Good Morning America, Meet Debbie Cook and UPDATE

Please click this link, Good Morning America, Meet Debbie Cook

UPDATE: 4:37 pm Central Standard Time:

The GMA story was originally planned as a teaser for tonight’s edition of ABC Nightline.  However, the Scn corporation has had a gaggle of high-priced lawyers (at great expense to donating public) bombarding ABC News with threats and lies all day long yesterday and today.  It finally got the point where ABC decided to punt (for now) because it was distracting the business of reporting contemporaneously on world affairs.  Because it was not unexpected by me I never mentioned the planned broadcast.  This is about the sixth major network show I am aware of on the crimes of David Miscavige that has been spiked in the past eighteen months.  At the end of the day the tension of each new spike (cover up and killing)  adds numbers of professionals in the journalism field to the ranks of the educated on the tactics of Miscavige’s mafia like organization.  Be assured that that cummulative tension will have a deleterious effect  (and actually does have as time goes by) on the perpetrator of the lie-based threats.  The chickens always come home to roost. The detailed story of how corporate Scientology accomplishes such results (with specifics on all of the shows I have alluded to above) will be covered in my second book (including documents that prove it), The Scientology Reformation, which will be out some time after the first book.

See the following written story on ABC NEWs summarizing the GMA story, GMA story summary.  Notice the three Scientology videos that were placed on the LEFT hand column as appeasement to Miscavige and co (the transaction for which serves as a vehicle to transfer funds to ABC).  Also note the sock puppets jumping all over the comments section of that story.   Have a great weekend.

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  1. Chinese proverb: “The rat which gnaws at a tiger’s tail invites destruction.”

  2. Mareka James

    Booyaaaa Biatches!!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

  3. Good one, it’s quite amazing the press about Debbie Cook right now. We are doing a great job insisting on Standard Tech and Standard Admin. And we won’t stop until we can go to an Org without being harassed and we know that we can get LRH tech, not DMbot tech!


  4. Robert Earle

    WOW! Just when it looked like the story was beginning to slow with about 2 dozen diffent storys out. WHAM. Debbie now has had her status upgraded
    to apostate. POB better get the word out right away that watching any TV news is out ethics. Thanks for the interview and update Marty..

  5. Gooooood Morning, very good morning!!!
    Debbie did more good for Scientology in one morning than Tommy Davis did in 2 years. Wonderful back up by Marty! Great Davey-Scientology differentiation!

  6. Marty, this is wonderful, amazing, groundbreaking, Earth-shattering of a milestone in people publicly speaking of their involvment in the Church of Scientology. Should Debbie Cook decide to go on television, i am already sure this will be one of the most watched programs of all time. She is one of the key figures that helped sculpt the Church of Scientology.

  7. Good way to start the day!
    Yeah dog!

  8. This is priceless. The Church comparing itself to the Catholics building their “Vatican” in the middle ages! This is what sparked the reformation! Selling “indulgences” that would allow one to “rape the virgin Mary” etc to fund “opulent” buildings like St. Peter’s cathedral. This is beyond stupid and deep into clinical psychosis.

    Now here’s a humorous medieval analogy of my own about LRH coming back and “debriefing” DM. Enjoy.

  9. haydn (T Paine)

    Finally! Radical Scientology has made a statement I can agree with. They liken and compare the “ideal Org” building “strategy” to the Catholic Church of the middle ages and their moves to construct cathedrals. I agree. Radical Scientology buildings are empty monoliths full of nothing but symbolism, paid for by those trying to buy their way into heaven (or out of earthly trouble)..And lets not forget the corruption that went along with all that (to put it mildly) that led to the inevitable reformation.

  10. Tom Gallagher

    Good Morning America!

    Good bye Dave!

    Good job Marty!

  11. martyrathbun09

    Haydn, amazing isn’t it. Cult(ural) comm lag of 2 1/2 years. They are now adopting what we have been saying all along.

  12. Anybody who actually reads Debbie’s email and looks up the definition of “apostate” will see that the word doesn’t even vaguely apply to her.

  13. martyrathbun09

    You are absolutely correct. It did not apply to any of us and it certainly does not apply to Debbie.

  14. PersonalJudas

    Tripping over their clown shoes again:
    “She is an apostate, apostates are known to be unreliable with respect to their FORMER faiths.” (caps are my own).
    Yet she states clearly, she is still a completely dedicated believer.

    Got to love the way they are running around like ferrets on double espresso’s, trying to plug this leek.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Good eye.

  16. ‘Apostates’ and ‘Heretics’ – Oooh! That really hurts. Good handling RCS – I’m sure that will have a huge impact on society at large (though maybe not the one you were anticipating).

  17. Well done Marty! Funny, but have you noticed the Church keeps defending their actions, saying that by turning their back on the human race and going completely off purpose in order to manage real estate, they’re just doing what the Catholics did during the middle ages building cathedrals. That statement is so wrong on so many counts, it isn’t even funny.

    ‘Cuse me, but weren’t the middle ages, a.k.a. the Dark Ages, known as the most repressive era in the entire history of the human race? And the catholic church… not exactly glorified by any Scientologist. But now they’re our new mentors… Oh boy, the more you think about it the worse it gets.

  18. Well, it didn’t long to get around to calling her an apostate. Guess that means she has been booted out. Great job backing her up on national television, Marty.

  19. They are hoping to “explain her behavior” by using that word. Reminds me of the painful contortions some in the RCS will go through to try to “prove” that LRH policy says something it doesn’t say.

  20. RCS = Middle Ages Catholicism. Yeah, that sounds about right. That’s so PROGRESSIVE, Davie! What a forward thinker! (not)

  21. BAM! Take that Biatches!!

  22. martyrathbun09

    Good point Steve. As a lot of us know up close and personal, it doesn’t get any more medieval than in David Miscavige’s fiefdom.

  23. John Fennessey

    Marty, you remind me of hemingway’s “The old man and the sea”.

    Debbie Cook’s affair is totally, totally, totally being mishandled by the RCS. This does not go away and does not end well. For whatever reason, they are mentally frozen and cannot think and respond to situations properly.

    The world is a mess and scientology continues to eat its own. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

  24. Robert Earle

    I just sent a comment to ABC that the datum that Debbie never worked at Int given by the church was likely not true . Refering to Marty’s posts here about it. Hope that’s ok with you Marty.

  25. Mother of Grendel

    Congrats, Marty, on being the go-to guy that ABC News calls on to comment on the story! I guess this shows that you are the established and respected outside voice regarding Scientology (actual Scientology, not POBs brand).

    And I noticed that ABC didn’t call you any names, just a former Church official.

    Good work, good alliance.

  26. Marty, in a few short days Debbie has graduated from “disgruntled defector” to “squirrel” to “apostate”…and she is none of those things when compared to their definitions. This is the old propaganda trick to stir up hatred, conflict and warfare by labelling people or classes of people as something “other” than the members of the target audience (the dwindling remaining corporate Scientologists). Further, at least one of these labels — Squirrel — very aptly applies to POB and those doing his work.

  27. Any Scientologist who received that Email and compares it to the word “Apostate” will know that DM and his lawyers are lying. Her email is completely based on LRH and his policies!!! DM and his lawyers are saying to all active Scientologists that if you follow and quote LRH policy and the tech which is contrary to DM and his edicts – then you are an apostate.

    In other words, if you don’t follow what DM says and thinks, you are in effect “Off Source”. Any real Scientologist will have doubt created just like Paul Haggis did when he knew that Tommy Davis and Scientology were lying about disconnection.

  28. The cult has just dated of the incident the dwarf is dramatizing: the Middle Ages. Definitely fits with the cult’s inquisitions of it’s members, the torture of the staff at Int etc. That also explains the dwarf’s diminutive size; people were shorter in the Middle Ages than they are now.

    To anybody still in: Are you getting it now? You’re in the middle of DM’s incident. GET OUT.

  29. Mareka James

    I wish you would add a ‘like’ button to your blog, Marty. Plenty of times I don’t want to comment but would like to ack a comment.

  30. Exactlly. This is why it’s important to KNOW history. Had they known what they were actually saying, they’d be screaming,”No! No! No! No!”

    Too late. Cat’s outta the bag. And the analogy is spot on. Well spotted and stated, haydn! Footnukes… AWAY!!! 🙂

  31. Nice! I figured with the flurry of posts and then a brief comm lag that you must be doing some national media about this story. Wasn’t sure if it was going to be CNN, The Today Show, or what. Good Morning America indeed!

  32. haydn (T Paine)

    There you go. That’s the crashing misunderstood in Radical Scientology. Hey Dave, the phrase is: “a man is as valuable as he serves others”, not, “a man is as valuable as he serfs others”.

  33. Simon Bolivar

    It won’t be long other country televisions will pick it up. It’s going to be a cascade all trough out Europe too.

  34. Cristian Landivar

    Hi Marty that was a definitly a good morning!.
    I know want thing from Debbie and is her power and intention. If she decide to all the way, people around the world will follow Debbie’s intention.
    She is and always will be a powerful being!
    When I work for her in the past I follow her intention and I will do it now.
    Ml, Cristian Landivar

  35. martyrathbun09

    Word of advice, develop your own intention and follow it.

  36. +1

  37. The bumbling stupidity that gushes forth from the RCS is wondrous to behold.

    Of course, the problem is that they seek to defend the indefensible by trying to attack Debbie’s credibility. Yet it is their OWN promotion of Debbie over 17 years, and the fact that she was the very public head of the largest church of Scientology in the world — “the Mecca” in fact, that gives her credibility.

    So, he rides the fence between saying things that will D/A her to the KoolAid drinkers (she is a “squirrel”) and to the media “Apostate.” To the media the squirrel moniker is just “name calling” and undermines the other labels they throw around. To the sheeple calling her an apostate is jarring as she quotes policy liberally and professes her love for Scientology and the tech. It’s tough to be consistent when you are lying — everyone knows Debbie is neither a squirrel nor an “apostate” (unless POB has come up with a new definition for the term — “someone critical of me, the Pope.”)

    To add blindness to the stupidity, it is completely lost on POB that him hiding from the media is destroying any remaining credibility he may have had. It never enters his self-centered universe that the first thing every single reporter is thinking is “Why isn’t Miscavige responding?” “Where is he?”

    But, to compound the blindness and the stupidity, is the insanity. Today’s other new pronouncement is that Debbie “knows nothing” about church finances because she was never a member of CSI. Only POB could have concocted this insane “D/A.” First, Debbie ran the FSO. Their average income is between 2 and 3 million a week over her 17 year tenure. Their FP is about 500,000 per week. They send between one and two million a week to Reserves. At a million a week that is 850 million. At 2 million a week that is 1.7 BILLION. I would say that qualifies her to know a little something about the amount of money accumulated…. But on top of that, POB seems to have forgotten that after he put everyone from Int Management in the Hole, he brought in Debbie to save the day. She was installed in his building and made in charge of the world. She also was assigned to deal with the outside firms doing the design and construction of all the ideal orgs. So, I would say she has considerable knowledge of finances.

    But, this one is a doubel edged sword for the RCS.

    IF the criteria for knowing about church finances is working in CSI, then they are going to have a hard time saying I have no knowledgable of Church finances. Based on their criteria, I am now the leading expert on planet earth: I helped create Church of Scientology International and was a member of the Board of Directors of CSI continuously from its formation in 1982 until I left in 2007. As Mel Brooks so famously said: “It’s good to be the King!” 🙂

  38. Lest any lurking OSA bots be in any doubt:
    a·pos·tate (-pstt, -tt)
    One who has abandoned one’s religious faith, a political party, one’s principles, or a cause.

    This definition would apply precisely to the current “Church” which has abonded any semblence of adherence to LRH.

  39. Well now, DM is in the spotlight on network news, being set up as the “bad guy”. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Nope, no PTS’ness there.

    Here’s some Arlo, to help get a groove on this morning:

  40. should read “which has abandoned any semblence of adherence to LRH policy”.

  41. Don’t you miss Tommy D though? I sure do. He was truly the gift that kept on giving.

  42. The BEAUTY of Debbie Cooks e-mail… above and beyond all else, is her position in space at the time of origination.

    Former S.O. Exec who routed out properly, stayed on-lines for 2+ years after. Stayed in communication with thousands of Scientologists in good standing since that time. She is and has been a Good Person, originating a Good Communication that had a positive intent, true to Source/LRH, true to Tech, true to the purpose, aims and goals of all Scientologists.

    She stated nothing but known facts, LRH policy, the money thing is something we can all speculate on (billion in reserves) but that too is not an out-point. The lack of proper USE of those funds is the out-point.

    But she originated her communication from a positive position, even in the eyes of the co$. They NOW… have the uphill battle of going Back In Time, to discredit her Post-E-mail communication. They have to go back prior to this incident to create a Lie (Apostate) that no sane person could buy. The only ones who will believe such a lie are those standing by waiting for their marching orders. Salivating like dogs, they’re anxiously awaiting their masters word so they can run after the ball…”Apostate! Apostate!” Grrr… !!

    Truly, a masterful work of art, this e-mail. Orcestrated like the Master she is.

  43. Well, he got a cameo for his Martin Bashir performance and John Sweeney. He will forever be remembered for those.

  44. Great job, Mike. I was thinking of Mel Brooks earlier this morning to, over this whole thing. 😉
    So on the same page with you today…

    “The Inquisition! What a show!” Oh man… where’s Sam with that popcorn?

  45. Ah yes, another note to OSA bots –
    the over doth speak loudly, especially in accusation.
    note to C/S – include this area in a D of P and clean these guys up.

  46. I loved the RCS statement that Debbie would not know anything about Int finances because she never worked for CSI. No, she only contributed more to the Int Reserves stat than the rest of Scn combined for many years. Mat Pesch could weigh in on that.
    As for working at Int, I guess that being DM’s go-to-person after everyone else was “Holed” and being watered in a garbage can for hours does not qualify. Actually, Debbie’s experience at Int was typical of many at Int. She just ran the gamut from Hero to Holed faster than many of the rest of us did.

  47. I have a suggestion:
    If you can translate, I’d highly recommend translating Marty’s blog about staying off of Debbie’s lines while she handles things. It was well written, thought out, and if not translated, could be a point missed by the Euros.
    Just a thought. Thanks! 🙂

  48. I will consider any insider a real apostate when they do not wake up after reading Debbie’s email, and they also do not deserve (will not preserve as well) the real tech developed by LRH. Just look at those off-policy operations being perpetrated in recent years inside RCS.

  49. Cristian Landivar

    Yes I agree with you. I am working on getting some money that FSO own me. I will let you how is going.

    By they way John Sweeney from BBC check my story. I am waiting for his replay.


  50. The church talks about the middle ages … that’s interesting if you consider the codes they operate on and how surprised they are to see some Sea Org members actually talk after they have been “killed”.

  51. Mareka James

    Exactly right, Mark! ‘like’

  52. +1


  53. Mareka James

    Very witty, Mr. Paine! ‘like’

  54. Mareka James


  55. Mareka James

    ‘like’ ‘like’ ‘like’

  56. Mareka James

    My sentiments exactly!!!

  57. Rory Medford

    DM this is your personal wake up call and now a wake up call for the folowers you deceive each and every day.

  58. haydn,
    “Radical Scientology buildings are empty monoliths full of nothing but symbolism” – not at all what LRH had to say about such things, as you and I know. Symbolism is the wrong direction.

    “And the power of the individual alone is going to set him free. Not his symbols, his power. And that power has nothing whatsoever to do with setting up a machine to give him power. It has to do with his native ability—which is very native—to create space, to create energy and do the exact things which you are doing on SOP 8-C*. And those things, when all added up, give him force and power. And when we get down to it finally, it’s the power of knowing a postulate is going to stay where he put it.” LRH, from 2nd ACC, 9 Dec 53, The Rehabilitation of the Human Spirit lecture.

  59. Debbie is our Luther!

    Scorn magnet DM is in for a treat….

  60. MR: Brilliant. They have anointed you the expert. Re: Debbie and her knowledge, in addition to what you say, for 17 years she must have also been intimately familiar with the amount of IAS and other non-service donations that the FSO sucked out of the masses.

  61. “inquisition” isn’t a 4 letter word only because it has got 11 of them, but it is the first thing that come to mind in europe when you say “middle age catholic church” off course that might not happen over in the states as you guys did not get a “middle age” (omitted) that goes with the ‘inquisition’ that is in your history(salem etc.)
    these idiots and history ignorant have just positioned themselves a lot worse than they bargained for.
    check the history books.

  62. Mark, your calm, rational and professional commentary was very deliberately contrasted with Tommy Davis’s completely unprofessional and non-responsive behavior. Debbie’s equally calm and rational appeal was contrasted with Karin Pouw’s nonresponsive ad hominem attack.

    DM is giving you and Debbie virtually uncontested media space and time. Nobody outside Co$ is buying what Darth Midget is selling, that seems evident.

    Thanks for being there and communicating to publicly defend Ron Hubbard and his true intentions for Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  63. Totally agreed!
    The Church has shown the best example ever of how, regardless of being a member in good standing, or how dedicated you are, it is virtually impossible to correct the gross violations of tech and policy. There is no Qual in the Organization. And when someone tries to put one there, they are attacked, labeled an enemy, and gotten rid of.

    Of course we will soon hear too that Debbie’s email is one of those “signs of success” for the massive growth that is happening.
    I’ve said it before and I will say it again…pathetic.

  64. Robert Earle

    Sinar Could you e-mail a variety of Crow recipes to POBs current chef. And maybe a gold trimmed leather bound copy of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf” for bedside reading.

  65. good one Haydn, I like it.

  66. Mareka James


  67. Tommy’s wife Jessica is dying of leukemia, having opted for auditing rather than medical treatment, so we won’t be seeing him for a while.

    Debbie Cook was, as she claimed, “in good standing” when she wrote that email. Proof? Well, it’s gone now, but her Facebook account had Xmas greetings from people like Wendy Honnor.

    I’m interested in what comes next…12,000 sec checks?

  68. Mareka James

    like, like.

  69. Well hell Marty that was outstanding!!! VWD!!!!!!! I’d say the so-called church attorneys are running into each other today…yeehaw!!!! DM your time is up tick toc.

  70. right on Pat!!
    that is the incident drammatized down to the details of its own nomenclature.
    the only word we have not seen them use yet is WITCH , possibly only because of the “suppress” button active on it

  71. Nice!

    And, through the fray, Debbie is maintaining her cool. “Fabian” comes to mind.

  72. And here is what LRH had to say about that:

    Tape 31 DECEMBER 1960 – The Genus of Scientology

    “We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important.

    When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. [high explosives] under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

    Don’t get interested in real estate. Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”

  73. Brian Culkin

    Who else besides me thinks Mike Rinder is the MAN?

    Laser like, precision critique. Never an outpoint. Its nearly impossible not to duplicate his viewpoint.

    And to think– they tortured this guy, and drove him away?

    What a church!!!

  74. According to little Davie’s mouthpiece, LRH is an apostate.

    Speaking of LRH, that fella a lot of us are fond of and respect who was prolific in his writings, said that sanity is the ability to distinguish differences. From DMSMH: Sanity is

    the ability to tell differences. The better one can tell differences, no matter how minute, and know the width of those differences, the more rational he is. The less one can tell differences and the closer one comes to thinking in identities (A=A) the less sane he is.

    Ms Cook excels in distinguishing differences. ABC did a pretty fair presentation of documenting differences here.

    The officials of Davie’s Vulture Culture excel in deafness, dumbness and blindness hence insanity.

  75. Wow, what a way to wake up this am!
    Yes indeed the Church needs word clearing very urgently. Apostate does not define Debbie or anyone that get gains or understanding from Scientology technology.
    Tic toc Davey boy… times they are a change’n…

  76. It will be a sad day (or maybe a momentous one) when Debbie Cook ends up on the cover of Freedumb and/or that site.

    I really hope she cranks up the ethics gradient soon, and starts to speak to the media though. THAT would be momentous.

  77. Spot-on Martin. I concur exactly!

  78. Mel Brooks tells it like it is:

  79. Maybe this “powerful church” isn’t as powerful as it thinks it is. Stories are hitting the main-stream media much quicker than in the past. Much harder to contain and the Church’s responses appear so petty when viewed in such a broader context. I hope Debbie doesn’t cave in to pressure. She certainly has supporters, both in and out of the Church, who have similar views.

    Marty, what’s with the row boat?

  80. Marty – You’ve gone from being arrested (bogus charge) and having freaky Squirrel Buster nutcases in your driveway to being on Good Morning America as the “go to guy” for information about Corporate Scientology. And all in just a few months. Very Very Well done!

  81. Thanks Mike – it’s very good to get true usable data so well stated.

  82. Nicely done, having Debbie’s back in so many ways, Marty!
    Nicely done Debbie!

  83. Debbie Cook’s email = H.E.
    She is one of “some of you born revolutionists“.
    As is Marty and Mike and all contributing forces to this anti-mestology revolution.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  84. ThetaPotata,

    Damn good point.

    Marty is the only one with the guts to show up for TV interviews regarding Scientology anymore. No Karen Pauw? No Tommy Davis?

    Why’s that, Dave?

  85. Mike, or whoever around knows a lot more than me about PR.
    in europe and possibly south america and other places as well the “inquisition” is the most hated and despized thing in the world.
    people in eu would never talk to you again if you close terminals with it.
    I think “witch hunt” is a pale synonim that is a button in your colture.
    even the 3rd reich (hitler) is on a different league(less charge)
    here we had 6 centuries of horror from the inquisition. it is the mother of all PR buttons.
    Dumb Midget is already positioning himself by his actions and nomenclature used on PR statement as IT!!!!
    I don’t know how to use this…
    but ther’s got to be somebody that can get ideas how to help Davy to launch the ultimate salco of footnukes

  86. Thank you very much for this reference. This has answered a question I have had for a very long time, and has handled a big confusion on the dynamics, and my ability to apply the Conditions formulas. Wow! Would love to listen to the whole lecture. Do you know how I could obtain it?
    If you prefer you could e-mail me at

    Thanks again! Great data for the New Year!

  87. Well said Mike.

  88. Hahaha!
    That’s a good one.

    DM is full of MU’s. That’s right.
    Otherwise he wouldn’t crash all the good things Scientology has to offer.

  89. Funny Robert!

    I’m pretty sure that the diminutive French guy cooking for the diminutive Dear Leader has a much bigger repertoire and tasty fusion variations on black bird cuisine by now. Could not compete with that!

    I would suggest that he does make a huge ice carving of a Crow to commemorate the achievements so far in 2012 as a centerpiece to an “all you can eat” buffet for the Pope on a box. How else does anyone elevate the PR of RCS from internal emails noise to article by Village Voice, and today onto Nationwide TV coverage (in 6 days). Kudos to Dave!

  90. You won’t get too many disagreeing with you on this one – they’re just too shy to say it! Seems, like it or not, he’s resumed his hat of official Scientology Spokesperson. Wanna know what’s REALLY going on? Ask Mike!

  91. Pat, the thought alone of sharing DM’s incident should make them run for the door!!!!

  92. I distinctly heard an entire brick wall fall and break apart in pieces this morning with that ABC news spot following Debbie Cooks email. A little too much sunlight there Dave?

    I have no staff training so this question goes out to those who know.

    My question is, what does a church staff member do, after repeated failed attempts to correct things internally, and having witnessed so much off policy BS, do? Lets say that they already know that the internal church justice system is supporting an off policy off the rails church dictator who is routinely being mentioned by news organizations around the world as being the reason why dedicated Scientologists are leaving, and they can SEE their Orgs are empty, what options does a church staff member really have at this point?

    Is there ANY church policy written by Hubbard that provides for a defensible position for the individual staff member to take without becoming a target himself? And, can he/she become a target by continuing to write reports about off policy management direction in light of whats going on now?

  93. Hi Mike,
    Exactly — regarding the church having promoted Debbie for over 17 years — I can see it now, orders flying about to go through all their past promo to isolate anyone else who is or has been a similar famed figurehead and rapidly take action to ensure they don’t do the same!

  94. Media impressions are straight up and vertical!

  95. Jessica's Friend


    I find your careless comment about Jessica’s choices for medical treatment downright irresponsible. Jessica had non-Hodkins lymphoma back in about 1995. With the full support of her parents, she temporarily routed out of the SO and got complete and full medical treatment in Palo Alto, California (I think it was Standford), this included chemo therapy for which she lost all of her hair. She made a complete recovery and returned back to post at ASHO Day where she trained as an auditor. She is a Class 9 auditor.

    There is no basis in fact that Jessica would do anything different now and knowing her she would have done the medical treatments again. Unfortunately some cancers come back more aggressively than before and show up in late non-curable stages.

    Jessica’s father, the beloved Joseph Feshbach, died of a heart attack in August of 2011. I can see how maybe, possibly Jessica invalidated physical somatics thinking they were grief over the loss of her father, but the Feshbachs would not knowing forgo medical treatment. AJ Porter, Jessica’s aunt (Matt Feshbach’s ex-wife and mother to Matt’s oldest daughter) is the go-to person at the Flag AO for cancer with OTs and AJ strictly advocates full medical line ups.

    Jessica’s situation is about 35 years old, and if the leukemia diagnosis is true, then it is a tragedy for the family especially for Cindy who just lost Joe. I think we should try to remain responsible with our facts.

    With Respect,
    Jessica’s Friend

  96. Jessica's Friend

    Correction: the last paragraph, first sentence is meant to say “Jessica is about 35 years old…” not her “situation”.

  97. Tony DePhillips

    I thought that GMA granted too much beingness to the cult.
    Other than that I hope some kool aid drinkers watch it and maybe they will wake up from their slumber.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this.

  99. Well said Jessica’s friend.

  100. If the CoS wanted to prove “their” policy on lavish fundraising was per LRH, they could have produced such policy to ABC through their lawyers.

    After watching this report,I felt the noticeable lack of such.

    Advantage, Cook.

    I don’t know for sure, but I sense a few more are getting readying to leave RCS today. And not just HQS grads, but some big ones.

    I am sure in quiet corners around PAC, people are talking more than ever. They know.

    Debbie is acting in the spirit of Sophie Scholl. She has “pushed the pamphlets over the edge”.

    It must be frantic in the bunker this day.

  101. You’re right Dan. Flag/FSO is the most major contributor to Int Reserves on a weekly basis and she, the Captain would have had continuing awareness of how much her org was contributing to Reserves. Its in the Finance Series.

  102. I suppose that a “glorious blaze” is Davey idea of how to go out when he is finally forced to drop the winning valence. 😀

  103. George M. White

    Well said, Mike

  104. Funny but true. You thought it would be inconvenient to re-shoot videos with Michael Fairman and Jason Beghe. You ain’t seen nothing yet. They’re gonna be busy in the Castle for years to come re-shooting 17 years of videos that featured Debbie Cook and then turning around and re-shooting all the videos of people who might blow. Pretty soon, they won’t be able to use any actual humans and all their videos will feature a CGI-animated character like the old “Max Headroom” except it will be in the image of DM.

  105. Excellent idea which I would like to second.

  106. It is a tragedy for their family re: both Jessica and Joe.

    I find it an outpoint however that the Flag AO has a ‘go-to person’ for cancer with OT’s.

    Staying on point: Debbie, you are an angel!!

  107. Robert Earle

    Thanks Sinar I love the ice carving idea. So elegant..Only the finest for our beloved leader.

  108. Firebreathing Frog

    “She is an apostate, apostates are known to be unreliable with respect to their former faiths.”

    The Church is doing a marvelous job in separating Scientology from the actual Co$.

    The more they will insult Debbie, the more people (who can LOOK and THINK), they are going to loose.

    It is getting easier and easier to make the doubt condition between:

    1. Joining the group of Scientologist who apply LRH’s Tech, Admin and Ethics references to better their own life and the life of others, and who never compromise with her/his own integrity,


    2. leaving the group of people who follow illegal orders which violate LRH policy, corrupt the tech resulting in people doing worse in life, and lie to cover the criminal activities of Dear Leader because “It is the greatest good for the great number”.

    Debbie has a huge production record of helping thousands people better their own life through the application of standard LRH tech.

    And her email shows that she want to continue to do just that.

    I came here because of Freedom mag.

    I just hope the Co$ is making a new Freedom Mag on Debbie Cook.

    It will help more Scientologists dedicated to LRH to cognite on the Church of Squirreling and come on Debbie side.

    From LRH, The Handling of truth:

    “At 1.1, truth receives her severest drubbing; for here truth is confused, upset, used, twisted and hidden for fear somebody may make retaliation, until one understands that data from this level on the tone scale has only two purposes: to wreak the most harm upon others, and secure the greatest safety for self.

    “Here we have lies used to hide lies amid the most frantic protestations of honesty and a noisy advertising campaign about the ethics of the speaker.

    “Beneath the facade of honor, honesty, ethics, and “one’s sacred word” one is apt to find a writhing cesspool of vicious and malicious lies calculated to do the greatest possible damage.” – LRH. SOS Chapter 22.

  109. I like how Cruise, Travolta and Alley are regularly positioned as adherents to the crazy.

    How long before they wake up?

    Not long now I ‘spect…

  110. Miscavige is the classic cowardly bully. He gathers a gang of dupes around him to then overwhelms others on an individual basis. He has successfully used this method to turn Scientology upside down while far too many have stood by and watched.

    If Scientologists want their personal integrity, friends, family and religion
    than they better stand up TOGETHER and take it back. A lot of momentum
    has been started by a few that were brave enough to put their necks out.
    Now its time for all the fence sitters to contribute to the motion. This can be done in many ways but it has to be done to bring about a lasting change.

    Where there is power and lots of money, there will always be criminals trying to take over. Miscavige is a test to see if this group will stand together or just lay down. 2012 will tell all….

  111. While I certainly hope that anyone battling cancer gets the best treatment available, I have to wonder if Jessica Davis’ case is typical of how SO people are treated?

    Does the CoS provide comprehensive medical care for all of it’s Sea Org members? I was under the impression that at best, many average SO folks got to go to free clinics and whatever Medicaid and Medicare provided.

  112. I watch GMA every day, so you can imagine how quickly I sprung out of bed to turn up the volume for this delightful surprise!

    The RCS response continues to be yet another instance of their deception to the public, their clients and staff. They profess to be “non-denominational” but constantly allude to the Catholic church. Stating that Debbie knows nothing of Int Finances because she was not legally CSI, is his “acceptable truth”. Yet she was no doubt charged with ENORMOUS responsibility in the grand scheme of things. Again their effort to downplay the magnitude of her involvement and contributions to make her look like some spiteful and disgruntled former member is utterly deceitful. “debbie is this”, “marty is that” “mike is that” so and so is….They twist and spin stories so much to suit their own objectives that they just cannot see the truth even if it came at them like an 18 wheeler traveling at 120 mph.

  113. Yup-that hits a lot of nails on the head.

    In the Middle Ages, the Catholic church used the threat of eternal torment to scare people into 1) giving money to the church and 2) control people to coerce them into doing what the church wanted them to do.

    Of course, even the Catholic church in the Middle Ages would not use excommunication as a tool to break up families.

    Way to go, Slappy. It’s the Golden Age of Coercion! LOL!

    Clearly, the Scientology Reformation is well underway; only I don’t think that in 1000 years you’re still going to have any of your cathedrals inspiring the faithful, Davey boy. In fact, I’ll be surprised if the CoS lasts another 20. (That’s based on the attrition of your aging flock, and no new members to replace them. I’m certain there’ll still be some lawyer on retainer somewhere in LA to renew the corporation annually and send checks to Bulgravia.)

    Tick tock, Your Worshipbull Diminuitiveness…

  114. Hi all,

    I have never been a scientologist, and I know who Debbi is, primarly from this blog, but she is mentioned in other places as well. I’ve always wondered if she would speak up after reading how she (and many others) were abused in the hole. Watching DM go after her makes me wonder what is going on in the minds of those who have to attack her, for they know her truth. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Debbi, even folks who flat out HATE scientology say nice things about Debbi. Hey Marty, how long after your new years eve post did you becone aware of the email? Your ears musta been a ringing!

  115. Non-belonger

    Miscavige is the modern day TORQUEMADA (read up on him) – and – Debbie (along with Marty, Mike and the others) are the modern day MARTIN LUTHERs (read up on him). One is the corrupt church leader and the others are the reformers. It is said that the Dead Sea Scrolls include passages that say (not verbatum) “The spirit of God is within you and all around you, NOT in buildings of wood and stone…….” The movie “STIGMATA” dramatizes this very well. How timely a debate. “SOLVE IT WITH SCIENTOLOGY” is lost upon this corporate C of S membership, and the courage we see in Debbie, Marty, Mike and the others is what is needed to “break the agreement” that has become so cemented in. LRH said that mankind’s downfall was a loss of beingness in favor of becomingness – that is all the C of S stands for now – what one can “become”, particularly via donations!!! What courage we can now see amongst these very few who are taking this brave stand. A time-track BRAVO indeed!!!!

  116. There are thoeretically ample tools one can use internally to get grievances handled…the Chaplain for personal grievances; the Cont Justice Chief for injustices etc; the KOT or LRH Comm Network for off-policy actions, even WDC, CMO and RTC itself were all supposed to act as side-checks against things going seriously off the rails.

    However, there’s two big problems here: First, most of those positions or networks have either been dismantled or rendered useless. On a personal level, trying to get the UK Cont Justice Chief to apply even the most basic justice references was utterly futile. The second even bigger problem is that DM has systematically sabotaged all recourse lines. Meaning, any attempt to get things addressed internally is now only likely to get the individual investigated. Again, I have personal experience on this. Writing to ED Int or RTC acheives nothing except to draw unwanted attention to oneself, and could easily result in sec-checking etc. Imagine what would happen if you live in North Korea and write a letter to Kim Jong-il (or, his son now I believe) expressing your concern about the levels of hunger and poverty in your country – it’s an eerily similar situation.

    Again, theoretically the individual writing valid reports is PROTECTED if his concerns are valid against actual LRH policy. But I bet there are dozens of folk right here on this blog that wrote letters or reports about off-policy Ideal Orgs regging, or out-tech reports about redefining an F/N – and what happened? they were all forced to accept, some like Debbie, very very reluctantly, that internal change was just NOT going to happen. Not now, not ever while DM is still there, and probably not ever frankly. The Church is broken beyond repair now.

  117. Firebreathing Frog

    Come on, you did not listen to Tommy Davis interview with Anderson?
    Tommy was send with Yingling (one of the higgest non-scientologist ripoff artist/attorney in USA to defend Scientology because:

    “Come on, Mister Miscavige speak very well for him self!” say Davis – last minute of the video below:

    He is the pope of Scientology so more easy to blame someone else for their fuckup in covering Dear Leader crimes than showing up himself.

    But one day, in a very near future, their will be no one here to cover your ass little fucker.

  118. Yet more International media – this time from New Zealand

    Every UK broadsheet paper covered this story both in print and online. Talk about straight up and vertical!

  119. Firebreathing Frog

    Debbie is a Data Serie Evaluator Course Graduate.
    She can and does stop the correct WHY and WHO.
    Not an ability Mr David Miscavige can share.

  120. PersonalJudas

    Marty, you better give Mareka her ‘like’ button; if her parents are anything to go by, she SIMPLY WILL NOT STOP!

  121. Ostensibly, the correct line is to write knowledge reports regarding any and all technical and administrative violations and if not handled at a local level then report to RTC and they will investigate and correct the situation.

    Since David Miscavige is the squirrel who is altering tech and policy, and since by force, torture and various other gross violations he has taken a completely off policy control over the various boards which are supposed to remove him, then one should apply the policy Ethics Review where LRH says one should, “notice something non optimum and commenting on it to the person.”

    Debbie apparantly did that and ended up in a garbage can with cold water poured on her head with 100 screaming lunatics screaming at her, “what are your crimes.”

    Debbie is now apparantly applying #5 of the ethics gradients, “Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.” And she’s applying #12, “Publishing an interrogatory about a person that points out omissions or commissions of Ethics offenses.”

    Her actions are quite in line with standard admin.

    Of course, the true koolaid drinkers, the real apostates, will shout that this is treasonous and inciting to mutiny. But the only reason they shout so is because they, themselves are squirrels and wish to remain such.

    If they had any ability to tell the difference between their ass and hole in the ground, they would recognize the truth of Debbie’s comments, do a doubt formula, announce publicly to both sides that they no longer agree with Miscavige’s squirrleling and wish to join the group of individuals who use Scientology for the betterment of mankind, not for the lining of DMs pockets.

  122. Emulating the catholic church’s property expansion in Europe. If we look to the future with this in mind then we can see that the CoS will likely be supported by tourism. At $20 a tour there are income possibilities for these empty buildings.

    I can see it all now, in a distant future; Rolling Thunder in the backround.

    Docent says with reverence, “Now this is an Ideal Org auditing room”

    The tourists Oooh and Aaahs.

    “But”, says the docent, “They were never used. You can see the Mark VIII e-meter there on the auditors table. It was an improvement over their older e-meters. We understand they worked very well and were much cheaper to make but they were never released. We only recently found them in a warehouse in LA.” Of course this one here doesn’t work.”

    Tourists, Ooo and Aaah.

    Docent, “They used them to punish their parishioners with something called Sec Checking. You can see the hidden video camera there next (pointing) where they would record the session. Down the hall is the room where others would secretly watch.

    Tourist. “What’s Sec Checking?”

    Docent. “It started out as a form of therapy but was turned into forced confession where one was pressured into telling personal secrets even if they weren’t true. They watched so they could tell others about what they heard in case you didn’t obey or mortgaging your home and give the money to the church. Plus it tended to degrade you into believing you were pond scum”

    Tourist “Unbelievable. I heard about something like this from my grandpa, is this really true?”

    Docent. “And here are several pictures of some of the many that spoke out the church and kept the religion going.”

    Tourist “So those are the guys that saved the Tech? Wow. What happened to that guy, what’s his name, running the show then.”

    Docent “He was put into a mountain with an eternal power supply and locked up there. We are responsible for monitoring it. He is still in there. If you listen carefully, you can hear him swearing and cursing at the ghosts that haunt him. It’s pretty foul stuff.”

    Tourist, “How long ago was that?”

    Docent “ About 300,000 years now, he still has a long time to go.”

  123. I never realized Mel Brooks had been to the Int Base before. 🙂

  124. Watching this drama unfold has become quite exciting. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the next move. I never thought fighting POB would be so much fun!!!

  125. From apostate to … next she’ll be “de-frocked”. Couldn’t help remembering this memorable (for its comedy value) performance by Norman Starkey on CNN; in his clipped South African accent, at about 9.00 in the video, you hear him chirp about Marty, “he’s out, he’s an apostate, he’s de-frocked…” a real LOL moment.

  126. HA!!!! PerFECT!!

  127. The Church now uses Lawyers to rebut LRH Policies.

    The above Press Video Release states Debbie has no Knowledge of the IAS/Church Finances, but they won’t open their Books even to those who have donated for the last 25 Years.

  128. Mr David “High School Drop-Out” Miscavige wouldn’t have a clue about history, would he? “Danny Sherman says our buildings are like cathedrals and cathedrals are good. They were built in something called the Middle Ages. That must be good too. Ugh.” (scratches armpit)

  129. Barney Rubble

    Now that POB has made his allegations on Debbie Cook look ridiculous, the next shot in the foot will be the Freedumb Magazine. I am sure OSA is culling all her pc folders right now, to look for dirt on her. The Freedumb release will just piss off more followers. What a comedy of errors. I just sent the email to a family member still connected, this person thought it was a great email.

  130. Mike, thanks for the great observations on the utter incompetence of the RCS’s handling of the issue. You’re absolutely right — the silence of DM and of Church PR in the face of a major opportunity to reach almost 5 million viewers (a recent rating for GMA, per is unbelievably stupid. Even Tommy Davis at his most combative and incompetent was a real human able to respond to questions. Instead, by issuing a stock absolutist denial via e-mail, once the statement was sent, RCS had no further ability to influence how their statement was framed when the story was assembled. No serious PR pro would ever allow that to happen to a client’s message.

    The look behind the numbers of the SO contribution to overall RCS finances is telling and very informative to outsiders like me — scary, in fact. I was doubtful that RCS was bringing in that kind of money but it appears I was massively wrong. If Debbie’s back gets put up against the wall, it sounds like there are a lot of skeletons and she knows where many of them are buried. It’s not smart to taunt somebody with that kind of knowledge who thinks they have nothing to lose.

    Public and low-level SO might believe the RCS statement that Debbie knew nothing about finance. But the people who would instantly notice just how bogus the RCS statement is are the people who sat in meetings with Debbie going over the numbers every week. That cognitive dissonance could over time create more high-level defectors. So the RCS denial of her financial knowledge backfires extremely badly: it’s a heat-seeking missile that hones in on most accurately on the people who worked most closely with Debbie in the SO — and plants much greater doubt in their minds than it would in the rank and file. Oops.

  131. A friend of mine and an EXISTING, veteran, high level Flag staff member communicated to me that he has covertly been following Marty’s blog.
    You have to love the power of the internet. Encouraging.

    I wouldn’t mention this if I thought there was anyone left at Flag that could operate an e-meter.

    I think 2012 is going to be a very interesting year….

  132. martyrathbun09

    “I wouldn’t mention this if I thought there was anyone left at Flag that could operate an e-meter.”

  133. Ziba Feulner

    Jessica’s Friend, thanks for the data. Not sure if you are a current Cof$ member but isn’t it odd that a Sea Org member and OT is potentially dying of cancer and her OT father just died of a heart attack considering their direct or indirect connection to Miscavige (SP)? What a sad sad but proper example of a PTS situation?

  134. Ziba Feulner

    Marty, you ROCK! Thanks for this! 🙂

  135. Ziba Feulner

    This is AWESOME, Mat! LOL…

  136. I do. 😉

  137. You got that right! I’m sure they’re already onto it.

  138. “Not-is, not-is, not-is!”
    Never handled any situation.
    Just makes it worse.

    It’s time for me to go over the street to the next 7-eleven and grab some popcorn.

  139. Ziba Feulner

    Just got another email from a formerly disconnected friend who applauds Debbie’s letter for trying to handle the church from “within” BUT still thinks it was unethical of me to be an “Indie” :). At least she opened the com to me again… 🙂

  140. My heart goes out to Jessica and her family. I can’t imagine the pain her mom must be feeling, to have lost your husband and now have your daughter so sick.

    Though I hope for a full recovery, it is my sincere wish that whatever time she has is peaceful and filled with love. It is truly sad when anyone is fighting such an illness, but to be so young makes it even more of a heartbreak. I hope Tommy is with her and that they are doing as well as they can be doing.

  141. martyrathbun09


  142. Jethro Bodine

    I’m sure Jessica is getting better treatment than the average Sea Org member because her last name is “Feshbach” and her family has money. Her family has heavily, financially supported the Miscavige regime and has received preferential treatment like receiving Super Power before anyone else.

    The Sea Org under David Miscavige has refused to spend a dime on health insurance for its employees. A $40/week Sea Org member with a serious medical situation would probably be Fitness Boarded out of the SO and left to fend for himself. Or be sent to the RPF and told to go get free medical help from the USC medical center. Or be told to simply “drop the body”, which I’ve also observed. And like someone else mentioned, I find someone holding a full-time post for dealing with OTs with cancer an extreme outpoint.

    I don’t know Jessica personally, but in listening to tapes of her Tommy using the threat of disconnection I can’t think of anything positive to say.

  143. Jethro Bodine

    typo – “her Tommy” should read “her AND Tommy”

  144. FCDC Class of 74

    Everything casts a shadow in the light of day unless you stay under a rock at noon… The broadcast was like a sweet bun with my coffee. My best wishes to her a truly courageous thetan.

  145. John — Once again, I appreciate your duplication and intelligent comments here.

    The figures I mentioned were only direct income for the FSO. She also had awareness of how much money was collected by CSRT fo SuperPower — while not directly on their command lines, she was held responsible for the entire FLB — and that includes the new building. She would also be aware of the amount of money collected by the IAS each week at Flag. Not the international totals, but the Flag totals (and again, Flag is the largest source of IAS income too).

    She knows a LOT.

    And not just about finances. She got to see the inner workings of Dear Leader when she was brought to Int and became a scotch sipping buddy of his (the favored ones are allowed into his inner sanctum — his personal lounges and quarters at Int, in LA or in Clearwater — where they get to enjoy nightly “fireside chats” over glasses of single malt where he expounds on the numerous efforts of one and all to deestroy him and the sexual pecadilloes he has learned from the latest reports of his RTC sec checkers).

    Plus, she can confirm what has been said about the hole and about Greg and Debbie Hughes and Heber Jentzsch and all sorts of other pieces of news.

  146. priceless

  147. Another PR goof. Announcing yet another “apostate”. Loudly announcing someone has left. Even inventing the lie. M.R. must cringe …….

  148. I wrote about this in my blog.

    It is important for people supporting “COB” to confront this:

    Debbie did NOTHING wrong, other than communicate a disagreement, supported by policy, to her FRIENDS.

    For that, she was publicly excommunicated – “head on a pike.” In this case, the pike was USA today, GMA, and other media. NO Comm Ev. NO Golden Rod. NO Standard Scientology AT ALL.

    Just a knee-jerk, reactive, RABID, MAD DOG response.

    The church is a reactive bank. Push a button, get an insane response.

  149. +1 – Agreed! Meters are pretty good paperweights.

  150. Totally agreed. Too bad the right item is denied so the situation won’t get any better and we all know what that means. Sheeple see their ilk showing PTS phenomena one after the other and conclude the Tech doesn’t work, so it’s ok to screw Tech and Policy for any odd justification.

  151. Mat, that comment ought to drive POB, OSA Int, OSA CW, CMO CW et al rabid!

  152. Rory Medford

    The church is dying slowing, DM is d_ _ d?

    The church will LIE LIE LIE at any costs to make sure they keep their heavy hitters and entrenched kool aid drinkers to keep paying paying paying. They will of course come up with a new scheme based on Debbies email to reg more money from the members. You can only imagine what is being said behind the scenes.

  153. Doug, in real life you finally hit a wall and realize that the organization no longer respects the founder’s own policies. And I mean for real – like they aren’t just getting it wrong on a point or two – the organization NO LONGER follows LRH policy. At that point you clearly understand that the group you originally joined doesn’t exist any longer. As there is no point serving a group that has gone extinct and has been replaced with something else (and a very unpleasant “something else” at that), you get the fuck out. I know from personal experience.

  154. Your reference (one of them) is HCOB 31 Dec 1959 “Blow Offs”:

    “One can treat people so well that they grow ashamed of themselves, knowing they don’t deserve it, that a blow-off is precipitated, and certainly one can treat people so badly that they have no choice but to leave, but these are extreme conditions and in between these we have the majority of departures: the auditor is doing his best for the preclear and yet the preclear gets meaner and meaner and blows the session.”

    This is a bit of a sideways reference – surely, most blow-offs are precipitated by OWs – but when you are left in an insane and destructive situation, you really do have no choice but to opt out.

    Would anyone in their right mind fault anyone from walking out of the “Hole?”

    At some point, no-response and no-result, despite over and over-again best efforts and sincere use of the correct lines, means that you are dealing with a brick wall. When this is the case, staying in the situation means contributing to the overt. You are lending your hand to destructive acts.

    Anyone now contributing their life to staff is, very unfortunately, aiding the destruction of Scientology. Anyone flowing ANY funds to the church is contributing to squirreling Scientology.

    The POLICY to follow is DO NOT CONTRIBUTE. At least.

    Re-read the high crimes, and see how many David Miscavige and his followers are committing on a daily basis.

    Your other reference is HCOPL “Keeping Scientology Working”.

  155. Wakingupin2012

    Thanks, Tom. I’ve seen this quote several times – it is very pertinent to the argument against the Ideal Org campaign.
    I want to see THAT quote (Tom’s reference to Tape 31 DECEMBER 1960 – The Genus of Scientology) in the papers along with Debbie’s story. I think the general public would get a kick out of LRH (in a positive way) and it somehow lightens up the conversation, while still drilling in the point.
    Is there video of LRH saying this quote? Just curious… it might go viral if there were.

  156. Wakingupin2012

    Like! But don’t connect it to FB, please.

  157. I never understand why “high school dropout” is used as if it’s a criticism. Some of the world’s greatest artists, authors, inventors, scientists and business people dropped out of school (even elementary). That DM flunked out of his Class IV Internship after assaulting his pc is a far more appropriate criticism, imho. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, granted. 🙂

  158. Jessica’s Friend,
    Not to make less of anything you said but don’t you find it odd that the AO has a “go-to person” for OT’s with cancer? What on earth! Sounds to me like there’s a whole lot of sick people within the cult. This is crazy but not surprising.

    Of course AJ Porter would recommend full medical handlings for people with cancer. What else is she going to do; suggest auditing? Anyone with cancer can forget getting any auditing, assuming in-tech auditing even exists any more within the cult and we all know it doesn’t. They’re told to get full medical handlings because the cult can’t get them out the door fast enough when they find out they’re sick. They’re too afaraid of another Lisa McPherson. Anything more than a headache or a case of indigestion and it’s adios.

    If you doubt what I’m saying about in-tech auditing being long gone within the cult, look what happened to Debbie Cook when she sent her letter around quoting LRH. They called her an apostate. The only thing she’s an apostate to is DM’s out-tech, squirrel cult.

  159. I think that the cult’s overuse of the term “apostate” may soon refect the fairy tale, ‘The boy who cried ‘wolf!’ ie no one will pay any further attention to it, including their own sheep.

  160. Tony Ortega has one whopper of an article on Debbie’s email that just came out within the hour. He suggests a possible extended version of Good Morning America might happen tonight.


  161. Is Nightline going to show more tonight? That’s what Ortega speculates.

    I’m just the messenger… to observe and report.

  162. I could use some help with talking to current members.

    I’m blown away that this has been on GMA. This is fantastic, but let’s face it, Good Morning America isn’t going to convince our friends and family who are still stuck in this mess to wake up. It’s going to be the things we do to help those we are connected with to see the light. I think they’ve all got the email by now. I’m wondering if anyone has had success in speaking with people about it. I am going to start a discussion with some committed members about this email. I will have to tread lightly for sure.

    The stuff Karin Ker-Pow says to the media is laughable, but the things going around through the membership are much more targeted and effective. I’ve seen an email from an upstat public and he takes the approach of “DM has overseen great expansion so he must be good”, and it’s quite good.

    My idea is to use rhetorical questions to try to stimulate thinking. For example, “I’m not convinced that the stats are up because we don’t get detailed stats to look at, but even if the stats are up, aren’t we supposed to follow policy?”

    or “It makes sense for the Church to fire back at Debbie, except shouldn’t what they are doing be on-policy and shouldn’t those point of her email be addressed?”

    and “Hey, where the fuck is Heber?”

    Just thinking if I redirect them to the points of the email. Say, “OK, forget Debbie, let’s just examine the substance of this”, then that will be effective.

    Thoughts or ideas? Anyone had some experience with this they can share with me that might be helpful?

  163. 70 more Facebook disconnections today.
    Always good to sort the wheat from the chaff I say.
    Clearly this show reached a large audience… 😀

  164. Debbie Hughes was one of the first of her FB friends to defriend her.

    Guess her memories of the hole were just too vivid and caused Debbie Hughes to completely lose any integrity she might once have had.

    It’s very telling to watch these FB friends drop off. And WHO so far has stayed.

  165. Simon Bolivar

    But someone here used it with a B in front.

  166. Sorry! is that name calling?
    Damn! I slapped my own face 😀

  167. Simon Bolivar

    It’s already being done.

  168. The “Church” flimsy PR reply at first could sound “reasonable” and semi-plausible, compareing the Scientology real-estate and money “expansion” to the Catholic Church and its construction of cathedrals in the middle ages. But I can’t be reasonable about it,. It;s outrageous, hilarious and tragic.

    The MIddle Ages were about the Inquisition, when people were tortured and killed in the name of God, and Popes rose to power for land and money, and people were told to give their all to the “Church”, which grew in gold while people died in poverty. The priests sent children forth to chastise people, and collect possessions from them, guilting them by quoting “scripture” — vows of poverty used to leverage “gimme all your money”. It was the height of unChristlike teaching!

    Isn’t a Scientology Academy the productive applicable working model Hubbard set forth? Where people could apply and use the applications and processes he researched and left as a legacy?

    Scientology CATHEDRALS? Scientology itself, before being convoluted and stolen for this Cathedral Illusion, was and is in reality the antithesis of symbols and mere significance.

    how David Miscavige has undone the system of checks and balances Hubbard devised to ensure against a totalitarian, ego-maniac “leadership.”

    It’s outrageous how Scientology has been completely hijacked by that fraud impostor! I never though I’d see the day when Scientology became engulfed in incense and mirrors.

  169. Good to see you on form Mareka 🙂

  170. Yes, it is interesting isn’t it? The “Party Line” is that Marty and Mike are plotting to be the new leadership of Scientology – and the Church is handing it to them on a silver platter through their own unspeakable incompetence!

    What I like about Independence is the Independence of it all! The Independent field is like the Internet – designed to withstand attacks, no one point of “failure.” If the Church targets the hell out of Joe Doakes, it will not take out anyone else.

    Then, Scientologists become their own spokesmen and women. We don’ need no stinkin’ Karin Pouws and Tommy D’s!

  171. Yep wakey wakey UK – now wipe that sleepy dust out of your eyes…

  172. Martin – I’ve emailed ALL of our friends and our radar-flyers are keeping me busy with more 😉

  173. Rory Medford

    Why is it taking soooooooooo long to expose DM and posse?

    How does he keep everyone so blind?

    Why do people still give so much money when they KNW something is sooooo wrong?

    How does he do it and still do it and stay in command with no recourse?

    I just don’t get it
    Who is protecting DM?

  174. Thanks. It’s good to know she has friends who will be there for her if she needs it.

  175. Jethro, Lack of access to medical care is a wide-spread problem in our society, not for just Sea Org members. The only problem for Sea Org members is that symptoms are ignored or care is delayed until it has reached a crisis point. I suspect that preventative medical care is hardly ever done. I wouldn’t begrudge the Feshbach family for having access to medical care. Effort should be made to provide wider access. Cancer is not something that I would wish on anyone and I hope that Jessica is recovering. If her husband, Tommy, is focused on that, maybe it will help him see what is truly valuable in his life and have more compassion in his professional life.

  176. Have you also noticed the counter-attacks are getting weaker and the defensive positions stronger?
    Backing up into the bunker nicely.

  177. Phew! trying to keep up! There’s an international shortage on popcorn right now.

  178. You’re SO biased! 😉

  179. “She knows a LOT”
    She’s a ticking time bomb.
    Go on.. light the fuse Dear Leader. Oh! My mistake – he did already.

  180. LOL – persistent isn’t she?

    😀 XXX

  182. martyrathbun09

    If that is all it takes then you are dealing with sheeple: Jonathon Swift once said ““It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into”.

  183. Debbie’s image was impeccable as the Captain at Flag and has continued to be so since she left the church. It’s easy to target scallywags like Mike and Marty – LOL – no offence – but Debbie is a whole other ballgame.

  184. martyrathbun09

    50/50 – possible that the “Human Rights” warchest will spike it.

  185. Also interesting to note that her husband Wayne was the Vice President at Flag – as such he was directly responsible for the welfare of Flag’s high profile and celebrity public. Wayne was VERY good at his job. He was Public Relations personified – always polite, courteous, easy to talk to and willing to give assistance at the drop of a hat when needed. Together Debbie and Wayne are a formidable team.

  186. +2
    Bet the radar-flyers are having a ball!

  187. I reckon the sharks smell blood in the water. You know what they’re like when they start getting whipped into a frenzy.

  188. like.
    (thanks Mareka)

  189. Thank you, bastion of truth and beauty!

    This GMA thing wouldda been a helluva present, had I actually asked for it. It does align with my general inclinations however — more truth, more visibility, more differentiation (by some anyhow).

    anudder year older and a whole lot less intoxicated and a bit wiser thanks to many of the good willed individuals who frequent these pages.

  190. You got a point. I guess it depends on what you do with your life afterwards. Become a bum on the street; go out and start a business that produces something of value for people; hijack a thriving new movement and crush all the life out of it. The sky’s the limit! In DM’s case his lack of education and his inability to track with what is going on in the rest of the world seem to be related. Certainly wouldn’t apply to all high school drop-outs though.

  191. I would not be too sure…there was this maa there, the italian lady.
    she sure knew how to get a dirty needle before putting you on the cans.
    scream at you all kind of wild accusations on your face…wonder who she learned that from?

  192. Ziba

    Yes, I am not sure that Debbie Cook will grant us all amnesty either, but if I have to go to my death with the label of SP on my head, I am glad it is because I have personally stood up and said “NO!”. “Enough of this crap”.

    Let whoever wants or needs the glory, to take the glory, I just want to see the job done.

    Eric S

  193. Just to be clear here, I do not think that Debbie Cook is in this for the glory either. I do not suspect her motives.

  194. Keep chipping away at the walls. They’ve been prisoners so long they’re used to captivity and afraid of independent freedom. But they do come stumbling out in time. Dazed and half blinded by the sunshine.
    Think Stockholm Syndrome!

  195. Rory, he was exposed LONG ago. Those still “in” just have a VERY low confront of evil. Pretty simple.

  196. Stockholm Syndrome.

  197. He’s being protected by his own hostages.

  198. Sam

    He he… The left brain doesn’t know who the right hand is slapping. it is all sooo confusing…

    Eric S

  199. Miscavage can barely string together a coherent sentence unless he’s reading from a teleprompter. Read transcripts of his meetings and discussions, which are available on this blog and elsewhere. They make it seem unlikely that he’s a misunderstood intellectual prodigy.

    While there are exceptions to the rule that high school dropouts are ill prepared for intellectually demanding work such as running a multi-billion dollar organization, those exceptions are typically the ones that prove the rule.

  200. I resemble that remark…

  201. Expelled4Life

    Jessica’s Friend: I agree with your sentiments but with this caveat: Why did the Church put her on such a hot seat of a post knowing she was a cancer survivor? To me that is quite irresponsible. But this also begs the question: Is there a disproportionate amount of Scientologists, compared to the general population, who get cancer or die at a relatively young age? Lately, it seems so, but that is just my opinion.

  202. For an organization with $1,000,000,000 to spend on lawyers, I think it is pretty unconscionable to not have any money to dedicate to people who make up the backbone of the organization.

    But, using people up (financially, physically and spiritually) is par for the course, isn’t it?

  203. Scnethics

    My course of action is to “contribute to the motion” that is being taken by Debbie Cook. I am in the progress of getting her e-mail out to all my Scientology contacts, and any more that I can gather from others. Either e-mail or street address…

    For some of you still “under the radar” who would like to get Debbie’s e-mail out to your areas, but not expose yourself, I, and perhaps some others, may be willing to send it out to your lists.

    There is no harm in it getting to the same person more that once. It actually shows that there is more than just one person concerned and backing this incentive.


  204. one of those who see

    Me thinks “overts speak loudly in accusation.”

  205. Question With Boldness

    I sent out around 100 emails to Scientologists still in the Church on Monday. Most were sent to people in the Denver area. I did receive two replies that were nasty.

    I have received 4 emails with careful questions. These people were shocked by the truthful email from Debbie. I have been emailing them data.

    One person called me. He had been wondering where Ray Mitoff has been. He had a problem that most of the Exec’s have disappeared.

    I received comm yesterday that two other people had seen my email and forwarded it on and they had major blowdowns. I am going to start a list as I have to keep track of whom has called, emailed, etc.

    I refer these people to look, don’t listen. And to go in and look at the courserooms and see for themselves how many people are actually on course. And to look at friends of LRH.

    Has anyone else had any contact with people whom are looking at the truth as a result of Debbie’s letter?


  206. Expelled4Life

    “Apostate” and “Heretic”. Such fancy words. I say just call all the apostates and heretics “Doddy Heads”. Just kidding. So when does the burning begin? Oh wait, it’s already has.

  207. Rory

    … “Who is protecting DM?”…

    The people who are PTS to him. In their minds they have no choice. They have already decided that it is futile to fight back, and will only cause them more pain and degradation.

    Until they confront this suppressive, it is sadly they who have given up their eternity.

    Thanks to LRH, there are ways of helping them.

    Eric S

  208. Too funny!!! I’m watching the disconnections too … not that I held out much hope for many of these FB friends, but it’s good to see who drops off so early and easily.

  209. I guess Karen Pauw’s had to label Deddie a disgruntled defector” to “squirrel” to “apostate.
    Did you expect her to quote DM tirad of “blasfamous bitch…….” over and over and over again?

  210. Like like!

  211. Pot + Kettle + Black = damned fine company.

  212. Jessica's Friend


  213. Jessica's Friend

    Thanks Mike.

  214. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are puzzled over how a tiny handful of 6 or 8 people are able to seduce global media into giving wide coverage to an inconsequential letter written by Debbie Cook who, if we recall, was a Book One auditor in Dunedin, Florida. We in RTC have therefore rightfully concluded that Big Pharma, the Illuminati, and the Rockefeller bank gangsters are actually behind this matter. This is true because New OTVIII, former GO, and WDC ABLE Larry Brynes says so.

    We in RTC also wish to do some basic word clearing on “IAS” because this entire Debbie Cook flap is all traceable to misunderstood words. We want people to have a R factor on why IAS exists:

    1. “International” means “global” because the Church is in all 15,419 countries of the world including our new Ideal Org Antarctica which is in the country of the South Pole.

    2. “Association” means that Scientologists have banded together into a voluntary association wherein the agreement is to perpetually raise one’s Patron status by donating more money. The purpose of the IAS is to be a Patron who donates money. The purpose of IAS is not to do Scientology auditing. If IAS Patrons want auditing, they donate to the Church of Scientology International. Because Scientology parishioners love IAS trophys, pens and pens holders, they have donated to IAS for the free gifts because, let’s face it, auditing has become really dull and grindy due to the three needle swing business.

    3. “Scientologists” means that someone is a Scientologist in good standing as proven by their donations to become an IAS Patron and are continually moving up the IAS Bridge to Total Patron Bankruptcy and Foreclosure in Richie Acunto/Survival Insurance style.

    Per policy, IAS exists solely to raise money to spent at the sole discretion of COB. In PT, IAS raises and spends money based upon COB’s orders. Therefore, IAS is 100% on policy. We in RTC do not understand how “Indies” could possibly complain about any group that is 100% on policy.

    Donate $15,000 to IAS today and you will receive an IAS pen and pen holder!

    Donate $30,000 to IAS today and you will receive an IAS pen and pen holder PLUS an IAS flashlight PLUS IAS helium balloons that say, “We Love You!”

  215. Well, here’s to the glass being half full in the hope that the media grows a pair.

  216. Jessica's Friend

    I can’t speak for the reason for Jessica’s cancer. I am just wishing for a miracle.
    ~J’s Friend

  217. Thank you for communicating the correct data on Jessica’s medical treatment. My thoughts have been with her and Cindy daily since I heard of this news.

    I can confirm that she had medical treatment in 1995 and feel fairly certain that medical treatment would have been the first avenue taken in handling any form of cancer in present time.

    They are widely known as big time financial enablers and as a result the Feshbachs have put themselves right into DMs lair. Despite what many may think, Cindy is a caring, pro LRH tech terminal. But making an integrity move in her position would be difficult with all of her kids in the SO. I am not sure Cindy could handle the threat of disconnection with the rest of her family after her recent loss of Joe. I am sure that she would not support DMs activities and already had issues with the continuous fundraising. Debbie’s email would hit her reality quite well if she has the attention units to receive it.

  218. Jessica's Friend

    Dear Jethro,

    I think one of the things that has been most rehabbed for me from Marty’s blog has been my deep sense of humanity. I won’t be judging Jessica by a few recordings or even some handlings of others by her. Instead, this is a time to send someone like her the deepest postulates, prayers and wishes in hope for a miracle and for us to be the change we want to see.

    I would hope that my life would be viewed in full for all that I gave and that I am. Jessica, like all of us, has the right to make mistakes. Unfortunate for her, she may not have the opportunities most of us have to realize them and apologize.

    By the way, I really enjoy reading your postings.

    ~J’s Friend

  219. Chris Johnson

    It’s not taking so long if you look at it in historical perspective.

    Consider the CoS of even a decade ago. In the cases of Grady Ward, Keith Henson, Bob Minton and many others the CoS was able to brutally ruin the lives of their enemies. That’s over, forever. These days the CoS can barely defend themselves in the press, much less go out and wreck their enemies lives. That’s a pretty big slip. The CoS only *used* to be fearsome, now they’re just ridiculous.

    Also consider that religions generally have very good persistence, even in the face of horrific human rights abuses. Within the past few years the Catholic church was caught protecting pedophile priests, which is as terrible as it gets. And yet they’re still cooking along nicely. Same Pope, mostly the same Cardinals, just a few guys recalled to the Vatican for penance. Who’s protecting the Pope then?

  220. Jessica's Friend


    I appreciate what you’re saying. AJ Porter herself recovered from cancer doing the full medical handling. Per conversations from close friends who’ve talked to AJ, AJ feels that she needs to help others who are having the same experience.

    I’m not really the person to address the rest of the issues you raise.

    ~J’s Friend

  221. yes man you said it. I have been there too and
    it was like being in the body snatchers movie.

  222. Jethro and Mr Fancy.
    Right on.
    The “Church” is a Freeloader on Uncle Sam.
    While it fought tooth and nail for years with the IRS for Tax exemption,
    arguing for months/years to the threshold of 10 cents, it stockpiles vasts amounts of money
    unbeknownest to the duped parshioner taking out a 2nd trust deed and maxing his credit cards.
    What is a billion here and a billion there ?
    The IAS currently had 1.5 billion, Debbie Cook is 4 years behind in the $1 billion figure.
    How about
    “Building Fund Account” and “General Liability Account”.
    How About
    Sea Org Reserves Account ?
    The predatory regging has gone on for years and is the single reason why Germany and other European countries became *UNFRIENDLY*.
    So while these blood sucking reg cycles perpetuate in continuity,
    Uncle Sam is used for FREE medical.
    In countries like the UK and Canada, medical is free anyway.
    But many a Los Angeles Sea Org Member (for decades) has been sent to County USC to sit on a bench with hobos and panhandlers for 6 to 8 hours at a time from Student Doctors to practice on them.
    No way is the Sea Org going to pay $$$$ when that money could go into the $1billion Sea Org Reserves account !
    Free pass for use of Law enforcement, Free usage of the 911 service, Free usage of Fire Brigade services, Free usage of medical while Miscavige lives like a Saudi King and the “Church”
    thumbs it nose at Law Enforcement and the Courts ~~
    Religious Exemption !

  223. Jessica's Friend

    Jessica has a twin sister, another sister and an amazing mother. They’re a tight family. They have extended family members and great friends. I am not on this line and don’t want to misrepresent myself as such. I only wanted to clear up some points so that they aren’t then forwarded as “facts” about how she’s handled her condition when they aren’t facts. I do know Jessica.
    ~J’s Friend

  224. Martin, right on!

  225. Jessica's Friend


    I can’t answer most of your questions from my position because I didn’t make those decisions and I wasn’t there.

    I can tell you this, Jessica is one able girl. She never used her cancer as any reason not do what she wanted, which was train and audit. I believe when she was brought in to work with the Cruise’s and with Tommy that her cancer had been in remission for more than a decade.

    ~J’s Friend

  226. Sinar
    +1 LOL!

  227. You serious? Any SP label handed out by Davey, the greatest SP in the history of Scientology, is in fact a validation. Not disconnecting from him may qualify for the label and even that only in the RCS mind. Disconnection has been cancelled by LRH in 1968 and Davey illegally reinstated it in 1982 w/o LRH knowing about it. I don’t disconnect from anyone as I’m not PTS and it’s no policy. I always answered all calls from all regges and they all hung up on me and now it looks like they disconnected but I don’t play that game.

    If the charge is “off line reporting” any doubt announcement is done publicly and the ethics and justice gradients are executed publicly as well.

    If the charge is “statements against Scientologists” I have news for them; Davey is not an Scientologist!

    If the charge is “organising splinter groups to diverge from Scientology” we effect the 180 degree opposite.

    If the charge is “malicious rumour mongering” we only expose truth and facts, no rumours, let alone maliciously.

    If the charge is “mutiny” we’re reversing the mutiny.

    If the charge is “public disavowal of a Scientologist in good standing with Scientology organisations” RCS is not a Scientology organisation; it’s an implant station.

    If the charge is “continued adherence to a group pronounced SP by HCO” There’s is no Hubbard Communication Office, no communication, no Hubbard; only offices and if not empty, they’re high-jacked.

    Go by truth, it’ll set you free.

  228. That man of yours is verylucky to have you by his side. Damn you’re a fox

  229. Maybe you could call it Empathic Tech and Empathic Admin instead of standard

  230. Not for the public. Just no confront.

  231. martyrathbun09

    UPDATE: 4:37 pm Central Standard Time:

    The GMA story was originally planned as a teaser for tonight’s edition of ABC Nightline. However, the Scn corporation has had a gaggle of high-priced lawyers (at great expense to donating public) bombarding ABC News with threats and lies all day long yesterday and today. It finally got the point where ABC decided to punt (for now) because it was distracting the business of reporting contemporaneously on world affairs. Because it was not unexpected by me I never mentioned the planned broadcast. This is about the sixth major network show I am aware of on the crimes of David Miscavige that has been spiked in the past eighteen months. At the end of the day the tension of each new spike (cover up and killing) adds numbers of professionals in the journalism field to the ranks of the educated on the tactics of Miscavige’s mafia like organization. Be assured that that cummulative tension will have a deleterious effect (and actually does have as time goes by) on the perpetrator of the lie-based threats. The chickens always come home to roost. The detailed story of how corporate Scientology accomplishes such results (with specifics on all of the shows I have alluded to above) will be covered in my second book (including documents that prove it), The Scientology Reformation, which will be out some time after the first book.

    See the following written story on ABC NEWs summarizing the GMA story, GMA story summary. Notice the three Scientology videos that were placed on the LEFT hand column as appeasement to Miscavige and co (the transaction for which serves as a vehicle to transfer funds to ABC). Also note the sock puppets jumping all over the comments section of that story. Have a great weekend.

  232. Plus the people he bought, plus his puppeteers.

  233. I agree with Brian Culkin way up above these posts on Mike Rinder being so laser like and spot on with easy duplication.

  234. Good data about Wayne, I didn’t know anthing about him other that his unbending support of Debbie which made him a GREAT guy in my book.

  235. Yep public too. They know what will happen to them if they don’t kow tow to the party line.

  236. Pat, I agree with you…..a go to person for cancer, wow.

    Jessica’s friend, I am sorry for Jessica, I knew her from the time she was a little girl. I liked her and I remember when she first came home from the SO when she was ill the first time and she had such a wonderful outlook on the whole thing. I pray she pulls through this. Just stop for a moment and look at what is truly going on in this church today. What is happening is not LRH and DM does not care about anything or anyone but himself.

  237. Mike
    +1 Beautifully written.
    Many here on this blog did not know that you (any Marty) were on
    various Boards of Directors.

  238. Jethro Bodine

    >> Jethro, Lack of access to medical care is a wide-spread problem in our society, not for just Sea Org members.

    Sue, this sounds like a justification Corporate Scientology would use to send staff members to free medical clinics. They taken in millions of dollars a year and should at least have some sort of medical plan in place. Yes, for those of us who live in the USA, we don’t have free access to health care. That’s just the way it is, for now anyways. But it doesn’t let Corporate C of $ of the hook for not taking care of its own workers like it should.

    Jessica Feshbach/Davis receives preferential treatment because of her family, and because she has means. My point was that ALL Sea Org members should receive medical care when they need it. Unfortunately, Jessica’s real problem is that she doesn’t realize she’s connected to an SP (Miscavige). If she did, she might disconnect, destimulate and get well. She and her family have supported and defended Miscavige in the past, and that I can’t respect.

  239. Jethro Bodine

    BTW, I hope Jessica gets well. I wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody. OK, maybe one person….


    signed: Anonymous

  241. They have a great “Aha” contence

  242. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Reflecting on this position of building Scientology Church buildings to Catholic Cathedrals, I’m reminded of Starz production of Ken Follets / Pillars of the Earth. Two very specific quotes are as follows.

    PILLARS OF THE EARTH (Starz NW – summer 2010)
    Without the benefit of the back story….. There is a  monk who was punished unjustly by a bishop.  The monk is then offered a significant promotion, a position to replace the very same Bishop, who was to return to Rome. The offered position was expected to be taken.  However in that the bishop himself, delivered the initial punishment (though carried out by others).  The monk delivers this response to the bishop:

    “You (DM) have taught me, you see. 
    Politics may be a bargain between beggars;  but compromise … between good and evil is never possible. God’s work does not blend with power or greed. 
    Your model (DM) is corrupt, and the walls of the church will crumble and the roof will fall and you and everyone who worships with you will be crushed. 
    I would rather sooner live out the rest of my days feeding pigs at the monastery than feeding your ravenous ambition.”


    Many yests later, the same priest/monk’s closing statement to the congregation from inside the cathedral:  

    “When we began work on the Kingsbridge Cathedral, King Stephen was newly crowned and the princess Maude fled to France with her newborn son Henry. 

    “For years England was torn by war and great suffering.  King Stephen is since dead and Maude’s son now rules as King Henry the second of England. 

    “Now we have peace and hope for a bright tomorrow and for these gifts and our beautiful church I thank God, our King, the people of Kingsbridge and several generations of tireless workers. But the cathedral is not finished and nor will it ever be. 

    Just as human perfection is something we all strive for, and can never attain, so this church will forever be changing, growing, crumbling at times, an ongoing legacy of our feeble efforts to touch God.  

    “A cathedral my friends is neither stone, nor statues, nor even a place of prayer. It is a continuum of creation, beautiful work that pray God will never end. ”

  243. I think even Anons surpass Flag Auditors with a meter and they are just goofing off.

  244. Perfect Sinar!

  245. LOL! Well, she just added me as a friend, which should make up for at least half of those disconnections 😉

    Don “Somehow Still In Good Standing But Probably Not For Long” Cramer

  246. Tory Christman

    Perrrrrrrrrfect one, Lucy!! That IS exactly who C of $ are (the rats) and exactly what they do, every single time. When I first escaped out—I was always worried about “What will OSA do?” Finally I realized: “Chill out—we can ABSOLUTELY count on those from OSA *totally* proving what we who are out, say. Keep up the *great* work, Davey boy and slaves: Tick Tock, Tick Tock::: Oh yeah BABY: Time IS on *our* side!!!! Tory/Magoo

  247. Tony DePhillips

    The corporate world and corporate Scientology are in bed together. Ultimately, they seem to deserve each other too.
    People with low integrity reporting on others with crimes and even lower integrity, all getting at the “truth” and “helping society”.
    It is just a 1.1. game to them. But the truth is still eeking out on more reliable comm lines.
    Muddcabbage WILL reap what he has sown.

  248. “unethical to be an Idie”

    Even with the unmock of management there is still a “checks and balances” system with the Scientology – KSW. The intent of the PL was to distributed the “checks and balances” hat to all church members.

    Debbie’s email details (as many other people have) gross deviations between Policy/Tech and what is currently happening within the Church.

    The parishioners that choose to follow their “leader” INSTEAD OF AND ABOVE policy and tech are themselves engaged in heresy and are the apostates they acuse others of being.

    These same people are also condemning and acusing others (indies) for practicing Scientology. I believe that is a “high crime” is it not?

  249. Joe Pendleton

    Mr. Fancy – EXACTLY! Perfectly stated!

  250. If the Church was ever to internally reform one of the things it would have to recognize and correct is that many people have been declared, not because they were trying to hurt or destroy the church.

    People have been declared because they did not do what they were told to, or didn’t tow the company line. People have also been declared for vindictive punitive reasons.

  251. J’s friend
    No need. What you are doing is what a friend would do regardless of how tight or not the comm line is 🙂

  252. Interesting features about this update:

    “The church disputed Cook’s claim, comparing it to a criticism of the Catholic pope’s having too much power over the Catholic Church.”

    The Pope on a Box loves the Catholic Church such as indulgences and Spanish Inquisition to compare with, perhaps he now considers the Int base as the Vatican?

  253. Dear Friend of Jessica,
    I am sure I am not alone in wishing Jessica the best under her difficult circumstances. It must be hard for Tommy Davis and her family, too. Whether one agrees or not with someone, unless one is a heartless creep, they would never wish for another to suffer as Jessica may be suffering. My wish is that she recovers and is able to be healthy again and live her life how she chooses and either way, may she be surrounding by love. Please let her know that there are many who would say something similar from the independent group here, I am sure. Godspeed.

  254. Joe Pendleton

    Mike Rinder – while agreeing with all that you said, I will only add that in a new unit of time, “on lines” Scientologists will once again be provided with an opportunity to observe and communicate. The real “value added” of Debbie Cook’s email message is that it not only went out to so many Scientologists, but that because it came from HER, it was presumably OPENED and then presumably READ. Now if these Scientologists once again key-in and dramatize 3rd Dynamic/religious whole track suppression such as mentioned in the books by Headley, Scobee and Hawkins, where the authors all mentioned that they could not even talk about the insanity WITH THEIR SPOUSES, then not much will change within the COS. The numbers of members and money will just keep slowly declining over the years, along with the terrible “in the toilet” PR (what internet saavy person would even CONSIDER getting into the church of Scientology nowadays?) In the late 70s, early 80s, I can tell you that in my large org, we discussed NOTHING negative at all about the church/management. There were a couple of whispered comments at parties I recall about the price increases and maybe a question about the List One RS purge and the RPF prisoners and then whatever was in our “3rd dynamic DNA” kicked in AND EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP. Will that happen now? Or will church members now start talking to each other and maybe even start acting? I haven’t a clue as to how that will now play out. But to me, this is now THE question. We already know what Dav&Co will do, but will the sheeple continue in their sheep like ways of the past or will they start acting like actual thetans who have the ability to….. (you know, that good stuff in Axiom #2).

  255. The I.A.S.. What your donations buy. Cover ups for the “leader”.

    By the way, I said it before too, I have never seen one reference by L.R.H. on “Religious Leader” or “Chairman of the Board”. No wonder he escapes view, his titles are not even covered in policy as he invented them.

  256. I don’t think you can compare the Catholic Church with the CofS, even though that is what the CofS is tossing out. The Catholic Church has a long history of caring for orphans, unwed mothers, feeding and clothing the poor. Compare that if you will to enforced abortions, pregnant women thrown out on the streets when they can no longer work penniless. Refusing service to anyone who has not made the deemed “donation”.

    Let’s keep it real.

  257. Jessica’s Friend, I truly hope that Jessica recovers from her illness.
    I personally remember Jessica, back in Nov 2004 running a “special project” ordered directly by David Miscavige as she was helping her master (DM) pimping for their top celebrity. Jessica is the only person responsible for her own condition as she knowingly committed some major suppressive acts from 2004-2005 that I personally observed. I have no ill feeling towards her, but truly hope she comes to her senses and take some responsibility for the ones she harmed.

  258. Marty — It’s more proof that POB lacks any ability to obnose. His constant habit of patting himself on the back for his brilliance, avidly supported by the brown-nosers in his bubble, leaves him living in an unreal world dominated by his own self-importance.

    People remember those who treat them well, and have even longer memories for those who treat them with disdain or lie to them. Miscavige has been shielded somewhat by the litigious reputation of the church so has been able to control to some extent his exposure (as with Nightline now).

    But, its not going to last because he treats the media with the same arrogance he displays towards everyone else on planet earth. He thinks it doesnt matter as there is no immediate blowback. But as each day goes by, he creates more and more enemies who sit biding their time to exact their pound of flesh. The Wizard of Oz still has lawyers to send threat letters, but there have now been a LOT of threats and no suits filed. Yes, Nightline and others have been intimidated into spiking stories, but the SP Times, Australian TV, Tony Ortega and others have not. All his threats have come to naught. The truth is Miscavige cannot afford to file a lawsuit against the media — first because what they are reporting is TRUE, but second, and just as important, he cannot afford to be dragged into deposition. These days Miscavige cannot appear in the media, or even in any public forum where the dialogue is not entirely controled. He knows the liability of being publicly challenged — can you imagine if he appeared on Ted Koppel now and Ted asked him about the LRH quotes Debbie cited, or the numerous accounts of him beating people, or the declarations filed by his staff claiming he “does everything” despite what he told the IRS etc etc etc etc.

    His short term view — “I can blow off the peons in the media and intimidate them like I intimidate everyone else around me as I am important and they are nothing” — does NOT a good strategy make. He is playing the game like it is inside his bubble where whatever he says goes and it doesnt matter if he lies or says things that make no sense, everyone nods in agreement out of fear of “having a bad comm cycle with COB” and ending up in the Hole. But there is no Hole outside his little world and just because David Miscavige pronounces it to be so doesnt mean the rest of the world buys it.

    You and I both know that the insults, lies and condescension he has directed towards the media have VERY deleterious results. Even the best and most objective reporters have to make judgements about who is telling the truth. And when they see the repeated adn provable lies from the church, they KNOW who is telling the truth. They see the childish name-calling attacks on reporters — Anderson Cooper and his t-shirts, Joe Childs and Tom Tobin “the bigots,” Tony Ortega the “pornographer” etc and they know who is calling names. So, when the day comes that their legal departments no longer heed the legal threats, all those lies will come home to roost.

    Years ago, the media used to look upon the Church of Scientology with puzzlement. Generally they considered it to be “weird” but relatively harmless. That was not a bad position to be in, as it opened the door to demonstrating that the concepts of Scientology are really NOT weird and they help people. Now they look at the Church as a bunch of bullying liars. And being a liar is REALLY hard to overcome, because even if you show good works or normal things or offer contrition for whatever you have done wrong — you are not believed. And this is the legacy of Miscavige — he is not believed by the world at large, and especially not the media.

    I dont see POB’s ability to keep the media at bay with legal threats or Tom Cruise’s buddies at CAA lasting much longer. Then you will see the floodgates open with 60 Minutes, Dateline, Washington Post etc etc all letting rip. The only consolation is this. I predict the focus of their stories will NOT be “L. Ron Hubbard Science Fiction Writer and his weird cult” but “David Miscavige’s cult of greed, despoiling the memory of its founder.” There will be a differentiation between Miscavige’s “brand” and real Scientology.

    Perhaps the Mayans were right after all. Maybe 2012 is Dave’s Doomsday.

  259. Miscaviage wooed celebrities for this very eventuality. Tom Cruise and all the other headliner talent in the Scientology stable are the CoS shield. These news orgs are closely aligned with all forms of entertainment affiliate companies and industry people – it’s an eco-system that can fall to pieces if anyone breaks the time honored tradition of exposing one anothers secrets.

    Arguably, the most powerful Catholics in the US are the Kennedys. Yet the networks feasted on the Church’s handling of the sex abuse. The Kennedys are powerful but they chose not to (or could not) stop the coverage. The 2 big differences between CoS and the Catholic Church? First, the Catholic Church doesn’t buy its followers. Do you think the Catholic Church would build Tom Cruise a custom SUV, or lavish him with other expensive gifts and trips? Second, the Kennedys are not a revenue generator for the networks – Mess with CoS and you bite the hand that feeds you.

    If this type of strong arming by CoS does not prove how truly corrupt and sinister CoS is to the average observer, nothing will. As for Miscaviage, followers should revolt and toss that despot out. Maybe then they can work their way back to the core values that matter to them most and possibly gain some credibility and respect.

  260. Joe — Of course, every person is different. But everyone has a threshhold — SOMETHING that finally opens their eyes/is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Each has their own breaking point. Certainly, Debbie will reach some and the erosion of Dave’s sandcastle will speed up to that degree. For others, they will still be shouting his virtues as he is dragged away in handcuffs and convicted — just like Warren Jeffs’ hard-core followers were after he was convicted. Those types are incapable of thinking for themselves or taking any responsibility for their condition, they want to assign cause for everything to someone else, and “COB” is the perfect candidate.

    Who knows what fact/mistreatment/insult/lie/financial hardship/statement is the final straw for any individual. But I do know that a well constructed, policy supported, non-misemotional email from a massive public opinion leader was that straw for some, and it definiterly didnt help POB’s cause.

  261. Same old same old….

    Despite what one sees from the PR Machine, please see the attached two emails I received from the Superpower Project. The first I received on 12/30/11, the second was received on the 2nd of the past week. They ARE STILL REGGING FOR THE DAMN SUPERPOWER PROJECT!!!! Can’t wait ‘til the regging for the LRH Auditorium starts….

    Note: I was at the New Year’s Event on 12/31/2010. COB “announced” the opening of the Superpower building would occur in 2011….

    This is me waiting……

    First Email:

    In just a couple days, 2012 will be upon us. This is the year where we begin to change the planet in earnest, as this year is when Super Power becomes available to all Scientologists the world over!

    Remember what LRH so succinctly stated at the time of his research into Super Power when he said, “This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts World Clearing within reach in the future.”

    LRH created Super Power to achieve this exact purpose, and while we have been working diligently and industriously over the years to bring this rundown to you, we are not quite there! It is for that reason that I ask you for a final gift in this year of 2011. To help us accomplish the full funding of the new building and accomplish the release of the technology which LRH says will make planetary clearing a reality.

    Please help – and be a part of this pivotal and monumental moment in history.


    Bruce Roger
    VIP Representative
    Super Power Project
    CMO CW

    Phone #: (727) 639-3242

    Second Email:

    Hello my dear Friend,
    I had to tell you immediately!!!
    As you may have just heard the Chairman of the Board just announced we will be opening the New Building and releasing Super Power in 2012 at this years New Years Event in Los Angeles!!!
    Can you believe it? After all these years of persistence and dedication we are now going to be bringing LRH’s fantastic technology of Super Power to this Planet!!!! This really is an amazing breakthrough!!
    Just imagine what it very soon will be like with thousands and thousands of Scientologists operating in a new realm of ABILITY never before seen!!!
    And just think of what you will be able to accomplish when you have completed Super Power and are operating in a completely different range of ability!!
    Remember what LRH so succinctly stated during his researching of Super Power when he said, “This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts World Clearing within reach in the future.”
    LRH created Super Power to achieve precisely that purpose, and while we have been working very diligently and industriously over the years to bring this rundown to you, there is still a little more to go! We are now at the final opportunity for anyone to become part of the Cornerstone Membership. Due to this I want to ask you, what friends or family do you have that are interested in being amongst the first to receive Super Power? Are any of them interested in receiving a 40% discount on their Super Power intensives? Or what about having their names engraved in the building as a symbol of appreciation for what they have done to expand the Flag Land Base and Scientology the world over? And access to their own private Cornerstone Club member lounge? These are some of the benefits which an individual gets when they become part of the Cornerstone Membership, to recognize them as one of the few who bettered the lot of the many.
    Make sure others don’t miss out on being part of this pivotal and monumental moment in history.


    Bruce Roger
    VIP Representative
    Super Power Project
    CMO CW
    Phone #: (727) 639-3242

    “…time and pressure…”

  262. The amazing part is Scientology thinks if they throw those words around it will make people think they are bad people but it just makes them look like they are nuts.

  263. Debbie Cook has shot cannon #2
    Click on this link for details.

  264. That’s a pretty big slip. The CoS only *used* to be fearsome, now they’re just ridiculous.

    That’s because of a lack of ethics presence.
    10 years ago we used to say “lets clear _ _ _ _ _ (country)!” nowadays it’s just “lets get the building funds collected!”

    the Catholic church

    But the Catholic Church has another status.
    It’s some good 17 centuries old (since the First Council of Nicaea when the christian core was sold out to and under the command of Constantine as the “new roman order”).
    They count currently some 1,1 Billion followers worldwide.
    They have some more real estate.

    Who is protecting the Pope?
    There is no need to. He is not beating up people. He does not enforce disconnections. He is not getting all the money from his followers. (OK, this is another story).

    Cathedrals. Hahaha.

  265. The I.A.S.. What your donations buy. Cover ups for the “leader”.
    WTF? Where? Data?
    You’re kidding, don’t you!?

  266. It’s deja vu all over again!

    My God, did you hear the news! COB announced SuperPower will be released in 2012. Well, Hallelujah.

    Funny, I recall him promising this every year for as long as I can remember?

  267. Debbie Cook has a letter she addressed to the Tampa Bay times, published here:

  268. “One by one” – that allways works.

  269. Tom Gallagher

    Holy sh%t Mike! Thanks for such an excellent summation.

    Misscabbige is such a world-class sociopath AND psychotic that I predict future scholarly papers will be written about him and his condition.

    I will also predict that the boomerang effect of folks at-large will identify him, Slappy, as the reason for the contraction of one of mankind’s great philosophical gifts.

    I truly sense that a great day dawns.

    And with that said, “Bye bye dave”. Paybacks and karma can be utter hell.

    By the way, it wouldn’t surprise me if POB’s probably a pill popper. How else could this LUNATIC sleep at night?

  270. +1 Perhaps since groundbreaking in ’98?

  271. Sam, you are a fun lady!!!

  272. I loved the letter, but the comments are a mixed bag. Somebody posted some NOTs stuff, so be forewarned.

  273. +1

    “LYING is the lowest order of creativity.” -LRH, FOT

    And yes, the differentiation cycle goes on and one.
    This tree will give rich fruits.
    Thanks for the good seed, guys.

  274. He was raised a Catholic . Tom Cruise was also raised a Catholic.

    I can imagine what their dinner prayers are like:

  275. Tom Gallagher

    One final weird thought:

    LRH was such a good strategist, could he have been the original designer?

    This will change the world, IMHO. The back flash on Shorty, that is. And the acknowledgement and admiration for Ron…………

    All of this this has given me one of those ‘pinch me’ moments.

  276. Expelled: A few years ago a finance person at Flag was pulling the string on a series of high medical expenses and discovered it was due to a number of OTs on staff who had contracted cancer.

    When I heard that, I sat down and made a list of public OT VIIs and VIIIs I knew who had gotten cancer. Now, I’m not that well connected in the Scientology community, but even so I listed 18 OTs I had known personally who were diagnosed with cancer. All but two of them have died from the disease. Perhaps not a big enough sample to be scientifically valid, but it certainly raises a red flag about a possible PTS situation, and it does not surprise me that there is a staff member assigned to deal with this.

  277. Debbie, I love you!
    You’re so dedicated.

    You will save Scientology. You’re my favorite Boddhisatva.
    You have Greatness.

    David Miscavige will very soon “pull it in” eventually.
    Do not listen to the “Imitation Flavor” Kool Aid Drinkers.
    The vast majority of Scientologists still know that L. Ron Hubbard IS Source.
    Even if self-elected as a pope, DM is not worth that much at public lines, despite the Propaganda Events.

    Carry on, carry on.
    The Love to L.Ron Hubbard is huge in all worlds.

  278. Tom Gallagher

    I’ve sincerely missed you CD. My best wishes to you for a Happy New Year!

  279. Firebreathing Frog

    2nd email from Debbie Cook to the Tampa Bay Times.

    My name is Debbie Cook. Your publication just wrote about my New Year’s Eve email to some of our Scientologist friends — church insiders — and included the full text of the email.

    Someone else turned around and sent this letter to thousands of Scientologists — news articles are reporting 12,000 — and from there, you published it and other media outlets sensationalized it further. My email was no doubt tough reading for outsiders, as it quoted liberally and invoked duties from our own church policies and organizations.

    Such matters are of paramount interest to Scientologists, but of no interest to the general public. Unfortunately this left various media to seize upon certain points that might titillate a public without a real understanding of the church, while downplaying the main point, which is my love for Scientology and my passion for it as laid out in the pure principles and guidance from L. Ron Hubbard.

    I am not trying to pick a fight with the Church, nor am I bitter, or blasting or any of the other things concocted by other media outlets. I am simply asking my friends to do their part, the part that Mr. Hubbard asked of all Scientologists, which is to make sure that they only follow the workable technology laid out in policy and bulletins written by Hubbard exactly as he wrote them. This is the responsibility every Scientologist has — to keep it unadulterated.

    This is the very reason I didn’t want this in the press. All you got wind of was some internal group pressure to keep things on the straight and narrow. It was clearly intended as a communication amongst Scientologists.

    I have been a Scientologist for 36 years. My experience of meeting and working with Scientologists all over the world is that they are truly good-hearted, ethical and caring people.

    The staff of Scientology organizations work very hard, long hours to service and help anyone who walks in their doors.

    Scientology organizations provide services that help people with their problems and improve conditions in one’s life. Whether that is drug addiction or alcohol abuse, marital problems, school problems, kid problems, work related stress or pretty much any of life’s twists and turns.

    In most cases the reason Scientologists donate to the Church or even dedicate their lives to working for the Church is because their lives have been truly touched and they have been profoundly helped through the application of technology laid out by Mr. Hubbard.

    Scientologists are active in community service, with community clean-ups, Winter Wonderland, adopting streets, planting trees, working with the Fire Dept as emergency response. At pretty much any natural disaster anywhere in the world you will find Scientologists as Volunteer Ministers there on the scene helping in any way they can. These and many other incredibly good things that Scientologists are involved in are the reason we care so much.

  280. And the church will be taught a lesson that they may not forget, “The Internet Is Forever” once it’s out there you can’t get it back. So be carefull of what you post because some server somewhere has a copy of it.

  281. Karin P’s response…They can not comment as they did not read the email?!?!
    I will save my post for the next blog entry which I’m sure will cover this..unbelievable….

  282. this is in response to Jack Airey above and the new letter from Debbie

  283. Tommy Davis’s back up on CNN (Anderson Cooper series) Tax Lawyer Monique Yingling who is
    Also DM’s attorney
    Also INT Base PR spokesman for CNN series is surprisingly quiet at this magnitude of FLAP….where are you Monique ?

  284. Tom Gallagher

    Miscarriage is now in his own self-designed and engineered box canyon.

    Here’s a hearty HAHA HAHA HAHA HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pope Small Balls is having another well-earned sleepless night.

    Remember I called this a waterfall event?

    Go Debbie Go1

    Leaves me wondering who and what is next on this delicious menu?

  285. I’ve got more than one 😉 but I did send a LOT of emails.

  286. Out-flow = inflow right 😀

  287. oops…I mean letter… same reaction on my part…

  288. Jessica's Friend

    Dear Mirari,

    I don’t want to misrepresent myself. I am not anywhere near Jessica. I just love her in much the same way Karen B does. I’ve seen some comments here and elsewhere and I just wanted to set some records straight.

    You’re a good person Mirari.

    ~J’s Friend

  289. I just had a thought, who would attack DM if he came clean about what he has done to SCN since 1986?

  290. Jessica's Friend


    You’re right about taking a moment to reflect on what is truly going on in this church today.

    We’ve known Jessica together when you were around these parts.

    Stay pod-free my friend.

    ~J’s Friend

  291. Karen,

    I think there is a new strategy being employed. NOBODY appears. It’s just letters and pages of documents.

    I suspect POB has been feeling a little insecure about sending anyone to appear on TV (or even talk to reporters) for two reasons:

    1. He fears that they will be asked tough questions and he isnt able to control how they answer. You can drill someone, but it doesnt guarantee they will be able to perform and not slip up

    2. ANyone else showing up highlights the fact that HE doesnt appear.

    You know he has used the line forever “this is not serious reporting, they didnt even interview the worldwide leader of the religion”. He has made this such a big deal in trying to “D/A” journalists (he said it about Janet Reitman, about the SP Times and the BBC amongst many others) and now he is cornered. There is greater media interest than ever, and now they all want to interview him and he is hiding. And to make it appear less apparent that he is hiding, he doesnt want anyone else showing up and highlighting that he isn’t.

    It sucks to be the Pope on a Box.

  292. How everybody has the “3rd dynamic DNA” kick in…. sound like: KSW – (paraphrase, sorry) it’s the bank that says the group is everything and the individual nothing…. “bank” is what is held in common… but things happen because of (independant) INDIVIDUAL actions.
    So if you use KSW as an actual prediction, then it will be true that: the majority of corporate Scn members will disconnect on FB from Debbie and anybody like her who bucks the “crowd”, and only a smaller number will be WILLING to stand up and take INDIVIDUAL ACTION.
    That’s what the old man said, right?
    What helps though is the viral nature of the spreading of information on Internet and other media, forcing those in the group to face such a choice more frequently – to take a stand or not. What an example Debbie has been, and COS only took a day or so to burn her.

  293. Bruce Roger is a lunatic. When he looks at you he is merely sizing you up to see how much money he thinks he can get from you. “VIP Representative” = master swindler. I also remember hearing the many broken promises of “this is the year the SuperPower building will be open!”. I feel like I have to take a shower after just thinking about the slime. So 1.1. He would be the type of guy when it all falls down who says “bbbbut I was only following orders! I didn’t know any better!” to try and save his own ass.

  294. On Friday, the Times provided portions of the letter to the church. Asked to respond, church spokeswoman Karin Pouw said, “The church cannot respond to a letter it has not seen . . . nor would it ever be appropriate to do so via the Times.”

    6 Days after the Letter was sent to 12,000 people, the Church has not received a Copy.

    Then exactly how did this labeling Debbie an “Apostate/Heretic” come all about?

  295. How long will Cruise, Travolta and Alley take before they wake up?
    They ”can’t “‘ ‘wake up” due to the hidden blackmail threat of Miscavige who has the power to use their own honestly confessed actions, against them, and to ruin them. They saw what Miscavige did about Jason Beghe, Paul Haggis, etc. They know the cesspool of horrors that awaits them, the bombardment they will have to take. It is not for their eternity that they fear – it is for RIGHT NOW.
    They will “wake up” quickly if Miscavige goes. If only someone near Miscavige could take bold individual action like Debbie and say “hand over the reins, it’s over, dude”. I mean, come on, he is not that big, right?

  296. Mike +1
    Keen perception and paralleling the mind of DM.
    You connect the dots for all of us.
    Good Job Mike !

  297. Debbie Cook is a wonderful communicator.

  298. “deja vu all over again!”

    Yeah, like a nightmare ya can’t wake up from!!!

    “…time and pressure…”

  299. Thank you! I’ve sent the email to people I know and barely know. I agree that it’s good for people to get it more than once. With the few people I’ve felt safe checking with, they received it from Debbie, except for one, who received it when it was forwarded to them by someone else!

  300. Well, I don’t have the LRH reference on that. And no one ever showed me one.

  301. This is in reference to the letter of today, not the email of New Year’s.

    Still, their “PR” handlings are so typical of Mr. Arrogance. Can’t respond so make a demeaning comment “it would never be appropriate to do so via the times…” But there isnt anyone in theorld that missed the fact that they think it is appropriate to call her an apostate, squirrel, uninformed, lacking knowledge and not to be trusted to every media in the world…. Either it is or it isnt approprite to respond via the media Dave. Which is it?

  302. It reads like they got to her. All she’s really saying is that she didn’t intend for her email to be published. Sounds like someone a few rungs down from DM dictated it.

  303. Joe Pendleton

    Like 99% of the public even knows what “apostate” means. Yeah, keep applying the comm formula completely, you know the part about intending that receipt point duplicates and understands what emenates from cause point. What was that point about not being able to assimilate straight Scientology? This is the real problem with Scientology (as in Christianity) – the large majority of the folks who work in and manage it don’t themselves understand the religion. Starting of course with the little man on top of the wedding cake and his ignorant followers who fancy themselves the keepers of the religious technology. How embarassing and humiliating that anyone might think I have anything to do with these people.

  304. After this Letter, DM and OSA looks pretty stupid for their Dead Agenting on her.
    Now the interest on the media will rise even more:
    [+] who is this Debbie Cook?
    [+] why is she still calm after being called apostate
    [+] if she talks so nice about Scientologists and that “In most cases the reason Scientologists donate to the Church or even dedicate their lives to working for the Church is because their lives have been truly touched” (which is true, their goodwill is only abused and often intimidated by “ethics”), what off-policy is this Woman talking about?

    Currently membership monies are held as Int reserves and have grown to well in excess of a billion dollars. Only a tiny fraction has ever been spent, in violation of the policy above. Only the interest earned from the holdings
    have been used very sparingly to fund projects through grants.
    In fact many of the activities you see at IAS events are not actually funded by the IAS, but rather by the Scientologists involved.

    (Emphasize mine)

    Ohhh… they really should have done their home work, before dead agenting her.
    Too bad… there is no other chance for them. ^^

  305. A similar strategy had been used by certain real estate firms of scientologists in Germany in the 90’s. When media attention was directed to their activities they were made invisible (changed names, etc.). The result was that attacks were directed against those points that were visible and could not be made invisible, like the orgs.
    It seems to be a reversal of the usual beginning point of a program, “someone taking responsibility”.

  306. Joe Pendleton

    Mike – very true. In fact, that is exactly what occured with me.

  307. Sue, I agree with you, the Church responses to the waves of negative media in recent times have become increasingly pathetic. They attacks COB has actually instigated due to the corrupt, dishonest and arrogant culture he has constructed within the Church have now created a bunker mentality where COB and sycophants, cowering behind their screens and defenses, and stuck with defending the indefensible, have sunk to down to “failed defense” and are heading toward epic fail.

  308. I wish Debbie would send a follow-up letter to Scientologists about Disconnection.
    I would like to know if it is true that LRH cancelled it. I I would like to know if it is true that it was reissued but not written by LRH and was instead written by Vaughn at the direction of Miscavage.
    This is what I have read on the “Leaving Scientology” site:

    “Most Scientologists don’t know that LRH himself cancelled Disconnection way back in 1968. He announced that fact in HCO PL 15 November 1968, “Cancellation of Disconnection,” and added, “Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is cancelled.”

    Disconnection was reinstated by HCO Bulletin of 10 September 1983, “PTSness and Disconnection.” The Bulletin noted that “Earlier, disconnection as a condition was cancelled,” and stated it was “hereby restored to use, in the hands of those persons thoroughly and standardly trained in PTS/SP tech.”

    The only problem? It wasn’t written by LRH. According to a statement by the late Robert Vaughn Young, “…The directive that I wrote concerned the Scientology policy of ‘Disconnection.’ The order to do this came from David Miscavige. Miscavige said that we had to reinstitute the Policy of Disconnection and that I was to write the policy for this. I wrote it and it went through several revisions. It was not sent to Hubbard for his approval, but was issued into the Church of Scientology.”

    If Disconnection is a fraud, let’s expose it.

  309. Mechanics, as computers, can help. You’re right.
    But in my view it’s still one-by-one. But its faster—more speed on the cycle.

  310. MR: Right on the money. POB and sycophants cowering behind their screens in a world of delusion soon to be shattered by the events precipitated by them that are now rippling through the real world and back at them.

  311. Here is a tally of all the News outlets carrying the story- WOW- big story unless you’re talking to Karen Pouw.

    The Drudge Report
    Daily Maverick
    Tampa Bay Times
    Huffington Post
    IB Times
    USA Today
    The Economist
    ABC News
    GMA (Netherlands) Sorry I can’t pronounce it either
    Village Voice
    The Guardian (UK)
    News Online (UK)
    The Telegraph (UK)
    The Daily Mail (UK)
    Wales Online (UK)
    The Independent (UK)
    The Times of London (UK)
    Metro (UK)
    NZ Herald (New Zeland)
    Spiegel (Gm)
    You tube
    Perez Hilton
    Celebrity lives
    The latest Celebrity Gossip
    Google Groups
    News for Christians
    The Free Republic
    Public Intellegence,com

    Not included: the many dozens of sites that deal with Scientology issues specifically

  312. Mike, excellent summary.

  313. While I don’t have any ill wish toward Jessica, my daily thoughts are with Heber, and the many others that remain in the hole, enduring daily unspeakeable hardships, the many fathers and mothers who have lost their children due to the cruel policy of disconnection, the many children who have been abandoned by their “dedicated” parents and find themselves in the Sea Org without an education or viable future, and all hose who faithfully gave their trust and life only to be deceived and betrayed.

    Karma is a bitch, and when Miscavige gets his, it’s certainly going to be a bad bad event.

  314. like it.

  315. Marty are clicks on those videos from the ABC site costing DM cash? Shouldn’t we be clicking the heck out of them and bleeding his coffers? Just a thought which may have been mentioned in the above comments but 319! too many to go through! NIce post.

  316. In fact visualize them huddling in a corner of the bunker sweating out a ‘workable’ (ha!) defense strategy while some scream at each other “Where the f..k is the chain saw” to cut an exit through the back wall!

  317. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC plead with COB not to make appearances because his super-theta power is so enormous that wog media cannot confront it. We do not want to be responsible for wog journalists being put in heavy restimulation on their Psych implants because COB puts their ethics in during an interview.

    Look at what happened when Tom Cruise put ethics in on Matt Lauer. Matt immediately freewheeled started babbling about how great psych drugs are and how they help people soooo many people.

    Tom Cruise had to actually tell Matt Lauer that he was being glib; this is order to get Matt back into present time. Once he brought Matt back into PT, Tom had to give Matt an R factor on how there was even a psych drug named after Adolph Hitler.

    If Tom Cruise could cause a wog interviewer like Matt Lauer to spin, imagine what would happen to any poor wog journalist who foolishly tried to interview COB! The results would be even more disastrous than what happened when Tom Cruise was interviewed by naive Matt.

    One can see that we in RTC have a duty to protect wog journalists who do not have the confront to even be on the same continent as COB — let alone in the same studio.

    COB realized just how phenomenal a television personality he was following his Emmy-winning performance when Ted Koppel interviewed him on Nightline. We at Int Base were allowed to watch that interview repeatedly. Each time we finished watching it, we all stood to our feet to offer COB thunderous applause for his monumental performance.

    COB spoke once and for all time to wogs on Nightline. There is simply no need for another interview following such a perfect interview!

  318. O.O.
    You have a good point here re having to change RIGHT NOW. Not just celebs but any member still in the fold, getting the idea of something being wrong, shock, now facing that black hole of lack of correct data. Apart from the fear there is a resistance to change, the equivalent of body inertia. So they decide to wait and see what others are doing.

  319. Regarding AJ, Michael Fairman and I helped a very dear friend, Michael Mendelsohn, when he was dying of liver cancer. He had been auditing on OT VII for many years and when it became apparent that he had no more money to flow to the church, they basically cut him loose. He had no money for m
    Radical care and Michael went with him time after time to watch him beg for aid at government agencies to get money and medical care. On top of that, his wife of many years, who was OT V at the time, decided to throw him out of the house and the in his mid 50s, in 105 degree heat, Michael (M) rented a room with no a/c from a stranger in Burbank and tried to die. I became his medical power of attorney so that we could converse with hospitals,doctors and the like and proceeded to find him a hospice. AJ was the only terminal who behaved like a human being and gave us many, many spiritual handlings- like a leaving the body c/s type thing. There were ethics handlingswith him to get him into pt on what was really happening and help him to be cause over his”leaving” as opposed to effect. In the end, he decided where he wanted to go next lifetime, who he wanted to be, what he wanted to do with his life… Etc. We contacted Stan Gerson who administered the harder parts of the program… It was horrible, horrible circumstances, but AJ was a ray of light in that cycle…

  320. The Freewinds is chock full of carcinogens. It was built when asbestos and other chemicals that people know better than to use nowadays were still common, and instead of being sealed within, due to lack of maintenance there is seepage of asbestos fibers and chemical fumes throughout the ship’s air. The vessel needs to have been retired years ago.

  321. I was looking at the term, “In good standing…” mentioned so often.
    What does that equate to in real terms? Just what does it take to be an acceptable student/PC/member of the CofS in 2012 to earn such a status?
    Interesting concept for the clay table. Ideal cram.
    Scary hey?

  322. If I have any understanding of human nature I reckon there will be a long waiting line. Power violation formula has it’s own unique way of expressing itself in some personalities.

  323. Mike,
    Your 101 different ways to show us tiny’s character and his short comings is/are so revealing and amazing. Thanks for this one and any of the previous ones.

  324. An Anon could get a PC through it on guts alone.

  325. I don’t have any urge to attack him whether he ever comes clean or not.
    I just want him to go away. He is not there on the same terms as anyone else, he should not be in charge of them or making decisions for them. Or us. He has been blown off the bridge , has crashed stats across the planet, and is not qualified to over see the tech. That describes a lot of people, and he is just one more of them.

    Alan Hubbard and Milt Wolfe were civilized people. Kind people. Ronnie Miscavige and Chuck Devoght were very civilized also. Ivan Obilinsky, Rick Alexander, Liz Astrupguard. Many others. There was so much potential and greatness in that group. There were plenty of kind, bright, and competent people that could have kept the show going. We had it all, at one time we had it all.

    To put it all at the effect of some immature tyrant who is socially disfunctional and clearly stuck in some incident is a pretty dim situation.
    Geeze, everything the Church had to sell is on the internet right now. People are just bypassing the Church and getting themselves up the bridge. And if it were not for Marty and you and the others stepping forward, that would not even be possible. It is being kept alive out here, on the streets. I contribute to the randomity so they remain hidden behind the prison walls they have created, so the space out here can remain safe.

  326. I do not believe Debbie wrote this:

    “Someone else turned around and sent this letter to thousands of Scientologists — news articles are reporting 12,000 — and from there, you published it and other media outlets sensationalized it further.”

    I think the entire “Debbie’s 2nd letter” as published above is a fake, sent to the Times by a 3rd party.

  327. Do you really think she wrote this letter and sent it to the Times? At this point, I don’t.

  328. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own condition; however, compassion during someones tough times usually doesn’t include pointing the finger at their “sins” … you know the biblical teaching, let he without sin cast the first stone or something like that.

    While Jessica was aiding dm, what were you doing to stop her, since you personally remember?

    It’s always easier to tell another person how to act …( just like I’m doing now) than to act ourselves with wisdom.


  329. No Pascal, *your* reply is priceless. I dont know the history of the catholic church and I had given some credence to the church’s reply. Thank you, well spotted. And thanks Marty and Mike for making this interchange possible.

  330. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, I’ve often pointed out on this blog, that DM has
    probably committed MORE overts on Scn & Scngists
    then could ever be catalogued, never mind taken
    responsibility for. Putting it into a somewhat relevant,
    though considerably more dramatic,perspective:-
    Can anyone conceive of the likelyhood of Adolf Hitler
    (assuming he had 100 lifetimes in which to do it)
    coming ‘clean’ on all he had murdered, destroyed and
    caused untold suffering to ????

    The same question could be asked of David Miscavige

  331. That’s for sure.

    The Scientologist role model is the auditor.

    The only way people are apostates, are because they renounce the current beingness of the reg/fundraiser being the role of a Scientologist.

    Scientologists are auditors!

    Not fundraisers.

    Renouncing overzealous fundraising does make one an apostate.

    Debbie more exemplifies the Flag Ship Order “Command Intention” than Miscavige. (That’s the LRH reference saying all Sea Org members need someday all become top trained adaministrators and top trained auditors.)

    Someone ought write a paper on how Scientology PR people technically are wrong in their use of the word “apostate”. So media can counter cite such a paper.

    I saw Karen Pouw Dec 25th in the evening, around 10pm, outside the HGB, when I went to LA last week, she looked very haggard.

  332. Thanks Mike. Your words are just honest straight comment, not a thing made up or distorted.

  333. Interesting!

    Does anyone out there have one?

  334. Not 1986 but 81/82 and probably much earlier!

  335. The Catholic Churches had as its main purpose not to gather people at a place for worship but to enlighten and especially heal the body problems of the people. Those buildings had been built a way that you entered a spiritual path. If this did work I cannot say. But part of the success of the Catholic Church had been the ability to ease peoples pains, handle body problems and releave mental conditions. Not just buildings as DM builds. In modern times this know how seems to be almost lost. But if you enter some holy places here in old europe you can get a feeling for that. Example: If you visit „Altoetting“ in Bavaria where Maria Magdalena is worshipped you key out. A bit similar to the Scientology Orgs especially in the 70ies. You entered the Org and you keyed out. Nowadays I think you key in. Have not made this experiment but guess it must be that way.

  336. @ Climbing: Amazing to read that. I was reminded of the same book. I never saw the series, but devoured Pillars of the Earth twice while in Europe on mission. I will have to read it agai; it’s one of my all-time favorites.

  337. I find the cult’s new line of defense both pathetic and entertaining. Most of their justifications are just absurd. DM’s golden age of tyranny has indeed accomplished a new level of AI = Arrogant Ignorance. On the plus side, they are leaning more and more towards justification and away from denial. Maybe in their own way they are moving towards the truth.

    I don’t agree with Debbie on everything but I applaud what she is doing. DM used to obsess about “cold chrome steel”. If Debbie had cojones, that’s what hers would be. And she has a warm heart.Sadly, DM has neither.

  338. Jessica’s Friend,

    Thank you for your pan-determined and compassionate attitude. People coming out of C of M will need all the compassion and understanding they can get.

  339. George M. White

    The Tampa Bay times this morning carried information about Debbie Cook’s
    response to media:

    I only know Debbie through the thousands of pictures that were sent to me since 1989. I read her letter and I could see the opposite of Moth-Cavige.
    In my opinion, they are not in the same ‘church’.


  340. Mariella,

    I agree that Jessica’s health and wellness are reliant on her living with the truth. You exhibit a real What is Greatness attitude.

  341. If the Church was ever to internally reform one of the things it would have to recognize and correct is that it has made disconnect 1000’s of people illegally, that it has dropped its hat for over a decade and that those it disconnected took on that hat; like that’s ever gonna happen.

  342. Right, it’s done by group outflow so the group mind changes and it becomes more acceptable to look. Their tone level doesn’t allow independent thought. Debbie is a forerunner; only 2,5 years of media outflow and now she goes about it in a very very smart way.

  343. Marty, you mentioned bookS (plural). When might we expect a release date on these? Thx

  344. martyrathbun09

    Being a corporate Scientologist is like being Bill Murray in Ground Hog’s Day.

  345. Don’t know if it’s LRH or not. I’ve heard it said by Scientologists a lot but either way I’ve found it to be true for me.

  346. LOL! – good analogy.

  347. maurizio serafini

    couldn’t agree more!
    methink it’s another great example of chronical disassociation on the part of dmBots.
    acute disassociation as well
    if you will

  348. I was raised Catholic and had a wonderful upbringing. My father taught us tolerance and acceptance of others. My mother trained on the BC and got up to OT 4 and then supervised the OT 3 course rooms at AOLA. Of the seven children in my family five were staff members. My father never became a Scientologist but he came to every one of our Scientology weddings and he organized my mother’s Scientology funeral when she passed away.He read several books basic books and his only beef with Scientology was the “money” in terms of demands from parishoners and the lack of money his children were paid when they were on staff and then in later years the fact that his children looked exhausted and rarely got time.

  349. Yeah, fire Bullets first, as one can always find out WHY later. And if there is none, or a wrong WHY, we’ll just make one up.

  350. John Fennessey


  351. maurizio serafini

    that is a great one Martin,
    alas! they cannot duplicate any of it.
    but TR3 should eventually get thru to some…

  352. LRH writes:

    The income of an organization depends on its outflow.

    (depends on)

  353. And in HCO PL OUTFLOW, 6 JULY 1959, LRH writes:
    “Outflow is holier, more moral, more remunerative and more effective than inflow.”

  354. Just now, I went to the Yahoo Home page and #1 (of 64) of the News Features at the top of the page is “Former Scientology Executive Rips Church” and is the GMA piece.

  355. Mother of Grendel

    So, the PoB sanctioned line is now “DM is doing what LRH did not.” Here it is in a recent Success Story (written with no coaching at all – of course!): My admiration and appreciation to COB for leading the way in such a caring manner. Every wish LRH intended is seen through by COB with perfection.

    From: Freewinds
    To: Freewinds
    Sent: Fri, January 6, 2012 9:00:13 AM
    Subject: New OT VIII Success Story! From: Kerensa Whitman, Bridge Control Secretary FSSO
    Dear Scientologist,

    Here is this week’s New OT VIII success story for you.

    Read it and let me know back how you like it!

    “My journey to New OT VIII was rewarding.

    When I opened the New OT VIII pack. A mystery was immediately resolved for me. Ron tells you why the amnesia, and truth is revealed.

    I proceeded to do the level and resolved all of the issues of the past. I became more certain and the invalidation stopped. False data peeled off in massive response to the instructions LRH gives you to clean up this area.

    I feel unstoppable at this point in my abilities to get products. Nothing can prevent me accomplishing anything I wish. Whatever I put my attention on turns out very positive and successful.

    Getting hatted along the way while doing New OT VII with the Basics gave me the tools to get here. Data of life-changing and miracle level is presented to you on a gradient through the Basic books that enable you to expand your life and get up The Bridge. This data is not taught anywhere except here in the Basic books. Ron’s discoveries bypass any university training.

    My admiration and appreciation to COB for leading the way in such a caring manner. Every wish LRH intended is seen through by COB with perfection.

    My love and appreciation to all of the staff who got me here – you rock!

    No words can express my feelings for LRH for creating the tech to free me and others and make us truly able beings.” – Frank Camuso

    If you know of any one else who should or would like to receive these successes, please write me back and let me know.


    Kerensa Whitman
    Bridge Control Secretary FSSO

  356. The best distillation of POB and the brown-nosers (great band name?) mindset I have seen iun some time.

    THe greatest parodies are those that are completely insane — but just COULD be true.

    Exactly what you have done here.

  357. Don’t know if it’s LRH or not. I’ve heard it said by Scientologists a lot but either way I’ve found it to be true for me.

    I also remember seeing it in some Management Type Pack way back in the early ’80s, but I cannot recall whether it was an HCOPL or BPL. Nevertheless, that Reference is not in the 1991 OECs or Management Volumes. I have however culled the following:

    It is EXCHANGE which maintains the inflow and outflow that gives a person space around him and keeps the bank off of him.
    (HCOPL 4 Apr 72 Iss. I Establishment Officer Series 14, Ethics)

    The better the promotion, the higher the inflow rises in proportion to the outflow.

    The lesson has been learned in Scientology orgs, and proven many times in exact studies, that regardless of promotion quality in Scientology, a high volume of outflow is vital to return any inflow. So regardless of the promotion, high volume of outflow must be maintained. There is no arguing with this datum. If you want activity and income, you must have a high volume of outflow. And the point of what is said does not enter that datum at all at all.
    (HCOPL 7 Mar 64 Director Of Enrollment, The Letter Registrar Administration)

    The income of an organization depends on its outflow.
    (HCOPL 5 Oct 58 How To Fill Jobs)

  358. Overall: You can go ahead and expose it. Observe for yourself. You need to get out of the mindset that you need someone to tell you what to think.

    Regardless of whather the reinstatement of disconnection was or was not LRH — if you study the subject of PTS/SP you will discover something. It is all about helping freeing an individual from suppressive influences so he or she may make case gain and live a happy life. NOTHING to do with political control or keeping people in line. Nothing to do with what is done in the RCS today.

    Please observe and think for yourself and don’t rely on Debbie Cook or anyone else to inform you how you should think and act. That is SO RCS and so anti-Scientology.

  359. maurizio serafini

    “Karma is a bitch, and when Miscavige gets his, it’s certainly going to be a bad bad event.”
    don’t you see that he is already getting it?
    he has cut himself off his only chance to ever make it out.
    do you know anybody that would ever agree to audit him?
    do you know anybody that would want to be in his shoes?
    I pity him!
    bet you LRH pitys him.
    he has no friends in the world, no help willingly offerd, only slaves and minions
    anybody you know that has got it worse than him?
    I DON’T.

  360. Luis, it was the abuses in the hole, particularly Heber’s which pushed me to start communicating on this blog several years ago. And, there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t wish for example that Karen’s son, Mike’s children and many others who are separated, don’t wake up and reconnect with their families.

    Each one of us has individual people which we were connected to whose lives affect us more deeply than others. I was close to the Feshbachs and cared for or was the teacher of many of the children. I knew them as regular people, not “The Feshbachs”. Just as many people knew Tommy or TC before they were corrupted by DM. Are they still responsible for their condition? Sure! Would I accept them with open arms should they wake up? Absolutely! One of the things that impinged on me about being an independent was that it was okay to show that you cared when someone was going through a loss. In the church, serious illness and death often were viewed as an inconvenience or not-ised completely. My comment above was just me excercising the fact that I care about the welfare of my friends.

    I also think about the many good people that I have worked with in the past who are still in that have their whole livielyhoods wrapped around being “in good standing”. It’s one of the added elements that makes stepping out publically even harder. There are several people in this same position, including yourself who have had the integrity and courage to do what’s right. I hope more people do this and I think Debbie’s email will help to create that opportunity.

  361. maurizio serafini

    Mike, wouldyou have said it.

  362. maurizio serafini

    sorry that got mixed up.
    it should have been:
    “you have said it.

  363. maurizio serafini

    I recall reading a ref. that I cannot now find about:
    when you find that the suppression is high up on the org board you have to go out to find a safe position to communicate and communicate from there.
    betcha Marty can tell us which one that is, he applied it beautifully,as did Debbie.
    that is a girl as standard as they come

  364. maurizio serafini

    damm you said it!

  365. maurizio serafini

    thou speaketh the word of truth!

  366. maurizio serafini

    Mike, I really liked that.
    M going to send you again a friendship request on fb and you would do me a great honor to accept it

  367. maurizio serafini

    they are not goint to deliver a damm thing, apart maybe from a squirrel version of it.
    in 2004-2006 I was there in the TTC i can tell they never going to have super power auditors worth a dime. not only because of the GAT as if that was not enough, but they(RTC) has completely currupted LRH line up of training for Super Power and replaced LRH’s tech for the TTC with army tech to make robots. whoever wants details ask!

  368. maurizio serafini


  369. Sounds like something translated from North Korea.

  370. Robert Earle

    A” few” others:
    The Daily Beast (Janet Reitman take on it)
    Yahoo GMA
    Global Christian Post
    Cornwall Freenews (Canada)
    Relgion News Blog
    Yahoo (UK) news
    Focus info group
    Patrick Henry Press
    The Times(UK)

  371. Laura Ann,
    Thank you. You got the point. For Jessica’s sake, sanity and physical healing, it would help if she can at least come clean. Jessica and Tommy Davis know exactly what they have done to us under DM’s order, but I will be still here for them if they need my help.

  372. Sam, thanks for the info about Wayne. I did not know anything about him either except that he supports Debbie. I want to acknowledge and thank him here for that support. He is a hero, too.THANK YOU, WAYNE!

    Let us not forget the spouses.

  373. T.O.
    If you don’t give people a game, the game will be to get you, DM!
    That new game is WELL in progress.

  374. I hear you, Windhorse.
    I did everything in my power to stop all the abuses and off-policy internally, to no avail. Just so you know.

  375. RAEG ! lets get ém.

  376. Thank you friend , I missed you all too. Happy New year. I trust you and your fellow Independants to be able to steer through the rough times together. I have had some wonderful time with my parents and famly, my little nephwes

    With regards Cat Daddy

    With regards Cat Daddy.

  377. Mike R,
    Thank you for giving a reply to my question about the authenticity of the Disconnection Policy issue in 1983. However, I feel I have been misunderstood.
    I wasn’t asking for permission to expose it as a fraud, I was asking if you or Marty or anyone who reads this blog, would be in a position to know if it was either written by LRH or approved by him or if it was in fact written by Vaughn and not approved by LRH.
    And since Disconnection is what keeps so many people quiet and under the thumb of DM, it seems to me that if it is a fraud, it should be known as such..
    It is one thing to stand up and tell the truth. Quite another to spread rumors and lies. So, if you or anyone out there has any information about this, I would like to know.
    Thank you.

  378. Pingback: THANK YOU, DEBBIE COOK

  379. maurizio serafini said: I recall reading a ref. that I cannot now find about:
    when you find that the suppression is high up on the org board you have to go out to find a safe position to communicate and communicate from there.
    I this is in HCOPL Knowledge Reports.

  380. martyrathbun09

    I saw Mike’s reply to your original origination and I couldn’t agree more with it. If L Ron Hubbard wrote, as it says in the PL in question, to paraphrase: that one is required to disconnect from someone declared suppressive by HCO, are you going to disconnect from everybody Miscavige’s utterly controlled HCOs declare suppressive? If so, you are in compliance with one line and in non-compliance with about two book cases of LRH that I have in my living room: namely the entire body of tech and policy of Scientology. My advice to you is to study the subject and learn to play the piano with it – just as LRH advises in Class VIII and in the OEC.

  381. Marty, I agree with what you are saying: The problem isn’t the policy, but with the application. Couldn’t agree more.
    However, I am curious to know if anyone knows if what Robert Vaughn said is true. That is the essence of my question. If no one knows, that’s okay too. Question withdrawn.

  382. martyrathbun09

    As with most of what Vaughn publicly wrote, and recognizing he was a master Public Relations Officer and writer with years of GO experience, it takes a meticulous analysis to separate fact from fiction – something I don’t have the time to do at the moment. If you search my blog I am pretty sure I did once on that particular claim of his.

  383. Thank you for your answer…
    To clarify a point, I am not ignorant of LRH’s intent regarding Disconnection nor am I ignorant of the Church’s current use of it.
    Unfortunately Disconnection today means simply that you ticked off the wrong person. At least that is my observation. And “ticked off” usually means not agreeing with all the out-tech one sees.
    That said I appreciate the context for Vaughn. Some of the things he says are very troubling. And I do not have the depth of knowledge or experience to put them in proper perspective.

  384. Robert Earle

    Dear M of G .. This success story was sent out recent. There is no date on the success story.
    It could be years old. It just serves to hold DM in high paise. Something I’m sure he is worried about given this last weeks press.

  385. Just in from
    Scientology In Crisis
    Posted on March 7, 2012 by admin
    “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

    This is the famous opening line from the first pamphlet of a series entitled The American Crisis published from 1776 to 1783 during the American Revolution by Thomas Paine. Today, Scientology is in crisis.
    An ever-growing chorus from long time former Sea Org members and upper level executives allege that David Miscavige has eliminated checks and balances called for by its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and has beaten international executives and subjected them to inhumane treatment. Media and governmental bodies are rightfully taking up the stories.
    An independent internal investigation, which we have called for repeatedly, would immediately resolve these very serious and damaging charges. Rather than confront the accusations, however, the Miscavige administration continues to attack and label the whistleblowers “liars,” “defrocked apostates,” “suppressive persons,” and other derogatory terms, thereby holding the allegations in suspension and further dividing the Scientology community in addition to harming our message to the world and distancing us from the general public.
    Obviously the administration is not handling the situation. Far from it, these actions tend to prove that Miscavige is guilty of the abuses he is charged with and that he operates unchecked.
    Descent Into Madness
    The Debbie Cook debacle was a self-inflicted wound to Scientology and the church by the Miscavige administration, entirely avoidable.
    For those who missed the news, Debbie Cook sent an email to fellow Scientologists on New Year’s Day, pointing out LRH policy violations and the elimination of checks and balances at the top of Scientology international management by David Miscavige. To read the email, Click Here.
    Debbie, of course, was the Captain and face of the Flag Service Organization (FSO) for 17 years, a Sea Org member at Flag for 29. She was widely known, loved and respected in the Scientology community. She left the Sea Org for medical reasons in 2007 and became a public Scientologist in good standing with the Church.
    After she sent out her email, the Miscavige administration lashed out, suing her in a Texas court. In the name of the Flag Service Org (FSO), Miscavige claimed Debbie violated a confidentiality contract she had signed upon her departure and sought $300,000 in damages. He also sought an injunction that she not speak out again. She was forced to take the stand and testify why she felt her email did not violate her contract.
    And, boy, did she have something to say.
    Debbie’s email had merely cited LRH policy that she felt was being violated by the Miscavige administration and requested Scientologists to Keep Scientology Working by not going along with policy violations; e.g., use of org resources to solicit donations, which LRH forbade.
    In court, she testified that she had signed the confidentiality agreement under duress only to escape the cruel and inhumane treatment, including imprisonment, she had been subjected to by Miscavige after promotion to Int Base.
    In describing why she signed the confidentiality agreement under duress and would have signed anything just to be permitted to leave in good standing, Debbie testified to the following:
    ●Two men jumped through her office window while she was on the phone with Miscavige to forcibly carry her to “the Hole,” a double-wide trailer with bars on its windows and guards at the only door, in which she was imprisoned for seven weeks with more than 100 other executives, sleeping on the ant-infested floor in sleeping bags and eating soupy “slop” made of reheated staff leftovers;
    ●She described a 12-hour ordeal at the California base where she was made to stand in a trash can while fellow executives poured water over her, screamed at her and said she was a lesbian;
    ●She witnessed Miscavige punch Marc Yeager, from CO CMO Int, in the face, knocking him down;
    ●She told of one executive being beaten by a Miscavige assistant for objecting to violence in “the Hole” and was then made to clean a bathroom floor with his tongue for 30-minutes;
    ●At Miscavige’s orders, his secretary slapped Debbie hard enough to knock her down; and
    ●Miscavige also ordered his communicator to break Debbie’s finger. The aide bent her finger but didn’t break it.
    Her testimony went viral on the Internet. For an example, Click Here.
    Miscavige Appointed Debbie Cook His Executioner
    The confidentiality contract being sued on had a provision calling for arbitration before a panel of three Scientologists. The church could have sought $300,000 in damages through arbitration and then turned the award into a court judgment. Arbitration hearings are private. Therefore, Debbie’s testimony would not have been public, and would not have gone viral on the Internet.
    So, why did the Church waive its First Amendment privileges (by itself going into court) and force Debbie to take the stand in a public forum and defend herself?
    To an experienced lawyer, it makes zero sense.
    Obviously, Miscavige wanted an injunction. Injunctions can only be obtained in a court of law, not in an arbitration or small claims proceeding.
    Church lawyers obtained a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) and filed a motion for a preliminary injunction upon filing the lawsuit against Debbie. The lawsuit seeks damages plus a permanent injunction.
    For information on what an injunction is and its three stages, TRO, preliminary and permanent, see Click Here.
    Given Debbie’s allegations, however, it was impossible to obtain any injunction beyond a TRO. All she had to do to defeat the motion was testify that she signed it under duress.
    The Church has plenty of experienced lawyers on its payroll and found an established law firm in Texas to represent its interests.
    Apparently, the Miscavige administration did not fully brief the lawyers; they rushed them into action with orders to obtain a TRO and preliminary injunction and did not warn them what Debbie could say when called to the witness stand. Apparently an order came down, “Just shut her up. Now!”
    FSO lawyers pulled the plug to further damaging testimony by Debbie and other former high-ranking Sea Org members by dismissing the motion for preliminary injunction.
    Skilled, fully briefed lawyers would have advised Miscavige to dismiss the entire lawsuit.
    Miscavige Demands To Be Comm Ev’ed In A Public Forum
    Instead, FSO filed a motion for summary judgment, i.e., a request that the court enter judgment without a trial.
    A summary judgment can only be granted when it is proven that no material issue of fact exists in the case. For more information, Click Here.
    This motion for summary judgment is dead on arrival.
    Debbie has already presented sufficient evidence to create a material issue of fact. To get around her testimony that she signed the confidentiality agreement under duress, Church lawyers offer a clever argument. Clever if one isn’t fully informed, that is.
    FSO presents evidence and argues that Debbie may have been under duress when she signed the contract, but that was in 2007. The duress supposedly ended some time after she walked away and she failed to take steps to indicate she was not in agreement with the terms of the contract she had signed.
    Church lawyers then invoked a principle in contract law called “ratification,” claiming she ratified the terms of the agreement by her silence.
    This argument is easily overcome by evidence that Debbie did not gain perspective on her ordeal and the duress she was under until recently. Besides, she can reasonably interpret the agreement not to have been a waiver of her ecclesiastical duty to Keep Scientology Working.
    Many former Sea Org members are available to testify that they, too, experienced the same abuses and degradation testified about by Debbie and that it took them years to “decompress” and make sense of it all. Why did I put up with the abuses in the first place? What about my eternity if I speak out? What about my connections to family and friends? Am I really screwed up, deserving of such inhumanities?
    For a summary of potential witnesses and their evidence, Click Here.
    There will be no summary judgment; there will be a trial.
    In both the opposition to the motion for summary judgment and the trial, Scientologists will finally be able to present their cases against Miscavige and his abuses to a trier of fact.
    It is sort of a fitting irony, given the fact that Miscavige has allegedly banished Executive Director International to “the hole,” thereby eliminating the convening authority for worldwide Scientology ecclesiastical matters, the person with the authority to convene a Committee of Evidence against Miscavige.
    Miscavige’s elimination of internal checks and balances has blocked private, internal reforms and has forced Scientologists who attempt to bypass Miscavige in order to Keep Scientology Working to try him in a public forum instead.
    Kudos to Debbie Cook
    In Scientology’s crisis, these are indeed the times that try men’s souls. The sunshine Scientologist and status seeker will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of LRH; but he that stands by him now, deserves the love and thanks of all Scientologists.
    We at thank Debbie for not shrinking from the service of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. For standing by it now, she has our love and thanks and deserves the same from all Scientologists.
    “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”— Thomas Paine
    A Constructive Solution To End The Madness
    There is a simple solution to the overall situation: Miscavige should step aside and allow independent, internal investigations of the kind we have detailed in our Action Series. CST special directors should encourage him to do so and begin to absolve themselves of liability.
    LRH Intent to end one-man rule upon his death with multiple checks and balances among the seven boards of directors and trustees in three separate religious corporations should be implemented immediately.
    Administrative checks and balances should also be fully restored, which include the international executive strata, an independent Church of Scientology International, an effective Executive Director International, and the Watchdog Committee.
    Each of us can follow’s Debbie’s courageous example and do something to bring this about. Dare to confront and investigate the situation in Scientology. Dare to communicate to your fellow Scientologists. Dare to stand up to policy violations. Dare to spread the word.
    Naturally , we risk being falsely declared by standing up. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell.
    But, as LRH once asked: “Why are your necks so precious?”[1]

  386. As I find out about all of this it confounds me how so many people could have been under this spell. I mentioned in another post that just recently since the TOMKAT divorce I a finding out about Scientology. I am now totally fascinated with these stories, and struggle a little to understand exactly how someone would be a part of that strange, odd, mysterious world. But , hey, I get that if your family had you growing up around it , it must appear normal. What totally amazes me is the fact that Marty, mike, Debbie, etc have become so strong to take such a stand against what they now find to be a ripoff, joke, or utterly ridiculous… Although I am finally finding out about this world when it’s old news to everyone else it really fascinates me. I am so proud of all who have taken such a big stand! How awesome!

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