Scientology Shoop of the Year

I am not much of a fan of shooping (photo shopping images – usually for joking and degrading purposes).  In fact, I have trashed pretty much most of the attempts to post shoops in comments on this blog.

Therefore, I find it ironic, even poetic justice, that the Village Voice end of the year poll voted the following image as Scientology Shoop of the Year:

Squirrels Busted

Virtually all of the joking and degrading in this image is supplied by none other than David Miscavige himself.  The quotation highlights the absurdity of his psychotic mode of ‘leadership.’   The image highlights what this fellow is doing for the forward progress and wide spread use of Scientology in the world.  The opposite.

Folks, Independents truly do have the future of Scientology in their hands.

I think we should act accordingly in the year 2012.



81 responses to “Scientology Shoop of the Year

  1. A picture says a thousand words……

    Thanks again for all you do.

  2. Thank you for that belly laugh – the very best kind.

    I don’t think David is finished yet. However, I do expect it to get even more crazy and desperate as time goes on.

  3. Yes, I agree. The fact that the photo itself is not altered is just pathetic.
    The squirrel busters have done more damage to the repute of the Church than they can possibly imagine. Their narrow minded focus on needing to create an effect on Marty and Mosey has not allowed them to see the influence they have made on the public at large. People see their behavior for what exactly what it is…mean and stupid…and no one can possibly take them seriously.

  4. Hi Marty,
    Personally I agree with Tony’s readers. I think this photo sums up the cult of miscavology perfectly. I think it encapsulates the entire tone, demeanor and character of what the “church” has become under his leadership.

    A true “OT” in david’s cult is one who will debase himself to any level in order to curry favor with the exhaulted leader.

  5. Works for me!!!!!!

  6. Yes, that’s a good idea.
    Here’s a few musings about the subject of history as we close out another year.
    Happy New Year!

    The Spinnin’ Wheel

    You watch as if in wonder,
    At something coming ‘round.
    Supposing all a mystery,
    But nothin’ new you’ve found.

    You ride the windless spirit,
    To heights unseen afore.
    But lose the thrill of hunt and chase,
    ‘Cause it’s all been done before.

    Yet you in all your glory,
    jump in and move some part.
    You make your plays—both right and wrong,
    never thinkin’ of the strife.
    While the spinnin’ wheel of history,
    plays out before your life.

  7. That is just funnier than all getout.

    Make a great album cover for ZZ Top.

    ML Tom

  8. You just know there’s an on line “OT” 7 somewhere saying:

    “Now that’s a theta picture if I ever saw one. I need to have that framed to put above my ACC’s. I wonder if the MAA will approve of the custom wood frame or will I have to go with plastic. Honey? Get off of facebook and come down here, I need a pen to write a CSW”

  9. To shoop is to stoop for the little poop. Er….I mean….Pope.

  10. !!!!

  11. J & D would be a poor defense for anyone stupid enough to try to obfuscate the truth of this communication. Besides – the Cult of Miscavige holds the J & D crown (to wit Freedumb Magazine and the OSA website).
    The travesty of this ‘shoop’ is that LRH’s name must be attached to activities he would never condone. Unforgivable.
    While I don’t always agree with ‘Anonymous’ I’m happy to adopt their message for 2012:
    Miscavige: ‘We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us’

  12. Adding to the irony is the fact that nothing in the photo was manipulated (as is done when ‘shooping). All that was added was the frame and the text.

    Looking forward to a Prosperous New Year for all.

  13. i shouldn’t be surprised if the MAA bitches out on ‘non-approved, not RTC supplied frame”

  14. this particular picture sums a thousand web-pages too

  15. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, C’mon this MUST have cracked you up too!
    Score = 9 / 10 Car Wash = 10 / 10
    Real Gems to turn the “waves” into “Tsunamis”
    Bet the Goons just couldn’t see this coming……SPLATTTT !!

  16. Li'll bit of stuff

    Relevant to your final points made, I guess this means
    a Genuine REFORMATION is on the cards for 2012

    Back to the drawing board = back to the ORG board?

  17. +1000000 Seeing LRH under that POS real photo makes me sick. It should read Church of David Miscavige….
    PS. Not 1 Self Analysis book to be found in the whole local parish library system. Not 1 single Self Analysis book.

  18. Tony DePhillips


  19. Tony DePhillips

    I think plastic would be most fitting.

  20. Stupidity: “Unknowingness of time, place, form and event” “thus we see a failure to discover truth brings about stupidity.”

    Unknowingness of:

    Marty videoing them (even though overtly done- oblivious)
    The WEB, Blogs, U-Tube, The Village Voice, The Huffington Post etc.
    The popularity of Marty’s blog and these other news sources
    Their grubby ridiculous appearance- out way to happiness-
    The ridicule about to befall and follow them
    The comic nature or their actions
    The unifying effect on the Independent movement
    Sane Scientologists watching- embarrassingly
    Friends of sane Scientologists asking about these antics
    Officials in Germany watching
    Trinity college officials watching
    The negative global impact their actions have for the Co S.

    The Squirrel Busters provided an excellent live demo of axiom 38. And as their actions were no doubt directed by church management, it isn’t difficult to reach the same conclusions about them either.

    Stellar stupidity

  21. “it encapsulates the entire tone, demeanor and character of what the “church” has become”

    Yes, sadly it does. And yet… it also somehow illustrates perfectly the reasons for optimism in 2012 and beyond. Even the thirstiest Koo Aid drinker who comes across this image (and some will), will see it and know it signals the end of one era and the beginning of another.

    Mike Rinder’s musings on the year just ending in the last thread got me thinking, and for me 2011 was the year when the 3rd dynamic engram auditing action started heading towards end phenomena. The wide F/N that orginated in Germany a few months ago, then spread out across Europe and beyond was almost tangible. The entire shift of power has tilted away from dictatorship to independent thought and action, just as in many countries this year. If you look at it from an awareness scale point of view, it could be said that Independence has gone from -1 (Help) through Recognition and Communication (2) and into Perception. Maybe 2012 will be headed into Orientation, Understandings and Enlightenment (6).

    Thanks Marty, for a great and busy year! (Can’t wait for the book in Spring. When can we pre-order?)

  22. Nicely stated, Marty. I hope you and yours had a great Christmas and that 2012 is our most prosperous year yet!

  23. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, also in ref to above and all the flack so
    generated, where, from this present vantage
    point,do you personally see a reformation
    launching ie. as REAL SCIENTOLOGY or
    possibly as INDEPENDENT SCN or possibly
    a variant resulting from (per one suggestion) a broad “survey”of selected concepts ?
    Any speculations you care to share with us ?
    or prefer to keep this muzzled ( 5th a’ment ?)

    Thanks in advance for ANY comment!

  24. Yes, in all the history of the past, in all that condensed time we carry around with us, never before has an opportunity existed so readily as to have the opportunity to go free. The data is there.
    I truly hope the times comes quickly when the term, ‘Miscavige who?’ becomes common place. He’s a really, really boring fellow.
    Tomorrow is and always will be in your own hands.

  25. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nailed it neatly,Sherb.So guess next is New Org where?

  26. Floating Needle

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  27. That photo also indicates that Anonymous doesn’t distinguish between Radical Scientology and LRH.

  28. would be perfect !!

  29. martyrathbun09

    Au contraire.

  30. Lill bit of stuff: I’m curious, you seem to have come outta nowhere a few weeks back and now constantly post on every new thread, usually falling all over yourself to compliment Marty and a few other regular posters. It’s so over the top it’s impossible to not notice.

    Do you know any of these people posting here in real life or does anyone here know you? Are you a former public, staff, SO? Still in, under the radar, declared? You’ve become so vocal and post so much I wondered where your p.o.v. on the cult comes from or what your experiences were to bring you here and quickly become a avid poster.

  31. Touché.

  32. Dave’s dudes, Dave’s dudes, whacha goin do?

    Now that your mugs are plastered from here to Timbuktu?

    (Dave, THIS was your move?! These guys?! Doing this?!)

  33. I suspect this image will become iconic, much to the chagrin of it’s characters. Even the infamous Mary Demos came to regret her staring role in the CofS circus.

  34. It sums up a psychotic and sociopathic individual, POB, dramatizing himself through some misguided minions.

  35. Marty & Mosey,

    Thanks for making things go right there under difficult circumstances and pressures. Mosey gets the “quote of the year” with her unforgettable “We’re auditing – you’re riding around in golf carts!” Poetry.

  36. Marty – Not to belittle your beautiful resolution, ” I’m auditing in there – can you keep it down out here?” It’s toss up between the two for quote of the year. Ladies first applies.

  37. +1 for unaltered truth.

  38. I have to say that the best video of the year was the Car Wash video.

    No doubt about it.


  39. So what’s the plan for 2012? I don’t see Scientology as this omnipotent org that can’t be exposed. What do people need to do in 2012 to end this abuse? Is the answer in exposing missing people, like Miscaviage’s wife? How about Tommy Davis? He’s MIA. Where are the people who displease DM? Scientology has an uncanny way of making people disappear through death fear or prison. Expose that. They will be OVER once that bit is revealed.

  40. They really are stupid.

  41. That was a potent verse! Exceptional!

  42. I think it is prima facie evidence of distinction between LRH and what “The Church” has become – that’s what makes it humorous!

  43. “Therefore, I find it ironic, even poetic justice, that the Village Voice end of the year poll voted the following image as Scientology Shoop of the Year:”

    Especially ironic is that the image isn’t technically even a shoop, since all they did was put a caption to the picture. And, of course, no image editing was required to generate an image that was extreme in its ridiculousness and absurdity. Indeed, any attempt to modify this image would doubtless only reduce its inherent surrealistic nature. Fellini couldn’t have done better.

  44. J Spence, catholic wisdom

    That photograph of the employees of the “Church” of Scientology says it all. Perfectly juxtaposed with Mr. Hubbard’s quote. They are screaming obviously deranged and not supporting their own purported teachings.

    David Miscavige and his employees such as these three (is one John Allender?) exemplify a nut house.

    “Squirrel Interrupted”

    By the way, is Tom Cruise only making vanity films to show off these days? Smoke and mirrors all the way around.

  45. J Spence, catholic wisdom

    Precisely, Mr Rathbun. B. Moretti, that photo indicates that Anonymous does distinguish and knows how far off base the busted squirrels are from that quote of a person (Hubbard) whom the squirrels claim to represent. They are impostors. Fakes. Bamboozler cultists.

    from all I have read about Hubbard, he would never engage in these petty, psychotic antics in this manner toward so many good people.

    This bully gang run by thug zealotry-hallucinating David Miscavige are evil-intentioned, mean-spirited, ignorant, low IQ pathetic bad examples all the way around.

  46. The consequences of that video, and this resultant photo even without the framing, will be echoing down the line for many years. The magnitude of that crime is still to be determined, but I”m sure it is one of the worst debacles in CofS history. It’s hard to imagine the psychos ever out doing that EPIC FAIL.

    I was thinking earlier, just how LRH would have reacted had he ever seen it. I bet he would be livid, red faced with anger. I’d bet holes would suddenly appear in the universe where those idiots stood..

  47. This pic pretty much says it all. What an outpoint!

  48. Yes LDW, you can’t help noticing that the people at the “top” of the DM bridge are relying on someone else to tell them what their ethics should be. That is sure “standing a concept on it’s head!”

  49. You know, we could get this framed and drop it by Richard Hirst’s shop. It’s less than a mile from us, and I should think he’d be proud to have his own copy!

  50. To manipulate anything in that photo would be to drop below perfection…

  51. Strikes me that way too, SunnyV, like maybe Li’l Bit has never been in the church at all. This doesn’t mean he/she is unwelcome, just needs maybe to be more upfront.

  52. Li'll bit of stuff

    SunnyV, I’m CURIOUS too! In fact that’s why I
    enjoy posting here so VERY much!!

    BTW, per LRH ” A thetan is as well off as he can
    communicate and he’s no better off than that”

    Additionally, Marty’s blog encourages support and comments ( so your snide ones get through too!)

    Aren’t you appreciative, SunnyV, of All ? the LRH
    TECH passed on to you, Hmm? Like being able to
    spot the tone of people, by their communications?

    OR to be able to EASILY differentiate between
    persons of genuine goodwill and those not?

    So just WHAT is your REAL game,then hmm ??

    Very CURIOUS Li’ll bit

  53. Yeah, Billy, you sort of miss the point. The quote highlights the fact that the Squirrel Busters clearly didn’t get the memo.

  54. I’m curious too…

  55. Good observation. It is an inappropriate truth that man as a whole dramatizes Axiom 38. The busters were imho robots of an extreme order.
    The task of truth is a tough route to follow.

  56. I do indeed think that the Independents hold the future of the Scientology philosophy/religion/technology in their hands. I think the third dynamic structure/policies of the COS have proven to be an ultimate failure (though successful in the early decades), mostly because of all the third and fourth dynamic restimulators it contains (from “savage ethics” to uniforms to prisons to its “court/justice” system, emphasis on money, etc), which have resulted in many heavy 3D dramatizations (in my opinion, inevitable ones – the Miscavige era is a replay of Stalin and no doubt thousands of earlier similars – the actual STRUCTURE of the COS as set down in the 60s and 70s really could have resulted in nothing else, if one understands group bank reactions – especially after Ron’s death). The current COS will last as long as people find value in it and support it. I think that will slowly decrease year by year. I expect the Miscavige church to last for many years with all its buildings/money, but the boom of the 60’s and 70s’s was built on true interest in the SUBJECT of Scientology and the Independents are the only hope for THAT again. You’re not gonna see people get involved much with the COS anymore …… unless…. they start giving away free stuff, like food…(don’t laugh, the Catholics and other Christian sects have found some success with that). But the Independents will leave all the useless and destructive Scientology practices in the past (Comm Evs, Force Regging, RPF, uniforms, etc – which have been there since the late 60s, but increased geometrically with the asshole Miscavige in charge) and concentrate on the actual philosophical work of LRH as put down in his basic books and early lectures, and on auditing. I think that many people will find much spiritual enlightenment and value in that work as long as Independents emphasize INCREASE of self determinism and of course, ARC.

  57. I just want to add that I think the actual impulse that started much of the eventual trouble in Scientology was the one to control virtually EVERY aspect of its parishioners’ lives. This evolved VERY slowly and gradually over time, like water dripping to form a puddle and then a lake. At first just advice generally….and then one subject at a time, from diet to sex to children to work to odors to art to how one should make one’s basic decisions in the world (PTS to the middle class). And eventually this went from “advice” from Ron to actual enforcement. Over time, this went on and on and on and after a number of years in Scientology, one had agreed that “the group” knew best about everything and one had in essence agreed to be the effect of “orders” and “command intention” on all parts of life. Though it all started out with “what Ron said”, it eventually transformed into simply commands that developed from SO officers of what was ethical and what wasn’t (“what? you want to be a doctor? That is “other fish to fry.” You’re wanted on post as an auditor.” “You want to go to college? WHY?????? Talk about PTS to the middle class and its values!!!!!!!!) Scientologists have essentially agreed to live the “CSW life.” One had to “convince” church terminals that what wanted to do was “OK”. One’s life did not REALLY belong to one anymore. Not really. And thus the trap. This is what I am pretty sure will NOT be a part of Independent Scientology.

  58. Jim, I think you are being impudent and disrespectful. Dear Leader has far too much work to do, what with saving poor sparrows and all. You ignorant people will never understand great world leaders like recently departed Kim Jong-il and The Leader of all Leaders Himself.

    (Check out this clip from a BBC report today): “Kim Jong-il’s official image in the propaganda was always a man with no time for himself, and a large part of the propaganda was aimed at making the public feel guilty about the overwork that he was subjecting himself to….” Hm, there’s something vaguely familiar here…

  59. Even anon can move up a little higher now: We comprise many individuals and we’re growing, we will expose and hold Davey accountable. Expect us to come out in 2012.

  60. +2 Davey gets all the credits for bringing disaster upon his outfit while providing us instant understanding the moment we show others our disagreement.

  61. I still laugh every time I see that photo. Actually, the LRH quote/caption is perfect. I’m glad you posted it for posterity, Marty. Really brightens my day(s)! L, Rachel

  62. Absolutely Marty!! When I was on staff and saw Anonymous picketers outside once a month, I thought their signs were ridiculing our religion and LRH. It never occurred to me that it is current management that they are ridiculing.

  63. The more people who deliver the tech with decent skill and a good heart, the stronger the philosophy becomes and the weaker the squirrels, cultists and implanters become.

  64. I guess nobody here reads WWP. If you did, then you’d know that they view LRH as the source of the problem and that DM is just late on the chain. In other words, the abuses, corruption and fair game started occurring when LRH was calling the shots; Miscavige just took them to a whole different level. However, I don’t think Anonymous has much of a problem with the Free Zone or Independents as long as no one gets hurt. I’m not a spokesman for Anonymous; I’m just summarizing what I’ve read at WWP. They don’t hold Scientology or LRH in very high regard.

  65. Joe, totally true. This is just a progression of more and more squirrelling by Church staff and SO Members, for the past 30 years largely at the behest of the Chief Squirrel or “Squirrel is KSW Clothing”. it gets worse as it grows, especially in the SO where many young people of questionable literacy and little experience, assume positions of authority, and then do not even get properly trained to get a true understanding of LRH Tech, Policy and Viewpoint. So these squirrelly pronouncements such as you give as examples, get passed along as squirrel verbal data and become operational “policy” and attitude. It really is a devolving culture inside the Corporate Church of the Squirrel is KSW Clothing. In how many ways and places has LRH said it is not the job of Church staff to be a police force against the parishioners?

  66. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sherb Thanks friend. WHICH “poster” are you
    curious about ?

  67. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lynne, your points are noted and appreciated!
    see my reply of December 27, 2011at 11.15 am
    Hope you can “axiom 28” my position!!

  68. Joe – Very well described. I agree with every line you wrote.

  69. Actually, I’m not a scientologist Lil’Bit – and have no trouble being up front and honest about my intentions here. Your defensiveness makes me think the opposite is true with you.

    I support the indie community and their right to practice their philosophy religion free from the harassment of DM and I’m also active in the critic movement to see the ABUSES of the CoS stopped for good. I’m very close to some ex-Sea Org members so this is also a personal interest, I’m pretty pissed at how some people I care for very much were used and abused by DM and his evil cult machine.

    I’m only pointing out the facts. I noticed you showed up here and started brown nosing in the most painfully obvious way with Marty and any one you might think is an OL here. That doesn’t trouble me so much, so you like to kiss some butt – it happens. Yet you slip in all these little questions at the end of your butt kissing – like to Pasha: ” is your family still “active”? Or you constantly want to know Marty’s “intentions or plans” — it goes on and on and it’s CONSTANT. I guess you think no one notices is because you so loudly beat your chest with what you think is the party line here.

    I’m just pointing out when someone shows up out the blue, no one has any idea who they are but they act chummy with other posters to give the illusion they are known to others, posts non-stop, makes a concentrated effort to endlessly flatter Marty and other OL , tries to slip in subtle questions about personal matters or intentions, and most of their posting about “DM and the cult” sounds painfully scripted and repetitive, and then they claim they must remain “secret” to continue their “work” – well why shouldn’t I ask questions? It’s a pretty textbook attempt to insinuate yourself into a group and I think its obvious why people here should be very alert to this type of behavior.

    I just raised the concern in hopes of it preventing any one here confiding to you or answering any of your little insidious, subtle questions – until you are a known quantity to some of the people here who count. (which is certainly not me by the way.)

    I can see I’m not alone in my questioning either since a few other posters have chimed in to share my concerns. You can think it’s snide all you want, I don’t care. I consider this a common sense thing to do when the cult we are opposing employs a virtual army of dirty tricksters, private eyes, and spies to do their bidding 24/7.

    Also, just typing some nasty thing about DM doesn’t prove jack to me, as soon as that was seen as a litmus test I’m sure orders were put out to pass it and I bet they even provided a script to do it properly.

  70. Li'll bit of stuff

    Slimeball, I get your game now!

  71. Lol, wow avoid answering any valid questions and personally attack with name calling. Wonder who’s playbook you’re working from?

    Doesnt matter, I’m not the one constantly digging for tidbits of personal information in-between the brown nosing – you are. As long as everyone here knows to be suspicious of your true motives, and to avoid trusting you with info they don’t want to be public or known by the cult, my job is done.

    BTW – I’ve posted here for over a year, nothing major and I’m not any OL here but I’ve never accused or made any insinuation about another poster until now and only because it was becoming so annoying and obvious I had to pipe up. (communication the universal solvent!)

  72. Well, “They” is kind of a big category. I’m sure Anonymous is a mixed bag. Sure, some people think LRH started it all and David Miscavige is following suit. The main problem with that thinking is some *differentiation* needs to occur — and the differences can be seen on examination.

    Anonymous and people with confusion on the issue (including some who call themselves Independents) who blame L. Ron Hubbard need to clear up the confusion and distinguish the difference by making a distinction between Hubbard written policy, how it can be taken out of context, how it can be misapplied, and also leave Hubbard the man out of Scientology the applied technology. On the latter point, come on…do we want to know and dish and gossip and bash every bit of human frailty about Alexander Flemming when using antibiotics?

    As for the difference between Hubbard’s Sceintology and what is being pawned off as Sceintology by the Corporate trademark holders (calling themselves a “church”):

    The degradation of Scientology is occurring through the actions of Scientology, Inc (“church). The distinctions and differences between the Corporate run entity and L Ron Hubbard is clear when one knows what to look for. Some deeper familiarity with the subject is required. There are tools that can be implemented to help sort the differences out when comparing Miscavige to Hubbard. Some such tools are an understanding of: omitted circumstances, twisted definitions, out gradients (such as attacking a parishioner or pc before running a correction list), wrong target (attacking the wrong why or who), out ARC, policy violation (which policies), alter-is, out sequence. That’s a good start.
    Undercutting all of the above, I would say there is one screaming crimson flag — L. Ron Hubbard was sincere about helping others. The Auditor’s Code was #1 sacrosanct. For real.

  73. And what’s even more sickening is that dear leader’s response to seeing this ad is “Phew, at least they quoted LRH so it hurts his image, not mine.”

    I totally concur with you, Marty, that it is the Independents who truly have the future of Scientology in their hands.


  74. LULZ! For another juxtaposition take a look at this video of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the Golden Age Stories that is another front operation. Does Martin Kove (one of the actors they got to stand on their float) know he’s being used as a pawn to grub money and finance operations like the ones in this Shoop? And it says that’s also Philip Proctor on that float. Pathetic. Work must be tough in Hollywood.

    SO here this video below is the front that the Scientology Corporation WANTS the word to see. What a mind bending warp to see what they do behind the scenes for real…like all the videos and pictures caught on this blog and exposed by the Village Voice and St. Pete Times and New Yorker! They are counting on most people not believing they can be so evil! But..hey…GOTCHA!! So HATS OFF and THANKS MARTY RATHBUN!!


    (BTW they also claim that JPL was in on this parade … lying or does JPL need to be informed they’re being used by the bORG ….lol)

  75. Not to mention the mutual shrimpiness…

  76. Exactly Joe.

    The only conundrum we have to deal with is not falling into the trap of: “That which you resist, you shall receive or become”.

    And a datum I thought of which seems to be corollary to the above: We are that which we make our fellows.

  77. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, Miscavige has taken a subject of the Highest Reason and turned it into a Psychotic Mess…. Keep up the good work! Always love the way you rihgt… “poetic justice”, hehe! It is indeed! Let’s keep Reasoning!

  78. li’ll bit,

    Your question proves Sunny’s point above, methinks.

    “New Org where”? indeed. Maybe for us to know and you to find out, ya think?

  79. In their own little universe they are the sanest people on the planet probably.

    Selfdefeating behavior, It’s so funny.

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