David Miscavige’s Ownership of Tom Cruise

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice has just filed a very informative, accurate story on the extent of David Miscavige’s ownership of Tom Cruise:  How Scientology Spied on Tom Cruise.

The highlight comes towards the end where Mike Rinder describes the surrealistic scene of Miscavige bypassing Cruise to fire the latter’s assistant into Creative Artists Agency like a missile.   It gives insight into the depth of self-destruction Miscavige will initiate for the short-term satisfaction of silencing critics and truth.  Quite in addition to demonstrating the cult-like control Miscavige wields over Cruise.

But, please read the whole thing.  Don’t miss Claire Headley’s description of Tom’s first six month check after I left the International Headquarters base.   The very fellow, Miscavige, who has sent dozens of top notch auditors and examiners to gulags for allegedly calling floating needles that were not, goes “ape shit” on Claire Headley for not calling a floating needle that was not there.   Miscavige’s dishonest corruption of tech apparently knows no bounds.   I find it interesting that all the sudden, after two years of flying, Tom can’t fly anymore.  Solution?  Tell him he’s flying when he’s not.  Read carefully. It gives great insight into how Miscavige has reversed the tech internationally.  If he’ll do it in a heartbeat to Tom Cruise, imagine what he is willing go do to all the lesser riff raff (i.e. Flag and other org public)?

And while Tom presumably continues to share his secrets with the sociopathic cult leader so he’ll continue to betray him nice and sweet, those with the cajones to break ties have their trash sifted for secrets, Miscavige Sifts Through Paul Haggis’ Trash. 

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  1. I am so grateful to this blog for clearing up that whole business about how many swings an F/N should have. About a year ago when doing some courses in the C of $, every time I went to the examiner, the examiner would be staring at the meter waiting for it to do something, while I’m sitting there wondering how come my F/N isn’t being called.

  2. It is my postulate that Tom wakes up and recalls who gave him real, unaltered, LRH Scientology processing and wants that back. Underneath it all, he knows who his real friends are; who wants to contribute to him rather than use him.

    Thank you, Tony Ortega, for a well-written article. And thanks to all of you who made valuable contributions to it. I’m feeling some people are learning the meaning of the word “impingement”.

  3. It’s incredible how the Pope on a box can overrule a red tag! Standard Miscavology at it’s best!

    For those who don’t know Claire, her story is posted at:

  4. Go Tony. Good article.

    All I can say Marty is; Hang on – here comes a 7.3 tantrum.

    ML Tom

  5. Talk about suppression and wrong targets.

    It is comical but it is the reality. It makes sense all these years in SCN in Canada with no expansion. Thank God I got out in early 2000.

  6. Perhaps more apropo to yesterday’s blog, but I’ve experienced a few moles. I find them incompetent to a greater or lesser degree in their assigned job but big on communication. In fact, the “communication” usually gives them away because a mole loves to talk. Maybe to try to get you to talk. If you listen closely enough, you can usually spot a glaring outpoint that reveals what else they are doing. That “what else they are doing” is a moleship hat from which they receive all glory and adulation and rewards, while remaining incompetent on the job. Rachel

  7. Which means, of course, that Miscavige is guilty of another high crime.

  8. In reading your article yesterday and the Village Voice article today, I’m struck once again by the lengths to which public Scientologists will risk their own economic ruin by doing dirty work for the RCS organization.

    The confidentiality agreements that people sign when they work in a personal capacity for celebrities are long, detailed, and full of brutal consequences for divulging any personal information at all. You can Google around and find examples of these documents on the Web. They usually stipulate large payments to the celebrity for each disclosure of the confidential information the staff member may overhear. Every so often, some disaffected maid threatens to go to the National Enquirer and tell all about somebody or other, but they’re usually beaten back into silence by the lawyers. Unlike the gag agreements that people are forced to sign when they leave the Sea Org, these confidentiality agreements seem to be enforceable.

    Doven risked his house, everything else he owned and all the money he made by reporting back to Scientology HQ in the face of what was undoubtedly a bulletproof non-disclosure agreement that he signed while he was TC’s personal assistant. For what? A discount on The Basics long after he was fired? If Cruise had found out about the leaks earlier, and blown from the RCS, Doven would be in a world of hurt today… (By the way, I’d guess that if he left Cruise’s employ in 2005, the statute of limitations would preclude Cruise suing him today if he were so inclined.)

    This is like the chiropractor being sued by Michael Fairman and family for disconnecting and refusing to provide medical service, which you detailed in a recent blog post. The chiropractor is left holding the bag for significant damages by following an order from the RCS, risking the practice she worked many years to build, and for what?

    Yes, a lot of these people are frightened into thinking that the RCS controls their eternity, but when you risk losing your here and now to preserve that eternity, that’s a pretty nasty tradeoff.

  9. Great story and I hope it reaches the right people!! Applaude all who helped with this article!!!

  10. Again, weird friendship. I would certainly be devastated to find out that someone I thought was a friend was found to be spying on me and involved others in carrying this out. It is more than just stalking. It is a betrayal of trust. I wonder what Tom would be like if he separated himself from that relationship and that influence.

  11. Tom Gallagher

    I find myself utterly stunned once again at taking a glance into the depraved mind of this control-freak sociopath, POB.

    Barf cubed.

  12. Great article! I was wondering when this story about CAA and Cruise was going to hit the media. Mike and Marty mentioned it on this blog months ago.

    To those of you “haters” out there that try to discredit Marty and Mike saying they have nothing left in the tanks to reveal ….all I have to say is “Stay Tuned!”

    There are plenty more stories like this one showcasing DM’s suppressive behavior that haven’t seen the light of day.

    There is a book coming out this Spring sometime and I am sure everyone is going to want to read it. I know I will!

  13. Try to get the mole to do the job for which they were hired and the place goes to hell in a handbasket. I’m done commenting about this now.

  14. John: Great summation — “a lot of these people are frightened into thinking that the RCS controls their eternity, but when you risk losing your here and now to preserve that eternity, that’s a pretty nasty tradeoff.”

    “Eternity” is a monstrously powerful motivating factor. People strap on bombs and blow themselves up for the sake of their eternity — the ultimate loss of “here and now” for the sake of “eternity.” Others hadn over their daughters to lunatics like Warren Jeffs to become part of his harem of young teenagers. Wars are fought. History is replate with blood shed for the sake of eternity. I have been watching “The Tudors” a fascinating study of a sociopath with many characteristics similar to the POB, most especially his astonishing ability to order something done and then turn around and find blame on those who carried out his orders and either banish them from court or send them to The Tower to be separated from their heads. But there are many examples of men dying for their faith — Thomas More is a vivid example.

    Back to the point: one of the primary goals of POB is to convince his sheeple that there is no Scientology outside his Vulture Culture. It is something that cannot be overstated in importance. So long as the KoolAid drinkers believe there is nowhere else to go, that threat of loss of eternity is a powerful control mechanism. It is why you always see statements from the RCS about “a tiny group of squirrels”. News of practicing standard Scientology outside the church land as shapr kicks in the groin.

    As for those confidentiality agreements signed by employees of celebrities, they ARE a different animal than the ones signed by ex-church staff because:
    a) The celebrity employees are paid for the job they do, so there is real consideration — and as you probably know, where there is no valid consideration in a contract there is no contract.
    b) The particulars that are to be confidential by the celebrity people usually concern their personal lives, disclosure of which would be embarassing. This is not the same as disclosure of activities that are harming others or are criminal. A confidentiality agreement to not disclose child abuse of a celebrity would not be enforcable, especially if the person disclosed the information to the appropriate authorities.

    The one thing that is similar about these celebrity contracts and the church contracts is that neither wants to have to try and enforce them in court, because the attempt to enforce them often leads to disclosure of more unsavory facts — and in a forum where the media has absolute libel protection as they can report anything that appears in the public record.

    Just some somewhat random thoughts in response to your well reasoned comment.

  15. I have a full write-up here at this link on what happened on tech lines at Flag during the Golden Age of Tech evolution, including information on the F/N arbitraries. I encourage everyone to read it who has not.

    It is called “The Golden Age of Tech: The Miscavige Wrong Why that further sank the Church of Scientology”


  16. GH: And the sun will set this evening. The Pope is Catholic (and doesnt stand on a box). Bears shit in the woods. And what else is new…. 🙂

  17. Tom thinks he’s a dog case now, no doubt. It’s all his fault and his only hope for his future eternity is to remain in the fold of DM until one day it gets sorted out.
    Tom, your eternity exists with or without DM. You aren’t a dog case. It’s not going to get sorted out – only made worse if you stay connected to David Miscavige and his minions.
    Step back and away from everybody and clear your mind and realize who you’re connected to as the reason for your ups and downs. Disconnect for a while and see how much better you feel. Test it out. A simple test.

  18. DM and Obama seem to be operating from the same manual. Both are destroying the very basic on which both this country and Scientology were successfully founded.
    If it wasn’t originated by POB then it doesn’t work and needs to be changed..
    If it wasn’t founded on Obama’s principles and personal guidance then it doesn’t work and needs to be changed.
    Standard LRH? Must be booshee and POB has a better idea.
    Constitution of the United States? Obama didn’t write it or like it so it’s gotta go!!
    Obam and POB have the same rants. Let’s consolidate!!

  19. Very astute Madame Denk. Often these people are in a rush to “tell you their story” (because they have rehearsed it and don’t want to forget). A number of these people have been very transparent because they gush forth with information way beyond anything you would want or expect to hear….

  20. Thanks for the reminder of Crusie and The SPY Story OF DMs operation
    What would be good to get is from what reliable insiders sources related to
    those captured still in hole or optherwise at Hemet whats the reaction
    and effect caused by D Cooks emails. Any one with any Updates or actually notice of diseffection and release of any one being able to get themselves out from the prison since that release of emails . Unless DM already has got them tied away nicely , and trying to get any one under rap with some pretense operation to counter act./

  21. And just as a note, Claire is one of the two best auditors I have ever had. Her care was always for the person across from her holding the cans. Her TRs and metering were impeccable. Of course, that is WHY she was the one who was to do Tom’s exams — don’t think that any random examiner would do (the “normal” examiners were for the riff-raff SO Execs).

  22. Was Michael Doven fired by Tom or did he quit? Why isn’t he still Tom’s Personal Assistant? The facts surrounding why he is no longer with Tom would be more data to the already insane three way triangle between Tom, DM and Michael.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Claire was my auditor (Cram Off) during the last couple years. Our short, few and far between “cramming” sessions were the ONLY islands of sanity in those insane times. Suffice it to say, she knew how to read a meter – better than anyone I knew at Int, and I knew them all.

  24. martyrathbun09

    A more inapt, actually insane, comparison would be hard to find.

  25. Troll alert. Don’t sidetrack this thread by debating the “merits” of Obama v. Miscavige.

  26. Speaking of spying, I wonder if TC knows that the sessions he received from Ray Mithoff in December 2005 at CC Int were being watched on the look-in system by more than one person. That mirror in the bookcase behind the auditor concealed a video camera.

  27. This confirms my suspicion that the whole group is a secret mind control station for high value assets and the mainstream members are just a bonus for the sicko Micavage

  28. Override a red tag, Sinar, didn’t I hear he did that with Lisa McPherson? Not a nice thing to do to people.

    On the other hand, there have been times when the examiner says, “Thank you,” and I have looked at him and said, “Oh no, my needle has to be floating!” Then he stares at it again for a while and says, “Thank you, your needle is floating.” As a pc in the church, you just have to know how to direct your own case to a good result. ROFLMAO.

  29. Hey, Mike, it didn’t get past me that the examiner went to Tom. He didn’t have to stand in line in a hallway trying not to lose his F/N. LOL

  30. Holy crap! Get me a barf bag!

    John, thanks for posting that link.

  31. That gushing of communication is also indicative of propitiation and “can’t withhold” and “trying to divert your attention so you won’t notice what else I’m up to,” and “trying to prove I’m just an average nice guy and if I trust you and tell all, then you can trust me and tell all…”

  32. Claire was my sec checker/FPRD auditor the last few years, as Internal Exec RTC while I was DM’s personal Chef at the Int Base.

    It seemed that every month or couple of months there was always some list of questions she had to run on me while at the Base with Anne Joasem the RTC rep FLB at the time, doing that as well while we were in Clearwater. I guess one could all it custom “six week checks” for me. Claire and I had a good laugh about it, discussing it a couple of years ago. She is a good auditor and never went barking up the wrong trees or grinding or going for wrong whys. Those actions we were forced to do went relatively smoothly.

  33. Dave’s getting it from all sides these days, isn’t he.

    Oh well……you get what you put your attention on.

  34. Impartial English Girl

    Tony Ortega is a very brave and talented writer. Here in England at the moment, The Leveson Enquiry is being conducted into the appalling lengths the tabloid press went to in order to secure “stories” about various notable folk, which included things like hacking the mobile ‘phone voicemail inbox of a young murder victim, Milly Dowler, and deleting some of the messages – leading her traumatised family to believe that their daughter was still alive. And that’s just ONE of the ghastly revelations. It seems to me that Mr. Ortega represents far better journalistic ethics than some of the leading “lights” of OUR mainstream press…

    If accurate, what DM is doing to TC is truly creepy. Creepy and WRONG. No wonder Nicole Kidman wasn’t happy – she sounds like a very intuitive and smart woman. I wonder if she and TC would still be happily married now, had it not been for the malign influence of DM?

    If I found out that someone I regarded as a friend had been pursuing such activities against me as DM reportedly has against TC, I would feel physically sick. And then I would stop at nothing to see the perpetrator exposed and rightly punished for their twisted, malignant behaviour.

    And where ARE Mrs. Miscavige and Tommy Davis?!?

    Have a great weekend everyone,

    IEG xxx

  35. Impartial English Girl

    A book, you say…? Most intriguing…

    Mark, you’re a tease – please DO tell us more! 😉

    IEG x

  36. Mike, you said: “one of the primary goals of POB is to convince his sheeple that there is no Scientology outside his Vulture Culture.” That’s exactly right. It is not overstating the case to say it’s a primary goal.

    In business/economics terms, Miscavige has a huge vested stake in being a monopoly in the delivery of Scientology tech. If the Independents, the Freezone, or other alternatives get even 1% of the “market” for delivering Scientology tech, that’s a big problem for him. A hole in 1% of a balloon always spreads quickly and the whole thing pops.

    A viable upstart competitor in a monopolistic market always attacks via price competition. You can figure out what that means for RCS when people are depleting retirement accounts and mortgaging homes to go “up the Bridge.” But the existence of even a small competitor with 1% of the market means that the monopolist can lose business easily to the upstart via “externalities” (i.e., factors other than cost). The upstart can win business by painting the monopolist as evil, uncaring, unfashionable, etc. And in those cases, some number of customers will flock to the upstart supplier even if it is economically inefficient (more expensive or with more hidden costs) for them to do so.

    There are numerous examples in the history of the computer business. In the early 1990s, Apple’s innovative Mac had about 4% of the market. But because they were the only viable alternative to Microsoft, Microsoft did their best to crush Apple (the company) and the Mac architecture. Apple won a lot of customers because they built cool products and sold them to those who thought Microsoft products were slow, stodgy and ugly, or that the Microsoft company was arrogant and evil. (And Apple’s products were usually at least 30% more expensive than equivalent Microsoft products). When Apple started creating powerful computers at similar prices to Microsoft, and when they built other products like iPods and iPhones that hooked up easily to Macs, Apple’s market share quickly jumped to 10% to 15% of the computer market.

    In server (corporate) computers, Microsoft had a monopoly on the market until the early 2000s, when Linux came along. Linux was dramatically cheaper than Windows server products, and it was able to build its 0.01% market share of corporate servers in 2000 to about 40% today. Microsoft’s monopoly ended because it didn’t move fast enough to crush Linux when it had 0.01% of the market, and today Linux is a viable competitor that Microsoft will never be able to dislodge. No amount of badmouthing Linux or discounting Windows prices to near-free will work today. The result: Microsoft’s stock price has stagnated for a decade, which is remarkable considering the company is triple the size it was in 2000 and is one of the most profitable companies in history.

    So Miscavige is at the same point as Microsoft was when Linux had 0.01% of the market for corporate computers a decade ago. RCS is too arrogant to cut prices to emulate external providers of Scientology “tech,” never mind whether the RCS would become unprofitable at lower prices paying expenses on all those Idle Orgs. The Indies can easily pick up “externality” buyers (such as former Church of Scientology members who still want auditing and course delivery and are willing to pay any price to get it) to build market share without having to advertise heavily. I don’t know how long it will take but economics suggests that alternative “tech” providers live in a ripe environment to take “market share” away from RCS.

    All this is a long-winded way of agreeing with you that, yes, it’s completely understandable why DM is fighting so hard against the Indie crowd — even 0.01% market share is a material risk to the health of the RCS organization down the road. I’m not flattering you by saying this — it might take a long time indeed for the scenario to play out. I’m just trying to underscore the economic reality of why DM is so ruthless about trying to suppress alternative providers.

  37. Re the opinions of people in the Hole … remember – SO members aren’t “allowed” to be on the internet! Can you figure out why?

  38. These “6 Weeks Checks” went on, irregardless that I was doing well on post and was just Senior’s C/Sing and paranoia op basis, which really put a big question for me as to who was cause over my eternity, when I could not get onto my next step up the Bridge for the last 17 years, at that time.

    The answer of course is that the situation is fully handled by incredible Indie Auditing to clean up messes and get on with the show!

  39. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.
    dm also does ‘executive examining…?’ that is really beyond sick.
    He’s as nutty as a fruit cake.

  40. Impartial English Girl

    For what it’s worth, I agree. I have complete respect for President Obama, regardless of whether or not I share all his viewpoints. He is NOTHING to do with whatever DM chooses to get up to or impose upon his unfortunate acolytes. Nothing.

  41. Tom is a rather subdued entity these days. I think he is seriously reflecting on his position. Check out this very recent appearance on the Jonathon Ross show and compare it to appearances made only a year or so back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4dZLQClV5g&feature=related

  42. Might be an idea not to publish how you recognise moles as OSA may learn from its mistakes.

    Doesn’t pay to under estimate their ability.

  43. Maybe fruity as a nut cake? 🙂

  44. Oh Sinar — how true it is. I started NOTS in 1979. I could NOT complete it, no matter how many times I tried in 28 years. I was on the same sort of 6 weeks check routine. Not until I got in session with Marty last year was I able to complete and get onto Solo NOTs.

  45. BT: OSA learning from their mistakes has as a necessary underpinning the idea that they can think for themselves and evaluate any information. If you have watched the disintegration of the Church of Scientology over the last few years you will see them firing the same footbullets over and over and over — idiotically hoping for a differnet outcome and every time having to wipe egg off their faces. They are by definition insane. They don’t listen to anything or anyone other than what spews forth from POB. And he listens to nobody as he KNOWS that he is right about everything and that if it all goes wrong it is because some fool misexecuted his brilliant orders.

  46. haydn (T Paine)

    After reading the blog and the Village Voice article I have only one thing to say: this is seriously powerful stuff! Seriously powerful.

    My gratitude to all involved, you have done the world a service.

  47. Thanks John. 100% spot on. You bring an interesting viewpoint to this blog. Your business sense and skill is obvious. These analogies are very apt.

  48. Not a criticism-but I admit I’m just curious-Marty, Mike and Claire: what was going through your mind when you first realized that the CoS was spying on Tom Cruise? Were you OK with it? Did you have some doubts or reservations-and if so, what kept you from acting on those? What was different about your mindset then compared to now? :-/

    With respect,
    Mr. F

  49. Expelled4Life

    John: Have you ever once seen F/Ns like the ones shown in the Tech films especially the E-Meter reads film?

  50. John, great write-up and good background on Scientology’s most epic disasters of all time – The Golden Age of Arrogance.

    ML Tom

  51. Expelled4Life

    Temporary thread derailment: I’m half way through the Steve Jobs authorized bio. Absolutely fascinating. Jobs was brilliant in many, many, many ways but an absolute disaster as a manager and downright suppressive. In fact, in terms of his management skills, from what I’ve read of DM, it could be DM you are reading about when reading the Job’s bio. This is not a compliment. There’s a reason Job’s was booted out of Apple at one point.

  52. Haggis story on MSN home page now.

  53. As Dalton said in ‘Road House’ – “Opinions do vary”

  54. martyrathbun09

    Of course we thought it was ok, otherwise we wouldn’t have done it. And of course there are conflicting thoughts. But at the end of the day in the cult there is thought stopping, which we all became fairly competent at. I think you’ll appreciate my book.

  55. Lynne,”as a pc in the church, you just have to know how to direct your own case to a good result”…..exactly!!!!!!!

  56. Tom M Would that 7.3 be related to just this post and Tony’s or would it include the aftershocks of the inevitable rounds this story will take in the next few days. ? I’m guessing this will pretty well match the “South Park” and “Debbie Cook” storys on the media trails. PS Sam I hope you stocked up on enough popcorn to last yourself through a week or so.

  57. Excellent write-up John P. I think you underestimate the volume of shift from corporate to independent though.

    Miscavige has expelled the majority of Class VIIIs from his cult. There are at least eight of them that I know who are operating totally under the radar and out of the cult. There are also at least 25 class VIIIs operating out in the open (that I’m personally aware of). Miscavige probably doesn’t have even 100 class VIIIs left. This would put the independents at 25%.

    There are many other numerical evaluations which could be done and I would say, just based on my own observation of the number of people who are “out” but not announced, and the tiny fraction of the overall scientology population that I’m aware of, we are currently looking at well over 10% in the indy field, possibly as high as 25%.

    There are a tremendous number of fence sitters who know something is up, but are still too scared to do an honest doubt formula. But as Miscavige continues to abort standard tech, and as the Indy field continues to improve delivery, more and more fence sitters will wake up.

    Every revelation such as this post from Marty and the Village Voice about the extent of miscavige’s abberations speeds up the process. Every out of ARC, ignorant response by miscavige’s goon squad speeds up the process.

    Did you ever use microsoft millenium, the very first version? It was horrible. If microsoft had told all the people who complained that there was nothing wrong with the product, it was all the users fault, or if they made all the users pay thousands of dollars to “fix” what they already paid for, and if they then still didn’t fix it, microsoft would be history and apple would rule the computer world.

    Miscavige has a few thousand people still convinced that he is the only game in town. His big lie is pretty much up.

  58. Lynne,
    Similar scene of DM CSing illegally as he has no valid certs to do that as described in: http://www.tampabay.com/news/article1012234.ece

    And as covered in Marty’s interview: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml

  59. There may also be the cases of those who have pent-up communication and are just glad someone is willing to listen, without expecting anything in return other than an acknowledgment, and without fear of being retaliated against.

  60. Martin, I would agree with you about TC being rather subdued.

  61. 🙂 – Just documenting! It was amazing reviewing the Suppressive acts in the Ethics book and seeing just how many are being committed by DM and the droids.

  62. Yes I have, but to expect a big, lasting F/N like that every time is a total arbitrary and will ruin the session.

  63. Congratulations, Mike! Very happy for you. Enjoy your NOTs. It is such a great level…

  64. Les-As I said in an earlier post, almost all the cool people are out.

  65. E4l,
    believe it or not I have….once

  66. great write up John, really enlightening, and infuriating, which it should be.

  67. Tom is suppressed-DM makes a beeline for powerful and creative thetans as his really big targets.
    Its right there in”The anti-Social Personality-attributes #10″-“The artist in particular is often found as a magnet for persons with antisocial personalities who see in his art something which must be destroyed and covertly, “as a friend,” proceed to try.
    Unfortunately TC is PTS to the point of being in dms valence.

  68. Wn, were you on staff in Toronto in the 80’s?
    I was in T.O. recently and had the same thought. Much smaller and less alive than the early 80’s.

  69. TheWidowDenk, mrinder: got to thank you both for your illuminating comments. made me finally figure out a situation that occurred over 20 years ago when one of this caracters was instrumental on a coup to get me out of the post of FPPO, go figure I actually had it right from the first encounter but got anyway overwelmed then. thank you for clarifying that for me

  70. I find the concept of “thought stopping” fascinating and it makes total sense. If you fear an authority can have access to your inner most thoughts, the moment a “bad” or “counter” thought about the authority entered your head you would immediately suppress it for fear of it being “discovered” and the ensuing punishments. You would eventually stop any thoughts that could even lead you down a possible road to a “bad” thought. I have had ex-SO tell me after awhile they didn’t feel like their thoughts were their own – as in any thing they privately thought was fair game to be uncovered in sec checking.

    I have been reading ‘Nothing to Envy” a book which is an account of the everyday lives of the people of North Korea under the “actual” Dear Leader’s tyranny. I was particularly moved by a story in the book which amounted to two people, who were closer to each other than any one else in the world, but both NOT knowing for years they harbored same feelings,thoughts and doubts about the current state of affairs in their country – and in fact it ended up tearing them apart. Both were afraid to communicate even a hint about their true feelings to the other – it was somewhat sacrificial. The thinking was, if I tell her how I truly feel, it will make her open her eyes, then she will be in danger and probably miserable if she starts entertaining these thoughts too. I will not subject my loved one to that, I will keep this inside of me and endure the torment alone.

    I described the situation to someone who is ex-SO, the first thing they said was “Sounds like marriage in the Sea Org.” It kills me that this type of tyranny doesn’t just exist in awful dictatorships in another country, but right here in our backyard it’s allowed to flourish under the guise of “religious freedom.”

  71. I don’t want to barf this time because the facts presented here make David Miscavige’s situation look as grim as it really is.

  72. LDW,

    It’s been a slow day around here and I’ve been writing a lot more than usual… So apologies to you and to all if this goes way overboard. I should also point out that I’m a walking commercial for speech recognition software which makes it easy to put posts together in a fraction of the time it would take were I forced to type everything.

    It’s clear that from a membership standpoint, there are tons of former members of the church who are out. So it’s undoubtedly true that the percentage of Class VIII auditors “in the wild” are higher than the 0.01% “market share” number I used in the analogy.

    But I was focused on an economic argument, which runs in parallel with what you’re talking about, and which is not about undermining the success of individual Indies or of the indie movement as a whole. The thrust of my argument was based on the well-understood scenarios for how to take on an entrenched monopoly in a market and to beat them at their own game. For that, I’m looking at the total amount of money being spent on “Scientology,” which is definitely not the same thing as the number of Indie auditors who could deliver services (and who individually may be making a nice living doing that). Whether the actual number of dollars flowing to Indies is 0.01% or 2.00% of the total going to the RCS and affiliated entities (IAS, etc) at this point, my general argument still holds.

    The Indie world seems to be mostly solo practitioners. It doesn’t market itself as a unified organization of any kind. So if you fall away from the RCS and want auditing, the only way to get it might be to hook up with someone you knew who is now an Indie, or to find someone like that through another ex-RCS friend. But my sense is that right now, someone new to the “tech” and interested in auditing for the first time (or somebody who’s been out for a long time but who now wants to try it again) has no easy way to find an auditor. Of course, there are few new people darkening the door of the RCS right now, but an Indie movement that delivers real quality auditing should be able to attract a fair number of newbies.

    A single web site from an umbrella marketing organization with contact information to find an auditor would create the equivalent of a single competitor to RCS in the marketplace, even if there’s not a corporation that has all the Indies on a payroll. All that’s needed is a single way for a customer entering the market to have a straightforward consistent way to “buy the product.” It doesn’t have to be a single company, it just has to look like a single company. So when the Indies are all doing their own thing with no central umbrella (even a “virtual” umbrella), they don’t have the economic power of a single competitor, even though they may all be making money hand over fist.

    In the world of the Linux operating system, when it competed against Microsoft in 2000, there were dozens of different (small) vendors bottling and selling Linux. By 2002, Red Hat Software had become the biggest Linux vendor and there were just a handful of other viable players. By 2005 or so, Red Hat was the dominant player in Linux with 80% of the Linux market. That meant that a company looking for an alternative to expensive Microsoft had a very simple decision process to go through — they bought Linux from Red Hat by default, or from the #2 company if they hated Red Hat for some reason. Linux would not have eaten Microsoft’s lunch if everyone who wanted to buy Linux had to locate and then evaluate 30 marginally different versions of the operating system.

    When there is a single strong upstart competitor with a track record of competing successfully against the dominant player in the market, then you get the desirable effects that come from the return of viable alternatives to the monopoly player. The most important of these is price competition, though there are others. There is no price competition in the “Scientology” market yet. Proof: DM is getting away with requiring everybody to do 130+ hours of Objectives before they get any other services, among countless other abuses. That lack of price competition is there even if the Indies are doing 25% or more of the WDAH’s being done in the world (I would have no idea what the actual number might be).

    So the shape of the upstart competition that challenges a monopoly matters a lot. If the Indies are capturing 25% of the dollars spent right now, they’re still not economically structured with the market power that 25% of the market would represent if it were wielded by a single competitive entity. In my experience (I have been advising clients on this one for a number of years), a company becomes a monopoly when they take over 50% of the market. But they lose monopoly power when they go from 98%-plus of the market to about 80% or 85% of the market, and price competition will start to happen at that point. That’s what happened with Microsoft. But that only happens when a single viable alternative reaches about 15% to 20% of the market. It doesn’t happen when 20% of the market is composed of 50 competitors each with 0.4% of the market.

    This is not about disrespect for the Indies, who are putting in long hours doing what they believe in, potentially in the face of having to spot OSA spies trying to sneak in and ruin them, and dealing with a lot of other distractions. The point is to show a way forward for the Indie movement that can begin to have major effects on RCS, hitting them in their biggest vulnerability: their finances. Today, the RCS can survive by extracting bigger sums of money from a smaller number of people. But if the amount of money each person is willing to spend drops because of price competition, the RCS is dead, dead, dead. The economic scenario I’m describing suggests that Indie auditors should find a way to band together under some sort of unified marketing umbrella, whether that’s a single company, a neutral foundation, a loose volunteer coordination, or whatever.

    Yes, many people in the RCS will wake up in the future and will bail. And the Indie movement, with so many long-time Scientologists with deep personal relationships, may capture a lot of them, and they’ll never spend another dime with the RCS. But that market of freshly-blown former RCS members is dwarfed (oh, hi, DM, sorry about the unfortunate choice of words!) by the number of people who did some courses years ago, got some gains, but were so sickened by the organization that they stayed away — the “invisible” potential market that DM certainly can’t reach because of the evils of RCS, but which the Indies can. If you can attract them, you can sell to them. That market would unwind the RCS business very quickly (particularly the pricing power they currently hold), and would generate huge momentum for the Indie movement.

    BTW, loved your comment about Microsoft Millennium. Exactly true!

    –John P.

  73. Right!

  74. Mike, the man-crush oozing from every pixel of the “Motorcycle Buddies” picture in the Village Voice article makes one suspect that your version of the phrase is the more apt.

  75. Any time, C! We’re glad to help. Pass it on …

  76. You make a very good point. Kinda means all our attempts to mislead them in to giving themselves away with all this false data will be for nothing though if they only do what David Miscavige says. 😉

  77. I got an RTC pass on Pro TRs at Flag just before GAT–whew!–escaped by the skin of my teeth, didn’t I?

  78. And slowing down those outer-org trainees was killing the outer orgs too, having to send their best and never getting them back. My son-in-law went through some of that in 96 but thank god he couldn’t carry the debt load and got sent home to handle it.

  79. Incredible, Mike. Paints more of the picture.

  80. Mike,
    You are spot on with this over-rating of eternity over current uncomfortable circumstances. It really is an inability to think outside-the- box, not having comparable data to think with and inability to even consider that there COULD BE a standard delivery of the tech outside the church.
    Who is currently delivering the Data Series Evaluator course now that the Co$ has buried it to ensure nobody can think straight?

  81. Good point.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Jim Logan: please check your hushmail and call me right away.

  83. Opinions are a dime a dozen.

  84. I am totally blown away by this article. The depth and lengths that Mighty Mouse is willing to go to to get what he wants in incredible.

    How many laws/human rights has this guy broken in the name of getting what he wants?

    Are there more instances like this? What other celebs have been spied on? Methinks a wholesale exposure of all the spying and subterfuge, could get a lot of celebs that are on the fence, or just starting to get into the Dominion of DM, to think about the consequences of what they are getting into. And the consequences of that for Mighty Mouse would be a tantrum which might push some more good caring SO/staff members to get out of Dodge quick smart.

    “By their actions you will know them” and it seems to me that Mighty Mouse is advertising fairly loudly and this just needs to be more widely disseminated.

  85. Tony DePhillips

    Hi John,
    That was truly an amazing recounting of the third dynamic engram at work. I actually wasn’t able to read the whole thing as I started to feel ill.
    This is truly evil on a massive scale.
    I cross flowed a lot of this while on Solo Nots and had to do a lot of this insane shit and could never understand why all this nuttiness was going on. This explained everything!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  86. was it written by D Sherman?

  87. Joe Pendleton

    Very interesting stuff. And VERY entertaining I might add. This would make a fantastic mini-series on HBO, like “Boardwalk Empire.” Change the name of the church and all the participants. Make it a work of “fiction” even though everyone would know who everyone was.

    Other than the interest factor, I have no attention or concern about Tom Cruise. Big movie star with mega-bucks. A lot of the interest factor in this story comes from the fact that Cruise is a huge celebrity. BUT, what is actually happening to him happned to me too. A lof of people knowing all the essentials about my personal life, gossiping about it, working in cahoots to turn the info into cash for the church, attempting to control where I work and don’t work, disconnecting from me, using my witholds “against me”, etc etc etc Of course Tony Ortega doesn’t know me from Adam and my story probably wouldn’t interest his readership much. But IT’S THE SAME DEAL. A church attempting to know everything about an individual and then controlling every aspect of the individual’s life.

    It is a HUGE mistake on a person’s part to buy into that scene. I made that mistake as have many hundreds of millions of people throughout history. Sorry to say that Ron himself couldn’t help establishing a totalitarian church which had to rule everything a person did in every area of life, from sex, food, perfumes, money, etc, including setting down dictates for what they should think about art, possessions, child rearing, etc etc etc Laying down almost 300 crimes and high crimes one could commit (many of them open to the interpretation of others to use to control individuals) and an enforcement arm that uses duress, force, threats and even imprisonment.

    So it is ALL part of the way the Church of Scientology is laid out. And that structure was all ready for Miscavige to step in and become the Stalin of Scientology and turn the COS into his own USSR. Ron was a benevolent dictator (and one with great amounts of wisdom), who while he despised democracy (see KSW), still focused most of his attention on increasing auditing and training. Miscavige is more obsessed with his personal power over others, as well as his hair, motorcycles and his leather jackets and keeping people from finding out that he is a homosexual (and I have nothing against being gay at all, but when a person in power is trying to hide it all the time and brutalizing other people because of his own wh’s – well that’s another story).

    So, it’s all out there for Tom Cruise to know. He is responsible for making his own decisions, especially now that this story is out there for everyone to find out abou it. I eventually rejected the taking of my life by completely ignorant teenagers as well as their mind controlled seniors. But if Mr. Cruise and Mr. Doven are happy (and it appears they are), well, they are probably not going to do what I did. Something needs to ruin them first. My guess is that Cruise and Travolta are probably ALREADY in some condition of Doubt and that that will just grow. Maybe when Katie Holmes has simply had enough, Cruise will have his come to Jesus moment. Should be interesting to see how this all develops.

  88. Actually, that’s a little short cut.
    With supposedly all arbitraries removed (that was a good laugh while not even knowing yet about Indie activities) but PUTTING IN arbitraries like “you may NOT look at the Internet re Scientology” it has been made impossible for the ‘law-abiding Scientology parishioner’ to follow LRH’s Logic #8: “A DATUM CAN BE EVALUATED ONLY BY A DATUM OF COMPARABLE MAGNITUDE”. The term ‘entheta’ has been mixed up with ‘fact(s)’ and the parishioner cannot see past the board in front of his face.

  89. Tony DePhillips

    Incredible post John P.
    I agree with everything you said.
    I think it could be easy to create that umbrella with a few problems that would need to be ironed out:
    a. It would give OSA a very easy way of locating practitioners and harrassing them.
    b. You may have some auditors who might not want to be positioned with freezoners or vice versa. (as an example)

    I do agree if these things could get ironed out that there could be huge upside potentials there for the Indies.

    You bring up another great point in that the amount of blown off public by RCS is HUGE. The umbrella idea is especially important to get some of them back.
    Thanks again for your will thought out post. Very impressive. 🙂

  90. Greta,

    Your comment “to ensure nobody can think straight?” is exactly it. The suppression of the study tech of the Primary Run Down and the KTL. Blocked the ability to learn and think in concepts. Makes it easier to spoon feed students. Then there is an insanely long runway to learn to audit. All books and a thousand or so tapes, including the PDC, before you can learn to audit the levels! Then enforced rote drilling so you doesn’t learn to understand use basic principles. There are NO current OEC volumes so how can you teach the OEC. Without a full OEC or SHSBC how does a person have really good conceptual grasp of the ideal scene. Now bury the DSEC. Now there is no learning and drilling of a logical thinking process. Also pretty darn hard to spot outpoints without the ideal scene to compare the existing scene to.

    Toss in some answer hungry public, mixed with suppressive enforced ethics, spice it up with sec checks and alterations on auditing run downs and what do we have. A $50,000 a plate dinner wherein you service sh.. sandwiches on stale bread, rotten fish heads called “caviar”, and the “diners” give a standing ovation. They are blind to the fact they have been had. So sad it is sickening.

    As I said to a friend of mine. If LRH walked into any org today as a 20 something with tatoo’s and ear rings and started to study. He would question why the exact LRH reference isn’t being applied. He would be run out of town as disaffected, maybe an SP, and now all his friends have to frantically kick him out of their facebook friends list. If they don’t disconnect from him fast enough they would also be treated as potentially, secretly disaffected and not in lock step with “command intention.”

    This is 2012. A year of reckoning I feel is ahead of us. I find here on this blog a group of like minded individuals. We have all had our own personal gains from what LRH left us. The basic truth has always been there. We are basically good. We want our world on all dynamics to be better and survive better. There is suppression of the very answer to what the world needs now. Worse yet, there is an idolization of an overtly and covertly run operation of suppression to impede the use of this to help others. We are the the free people of the world that can make a difference. Many make a much greater impact that myself. I appreciate the effort of all and I look forward to the day that operations such as controlling the lives of TC, or any SO member, or any Scientologist – in or out of the church – is ended.

  91. I am hoping that a “subdued Tom” is actually Tom distancing himself from DM and the church. There was mention a while back of Tom not attending a church function that he has attended regularly in the past (forget which one). I read a very good review of his last Mission Impossible movie and I hope he is on a career upswing, but hope more that he is sensing something wrong with Scn.

  92. one of those who see

    John, thanks so much for taking the time to write such an important report. you were there. You know what occurred and the results. This backs up my experience as a public at one of the higher orgs. I definitely was left with confusion about when assists should end. Trouble with F/Ns which I never had before. (I realize I really do need to get this sorted out.) And the roteness. I remember thinking “no one is talking to ME!” Even a C/S R Factor was bullshit. A blanket C/S. It was like where did Scientology go. Luckily I found it again out here.

  93. Tony, thanks for your kind words on my posts. Regarding (a), I had thought of this as a potential issue, but don’t have a solution. Regarding (b), I wasn’t suggesting that freezone and Indies get together. If each does one umbrella, and if they “agree to disagree” so buyers immediately understand when you go Freezone and when you go Indie, that would still work. In other words, if there are two entrants to challenge RCS, as long as they are not really competing directly against each other, but each is competing independently against the incumbent, the overall scenario is still valid.

  94. Marty -I love your response-so honest!

  95. Random Stranger

    DM: Tom, ah…I’ll be straight up on this…you don’t seem to be emanating the same aura of dedication these days.
    TC: Well…Dave, I ah…heh-heh, I don’t feel like I’m emanating the same dedication. Good call.
    DM: The good thing though, T, is that everybody else still thinks I think you’re still the most dedicated.
    TC: Whew! Oh! Good! Ha ha ha ha ha, heh-heh-heh.
    DM: Yeah, in fact, I did an impromptu opinion survey the other day by asking several Int staff, “Who is the most dedicated Scientologist I know?” and they all said it was you. Except one, who thought it should be them. Some new guy. BANG! RPF City after a Severe Reality Adjustment. He’ll be in there for a while, long enough for you to regain your footing and your aura, Tom.
    TC: Gee, thanks D. Thanks. I really am dedicated, though. You know that, right?
    DM: Sure, sure, I know that Tom. We just have to get you your aura back, that’s all. The emanation. I’ll help you with that.
    TC: Thanks, man, really…thanks. I love you D.
    DM: I love you too, T.

  96. I saw some com.cycles about Claire Headly on this post and I just wanted to add this: I got to know this lady since about a year or so ago; she is one of the warmest and most wonderful people I have ever met. A pleasure to be in her space. I can imagine that she must have been a great auditor!!! Z

  97. John Nunez. I’d like to read your write-up on F/N arbitraries but don’t want to join facebook. Can you post it another way?

  98. Is there a link to the info outside of the facebook walled garden?

  99. John Nunez…. I don’t do social networking, facebook, etc. so wasn’t able to access your write up. Can you provide another means of access to it? Thanks.

  100. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for your response.

    I think (a) could get better after some have beat RCS in the legal arena and I think the umbrella would help with communication about the legal scene and coordination. On (b) your suggestion is a good one. Just have two umbrellas. 🙂

    It’s nice having thinking minds in the group!!

  101. Hello John,
    thank you for your write-up.
    Mostly appraciated.

    I am linking here background stories on the evolution of GAT.
    By Dan Koon:
    And on this Blog, by Marty Rathbun:

    Kind regards,

  102. Sinar-doing well in that crazy Church was the indicator they needed to screw things up.,but as you noted it can be cleaned up.

  103. Tony DePhillips

    Another good one Random Stranger….it’s as if….no, it couldn’t be could it???

  104. one of those who see


  105. Mike-“The Tudors” is incredible -Another dm.

  106. Dear Ingrid,
    I love your Blog http://www.oasisforpersonalfreedom.com/
    it spreads sanity and words of wisdom.
    Will you continue to write new assays?


  107. Mike,
    Sounds very familiar!
    I had ONE session while being the SNR C/S INT FOR PILOTS and that was the only time I threw the cans at an auditor. It was a short session…

  108. That’s the writeup that really helped me sort things out a few years ago.
    I was at Flag after John in 2000, but I couldnt get through the Metering course. I thought I was the only one who knew something was wrong and I wasnt sure exactly what was wrong. It was a major area of confusion. I just knew I knew what an instant read was and what an FN was, and that what I was being verbally and physically shown (the pencil eraser instant read demonstration that Flag Metering Sups were doing, etc) didnt work for me.

  109. S.A.
    Great duplication!
    I can only hope that at least in some cases the dinner with the stinking fish heads smells bad enough for at least SOME to turn away and run!

    4 months ago I witnessed someone who faithfully did ‘the BASICS’ up and including PDC lectures. It was WAY over her had and life was a bitch for her. The lady had a messed up Purif, couldn’t make it through TR 0 (they let her go without any attempt to debug {I guess that is what they call ‘therapeutic TRs}, the 2D was a mess and a medical situation was missed. EP? She died.

  110. Great write-up John. A real comprehensive overview of what went on at Flag under DM’s demented tutelage.

    Obviously he doesn’t see what’s in front of him.

  111. That is exactly what happened to my marriage.

  112. You guys kick ass! What a great article. Truth will out. I sincerely hope TC is reconsidering his connection to his “friend”. DM wouldn’t think twice about throwing his own family and wife under the bus, so why should he be any different with TC? Thanks so much for the expose.

  113. There is far more, in which crying pain, I could feel my compassion for what’s been led astray.
    At some point, you will observe the artist’s tendency which is always the interjection of reality and what should be, combined with the way things are, and with an end harmony of what is, that makes you feel WHOLE.
    Follow your heart.

  114. Greta,
    Really sorry to hear about this lady. I know how it feels. The damage done by “know best” is disgusting. I have known many that have not survived many runs around the current squirrel cage.

    But, on the other hand, I know many that have smelled something is rotten and left the buffet. Most that I know that wake up were on the real original bridge. I know, in my case and my spouse, the carrot of our “eternity” doesn’t work. Anybody that understands they are a being and not the body. The realization you aren’t your pictures, etc – added in with the understanding of the dynamics and dividing their life into the sub-dynamics should be flat and stable on the concept of their eternity.

    If we are born immortal spiritual beings, confused by misleading mental pictures and thoughts which can be handled in auditing, then we are still immortal spiritual beings. Nobody living on earth can grant me eternity, nor can they take it away. Only if I allow myself to become confused, go into agreement with suppression and false data, do I at that time “think” I have given up my eternity. I have it now, I will have it later.

    I believe you fully understand. How can any person audit others, observe the gains personally as it occurs in others, have the gains for themselves and even conceive that their eternity is at stake. The slippery slope to obscurity – aka amnesia, is made of just that. Going into or creating any agreement to make less of yourself. Each person, on their own, is the key to their eternity.

    You were one of those that worked to help us come to a higher state of realization of who and what we are. Thank you for what you have done. It is appreciated. As an auditor bringing higher states to others, you, and the many still administering tech to the benefit of the rest of us, are admired and so very valuable. All Indie auditors should hold their heads high. Not in arrogance, but to recognize the gratitude that heads your direction. TKU.

    I quietly think of what could have been as compared to what is – sad to see the damage. And a short vid for you…

  115. You know, somehow this doesn’t surprise me at all after reading countless articles online, “Blown For Good”, and lurking about on this blog for a bit. What *does* surprise me is why no one in the government actually stands up and takes a larger notice in this stuff. It’s the one question I’ve been unable to find an answer to and, as an outsider looking in, it doesn’t make me feel very safe.

    Look at it this way, I was raised Mormon myself and yeah when I left the church they sent well meaning members after me and called me a couple times. I told them I wasn’t interested and they backed off. (Moving away also helped). Either way, they don’t stalk me. But all this stuff about Scientology creeps me out and this article really *got* to me, if Tom Cruise can be followed and tracked and watched 24/7, there is something WRONG with this picture, basic human rights are being violated, no one is safe from Miscavige if he decides he finds someone interesting enough to watch, and that’s not right.

    I get it, as per Debbie Cook’s e-mail the church has a billion dollars at least, and they are really good at litigating their way out of issues. But this stuff is major, and it seems like weekly for the last two months there have been big BIG stories coming out about increasingly ridiculous and terrible things. People being beaten (okay so that one is old news), girls being held prisoner on the Freewinds, major celebrities being stalked. And still, nothing happens.

    Maybe I’m impatient. Maybe, hopefully, this will finally move some things around and get some things going and crumble Miscavige’s rein somehow. I hope. I know all I can do is keep talking about the abuses of Corporate Scientology to my friends in real life and let them know that Scientology isn’t a cute “ha ha that’s funny” South Park episode, which is about all most of them know about it. This church, or rather upper management of this church, hurts people.

    By the way Marty, since I haven’t posted here before, I wanted to say thanks so much for having this blog and I appreciate the work you and the other independents do to help people to get out of the church, but at the same time give them a warm and welcoming place to be. When I read Marc Headley’s book I felt a sense of helplessness that there was nothing to help these people once they leave. Then I read (here on your blog) that the independents help members when they escape and I felt so much better! You guys are definitely not anything like that terrible little man, and the wealth of information here is excellent to help outsiders like myself who want to learn more find out valuable and damning information about said terrible little man.

    Lastly, on the subject of the BBC special, which was majorly creepy with the constant stalking, I do really like that photograph of Mike Rinder in the Ortega article above. He looks positively mischievous and happy, which is a far cry from the terrible gaunt look he had when they showed him in the BBC special. 😦 Thank god he got out. Some of the stories I’ve read about what he went through makes me so sad. 😦

  116. I’ve seen fleeting F/N’s, F/N’s with body motion, normal F/N’s, dial wide F/N’s, persistent F/N’s and floating TA’s but they don’t look like the movie. The only thing that comes close is an ARCX needle, your only hope to pass exams in RCS.

  117. It is my understanding that Tom Cruise has cooled his friendship with David Miscavige, I could be wrong since unlike DM I don’t have spies.

    One hopes Tom has woken up to the fact his association with DM’s church of scientology nearly distroyed his career.

    He seems more mature and in control as well as more subdued with Johnathon Ross this time; subdued in a good way. I get the impression he’s come to a realisation or is getting and taking some sound advice.

    One hopes he’s got it together and is no longer funneling funds in to DM’s empire.

  118. + 2 – can’t wait for the book. It’s Spring here now – kinda – so…?

  119. Just to say I bought Nothing to Envy on Kindle for I think £0.89. Interesting read and yes interesting comparisons with the church of scientology.

    Thank you Marty for your candor re thinking it was okay.

  120. Never seen anyone openly say DM is gay, just oblique references to “unnusually unnatural relationship” – and while totally credible, I wonder if there’s been any eye witness accounts? It’s ONLY a point of interest as a result of his own obvious and vile rampant homophobia.

  121. Agreed. He’s doing a lot better than with Matt and Ophra. I actually liked the interview. How would you feel when finding out that your bff personifies the very valence you hate most. Imagine his position; wrong and denied item for over a decade, blackmail galore, $$$ trails all over the place, having conributed to the destruction of the very thing you value most.

    Tom, doing an honest doubt condition in full is the standard solution that will actually improve your public image. Church PR has never been so low and announcing your disagreement will create huge TA among your fans as well as among standard auditors and public.

  122. Does Katie Holmes still have her church of scientology appointed guardian?

  123. Independent English Girl

    It occured to me last evening (early this morning actually; I’m having trouble sleeping…) that, Mr. Rathbun, it might be worth keeping an eye on The Leveson Enquiry. The core issue of the Inquiry is persistent intrusive illegal surveillance and ‘phone hacking by our gutter press.

    It’s my belief that the findings could potentially have MAJOR legal ramifications for CoB and his favoured methods – if not in the USA then here in the UK. Unless I have grossly misunderstood all I’ve read and seen over the past years, the underhand tactics employed by the tabloids to squeeze “stories” from persons of interest in order to sell “news”papers are entirely in accordance with the underhanded tactics employed by King Nutkin himself, DM, to squeeze silence, fear and muted compliance from enlightened “deserters” and opposers of his regime.

    If you visit http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/ you can find much to interest. If, you DO pay a visit, I suggest you click on the Heading “Evidence” and read the statements of Charlotte Church, Steve Coogan, Anne Diamond, Bob Dowler, Sally Dowler, Hugh Grant, Gerry McCann and JK Rowling – and ask youself: Is this similar to what I’ve experienced from DM and his acolytes?

    If it is… then attention must be paid. Just a little hint…!


    IEG xxx

  124. Yes I saw that show I would have to agree ,He seems like he has to re-event He didn’t appear to be that happy at all.Rather pretense

  125. Dox: An illustration of how the internal report lines work to keep parishioners under control. The subject of these emails (Aisling Coleman) had been assured that absolutely none of her information was being reported on internally:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: aisling coleman
    Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 13:01:12 +0000
    Subject: *
    To: Rock Slammer

    Denis to Zabrina

    Hello Zabrina
    Aisling is making progress in handling her PTSness.
    She is no longer propitiative to her ex partner and father of her son Eric.
    Her brother Philip is overtly anti scientology. He is a friend with Pete
    Griffiths and has liked and reposted some of his Facebook hate material.
    Weeks ago Philip was continuously putting anti scientology comments to
    Aisling via facebook and email. Aisling for the first time in her life
    stood up against her brother. With ARC she persisted to tell him to stop
    and he did!
    Months ago some antiscientologist(s) had been on to Aislings parents and
    badmouthed me and scientology and they were very enturbulated. Aisling has maintained and increased ARC with her parents, without compromising by denying scientology or accepting bad of me.
    Aisling has two anti-scientologists and SPs in contact with her: Pete
    Griffiths and John McGee. Weeks ago when I was at Aislings, they both came to the door of her house and she let them in. They stayed for about 20 mins.
    On the 2nd of June John McGee phoned me.
    He told me that he had been onto Aislings parents and her sister and
    brother in law Jackie and Anthony, and that they now knew about me.
    I then hung up. He then after unanswered calls sent the following text.
    “Answer the phone and confront if you are so powerful, you are a joke. A
    bully, and everyone is onto you. I took your story to a staffer in the mish
    and they are willing to help weed you out. The staffer knows Sci is a crock
    but will remain on there till their till work is done. Also know the
    content of your pc folder, lets just say that ur a sick man. Teresa White
    had a few things to say about you as well recently, you were IC during her
    purif.” (02/06/2011 John McGee 0860668150)
    Aisling is disconnecting from these dangerous persons. She has communicated that they are not her friends and that she does not want them to message her or contact her.
    Denis Mulcahy .

    Hi, From: Denis Mulcahy
    Sent: 03 June 2011 13:29
    To: dublin@scientology.net
    Subject: HES

    Attention of HES
    Hello Zabrina
    Any news on my cycle.
    I want to talk to you about the suppression on Aisling and how she is
    handling it and also how its coming on my lines.

    kind regards
    Denis Mulcahy.

    Hi Denis
    I have data, but just verbal right now. I’m waiting for the written comm
    and will let you know. Can you email me with the data on Aisling please?

    Dianetics & Scientology dublin@scientology.net

    I was away there for a while so just got your emails now. Thanks for the
    info. It is very helpful to have it documented. How are things going now
    for Aisling? Has there been any more contact?

    Hi Zabrina.
    Aisling is doing well. I believe she is becoming stronger.
    She seems to have restored and greatly strengthened her ARC with her
    parents and dead agented their anxiety.
    She has got further texts and voice messages from John McGhee. She is not replying to him or his messages. She will be changing her mobile phone
    I got another voice message from him. His TA is increasing as he realises
    he does not have a comm line with Aisling.

    Denis Mulcahy .

    Oct 11
    Hi Denis, Have not talked for a while. Last we comm’d you were still
    handling your 2D on her PTSness. Did that ever get resolved? Did you watch the DVD of the Basics Release? Tell me what is what. I am very interested.

    ML Felix
    Letter Reg FSSO

    Sent: 11 October 2011 13:54
    Jul 22
    Dear Dennis, Good to talk to you today. Looks like you have some tone arm action going there with your 2D in there and having a hard time from the suppressive influence. As we discussed, she should minimally study the VM handbook on PTSness and really get how each bit applies. Better still she should go to the missio and get on the Ups and Downs in Life Course and handle the hell out of it. Any reason she cannot do that? That way she will have supervision and be more likely to get a product. What do you say? ML
    Felix OTVIII Letter Reg FSSO Sent: 10 July 2011 15:00 Sent: 16 July 2011
    14:20 Sent: 22 July 2011 15:34

    Denis Mulcahy
    Jul 24
    to freewinds
    Hello Felix
    She is still PTS and Im getting tired of it. Im withdrawing my
    communication for some days or more. She has got to do some pulling up of her own bootstraps.
    When I do contact her, I hope she will be willing to have my help.
    Denis Mulcahy .

    Dianetics & Scientology dublin@scientology.net
    Oct 11
    Hello Denis,
    Yes, Aisling is doing very well indeed. I’m happy about this.
    Regarding your cycle, what I got back was a re-issue of your Type B
    declare. I have the issue here in the Mission now and if you would like to
    meet up and see and discuss this, I would be fine with that.



    Denis Mulcahy
    Aug 3
    Hi Ger
    I presume that you heard the show yesterday.
    If its anyway helpful the show can be heard online


    Gerard Ryan
    Aug 4

    Hi Denis,
    Many thanks for your assistance, it is much appreciated.
    For the record we decided not to appear on NewsTalk as the “attack” was so feeble, we did not want to give the situation any further airtime.

    Regards, Gerard

    Gerard Ryan
    to Gerard from Denis

    Your welcome.
    It was a feeble attack.
    My view was not that the airtime was an opportunity for an unwarranted
    I thought it might be useful to give airtime to some achievements.
    even though I do understand that the media acts to boobytrap good news.

    Gerard Ryan
    Aug 5

    You are correct, sometimes you have to balance risk/reward (in all areas of
    life). The media, in my experience, are usually untrustworthy. The “reward”
    of getting some airtime on achievements, had to be balanced with the risk
    of being stiffed!!
    Hope you are doing well!

    ML, Gerard

  126. Don´t say it loud ….. 😉

  127. George M. White

    “Tom, your eternity exists with or without DM. You aren’t a dog case. It’s not going to get sorted out – only made worse if you stay connected to David Miscavige and his minions.”

    This is truth. If Tom Cruise could really understand that Mr. Moth-cavige has hopelessly altered all of the OT levels including OT8, he would have no reason whatsoever to continue in Scientology.


  128. George M. White

    John P,
    Excellent post. You have great insight into the world of business.
    In the 1971-1986 period, I floated around in corporate America
    playing capitalism. It was a great sport at the time.


  129. That goes for EVERY celebrity who has gotten auditing at Flag. I was in those C/S offices and am a witness. Sadly, it was not just the C/S looking in on your sessions. I’ll leave it at that.

  130. Yea, the shit everywhere after it hit the fan, the nostalgia. That’s good old Dave. Fast and furious. Self-righteous. The altitude. The savior, the only one who understands. Assigning blame right, left and center, getting rid of a ton of your friends, creating chaos, confusion and fear wherever he goes. When it blows over, you scratch your head and ask, “What the hell just happened?” Totally familiar.

  131. Thanks for the honest answer, Marty.

    AS soon as your book’s available, I’ll pick up a copy. (I’ll add it to my library with Amy and Marc’s books…)

  132. For some of the public whole track and eternity are not real but they would still go out of their way to accommodate, break laws and endure occasional humiliations as we did in the Sea Org. That was not done necessarily and only because of the threat of eternal amnesia but because of the craving for the approval from the group, i.e. the group think, the platoon mentality. People are absolutely starved for group approval, for the feeling of belonging, for helping each other and working together toward a greater good. In Scientology they find a very strong group, LRH, for the most part great people working together toward the greater good on global scale. People did and still do anything for that.

  133. Uh. No. They make their reports. Darth Midget tells them what to do based on the Intel picture he says (mostly delusional anyway).

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  134. Correction: “picture he says” should be “picture he sees”

  135. Hi Marty, don’t post this if it’s inappropriate.

    Great series of articles, Marty. Extremely edifying.

    I have a question. How come Tom Cruise and his lawyers or Doven and the Co$ haven’t sued the Village Voice over this article. Don’t they sue everyone at the drop of a hat?

    Wouldn’t Cruise go ballistic after hearing such lies be told about his best friends (Doven & DM) and insist on a lawsuit? Or has this data been carefully hidden from Mr. Cruise?

  136. I trained with John Nunez at Flag from 1992 to 1996. It was exactly like he says in his write-up. As a trainee at that time I had the distrinct impression that it was virtually impossible to get through the training lineup at Flag at that time. I marvelled that anybody got through it. It was really insane. In the beginning it was called the Class 8 C/S training program, and there were 130 of us running around “campus” forced to wear these funny looking red smocks. That was in 1992 when that program kicked off. That was an International Program, and people came for training from all continents, and I met a lot of great people then, and John was among them. FOUR YEARS later, only one person had completed that program. Then they came out with Golden Age of Tech around April of 1996, and I could see it was going to take 2 or 3 more years to complete and that’s when I said – “Fuck it man, that’s it for me, I’m done. This is total bullshit.” By then I had been through so many “ethics” handlings, that I felt stigmatized, and just felt like I was never gonna make it. When you don’t get through your course they do ethics handlings which in reality are nothing other than wrong whys. One thing that happened at that time that really illustrates the insanity of that situation, they moved the TR’s courseroom to the top of the Fort Harrison, it was in the ballroom, and the reason they moved the courseroom there was because anybody who was overdue on course had to WALK the STAIRS to get in and out of that courseroom. As I recall I think it was 13 flights. But it was PUNISHMENT for having gone overdue on course. Now, just think about that! How is that going to HELP anybody complete a course? What does punishment have to do with training, as a remedy for being overdue? Only an SP would come up with that idea, and of course, there is no question now who would have ordered that. In retrospect, I can honestly say that was virtually a “no-win” environment for the vast majority of people who were there for that training. I routed out of the FLAG program and went back to my org, fully intending to fulfill my contract. I was Class 4 interned even before I got to Flag. Bu after being back in my org for 3 months, FLAG ordered that all my certs were invalid and that I would have to train all over again from Student Hat on up. After all the training I had done, that was the last straw. I flipped everybody off and routed out. Paid off my freeloader debt about 5 years later. Been pretty much off lines ever since.

  137. Yes, capitalism was a lot more fun then than it is now. I wish I could figure out something else to do with myself when I grow up. Literature is one path I’m considering. Unfortunately, you seem to have cornered the market on Boethius scholarship with your ability to surface the perfect quote at the perfect moment in your posts. 🙂

  138. Defrocked Prostate

    I wonder what Tom Cruise thinks about all this and whether it has any repercussions on his relationship with Miscavige. I mean, friends don’t spy on friends. Or joke about what came up during their sec checks. I’m sure something must be getting back to Cruise since he’s been known to sue the media.

    – DP

  139. Thanks for the write-up John. Back when GAT came out, I took one look at the drill sheets and politely refused. The premise is completely bogus, the idea that there was a perfect handling for every possible situation that comes up, and that someone could be drilled to perfection, and therefore be a perfect auditor.

    Leave it to DM to take Ron so out of context. I remember the Drills movie from the ’80s. A maxim that I thought was a great one was something like (and this is completely messed up because I cannot remember the exact phrase) “when an unexpected emergency happens in session and hits you in the face, drill alone will get you through it.” It wasn’t that, exactly, but the idea was that drill will carry you through when you are scared shitless. Drill is important, and I was extremely lucky to have had some of the best sups and twins ever over the years.

    But, when I saw that the idea was that this was, essentially, a computer-program-like “if-then” statement, and that you didn’t need to actually look at the source PAB or HCOB because the reference phrases were right there (in or out of context? Who knows without going back to source?), then I knew it was BS, because I had been through that before with BTB drill sheets from the ’70s.

    GAT violates HCOB 6 November 64 “Styles of Auditing”, one of the most important HCOBs Ron ever wrote, in my opinion, since it outlines not just how an auditor masters his craft, but how anyone masters their craft if you just extend the concept. First you listen (0), then you do it exactly by-the-book (1), then you get a bit better and guide the process (2), then you get good enough to cut out unnecessary stuff (3), then you get to the point where you know exactly what is needed exactly when (4), and finally you get good enough to mix it all up as the situation warrants (6).

    GAT goes only as far as Level 1 (Muzzled style) but is enforced from 0 to VI – and on top of that, enforces Class III and IV metering skills on people who never gave anyone a session at all on any level (GAT drills out Class III and IV auditing skills, because at this level you have to think).

    To understand and use Scientology – to audit well and understand what is going on – requires intelligence, love, and the ability to think. Roteness kills all of this.

  140. I believe that Tom Cruise doesn’t read this blog, the Village Voice or tabloids. He’s too busy with real life.

  141. Davey will never ever sue anyone if it puts him in a position where he can be deposed and the Yingding hates to sue people that speak the truth as it’s costly. They hate international media attracted by slander suits. They hate to lose. They hate exposure. They just hate.

  142. Holy shit.

  143. I’m inspired to write by John P’s fascinating posts here. I may have
    information that’s useful.
    I believe I’ve had more experience promoting independent/Freezone Scientology than anyone, at least on the net. I’ve been doing it for 12 years now. Promoting for my own two websites and IFA and helping people to connect with tech terminals directly.


    In the early days it was quite common for new people to have been out of CO$ for a decade or two and be overjoyed at finding Scientology again outside COS. Such are quite rare now, and in fact
    most now seem quite new to the subject, maybe read a book or a div 6 course and don’t want to be connected to CO$.

    For maybe 8 years there was an average of 25 contacts per month approx. Unfortunately I can’t access data to give recent figures right now but its probably about a quarter of that now.
    Though IFA is doing far better via facebook, a new promotional medium.

    I suspect this blog is generating many contacts that are not immediately visable.

    All my promotional actions, almost 100% posting success stories were done on critical forums. Note that there are ONLY critical forums for the subject Scientology. Even on Myspace, which one would expect to be neutral I get as much criticism as on ARS.
    The subject has been unfortunately identified with the excesses
    of Miscavidge.

    On the whole I think it a mistake to differentiate between Independents and Freezoners. Many ” Independents” here have been in the FZ for longer than this blog has existed.

    There are some in the Freezone who don’t follow standard tech but do variations such as Knowledgism or Idenics, but they are very much a minority. Below is a link to a Map of Freezone/independent auditors. There is no quality control or
    vetting of these people, but it can be of help. Best to get some refs on any of these people if you wish to find an auditor in your area. Many of them I don’t know at all. It may be the nearest thing to an ” umbrella” that John P refers to. It perhaps could be supplemented by a similar Map and listing of Tech Terminals who are known to be standard and effective. I’m friends with the mapmaker. I’ll suggest that to him. 🙂


  144. Michael Fairman

    Not only why isn’t Cruise responding to the spying by his good friends, has he ever questioned the disappearances of the Int staff — Heber, Yaeger, Mitoff and the rest? Being at the Int base so frequently, has be noticed nothing? Would he be totally unaware of “the hole”? Has Miscavige snowed him to the point of blindness? Questions Joy and I had when we were discussing this latest episode of the Church’s soap opera “As The Stomach Turns”.

  145. one of those who see

    Great comment!
    “To understand and use Scientology – to audit well and understand what is going on – requires intelligence, love, and the ability to think. Roteness kills all of this.” THANK YOU!!

  146. one of those who see

    Hi V80! Thank you for your story. Very valuable for all of us to get in comm with what occured with our cycles and what we observed. This horrible treatment of Auditors is an Overt of enormous proportion. There are no words adequate. So glad you are in comm here.

  147. Mr. Fancy,

    I do understand your question. I, having been a very eager Co$ beaver – voluntary donations, writing reports, working on staff for tiny money, believing anything and everything, and some jobs for OSA included.

    Fanatism just makes people blind. Would that explanin it for you ?

  148. When that “Floating Needle” re-definition hit the Int RPF in 1997ish, our F/N percent stat which was normally 96-100 percent weekly, dropped to 5-10 percent for about a month, then somehow some sanity slowly seeped back into the scene.

    In the RPF co-audits, we all went weeks with everyone red tagging and it became almost acceptable that this was “true”.

    IN that case, to me, it meant everyone’s TRs were out, since smooth TRs make for smooth pc needles, “TRs and Cognitions”, and in that case, I concluded that the RPF is a failure, since you just can’t make average people into smooth therapists, especially if people haven’t the strong desire to be auditors (therapists).

    SO that’s how I accepted all these non floating needles, it just means average people thrown on the RPF can’t really get their TRs in, and don’t have the smooth enough comm cycles to not dirty up their twins’ needles enough to get and keep them F/Ning. Which I think is somewhat true, since my experience with some of the old original Class 12s, is that their TRs were truly remarkable and unbelievably smooth comm cycles. I remember once doing TR 3 drilling with Murray Chopping (Class 12 from Australia, later routed out with his wife Cheryl and small infant child), and his TRs were so unbelievably smooth, I went “into session” just doing “Do Birds Fly” TR – 3 coaching of him on his TR-3. Hubbard says in one of the TRs bulletins that really good TRs do that, with TRs along you can put a person in session.

    So, bottom line, there possibly is some truth to that false floating needle era, the 3 swing arbitrary of course is wrong (there’s “fleeting F/N” definition that absolutely applies and certainly goes against waiting for swing number 3).

    Anyways, this whole putting the patient/parishioner/preclear’s attention on the meter is a gross auditing error in all cases anyways, and a cramming offense and no Flag auditor in the era I was trained (1975-77) would be allowed even go in session were they to commit that gross auditing error.

  149. I used to rate auditors by those who were “auditor of the year” type class auditors. Claire was that class of auditor. Very bright alert natural warm TRs.

    A lot of great auditors were trashed by the system even before Miscavige came along.

    (Today, I’ve concluded the best auditors would have made great psycho-therapists if they’d chosen that profession.)

  150. Tony DePhillips

    That is some sick shit. The SP miscreant totally blew off most of the special people called auditors. Dm is one sick puppy. If anyone can read this and still support him then they have mental problems.

  151. Tony DePhillips

    plus 3…

  152. I’m quite thrilled my post inspired you to get the book, it is truly a fascinating look at how people live, survive, think -and love- under brutal tyranny. I think you will be shocked at the similarities you will find between life in NK and life in current org. Scientology – ESP life in the SO.

    It is a tough, heart breaking, shocking read, but the also the stories of humanity, love and people willing to risk everything for true freedom is profound and inspiring. I highly recommend it and the author did a brilliant job of crafting the stories of the many defectors she managed to interview. She did justice to the dignity, strength, hardship and struggle of their lives in NK,

  153. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sam, Totally off this topic, I’ve left a reply for you,to action
    on. See my earlier request to you, dated Jan13,2012.Tks.

  154. Thanks for writing. Curious who this is, your story is not unique. Email me at freeandclearnow@gmail.com or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johnnunez916

  155. I remember the first time I got off in an ethics interview (done by the Snr C/S WUS at the time, Andres Rodriguez) that I was reading about the church on the net. I was VERY careful in what I told Andres. I knew about some of the lavish purchases Miscavige was making for himself, knew about internal RTC messes, knew about some of the chaos, BUT at that time, I thought it would be an overt to say it in the interview, so I just said I had dirt on Miscavige.

    Andres didn’t even ask for specifics – it was like he thought it would be an overt to hear it! He did in fact, as I have seen the same thought stopping phenomena many times in others as well in this cult think.

    It really boils down to TR 0 – confront. The world begins (and ends) with TR 0 (or the lack thereof.)

    After the interview I was shown the list of Suppressive Acts and that I was being suppressive by reading this information. The specific High Crime shown to me was about supporting SPs instead of disconnecting from them, etc.

    The fact I continued to read the net (bold move at the time – just to read it. I had not said a word online about the subject and never did until I was officially declared) was what got me declared, along with refusing to sign another contract and so pulling in a revenge flow from that same terminal along with other ser faccy types in my own org who were mad I was leaving the slave camp.

    Ultimately though, I knew too much, so I had to be gotten rid of before I warned the others.

    We will not be silenced.

  156. You might find this interesting. I have this on my site.Here it is.

    3 August 2009

    Dear John,

    Your message of 27 June 2009 to (my Comm Ev Chairman, who has since left the Sea Org and who I found on Facebook) was forwarded to me pursuant to HCO PL 7 March 1965RB, Revised 8 January 1991, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.

    I understand that you have disagreements with your having been declared a suppressive person.

    If you feel this is not just or incorrect, your options are covered in the Policy Letter referenced above.

    Furthermore, if you truly want to resolve this situation, you do need to stop committing present time overts and cease all attacks and suppression, including actions such as your message board http://lrhtech.hostoi.com, which are in violation of the aforementioned Policy.


    Mike Ellis
    International Justice Chief

    This is what I had earlier written to my Comm Ev Chairman Barbara Rubio that he referenced (I saw she was on Facebook and could not resist writing her. I had to to LA for my Comm Ev and get it by this AOLA Case Supervisor – who knew me very well as a former pc of hers and as an auditor in her HGC):

    Hello Barbara,

    I was surprised to come across your name when looking at another profile. I felt compelled to write you as you are someone who greatly changed my life.
    You changed my life on my Power Processing in a very good way. Thank you for that.
    You changed my life as the chairman of my Comm Ev in a dramatic way by deciding that I should be declared Suppressive. This was in spite of all the work I had done on staff, the products, the finished contracts (none incomplete), the contributions including financially to the church, and my willingness to make amends for whatever crimes (and none were truly serious) I was being charged with, and whatever bad indicators I had been manifiesting. There were plenty of lower gradients such as stripping me of my certs, a non-enturb order, suspension of auditing or training until sec checked further, etc. but you chose to declare me. This was a severe wrong indication and I have never done my A to E, and never will, because it was an injustice. Perhaps you see that better now that you are out of the Sea Org. Either way, I felt like telling you this, because you made my life much harder by cutting me off from Scientology as well as my friends and family. I used to have high regard for you, but that experience has tainted my opinion of you greatly. It was an injustice and you knew me better than that. I audited under you and produced good products. I was not and am not an SP. You made my life much harder, much much harder than it needed to be. Perhaps now you can think with the idea of wanting to leave staff and refusing to change one’s mind despite all counter-intention to that. Maybe you can think with now the notion of being asked to pay for more intensives of sec checking at your expense when it is only to route off staff. More money than one makes in a year on staff, money one doesn’t have, then being charged with the high crime of refusing sec checking because he doesn’t go find the money somewhere and pay for it. And this after being C/Sed to attest to the Sec Check, but being stopped on doing that because one still wants to leave staff. All those trumped up charges, the false accusations never even asked about in the committee hearing yet stated as facts on that golden rod, what a fucking kangaroo court you held. Instead of me being an active public scientologist in the field, you created an enemy to the church. That’s what injustice does.
    That’s all I had to say.
    John Nunez

  157. I’ve seen this scene a few times. It’s been years though. It was on the tube tonight & I found this scene much funnier now than than before. Hmm.. wonder why? If we just lower ourselves to the right tone level : 1.1. The handling just doesn’t have to be compicated at all. The tail end is the best. Enjoy

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