Debbie Cook: Beginning of the End of David Miscavige’s Tyranny?

Debbie Cook is not in imminent danger.  Her lines of defense are forming rapidly and efficiently, in depth and multi-dimensional (many she is not even aware of).  This while her  initial communication is becoming international news:

The UK Guardian

USA Today

The Telegraph – London

Daily Mail – London

Village Voice  – the latest

Don’t expect a lot of further significant revelations by Debbie for a while; but do expect significant news about efforts by corporate Scientology to silence her.  Do expect also Miscavige’s efforts opening the door to further revelations.  Mike Rinder and I have on several occasions been vindicated on major cycles over the past couple years by deciding to sit back and let Miscavige do our work for us. His responses to Debbie have thus far been vintage knee-jerk, foot bullets.

First, he directly ordered that the very first response (which many saw filtered down versions of on Debbie’s Facebook page) was to deny the authenticity of Debbie’s email.  Denial is always his first impulse.

When that backfired, he had Karin Pouw deliver this incredibly imbecilic line:

“Ms Cook’s opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today.”

Not only does it sound like Baghdad Bob in its insane (criminal mind) transference of describing the institution she represents, it opens the door to a lot of further revelations seeing the light of day (the legal implications will be spelled out in near future posts on Corporate Scientology Gag Contracts).

The degree to which corporate Scientology seeks to muzzle and attack Debbie monitors the degree to which a number of witnesses to Miscavige’s torture camp will feel safe to communicate.  In other words Miscavige is currently rock slamming between a rock and a hard place.

Now, lest we forget that David Miscavige, while characterized as a lot of things here over the past couple years, at bottom is a human being, see this mini-bio  from Philadelphia News.


Debbie Cook Blasts Extreme Fundraising

Division Within Corporate Scientology

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  1. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Hallelujah Brother !

  2. Well I’d say great. This was sure picked up by many news organizations! As for Karin Pouw, she truly needs to get her head out of her a–!!! I’d say she also is “rock slamming between a rock and a hard place”.

    DM and KP, it is OVER.

  3. Harry Curmudgeon

    You’ll notice that Karin Pouw carefully did not say Debbie’s opinions were wrong. Also she said that “They are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists who are overjoyed by our 27 new churches and what they mean to the communities they serve.” Thousands? What happened to the millions?

  4. Rory Medford

    lets see how this one turns out?

    will they attack Debbie Cook?

    deny everything she says?

    What knee jer reaction will SCN do?

    Will justice be served for all the people they forced to give money to?

    When will the end of this tyranny happen?

  5. George M. White

    Debbie Cook’ s quick move into world focus sets up the “Revolution of 2012” for Scientology. This is bigger than the “Panic of 1893”.
    Indies, may the victory be yours!


  6. Marty,

    The imbecilic statement says a LOT in what it doesn’t say. It is vintage, handcrafted POBullshit (not even tweaked by the Shermanator — no time for that). He was so proud of himself in how cleverly he worded it, in his mind it communicates that she is insignificant and knows nothing and of course has “no current knowledge”. You can just see him telling everyone how clever he is for so devastatingly dismissing her (after a vein-popping screaming episode blaming everyone within earshot for failing to handle Debbie Cook),

    What it DOESNT say forthrightly (and really could not, though it will happen sooner or later) is:

    a) Debbie Cook has no knowledge of the things she talks about
    b) Her policy references are wrong
    c) We havent accumulated a billion unspent dollars
    d) We don’t just reg people
    etc etc etc

    He does speak for the “thousands” (what happened to “millions” — not using that any more?) of Scientologists who are so happy with the “new orgs” — presumably this is the DA of all the money (in his mind).

    Oh, how out of touch he is.

    ANd funny, he didnt have time for the Philly paper (obviously beneath him) yet the Church STILL tries to DA media stories with “You didnt even interview Dear Leader, how could you possibly be serious about writing about Scientology.”

    And one further comment to your point about the Church response. As always, POB will be the master of the footnuke, unable to restrain himself from over the top attempts to “smash” this insolence. And the net result will be eradication of more of his lower extremities and emboldening more to see he is a paper tiger, and a small one at that. And all the while he will be annnouncing his brilliance to the assembled sycophants who would love nothing more than to see him straddling the razor wire fence at Gold with a 50lb weight tied to each wrist.

  7. Oh boy, I can just see him with steam fuming out of his ears over that bio. LMAO 😆

  8. Loved the way the Phili article referred to DM as “diminutive”. All the money in the world and he can’t grow an inch. Should he ever land in prison what a target he’ll be. The “mis” in Miscagive will take on a whole new meaning.

  9. From “The Reason for Orgs” – HCO PL 31 JAN 1983

    “There is nothing whatever the matter with the universe itself. But suppressive persons and groups have specialized in caving people in. And they had no tech whatever to undo their vicious actions.” – LRH

    Get rid of Miscavige – bring back the official boards.
    Get rid of the IAS – bring back the HASI

    I have never lied to you or conned you and what I tell you now is true. I would be falsifying if I told you other than the facts in this policy letter. So there it is! It may seem large and awesome but it is a fact. You are not engaged in anything superficial.
    And that is the reason posts and orgs exist: to change the course of all things past and send the whole of existence back upward from its long plunge.
    Of course the unholy will beg you not to do it, will try to pervert policy and corrupt tech, will cause trouble and mock and lie and try to discourage or stop you. But that’s the reason things went bad—and those were the creatures that did it. – LRH (same HCO PL)

  10. The Debbie Cook story is going to be one hell of a game. I have no doubt that Debbie has more than just this one gambit to play. DM and OSA are in for a bone rattling ride when the coaster hits that first dip! Get out your popcorn, this is gong to be a great game.

  11. Brian Culkin

    Ortega and others have called Marty the ‘Martin Luther’ of Scientology.

    I have found this an interesting comparison because in many ways I would view Marty more as the “anti Martin Luther.”

    Of course there are some similarities. Luther was motivated primarily (and several other reasons) by the practice of selling indulgences throughout the Rhineland which prompted his construction of the 95 thesis, which by the way made absolutely no impact initially on Rome. To Rome it was just “another disgruntled monk–no big deal” In took several years for certain nobility throughout Germany to support Luther and his message.

    However- It is interesting to note: Other than than the despicable practice of selling indulgences which is very similar to the “donations to get out of ethics” Luther and Calvin were in many ways were the ultimate “kool aid drinkers of the day.”

    Rome was actually overall quite lenient to intellectual and artistic development. Even among the corruption they did allow a tremendous amount of leeway on a variety of fronts. They were quite open to theological interpretation (Aquinus, Magnus and then Copernicus, Da Vinci, etc.) compared the reputation it has garnered. So may of the Neoplatonic ideas and the logic of Aristotle was continually synthesized with the traditional aspects of the church’s cosmology and theology.

    But the Reformation ( obviously far more complex than this short post) especially under Calvin became nearly tyrannical in its application of “tech and policy” of its day. It was not to have this open and free practice of Christianity. Actually quite the opposite, to them, Rome was FAR to open and free and their mission was to restore the theological integrity. (Calvin was incredibly depressing IMHO)

    This email from Cook is having such an impact because Movin on Up the ’95 Thesis’ of Scientology that was posted in 2009 is slowly but surely permeating into the consciousness of the cult of Scientology.

    Where I see this blog and Marty as being “the anti Martin Luther” is that I see this as being more of a further opening into open, honest and free discussion of the cosmology, philosophy, and technology of Hubbard.

    If I lived in the 1600’s and had a choice to be under Rome or Calvin- I would choose Rome all day long. No comm lag.

    This is the difference of this potential “Reformation” in comparison to the real Reformation. And really, no Luther– no Kant. No Kant– no Schopenhauer. No Schopenhauer- No Freud. No Freud- No LRH. No LRH- No Movin on Up.

    Full Circle Kids. Start-Change- Stop

  12. Miscavige is a human being?

  13. Decisions decisions….
    Should I have the plain popcorn?… Butter popcorn?… Toffee????

  14. “KNOW BEST, a technical and admin term. In tech it refers to an auditor who in misapplying a process on a PC considers he knows more than is actually contained in thetechnical bulletins on the subject and uses this “know best” as a basis for altering technical procedure. In admin it refers similarly to a person who considers he has a better way of accomplishing something than is contained in the policy letters covering that subject and messes things up. Management then finds itself left with the task of correcting that person’s goofs by applying the correct standard policy to the area. In English, it is a derogatory term meaning the person is pretending to know while actually being stupid. (LRH Def. Notes)”

    In a nutshell, you have a theta, competent individual (Debbie) exposing a stupid, incompetent, off-policy asshole (david miscavige) by quoting specific LRH references.

    You have “thousands” of hypnotized koolaid drinkers still agreeing with david. Agreeing with obvious off-policy, out-tech actions and joining in with typical criminal and/or PTS agreement.

    What we’re now waiting to see is whether thetans outnumber the criminals in david’s cult.

  15. Mother of Grendel

    Let the damage control begin… This email went out this morning:

    Dear [Pasadena] OTC Members,

    We are honored to have Mr. Clive Rabey, D/CO for the Flag AO, in Pasadena tomorrow night to speak to our OT Committee.

    Plan to be there to welcome Mr. Rabey. The meeting is at 7:00 p.m. in the Chapel.

    See you there!


    James D. D’Arezzo
    Chairman & CEO
    World Energy LLC

  16. Tony DePhillips

    I sent out the Debbie Cook letter to quite a few local bots to help them wake up. The three that responded told me to not communicate to them anymore and one said she wasn’t my friend. Ouch…
    Sometimes it hurts trying to wake up bots, but you do that sometimes for people that you care about.

  17. Miscavige – an etymology

    a prefix applied to various parts of speech, meaning “ill,” “mistaken,” “wrong,” “wrongly,” “incorrectly,” or simply negating: mistrial; misprint; mistrust.

    Polish family name most famous for starting Cavigen

    Cavigen is an oral therapy for sexual dysfunction. It has an advantage over the available medications in that it treats the root of the problem of erectile dysfunction which is the deficiency of libido.

    Cavigen is the first aphrodisiac in the world to be patented in The United States of America in 1996. It is marketed under the name GAT (Golden Aphrodisiac Treatment)

  18. Tony DePhillips

    I still think the letter will hit like a bunker buster:

  19. Pat, thats funny…the “mis” in Miscavage will take on a whole new meaning!

  20. Ouch! 🙂

  21. I have the honor of having worked under Debbie Cook as the Captain FSO. She is a very dedicated person and I was surprised at first to find out she was no longer in the S.O. I got out of my surprise after reading the articles in this blog describing her escape from the hole.

    I knew we were going to hear from her someday and the day has come. There is a light at the end of the tunnel Miscavige has gotten himself and all of Scientology into. And that light is a freight train at full speed. Get ready to pick up the pieces of the outcome of that mess.

    On another note. Has anyone heard of Tommy Davis? Is he a new holee?
    If he is he can`t say he was not warned of where he was going to end up.

  22. Rory Medford

    every ounce of current radical scn is apalling, despicable and disgusting.

    They LIE at every turn and that my friends will be there downfall.

    They are cowards and liars and they (the followers) are blind to the leaders evil corrupt and sinister ways. The blind is leading the blind!

    Leave people leave now as fast as you can and hold on to your wallets and pocketbooks on the way out the door they have a sneaky way of extorting your money. Time had it right in 1991: The Cult of Greed!

  23. I’m hoping the Debbie Cook’s message opens the door to shedding light on other abuses, which I feel are more important than financial abuse – disconnection and child abuse – within the church. The first response by Scientologists is to disconnect, unfriend, block emails, etc. But the message will get through to some. There has to be discussions going on. If not, then personal decisions are being made. Scientologists are isolated by order and by choice, so this has to be a bombshell for them.

    David Miscavige is a Phillies fan…..of course. Go SF Giants!

  24. Don’t take it personally. They all know what they are expected to do when they get such a comm, and that’s what they do, without even thinking about it. But the seed has been planted.

  25. Oh, and it also doesnt repeat the usual “D/A” lines:

    a) She is just an embittered apostate
    b) Who was removed from all positions of authority because she could not live up to the high ethical standards of the Church
    c) She is only in it for the money and is being paid by the media/big pharma/psychs/IRS/FBI/Donald Trump/the Trilateral Commission/Ronald McDonald/the Gay Mafia/the Riddler/all of the above to attack Scientology
    d) She has severe financial crimes and wasted hundreds of millions of parishioners hard earned money
    e) Everyone who ever worked for her hates her and they knew all along she was really an SP

  26. Debbie welcome to the party. We all are enjoying your contribution to the fun. The church at the new year event wanted to put FUN back into the church. And we are certainly having fun now.

    We took Debbie’s request “to send this to every Scientologists you know anonymously” and did so. This was to people who would never look under the covers of the Church of Scientology and just go along with the program.

    We have gotten back two responses. They were interested and knew something was wrong. And it was very courageous of Debbie to do this. Their eyes have been opened. The 16″ thick steel wall has been penetrated by truth. The truth is now seeping into any crack that will receive it.

    Has anyone else received postive responses from people who don’t normally look at what is in front of them?


  27. Sam,

    Methinks we’re being treated to a five star seven course gourmet feast!

  28. redneck Janette from Detriot

    I did the same thing Tony – however, I got several people responding back with a THANK YOU and a Happy New Year!! These were people who had disconnected with me already. 🙂

  29. I commented this in the wee hours of the morning, as a reply on yesterday’s post… it ended up being the 374th of 375 comments… and now we are on today’s post! Hope you don’t mind me posting it here again… it’s just as (i)relevent…and I’d like to see if there might be any replies to it now:

    In the early ’70′s I was the Dissem Sec at the Portland Org. My best friend was Vic Scelza, the Flag Rep at the time.

    We got together and decided that we should move the org to downtown Portland. At the time, we were in a poor traffic residential area.

    We sat down together and figured out the GI targets to move the org to a big place in the downtown and I went to work regging. Did pretty good, stats went up nicely, but it wasn’t easy!

    I suggested to Vic that we hit on some of the area’s more affluent for some straight donos to get it over with. Vic just about had two cows. He crammed me on all the references Debbie cites here.

    I transferred from the Portland Org to ASHO in 79 and put in 24 years with my last 5 in the RPF and got spat out in 2003.

    It wasn’t long before I started to get phone calls about casino nights and bingo games and sing-alongs. I told them all “no” and ran them the riot act about how off policy these actions were, giving them chapter and verse.

    I think about 2006, Vic Scelza called me up. He heard rumors that I was making money. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was IAS EUS.

    He began his reg cycle. I listened politely. For a few minutes.

    I then reminded him of our campaign in Portland in 1973/1974. He remembered.

    I reminded him of his cramming order. He remembered.

    I asked him what the hell was he thinking calling me up and asking me for money for any of this. I told him that he was a squirrel and mentioned that the cousins he was incestuously sleeping with, the building-donator-casino-night-bingo-players were also squirrel.

    He told me that he was going to have me investigated. I told him that once, that might have frightened me, but not any longer. Go ahead.

    I got a few phone calls, I wrote some very good Pulitzer-Prize-Level retorts in emails that I am determined to find somewhere on this computer (to show off) and I felt very, very good about myself.

    I think when I told off Vic I may have been F/Ning. I think I might have even got three swings!!! (But I probably breathed… can’t do that in the Church anymore while you are cogniting…so maybe not.)

    But hearing that Debbie Cook said all that same stuff makes me feel real good. Rehabbed my F/N I think.

    Vic Scelza was a wonderful friend in my early staff career. I love a lot of those guys who are still in. I don’t think that there are any of them who sleep well anymore; they all know how far off the rails things have gotten.

    I truly believe Debbie’s letter will wake up a lot of the old timers who have been PDH’d by this cat, David. It’s been a long, long time since those PLs and references have been quoted at staff meetings or anyone has been crammed on them; that’s for sure.

    But a thetan KNOWS, innately. That’s true, isn’t it.

  30. “Ms Cook’s opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today.”

    Interesting comeback. Is this meant to give the impression that the CoS is somehow “progressive”, that it doesn’t blindly follow its founder’s writings to the letter; that it is not actually an extremist cult?

  31. MR: Its everything you said and more. By stating that Debbie’s opinions represent a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today, POB and KPP (Karin Pinocchio Pouw) are in essence stating that taking a pro-LRH policy, pro-KSW position against the massive squirrelling under the POB regime, is “ignorant and unenlightened.”

    Well if you think we should not take every parishioner for every last penny and put them into bankruptcy proportion debt to fund the IAS, just because it seriously violates LRH policy on memberships and regging is “ignorant and unenlightened” and not part of the modern world.
    Welcome to the Golden Age of Modern World Squirrelling.
    KSW is so 30 years ago. Squirrelling is the hot trend!
    Are you kiddin’ me?

  32. I can`t wait to see see Mrinder`s news report on the “New Years Event” featuring Shermanator (the Ventriloquist) and David Miscavige (the puppet). He always has fresh and funny commentary with a unique perspective on what these circus presentations. But I mean come on! Davey makes it so easy for him to make it funny, it`s effortless. it`s kind of unfair!

  33. It was a toss up between this and the famous “Airplane” scene, but this I like a little better:

  34. HN: Welcome to the Golden Age of…well, GOLD.

    Gold, 24 carat, is the new red (on white).

    Shining, sparkling, alluring, mesmerizing — Gold transcends all.

    I think I am going to start calling POB “Goldfinger”. Shirley Bassey has his theme song ready to roll.

  35. It’s the “old, no longer used, historical data only” approach to LRH policy.

  36. Mike, Don’t forget it was actually Debbie Cook (not King Tiny Balls) who was responsible for beating staff at the Int base.

  37. Geeze, the fur must be really flying behind Davy’s wall.
    There is certainly lots more focused attention where it is needed – the MONEY trail.
    Lot’s of dust to settle yet and one thing I think we’ll observe more and more is that there will be less opportunity to “sit on the fence” in the rapidily closing future of RCS.
    “You’re with us or agin us” will be rampant within their ranks. Such a silly lot of people really – what about the poor old abused and forgotten remedy – Policy!

  38. Tony DePhillips

    That’s great Janette!!
    Thanks for the good news!!

  39. I think this is the only way to reach the PTS Sheeple of the Church,stay in good standing and communicate.Don’t “leave” ,it is our church and religion.If somebody needs to do a “doubt” do it on the group of blind obedient Sheeple,(not “management” or ” the church”), join the group that has personal integrity!!

  40. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Dan.
    I think you may have helped to save your friends life.
    You woke up.
    Good for you and have a happy New Year!! Flourish!!

  41. MR: LOL. I think I will refer to POB as “Squirrel Finger” . I know it will need a new theme song, but well…

  42. Beating up his juniors, demanding the last $$$ and then some from the publics, living a lavish life style from these $$$, altering = spoiling a precious and helpful technology, craving agreement and admiration and subordination at any price, hiding and denying all this as far as possible … is that really human ?

  43. Mike, I really appreciate your insights into Miscavige’s psyche. It makes this situation so much more real to me.
    And it excellently explains the slip-up of “thousands” instead of “millions” of Scientologists.

    Over a long period of time, it’s infinitely more difficult to lie coherently than just speak the truth. This was one grandiose slip-up.

  44. Oh Steve, how could I have forgotten that one.

    Yeah, it wasnt really Marty or me, it was actually Debbie who instigated the culture of violence until Goldfinger discovered what was going on and beat the living crap out of evderyone involved in order to teach them a lesson. 🙂

  45. In a Sea Org reel to reel recording that EPF ers got to listen to prior to making it into the Sea Org. LRH said on the particular lecture that once Scientology makes the make break point then there should be no reason staff would be rewarded properly, amply pay wise.

  46. Theo Sismanides



  47. correction “no reason staff would not be rewarded amply.”

  48. I loved reading your writeup.

    This is really one of the biggest mysteries to me in my current lifetime: how can former happy adherents to LRH’s tech and policy turn into full blown ignorants of his writings ?

  49. How many times can people really study and word clear KSW Series 1 and then decide it doesn’t actually say what it says? Eventually they will read it in a new unit of time.

  50. Karin is tired of lying so she came up with the truth. They just lost 6.000 of the 12.000 remaining on line sheeple. There is just a couple of thousands left and she confirmed it. She even acknowledged the existence of the mail, encouraging the few who didn’t read it to start looking for it. Then she acknowledged that Debbie wrote it, taking out any doubts by the sheeple about any possible hacking. Then she didn’t paint Debbie as an apostate, making it ok for the sheeple to dissuss the subject, especially as she is officially representing the Church. Thanks Karin, if you need a place to hide, my house is open…..

  51. Theo Sismanides

    On going comments on her Wall… the account is being turned into Theta!

    Tony Amodeo thanks so much Debbie.-)In 2006 was in Flag and was so happy to listen from your voice my name at graduation for I finished my service.-)ML Tony

    Victor Sandino Ruiz You totally rock debbie!

    Rusty Champion You speak the TRUTH Debbie!

    Clive Whittaker Thank you. This action of yours will really help I am very sure.

    Joe Grice Girl, you’ve got…….. Courage!

    Howard Dickman Thank you for your Facebook friendship. I fully support what you are trying to do. If you need anything I’ll be glad to do what I can.

    Natalie Hagemo Thank you for being so brave.

  52. Theo Sismanides

    MORE… THETA!!!!

    Bob Grant It is wonderful that you stood up and spoke out the way you did. This is not a minor game we are playing, and each of us must do what needs to be done to keep it alive. Thank you.

    John Nunez You trained me. I am at your service.

    Robin Scott Debbie, you simply have no idea how much real love and support there is out here for what you are so courageously doing, my dear.
    Much love, Robin & Adrienne

    Ulf Olofsson I know it goes against your very core to do something like this, but as you stated in your email, if you didn’t, from your aspect you wouldn’t be applying KSW and that proves what a true Executive you are!

    Tony Amodeo For Deb ipip urrà.-)

    Tony Amodeo the world will be very grateful with YOU!!!

  53. Raul, thank God we are on the same side!

  54. winston groenewqld

    I am an atheist from South Africa who have been following your blog for over a year. Through it, I’ve acquainted myself with the subject of Scientology and, specifically, the abuses of David Miscavige not only here, but on various other sites. From my humble understanding of the workings of the “RCS”, I pledged my support in terms of increasing her number of facebook friends in light of many abandoning her. I am happy to inform you that Debbie accepted my friend request. I wish you all the best.

  55. Ahh, I sense another round of emergency fund raising to get 10 million to fund the Squirrel Busters around Debbie and Wayne’s house. No water there so they’ll save money on paddle boat rentals.


  56. Remind me — HOW did you get so smart 🙂


  57. Mike, did you mean the “The Goldmember” with Mike Myers? Aw, behave! Ian Flemming could not have come up with a character like David Miscavige, although he did come up with a name “Pussy Galore” so who knows.

  58. More than you can imagine 🙂

  59. Здравствуйте Миша!

    Рад тебя видеть! It’s been a while!

  60. Wakingupin2012

    Hey everyone- what is it they say – “I’m a long time listener, first time caller….” Debbie’s email really inspired me. It’s finally my time to communicate too. I have way too many friends and family shelling out money for services, to get out of ethics cycles, fund raising, more fund raising and, uh, MORE fundraising. If I hear one more story about someone who attested to Clear only to find, oops, they’re actually not, and they have to buy another ten intensives to figure out what went wrong, I’m gonna freak out.
    I want ya’ll to know, I am an independent Scientologist (still trying to make sense of my 4th generation upbringing and the verdict is still out on some topics). You are my group, and Marty- I’ve been following your blog for over a year now. It’s my home base, and I really appreciate that you are being here and communicating.
    I have one question – in all the time I’ve been reading, I notice no mention of a Giving DM a Comm Ev (Committe of Evidence, for those who don’t know – it’s essentially a fact gathering, question and answer, get down to the facts type Scn trial in front of peers). Can’t we start a campaign to Comm Ev DM? Would it even work?

  61. I did read your post of yesterday … which I loved. And was reminded of someone I haven’t heard of in years — (since I’ve been gone for almost 20 years now).

    Vic Scelza — he was a good friend when I was in the SO and a good friend when I was out. He became more and more solid as he worked for the IAS in PAC.

    BUT — what I thought was — wouldn’t it be interesting/fun to have a list somewhere of everyone we knew when we were in the SO — and people could update it with where they are now.

    Perhaps bit by bit — we can help them as they one by one leave and begin a new life.


  62. (Sorry for the Russian – my Ukrainian is a bit rusty…)

  63. As a child, studying World History-specifically Hitler’s Germany-I often wondered how it was that a whole country, a whole population, went along with such atrocious crimes against humanity. I wondered if they were all Bad People, or all crazy like Hitler himself. How could one man pull such a thick “wool” over so many people’s eyes? How did they justify the brutality and the inhumanity they themselves were party to by sheer support.

    Then I was an executive for the Church of Scientology, Flag Landbase, working with the public closely, forced by angry superiors to “handle” them when they disagreed with something that seemed off-policy, even to me. If I expressed doubt or question, then the result was brutal punishment in the form of public humiliation, being sent to sleep in “Pig’s Berthing,” cut meal breaks or sleep depravation. So I’m afraid to say, I went along with a lot of wrong actions out of fear. Until I could not be party to it any longer and blew.

    Now I look upon these people, the faithful followers of Miscaviage’s Org, no longer Ron’s Org, and I feel that same outrage I did as a child watching those Hitler documentaries. I wonder how now, with all the new data that has been presented very publicly, do people still follow a mad man. Did the good German people under Hitler’s rule also deny to themselves that Concentration Camps existed? I wonder why these people don’t question for themselves. For years after leaving the Church and being Declared, forcibly separated from people I thought to be comrades and friends for life, I hoped that the day would come when they would realize the Truth and see past the Lies, even about my own Declare. The public I fought for and took such personal and whole-heartedly loving care of would know in their hearts that I was not an enemy. Then I lost hope and just forged ahead, building the life I always dreamed for myself and being happy despite the losses I suffered-my group, friends, personal belongings, years of my life and even a husband. I jumped into the Joy of Create and made a good life for myself, but always keeping one eye on the breaking Scientology news and blogs, keeping an eye out for “defectors”, long-lost friends to be reunited with, still hoping someday all the truth would force a major awakening in all those lost souls.

    But today I see, even in light of Debbie Cook’s speaking out, that I am watching that same old History class again. I realize the good German people under Nazi rule, much like our C of M Scientologists today, did not speak out because they were afraid, the consequences of expressing sympathy for a German “Declared Enemy” too great. It is like a Huge Group Service Facsimile-the group must make all kinds of mental justifications, no matter how insane or illogical, in order to make themselves Right, for witnessing and being party to the most obscene violations of policy, tech and plain old human decency (i.e. disallowing a grandmother to see her grandchild.) No, admitting there may be truth to all the years and thousands of accounts and allegations, would be admitting they themselves were guilty of mistreating, mishandling and wrongfully disconnecting from good people who had just been victims, like Hitler’s Jews, of a Mad Man and his policies. As I am a trained Auditor, I know how formidable an enemy a person’s Case is and how Wrong a person holding on for dear life to his Ser Facs can be. We are witnessing now the Group Insanity and I’m afraid it will take a long time to “clear” all these people of the Enemy. I would hope that it will be in my lifetime, but I’m sure Martin Luther did as well, and look at the scope and size of the Catholic Church today. I’m just not sure what will happen in my lifetime, but I do hope to one day be reunited with those friends that right now choose to be Blind to the Truth.

  64. George M. White

    The following public statement by Scientology is bathed in excess Moth-cavige conceit:

    “Ms Cook’s opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today.”

    Thus Moth-cavige is trying to tell us between the lines that “HE is big,all-knowing, and has an enlightened view of the world today.”

    Mr. Moth-cavige you need a serious attitude adjustment and the Indies are about ready to deliver it. For starters, who elected you world dictator?


  65. Mike, love your description of the D/A lines! I know you speak truth, cause I have heard this shit before…anyone who disagrees about anything that miscabbage says is true look out. I love the way 2012 is starting out!

  66. “What we’re now waiting to see is whether thetans outnumber the criminals in david’s cult.”

    LOL, How unfortunately true.

    The policies speak for themselves. Are they LRH or Miscavige adherents?

  67. Thank you.

  68. George M. White

    Message to Mr. Moth-cavige from Boethius:

    “[Your]Weak-minded folly magnifies
    All that is rare and strange,
    And the dull herd’s o’erwhelmed with awe
    At unexpected change.

    “But wonder leaves enlightened [Indie] minds,
    When ignorance no longer blinds.”


  69. Ziba Feulner

    “A villain must be a thing of power, handled with delicacy and grace. He must be wicked enough to excite our aversion, strong enough to arouse our fear, human enough to awaken some transient gleam of sympathy. We must triumph in his downfall, yet not barbarously nor with contempt, and the close of his career must be in harmony with all its previous development, (Repplier, 1904).

  70. While I’m not certain of Marty’s intention in pointing out that dm, while characterized as many things, is at bottom a human being — I chose it to mean that dm IS just like me.


    He wants to be happy, he wants to be acknowledged and thought well of.

    Sadly he continues to chose a path of greed, destruction and cruelty that is guaranteed to bring him the opposite of his wishes. He will continue to suffering almost endlessly until he steps to the side tiny bit and bit by bit starts to remembers that he LOVES something. Even if it’s just Philly dogs.

    Chogyum Trungpa Rinpoche once answered a student when they were railing against some despot and how could they possibly have compassion for him.

    CTR said: Everyone loves something, even it’s only tortillas.

    In recognizing the horror that dm has become, we *can* start to feel compassion for him if we remember, as Marty pointed out, he IS a human being and shared the link to the newspaper bio.


  71. HAAA! That’s hilarious!

  72. Let’s all go!

  73. PersonalJudas

    Go Winston!
    (from a fellow South African)

  74. martyrathbun09

    There is no greater misfortune than underestimating your enemy.
    Underestimating your enemy means thinking he is evil.
    Lao Tzu

  75. A long time Scientologist disaffected with the Church just called me to tell me that Debbie’s e-mail was discussed on the news of a San Antonio radio station, I believe an AM talk radio station, 1200. She iives there, but it is interesting that it is not just press, but radio, too. This was right before, or during, the Rush Limbaugh show with its many listeners.

    Very, Very, Very Well Done, Debbie Cook!

    In the light of the way the Church is responding to Debbie’s e-mail, (tip-toeing through the tulips), maybe they have finally learned the lesson:

    YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Opening up her Facebook to the Indies is huge! Her support group has just grown by magnitudes! This will unite the Indies with those who are still “in”, but not in agreement with the way things have gone.

    LRH is smiling and grinning from ear to ear!

    Love to all, and a great start to 2012,
    Catherine von Ach
    Austin, Texas


    – sending her an E-Mail of support to
    – befriending her on Facebook (she accepts new friends)
    – commenting on her Facebook page
    She should have thousands of supporting coments on her page so the sheeples can see we are BIG !
    🙂 🙂

  77. Yes — sadly it IS human. Look around the world. There are plenty of human beings who act like dm — and worse.

    BUT because he IS human, he is also capable of changing his behavior, making amends and leading an honest productive live from whenever he decides he’s suffered enough.

    Milarepa — a once wealthy Tibetan circa 1000 committed murder to avenge his father. He killed many people. Later he regretted his evil deeds and went about repenting and study buddhism. He became one of the more revered Tibetan teachers of all time.

    Because he was human, he shows each of us that we too can change no matter how horrible we might have been.

    Even dm.

    But, don’t hold your breath while you wait for him to change and don’t lesser your guard around him 🙂


  78. Today there is much more hope that ever that your wish will be fullfilled !

  79. Hi,

    nice to meet you !

  80. Marty: Part of my 2012 “to do list” will be to really start studying Lao Tzu.

    This is brilliant but truthfully — I don’t REALLY get it. I just know it’s brilliant though.

    Plenty to ponder.


  81. Hey Dan,
    Great write up.
    Come on up and visit us sometime.

  82. Some where in that flowing river called the SHSBC, Ron comments that he doesn’t dislike anyone, he may dislike what they do, but not them. Very illuminating.

  83. martyrathbun09

    “Trust not their presents, nor admit the horse.”
    – Virgil’s Aeneid, Book 2, 19 BC: John Dryden translation

  84. Debbie may have laid the first plank in the bridge that links the innies with the outies, the beginning of the rebuilding.

  85. Brian Culkin

    Sam- have Goji berries, glass of water with lemon. The most theta shit you can get. 🙂

  86. The first comm ev I’m aware on miscavige occurred in 1984. Appropriate date.
    Google david miscavige comm ev for details.

    I personally nominate Linda Hamilton as the convening authority and Marty as the chairman with Debbie Cook, Mike Rinder and Steve Hall as senior members. All of these folks are higher trained on both admin and tech than miscavige, so they qualify.

    Interested parties should include every idiot who is still drinking koolaid.

    Witnesses? Well, there are thousands of us.

  87. Fascinating to see the different responses coming back. I’d send it out yesterday night to 20 and 3 are back so far:

    1) (This is from a very dear friend) “This is pure entheta! You’ve put yourself in an Ethics condition (hmmm, I thought I was always in an ethics condition, good or bad), do NOT send this on!!!!!”. A few days ago this person complained HERSELF about all those church emails asking for donations. I have now reminded her of her own awareness.
    2) “I have checked and Debbie did NOT send this email” (he got D/Aed already). I of course corrected this lie.
    3) “Thank you very much. I suspected it all along as all the good folks are gone..”
    It’s like poking with a stick in an ant hill…….

  88. Beautifully written.
    You should know that over the past year hundreds of former koolaid drinkers have put down the cup and are now happily moving up the real bridge. Standard auditing usually repairs the damage done by Flag and other out-tech squirrel groups, in less than one intensive.

    Once they grasp the truth, and get de-PTSed from miscavige’s madness, they recover rather easily.

  89. We got together and decided that we should move the org to downtown Portland. At the time, we were in a poor traffic residential area.
    We sat down together and figured out the GI targets to move the org to a big place in the downtown and I went to work regging. Did pretty good, stats went up nicely, but it wasn’t easy!
    I suggested to Vic that we hit on some of the area’s more affluent for some straight donos to get it over with. Vic just about had two cows. He crammed me on all the references Debbie cites here.
    I transferred from the Portland Org to ASHO in 79 and put in 24 years with my last 5 in the RPF and got spat out in 2003.
    It wasn’t long before I started to get phone calls about casino nights and bingo games and sing-alongs. I told them all “no” and ran them the riot act about how off policy these actions were, giving them chapter and verse.
    I think about 2006, Vic Scelza called me up. He heard rumors that I was making money. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was IAS EUS.
    He began his reg cycle. I listened politely. For a few minutes.
    I then reminded him of our campaign in Portland in 1973/1974. He remembered.

    I reminded him of his cramming order. He remembered.

    I asked him what the hell was he thinking calling me up and asking me for money for any of this. I told him that he was a squirrel and mentioned that the cousins he was incestuously sleeping with, the building-donator-casino-night-bingo-players were also squirrel.
    He told me that he was going to have me investigated. I told him that once, that might have frightened me, but not any longer. Go ahead.

    What a wonderful story. It shows that the policy and tech worked well when applied in the pre-IAS era.
    The IAS is a plant. It’s a Kingdom of Arbitrariness and David Miscavige is its King.

    I would love to see more (success) strories like this one.
    Dan Locke, VWD!

  90. Official Church Response to Debbie Cook’s public Knowledge Report:

    “Ms Cook’s opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today,” the Church told The Times.

    “They are not shared by thousands of Scientologists who are overjoyed by our 27 new churches and what they mean to the communities they serve.”

    The usual pass-off spin-doctoring … although the pathological Lies aren’t quite as thick as many of the previous official Statements. Further, this is not a Response to a Knowledge Report, but merely PR, since none of the Out-Tech/Policies Point-by-Point Debbie made have been addressed.

    This Church Statement is “quietly” disagreed with by the vast Majority of the Scientology Membership as they have been leaving in Droves after having been cornered by Gestapo Event Donation Collection Machineries once to often.

    Next Time one receives a Knowledge Report against oneself, he ought just send a despatch back to the Ethics officer informing him it’s merely “a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today” and really has no Bearing on “the joy of 27 new churches and what they mean to the communities”.

    It’s unfortunate that some non-existent HCO Functions have become the Lot of Blogs and the Press.

    And even further, considering Off-Policy Actions are now being referred to as “reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today”, it’s a sort of acknowledgement that altering LRH Tech is now the current modern acceptable Trend.

    It should also be kept in Mind that Debbie does not advise Church Parishioners to come into the Freezone, but recommends Corrections so they won’t have to. It may well be the most optimum Solution, but that certainly doesn’t work for me personally.

  91. Theo Sismanides

    What I see here now is that we have a Momentum since the 1st day of 2012! All those tidal waves now reaching out from such an effortless action… as a woman can in a twinkle of an eye or at the pressing of a computer button with that smile on her face, thinking “To LRH!” and up in flames goes the camp of the enemy.

    Cause what I have noticed is that the Tech and the Postulate of LRH is now with the advent of the Internet (=faster communication at real time all over the planet) so much more real… And the less effort you use the closer it is to a postulate.

    The cavalry is here, guys, and they are now galloping… hahaha annihilating the enemy with the least effort…. just a postulate made by a man some time ago… Clear the Planet!

  92. Hi windhorse,
    The way I see it is thus: “thinking” he is evil grants life to the concept and admits oneself also can be evil therefore recoiling the thought to oneself.

    LRH ( from the factors) “…admiration is so strong its absense alone permits persistence.”

  93. It looks like the great magnificent stat analysis is growing even to the comments section of the USA today article. If this guy just stepped out of the crack and wiped the brown off, he would see how outlandish these stats are, and how ridiculous DM is when he rapidly fires these off at events to put the audience in a trance.

    Nicholas Benton · University of Oregon
    Ed, from here: The Church of Scientology sponsors social programs that reach 2,208,975 people every day:
    Tutoring, mentoring, drug education, human rights education, drug rehabilitation, criminal reform, and mental health reform—in 189 nations.

    That means every 24 hours we help:

    11,169 kids improve their academic score
    68,570 learn the truth about drugs
    52,860 get the facts about psychiatric abuse
    49,629 learn their human rights
    9,176 inmates discover values and self-respect
    48,235 people find honesty and compassion
    6,725 volunteers contribute to their community.

    We believe in a world without war, illiteracy, criminality, corruption, violence, hunger, racism, and poverty.

  94. Never happened re better pay since the dwarf abandoned the successful LRH program to make St. Hill size orgs.

  95. I took the liberty to create a web site where people can translate this letter in many different languages and post it in one single location as I consider this to be a very important message. Please help spread the word. Debbie Cook Email

  96. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Michael This is plagiarism! But it’s O.K.

  97. Tony Dephillips

    Hi waking up.
    Try reading the blog from the beggining. That one was already hashed out long ago .
    Welcome to the group. You’re amongst friends.

  98. Just a Note …

    If you have been under the Radar, she will likely report you as she is required to do as a “Member in good Standing”, and thus culling more Intel for the Church.

  99. Just a couple of thousands to go; it won’t be very long now.

  100. Marty,

    Could you please add ” Spiegel ” Germany at the beginning:,1518,806901,00.html
    Factual report with no invals of LRH or Scientology and some good comments from Caberta ! 🙂 🙂

  101. The white cheeder is mine. Back off! :p

  102. I think the most entertainment to be had will be OSA’s efforts to identify every single person that e-mail was sent to. How many will admit to having received it? How many will admit to having read it? My guess is that management will proceed on the assumption that if you received it, you read it, and the whole thing will unravel when large numbers of people refuse to participate in an ethics investigation.

  103. You’re a funny guy !
    What’s you’re real colour ?
    You wanna stop communication ?


  104. LOL LOL LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    This is really funny. I’m sitting in front of the computer and just laughing !!!!!!

  105. Theo Sismanides

    Ann, before the CO CLO EU Walter Kotric took me off post as Translations Director EU in 1999 we had the following “comm cycle”:

    Me: But Sir, the Translations HCOBs are not included in the pgm by COB.
    CO CLO: Ok, they did extensive research and i saw that.
    Me: But Sir, I cannot accept a program on Translations done at Int which does not include the very HCOBs on the subject.
    CO CLO: (losing his temper) Read COB!
    Me: (thinking now I got you bastard) Read LRH!
    CO CLO: (louder) Read COB!
    Me: (matching tone) Read LRH!
    CO CLO: (even louder) Read COB!
    Me: (thinking, what the fuck is going on, this is crazy… i give an end to this) : Read LRH and I’ll CHECK YOU OUT! (pointing my finger to him)

    Lol, the rest you can understand!!!! Off post I went, yanked actually… hahaha! But said to myself, hey that’s a good way to fall…

  106. TheWidowDenk

    Hi Dan,

    I know you and you may remember me (or Dr. Denk or both). Great comment you have made and thanks! Rachel

  107. Awkward quote, no? He did tell a few whoppers here and there, let’s face it.

  108. Support ist one thing – to praise someone to the sky is another….

  109. LRH said on the particular lecture that once Scientology makes the make break point then there should be no reason staff would be rewarded properly, amply pay wise.

    They have a Billion Dollars in Bank Accounts and Donation Drives depriving Orgs of Income = A No-Win Situation. But then that’s easily justified away in that the Parishioner’s Pockets are infinitely deep and the local Staff have simply failed to get it all.

    Ok, everybody: … Confusion Condition.

  110. Yes, but they already have Golf Cart, so only $ 9,997,000 may be required.

  111. It is probably a lot safer to come out in support of Debbie publicly at this point, then writing a declaration of independence on this blog. It is a gradient approach. In addition who gives a SH.. if the church knows you want to follow LRH policy and you are willing to put ethics in on those who don’t follow policy.

  112. Brian Culkin

    Just another point on this blog and I have said before:

    This blog has ramifications far far beyond Scientology. It is a template, a module of spontaneous, organic, multivalent streams of ideas, communications, and awareness.

    Think about it. Scientology is a billion dollar corporation that is as corrupt as Haliburton or Goldman or any other manifestation of corporate America.

    And this blog, that costs zero money to operate is in the process of systematically dismantling it.

    Intentionality. Good faith. Expert moderation.

    Anything is possible when people are committed to a cause with the right leadership. Leadership being the catalyst.

    This is way bigger than Scientology.

  113. ha ha ha.
    You got the point, man.

  114. Ha ha ha.
    Sounds great!
    I repost it here:

  115. Sue, I took great pleasure as Brian Wilson struck out Ryan Howard to end the 2010 NLCS for more reasons than just being a Giants fan. Right, DM?

  116. Joe Pendleton

    I have no doubt that the beginning of the end of the Miscavige reign has already begun. Had you asked me for a time frame for its demise a year ago, I would have said that Miscavige – with his real estate holdings and a billion in the bank – could hang onto a small church of 10,000 worldwide members for another 10 – 15 years. While this is still quite possible, it would not suprise me to see him out on the street as early as next week. (remember the fall of the Soviet Union folks). The reason I stress responsibility on an individual level so much in my posts is that I feel it is the key point not only in cases, but also on any 3rd Dynamic. When enough Scientologists decide to take responsibility for their own perceptions and LOOK (instead of being dramatising effect) and then ACT in a positive way, then you will see new COS leadership in place. While I find the recent development extremely fascinating and fun to follow, I am no longer personally in favor of a central Scientology church controlling the religion, so its OK with me if Miscavige drives it ultimately out of business. But it will always be the taking of individual responsibility that is the key (and that means assuming personal cause for what has happened and what will happen). Of course on a 3rd Dynamic level, leadership is extremely important and this is where Marty, Mike, Dan, Ingrid and many others are taking responsibility. And yes, now we can add Debbie Cook to that list of names. So, it’s not a matter of IF re: Miscavige’s fall, it is WHEN and that question is totally up for grabs. Tommorrow? 15 years from now? Collectively and individually, Scientologists, it is up to you. Whaddayou gonna do?

  117. expelled 4 Life

    Debbie just took her FB post down and all associated comments.

  118. Report from CAMP DAVID. 3 Jan 2012.

    David: Debbie just kicked me in the nuts!

    Norm: You have nuts, sir?

  119. Hey Bob – were you NSO staff at HEM in the early ’80s? An auditor at Narconon about the same time? Your name is familiar. If so, we shared some good weekly pizza back then!

    Regarding this, everyone is basically good. PAB 95, “Valences” is one of my favorite PABs. Excerpt:

    In my own experience with bad men—and I have met several of various nationalities—I have seen some men who could put up a rather ferocious front, but I have never found one of them totally lacking in human warmth. Yet were I to read the newspapers and popular books on such people I would begin to believe it would be possible for a complete demon to exist who would never respond to any decent impulse. Yet I have argued bandits into a more amenable state of mind and have even taken a gun away from a Federal Marshal and showed him how to use it and told him not to be nervous and put it back in his holster, when he was bound and determined to take me into custody. In other words, you can actually create an effect on almost anybody. The synthetic valence is an effort to tell you and people that beings can exist who are so bad that no effect can be produced on them. Of course this makes everybody subservient to them.

    Yes, Mr. David Miscavige is a bad man, and he will get what is coming to him. But, in order to as-is the bastard and this situation, we need to see what is there, and not make it sound like he is Satan.

    My point of view is that he is a spoiled kid from New Jersey who never had anyone say “No” to him. But, he is still a person. I am sure he’ll be picked up sometime down the road.

  120. Take the italian version here, I did the translation:

  121. I don’t take it all that seriously. We are all spiritual immortal beings and can’t do anything else other than survive. There are people participating in all sorts of groups and activities that I feel are silly, that the participants consider to be VERY important.

    I became, before I left, to a certain degree, one of these automatons who we now poke fun at. My steely eyed glare was more than a bit glazed over.

    I am just very very glad that I woke up, and that people all over are waking up.

  122. I just want to say that first, Debbie is to be commended for firing such a well-placed salvo. Very, very good.

    We also need to acknowledge that the REASON this is such wide-spread news is because of the work being done by Marty, Mike, and the Independents, and, as Marty says, the actions of Mr. David Miscavige himself. Debbie is standing on the shoulders of giants!

    Miscavige cannot do ANYTHING ELSE than perform and order actions that will hasten his demise. What he DOES is criminal, and he can’t help himself. He was hiding behind a veil that was easily seen through by those that worked with him (the Hole, “YSCOHB”, all that) but was not in the public eye. He was also hiding behind the “hidden data line” in which he tried to blame Ron for his own Out Tech and Off Policy. That veil was stretched way, way, way too far. And, again, is now in the public eye.

    Welcome to the public eye, OSA and DM. The more the merrier!

  123. Firebreathing Frog

    Walter Kotric is the perfect German sheep who will follow his dictator blind.
    This guy was able to get real productions, while opening Russia to Scientology.
    He has more productions record than the stupid COB who never run an org or mission, but Waler listen to authority and his fuhrer.
    Typical German zombi.
    Wake up Walter!
    The little SP is turning you against LRH.
    Come on, you know better.

  124. Mike and Marty
    Extremely good analysis and updates.
    I have commented previously that Miscavige has only one “standard” way of handling a smoldering fire. He throws gasoline on it and burns down the whole village. He is incapable of pouring water on a fire to put it out. In other words, he is an expert at turning someone who is a mild opponent into a full time activist dedicated to exposure…..
    Let’s take an example of the Catholic Church. It has numerous breakaway groups. Some ex-Catholics even vent on message boards. They are “seriously disaffected” with the Mother Church. The Loyal Catholics do not then plot to cut this straying Catholic from the rest of the Roman Catholics around the world. They do not enforce disconnection from their Roman Catholic Doctor, Dentist, CPA, VET, business, jobs and even their own children, parents, spouses.

    But in Miscavology, branding the person speaking out, maliciously sending PIs to hover outside his home and using Overt Data Collection and Covert Data collection, building hate and malicious websites, using anonymous phone calls and Fair Gaming with Dirty Tricks they will make the newly departed into a full blown activist. They have done it over and over again. I am one of them.

    The “Church” has no idea and cannot see that it continues to be its own worst enemy, cannibalizing its own membership, continuing to spout “a small” group, a “tiny group” “a small handful” is creating all the firestorm.

    Yes indeed. A SMALL SMALL handful. 😆

  125. M.S. hello and thank you for speaking out.

    Now I look upon these people, the faithful followers of Miscaviage’s Org, no longer Ron’s Org, and I feel that same outrage I did as a child watching those Hitler documentaries. I wonder how now, with all the new data that has been presented very publicly, do people still follow a mad man.
    I recommend you to watch the movie “The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas”

    I cried to tears on several scenes.

    One basic technique both (CofM and Nazis) have in common are those “glamorous events” we use to know from the 3rd Reich – Propaganda movies.
    I times of LRH there used to be Congresses and RJs. Or local graduations.
    There was no place for Propaganda.

    Watch the movie.
    Get the concept of the Kool-Aid-Drinkers of the 3rd Reich.

  126. For me it happened in that I truly loved what Scientology auditing had done for me. In the early 70’s Ron, I think was very much in charge of the show and anything that seemed wrong I excused as 3D growing pains.

    And Ron propped himself a bit, I think, as something of a patriarch to all of us.

    And like good sons and daughters, we would hear no ill of him.

    And then all that about any criticism would be considered mwh… all the stuff I wrote up would later be used to track down my overts… after a lot of that, you learn.

    But, I think the main thing for me is the concept that “Duty is the highest motivation of all” (I used to have the whole policy memorized! Now I can’t remember more than this one line.)

    Great for the Marine Corps to hang on to as a stable datum. I am not sure about a religion. I think the most aggressive Muslims and Christians have that is common: they’re committed and full of conviction and this is just a frozen intention that is incapable of reason.

    I think any Sea Org member who was in for any length of time bought into that to various degrees. It was part of being “tough” and “unreasonable” and got us through the day, but often left some pretty empty feelings in the heart.

    There’s been a lot of stupid things done over a lot of years, many before the Reign of David, all done under the banner of Command Intention.

  127. You meet a lot on facebook and through a lot of the forums. But there are some I think who don’t want to be found again and who have been successful in just moving forward and consider this an entanglement they managed to escape.

  128. Just great. Love this PAB 95.

    You said:
    My point of view is that he is a spoiled kid from New Jersey who never had anyone say “No” to him. But, he is still a person. I am sure he’ll be picked up sometime down the road.
    Yes. One day.
    Have some nice ideas for his amends-project! Anyone else?

  129. I will, Les. Plans are for the next couple or few years to be a little less civilized! So it might be a few years.

  130. Hi Grasshopper;
    Yup, that was me. I’ve been posting here under ‘Bobo’, and as ‘Thom Love’ back in the day on ARS and ACT.

  131. I remember you both very well and was always impressed by the granting of beingness you exhibited as a staff member at LA Org, too. I did not know Gene so well, but I enjoyed the few chats we had. I felt good the couple times that I visited him at Shaw’s for whatever “Body Q and A” I had not managed to push myself through!

    It was good to be talking with him, knowing that he was “the Old Man’s Doc”!

  132. Yeah he has got the right “philosophical” approach to shit hitting the fan.

  133. *thumbs up*
    That’s the way to go.

    I am a Member of the Church of Scientology too.
    We are all Scientologists – I don’t care if Indies are “in good standing”.
    The standards are out for too long. Suppression must end and Scientology Organisation needs to come back to the real thing.
    I’d like to see some Blue Diamonds again instead of Exchange Factor 0!

  134. “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.” Abe Lincoln

  135. there you go!
    at last the explanation for those weird comm lines cultivated so carefully by old DM

  136. Whenever that day comes one of the first things that should be done is put the Freewinds up for sale as in bye-bye, gone, adios. After all the horrors that have gone on there, that ship needs an exorcist. Just get rid of it.

  137. It was merely a factual informational Note.

    Neither your, or anyone else’s blanket Opinion matters what personal choices anyone makes in respect to their Status as a Scientologist, and is completely irrelevant to my Post.

  138. sorry I got the italian one here’s the original!

  139. [The IAS is a plant. It’s a Kingdom of Arbitrariness and David Miscavige is its King.]

    It’s more like an implant machine.

  140. Tony DePhillips


  141. Get some basic Admin training and there won’t be any need to make these Troll-Type Responses.

  142. Not sure how this all goes here in this thread. But it appears you are replying to Les here with this quote. Should this be my understanding: Are you suggesting that I should not be trusted by Les?

  143. Right Erwin, so much more was said by what she didn’t say.

  144. My .02 If you assign “evil” to an external entity, you no longer look and perceive…it’s a not-is-ness. And not-is-ness allows things to persist.
    (A corollary is the first barrier to study….getting over the idea you already know it…) That takes you from Know About to Not Know. By practicing As-Is-Ness from there, barriers can fall. Hope this helps.

  145. For whatever reason, the growing conversation of support for Debbie has disappeared from her wall.

    Dan Olsen has started a page for her on facebook, to show support. Suggest you like her here and comment:

    From the dissemination tape, Contact With the Public, Ron in suggesting that continuing communication is part and parcel to success, advises:

    “When they all think you’re dead; say something.”

  146. +1 – good call.

  147. These dm robot DB´s are in pure TREASON to LRH.

  148. Sigh. Whatever. We’ll share. Pipe down and shove over will ya – It’s getting crowded in here!

  149. Walter wanted to route in spring 2006. He did not agree with COB and specifically what was being ordered on translation lines. An ethics mission from Snr HCO Int sec checked him and then he was given numerous ethics interviews until he was spun in and could no longer think with what was right or wrong.

  150. Thanks I’ll try that. Need some refreshment after all the emails I sent tonight. My poor little fingers are worn to the bone! 😀

  151. With cherries on top! 😀

  152. +1 ha ha!

  153. Somehow I don’t reckon Tommy would allow DM to stick him in the hole. Maybe he’s laying low… waiting for the right moment… like maybe someone else was doing 🙂
    Someone should maybe go check up on him? Run Davey run!

  154. No – you forgot to budget in the special baseball caps with the super secret cameras mounted on top. They’ll need at least 6 rolls of duct tape for that.

  155. What do you think we’ve been doing these past 3 years?
    We’re just waiting for the interested party to come out of hiding 😉

  156. Translation:
    Please please stay afraid and inactive! We’re in enough trouble already!

  157. Come on Formost! Whether you intended it or not, that’s pushing the cult dangerous environment agenda.

  158. What’s a good call?

  159. John Fennessey

    hate the sin, not the sinner.

  160. That is huge! No inval from “Der Spiegel” re Scientology. Never seen that before!

  161. If I remember correctly, I read in an LRH ED that OT8 was to be delievered at the AOs. I remember thinking at the time – geeze, even the Freewinds is a squirrel activity.
    It seems logical that OT8 be delivered at the AOs so if one country or location gets suppressed, then there are others to carry on, just like the AOs are scattered around the planet.
    But Miscavige wanted a cash cow and a prison afloat, all very portable and away from those grubby Goverment types and there peering eyes.

  162. Marty… your blog and so, I guess, your rules.

    But isn’t it sensical that, after a communication such as yours (the quote from the Aeneid) that I might query your intention?

    Why no reply from you? You can email me if you don’t want to post here. Or send me a message through facebook.

    (Or not! I’ve lived with bigger “unsolved mysteries” than this one!)

    I am sure Les can contact me directly if he wants to. I won’t “fight” here to clear my name. I don’t think I need to really care what you think of me.

    I think we both know that It’s easier to live being distrusted by others than it is to live distrusting others.

  163. Brian,
    The key datum of NeoPlatonism – “as above, so below”. Considerations take rank over mechanics. This is ALL a result of consideration. All the ins, the outs, the this, the that.

    Ari, Schoop, Kouldn’t, Satire, and many marvelous considerers. If it’s “something” it isn’t “nothing”.

  164. I had a feeling I missed of pennies somewhere … lol


  165. I think the credit belongs Marty for speaking to Mrs. Caberta in Hamburg and talking to the press. This changed how the press spoke now about Scientology. It concentrates on the abuses and wrong doings in the Co$. The place of residence of “Der Spiegel” is in Hamburg by the way.

  166. DM is not human, he is a “Bum Muffin”

  167. Tony DePhillips

    🙂 Happy New Year Sam!

  168. Carol. I knew that this was what was going to happen. When a being as powerful and educated as Debbie Cook comes forward BINGO now according to Karin Pouw, Debbie Cook is “ignorant” to be brief. I almost can’t believe it, and Debbie Cook is one of the if not THE most cherished staff members of all time. Her friends outnumber the current population of the church almost! 🙂 Is that unbelievable for RCS or is that unbelievable. Debbie does not have to worry in any way about the C of S swaying my opinion of her. Impossible. With Debbie everyones always “Moves On Up A Little Higher”. 🙂

  169. The resurrection of the Great Middle Path?
    : – )

  170. You have somehow misassessed that, or added some Opinion or Sentiment you have. And I can accept that, but don’t necessarily agree with that.

    I have no Agenda for the Church or the Freezone/Independents. Either one is full of Nutcases from End to End … no Envelopes need pushing. Secondly, my, and the Requirements of many other People under the Radar supersede anyone’s Ideology for or against any particular Group/Side or any Announcements thereof.

    My Contributions to Individuals in the Freezone are quite extensive, but are NEVER for any Group/Entity. As much as I support those practicing Standard Tech in the Freezone/Independents, I also denounce those who don’t, and thus I have no Agenda aside from seeing to it LRH Tech can be properly applied. And if you yourself have any Agenda for or against the Church, or for or against the Freezone, all the Power to you.

    Secondly, I have posted many Times I couldn’t care less what happens to the Church, or who runs it, as my Focus is on NOW and what can be done to assist Individuals moving up the Bridge.

    You may very well look forward to the Day the Church Leadership changes, the Church becomes reformed or collapses to the Ground. None of this makes any Difference to me. I support Debbie in her attempts to reform the Church she belongs to from within, as I support Marty, Mike and others in the Freezone/Independents to make Information and News available. It’s Actions I support, not what Side of any Fence anyone may be fond of.

    If you are happy with the Church, don’t mind having your pockets looted morning, day and night, and find yourself content moving up the Bridge, all the Power to you. And the same goes for those like me, successfully moving up the Bridge in the Freezone. I have had spectacular Gains on both Sides.

    Agendas for or against the Church are irrelevant. Facts tell the whole Story, and do not require anyone’s Blessings.

    I realize many People on this Blog are on a Bend to prod everyone and his Dog to publically come out, but I couldn’t care less what anyone wants.

  171. “Marty, who paid for the tickets?”


  172. The way to make sure an idea persists is to spread it around. During the Dark Ages while Europe was being plundered by marauding monguls et al the onlyway that previous knowledge was saved was because the church (and I know what some think of the Catholic church) had copied books by hand and distributed them throughout the known world. The fact is many monestaries were destroyed and their contents lost but because of the work by the monks and their willingness to disseminate knowledge the works of Virgil, Thomas Aquinas, and disparate others was saved.
    We as holders of the Tech that has not been altered by DM’s Church now have the responsibility to safegaurd that tech and keep it pure.
    But I would say be gentle in how you correct the outnesses that you may encounter lest we become like the corporate church.

  173. You hit the nail on the head.
    Without Marty’s trip to Hamburg this would not have happened.
    Take another bow Marty!

  174. Hello Brian
    Intentionality. Good faith. Expert moderation.

    Anything is possible when people are committed to a cause with the right leadership. Leadership being the catalyst.

    This is way bigger than Scientology.

    Bypassing the junior is still Scientology applied.

    Imagine where you would be now on the bridge without all this arbitrary actions (SuperPower and IAS registrations) and only registered for service?
    By your fast flow.
    You’re still an inspiration and I believe that you have had “some” impact on Debbies decision.

    God bless you, my Dear.

  175. Let the footnukes roll!

    Latest quote from sockpuppet Karin Pouw to USA Today:

    Spokeswoman Karin Pouw adds that the “positioning” of Cook as a “prominent Scientology insider” is “inaccurate.” She describes her as ” ‘a disgruntled defector’ who has not had any position in the Church for several years, having left in 2007 for medical reasons.”

    “The Church refers to individuals such as Ms. Cook as a squirrel. A squirrel is someone who alters the Scripture; a heretic,” she writes, asking that “you correct this error in your headline and in the text of the article.”
    Wow — Goldfinger can’t seem to keep things straight. She left the Church for “medical reasons” but she is “a disgruntled defector”? I guess she got the “overnight” disgruntled defector title, soon to be followed by Karen #1’s now famous “overnight SP.”

    And, calling Debbie Cook a squirrel is probably not the best way to keep all those fencesitting FSO public on board…. Doubt that rings too true when she is the one quoting policy! And not a single response to the points she raised and policy quotes she cited. Kind of hard to make the “squirrel” positioning stick!

    Go Goldfinger! Setting the example for one all to see of just how to make friends and influence people. I swear this man has not come across a human being on planet earth that he cannot turn into his avowed enemy. What a guy!!

  176. Based on the article at I just might start calling DM the “prefab Pope”.

  177. well stated David

  178. Okay, okay. Pass the napkins! 🙂

  179. Barney Rubble

    Typical response from Goldfinger, he probably has Karen and the rest of OSA heads spinning on how the fuck do we please Dear Leader with this latest flap of all flaps, while they are staying up 24/7 sleeping under their desk’s. My bet is Karen P will be gone this week.

    Calling Debbie a squirrel, is like Lenin/Stalin ordering the Trotsky assassination. This is getting truly insane, I feel sorta sorry for the OSA people still there having to live day after day through this crap to calm down Dear Leader.

  180. Li'll bit of stuff

    Karen#1 I really like this. Concise. Thanks.

  181. There should be a “cloud” (server) with all LRH Issues ever written (except the confidential materials).
    Anyone could use a software to update the current status, browse references and books and download to his own computer.
    Just put anything in there. Canceled, reissued and revised references should be “labeled” as such (with a link to the LRH or Compilations Unit revision if any).
    With modern Web Standards (such as XML and CSS) the data would be small (in kB) and a good VCS – Version Control System – would make it easy to collect and compare the changes.
    This would even ease the work on translations if well sophisticated.

    Then having a “web-cloud” online and with many people synchronising the progress, the data would be never lost again.

    I agree, that a group will not develope the technology. But the group – or single individuals aligned to a common purpose – is responsible to keep the Technology pure and applied.

    What did a simple remimeo of a HCO B cost in the sixties?
    Why should it cost anything in the age of computers?
    Why do Orgs and Missions pay for HCO B copies if they already pay a License Fee to SMI / CSI ?

    I also do agree with HCO B 28 JULY 1959, OUR GOALS
    but DM removed the HASI and it’s hardly possible to achieve Scientology goals as ONE GROUP now.
    Just too many things were messed up under the miscontrol of Miscavige.

    “Chaos brings disorder to theta.”

    (DN) AXIOM 57.
    Communication: the interchange of ideas across space.
    Control: positive postulating, which is intention, and the execution thereof.
    Havingness: that which permits the experience of mass and pressure.

    Methinks Computers and Internet is good Havingness.
    (I am sure, DM will disagree.)

  182. BR:

    What is really remarkable is watching the train wrecks happen one after the other.

    For someone who claims to be the second coming of L. Ron Hubbard, POB is really deficient at obnosis.

    He convinces himself that all he has to do is issue a pronouncement that Debbie Cook is a squirrel and everyone will ignore her. He buys his own bullshit and the sickly brown-nosing of the sycophants that surround him: “Sir, that was brilliant. We surveyed the FSO public and they HATE squirrels more than anything so your positioning of Debbie as a squirrel was genius.” Because he only listens to the fawning praise and agreement, he doesnt notice that he keeps losing more and more of his “supporters” who read the drivel from the latest sockpuppet and compare it to what is being said by the person they are calling names. And his little empire crumbles around him and the only reports he gets are: “Oh, yes Sir, people are putting up comments all over Debbie’s Facebook page calling her a liar and a squirrel, they hate her.” And they show him two comments that come from OSA fools and he is thrilled to be right once again. Meanwhile, his ship is sinking and he keeps blowing more holes in the hull — while telling everyone who will listen (and those who won’t are sent to the Hole) what a brilliant marksman he is and how nobody can shoot like him. ANd they all nod their heads in agreement as they watch the ship take on more water and are absolutely frozen, incapable of doing anything to change the course of events.

    If it wasn’t destroying the reputation of something so valuable, it would be a very entertaining show to just sit back and watch.

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  184. Wakingupin2012

    Wow, see I didn’t know about the 1984 Comm Ev at all! Of course, it was only two years after I was born, and this little bit of data wasn’t exactly part of my Scientology upbringing. I feel like I have so many more questions!

  185. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tom, ——Did me,via a LFBD ——-Thanks!

  186. Barney Rubble

    Brilliant MR,

    You know this sociopath’s mind and how it works and works. I look forward to your Analysis of the New Years Event, which from reports I have had from a few the Shrine was only half full, If anyone can give a confirmation, great.

  187. Tommy’s wife Jessica is dying of lukemia. Hopefully he is with her.

  188. Please please stay afraid and inactive! We’re in enough trouble already!

    Perhaps that applies to you or others you have known, and thus your Translation possibly applicable you/them.

    I have no Clue what you mean by “inactive”.

    Afraid? Trouble? I can only guess what your Assumptions might be.

  189. Nice to meet ya, WUI2012! Glad you’re here.

  190. TS- Truly amazing story, one which I have experienced as well minus the screaming. That is a good way to go out.

    The blank staring of non confront (elsewhereness or dub in) of outpoints a blind man can see. The’re not really there so there is no impingement.

  191. M.S. That was beautiful. It was here that the mystery unfolded for me because people trained and in the know, lots of them, could put the time, place, form and event in so I could see it.

  192. SKM, I just watched the movie last week and it’s perfect for exactly what’s gone on in DM’s church.

  193. Very true, David.
    All I have to do is think back to how it was, the confusion created, what it actually took to understand. I made a lot of mistakes. Being PTS to PTSes. I’m grateful for the kindness and understanding from people around here to dig myself out of my own hole without the inval and eval like DM’s cronies dish out.

  194. Thanks! it will definitelly be included

  195. Thanks for your contribution. Will up ASAP.

  196. Lucy

    Oh my… Made me laugh on that one.

    Eric S

  197. Brian,

    Allow me to respectfully disagree with you. This biggest problem with the Roman Catholic church was actually not the indulgences, but the intellectectual repression of the masses. No bibles were permitted to be read by the people, the priesthood would read the bible “speak for God” since it was considered too dangerous to allow people to read the bible for themselves and decide what God was saying. (A good analogy would be to not allow Scientologists to read LRH’s books, as only DM and a select few executives could be trusted to interpret his works correctly.)

    Secondly, The Roman Church had actually misrepresented the bible to their faithful flocks, so that once people were able to read it for themselves they realized they were being lied to. (Very similar to what is going on in the Corporate Scientology world)

    I could go on with the analogies, but you get the point. The Mainline COS is quite similar to Roman Catholism in my opinion. You may not like the direction the protestant churches have gone, but at least they have the freedom to go there without a pope shuttin them down.

  198. Thanks Lucy for a little background here.

  199. Brilliant analysis!!

  200. Yes, thank you.

    I had tears in my eyes when the former doctor was carring about the german boy in the kitchen. He still had love in his eyes an thought nothing bad about the boy.

  201. Brian Culkin

    Ad- its true what you write– but obviously there is more I could say to explain my position. appreciate your input

  202. Wow, Debbie’s letter was picked up fast by major papers around the world. This is the biggest thing capable of undermining DM to come along in a very long time. Really brilliant on Debbie’s part.

    We have seen a number of dictators cave quite fast during the Arab Spring. It could happen fast for us….

  203. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Lucy… I think we know each other.. though i can’t remember where you were posted at that time. I remember the slim lady with the glasses and almost always having a cigarette (no?) in her hand… hehehe… is that you? You were in Snr HCO, right?

    So, really? Walter disagreed with COB? my god… i can’t believe it. Maybe i had an impact on him then after 6 years hahaha.

    See the HCOBs on translations speak about Tapes…. Translations done onto Tapes by Translators of the caliber of the United Nations. And made into Courses which are sold CHEAP as courses to be done in the Academy only. Amazing how LRH had gotten that verbal/oral communication can be much faster and easier for students and they are inexpensive as to PRINTING books. Then he says you make books and courses in paper.

    Anyway, interesting about Walter… and unbelievable.

  204. Theo Sismanides

    Yes Ann, that blank staring I will remember. He and his wife the D/CO Internal, that blonde beautiful american girl (don’t recall her name) they both had that blank, hypnotized staring almost got me to think they have been programmed i don’t know by who.

  205. Hello everybody!
    I had made a website for french freezone.
    So of course I added a new page with the mail of debbie very well translated!
    You can see it here:

  206. Sad news.

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  208. I don’t know Jack. Every “whopper” I’ve looked into independently doesn’t even come close to being a “lie” or a “con”.

    I don’t know which so-called “lies” or “cons” that you have in mind, but here are a handful of some I’ve looked into.

    LRH’s “honorary PhD” was from a well-respected school at the time (Sequoia University), from which other highly-regarded individuals were both receiving earned PhDs and honorary PhDs in the early 50s. (For example, the well-known bridge builder/engineer David B. Steinman, while accepting honorary doctorates from Columbia and Rensallear and giving commencement speeches, also accepted an honorary doctorate from Sequoia University, roughly around the same time LRH accepted his.) Do a search on of “sequoia steinman” to get the references.

    LRH referred to himself as a “nuclear physicist” and “CE” (and allowed others to as well) in the 50s, but only after he had broadly stated that he had never earned a degree at GWU (see LOOK, 5-Dec-1950) and after he had publicly stated that he had flunked physics in college (23-Sep-1950 lecture, which he made broadly available). In my view, LRH made it plain that his use of these terms was through self-study, and not through earning formal degrees. And considering the depth and value of the philosophy/ metaphysics that LRH ultimately developed in Scientology, I think the moniker “nuclear physicist” isn’t so far afield. (Especially considering that the world’s most well known and contemporaneous “nuclear physicist” at the time, Albert Einstein, had flunked out of the 6th grade.)

    LRH’s war record? I’ve done tons of digging on this, and there’s little doubt that LRH was in a highly active combat zone (Java, north of Australia) during the “Battle of the Java Sea” in Feb 1942, caught malaria in Java, and was flown back from Australia on an airplane (from a fleet used by the Secretary of the Navy to fly certain officers home), before being admitted to a Naval Hospital near San Francisco. I spent a good bit of time actually looking at LRH’s specific statements, other eye-witness accounts, his Navy record at the National Archives and compared them all to any other historical facts that could be obtained — including ship and plane passenger lists and other public records. In short, with additional research, I’ve found that LRH’s specific statements on his war-related maladies/injuries (e.g. in the above LOOK article from 23-Dec.-1950) and his activities during the war, exactly match those in the Navy records. And where items in his Navy record are missing or incomplete, other primary documents found elsewhere (i.e. National Archives, eye witness accounts, etc.) help to fill in the missing pieces. The research of others — Chris Owen especially comes to mind — has been largely designed to fit Chris’ “Ron the war hero” strawman and preconceptions. In some cases, Chris completely fabricates or reverses facts to fit those preconceptions. (Examples: his use of the picture of that “wounded, bandaged unconscious soldier” at his website from “What is Scientology” — he reverses its intent — he pretends that the soldier is LRH, but it’s just a random soldier with LRH sitting bedside; or his claim that LRH returned to the US from Australia on the ships USS CHAUMONT or MS PENNANT — both of whose passenger/crew lists have been publicly available for decades, but don’t include LRH, not to mention that their arrival dates in the US don’t match LRH’s arrival date. But guess what does match his arrival date and route? Not a ship, but an airplane from the PanAm “Clipper” fleet that the Sec of Navy was using to fly certain officers home with — the passenger list no longer exists unfortunately, but it took the same route that LRH took.)

    I guess what I’m saying is that with every so-called LRH “lie” and “con” that I’ve researched independently so far, and in depth, it tends to fall apart under deeper inspection. Give it a try. Some advice: don’t trust others to give you the context for what LRH said and meant, and don’t trust all of their documents and/or conclusions. Stay neutral to the whole thing, do your own independent investigation, and you may be surprised at what you might find.

  209. Margaret,

    I too have done a lot of research and been privy to an enormous amount of information collected on the life of LRH. I was LRH PPRO Int in the early 90’s and had projects out all over the world documenting every aspect of his life. In fact, I hired Dan Sherman back then to write the LRH biography — and he even submitted a draft in 1995. Miscavige would not read it and accused me of doing a “brush-off”. He then cross-ordered Sherman onto doing “Ron Mags” in preparation for the “real” biography and eventually turned him into his full time scriptwriter.

    I agree with a lot of what you say — a great deal of what LRH said about his life checks out down to the detail. There is spin on things — like the “being flown back to the US in the Secretary of the Navy’s plane” — but there arent too many blatant lies. POB wants a hagiography which will do more to destroy LRH’s reputation than any number of critical media articles. The TRUTH will tell an astonishing story. LRH was NOT perfect — and especially not before Dianetics. If he was a quiet nobody who never did anything one can assume we would not have Dianetics and Scientology as it was his desire to make himself better (not just physically, but mentally) that drove him to his discoveries. There are events in his life that are somewhat scandalous (especially surrounding his marriages to Polly and Sarah and Alexis his first daughter) but the truth should be made known. I find it more compelling than any hagiography and more compelling than Chris Owens efforts to paint LRH as nothing but a lying fool.

    Hopefully someday all the work that has been done to document the truth about his life will see the light of day.

  210. Thanks Mike. I wasn’t aware that you were so involved in the biography — though it makes sense. And a biography had already been written by 1995? Unbelievable. The “Ron Mags” as a replacement to a full-blown biography while the internet and other “biographies” have been filling in the void, was (and is) such a travesty.

    I’ve always felt that LRH must have gone through enormous personal changes in the early 50s as the fundamentals of Scientology were being codified and developed. And so I track with you on the before Dianetics and after Dianetics period. I also agree that he was as human and full of foibles as the rest of us, especially prior to the period mentioned above.

    I’m curious: did anyone ever pick up on the fact that LRH didn’t take a ship back from Australia in 1942, but was flown? Apparently in the same planes that the Secretary of the Navy was using to fly guys like Admirals Hart, Nimitz and others, as well as some ONI officers, back from overseas?

    Anyway, up until a few weeks ago, I was ready to brush off LRH’s statement about being “flown back in the Secretary of the Navy’s plane” as bologna, but it appears more accurate than I had originally realized, now that I’ve started looking into the ship and airplane passenger, crew and arrival records. LRH was definitely not on a ship on the return. Most plane passenger records no longer exist, but other records show that he couldn’t have physically arrived back to the US by any other means than plane in March 1942.

    In any event, it really upsets me that Miscavige didn’t allow a better defense of Ron other than the “Ron Mags”, while the internet viciously and unfairly attacked him. And I agree that a truthful and balanced biography would have certainly been preferable over the hagiographic one that’s been (barely) provided.

  211. Margaret,

    I dont know whether we had any aircraft records. I never doubted whether he flew back to the US, I always wondered about his reference to flying on the Secretary of the Navy’s plane. I thought he was talking about a plane that the Secretary of the Navy may have flown in or used — it didnt seem to odd that such a plan would be used for other duty during the war. It’s not like they had planes to just sit around waiting for the next trip of the SoN. But you have done some good digging here. Andy Lenarcic and Theresa Laner have been gathering bio data for decades and they are good at it and know the life of L. Ron Hubbard better than any two people on earth. Hopefully when the dust settles the job can be completed properly. Seems like you would be a good addition to the team!

  212. Martin

    Well done…
    And thank you.

    Eric S

  213. Thanks Mike. I had suspected the same thing about the Secretary of the Navy (or related planes) possibly being in Australia. However, I dug into the Secretary’s (and Undersecretary’s) travel schedule for 1942 and any planes they may have used. They weren’t in Australia or the Asiatics during that part of the war, and when they wanted senior officers back to the States in a hurry, they literally used the PanAm “Clipper” planes to fly them back from overseas. The SecNav did this with Admiral Thomas Hart in February 1942, for example, after Hart was relieved of command in Java that month. It was also done with another ONI officer named Wolcott, and later with Admiral Nimitz. Flying a Lt (jg) ONI officer like LRH back was probably rare, but certainly not out of the question.

    Also, I found a few additional LRH quotes — and some historical references — which give a bit more of a clue as to how or why LRH may have been able to literally call up the office of the Secretary of the Navy (or the Undersecretary) and get flown back as an ONI officer or Naval Observer. When Java was invaded by the Japanese at the end of February and early March 1942, the US forces in Java had to literally abandon a ton of confidential files, documentation and intelligence reports — some of which the SecNavy’s office were very interested in getting copies of (not to mention keeping out of Japanese hands). Also, the intel about the Japanese military capabilities was pretty weak at this early stage of the war, and the more intelligence reports that could be provided quickly back to Washington, the better. (These facts are documented in a number of places, including Admiral Glassford’s first-hand report on the Java occupation by the Japanese — Glassford led the US Navy forces in Java during this period.)

    Apparently, as part of LRH’s intelligence and “naval observer” duties, he may have been able to get some of this, or related, documentation which was in high-demand by Washington. And this may have literally been his ticket back to the US. Additionally, there’s evidence in the National Archives that LRH had established a bit of a personal communication line into the Secretary of the Navy’s office prior to the war, and so his personally calling might not have been as out of the question as it first appears. A lot of these facts are not very evident from LRH’s Navy personnel file alone. One has to dig into the National Archives files to see them, some of which only recently became declassified. But this all can be documented.

    Anyway, thanks for the names of the two top LRH biography experts. That’s very cool, I would love to help and see what’s been found so far after the dust settles — as long as Mismanage is on the other side of the planet with absolutely no power in any of it! Or in prison.

  214. ugh! that was below the belt!
    m starting to understand your poetry Mike.
    a new fan

  215. one of those who see

    Hi Dan,
    Great story!! Love your last line. When at Pac for one thing or another – always great to run into you. A bright, uptone light!

  216. Ordinary Joe,

    Not brilliant at all. See my analysis that follows.

  217. Joe, and Brian,

    Sorry my last reply was too harsh. I didnt mean to be that critical. It came out wrong. Please accept my apology

  218. It is the 6th of January 2012 today. I cautiously asked some people if anybody has head from Debbie Cook. NOTHING !!!

    Sea Org members were visiting me yesterday to make me pay for whatever story again.
    I had some hope that something would change now. But it seems nobody has received the email message. My fears are that nothing will change. Debbie will be forgotten in a few days unless there is a big follow-up NOW.
    How can I reach out without being alone here? I am scared to show up as I can lose my children. I love them so much that it is making me vulnerable.
    Does anybody have distribution lists? Can anybody bring up follow-up stories IMMEDIATELY on TV in order to not let the idea die? There were nearly no newspaper stories outside of the USA.
    I would also fund some flyers if somebody dares to do something in East Grinstead. I just have no idea how to not get a conman contact from OSA.
    My ex-wife filed for divorce months ago. If something BIG would happen right now I could at least save my children.
    She always yells at me before I can even start telling anything that might be “entheta”. I paid nearly a quarter million pounds to the church. Is that the pay-off? People are panicking so much to lose the bridge, you can hardly believe it. How can anybody go up the bridge in this SP environment. How can you spot the right SP in PTS sessions without being declared immediately?
    Nobody can wear his/her hat regarding the KSWs.
    Some cannot see it.
    Some do not want to see it.
    And the remaing people are out.

    There were bad considerations I had during all the years:
    a) 24/7 if you have any overt because you hold back money
    b) 24/7 if you are an enemy and what is wrong with you
    c) 24/7 if you are PTS and/or there is an SP around you
    d) The bridge is more important than the family
    e) is Scientology only the 3rd dynamic, are there no others?

    An IAS lady that talked to me once called a Ferrari an overt. I was so pissed afterwards. I did my Patron and some days later I blew and never returned.

    – I would return if eg. Debbie replaces DM until a new structure is set up.
    – The paranoia about PTS/SP stops. Many SPs were made.
    – Prices go down and materials are downloadable on the web.
    The church could make use of eg. the Amazon Kindle.
    – The church starts an open/puplic discussion on what has gone wrong.
    No more withholds and propaganda !!!
    This must be a kind of Martin Luther movement, otherwise the pejorative
    character of the word “Scientology” will stigmatize the church forever.
    – No more regging and application of the “DO IT WITH SCIENTOLOGY”

  219. Hello, thank you for your background stories on LRH.
    Where Data lacks, the “mind” will fill the vacuum with subsitutes – and there are tons of on the internet. David Miscavige did a horrible job.
    Thank you.
    And I am looking forward to a truthful LRH bio.

    I agree with Mike Rinder, “There are events in his life that are somewhat scandalous … but the truth should be made known.
    Many truth seekers made mistakes before their “awakening”.

  220. Pingback: Debbie Cook vs. Church of Scientology – Chronologie | Independent for Life

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