Ann Marie Tidman 1956-2011 – In Memoriam

Ann Marie Tidman Broeker Logan passed away on June 14, 2011. Annie was L Ron Hubbard’s closest friend and his exclusive direct personal and business aide during the last several years of his life.

Annie with L Ron Hubbard

Shortly before John Brousseau (JB) left the corporate church in April 2010 he was told that Annie had contracted lung cancer.  Since then a network of friends on the outside has sought to assist her knowing full well the suppression she was under that would cause such a scourge to invade her body.

Members of Annie’s family outside of the church phoned Annie and inquired about her health.  On the few occasions since mid 2010 that they managed to be put through Annie denied having any health problems.  Since June of 2011 no family has reached her, instead they were rebuffed by corporate Scientology staff saying she could not be reached. A family member last called for Annie at the Int base in Hemet California within the past two weeks.  The family member was told  that “Annie can’t talk to you now.”

Karen De La Carriere and her network of investigators searched records throughout California. On  13 January Karen found records confirming the death of Annie’s body, seven months ago. Apparently, Miscavige has covered up the death of Annie Tidman for more than half a year, after covering up her contraction of cancer for nearly two years.  Such callous, heinous disregard for life and the feelings of family and friends demonstrated by Miscavige’s “church” knows no comparison in a civilized society.  In this case it is all the more unconscionable.  No one served L Ron Hubbard for longer and with more dedication than Annie,  with the sole exception of LRH’s wife Mary Sue. And so there is little wonder why Miscavige prevented anyone from outside his cult from speaking to, let alone questioning Annie before her death.

Irrespective of what Annie may have been coerced to sign prior to her passing, I’ll always remember her for what she stood for twenty years ago. When I intercepted Annie during her 1992 attempt to reunite with her then-husband Jim Logan, we flew alone across the country overnight in John Travolta’s private jet.  Annie, in the inimitably vague manner in which such prohibited thoughts must be shared within corporate Scientology, communicated in so many words the following, she was returning to the Int Scientology base for one reason alone: to protect LRH’s legacy from David Miscavige.

Annie held on for nearly twenty years of living hell, attempting to out live Miscavige and restore some sort of order. For those who knew Annie and for those who understood her relationship with L Ron Hubbard, worry not.  I know for a fact that she is now doing ok.


I have tender memories of Annie  ~~ the first messenger I audited on the Apollo ~~ I was struck by what a gentle soul she was, so kind, so warm and so darned likeable.
Annie grew up in the Sea Org and knew no other life as a 2nd generation Scientologist.  Her loyalty and dedication was fierce.  She like very few others  witnessed  and experienced from the inside how mad it had all become.   She could compare the THEN and NOW.  The LRH way  vs Miscavige brutalities.There is an ability of the body to fight cancer. A resilient spirit all set out to fight it will send cancer into remission but not so when one has a broken heart.Annie, you were one of the finest.  You touched the heart of everyone you encountered. Fly high with the Angels.
– Karen de la Carriere
I first met Annie in 1973 when she was already a favorite Commodore’s Messenger on the Apollo. She epitomized  a true friend of LRH.  It was no fluke that she was the one who was in the right place at the right time and went off with LRH to become the person he relied on as his aide, confidante and friend in the twilight of his life. Annie was kind, smart and concerned for the well-being of others.  Power and status was meaningless to her.  What was important was her dedication to LRH and his legacy. If you searched the world to find someone who represented most closely the qualities he stood for – you would be hard pressed to find someone who filled the bill better than Annie. In the long history of Scientology that is still to be writ, Annie  will remain large and will never be forgotten, destined to be remembered as one of LRH’s truest friends.
                                                                                                                      –   Mike Rinder

I can think of no better words to conclude with here than those penned by L Ron Hubbard:

Our suff’ring is self-centered here, for we have lost, in truth,

the smile, the touch, the skill and happiness we gained from Annie

who gave to us from her past ability to live

and fare against the tides and storms of fate.

It’s true we’ve lost Annie’s shoulder up against the wheel

and lost as well her counsel and her strength

But lost them only for a while.

Goodbye, Annie.

Your people thank you for having lived

earth is better for your having lived

Men, women and children are alive today because you lived.

We thank you for coming to us.

We do not contest your right to go away.

Your debts are paid.

This chapter of thy life is shut.

Go now, dear Annie,

and live once more in happier time and place.

Thank you, Annie.

All now here lift up Your eyes

and say to Annie


380 responses to “Ann Marie Tidman 1956-2011 – In Memoriam

  1. Rest in Peace Annie Tidman.

    That the Cult would hide this from her family and other loved ones is unconscionable.

    Most upsetting.

  2. Thanks you Marty and friends.
    I am deeply saddened as Annie is a good friend having suffered greatly, but very happy that she is free and no longer under suppression from David Miscavige; having witnessed the deterioration of her persona since being “recovered” from her attempt to join her husband and starting a new life.

    I served LRH with Annie from ’78 until he went off the lines in ’80 and she continued to serve him directly until he passed in ’86, while I provided as much back-lines service to both as possible. She provided air cover for me many times when others senior to me were unjust and am forever grateful to her for that. She was a great senior at the Creston ranch a couple of years after LRH left, before DM took over.

    She is a good true friend of LRH and my comrade in arms in our quest to provide service to LRH through some fine and rough times. She will never be forgotten and my wish is for her to fly very high.

  3. Press on, Annie….Press on.

    Don’t worry about the little guy…..we got your back.

  4. Recently I found out that someone I was associated with when I worked at the NY Org died in San Francisco, California a while ago. I never knew until this week. I am not so moved however. When I first got into Scientology I could not believe the journey I was about to embark on. After listening to the church for a short time I didn’t believe them any more. And now knowing what I know I would never believe them again. I am not suprised that the church would cover up Annie’s death, as much as I now know there were people in the church that CENSORED my mail from LRH. The church has done people a favor and themselves a disservice by these things, because people are free to look elsewhere for answers that work instead of trying to apply altered corrupt versions of something LRH wrote that are forced on them. A lot of people knew Annie, I did not, but I know the feeling of not being able to trust a particular person of group anymore. But not many people in the church are all that familiar with Annie unless they have been around a while, but a friend of LRH’s is a friend of everyone. Pleasant journey Annie! Come back soon. 🙂

  5. Rest in peace, Annie, and may you have a better go around next time. You didn’t deserve how you were treated after the coup.

  6. I know I am banned here but I want to leave a post for Annie. I want her to know that she will not be forgotten and that her story will be told. It’s an old Jewish tradition that a person’s name is made by them, by acts of kindness and love and I’ve heard not a bad word about her from anyone leaving Scientology. Her name is truly a blessing. With love.

  7. I am sadden to known of this news. I knew Anne and knew when she joined staff and the Messeneger Org The same time I joined Sea Org. I wonder whether her Mum Jean remained alive knowing in the end her daugther was dead.

  8. Karen and Marty, thank you for discovering the truth and making it known.

    Annie was a wonderful friend. We spent quite a bit of time together, including many nights around the clock re-doing the Gold org board and postings 500 times because Miscavige was never satisfied with our proposals. But during those times, Annie told me some wonderful stories of her time with LRH.

    I am very upset about how the end of Annie’s life was handled by Miscavige and I feel for her family and loved ones.

  9. This is very difficult for me to write as I have tears in my eyes. I got to know Annie very well from 1983 til 1986 when LRH left. I Loved Annie. Its sad that she wasn’t allowed to leave the Church and live her own life. Pat used to be gone from Creston a lot in 84 and 85 and Annie and I and Gene Dink were there with LRH.. Annie was very loyal to LRH and she never had a day off and worked long hours every day for years caring for LRH. Annie and I would talk and she told me that she hated the security situation and couldn;’t wait til all the legal matters were over and we could be free to return to Int. She said she wanted to be tech trained and become an auditor. Those who knew Annie know what a gentle warm woman she was. She found a little bird one day that fell out of a nest and nurtured it for a week and she cried when it finally died. She loved animals. Annie had a temper but rarely lost it. She layed into me a few times but believe me, I deserved it. Annie you were and are Loved and will be missed. Much Love, Sarge

  10. I was saddened to hear of Annie’s passing. She was a friend and a wise and compassionate woman. While she had been shackled by Miscavige (she was confined to the Base after her attempted blow), she worked behind the scenes to try to mitigate the damage Miscavige was wreaking. If one was “out of favor” with Miscavige (pretty much a constant state for me!), many executives and staff would take that opportunity to “pile on” with their own threats and abuse. Annie never did that. She was always kind and understanding, and created a pocket of sanity in that madhouse. She tried to help, always. She radiated a kind of calm, good humored nobility that was hard to find at that Base. Bless you, Annie, and may you find peace.

  11. Thank you Annie, for your faithful service to LRH, and thus to the rest of us.
    Thank you Karen, for your laser penetration to get us the truth that we may honor her as she should have been entitled.
    Thank you Marty for the floodlights that reveal what is in the dark.
    This brings much more to mind and much more will have to be said, but first comments should be to acknowledge her lifetime devotion as it should have been acknowledged for Mary Sue.

  12. Sad story. Did John Travolta fly that plane himself that day?

  13. Independent English Girl

    I am sorry that the world has lost another good person, and at a relatively young age too. Lung Cancer is treatable if caught early enough. Ms. Tidman could have been saved, if she had been allowed to seek the proper medical treatment.

    More blood on DM’s little talons. The sooner this ghastly little scrote is stopped the better.

    I may not have known Ms. Tidman personally – but I mourn her loss along with all who did. She is gone to a better place.


    by Bishop C.H. Brent

    A ship sails and I stand watching
    till she fades on the horizon,
    and someone at my side
    says, “She is gone”.

    Gone where? Gone from my sight,
    that is all; she is just as
    large as when I saw her…
    the diminished size and total
    loss of sight is in me, not in her,
    and just at the moment
    when someone at my side
    sighs and says “she is gone”;

    There are others
    who are watching her coming,
    and other voices take up the glad shout,
    “here she comes!”
    …and THAT is dying.


    IEG xxxx

  14. Felicitas Foster

    Thank you!

  15. I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly: am I right in assuming that Scientology never notified any of Tidman’s family of her passing? If so, that’s monstrous.

    From everything I’ve read about her, she sounds like she was a lovely person in a very unlovely environment. RIP.

  16. Rest in peace Annie. God bless you for all the good you tried to do despite everything. Thank you to all who were true friends for her, especially Karen, and Jim of course. I hope her family were at least able to say goodbye?

  17. Tony DePhillips

    Very moving tribute Marty.
    I shed tears for Annie and all the good and dedicated Sea Org members who were and are being betrayed by the evil one.
    Peace to you Annie…

  18. This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read in my life.

  19. Thank you Karen and Marty for not letting the passing of Annie go unmarked.

    I did not know her but the things I have heard about her from Jim Logan and others told of a good and gentle soul who dedicated her life to helping others achieve spiritual freedom by protecting and forwarding LRH’s legacy.

    That she persisted in such a noble pursuit despite her close proximity to the toxic influence of David Miscavige is a testament to her character, strength and tenacity. The future bodes well for one such as her.

    Farewell and godspeed, Annie. I look forward to meeting you someday!

  20. I didn’t know Anie but Iworked very close to her mother Jean Tidman in Copenhagen. Jean was the only one who commented when I was kicked out. She said: “This is wrong”. Does anyone know anything about Jean? Is she still around? Where?
    Everlove, Per

  21. I Salute!
    The last Officer on the Deck.
    And look forward to her return, if her duty should allow us
    The grace of her presence
    Once again.

  22. I never met Annie, but I was looking forward to the day that she was out and free and able to tell her stories, because I believe she had some wonderful stories to tell. She is out now, and free, but others will have to tell her story.

    Perhaps just the story of her death will shock some fence-sitters to their senses, because how could any civilized person not be outraged by this example of the degradation and inhumanity that seems to be the stock in trade of that little bastard out in Hemet?

    Thank you Karen for bringing this information to light, and thank you Marty for making it broadly known.

  23. martyrathbun09

    81 years old and working at Flag,something to do with teenage SO members

  24. martyrathbun09

    Yes, we had to see to that.

  25. Free and Clear

    That one so close to LRH would contract cancer and die at the age of 55 while at the Int Base is a condemnation of David Miscavige’s leadership and an irrefutable indictment for him as a Suppressive Person. God Bless and God Speed Annie, I know we will see you soon.

  26. Thanks for responding.

    That’s outrageous. I’m certain that you were more humane in breaking the news than the CoS would have been, though, so there’s that small consolation. What an awful situation all the way around. Kudos to Karen for her diligence and caring.

  27. David Lingenfelter

    Sad day. I worked with her once, didn’t get a chance to know her. A theta lady.

    A day for reflection.
    I suppose the DM strategy has been known or guessed at. Just let them die away while he lives on.
    I’m not sure anymore about the ones near DM coming to any cognitions about their or his actions. They are living for the power and believe that he has it. One in particular in my mind is the one on the phone that said “Annie can’t talk to you now.”
    Can’t say anymore than they need to get a life, etc. I believe they think they have it. I’m worried about Heber. He can’t jump a fence anymore.


  28. You’re telling me! Even in a prison if someone dies, they notify the family. The only place I can think of where they don’t notify the family is when someone dies in a concentration camp. Think about it.

    Reading the story and accompanying eulogies brought tears to my eyes. I can only pray Miscavige showed her some compassion-respect-decency during that most difficult time. I know, that’s a lot to hope for.

  29. I do find it hard to comprehend that only two weeks ago it was asked about annie and ” the reply was she cant come to the tel right now ” yet she dies in June 2011 I hope I read that correctly . God forbid if the family only got told recetly ( or if and how told ) and How that was received or did they investigate themselves and find out , same way karen found out after unable to know about her health .. How the hell does that get explained.I appreciate Karen’s work on this and the rest to make it know .She really was a lovely girl when I knew her .RIP Annie.

  30. Thank you Marty and all indies that have posted here. It is a crime, but not a surprise, that DM and his minions kept Annie’s family in the dark and I can only imagine how perverse her care was toward the end in Hemet at Gold.
    The one bright and very palpable note to me is how each of you have relayed your sympathies and memories of Annie. I remember well the first moment I understood a little of what SCN was and it impressed me immensely. It was when a friend demonstrated this spirit of kindness, who said to me that if I needed help…”a sonic boom would be heard across the area calling out folks to help.” That impinged on my universe like nothing ever before and all I knew is I wanted to be part of that group.
    Then, eventually, the disappointment of finding I was mistaken and it was all a betrayal after 25 + years of dedication. DeMonology was never what I was attracted to and now that I am out of that 3D engram I have felt a slow resurgence of theta potential.
    Each memory I have read today on the blog about Annie has restored my hope for a world of beauty and kindness. Each of you have impinged on me once again…and although I did not know Annie personally, I know in my heart she and I would have been friends. That I am sure. And to you on this blog, thank you for being who you are. You have given me a renewed sense of hope. I love theta. And I want to thank you all. Continue.
    Love to all of you,

  31. Yes Jean would be about that Age.And husband was Don Tideman if he is alive or already passed.

  32. My sincere condolences to Jim Logan.

  33. Gosh I just re read this and marthy’s reply to it . I find this just unbelievable beyond words.

  34. Let’s stop for a minute and try to examine the mind-set of someone who would cover up the death of a dedicated Commodore’s Messenger for more than half a year, lying to next of kin and giving the impression that Annie was still alive but couldn’t come to the phone. What possible advantage did DM think there was to covering up Annie’s passing? The mind boggles. What possible harm could have come from notifying Annie’s family that she had passed away? How long was DM planning to carry on this sick charade? Five years? Ten? Forever? Was her family never to find out what happened? I mean, there is very broad agreement here on Earth that when someone dies the bare minimum of common decency is to inform the next of kin. Enemy combatants are treated with more honor than was Annie. My dealings with Annie match what others have said here. She was a decent person who did not deserve what happened. Nor does her family. I am now rifling through my mental DM bin to see if I can find anything that tops this and I come up empty. This prick ordered the Gold receptionist to tell Annie’s family that when they called to inqire after their seriously ill family member that “I
    am terribly sorry but Annie cannot come to the phone right now. I will be happy to take a message and relay it to her.” Then the Gold receptionist, probably still Charlotte Geisler, would comply for fear of what would happen to her should her basic human decency assert itself. And how many other base staff knew what was going on? This whole story is just pure entheta any way you slice it. This what DM has wrought. No one else demanded this. But COB RTC came to the conclusion that it was the greatest good for his dynamics to cover up the death of Annie. You can see that I am kind of spinning on this. Oh, I got it–if I try to make sense of this I will become nuts myself. But I will never be that nuts.

  35. haydn (T Paine)

    This seems wrong on so many levels and in so many different ways, it is hard to fathom.

    It shows an utter lack of common decency (not allowing Annie’s family information and contact). A lack of due care and medical treatment — cancer is detectable and often curable these days and for goodness sake Corporate Scientology has more than enough funds and resources. A presence of both suppression and prior of tech — fifty five year olds don’t just up and die (from all accounts Miscavige earmarked Annie for special “attention” and LRH is very clear on the subject of prior out tech).

    The omitteds, other outpoints and injustice scream loud and clear.

    But I’m glad to hear Annie is well. The James family send their best wishes for the future.

  36. How this happened Annie and how the family got told from outside is shocking. I hate to think who is next and how .this . Wouldn’t the family kick up some fuss on this being told mths later? Jean Tideman must have been told if she remains at flag as I read it she is at flag age 81 years or was that data not told her ? It makes you wonder who next will we hear about in some sort of similiar circumtances

  37. Just Thanks for all you did Karen and Marthy

  38. Very sad and very sick.

  39. Today I cried. I knew Annie from the time she arrived at the base until I left in 2004. From my position at the base I was junior to EVERYBODY and yet she was always approachable and always willing to listen to reason. Even when she yelled at me it was never evil and done with a bit of a smile.

    Also today I am outraged. From the fact that it took this long for me to hear about it and that it was kept from her family members. I think we will be
    hearing a greater outrage over this. David Miscavige is responsible for this. I think his show is about to end.

  40. My condolences to Annie’s family!

  41. It’s True, only in concentration camps nobody cares about the ill or dead. They feel themself walking dead, that’s why nobody cares.
    I know her for the story I read, I appreciate her tribute to LRH legacy, RIP Annie..

  42. I am so very sorry for the loss of Annie Tidman Broeker Logan. She served LRH well. Thank you Karen and Marty for your investigative skills.

    Jim, my condolences to you.

    Annie, fly high and I look forward to your return.

  43. Annie’s father Don Tidman passed away in Clearwater around 2001

  44. I want to echo that sentiment. I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. As for DM, a day doesn’t go by without some new horror being revealed. May karma do it’s thing, and the sooner the better.

  45. I second what Brian Culkin said. This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read in my life too. I am so glad to have gotten out of that nuthouse while the getting was good.

  46. Thanks very much for sharing this.

    I remember when I was assigned to the Int RPF in Feb 1989, Annie was one of the Int RPF MAAs and did my arrival to the RPF lower conditions. Arriving to the RPF you address minimally your 3rd dynamic lower conditions that got you to the RPF, and bring the 3rd dynamic lower conditions up to LIability. It is Liability condition that the RPF member has to remain in, until they get through the RPF program. In 1989, the RPF program was doable, unlike today’s program that takes 5-10 times as long to finish.

    I also loved those talks both Annie and Pat did at the couple of main events, where Annie in particular quoted private traffic from LRH, like regarding music, and how songs reverberate (or racket) down the eons of time, melodies stick in the mind.

    It was pretty exciting to hear when Annie and Pat spoke at church events, wish we had them to re-watch, those 1986 church events when she spoke once or twice.

    You know, I think the people who tried to do the best in Hubbard’s tech and policy, without trashing their fellows around them, it’s those people who should have been leading the movement.

    The “Gang of Five” on Steve Hall’s site, their postings, I hope they share some thoughts about Annie.

  47. I am so sorry to hear this. Annie was a decent person by all accounts and what few brief encounters I had with her.
    I am with Dan Koon on the utter depths to which Miscavige has sunk on how this was “handled”.

  48. There is no way to make sense of this. It is beyond insane.

    Jim, you don’t know me but I send my love anyway.

    Karen and Marty, thank you.

  49. Mimsey Borogrove

    Marty and Mike – I hope you let Tony Ortega know about this travesty. She needs a proper orbituary. Please give him whatever photos and stories you can. The man is a bastard. This needs to be known of – He needs to account for this pond scum behavior. My condolences to her family and all who knew her.

  50. Jean Tidman can be seen on one of the videos done by a street protestor filming the staff get off the buses to eat at the Clearwater Building alley, this was just a couple months ago.

  51. Dan Koon.
    Thank you for these thoughts.
    What kind of dark secretive/intellgence riddled entity “The Sea Org” carefully hides the death of a 40 year Sea Org member by pretending the Sea Org member is alive when already dead for 6 months ?
    When a family member called INT base to ask about Annie, the INT base receptionist deliberately made the person feel that Annie could not come to the phone.
    There is always the possibility that Annie’s death was so compartmentalized that only “COB” and his immediate enablers knew. It is all secretive. It is all hidden covered up.
    Miscavige knew damned well that after he threw Annie into Happy Valley for a 3 year RPF with a lot of isolation and psychological atrocities, he had broken her spirit.
    Many at INT base at the time stated that Annie never recovered after that brutality. She was never the same again.
    I see Miscavige as an “Angel of Death”. People around him die or progress towards terminal.
    Nancy, Donna, Jean and Jim Logan ~~ I send you my heartfelt condolences.
    Very few people lived and died in the Sea Org with no other life. Annie lived it.
    We can celebrate her life and her quiet passing more so because we understand the immortality of the spirit.
    Annie, you were one of a kind.

  52. This is so sad and alarming at the same time. It would be bad enough to NOT notify a family when their loved one dies, but to outright LIE to them about it is abhorent.

    Does Annie’s mom at Flag know?

  53. I never knew Annie, but the story fits with what I do know personally from my own situation; dying of AIDS at age 43 when there were good and effective treatments that were aborted on direct orders of Freewinds execs; having gotten the virus from a blodd transfusion in the Freewind’s home port and then lied to by ship execs, telling me that I was going for further testing and not telling me that I had already tested positive. I went through a 6 month ordeal to get my wife off the ship after they refused to let her go, telling her that I would be dead soon anyway. After she got off I asked her “What, they would have kept you there unitl the funeral?
    Her reply was that the Captain would have never allowed her to go to my funeral; he would have sent another staff member to handle unfinished cycles. she said that she would have left the ship anyway somehow; she had no further interest in working for such people. Persons who could do such a thing as was done to Annie belong in jail for manslaughter or even murder.

  54. I cannot fathom the depth of depravity that would cause a being, any being, let alone a supposed Scientologist, to do the actions Miscavige has done as described above.

    What is he trying to prove? That he is more powerful than LRH and can take someone LRH cared for and degrade them to prove it.

    That is one sick sick mind.

    Now for a quote from someone who really did care for mankind:

    “Birth and death are not two different states, but they are different aspects of the same state. There is as little reason to deplore the one as there is to be pleased over the other.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  55. For all we know Heber has been dead for years.

  56. Happy trails Annie.
    The ending of one adventure is the begining of another…

  57. Paul Copercini

    Yes. !!!!!!!! We do share the responsibilty with LRH for All Beings Here And Anywhere. We Always Exist We Always Advance We Always Enhance !!!!!!!!
    Love To You And Us All !!!!!!!!

  58. Dan, I’ll wager that Darth Midget was planning on covering this up until well after the Statute of Limitations for filing a “wrongful death” lawsuit expired.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  59. I hope there is a little corner in Hell reserved specifically for the arrival of David fucking Miscavige.

  60. Oh my goodness. My heart is so heavy. How could anyone have such callous disregard for not only Annie’s life but the lives of all those who knew and loved her? This is so unthinkably cruel.

    To her family, and all those here who knew her personally, especially Jim Logan and her immediate family, I am very sorry for your loss and that you had to find out this way. I simply cannot believe this and yet, sadly, I can.

    Karen and Marty, thank you for making this known so that she and her family can at least be treated with some human decency.

    This shows me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is not a single thing that this organization (via Miscavige) can be truthful about — nothing.

    RIP Annie.

  61. +1 with Carol. That’s all I can say right now. My heart breaks for everyone of you who knew and loved Annie. This is a grim reminder as why I walked and stood up to be counted. No time to fiddle fat around. People suffer!!

  62. Dan, yoo ask why would one cover up the death of someone? It’s called MISSED WITHHOLDS because of GROSS NEGLECT of an ill person. Otherwise known as ABUSE. This is what we are dealing with in David Miscaviage. This dude has more blood on his hands that any other tyrant in history. People are dying because of his hideous suppressiveness. The government just stands by and lets him kill people because money is much more important nowadays than justice is.


  63. “Even on the road to hell flowers can make you smile. They are fragile, ephemeral, uncompromising. No one can alter their nature. True, you can easily destroy them, but you will not gain anything; you can not force them to submit to your will.

    Flowers arouse in us an instint to protect them, to appreciate them, and to shelter them. This world is too ugly, too violent. There should be something delicate to care about. To do so is to be lifted above the brute and to go toward the refined. When we offer flowers on our alter, we are offering a high gift. Money is too vulgar, food too pedestrain. Only flowers are unsullied. By offering them, we offer purity.”

    From one messenger to another, thank you annie. You will not be forgotten. All my love, Dylan

  64. TroubleShooter

    Our hearts go out to all of Annie’s family and friends.

  65. My sincere condolences to Annie’s family and to those who knew her.

  66. I am stunned. Only twisted evil delight and a malevolent disregard for others could possible account for this behavior. The absence of common decency is appalling. I suspect it makes him feel powerful. Can anyone say EVIL INTs? Repugnant little man.

    Condolences to the family, to all who knew her and to Jim.

    Thank you Karen for finding this out.

  67. Oh, Bill, I’m so sorry that happened to you, but fortunately you’re still with us. I hope you’re getting adequate care now.

  68. A wrongful death suit. Hmm. The seven months that have elapsed is well within the time limit. Wouldn’t that be something. Lets see how they handle discovery and depositions. Lets see them produce the doctors and medical reports. Lets see them produce the documentation of the care she received.
    I bet right now the dwarf is screaming at everyone in sight.

  69. Hey Tom Cruise, you stupid little puke, how can you consider this inhuman piece of shit to be your BFF? If this doesn’t give you pause, NOTHING will.

  70. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Oh My Dear God! What a sever loss! A precious warm and strong woman she was.

    Karen and Marty, Thank you both so very much for forwarding this information. I am for ever grateful!

    Not only was Annie loyal to LRH she was loyal to those she chose as her friends, and I get to proudly claim having been one of them. This is the only thing that slightly lessens the hardcore feeling of loss for me. Jesus Christ I scream inside!!!

    Annie, you are a dear angel. Knowing you I can say this on your behalf….. F#$%$# DAIVD MISCAVIGE….


    Your welcome Annie!

    If I could only console Roberta for you I would as I know how much you miss her and she misses you! We had great times hanging out, scaring one another and laughing and story telling with each other for years in F&E and around the base. I considered you a sister and you considered me your brother. I cherished and still cherish that statement from you!

    I held a promise to myself that I would one day tell you to your face how sorry I am for how much I contributed to seeing to the holding of you against your will for as long as I did. Every day Annie, a little spark in me knew all would come out right from that situation. That was my hope anyway…

    I now promise to do something more effective in getting your voice heard Annie, I promise you.

    I love you now as I always did Annie and it pains me to have to say good bye….. Good Bye! I know you know you made a great mans life better every day you were with him, helping and serving him to the very end.

    — Jackson

  71. Random Stranger


    RTC Division


    COB Perpetual Family Trust Checklist

    1) When COB “dies” no one is to be notified.

    2) If anyone asks for COB they are to be told, “The COB cannot be disturbed right now. Leave a written message and it will go on the proper channels.”

    3) COB Diversion Dummies are to continue flying around the globe, making very brief “appearances” coming out of limo surrounded by entourage.

    4) International Events are to continue as pre-planned, using WI-FI controlled Disney-Designed COB Animatrons to give speeches.

    5) Anyone who happens to be aware of the “death” of COB is to be put immediately into Int’s RPF’s RPF’s RPF Ultra-Security Super-Max Lockdown Squad and kept there.

    6) COB’s body, once it has been placed into the Cryonic Time-Suspension Chamber, is to be kept under 24/7 maximum alert security watch until the technology is available to bring him back to “life”.

    7) COB’s paychecks, meals, taxes, dry cleaning and all correspondence are to be kept active as business as usual.

    8) Eventual government inquiries are to be routed to The Lawyers for perpetual postponement.

    9) TC to be given weekly A/V recorded inspirational briefings from COB indefinitely, starting with “The Magnitude and Quality of Your Dedication”.

    10) Slam the hammer down on the fund-raising campaign for The Golden Era of Acknowledgement. All COB offices, statues, monuments and busts are to be completed in all orgs across the globe within 6 months of it’s commencement.

  72. Correction it was Jan 10, 2003 at age 76.

  73. In 15 years at the Int base, I cannot recall a single cross word I ever heard from Annie. She was beautiful and she was sane. As far as I know, she never succumbed to the continual effort by Miscavige to turn everyone into a mini SP modeled after his own psychotic Nazi personality.
    In all my comm cycles with Annie, she simply listened to whatever you had to say, and then she would try to contribute something constructive; i.e., what it means to be a Scientologist.

    Lots of people work hard at the Int base. Lots of people are pushed far beyond the bounds of common humanity. The Int base is a witch’s pit of psychological warfare that never stops. Never stops.

    And regardless of what people will admit to, I believe everyone who is sane wants to leave somehow. The more stupid ones like me, took the trouble to route out and found out only at the end that one still gets declared anyway. The joke was on me.

    The smarter ones just blow (leave unannounced). The smartest one I ever knew, just rode off on a bicycle one Sunday morning after having established the routine as a pattern of exercise (Dan Koon).

    Others fake suicide, like one of my juniors Dan Zimmatore (he told me he faked it before he left). Others commit suicide for real, like Stacy Moxon. Others find the exit hatch in the form of a fatal accident (like my friend Joe Harrison and others). And finally others, many others, get out through a terminal disease.

    A friend of LRH is a friend to every Independent Scientologist. She stayed despite the inhuman conditions and living hell because of her dedication and love for LRH. And in the end, she successfully got out. I am glad for her.

    Somewhere soon a beautiful child will be born. A smart child. And two parents will be very lucky to have her.

  74. Barney Rubble

    I have to agree with you Dan, this is the lowest of the lowest act that DM has done. And he has done some well documented nasty acts. COB RTC is officially now in the same bar as Hitler/Stalin/Bin Laden/Kim Jong.

    Annie RIP, the most dedicated person to L. Ron Hubbard and her family do not deserve this. Sick, sick.

  75. one of those who see

    Thank you Karen for finding out the truth and Marty for shining the light on Truth as always. People are important. At least here we can all pay tribute to the beautiful Annie.
    thank you Annie for all you have done in the name of freedom for beings everywhere and for being a good friend to LRH.
    This really hit me hard even though I didn’t know Annie personally. Cried and cried. To Jim, Pat and all of her family – I am so sorry you were treated so horribly by DM and his Church. I hope it is a comfort to you Jim, to read what we are writing here. We love you. And, I hope that Pat and Annie’s family get to read here too. So many wonderful comments from Annie’s friends.

  76. There is no way I can understand this cruelty. It IS one of the most disturbing things to date I’ve heard about RCS and dm. But sadly, I’m afraid there is more to come.

    Thank you Karen for finding the truth. To Marty for contacting her relatives and those closest to her.

    For being in touch with Annie and helping to make her passage a safe one.

    My thoughts are with those who knew her and loved her, for Jim for his loss
    and to Annie during this time of transition.


  77. I am F-U-R-I-O-U-S while my heart aches for Annie’s family. My thoughts and blessings go out to Annie’s family.

    How or why could this happen? Appalled, I had to go to LRH for answers.

    Here’s what LRH says underlies DM’s inhumanity. It’s called “Pleasure”.

    “The 1.1 will injure or maim animals or men for “pleasure.” And in running “pleasure” moments on the 1.1, the auditor will find such moments existing around the injury of somebody’s dreams or the body of some helpless being. Here “pleasure” is obtained not in the clean daylight, but clandestinely and often hideously. The 1.5 takes “pleasure” in bringing about the incapacity of a powerful enemy. The 1.1 takes “pleasure” in breaking his enemy’s back while the enemy lies wounded and helpless. The 1.1 may appear appealing, he may make a great show of his powerlessness. But when the lights are dimmed, the actions of this individual are directed energetically toward death—whether the death of a reputation, the death of a cause even though the cause is apparently supported, or the death of himself no matter how far he seems to think his actions are from suicide. In the 1.1 band, by the way, we find the individual most blatently insistent upon ethics and morals for others” – LRH (S.O.S)

    I did not know Annie personally. The fact that LRH chose and kept her by his side for so many years is all I need to know in order to understand what a beautiful & amazing being she must have been. Farewell Annie

  78. I wish to contribute to that

  79. Though this was some of the most entheta I’ve read in a long time, it wouldn’t suit Annie right to mix up a message about her with further entheta, hence I will refrain from any such comments.

    I’ve known Annie for 20 years.

    Of ALL the people at the Int Base, there wasn’t anybody I respected more than her.

    We became friends early on, though seniority of post of course dictated a more post-related rather than personal relationship.

    Annie was the ONLY one who still treated and approached me as a friend when certain people deemed me unworthy. Everybody else would follow “popular” behavior patterns, including my own spouse and shy away.

    Not Annie. She didn’t sympathize or propitiate either. Neither did she oppose those who ordered otherwise. She simply remained calm, approachable and in communication.

    At one particular time when I was investigating a certain aspect of my area I came to a certain conclusion and DM publicly ridiculed and nullified this conclusion. There were about 5 other prominent staff members who also knew that my conclusion was indeed correct, but they didn’t dare go against the words of DM and they retreated to dark corners covering their precious behind.

    Annie didn’t oppose DM either, but she was willing to listen to me and not make me wrong. She didn’t state whether or not she agreed with me, but what she did do was to simply direct me to LRH’s reference about personal integrity and she in essence simply pointed out that if I found something to be true, don’t waver from it no matter who says otherwise, as that’s what LRH would have done, and that’s the right thing to do.

    This is one example of probably 50 similar stories. Her calm, compassionate and sane friendship, though mostly post-related rather than personal, was the one bright ray of light in an otherwise dark and hopeless environment consisting of DM and all the staff who didn’t dare think for themselves and only did or said what would be “approvable” by DM.

    Not Annie. She just referred to LRH and had she ever granted you friendship, she kept it regardless of what others said or thought.

    She was one of maybe 5 people on that entire base who was like this. Roberto Lance was another one. Heidi Stahli was also one. I’m not talking personality here, but just people who treated friends of theirs as friends no matter who said what.

    Annie will never be forgotten – she had the most profound influence on me for the entire time I was at Int. She was as close as I ever came to LRH himself.

    Farewell for now. I hope to meet you again!

  80. I meant to say “Roberta Lance” not “Roberto”.

  81. Unbelievable that Annie’s death was covered up and her family never told! DM truly stops at nothing. How many others are dead that we do not know about?

  82. Anonymous for Now

    This is so disturbing. First my condolences to Annie’s friends and family, and my apology that you were not given the opportunity to help, support and sooth her in her final days.

    I know this feeling all too well, I was in the SO when my dad was very ill. He was OT 5 at the time. His illness was kept from me so that I would not get “enturblated” and wan’t to go home. No one even considered I could have helped him.

    When I was informed that he has passed away, my seniors had a meeting to determine if I should be allowed leave to fly home for the funeral. They only way I got to go home was to convince them that my absence at the funeral would cause a PR flap with my non Scientology family.

    Being suppressed from communicating to my dad those last 6 months of his life has been heart wrenching for me.

    Thank you Marty and Karen for finding out the truth and exposing this Nazi Bastard…

    Annie I am sure your in a great place now, thank you for fighting for LRH all these years.

  83. We send our condolences to Annie’s family and friends. We did not know her, but by all accounts, we’ve learned she was extraordinary. God speed, Annie.

    And thank you Marty and Karen for bringing Miscavige’s horrific action to light. He will not go unpunished. He will not endure.

    Michael and Joy

  84. I…don’t know what to say…I did not know Annie personally, I can tell from the testimony of her friends that it is a great loss we suffered. only consolation being that she’s now free from the suppression of the evil one and can come back on the outside of the fence. other said rest in peace Annie, I will say come back asap, we all need more people like you around, and it will make the evil one most unhappy for sure to know that no matter how hard he tried he could not get you.
    about Annie’s mother if m not wrong I saw her in 2006 at QI and she was teaching the cadets, but m not sure about that.

  85. Dan,
    Very good points. The receptionist is probably Bronwyn Bolger, both ex RTC like Charlotte Heldt (ex Geissler), busted to Gold.

    Also, one customary or point of etiquette internally is to publish an issue such as SO ED or FO announcing the transition and service to humanity of an SO member to all other SO Members and granting them an “LOA” for some years in order to come back in order to fulfill the billion years. Perhaps as there is no ED Int, this acknowledgement for service isn’t anyone’s hat either. Then again this concealment of Annie’s transition just is a giant red flag of big time Witholds for DM on many dynamics.

  86. I am so ineffably saddened by this, by every circumstance connected to it. Thank you for posting good bye words from LRH with this news.

    I never met Annie personally but I know what she stood and breathed for. I know how deeply a heart can break for those who trust and serve. I also know she will continue to be all she is and more. Farewell, Annie. With highest honor: Friend. You were a true friend, to yourself, to truth, and to L. Ron Hubbard.

  87. Per,
    I can’t believe you’re here. I meant to go though all the comments and talk about Jean and Don and what wonderful people they were with all interactions I had with them.
    I never knew you were kicked out. But then, I was very young and naive. You were my auditor and you were known to be the best at AOSH EU and I could never understand what happened to you. Thank you for being here, please tell your story.
    Bodil (last name Krog in the late 70s)

  88. I remember when LRH Passed away and Pat and Annie (Broeker at that time) were part of the event. My friend Carlton called them “The new King and Queen of Scientology.” Turns our Miscavige had a different future planned for those two. They were “obstacles” to overcome.

  89. Rest in Peace Annie.

    It speaks volumes that a “Church” full of “ministers” and “chaplains” in every Org withheld the news Annie’s death to her own family.

    It is telling that the Indies had to serve Annie’s family by telling her that Annie had passed away. The Indies are doing the real work of the Church because Church officials are not wearing their hats.

  90. Annie, I am impressed how many people on this blog admire you and I came to the conclusion that the last true friend of LRH left the Church.
    David Miscavige will be handled this year, this is for sure.
    He pulls it in, more and more.

    Thank you for being around on this planet and thank you for your commitment to LRH and his legacy.
    You forwarded power to LRH in the face of suppression.
    All my admiration to you.

    You’re a decent being, a blessed one.
    May your journey be blissful and full of chances.


  91. Thank you Marty, Karen, Mike to let us all know this overt of omission!!
    I am completely devastated and disgusted by this 😦
    It remind me when i heard 2 years ago, that Marie-Sue died in early 2000 and was never mention anywhere in the church!



  92. To all people who love LRHs legacy, his wisdom, the bridge.

    The manifestations of theta are infinite and only limited by considerations.

  93. “Many are called. Few are chosen.” — LRH

    Annie was one of the chosen.

  94. I never knew Annie but I knew both of her parents, Jean and Don from AOSH EU in the late 70s , early 80s. You would never find better people than them, no wonder their daughter was as wonderful as all the testimonies on this blog confirms. My sincere condolences to Jean and to Jim Logan, I cannot even begin to understand how hard this must be on him. Jim, I hope you have found/will find another soulmate in your life that can fill out the void Annie left you with.

  95. Mr. Martiniano,

    I’d be willing to bet it’s something far worse: that Darth Midget quite deliberately and with malice aforethought ordered – however worded and whatever the pretext – that she be denied any opportunity, including family intervention, for proper treatment for her cancer; and, thereby, consigned her to death by slow torture.

    If I’m right, her death amounts to murder or something very near it.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  96. Unfortunately NOT a unique event. In 1993 when on mission in Vienna, Austria the S.O. didn’t bother to inform me that my mother died. I was only 2-3 hours train ride away from Switzerland. It destroyed any decent PR I had built up.

  97. So sad to hear that too. I knew him but have a hard time placing him.
    Wasn’t he in AOSHUK?

  98. I never knew Annie well. We were acquaintances during the years in which our paths crossed in the Sea Org. But in those brief direct contacts I had with her, she left a very large impression with me. She not only was a competent SO member, she was also a wonderful and caring human person. When she spoke of LRH, it was like not only her face lit up, but her entire physical body brightened. She recognized him for who he was and she adored him.

  99. + 1 with Carol and Laura Ann.
    Let’s hope that something very positive comes out of this should that ‘wrongful death suit’ happen.
    My condolences to the family of a beautiful being.

  100. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tom M, exactly right! And I’ve said this in several posts!
    When one thinks of Adolf Hitler and the unbelievable
    horrors and atrocities inflicted upon millions during his
    ” 3rd Reich”, our sensibilities are shaken to the core!
    The fact that this insanity was witnessed and documented
    has enabled people to get a sense of the madness of it all.

    I have often alluded to the fact that it would NOT surprise
    me,in the least,to find that this despicable tyrant, who
    took control of SCN,in a ruthless coup, is the self SAME
    individual reincarnated! Very,very similar traits and you
    have to admit, he has managed to engender the same
    degree of revulsion in the “sane,” the blind obedience in
    the fearful, and the seeming ‘paralysis’ in the ‘authorities’
    and governments, unwilling or unable to contain these unpardonable crimes and gross violations against seemingly defenceless human beings, by being ‘bought’
    or silenced, into submission. Very worrying,indeed!!

    Whatever it takes, he HAS to be brought down, NOW!

    My deepest sympathies to the surviving relatives of
    Annie and those whose lives she touched so deeply!
    Fare well, sister and may you return one day! Li’ll bit.

  101. See you soon friend 😀

  102. This is beautiful Dylan.

    Did you write it?

    “Even on the road to hell flowers can make you smile. They are fragile, ephemeral, uncompromising. No one can alter their nature. True, you can easily destroy them, but you will not gain anything; you can not force them to submit to your will.

    Flowers arouse in us an instint to protect them, to appreciate them, and to shelter them. This world is too ugly, too violent. There should be something delicate to care about. To do so is to be lifted above the brute and to go toward the refined. When we offer flowers on our alter, we are offering a high gift. Money is too vulgar, food too pedestrain. Only flowers are unsullied. By offering them, we offer purity.”

  103. To all who knew and loved Annie and especially you Jim, everyone here would like you to know that our hearts go out to you.


  104. I found myself a loss for words for the last several hours. I never met Annie. I know LRH chose her as one of the very view to be with him for his last years. That alone tells me she was a special being. At first I was livid upon reading how the deception continues after her passing to create a continual pretend. A big lie. I did not expect a lie about the passing of a person from her own family. That was upsetting due to the depravity and absolute lack of empathy for all concerned living family and friends. My humble condolences to Jim and her mother. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her contributions and wish her to move on through her future with peace and honor. Annie, you are missed by many.

  105. Joe Pendleton

    To Jim Logan: Whatever our individual feelings about death may be, my own experience has been that I have missed either the ARC I was used to experiencing with a person or at least the potential of creating more sometime in the future (even if I hadn’t seen someone in years). So while I have little clue about your current feelingsabout Annie’s passing (except that it can’t be a happy thing for you), I just wanted to say that you are in my thoughts, and I probably speak for the vast majority of folks who participate in this blog.

  106. Sinar,

    It saddens me greatly as well to learn that Annie, like many others, have received such treatment at the hands of Miscavige. In the end she executed the ultimate disconnection. So sad.
    And to not notify her family… that is just low and cruel.

  107. You are free from it all now, Annie.
    Go play now and just have fun.
    Do what you want.
    You are loved.

  108. I almost never comment anything here because is clear my views are not very “popular”. I´m not winning the popularity contest; that´s for sure…

    Y pa´no variar…


    If I myself have not lived a personal hell of treason when I separate myself from CofS and have not observed first hand the efforts and things done in name of “the greatest good” I would definitive think this post can´t be true.
    Too gross to be true.
    Too cruel and inhuman.

    But I have seen what I have seen; and it´s not a pretty picture at all.


    Who´s next?

    WHO IS NEXT???????????????



    You name it…

    Ladies and gentlemen THIS IS HAPPENING.

    All the people currently supporting CofS directly or indirectly, a lot or a little are making a gross treason to mankind. The evidence of insanity is overwhelming.

    How many more Ann Marie need to die to make us react?
    I´m not now talking to indies or anons or to “under the radar” indies.
    I´m talking to all the Scientologist inside CofS who daily read this blog and yet have doubts.

    How much more outpoints are necessary to react, to see, to move to cause?

    Your own son, cousin, uncle, dad _______ (you name it) who is inside SO?

    She have to endure in that environment.
    A GUEVO! It was not her choice.
    What else she could do?
    She lose the love of his life, she have his own mother inside.
    What else she could do but go back and take all they throw to her and go back to his feet one and a thousand times?

    This is not only DM´s fault.

    All the ones who were there and don´t have enough guts to stop this slow killing are guilty in some degree.



    Who else needs to die?

    Induced AIDS, Type 3 cases unhand-led, deaths, suicides, abortions, beatings..
    All covered up…
    Enter the most ethical group in the planet: Church of Scientology.

    This was no accident Mr Martiniano. This was done calculated.
    She have needed treatment outside the Gulag and “alushe” (DM) would never let that happen. Too dangerous to have her out of control. She knows too much. Of course it´s all about money at the very top.

    The best to DM was to have her death.

    And he made it Mr Koon. I think he have a big win the day he knew she have cancer. “One more that bites the dust and I can´t be persecuted for that”.

    Where the fuck is Pat Broeker now?
    Someone he loved is death and he remains in hiding under a rock.
    Pinche puto falto de huevos!

    3 years in the RPF??????


    Chuck survived that kind of over-runs and Ann also for a while.
    Was nobody there when that happened?
    Nobody said… “hey; I see a little outpoint here, a little added time, a little out tech…

    It´s a Gulag.

    Worse than a Gulag.

    In the Gulag they knew they could expect abuses and horroR.
    But at Int you would expect the most ethical and on-source treatment possible.
    Enter reality: A good; workable (not perfect) technology but in hands of people who don´t dare to make wrong to a mini bully even if that represent DEATH PEOPLE.

    Violence is not needed. Nor even resentment. Only taking our own support to CofS TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY. AND AFTER THAT STAND UP AND SPEAK.

    What would it be of each one of us if Marty, Jeff, Dan, Karen, Jackson, Mike and all the rest have decided to remain silent or have taken a weekly payment to shut up?

    We would still today have the thinking that our perception was wrong and that it was something VERY wrong inside one for having such bad thoughts.

    So my tribute and answer to Ann and all the rest who have died or have put his life in a very hard position working toward a clear planet is this:

    I would never surrender. No matter how unpopular or wrong am I. I would defend the true, the justice and the right thing to do even on my personal risk. I can fail you in a battle but I would never fail you in a war.
    Because your work has done a better place for my two lovely daughters and that puts my on debts for the rest of my life. I appreciate your work.
    Please smile when you see me fighting. I’m thinking in you there.

    Rest in Peace Ann…

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

    “One should never direct people towards happiness, because happiness too is an idol of the market-place. One should direct them towards mutual affection. A beast gnawing at its prey can be happy too, but only human beings can feel affection for each other, and this is the highest achievement they can aspire to.”
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn quote

  109. My condolences to Jim Logan, and also to Pat Broeker, a deeply flawed individual, complicit in the rise of DM, who still did not deserve what DM then did to his marriage.

  110. What is so reassuring is that the people LRH CHOSE to be with him at the end, were all kind, compassionate people.; Sarge, Annie, Gene Denk. From the stories I’ve heard on this blog and elsewhere, the living quarters were quite close, to say the least, and Annie was one of the closest people to LRH for several years. It’s such a tribute to Annie of LRH’s affinity for her.

    LRH could have chosen anyone, including DM, but he didn’t. He chose Annie who was a loyal and trusted friend.

    Am sure that in the days and months ahead that more data will come to light about the circumstances of her last days, but in the meantime, god speed, Annie; the meek really do inherit the earth.

    Oh, and some of us are working on the 3rd/4th generation. A playdate soon, hopefully!

  111. Tony DePhillips

    Mine too…

  112. Tony DePhillips

    Oh yeah!! 🙂

  113. Theo Sismanides

    Annie a farewell from me, too! Though I didn’t know you personally I many times heard about you from stories by friends here.

    And everyone has good words to say about you. So thank you for having done what you did in this lifetime.

    Annie, rest assured that the legacy of LRH and the way you fought about it to keep it straight in this lifetime was not in vain. We, the Independents are taking a stand all around the world and through communication and keeping our positions in space and the Tech Standard we are creating a real new world where auditing and training can occur and people can go free.

    In my country Annie, Greece, Scientology is again free and people are calling me and talking to me asking me about Scientology, what is it, what it does. It is the time now for ALL the WORLD to MOVE on and we make sure that enough Auditors and Scientologists of a FREE MIND and SPIRIT exist who are gonna deliver that Tech to next generations.

    Thank you again for having done what you did and thank you to all the good people here for showing how it should be, a more humane world. I am proud to be a Scientologist again.

  114. I have, kissed
    my bride
    And hugged her well
    That it would last
    Until that day when death
    Would end
    The thing which
    we had done
    That day.
    Now, she is free
    And chose to come once more
    At last, with duty done, and time to spend again.

  115. Kenneth Urquhart

    Annie stood by what she remembered of the best of LRH that she knew so well. Annie chose to remain as close to him as she could. She exposed herself to and received the force of the entheta at the core of the perversion of Scientology. It not only hastened her death, it buried her in months of hideous silence.

    Annie’s life and Annie’s death remind us once again, and extremely painfully, that we have permitted entheta to overwhelm the theta in Scientology, and we have not yet done what is needed and wanted to reverse this reality. There is no need for any make-wrong; perhaps the cycle is playing itself out in the only way it could — on a stage that is vastly greater than all of us. However, there is work to be done.

    Annie did her work as she saw it. For myself, I send her my sincere respects and I wish her a joyful childhood and a fulfilling life ahead.

    For sure, Annie will be back.

  116. My condolences to Annie’s family and friends.

    That’s the most beautiful photograph I have ever seen anywhere in my life, the photo of LRH and Annie. Did LRH take this photograph using mirrors? As I see LRH’s left hand on his camera.

  117. Goodbye Annie.
    See you on down the line.
    My deepest condolences to everyone who knew and loved her.

  118. I just posted the link to Steve Besio’s facebook wall:

    “Can you believe that Brian Culkin and his entheta? The nerve he has”

    I really am thinking of Jim Logan right now. I met him last summer and he is one of the nicest, most uptone human beings I have ever met. He told me that his ex-wife was sick and he wanted to help her one time we were eating at a restaurant together. And to think, she was already dead? Makes me fucking sick.

    Jim– you are the best man. I am so sorry for your loss brother!

  119. Laughter! Too funny Random, nice to hear your voice……

  120. Valid enough question but probably not the best time or place.
    Give everyone a chance to catch their breath and give Annie the send off she deserves. Plenty of time to fill in the gaps later.

  121. I feel for you Jim. Memories are the magic of our lives too. Well done for having such magic to travel on with.

  122. Fire Breathing Frog

    Don was working in the Translation Unit in Copenhagen until 1986.
    When LRH passed, Jean and Don left Copenhagen to join Annie.
    I didn’t know until then that their daugther Annie was with LRH.

  123. A “grim reminder” indeed. As Anonymous would say, THIS is why we act. My shock and grief of yesterday is already turning to outrage at this monstrous act of malice and inhumanity. I will be turning my attention to consider what I can newly do with others to expose the horror show that is DM’s evil empire.

  124. +++ Dear Annie Tidman Broeker Logan fly high to the Sky. +++

    *** Rest in peace Annie. ***

    You have bin the last remaining, of the two ever promoted “Loyal Officers”.
    You have deserved, as on of the very view persons who served LRH on a daily basis on his last years, a much better and more respectful treatment and caring from this group, as you have received.

    I am very sadden by this news of your passing away, but foremost of the criminal circumstances it all went along.
    But to be honest, even if I was shocked abut it, it still does not surprise me to much the “clever” handling David Miscavige has choosen for Annie.
    If he dared to let Mary Sue Hubbard, the Wife, longtime veteran SO Officer and most trusted person from LRH to die away in isolation and silence, without a adequate farewell ceremony or at least a word of her passing at 25. November 2002 in LA to the Scientology Community, then it all makes sense to me, what happened to Annie.

    POB plan is simple: to silence or obliterate all contemporary witnesses to LRH.

    My condolences to you Jim Logan and to Annie’s family.

    Thank you Karen, Marty and Mike for your diligence and caring and the touching words.

    Theta is here in action and alive.

    Thank you to you ALL.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavige & minions shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH:

    By the way Dave* boy:
    Where is HEBER Jentzsch – the President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavige – your dear wife?

    *Dave = POB = Pope on a Box (applebox)

  125. Thankyou Karen for the clarity of the situation .One does help but feel for the family.I hope they are receiving comfort at such a awful time

  126. Ok thank you for this clarification on Don Tideman.

  127. Its amazing how many that have been around this dictator die of Cancer

  128. I have asked the same question did they have the respect to tell her.

  129. Makes you think who actual saw Annie in her last days Hrs whther she was ending her life at hemet , or else where off hemet . Aside from that her freinds would have been traumatised to see this lovely lady go this way . Its heart breaking.And now they have that added to their trauma.

  130. Chuck What Video link?

  131. Thank you Karen and Marty. Though I never met Annie, her kind soul and dedication has shone through here from her many friends – thank you to each and every one of you. As Dan Koon asks, what possible harm is projected if the members of family is notified of her passing. The bare minimum action that others take for granted. How utterly sickening handle.

    Thank you Annie for your service to LRH and mankind. Farewell for now and fly in peace.

  132. Bodil / If this is the danish Bodil I knewand was CS AOSHDK and had married a belgium person called Bill Tucker . Bodil was an auditor there I do know then who you are , You most certaintly would know who I am My Gosh

  133. Good question Heber /Diana /Guillaume and otehrs who is next. You cant but ask .Anmd will they ever tell after this disaster. Its dumb founding the authorthies aren’t on this like a hawk. IIt makes you wonder how the Family
    of Annie consider in mine to make known.

  134. Tigger.
    This is for you ❤

  135. Don Tideman worked in Pubs DK , way back Jean was HCO Ethics AOSHDK before landing at Flag.

  136. I never knew Annie personnaly. Actually the only time I saw her was on this event when DM announced the death of LRH. She was supposed to be with Pat Broeker the first “loyal officer”. I remember Pat showing this date which was supposed to have been written by LRH, one page long. I couldn’t understand how a date could stand so long without blowing! (by the way, Pat Broeker was perceived to be the one who was given the upper OT levels, that’s open the door to so many questions…)

    This event was full of out-points and mostly was looking to me like a travesti. LRH leaving the body in good health, like an airplane taking off! And they believed it! I have always wondered what was the actual state of LRH, most certainly ill. People don’t die because a mission out of the body await them! They die because the body can’t make it and theta desenturbulate himself by separating from mest (Theta/mest theory).

    Annie had witnessed what really happened on the end of LRH’s life.
    The fact that her own death was hidden is an outpoint, but the outpoint started when her illness was hidden, that no friends could visit her. Maybe she would have said things DM wanted to remain unknown. The aerea is full of outpoints and the aerea where there is the most outpoints is the aerea of the why.

  137. Jackson, it took guts to say that. I never met either one of you, but what you say honors both your “sister” and yourself. Sorry for your loss of your friend but terrific that you have the certainty of that love.

  138. That wad supposed to be a reply to Jackson’s heartfelt remembrance.

  139. She’s free now Sarge.

  140. TroubleShooter

    This makes me cry

  141. You have to wonder why David Miscavige would cover up the illness and death, it beggars belief even of him. RIP Annie.

  142. I’m quite saddened to hear of Annie’s passing.

    55 years of age at the time of death seems awfully young to me. That’s a year younger than Dr. Denk at the time of his death and he certainly wished to carry on with life.

    Dr. Denk only spoke of Annie a couple of times in the years after his return from being with LRH. Each mention was made with the quiet reverence he reserved for those he held in high esteem. So as not to leave a mystery, if I recall correctly one reference was that she ‘returned” and was on the RPF; the other was when she had gotten a post.

    I never had the opportunity to meet Annie myself. Yet I see that she’s contributed a great deal to all our lives over the years. For that, I say “thank you!” I believe Annie will continue to contribute on a whole new level of existence.

    The above-captioned photo is absolutely priceless. L, Rachel

  143. Thank you Marty for passing on this sad yet necessary information.

    And thank you Karen for ferreting out yet another of DM’s dark secrets.

    I too knew Annie personally and for a long time. I can confirm all the good words said by others above and can also attest to her constant attempts to temper the psychosis of DM as her self assumed mission of maintaining sanity and LRH’s legacy.

    Jim Logan, my deepest condolences. I know how it devastated you to have Annie torn from your grasp so many years ago when you decided to maintain your own integrity. And then I know how disturbing it was for you to learn of her illness in mid 2010. And I can only imagine the impact of the current news.

    And to DM, far from condolences, but rather disdain. You did this with Mary Sue. Now you’ve done it with Annie. I know that you secretly tickle with triumph knowing Annie has died as the ultimate assurance of her silence. She knew things and could have told things that would have damaged your obsessive mission.

    Obviously, the next in line is Shelley. She is already exiled and “not spoken of”. She too knows things and could say things.

    You are a heartless bastard.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Ken. Beautiful.

  145. Beautiful… MUCH love to you Jim.
    I am so sorry this occurred. But may her sacrifice, even in this heinous way, be the vehicle that tells the tale the world needs to hear. Take peace in knowing, this final gesture will sound the alarm very loudly in a way that nothing has yet to date.
    She, in her passing, has done more for LRH, sadly, under these circumstances, than anyone may realize. So, nothing here was in vain. And for everyone who turns a blind eye, whether directly at Int, or indirectly, by pretending you don’t know – like Christ, she died for your “sins”. She died so you may wake up.

  146. This is very sad news! my thoughts are with her family and loved ones during this time. She was a kind, dedicated and beautiful person; whom LRH loved and trusted dearly until he passed.
    I find it troubling that she received no acknowledgment whatsoever and very sad that she passed without anyone in her family knowing who cared so much for her. Shame on those who hid the fact from them.
    Thank you Marty for making this known and Karen continue to amaze me.

  147. Jim — Thankyou. I really got it. Mike

  148. Ken, Perfect words. Thankyou.

  149. Tom Gallagher

    My deepest condolences, especially to you, Jim.

  150. Ahh Jim. Just when I thought I had no more tears.

  151. Thanks for saying it.
    Someone needed to.

  152. Jackson. Your words and intention are especially touching to me. I too will not rest until justice is done. I hope the next reporter, law enforcement official or lawyer for the opposition that is face to face with Miscavige asks him about this as the FIRST question. He has no acceptable answer. Make the little fucker squirm as he is exposed for the cruel, self-absorbed, uncaring little piece of garbage he is.

  153. Nice Roberto. You speak the truth, except for that you are not welcomed here. That is not the truth. Most of us love your input. There are only a few, maybe 2.5% that don’t like you and then there is the LRH tape on “Why People Don’t Like You.” Roberto, you are a hero. You inspired me to come out. You are almost a celebrity here.
    Just sayin’

    ML Tom

  154. TroubleShooter

    Oh Zephyr, how awful.

    It’s a true cult that will invalidate and demean the lives, the families, the relationships, the beingnesses we have in this life to further an agenda. “You (we) are not our bodies” is an enemy line forced upon us as it has been. It’s nothing more than the perversion of an LRH datum plucked from it’s context for the mind f*#$ done to morph the cofs from that which LRH created in the 60s to cobs agenda.

    I remember the day I had my own cognition that the cofs was an actual cult. That I’d spent most of my life being in that cult “knowing” that the articles about it being a cult were evil efforts by the black hats to stop the white hats with the S and double triangle.

    NOWHERE in extensive study of LRH writings have I ever read anything that justifies the destruction of the family unit so completely and utterly as is justified in cob’s cofs.

    cob’s cofs directs, manipulates and enforces cultiHATING ANY relationships that are found that don’t subscribe to the totalitarian church of cob.

    I found this during my own journey through my Valley of Darkness –
    Pay particular attention to point #29 of an excerpt of the Robert Vaughn Young deposition. Also RIP Robert…

    ‘Civil Action No. 95-K-2143
    ‘RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, a California non-profit corporation and BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS, INC., a California non-profit corporation,
    ‘F.A.C.T.NET, INC., a Colorado nonprofit corporation; LAWRENCE WOLLERSHEIM, an individual; and ROBERT PENNY, an individual,
    ‘I, Robert Vaughn Young am a resident of Seattle, Washington but this declaration is being made in Los Angeles, California.
    ‘1. I have been asked to serve as an expert consultant in RTC v. F.A.C.T.Net, et al. on behalf of Defendants. I have already served as an expert in this case and have testified at a hearing in Denver, Colorado. My testimony was with regard to the availability of “upper level” Scientology materials and my testimony was accepted by the Court and was in fact incorporated into the Court’s ruling.
    ‘2. As to my own background, I served in various Scientology positions within the Scientology organizations for nearly 21 years. I entered Scientology in 1968 and became a staff member in 1969 and served at various local state and international positions until I fled with my wife in 1989. In those 21 years, I read tens of thousands of pages of Scientology materials, most of it written by L. Ron Hubbard (hereafter “Hubbard”), who began Scientology in 1950 with the publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.
    ‘3. Because of my nearly 21 years of reading and studying Scientology directives, I became intimately familiar with their content, form, manner of distribution and publication. In fact, from 1982 to 1989 I was an employee of Author Services, Inc. which was responsible for the works of L. Ron Hubbard. We were located in Hollywood, California. As part of Author Services, Inc.’s (hereafter “ASI”) functions, ASI directed the publication of Hubbard’s material through Bridge Publications, Inc. (hereafter “BPI”) one of the plaintiffs in the above-captioned action. This included individual directives as well as books, both fiction and nonfiction. I thus became even more familiar with the material not only through reading and studying but through its production, publication and distribution. (See, Declaration of Robert Vaughn Young in Church of Scientology International v. Fishman, Case No. CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx), dated October 25, 1993 (“Vaughn Decl. 1”) and Declaration of Robert Vaughn Young in Support of Cost Bill in same referenced case, dated March 9, 1994 with attachments (“Vaughn Decl. 2”), attached hereto as Exhibits “1” and “2” respectively.)

    ‘29. I have personal knowledge that material was written and issued under the name of L. Ron Hubbard that he did not author. While working at ASI, I personally wrote material to be issued under his name for several years. This ranged from simple messages to be sent to various organizational staff on events such as his birthday or a holiday, to my composing an entire large directive that was issued under his name. In these instances, they were done without his knowledge or consent. The directive that I wrote concerned the Scientology policy of “Disconnection”. The order to do this came from David Miscavige. Miscavige said that we had to reinstitute the Policy of Disconnection and that I was to write the policy for this. I wrote it and it went through several revisions. It was not sent to Hubbard for his approval, but was issued into the Church of Scientology. I might note that at the time I was not working for the Church of Scientology, but was working for a for-profit corporation.”…

  155. hadley,
    Bodil Tucker is another person. I was in GO Finance and later on the Finance Network. I worked on balance sheets and tax returns. If you were around then we would probably have met in the hallways or in that terrible elevator that took you to the 4th floor.

  156. Jim, that is beautiful; thank you for writing. I am sorry for your loss, but happy that you have the timeless moments.

  157. Eulogy to a dear friend – I shed tears on the news of your passing. Your service and dedication to forwarding Dianetics and Scientology, and your care for LRH will be missed. I knew you well since 1983 and we shared many adventures in our various roles – and in everything you had the viewpoint of ‘What would LRH do?’ and that was always the right way to go.
    LRH took pride in you, as we all did. You take many an unbelievable but true tale with you – to tell, another day. Jim

  158. FCDC Class of 74

    Duality as one now attains freedom and altitude another traps himself in the lowest conditions. Duality is the bain or reality of the trap we are all in. We need to help all sentient beings leave together. I will help others until you are helped again. Much love and peace Annie.

  159. Roberto,

    I encourage you to comment here any time you want. I like your views. This is not a popularity contest. It is a forum that Marty Rathbun created to bring about the reformation of the Church of Scientology.

    In this forum, Scientology news, reports and other information is posted by Marty. In order to as-is situations, it is necessary to have a two-way comm cycle. That is why Marty has provided a comments section on this blog so that Independent Scientologists like yourself and others can communicate freely in order to “Move On Up A Little Higher”.

    Your views are a welcome addition to this blog.

  160. Jim, beautifully written. I am sorry for your loss. Annie will remain in the hearts of many. Annie, I salute you for your courage, your love and understanding and wait for your return.

  161. Jim — another name would be good so as not to be confused with Jim Logan, especially on this topic. But your words are very welcome here.

  162. I have cried only once since leaving the Cof$ and today I did again. I did not know Annie but I do know Jim and have heard his stories of her. They portrayed a WONDERFUL individual whose dedication to LRH was unsurpassable. Thank you Annie for all you have done and you WILL be remembered always.

  163. PublicServant

    Is it possible that if by this cruelty, additional family or friend requests for others held incommunicado or possible dead would justify law enforcement visits for a wellness check, and also the offer to leave if one chooses. The handling of Annie’s illness and death may present an opportunity to pry open the gates ot Int, and by extension be her final act in service to LRH.

  164. john anthony duignan

    Marty, I do thank you for posting this notice. I thank you for the repect shon to her family and indeed to her memory.

    Her death is a travesty of all that is just.
    While I have very deep feelings as to culpability and responsibility
    that is for another place and time.
    But here is the place to honour the memory of a former fellow
    Sea Org Member, aside from how sadly deluded that beingness
    may have been, we were, for a while, fellow travellers
    and we share the same aspirations, the same beliefs
    and we shared the same goals.

    So, from Ledwidge, to me, and now to you, dear Annie. Rest well.

    HE SHALL not hear the bittern cry   
    In the wild sky, where he is lain,
    Nor voices of the sweeter birds,
    Above the wailing of the rain.  

    Nor shall he know when loud March blows        5
    Thro’ slanting snows her fanfare shrill,
    Blowing to flame the golden cup Of many an upset daffodil.  

    But when the Dark Cow leaves the moor,
    And pastures poor with greedy weeds,        10
    Perhaps he’ll hear her low at morn,
    Lifting her horn in pleasant meads

  165. That is beautiful and so true. Thanks IEG for that.

  166. Wonderful words Jim.

    It is a truly kind man who has the will to do whatever is necessary to help others go free. That you have set this awesome task for yourself is to be regarded with the highest admiration.

    Annie saw in you a kindred spirit who’s dedication to forwarding LRH’s legacy would stand unassailable – as LRH saw in her.

  167. Bill,
    Such atrocities are incomprehensible to the Social Personality. I tossed and turned all night on this. As mentioned earlier, I find understanding in LRH’s own words. I’m aware, that reading his words this morning cannot repair the hideous crimes already committed or stop those that to come as long as DM is in power and control.

    LRH had the characteristics, motives and actions of the Anti-Social personality pegged! He “has our backs” (infinitely) by providing this ammunition. It just needs to be taken out of the crate and used.

    To those on the inside or “on the fence”: Wake-up fast and realize what is happening in and with Scientology (according to LRH). If you can’t do anything about it, then simply RUN LIKE HELL. You are not alone and will have tons of support from those who will Keep Scientology Working. Just puleeeeze realize that you are intentionally and strategically being “kept ignorant” and in the dark. People are dying.

    LRH says:

    “The basic reason the Anti-Social Personality behaves as he or she does lies in a hidden terror of others.

    To such a person, every other being is an enemy, an enemy to be covertly or overtly destoyed.

    The fixation is that survival itself depends on “keeping others down” or “keeping people ignorant.”

    If anyone were to promise to make others stronger or brighter, the Anti-Social Personality suffers the utmost agony of personal danger.

    They reason that if they are in this much trouble with people around them weak or stupid, they would perish should anyone become strong or bright.

    Such a person has no trust to a point of terror. This is usually masked and unrevealed.”

    – LRH from The Anti-Social Personality, The Anti-Scientologist.


  168. I only knew Annie through the voices of this blog. Through Jim’s stories, I learned what an incredible being she was and it made me happy to know that LRH had such a special person and friend at his side. The fact that she came back for LRH took a lot of guts and I know it was not an easy task. My heart goes out to Jim and her family.

    I am overwhelmed by the knowledge that DM has tried to nullify the existance of a loyal and honorable friend to LRH, just like he did with Mary Sue.

    As hard as he tries, DM cannot break the comm line between Annie and the world. If anything, his act of cruelty has made it stronger.

    Thank you Annie for all that you have done. Though we may not have met in flesh we have met often in spirit. The light of truth gets brighter each day…LRH’s legacy will not be forgotten. Be at peace, now…until we meet again.

  169. Jim, when Jackson made reference to Annie being at the side of a great man, I suddenly realized that he probably means LRH. I was thinking of you. Two great men. VERY great men.

  170. Public Servant.I second your remark . and add I hope this will lead to probing of those held at hemet and else where Its about time the law enforcement does this,after this.It shoudl be encouraged asap.

  171. Marty,
    When I read you post yesterday I was overwhelmed by the inhumanity of cult leader David Miscavige and his cult followers. Their display of no sympathy and lack of any manners knows no bounds.

    My thanks to Karen, Mike and yourself for the way you are handling this situation. My condolences to her many friends and loved ones here and also who are not here but may read this in the future. I didn’t know Annie.


    One last thing – God damn David Miscavige and his Cult. There is a special place in Hell reserved for you.

  172. Jim, Having shed tears for your loss I am reminded of the flow of life in this universe. You have studied and understand these basics well. Other cultures have also found ways to express the true bonding that can occur between beings. Anam Cara is one such concept.

    Anam Cara refers to the Celtic spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding.

    In Celtic Spiritual tradition, it is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body, what some refer to as an aura. When you connect with another person and become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together. Should such a deep bond be formed, it is said you have found your Anam Cara or soul friend.

    Your Anam Cara always accepts you as you truly are, holding you in beauty and light. In order to appreciate this relationship, you must first recognize your own inner light and beauty. This is not always easy to do. The Celts believed that forming an Anam Cara friendship would help you to awaken your awareness of your own nature and experience the joys of others.

    According to John O’Donahue, an accomplished Irish poet, philosopher and Catholic priest, “…You are joined in an ancient and eternal union with humanity that cuts across all barriers of time, convention, philosophy and definition. When you are blessed with an anam cara, the Irish believe, you have arrived at that most sacred place: home.”

    Further on up the line I look foward to the time you can continue the game with your true friend, Annie.

  173. JB, I second everything you have to say here.

    I knew Annie too, but not well. She was mostly away with LRH during the time I was in the Sea Org and then later in the RPF at the Int base after LRH died. She was always isolated by DM at that time.

    She was dedicated to LRH obviously and made so many personal sacrifices in order to protect and take care of him as so many eloquently conveyed in this blog.

    DM tried to brush her under the rug by keeping her death a secret from her family and friends with no acknowledgement of what she did for LRH.

    The same thing happened with Mary Sue.

    What happens to Sea Org members as they get old or sick and are dying? DM obviously treats them as disposable based on the many stories I have heard about former sick Sea Org members.

    This lack of compassion and humanity should cause all OSA and Sea Org members reading this blog to think about their own future under this Suppressive Person. Time to pack up and leave.

    I often get asked by my non Scientology friends why I speak out and pay so much attention to changing what is going on under DM. Afterall, I am free from that suppression and can do whatever I want. Why not leave it alone?

    The answer is because I still care about all my friends, family and fellow Sea Org members who are still caught in this trap of suppression. And Iknow everyone of you do too.

    It is my duty to myself more than anyone else to DO something about it so that they don’t end up like Annie, MSH and so many other dedicated people I know – pushed aside, disguarded and forgotten by the vary organization they dedicated their lives to.

    I promise never to forget.

  174. Ken You couldn’t have put it better.Much love a pal (UK Maria)

  175. Absolutely. I have seen wisdom and wit in equal measure in Roberto’s posts. Pray continue!

  176. Vaya con Dios, Annie. It saddens me greatly to hear of your passing. Thank you for your dedication and service, and for being a great friend to one of my greatest friends. You have put in your time, and God knows you have put in enough suffering. As the heartfelt tributes here and elsewhere only confirm, you are loved. May your new journey be sweet.

    My condolences to Annie’s family and to all of her friends, of which she has many.

  177. Ok thks Well if your who I think you are then you would have known me either as DP / A registrar /or Tours ,and worked with div 6 Owen Starkey AOSHDK/also then Bertie Van Hoeke You recall ?

  178. Thank you Jim, very powerful words. Bless you and all you stand for.

  179. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    I got it. Thanks very much.

    — Jackson

  180. Very touching, beautifully said Jim.

  181. I can only agree. This is crazy, and incredibly sad, and incredibly hateful on the part of all who contributed to this tragedy. I can get all upset at Mr. David Miscavige, but there is another place in hell for those that are currently contributing to his insanity.

  182. Karen, thanks for uncovering this.

  183. Tony DePhillips

    I could envison an ideal scene for dm. If he could get away with it he would have a huge garbage disposal. When a Sea Org member dropped the body from hours of over work and entheta , they would be tossed onto a cart that dumped the body into the garbage disposal. Nobody would be allowed off of production as “it’s only a body”. If anyone was too upset by the persons death they would be forced to write o/w’s until they came uptone and stopped propitiating. The cost of the electricity would be docked from the deceased persons last $35 paycheck and a dev-t chit filed in his ethics folder. The remaining portion of his last paycheck would be deposited into the fund for dm’s next birthday gift…the red Ferari…

  184. My heart felt condolences to Jim Logan, Annie’s surviving relatives and all her buddies who have posted on this blog and even those who remain silent. I did not know Annie, but all that has been written on “Moving Up A Little Higher” tells me we have lost a good friend of LRH’s who is being called, the Angle of Angles.

    Annie, fly high, fly free and expand your anchor points till we meet you again.

    This is the saddest day, so far in the sorted history of this criminal organization called the Church of Scientology.

    Oh…one more thing…POB, when you look up and think you see eagles….not so…those are buzzards waiting for you to drop dead. Once they have picked your bones clean they will escort you straight to hell.

  185. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Brothers In Arms Mike, Brothers In Arms!!

    I actually very much look forward to the day I receive my summons as a character / eye witness in the United States vs. David Miscavige case and then watch him be escorted into the court room in the over-sized jump suit (smallest one they have) shuffling in his plastic sandals. I’ll bet Lou’s eye balls will be bigger than Yeager’s that day!

    Here’s to our continued journey……. Hat’s off to you my friend!

    — Jackson

  186. Beautiful Jim, my condolences.

  187. Annie was another casualty of DM’s camp.. see my article about this at

    – Freedom Speaker

  188. The Loyal Officer

    The Loyal Officer stands by her watch steadfastly

    the sacrifices to herself go unknown

    to all but a few.

    She is relieved of her watch temporarily

    to have some fun, a day at the beach . . .

    and then to come back, to start anew.

  189. PersonalJudas

    Death this tragic, this unjust, will hang you up in time. I have lost years because of a suicide.
    Jim, you have a big heart, I cannot imagine your pain.
    I used to comment more on this blog until I realised I was amongst giants. Now I shut up and listen. Jim is one of these giants. A truly big being, someone you want on your side.

    David Miscavige,, you are a small man and I’m not talking about your stature.
    Jim will grieve but then he will return, steeled to his purpose.

    Can you hear the thunder, Dave.

  190. Mine too Martin.
    The fury is boiling behind the tears.
    We’ll talk soon.

  191. and the Officer On Deck says

    Thank You

  192. +1 with Sam

  193. I never met Annie, but from the looks of the above pic, I bet she was a truly caring being, who embodied and expressed the best parts of scn. RIP!

  194. Jethro Bodine

    My condolences to her friends and family.

    I have to wonder though – since DM reads Marty’s blog, and since the truth is now publicly exposed, I’m wondering if the receptionist at the Int Base is still giving out the same bullshit answer when someone calls in and asks to speak to Annie.

  195. Mi amigo,

    I must remind you that it was one of your posts that impinged upon me so thoroughly that I announced my independence. I hope you haven’t forgotten this?

    Please don’t stop!

    Karen aka Thought Provoking

  196. FG,

    The only other Loyal Officer I saw pronounced by LRH in a Flag Order (or LRH ED – or both!) was Yvonne Jentzsch, founder and CO of Celebrity Center, wife of Heber Jentzsch.

    I do not know how many “Loyal Officers” were so honored, but Yvonne’s contributions were epic and should not be colored over.

  197. Well said Ken.

  198. Jackson, don’t go doing anything rash – without me.

    ML Tom

  199. Pure theta.

  200. the last verse should read:

    As she leaves for her Libs,

    the Officer On Deck, saluting, says

    Thank You.

  201. What is Bertie doing ?
    Hadley which nationality have you ?
    when were you on tour with owen ?

  202. I bet part of the reason Miscavige wouldn’t publicly acknowledge Annie’s death is that if he so he’d have to acknowledge LRH. DM couldn’t write about Annie without mentioning LRH.
    The last thing the stunted POB wants is any attention on the man whose work he altered and rendered unworkable for those still in the cult. .

  203. Zephyr–“any decent PR I had built up.” Your phrase made me realize that was the way I operated all those years, and it made me wonder, “Why did I need to handle my family with ‘Good PR’?” That alone should have clued me in!

  204. And it wasn’t good PR just so they would not be upset, it was so they wouldn’t accidentally say something that I would be forced to disconnect over!

  205. that is seriously beautiful

  206. one of those who see

    Hi Jim,
    Spiritually, i see all of us. You and thousands of your friends all together holding hands smiling up at Annie. And there’s LRH with a big smile and a hug waiting for her.

  207. Pingback: Ann Marie Tidman, RIP « Grasshopper's Blog

  208. The record of how they (DM) allows people like MSH, now Annie, to be erased from the history books, sadly proves your point.

    It’s hard to believe Heber could have died, and John Brousseau though, might be one to ask if as of the time JB left, spring of 2010, when was the last moment he glimpsed Heber alive, and if JB knows of any physical condition that Heber might have had that signaled not much time left for him.

    I think in Heber’s case, he had some communication with his son Alexander though, after 2010, which proves he might still be alive though.

    But this treatment of Annie shows this period of heartlessness is current “policy”. It’s disgusting cult Orwellianism.

    Tom Smith who’s doing some excellent interviews, his latest interview is with a sleepy headed but very intelligent “cult” expert, if you can put up with the droopy speech of the expert, he says some excellent points in answer to Tom Smith’s excellent interview questions. There’s quite a few insightful gems in this interview.

  209. Thank you Annie for all your service, I trust you are well and happy now, – out of the prison taking a much deserved rest and gathered with the players that you want to be with for your continued game. I am sure you were honored on the ‘ other side’ for all that you have endured. Thank you so much Karen for going out of your way and using your valuable time to find out the truth for all of us, and thank you Marty for posting and letting it be known.,, Very much appreciated. Yes, right……the “callous, heinous disregard for life and the feelings of family and friends demonstrated by Miscavige” …. is even more than that, no words to describe how despicable. Yes Pat, like a concentration camp.

  210. So young, confined to the base, too bad that was her only way to get out of there.

  211. Who is the Lombar Hisst ?

    Thank you exist and that you have lived Annie, that was very valuable for man, now R.I.P.

    M.L. from an admirer

    P.S.: Karen # 1 please go ahead, I’m sure there’s much more to discover …

  212. Yes Jackson count me in buddy I’m ready!


  213. The total lack of respect shown towards Annie, her family, friends and the outside world, is exactly why the “church” is dead. If you’re not producing, you’re paying. All so a Suppressive Person can play despot, pretend expansion and hoard his billions like a cave-dwelling dragon.

    I never knew Annie but I know enough to understand how dear she was to a great many people. My thoughts are with you all.

  214. Roberto,

    Thank you!!

  215. I wish to say exactly what you said Mark.

  216. One more tiny Annie story.

    When I was on the decks, in the spring of 1996, walking from the berthing building foundation trenches which I was helping a manual “decks” laborer, I think just before the likes of Jason Bennick and others showed up to help get the berthing building remaining foundations poured, I was walking in front of that building between the foundations and building 36, see Marc Headley’s book inside covers for “mass”.

    Annie was walking a bunch of dogs, and one of those dogs was DM’s mutt Dalmatian dog, which was a bit of a bully dog.

    I was walking with Dave from motor pool’s dog, the friendly dog that sort of hung out with whoever was working at the berthing site.

    Well, DM’s bully dog attacks Dave the nice guy from motor pool’s dog, the nice dog was just tagging along with me as I walked from the berthing foundations over to the mess hall for lunch.

    Annie shouted stop to the DM bully dog, but to no avail, it started chomping on Dave from motor pool’s dog, and I decided to give DM’s dog a hard kick, and it let up. Annie thanked me. She obviously did not like DM’s bully dog, otherwise I’d have gotten in “trouble” for kicking DM’s dog (to save it biting Dave from motor pool’s dog). Mickie, I think is the name of that very much loved dog that Dave from motor pool cared for, fed, and housed. Even Annie thought DM’s dog was a bad dog.

    What a waste of personnel talent. It was like Annie was allowed the various “elite” errands for DM, to keep her mind and soul occupied, in her years after her “fall.”


    One last memory of Annie.

    I think it was one of the last Int Base Sea Org days, held in the evening, the actual ceremony, when all the crew all dressed in their uniforms, posed as orgs, in bleachers for their Sea Org yearly org photographs.

    During the “ASI” org photo, and for all the photos, I think the red haired “LRH Photographer”, last named Baker, almost looked a bit lit LRH facially, he and or Annie were taking a lot of the photographs. Annie I think, was somehow in F & E (which I now forget what F & E initials mean, but it’s a sort of personal LRH sub unit that kept all the LRH photos, and Annie was somehow put on that job of sorting all the LRH photos, preserving the original LRH negatives archives, stuff that led up to the “Images of a Lifetime” book I suppose in later years, the type of insider job that people who were ultra trusted to deal with actual LRH personal items, of which the actual film negatives that LRH took, would fall), she also I guess was tagging along with forget his first name Baker, and practicing shooting quality photos.

    After the ASI group shot, I kept “eyeballing” Annie interact with Miscavige, who over the next hour, after all the group photos of the Int level orgs were completed, Annie practiced shooting photos of Miscavige, who spent a good 45 minutes, posing in his Sea Org Captain uniform, standing and posing at the lectern. He was “drilling” his stage manners, which the stage manners policy covers drilling for those that speak publicly. She took easily 400 photos during the time I was just hanging around eyeballing all the mingling of all these Int Based Sea Org top brass and staffers.

    It seemed such a sad letdown, to go from serving LRH as she did, to these vain photographing of Miscavige, posing, drilling himself as whoever it is he envisaged himself, at the top of the heap.


    Okay, one more final “fly on the wall” smaller staffer viewpoint of the high and mighty in the movement’s history, comes to mind about Annie.

    If confirms Marty’s and Mike’s overviews, particularly the point of her unassuming nature, like she was NOT “Ms. Special elite top person” attitude.

    This comes through when you read, which I did, the “AB” traffic.

    In 1988 when I went back onto the computerized routing forms project, then put into INCOMM, as INCOMM staff I got to read, which I did very carefully, ALL of the LRH traffic to INCOMM, which filled 2 or 3 large white ring binders.

    In those binders, this was 1988, like August or Sept 88, were interspersed the “AB” and “PB’ (also known as the “Big P”) traffic. Meaning Annie Broeker and Pat Broeker traffic.

    What their traffic consisted of were filter comments, back and forth to Foster Tompkins, to whom most of the LRH INCOMM traffic was directed.

    Reading how she wrote to Foster, I as admin policy nerd, formed my opinion of her and Pat, how they conducted “business” for LRH, in their comments to Foster.

    She definitely was very similar to the Annie Broeker we all saw on the stage, in those church events, very sedate, very unassuming, very clear in her comments and opinions..

    Like Marty commented months or a year ago on this blog, likely that traffic from AB and PB is long gone, due to Miscavige’s orders.

    But it shows the degree of top trusted members’ ability to interact and be helpful to those communicating with LRH.

    RIP Annie Tidman.

  217. Lynne,
    Right on!
    Mind you I saved my mother’s life once applying a Scientology assist when she had a heart attack. Later on, when giving her a nerve assist she said “that cannot be a bad church”. She never said anything bad about Scientology from then on.

  218. FBF
    Thanks. Another puzzle piece back in place.

  219. From what I get from the picture
    I see freedom in her
    clean, gentle and friendly.
    From what I get from the writings
    I see a willingness to be wide,
    not to narrow down on one viewpoint
    but to expand understanding to many viewpoints.
    ARC never flattens,
    Please accept mine
    wherever you are
    whenever you are.


  220. what is so unfortunate is we have the tech to be able to help someone with a loss of a loved one quickly – not 500 hrs later sitting on a couch. We have the ability to help them as-is it, yet the SO members are treated as if they will become such dev-t to the organization that they think it is the greatest good to just not tell the person. LRH said, and this applies to anything in life. Communication is the universal solvent. I get so tired of communication being filtered or stopped by SCN’s, staff, SO, etc… just because they think it will derail spiritual freedom. In fact TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!

  221. Bertie Van Hoeke was flemish (Belgium) married a italy Joni Van Hoeke only italy auditor at AOSHDK back then in 1970 ‘s I am british was also around about helping Div 6 Owen on Tours or with The flag Tour . Last I heard he was in LA he is the brother of Norman Starkey .

  222. Godspeed Annie. I pray your journey to be filled with hope and promise and a renewed sense of freedom and self-awareness.
    I am SHOCKED that family was not notified and this was covered up until Karen and Marty exposed this.

    Hello investigatory agencies, FBI – all you. What do you have to say about someone who dies there and its kept a secret from the family for 8 friggin’ months? Doesn’t that strike you just a little odd? Like the time they tried to cover up Lisa’s condition and rwfuse her immediate emergency medical care?

    I sincerely hope that while Annie was not able to effect the change she was hoping to attain ehile she was alive, that possibly through her death some benefit will come of it for so many others who are living under this abhorrent suppression.

  223. At the 1:00 mark, I was told one of the older ladies getting off the bus is Jean Tidman.

    The man in the foreground is named Roy, forget Roy’s last name, a very old timer Dissem Bureau person, now probably still part of the FLB Org Dissem Bu or FSO Dissem Bu, the one that Annie Allcock was heading for long time.

  224. It is very good to see your post here Mr.Nunez. You speak the truth with passion which is right. Thank you!

  225. That’s it! Yes!

  226. +1000000 Totally Roberto!

  227. Absolutely Dan, how can any sane person understand this sort of behaviour?


  228. Thank you, Annie. Welocme back to a new place where you will be better appreciated.
    This End Quote from this month’s Doug Casey’s Internationa; Speculator may be relevant:
    In holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s book, Night, there’s a story of a man who survived being shot and left for dead in a Nazi death camp. The man returned to his village and warned people what awaited them at the other end of the train ride. He warned, but was not believed; the people could not believe – did not want to believe – that any human beings could possibly be so cruel. And so they got in the cattle cars. I’ve never forgotten that story.
    In today’s world, I feel as though people like Doug and me are like the man in Night. We have studied history, have seen the clear writing on the wall, and we keep telling people what we’ve seen in the past and what we see coming. By and large, people don’t listen. Casey readers do, and, we sincerely believe, will be better able to cope with what’s coming. The world at large, however, doesn’t want to believe we could possibly be right.
    So this month, I bring you a few words by Elie Wiesel, both as a warning against what might lie ahead in the darker possible turns of events, and because he reminds us that those who see should always at least try to give warning to those who do not.
    “But because of his telling, many who did not believe have come to believe, and some who did not care have come to care. He tells the story, out of infinite pain, partly to honor the dead, but also to warn the living – to warn the living that it could happen again and that it must never happen again. Better than one heart be broken a thousand times in the retelling, he has decided, if it means that a thousand other hearts need not be broken at all.
    “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
    “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must – at that moment – become the center of the universe.”
    “One person of integrity can make a difference.”
    “Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed….Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God Himself. Never.”
    “Which is worse? Killing with hate or killing without hate?”
    “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides.”
    “There are victories of the soul and spirit. Sometimes, even if you lose, you win. ”
    “Most people think that shadows follow, precede or surround beings or objects. The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses and memories.”
    “Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.”
    “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”
    And, most poignantly:
    “I don’t want my past to become anyone else’s future.”

  229. Tony, people might think you’re only joking, but it is pretty damn close to true.

  230. Random Stranger

    COB’s Post-Christmas Party Gift Wish List:

    1) A red Ferrari.

    2) Portable remote control combo wood-chipper/garbage disposal unit.

    3) Ferrari driving gloves.

    4) Death-watch micro-chip implant contraption.

    5) A comprehensive CSW showing ways and means to squeeze production out of not-quite dead staff.

  231. This lack of humanity is heart-wrenching. I imagine if Annie were my daughter or my sister.
    Annie, I am glad you broke free. Obviously, you have been and will continue to be loved – truly, madly, deeply…

  232. one of those who see

    Love this SKM. Wonderful tribute to Annie.

  233. I have cried many times since Jim Logan received the news of Annie’s passing just over 36 hours ago.

    I feel this on many flows. I have tried to write something on this blog several times, and been unable to.

    I try again now.

    I worked with Annie for over 10 years — a couple of times very closely. We got along well and my regard for her, as a Sea Org member, as a Messenger, and as a being, is very high.

    I knew Annie as a calm, quiet, intelligent and caring individual. She had integrity and almost a sadness about her, which I later understood — when I heard from Jim Logan first hand of what DM had done to separate the two.

    Annie “went back” after deciding to leave with Jim. She had to make a choice, a terrible choice. She lived with that choice, and with the entheta, for the next 20 years. Before I left the Int base in 2003, Annie was a changed woman. She was hardened, cold, and deep within a shell she had created to survive in that environment. I have no question why she became ill. That place, under DM’s reign, is truly psycho. To survive there you must either assume the winning valence of the SP dictator, or you must develop a system to protect yourself. Annie — that you lasted so long is a tribute to you and your inner strength. I cry just thinking about what you have endured.

    Jim knew for the last year that Annie was terminally ill. I cannot and will not speak for him. I will say however, for those that are concerned about Jim — he is in good hands, he is being cared for, and he is feeling much relief that DM can no longer cut the comm line between he and Annie. It is a healing process for them both, and it is a good thing.

    For the many ex-Int base staff who are posting and reading here — I share your grief and concern about the many other treasured friends and family still at that terrible place. Shannon Kimoto and I were talking last July about who we missed and who we were worried about. In doing so we realised how many really GOOD people, dedicated Scientologists, warm friends are still living the entheta. Still under lock and key. We extend a hand to anyone who needs help or wants to, or has, escaped that place.

    On Christmas Day, here in Australia, we had a death in the family.The funeral was just 10 days ago. I reflect back on the funeral, the warm words and stories, the grief and the love that was expressed at that funeral. The fact that Annies family and close friends were not given the opportunity to say good-bye to Annie is gross beyond words. That Annie’s sister, when calling for her, is told she cannot talk at the moment — when she passed away over 6 months ago, is sick, sick, sick. My condolences to Annie’s family and friends. My love to you all.

    Lastly — to DM. You did this with MSH — now with Annie. Shelly was experiencing all sorts of body ills back in the mid-90’s and I now worry about her. Have you buried her, along with her name, out at CST?

    A being cannot continue to commit overts the magnitude of those you are committing. LRH details what happens.

    Your motivator is coming Dave. Yep — it is coming….

    tick… tick… tick…

  234. one of those who see

    Waiting Outside The Lines Lyrics

    You’ll never enjoy your life,
    livin’ inside a box
    You’re so afraid of taking chances,
    how you gonna reach the top?

    Rules and regulations,
    force you to play it safe
    Get rid of all the hesitation,
    it’s time for you to seize the day

    Instead of just sitting around
    and looking down on tomorrow
    You gotta let your feet off the ground,
    the time is now

    I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
    I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
    Waiting outside the lines
    Waiting outside the lines

    Try to have no regrets
    even if it’s just tonight
    How you gonna walk ahead
    if you keep living behind

    Stuck in my same position,
    you deserve so much more
    There’s a whole world around us,
    just waiting to be explored

    Instead of just sitting around
    and looking down on tomorrow
    You gotta let your feet off the ground,
    the time is now, just let it go

    I dont wanna have to force you to smile
    I’m here to help you notice the rainbow
    Cause I know,
    What’s in you is out there

    I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
    I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
    Waiting outside the lines
    Waiting outside the lines
    I’m trying to be patient (I’m trying to be patient)
    the first step is the hardest (the hardest)
    I know you can make it,
    go ahead and take it

    I’m Waiting, waiting, just waiting I’m waiting
    I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting
    I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
    Waiting outside the lines
    Waiting outside the lines

    You’ll never enjoy your life
    Living inside the box
    You’re so afraid of taking chances,
    How you gonna reach the top?

  235. Beautiful Jim, God bless you.

  236. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    Wow Ken, the light of truth. Thank you.

  237. Another piece of “lost tech” the Sea Org member passing issues, it seems. I’m pretty sure LRH penned or minimally authorized that first passing issue on Yvonne Gilham Jentzsch, which set in motion that trend for a while. One was done on Phoebe Mauer I recall.

    Which is why I think it so important that those who remember history, write it so it at least is in the public domain for the accurate truth being told about Scientology history.

    The machine that is the Sea Org has a lot of raw files still in their possession that tell names and dates, but the history in the ex members’ minds, I feel is so important to tell publicly, and somehow gather it all safely in the public domain so it is NOT lost.

    Thanks so much Sinar for all your years of history postings.

  238. “… the universe is so set together that an individual who goes out to kill everybody, dies himself. There is a retribution.” — Anatomy of the Spirit of Man, Lecture 4, Direction of Truth in Processing.

  239. +++

    So true Steve.

    And wasn’t “+++” her confidential call sign on her traffic?

    I can’t thank you enough Steve for speaking history.

  240. LRH was ” # # #”

    Annie, I believe was ” + + +”

  241. Tom just informed me Dr. Deikman suffers from Parkinson’s so please take that into account while listening to him, respectfully. He makes all the same some brilliant points about why cults do these callous things they do. .

  242. Mark,
    You may not remember me from INT, it doesn’t matter.
    Here I sit with this pain in my throat …..and my writing keeps getting interrupted with these grief charges coming off. It is good that they’re coming out and appropriate to the occasion of a farewell for Annie
    and all of the atrocities associated with her later life and death.

    You nailed it so well re the CARING ASPECT because it isn’t the paper where we signed our name on the Billion year contract. We had to step out when Theta was getting squeezed out and life became unbearable under DM but from that precious caring aspect for ALL dynamics, -gosh, here I go again- I never broke that contract and I see neither did you nor just about anybody else on this blog whether they signed a darn piece of paper or not.
    Thank you!

  243. Lana, thank you for your update and I have no doubt but Jim is in great hands!

  244. +1 thank you Roberto

  245. The routing for traffic going up to LRH.

    LRH was “*” – often refered to as “star”.
    Annie was “+” – and below that was:
    “Big P”

    There were other Int base terminals on the routing below that.

  246. I’m sure the media is already all over this blog.

  247. Until reading Ken’s beautiful words about Annie and reminding us of what has happened to scientology — I have shed tears.

    This made me cry.

    I am deeply heartened in my own personal knowing that our lives continue and when a life is spent well, wisely and kindly … our future is ever more bright.

    May her next adventure be full of contentment, joy, fearlessness and wisdom.


  248. My conclusion from what I have read here :

    DM and his int base did not deserve a person like Annie.

    RIP Annie

  249. Thank you so much for the update Lana. We have been thinking about Jim since we learned of this tradegy this morning.

  250. We are here with you Jimbo.

    This is so wrong.

    I have no words…

  251. Beautiful.

    And thanks to you for KSW in the field of Independents.

    DMs perversed concepts of motivation will bring the final cave-in upon him.
    The truth will last forever.

  252. Tom Gallagher

    “If a fraction of what they said about me was true — a fraction — I wouldn’t be here. I’ve not only not been convicted of anything, I’ve never been indicted for anything. Now I think that’s where you finally have to look at the, quote, critics and say, “Hey. Put up or shut up. Let’s see some evidence.”
    David Miscavige on statements made about him by critics — Tobin, Thomas C. (October 25, 1998)

    POB, you’re a sociopath.

  253. Jim,
    This is heartbreaking news for all who knew Annie.
    We are thinking of you man.

  254. Thank you Joe. Yes, this is very difficult for me. I have things for her passing; her brush, and the ring she gave me. Tokens of an ineffable love. Something symbols try to be but cannot.

    These marks of respect and care given traditionally, and returned at these times are physical items and as such with the way this was handled have not been put out for her to cherish a last time.

    Better still is that as she relieves the lies spun in fear of her, as she recovers her self and visits those who love her, and makes her way out of the traps he laid, so manipulatively, the affinity is complete, the communication flowing – tentatively, then with more and more certainty, and soon the reality to dispel all those mechanical conditions.

    In keeping with how I know her, when and where we first shared, what our lives together are, it is inappropriate today, here and now, to dwell on the manner of her passing and the treatment of that creature.

    Save for one thing I can say – whatever power you think you have, it was given by her. She is gone from there now. I am coming back – you will account.

  255. Random,
    You made me smile in the midst of my tears.
    Thanks 🙂

  256. Lest this is mis-taken – the accounting will be truth. This alone. No violence, no crass insult to flesh or force against force.

    Truth – and the creature is no more.

  257. PJ, What you said – ALL of it.

  258. Thanks Lana. It’s comforting to know that Jim is in good hands. Yours included.

  259. George M. White

    Lana M,
    Thanks for posting this information. I feel that Mr. Moth-cavige will soon pay for his overts as more are made aware of his mis-treatment of Annie.

  260. Carol +1- I have been reading many tributes here to an incredible thetan-I feel i know her now. I feel she contributed a tremendous amount to Scientology , even in her captivity . Her theta and postulates, not dms evil, will win in the end. I would like her to know that.

  261. Do you mean David “Pretty” Miscavige? I thought so. I agree. Perhaps a larger apple crate would help the young lad, or at best he could try becoming a blonde and then he could compete with Lady Ga Ga. 🙂

  262. Chuck,
    You brought up some memories. The black lab of Dave Medina was originally an Xmas present to him from Walter Kotric when Walter was in the galley and there was a “KK”ing for all Services staff. This was when there were no restrictions on having pets at the base. I took care of Mikki, fed her and took her to berthing while Dave Medina was in the RPF – she was a great dog. DM banished all dogs other than his (Buster the nasty Dalmation & a female Dalmation bought as a companion & 4-5 other Beagles), Annie’s Shar Peis which was a present from DM and a few select dogs from the base. Mikki was sent off to Happy Valley to live her life out there. So much for control of the 5th Dynamic.

    F&E = LRH Film and Equipment. This unit was part of the HU (household unit) which was in CMO Gold. Ted Horner held the I/C post for a long time and Jeff Baker became the I/C after Ted left. Roberta Lantz was his assistant and these two went to all of the events for all the still photos, like those published in the IAS mag etc. Annie and all the Creston Ranch staff was assigned to the RPF for following Broeker after DM took over the power. After completing the RPF, she was assigned to F&E and worked processing film in their darkroom. She spent 3 years at Happy Valley on a personal program after being recovered later…

    F & E was also given the job of taking care of DM’s photos and equipment and processing his film, compiling slide shows etc.

  263. Nicely done Lana – thanks for your insight.
    We are thinking of you too during this difficult time.
    We may see you sooner than later 🙂


  264. lana you are not lana from Saint Hill are you?

  265. Ax, You are always welcome here — as you know.
    The week before last, we went to the Snowy Mountains and Jim was trout fly fishing in pristine cold streams and rivers.
    This last weekend went to Rosedale on the weekend — Jim got to see the South Coast and test the waters with a fishing line.
    We drove past Lilli Pilli — and thought of you 🙂

  266. You’re probably right Sinar.

    Charlotte got busted in 2006 for actually connecting up an outside family member to an inside staff member and that of course was a serious flap when DM found out.

    Lia Dunagin went back on as receptionist after Charlotte but as of 2010 Bronwyn at least partially covered the Reception (when she wasn’t servicing the event crew as the Event Services Off.)

  267. Newsflash – we’re not going to shut up!

  268. Thanks so much Steve.

    I remember one time, when the Mercury message system was “new” like summer of 1983ish, one time someone said that “777” was Pat Broeker, and ### was LRH’s email address on that original inhouse Mercury message system piloted at Int mid to late summer of 1983. KK (Karen Kaman) had her logon as her initiails, and a whole bunch of other people had their first email addresses as their initials the same as their initials were listed in that LRH despatch traffic of that time period.

    One day I tried putting ### on the top line, and then hit return to move the cursor to the cc line, just to see if the ### would take and actually be a designation. It took. Years later when I got to ASI, and learned of the equipment at LRH’s end of the line, I see that for that tiny window of time, LRH was being set up to have access, the equipment I got turned over when I moved into the ASI computer room, I got briefed on what items had been used to set him up at his end, at I presume Creston, that was above my pay grade though. (I tried the 777 and it took also, though, in summer of 1983.)

    I didn’t try +++ but I imagine, if INCOMM (Les Gibbel was the INCOMM guy for Int at that time, before Lars Bystrom took over when Les had his accident; Les set up the summer of 1983 designations) if Les was being consistent with people’s designations, my bet is +++ meant Annie.

    I asked today someone who heard from someone who heard it straight from Annie, that sometimes the +++ on a despatch meant sometimes LRH. Annie told this person sometimes LRH used Annie’s designation +++.

    I guess you can’t get much closer to LRH than that!

  269. MIscavige banished all dogs older than his? That is crazy. Just nuts.

    It would be an interesting project to compile the list of crazy shit this guy does into a single list. Just a one liner each for each crazy thing, with no further explanation or comment.

    He banished all dogs on the base that were older than his.
    He grabs onto copper rods to ground his excess energy.
    He banned children from the SO.
    He banned women SO members from being pregnant – either abort or leave.
    He has a $100,000 motorcycle.
    He had SO staff do up Tom Cruise’s hangar in Burbank for a present.
    He had SO staff build out a custom excursion for Tom Cruise that included a custom pen made from the same expensive wood as the truck’s interior.
    He stands on a box at events behind the podium.
    He installed video cams in all the auditing rooms at flag.
    He has other staffers at RTC get paid a somewhat larger salary so his truly excessive salary would not stand out legally.
    He sent a one word message to Mike Rinder (I believe): YSCOHB – for “You Suck C*** on Hollywood Boulevard.”

    I mean, this was done just from a cursory recall of the posts from the last year or two.

    The only problem with having a single list would be that it would be hard for anyone to believe anyone is that crazy. Still, it would make a great poster!

  270. Barney Rubble

    I’m glad you took your time writing this comment, because it’s a very well written piece.
    Jim, my personal sympathy for your loss of Annie and you know who this is from. I hope you can now move on with your new endeavors in your life.

    Finally I agree with your final blow to DM, his treatment to Mary Sue and now Annie shows exactly where his sociopath mind has been for years. Dave- just go-you have no where to go.

  271. In reading all of these comments I remembered something else, which puts further perspective on just how sinister DM is.

    During a meeting with several people the subject of Carmen Wiese came up. She had recently contracted an illness – this was early 2000.

    I don’t remember DM’s exact words but he said something to the tune of, “Can you see how she is just making me wrong? This is all just to make me wrong!”

    There was more said, though I don’t remember the specifics but you left that meeting feeling that Carmen was a suppressive for getting sick and hence affecting DM. I really thought so myself because that’s what DM said and at that time I didn’t question what he said.

    He later made a similar comment about Sandy Wilhere – that she was sick just to make him wrong.

    As a matter of fact, whenever someone contracted some physical problems DM would twist this to equal a personal attack on him. I’m sure Mike Rinder could elaborate on this as he was present for some of these comments.

    The confusing aspect was that in some rare cases, when someone got ill, DM showed great concern and acted like he was the ONLY one caring and doing something about that person, but in retrospect his comments were always twisted and never targeted any true cause and it always had something to do with him – usually in a negative manner.

    I can only imagine what he told the Int base about Annie – not the public statements, but the comments in meetings and with select people…

    And to Jim, I also remembered something else: In the early days I found out that Annie used to be married to you and knowing no back stories at that time, I simply asked her about you. I was very frank and had less concerns about the consequences of my loud mouth, than was sometimes healthy.

    She didn’t have to answer but she did. She said something along the lines of, “Jim had his own understanding of things and he refused to violate his own integrity and no matter what people say about him, I do respect that!”

    Though I knew little inside stuff at that time, I did know that stating something like that was definitely against the “acceptable” view and from that moment I respected her more for simply stating her own mind rather than what was “acceptable”.

    Jim, I know you’re in good hands with Lana, as she is one of the few I respected with similar regards to Annie.

    Though anonymously, I’m with you!

  272. Actually the “many are called few are chosen” is from the gospel of Matthew, from the Christian bible. LRH may have used the quote, but its true attribution is Matthew 22:54.

    I will say the US Marines using this same quote to try and recruit soldier really made me sick.

  273. Hi Maurizio,
    No. I was at Int base for 13 years. Never worked at SH.

  274. Barney, Thank you for commenting. I know who you are too. We met in 1993 when I was briefly the Universe Corps Pgms Ops CMO International.You were a good tech terminal and I hope you are faring well — despite the crap that was flung your way in earlier years! Look after yourself!

  275. For Annie and those who knew her…

    Feelin’ Your Cool Breeze

    You filled my sails with a gusty wind,
    snapping lines and frothy seas.
    Fair weather all day long,
    precious moments for us to seize.
    So toss those golden locks,
    and let me feel your breeze.
    Be the wind against my back
    across these open seas.

    Perhaps that’s why the world’s not flat
    so that our paths might cross again,
    as we come back around.
    Always knowing who we meet,
    by that gusty wind,
    and how the waves turn into crowns.

    So toss those golden locks
    and let me feel your breeze.
    Be the wind against my back,
    across these open seas.
    Toss those golden locks
    and come to me…come here please.
    I wanna be with you,
    and feelin’ your cool breeze.

  276. And we are with you too Raul! 100%!

  277. Barney Rubble


    Thanks so much. I am indeed.

  278. Thank you Lana,

    Hopefully I can work out seeing you and Jim in the not too distant future!

  279. LRH says in the Issue “GROUP DIANETICS” the following:

    The auditors of the group must be individuals fully schooled in the ideals, rationale and ethic of the group, whose integrities are not questioned by the group. The whole keynote of the group auditor is honesty and truth—uncolored, unvarnished and unsuppressed data. In this way a good auditing job can be done. The auditor to the group is discovering what has been done to the group and is running it. There is no need of going over and over one of these engrams beyond exposing the information thoroughly and competently to the view of all and permitting all members of the group to discuss that information as they wish. The group itself may then decide upon certain actions but so long as the group itself is doing the deciding, not an individual or just a few individuals in the group, no engram is created.
    LRH, excerpt from “Group Diantetics” January, 1951

    And I’d love to thank all the people here who help to restore the sanity of the third Dynamic.

    The very next paragraph in the same issue shows us why DM and his minions will finally bring about a total collaps of the organization.

    Punitive action, with the knowledge and consent of the whole group and dictated by that whole group, cannot be said to create engrams so long as that punitive action does not fall outside the rationale, ideals and ethics of the group itself. In other words, punitive action undertaken by all the individuals of a group and understood by all the individuals of a group does not create an engram. Action of a punitive character taken by one individual in the group without the understanding or consent of other members of the group will create a lock or an engram.
    LRH, excerpt from “Group Diantetics” January, 1951

    1) DM lost his credit, Members of the Church are questioning his dictatorial behaviour
    2) since Debbie Cooks new years message, OSA tries to dead-agent her, with the most ridiculous arguments (I will write some more about this if I find the time).
    3) all they do now is trying to stop all communication regarding her letter – questioning can’t be answered on org lines

    DM, you maybe think you are the God of the Scientology Universe. Yeah, great. Think again.
    Scientologists are the free people. Now look at what you have done.

    Tick-tock, tick-tock.
    This is the session.

  280. Random Stranger


    1) Had special circus mirrors installed in every hotel room TC stayed in to make him look taller.

    2) Showed his wee-wee to TC one night after too much scotch.

    3) Secretly ordered all Int Base staff to do his ‘Laser Stare Drill’ he invented.

    4) Banned breathing between sentences.

    5) Had Gold stay up all night to make him a special DVD called, ‘Celebrity Withholds Gone Wild’.

    6) Tried to buy the Taj Mahal for the headquarters of the Eastern Hemisphere COB Fan Club.

    7) Plotted to build a secret underground high-speed rail tunnel from Mexico to Marty’s house in Texas.

    8) Ordered all Sea Org staff working with the Nation of Islam students to wear bow ties.

    9) Demanded extinct species of animals for his meals and threw a tantrum when he didn’t get it.

    10) CSWed himself for a book commission for every set of Basics ever sold.

  281. A classic—————fantastic

  282. Tony DePhillips

    You crack me up “Random Stranger”…

  283. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Grasshopper.

    I wasn’t joking. 🙂

  284. Yes, condolences to Jim and to all Annie’s loved ones.

  285. hadley,
    It’s a long time ago. Owen Starkey was an incredibly inspiring speaker. His wife Nancy was the CO AOSH EU. She later on passed away. Where Owen is at these days I don’t know. I remember Bertie quite well. It’s funny now to look back. I was in the GO and I was made to believe (arrogant enough to buy into) that anyone who was not in the GO was inferior. Only if they had incredible personalities would I allow to recognize them. I remember all the people in the GO, Susan and Sepp Hasselberger, Lennart and Pirjo Larsson, Bert and Kari Bengtsson, Jan and Diane Hansen, Allan and Susanne Juvonen, Bob Metzler, Jim Boyd, etc. I do remember also Judy Graham who was CO Pubs DK before it became New Era Publications and Ivan (don’t remember his last name) who followed her. There’s a lot more faces I can remember but I can’t remember their names. Of course I will always remember Gillaume Lesevre, who originally came to FOLO EU (later CLO EU) as a cook and went on a Garrison mission to the Vienna org where he totally turned things around, caught LRH’s attention and was promoted to CO EU. It’s really inspiring to revisit those times and put it all in perspective into what life has taught you. All I can say is I regret how naive and arrogant I was back then and how thankful I am that I have an incredibly good husband that will tell me every time I beat myself over the head with guilt: “you were young, well-intentioned, forgive yourself like you would forgive someone else”. I married very, very well.
    By the way, I’m the sister of Inge Marie Krog/Palini/Linden (Qual AOSH EU/CLO EU) and Gunhild Krog/Jacobs (D/CE ASI or whatever title she holds/has held at ASI).

  286. Ken ~
    This was beautifully spoken.
    Thank you for saying things so well ~
    See your Email.
    Hey, please drop in here more often.

  287. Dan, I think it’s the epitome of “make nothing of.” The last ditch effort to make nothing of a being–not even recognize the death of their immediate body (i.e. “them”) in any way, shape or form. No sense can be made of it–it’s true 100% psychosis, crazy, evil and having a ball doing it.

    My God, I loved Annie. She was one of the ones I hoped and hoped could get out of there. I was stunned when I read all this. How many people still at the base still have no idea what happened. We have to think of a new acronym for Miscavige now. POB is NOT where it’s at.

    You’re right–this tops the list of his inhumanities and I truly am scared for several more people who are still there. Had Marty not said that she’s doing OK I dunno what I would be experiencing now. I do know that this “man” is the blackest of the black, most evil of the evil and isn’t going to have a good time of it when his own body gives out from under him. The sooner the better. My own personl forgiveness and kindness does not extend to such a creepy little demon.

  288. Tony DePhillips

  289. Hey YOU, how yah you do’in? Come to PT. Look around. Take a walk; look around.

    I say you are do’in great.


    1. I have the right to be treated as a living human being until I die.

    2. I have the right to maintain a sense of hopefulness, however, changing its focus may be.

    3. I have the right to be cared for by those who can maintain a sense of hopefulness, however changing this might be.

    4. I have the right to express my feelings and emotions about my approaching death in my own way.

    5. I have the right to participate in decisions concerning my care.

    6. I have the right to expect continuing medical and nursing attention even though ‘cure’ goals must be changed to ‘ comfort’ goals.

    7. I have the right not to die alone.

    8. I have the right to be free from pain.

    9. I have the right to have my questions answered honestly.

    10. I have the right not to be deceived.

    11. I have the right to have help from and for my family in accepting my death.

    12. I have the right to die in peace and dignity.

    13. I have the right to retain my individuality and not to be judged for my decisions which may be contrary’ to beliefs of others.

    14. I have the right to discuss and enlarge my religious and/or spiritual experiences, whatever these may mean to others.

    15. I have the right to expect that the sanctity of the human body will be respected after death.

    16. I have the right to be cared for by caring, sensitive, knowledgeable people who will attempt to understand my needs and will be able to gain some satisfaction in helping me face my death.

    Shame on you ‘church’ for violating human rights in the most disgusting manner.

  291. Are you serious? Isn’t that a little much? Jeez! Some respect for the dead…

  292. Thank you for this.

    Among the many treasures you have given.

  293. We understand.

    A tribute of beauty for a friend and comrade:

  294. “The RCS once again, at the forefront of human rights and free speech:
    Cult information charity faces Charity Commission curb after Scientology complaint”

    “This article was amended on 13 January 2012. The original article said that “an official [from the Charity Commission] let slip at a meeting attended by Haworth, and some CIC trustees that it was the Church of Scientology” which had made the complaint to the Charity Commission about the CIC”.


    “ This is denied by the Charity Commission which has asked us to make clear that it is the commission’s policy not to reveal the source of any complaint and that the complaint came from an individual who did not claim to be making the complaint on behalf of any one else or any other organization”

    Funny another “an individual who did not claim to be making the complaint on behalf of any one else or any other organization”, I am not a Scientologist but…… LOL!

  295. A welcome perspective.

  296. god that is sweet! 🙂

  297. hi lana thanks for answering that, then we do not know each other personally. but we do have something else in common.
    in the later comment you mention having been on universe corps lines “briefly” m assuming that means removed in a hurry, I have been d/UC Off. EU in 1989 and removed in a hurry cose I was making some, in fact in tipical DM church stile upon my removal from cmo/rtc they wiped out my universe corps then blamed me for it and declared/rpfed me,but they are still using in their issues the purpuse of UC as written BY me and my then senior. anyway what I mean to say that if you are one of those removed in a hurry from UC lines You must be GOOD!
    love mau

  298. I hope she wrote up her hat, and that its out there somewhere, for us to read. Its a great loss when one of the first Sea Org members leaves us – lets hope that some of the old-timers still in the cult have a chance to write their hats up as well ..

  299. Firebreathing Frog

    I never meet Annie, but this post really upset me.

    I knew both her mum and dad, and they are lovely people.
    Don was working in the Translation Unit in CLOEU, in Copenhagen, until 1986. I had the chance to work with him on several recording.

    Just after LRH passed away, both Don and his wife were called to Int very urgently, they were given very little time to turn over their hat and pack.
    I learn few days later that they were the parents of Annie, who was with LRH until his last moments.
    Most of SO member at CLO level didn’t know until then where was LRH nor with whom he was.
    So Don and Jean were treated as VIP and called to Int immediately, to be with her daughter, now being a very top exec in the church.

    Don and Jean were very nice people and very respected.

    Today, I don’t know if they were called to Int to be with her daughter they didn’t see for years, or if it was part of Miscavige plan to have them under control.

    After all, Annie was with LRH until his last day, living with him in exile, and saw LRH dying in an RV, so she must have had something to say.

    Now we know that David Miscavige refused to pay a ridiculous amount comparing to the fund he had at his disposal, to have LRH free.
    As soon as LRH passed, this sum was paid very fast to end the court case, but it was never done before, causing LRH to end his life in a RV.

    Thanks to Miscavige.

    Miscavige spend million dollars into MEST, 170 million dollars illegal regging for the superpower building alone, but could not spend a couple million to have LRH free and back home.

    Annie was surely pissed about all this. And she must had something to say at the time.

    In the past, I was hoping than LRH biographer debriefed Annie thoroughly about all the years she spend with LRH, and that her stories will be part of LRH biography.

    But since this “biographer” is under Miscavige orders, a lot of facts and truth will never be exposed, since lot of truth are linked with Miscavige’s crimes.

    Hopefully we have this blog and well intentioned people who are not afraid to speak the truth.

    Farewell Annie. I regret I didn’t have the chance to meet you, but as you lived of life of truth and integrity, you will be fine wherever you decide to go.


  300. LOL! Good dose of medicinal belly-laughter! Thanks! 😀

  301. Oh dear! I just split my guts! LOL! Love you!

  302. I am not the brightest candle with my computer skills. I hope this comes through.

    My wishes for you Annie.

  303. When I was on the Apollo, I knew Annie to be very dedicated, yet unlike some of the other messengers, she never got caught up in the abuse of power that some of the others did. In the dealings I had with her she was always kind and decent and for someone to manage to be that way in the SO, says a great deal about who they are. As Karen wrote, she was indeed a gentle soul and she is gone much too soon. Rest in peace, Annie.

  304. Firebreathing Frog

    You right.
    Their is more to learn here and listen to great thetan who leave us speechless.

  305. OT 22. Reading this just makes your eyes water for greif to the family
    My heart is with them RIP Annie

  306. Talking about event crew does any one have data the location of Peter Vodeging last see at flag serv ices org ( in the events unit )

  307. Most certaintly remember Y Gilham Jentzsch situation and also Pheone’s
    I also know of the handling done to Marie Passmore when shechallenged Dm once on Mission to rip out those keeping stabdard and her refusing to back down ( she was recalled to Flag and isolated developed cancer and died.No notification at all.

  308. speling erro ( standard I met to say sorry

  309. Dear Jom
    Reading this I think this blog certaintly share a lot of feeling to you at this most horrible time .Annie I knew and I knew her Mum and Dad and sister also.,,You perhaps didn’t know me. Never mind .I sense Annie is looking down on you and she is feeling peaceful and many peoples share sorry at this time But also try to express a lot of love at this time also.

  310. The value of an autopsy becomes more limited over time.

    I certainly hope Annie’s family will demand an autopsy to be performed, and that law enforcement gets involved ASAP.

  311. George M. White

    I’m getting e-mail about the Moth’s cover up.

    Mr. Moth-cavige hits the flame and now is burning.
    Moth, you are exposed by the fire.
    Rest in peace, Annie.


  312. I wish to observe a moment of quiet and respectful recognition of Annie and all those that have been killed off or subjected to irreparable damage by POB and his reign of suppression, only because they sought to adhere to the words and indeed the spirit of true Scientology as created by LRH. The parallels between POB and such monsters as Stalin are chilling – gulags, revisionist history, “re-education,” torture and the sadistic disregard for the sanctity of the lives, beliefs and beingnesses of others. The reign of such madmen, however, always comes to an end, usually in horrible ways. POB, in addition to everything else you are, you are a fool for you will reap what you have sown.

  313. Thank you bodil I recall you well and all those names in your message I got on well with The GO Susie as I called her she was a do girl and
    she was tough and didn’t take any shit.
    I was Senior tours Registrar, after some time Guillaume bcame my Boss then he moved from CO EU to INT / He made me Kha kha for the work I did in Tours Do you recall Ronny De Arman ? email me for details of what ever you like to look back on I got a few stories to tell.
    You will remember me sooner rather than later. your message made me smile

  314. Cowboy Poet….your prose touch many…for sure they have touched me in a very Theta way..

    I hope to hear a song soon with this tribute to Annie.

  315. Bodil — Gunhild Jacobs was holding the post of Temporary HAS when I was escorted off post and out of ASI in later 2004 following Dr Denk’s memorial service. I did return thereafter to work on Writers of the Future when Gunhild told me, “a mistake has been made.” When I asked her who issued the order for me to be escorted off post and out of the org, she disappeared from the org and I don’t recall seeing her at all through the next year when I left for good in August or September or so. Evie T returned to hold the HAS post when Gunhild disappeared.

  316. Beautiful.

  317. He’s right, of course, it isn’t a fraction of what “they” said that’s true – it’s a multiple. For everything we do know there is, no doubt, at least 10 times more things, possibly even more horrific and unimaginable we don’t yet know – but will. As for conviction? Well how does being locked in a personal hell for multiple lifetimes sound?

  318. cowboy, beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. you have a wonderful ability to write poetry.

  319. freespirit, that was beautiful.

  320. Just a little note. I’m find calling David Miscavige the POB amusing and I know Scientologists love to use abbreviations but please make the effort to type out the name DAVID MISCAVIGE when you are posting about him – particularly when they are posts about his evil and abusive behavior. Google search results will be factored on the number of time a word appears on a page – by using POB all the time we are actually lowering the chances of someone finding some of Marty’s posts when they type in “David Miscavige”

    This was a hard lesson learned a long time ago by a critic community. They liked to spell Scientology in creative, or funny ways, particular “$cientology” — but this had the effect of keeping them off search engines results for the actual word “Scientology”

    I’m not saying stop calling the nasty little piece of shit whatever you want, but if you are posting about something specific to him just make sure to also spell out his name in full at least once in your post too. I just want to make sure Marty, and other truth sites, go to the top of google when you type in “David Miscavige” and believe me the day Marty’s blog is the first hit for his own name – you might hear the screaming all the way from INT.

    After feeling sick thinking about the life he forced Annie to waste in that godawful prison and trying to hide her death, I was trying to come up with something useful anyone here could easily do that would help spread the word about what he did to Annie and continues to do to so many others… and the search result metrics seemed like a perfect little way to help spread the word a little further…

  321. SunnyV — Thanks and this is an excellent point. I am the Who for starting the POB moniker! I am going to repost this comment into the latest post too. Mike

  322. Tony DePhillips

    I think you are to serious…

  323. Tony DePhillips

    too serious…

  324. You’re very welcome, Jim.
    The thought was yours. 🙂

  325. Maurizio,
    Wow, that sounds soooo familiar. Same pattern of busting me as U/C C/S in Zuerich in 1990. I didn’t get to know you because you were busted just before me.

  326. I read this yesterday, and all the comments. Until now, I could not say anything myself. I have experienced so many levels of emotion. The cruelty shown and heinous disregard for Annie Tidman Broeker Logan, to her family and friends is another milestone for David Miscavige, a sociopathic achievement equal only to those of Adolph Hitler, Vladamir Ilych Lenin, Kim Jong Il and Jim Jones of The People’s Temple.

    My heart goes out to all who knew Annie personally and were touched by her goodness. I am truly sorry for your loss.

    When I first arrived at FLB in 1985, it was my great pleasure to meet Don and Jean Tidman. I did not learn from them of their long and productive records, that I heard from others. They could only speak with unbounded love and pride of their beloved daughters, particularly, Annie. They did tell me some wonderful stories of their time in the Sea Org and adventures they had shared. I liked them both very much. That this good and dedicated family has been treated so cruelly, with such malice, is beyond my ability to speak of it.

    Soar, Annie. You are now free and undoubtedly, much happier.
    Thank you for all you did for so many for so long, especially your unalloyed loyalty to LRH.
    Go in peace.


  327. You can think what you want. What I think is It’s a memoriam page for god’s sake, and there is a time to be serious. In this case out of respect for someone who passed away and for the people she left behind, many of whom may be seriously grieving right now. Call me serious if you want to — I was just giving you an elbow at the graveside.

  328. “Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

  329. Random Stranger

    It is true that In some cultures on this planet they rejoice and laugh and sing at the gravesite.

  330. Kære Bodil,
    Jo, jeg kan godt huske dig og vil erne sende dig min ‘story’. Har du en mail adresse jeg kan bruge?
    Kærlig hilsen

  331. I did not know Annie personally. I never had the chance of meeting her.
    The news saddened me and left a sense of emptiness.
    After 37 years knowing Scientology, some of those in the SO, as a senior exec, I still cannot but feel for people like Annie who gave her life standing for what she believed in, despite the heaviest suppression Scientology has ever known. I am still under the radar, but I am following Marty’s blog since long time and this unfortunate news has hit a nerve of mine and made me sit down and write for the very first time.
    I want to give my total respect and admiration to Annie Tidman, hoping that she’ll choose Italy to be reborn. We certainly need people like her for a new renaissance. With all my love to her and condolences to her family and all of you who knew and loved her.
    ps. sorry if my english is somewhat elementary…

  332. Hi Bodil, I think we talked on the phone a few years ago. I saw Larry Jacobs watering plants at the complex, right after Christmas, when I visited LA. Thanks for the history.

  333. Chuck, I wish that 1986 Loyal Officer announcement event video of Pat and Annie was on the internet. Annie told some stories about LRH. Both looked like country bumpkins, so down home cute and real and so unlike Sea Org members. It made me wonder what direction the church would be heading. They were like a breath of fresh air. It was clear that they really loved him. Annie then played a goodbye tape of some sort from LRH, right? Or was it a song? Sure wish we could see it again.

  334. I will second that.

  335. Sarge, I can only imagine. I don’t believe I ever met Annie, but the post hit me like a ton of bricks over a couple of days of revisiting the blog several times.

    Then revisiting one day I felt like Annie was there in the room with me and she would be OK.

    Thank You Annie.

    Under a dome of white jasmine
    With the roses entwined together
    On a river bank covered with flowers

    laughing in the morning

    Gently floating on it’s charming risings
    On the river’s current
    On the shining waves
    One hand reaches
    Reaches for the bank
    Where the spring sleeps and
    The birds, the birds sing.

    Under a dome of white jasmine
    Ah! calling us

    Under a dome of white jasmine
    With the roses entwined together
    On a river bank covered with flowers

    laughing in the morning
    Let us descend together
    Gently floating on it’s charming risings,
    On the river’s current
    On the shining waves,
    One hand reaches,
    Reaches for the bank,
    Where the spring sleeps,
    And the birds, the birds sing.

    Under a dome of white jasmine
    Ah! calling us

  336. Mario – your english was great. Thank you for caring. I got in just a few years before you and spent a large part of my life in the SO also. Thank you for the integrity to post. I hope you will continue. For people like Annie, and others still trapped inside a nightmare I post and give help where I can. I look forward to when Scientology is the philosophy of life and tool to help all people. That is what got me into this game.

    The news of Annie impinged hard into my world also. Even though I have looked at this for a while the personal damage done, and the empathy that true Scientologists have for others, shows. I feel special emotions when it was an SO member who dedicated their life to this effort and either cannot or are not allowed to see the true picture.

    Hope to hear more from you Mario. Until then, my only Italian. ciao.

  337. Let’s try this video. Good sound quality here.

  338. Peter Voegeding went to the Flag RPF in 2006 for having done a personal business transaction with Gary Wiese from Gold. This had ramifications on David Miscavige’s lines and Peter was sent to the RPF.

    He was reprieved in 2009 as part of a David Miscavige “bright idea” to man up the newly renovated Fort Harrison Hotel facilities, so 50% of the Flag RPF got reprieved but not with full staff status – they all still had to complete their current RPF technical program on their enhancement time before their full staff statuses and privileges could be restored. Peter was one of these. This was the ultimate “application” of the RPF Flag Orders, and of course sanctioned by all as it was a “bright idea” from DM after Flag Crew failed to properly man up the FH for their Grand Opening.

    As of 2010 he was the Fort Harrison Auditorium I/C, meaning he was responsible for the technical operations within the auditorium, lighting, video, audio, etc. This was his prior post before he got RPF’ed which he had held for many years prior to that.

    Peter was divorced and unmarried as of sometimes in the 90’s and remained in that status.

  339. Tony DePhillips

    I do think you are taking this a bit too serious.
    I know people are grieving.
    I was at my Mothers side when she took her last breath so I know what that means. If I saw someone laughing as I walked out of the hospital I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.
    If it were my memorial and someone I didn’t know , paid me respect and then went into a tirade how david miscaviage had helped to sabotage things and they validated what I had done and had a few laughs I would be pleased as punch.
    Please don’t run your “Now I’m supposed to’s” on me OK??

  340. Paul Thank you very much for this update ,I have been trying to get data for long time .I am the mother of his daugther searching for the news of of the well being of her father. His daugther made a visit about 6 years or more ago to Fort Harrison which is when she last saw him there , He of course didn’t tell her anything of what he was doing , Or what trouble in the past .But His daugther confirms the position you say he had, She was received well after a few days staying at friends within Clearwater
    Tampa and on a visit to the Fort Harrison to see her father .My daugther saw a number she knew ( as shehad see many before at flag , and Dk that went to Flag Fort Harrison , so they reconiigised her, that seemed Ok
    She went to visit a old mate she knew whilst she was young he was an Italian fellow in early days they were both in DK before ever this italian landed in the USA with his parents at Fort Harrison ( I knew he has a business outside of the church and I assume today remains in good standing so as not to disrupt PT r for him I don’t name.His parents are assumed to be also at the FSO .Four days into the trip she is called whilst chilling out with her mate interrogated about her mother, and my daugther called me and said OH yr right they soon harrassed me, trying to interminate me ( that was not nice and I told her how to deal with that. She got her father to some how get her to the airport , even tho he was told its not allowned, And she returned to Europe only to be written to
    and called by her father and he speaking to get asnwers with a control frick standing intimidating Peter to try get data about her mother through my daugther I don’t recall the name of the EO INT but he was abrutly told ” Your not using my father to bark up that tree , as that is dead and already has had no relationship with the church for 20 years ” and she told them if this is your way of dealings using father to daugther relationship to commucate under these terms then I dont wish this association, or to carry through this call , even if you are EO INT and she carried on to tell the person you will get a letter, and put the tel down So one was sent by my daugther to EO INT copy to Peter openly telling EO INT and DM’s associate s where they can go. Peter had been and is influenced obvilusly out of his control and that was the last time she spoke to Peter.Raul I again appreciate your info really I do I pass it to my daugther .

  341. Forgotten Tech

    Annie sounds like a special lady. I wonder what her life would have been like if she had been allowed to see her husband again and got to spend her remaining 20 years with him instead of with Miscavige.

  342. Sapere Aude, Ciao!!!! 🙂
    Thank you for your kind words to me. Its good to meet here some old hands, especially for me who lived a true dream in Italy back in the old days.
    What a difference from these miserable Miscavige times! What he did still dawns on me as probably the worst suppression ever. And totally unexpected in terms on how I thought Scientology corporate structure should have prevented such ‘take over’ from happening!
    But I am learning every day from this blog, from other sources, how the structure has been compromised and I TOTALLY agree with Marty that the Church is dead. For real. Yes and I do feel for fellows who have been in the SO for such a long time ( I have few friends still inside at CLO Italy from pioneer times) who did not or could not fulfill their dream of a freer life, freer beings and Help in its truest definition, but live under a cloud of suppression. I am very happy I started writing here. While under radar for a while more, soon I’ll fix some last familial straw I need to adjust to come up with my story and everything else that comes up with it. Until then thank you again for being here.

  343. Supportive non Scientologist

    Longtime reader here, but I believe it’s a FEDERAL crime to mess with a corpse. Has any of her family notified the authorities of her death and wish for a proper burial?

  344. Kære Bodil, Har du en privat mail jeg må bruge?
    Kærlig hilsen

  345. one of those who see

    Stop, hey what’s that sound. Everybody look what’s goin’ down.


  346. Correction. Jean Tidman is at 06:47 with cane.

    06:47 Jean Tidman with the cane.

  347. Tory Christman

    Every time I hear of *another* member of the phony “church” of $cientology….. who has died too young, it makes me sooooooooooo sad. I’ve literally lost—well, we’ve probably ALL lost, TONS of loved ones who stayed and were literally killed one way or another while “reporting for duty” to a jerk named “DM”. Screw you, man: you ARE a killer. Karma you cannot run from: You can run, but you CANNOT hide. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Time is on *our* side. Annie: you’re now free. Blessings to you. Tory/Magoo

  348. Jean-François Genest

    Θ My heartfelt condolences to Jim Logan, Ann Marie’s family, LRH, and all coleagues of Annie. The world will soon regain a wonderful being!
    (please help me embed this video)

  349. Jean-François Genest

  350. Wow, Hadley, I didn’t know.

    I can tell you that Peter is pretty much like in the old days. He is also weak when it comes to authoritative people and he would agree to do and say whatever they are pressurizing him to do and say.

    However, privately he isn’t.

    I know for a fact that he loves his daughter and I know he really wishes things could be simple and he could just communicate with her normally, and often.

    Peter is one of those generally compassionate, though not very organized fellas that is generally liked by everyone. Though he has been severely smashed at times, mainly connected with something conceived as a “major f-ck-up on COB’s lines”, he seems to retain a fair amount of theta and keeps going. He is a stalled OT III for some 30 years and as he was only in the very, very beginning of his RPF program when he got reprieved, (he is a VERY slow student) he won’t be doing anything else on his enhancement time for a while.

    Anything you and your daughter can do for him would be worthwhile!

  351. Chuck,
    For four to five years you were one of 3 people that knew who my alter-ego (SCIE-NO-MO-) was on OCMB. The other 2 were my brother Borge (Tgack) and my ex-husband Thomas (SchwimmelPuckel). I am forever grateful for you to for allowing me to “itsa” for hours, trying to get my considerations worked out within myself. Your posting your phone number on the net was one of the most humane things a person could ever do. You’re an absolute hero in my book. I will never forget how graceful and comforting you were in that conversation.

    Thanks for letting me know about Larry (my brother-in-law, is he still in the RPF, do you know?). Next time you come to the LA area, please let me know ( I have a guest room and you’re welcome in my home any time, any time. You can no no wrong in my book.

    Love, Bodil

  352. Rachel,
    I have read just about all posts you’ve written on this blog. I feel like I know you and you’re a close friend. I understand your whole story and I feel that I know the culture you came from (ASI) from having visited Gunhild many times. Gunhild went to Denmark for a year or two in 05-06 (I’m sorry I can’t remember the exact years). Our father was elderly (our mother had recently passed away) and I remember Gunhild was trying to have him travel to see her rather than her traveling to see him. I challenged her hard on that. The fact of the matter is that she loved her father and would do anything for him. I remember telling her that she had pressure on her to accommodate her goals and I would put counter pressure on her to make her accommodate our dad. She eventually did, to her credit because getting even one day off to see your elderly father takes heroics in that position. Our dad passed away on 9/11/2009 knowing that his youngest daughter (Gunhild) loved him and would do anything to make him proud. Good for her.

    By the way, I think Gunhild was sent to Denmark following the event that her husband was sent to the RPF, I guess in late 2005. There’s a story there that will be told one day.

  353. Per,
    Min adresse er Jeg er gift med en amerikaner og har boet i Sydkalifornien siden 1987 .Jeg vil gerne hoere din historie og synes det ville vaere fedt hvis du ogsaa ville skrive den paa Marty’s blog. Hav det rigtig godt i det gamle land. Hils hvem der fortjener at blive hilst. Jeg kan huske Jean Tidman som en slags .mor der proevede paa at banke min “naturlige” naivitet ud af mig. Hun var/er et rigtig godt menneske
    Love, Bodil

  354. Yr a blessing with what you said can you email me need a tip on something what you say in yr reply.Please

  355. Rachel,
    Reading this over again it seems like she went to Denmark for the sake of our dad. That was not the case. She was either on a mission or somewhat posted in NEP for the year and a half she was there. Our dad lived a 5-6 hour car-ride from Copehagen and in that period she visited him once, which is of course better than none. It was the fact that she was trying to get him to go to Copenhagen rather than her going to see him I had a run-in with her about.

  356. +1 Tony

  357. that is right they drill it then they do it!

  358. Mario!
    m quite sure we know each other from the old days. we did not pass alot of time together but I lived in your house I believe back then.
    it would be excellent if you were you as I have always admired you as SO officer. I believe we last met in saint hill uk. if it is YOU get my email from marty and dropme a line

  359. I had a grandmother I was very very close with. While I was on mission my mother contacted FOLO. Some cover up story was made to tell my family. I was not told until my “mission was over”, which was well over a week after her death. This was my first, personal encounters with the ‘inhumanness” of the people with in the Sea Org. I was not told, because I think it was known I would have gone home to her and my family. My mission was too “expensive” and “important”.

    This is not what Annie’s family has had to endure, and even Annie herself. I can only imagine the emotions they have gone thru.

    Annie – you have done your job well, and now you are truly free….

  360. Sinar,
    I am interested in doing a story for a Hemet-based newspaper on Annie Broker. Can you contact me at your earliest convenience? Thank you.
    Ashley Cook

  361. Bring it on hope this is done

  362. Hi Per, You asked about my Mom – Jean is living in a nursing home in Clearwater. She is not doing to well – but hanging in there. Thanks, Donna

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