Squirrel Busters Hibernate

That is how the Corpus Christi Caller Times put it.   Since Miscavige folded his tent by Corpus Christi bay in early November, apparently they have hibernated for the winter elsewhere.  While in the scheme of things the Corporate Scientology operation had little impact on the Coastal Bend (several counties surrounding Corpus – the Times’ beat) in general, Miscavige’s antics earned a place on the ballot in the Caller Times reader’s poll top stories of the year in the region:

Squirrel Busters hibernate by the bay

Mark Rathbun moved to Ingleside on the Bay to start a new life away from the Church of Scientology. But as he, his wife and residents of the small community soon found out, a place away from the church doesn’t really exist.

Not when a documentary film crew is following your every move, that is.

“Squirrel” is church jargon for a heretic, and the Squirrel Busters — though the Church of Scientology has said they are not directly affiliated with the church — set out on a mission to make a movie about Rathbun defecting from the church, at any cost.Whether the film is now or will ever be in production, the group of Californians who followed Rathbun around South Texas managed to produce a lot of controversy.

Context from the Times

One hundred and ninety nine (199) days these bozos stayed in town.   Their departure is a story in itself.

The final overt visit by the busters was the day I was arrested, 16 September.  They stuck around another six weeks, literally hiding in the home they had leased less than 200 yards from ours.

They snuck out of town by cover of night while Mosey and I were on the east coast in the beginning of November.  The lease of their squirrel headquarters down the street ran til mid-November.  But they left on 2 November.  That happened to be two days after our one-year lease ran out on our home.  In my estimation, Miscavige had them stick around to get footage of us moving out of our home intending to post it as the accomplishment of their stated intention,  to run us out of house and home town.  By the first they could plainly see there was no sign of moving going on, and poof, they were gone the next day.

Here is SQB’s final overt encounter with me on the afternoon of 16 September 2011:

Mosey and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped us out through encouragement, energy, and friendship during the siege.  This was no minor defeat you handed the little dictator.

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  1. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    That is not a small victory over the little dictator. This paves the way for others to stand up without fear and talk. They see that one can survive despite the “church” spending lots of money and manpower.

  2. My appreciation to you and Mosey for taking their intended pressure with such dignity and grace. You set an example of courage under fire and provide a rallying point for all of us who want to contribute to bringing down the little twerp and restore the goals and reputation of Scn.

    I also appreciate the Corpus Times Caller, Village Voice, St. Pete Times and other bold journalist who dare to tell the truth and risk the ire of the Wizard of Oz.

  3. Marty, my take is that you apply the breath and depth of correct LRH tech and policy for handling attacks in the correct way. By way of comparison the Squirrel Busters and other ways in which POB forces OSA to “handle attacks” (as they view your activities as an “attack”) are themselves squirrelled into oblivion.

  4. The whole business seems so lame and at the same time irritating to watch (can’t imagine what it would be like to step out my front door to encounter such a group of dullards on a daily basis). Laughed at the question and reaction btw, ‘if you agree don’t say anything?”

    However, if they ever come back, may I make one suggestion? Don’t bother trying to reason with them according to their ‘logic.” Overt mockery would be so much more entertaining and enturbulating (a most wonderful word!)

    Pax to both Marty and Mosey. And good wishes for a happy new year!

  5. George M. White

    Marty and Mosey:
    Great courage in confronting Mr. Moth-cavige and his legions.
    Moth-cavige is the ‘Nero of South Texas’

    From Boethius:
    “Though royal purple soothes his pride,
    And snowy pearls his neck adorn,
    Nero in all his riot lives
    The mark of universal scorn.”


  6. Marty and Mosey, Wow ! the squirrel busters look bad and you can feel their defeat along with their embarrassment. Who does this crap? People that I have spoken to just shake their heads and sigh and ask don’t these people have a life? This type of PR has cost them big time. People continue to back away bigtime…bye, bye DM!

  7. Defintion of Ethics Presence: ” “A” quality partly made up partly of symbology, partly of force, some “now we’re supposed to’s” and endurance. The endurance asserts the truth of unkillability. We’re still here, can’t be unmocked. This drives the SP wild.”

    Marty, kudos to you for staying the course and driving the little dictator insane. He must have looked like a real loser in front of his juniors when he was ordered by his attorneys to pull the plug on the collossily stupid encampment by the SQBs.

    ML Tom

  8. Dear Marty and Mosey,
    In the “Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary”, definition #2. of Power is: “the ability to maintain a position in space”. You have exhibited this definition against all odds! Very, Very, Very Well Done!

    You have won against the +billion dollar corporate empire of radical miscavology., David Miscavige’s abomination of the applied spiritual philosophy developed by L. Ron Hubbard, known as Scientology. Once again, theta (the spirit and life force) wins over MEST (Matter, Energy, Space and Time; the physical universe)!!!!

    In the coming New Year, may you Flourish and Prosper beyond your wildest dreams and greatest expectations! The best for the both of you in 2012!

    Much love, Catherine von Ach

    P.S. Maybe they will finally learn: “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”!

  9. I admire your strength and fortitude Marty and Mosey for standing up to that barrage of insanity!! Obviously a total failure and waste of money by DM. I wonder what those OT8s are thinking now about their “Church” now that their big paydays are gone.

    A New Year is upon us. While DM gets ready for his next big Propaganda Event on New Years Eve for the blind, you Marty continue to just deliver standard Scientology the way LRH intended.

    Who is the winner? You are and the rest of Independent Scientology.

  10. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, You’ve oft repeated that you can SPOT the
    little dwarf “making his moves” from a long way off

    His ” handiwork ” is also a dead “give away ” per
    the robotic Goons, whose “programming ” is so
    obvious to any observer with even two brain cells
    to rub together. Just MORE yellow, uncooked egg
    running down the artificially tanned face of this
    pea brained little dramatizing psycho !

    “HEY! Little SAWN – OFF DICTATOR! Get your ACT
    together! Wipe that mess off your smug, gloating
    mug, Do something about the narrow shoulder
    padding and for F*#@* sake, apart from your over-
    sized HEAD and miniature shoulders, WHERE’S the
    REST of you. You’re a DISGRACE. Stop hiding
    behind your bodyguards, lawyers and robots! ”

    “C’mon mucho man, if you REALLY want to be taken
    SERIOUSLY, then cut the CRAP and come out in
    the OPEN, one on one, like a REAL man would!!!

    JEEZ, these little FAKERS just piss me off !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Marty & Mosey,

    Thanks for taking the heat, having your lives disrupted for 199 days in addition to all the usual bull caca.
    You put yourselves out there for the rest of us in a BIG way!!
    While you were being obsessed with, we were moving up a little higher!
    I feel I would still be trapped by fear if it weren’t for you, the other commentators and comment makers, Steve, Friends of LRH, interviews, books…the list goes on and on.
    So, I have to say, thank you to all who have written or spoken the truth in whatever form!!
    It was the day that I stood up and let my name be counted that someone else quit having control over the formation of my life. It’s my life now and I form it, good or bad, and I love it!!

  12. Not to invalidate the nuisance and inconvenience that they had caused to you and Mossey, but who was getting the whooping all along? Who was under siege? The Square Bastards were repeatedly dragged through the streets tarred and feathered and publicly hung, drawn and quartered. Finally they snuck out of town. What had DM accomplished besides terrible PR, waste of a ton of money and bruised ego? He managed to stick you in jail for a couple of hours under false pretenses and was called on that in the press and also his goons scared your dog. I’d give them a couple of points for trying and persistence. The final score is Marty 97.5, DM 2.5. The game is over. Happy New Year!

  13. Marty and Mosey,
    You have stood your ground based upon an honest understanding of the game. You did not forsake the purpose nor the application of the tech. You have set an example of the results. Thanks guys. For both of you:

  14. Marty and Mosey,

    I’m so glad for you two. It’s been said that resistance to tyranny is victory.

    Stated another way:

    “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Happy New Year!

  15. Marty, the Squirrel Busters are ridiculous, whether they are doing their out-ethics in Texas or elsewhere. If I ever found myself {which I already know I won’t} in a situation in life where I was “squirrel busting” someone, I would seek help. There are other ways to talk to people such as good old fashioned 2-way communication. So, go tell the Squirrel Busters “Hey! Why don’t you try some 2-way comm instead of this kind of stuff for a change?!” 🙂 Hoping your holiday was and your New Year is just great.

  16. Definition of OT:
    “a being at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life. ‘Operating’ come from ” aboe to ‘operate’ without dependency on things” and ‘thetan’ is the Greek letter ‘theta’ (⦵), which the Greeks used to represent “thought” or perhaps “spirit” …”
    L. Rob Gubbard BCR page 10)
    To the most amazing OTs here – all of you – Anons, Indies, freezers and free beings, and excerpt from RJ 67:
    “but I’ve already made an experiment, I went off by myself into southern Africa to see whether or not an OT would make good, singly and all alone, without any assistance, against the environment around him. And I found out that he would not do too much good. But a group of OTs would be entirely irresistible, and are necessary to carry off this type of operation. So OTs do best with OTs.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
    RJ 67
    It has been an incredible journey getting to know you all. You are all OTs and free beings regardless of your group affiliations and labels.
    I love you all to pieces.
    Thank you so much for being part of my journey.
    Looking forward to the adventures ahead. xxx

  17. (scuse typos – am imbued with Christmas spirit!)

  18. Marty,

    Word on the street is that some of the squirrel busters themselves are “dissafected” and unhappy admitting that the campaign didn’t work and did more harm than good …

    Couldn’t happen to nicer folks …

  19. Marty,

    These were specifically YOUR squirrel busters!

  20. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, I come from a background, physically speaking
    where I lived, and worked in an environment where
    500 lb bench presses, & 900 lb squats were pumped
    out like a ‘joke’.The bouncers and ‘ball-busting’
    powerlifters, as well as monstrous bodybuilders were
    also part of my ‘bread & butter’ as a personal
    trainer.These guys were the REAL DEAL and believe
    me, NOBODY messed with them!

    If you are up to, respect & can CONFRONT physicality,
    you can HANDLE it.

    It would appear, that the dwarf has NOT REALLY been
    tested one on one, without his ” supporting bodyguards”

    Your comments Marty ( as a former ‘enforcer’ ) ??

  21. Marty, Mosey and Mike,

    you are holding your position in space! You are continuing to communicate and to keep us informed! Great! Thank you!

    “The power of a thetan stems from his ability to hold a position in space.” (HCOPL, 29 JULY 1971, ISSUE I)

    Meanwhile the scared dictator is cowardly in hiding. He is trying to hold his position in space by hiding behind a machinery of lawyers, spies and stooges, only creeping out of his fortress heavily guarded.


    “Dictators #1 Fear – The International Society of Human Rights came up with these brilliant ads spoofing some of the world’s dictators….”

    Still some more need to go…

  22. M&M,
    Thanks for the update on the Squibs, the personification of DM’s true madness and losing campaign; a total waste of RCS loyalists hard earned donations.

    One very tiny loss is the entertainment provided by Squibs such as the car wash, which is a classic video to remember them by.

  23. Marty,

    At this time of year, it is always good to give thanks for things that have happened, especially the blessings in disguise.

    And on that note, the Squibs accomplished something that was a gift that keeps on giving. Through their diligent efforts in complying with the daily orders from Dear Leader, they created an environment where today you have almost complete immunity with law enforcement. Nobody will ever believe the Church on any claim they may make, while giving you the benefit of the doubt on everything. Nurse Rached and gang were caught in so many lies and made so many false attempts to get you prosecuted, that like the boy who cried wolf, if they were ever to try anything again, law enforcement would laugh in their face.

    It’s something that might have taken you a decade to accomplish alone by being good neighbors and members of the community — the RCA accelerated things by about 20 times. One of Dave’s few REAL straight up and vertical stats!

    Of course, they also created media which exposed to the world more of the stinking, rotting laundry spilling out of LaBlow’s suitcase as he scurried from one dark crack to the next like a startled cockroach. He’s a pet cockroach of course, fed by the Vulture Emperor himself. But thanks to their genius, the world got a whiff of how putrid things are behind the curtain. And for that too we should also give thanks.

    And I personally want to give thanks for them providing some of the funniest moments of the year. The paddleboat was a classic. Bozo the Clown performing in Santa Monica, here and Phoenix were truly memorable, as was Ed Bryan in Miami. But I have to say, a true highlight of the year and one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life was the Car Wash. Absolutely ROTFLMFAO. Priceless entertainment.

    So, as annoying and time wasting as it may have been, there is always a silver lining, and in this case, the silver fell from the sky in large volume…

    Here’s to an even shinier 2012!

  24. Li'll bit of stuff

    Misha, hope you & the family had a great Xmas and
    enjoyed the all round cheer & goodwill !! Just getting
    an update on ” The Goon Show ” tells you just how
    thin, the supply of ‘candidates’ there are, available,
    who are actually prepared to subject themselves to
    this DEGRADING HUMILIATION, by parading themselves in front of potentially millions of TV viewers and Internet
    Hits across the World !! What stupid, dumb,assholes

    His EVIL little PLOT has developed a pretty serious
    ” speed -wobble ” wouldn’t you say ?? ARC Li’ll bit

  25. +100000000000000000000 well stated!

  26. Sinar,

    I so thoroughly agree. I had just written a comment that touched upon this and now see yours. Thanks so much for posting this again.

    This is truly a comedy classic.

  27. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike , dunnit again! Reduced me to a WRECK!!

    Screamingly funny, my man, you really are priceless!!
    And by the looks of things, this PEANUT is running out
    of things to throw at you. When he REALLY gets to
    retrying to ” buy ” you (again!?) , just make sure you’ve
    got those hidden cameras rolling. Its almost certain to
    result in some, shall we say “compensation?” by certain
    hungry ‘NEWS CREWS’ ( not to mention legalities,either!)

    Thanks again, YOU really shine, my man!!

  28. my vote is for when Mosey says to them, ‘yeah, he’s auditing, and you’re riding around in golfcarts…’

    or when Mosey wrote on the blog as a message to DM: ‘he waited around for months to see you at Flag. You refused to see him. My question: ‘how’s that going for you…’

    Not sure these were her exact words, but brilliant!

  29. The carwash was definitely teh highlight of 2011. It put everything into a nice perspective. Thanks Marty.

    ML Tom

  30. Michael Fairman

    The Squirrel Busters – In Memoriam

    they came, they saw,

    then scooted away

    cowards one and all

    with nothing to say

    month after month

    they shot their pics

    annoyed the folks

    with dirty tricks

    but in the end

    what did they gain?

    a big fat zilch

    and seen insane

    so rest in peace

    though not yet dead

    their “mission” failed

    their spirit’s fled

    Goodbye, goodbye

    from one and all

    praise M and M

    cause they stood tall

  31. maurizio serafini

    that’s funny lol,
    happy holidays Sam

  32. Michael now that should go on shirts and be worm through streets across America!!!!!! love it!

  33. Classic stuff!

  34. Absolutely Mike. Here’s to the RCS continuing to make complete fools of themselves in 2012!

  35. This, to me, was the Church yelling out “Stop Me!” It is so true that criminals work to get themselves caught. The siege in Texas was the most visible, stupid, and ineffective of many visible, stupid, and ineffective activities done by the DM and the ‘droids. It is obvious the collective church is crying out.

    As I said before, whatever you think of Marty and Mike and Karen and Steve and all of the Independents or Free Zone field, what David M and his enablers are doing is WRONG.

    Marty and Mosey – thanks for standing strong. I know it was not easy.

  36. LOL – (hic!) maybe should have waited until after the celebrations to post but I couldn’t resist.
    Am almost on best behavior again now 😉
    Happy holidays!

  37. Wow Michael!
    Another of your talents showing up…..
    Great summary.

  38. +1
    Mosey cuts through all the crap and gets the the heart of the matter. Quotes of the year!

  39. 😀 perfect.

  40. November 1, 2011

    To: Obersturmfuhrer R. Gomez
    From: Reichskanzlei 77 SusetStrasse

    Re: Operation BlabberOSA

    Permission to withdraw your forces is DENIED. You are to hold that Cul-De-Sac at ALL COSTS.

    We understand your forces have been diminished, your cameras moistened, your street car soiled, your underwear molded. Your faithful obedience and belief in the FINAL victory will carry you through to ultimate victory, notwithstanding these hardships.

    All eyes within Int are with you. Even those with out-int.

    Propaganda Minister Sherman is preparing a new rally at the Shrine. My zeppelin will arrive there and I expect to have footage of Marty’s retreat to show at that time.

    Hiel Me!!


  41. I am always amazed by the stupidity of DM and other embarrassments that have the gall to call themselves Scientologusts. Their truly stupid, miserable PR is only getting good PR for the Independents, and showing that real Scientologists are exactly what LRH defined us as–not victims. Pathetic. Marty, Mosey, Mike, et al, my hat is off to you for your continued bravery. I am not on the frontlines like you all but I am promoting using Scn, and not through the Corporate Church, to all my true friends and family.

  42. Centurion: WUNDEBAR!

  43. Mike, beyond classic comedy, it is inspiring. 🙂

  44. “Sam | December 26, 2011 at 9:14 pm | Reply

    LOL – (hic!) maybe should have waited until after the celebrations to post but I couldn’t resist.
    Am almost on best behavior again now 😉
    Happy holidays! ”

    My thought here is that I prefer you at your worst, [Oops! less than optimum/best/ whatever ] behavior. 🙂
    Was lots of fun at Mikes party. 🙂

    Dunno how the follow up party went as I went to the Las vegas FZ conference. Was very fortunate to recieve L-11 and more from Trey Lotz while there. 🙂

    Comments on this below:-

    One of the good things of recent events is I get to hang out with Trey. He’s a real cool dude! Very funny, young at heart, and full of interesting info.

    LRH once said something along the lines of ” all abberation is self invalidation.”

    That’s pretty much true for me. And Scientology and auditing has been stripping such away since I started, including L-11.

    I think that people’s experience on L-11 will be quite varied, according to their experiences, position on the bridge when they do it and where they want to be heading.

    On OT2, my favorite bridge level, I found myself experiencing this from ” Factor 28:-

    ” Certainty in all three universes must be regained, for certainty, not data, is knowledge.”

    I found that I was understanding tech better, and puzzled in that
    I hadn’t looked at any other than that I needed to do OT 2. Then later by chance read the factors! Holy cogs!

    This has been somewhat expanded upon in L-11, and includes what to me seems to be a re-experiencing of factors 1&2:-

    “1 Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.

    2 In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.”

    One of the best actions ever for me was a self elected FPRD, and on this I went whole track big time, running among other things pre physical universe events. L-11 dosn’t seem to be aimed at going way back track, but one at times gets the usual question ” is there an earlier time…..”

    So it seems I recalled the start of my track. Well perhaps its just another way station on the train journey of life, but for me, yes it was the start of track. 🙂

    And also it was a revelation about my relationship to the eighth dynamic. Definitely a part of MY dynamics.

    So life can sometimes be surreal. This auditing has been taking place in a Los Vegas casino, and I wouldn’t have wanted it to have been anywhere else. Me and my fellow members of the “2011 Los Vegas convention. 3 or 4 of us in the ” Vegas FZ conference 2011 L-11 club” have enjoyed it here so much. 🙂 Trey auditing pretty much non stop from 1 pm to 10 pm every day.

    So sometimes, in session breaks, to get some havingness I go out to the casino’s wild life garden, full of exotic birds and even more exotic fish, an oasis in this desert, of moisture laden air from all the pools and waterfalls.I usually run across a few wedding parties here also. Not really trying to promote the Flamingo Casino, and no I’m not getting paid for this. The rooms are cheap when you go mid week. 🙂

    When I go out the other door, and walk down the strip its a completely different experience. Every 3 yards there is someone wearing a T-shirt saying-

    ” GIRLS Girls girls, delivered to you in 20 minutes.”

    And giving out cards with pictures. Wondering if there’s any connection with all the weddings?

    Then another casino’s PA system tells one that non stop strip poker is playing inside. [ think I’ll have to go check that one out!]

    So people come to Vegas to have fun, be entertained and play, and they mostly seem happy.

    This brings me to some more of my wins, an increase in happiness, and the spirit of play, the latter including irreverence, iconoclasm and humour.

    During this process got exposed to this:-

    An outpouring of joy from an angel which seems appropriate, despite all the villagers apparently having to die. Guess its my dark side. 😦

    Then I’m reminded of the final stanza of my favorite poem. Here a Hindu priest is waiting for possible death for dallying with the royal princess.

    He is not mourning, seeking forgiveness, trying to square up things with his maker or anything like that. His irreverence of accepted standards, his iconoclastic breaking of the rules and his love are an expression of his spirit of play – he just want’s to remember the fun parts. 🙂

    “Even now
    I know that I have savoured the hot taste of life
    Lifting green cups and gold at the great feast.
    Just for a small and a forgotten time
    I have had full in my eyes from off my girl
    The whitest pouring of eternal light…..”

  45. And on 9/11 they were there terrorizing you. And they expect people to come in to the Church to be lifted on to some higher ground? Here we go again with the perceptics issue.

    DM is clearly missing a few:

    Motion (exterior)
    Emotional state of other organisms
    Emotional state of groups
    Awareness of Not Knowing
    Awareness of importance, unimportance
    Awareness of others

    Possibly many more…

  46. Sinar,

    I consider this the home video of the year. Perhaps beyond.

  47. top of the vale

    To the Know Bests of the Universe, like Der Leader – that impenetrable dwarf and the seemingly undaunted Squirrelbusters, unless they get caught in a carwash, I thought it would be good education for them to know how LRH describes them(note: parenthesis are my comments, not LRH’s). KNOW BEST – a technical and admin term. In tech it refers to an auditor(something DM tried and failed) who in misapplying a process on a pc considers he knows more than is actually contained in the technical bulletins on the subject and uses this “know best” as a basis for altering technical procedure(rermind you of anyone, GAT? Ummm?).
    In admin it refers similarly to a person who considers he has a better way of accomplishing something than is contained in the policy letters covering that subject and messing things up. Management(long since gone or ‘holed’ up somewhere) then finds itself left with the task of correcting that person’s goofs(www.savescientology.com) by applying the correct standard policy to the area.
    In English, it is a derogatory term meaning the person is pretending to know while actually being stupid(DM, not even seeing this, actually believes he’s intelligent, when in reality to everyone else demonstrably is STUPID)

  48. As a reminder……………..

  49. The Corpus Christi Caller Times has the Silly Ship of Fools “Squirrel Buster’s” story in the running for the STORY OF THE YEAR.

    And we all know that the “CAR WASH” Video is the VIDEO OF THE YEAR.

    Happy New Year’s Everybody!

  50. I don’t agree with this J&D, stick to the facts.

  51. I love it when you don’t resist!

  52. Mike-Nothing stays the same-we can all predict even stupider behaviour from these idiots in 2012.

  53. Mike: yes, it must be pretty embarrassing to have been one of those morons.

    You sacrifice almost a year of your life for the project, away from friends and family. You assure POB that you’re gonna fry Marty and Co. in a couple of weeks. You endure lots of abuse and humiliation (car wash video, etc.) and bring lots of negative press coverage down on the Church of Scientology in the meantime. Then the oh-so-clever ending scene you had imagined, the one where Marty flees town when his lease is up, doesn’t actually happen. That’s the one you were hiding out two months to get, spending even more of Dave’s money while you waited. So when it’s clear Marty’s not going to run away, you pack up and slink back to Miscavige, where he smacks you around a bit and then consigns you to the RPF. That was probably the most fun of any meeting you’ve ever had with DM.

    “Disaffected” is an understatement.

  54. Yes, Li’ll Bit, I bet he is running out of bad guys with all the media attention. Christmas was good, thank you, hope you did too! I just wish my old TU buddies were here to celebrate instead of watching videos at MCI. I don’t exactly know who you are but I am sure you know what I am talking about.

  55. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are proud to state that the Squirrel Busters Operation represented COB’s greatest accomplishment since the Golden Age of Technology.

    Without even mentioning the incredible life-changing miracles that COB’s three needle swings have brought to Scientology standard auditing, COB’s “Squirrel Busters Opera” was yet more of the unparalleled genius we have come to expect from COB and COB alone.

    As rated by actual statistics, over three billion people visited Church of Scientology websites after seeing for themselves the devastating results of squirrel auditing captured on tape by the dauntless Squirrel Busters.

    These billions in Africa, Asia, and even the poor people of Somalia are clamoring for standard auditing in the Church of Scientology and will sign up for their Bridges when they create the wherewithal. About $360,000 should do unless of course they are illegal pc’s in which case COB wants about $750,000 per person or more.

    But even if these people never get any auditing – and they won’t if they don’t pay – they can and should join the Sea Org where everyday is full of making go right by forwarding command intention to strip Scientologists of their personal assets in order to pay for RTC front groups and lobbyists that fight for religious freedom and against Psychiatry in places like Latvia, Estonia, and even “Psych-Fortress Europe” where our growth rate was only 1725% in 2011.

    COB will 5.3x this growth rate in 2012 if Scientologists donate the $512,000,000 he needs for his “The Way to Happiness Europe” campaign. This program will place copies of “The Way to Happiness” in the hands of over three hundred people. The rest of the money will be used to purchase influence at the government level.

    Upstat and upbeat as always, we in RTC have big plans to start a popular blog like this one in 2012. Sure, we need to hire some writers and pay for an audience, but make no mistake about it, we will out-create this blog. We will start our blog just as soon as we start delivering the Super Power rundowns.

  56. It was a blast being in Las Vegas at the convention and meeting so many independent Scientologists from all around the world. It was the largest convention so far. Being able to stay right there at the Flamingo for another week and audit 3 L11s and an OT review full time was even better.

    I was also able to experience the kind of fantastic comm that occurs when you get several high ARC OTs like Terril, Rich and Mr & Mrs Oracle into free floating conversations. The duplication is so high, time disappears.

    Throughout this experience, I was aware that Marty Mosey & MIke’s front line efforts have created safe space for the independent field to grow, to practice the tech and to win. Their willingness to directly confront the suppression allows all of us in the independent movement to feel safer.

    Mutual power flows are occurring.

    We are all becoming a little stronger and a little smarter.

  57. Thanks Marty and Mosey, this is a great post. You’ve given the world a fine Christmas present which is the factual evidence as filmed here that the radical church of Scientology can not shut down decent people and can not shut down standard application of Scientology as it exists in your household and elsewhere in the world.
    Additionally I thought you Marty, and Mosey, were extremely honest with these people coming to your house to harass you all throughout their siege. Even in this video posted here you can see that the lady (Joanne) who is supposed to be harrassing you, in her heart of hearts doesn’t really believe in what she is doing. You probably are the best friend she has right now.

  58. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Misha, Thanks for the update and I’m glad you
    enjoyed Christmas & so did we.
    TU buddies ? MCI ? —— sorry, I’m clueless here ?
    The Voluntary work performed by my wife, affecting
    hundreds, will be effectively terminated, were my ID compromised at this stage, so please bear with me!
    I still need to be intelligent about decisions & outcomes
    We’re dealing with heartless,vindictive types here!!

    Looking forward to attending to the VITAL stuff this
    NEW year and here’s to getting us & our many new pals
    here, moved on up a little higher! What say, HEY ??

    P.S Are your family also ” active ?” Li’ll bit

  59. Persistence is a wonderful thing. It’s adored by one and all. Great movies/stories will have someone who showed persistence in some manner or another.

    It’s got that unkillable quality to it ya just can’t help but love!

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    Classic! Blitzen! schizen mit schtinkin’ diarrhoea’zen und
    schplatterinken olhoever ze tooh inchen schuuoezen !!
    ACHTUNG!!!! Vere ist der Schweinnen?? Donnder und
    Blitzzen ze Dolten mit der Meind Bendink und Tzzappink
    (with sincere apologies to mein revolltink Durcchen

  61. Tony DePhillips

    Nice poem.

  62. Tony DePhillips


  63. top of the vale

    Let’s not get toooo serious now!

  64. Li'll bit of stuff

    Colorwheel, You realize (of course you do!) that the only
    REALLY workable method, broadly successful, in raising
    I Q, is simply the application, of Standard Processing to a
    P.C. by a “properly trained” ( LRH version) SCN AUDITOR

    As indicated by a friend of mine, ( …thank you Carcha!!…)
    ” the CHURCH of SCIENTOLOGY ” doesn’t exist anymore!
    all courtesy of DM’s (replacement) C O $ & G A T,by which we have seen the complete ‘evaporation’ of anything resembling genuine, life and I.Q. changing “auditing” results!!

    Sadly, the profile of persons emerging from G A T, is even
    further compromised by “Crush Regging”(squirrelling) &
    Heavy invalidation, to any objections / resistance of the P.C
    to committing financial suicide etc etc ad nauseum!!

    So, my friend, the VFP of GAT is actually LOWERED I Q
    and therefore, more MORONS, to be intimidated into more
    bankruptcy / slavery / submission, which is the ONLY way
    perceived by DM that he can feel SMARTER / SAFER !!

    DUMB, huh???? Luv & ARC Li’ll bit

  65. 16th of sep, EL GRITO DAY, is the mexican fiesta par exellence ! on this day mexicans all over the world celebrate the mexican independence from spanish rule. Very timing indeed.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Trey. What you do day in and day out is what is of primary importance.

  67. Nicely stated Terril. I really get your viewpoint on this. Looks like you had some really good sessions. LOL

  68. Li'll bit of stuff

    Trey , hello for the first time and super well done to you.
    Bullseye with comments re Marty,Mosey & Mike and
    thanks for highlighting the “safe space” aspect of
    these MAJOR accomplishments. ALL just so TRUE.

    At the end of the day, it takes not just great CONFRONT
    but let’s not overlook it, ENORMOUS self restraint and
    SELF control under the most UNREAL provocation!!!!

    I echo your sentiments,entirely and thank YOU for the
    ENORMOUS impact you are making in guiding and
    helping so many UPWARDS to their FREEDOM

    Much continued success and love to you and your
    wonderful wife in an exciting 2012 Li’ll bit

  69. Li'll bit of stuff

    Underdog, spot on! and “This one’s also for YOU, Trolls,

  70. Well done moving up the standard LRH bridge.

  71. I second that. I am proud to call you my friends.

  72. Awesome and Amazing, Terrill. 😀

  73. LMAO – holding my breath…

  74. George M. White


  75. Thank you Marty for allowing my success story through. I believe you told me you didn’t want to have success stories posted. In fact I felt I’d committed an overt posting my success. Like you I tend to shoot from the hip!

    I must agree with and validate Treys comments on your political
    efforts. Been doing such for a decade. For reasons not known
    had no opposition worth talking about. I’m in a way a nobody. Just
    did what I thought good. Worked.

    Love what you are doing. 🙂

    However some criticism.

    You still [ this so?] try to create a division between Independents and Freezoners?

    a little stronger and a little smarter.

  76. Mike Laws, I think that says it all. Those people looked pretty dejected, like maybe they realized they had no positive ARC effect, just futile counter-effort against their own dynamics (themselves and others). (That’s a real nice Scn way of saying the SQB’s and the Co$ and it’s ‘leadership’ made screeching public fools of themselves.)

    M&M on the other hand acted admirably.

    (Btw, I really wish everyone would get it straight about the paddle boat. That isn’t a paddle boat – it is a starter-yacht.)

  77. J Spence, catholic wisdom

    This is absolutely hilarious! Mr Rathbun you have a fan following!! You squirt the hat right off his head, and they scurried away like the pests they are! Hahahah oh heavens! ROFLMAO!!!!

  78. Compensation from news crews? With all due respect that’s an odd idea to put out there.

  79. Me too! And a Special Thanks to your neighbors and all the other members of your town who stood for you. They saw the truth, very easily.. nancy

  80. hi guys great work, i believe you are breaking them down, with arc and krc , i could see it in this video, they will succumb truth will prevail. thanks guys lovely stuff keep trucking.

  81. Firebreathing Frog

    Sooo Good. Thank you.

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