Debbie Cook Defense Fund

I have received credible inside information from corporate Scientology sources who have been right on the money in the past.  Here is the word.  Miscavige’s larger firms, with reputations to protect, flat out refused to go after Debbie Cook on David Miscavige’s direct orders to bury her for alleged gag order violations.  Hence, Miscavige was reduced to using  his  safety valve in such circumstances; the perpetually Kool Aid drunk Kendrick (unindicted co-conspirator in US v Mary Sue Hubbard, et al) Moxon.

Moxon has enlisted his ‘arm’s length’ litigation attack dog Gary Soter of Woodland Hills, California.  Soter has been representing a couple of process servers in a suit against Jason Beghe.  Soter has shamelessly been defrauding the court by acting as if he is in there pitching for a couple of hapless, penniless victims who were devastated by some big shot celebrity.  And he is in there pitching every single abusive, expensive legal maneuver known to shysters in an effort to destroy Jason financially.  Of course, Soter does not let the court know that he is taking daily orders from Kendrick (unindicted co-conspirator) Moxon and being paid wheelbarrows of cash to make Jason’s life a living hell.

Now, Soter is being used to threaten Debbie Cook Baumgarten and her husband Wayne into shivering silence.  David Miscavige, who pulls Moxon’s chain, figures he can shudder them into silence by the sheer financial strain of threat of litigation.

Well,  ain’t gonna happen on our watch.

We are already organizing a fearsome legal defense team.  A small group of us are shouldering the initial financial outlay. Whether Debbie and Wayne choose to utilize the formidable array of legal talent we are assembling or not is not completely under my control.

However, ‘constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back’ has served us well these past three years –  and has served Scientology well since the dawn of its discovery.  We know where Miscavige is going and we know what needs to be done to prevent his train from suppressing truths that when shared will save untold numbers of individuals and families from a lot of grief;  and ultimately will even help guarantee the free, peaceful and sane future practice of the religion itself.

If anyone is interested and able to contribute it will be much appreciated by us and I am fairly certain by Debbie and Wayne, and ultimately by a lot of folks who will be saved a lot of grief by the truths Debbie has to share.

As I have done in the past, I will account for every single penny collected for the defense fund.

Something David Miscavige and his corporate Scientology crew just can’t seem to understand is the most fundamental truth upon which Scientology’s workability stems, “truth, though often fought, always in the end prevails”

Donations can be made here,   Please designate Debbie Cook Defense Fund with any payment.

As Sweden does, a small group using good intelligence tactics, with good technology if well organized can hold back enemies of  great size. 

– L Ron Hubbard 2 December 1969

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  1. Good pre-empt, Marty.

    But also, DM’s dogs are barking at the wheels of the fire engine. Don’t let people forget to pour the coals on actual progress. (For non-English, “pour the coals on” equals dumping more coal into the engine firebox of a train or ship to increase power.)

  2. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for this Marty.
    Not to derail this thread but I just read that corporate scientology put up a commercial on TV during American Idol which must have been pricy.
    I heard that Jennifer Lopez is a Scientologist and maybe she had some influence on the adds.
    It’s interesting that these adds start appearing right after Debbie Cook says that the “church” has all this money and is not doing any disseminating.

  3. Makes perfect sense. Well, perhaps it does not make sense, but it is a readily predicted, consequence of the scene.

    A spot o cajun green (or something representing it) headed to IOB,

    Thanks Marty for the update, your assistance and giving me an opportunity to pay, ah, er, play, a small role in this game.

  4. Thanks for putting this together, Marty.

    Debbie, Helma and I have donated to your defense. You have our respect as part of your earlier FSO staff.

  5. Marty, Who sees the list of donors…or can CO$ track people from that?

  6. martyrathbun09

    If they choose to break the law they do.

  7. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Ed, Debbie and Helma. We’ll keep you posted on developments.

  8. Thank you.

  9. wow ! Interesting !
    will send some bucks !
    Go Marty go !

  10. martyrathbun09

    The ads are DIRECT response to Debbie’s email and consequent publication. Just as floods of ads came out throughout 09 and 10 due to other earlier whistleblowers. Bots think Miscavige is running things. He – sadly – knows otherwise. He’s pure stimulus-response.

  11. Ken and I are in. Our donation has been made. Thank you, Marty for doing this. Debbie and Wayne deserve support. They have done an honorable thing and drew attacks from DM beyond what I suspect they anticipated.

    To our friends who remain under the radar: I’d bet you want to help, too. Contact an independent you trust will keep your confidence and give them your donation to forward to Marty. That will protect your identity and you still get the satisfaction of helping.

  12. It appears that Kendrick (unindicted co-conspirator) Moxon and David Miscavige are from the same ‘worship the money’ cloth. That money has apparently eased his pain over what David Miscavige drove his daughter to do.
    Becoming a parent is easy. Assuming full responsibility for Being a parent isn’t so easy. Betrayal of that responsibility sticks with one for a long time.

  13. Well Marty, you never cease to impress me really.

  14. I just took a quick look at how much the American Idol ad may have cost. I understand it was a 2-minute spot. AdAge, the trade publication for the advertising industry, said in October that the base rate for a 30-second spot on American Idol was $502,000, and that could climb to $640,000 the closer you get to the competition’s final episode. A 2-minute spot, therefore, probably cost $2.5 million or even $3 million when you factor in the need to get prominent placement and the need to outbid people who already had rights to those slots. And if the existing slot holders fought back and raised their own bids, $3 million might even be a conservative number.

    That’s some pretty serious money to throw away to prove Debbie Cook wrong (and I’m not even going into what they are spending on Golden Globes and other venues — the total for this campaign across all insertions could be $10 million to $15 million). And if you look at the fact that the ads are “brand” advertising (“Scientology is great!”) rather than “product” advertising (“come in and check out our books and our technology for solving important problems in your life”), and given that these ads are only running one time on high-visibility shows instead of saturating particular time slots with abundant repetition, it looks like they’re willing to spend a lot of money to keep the population in line after Debbie’s e-mail. Of course, they have probably regged a lot more than they have spent, but the fact that they are willing to go out there and do this indicates a fair amount of panic on the part of David Miscavige.

    Repetition, if you’re actually selling things, is critical in TV advertising, because people are so good at tuning out the messages. That’s why the Jeff Hawkins “volcano” ads in the 1980s worked — they were product ads that were repeated endlessly on low-cost late-night slots. So the fact that they did brand ads as a one-shot clearly meant that they were intended to reassure those in the cult that things are going along great.

    For people not familiar with how the ad business works: given the popularity of the program, a lot of the commercial slots for American Idol were probably purchased by advertisers during the network “upfront” sales period last year. The upfront is where the network unveils the new shows for the season and advertisers make major package buys of hundreds of millions of dollars across a network’s entire schedule, to get the best price on the shows they want to be seen on. The “upfront” is a huge deal; rumors that a network is having a bad upfront can cause the stock price to plummet.

    But even if an ad slot is “purchased,” that is not final. Someone can come along later and “outbid” you and take over your slot if they want to be on a particular program bad enough. So to get their ads onto the program on a last-minute rush, the Church of Scientology would have had to outbid the existing slot holders, probably by a goodly margin, in order to be able to buy such a premium slot with only a couple weeks notice.

  15. Just donated. Got an unusual e-addy from after the payment button was clicked, does this belong to you? Please let me know.

  16. martyrathbun09

    Ken and Yvonne,
    You humble us yet again with your generosity and responsibility.

  17. Cudgel the Clever

    So, who is this “crack legal team”? Have they actually agreed to take the case? Individually or do they know they will be expected to perform as a “team”? What form of accountability will you be providing the donors to the fund?

  18. Marty, I’m spreading the word on my various comm lines.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  19. Off topic:
    Hamburg Org again became an ideal Org ( I think it’s the second time !).
    Soon all ideal Orgs will be recycled and again declared Ideal as to the “New Era Ideal Orgs”, but before they be declared as such, lots of money has to be donated. As David Miscavige found out that some sps made something wrong on the recent ideal orgs and he found some new tech of LRH !

  20. Marty, just a housekeeping note on donations. If for some reason Debbie and her team do not wish to utilize the funds you are collecting, the funds will be quickly returned to the donors, unless the donors say otherwise. Yes?

  21. My first pay-pal payment. Took several tries. Thanks for posting that so I know I sent it to the right place.

  22. The things I believe in A.D. 2012

    1. That LRH is actually our greatest friend, that he left this earth with the full intention to come back and that he intends to clear this planet.

    2. I believe that LRH considers all auditors his personal friends and allies in the effort to clear this planet.

    3. I believe that LRH considers Ms. Debbie Cook his friend and would not want her harmed, suppressed, declared, diminished, stopped pressured, followed or in any way ruined.

    4. I believe that LRH’s heart weeps to see what has happened to his friends and the technology that he handed over to us for safe keeping and application.

    .5. I believe that LRH knows exactly what is going on here and in Scientology today and knows exactly who is doing it and already has a plan in place to correct the scene and restore Scientology.

    6. I believe that since LRH departed in 1986 he has never once taken his eye off of our planet and his home for even a minute.

    7. I believe that things may get much worse before they get better but that they will get better.

    8. I believe that January 1st 2012 will be remembered as the day when the tide turned and that an auditor said “no more” and Ms. Debbie Cook will be remembered for taking a stand.

    9. I believe when the betrayal is fully recognized and understood that the pain will be unimaginable for some but that we will pass through it as a group and that it will open the door for the healing to begin.

    10. I believe that the actual Golden Age of Tech. took place on this earth from 1950 until roughly 1982. That LRH presided over this age at St. Hill and any other location where he was actually present and on the line.

    11. I believe LRH has been in progress for his return and that he will be returning with a group of ethical and fully trained OT’s that share his vision, know all about earth cases and intend to clear this planet and sector.

    12. I believe that LRH and these OT’s will be entirely unimpeded by the small time games played down here on earth and world clearing will begin immediately with LRH’s original tech. fully in and on source.

    13. I believe earth will be the site of an unbelievable renaissance and will be lead by LRH , OT’s and all Scientologists who wish to join.

    14. I believe many will immediately recognize that it is LRH and that the Org’s will see a boom like never before and that they will be a joy to be in and support.

    15. I believe we are going to make it to unimaginable OT states of being!

  23. Jethro Bodine

    What bothers me is that there are lawyers such as Ken-Dick (convicted prick) Moxon who get away with such abuse of the legal system. A lawyer with no moral conscious is a dangerous thing. Here’s a clip of Ken-Dick (convicted prick) Moxon blatantly lying on 60 minutes:

  24. Never been happier seeing money leave my bank account.
    I’m forwarding the link to others too.
    THANK YOU for finding a way we could help Marty – makes it a fun game.
    You da best! 😀 (that’s a big huge happy grin from ear to ear)

  25. like 😀

  26. one of those who see

    For those of under the radar, is it cool to send our donation in the mail? That’s what I did last time for Danny. What address or PO Box can we send to?

  27. If I were in a position to help at the moment, I would. That said, I’d love to see these kinds of “agreements” thrown out as invalid, which of course the CofS risks by bringing pressure on Debbie.

  28. I should probably tie this thread back to the main article by pointing out the obvious: if the RCS organization is willing to pay $10 to $15 million to “prove Debbie wrong” about her comments that the organization is no longer disseminating, then spending merely 1% of that amount ($100,000 to $150,000) on legal fees could make her life a living hell beyond anything I could ever imagine. In the face of the money spent on the ad campaign to attack what she says, one gains a whole new appreciation of what she’s facing in the willingness of the Radical Corporate Scientology organization to attack her personally.

  29. I have completed my dontion of $100.00 and I did it because Ms. Debbie Cook is an Auditor/CS and therefore a friend of Ron’s. I don’t need to know any more that.

  30. Great Post.

    Just a suggestion on what has worked for me in the corporate world.
    I have worked for companies that tried similar bully tactics with me when I left and spoke out on their illegal practices. They would threaten me with HUGE legal bills if I dared to back down from their suppressive tactics.

    My solution was that I got a membership from PrePaid Legal.
    This is a publicly traded company. By paying a monthly fee you gain access to a legal cartel that will support you for a very affordable, predefined legal expense.

    My monthly bill was $25 and when they represented me they provided me with a worst case scenario which would’ve amounted to $1500. Without their assistance I would have easily been looking at over $20,000 in protecting myself.

    Lawyers can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and the only one who wins are the lawyers. I have used prepaid legal with great success by simply having my lawyers respond in my behalf.

    The poison pill to your attackers is to let them know that you have a pre-paid legal account and can easily afford any type of attack they are looking to wage on you.

    This company acts like a poison pill to those who specialize in using lawyers as hired guns to do their dirty work.

    I have no other interest in this company outside of the fact that when you are forced to fight fire with fire, they are realistically affordable and unbelievably professional.

  31. The Corporate “Church” of Scientology and the Fox Network…a perfect match!

  32. PublicServant

    just sent, Debbie or as needed.

  33. Thank you Marty for the update and giving us the opportunity to help!
    Debbie deserve our support.

  34. I hope to hell Debbie takes advantage of this support and stands firm. I think it is a bluff on their part and if Debbie and Wayne do not buckle under to the threat, then they will either not file the suit at all, or take it one step further and file the suit and issue a bunch of paper as a double bluff. But I refuse to believe David Miscavige and Moxon would ever allow a case to come to trial, because of the adverse (to them) consequences that would await them. Plus I believe CRS would bail at the discovery phase, which would inevitably pull David Miscavige into the hot seat for some very interesting questions and place the hole and the beatings at the heart of the case, along with IAS finances. Unless of course, they did not include any of those aspects of Debbie’s statements as part of their causes of action (and how coudl they not?). Debbie, I know you never wanted to be in this position, but since they have pushed you into it, I hope you are reading here and understand that you cannot lose in this matter if you stand firm and keep broadcasting the truth.

  35. That was it. Thx. Will make sure dono went through. If not will do again. Let’s prevail!

  36. martyrathbun09

    Thanks PS

  37. martyrathbun09

    I hear ya

  38. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sam. Never a dull moment.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Bb, Thanks a lot.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Not quite. We are putting the defense (offense) together now, and paying for it. This message alone in today’s post was worth 50K in defense impact. Anything unused can be returned. But, the chances of that are slim.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mike

  42. Debbie may not immediately appreciate this gesture from you, Marty, but I am certain in the long run she will.

    It’s not the church that needs saving, because it is already gone.

    It would seem from her letter that Debbie is probably quite aware of just how suppressive miscavige is. She may be a bit naive as to just how vicious he can get when someone points out to his dupes just how anti-LRH he is.

    I’m sure she is devastated to witness what miscavige has done to HER org, to LRH’s legacy. But I don’t think she is even vaguely up to speed with regard to exactly what miscavige has created within his cult.

    We’ll let LRH describe it. From a bulletin written on 22 March 67, also issued as a policy letter which is still in the latest OEC Volumes:


    “Alteration of orders and tech is worse than non-compliance.
    Alter-is is a covert avoidance of an order. Although it is apparently often brought about by non-comprehension, the non-comprehension itself and failure to mention it, is an avoidance of orders.
    Very degraded beings alter-is. Degraded ones refuse to comply without mentioning it. Beings in fair condition try to comply but remark their troubles to get help when needed. Competent higher toned beings understand orders and comply if possible but mainly do their jobs without needing lots of special orders.
    Degraded beings find any instruction painful as they have been painfully indoctrinated with violent measures in the past. They therefore alter-is any order or don’t comply.
    Thus in auditing pcs or in an org, where you find alter-is (covert non-compliance) and non-compliance, given sensible and correct tech or instructions, you are dealing with a degraded low level being and should act accordingly.
    …This is a primary senior datum regulating all handling of pcs and staff members. A degraded being is not a suppressive as he can have case gain. But he is so PTS that he works for suppressives only. He is sort of a super-continual PTS beyond the reach really of a simple S & D and handled only at Sect 3 OT Course.
    Degraded beings, taking a cue from SP associates, instinctively resent, hate and seek to obstruct any person in charge of anything or any Big Being.”

    And, from Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics of:

    I wonder how many “nice, pleasant,” staff members who can’t assimilate straight tech remain on staff?

    I admire your courage, Debbie. But don’t be surprized to find that the church you have given your heart, soul and life for, is in fact deceased.
    It belongs, ostensibly, to one david miscavige and the degraded beings who currently adore him.

  43. ANY form of accountability will be more than we ever got from the IAS donations we wasted.

    Thanks you Marty for taking responsibility.

  44. And my guess is that DM did not take one thin dime out of his treasure chest to fund these ads. Instead, he breathed fire down all lines everywhere to make all reges, i.e., all staff, to get out a frantic “Call to Dollars” campaign to support this international threat to Man’s only shot at freedom.

  45. All true but you are looking at the probable outcome AFTER they wreck financial havoc with motions, pleadings etc. which are all designed to break the back of the opponent prior to ANY JUSTICE being administered.
    It’s like bringing a claim against the trucking company after you’ve been flattened by a Mack truck.
    Most any system can be gamed and overloading the other side with legal fees is ruthless, vicious, and its purpose is not to seek justice but to overwhelm and ruin. Justice has nothing to do with it; it’s just the vehicle used to bully and bankrupt.
    If they can hold their own until then, the court will slap the other side’s hand and that’s about it.
    I’d just _____ the SOB–it would be quicker, more satisfying, and a helleva lot cheaper.

  46. Becoming a parent is easy, David, except in the S.O. where you have to run the abortion gauntlet for 9 months to even get to Square One.

  47. Great news! Once Debbie stands in court and gives her testimony of her experiences at Int, and with David Miscavige, it will be clear whatever papers she signed were a result of post traumatic stress syndrome. By then it will be on court records. She will have to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Therein will be historical legal evidence that defines David Miscavige’s purposes as a sadistic torturer, an abusive executive, a fraud and an extortionist.
    He has got the rope to hang himself. I trust at this point he will use it.

  48. George M. White

    Boethius donated to the Debbie Cook Defense Fund.
    His message to Mr. Moth-cavige and his dollar marketing:

    “Who on power sets his aim,
    First must his own spirit tame”


  49. I’d never seen this before. Thanks for posting it.

    He, Moxon, looks like just the kind of guy that could comfortably work side by side with miscavige. Birds of a feather, it would seem.

  50. I donated what I could Marty and Team. Hope it helps 🙂

  51. “He has got the rope to hang himself. I trust at this point he will use it.”

    Nope…he’ll hang on to the bitter end. After all, he’s the only person in the universe who is always right.

  52. Just got word from a friend in the southwest. Old class Vl tucked away in a small town. He came home from work to find a strange car in his driveway, turns out it was some recruiters I guess… tracked him down deep in AZ? They stomped on his failed purpose and he agreed to meet them for coffee later. It took about five minutes for them to put the pressure on how fast could he get to L.A. and how much money did he have in his bank account. Now he’s sick, cold cough fever.
    Yeah, I am familiar with reg techniques, but I don’t recall it ever being okay to set someone in their ruin and leave them there when they didn’t cough up the dough. Bastards. Even if they don’t know what’s going on in “upper management” I am no longer convinced they are so clueless that they don’t know right and wrong. Any six year old knows this. I am quickly losing my patience, or any justification I had for the members who I thought might still be trying to salvage anything .

  53. Donation just sent, thank you Marty, for all you do!

  54. Marty – I am more than happy to make a donation to this worthy cause. The $ is en route.

  55. Cowboy Poet, I am very well aware of how the legal system “works” in the US and what CRS is trying to do. Thus the importance of the actions Marty is taking here to assemble a legal team and the means to pay for it. I am just pointing out that in the this case, standing firm against the suppression will result in a win in the end, a win being defined by the condition that the CRS will ultimately back down if resisted, or lose if they decide to risk discovery and a trial. i didn’t say standing firm would be fun. By the way the outcome for the Church could be much worse than the court slapping their hand. Any finding by a court that their gag orders are unenforceable will remove these gag orders from the game and and anyone that ever signed one will no longer feel even the slightest fear (legally) of truthfully speaking out, and everyone in the future will start out knowing they can speak out.

  56. martyrathbun09

    df, muchas gracias.

  57. martyrathbun09

    Nanook, thank you for all you do.

  58. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Jessica.

  59. martyrathbun09


  60. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Miscavige’s actions are purely punitive. There’s no way he can get the milk back in the bottle now. Cook’s letter is all over the Internet – good luck stopping it. So the only motive left is suppression. Destroy the evil woman who dared to speak truth and pull the curtain back ever so slightly on the crap he’s pulling – exposing him to what he knows is certain death.

    Thanks for doing this Marty.

  61. Unfortunately the way courts work the truth isn’t always allowed to be told. So much rests with the individual judge and what he believes to be relevant. Debbie’s treatment by Miscavige may not be considered relevant in a case on confidentiality breach. The case would be about, did she or didn’t she breach the agreement and is the agreement legal and binding. And because she didn’t bring up any criminal activity in her email the court may not allow it in later. Excluding pleadings the court could choose to ignore her stories despite being “Disturbed” by them.

    Courts are NOT about justice, they are ALL about procedure, precedent and politics.

  62. Meant to be responding to Oracle

  63. It is interesting to note at this 13th chapter of Scientology theater, Debbie Cook, and the lot of us are Scientologists.

    When you ask yourself, “Who or what would oppose a Scientologist?”

    The answer is, “David Miscavige”.

    And when you ask yourself, “Who or what would oppose David Miscavige?”

    The answer is, “A Scientologist”.

    If that is not an unfolding of a telling, I don’t know what is.

  64. martyrathbun09

    Me either.

  65. And the more effort David Miscavige puts into opposing Scientologists, (overtly and covertly) the greater the number of Scientologists opposing him, expands.

    I think my new tag for DM is, Macdeath.

  66. A defense is not only necessary in judicial ceremony, it is essential in any dispute. She would be expected to defend herself unless she just lays down and throws in a “guilty” plea. Sure, anything is possible!

  67. Which of course means more money gouging of public trapped without their passports on the Freewinds or “held against their will” in their homes or in the Orgs until they cough up the extra money the church had to spend to counter Debbie’s communication. Notice I say communication and not attack? 🙂 Look at how much influence just a single communication from her has? Imagine if she went viral which is unlikely because Debbie Cook is much to educated and sophisticated of person to allow that to happen. 🙂

  68. I think we’re all grown up enough to take accountability for where we choose to send our money.
    I don’t need to make Marty responsible for my decisions or hold him accountable for asking us to help a fellow being in need.
    Marty gave a full and satisfactory accounting of the money we sent for Daniel and he will do likewise here.
    I personally don’t give a rats ass whether he does or not because I trust him and I think he has better things to do with his time (like put all of his energy into fighting the suppression Debbie is under right now) than dick around with paperwork to make people like you feel better.
    Sorry – may be an unfair rant but you suddenly appear out of the blue asking questions like this? Out manners.

  69. Marty
    Give Mickey his money back if you have a surplus. Keep mine for whatever you need – hell buy Debbie a vodka and tonic with it for all I care.

  70. I have seen it. It is Cynthia Kisser the former head of CAN {Cult Awareness Network}. The church could not keep her quiet, so they had a large group of church members apply for membership in the CAN. Cynthia Turned them down because too many applied at once and the church sued her out of business for discrimination and then bought the bankrupt CAN for pennies and turned it into a place where people can learn the truth about real cult groups. It is dispicable! But typical conduct of the Church of Scientology. 🙂

  71. What about pro-se? If anyone is up to it Debbie could be. Unfortunately the judicial system in this country is just some sort of gladiator set up designed to feed the beast.
    I think we all know that there is no truth to be found inside it anymore, if ever there was.

  72. Marty,

    The unindicted co conspirator, Moxon uses Soter so that David Miscavige can’t be directly connected and so cannot be deposed?

    Here is more info from using Google:
    Manta says:
    Soter Gary Law Offices Of Attorney in Woodland Hills, CA is a private company which is listed under legal services. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $130,000 and employs a staff of 2.

    Experience & Credentials
    University University of California, B.A.
    Law School Southwestern Law School, J.D.
    Admitted 1975
    ISLN 903542263

    There is more data which can be gotten: if you don’t mind putting in your personal info.

    My contribution was sent for the Debbie Cook Defense Fund.

  73. It will be interesting to see Debbie’s next move. Her silence since the email blast is “deafening.”

  74. Marty, what’s the secure Hushmail addy to reach you at, please ? I can’t seem to find it.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  75. Tom & Mary Beth Gallagher

    Good question and the right answer Marty. MB and I will chip in a ‘C’ note to the cause this evening.

    Fuck David Miscavige and his merry band of suck-ups and fellow sociopaths.

    By the way, this sure beats RCS fundraising events. At least here we get a legitimate endgame.

    Thanks from the bottom of our hearts and our best our wishes to Debbie and her husband.

    Much Love,

    Tom & Mary Beth Gallagher

  76. Tom & Mary Beth Gallagher

    I don’t know where our comment went.

    Never-the-less a “C” note via paypal is on the way.

  77. Macdeath. LOL

  78. Perfect comment Sam. Ole Cudgel the Clever should keep his money methinks (I have a sneaky suspicion Clever wasn’t ever planning on donating a cent, just wanted to stir up some trouble). Cudgel doesnt seem so Clever to me.

  79. Debbie has not acknowledged that she is operating as a Scientologist outside of the COS, not in the freezone or as an Independant Scientologist.

    No, not sending money there, unless she is one of us.

    She did a wonderful thing for us, even if not quite intended that way. It is appreciated. If she leaves the COS and makes it publically known (on her own determanism) that might be different.

  80. Thank you, email sent from my own hushmail

  81. Marty,
    A flow is on the way….

  82. Debbie Cook’s email, made me review this blog and many other resources. Man, it is a colorful scene out there. I was surprised about the large number of people I personally knew and learn about their stories. I stopped doing services being on OT 7 more than a decade ago when I realized discrepancies between the stated goals, policies, projects and statistics at Flag and other places. Not to mention the constant attempt of almost everybody to get a hold of my wallet, – this really became annoying. After looking at the scene I was not able to pinpoint the source of this confusion. Some stuff looked like pure incompetence. When I wrote reports on obvious tech and policy out points int mgmt missions showed up and straightened the specifics out. Sometimes only 3 days after I wrote the reports. Wow! One indication that up the chain things seemed to be OK and intentions were as stated. But outpoints were so systemic and all over the place that I decided to take a break and let it all work out itself. When the dust would settle I would come back and finish the level and not having to deal with all the mess. I had plenty of stuff going on in my personal life and was doing great so let the people in charge work it out. In the following years I basically made clear to anybody knocking at my door that I am not ready to talk and send them away. From the periphery I saw the “Golden Age of Tech”. – “Good thinking on my part! if I hadn’t stopped doing the level, I would have to redo it all over anyway. I beat the system!” 😉
    “The Basics” , 36 desperate phone calls in one week. Friends that went into the Sea Org and had not spoken to me in 10 years called to sell me “The Basics”. Wow, it got crazier, not better. At one time around 2002 or so I had stopped by at Flag to see how things were going and check in with my friends from the Super Power project and to see how they spend my cornerstone money and follow up donations they needed to get Super Power out NOW (1995). My friends gave me a very nice and enthusiastic presentation and I was proudly told that they are at the third iteration of the interior planning and every time it is getting better. Even as we spoke COB was directly supervising the latest sculptures to be placed in the building. Oh dear,- but at least COB was now involved and he projects the image of getting things done when nobody else can, so at least there was still hope.
    A few days ago I see my favorite reg Hy Levy spilling his guts. He was my favorite reg, because he was the most genuine human being in the registrar’s crowd. Thanks Hy, you finally solved the mystery for me why Cathy was always pulling David Foster or you out of the reg office when we spoke about money. And there were others. Some were nutcases and hardcore Scientology enemies nothing but bad intentions, easy to spot. But then also tons of people, people I knew, people that were honest and genuine. (being genuine is the hardest to fake.) Listening to those people apparently Joseph Stalin had picked up a new body and put another group of good willing people under a reign of fear and terror. He even kept the same body size around 5.5 or 165 cm.
    Why can’t the world be like the movies, where the good guys always win? All you have to do is sit, eat your popcorn and wait for the end.
    Darn it. Marty take my donation to the defense fund, just promise me that Caberta will not see a penny of it.

  83. Pat,
    Such a decision is of course entirely up to you.
    Think it through though:
    Fact is she sent the same message as the Indies have, from whatever special category she feels she is in and this message is having a huge effect in the field and media. Now that this backfires on her as could be expected who could and would help her but the Indies?

  84. Tom & Mary Beth Gallagher

    All of this goes to show is that David Miscavige is a full-blown dramatizing criminal psychotic.

    Of course he’ll accuse everyone else of his own condition. Ha!

  85. Additionally, it’s also time to prepare for the March 13th event which means phoney “epic achievements” need to be created for Dear Leader’s pontification before the adoring clapping seals. I can just see the strobe lights and pyrotechnics accompanying the announcements of these ads and the subliminal message of “Donate More!” flashing on the screens….

  86. KFrancis,

    I believe that LRH left us with a wonderful challenge and ALL the tools to handle that challenge of saving and forwarding Scientology. We are playing the greatest game on earth which in the end can be summed up as “the triumph of the human spirit over adversity”. It’s a GREAT game we have, including the fact that the Suppressive Person (SP) David Miscavige is running the Radical Church of Scientology (RCS) into the ground, beyond body death. Without this sort of “SP challenge” some of us might yawn ourselves to death with boredom! Ha!

    Things will get better because we use LRH tools (technology) to make it better, which includes the clearing of the planet. I don’t think we are missing anything or need to wait for anyone or anything to happen in the future to succeed at achieving the goals of Scientology today.

    To stay on the subject of Debbie and a defense fund, part of succeeding in this game is doing things like building a defense fund …this is something we can do now. I have contributed to the defense fund and for me it is “overcoming a not unknowable barrier towards a known goal”… which is also the definition of happiness.

    As for the person of LRH, he said “the stars twinkle” and he won’t always be here. So, at least for right now, he’s not here and we inherit his big boots and have the responsibility to carry forward with the greatest game ever played. Scientology! And, it’s now a lot of fun too without SP David Miscavige and his dead and rotting RCS.

  87. Your humble servant


    Thank you for that beautiful statement of beliefs. I’m sure we can all share in it to one degree or another!

  88. Your humble servant


    I do appreciate your viewpoint. However, I think as a resource to undo the current evils of the official Church of Scientology, Debbie is potentially an immensely valuable resource. Besides, I just have a great feeling about her, even though I have never met her. One day soon, she WILL declare herself as an independent, and that will help everyone. In the meantime, she needs our help, to avoid being crushed into apathy or bought-off silence by the suppressive Miscavige machine. Of course, no one should contribute to this if they don’t feel they can or should.

  89. And of course how the massive dissemination campaign reached more than 8 billion people, 565X the last decade before the beginning of the Golden Age of Crap and Highest Ever Ever in History since Book One came like a bolt from the blue, kaaaboooooommmmmmm!!!!

  90. Well said. I too appreciate her letter. It ends there.

    I’m totally for a legal defense fund for any Indies who might need it. But in my heart of hearts I just can’t get behind a fund for someone where we don’t even know if she wants it, if she’s in or if she’s out or if she’s applying Scn or not.
    The fact that Miscavige couldn’t get the big, high dollar law firms to take the case should tell Debbie that they have NO case. Debbie needs to take the reins on this & get on national tv and TELL EVERYTHING, right down to them hiring some low rent attorney to badger her for not complying with the gag order she signed when under extreme duress. Debbie, the time to speak up is now.

  91. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    RTC Office of COB

    To: All Orgs
    From: David Miscavige, COB RTC


    Many of you reading this may already be aware of how The Opposing Forces have taken over the mind of Debbie Cook, a long-standing and once highly revered Flag Executive. They are remote-controlling her for the purposes of driving all of Earth towards a permanent dark oblivion. It would be irresponsible of us to allow this to happen.

    We will do all that we can to salvage Ms. Cook while we attack head-on those who are trying to destroy her. Each and every one of us are on the list for total and complete destruction, so if we let this happen to her we will be taking a one-way ride to doom and gloom.

    Therefore, we shall spare no expense, no amount of effort shall be too great, no sacrifice will be too much, to save this woman and thusly ourselves from the hard, cold clutches of evil. Debbie Cook is every one of us and we are her.

    To successfully fight the forces of evil against us, we need money. Lots and lots and lots of money and we need it NOW. Money is energy and energy creates power. People LISTEN to others who have money, so we need to be listened to, to influence, to sway, to buy, to bribe, to gear up with weaponry, to manipulate the justice system, to impress, to feel powerful enough to WIN. Thus, we need MONEY.

    Whatever else you possibly may be in process of paying for whether it be mortgages, car payments, clothing, toothpaste, toilet paper, cigarettes, candy bars, underwear, insurance payments, make-up, gas, electric bills, internet fees – especially internet fees, haircuts, laundry soap, credit card payments, gifts, water, air conditioning, heat, Zip-lock bags, tires, animal food, transportation, milk, coffee, tea, half and half, sugar, spices, ice cream, gardening equipment, cell phones, cable TV, school tuition, fresh fruits and vegetables, desserts, movies, restaurants, bars, clubs, golf, flying lessons, aluminum foil, trash bags, taxis, bug spray, light bulbs, parking tickets, alimony payments, fashion magazines, or whatever, give up all these things now and steam shovel that money to this vital fundraiser of all vital fundraisers. There is nothing and I mean nothing more important than this mission. Tell your friends and relatives to give up all their things, borrow things and money and get loans wherever and however you and they can, call random people in Saudi Arabia and ask them to donate towards saving the world from destruction. I don’t care how you do it, but we need to fund this campaign and fund it fast. No Q & A, no questions, no delay. Now.

    Our internal strategy is top secret. To reveal to you exactly what we have in the planning would be to open the door to sabotage and failure and so you’ll just have to trust me on this one, that you are in confident and secure hands.

    Thank you in advance for your donation to this cause of all causes, this make-break point in turning this planet around like Superman flying in the opposite direction of the spin of the Earth. Everything is about to change. But only if your shoulder is hard against the wheel, your nose mashed to the grindstone, your wallets and checkbooks and cash out of your pockets, squeezing out every last drop of your resources. Anything less will result in failure and the blood’ll be on your hands and mine. Failure is not an option, so follow me to victory and together we shall clink champagne glasses over the graves of our fallen enemies.

    David Miscavige
    Leader of the Church of Scientology

  92. about two years ago I was at some org event, . In the middle of it, I saw it was turning into a reg event, and said to myself – oh shit, how do I get out of here. So I went outside and had a smoke. Thinking to myself, god dam, I’m a scientologists, and want to help, but fuck, I’m broke, and I want to do the bridge, but of course I want to help IAS, you know clear the planet. Damn I’m thinking to myself, something is not right, but I can’t put my finger on it. Some guy was there as well. I says to him, god damn, I hate this. It always turns into a reg event for money.

    He turns to me and says, hey listen, if you can contribute, then go ahead. If you can’t, then utilize some power, hold your position. and don’t give any money. Just hold your position. He then walked away. I thought about it. Many thoughts, tone of thoughts at the time. I decided to hold my position. I went back in.

    At the end, they tried to reg me, but I held my position.

    While driving home, I realized, looking it over. Hey, I did have some power. Didn’t matter where I was on the grade chart. I stuck to Code of Honor, I stuck to holding my position. I had a win – something I intended to do, or something I intended not to do.. I was really blown out driving home, cranked the tunes on the radio. I had a win I was being OT to a certain degree, cause over thought, matter, energy , space and time.

    I just wanted to share that and thanks for this blog.

  93. Tom Gallagher

    All Hail Slappy!

  94. Nanook.. As a proud American conservative myself..(as are MANY others who do not follow the socialistic liberal agenda being pushed by our current “leader”), I think your snide remark about “Fox Network” (the only one not worshiping at the “Obama Thrown”), was extremely out of place… Let’s keep the subject confined to Scn.. C of S.. not politics please?

  95. Robert your point is taken and I agree that we are not helplessly at effect point. We are cause and are fully capable to begin the journey back to 100% standard tech. without Ron having to do it all….

  96. May I point out oh just another outpoint———this you stated:

    ” In the following years I basically made clear to anybody knocking at my door that I am not ready to talk and send them away. ”


    Ok, somebody “knocking at your door”?

    PLEASE, PLEASE, somebody tell me where this is written in any PL or HCOB that a staff member visits you??????????????? To reg you, or get back on course, or get back in session.

  97. Check is in the mail. As Betty Davis said, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”
    If Debbie still thinks she can set things straight from the inside, I think she is in for a big surprise and it won’t be pretty. She is in a very tough spot. But then again, we all have been and we survived. Glad you’ve got her back. Thank you for all you do.

  98. THANKS for such an uplifting and positive message! YES!…. “…we come back…”!

  99. Debbie hasnt spoke to several people and by several meaning several only, but she is speaking to the proper people she trust. If she needs help I cant believe a C/S OEC FEBC cant handle a bit of black propaganda so I believe Marty you are not on the ball on this one.

  100. Jason Beghe,

    I would agree Marty, I love this guy, fantastic interview. After seeing his interview, which keyed me in a lot. It took away many stable datums, but he did say in the end, come up to PT. I guess I have gone thru the Wall of fire, the wall of DM. HAHAHA.

    No matter where you are, LRH says you have to have an independent attitude no matter what is going on about you. I wish I could remember or find the quote, and please do somebody find it.

  101. Somebody should report these phony false ADs to the FCC.
    A tissue of LIES.
    The FCC receives complaints regarding false and misleading advertisements.
    10,000 Churches  Indeed !
    The FTC has primary responsibility for determining whether specific advertising is false or misleading, and for taking action against the sponsors of such material. To file a complaint with the FTC, go to or call toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

  102. Gimme a couple of weeks and I’ll kick in for that too, Marty.

  103. I like this one that bots say, or some bodies say——-

    yes they say—-ready, we have the greatest tech in the world, you must contribute, you must pay more money into the IAS, or whatever………..

    OK, one thinks to himself,,,,,,,,,,,”if we have the greatest tech in the world, and it has been around for 60 years or so, then why aren’t we doing better? Why is the planet not cleared, why isn’t bad things not happening?”

    I don’t know. I look around, I drive everyday, I see things. Things are pretty calm in my neighborhood. I can’t travel to Greece or Italy or Germany, but I sell to them on a daily basis, and everything seems ok. I get paid, I ship things, all is cool.

    But you go to an IAS event, and everything is bad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god.

  104. Also another outpoint on this is: She is on silence, just sent an email on source not even saying she would destroy the church, all the efects are being carry out by others, and there is no such legal effect on the acts of others as: DM would need to sue every other scio who thinks the same, so she is putting him if he does that as the actual antisocial dude who shoots everybody because debbie sent an email.

  105. from friends of lrh website——

    “Acting “on behalf of the L. Ron Hubbard Library, CSI [Church of Scientology International] and BPI [Bridge Publications International]”, Mrs. Paquette accused Friends of LRH of infringing upon Church copyrights.”

    ” infringing upon Church copyrights”


    See, connect the dote, it’s all an legal aspect………..not a freedom aspect.

    Whoa dude, what is going on? One can’t practice his church w/o it becoming legal. Where is that in freedom of religion?

  106. I have heard good things about Pre-Paid Legal.

  107. I donated what I could – since I’m now her friend her on Facebook, it’s only right to actually BE one.


  108. I like this: from sceintology cult site

    The first tip, which is really an ethics/responsibility point I’ve discussed earlier, was to spot the points in one’s history with the CoS when you violated your own integrity. This chain of violations of personal integrity (you knew something was wrong but went along with it anyway) inevitably lead to victimization, entrapment and nightmare soup.


    that statement is funny and truthful for me. Because Ihad read dianetics back in 1986, and in the book was a tear out card to come in for a free hour of auditing. Which I wanted, which because I want ed to go Clear. So I did, I ran into a secondary the auditing session. I felt relived big time. I got more DN auditing. then the prurif, the HQS, then I got regged, and regged and then I had to use my credit card. Oh, shit, I never spent so much money that I know was on the hook for.

    And its funny, after that point in time I was hooked.

  109. Look at the gleam in his eyes from 1:02-1:08. He is absolutely beaming with pride that she’s acknowledging the PIs that he’s hired to dig up dirt on people and that he’s having an impact.

    And then he lies through his God-damned teeth.

    I can’t imagine having to live with myself after all of the sleaze he’s pulled. What a wretched being.

  110. Tony DePhillips

    I’m sure this will flood the Idle Orgs with pc’s..(not) but even if it did they wouldn’t have any delivery terminals.
    Also when they start communicating into an ARCx’n field they are going to get the backlash of all the bad PR they are creating and even more people in the cocoon will awaken.

  111. Tony DePhillips

    I tend to agree with you Pat though I will send a donation.
    I would like to see that Debbie Cook doesn’t think that I am some SP peice of shit for coming out as an Indie. I will help based on the strength of Marty’s request, but I do feel similar to you on this.

  112. Tony DePhillips

    ROTFLMAO. 🙂 🙂

    DM must be pissed that you, just some “random stranger,” was able to hack his personal email account like that only to send this around before he could fully qual it.

  114. That was a response to our old friend “Random Stranger”

  115. Tony,
    You kept your integrity in and walked away from a group that’s squirreling the tech. If anyone thinks you’re an SP piece of shit, then they’re the one with the problem, not you. You don’t need anyone’s approval for doing the right thing. If you’re ever uncertain, ask yourself what LRH would do.

  116. Yes, Prepaid Legal just changed their name a couple of months ago to “LegalShield.” You show the link to the new website.

  117. When you are a member of LegalShield (formerly known as PrepaidLegal) and you are sued, your membership includes a certain number of hours of work done in your defense including trial. If Debbie is a member of LegalShield, any donations made could cover any charges she may incur if her case went over the allotted number of hours.

  118. Nanook, Love your handle. I studied the film when I was learning scriptwriting. — Steve

  119. There will be more media coverage when the church actually files a law suit. Just the filing will be another monumental footnuke. The media will see this as retribution for her letter which it obviously is and will cover it.

    “Ex Scientology CEO sued by the Church of Scientology for speaking out”
    “Church taking revenge for Debbie Cook speaking out”

    And on a lighter note:

    In its official release Church spokeswoman Karen Pouw says, “There is no lawsuit”

  120. Dude! You rocked that! Thanks for the laugh.

  121. Joe Pendleton

    GREAT realization, Captain Bob!

  122. As much as I detest what Moxon did here, I have to admire the brilliance of this attack. Rather than a single lawsuit, using all these people to file individual lawsuits that would have to be defended. Once driven into bankruptcy, Cof$ then bought up the CAN name and used it for themselves. It would be akin to Handgun Control, Inc. taking over a pro gun lobby group and turning it into phoney opposition. Unfair, despicable, but a brilliant political move.

    CAN left themselves open because they failed to understand the tax codes, the legal definition of employment, and the legal nature of employment … that to employ, as per the legal definition, is to bring the federal govt. in as a senior third party to what would otherwise be a two party contract. The govt. then dictates terms, including “equal opportunity.” If CAN’s people understood the game, they would have ceased to employ ANYBODY and made all their people outsources via separate LLC’s. The govt. can call the shots with respect to “employment” but has no say so whatsoever as to, say, a corporation you may contract with to provide services.


  123. Random Stranger


    6% IAS banners and signs
    13% IAS glossy magazines
    4% IAS DVDs
    6% IAS pins & trophies & plaques & gifts
    11% COB IAS bonus
    2% IAS limos
    3% IAS dinners
    11% IAS event costs
    31% Int Reserves
    .025% Humanitarian Campaigns
    2.75% IAS travel
    10% IAS Reg commissions

  124. one of those who see

    Very cool!!!

  125. mark mckinstry

    Hi Marty,

    Didn’t see your post until late Hawaii time, but made my donation. Happy to support you and Debbie in any way I can.

  126. I find it strange that there is a collection going on here. Didn’t we just, most of us, leave the church partly because of the fundraising?

  127. The Army Colonel that is head of Toys for Tots is not one of us either. I contribute, and am an ambassador, because it is a worthy cause. I could go on and ions with this list but I think you get the point. I don’t care how people identify themselves so much as their purpose. Debbie does have the same purpose as we do, to make the world a better place. Frankly, I think purpose is senior to identity. She has become, and has been for a very long time, part of a worthy cause . I think that is reason enough to lend support.

  128. Not clever at all.
    My anser to this question:
    “So, who is this “crack legal team”? Have they actually agreed to take the case? Individually or do they know they will be expected to perform as a “team”?”
    Would be
    “Who wants to know?”
    😀 😛

  129. ‘Answer’ not ‘answer’ – early morning pre-coffee typos!

  130. Ugh! Did it again. Off to get coffee!!!

  131. Pat, I totally agree with you. There is no legal battle yet, Debbie has not asked for the help and only a few day’s ago Marty was asking us to stay clear of Debbie and her email. Now we are donating to a fund she hasn’t asked for and guaranteed not to get our money back? We also have to apply the ‘Hidden Data Line’ to this.

  132. Just between you and me, Mike, Cudgel is a very clever man. He’s a friend.

  133. The Golden Age of Renovation?

  134. “Well, ain’t gonna happen on our watch.”

    That is the attitude of strength loyalty support and truth that will cause the Indies to grow far beyond the imagination of DM (if he has one!!)

    Well done Sir!

  135. You make a good point in demonstrating why we should prepare to help Debbie, even if she herself has not yet asked for it.
    It has been quite a journey discovering what is really going on in the church and I know in my heart that many of the people I call friends, the people I have admired, would not support what is going on IF they knew the truth.

    Having contributed to this blog for several years I have found the greatest barrier has been breaking through the enforced “don’t look, don’t inspect”dramatization. How could anyone do a doubt formula without looking. I know of no place where LRH say where you can and can’t look. By looking, you have been able to find some truth which you had not known before. If Debbie helped you to arrive at this place, then this is a goood thing.

    My take on the defense fund is that LRH always talked about being prepared…this is just another way that we can be prepared. Why Debbie? Her comm lines! But most importantly, she is still fresh from the hole add to that, her altitude in the organization makes what she has to say very believable. Combined with all the reports from those who have already gone public, only those with the biggest blinders will not get a peek at the light of truth.

    Count me in, Marty.

  136. Marty,
    My donation is on its way. This is my first time commenting. I am currently under the radar, and have been reading your blog daily for about 18 months.
    By way of introduction I first had auditing as a teenager from a teacher family friend in 1958, but did not do anything further until 1966. I have not been in the SO, only a public Scientologist, but not on RCS lines for a while, and given the currrent situation I will not return until it is completely reformed (maybe never).
    The despicable RCS actions (entirely directed by DM) against Debbie have been the last straw to whip me into action. I wrote a poem about a month ago, which expresses my feelings.

    A Visionary Gleam

    The wonders of the future to behold
    where all your wishes you can mould
    into something bright and light.

    If one can strive with might
    and intention for the right,
    and aim for the stars of your desire
    you will achieve what you require.

    Ignore the rest and do your best,
    go forward without reserve
    through all travails for others to serve.

    The route to follow to this goal
    is the one you know in your soul.

    Set your sights on the distant hill
    and daily work with all your skill
    to achieve those things for you and others
    that will unite all as brothers.

    For forward thrust to be maintained
    requires for others no disdain,
    but only beingness to be granted
    so they can assert their might
    to be themselves completely right.

    Follow the path to immortality
    until you reach your reality.

    Its time to set upon the way
    with tech in hand and love in heart,
    to help create a better world
    and lift the lot of man, YOU CAN!!!!!!
    The actions of the Independent Scientologists, and others of goodwill will in
    the end prevail.

    Love to you all

  137. Thanks Heather. I only know him from his first post on this blog and I didnt think it was very clever to introduce himself that way. But you have introduced yourself and proven to be smart and trustworthy, so I accept you vouching for his character and look forwardf to hearing more from him.

  138. Tunedal, If this is the sort of fundraising you experienced in the church, you are unique in the annals of RCS history. Lucky man.

  139. Before you know it the church will also have all of Debbie Cook’s O/W’s write-ups and confessionals on line for people to “really see the kind of person that she is” aside from any legal attack plan. It makes no sense. Because for example, if a former church member has an O/W that has already been heard by a judge and resolved, why would anybody want to hear about this O/W a second time unless there was something legal that still needed to be done about it? Wouldn’t you rather read LRH tech rather than some person’s O/W’s? I don’t know if I speak for everyone, but I speak for me, I would rather read LRH than another person’s O/W’s a corrupt cult is making available to people. 🙂

  140. “The church put the people’s O/W’s on line and it is supposed to appeal to the masses”. Who has ever even heard of a such a ridiculous thing? The Church of Scientology is on its way out.

  141. Marty,

    Just sent our dono.

  142. If you have ARC broken field you will sent a Chaplain when your org is high on the havingness scale.
    But there is no policy what so ever to “reg” for no-exchange donations. Neither in nor outside the org.

  143. tunedal,
    Please forward your address and schedule so we can have the goon-squad regges show up at your house to hard-sell you into donating. Please have all your credit cards to hand, bank acocunt numbers, any and all jewelry, retirement fund, and deeds/notes to personal property you my have at this time. So sorry for the backlog in asking for this, but things are so straight-up and vertical that we have a long waiting list of people to beat up and ruin in order to take their “volunteered donations.”

    If you experience any dissatisfaction with your regges, if they take “most” but not all your money, if they leave visible bruising instead of rubber hoses, if you do not feel guilty enough, or ruined enough by the end of the reg session, please notify us immediately so we can correct the situation and hit you up again. You’re full and complete cooperation is expected and appreciated.
    You’re welcome.

  144. TroubleShooter

    ExACTly and funny as hell.

  145. Miscavige is dramatizing a catholic dark-ages implant.
    That’s why he removed the PRD = super literacy not allowed
    That’s why he rewrites HCOBs / PLs = we say whether it is scripture or not
    That’s why he needs cathedrals
    That’s why he needs donations
    That’s why he wants to pay us money for all our “sins”
    And that’s why he is the Pope

    But all his money won’t help to buy his stairways to heaven.

  146. Tocayo, imo Debbie knew all this crap will gonna happen, she is a brilliant exec. And i think she could not care less what will happen, she is an hero and a example of integrity over the mest factors. Afterall integrity is what will get with you at the very end:

    L.R.H. ( 13/03/1911 – 24/01/86 ) R.I.P.

  147. tunedal,
    just have a look at the havingness scale and you will see the difference:


    Responsible for (willing to control)
    Contribute to
    Waste substitute
    Must be confronted
    Must be contributed to

    – LRH
    (emphasis mine)

  148. XE1 — Welcome and thankyou. Look forward to hearing more from you. You join the ranks of some fine wordsmiths who contribute here.

  149. PublicServant

    Exactly. “Purpose is senior to identity”. Keep in mind the big picture. And whether Debbie Cook wants it, needs it, or it is parked in a legal defense account until the next need arises, thats fine with me.
    No one is being regged. Its monies freely given if you can afford a few dollars to help ensure there is a space to operate and freely practice scientology.
    I for one am grateful Marty is out front on this. Its important.

  150. SKM and Rinder, I see the difference, still find it strange. Debbie isn’t even a free scientologist, and even if she was I would still dislike what is going on here.

  151. Tunedal,

    With respect, the key word here is “differentiation”.

    If you are experiencing a flashback of ugly times with forced fundraising in the church, that would be “identification”.

    You are still respected within this group if you don’t personally care to, or have the ability to, donate money for this particular cycle.

  152. Of course I understand this isn’t my blog and you can do whatever you want.

  153. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Pat,
    I know I’m not an SP.. (Does that make me one :-)..?)
    My point is that I don’t feel like rescuing or even helping someone that could see me as some kind of a heretic. I am not convinced yet that Debbie Cook is decompressed enough and she might backstab those who help her.
    Her letter was a great first step but in my opinion she hasn’t finished her liability formula.

  154. TroubleShooter

    Below is policy that answers your qn but it isn’t provided here as justification or in any defense of what is being done in Keeping David Miscavige Technology Working orgs today. I need to point out as well that not even FSO has an established ARC BREAK Program set up and running per the policy quote below…but here are a few refs that DO give you an answer Capt Bob.

    “In the case that there are no appointments set up, she sends the Rudiments Repair Auditor and Registrar to the homes of ARC broken public.” OEC VOL 6

    What stands out to me in the PL however is this line earlier in the PL;
    “He [the rudiments officer] stays in communication with the Qualifications Division Cramming Officer to ensure that any areas of the org causing ARC breaks are corrected and gotten back on source.”

    You see where the above ref gives cob his out to deflect attention from himself to others while no resolution occurs – because no one is looking to cob to be the source of the ARC breaks because cob has used policy to stop any effort to handle the obvious source, the one who glows in the light of truth shining on the bigger picture – a picture necessary to look at as the problem cob is trying to solve has no solution that will resolve it because HE is the problem, HE is the source of the ARC breaks. HE is the source of the use of policy to stop!

    also CB,

    “But where the student leaves the premises in a blow or doesn’t turn up for class, the Tech Division must send an Instructor and the student’s auditor over to HCO Department of Inspections and Reports. An HCO representative should go with them at once to pick up the student.

    ‘The student is brought back with as little public commotion as possible, and the procedure of HCO checkout, etc., is followed as above.”

    …”If the phone handling is not successful she sends out the Rudiments Repair Auditor and Registrar to pay a home visit and get the ARC break handled.” OEC VOL 4 and other vols

    You asked CB and so here are a few PLs that make such reference to home visits.


  155. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mark. Well received, all the way from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  156. Thanks for vouching for him Heather.
    Your friend might want to introduce himself and communicate such questions privately to Marty so as not to arouse suspicion. The information he is asking for isn’t something that needs to be disseminated to OSA.
    And my comment as regard his holding Marty accountable for our donations for Debbie being out manners still stand.

  157. Tony DePhillips

    If the purpose was to set up a defense fund for any friend that needs it in the Indie movement then I would and already stated that I will help.
    If it was strictly for Debbie Cook, I still would help based on Marty’s request.
    In my opinion she has not come fully out of the Liability condition.
    She may have decided who her friends are but apparently we are not them.
    Deliver an effective blow: I think she made a good start. I don’t know what kind of overts she has but I have heard that she wiped an Italian lady out of a lot of money.
    Make up the damage…: I haven’t seen that yet.
    And I haven’t seen any request to be allowed into this group, loose though it may be.
    I don’t think your Toys for Tots analogy works here. It’s a matter of principle for me. I give money to bums on the street occasionally.

  158. In this group we help those who fight for Truth, LRH and Real Scientology, who, whether or not they have assigned themselves to this group, are considered Friends by us. We take care of those who care, unlike the C of S who couldn’t care less of those who care unless they will give money.

  159. LOL – nevr postINng befroe cofflee again!!!! 😀

  160. Tony — seriously who cares if Debbie thinks you are an SP or anyone else for that matter.

    Sure we all would prefer if people liked us but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    I don’t even LIKE Debbie Cook. Not when I was in and now that I’m out and I sent money.

    It’s not a question of likes — it’s a question of what is right.

    I have trust in Marty that the money will be used wisely; either for Debbie or to set up in a fund for others, defense, care, whatever.


  161. Pat,
    Look. I know case gets in the way when it comes to money. Heck! money is a very abberated subject so you’re bound to have buttons on it.
    But we actually know that you are in a financial position to be able to pull this off and it would be a huge overt for you not to donate at least $100.000
    It’s actually mandatory that you move up in your status as an Independent Scientologist so you might as well do it now.
    Listen. I’m going to let you into a little secret – only Marty and I know this: The entire future of Scientology and by extension the future of this planet depend on this cycle being completed to a done! Your donation could be the difference between winning and losing! It’s that important! Come on Pat! You know the score!
    Look. Obviously you’ve seriously misduplicated the information here and it’s possible you have MU’s on what it actually means to be an Independent Scientologist.
    So I’m going to have some very upstat members of the community pop by later and explain it fully to you OK? Say… 7pm? Excellent!
    I know you’ll change your mind once you fully get the concept of just how important this is Pat. You’re a VERY BIG BEING and one of the few remaining REAL Independent Scientologists on the planet willing to take responsibility for this situation and do something about it.
    I’m sending a commendation to your ethics file in advance because I just know you’re going to do the right thing.
    Oh – don’t forget to pick up your defender of the Debbie Cause pin from the reg on your way out….

    😀 LOL – my bad!
    I really enjoyed that!

  162. “Her letter was a great first step but in my opinion she hasn’t finished her liability formula.”
    I agree. I don’t think she’s even started on that one yet Tony. But I’m surefire as hell gonna do what I can to help her get there. She’s a good being and deserves our help 🙂

  163. … or maybe she doesn’t. But what the heck. I’m gonna do it anyway 😀

  164. This is how I see it: First, I trust Marty and Mike!!
    I trust completely that they know what they are doing. They worked many, many years dealing with such situations, from the other side and know what is necessary to counter an attack legally and otherwise (and I don´t see it only as an attack on Debbie but also on everyone who dares to speak out, who dares to oppose DM and dares to agree with something else than what he dictates). And even if because of some reason the money would at the end not be needed for Debbie Cook, also in that case, I trust that it would be used for a good purpose.
    On a personal level, I do not care for what they would use the money I gave, even if they use it for a picnic or whatever. I rather have a tendency to think about if I (!) am in-exchange with Marty, Mike and also Steve regarding to all what they are doing and doing in a very efficient and effective way.

  165. Pat,

    We don’t know all the particulars and complexities of Debbie’s situation. I will reserve judgment until more data is known. But for starters, she has delivered a huge blow to RCS, and has made Miscavige jump, and not exactly from joy. Time will tell how many of those seeds of doubt planted by Debbie in the closed minds or RCS members take hold and blossom.
    The simplicity of it is that Marty, a trusted person, and one who has proven time after time to be “in the know,” is requesting our help.

    For me inaction is never an option. So the question at hand is simple: Debbie… to help or to attack her?

    Just a few days ago people were cheering her and exulting the wonders of her New Year’s eve move. Brilliant! some said. Others even saw Debbie as a way to reform the church. At that time we did not have all the data either. But it was plain to see she was like-minded. Debbie is going to have to pay the price for speaking up against the midget, like all of us.
    So I think now it’s the time to walk the walk.

    Does she deserve our help?
    I have answered this question for myself.



  166. Also Pat, Marty writes “David Miscavige, who pulls Moxon’s chain, figures he can shudder them into silence by the sheer financial strain of threat of litigation.”

    You want Debbie to be shuddered into silence? Get it?

  167. Since the truth blows away the lie, DM must be shivering in fear himself that Debbie might decide to go on a Media Blitz and he would be overwhelmed from being hit from so many directions. Attack, never Defend! If Debbie resurfaces, I hope she followes LRH’s advice and comes out guns a blazin! And doesn’t stop attacking until the dwarf is down for the count. He is actually going to provoke her and the media into attacking him by spreading Black PR against her, as explained in “How to Handle Black PR”, so it’s probably going to happen based on that policy. I’ll have my-pop corn ready. It’ll be better than a Monday night football.

  168. Very well done, my friend.

  169. Sam, you had me there for a minute. My eyes bugged out and I moved my head closer to the screen. I even counted the lines on the side of your comment to see if you were really writing to me! And then the lights went on and I got it. Hilarious.

    I love the defender of the cause pin idea but I’d rather have an embossed leather jacket. You know, the kind of jacket you’d be embarrassed to wear anywhere. How much for one of those?

  170. Rafa,

    C/S, OEC, FEBC means shit when you are not trained in the OSA Black PR vicious methods of destruction. You say “a bit of black propaganda?”
    Have you ever been sued in a court of law? Have you ever been threatened to be sued? Do you know how it feels?

    I have yet to live the day when Marty is “not on the ball” on something.

  171. Yes Raul, I know what you’re talking about, the fight for truth, friends etc. I admire the intention to help. But independent scientologists doing fundraising to pay for possible legal fees? You don’t see any similarities with what the church is doing?

  172. Tunedal,

    It’s called “compassion.”

  173. XE1,

    Awesome poem, and welcome, and thank you!

  174. KA, nobody’s perfect. We all need correction from time to time. I know I do, and I’m sure this is the case also with Marty and Mike. This is no inval on what they have achieved.

  175. martyrathbun09

    If you find a significant similarity I am afraid you have some deficiency in the ability to differentiate.

  176. Why not? After all, the same people are running both groups ..

  177. Tony,
    After reading your reply I realized I’d completely misunderstood your earlier comment about wanting to see that Debbie doesn’t think you’re a POS for becoming an Indie. Now I totally see what you meant and agree with you. It really does come down to applying the correct condition and all that goes along with that.

    Boy, this moving on up a little higher sure is an adventure, on all flows.

  178. I do see a similarity in the spelling of the word, however I fail to see the difference in fundraising for the purpose of making money with very little back in return, versus fundraising to help someone out who is fighting for something she believes in, which the majority on this blog do too.

    I personally don’t have a problem with the concept of fundraising. If the Church had a fundraising and raised $10 million which they put towards literacy and education in undeveloped countries, I wouldn’t have a single peep of an issue with it.

    There are differences and similarities and then there are pure refusals to look at things for what they are. I don’t know you, but your argument so far has had a tendency to lack a certain logic I would expect to be inherent in viking blood.

  179. Thanks KA.

    I understand that some folks are not too enthused about giving their hard earned cash in light of Debbie’s public statements.

    Here is my 2c on this.

    This is not really about Debbie. She just happens to be the person that is front and center right now. This is about whether the church can shudder anyone into silence with legal threats. There are others sitting out there who think they cannot speak out about what they know. Debbie is a line drawn in the sand — can they shut her up and preserve the “value” of these non-disclosure agreements or not? So, they will threaten. And they will weigh the odds of success. And part of those odds will be what sort of support Debbie has and whether she has money and good lawyers. And if they move against her is it going to result in more exposure of their dirty laundry?

    Maybe Debbie won’t need any help as the church will decide its a bad strategy to proceed. If they decide that, be assured that part of that decision will be based on what they see is the support she has here.

    There are two options for the church:

    a) Abandon this course of action and tacitly acknowledge they cannot silence people who know about the rot that sits behind the facade of glitzy buildings or,

    b) Go after Debbie and try to make whatever non-disclosure agreement she signed stick (I do not think this can be done and it was never done when I was in OSA, but things are pretty crazy in the RCS these days and they do things I find astonishing).

    If they choose to go with b) its important the church NOT win. And the way you put yourself in the best position is to be prepared in advance. The more time you have to get your legal team briefed and prepared the better. And I have to believe that if the church did foolishly decide to sue Debbie, she would overtly reach for assistance from the only place its going to be forthcoming. Right here.

    This battle effects everyone who has ever signed a confidentiality agreement in the past and whether the church can get anyone to sign them in the future.

    At worst, this defense fund is going to dissuade the church from bringing a lawsuit and it will be sitting there for whatever the next battle may be. It’s not going to be spent on lavish dinners, handmade suits and shoes, glitzy videos or private jets, of that you can be certain.

  180. haydn (T Paine)

    Frankie, I am sure you are absolutely right about David Miscavige going after Debbie. I am certain OSA worked to keep her off balance these last few years, messing with her, here and there, to let her know who’s boss and keep her from settling. That’s their style or rather lack of it. Now she has sent out the email he will do a hell of a lot more. He will work at destroying her business, wholesale. He will try and break her using the court system. He will try to make her very name synonymous with mud. For these reasons alone she is worthy of our support. No one should be left to fight Miscavige alone.

  181. I know I can trust you and Marty. I you were after money there are better ways to become rich than with what you are doing now and also more pleasant ways.

    Having you and Marty as team is the best that can happen to the Indies. You both have all the experience and you have fought bigger battles. It’s quite interesting and funny how David Miscavige exactly does what you both want him to do. You know his weak points and there you’ll get him. i Hope that Debbie will understand and take this chance she has !
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  182. Ian Waxler

    You are aware that you just posted a political statement too… Right?
    If you are going to tell others to not do something then it would probably be best if you didn’t do it yourself.

    Just sayin’

    Eric S

  183. No Luis, I don’t want Debbie to be shuddered into silence. I want to see her on the tv with Anderson Cooper or some other huge name reporter. But this is something she has to do; nobody can do it for her. There’s an ethics condition running. All the money in the world won’t get her up the conditions unless and until she decides to apply them.

  184. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Windhorse,
    You obviosly didn’t read all my posts. I have sent money in based on the strength of Marty alone asking for it. I think a defense fund is great. I am just not real big on helping someone unless I see that they are asking for it and see me as a friend.

  185. LO — yeah, honestly, the millions we have gotten from Big Pharma and the media is much easier…. But that is reserved for the private jets, scubae trips and handmade shoes, so we need some other income sources and who better than those who have been raped and pillaged by the RCS. 🙂

  186. Now it looks like you’ve had to much. 😀

  187. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Haydn.
    I see it as an out-point that she hasn’t come out and got in comm with us. She must know by now what she is going to get from the cult.
    What could her motives be for not coming out in the open?
    I am not saying she is a bad being. I know she is basically good.
    But if she is going to try to handle it from within the cult I think she is very misguided. Why would we be getting money together for her aid if she hadn’t asked for it? Or maybe she has? I would feel alot better if I knew she had. As I said, I trust Marty’s judgement , I just don’t like doing things against my better judgement when I don’t have all the data.
    For all I know she might reject the help offered to her because we are not in good standing and she “is not in comm with anyone who is not in good standing”, right?

  188. martyrathbun09

    Good point Eric.

  189. That’s not 2 cents Mike – that summation is priceless! Hopefully this will put things in perspective for all those who have allergic reactions to the word “fundraising”!

  190. martyrathbun09

  191. Tony, don’t want to counter you but present a different school of thought.

    As she made well known in her email, she is NOT connected to anyone in bad standing, it would actually be to her advantage and integrity to remain true to her email statements all the way in court (if it went that far.)

    Marty and the independents will help her regardless and I think she knows it. Maybe she would want to be in communication, but due to the politics of it all, it would actually be better if she sticks to exactly what she said in her email. It gives credence to her original email and what she was trying to do, and this shows strength, both to insiders and outsiders.

    Just a thought…

  192. martyrathbun09

    Your mama didn’t raise no fool.

  193. Stephen,
    Again, assumed identities are not identical. I trained, lived and worked under DMs regime and came to the conclusion that he is an SP whose only real goal is to hide the tech of freeing beings out of sight, out of reach and by altering it, out of any workable form.

    I’ve also had the experience of working with Marty on a little project and find his intentions good, his plans sound and his motives honorable. I understand that there may appear to be a little “hidden data line” here. It’s just my opinion, but Marty probably knows miscavige’s machinations better than anyone and I personally choose to trust his judgement.

    Better that little dave be left in the dark regarding all of the REAL plans to put his game to rest. We’ll just let his imagination run wild, wondering which of his missed withholds and crimes will be exposed next, and what the venue will be for the exposing.

    Our contribution has been sent.
    I believe, money well spent.
    We may or may not make a dent.
    But will never relent.

  194. LOL 😀
    Yeah – Jackets come with your next status up
    Buy now deal – your money needs to be in by Thursday 2pm

  195. haydn (T Paine)

    Hi Tony,

    Don’t have any answers for you I’m afraid, I am not in comm with Debbie and never have been. Just know how David Miscavige and his henchmen operate. And knowing how they operate, they will go at Debbie with teeth gnashing and they WILL precipitate a situation, as Marty lays out above. I don’t doubt it. Not one bit. Debbie will be put in a position where she will have to fight, due to her sending out the email critical of DM, no one gets away with that. Being critical of DM is the ONLY crime you can commit in Scientology today. The more help/support she has …

  196. Another Layer

    I’m with Sam … I know that you, Marty, will put this donation of mine to the best possible, and most effective, use! Thank you.

  197. “They tell you where to go,
    and they tell you what to do.
    They set your face on fire
    then stomp it out with their shoes.”

  198. Stephen Dorff

    Perhaps you missed the part where Marty said….
    “We are putting the defense (offense) together now, and paying for it. This message alone in today’s post was worth 50K in defense impact. Anything unused can be returned. But, the chances of that are slim.”

    Did you miss that?

    And then you say…”We also have to apply the ‘Hidden Data Line’ to this.”
    Marty IS the source of this data. He is not suggesting anybody else said it.

    So my question is… Are you for real?
    What you appear to be suggesting by your post here is that Marty cannot be trusted with either the money or with telling the truth.

    Did I get that right?

    I could obviously be wrong here, but it seems that your comment, although forwarded as an “opinion”, is posted here simply to stir up discord.
    You do not appear to be aligned with our purposes at all.

    Eric S

  199. Tony, me thinks she has connections not made public for a reason with some very OT individuals who claim themselves independent in the general sense of the word. Just an educated guess. 😕

  200. Tony — How about this for a hypothetical that might answer your question: What if she has an agreement that precludes her from communicating with anyone not in good standing with the church? Of course that would go out the window once the church does sue her.

    Could be a game of chicken going on here. Do they want to goad her into going to the media and elsewhere by suing her? Or do they sit and watch their theoretical “control” over people through these agreements take another public hit because they do nothing with Debbie.

    It sucks being POB.

    And I will also add that it would be a very unusual circumstance were I preparing for litigation where I would be making public statements about my intentions or activities. Let them guess.

  201. Robert and Luis…..I get it. My communication seems a bit thetee-weetie to you and kind of “ Oh my! Oh my! Whatever are we to do? Only Ron can save us now!”

    It’s not that, it just that no matter what anyone says Ron’s stats are these:

    1. LRH made the postulate to clear this plant and sector
    2. He backed that up by developing the means to do so in the face of tremendous opposition
    3. He got off this planet relatively unscathed having completed enough research to
    bring us to states of being never before possible and asked nothing of us for it but to keep it safe and apply it properly.

    What do we have now in 2012 even though Ron implored us in KSW to be vigilant?

    1. A Leader
    2. A senior management team that is all but gone and nearly forgotten as pointed out by Ms. Debbie Cook
    3. ARC breaks, broken hearts, tears, fear and fractures even amongst friends as they try and figure out where to stand in all this.
    4. A Church that is pretty difficult to participate in unless you’re awfully well heeled.

    You’ll have to excuse me but I’ll expose myself a tell you that I am a bit concerned at this point. Therefore, I believe the final ace to be holding in this game is LRH and the postulate “We come back!”

  202. Tony DePhillips

    “At the moment, the odds are in favor of Debbie being bought off or quietly slinking into oblivion continuing to protect David Miscavige from exposure of the truth she witnessed, the truth that corroborates and expands and brings closer to present time everything a lot of brave folks have brought to light from The Truth Rundown forward.” Marty Rathbun

    This data above weighed heavy in my calculation Raul.
    I do like your thoughts and they make sense.
    These are my stable datums now:
    1. The creation of a defense fund is good.
    2. It is good to be prepared for Debbie if she decides to use the defense fund and it would be ready for her if she does need it.
    3. If she uses the defense fund it would make sense that she would consider us friends at that point and she would have my blessings.
    4. We all want Debbie Cook to get away from dm and the cult.

  203. Has to do with Greta who is a churchie. I wonder why O’Reilly doesn’t latch onto a story about the Co$.

  204. martyrathbun09


  205. The only similarity is it involves money and legal issues. The differences are huge. To begin with, there is no reprecussions for not giving. Secondly, there is no pressure. This is before we ever get to the merits of the request itself. As LRH said, the not quite bright are cut off from the fruits of observation. Your objection is lame at best.

  206. Tunedal

    I got that you find it strange.

    But you see, there are some differences.

    We, as Independent Scientologists, have not regged several BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from our own public, and then used some of it for our own personal aggrandizement, and millions to attack and destroy any person apposed to us, and still have more than a billion available to destroy anybody still left standing. We are not spending vast amounts of your money to suck up to “celebrities”. We have not spent tens of millions of dollars your hard earned money to buy us fancy digs, cars, bikes, etc.

    So, now look at what is happening here…

    Notice that there is no attempt to threaten you or attempt to coerce you into giving even one single cent.

    There is no DEMAND for money here.

    Many people have asked Marty what they can do to help. Many have offered that “if there is anything that we can do Marty, just let us know.” Many would be disappointed and feel very left out if Marty were to bear this totally on his own. It would almost be a betrayal.

    What we have here is an opportunity to “contribute to the motion” should we so please. It is simply an opportunity to be part of something that some consider valid and important, and are willing to contribute to in the spirit of HELP.

    That is all.

    Eric S

  207. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Haydn.

  208. Tony DePhillips

    Sounds logical Tara. Thank you. 🙂

  209. Look for me next time I’m panhandling!

  210. Pat Krenik – As an individual (referring to you) who was out before so many and has been standing alone with real Scientology for a long time, I can appreciate your point of view rather easily. My understanding of this fund is that it will in a sense help circle the wagons around all who choose to prectice their religion outside the (gag) “auspices” of the Co$. In that light, I’d like you to know I thank you for being who you are and upholding Scientology. I most certainly hold you way above Debbie Cook. (But since I have overts you don’t have, I hope my small contribution to the fund will ultimately benefit Scientology).

  211. Tony DePhillips


    That is a heck of a thing, is not it? You are educated from childhood to listen to the opinions of others.To you they are worth nothing because only you have enough data to
    evaluate you.You can sit down and communicate for days ,weeks and month to a person
    and not even give him all the data you have about you.So go around and get advice if you want to.It is not going to be a good advice because it is not based on all the facts. Only you have all those acts. If you want to get along well, be your own advisor . If you take council with yourself about what is right and what is wrong, you can then take council with others to find out if your data agrees with theirs. Or what between you can pool as data wich makes a new conclusion.

    Thanks Mike. Good data and it makes sense. Alot of stuff to filter through lower on the food chain.
    I guess as the main point of differentiation, (and then I will beat the horse no longer)
    If Debbie ever takes the help in defense I would want her to know from whom it came. I don’t like the idea that she be helped through some via because the Indie group is unpalatable to her. Nobody said that would happen. I just want it to be clear how I feel about it.

  212. Mike – I appreciate you posting this. It’s about what I was making of it (with less detail). I’m in. This is likely to be an ongoing thing, is my guess, but I think as some success comes in the usefulness and flexibility will be evident. – Carcha.

  213. Tony DePhillips

    You got it!! 🙂

  214. Tony DePhillips

    Good comment Raul.

  215. Tony — I hear you man and that quote is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

    If Debbie partakes in assistance provided by those who frequent this blog, she will be most grateful and will have found a whole new world of friends that she will embrace. This is my opinion. But that’s a lot of what we exchange here!

  216. David Miscavige – I am not in good standing with you.

    Debbie Cook has made no physical contact with me. I have, at this time, none with her. I am contributing to the fund, for Debbie, et al.

  217. XE1,
    Wonderful 🙂

  218. Stephen Dorff,
    I read a couple of the comments directed to you. Wow. You were totally misduplicated.

  219. Dear Luis,
    So you are saying good tech is no effective against a mad man actions?, do you actually know it? and yes I survived several legal issues so far and you?, I do even publish with my real name and you? I dont see your public name on any issue or publication as Marty or Debbie or even me so next time take time to inform instead of chearleading.

  220. Dear Lawrence,
    yea yea O/Ws from Debbie after being so long they will be the type: i failed 2 mins to muster!, omg I didnt reached the quota sir!, and about high O/W who cares? Scientology supposed to make people better, so ppl saying that publishing O/Ws wich by the way violates every single policy about the trust in the church, not mentioning scientologists trust on how LRH is being followed will be the best outpoint DM could have, publishing secret and confidential material about her is a pack of dirt over DM grave my dear friend.
    “If you came to a fight like scientology to protect your reputation instead doing the right thing, pls at least get ridd off the pride wich will be on the way”.
    Ask any good Sea Org Member who could acomplish things on the past, they are were a bit not the best people but for sure they saw the right thing to do and did it, Debbie knows what she is doing and at least we could support her by still spread the email and demonstrate how out of policy the Church is today.

  221. Agree Tocayo, Debbie knows her play the rest is just assuiming a fact wich is not even proved yet, anyway if she would need a defense fund she has the balls enough to ask for it.

  222. Whoooaa Nelly. Are you really saying Luis Garcia isnt using his real name? I think you may be the one in need of “informing”. Luis Garcia made the most public announcement with the greatest impact of anyone — just search on this blog for “Letter from Garcia.”

  223. XE1 – Welcome! Awesome words. 8)

  224. you are right on that he posted, to be honest tought was the nick haha, nice is his name and I am not Nelly Mike, and well withraw saying you are not using your name…. is your name okay. that was proved with good evidence, anyhow doesnt mean i dont know what I meant. thanks anyway.

  225. “Whoooaaa Nelly” comes from an old TV show. It means “hold on”.

  226. Oh didnt know that, the show thing. was any good btw? : )

  227. thanks Luis & Joe & One.

  228. thanks for response back SKM.

  229. thanks troubleshooter for the references on it. And I would agree with those references. They make perfect sense. And exactly as you state.

    So, here is a simple solution to clean up the field if the church really cared. But in my experience those references are not followed. And I know maybe some do not know them as did just now. But those references you state show the exact handling on blown students or ARCX auditing person. So, who here has experienced in those references being applied to them?

    Not applying those references in a local church is out-tech.

    ““In the case that there are no appointments set up, she sends the Rudiments Repair Auditor and Registrar to the homes of ARC broken public.” OEC VOL 6”

    well. I have only experienced the Registrar showing up………………

  230. rafagomez, the correct tech to be applied here is the described in the power formula. Please read it, get the concept and help us with efficacy.

  231. No, it was a kid’s show. Roy Rogers.

  232. As usual, so then back on the track ok was garcia de last real name, very good, despite that here we are assuming about the defense issue, is the most dangerous for DM to sue Debbie or such actions as will be proving her right and then you have instead ASI Int. Campaing, his point is fixing now the “scientologists” and make them to be on the track again. And deviate the atention from the people to give support when the support that Debbie really asked was KSW with full purpose and deny any action not on policy and keep spreading her message.
    Thanks for the show Mike I didnt know about that, Mr. García from Mr. Gómez to you would love to hear some hola! some day. Good night : )

  233. Click on the DONATE button at the top of the page for address.

  234. 2FF!

  235. The Spectator

    According to Debbie Cook Scientology has $1 billion in reserves stashed away. The church has had to FIGHT for EVERY donation.

    Apple now has $100 in cash reserves because people WANT their products. Really, DEMAND their products.

    This is what DM doesn’t understand. If you deliver products people want the money will come in easily. As far as I’m concerned, the church stopped delivering products decades ago.

    As intimidating as the church may seem there’s little reason to fight it. It’s dying on its own without anyone’s help.

  236. The Spectator

    Should be: Apple now has $100 BILLION in cash reserves…

  237. Spectator — I don’t think anyone would disagree that the church is dying without anyone’s help. The problem is that people are being abused and hurt in the process. If there was nothing malicious being done, it would not be wrong to just leave it to wither away. I for one cannot sit back and do nothing to hasten the end of those abuses just because its inevitable. But then again, I have a responsibility for helping to create the monster, and perhaps you don’t.

  238. The Spectator

    Yes, it has become malicious; no doubt. Not recently either. I saw the beginnings of it in the early 90s.

    I think it’s good everyone is voicing their opinions here. A true open discussion of the subject.

    My opinion is that well-delivered Scientology is valuable and can support itself without recruiting donations extremely aggressively. I use Apple as an example because it delivers products people want. No one FORCED $100 billion in cash into Apples coffers.

    Delivering valuable products is something that, decades ago, the church stopped doing.

  239. TroubleShooter

    They absolutely AREN’T being applied correctly ANYWHERE!!!!

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