Scientology Inc’s Secular Invasion of Washington D.C

The hypocrisy of David Miscavige and his Scientology Inc arms knows no bounds.  The following church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA, dirty tricks, propaganda, and bribery unit) documents it.

The document outlines a plan to buy a “secular tech invasion in D.C.”, through yet another commission based lobbyist.

Pay special attention to target 1 in the “Earmarks” section:

Work out the earmarks (federal funding to be approved by Congress) for ABLE programs and close Senators and/or Congressmen to propose these in March/April and then champion them for approval in October as part of the US budget.

Compare that to Scientology Inc’s other front group CCHR doing a blitz to undermine the health care initiative emphasizing the importance of pushing fiscal conservatism, CCHR attacks healthcare, evidenced in CCHR honcho Bruce Wiseman’s plea: The key “swing” votes on this are going to be democrats who are fiscally conservative and / or are up for re election in 2010.

That is right, Miscavige has one arm threatening Congressmen with re-election woes if they don’t get “fiscally conservative” while his other arm is out pimping for Earmarks!   Morally bereft with no conscious this snake in a suit is.

By the way, you can learn more about lobbyist Greg Mitchell, referred to in the program, at his Orwellian-named website, Free and Independent.

You can read all about the Secular Invasion plans of Scientology Inc here:

January 30, 2007


Greg Mitchell (GM) is a legislative consultant who counsels the Church, ABLE and SBCs inWashington. He has become a Scientologist and is disseminating Scientology to some of his contacts.

Most of Mitchell’s work is being done for the SBCs as he was specifically retained in 2003 to introduce LRH secular tech on the Hill so Senators, Representatives and their Aides got to know about LRH effective work for society and weren’t left with the wrong data about Scientology that they got from German, French or other SP diplomats operating to counter our human rights and religious freedom campaigns.

GM has gotten Criminon delivery started in the DC half-way house system and has Congressmen from Illinois,Michigan and Utahinterested in the programs. His flat rate ($3000) is being paid by the Church (with some sundry expenses being covered by the SBCs). He will be taken off the flat rate and is going to be paid on a “by product” basis. Additionally, the SBC will be asked to start covering some of the cost of these projects. This program lays out needed production that GM must generate in exchange for funding from the Church (“beans for beans”).


To make Congress and US federal officials aware of the Church’s secular LRH tech programs and their indispensability for society.


1. To get Greg Mitchell to create reaches for LRH tech and SBC delivery from Congressional terminals and knocking out psych tech from the fields of drugs, education and criminal rehab.

2. To achieve Congressional support for the Church itself.


1. Assume full responsibility for Greg Mitchell and accomplishing the major targets of this program.



2. Write projects for Greg Mitchell that he understands, agrees with carrying out and follow through with him so he does accomplish useful VFPs and subproducts.




3. Hat GM on the policies of name/want/get, get him the tech on compiling a subproduct list and definitions of production and viability.



4. Groove in a weekly BP and report line with GM, so he has to work out what products he is going to get and then report on what specifically he accomplished.



5. Work out a budget covering each of GM’s projects and coordinate the funding with ABLE (who will coordinate with the SBCs). Get the budget plan approved by IRD and WDC OSA and WDC ABLE. This is the basis for what will be covered in the weekly FP (based also on the “beans” being produced).




1. Maintain utmost efficiency by providing GM with easily digestible information, presentation material and documents about the SBCs, the effectiveness of the tech, etc., that he needs to do an effective and 100% professional job.



2. Never permit GM to overspend but enforce proper planning, including financial planning, scheduling and production for what is paid.



3. Keep GM aware that commensurate production of verifiable VFPs must be present for our Treasury Authority to continue financial outlay.



4. Get into full and continuous coordination with ABLE Int and, through ABLE, with the SBCs so that all concerned know about what is being produced, can contribute to the actions on “the Hill” and create a secular tech invasion in DC.





1.  If GM has additional ideas to improve and multiply the VFPs   he can get, this needs to be rapidly cleared with CO OSAI, budgeted and implemented.




1. Brief GM on the change in funding—that he is coming off the flat rate and will be paid on a “by product” basis—and provide him the list of projects and have him work out how he will get these done.




1. With RPR and ABLE, plan and organize a special ABLE/SBC reception (with appropriate displays) at the LRH House in celebration of LRH’s birthday in March.



2. Have GM get a host of Congressional and government publics to attend so they get introduced to LRH secular tech and a wealth of new reaches are opened up. (He got 60 to attend the Xmas reception – his quota for this event is 80.)




1. Coordinating jointly with ABLE Int and Narconon, get the US Attorney for Utah and the Attorney General for Utah, to sponsor setting up

  1. a Narconon program and
  2. a Detox delivery

set up and delivering with official Utah government support.



2. Get the Congressman for the Leona Valley area to officially back Narconon’s permit for the NN Bouquet Canyon property.




1. Fully establish and expand, with official and overt DC government support, the Criminon program in the DC half-way house system for released prisoners who are being re-integrated.




1. Get the 2nd Chance Act to pass. This is well advanced in Congress. It promotes criminal rehab and is creating a climate favorable to getting our programs such as Criminon and the Second Chance program into use in the criminal rehab field.



2. Mitchell also needs to get the Heritage Foundation, a leading Republican think tank, to support the idea of criminal reform.




1. Work out the earmarks (federal funding to be approved by Congress) for ABLE programs and close Senators and/or Congressmen to propose these in March/April and then champion them for approval in October as part of the US budget.




1. Work out what new bills or legislative changes to get done to cause public policy improvements that favor, as directly as possible, the SBC programs ability to obtain funding for LRH secular tech delivery, while concurrently curbing psych and other enemy operation in these . Create the correct political mix and alliances in support of the bills so they pass.





1. Specifically ally the Congressmen for the areas where we have new Ideal Orgs opening up over the next year to two years—get them briefed on and allied to Scientology and our activities and social programs so they will be ready to contribute when these Ideal Orgs open up.




1. Get ten Congressmen or Senators to support the Church and Scientologists in Belgium and France through letters of complaint to these countries’ embassies and governments.





74 responses to “Scientology Inc’s Secular Invasion of Washington D.C

  1. You get awesome intel, Marty! I am sure media will have a field day with it. Seems the only tech the Church can still apply is PR and the only grassroots inroads they can still make are inroads into the government simply because it can be bought one way or the other. They need those inroads in order to HAVE. They no longer can BE or DO and so they can’t HAVE but they are trying to cheat the system by PRing their way to HAVE–just as any other self-respecting ponzi scheme would.

  2. I checked out GM’s web site. A very amateur site. Overloaded with long, drawn out text. No advisory board is listed. No new “News” posted for nearly two years. Under the “Team”, just one person listed……”Gregory Mitchell”. Evidently “Gregory” affords him more gravitas than just plain old Greg.

    Spooky explanation for What We Do: “We help individual Americans channel the frustration and anger they feel toward our broken government, and direct this energy into coordinated actions that will allow us all to take the power back and exercise sufficient control over those entrusted with the powers of our government.” Exercise sufficient control??? What on earth does that mean? Coercion? Bribery? Threats? This sounds like the dwarf himself wrote it.

    And this is someone the “church” pays? Good grief. Back in the day he’d be considered someone to stay away from.

  3. George M. White

    The First Amendment reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

    From Scientology document:
    1. Fully establish and expand, with official and overt DC government support, the Criminon program in the DC half-way house system for released prisoners who are being re-integrated.”

    Unconstitutional to say the least.


  4. What if David Miscavige was paid on a “by product” basis instead of a flat rate? He’d make nothing. In fact, he would owe the church for his overt products like the Golden Age of Out Tech.

  5. My favorite to-do list item from this one: “Get the 2nd Chance Act to pass. This is well advanced in Congress. It promotes criminal rehab and is creating a climate favorable to getting our programs such as Criminon and the Second Chance program into use in the criminal rehab field.”

    Let me get this straight. You’re paying a Washington lobbyist a $3,000 per month retainer and you think that’s too expensive so you’re scaling him back to piecework and you’re going to scrutinize every dime of his expenses, to boot. Then you think that somebody who is desperate enough to take a pay cut from $3,000 per month has the muscle to meet with enough Congressmen to create the critical momentum to pass the “Second Chance Act” legislation (which was in fact passed in April 2008).

    I think the fees for a lobbyist firm who has the heft to make a real difference in pushing a major piece of legislation through Congress when passage is uncertain would cost tens of millions of dollars, not tens of thousands. It’s an immense project that could take years.

    Once again, the Church of Scientology lives in a delusional landscape where they utterly overestimate their ability to influence the outside world. And of course, what little ability to influence the outside world they may actually have dries up instantly when you shine a little sunlight into their septic tank.

    Thanks again for another great investigative piece.

  6. They should just probably recruit Mitchell for the Sea Org, pay him $12.50 a week and call him an SP at musters every time he failed to get the Congress to pass some law.

  7. Paul Copercini

    This must be another ramping in of dimension points of the alien illuminati piggy back scenario. You wonder when it will stop. the answer is it already has. It’s not completely noticed’ However along with “auditing’ the “enemy” preceded by “8c” on a few there is adjusting the elements of the physical unuverse. Auditing the physical universe you might say . Which I’ve done . Now that is what is needed to produce the change and mindset necessary toward the ultimate win and the triumph of life as well as all other actions deemed necessary. The Leaugue appreciates you and all our parts in existence

    League Being
    Youtube Channel

  8. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Why doesn’t their trendy “beans for beans” policy apply to Abelson, Yingling, Moxxon, Lublow and the rest of their OSA network.

    Oh yes, that’s right….. THEY’D WALK if you took their Honey Bucket away.

    “Retainers” are just like Insurance Policies without all the significant paperwork. But ti still poses the same question —- I spend all this money each year and don’t get a thing for it.

    The Church puts the financial squeeze on those they see as “Not Producing anything exchangeable for CSI”.

    That Pgm has Miscavige written all over it! Oh yeah….. duh!

    — Jackson

  9. Hilarious!!! Miscavige and his minions hook up with the government. Pretty scary–two totally imcompetent organizatiions joined at the hip.
    I’m expecting big things!!!
    As dumbass and crooked as most politicans are, which one will be dumb enough to hook up with the never ending Cof$ PR fiasco?
    It’ll be a duel to the death—how can shoot who in the foot first.

  10. Keep these docs coming, Marty! This hits POB where it hurts…

  11. This is laughable and the members of Congress that I know would react the same way.

    Just what exactly is “secular tech?” I’ve never read any LRH reference that has this term. If people were trained on “secular tech,” wouldn’t this be taxable?

    I think I’ll forward this information to my local congressman.

  12. Li'll bit of stuff

    Pssst, Misha, sorry man, saw the stage door open, just a crack and snuck in here, just BEHIND your front row seat

    Just to deliver,exclusive but EQUALLY LOUD, RANTING
    messages, for the Commandeering Cult Leader of CO$
    which are representative of my independent OPINION

    “After the UNPRECEDENTED Scale of Overts (Crimes)
    that YOU have perpetrated, against TENS of THOUSANDS
    of decent, honest, hard working people,all over the WORLD who TRUSTED YOU, implicitly, with their lives, children, future AND THEIR MEANS to Protect ALL this, THEIR hard
    earned MONEY, YOU have BETRAYED them ALL in the MOST VILE, MONSTROUS, EVIL, PLOT EVER seen in the name
    of ” RELIGION ” currently or in History, on the face of Earth.

    “YOU have the unabashed, GALL, of one who should NOT
    and, AS SUCH, BE QUARANTINED FROM ( perpetuating
    further harm to ) SOCIETY, all in the name of Justice and
    The (GENUINE) Protection of Human Rights, in which YOU
    are called upon to answer for CRIMES of the most HEINOUS

    “YOUR Ingenious and obsessive preoccupation to commit
    operations and Systemic LYING, FALSE and DAMAGING
    PROPAGANDA, to further your Perverted Ideology
    MASQUERADING as RELIGION is subject to witness
    testimony and Criminal Investigation as called for in (Our)
    investigate ( this matter.)

  13. Go Marty,

    As you gave me a smile, I wanted to share this, which seems to be a new ideal org traning video … gotta get DMs culture right:

  14. I read the article “CCHR attacks healthcare.” It pissed me off. I commented, but it is linked to that article. Here it is again, here.

    Coming late to the conversation….

    “If there is anything that I’m learning over time, it is that what one hears , in the world of politics, is not always what is actually going on. I wonder if Bruce Wiseman is not being used as a tool to rally Scientology members against Obamacare. Notice that he targets just Democrats in either conservative areas or who are running for office. He attempts to rally members by saying that the plan to extend an opportunity to access medical care to millions will promote psychiatry. Maybe, what is going on is that opponents of Obama do not want Obamacare to succeed and have located an interest group who will campaign against it. Maybe this is about exchanging favors – “We’ll advocate for you, we’ll keep the Dept of Justice off your back, but now you will do this for us.” David Miscavige’s right-wing political views permeates every area of Scientology. I view it as just another way he has enslaved members of the Church – controlling all communication and thought. I am continually amazed at how uniform the political affiliation was with members, even across geographical and cultural boundaries, even when programs and policies would benefit people directly and personally.”

  15. I have this little seed of an idea. It goes something like this: Aware of the fact that he’s losing members at a rapid rate and his current money train is drying up, miscavige is looking to get his hands on some of the billions spent each year on various social programs which never have to prove their relevance or efficacy since the government, like miscavage, has no clue what those two words mean.
    Further, aware of the unscrupulous nature of many politicians and their own greed, miscavige has found some truly kindred spirits.
    Further, having had great success at conning people out of their money by pushing the help button, miscavige wishes to extend his reach into the deep pockets of government grants by pretending that he has a monopoly on helping others.

    just a thought

  16. Laughter!

  17. It’s all about the money, the government funding. And if they manage to get any, I suppose it will go the same way as all the Scientologist’s donations for A.B.L.E., not to the streets, not to any actual centers or people, but directly into the bank accounts of the CofS.

  18. I think he blew when “The Truth Rundown” series appeared right? Was that the about the last time of his post? When it became public knowledge DM was physically abusing people? It may have worried him to discover DM was a criminal while being run to get funding for Criminon.

  19. Poor senators and congressmen. Always being preyed upon by those lobbyists. No wonder why they can’t get any decent politics done.

  20. “To make Congress and US federal officials aware of the Church’s secular LRH tech programs and their indispensability for society.


    …2. To achieve Congressional support for the Church itself.”

    First, the Church is admitting LRH’s secular work is “the Church’s” – their words.
    Second, they are lobbying for “support for the Church itself,” which is a fundamental impossibility given the 1st Amendment’s establishment clause.

    This is a seeming admission of a prohibited use of funds derived from their non-profit status. Time to drop a note to the IRS.

  21. $12.50 a week is to what regular people earn as $3,000 per month is to Washington lobbyist fees. So this guy is already in the Sea Org of lobbyists.

    Bad enough for Mr. Mitchell that his connection to Scientology is now out on the table for all to see. More embarrassingly, I don’t know how he can now look any of his fellow lobbyists in the eye and admit that he’s making $3,000 per month from his biggest client, probably spending 80-100 hours a month working on their behalf, which maybe works out to about $30 or $40 per hour. Some of the bigger lobbying firms probably pay their janitors that much.

  22. Did you catch the term in the program …. “LRH secular tech delivery.” Say what? Yeah, yeah, I know what they mean. Any Scientology that can be CALLED non-religious in nature. Eventually of course it will be found out in any given zone that the Sea Organization of The Church of Scientology owns/manages all of the ABLE programs and then the proverbial shit will hit the fan as the protests start over government funding of religion (and that is exactly what it is of course).

  23. I’m dying to know how this worked out over the past four years. Do you have any update on current lobbying efforts?


  24. Great expose Marty! I would like to know GM’s response to this. When he heard, “we will only pay when you give us a result,” he’d know that could be a long time of working for free. Was his response, “Get yourself a new kiss-a.. errand boy?!” Oh, I forgot, this one is now a Scio so he can be threatened with his eternity, while the guy in yesterday’s expose probably isn’t under that guillotine blade.

  25. This goes back to a comment I made the other day: the church attests that these other programs are “non-secular.” And yet when an event is put on, the stats for these programs are listed as Church of Scientology achievements. Huh? Time to do the old “double-take,” of astonishment.

  26. LOL Michael!

  27. Marty,
    Peeling the layers of the onion. Great!
    Need a little help here. As a stranger in a strange land but with study tech I tried to find a fitting definition for ‘SBC’. There are 120 definitions and another 250 acronyms. By process of elimination I am considering ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’ (Disneyland) with a close 2nd up of ‘Swiss Bank Corporation’. ‘Sisters by Choice’ also sounded good but really, I’d rather hear it from someone in the know.

  28. martyrathbun09

    It stands for Social Betterment Corporation (the ABLE corps)

  29. martyrathbun09

    We are the IAS, right?

  30. Gee, I had dubbed in “Scientology Business Counselors!” Anyone else got another answer? LOL

  31. Thanks Marty!

  32. Wiki has a pretty good timetrack of the Second Chance program, just search “Second Chance”.

  33. Do you mean “non-ecclesiastical” instead of “non-secular”?

  34. Firm: The Mitchell Firm
    Name: Greg Mitchell
    Website: The Mitchell Firm Effective Political Communications
    Client: The Church of Scientology International
    Contact: Greg Mitchell
    The Mitchell Firm, Inc.
    1725 I St. NW
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006
    Telephone: 202-669-4065
    Fax: 480-275-3218
    Analysis: CoS International spent $120,000 on lobbying efforts in 2008, almost 2-3 times their normal rate.

    What laws are they paying for:

    Received: $30000
    Filed under: Immigration

    Worked with other members of an informal coalition of religious organizations to send a group letter that urged congress to permanently extend the religious worker visa program (r-1), which was originally established in the immigration act of 1990 and is set to expire later this year. Hr 5570, the religious worker visa extension act of 2008, was then introduced. With other coalition members, expressed concerns about proposed amendments in committee that might limit the program’s usefulness.

    Greg Mitchell of the Lobbying Firm is a Scientologist.
    Well I’ll be damned.…-mitchell.html

    Tom Cruise was really dirty on how he did Miscavige FAVORS in exchange for his
    molly-coddling DM pimping for a woman (RTC becoming a dating service).
    Cruise influenced the Clinton Administration.

  35. I sent Marty an image of Greg Mitchell in a photo op with President Clinton
    In 2010, the Church of Scientology spent $110,000, in part lobbying in favor of the National Criminal Justice Commission Act, which would create a blue-ribbon, bipartisan commission of experts tasked with reviewing the nation’s criminal justice system and offering recommendations for reform.

    Since it began lobbying in 2003, the Church of Scientology has employed Greg Mitchell as its only lobbyist. Mitchell is a former chief of staff of ex-Rep. James Rogan (R-Calif.). … yists.html

    Lobbying for CRIMINAL  JUSTICE ! 🙄


    An entity that commits more CRIMES on its workers than you can imagine.
    Hundreds still in lock down at INT Base

    As hypocritical as its “Human Rights” campaign !

  36. Hmmmmmmmm….
    Greg Mitchell has stayed away from Church services since 2011

    Greg Mitchell in Scientology’s Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 10 individual completions for Greg Mitchell appear in official Scientology publications:
    Greg Mitchell PERSONAL VALUES & INTEGRITY COURSE Celebrity 333 2001-09-01
    Greg Mitchell PURIFICATION RUNDOWN Celebrity 335 2001-12-01
    Greg Mitchell TRS & OBJECTIVE COURSE Celebrity 337 2002-02-01
    Greg Mitchell OBJECTIVES Celebrity 337 2002-02-01
    Greg Mitchell STUDENT VOLUNTEER MINISTER COURSES Celebrity 351 2003-09-01
    Greg Mitchell BASIC STUDY MANUAL Celebrity 353 2003-12-01
    Greg Mitchell DYNAMICS OF MONEY COURSE Celebrity 353 2003-12-01
    Greg Mitchell ROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 54 2004-10-01
    Greg Mitchell ADVANCED PROCEDURE AND AXIOMS BOOK & LECTURE COURSE Ability Magazine 390 2010-05-01
    Greg Mitchell HANDBOOK FOR PRECLEAR BOOK & LECTURES COURSE Ability Magazine 390 2010-05-01

  37. Congressional earmarks for Religious groups is a bit of a hot topic. This NY Times article from 2007 gives some context and insight:

    Money for nothing? DM fits right in with that class of thieves, tax collectors and quacks.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Great work Karen. Thanks.

  39. It is politically correct to be a right wing Republican in the church of POB. It is also politically correct to be against Obamacare.

    Bruce Wiseman (and Dennis Clarke before him) and CCHR have been agitating against any health care programs and any money to psychiatry and psychology for many years. They also expect members of RCS to support this effort financially. Yet there is no help from RCS for the people who can’t get medical insurance and can’t afford medical care and if you are “crazy” then it’s no concern of theirs if you are left to die homeless on the streets. They aren’t going to do anything about it and don’t seem to have any idea that they should. It wouldn’t be much of a photo op anyway, helping some homeless crazy people. But they will take your money to agitate against psychiatry and carry “psychiatry kills” signs and pretend that they are getting worthwhile products. And as long as they can pretend to be doing something about psychiatry, which they have mocked up as the big bad enemy, they can squeeze more money for this effort out of the “faithful” and thus pay their rent. God forbid any of their money would go to help the less fortunate.

    It’s all part of a package. RCS is as far away from being a religion as it can get.

  40. What does ‘SBC’ stand for?

  41. martyrathbun09

    social betterment corporation.

  42. Scientology Business Corps…LOL…but then I knew that was wrong so I continued on knowing that someone would ask.
    Is my ignorance showing? 🙂

  43. Is that your analysis, Karen?

  44. Miscavige might be drooling at the thought of getting government subsidies, but typical of an antisocial being he has trouble completing a cycle of action. It was reported a couple of years ago (on this blog?) that Miscavige had actually received a letter from Bush’s Secretary of Education asking for data about the Study Tech, with the idea of implementing it throughout American schools. The reach was probably instigated by Isaac Hayes.

    So, what did Davey do with this letter? He just stuffed it in a desk drawer and only pulled it out to make less of someone else’s idea for promoting Study Tech. It was exactly this incident that convinced me Miscavige was a true SP, and working counter to the purposes shared by most Scientologists.

  45. “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” — Robert A. Heinlein

  46. Curious.
    Google is your friend.
    Google Greg Mitchell+Lobbyist+ Scientology

    For Tom Cruise pimping, read Marc Headley’s
    Blown for Good which describes it in depth.
    And Marc got no libel suit !
    The Litigious C of $ was silent !
    The sound of silence on Tom Cruise pimping by
    David Miscavige !

  47. dry as a martini

  48. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are morally outraged by the disclosure of our private religious business on this reprehensible blog that is only read by a tiny small handful of bitter apostates who willfully refused to donate to IAS when they were cash-rich Church members. No,. They held back their 401K’s, their retirement savings, and refused to take 2nd and 3rd trust deeds on their homes to purchase Basics libraries for the Muslim populations and the poor starving people of Somalia.

    Furthermore, this blog is 100% out exchange: Marty betrays our secrets and we get to betray none of his because we believe so deeply in church-parishioner confidentiality that we would never betray any of the secrets he told in private religious confessionals.

    Who we pay in Washington DC should be of no concern to anyone. We in the Church of Scientology are allowed to purchase lawmakers, pay for laws to be written that favor us, and give lavish gifts to government officials just like any other group that wants to social betterment and area PR control while destroying its enemies. How does “playing ball” like everyone else in Washington D.C. make us wrong? We are entitled to destroy Psych funding lines in Congress while funneling taxpayer dollars into our social betterment programs.

    It seems that we in the Church of Scientology are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

    When a few of the old Guardians Office personnel dropped by US Government offices to copy a few documents that contained lies about the Church, we were criminally prosecuted for using US Government copier paper. We accepted responsibility for the copier paper error and disbanded the Guardians Office and declared all of the criminals in it to be SP’s.

    This action allowed the new era of COB RTC to be ushered in and caused the Church of Scientology to boom its membership from 8,000,000 people to the current level of 1,587,923,831.

  49. I read that story on this blog and had the exact same viewpoint: this constituted a total betrayal of trust to LRH and the purposes and aims of Scientology, and made it one hundred percent real to me that David Miscavige is a true SP in every sense of the word.

  50. Shelly (Britt) Corrias

    Not to mention the utter PR bomb, did I miss something or was that program a massive fail in terms of admitting a relationship between the “church” and SBCs that isn’t suppoed to exist? I mean, the “church” paying for someone to lobby for the SBCs? What? Wow.

    Besides that, I cannot help but do a little rant on the utter arrogance of these people. Read that program from the viewpoint of Mitchell. I cringed. and cringed. Each target I read, cringe and more cringe. O – M – G.

    Doing a Happy Dance that this sickness is behind me, that today I can meet and get to know people for who they are, enjoy what I like about them and ignore what I don’t if that’s what I choose (and if ignoring them isn’t actually harmful). Anyone care to join me in the Happy Dance?

  51. Really? WTF!?
    Can you post a link to the blog post, pls?

  52. Some definite MU’s here.

    There is a place for non-religious practice of Scientology, no? I mean – word clearing, demo’s, gradient, .. this aspect of the Scientology applied philosophy need not necessarily be considered a ‘faith’ issue, since Study Tech, as LRH described it, is a basic tool for the study of all philosophies and subjects, not just Scientology .. so but whether we like it or not, ‘faith’ is a key button when it comes time for governments to regulate religion and enlightenment in their prison systems.

    If Word-clearing tech is being introduced to help prisoners study, is it going to be ‘faith’ or is it going to be ‘tool’?

    The Government decides, not the general public, since the government owns its prisoners and has rented them out to a massive industrial economy. There is a *wall* of Law and procedure involved in delivering any processing of individuals who are locked deeply within prisons. That Criminon allows prisoners to study using standard word clearing tech, and thus better themselves, is a testament to the work of many hopelessly ignored members of the Scientology movement over the last 20 years. Word-clearing, seeping through the cracks, has been an immensely successful action for many individuals. Please do not discount the fact that there are prisoners who have been immensely helped by having just word clearing tech available to them at the right time.

    Since word clearing and so on just plain works and ought to be available to all, how to get it there while navigating the Religious/Secularity/Governance issues involved?

    Certainly, when it comes to prisoners bettering themselves in prisons, the Government is the 800 pound gorilla, and Scientology – the Movement, is but a weak pawn.

    It is the US Government that determines whether Scientology can be practiced in the Federal prisons, or not – not the Church, and no other organization of Scientologists, Church-associated or otherwise, is going to get through that wall without assistance from the Government. So, why not have a means by which those who wish to benefit greatly from the basics of Scientology, the applied philosophy, in such places as prisons and drug rehab programs?

    Besides, there is another point about the positioning of Criminon, and its not pretty for you Americans, who have totally lost control of your government, but it is this fact: Prisons are a multi-Trillion Dollar enterprise. There are more prisoners in American prisons than all other prisons on the planet, combined. The prison system is being ignored by the general public, or at least .. the voting public .. because its not a pretty sight, at all.

    How to clean it up? Clean up the invididual. Thats what Criminon’s purpose is, and whether its been perverted or not, there are real stats of betterment.

  53. Shame on you Marty!
    “Social Betterment Corporation”.
    show some respect man, these benefactors paid a lot of money for inclusion into this most $acred level…

  54. Li’ll bit of stuff,

    That is very well put. The Co$ no longer represents Scientology. As such, it is no longer Scientology. It no longer delivers spiritual advancement. As such, it is no longer a church.

    I guess that leaves “… of …”. What an odd name for something … “of”. I mean, that’s so, well … ambiguous … so …

    “vacuous … adj. 1. showing no thought or intelligence; foolish; stupid: a vacuous smile. 2. having no meaning or direction; idle; indolent: a vacuous life. 3. empty ….” (Thorndike, Barnhart.)

    See … I can be charitable! At least once a year, around Christmas time, which is supposed to be, and is to me, a Holy Celebration of the birth of Jesus, and of hope for so many. C’mon, admit it: it warms your heart, doesn’t it? This is a time to remember what Jesus preached, love, and forgiveness, peace in communion with God. Finding rightness in oneself, in the eyes of God, in grace, repentance of sins, and goodwill. Humility and love.

    Merry Christmas to everyone, and best wishes for a wonderful and productive New Year, in genuine spiritual realization of what Affinity, Reality, and Communication truly mean: an understanding leading to love on all four flows.

    Btw … shouldn’t it be more like “… of …?” I think it looks better that way. Just an opinion (And I would like to know what kind of popcorn you’ve been eating, Li’ll bit? Do you put butter on it, or take it straight?)

  55. Wow Karen,

    Looks like Greg has his hands a little dirty from the SO human trafficking stuff, even by giving them the legislative framework to keep the scheme going! Recruiting young people and children from FSU and African countries either have language issues or no data access by poverty or culture to do their own research on the COS.

  56. LOL, sorry, you are right, We are the IAS version one … in uniform! Demonstrating door blocking tech, showing up at your home for a gang interrogation/ ah reg cycle tech, overwhelming with bodies tech, using your kids to extort tech, IAS confront/stare/glare tech. IAS SRA tech to tell you what is important in your life.

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  58. George M. White

    Thanks for your insight and information. I personally feel that any valid help in criminal rehabilitation is wholesome. Word clearing is a great example.
    However, corporate Scientology simply can’t be trusted.

  59. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks, Mike. We’re definitely on a roll here!

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha, thanks for your generous comments and for
    sharing the very obvious “love” you feel, from the heart.

    Yes indeed,your faith shines through,as it often does
    with committed Christians who can lift the spirit, literally
    with an unfettered love, which, I’m sad to say, I find to
    be strangely “absent” in many of us expressing “A” rc

    Fortunately, “the OL’ MAN” gave us the ENTIRE Xmas
    bag of GOODIES which he carried around with HIM
    ALL 365 days of the YEAR, Amazingly, there is always
    some “Goodie” in there, which,somehow, turns into a
    ‘Perfect’ GIFT for anyone in need ( of answers.)

    His GREATEST “gift” to all was in just teaching us how to LOOK and in the process, come to UNDERSTAND
    the make up of those often “perplexing” enigmas we
    have to deal with,on a daily basis. And, I must say I am mostly lifted (and often highly amused!) in the
    manner in which THEY DO LOOK! Aren’t YOU too ??

    One of the most useful gifts, I’ve ever received, is that
    amazing tool, the “laser” powered ” Target Separator ”
    Zero power, or energy,is ever wasted on” wrong” targets

    Coming down (at LAST! ) to your question, of ” of “….
    …. Why NOT ??….Certainly a REAL precedent, hey??

    POPCORN….Carch….??. Naah! Just cans of SPINACH
    this time !! Must see the FOREARMS ( oh and when
    I do POPCORN, it’s with ‘OYL’ ….OLIVE OYL!!!!)

    HEY, keep up THE LUUURRV , ( kinda catchy !! ) Lots’a
    (genuine) ARC & MERRY XMAS … Luv, Li’ll bit

  61. Li'll bit of stuff

    Second that, Marty! We can roll this out ALL the way!

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wrong! MARTY! ……….> HE < ……..IS!

  63. Li'll bit of stuff

    LDW, thanks for this! Your “seed ” has already “rooted” OK?

  64. Li'll bit of stuff

    H S ——–Tch ! Tch !

  65. I’m not sure where you read about the Sec. Of Education asking for data about study tech. but one of the major problems Scientology has always encountered when it comes trying to implement their tech in wider society is managements refusal to submit to the blind, rigorous testing of their methods/ tech. They make some startling claims about success rates but then won’t submit to testing to have their claims verified – even when doing so might make a big difference. I’ve always been amazed at CoS refusal to offer hard proof of their claims and accuse you of being a bigot for asking. Sorry Davey no one is going to take your word for jack shit – in fact if you say it’s sunny outside I’ll assume it’s snowing.

    Narconon has been particular bad in this dept claiming wild success rates curing drug addiction. They claim above a 90 percent success rate when all other legit programs in the world barely can reach 15 percent. Problem is the claims are a fraud – the only success the program seems to have is when they manage to convert the participants into CoS bots. Then it’s only giving up one mind altering dependence for another. For the most part the only real success narconon has really demonstrated is taking large sums of money from desperate parents/ people who want so badly to cure an addict and occasionally killing a few of their patients due to negligence and medically untrained staff members, most of whom recently “graduated” the program themselves. (See the ongoing lawsuits in Canada and US)

  66. I’m confused.

    Just where in the Mitchell Production Program in the original post do Clears get made?

  67. Li'll bit of stuff

    P O T, a really long overdue HELLO to YOU !

    One thing I’m DEFINITELY NOT confused about, is the great
    research, you did, in doing the ” TREASON ASSIGNMENT—
    DAVID MISCAVIGE ” Clearly, you had put in an enormous
    amount of research & fact verification, prior to releasing this
    for publication. I had encountered various individuals who
    initially tipped me off as to what was REALLY going on,
    but like all, guzzling the KOOL AID, I put it down to SOUR
    GRAPES and just kept the BLINKERS on!

    Then one day, while ‘surfing the net’, I found your “Assignment”

    To say that I was Gobsmacked ….would have been ridiculous!

    Overwhelmed…..close !

    COMPLETELY DEVASTATED.!…Those are the ONLY words
    that can describe what HAPPENED as a result of the ‘dazed’
    experience, of me actually ABSORBING what you had written!

    For at least FOUR WEEKS, I sat in a stunned, silent,stupor!
    Almost FOUR DECADES of dedicated study and application
    came CRASHING DOWN in an instant !! I saw my ” STABLE
    DATA ” “shattered to smithereens by your “revelations”
    “So that was it! ———” I should have listened to the “wog”
    ADVICE ——– ” I had been CONNED ALL ALONG !!!

    Needless to say, the Bank and its “circuitry” eventually
    settled DOWN and the “erstwhile” ZOMBIE managed to
    get some semblance of perception restored AGAIN

    With just a ‘smattering’ of BEINGNESS now restored, I
    went round to see a good friend, A tough, uncompromising
    AUDITOR and 0T 4. Within 1/2 hour my ‘massive’ ARC-X
    had been handled and I was then able to START my own
    de- compression through signing up right here on Marty’s
    real “power house ” BLOG. and it’s absolutely bloody AMAZING gang of INDIES (just like a “session’ every day)

    So, Plain Old Thetan, I really do have a lot to thank you
    for and it all came down to your ” ASSIGNMENT” a double-
    edged sword which effectively created a COLLAPSE,then
    a SALVAGED being —ME— as one very grateful VFP

    Take CARE my valued friend and a very happy XMAS
    and I hope you share this as YOUR WIN TOO!!!

    Much luv & ARC Li’ll bit .

  68. Is anyone listening?

    The “secular invasion” is LRH policy. No need to re-write history, Marty, DM is doing enough evil on his own origination.

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  73. Well, here we are in 2020…and our worst nightmare seems possible. The Mitchell Firm is somehow afflicted with Soros. And lobbying an extreme Mandatory vaccination bill.
    Im now terrified. Im hanging on to the ever decreasing odds as a pro-Trumper that he is the opposition to this insanity but now I have no clue who to trust anymore. The world is upside down.

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