Corporate Scientology Infiltrates Debbie Cook

I am seeing a lot of comments about Debbie’s practice of taking on and removing friends from Facebook; and a lot tea leaf reading along with it.

Per my friends at Facebook Debbie’s account has been hacked into by Office of Special Affairs (OSA, Corporate Scientology’s dirty tricks department).  The intent of the operation is clear.  They are filling Debbie’s Facebook friends list with dozens of Independents and others who proudly wear their excommunication declares.  OSA is already briefing on-line, non-declared corporate Scientologists that Debbie is “friends” with all of these “notorious” characters.  And that is ALL they need to tell Kool Aid drinkers to get them back in the pen seeing and hearing no evil.  Please do not help OSA do its work.

Please do Debbie Cook a favor and let her get on with the mission she spelled out in her original e-mail.  That is, let Debbie handle the massive e-mail and phone traffic she is receiving from corporate Scientologists.  There is plenty of that to handle.  There are corporate Scientology threats to handle.  There are infiltration attempts to handle.  And there are dozens of kool aid drinkers trying to cave her in.  Don’t supply ammunition to these deployed agents.

If you want to show support say it loud, here and in other on-line forums (everybody who cares about Scientology reads them).   Most importantly, get Debbie’s original e-mail spread as far and wide as possible on the lines of corporate Scientologists.

If you doubt the wisdom of this advice, please carefully read Debbie’s original email and divine the intent.  Debbie doesn’t need to be turned into an Independent.  Whether she ever does or instead continues on a quixotic quest to change the corporate beast’s stripes makes little difference.  There is no more effective action (other than independent delivery) happening for the future of Scientology than what she is doing at the moment.  More corporate Scientologists are being reached and gotten to look and think than by any other single action.  If Debbie becomes an independent it will not be because someone convinces her to; it will be because David Miscavige drives her there.

Like I said in the first post on 1 January, we’d be well served to prepare to deliver to the fall out.  Because no matter what, there will be plenty of that.  Please back it up.

Example of current corporate Scientology think:


Reformation – Division Within Corporate Scientology

Debbie Cook “Blasts Extreme Fundraising”

3 Jan Debbie Cook posting.

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  1. Words of wisdom Lloyd, words of wisdom.

  2. Aaron Atteberry

    Makes total sense. They would go as far to do that…

  3. “Debbie doesn’t need to be turned into an Independent.” I appreciate you saying that. I’m impressed!

  4. Wise man you are. Her email has cracked through someone I know personally but there is no way he could tolerate (right now) outright open true criticism of the church/DM – yet. Not yet. The process Debbie intended is working. The TA is definitely moving!

  5. Excellent advice Marty.

  6. Marty — how true.

    Tonight I received a long voice mail from someone who considers herself a scientologist although she has not been online for over 15 years. She’s one of the first OT VIII.

    I’ve sent her links to your blog, to the St. Pete Times. We’ve had discussions and she just wouldn’t budge from her position of “fix from the inside – otherwise it’s not LRH” — I had given up.

    BUT — I sent her Debbie Cooks email.

    And tonight she called, left a message and said thank you. She even wrote Debbie privately and thanked her for her courage.

    (my friend did say that none of her friends in CW (who are primo kool-aid drinkers) are saying a word about it. Pretending like it never happened.)

    My friend however is now scouring the internet for more of the story.

    Thank you Marty and thank you Debbie and truly — the best thing to do is give her space to continue her own plan.

    Having Debbie as an “independent” doesn’t make me more me. Or prove the group is better than it was 4 days ago. It’s her life, isn’t that we all want – to be free enough to manage our own lives.


  7. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the report Tara. I’ve received many similar ones from across the globe.

  8. Ziba Feulner

    Marty, thanks for putting in some stable data; makes complete sense what you are writing!

  9. Absolutely! It is no surprise there are all the various “look here…no, here…no, over here…” messages coming forth, to try and create confusion. DM and OSA are in a panic. So predictable and so silly are their attempts to divert…it is now comical because it is so predictable.
    Debbie’s original suggestion to forward her message is exactly what should be done.

  10. If Facebook knows this, can’t they stop it?

    I notice that you can’t view her friends list any more. Is that true for Corporate Scientology?

  11. Eileen Clark

    Good advice.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, one of the principles that started this movement (and made it so indestructible) was that what is best for the individual in front of one is of primary importance. Our original theme song:

  13. Thanks Marty.
    Words of wisdom as usual.

    It has now been proven without any room for doubt that if you take sides with LRH tech and LRH policy over david miscavige’s arbitraries and know-best pograms, you will be declared a squirrel.

    Question for the koolaid drinkers:

    Are you really comfortable taking orders from miscavige when they obviously and blatently contradict basic LRH tech and policy?

  14. Marty, before I read your post, I sent Debbie a private FB message which in response I immediately got this:
    Mail Delivery Failure
    This message was created automatically by Facebook.
    Based on the preferences of the person you’re trying to contact, this message could not be delivered.”
    Now I understand why.
    Thank you for your wise words.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Well put Les.

  16. Marty’s advice is right on. The amount of communication coming into Debbie’s world right now is huge. Marty and Mike experienced this not long ago when they first started speaking out. After a while, it’s just too much. If you are not a real player in the game, in this case Debbie and her e-mail, then you are potentially noise and Dev-t.

    Show support on the blogs and forums. Otherwise, respect their space for the bigger game being played with OSA and DM. It’s very real, and serious.

    Debbie is an FEBC and executive by every definition of the word. She knows how to assign hats when needed. Just be ready if she taps you. 😉

  17. Great advice. She was the CO of one of the biggest pressure cookers for 17 years. She would have an idea of how to maneuver those waters. She needs the space to run her own mission.

  18. Marty
    OSA dirty tricks, even illegal hacking.
    So what else is new ?
    The “Church” is above the laws of the land !
    Religious exemption to break the law !
    How dare anyone try to cut across money lines, $$$$$$ needed fopr PIs and Lawyers and Miscavige lavish life style ? 😆

  19. Great points Marty.

    As to delivery, am delivering away, full time. as I know many others are.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Fantastic Haydn!

  21. Oh JOJO, Thank you for being my watchdog! If it weren’t for you, I might have to look for myself, and observe, evaluate, and, GOD FORBID!, make up my own mind! Now that I am thoroughly indoctrinated in having HOLY MR. MISCAVAGE be my eyes, my ears, my heart and my soul, I could never go back to thinking for myself again. It would just RUIN me!

  22. Good show maarty and right on. Best thing we can do is deliver. Debbie put it to ’em pretty good. One can only expect the Kools to try and rally, understand what happened and work out a defense against us “bad guys”. Meanwhile we just keep delivering. Best to work out the future.

  23. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, you stood out for me from day one and I don’t
    give a dam what any LBOS slayer thinks of me or my
    comments, any longer! Go F— yourselves!

    At the end of the day, I get that you just have the
    experience,tech,balls, street smarts and compassion, to help the ‘lesser’ mortals, such as myself, GRASP
    the essence of what’s actually going on, from your
    very first experiences with MADAMAGE, to this
    irreversible collapse of a man gone completely insane
    through his extreme myopia and ‘sociopathia’ and
    more overts on Scientology / Scientologists than can
    EVER be catalogued in one lifetime!

    Your latest predictions and advice on handling Debbie Cook’s ‘unbundling’ is extremely well considered and should be heeded in the spirit
    that you have given it. Thank you Sir!

    The Oracle and Carcha, You’ve opened the blinds
    for me and put ‘things’ in proper perspective. thanks.

  24. I say DM drives Debbie to independence before June.

    I applaud her spunk, but in the bunker there is no quarter for those who speak of LRH as if he was actually source.

    The Pittsburgh parvenu will stick to his “final solution to the freedom question”. That leaves almost no room for her to maneuver.

    I see only one door that she can open to remain a Scientologist. And that door reads “Independent Scientology”.

    Good luck, Debbie. I appreciate your dedication.

  25. PERFECT!

    Here I am again
    Back on the corner again
    Back where I belong
    Where I’ve always been
    Everything the same
    It don’t ever change
    I’m back on the corner again
    In the healing game

    Down those ancient streets
    Down those ancient roads
    Where nobody knows
    Where nobody goes
    I’m back on the corner again
    Where I’ve always been
    Never been away
    From the healing game

    Where the choirboys sing
    Where I’ve always been
    Sing the song with soul
    Baby don’t you know
    We can let it roll
    On the saxophone
    Back street Jelly Roll
    In the healing game

    Where the homeboys sing
    Sing their songs of praise
    ‘Bout their golden days
    In the healing game

    Sing it out loud
    Sing it in your name
    Sing it like you’re proud
    Sing the healing game
    Sing it out loud
    Sing it in your name
    Sing it like you’re proud
    Sing the healing game

    Sing the healing game
    Sing the healing game
    Sing it in your name

    Van Morrison

  26. Apropos of the Debbie’s plight, I’d like to remind everyone to use long complex strings of random numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and symbols in your passwords. NEVER click on ANY messages from “Facebook” that arrived in your email since they can be fake and rigged to get your browser to try to “login” using your password. Instead, just login to Facebook and look for your messages there. Also, do not store your Facebook password on your computer browser since it will try to insert the password in response to a fake email link if you ever forget. These are a couple of ways you can make it harder for the CoS to hack into your fb account.

  27. Right on! Delivery is now the most important thing to focus on.

  28. She’s got a huge uphill battle, but I would support her and anyone trying to reform Scientology from the inside. She’d make a good WDC FSO and CMO Int exec if you ask me.

    The UK Guardian has now carried her email’s content.

  29. A special salute to Debbie Cook for giving LRH his voice by citing his policies on the matter of Scientology’s goals and management,
    unaffected by inflated pomp and grandeur, “know better” and other violent human reaction phenomena.

    USA TODAY ran the story, with a link to Debbie’s email shere millions will read what LRH has to say about the matter. If Hubbard were to come down the mountain like Moses did, instead of hurling stone tables etched with the Ten Commandents, he would hurl a few Red and Green volumes at a few folks.

    KUDOS, Debbie Cook.


  30. Elucidating: If Hubbard were to come down the mountain like Moses did, and found the throngs worshiping the Golden MooMoo Calf, instead of hurling stone tables etched with the Ten Commandents, he would hurl a few Red and Green volumes at a few folks.

  31. Debbie knows exactly what she’s doing. I’ve read her email multiple times and it is exactly perfect for the intended audience.

    Ultimately, the fallout from the reactive OSA-bots and their tech-altering, fund-raising leader will do them in even further.

    Try and tell me that at least several major celebs didn’t read her email. I’m sure OSA wasn’t fast enough to stop them.

    There will be a comm lag right now but koolaids are gonna begin waking up, big time.

    While we are already awake, many are suffering through the agony of having thier stable datum rocked this first week of the new year. And soon, many of them will be on this blog, telling their stories.

    Can’t wait to welcome them.

  32. Bravo Debbie!

    Your e-mail is a masterpiece.

  33. People from the Church of Scientology will never stop wreck ing a good thing until it’s gone. Why even give them rope to climb on? I thought they were supposed to be clearing the planet? Instead they are “battling SP’s on Facebook”? I know there are nice people on Facebook but I never go there because of things like this! 🙂 By the way, Happy New Year Sue.

  34. While the Guardians Office was guilty of criminal and suppressive acts,
    they pale in comparison to what the Office of Special Affairs is guilty of by
    protecting Miscavige.

    OSA Staff – I’d hate to be you….. You have become what you most wanted to stop/destroy. I don’t feel anger toward you, I feel pity.

  35. Steve, they better stop all this hacking that they are doing, because it is against the law and federally punishable under, and the more I hear about the more I distrust this church. Liking people is one thing, distrusting them is another, and that church should be concerned about both. 🙂 Happy New Year by the way! 🙂

  36. Dolphin Play

    Rave on , Deborah Cook. Rave on, Marty Rathbun. Rave on, Mike Rinder. Rave on, L. Ron Hubbard. Rave on each and every one known and unknown, those who speak out and act by duty of what they see and know, true to the sense of right and justice, whether for self or another human, despite vicious bullying. Each of you took that step with the company of your integrity. Isn’t that a fundamental Doubt Formula? And if something is forbidding you to look, to think, to conclude, it is not Scientology. Rave on rave on rave on,

    Dedicated to you!

    “Rave on John Donne, rave on thy Holy fool
    Down through the weeks of ages
    In the moss borne dark dank pools

    Rave on, down through the industrial revolution
    Empiricism, atomic and nuclear age
    Rave on down through time and space down through the corridors
    Rave on words on printed page

    Rave on, you left us infinity
    And well pressed pages torn to fade
    Drive on with wild abandon
    Uptempo, frenzied heels ..”

    (partial lyrics, -Van Morrison)

  37. I don’t know what you mean by “is that true for Corporate Scientology”, so I will address the rest.

    Yes, of course Facebook can. Also, if she really had her e-mail account broken in to, she could certainly send out 12,000 e-mails to all of those people and many more regular friends, letting them know that her Facebook password had been guessed by a second party, and changed, making it impossible for her to use at the moment.

    About her friends list, she made that private when she sent the e-mail out, and it still is set on private.

  38. +1

    Well said Bryan.

  39. John Donne raved on thus:

    No man is an island,
    Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thine own
    Or of thine friend’s were.
    Each man’s death diminishes me,
    For I am involved in mankind.
    Therefore, send not to know
    For whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.

  40. Zawawi is the Joseph Goebbels of facebook.

  41. LDW,you are correct. As the fog (smoke & mirrors) and (intentional, strategic) confusion lifts, there it is.

    It seems to me that has been the agenda since control was wrested after L. Ron Hubbard’s body death (1986).

    It took time. By 1995, when reports written up to the “proper terminals” and “proper lines” got no reply and no answer — and many were reports of grievous irregularities such as aggressive money-mongering at any tactic and non-application of Scientology — there was no crossing that line.

    Confessional folders being culled for buttons to crush reg, hounding people at their homes and work are enough to curdle any theologian’s cream when observing a departure from the *founding tents* of a religion. The betrayal to people outpouring their vulnerabilities, supposedly in a safe space where they could view and look at their lives and find the truth, only to find they are pawns and their case is used as a behaviour control tactic — well, it does not get more grievous than that.

    So when “inside lines” are CORRUPT, what choice does one have? Inspect. Look. And once the evidence is there, ACT. Assign the condition. That’s what Deborah Cook has done. She is not wearing their condition any more.

    The pathetic people posting on Facebook are being “good, obedient Citizens” looking for admirable and approval by toeing the party line. They have *no idea* what lies up those lines.

    The siege of Scientology was conducted by undermining and removing the closest most competent managers, auditors (counselors) and other Tech terminals who got fabulous results with training (delivery, giving people raving great wins in their personal lives!), and by attacking the field. The later included not only the harassment, introversion, destabilization of missions (read money sources), but also included a few key people who were close to Hubbard — including his personal agent (Forrest Ackerman) (whose brain was picked but who wasn’t allowed to help by “know best” Author Services take over). Other key people attacked were artists and honorary power field representatives who won friends and actually garnered good will by genuinely representing Hubbard and Scientology, and who weekly inspired people to take services … genuinely, for real, to help and enlighten. These key people “close to the Power” (Hubbard) were viciously attacked through covert then overt vilification and bogus smears and planting “fears.”

    Enter Simon Bolivar policy. When you are close to a power, psychos who don’t dare mess with the Power will do it through the truest friends close to the power, cutting off the Power’s most valuable assets! And if you are a Power in your own field, those close to you, your true friends, will be targeted by psycho as a way to get to you. SO get Power delegated to you! And what better power is there than to llok and KNOW for yourself?

    These Facebook folks are a small sample of the systemic sickness behind what is now RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology). When a bunch of people have been groomed to NOT LOOK, Fear has a big party! Witch hunts, distrust, yanking and booting off posts, but most tragic: the sown seeds of distrust sprouting in individuals (“members”) of their inability to know what one sees, to know who another person is!

    This is a somber tragedy. It is a senseless tragedy. A complete corruption of Scientology.

    By the good news is… hooray. The Healing Game. You have the RIGHT to study and apply Scientology.

    The confused people on Facebook have shown their state of mind and stability — Like suicide bombers on the spiritual level — the RCS (Radical Corporate Scientology) zealots will trance-like execute the DELETE command…ignoring years of a person’s excellent loyalty an service stats. They are told to DELETE someone quoting Hubbard, the founder of the religion they purport to follow) is persecuted, and they proudly DELETE. They need orders or they cannot function. Any intelligent person with sanity and wits about them, who was not in personal confusion, would look at the policy’s cited with Ms. Cook’s observation, and either has an answer or get one to reconcile the outpoints!

    The fact that Radical Corporate Scientology really believes anyone believes their “statements” about the many people speaking out who devoted 20, 30, 35 years of their all to Scientology are — overnight — suddenly nobodies and “disgruntled apostates” and a host of other disparaging smears is the most glaring symptom and evidence of its departure from honest behavior.

    “Group think” IN ACTION! Mass mentality. It always finds the lowest common denominator, makes decisions by committee (arbitrary with no observation).

    Blessings on Deborah Cook! Her email has given justice, eased the ravage of real agony an earnest soul feels at betrayal, and assigned the proper condition and ethics gradient (Talking to Others) — hence it’s an enormous relief against the many many unconscionable betrayals perpetrated by the corrupt Miscavige Corporation that is assimilating and perverting the Creed of Scientology for personal agendas through evil (harming and destruction) and profit.

    There it is!

  42. If Debbie becomes an independent it will not be because someone convinces her to; it will be because David Miscavige drives her there.

    I doubt she has much in the Way of any Disagreements with the Principles of the Independents in that Scientology could be nicely and standardly expanded here. The Problem however is that she would also be in Association with Anti-Scientologists, Squirrels, professional Natterbags and other Nutcases openly accepted by Independents, and is the prime Reason those only lurking here will not come out – they don’t want Association with such Ilk.

    Until the Day comes along and some housecleaning is done, the influx of Cool-Aiders will always remain relatively low. The overwhelming Majority that leave the Church do not come into the Freezone – they stay off the Bridge. No matter to what extent the Church is exposed, if the Ethics Level is not on par here, it’ll be passed over. Nothing worse PR-wise than having a Blog run over with half a Dozen Type II/IIIs.

  43. Thank you, Chuck.

    A sane Church of Scientology would be of more acceptance for the Independent Field.
    And if the Church should ever turn back to Policy, good for you.
    What field Auditors would do, if the “I HELP” organization wouldn’t steal their money, indoctrinate them with false data or such some things? And instead the I HELP organisation would be a pool of auditors helping each other and sharing their experience?
    The same for Applied Scholastics tutors.
    How many Gung-Ho Groups would evolve if there was no IAS anymore?
    Any (any) Scientologist is willing to help and they would help even more if their abilities would rise thanks to Auditing instead of being regged for the IAS Patrons Dinner.
    Why all this money motivation?

    Group members must be able to participate in action to become a true team.

    And each must be permitted to contribute to the action for a group to generate a life of its own.

    Giving money or things to a group are both a form of participation and contribution. But while this is an important matter, it does not involve actual action. Thus, a contributor of money or objects to a group is yet withholding himself and his time. One should seek contribution of money and things. But the status granted for this is that of patron or associate, not of a true member of the group.
    – LRH
    HCOPL 3 December 1968
    Gung-Ho Groups, Policy Letter #2

    OSA, what is your interpretation of the above?
    Why is there such a push on donations to the IAS so that there is no attention free anymore to build and evolve REAL gung-ho groups?
    Money is energy, I agree, but a free thetan can create out of nothing.

  44. Fully agreed!

  45. I don’t agree that Debbie is doing a “doubt” formula.
    It looks to me as she assigned a danger condition to Scientologist.
    (She actually asked to bypass habits and… the rest is in her letter.)

    And another thing she did, she gave an Acknowledgement for all the people who have been aware of the circumstences and were invalidated at any ocasion they originated this.
    As she is an Auditor, she knows how valuable acknowledgement is.
    Charge blows.
    This IS a session.

  46. And we really are in danger if we do not bypass kool-aid-drinking.
    The Church IS dead (MEST) now. Or below.

  47. Happy New Year to you too!

    I see value in Facebook. But I only have a small number of “friends.” Most are family members. It is a valuable tool in keeping track of everyone, now that the grandchildren are living independently. It’s DM’s policy of disconnection that is once again destroying personal freedom of choice. It is fascist, in nature, for a (governing body) to scour someone’s friend list and demand them to unfriend someone because they dared to criticize the leadership. Likewise, it is fascism to encourage the reporting of others.

  48. I was going to put a message on her facebook but then I saw where “she” had put an email address for people to send her messages to. I thought for a minute “what if”?. I am glad I decided not to do it, and I wish I could say I can’t believe OSA could get away with this. But I know better….
    Thanks Marty

  49. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are here to make the Church survive as this is the greatest good. All good people quite naturally know that the survival of the Church of Scientology is the greatest good. Therefore, if some anonymous person wholly unconnected to the Church decides to go in and take a look at some SP’s Facebook page – and perhaps even changes the password — and then e-mails us the data, then we are merely a receipt point with clean hands. We see this as the actions of a concerned citizen who wants to protect Scientology by helping we in RTC.

    This is no way “hacking” as the hostile media has reported. Look at it this way: No one in the Church “asked” to get Debbie Cook’s letter. In the same way, we in RTC did not “ask” to get information on all suppressive persons connected to Debbie. The information was rather forced on us just as Debbie’s letter was forced on 12,000 of our parishioners. An astonishing number of these people have not reported receiving Debbie’s e-mail and so it appears that they have withholds from RTC.

    We in RTC are enturbulated and must now handle this flagrant noncompliance the hard way, which is to say we will cave in our entire membership if necessary by gang bang sec checks and non mamby-pamby ethics cycles: We in RTC will get them to write KR’s one way or another for it is an order straight from COB.

    We in RTC have a “Knowledge Reporting” system in place for a perfectly good reason: We want knowledge reports about you and everyone connected to you. We in RTC want children to write KR’s on their parents. We want spouses to write KR’s on each other. We want business partners to write KR’s on each other. We need the vital knowledge contained in KR’s to put in ethics on this planet. We cannot Keep Scientology Working unless all good Scientologists write KR’s every few hours of each day. Think of KR’s as the Scientology version of prayer in which Scientologists unburden and cleanse themselves of entheta, crimes, suppression and O/W’s.

    Our juniors in OSA Int Intelligence — Linda Hamel, Kathy O’Gorman, Donatella, Charlie Earle, and others – need the data contained in KR’s for prediction and threat assessment. At present. KO is feverishly amassing the cross-indexes of all Scientologists who received Debbie Cook’s salacious e-mail. More importantly, KO will make an index of all Scientologists who did not report getting the letter!

    We in RTC lovingly remind our parishioners that noncompliance is a high crime, We further remind our parishioners that we in RTC may need to have our juniors in OSA read over the PC folders of those Scientologists whose loyalty is in doubt. By this we mean those who are not reporting receipt of the Debbie Cook e-mail. Furthermore, OSA Int may need to review the videotaped sessions of all PC’s suspected of mutual ruds with Debbie Cook. Happily for RTC, every session in recent has been videotaped for the greatest good.

    PC folders give OSA spiritually favorable negotiating power with PC’s during those times when they get banky and are uncooperative with Church officials. We find that our parishioners are humbled by our loving reminders of their past ruins and disgraces. These loving reminders serve Scientology parishioners by allowing them to compare then and now. Scientologists are allowed to see just how far they have progressed up their Bridge when reminded of past indiscretions they vouchsafed to the Church during religious confessional auditing.

    In closing, we in RTC remind our parishioners that Facebook — and really the whole internet — is no place for Scientologists to be. The place for Scientologists to be is in session at Flag rocketing their way up the Bridge to Total Freedom!

  50. Bonjour Marty,
    I will send the french version of the Debbie Cook email (in to all my scientologist friends and I encourage every french speaking scientologist to do so.
    Thank you for what you are doing.

  51. Marty-thank you for helping Debbie, even though she has not specifically allied with you-We are playing a big game here and it takes big beings. dm lost those! I
    Little teeny beings such as Jojo has been and is the FB police here in LA and I got the honors earlier to be defriended as ordered by her. She is a complete idiot-There is a condition below confusion and that is as an RCS parishioner. The formula is locate the real SP- dm.

  52. Debbie Cook speaks the truth and sunlight will sanitize all problems….

  53. “Der Spiegel” in Germany has picked up the story.,1518,806901,00.html

  54. Being independent is not a solution because one is unwilling to confront the amount of insanity being thrown at one. You are independent because you decide or consider that you are!
    This includes the aspect what you are independent from and the degree you decide to be independent from that. And because Debbie has obviously observed matters, has made her decisions and is acting upon them, in my eyes she is independent in the way of her choice – just as anyone of us.

  55. Still on “DM drives Debbie to independence before June. “:

    “The main thing I’m trying to say is, here, that just if you haven’t got the individual, you have nothing! And if you go in the direction of a system, if that system isn’t designed to eventually make individuals, then it’s a system which will fail. And it’s the only kind of a system that you dare embark upon.
    You embark upon any other system that ends up in slavery or ends up in the total subjugation of individual ability to observe, ability to decide and ability-to act—if you impede any one of those three things—you’re going to find yourself with a slave society on your hands. I don’t care how many labels the thing has. So the only system that is justified is any stopgap system which pushes people forward in this direction.”

  56. Joe Pendleton

    Very wise advice Marty.

  57. Firebreathing Frog

    Thank you Marty or this.
    I felt lot of guilt for not speaking out loudly, but for me, not being on Opinion Leader like you, Mike or Debbie, will make not sence.
    I would have been SP declare on the spot, and lot of my “friends” would have cut the comm line instantly.
    And I don’t want to become their enemy.
    So that’s why I stay “undercover”, to keep feeding your data to online Scientologists, even if lots of “real Scientologists” gets very angry at us because we “are not supporting the ideal orgs”.
    I have worked on staff for nearly 20 years, and I love my friends and lot of people I know that are still inside.
    But most of them are there because of LRH, because they experienced the wins, and they do want someone else to have the same wins.
    True if I had not discovered your website (thank to the Freedom mag who lead me here) I would probably be still defending the church prefectly knowing that all the pain in my stomach when I listen to Miscavige BS is only caused by my own overts and evil purposes.
    Your blog is a island of sanity and true data.
    Thank for doing what you do.
    I hope we meet sometime soon.

  58. Cristian Landivar

    Hi Marty, I am agree with you! They can say wherever they say about Dabbie Cook. I just know she work for Flag for 17 years and I trust on her very much.

    Just check Harvey Jacques Captain of FSO doing Reggistration: You can see how this work inside FSO.

    This is Harvey Jacques making a reg cycles to taiwanes.

    This is second part basically making the 8,000 USD and basically finish.

  59. Theo Sismanides

    “Debbie is an FEBC and executive by every definition of the word. She knows how to assign hats when needed. Just be ready if she taps you. ”

    Thanks Bozz, totally right!

  60. Gern Gaschoen

    I’ve never been more excited to return to Scientology and start applying true LRH tech than these days. All the ruin and damnation from being involved in The Miscavige Cult is blowing away, and now – more than ever – I want to return to the real tech of Scientology and start getting myself up the Bridge again.

    Marty, thank you. Thank you, thank you. While I served under you and Mr. Rinder in the SO, I never thought the day would come that I would have such a comm line with you. Now, its clear – more than ever before – where the trouble was, all this time: MISCAVIGE.

    Let Us Put Miscaviges Head On a Pike. He is a traitor, a coward, and he is no Scientologist.

  61. Gern Gaschoen

    I need delivery in Austria. How/Who/Where?

  62. Gern Gaschoen

    Whats your point of view on the purposes of INCOMM, which should have prevented this mess in the first place, being rejuvenated, Chuck?

  63. Simon Bolivar

    That’s correct Marty!

  64. “Most importantly, get Debbie’s original e-mail spread as far and wide as possible on the lines of corporate Scientologists.”
    I concur.
    Check with your radar-flying friends if you run out of email addresses 😉
    I sent this out to over 150 people last night and am getting responses that indicate there are still many to reach with Debbie’s message.
    This response was my favorite:
    “…suggest you report to Ethics immediately so you can put right any harm you may cause by circulating this natter.”
    Oh no! You mean this is having an impact???? 😉
    The more OSA is tied up dealing with KRs and questions from their own public the less time they will have to co-ordinate their dirty tricks campaign on Debbie.

  65. PS –
    I’m now out of email addresses myself and hitting Facebook lines to send out more by personal message – another avenue.
    If there are any radar-flyers who want to stay firmly under the radar but have lists of people they want to reach feel free to send me their info – I’m MORE than happy to forward my copy of Debbie’s email to them for you.

  66. Update:
    This is my new favorite response:
    “Wow! Thanks for forwarding this to me. I will send it on”

  67. I’m thinking DM better tippy toe on this one. If he pushes her now, she is willing to push back. I think that is clear. If anyone is full of interesting tales by the fireside, it would be Debbie Cook. As far as the Church’s rebuttal, that was a gross error. If Debbie Cook, an auditor, C/S, Former Sea Org Member, C/O, OT Vll, OEC FEBC is “unenlightened”, what does that say about their viewpoint of everyone else? They invalidate their own product.
    The P.R. response could not have been worse. They are stating that someone all the way up the bridge with her record is still “unenlightened”.

  68. By the way, perfect example of what Marty is talking about. Here she is positioned with the Freezone movement:

  69. Lynne —- +1 Very nicely put. LRH symbolically represented (wrote) his perceptions of truth, and over many years developed processes to enable an individual to perceive truth for himself. Policy was worked up to provide organizations where training and processing are readily available at affordable expense. There is some ‘volunteerism’ aspect to it all, some religious dedication to Mankind. It all seems so simple once it’s there, but look how many have extreme difficulty finding the truth, and differentiating it from lies. It’s easier to fall into agreements, and KSW was written to stop substitute agreements at an early stage, but even agreement with LRH is not seeing the truth itself. Half of being an auditor is experience. One must find that for oneself. A being is senior to agreements. The truth works very well, and is senior to a being. Scn is a science, enabling a being to work himself back out of troublesome agreements, and find truth for himself as an individual, on his own.

    The tech was worked out by trial and error with insight, over many years, and in its original form, works (worked). One need only look at the actual products of the Co$ to see how far off-base it has gone. Agreements are not the solution, and much less so with false prophets. There is no longer a valid exchange going on there at all! People are dedicating their lives and their money and reaping disaster. All for nothing. When it comes to squirrels, the Co$ is king. Life is hard for some (tch, tch).

  70. scilonschools

    Debbie cook is an impressive lady, and i am more impressed with the rational and sensible way the Critics, Indies etc are respecting her beliefs and offering support for her actions.
    It is all about addressing the issues (abuses in the RCS) and not trying to create our own abuses by pushing every aspect on those who speak out.
    Agree on what we agree and agree to differ on what we don’t!!
    well done weveryone, and respect to LRH’s Tech on providing a framework.

  71. Would be nice if we can translate her email in 50 languages so everyone else can duplicate. Not everyone clearly reads and duplicates English but if it gets translated in italian, french, german it will help exponentially.

  72. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    I think that the “noise” that OSA generates is intended also for us not to see the real issue here.
    Each Scientologist that choose to be free and back up the truth (in whatever way she or he chooses) increases the freedom of practicing Scientology AND at the same time decreases the midget’s army of robots. That is 2 times the power for each one that goes free of the midget brainwashing.


    Do not go gentle into that good night
    by Dylan Thomas

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    And you, my father, there on the sad height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light

  74. expelled 4 Life

    The Debbie story has made it on the Drudge Report.

  75. A being = ultimate truth.

  76. The story is now on Drudge.

  77. Expelled4Life

    Marty: You make a good point but personally I don’t think it matters as OSA is going to black PR her anyway. But I think it was smart of Debbie to hide her FB friends list and remove the comments. I think she should leave something on her FB page acknowledging that the email was from her.

  78. I’ll add to that. TA is moving in the here too. Even diehard Miscavige supporters are reacting and some have forwarded thanks so I’ve been pouring more coals on the fire.
    Every opinion leader on UK lines should now have a copy of Debbie’s email courtesy of a very busy morning.
    OSA UK – if you need to forward copies of the KRs you receive on me you know my email address – xxx
    Incidentally the contact lists on Facebook are fabulous!!!!

  79. Agreed. Debbie is already per definition an INDEPENDENT Scientologist. She’ll handle things the way she wants to and should be left alone with as little distraction as possible as regards to who she should pledge allegiance to. It isn’t and never has been about that.

  80. @ Daphna Hernandez ” got the email and didn’t even read it!… Deleted her and her husband”
    Well if you didn’t even read it then what reason exactly did you have to delete them you plonker?!
    facepalm! facepalm! facepalm!

  81. This really brought a SMILE to my face. Much better than your last job, eh? Can’t stop laughing!!!

  82. My FB was hacked after I stupidly accepted a “friend request” from someone who is still in the fold. Be careful on accepting friend requests on FB e-mails that are not exactly like they should be. I was duped by one that the dude’s first and last name switched around – the next time I tried to log in, my password was no good. Not too long after I rec’d an e-mail from the DSA wanting me to call her. I’m a certified SP who rarely uses FB. I reported it and think it’s sorted out now.

  83. Great image of LRH wrath! Thanks.

  84. anoter ex fso


  85. Formost, you mean until the indy field runs a huge not is type ridge on the “wogs” the kool-aid drinkers can’t come on over?
    how bout we drop the derogatory labels and just carry on getting our grade one in instead?

  86. I just read the latest from Village Voice and the additional statement from Karin Pinocchio Pouw calling Debbie a disgruntled defector and a squirrel.
    Karin, you are actually killing yourself a little bit with every such statement, I feel pity for you. You know that Debbie was not a defector (although she may be forced into being one now by your boss, the King of the Squirrels Miscavige). Further you know that she only quoted LRH Policy and only called for Scientologists in good standing to f-o-l-l-o-w those policies not the dictates of your King of the Squirrels Miscavige. You have completed your own personal transformation and reversed your purposes. You used to be concerned with the defense of actual Scientology. Now you are devoted to the destruction of actual LRH Scientology, and the defense of the great destroyer King of the Squirrels Miscavige and all that he does. OSA staff reading this – how can you look in the mirror or sleep at night? Before your head hits the pillow every night (if you are lucky enough to get some pillow time) you should ask yourself how did it come to this – to you defending the most egregious squirreling of all time as your full time calling. Yeah Linda Hamel, Karin Pouw, all the Intell boys and girls, I am talking to you. Why don’t you care about the policies you see quoted and the hideous violations of them? Or, if you do (hopefully) why don’t you so something about it. That’s your actual job, not what you are doing now.

  87. The Freedom Magazine refered you…lol, I love it!

  88. The ONLY way OSA could “hack” into Debbie’s account is by figuring out a weak password or by suckering her to use bad FB app. All she would have to do in the 1st instance is change her password. In the 2nd, just disallow the recent FB app in her privacy settings. Pretty simple fixes.

  89. read I Austria? What do you need?

  90. love your humor.

  91. “When the debate is lost,
    slander becomes the tool of the loser.”
    – Socrates

  92. The email Debbie sent out will certainly push the confront of every observing Scientologist who is still in good standing. She uses LRH as her source throughout yet speaks against DM (who is the current self proclaimed leader of Scientology) and his off policy activities directly. For those who truly know LRH is source, this is a no brainer and they will begin the steps of honestly looking for the truth and going through the confusion bit by bit with the stable datum being LRH. Just disseminating this email will get them started.

    But for those who have rested their own viewpoint on the backs of others, having accepted their role as robotically forwarding DM’s intention, there will be the frenzied activity of discrediting Debbie, her message (LRH) and anyone (Scientologists in good standing) her email may have reached. These are the more heavily implanted beings and they will require much more theta in the environment to get them to look. Each and every one of these has an opinion leader and as their opinion leaders start originating, they will be more interested in looking.

    It’s a snowball effect and at the top of the hill are those that still remember that LRH is source. At the bottom is DM and his loyalists watching the snowball coming down that hill directly at them, expanding exponenially and gaining velocity.

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  94. I wonder how David Miscavige feels about the fact, that Debbie’s “WAKE UP CALL” was read more often within 4 days than his own within a decade.
    This speed of particle flow is of uncompareable magnitude in his universe, I guess.
    Plus, Debbie addresses the correct outpoints.
    There is no one who could stop this amount of truth and theta.

    Your implant station will cease to exist – very soon! … You won’t use people as a battery for your Matrix any longer. …

  95. I agree Marty. As I told one reporter, Debbie is an insider, speaking to insiders. She is using proper policy refterences and applying the policy “Ethics Gradients”. Let her continue to work with that Hubbard Issue.
    It can bring nothing but good.

  96. TroubleShooter

    I’m pretty certain that the other continents know to use google to find the free translation programs so this can be translated and circulated in other languages. 😀

  97. TroubleShooter

    That’s possible but there were multiple orders over the years to re-read his wake up call issue to staff as well as public and to provide compliance reports of this being done.

  98. It was translated in french. You can get it from

  99. Yes … within the axioms of Scientology. I’d like to clarify a major misconception. Read very carefully: “Axioms of Scientology”. That is not “Axioms of God”. Please note that difference. Scn is NOT senior to life; it is a science which is wholly consistent with life. The response that “the ultimate truth is a static” is dogmatic Scientologese. That is the point of my post. Agreement with LRH is so easy to substitute for actually looking. That agreement is reinforced by subsequent agreements, and soon there is agreement with agreements, to the detriment of truth. Biology and medicine are sciences, tools for use in life, so is Scn. It is a science only, a tool to facilitate looking. It is entirely consistent within itself, and within itself, exactly right. But LRH would never pretend to tell a man how he must live his life, much less pretend to speak for, or be, God. This failure to grasp that Scn, as big as it is, is not everything, and does not own anyone nor direct anyone’s freedom and choice, has, imo, led to the disasters of individuals foresaking their own perceptions to blindly follow agreements. Once agreements become more important that truth, truth is lost. – Carcha.

  100. Firebreathing Frog

    “unenlightened” mean she has not been enlighten by Sir David Miscavige.
    After all, Debbie is only quoting the old man, L. Ron Hubbard without acknowledging the Great David.

  101. Firebreathing Frog

    Yes, Freedom Magazine.
    I first was wondering why they would make an issue about an ex-SO top exec. Freedom online was not making too much sense, especially the funny video they have on Anderson Cooper.
    So I checked bit more.
    Saw the interviews of Mike Rinder and Marty and others (including Guillaume and Norman).
    My god, I was hocked.
    Since then, I am reading this blog every week.
    Probably save my life and few of my friends (who were dying – I am not joking).
    I just hope they make a special Freedom Mag on Debbie.
    All the people who got wins with her will not be duped.

  102. “There is no more effective action (other than independent delivery) happening for the future of Scientology than what she is doing at the moment. More corporate Scientologists are being reached and gotten to look and think than by any other single action. …

    Like I said in the first post on 1 January, we’d be well served to prepare to deliver to the fall out. Because no matter what, there will be plenty of that.”

    Spot on, Marty. Many fronts are required during this transitional phase of Scientology. The “innies” do need awakening and this email can begin that process. It was sent at a most auspicious time. As in Dune, where McLachan says “Father, the sleeper has awoken!”, 2012 is starting out to be a very good year.

  103. Her friend’s list was private even before she sent out the e-mail. It had been so for some time.

  104. Debbie Cook is a fine human being. I hope she can ride the storm. I have written her twice (privately) to tell her that it will be alright. Sometimes things do get worse before they get better. She needs some friends right now, I’m sure…handle her with care!

  105. Lynne I like what you said very much and it applies in the real world as well. I notice this applies to governments too.

  106. Well said. Yes, in situations like that Sue, Facebook can be very helpful, but for the church to corruptly use it to tell people to unfriend people or they could risk being declared is about the same way they corruptly use tech to make believe they are getting all they want out of life. How can that be? 🙂

  107. Thanks Marty for the guidance and insight. Sometimes in our over zealousness we lose track of what the true goal is about.

  108. Well said Marty. Many will be standing by ready to assist Debbie when the time is right. Scientology has moved OUT of the church and now resides here were we are. The church is a shell and will soon be empty. Scientology will live on.

  109. Oops…I meant to write friends list.

  110. Very well done, Sam! Your comments hit the bulls eye. Much appreciated.

  111. Exactly!

  112. Carcha, I love the way you express yourself in these 2 posts. Very, very insightful. Thanks.

  113. Shortly after reading Debbie Cook’s Famous Email, I found her email address and wrote her a simple congratulations on adhering to the Tech. I also said “Hello” for my Wife, who Debbie knows very well. But, I added, she probably did not want to communicate with us, as we’ve been “Declared” (albeit without a Comm Ev, or even notice of the Declare … .we had to hear about it 3rd hand from an Independent, and I’ve still not seen it).

    Not 10 hours later, she “adds” my wife as a Friend on Facebook. Which is interesting, since I never gave her my wife’s email address or her Facebook ID.


    I wonder if the DSA, OSA and whomever else have turned themselves into criminals know that their hacking is being traced, and that even the campaign donations Miscavige orchestrated will not save them from criminal prosecution and long, long, long stays in the pennitentiary?

  114. By the way, I find it entertaining that JoJo Zawawi was chose to demonstrate the Robotism of the Righteous. I have met JoJo personally, have spent more time with her than I would have cared to, and she does not possess the intellect, much less theta, to command much respect from anyone. If JoJo is what is defending the Corporate Church, it is in big, big, big trouble.

  115. That is precisely what Miscavige wants to do. Then she cannot demand even a Comm Ev. Placing her on the outside/independent side is precisely for the purpose of getting her “off Church lines”.

    It won’t work, in the end, but that is his goal.

  116. Gern Gaschoen

    Would be happy to start with some word clearing ..

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  119. I have seen this person Daphna before. I believe she is an OT 8. So much for “Truth Revealed.” How can you see any truth when you are not even willing to look? When I first discovered Scientology a few year ago and started sharing it with others, I heard all sorts of comments about Tom Cruise jumping on the couch and “who are the people in masks protesting?” and so on. I felt it was my responsibility to know what people are talking about, but really I thought nothing unusual of what I was about to do being a newby that I was. I got on the Internet and looked at stuff for hours including an interview with Jason Beghe on YouTube. I didn’t think much of anything I found. None of it was confirmed by my personal experience (back in the very beginning) so I just kept going. I didn’t even bring it up to anybody because I naturally did not care what people were saying. I have been mostly concerned with action and results.

    Only later I found myself in “ethics” going over “How to Handle Black PR” and other related policies. I could never understand why I was doing it. In my universe I could really care less. Over time it grew into a major ARC break. I mean I’m here working in a rough world trying to survive and these people that intend to “clear the planet” and save the world are worrying about something you may see on the Internet. “Entheta” it was called. I thought to me “entheta” was something really non-survival like a war or a corporation destroying the environment or tyrannical boss driving coworkers to tears, people getting sick… etc. That’s real “entheta” and “suppression” to me. Looking over at data no matter how bad it may be is just that – looking at data and in itself is actually a very much pro-survival act. Don’t these sort of people – Kool Aid drinkers you call them here – ever wonder if there is anything important that they may need to know even to ensure their personal survival or that of others they may know? Don’t they feel that they have a natural right to look at and evaluate any information without somebody else dictating what they should or should not be looking at and how one should think about it? It must take years of indoctrination to get somebody to that point, no?

    I definitely had a problem with it from the very beginning this sort of censorship was being introduced to me. If this is the official practice at the church, then people should be properly informed. Instead you read Ron’s books where all he talks about is self-determinism and being able to evaluate data, maintain your anchor points… and so on. There is also no policy to my knowledge where Ron advises one not to look. I think that would be very contradictory to the practice of Scientology itself.

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