now growing higher than ever before.
    They are resolutely rising up to change their sorrow into great strength and courage with the noble sense of moral obligation and immovable faith and will to hold David Miscavige in high esteem forever and glorify his feats for all ages.
    The hearts of all SO members and people are replete with the pledge to hold in high esteem the great David Miscavige forever and make neither concession nor delay on the road of the GAT revolution, the Golden Age of Knowledge revolution true to his behests.
    The Scientology people have suffered the great loss but are decisively rising up as they have Tom Cruise, great successor to the revolutionary cause of GAT and prominent leader of the party and the Sea Org and people of the Church of Scientology who is standing in the van of the Scientology revolution.
    He is another great person produced by Scientology who is identical to David Miscavige.
    No force on earth can block the revolutionary advance of our Church, SO and people wisely led by Tom Cruise.
    Leader David Miscavige will always be with us.

    The original:

  55. Marty, I am complele agreement with LRH when he says in the lecture “Formative States of Scientology”, that monopolizing the Tech would not be a good thing.
    But I am a bit baffled. As I understand it, the copyrights to LRH’s work were assigned to RTC by LRH and per bulletins I have read, using the Tech without RTC’s permission is a suppressive act. Even making a photocopy is considered a suppressive act. This seems to me to be in total contradiction to “Formative States of Scientoloyg.” LRH seems to have put this monopoly into play.
    What am I missing?

  56. Great post Marty. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement, and mainly, being an example of how to rise above challenges, fix situations, confront situations, handle and report, and live like a F&$*%^G OT!

  57. Tony DePhillips

    Symbolic of what dm did to the “church”.

  58. Pssst….OSA ‘bait dupes’, over here…
    ~Sukka’, got you again.
    !$!$!$- (Really) ~ Scincerely,
    ~David Miscavige

    “Be really careful of that Marty Rathbun!”

  59. Li'll bit of stuff

    Bela, sound advice to Joy. If ANYTHING is capable of breaking through the deadly,hypnotic,blinkering, mind -control mechanisms, used by,this ‘throttler of Truth’
    David MaximumDamage and his sick, perverted, GAT
    MISCAVOLOGY .. that would be….LRH. ( say Yeah! )
    And Joy, your obvious ‘pain’ and frustration shouldn’t
    be far from ending, now that the ‘Source’ has begun
    his ‘self created’ free fall.

    Of course, what he DOESN’T realize, is, that neither his MAIN parachute,nor the EMERGENCY chute, are going to open for him,THIS time.!!

    He, ( being COMPLETELY insane ) just simply cannot
    SEE the inevitability of the BIG,HUNGRY,Motivator
    poised to be PULLED IN by him.

    Perhaps one really SEVERE asthma attack too many?

    We ( including the ‘meek’ ) DO have time on our side

    Therefore, I say unto you ” MERRY XMAS “luv, Li’ll bit

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    George, were this ‘impossible’ change to occur, sadly, it
    would, factually, amount to no more than the required
    ‘ window dressing ‘( MORE lies) which would yet permit
    this solid, mest, power & greed obsessed, sociopath to
    continue down his path of obsessive destruction to ANY
    who defy him or stand in the way of HIS grand plan of
    Total Control & Domination of ” HIS ” Sheeple.

    Brighter side of this, of course, is ;- “All things shall pass”

    PBWY, much luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  61. Over the years I have had my own subjective amusement as to what the Illuminati symbol meant or means from it’s very origin. Can any one please enlighten me as to it’s intended meaning?

    Arthur Pendragon

  62. You know that science does not know how to create energy. They only can convert existing energy.
    If you can agree: Thought creates energy in this universe. Think a thought and you created a spark of energy into this universe. And energy can affect matter.
    Thus Black Dianetics has to control thought.
    Thought is sometimes dependent on data. Control the data, you control thought and thus change the universe according that data.

  63. Li'll bit of stuff

    WH, Thanks for ALL your posts.

    And it is always obvious, just how generous is the spirit,
    in which you share your accumulated wisdom, in efforts
    to ‘enlighten’ others, from your viewpoint / s.Thank you!

    As my primary source of accumulating wisdom, (this
    lifetime,) was the original version of concise LRH
    ‘revelations’ O – 8 (basics) , I explored the astounding
    TRUTHS contained therein and found that the AXIOMS
    in particular, explained and answered the ‘mysteries’
    of the Soul,Mind,Life & the Universe, to my satisfaction

    And as we have learned, from THE FACTORS No. 2,
    “In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE”

    So here we ARE (again!) and again..and again…and..

    ……… ALL ( the rest ) has followed from there

  64. Joy,
    There’s a ton of stuff on the Friends of LRH website too. Especially useful is the COB vs LRH section. I’ve used much of the information to rescue koolaide addicts.

  65. And you should pull out the LRH HCOB reference canceling disconnection. Very useful 🙂

  66. Li'll bit of stuff

    WH, That’s it! Read him his “out of own valence” rights

  67. An Amnesty…
    Great idea…
    I’m sure tired OSA operatives have considered the option, but they know Miscavige would never allow LRH policy to be applied in this situation (don’t you Phil?)
    I bet if you surveyed individuals on both sides you would find the majority of Scientologists inside are actually longing for reconciliation and peace and would rather work together, side-by-side with Independent Scientologists with whom they share a basic reality in the love of the tech and it’s founder.
    Food for thought to those inside who really do want to follow and apply the tech. Are you going to allow David Miscavige to destroy your church? Because it is he, not us, who keeps the conflict alive (anyone calling themselves a ‘Scientologist’ should know the tech of 3P well enough to understand the truth in that).
    OSA staff… go home and see your families. Nothing will happen to Scientology while you are ‘gone’. It will continue to grow and it will flourish and prosper for all of us both inside and out. The dangerous environment that keeps you chained to your desks is but an illusion to keep you exhausted and blind.
    Christmas joy, love and peace to all.

  68. Incidentally I have it on good authority that even lower-level OSA operatives (such as DSAs) have to read this blog daily.
    Remember to send them some Christmas cheer while you are off celebrating the Christmas Season with your loved ones. Many of them will be lucky to be allowed to even go to the Bosun’s party and will be staring at computer screens and being force-fed false stats. Then they’ll be faced with the onslaught of preparing ‘prospects’ and beefing up security for the great New Years event… all the while just wishing they could take a day off to be home with friends and family.
    Phil and Janet. I’ve spent those lonely Christmas days on post (and on the RPF) too. I know how it feels.
    Hope you make it out or figure out a better way to go forward.
    And I hope you at least get to enjoy a bang-up Bosun’s party!
    Merry Christmas xxx

  69. martyrathbun09


  70. PS.
    Ron would tell you to go home and spend some time with your families… You know it’s true.

  71. martyrathbun09

    RJ 38, opinion? You are as hallucinatory as Bill Robertson and David Miscavige. Merry Xmas.

  72. ‘Pendragon’
    Love it 🙂

  73. Ron,
    There was never any ‘undoing’ of LRH.
    He did what he needed to do and we are all here where we are now. This is just part and parcel of where Scientology was destined to go – into the hands of independent Scentologists who could take full responsibility for themselves and others (the giddy diaper days are over – we don’t need ‘gurus’ or ‘leaders’ and we never did – LRH knew that).
    We were warned about Miscavige and what he would do. Because of those warnings and because of the legacy of LRH’s FULLY COMPLETED tech, we have been able to spot Miscavige and undo his damage.
    No. It is not LRH who has come undone. It is Miscavige who will be undone.

  74. PS
    Miscavige would just love his sheeple to believe that Ron failed. Don’t buy into his propaganda campaign. It just strengthens the lie that perpetuates the trap for those still inside.

  75. It has served you well 🙂

  76. I’m confused. Did you post the wrong video? Nothing has anything to do with the other.

  77. +2 perfect ack.

  78. Beautiful!

  79. I’m Sorry, think I got it wrong, you are right. If you wish take it off.
    Too many people have tried to quote Ron out of contest.
    Apologise again.

  80. IS (Ron),

    When I started looking on the internet and found that all of the OT levels are available, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. All those sec checks and conditions people did for things like forgetting to lock your briefcase, while in the Sandcastle, as you walked for your room to the examiner. Like someone is going to jump you there and steal your materials, LOL. Constant worry about security creates introversion. Also, on many of those liability formulas I signed there were cash donations to the IAS and other donations. So I guess it works out to keep people worried.

  81. VSR
    Re: “If anything is good that you are coming to present time.”
    One of the viler tricks of RCS is to throw gems like this at others in an effort to introvert them into their case. The tech was developed to help not to introvert: You are yourself using black Scientology now.
    If you want to preach to others about keeping Scientology alive then you might want to apply it yourself first.

  82. George M. White

    “Incidentally I have it on good authority that even lower-level OSA operatives (such as DSAs) have to read this blog daily..

    Great information, Sam.

    OSA operatives(DSAs): Attention, your first lesson in Scientology:


  83. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Great answer !!!!!!!!!!!!
    LRH never forbid to think new thoughts !

  84. George M. White

    The Buddha had what is called the “Divine eye” which gave him the ability to perceive beyond normal space and time.
    He used it to locate people in distress and to help them. The ‘Divine eye’
    in Buddhism is linked to compassion. There are numerous stories.
    I don’t know about the Illuminati symbol.

  85. huh? Looks like you are on the wrong site.

  86. (this was in response to the illuminati symbol question.)

  87. George M. White

    Li’ll bit of stuff,
    Mr. Moth-scavige reminds me of Nero:

    “Did, then, high power a curb impose
    On Nero’s phrenzied will?
    Ah, woe when to the evil heart
    Is joined the sword to kill!.”


  88. “It presupposed one thing: that something could be done”

    Of course something can be done, as DM well knows, probably has TC’s Jet warmed up on the Tarmac with flight plan filed to that multimillion dollar Jet capable concrete runway at Trementina base. as we speak.
    (So he can peruse LRH’s works behind the safety of reinforced concrete vault doors!?)

  89. Thanks for this topic, Marty. Very eye-opening to me that this LRH lecture has been cut short. Definitely a withhold of vital data on the part of David Miscavige! But then he probably blames it on someone else. I’ll stick with LRH: “… we were trying to help beingness.”

  90. “It’s a very simple remedy. And that’s just make sure the remedy is passed along. That’s all. Don’t hoard it. Don’t hold it. And if you ever do use any black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself ”the new order.” We don’t need any more new orders — all those orders as far as I’m concerned have been filled.”

    Thanks Marty et al !!! (things are really warming up nicely)

  91. Merry xmas to you marty, it just I am getting feed up with “look at miscavige! It was him! him! him! HIM!!!!

    This is not Ron, and is really something it has to be adressed;

  92. (That Loong Jet capable runway at Trementina)

    Click to access TrementinaNewMexico.pdf

  93. +1


  94. Purpose is senior to policy.
    Also, DM is using Policy to stop. Rote, mindless application of anything is itself suppressive.

  95. And something along these lines is what you may expect as a reaction from his flock…

  96. Laura,

    Let’s not forget the classic “errors” of leaving a blank sheet of paper on the desk, after the auditing session. Or putting down the briefcase next to your feet while eating at the Sandcastle cafeteria without having it attached to your belt. These were an automatic Treason assignments.

  97. martyrathbun09

    No it doesn’t. You’ve missed the forest for the trees. The legacy is there. Take it or leave it.

  98. Thanks Marty!

  99. FCDC Class of 1974

    How prophetic that it should come to pass in a time, a time in need of hope A self proclaimed savior should appear,” he’s the boy who would be electing himself “the new order.” with the tech only available from the chosen church he holds it high. Too high for any one of us. Thanks Marty it gave me a shudder, a deja vue.

  100. Li'll bit of stuff

    George, I thanketh thee for thy apt rethponthe !

    And were it not THE incumbent ONE, the great priest
    on HIGH,HIS Grand Eminence, the Pope on dope?

    “Who did avow to thpareth but no thoul,
    in his quetht that begateth the New Order of GAT
    ” Kneeleth before ME, ALL that would,
    thy Thirtht Quencheth!!
    ” DRINKeth from the Cup that shall Forevermore,
    subjecteth thine Will,to that of Mine.
    ” THOU shalt ALL becometh Thubjects to Be
    Fully MY ThLAVES to My Org of The Thea
    “I Your Anointed One, now Commandeth Thee
    from High
    “GO forth and BRINGETH me ALL that
    Doth Thimmereth like GOLD,in the Thky
    “THAT I may be Further Empowered to
    Enthnareth the Retht, to Tendetht My Netht,
    ” FOR it BEith ONLY through my
    Thatifaction of LUTHT, for MORE METHT
    “WHEREBY I may Becometh Convinced,
    To Permit to Alloweth ANY of the RETHT
    OF LRH to be Thpared from The Whimth
    Of Dethtruction to which I AMeth Thubject

    From one Ethcapee to Another,
    ( with apologies to Sylvester, of Tweety fame)

    Happy Xmath Li’ll Bitteth of Thtuff

  101. I don’t want to derail the thread, but this is interesting. So far in my looking, I think it is equally plausible to think that Bill Robertson was dead-agented, as it is to think he was really hallucinating.

  102. martyrathbun09

    More like the latter, and the former he did to himself. See my book in the Spring.

  103. The cur dogs are obsessed with fairgaming anyone that is winning.
    All the while whining about abuse and injustice. The mission is to “punish punish punish” all the while sniffing about what punishment happened to them. It is the sickest, thickest hall of mirrors a body could be stuck in. I don’t even look at it anymore. It is like looking at a dead body full of maggots eating up the rotten flesh. When you have to apologize for winning you are talking to the wrong group.

  104. Looking forward to your book, Marty.

  105. We were indeed warned about Miscavige – by Bill Robertson in 1983.

    Click to access Open%20letter%20Capt%20Bill.pdf

  106. Victor, difficult questions do not get responses, just Q & A.

    Why can’t Marty answer your questions?

    Look at what George White wrote further up, about wishing there had been Independent Auditors 20 years ago! George is obviously buying into Marty’s revisionist history, because there were Auditor’s out of the Church 30 years ago when the indy movement started. But Marty probably sees himself and those that support him as the “first” and the early Freezone as “squirrels”. My posts are always filtered and they never get through. This blog is truly 1984 and Marty will screen any dissenting viewpoint.

  107. Your right SP’s cannot finish cycle’s of action. But which SP are you actually referring to? Remember SP’s are few and far between and make up a small percent of the population.

    Victor is an Independent Scientologist who it seems has been in the field for a long time. He has very relevant questions about Marty’s suppression of the early Independent movement and I would like to ask why it is alleged that Marty used armed force to raid Pat Broker’s filing cabinet looking for OT levels?

    Scott, your response smacks of arrogance.

  108. Being rude to someone is not a great response. Who cares about the website fonts? I agree that Marty was out before Ken’s death, but why don’t you take up the other points, such as the suppression of the early Freezone movement, which is essentially those people who spotted the suppression when it took over the Church.

    It might be hard for many on this blog to understand that people walked away in their thousands in the early 80’s, but that is what happened. Victor is asking a difficult question and that is Marty’s involvement in the suppression of the Freezone for two decades. Mayo’s AAC opened all over the world. He was popular and Robertson’s group now is the biggest Indie movement. Taking a swipe at these people would not be beneficial for Marty.

  109. Your digging your own grave Marty.

  110. Bill Robertson’s data is not entirely useless particularly when he described the universe as being in Sectors. I got some things wrong, but I believe his sector 0 is actually the galactic administration point from which the universe spirals out of. Many solo auditors in the 80’s claimed that a governing body existed there similar to the UN. They sent menssages to this body. I think they were mistaken to consider this an active body, and with the UN being as useless as it is, they were mistaken that any outside body was coming to help. But the data has a ring of truth about it. Sector 9 where we are supposed to be may just represent the length of time we have travelled within the current cycle and that the current cycle may be coming to a close (so people should be working to fix themselves quick as a solution). Making fun of Bill Robertson because of intelligence data or PC folder data etc that one might have is a nasty trick and it should be dropped. Take people as you find them. Robertson may have been an eccentric but he had good intentions and most of the early Freezoner’s have the ability to make up their own mind about what is true for them. If it is OK to bash Robertson about stuff he wrote 30 years ago then it should be OK to question Marty about what he did in the same time period.

  111. Bryan I agree with your points regarding The Pilot.

    However Marty should give a proper answer to the questions regarding RJ38 and should state why he was OK with the Freezone being attacked so heavily for 30 years.

  112. martyrathbun09

    You sound like Miscavige. Merry Xmas and adios.

  113. martyrathbun09

    That End of Days Sci Fi junk has got you just where he wanted you, in a jail cell of your own manufacture.

  114. martyrathbun09

    Stephen, let me get this straight. I prevented thousands from practicing Scientology? You truly are as effect of me as Miscavige is. You both assign me super human powers. Must be terrible being such a motivating effect for those years. Good luck with getting out. I suggest you start with the State of Man Congress and contemplate hard on the overriding message that there is nothing that anybody ever did to you that had any real lasting effect.

  115. martyrathbun09

    And yours smacks of the very definition of SP you agreed with. Go suppress a rock.

  116. martyrathbun09

    Any more sp generalities “my posts are always getting filtered” and lies to boot, and you are out next round.

  117. There’s been a movement of Auditor’s outside of the Church since the early 1980’s. There have been many active groups over the decades. David Mayo’s AAC were delivering all over the world. Bill Robertson’s RO have been delivering throughout that time period and are probably the largest group. There have been many Independent Auditors working alone or in small groups and some groups working in complete secrecy. There have been those who have given their own version of the tech either because they changed parts of it they removed certain words (like clearbird) so the data could be put on the net.

  118. This kind of mourning behavior is obligatory among Koreans and has been for hundreds if not thousands of years. North Koreans carry on this mourning tradition when one of their God-like Dear Leaders dies.

    I’m not saying it’s faked, let’s just say it is mocked up bigtime. In North Korea, if you failed to publicly mourn a passed leader appropriately, I imagine you would have some KRs written on you.

  119. Any way someone can post a SCAN of the altered transcript? The power is in showing those that don’t believe the comparison of the old transcript and the new. It’s so blatant. And a High Crime. Nothing could show up Miscaviges intentions better.

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