The Most Discussed Posts

Here is a listing of the most discussed posts on this blog since its July 2009 inception.   The link for each post is provided along with the number of comments made in response to each one in bold.  To look them over anew gives an interesting perspective on our activities.

10.  A Letter From Garcia.   November 11, 2010                                                      540

9.  OT VIIIs to Objectives: The Latest In Reverse Scientology.  June 8, 2010 548

8.  Deconstructing The Mayo Myth.    April 12, 2011                                              552

7.  Worse Than Fair Game?   November 2, 2010                                                     562

6. Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Corpus Christi.    April 18, 2011                        603

5. LRH Trained Cl XII C/S Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch.  June 30, 2010  607

4. What We Are Doing Here. October 4, 2010                                                        615

3.  An Open Letter to Tony Ortega.  September 28, 2011                                     655

2. OT Abilities. March 18, 2011                                                                                   682

1. MISCAVIGE MELTDOWN.   April 24, 2010                                                       791

145 responses to “The Most Discussed Posts

  1. Marty, it has been an awesome year! As the truth keeps pouring out so do those with doubting minds. Teams of Independents are forming and hell yes this is why I got into Scientology in the first place!!!!

    Those of you still in just know that you are incharge of your FREEDOM. You must disagree in order to be Free!!!

  2. The post that impinged on me the most was, ‘Letter from San Patricio Jail,’ for a number of reasons, but perhaps the sheer injustice of it all was shocking. Every system in place to ensure that the criminal justice system is fair, and unbiased was breached when Marty was arrested based on false evidence.

    Seems to me though that it has galvanized people into taking action.

  3. When “POB REMOVED” gets written, you’ll be well into the four figures regarding comments.

  4. Good job over the last couple of years exposing the corruption and lies, analysing the data, delivering effective blow after blow on the enemies of freedom, decency and common sense.

    My personal favorite post can’t be determined. There are just too many that created ah ha! moments. So many facts that would simply not be known, so many lies that would never have been uncovered and exposed, so many questions answered and mysteries unraveled by the light of truth.

    My postulate for 2012 is to see many more independent groups begin to deliver and to flourish and prosper like never before.


  5. Amazing amount of communication of truth in those posts and comments. I appreciate that communication and cherish it greatly.

  6. It been marvelous to find some sanity and safe harbour in this site.
    2012 is lining up for a big year. I’m really glad to know what side I’m on.
    A Happy New Year to all who value sanity above other values.

  7. Life would not be the same without your blog!
    We are Moving Up a Little Higher EVERY DAY.
    Those posts are milestones we will remember for a long time.
    Thanks a million

  8. Mother of Grendel


    Now these are real stats! And I enthusiastically add my name – well, alias, but hopefully not for much longer – to your fans and well wishers.

    I have a question for you (and Mike and the rest of the crowd here) – how do you think this is going to end?

    I see it getting worse before it gets better. As PoB gets more and more frantic he’ll drive the KADs and OTAsses into greater and greater frenzies. I suspect one day it will get too much even for him and he’ll just be gone – living off the IAS dono’s he’s lodged in an off-shore account as his escape route.

    Then what? Not so much who leads – we’ve had that discussion, and the Indies will never accept a KAD, so unless Heber re-emerges, well, that will be a big question.

    But what about the Tech? How do we get back to Source? Do you have the original versions of all the tech/ethics/admin that PoB has squirreled? Do you have the correct texts of the books? How do we undo the last 15 years (or more)?

    I have no doubts at all about dismissing the Cof$ as it now stands… but what will it look like after the fall of the SP?

    Thanks – and an amazing 2012 to you and Mosey … and all.


  9. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, Many thanks to you for leading the way. It has come
    home to me, that there will Always be the detractors,baiters
    trolls and other thoroughly useless,detestable types trying
    to derail all the collective good work being done here. You
    have also taught me directly, to recognize the traits of these
    unsavoury types by their provocative behaviour and their
    fixating on WRONG TARGETS to attack! Personally, I feel
    this ” inhabited ” “animated” excrement belongs in the sewer
    where it’s considerable stench is of no consequence.!!!!!!

    Hey gang, it’s sunny and sane on the Independent Train
    All the best & every success over challenges laying ahead.

    Lots’a ARC Stay alert! Stay STRONG! Li’ll bit

  10. f u l l y a g r e e d ! ! !

  11. “but what will it look like after the fall of the SP?”
    I don’t think any one person can answer that question.
    It will be up to all of us to figure it out.

  12. Thank you Marty and Mosey for this beautiful creation.

  13. Just in case any one is confused by Lil’Bit’s bizarro, paranoid rant here’s a link:

    Notice how Lil’BitofSomrthing turned from hyper-friendly cheerleader to snarling name-calling when someone dares to ask a few questions of him/her. A rational response to the first inquiry and I would have left the subject alone, but only someone thinking their cover is blown would get so angry and defensive.

    Actually, I’m going to quickly cull the last few days of LillBit posts here and let others judge motives for themselves.

  14. I’ve been thinking about how things have really gone down hill since L.R.H., Marty, and Mike have gone off the lines. Not to mention the fact that nobody has been in charge of the tech beyond a CLASS lV (DM) .

    Just thought I would share a business nomenclature:

    core competencies
    A unique ability that a company acquires from its founders or develops and that cannot be easily imitated. Core competencies are what give a company one or more competitive advantages, in creating and delivering value to its customers in its chosen field. Also called core capabilities or distinctive competencies.


    To perceive core competencies is an ability in perceptions.

    These can be found on the list of perceptics:

    But the bottom line is, the core competencies that built the Church and cause it to expand and to be well thought of have been deleted. It is not only us that can notice flubs, out PR, mismanagement and crime. DM could have made the top ten worst CEO’s for 2011 if anyone cared to include him in on their thoughts in the business world. The balance of power has shifted to beyond the Church walls.

    We are all accustomed to miracles by now.

    We will see some promising ones in the year before us.

    There are too many Illuminati and illuminaries here to name. But the Scientology was meant for us and will travel with us as the rightful keepers of that trust. My deepest thanks to all of you for being worthy of this magic.
    And for your honor, courage and integrity.

    Let the miracles whip!

  15. OK, here are just some posts by Lil’Bit from the last 4 blog articles Marty has posted. Judge for yourself. The exact date and time of comment is listed so anyone can read the posts in their entirety, but since space is limited I have posted relevant sections. If anyone wants to go back further and read Lil’s post feel free, but I felt a bit queasy after this many examples.

    Li’ll bit of stuff | December 27, 2011 at 9:01 pm | Reply
    Nailed it neatly,Sherb.So guess next is New Org where?

    Li’ll bit of stuff | December 27, 2011 at 7:12 pm | Reply
    Relevant to your final points made, I guess this means
a Genuine REFORMATION is on the cards for 2012
    Back to the drawing board = back to the ORG board?

    • Li’ll bit of stuff | December 27, 2011 at 8:19 pm | Reply 
Marty, also in ref to above and all the flack so
generated, where, from this present vantage
point,do you personally see a reformation
launching ie. as REAL SCIENTOLOGY or
possibly as INDEPENDENT SCN or possibly
a variant resulting from (per one suggestion) a broad “survey”of selected concepts ?
Any speculations you care to share with us ?
or prefer to keep this muzzled ( 5th a’ment ?)

    Li’ll bit of stuff | December 26, 2011 at 6:26 pm | Reply
    BTW, I come from a background, physically speaking
where I lived, and worked in an environment where
500 lb bench presses, & 900 lb squats were pumped
out like a ‘joke’……..Your comments Marty ( as a former ‘enforcer’ ) ??

    Li’ll bit of stuff | December 27, 2011 at 11:15 am | Reply
    Hey Misha, Thanks for the update and I’m glad you
enjoyed Christmas & so did we…..P.S Are your family also ” active ?” Li’ll bit

    Li’ll bit of stuff | December 26, 2011 at 7:24 pm | Reply
    Mike , dunnit again! Reduced me to a WRECK!!
    Screamingly funny, my man, you really are priceless!!
And by the looks of things, this PEANUT is running out
of things to throw at you. When he REALLY gets to
retrying to ” buy ” you (again!?) , just make sure you’ve
got those hidden cameras rolling. Its almost certain to
result in some, shall we say “compensation?” by certain
hungry ‘NEWS CREWS’ ( not to mention legalities,either!)

    Li’ll bit of stuff | December 24, 2011 at 6:42 am | Reply
    Super aware, art thou, my friend and thou sharest of
thine own cup as a sage doth from the heart. I doth
thanketh thee, for these gems of further wisdom which
further do shineth THE WAY
    JEEZ, Sherb, I could EASILY get addicted to “this stuff”
it sounds so “HOITY-TOITY”, lots’a luv & fun Li’ll bit
    I particular find your insinuation of Mike being compensated for getting video to news crews, asking for advice from Marty from the point of view of an “enforcer”, asking if Misha’s family is still “active” and always trying to find out what the plans for the independents in the New Year are – particularly odious.

    BTW these aren’t all of Lil’s post of the last 4 articles, but the rest are just paragraphs of flattery to OL’s here and cheerleading.

  16. What a year!

    Through standard inspections and reports, [RTC] Inspector Generals locate and root out suppressives who would otherwise create chaos and stop org expansion.

    Definition: Inspector General. An independent authority who inspects the conduct, ethics and morale of the troops and the officers. The Inspector General also investigates reports of corruption, subversion or infiltration and has the authority to handle. The key to success of an Inspector General is independence and objectivity.

    Marty Rathbun deserves a Very Very Very Well Done! VVVWD! And kudos to the group of people around the world who look and know what they observe.

  17. Marty and Mosey, thank you guys so much for being here for all of us and revealing the truth about Cof$ and its psychopath leader, DM…

  18. There is one word that comes to mind as the illuminated reality merges from behind the false front of the Scientology Corporation.

    The Scientology Inc. blackmail, dishonest, calumniating tricks abuse the trust and power vested in them. They no longer do the job they pretend to do. Instead, there is a word that defines the real operations behind Scientology Corrupteration. That word begins with an S. The word is scurrilous. That is the imposters stock and trade.

    Definition: “a scurrilous attack” Making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation. That is the Scientology Corp. specialty, their world-recognized brand, their stock and trade. If they were honestly applying and delivering Sceintology, they would not be having the problems they are today (as real estate moguls and snobs).

    Appropriately, the Merriam Webster dictionary even gives a perfect example with its use in a sentence:
    1b : vulgar and evil

    •scurrilous imposters who used a religious exterior to rob poor people•

    A religious exterior.

    For the first time in history, the bogus operations of Miscavige-run OSA (Scientology Corporation ‘Office of Special Affairs’) have been drawn out into the light!! The robots employed by Miscavige and people injured (introverted, shaken, pasty-looking, smirking, supercilious, arrogant … inappropriately held as top enlightened ‘examples’) have been caught *in action*. directly observed and documented, and continue to be, by the world community. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. (And yet they still lie)

    S. Inc. became so desperate and increasingly stupid by way of their own trangressions. The members accepting bogus orders no longer are even self-aware of how they come across.

    It is tragic. But thank you every one for the public service done by your actions.

    My admiration to Marty Rathbun for taking responsibility beyond his own sense of duties for the sake and benefit of others. He didn’t have to — not only is his space so big he made Squirrel Buster Fat Boy jump back two feet by taking a step forward (Where is that video? That one gets my vote! It’s the footage just minutes after the goofy men with cameras on their heads showed up at the Rathbun’s door) but he also BYPASSED the corruption to *deliver* counseling, and help, understanding and the pure philosophy.

    Scientology Inc. is bypassed. Others are doing the job. The Corporation left the condition of Danger in the dust a long time ago. The goons who supposedly represent Scientology are imposters because they are doing nothing to get themselves out of Confusion.

  19. Thanks for this utterly relevant ‘count down’. Isn’t it ultimately a show down?

  20. No worries. Everything is available and being used daily by hundreds of auditors and groups around the world.

    All one need do is google and ye shall find.

  21. I’ve definitely noticed the same and have quit reading his posts some time ago. The CAPS and “quotes” alone were bad enough for me, but yes, I smelled a troll when he asked Sam out and she firmly declined…

  22. It’s hard to believe that the St. Pete Times article “Truth Revealed” was only written 2 1/2 years ago! That marked the beginning of the end for Miscavige and radical Scientology. Once the truth started flowing there was no stopping it. It has just gotten greater and great and greater. Books, radio shows, tv programs, newspaper articles, demonstrations around the world, government investigations, law suits and non stop communication on the internet.

    Miscavige contributed to the motion with the most incredible gluts PR imaginable. Tommy Davis rants, psychotic ex-wives on CNN, Freedom magazines written by children on LSD or Dave high on scotch, pathetic DVD’s, incriminating sworn affidavits, continuous non effective use of thugs, PIs, and dupes to chase after and harass whistle blowers, etc.

    The truth is being heard around the world. It’s being heard by the general public, Scientology public and even staff. The cat is out of the bag and it isn’t going back in.

    There are already books and even movies lined up for 2012.
    I’m looking forward to watching things play out. I love your blog and really appreciate the time and work you do to maintain it.

    I look forward to the day when Dave and radical Scientology aren’t trying to
    suppress and control others for their own vested interests. When they aren’t trying to stomp on basic human rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion. When families and friends can once again reunite, free from the leverage and blackmail that have become the hallmarks of Dave and his cult.

    Thanks again, Marty.

  23. Anything that has to do with Karen De La Carriere *I* will listen to LONG BEFORE I will even consider WHY a church member might be worth hearing. Just like Karen made the time when she was in the church to listen to all the PC’s and Pre OT’s that came her way with undivided attention regardless of how hammered they may have been by their case. That ability alone cannot be replaced. MORAL: You should treat others they way you would like others to treat you. Thank you Karen! 🙂

  24. And that includes Ingrid as well. Another fine example of techinical application. 🙂 Thank you Ingrid and Karen.

  25. Sunny,

    You’re not the only one who’ve noted the outpoints with Li’ll. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped Marty either.

    There is one thing in common with anyone involved in the CofS and that is 100% defense and denial without addressing the actual questions and topics brought up, and per the thread above Li’ll falls into that category.

    So, Li’ll, to give you the benefit of the doubt, what do you have to say?

  26. I’ve noticed the same thing and my conclusions are the same.

  27. Thank you Marty for you actions! I believe in Scientology and Scientologists (real ones) because of it.

    May 2012 truly be the coming of a new age!

  28. Correction: not even a Class IV. Failed to complete Intership within one years so his Class IV (Provisional) cert. expired, per policy.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  29. Raul: He/she was fun while he/she lasted. Looking forward to making millions from the media. Should be fun 🙂

  30. At least he/she demonstrated what kind of topics and questions POB concerns himself with most…

  31. I read the posts on the lists again and I gained a new perpective reading them after 1 year as an Independent.

    What a year it has been! I thank all of you and specially Marty, Mosey and Mike for all you have done. It’s certainly is a beautiful thing to be free to think, to speak and to act. I finally got what I wanted from Scientology.

    And it’s also a great thing to have so many newly found true friends with whom I feel I have had a life-long friendship.


  32. I meant the St Pete Times article called “The Truth Rundown” although it could have easily been called “Truth Revealed”.

  33. Looks like a comm ev was called on Lil Bit. These sudden justice snaps make me pretty gnarley too. Lots of accusations here I never would have thought of myself. It is pretty common for people to react to wrong indications and wrong items too. That is my two cents. I’m really not interested in watching a witch hunt. And what strikes me as weird is you saying you are not a Scientologist, yet running an investigation on someone here. But, I am very flexible. Times change.

  34. Wow, it’s worse than I thought.

  35. You are the one throwing accusations and leading the courtroom. You are the one making accusations. You are the curious one. You have the mystery. You are the one demanding a justice cycle . You are the one that seems paranoid. Frankly, I am more curious about you than the other one.

  36. MoG,
    as far as I remember, in the end of “Mission Earth”, when the SP is labeled and in jail, each single program or order he had ever given was canceled and undone. I think, that should be considered.
    Once the understanding of what he did is wide people will be glad to do that.

  37. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Mike, I can’t believe You actually bought any
    of this! Gotta hand it to ya SlimyV ( 3rd party pro!)

  38. Les,
    I am with you in all points and sign you postulate for 2012 with a big smile.

  39. mmm, let’s see what L’ll bit has to say on this matter.
    Doesn’t sound like any auditor training, perhaps certain enthusiams?

  40. Li'll bit of stuff

    Raul, —-THIS—- MY conscience is clear!

  41. Yeah – it was a bit obvious wasn’t it 😉

  42. Wondered when someone was going to call it.
    Yes – you’ve caught yourself a troll – nice bag Sunny 🙂

  43. Further, upon reading your accusations of guilt, you seem most disturbed
    by support for Marty. Referring to it as “brown nosing”. This is an enemy line for sure. The interrogation you ran on the other one demanding facts is actually beyond your scope of authority. This is a blog. Who are you to start demanding facts from people? You are on a BYPASS of Marty and HE IS NOT IN DANGER. Check yourself out. Your sudden hysteria , for what? You say you are not even a Scientologist. You asked others here to be the judge? O.K.. That is my input. There is something dirty about this cycle you have created. I don’t have to know what it is. But I am not on board with the abbracadabbra. Take your whipping stick and wave it someplace else.

  44. Oh here, I have it! The ones that have spread their legs for David Miscavige!

  45. LOL
    Clearly Marty is still very much on hat 🙂

  46. Have you spotted the other one yet? I’m just waiting until he/she puts his/her foot in it too.

  47. Theo Sismanides

    Marty 2011 has been the year where Independents have been Established mainly through this blog and the people coming here and getting into communication more and more… Real Communication (hehe) with enough Reality and Affinity leading to Real (hehe) Understanding.

    As Scientology stands above Life and is the Knowledge of Life and beyond any tampering with its Source could only result in Lesser Truths, Understandings and thus lesser Workability.

    I feel for those Scientologists who have dedicated their lives to the church only to be now good boys and good girls and find themselves in a dead end, the one most of us got in, at various times when we were in the church.

    This blog has revitalized the purpose of being connected to Source and Keeping Scientology Working. It achieved its purpose and has been a source of correct information and data leading to conclusions which make sense for many of us. A New Reality is built now upon which we can base a bright New Future for us and our loved ones!

    Let’s keep the good work and a big thank you to Marty and Monique keeping the show on the road!

  48. I had someone tell me today that one of her friends had been told by the MAA at ASHO that I had committed suppressive acts and that a comm ev was being convened. I only hope to be continuing my “suppressive” acts in the new year with even more vigor-it will only mean more wins.
    Its amazing how much can happen in just one year as evidenced by this post. When one is in a suppressive environment whole years can go by and not much gets done-in fact I have come out feeling like I regressed. Not anymore,baby.
    Marty, Mike and so many on this blog I look forward to spending 2012 with all of you-my new found great friends.

  49. Nicely said. I totally agree that summer 09 and the SP Times articles in particular was a turning point. I also know from having spoken to many UK lurkers and “under the radars” that even a lot of OSA have pretty much accepted it’s only a matter of time. The cult tone, locally at least, changed from outright denials in 09 to “well, some of it may be true” in 2010, to “Yes, it’s true but are you going to risk your eternity?” (outright blackmail) in 2011. I could name a couple dozen UK Clears and OTs right now who know the score, don’t go to events, stoppped donating to the IAS etc, and I bet Sam could double that number.

  50. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carry on ” not a Scientologist, ” Your REAL agenda is
    becoming clearer and clearer to anyone who actually
    has a heart / conscience. Oh yeah, I was wrong about
    you . (this is a personal eval,) You actually attack the
    CORRECT target! ( in terms of a 3rd party agenda!)
    your ” GOOD DEEDS” result in some worthwhile
    ” BROWNIE POINTS” to be proud of. I await your
    next “post” serving with ” bated breath ” .

    In the meantime, alleged ” not a Scientologist ” there
    is something called “The Condition Of Enemy ”
    Seeing you are clearly a VERY “industrious” person
    when you set your ” mind ” to it, perhaps you should
    check this out. HEY ? ( Naaah! Just WON’T happen! ).

    Have FUN playing your little game in GOING FREE !

  51. Happy New Year to all!!

    I’m not sure when I first came across Marty’s blog but I believe it was late ’09. I first arrived just lurking, then email privately to Marty as Windhorse and a bit later as myself. I developed trust in Marty’s willingness to keep my identity private.

    Then I started posting. For me this blog represents several valuable things 1) the comments which have helped my own rather jumbled SO and Scientology time line get straightened out, 2) finding out where old friends are, if they are still in or out and sadly some are deceased 3) seeing LRH’s philosophy being used with kindness and wisdom 4) seeing how the current disaster under dm and others is being sold and how it’s collapsing.

    My wish for the New Year is that we continue communicating with each other, that as we can – we communicate to those we know who are still deluded by the fanfare of big events and “Idle Orgs” and we remember to be kind to each other.

    As one of my favorite Buddhist authors Pema Chodron has said:

    BLAME AND JUSTIFICATION “You could begin to notice whenever you find yourself blaming others or justifying yourself. If you spent the rest of your life just noticing that and letting it be a way to uncover the silliness of the human condition—the tragic yet comic drama that we all continually buy into—you could develop a lot of wisdom and a lot of kindness as well as a great sense of humor.” ~ Pema Chodron

    Happy New Year — I wish I could be with you all!


  52. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the great summation of purpose WH.

  53. George M. White

    It is a wonderful revelation for me to read the posts of the
    individuals on this blog who are directly dealing with the real issues of
    Scientology since I left it more than 22 years ago.
    My own experience in Scientology – including the
    completion of OTVIII – reduced to zero during one five minute
    meeting with Mr. Miscavige on the ‘Freewinds’ in 1989.
    Your blog has now emerged as an authoritative source of
    substantive information about the subject. Without this blog,
    I probably would have placed very little attention in this area.
    Although I do not practice Scientology, I appreciate the
    insights shared by all who contribute.
    In particular, I was able to reconstruct the alteration of OTVIII
    during the 1989-present day period. In addition, I appreciate the
    sincere dedication of those intent on the purification of the ‘tech’.
    I am also at peace with LRH and your blog contributed to that

    May all beings be well and happy!

  54. Oh my… didn’t realize you had one.

  55. Oracle, Mike Rinder agreed with my assessment of our li’ll troll. Call me crazy but I’m going with his opinion on the matter given his expertise.

    Why would you think I have problem with support for Marty? Hellfire, I support Marty and his blog! My problem was the insidious questions that almost always came after the heaps of praise and compliments fishing for bits of information and trying to get people comment on certain subjects or comment “as an enforcer” or “getting compensation” for media, etc..

    If someone wants to come here and spend all day telling Marty how great he is – more power to them. But when they start fishing for personal information or trying to frame OL’s here by implying unsavory actions or characteristics that is not okay.

    I may not be a Scientologist (not a crime last I checked) but I will say something when I see someone trying to abuse or take advantage of the people of goodwill here trying to build a community. If I didn’t like the posters here I wouldn’t have said anything about it — but it’s obvious a lot of other people here held the same suspicions as me so happily there wasn’t any great danger of the troll making head way. (However I wasn’t sure of that until now.)

    But it does kind of worry me you can’t seem to differentiate between genuine praise and support for Marty (of which there is plenty examples on here everyday) and the empty, gushing flattery of a troll trying to insinuate himself in a group.

  56. Ha! I forgot about that creepy asking Sam for a date stuff. Actually that was the first time I noticed one of Lill’s post. Bizarre.

  57. In reading this post Marty and the “revolution act” that is being manifest in the breakaway Indie movement, I was struck just how applicable this George Orwell quote really is to what’s evolved by the telling of truth:

  58. Sorry if I ruined any fun.; ( I know feeding trolls things that can cause indigestion is sometimes a useful pastime. – MuchLuv & ARC Li’ll bit of Sunny

  59. Luis — “I finally got what I wanted from Scientology.”

    Simply and beautifully stated! L, Rachel

  60. It’s interesting viewing it in the magnitude of years. For me, it was four years waiting, two more years thinking I was alone in my independent viewpoint. At then end of the sixth year, I discovered the blog when a Flag recovery person told me, “We are under attack,” and I went a-searching.

    Since discovering this blog in later 2010, “I finally got what I wanted from Scientology,” to borrow Luis Garcia’s statement above. L, Rachel

  61. there’s nothing like Stats for the average Scientologist, is there? a quick numerical measure that gives an instant insight into a trend or direction.

    The most interesting Statistic about this blog is that it’s monthly views have exceeded those for the whole of DM’s sprawling web estate – for quite a while now. Also: the amount of discussion in these pages is a greater stat than the whole of corporate scientology off and online, for inside that there is no discussion at all.

    The fact that *i* can post here is also a stat worth mentioning, that Marty’s level of confront is greater than the whole of the OSA combined. LOL LOL Hi Dave

  62. top of the vale

    Here’s another viewpoint:

    Sniper’s Comment

    Lets look at Rathbun from the view of warfare. That’s what he was doing for 30 years while being in the church. He was sitting in the fortress (called Church of SCN) and fighting the “enemies of SCN”.

    He had millions of Dollars, personal PI´s and got whatever was needed to destroy the whistle blowers, the “apostates” and the “squirrels”.

    Now he is sitting on the other side trying to fight it….

  63. Yes… One needs to dekluge every now and again.

  64. Nicely put. Your line, ‘When families and friends can once again reunite, free from the leverage and blackmail that have become the hallmarks of Dave and his cult,’ says it all.
    I wonder what we’ll be commenting on in 12 months from now…

  65. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Sherb, wow, amazing stuff HEY! Clearly I’m in the
    spotlight here! So here’s a round up of “shareable” stuff

    1 Oracle, thanks for your welcome input, most honourable
    2 I have been a follower of LRH’s philosophy for 40 years
    3 Sherb, I explained my situation to you a little earlier and
    yes, it’s as you say (a) little actual auditor training
    (b) enthusiasm for how I feel about
    the new found “freedom” to post here “vociferously” as
    our equally vociferous ( add to to that,vicious ) blogger
    SunnyV ( “not a Scientologist”) has made abundantly
    4 I have had quite a bit of auditing and had the most
    amazing gains which have kept me mostly at tone 4.0
    ever since
    5 I have a virtually complete set of LRH’s written works
    many tapes and a complete set of CO$ BASICS
    6 I financed,supported and encouraged my dear wife
    to become a resolute Class V Auditor, many years ago
    while raising our family on Scientology precepts.
    7 She does voluntary work affecting hundreds of peoples
    lives and is the reason I have kept my personal details
    confidential. I have now seen the outcome of a “witch
    hunt” directed at me and SHIELD my wife/ her work from
    this type of heartless, vicious attack , by informed choice
    8 My background primarily as an artist, expanded into
    bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports and health studies
    and culminated in opening my own gym. Although now
    retired from this, I’m still very involved and connected
    and confess I’m addicted to “Physicality” when needs be
    9 We have a number of VERY close SCN friends who,
    are preparing to move over into the INDEPENDANTS
    10 Although, I’ve studied up on the material of S.P’s &
    3rd PARTY law and used it extensively in life & biz.,
    the commandeering of the original “church” escaped
    me completely as an oblivious “kool aid” drinker
    11This all changed, dramatically, some 3 months back
    when I was introduced to this amazing (mostly) sane
    blog, founded by none other than our amazing host.
    12 I’ve been a fanatical fan ,”falling all over my feet”
    kissing butt, brown nosing, over the top and Marty
    worshipping, non-stop,impossible -to-not-notice
    devotee ever since There, I admit this OK?
    13 So, Sam, Raul ,Lynne,Quentin,and a few others,
    you have awoken me to the folly of my unchecked
    enthusiasm and I thank you for this. But in saying
    this, I also know that I have made some good friends
    here and you know who you are

    I thank you all, and I assure you, I wiil be out in the
    OPEN sooner than you think! I’m determined to find
    a way NOW! STILL lots’a luv, Li’ll bit

  66. This time line is very interesting for me.

    First, Marty’s blog started July ’09.

    Then we get the IAS reg cycle from hell Aug 6, 2009:a summom tapped to our front door from the MAA at the AO, slammed into a reg cycle that lasted 4 days because the world was coming to an end, then we gave them a large sum of money but 1 minute later that was not enough and they started the hellish reg cycle all over again.

    That did it we were done with the “Church”.We finished our course. We routed through lines from this last course with a dial wide “we are f***king out of this place” FN. Never to look back. We now laugh at that FN because it was a release for mass FN that occurred! Very funny.

    I realize now Marty’s blog was the “end of the world” for the Church that the IAS was very upset about.

    Now just a month ago the AO called to invite us to our Comm Ev for high crimes.What high crime? Not giving money to the IAS. I said no thank you, I’m not going to participate with injustice.

    So now I understand what happened here. Thank you everyone and all for giving me back my true Scientology.


  67. Luis,

    yes, what a year! Every time someone new showed up here who has escaped the mind control of the cult, I was thinking of some of your last words addressed to DM in your famous letter where you wrote: “…So like many others before me I go. And one person at a time, like a drop becomes the trickle, and the trickle becomes the stream, and the stream becomes the river…”

    And joyfully I get the image of the river flowing – and of communication nicely flowing and with it more and more free theta.

    Wish you and your family a wonderful New Year!!


  68. Incredible! Thanks for sharing!!

  69. martyrathbun09

    Allowed up to the first huge, glaring lie. You are either not watching/reading or you are and it makes no difference because your agenda is senior. In either event, have a blast on the loser blog you’d like to promote here and have fun attempting to re-enturbulate theta that has been freed.

  70. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sunny: For your information and you need to totally
    DUPLICATE this Lill bit is NOT a Troll never was,
    never will be . You on the other hand are a
    Suppressive person and seem hell bent on enturbulating
    You should also clarify your facts before embarking
    on a witch hunt,
    I wont even ask for an apology as you are just not worth it.
    Lill bits wife

  71. It’s been a hellava year!! Light years of growth! Love to all!!

  72. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam: I will give you the same answer that I have just given
    Sunny V
    For one who claims to have tech behind them you should
    know: CHECK your facts first. before you start name calling
    (labelling) You know the old adage “Give a dog a bad name
    and you hang him”
    .Lill bit Is NOT a troll never was and never will be.
    I think your perceptions are being somewhat distorted,
    but if you let someone cloud your judgement then
    you have to live with that.

    Lill bits wife
    Class 5 auditor.

  73. Should have been correctly placed under ZZZ

  74. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    DM measures CoS’s Valuable Final Product in Well Done Regging Hours.

  75. Seriously? AO wanted to Comm Ev you for not giving money to the IAS????? Seriously?

    And earlier they taped a summons from the MAA to your front door to get you in to a reg cycle?????

    OMFG, things are even worse than I thought. All it is going to take is enough people to realize they can have all the Bridge there is without all this BS.

  76. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Oracle nice touch

  77. I have misunderstood and been misunderstood in e-mails, all with people I’ve met personally. There are people in the world who are not complicated. Folks from the mid-west will tend to be more effusive than the, um, Groton or Hollywood crowd, but still get offended when someone opens up on them with suspicion. And I’ve met farmers who can size a stranger up in a matter of seconds, sometimes on nothing more than an observation about the way they stand and what they do with their hands and eyes while they’re talking. I try to look at the thought expressed, to judge someone, not the language they speak or the culture they espouse. And like yourself, I don’t like The Accuser.

  78. Fantastic 2 and 1/2 years. Fantastic blog. And Marty, thanks for inspiring many of us to start delivering straight Scientology again. Let truth and freedom ring!

  79. Sherb, I don’t think Li’ll bit is either guarded or cagey enough to qualify as duplicitous. Scn is not about agreements, and thetans aren’t used to that idea. Something like space-walking with the expectation of finding a foothold. So instead of assuming responsibility, the tendency is to look for agreements. When there are no agreements to be had, the reactive mind has a field day. In my experience, a troll will disrupt a thread, throw it off topic, set posters against each other, enrage, intimidate, and the job is done. Some people do this anyway, just their nature, and will argue against almost anything proposed. It’s not the same as difference of opinion. But, usually, “the one that gets you is the one you didn’t see coming”. What the Co$ has become, for example. It’s not the nosey neighbor who wants to know if that’s your wife.

  80. I did not see Mike agree with you, I saw him express some curiosity. I can differentiate very well. And whether Mike, or “a lot of other people” agree with you, I can still speak for myself. Open displays of affection towards Marty do not offend me. I have no urge to stop it.

  81. hm ?
    ??????????? Children playing ??????????
    Osa at work ????????

  82. George M. White

    +1 Great summary.

  83. Oh look – Sunny has been verbally declared by Li’ll Bit’s WIFE?

    Perhaps Li’l Bit is a 13 year-old Flag MAA?

  84. Oh my…

    find an auditor

  85. This scene reminds me that we have had a self-confessed hijacker of handles and gravatars posting here recently, under the names of others……

  86. one of those who see

    It is an incredible feeling to have Scientology and be really free. We are midst a true evolution. One that had to happen for Scientology to really work. I am so proud to be part of this wonderful group of beings. It’s a constant lfbd to be out of “the machine.” Hey, I didn’t have to sit through the New Year’s Event – hooray!!
    Thank you Marty for deciding to Be There and Communicate and inviting us to join you.
    My postulate for 2012 is that our ranks continue to grow with people moving up the bridge in freedom. AND that the suppressive enforced disconnection is gone so we can communicate more freely and move up the bridge without the threat of loss of family, friends and business’. May all the precious comm lines be restored.
    I must say again what a treat it is to be in comm with such intelligent, aesthetic and truly good people. This is the new civilization.
    Happy New Year!!!

  87. Who are you? Previously on this blog, someone has posted as “theoracle” without a space, not as “the oracle” with a space.

    Are you the same person? You certainly don’t seem like the person I know as “T.O.”

  88. Lbos sez: “Personally, I feel this ” inhabited ” “animated” excrement belongs in the sewer where it’s considerable stench is of no consequence.!!!!!!”

    A little potty mouth goes along way.

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty thanks, for clarity here and previously. For a long
    while, after watching your videos and trying to visualise
    how it must have felt, having to restrain yourself under
    “insane” provocation, I thank you for your examples of
    “how it’s done” The ” ethics- bait ” trash that’s been on
    my case needs his O/W’s seriously pulled. I’d drag him
    away myself to get handled ,If I could only get to him !

  90. I hate to break it to you but your husband has been trolling for a date on this blog. It was creepy but Sam put him in his place.

    I am confused why a wife supposedly has to materialize out of nowhere to defend her power-lifting, 1000lbs bench pressing, scientologist super hubby. Oh well, I’m done wasting my time with you.

    This is the end of my feeding the troll and detracting from the real point here – amazing work by Marty and others to try and right the wrongs of the CoS and people being free of POB. Best wishes for even bigger successes and ending the reign of the angry midget in 2012!

  91. Simple

    I really don’t know why they wanted to Comm Ev us other than we have told them and shown them the off policy and out tech they are engaged in. And we told them that IAS reg cycle was the worst thing we ever experienced and we will never give another dime to the IAS.

    This has been going on for 2 years. Finally they have decided to Comm Ev us for what exactly I don’t know. And I don’t care.

    I was making a joke about not giving money to the IAS as a high crime.
    But who knows maybe they do think it is a high crime. HA HA

    But yes they tapped a summons to our door to force us to come into the AO within 24 hours. And it was only to get us into a reg cycle. Seriously the only outness they could find was an occasional glass of wine at dinner. (Of course when we were not on course or getting auditing). In other words find anything you can to get them in here so we can get money out of them. It was all very intimidating and scary at the time. It was quite a drama.

    It is all very funny now. A glass of wine? and we are summons to the AO. Please!


  92. Thanks to Marty, wasted years can be reduced-lurkers time is just flying by.

  93. Well, if you get a Bill of Particulars (I think that’s what they call it), please send it to Marty so he can post it and we can get a good laugh. But probably those are “confidential eyes only” now, too.

    I’ve seen other instances of MAAs being used to attempt to browbeat money out of people. I’ve also had IAS regges and hired guns threaten me with “Ethics”. I didn’t have the expected response.

  94. Yes, I am the same person. I post with and without the space. Never thought the space mattered to anyone.

  95. An incredible debut Marty.

    May you have many more years (order of magnitude in decades) to continue to expose the abuses and alterations of the LRH legacy, however it manifests and succor and council those abused back onto their ultimate journey.

    There has been an amazing amount of information posted to this Blog from a large number of well intended & qualified people from very diverse back rounds and experiences in all aspects of Scientology in their participation and journey on the Bridge.

    This Blog is an amazing resource of truth on the subject. The current post is certainly some of the highlights but many are the nuggets and gems sitting here and there as stand alone truths and wisdoms scattered through out the blog.

    Having read this blog regularly from near it’s beginnings I appreciate reviewing these popular postings and to reflect on how far it, I, we have come since the now infamous St. Petersburg story. Which, by the way, I was completely unaware of until my FSM, god bless him, emailed me about. His warning was that a big anti Scientology story was about to break. He even sent me the link. LOL. He’s still in but I love him anyway.

    Who can say how many lives have been affected by this blog. Based on readership it must be in the thousands or tens of thousands.

    This places a humbling responsibility on our host and moderator.

    As one climbs in recognition ones communications have greater and farther reaching affects. There is a need for those communications to carry a perceptible truth if the communications are to endure. These perceptible truths thus communicated provide the means for formerly unrecognized truths to be unveiled creating perception in it own right as seen by the observer. Thus awakened these perceptions allow one to see his surroundings for what they are and one begins to find out where one is. This is orientation. Upon determining, where one is, understanding is born. As understanding grows, the dawn of enlightenment breaks and energy is unleashed.

    This is how I see this blog.

  96. +1 for nailing it again!

  97. +3 “The cat is out of the bag and it isn’t going back in.”

  98. You really do not have to respond to these subpoenas you know. I see some listing and adding items to the lists and some hallucinations. I have not seen any form of enemy condition from you. I have not seen you work to harm attack or suppress anyone until you got attacked. Although it is human nature to defend oneself when wrongly accused, I can tell you right now on the internet this can sponge up your attention for eons. If anyone here has a solid fact to offer you up as an enemy, they should present it. Otherwise, you really never have to address injustice. Injustice and bad faith always recoils on the people who deal in it. It’s a natural force. This is actually the magic behind, “turn the other cheek”.

  99. Specifics?

  100. “the one that gets you is the one you didn’t see coming”. So true.
    And to our advantage, uniforms scream at you.

  101. I don’t have any auditor training. Just fessing up.

  102. Martin, I’ve seen this too. I actually had an exasperated “So what? It’s not like you can get Scientology anywhere else!!!” quite recently.

  103. Oops false report, my bad. I did do the solo auditors course. I have done all training possible though in ethics, pts sp detection, personal ethics and integrity courses. I do not judge people by their tone level. Just me being quirky. I judge people by condition. You can have a low toned friend that is as loyal as a heart beat. You can have a high toned friend that will pull the rug right out from under your feet. So I find myself uneasy ’round folk willing to flip into enemy conditions at the drop of a hat.

  104. This group is held together because of Scientology. And you are in it. Personally, I do not believe you are not a Scientologist. The mere fact that use the phrase “OL” suggests you have been in Scientology for a very long time.

  105. Ingrid,

    I know what you are talking about when you say that “whole years can go by and not much gets done.” I kept noticing that for years and couldn’t figure it out. But things have turned around 180 since I got out of that environment and started getting the truth here on Marty’s blog. Life is good now, and things are getting done.

  106. Typical Co$ “Justice”: Find ’em Guilty first, then hold a Comm Ev. Meanwhile, the “Ethics Officer” engages in 3rd Party. Not many out-points there, oh no.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologists.

  107. Beautifully written WH.
    Marty has endured the blow back and malicious vindictiveness of Miscagive and enablers by keeping this blog going in spite of::::::::

    1) Attempts to take down the blog, infiltrate his computer, take down word press
    so entire blog was off line
    2) Pages and pages of malicious tabloid fabricated lies
    3) Squirrel Buster campaign in Ingleside-on-the-bay month in and month out, the donkey-of-the-year of all “Church Programs”
    4) Hate attacks on Mosey and her family, and even going so far as an OSA “Ops” to send Mosey :::::as shocking as this sounds::::
    a sex toy in the shape of a male penis (dildo) to Mosey’s work address.
    (from a “Church” craving recognition as a Religion !

    There is emphatically a therapeutic aspect to this blog. Marty’s blog continued to blow charge for me. Long before I posted, I read things I had already seen and observed in the Church but would not acknowledge as true because “Thought police” had kicked in.

    Then I started posting. The posts were VENTING. Aaaah it felt good to vent ! Violating my own perception, I not-ised all the things going on within the CULT which was something no longer recognizable as Old School Scientology.
    Writing up all those thoughts one could never say in an auditing session was fun, it was good for the soul. I posted and posted free and able to say what was true for me. Ahh that felt good.

    A big acknowledgement to Marty, Mosey and Mike, and a Happy New Year to all my friends on this blog.

  108. Your blog helped me to begin pulling pieces of utter human wreckage I had become, and begin to put it together again. Just a little info. Just a little truth. SO much courage and you did not have to do any of it, or go through any of the crap you (all) have gone through. So much love. Seems like real Scientology to me, supposed to bring out the best in humanity, not the worst. Thank you a million times.

  109. Very nice comment: I do not judge people by their tone level. … I judge people by condition.
    I use the tone scale to better the ARC level, not in order to put stamps on people. I judge people by Motif. It’s a matter of postulates done in the other guys universe. Tone level and condition may vary from one day to another whereas the motif will not. So to say, I “judge” people based on their willingness to change conditions on the dynamics for the better.

  110. Haha!
    That one make me smile.
    Is this the “official” Definition from the RTC?

    The key to success of an Inspector General is independence and objectivity.

    Yes, Sirrrrrrrrrr!!

  111. Asking Sam for a date, and it turns out he’s MARRIED???!!! To a Class V Auditor???

    So I am speculating: A 13 year old Flag MAA with overactive hormones, dreaming of a “wife” pulling his “withholds” or, perhaps this is actually WOW! Tom Cruise??? WHOOOOOW! WHEEEEE! ZOWIE!! posting here. He is a kind of a “Li’ll bit” himself too, isn’t he?

  112. Thanks . I hadn’t seen that. “Raymond” has a criminal mind. Meanwhile policing the activities of others. Cop / Criminal identity disputes within are a terrible burden. Well Valkov , excellent on spotting my space issues in my name. I never think about how I will sign off as sometimes I am on email and even put it all together as theoracle. For the record I will become standard from here on out and head everything as The Oracle.
    Warm wishes and regards for the new year! T.O.

  113. Very interesting. That is quite aesthetic. I suspect you are an artist.

  114. Had a stint on ESMB, that sort of phenomena was common place. Marty does a pretty good job keeping this space clean, it’s appreciated.

  115. Li’ll bit of stuff,
    Please don’t take this the wrong way. Awaiting any proof, I will accept that you’re not a troll. I even find the content of some of your posts interesting. But your overuse and misuse of quote marks and your tendency to go all caps for emphasis diminishes what you have to say. I find it difficult to read; as if I’m on a roller-coaster. Maybe this is idiosyncratic to me, but I find it quite annoying. It’s as if you want to minimize what you have to say by being cute. Even your handle of “Li’ll bit of stuff” seems to beg others to overlook or excuse what you say; and it makes one wonder why a middle age man would choose it.

    I think you have something to say and I think there would be less suspicion of your motives if you said it outright rather hiding behind coy formatting. I know I have no right to criticize another’s writing style, but I really am trying to help.

  116. It’s amazing what reading will teach one, even complex abbreviations like Opinion Leaders. This might blow your mind but I also know the meanings of OT, RPF, VWD, ML, KSW, SP, PTS, WTF, etc… I’ve been posting and reading various Scientology forums and blogs for a long time, long enough to know you’ve been chased away from almost all of them IIRC due to ridiculous drama and nasty behavior. (But FWIW you’ve always made me giggle by trying to cast online spells and incantations at posters who displease or disagree with you. )

    However, I will take it as a compliment that you think my vocabulary qualifies me as a Scientologist, just as long as it’s not of the variety that worship the apoplectic midget.

    And now, just like with Li’llbitofOSA, I will STFU and won’t waste any more blog space or my time replying to someone who decided to insert themselves into a convo to defend the honor of a power-lifting troll.

  117. I love everyone on this site so much! We are free, everything manifests to be Audited. Who knew we where being watched the whole track through to the bitter end of the tone scale? Has god forsaken this earth? Loved despite any of it. Hubbard raised the conscience vibration of the World closer to ascension or Light Beings. OTs who are more then native state and rather beyond proccesing. We meet Hubbard in the lives of millions who will never forget him. He was the best at keeping his post, and his ego out of Scientology. Just the straight goods far advanced. The product exists in generations who actted on what is needed and wanted. Hubbard spoke the truth in timeless dynamics. We have it and it is ours. The clear is karma free, free of past and future traps. A clear is lovely in present time. We will always need to clear and love others in arc. In every dimension. Forever

  118. Yes Carol, ‘i should be clear’ is the greatest of prayers!

  119. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hello Carcha, great to ” C ” you again and I’ve really missed your ARC / KRC presence here.

    Well, by now, you’ve gotten the crux of the cause/s
    agenda/s behind the proverbial ” Heat in the Kitchen”
    But guess what ? I’M NOT “getting out” No need to!

    A kitchen is a place where “cooking” gets done and
    what’s a little heat and spatter,when the eventual
    delicious “popcorn” is put in the bowl for ALL your
    REAL friends to enjoy, hey ?

    I did notice a few, throwing their little incendiary bombs
    into the pan, so what ? I forgive, but won’t forget them
    They remind me of the one’s I noticed when I have
    been giving First Aid at the scenes of motor accidents

    These are the types who stand in the way, interfere,
    or pass derogatory remarks, which effectively, act to
    complicate, otherwise routine F / Aid assistance.
    Some of these proclaim loudly ” It’s all under control
    I’m a Scientologist! ” Yeah! CO$ shuttle V/M version!

    Ron summed it all up very simply, along the lines of
    “judge men from what they think of help….The good
    can help. The bad will not. Or if they do, they ” help ”
    only to betray, ” ref– “Help” (change magazine.)

    Carcha, I have learned much from you,and your
    light, easy manner, belies a enormous wisdom and
    inner strength borne from years in the “chair” helping
    many to find their way out of treachery and pain,
    LRH would be extremely proud of the work that you,
    Marty, and so many other wonderful Auditors (incl. my dear wife,) are doing, to Move on up a little Higher.

    BTW, just as a fresh breeze, you have shown up here
    and blown away some of the “stench” that had begun
    to “settle” in the kitchen! Thank YOU and please,
    enjoy the popcorn! ( made with Olive Oyl )

    Time to prepare for the NEW YEAR, hey? Luv, Li’ll bit

  120. Li'll bit of stuff

    I will ignore this ENTHETA
    Lill bits wife.

  121. Li'll bit of stuff

    Your reply shows me just how scurrilous you really are.
    You are very critical of someone you know nothing
    about ( based solely on others aberrated opinions).
    Your “overts” and “witholds” need cleaning up.
    Would you like me to arrange a session for you?

    Lill bits wife
    Class 5 auditor.

  122. Li'll bit of stuff

    Califa, thanks for your comment and since there’s real
    truth in what you say, I accept this in the right way.
    Further truth is that I had only learned to use the
    computer ( dummy level ) as a result of discovering
    Marty’s blog. Even then, it’s just for this purpose

    I am being quite fast tracked, in learning the do’s &
    don’ts, which apply ( here ) due to the mostly 1.1 but
    more pleasingly, constructive and helpful comments,
    such as yours here. I’m getting it right, slowly

    Thanks again and BTW, I’ve already made adjustments
    by toning down my natural 4.0 comm to a hopefully,
    more acceptable 3.0 level, by using the manual overide
    button. Please let me know how i’m doing, O K ?

    The Li’ll bit (monicker) must suffice for now, OK, Califa ?

  123. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi T.O just a quick touch with base to you, to say, there’s
    a few reasons for me to express a heartfelt thanks to you,
    so will catch up with you soon. Till then, ARC Li’ll bit

  124. It is a false report that I have been “chased away from almost all of them”.

    Name ONE. There are only TWO forums I have posted on. Freezone and ESMB. I requested loudly and clearly to be unsubscribed from the ESMB forum.

  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sherb, – give a dog a bad name then hang him.
    i’m very surprised you actually bought this stunt

    Going by the upward journey travails you shared
    with me, I also bought your story. If truth be told,
    turns out we were both had. To see you decend
    to a 1.1 snide remark after I had originated core
    details about my life to you, says it all.

    I am pretty certain that I have missed a with hold
    on you — so you know the drill — exact time,place
    form & event + responsibility for it —- poof!
    Your integrity is in / by your own hands, right ?

  126. Li'll bit of stuff

    SKM = one very theta being, that actually
    SHINES for all to see!

  127. I love the number one

  128. You’re doing great! Your post above is much more legible and straightforward. Keep in mind that on the internet anything in all caps is considered to be shouting and that people will know your meaning from the words you choose rather than from extraneous flourishes which only distract. Happy New Year!

  129. Li'll bit of stuff

    You’re beautiful, teacher! Thanks & Happy New
    Year with much prosperity and Success Luv Li’ll bit

  130. Happy New Year to you, too T.O.

    Yes, it’s a good idea to be consistent here with your handle and make known what it is ,CAPS, no caps, spaces, etc.

  131. “Gotta hand it to ya SlimyV ( 3rd party pro!)”


  132. If you didn’t know how to use a computer how did you discover Marty’s blog in the first place? Did you go and buy a computer and learn to use it just to read and post on Martys blog?

  133. Thank you for the C/S, LBOS’ “wife”. Arrange a session for me? At Flag, no doubt….. I do want the very best of course.

  134. Great to see your snarling name calling has now denigrated into outright threats. Thanks for continuing to unwravel and reveal your true form for all to see!

    Overflowing, hollow, saccharine praise for those who support you & name calling and threats towards those that question. This kind of behavior reminds me of a certain cult…..

  135. Li'll bit of stuff

    Valkov, Missed withhold auditing offer still applies

  136. Li'll bit of stuff

    You’re sicker than I thought man! Happy New Year!

  137. Li'll bit of stuff

    LCW So, you feel you have a right to know this?
    OK! seeing I addressed the above post to Califa,
    show enough manners to introduce yourself & motives, politely, otherwise, no can do.

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