In my view, what we are dealing with for the most part with corporate scientologists is denialism.  I came across a very clear description of the phenomenon in a book by Michael Specter, Denialism, Penguin Books 2009:

We have all been in denial at some point in our lives; faced with truths too painful to accept, rejection often seems the only way to cope. Under those circumstances, facts, no matter how detailed or irrefutable, rarely make a difference.  Denialism is denial writ large — when an entire segment of society, often struggling with the trauma of change, turns away from reality in favor of a more comfortable lie…

Unless data fits neatly into an already formed theory, a denialist doesn’t really see it as data at all.  That enables him to dismiss even the most compelling evidence as just another point of view.

It helps to understand the phenomena all of us have run up against – the shock of old friends and associates acting deaf, dumb and blind to hard, cold, documented facts.   No need to fret about it when as you can see it is a phenomena so common that popular thinkers are writing about its prevalence in society at large.

Specter goes on to describe how in an ever increasingly complicated world with steadily declining educational standards, people are desperate for easy answers.    The not-so-bright desire big labels that can easily ‘explain’ complexities that they don’t have the confront, or discipline or inclination to investigate and evaluate for themselves.

Denialism can lead to extremism, a subject well-treated with respect to current American politics in Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America, by John Avlon, Beast Books 2010. Avlon writes that:

Wingnuts [defined as extremists to the far right or left] offer their fellow travelers the false comfort of rigid certainty in a changing world — dividing our country into good versus evil, us against them.  Fundamentalism has a powerful appeal for people who feel powerless, especially when it gets dressed up as ideology or attaches itself to a party label.

But when you pull the curtain back on Wingnut politics, behind the all-or-nothing demands, apocalyptic warnings and the addicition to self righteous anger, you’ll see that fear is the motivating factor: fear of the other; fear wrapped up in the American flag; fear calling itself freedom.

I’m just sharing some food for thought.  I think the parallels to the Scientology world are apparent.  I think we can learn some lessons by understanding denialism and extremism or fundamentalism.  They are isms that are systematically inculcated in corporate Scientology.  I think it behooves us to recognize remnants of them in ourselves so that they are not perpetuated.  I think it also helps to understand that when you are aggressively confronted with this mind set by corporate scientologists, you recognize that you are looking square in the eyes of fear.  Something worth remembering given the tactics of aggression and threat corporate scientologists have become adept at covering their fear with.



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  1. Meanwhile, as we scream “LRH,” “KSW,” and all the points that should get a read, we look into those eyes, see the fear, take a deep breath and try to grant beingness. We try to have patience as we see friends and family struggle internally, eternally, only to find themselves or us… Beating our heads against the brick wall of denial.

    The cross we have to pick up again and carry on. The way out… Is the way through.

  2. “I think it behooves us to recognize remnants of them in ourselves so that they are not perpetuated.”

    When I find myself just enraged at the utter fixed fundamental viewpoints I am up against from others in my life – it takes me awhile to remember that were it not for MY own fixed and fundamental views, I could simply relax when someone comes at me from their fear based aggression.

    I’ve heard it said that we are living in an age of deconstructionism, where everyone wants to take things apart and it’s hard to build anything. This stems from a fear of individuals having power and the abuse of power.

    Our lives are cushioned by materialism, we are pummeled by constant political back stabbing which ultimately, to me, is just so much posturing, when the flaws of our political system seem obvious to a 10 year old.

    But we divide and deny. Constantly wrapping ourselves up in a cocoon which attempts to buffet us from the terror of the other.

    This blog, unlike no other that I’ve found, allows for provocative interchange and a glimpse at what it could be to reach up a little higher.

    Thanks Marty.

    Continuing to be yours,
    Under the radar

  3. LRH’s term for denialism is “Suppressive Reasonable”. He clearly states in the “Ethics Book” that there are no good reasons for outpoints except, “Natural Disasters”, SP’s, and people PTS to Sp’s. This datum alone is proof that DM is an SP. Count all the outpoints in the church and refer to the policy and see for yourself. DM is the source of the outpoints, since as matter of historical record, he is giving the orders that create the outpoints. How did this happen? Suppressive reasonable about policy violations is “The Why”. Suppressive reasonable is an inability to confront evil. They can’t see outpoints, which our illogics, per “How to do an investigation”. Fight the good fight, Marty. I am proud of you.


  4. Great post Marty.
    Radical Corporate Scientology is THE most POLARIZING, the most DIVISIVE “Church” known to man or beast.
    Not only does David Miscavige wallow in making enemies but he WANTS others to make enemies of others.
    He is at war with one and all and the trickle down effect is that Staff members in his valence wage war with the Public.
    The Church of Scientology is DEAD.
    There, I said it.

  5. Joe Pendleton

    I think you are entirely correct here Marty, and I hope what you say in that last paragraph is really gotten by people. I would disagree with Mr. Specter in the sense that I don’t think it really has much to do with it being a complicated word, though. The simple fact is that when one commits oneself in a group setting (especially when there is duress and penalties) to a set of religious doctrines and rituals, one WILL deny as long as one remains in that group (or until one goes into doubt for a period of time before leaving). I know there are no absolutes and must be exceptions to this but I haven’t seen one.

    I’ve mentioned that I attended a Bible Study off and on for the past couple of years and when one gets to the passage in the New Testament that tells slaves to obey and honor their masters, EVEN when abusive…..well, the folks just glide right over that and deny that it is even on the page. Suddenly NO discussion on THAT point, let me tell you. And as many of the men in the group are right wingers, well, when the passage comes up to support all your leaders…..uhm…….let’s go right past that, but PAUL PUT DOWN HOMOSEXUALITY – we can spend time on THAT part. You get what I’m saying? You close your eyes and close your mind. When the goldenrod came out on David Mayo, did I even think for ONE moment that it sure was strange that the most celebrated tech person in Scientology (for YEARS) had been living the life of a “story of a squirrel”? Well, maybe for just one moment. But LRH’s name was on the issue, so…. Could it be that someone else could have written Ron’s name? IMPOSSIBLE. This is the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!!!! We are unabberated and truthful in our dealings (until a goldenrod comes out on us, of course, issued by the really unabberated and truthful beings).

    This is why I’m so down on the dynamics of any group in which it is not OK to disagree. Then you MUST deny whatever thoughts or ideas or facts or observations that are counter to the accepted scriptures or “truth” (whether revealed from the source of your religion/group or someone like Miscavige). Until it is OK to say in the Church of Scientology, “you know, I’ve word cleared, demo’d, clay’d, false data stripped, worked out how it could be true….and my own personal opinion is that what Ron was saying there is not true for me” or “you know, COB’s order for everybody to go off any course they are on and do Self Analysis backwards seems a little screwy”; until it is SAFE to voice these opinions, there will always be DENIAL of what one observes or thinks, because one has already decided that he HAS to deny to belong or stay in the group.

  6. Nice sequencing from the prior post Marty. Adds a Why.

  7. Random Stranger


    Mandatory Denial Drills:

    1) Q: Has the Church turned into a cult? A: No
    2) Q: Do services cost a lot of money? A: No
    3) Q: Are members coerced? A: No
    4) Q: Are extra donations demanded? A: No
    5) Q: Are anti-SCN sites off-limits for members? A: No
    6) Q: Are poor people allowed to go up the Bridge? A: No
    7) Q: Are you short? A: No
    8) Q: Do you give Tom Cruise special favors? A: No
    9) Q: Are you a lunatic? A: No
    10) Q: Do you get Botox injections? A: No
    11) Q: Is your wife tied up in a bag in the basement? A: No
    12) Q: Did you strike Mike Rinder on numerous occasions? A: No
    13) Q: Did you gamble away some of LRH’s money? A: No
    14) Q: Did you steal a pin from the HASI? A: No
    15) Q: Did you make up that new F/N definition? A: No
    16) Q: Do you humiliate your staff? A: No
    17) Q: Do you cheat at cards? A: No
    18) Q: Do you micro-manage everything all the time? A: No
    19) Q: Did you whip out your wee-wee in front of TC when drunk? A: No
    20) Q: Did you work as a camera boy for LRH? A: No
    21) Q: Did you practice and forge LRH’s signature? A: No
    22) Q: Have you lied on any of these questions? A: No
    23) Q: Have you altered any of LRH’s writings? A: No
    24) Q: Did you send monkey-drones with funny hats to Marty’s? A: No
    25) Q: Have you tried to bribe Debbie Cook? A: No
    26) Q: Did you beat up a telephone booth? A: No
    27) Q: Did your dog have a uniform and a title? A: No
    28) Q: Do you still beat your staff? A: No. Damn, I mean yes. Shit, that’s a trick question.
    29) Q: Are you afraid of someone beating the hell out of you? A: No
    30) Q: Do you sound like a fake idiot when you give a speech? A: No

  8. Joe Pendleton

    Not to dominate the discussion here, but here is a brief story of my first couple of months on staff way back in 1970 that illustrate this point a bit that folks will find interesting.

    There was an issue (in my org), an HCO B in which the first line made no sense. It was Time Track Bulletin #2, the one which has the word “genus” in that line. (I would quote it to you if I had my books here). Any way, you worked it, the line just didn’t compute. Now, I should tell y’all that this was before the Tech Vols came out and we were duplicating many of the HCO Bs and PLs on wax stencils and then using a mimeo machine to make copies, so someone would first have to TYPE the issue out on the wax stencil.

    But the point is that APPARENTLY, no one ever protested this Time Track HCO B, mentioning that the first line does NOT make any sense (LRH wrote it, didn’t he? It must be TRUE, no matter what it says!!!!). Now, we had tons of people on HSDC – this was the start of a tremendous boom for Standard Dianetics which had just come out the previous year. Our Academy at night was packed with students. Maybe if some folks had brought this fact up that the first line was kinda twisted, it would have been looked into. But it wasn’t and it just stayed that way in the pack. I myself just gave up (“well, one of those things I guess”) and went on with my course.

    Well, eventually the Tech Vols came out (I think in 1972, may have been 73 though). And……I looked at HCO B Time Track #2…… and……….lo and behold….the first line MADE TOTAL SENSE!!!!!!! It seems that in 1969, our org typist added the word “not” to the first line, completely twisting around the meaning to its oppsite almost and making it non-sensical. Now with the true issue, it was actually quite EASY to understand. Wasn’t LRH’s words at all.

    Similarly on the L4BRA (correction list for lists – may have been on the L4BRB) there was one line I could not figure out how I would actually do in session, no matter how many times I went over it or tried to get corrected on it. Of course, the cramming officer could not give me his opinion on it. And I remember one day, my luck that the Sr. CS had a cramming order with the issue and asked me for the checkout. Aha! So I asked her how SHE would handle this line in session!!! I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it was worthy of the answers you hear in these political debates when they try to “no answer.” Uh, oh yes, that line and it’s handling was NOT on subsequent issues of the correction list.

    But the real point here is that one could NOT voice out loud that there might be something wrong on what was RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES.

    Deny, deny, deny, deny. This is from the early 70s and it continued into my BC days of the 21st century (story for another time). One learned VERY quickly in this group that there was an orthodoxy laid down and IT WAS THE TRUTH. Forget that LRH himself said in the study tapes that “it could be a typo” (or that you had a right to evaluate data yourself with your own integrity and accept it or not); you simply ACCEPTED something was true (hopefully you agreed with it and had cognitions and realizations, but if you didn’t, you just accepted and moved on) and denied any phenomena that could lead another way.

    The solution of course is to understand this phenomena and NOT agree to give up the power of one’s observations or decision making for ANY reason or group.

    *by the way, this isn’t limited to religions, certainly. If you read the recent bios on Ayn Rand, you’ll see that though she loved debating with her followers, it was ONLY to convince them that she was right and anyone who did NOT come to that conclusion was quickly kicked out of her inner group.

  9. It is becoming clearer everyday that Marty Rathbun has more courage than a thousand men. Debbie cook has apparently allowed herself to be dominated and nullified by a minor black PR attack by DM, even with all the LRH policies to defeat Miscavige at her disposal, like “How to Handle Black PR”. Almost every exec in the history of Scientology has been dominated by this dwarf SP, including Pat Broeker and all the execs in the hole. Marty is the only one that stands out in my mind as one who would not run and stood fast against heavy assault after assault. This may sound like I’m kissing up, but only after observing the ease in which other execs have folded has Marty won my admiration. Marty will be remembered in the history books. Keep fighting, Marty. You’re all we’ve got. So many other execs remain anonymous or under the radar, basically hiding, no confront, but you scream from the highest mountain, despite subjecting yourself to personal danger, and your voice is heard. We hear it loud and clear. If you were ever in “Treason”, you are now in “Power”.

  10. Here here Marty!!

    What you describe is exactly what I went through personally. How could DM be such an asshole? Why does he treat people like that? Maybe that is the way I am supposed to be. No, that doesn’t feel right to me. Is that really why I am here? To treat people as incompetant fools who should be kissing my feet?

    Then why don’t I leave??? Fear. Fear of the “Wog” world. Fear of my family who are no longer in Scientology. Fear of my fellow human beings. Fear that I won’t survive on my own in the real world. Fear that I am giving up my entire eternity!!

    Overcoming that fear to make the right decision and leave the insanity required having an ideal scene to compare it to. My ideal scene at the time was LRH Policy, LRH Tech and LRH books. I knew that LRH did not perscribe for us what DM was bringing about. Scientology was here to help people and make them more able, not denigrate them.

    My ideal scene also included what is right and what is wrong – instilled in me by my parents and teachers early in life. So when I got to the final breaking point that I had to make a decision to overcome my fears and confront reality of what was really going on in front of my eyes – Truth tipped the scales in favor of my fears.

    My own personal integrity would not allow me to remain. Even if it meant leaving others behind who did not see what I was seeing. It also helped greatly that I saw others who I had the utmost respect for – seeing the same things I did and leaving as well. I am not crazy I thought! I AM seeing what I am seeing!

    This blog and the other actions of people speaking out to their family, friends, the media and others – revealing the truth and showing those still trapped in the Corporate Scientology world that THERE IS ANOTHER PATH to what they were originally looking for in Corporate Scientology is the way that people will change their minds.

    Over the years, I had given up hope that change would occur or that a path on the outside would be open. But that path is here with the independent Scientology movement and it is an inclusive path.

  11. First Principle

    I think I came up with the question to ask my pals in the church:
    “What part of discovering COB is an SP could you confront?”
    All kidding aside, what’s the best LRH reference to encourage people to disobey management and investigate for themselves? Look Don’t Listen?

  12. Spot on Marty!
    Closing the circle again as we’ve looked at ‘fear’ before but this time with so much more ammunition to support the fact.
    Guess it’s not a bad idea to communicate with RCS people 1/2 a tone higher – in anger!

  13. Once again you have hit the nail on the head. Even if other authors than you said it, by reprinting their words you once again shine a light in a dark corner. Thank you so much for all you do.

  14. Right on Marty with this one!!! What is not love is fear and the antidote and cure of what’s ailing not only RCS, but the political and social divisiveness we are witness to in this protracted and silly endless debating primary season. Such are the paralleling parallels we see today. If it wasn’t the “right”, it’d be the left doing the protracting. As in politics, those still stuck in denialism that is extremism will in time wake up. It’s timely that what you and awakened others do here is deny the denialism for the realism of life. Indeed, radical acts of love and kindness will win out in the end…
    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Orwell

  15. We have all been in denial at some point in our lives; faced with truths too painful to accept, rejection often seems the only way to cope. Under those circumstances, facts, no matter how detailed or irrefutable, rarely make a difference. Denialism is denial writ large — when an entire segment of society, often struggling with the trauma of change, turns away from reality in favor of a more comfortable lie…

    I guess that explains why so many folk go into catatonic brainfart when their belief in the fairytale that goes “Once upon a time, 19 a’holes with box cutters…” is challenged with inconvenient facts.


  16. One one my favorite lines from the Tao Te Ching:

    “Longwinded speeches are exhausting. Better to stay centered instead.”

    Miscavige’s drivel at those events is about as opposite to centered, direct, theta communication as you can potentially get. This is an interesting post Marty and the references are excellent. I already looked up Denialism. I think I may read it. I’m currently reading a thousand page book right now called, “Capitalism and Schizophrenia.” Too many relevant gems in there to even list.

    Isn’t existence, at its height, its potential, suppose to be effortless and easy? Hubbard describes Tone 40 this way many many times.

    “A simple, effective being” he writes in one bulletin on TR’s I remember. That line always stayed with me. I never forget it. “A simple effective being.”

    The complexity of the “OT’s” that I met was amazing. Their whole life was a series of stories. No, ‘Here and now, I and thou.’ Totally gone, regging money like a drunken sailor or a heroin addict looking for a fix. Fixated n some future goal of saving the world.

    This environment is toxic to Hubbard’s idea, “A simple effective being.’ Instead you have hundreds of extremely complex, ineffective beings. But they have no choice, if one is to understand the technology of Hubbard, in particular the basis of Level 4, which was borrowed in many ways directly from Freud and altered in my opinion to explain the phenomena in a less academic, simpler way- we can see how truly undeveloped, unintegrated the Corporate Scientology products are. The childish excuses and totally ridiculous statements I heard one too many times to count like, “Oh, I’m doing great but the body, oh the body, that’s a whole different story. Going to the doctor to get it handled soon.” No awareness. A pseudo synthetic awareness of 1/100 of what awareness could be. What it is. Also known as “Denialism.”

    “Longwinded speeches are exhausting. Better to stay centered instead.”

  17. Right on the money, Marty. I remembered another aspect of the mind-set at Int this morning: it was considered out-ethics dilettantism to read novels at the base. If you wanted to relax for half an hour before going to bed you could not read a novel. Other fish to fry. A novel, of course, is a lie that tells the truth and David Miscavige wants nothing to do with the truth.

  18. There really is no substitute for a complete understanding/know about/
    close to tone 40, regarding the beginning Axioms of Scientology. Not-
    is and alter-is, all the isnesses are so essential to living and not living
    and all the facets in between. But you have to apply these. Like looking
    things square in the face. You can get the idea that the “corporates”
    and their followers are just not educated in the basics but as you out-
    lined a lot of it is fear. And there is the inroad. Take them out of that
    band. Oh chucks! So much to do…

  19. Very appropriate reference. I find these articles eye opening. In fact, been thinking about starting up my own blog and I did. Hopefully I will have my first post there today or tomorrow and your article here helps me to construct one. Thanks. And, yeah, I think this Independent movement is good. The church needs a comparable tension line, in society, to force it back in line. I’ll be talk’n ’bout that in my article at my blog. Again, thanks. My blog is:

  20. Practice Humility

    Well over a year ago a very dear long time friend visited me. She was on OT7 for years (still is). Our 8 hour conversation about the COS began with her parroting the politically correct praises of the Ideal Org program.

    She asked me what I thought.

    I pulled out the Ideal Org PL and read to her the short single line about the state of the quarters (…. not repel it’s public). She was a doe in headlights for two reasons:

    One, years of the PR machine putting all thought in lock-step agreement that “this is what L Ron Hubbard wanted …..” was shaken by that one simple line.

    Second, here I was — someone she knew intimately and with whom she had shared insights for years — and was OT 8 — and I was clearly not in agreement with any ongoing activity related to this program.

    For the next 8 hours everything was opened to discussion: Her R-factor that she could not complete 7 until she redid the “new” OT4 and Objectives; the Big Basics Books Library Scam; the incongruity of how much money it requires to do this activity vs the stated intention to make the activity accessible to all. And of course the IAS regging.

    We were two naked souls sharing observations she had not allowed herself to have.

    At the end of the evening, I softly told her that I was not trying to make any trouble for her. She replied there was not one thing we discussed that she had not already thought of herself — I had just helped her to sort those thoughts out.

    We would normally speak at least once a week — often for an hour at a time. As my sentiments became known by OSA (long story) last year, she ceased communicating with me.

    A mutual friend (who is out) ran into this gal several months back. From their brief conversation, it was apparent that she was being sec checked intensively.

    A prime example of Denialism. She looked. She saw. She went back. Her entire life is tied to church connections — work, family, where she lives, etc. She would literally lose her life as she knows it – overnight.

    Yet, I have no doubt that Debbie Cooke’s email put another crack in her armor.

    One by one, the stories that come out, the friends who speak candidly in private, and the more public faces of Scientology who speak out, as Debbie did, collectively add to the cognitive dissonance of those like my friend.

  21. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, Thanks for clearing up a whole bunch of ‘reading’ items,such as ‘wing nuts,’ denial ists/isms, fear/freedom (add ‘your eternity’ to this) and the extent to which David Miscavige has ruthlessly and insanely, used these and all the other effective mind control modalities (incl.reverse Scn and Black Dn)

    As you have pointed out, here we now sit, specifically as Indies, perplexed and frustrated at the “denialism” of the Kool Aid drinkers! As in…Why the Hell can’t they just see
    what’s staring them in the face? Of course, WE are now privy to the answer, thanks in no small part to you and all the sharp contributors on your blog.

    Indeed, asking oneself the question:”Am I in denial here?”
    opens the door to providing truth & understanding for
    anyone, who at least recognizes something’s amiss in RCS.

    I, for one can attest to attending, attesting to and completing an unofficial Indies “squirrel course” titled..’Looking at D’s’

    The checksheet includes the following :-

    1 Who founded dis Church?
    2 What are dis guy’s creDentials?
    3 How the “D’s” factored into his High School Dropout.
    4 Implementing the Dream of de guy.
    5 De flaws in de dream of de guy.
    6 How to achieve Despicability in the name of religion.
    7 Making a business of Degradation thru’ Denialism.
    8 De big Cognition :- ” Power is assumeD”
    9 Multiple self (and others) Destruction Deployed!
    10 De wonderful Idle Morgues titillate De brain dead!
    11 Essay on how de Church died!
    12 Who killed de Church!
    13 Why de guy killed de Church
    14 Why de guy sez..”.Never say die!”
    15 Kool-AId Drinkers Anonymous
    16 How to become an expert in “Denial”– by OSA
    17 Dead Agent methodologies A great GAT development.
    18 Gold! Gold! Gold! De VFP of de Church (Dig for it! NOW!)
    19 De rude and embarrassing awakening “We’ve all been HAD!”
    20 OMG! How could I have been so stupid?

    Course completion honestly attested by -Li’ll bit Date—Dec 2011

    Wins & Cognitions—-Thanks,Marty and Mike for bringing back Real Scn and Real LRH to the field. with the sheer Laser power of your observation and unflinching determination to expose this
    racketeering Money Machine and Vulture Culture,masquerading as the Church of Scientology.

    No amount of criminally gained power,brainwashed OSA agents,
    DM’s threats to blackmail troublemakers into silence, backed by
    his fraudulently obtained and stashed Billion Dollars and other
    massive assets, can stop the truth of his sick cult and it’s poor blinkered adherents, from collapsing. I also owe a great deal of thanks to my various ‘twins’ on the course, who certainly helped me to ‘clay demo’ OUT the difficulties I was having along the
    way. All Indies of vision, compassion and certainty of self, you
    are already free. All others, keep reading and applying the
    collective wisdom of LRH expressed on this blog (“Course”.)
    ….You will will find the greatest treasure of all—You!

    One very happy, VFP student!… Aware, Decompressed and
    wiser, for having done (and stayed) this “Course.” Truly
    recommended to all who are still stumbling around.

    My sincere gratitude for contributing, you wonderful guys and gals! ……………………. Lots’a luv & ARC Li’ll bit.

  22. To those that understand german have a look at the lecture „Vera F. Birkenbihl – Viren des Geistes“. This describes in detail how that kind of „stupiditiy“ works. Have you ever met people that are „denialaists“? That lecture offers also ways how to handle those phenomena. Very interesting is, that the first step in handling is, that one finds the exact „spot“, or cause of that „stupidity“. Listening to that lecture made me very impressed of that lady.

  23. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Since I’m sitting at the table, thanks for the food buddy. Nice texture, it has a strong flavor of “parallels” with a great kick of “behooves” making for a nutritious meal for which I am stronger and wiser.

    For desert, I’m serving up the commitment of truth, with toppings of unconditional friendship and trust for those seated here.

    And now I gotta run n catch the latest episode of “Parenthood”. Ha!!

    — Jackson

  24. Nicely put!

    Covering up fear with aggressive behavior, like a frightened animal backed into a corner from which it can see no escape.

    Any handling should be done with the equivalent of heavy gloves and protective clothing. Cornered animals snap and so do cornered cult members.

    The major difference here is that they may act rabid, but it is not necessarily contagious.

    Isolation may be the best treatment and this can be accomplished by posting quarantine notices about cult behavior to warn outsiders. Those affected may destimulate and become approachable if left alone.

  25. Thanks Marty. The denial of some people really gets under my skin.

    I found it troubling to have “conversations” with Mike Sutter in late 2010, about the Int Base. I asked him about Int Management. Where is ED Int? Where is the Int Management Executive Committee (IMEC)? Where is the Watchdog Committee (WDC)? Are there ANY WDC members on post? His response was “Yes — Angie Blankenship is WDC Ideal Orgs.”

    Hello? Since when was Ideal Orgs a sector of Scientology??

    Is CMO International still locked up in the hole, I asked him. Sutter’s reply was “I am not saying everything is perfect at the Int Base, but you have to look at the new orgs being built — THAT is what is important”. (??)

    Hello? I mean you have got to be kidding! That is the best you can do?

    And then my ex, sitting in on the whole 3 on 1 session (Mike Sutter, Marion Pouw and him — against me) listens to this, has BEEN at the Int base for over 10 years and KNOWS what has happened there, tells me that I am disaffected and if I don’t stop spreading the lies, then he will divorce me.

    Denial? I think it is pure lunacy. I have come to see, recently, as I have continued my auditor training and been helping others, exactly how people come to be in this state. I have come to see the degree of not-is,of non-confront and withholds that these people have to simply not look and see and acknowledge what is there.

    Same with Danny Barram — who was acting as a troll on my lines for several months and then showed his true colours once I declared Independence. I told him to simply go into his local org and LOOK. Go to an ideal org and LOOK. Go to an event and LOOK. The facts are there. Did he do it? No, of course not. Instead he sent me back a scathing email (written by Marion Pouw I later found out) calling me an ex-RTC bitch and many other savory things.

    Wow. Unbelievable. It is like they live in a different universe. Many of them don’t see because they refuse to. They can’t bring themselves to believe or to listen, as it shakes too many stable datums for them, it makes the whole house of cards feel like it will come tumbling down — when infact the entire tower crashed years ago and they have been on a Miscavige PR-induced hallucination that Scientology is experiencing the most rapid expansion in its history, blah, blah, blah.

    Denial….. yes denial. And it is hard to get off that boat once you are on it. To a large degree you have to admit responsibility for what part YOU have played in the destruction — you have to look at how you have supported the power (Miscavige) and attacked persons in the past who have tried to undermine “the power”. It is a bitter pill — but shit, once you digest it fully, it really does feel good. It feels right. It feels honest. It is honest.

    Sorry for my rant. I will get off my box now.

  26. Hi Marty and thank you for your persistence. I’d drop the subject (scientology) if I didn’t think you and Mike cared about why sci exists and that it must continue to exist for the good of humanity.

    I’m an old timer from 1960 when I did my HPA course with Irene Johnson, later to become Irene Dirmann an OT Ambassador. We got great gains from the HPA, and we went on to do a Batchelor of Scientology in Melbourne, Australia in 1961. We learned to run a process called SOP Goals but Ron cancelled it several months later because, I believe, Ron felt that current auditor training for e-meter listing and nulling was suspect. I concurred with that as I know I was a less than average auditor (upon much mulling over time) and wouldn’t have been able to consistently list and null. But Irene was an excellent auditor and could have audited (and did) anything. My point about this remeniscence is this: At that time, 1961, there was no policy about “floating” needles F/Ns. Although we knew about them from “e-meter essentials” there was no rule about ending the process if one appeared, that would be considered a bonus. I know because Irene was constantly observed in session with an F/N. I, on the other hand would have fallen off the pc chair if someone said I had a floating needle. But extrordinarilly enough at the end of the six week BScn course my OCA graph was across the top of all points (almost a straight line) AND my IQ was 149 which was nice but it slightly disappointed me. And I still couldn’t audit to save my life ( I’ll write more if viewers request later). I went on to attend the St Hill Special Briefing Course from 5 September 1963 to 24 November 1964. Along the way I was included in the ONLY course to be run directly by LRH except for the ACCs etc. It was a *special course* and its purpose was to teach the participants how to solo audit on Routine 6, the pcs Own Goals. Exciting? I’ll say!!! My major point in all of this, up to !964 is that F/Ns were NOT the end phenomena of processing. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have been but they just weren’t. And we were on course so case factors were not taken into account. But people still made fantastic gains. I experienced much movement of my bank and had my major problem of this lifetime handled by sec checks, problems processes, SOP Goals, whatever, until I had run on me a simple process called ARC 61. I was a PTS (raging and still within the influence of my SP). All my gains stopped at that point and to this day, 60 years later I have never recovered those gains I’d had, which were precious and had prompted me to devote this lifetime to Scientology (I joined staff on that postulate).

  27. Ya hit the ole nail on the head,,,, at least in my opinion. Good tape to listen to LRH – Rightness and Wrongness.

    Fear strangles one, so much so that the lack of oxygen cuts off the ability to reason and sends one straight into attack mode.

    This whole topic and operating basis has far reaching emotional and physical implications. Being a doctor when I look out at all of us that were staff or SO and deeply adhered to “production is the basis of moral” ran our butts off, we lived in fear and adrenal overload constantly for years never realizing all of the consequences, both emotionally and physically.

  28. Simply Revolting

    Much truth.

    Sad that the very science and its organization that is based on ‘looking’, ‘as-ising’; has perverted the truth to those inside, in a world desperate for truth amongst the bombardment of data.

    It is so true that more than ever people want ‘safe labels’ to sum it all up, labels for view-points, for people, labels for what doesn’t fit, labels on their clothes to prove they ‘belong’, easy, non-challenging solutions.

    I would seriously suggest that it is worse outside of America, where you have ‘freedom of speech’ constitutionally.

    Where I go for auditing there are sometimes programmes of news analysis that we would not be tolerated in some countries in Western Europe. The safe solutions of non-confront are more in place.

    I fear a world without Scientology; I curse David Miscavige for derailing LRH’s expansion of Scientology’s principles in the world, especially ‘obnosis’ the thing we desperately need in this; parade of ‘the Emperor’s new clothes’, that goes for modern society.

  29. The losses facing them, losing their status, family, business clients, fear of exposure of any of their misdeeds they’ve confessed which might then become smear material, is all still in their minds.

    The Doubt Formula in their heads, they just don’t have the info that there is this huge freezone/independent crowd of ex official Scientologists out here.

    That news should be shared with those inside the movement, to help them still fearing losing “everything”, so they find out they will NOT lose everything.

    I’m for people who’ve made it out displaying the best in Precept 20, The Way to Happiness, since in the end of the day, seeing that the outside world behaves more higher principled than one’s official movement leadership, helps push those inside to choose to make the leap.

    Those inside need MORE info giving them a way to do their Doubt Formulas, so they get out.

    Marty, your book is a much needed “must read” item, which needs to get into official Scientologists’ hands so they can do their Doubt Formulas and get the hell out of Miscavige’s mess.

  30. Yep;)

  31. windhorse,
    I’m glad you are here. 🙂

  32. “fear calling itself freedom”
    Love that!!

  33. Just like the Finance/FBO officer drills standing in front of a mirror, and the stage manners drilling. A perfect example of an “only one.”

    He hasn’t had a session in going on two decades by an auditor who has any auditor altitude over him, so all he can do to mask his chronic hatred, is drill in his fake beingnesses.

    I wonder if the staff to staff violence has stopped, or not? Hope some news of that leaks out somehow.

  34. Thanks again Mark, you were one of the first back in 2005, willing to talk about the violence, that made it easier for others to discuss it.

    All the firsthand stories are so important in getting official Scientologists to do their Doubt Formulas properly.

    Proving Miscaviges unqualifications and his sorry “leadership” track record, are so important to getting him OUT of the Scientology movement for good. (And until he gets out, then help the membership get out.)

    I still want even more books, and look forward to Marty’s book.

    The members need to HEAR the truth, and let them do their Doubt Formulas for real, and get the heck out of Miscavige’s mess!

    I’ve thought that using ARC, and Precept 20, and using “Good Roads and Good Weather” in reverse, to the members, is the way to go. Doing so will not be lost on them, they’ll see that the outside Scientologists are saner than the inside Scientologists, and make the right decision, and see the outside landing zone is much freer and higher principled.

  35. When I went to ASI, I noticed that the ASI staff didn’t even bother to read LRH’s “classic fiction” stories, but a few, but none of the execs, excepting Norman and Hugh Wilhere. David Bloomberg was reading Clive Cussler. I was reading Norman Mailer, sneaking it, during post hours, and reading LRH’s classic fiction books.

    What did David Miscavige read, anyone know? (Did he just read and re-read the Knowledge Reports PL passages he misinterpreted to mean staff giving black eyes was “policy”??)

  36. Great food for thought Marty.

    I think Scientology today is in the beginning of waking up from a case of mass denial.

    Today the active Indies and “uncooperative radar flying parishioners” are exponentially growing in their numbers because people are waking up from the mass denial and I think it is mainly for this reason:

    In the Radical Church of Scientology (RCS) the majority of people are dreaming the impossible dream: to become a totally free spiritual being if they “just go with the flow, (and against their better judgement)” one more time.” This impossible dream means they must allow themselves to be oppressed or to suppress someone else for the “Greatest good” even though they know it is wrong or inhuman treatment or not LRH’s policy. The point being, if they don’t “go with the flow”, they are deathly afraid they will be denied their own spiritual freedom!

    However, because of the absence of DELIVERY of LRHs spiritual technology inside the RCS, these parishioners that “go with the flow” are giving up hope because they are simply not getting delivery of LRH’s technology. After all, it is this hope of eventual delivery that “keeps” them in the mass denial.

    Indies are growing because of delivery. RCS is contracting because of non delivery. It’s that simple.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing this Dassie. I think there a number of auditors out here who would volunteer to take a shot at rehabbing those gains.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Not a rant in my view. Instead, a perfect expansion – backed by fact – of the theme we’re discussing. Thanks for putting this out for people to see.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Hey Jackson!

  40. Lana,

    After your visit, when you were RTC, to the Int RPF, during that “raid” you did on the Int RPF, for us being “slack”, Mike Sutter was MAA at that time, and he implemented the “turn over your money, credit cards, ID” to be kept safely by the Happy Valley Ranch security guard’s safe, everyone’s stuff in a separate envelope), sheesh!

    I told Mike, at the time, “There is no LRH policy saying this. There is nothing to force us to do this.” Mike grinned his grin and said, yes, you are right. But I turned over my cards and IDs and passport anyways, and all we on the RPF were allowed to have, was a maximum 20 bucks, I think it was. All this was after Jeff Kretz successfully blew the Int RPF also, good for Jeff Kretz, which proved again, that staff could always blow, no matter how much coercion and security was put up as a barrier to blowing. (I remember Jackson’s night of messing with the Int Base security too, make in 1996, spring or summer, when Jackson made his point that NO amount of security could stop a staffer from blowing if the staffer was clever enough.)

    Mike Sutter, was guy! I doubt he’s trusted to read this blog, wish he were allowed, because he’d likely start getting disaffected.

    Disaffecting those inside, is a good thing!

    Love the Int Base staffer stories, since THAT stuff has to be read, and someday, old Warren McShane, and Sutter, and others, it will weigh finally on their decisions to plan their own clever “blows!”

  41. martyrathbun09

    Toxic environment indeed.

  42. haydn (T Paine)

    Very true, Marty, interesting mechanism.

    The fear band is above the level of heartbreak (grief).– that snapping or tearing sound that occurs when reality dawns that the church one fought so hard for no longer exists. But is is below Miscavige’s anger speak, giving people the mistaken idea it is better to cling to his lie strewn anger.

    What those in denial don’t see is that the heartbreak they so strenuously avoid dropping into is temporary, it passes and that one rises again with renewed understanding and causation.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Speaking of primary season, Stewart and Colbert are engaged in one of the most brilliant, ongoing real-life (with the Super Pac) parodies I’ve ever seen. Incisive as all heck.

  44. martyrathbun09

    “The road to truth is begun with honesty.” Thanks for this helping of honesty Mark.

  45. congratulations Lana !

    Being an ex-RTC-bitch is faaaaaar better than being a current RTC bitch 😉

  46. martyrathbun09

    Don’t count Debbie out yet.

  47. martyrathbun09

    The greatest win I got on the Grades was the recognition that I could comfortably disagree. When I listened to the PDC I understood why.

  48. “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.” – Winston Churchill

  49. Disagree – my favorite word in the English language.

  50. Something fascinating to me is how Miscavige’s rise and fall has been so closely paralleling the rise and fall of this last crazy credit expansion (bubble) and crash in the United States, both rising since the early 1980s and falling since about 2007. Both have been largely built on fraud, on money fraud The U.S. credit cycle (very much linked to and serving as the main base for the credit cycle most of the world has been on) wiped out so much wealth and productivity of America. Similarly, Miscavige’s power feasting cycle has impacted Scientologists. I have been fortunate to have been largely operating independently of these counterfeit money and Miscavige death cycles, accumulating additional of theta and life gains along the way. Now that these insolvent governments and banking systems no longer have adequately productive economies to feast off of, they have become desperately parasitic on the bond instruments and fiat money they issue (and cannot honestly pay off on) to stay alive. We enter the stage of their death throes. They require an accelerating inflation (a hyperinflation). a destruction of the money and credit system they’ve been living off, to stay alive a wee bit longer. Similarly so does Miscavige spiral down.

  51. Lana,

    Not a rant in my view either. The picture that I got when reading it was of a distempered psychopath (David Miscavige) making forays into the world in order to accomplish his misanthropic and dystopian goal of “killing them all” – and making a complete bollocks of it.

    Frustrated by his inability to get the job done, he needs to have someone to beat on. “Why, how convenient. I just happen to have some others tied to the whipping post. I’ll just beat them. They expect it. That’s what they’re here for.”

    And now, an old favorite to remind us of the arbitrary caprice and sinister intent of the SP:

  52. A fascinating anecdote, and I have had similar experiences. Between Sam and I there are in excess of a dozen local “OTs” we know who have peered over the trench walls long enough to see that there isn’t actually a salvo of wild beasts waiting to pounce on them and destroy them or “their eternity”. Those that have crept back into the bunker do so ONLY out of fear (except one who slunk back to report to OSA masters the annoying news that Sam and Martin appeared to be doing very well and expanding on all dynamics).

    OSA – take very good note: There is not a SINGLE individual I have spoken to who has failed to walk right out into the sunlight because of the nonsense and bile spewed from Minerva, Freedumb or other DM mouthpieces. They go back NOT because the Church practices standard tech; NOT because the Church “is expanding like never before” (since even to the totally hypnotised, it isn’t), and certainly NOT because they are “enthusiastic supporters of the IAS and Ideal Orgs programs”. It is FEAR, pure and simple.

    They KNOW things are very very badly wrong, and apply all sorts of misguided “solutions” to make themselves right for staying in David Misacviges cult. As Marty puts it “old friends and associates acting deaf, dumb and blind to hard, cold, documented facts” is complete denial.

    In addition to fear-based denial I believe there is also the “can’t be wrong” computation. Paul Haggis made the observation that “everybody around me knew I was in a cult – except me”. It’s just too much to confront at first that one has been duped to SUCH an extent; that the betrayal of trust has been TOTAL. It’s been discussed on some highly illuminating articles on Jeff’s blog. Some of the best of these articles:

    On thought stopping:

    On extremism:

    On abuse:

    And my favourite, blowing away the lie of the Church having “your eternity” in its hands:

  53. First Principle

    Hear hear.

  54. martyrathbun09

    Great observation. I’ve made this connection similarly; one reason why I call it CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY.

  55. Wow, How the hell did the culture change that way? When I was on staff and when I was fully involved on course, the other staff and myself were always into reading – the Lensmen series, LRH fiction when we could get it, other Sci Fi, “Shogun” – everyone I knew had a book they were reading.

    Reading was part of the culture.


    0. We of the church deny that affinity, reality and communication should be lived by all our members.

    1. We of the church deny that Hubbard’s writings and lectures should be followed at all times.

    2. We of the church deny that spiritual endeavors should have priority over material possessions.

    3. We of the church deny that propaganda lies are inferior to the plain truth.

    4. We of the church deny that attacking our perceived enemies is a principle of the reactive mind.

    5. We of the church deny that we are likely to have out rudiments ourselves to perceive someone as an enemy.

    6. We of the church deny that our church could have expanded like mad in the last decades, given sensible and decent application of Hubbard’s heritage.

    7. We of the church deny that our members could have attained much more spiritual gains, well being and happiness, if they had not been pestered continuously with added and unnecessary donations requests.

    8. We of the church deny that those donations requests have frequently been severe and outright harassments.

    9. We of the church deny that by the above actions and activities we have denied ourselves considerable survival potential which can hardly if ever be regained for our group.

  57. It’s lack of courage and an inability to confront of evil. Either one has it and can or, one does not.

  58. I’ll second that! 🙂

  59. Lil Bit,

    I am fairly new on this blog. However, you should know that my little dog has looked at me & turned her head completely sideways (in great concern) more than once already this week, as I try to get through your posts without busting a gut.
    Thank you 🙂

    Hey.. if you change the “R’s to “W’s”, sounds like Elmer Fudd.

  60. Denial, of course, is linked to the service facsimile mechanism.

    Rightness and Wrongness – SHSBC 328 : “And the basic mechanism of enslavement is survival- the insistence upon surviving, followed by the necessity to dominate, followed by, then, the necessity to be right or wrong. The necessity to be right or wrong then becomes as irrational as the original postulate to survive. And these postulates go downhill, and you will find in them the most incredible situations you will find. You will blink-I told you about this, you look for it. And one of these days you are really going to blink at what somebody is doing in order to be right. They just become totally concentrated on the last way they can be right.”

  61. That’s right. Per definition people still in RS are in the 1-1.1 band. If they go higher, they get so much upset with OSA that soon they will be disaffected and verbally declared and wind up here. If they go lower, they’re on the road to contacting cancer and suicide and extract themselves out of a hopeless situation.

    In the 1.1 band you can’t expect any pro survival decisions or correct handling of data. In that band a datum has to be corrupted and perverted for devious purposes. The being is on his way out and knows it and will take as many along by any means. He is aware of what he’s doing but will obsessively continue to do so as he considers there’s no other way of survival. To him it’s best survival to lie and cheat and con others so they’ll be weaker (which he considers safe).

    Anger, pain and antagonism are however the best tone levels to wake them up. You see people waking up and moving up on this blog starting out in resentment, hate and anger. Then they move on up higher and soon start to analyse and joke and find new and better ways of survival. After that they start to help others and expand their dynamics further.

  62. The big lie of Corporate America

  63. two of my best time periods while being a part of Scientology

    When I first got into it (great wins) and when I finally got out of it (great wins)

    The in between phase once they felt like I was hooked was a nightmare.

    Incessant regging, unrealistic targets and they had a great knack at controlling you and forbidding asking questions when things were not based on policy or you felt things were unfair or just not right


    if your IN get OUT- It’s the most liberating feeling in the world If you want to be FREE again get out and be a part of the Independents they will not take away your freedom or self expression

    you can be YOU again- Try it you might just like it

    The hell with David Miscavige and his tyrannical behavior and insane actions- he is the master manipulator and king of twisting the law and king kong of paying off lawyers and people in high and low places

  64. Great post, Marty – very truthful.

    It occurred to me that in order to become a Scientologist, you have to overcome Denialism – “My life is fine, the world is fine, my family’s church is fine” and have to endure in many cases some pain from your family. No more Catholic church wedding. You are going to hell because you are not a Christian. All that.

    And here we are, with the very people who overcame Denialism to become Scientogists in the first place squarely back in the Denialism camp. “Mr David Miscavige is doing alright – look at these awesome palaces! Look at our Good Deeds! Look at the Urdu versions of the Basics!”

    It’s like they threw themselves on a life raft, and now the life raft is sinking, and they are in the quandary of “damn! This was my life raft. It MUST be okay! My parents can’t be right!”

    This is proof that the church is dead – they take people who are brave enough to get into Scientology and turn them into people who refuse to look.

  65. Ending corporate personhood would be a step in the right direction IMHO.

    Not to mention the Interstate Commerce Clause in the U.S. Constitution.

    Whaddy’a say, Marty? Let’s fix the constitution! I’m thinkin’ kind of a mixture of the Constitution and the Creed of the church of Scientology…

  66. Robert,
    “Indies are growing because of delivery. RCS is contracting because of non delivery. It’s that simple.”

    I too believe that it IS that simple.

  67. You must have done something right. The other day OSA called me; they were looking for Mike Sutter. Here….. in Holland…..?!?

  68. I would like to chime in with something I learned in Red Cross Senior Life Saving class:

    During any attempt to rescue a drowning person, the greatest threat the rescuer faces is the victim. In panic for their very life, they will attempt to use the rescuer as a flotation device and *drown them* – unless approached with extreme caution and taken under control using specialized techniques.

    This is what we face when we try to rescue these spiritually drowning members of the cult Church of Black Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  69. Many good points being made in these comments.

    But for many Scientologists their whole lives are interconnected to other Scientologists (personal friendships, family, business and education). A BEINGNESS which has developed over 10, 20 or 30+ years is threatened if one acts upon personal observation. One of the things that still keeps this in place is the illegal reimplementation of the earlier CANCELLED disconnection policies. The threat of losing one’s identity if one does not maintain the status quo is pretty daunting and so it is not surprising that so many fight back and refuse to look. The result is that ones integrity is compromised. You know something is wrong but your afraid to do anything about it and so your dynamics start to contract. The church has become an “only one” which must be contributed to.

    I think the biggest denial that has occurred is the denial of oneself added to that is the false datum that the church has the monopoly on Scientology and if one left the church one loses their chance at eternal freedom. Today, not only can one HAVE Scientology outside the church, it is available in its original form…free from additives that are found in the church, resulting in swift bridge progress that doesn’t break the bank and allows one to fully expand on ALL dynamics.

    Each time we post on this blog (or others), each time someone comes out publicly, or forwards truth with proof of corruption it impinges and we establish reality. Done often enough this can help change denial into perception…one by one…truth can be discovered and give one the courage to break free from the lies.

  70. Interesting revalation and something to take onboard – denialism. That rock solid wall which is damn near bullet proof.
    What I find fascinating if not downright disturbing is nearly all the phenomena displayed by members of the Church (and some others) who apparently haven’t got two brain cells to rub together and see that the very technology and education they hold so dear and are protecting so tenaciously is what they have the least ability to apply. The shrinking membership numbers, empty orgs, lack of auditors made, Clears almost non existant etc a pretty dismal scene compared to Saint Hill in the 60s & 70s.
    Yet, the answers are in one of the most common and basic courses Scientology presents – The Student Hat. Geeze, it’s meant to be applied! Not shelved and be replaced with demands or suffication for robotic orders and command intention.
    Remember these little gems. Better than 50% of the subject of Scn & Dianetics is how it is applied, not the data. The length of runway is directly proportional to chance of failure. Labels used instead of underestanding, eg the medical profession labels something it can’t cure and that satisfies any further attempt to deal with the issue – it’s labeled! especialy with ‘…itis’.
    Why study something if you know all about it anyway? The arrogance displayed, the photography classes example. The navigator learning his trade. Beware of the one who sharpens his pencil and says we are exactly here.. yet the experienced fellow looks around and places his hand on the chart, “we are somewhere around here.” Study and Intention, tape 8 has Miscavige exposed pretty accurately, why do you think he has had the workable procedures altered and crashed the practicality of the subject – what exactly is his intention? Not his words.
    How can I use this data, out in life, has it occured to me or anyone I know? would quickly cure these and other ills.
    All great civilisations disappeared because of the lack of ability to study. That makes sense now, the Corporate Scientologist is a prime example of someone who can’t wake up and smell the coffee, the elephant is in the room! The dark clouds of dismal failure are on the horizon.
    Yes the dropping educational levels leaves mankind exposed to the dominating types in the guise of everything is this either way or that. Robots can’t think and will follow even the most obviously insane regimens straight to oblivion, screaming the whole way how persecuted they are.
    Oh wow, survival… what a game!

  71. When I worked for DM, he did read fiction novels. Wilbur Smith I think was one of the authors he read.

    I remember this point Dan about other fish to fry if someone was reading fiction books coming out of DM’s mouth. Again hypochrisy. Do as I say, not as I do.

    For me, I read a newspaper almost every day I was in the Sea Org. When USA Today started publishing in the early 80s, I subscribed and it was delivered to the Gold/Int base to me every day at the guard booth. I would read it in my room at meal times.

    I have told this to many people over the years, that reading the newspaper and staying abreast of the rest of the world helped me to stay sane and to finally leave. USA Today was my friend in that regard.

  72. Don’t forget Mike Rinder when you’re thinking about people with extraordinary courage.

  73. George M. White

    “These two are fools. The one who doesn’t see his transgression as a transgression, and the one who doesn’t rightfully pardon another who has confessed his transgression. These two are fools.
    The Buddha

    Thus Mr. Moth-cavige is a double fool in denial.

  74. Great post, Marty!

    Some of the fundraisers for our Idle Org have committed massive financial atrocities against the entire field for the better part of a decade, only to find themselves in an empty cathedral.

    These same terminals (both E/D’s and several other main characters), have been responsible for tossing many courageous whistle-blowers under the buss, followed up by heavy third party.

    These guys have a lot of reasons for denialism. They are desperate to keep the pins of truth from popping their little bubble of lies.

    Cocoons of ignorance have replaced islands of sanity!

  75. Thanks Robert — your impossible dream comment reminded me of a favorite saying of one of the buddhist teachers I admire:

    “An absolutely enlightened mind would be of no value if it wasn’t for a sympathetic heart.”

    How it is possible for those still on OTVII (and I know OF many, no longer speak to any) within RCS to continually audit knowing that they disdain almost everyone they encounter. Surely those living in CW must bump into former scientologists or indies all the time. And those OT VIIs just turn around.

    Denial indeed.


  76. Great —

    Thanks GMW


  77. Li'll bit of stuff

    Fish, Gweat to hear fwom you too! Say, would you
    believe? Just over thwee months of much needed
    decompwession here did the twick? And your Li’l
    dog just might be indicating something she senses!
    It Weally does come down to being in weal touch
    with one’s ‘feelings.’ Dogs do this natuwally,you know?

    Thank you too and please give your little dog a
    weal lick fwom me, pwomise?

    I will heweafter wemain, your fwiend,……..Li’ll bit.
    ( with sincere apologies to the Real Elmer Fudd)

  78. Random-you got my Saturday going with alot of laughing!

  79. Joe-We were the rebels back then(Joe and I were on staff together) Just a couple of misfits.

  80. FCDC Class of 74

    It is only when I hold things at arms lenght that I can focus. Too close and things are just that, take it for granted familiar. Too far away and the facts fall away and I can not see to believe. I used to be take it for granted familiar while at the church now I hold myself short of a cynic. Thank you Marty for bring arms lenght perspective

  81. Poignant Marty.

    Denialism — the last bastion of the soon to be dead.

    It is such a plea for help in such a reverse fashion it is hard to confront. Hard for the individual in denial to face because he had to blink at least once earlier and that blink was a violation of his code of honor and thereby a compromise of his own responsibility, minimally to himself. And having blinked that once, with all it’s attendant baggage, he finds it easier and easier to continue to blink for longer and longer periods until he is blind.
    And there we find these individuals, trapped in their own blankets of blindness, convinced of the warmth of these blankets, yet these blankets are smothering them.

    Fortunately, they can be helped.


  82. Well said Windohorse. And these days probably the only person around that would believe a member of the church *WOULD BE* a 10 year old. Anyone that is not DIRECTLY contributing in some way to what LRH set forth as the greatest good for the greatest number *is* DOING something contrary to the good of all concerned. These things once understood account for their behavior, and the Church of Scientology seems to feel that no one in life can explain anything to them because they know it all. Well Windhorse, it looks like they have a lot to learn! 🙂

  83. Dassie-Where are you located?

  84. Scientologists have entered the era of HONESTY. It has been thrust upon us-there is no other way to go.if it is not confronted one can die-literally. This blog, I know has saved lives. So has “Friends of LRH”and other sites and the many who decided to be honest. Its a great chapter.

  85. I had been reaearching for a couple of years now why there is such a high suicide rate amongst veterans returning from Iraq and Afganistan. After interviewing some of the returnees and reading what these guys had to say about their experience I finally found a common Why amongst them that practically applies in this situation. When these soldiers were abroad in their combat configurations they were SOMEBODY: They had rank, they had position, they had responsibilities for men under them and even for men over them and then they had FREEDOM to make important decisions and sharing their ideas and were LISTENED to and granted the beingness to be important.

    Then all of a sudden they end out on the street back here in the world where they are NOBODY. They now have no life to speak of other than being responsible for a clean floor and serving people food or manufacturing wingnuts for lawmowers. Life can be unbearable for them now (“how you gonna keep them on the farm after they seen Paris?”.

    They you take people who are in Corporate Scn. Sea Org members who have status and position and responsibility and freedom of choice are not going to want to walk away from it all very easily, and just like the sit 3 that Mayo (the character in Officer and a Gentleman) got from his drill instructor when he finally spat “I got nowhere else to go!” these people know they have nowhere else to go either. Now this is expecially true for those Sea Org who have never really audited another or made another person better personally do not know that the tech is altered. They have no way of knowing because they haven’t personally delivered it. This is the majority of Sea Org. The tech personnel who are turned to corporate zombies were probably out tech to begin with and they also are old enough now that they have nowhere else to go either.

    The public are a different story. In the Standard Tech tape from the Class VIII course, LRH said that 22.5 percent of the people on the planet will get better if you give them an ice cream cone, pat them on the back or just be nice to them. He said “So your zero percent is 22.5 percent”. They will get “better” with altered tech and this is the percentage that keeps David alive. The other 77.5 percent will be handled by us and will get better because we give them standard tech. But once again the public in corporate Scn BELONG to something and they aren’t willing to give it up either. They enjoy status and blonging to the OT Committee where they are granted more beingness from POB than the working staff are. I have seen and heard of OT Committees ordering into orgs and running EDs. It is not a pretty sight. So these firld OTs have a lot of status as well.


    ML Tom

  86. Hey Mike,
    We’ve delivered over 30 communication courses to new public over the past three months.
    All you really need in the way of protection is a very well drilled, natural TR4. Does the trick every time. Might not handle the rabid varmint, but it will cloak you in an impenetrable force field.
    ARC with a flat bull-bait…nothing like it.

  87. Marty, thank you so much for this post!

    For me just a whole chain of “something” just blew.
    I had the idea that extremism and racism, or a tendency to it, were only a problem of not being able to understand another viewpoint. The factor of fear just didn´t come to my mind but makes totally sense and explains it well. I thought somebody who is in this frame of mind is a poor soul, as he is cutting his reach and havingness on other groups and on the human race and from my viewpoint that is also stupid when being a part of it. If I would mentally withdraw and be on denial regarding the human race, being a part of it, I then would withdraw from and deny myself – as a thetan I would shrink. I was always interested in other cultures. Life has just so more zest if one can embrace spiritually other cultures and races. Already being very young I was playing around with having different viewpoints on the same thing and also in discussions taking on other viewpoints than what were my own and then use the other viewpoints to argue. Kept me somehow mentally flexible.

    Of course I had trouble then in the Church and specially in the SO when I let myself press into a rigid one way road of thinking. I was giving up my freedom of the way I thought for the freedom to get more data to think with – a paradox and a trap. The knowledge I got in Scientology was and is very precious for me. But then to give up parts of my beingnes to get this knowledge was certainly wrong and was a constant PTP and a violation of my integrity. And yes, it was denial.

  88. They are modern masters of satire. I had a blast with their rally in DC last year.


  89. 31) Q:Does Random Stranger cut so close to the very nature of who you are with his biting humour that it drives you straight to the copper rods? A:No

  90. I won’t… but for her sake not ours.

  91. It became fashionable at Flag for OT VIIIs to give wins such as ‘I don’t need to read books anymore’
    How sad 😦

  92. True dat! 🙂

  93. Excerpts from wikipedia:

    Denialism is choosing to deny reality as a way to avoid an uncomfortable truth: “[it] is the refusal to accept an empirically verifiable reality. It is an essentially irrational action that withholds validation of a historical experience or event”.

    In science, denialism has been defined as the rejection of basic concepts that are undisputed and well-supported parts of the scientific consensus on a topic in favor of ideas that are both radical and controversial.It has been proposed that the various forms of denialism have the common feature of the rejection of overwhelming evidence and the generation of a controversy through attempts to deny that a consensus exists. The terms Holocaust denialism and AIDS denialism have been used,and the term climate change denialists has been applied to those who argue against the scientific consensus that global warming is occurring and that human activity is its primary cause. Several motivations for denialism have been proposed, including religious beliefs and self-interest, or as a psychological defense mechanism against disturbing ideas.

    For denialists, the facts are unacceptable. They engage in radical controversion, for ideological purposes, of facts that, by and large, are accepted by almost all experts and lay persons as having been established on the basis of overwhelming evidence”. To do this they employ “distortions, half-truths, misrepresentation of their opponents’ positions and expedient shifts of premises and logic. A common tactic used by denialists is to “make great play of the inescapable indeterminacy of figures and statistics”, as scientific studies of many areas rely on probability analysis of sets of data, and in historical studies the precise numbers of victims and other facts may not be available in the primary sources.

    It is a process that operates by employing one or more of the following five tactics in order to maintain the appearance of legitimate controversy:
    1. Conspiracy theories — Dismissing the event by suggesting opponents have an ulterior motive for their position or are conspiracy theorists.
    2. Cherry picking — Selecting an anomalous critical paper supporting their idea, or using outdated, flawed, and discredited papers in order to make their opponents look like they base their ideas on weak research.
    3. False experts — Paying an expert in the field, or another field, to lend supporting evidence or credibility.
    4. Moving the goalpost — Dismissing evidence presented in response to a specific claim by continually demanding some other (often unfulfillable) piece of evidence.
    5. Other logical fallacies — Usually one or more of false analogy, appeal to consequences, straw man, or red herring.

    Edward Skidelsky, a lecturer in philosophy at Exeter University, has suggested that this is a new use for the word denial and it may have its origins in an old sense of “deny”, akin to “disown”, (as in the Apostle Peter denying Christ), but that its more immediate antecedence is from the Freudian sense of deny as a refusal to accept a painful or humiliating truth, and that it is from this form of denial the abstract noun “denialism”, has recently been coined. He writes that “An accusation of ‘denial[ism]’ is serious, suggesting either deliberate dishonesty or self-deception. The thing being denied is, by implication, so obviously true that the denier must be driven by perversity, malice or wilful blindness.” He suggests that by introducing the use of denialism to more and more areas of historical and scientific debate that “One of the great achievements of the Enlightenment—the liberation of historical and scientific enquiry from dogma—is quietly being reversed” and that this should worry liberal-minded people.

  94. 😀 That indicates! LOL

  95. Denialism, lack of confront of evil, fear of consequenses for speaking out. It all goes hand-in-hand. The fact of the matter is that many, many people across this world are perfectly willing to be Slaves to any Totalitarian Regime. And you see that even here in America (supposedly the last bastion of FREEDOM) where this country is slowly but steadily inching its way toward becoming a total police state; as evidenced by the manner in which police forces dealt with the Occupy Wallstreet crowds, and where we saw multiple online videos of peaceful protests being met with unwarranted physical violence on the part of the Police. It’s the same way in Scientology, only 10 times worse. Don’t you DARE even Speak Out against Command Intention! Or we will GET YOU! Indeed, the Church is Dead for those who wish to truly be FREE; but the Church is Alive and Well for those who wish to be Slaves; and compared to those who wish to be Slaves, those of us who wish to be Free are vastly outnumbered!

  96. This post is very helpful, Marty.
    After 28 years in, I did an FPRD and stumbled across my justification for not handling the outpoints I had noticed over the years. Surely Rock Slamming hard on that, it was time to reconcile it. In the end I cleared up that mass of confusion to find myself having been in the Church of Denial for so long but finally free of that dramatization I haven’t gone back and happy to be here with all of you.

  97. Courage and the ability to confront manifests on a gradient scale and is certainly a process…

  98. Out of context: But Marty, those Grades are phenomenal! Brilliant win!

  99. Random Stranger, I can’t stop laughing! Fabulous – especially Sec Check Question No. 26! Priceless 🙂 🙂 🙂

  100. Franklin: +100 Here some people I think of, off top of my hat that were borne with a full bag of courage and an extra set of balls: MLK, Mr. Rinder Nelson Mandela, Marty Rathban, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, LRH, Steve Hall, Amy Scobee, St. Francis of Assisi

  101. TR’s do not address when such a person decides to throw one under the bus to get back in good graces with the cult by conducting Black PR smear attacks against one (say on Facebook ala John Nunez).

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  102. 😀 😀 😀

  103. In support of Marty’s article, which I loved, here is my first post on my own blog. Hope ya’ll like it…. KOB

  104. Lawrence

    Hmmm… This line does not fit comfortably in my universe…

    …”Anyone that is not DIRECTLY contributing in some way to what LRH set forth as the greatest good for the greatest number *is* DOING something contrary to the good of all concerned.”…

    You see, my problem with that is this; although I will listen to what someone might say about what they think or “know” is “the greatest good for the greatest number (of Dynamics)”, I feel it is MY OWN RESPONSIBILITY to adjudicate what is “the greatest good for the greatest number” for MY Dynamics. I no longer grant ANY being or thing “the right of intervention between myself and any being, idea, matter, energy, space, time or form, and I assume full right of determination over it.” Nor do I grant anyone the “right of intervention” over anyone else’s Dynamics either.

    It is a “Q” for me…I speak for no one else.

    Eric S

  105. Your humble servant

    dassie, thank you for this communication. Of course we would like to hear more! Communications from real old timers like you are like gold. And, I hope you will get together with one of these “disaffected” independent auditors. They can work miracles and will abundantly rehab your past gains.
    You’ll have fun, I promise you, and, unlike the current rapacious, official Church of Scientology organization, it won’t cost you much, if anything at all.

  106. “Q” defined, as I am using it here….

    ….”It can be defined this way: it is the highest level from which we are now viewing which is a common denominator to all experience which we now view. The highest level from which we’re operating. (PDC 6)
    (from the “Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary” by L. Ron Hubbard.)

    Eric S

  107. George M. White

    “The complexity of the “OT’s” that I met was amazing. Their whole life was a series of stories. No, ‘Here and now, I and thou.”

    I observed the hard impact of the narratives also. When OTVIII was first released, the narratives caused too much confusion. The level was actually truncated by Miscavige because of the overload of narratives. However, if you look at the OTVIII with the camera on his head(Allender), you still see a head full of narratives. You got it right – narrative overload. Imagine what would happen if all of the narratives from OTVIII had been preserved. You would have even more complexity and confusion.


  108. Mark:

    Thank you.

    Although I did not personally suffer the physical abuse and/or public humiliation administered by David Miscavige at Int base, I did, however, willingly dedicate a huge chunk of my life to do what I believed was good while expecting NOTHING in return, as did so many others, to find out that it was all in vain regarding our original purpose but instead unknowingly backing up a frickin’ megalomaniac The spiritual effect of discovering this after so long are comparable to a good punch in the face every single time I think about it.

    Mark: In the end, I too asked myself some of the same questions about what was going on? Was I really supposed to participate in these bully tactics to handle my juniors, humiliating them or public that were not handing over the wallet? Seriously? Manipulatig them? All orders coming straight down the lines from the FBO Int who were obviously granted a special “controlling bodies” status from DM himself in all orgs on the entire planet. Try asking an SO member in an org about such orders or to show you the ref & be told LRH wrote SO policies specifically for SO members and “org staff” are not to see them. Those were my signs. Pretty frickin’ obvious.

    In the beginning, as public we all had win(s) with Dianetics, Scientology or just reading a book by L. Ron Hubbard. We discovered the best friend we could ever ask for. We were entirely blown away at the idea that people could change for the better, if they were only shown the way. We sometimes felt “special” or blessed having been one of the lucky ones to find the answers to the many problems of life, regardless of how we arrived.

    We knew two things: 1.) It worked 2.) Not everyone knew about it.

    Suddenly we wanted N-O-T-H-I-N-G more than to spread the word and simply share those wins with others. Period. It was decided.

    This purpose is by far the best purpose one could ever have…helping others. It is highly commendable.

    Unfortunately, (to say the least) we find out that our “purpose” has actively been the target of obliteration, since prior to LRH’s death. We find out that our purpose of: Clearing the planet and implementing LRH’s plans in order to do expand via orgs and missions is no longer an option (not in their current state.)

    Therefore, the church IS dead. Why? Because “The Reason for Orgs” has long been forgotten within corporate Scientology.

    LRH likens an org to a living organism, with each department or “body function” having a purpose, hat and product. With every person on post wearing their hat, the org is ALIVE and flourishing and prospering.

    When staff members & public are “out back” flipping burgers, tossing frisbies or scooping up horse manure at the pony ride station during the 7th Ideal Org Fundraising event of the frickin’ month, that church? … is dead.

    Yes, “THERE IS ANOTHER PATH” is the exact message to relay to those who KNOW things are not right but don’t know what to do.

    And THAT is a beautiful thing.

  109. Mark,
    USA Today was allowed to be sold in the Canteen, at the Int Base in later times. I think most of the readers were sports fans. There were copies left laying around at the Dining room in MCI.

    DM – David Miscavige mostly read fiction, including the latest Harry Potter. He had one of his office guys buy the latest at the midnight releases at Barnes & Noble while we were in Clearwater a couple of times so he could have it. One of the fiction books by Robin Cook was the reason, he told me that he would not eat beef for years, though he would eat lamb. He loaned it to me so I could read it.

    As a prank of sorts when Tom De Vocht was flying high in CW and DM was happy with him, DM had a 2lbs T bone steak, which was on the menu at the Hibiscus restaurant at the Fort Harrison sent to Tom to eat for dinner. DM thought that the meal was disgusting & a big joke and I’m sure Tom enjoyed it very much.

  110. GH,
    Perhaps it was because one could not watch TV?

  111. Thanks Marty,
    I feel that former Int base staff members have had the biggest leap to make on the subject of denial. We were card-carrying Miscavige devotees — and I remember clearly a point in time when I would havevirtually laid my life on the line for DM, in an effort to placate him, in an effort to propitiate and in an effort to be (what seemed to be) on the “right team”.

    A brief overview of just some of the crazy things I did as an Int base staff member which I denied, along with many others, shows the level that this goes to. This is not in any particular order.

    * I followed orders and photocopied Lyman Spurlock’s head on orders of COB to denigrate and belittle Lyman, a veteran Sea Org member (and corporate Board member of RTC).
    * I wordcleared Sinar Parmen on KSW 1, Method 9, along with the rest of the Int base ordered to do the same, at 11.30pm at night after a full day of production and then tried to get him to FN at Exams.
    * I went to the Int RPF and caused a major flap as the senior RTC terminal, because the Int RPF space had been made theta with gardens and paths and rock gardens, while at the Int base we were living a life of hell.
    * I accepted ordered from the Internal Executive RTC and D/IG Internal Affairs in the mid 90s to divorce my husband of over 15 years based on a session KR which had found him “thinking” unsavoury thoughts about COB, and went so far as to tell him I wanted a divorce (at which point we both collapsed into tears).
    * I left people who wanted to leave (such as Mo Bolstad) at OGH (the swamp) on physical hard labour for months as she wanted to leave and I had received orders that she was not allowed to route out and needed to “handle her”.
    *I participated in the many, many study orders issued by COB to the entire Int base, which included random policies that we were to wordclear and kept everyone off post for days
    * I followed orders to destructively musical chair whole divisions of Gold in an effort to get event properties produced in time (ordered by DM), resulting in massive backlogs in key areas of the org and staff in continual flux. I did this on all flows over a period years, despite having done an RTC investigation on 1995 that revealed that DM had musical chaired Int mamnagement for 5 years to a point where no one executive post had been held by one person for longer than a year (and many posts were like revolving doors and tenure was no longer than a few weeks — such as Establishment Exec Int (EEI)).
    * I followed DM orders to “find the crimes” of ED Int (Guillaume) and CO CMO Int (Marc Yager) and Snr CS Int (RayMithoff) and shadowed them for weeks. I dug through their personl belongings, went through their phone records, their bank statements, their desk filing cabinets, their in-baskets, their computer mail, you name it — all to find the “crimes”– which I NEVER found. And then I watched as DM removed these executives, RPFed them, declared them SP, removed their rank, belittled them and J&Ded them, caved them in, and then put them into “The Hole”.
    * I, along with many others, permitted DM to cross order the base schedule repeatedly and continually, so that whole sections of the Gold and Int base regularly got next to no sleep (sorry Mike Rinder — I really am sorry about that). I enforced that his orders were followed — despite seeing how off-policy, crazy and destructive it was.
    * I personally cooked and serviced DM and his entourage (and guests) for several years, watching as over $1000 worth of food was purchased weekly for less than 10 people, while they dined on fillet mignon and organic vegetables, while the rest of the crew was on gruel, beans and rice.

    SO many outpoints. Such denial. When you are in that world — when you are in DM’s universe — you do the most absurd, off-policy and crazy things. And confronting that (and that is far from a complete list), is not pleasant. It is — in my view — why the Sutter’s, Pouws, and many others (including my ex) have refused to look. Why they have attacked persons who do look and try to point out the craziness of the situation. It is crazy, but to admit is, means you have to accept responsibility for the part YOU have played in it.

    And that is why I love you, and Mike, and Shannon, and Hiro, and Jackson, and Raul, and Jim, Tom O, and Eric, and Dave F., and Amy. We have all walked the walk and talked the talk. We have all been part of the crazinness, but been strong enough to step out of it. Others have escaped but been unable to confront it and instead been far more eager to be bought off into silence. Which is frankly, just more denial.

    Thanks Marty.

  112. Shit – and I forgot Steve Hall, and Jeff Hawkins, and Marc and Claire Headley! If I have forgotten anyone else, forgive me. My head went into another space briefly while I was recalling the insanity that hell hole we call Int.

  113. First Principle

    Hi, and welcome.

    You asked…”what’s the best LRH reference to encourage people to disobey management and investigate for themselves? Look Don’t Listen?”…

    I think that if you try that line, what you are likely going to get is that the other person feels strongly that it is YOU who needs to “Look Don’t Listen”. The will likely feel that it is YOU who is being duped.

    How to get through that denial is something I think we all wish we had effective answers for. If we knew of totally effective answers, and had the necessary lines and opportunities to use them, there would very likely be very few still following David Miscavige, and his alterations of Scientology technologies and policies.

    That said…
    A good strategy might be to find a common area of agreement, supply some truth, on a gradient, and and keep expanding that area of agreement.

    I think of this in terms of auditing… You (the auditor) PLUS the other person (PC) is greater than the other person’s case. When you attack, or argue with the person (PC) you are adding to their case (you become just more counter intention to them), and that tends to drive them down tone, rather than helping them on up a little higher.

    Somewhere, and I do not have it to hand at this time, is something that L. Ron Hubbard said regarding what a valid process is…I believe it was actually offered as a “Q” (see the definition I gave above) It goes something like this…
    Anything which improves a person’s ability to create matter, energy, space, time and form, and to create the time and space in which to create, and/or place matter and energy, is a valid process. All else are not.

    Eric S

  114. Thanks Windwalker. Perhaps I should have clarified? Meaning, I would not DENY anyone the right to this tech as the church does. That in my universe would be unethical. Other people have the right to know what this tech is just like me, just like you. If someone were to ask me what does OT III do. I would tell them. I wouldn’t lie. I would tell them. Just like if I asked someone I would like them to be honest with me. Contrary to what the Church of Scientology does when asked a similar question. Right? 🙂

  115. Also I apologize for the “Windohorse” typo. I DID mean to say Windwalker not Windohorse. Where did I see the word horse on this blog? 🙂 Uh oh? 🙂

  116. Ingrid – I got a feeling we’re still sorta rebels!! Ha. Rebels with a cause!

  117. Never mind. I see why. There are two people with the name beginning with wind. One is Windhorse, one is Windwalker. In any event, I meant to spell Windohorse, Windhorse. 🙂

  118. There’s no doubt that many people are in denial, or at least refuse to look, because the threat of “losing their eternity” is held over their heads, or they fear loss of friends, family, income, etc. However, the author you site falls into the same trap of depersonalization that the CoS has, by using a term like “lunatic fringe” to describe one’s political opponents, or people with whom one might disagree, in order to question their sanity. (No, I’m not a Tea Party activist, but agree with them on some points, and disagree on others.)

    Also, I find the term “fear” in the way he uses it, is often used politically to discredit, especially in the various uses of the word “phobia” that are assigned to people’s viewpoints, implying they are just being banky troglodytes and are less enlightened than “the cool people”. This is just another use of ostracization as a weapon, like in a children’s playground or in DM’s organization.

  119. Tom,
    You are so right!
    That is why I feel we have to show them in whichever way possible that there IS another way of being, doing, having outside the church. (or outside the military. for that).Otherwise they simply can’t let go or slide back in after seeing the truth.
    LRH DID comment on that on a tape what happens to the being once he loses his group. He feels degraded.

  120. Denial is not just a river in Egypt…

    I think denial and reasonableness are more or less the same thing – making excuses when it’s too hard to confront the truth. Even Tom Cruise just can’t hande the truth, so no doubt he’s in denial too:

  121. Sam,
    For her sake, yes.

  122. I’m still awaiting a response to my email. You wanted me to confirm on this blog that I had received word from you which I did. Now please confirm your identity as originally requested.

    Just incase you claim to have trouble reaching me again.

  124. Looking at the motto “what would Ron do?” is still a great guide.
    Looking at LRH’s chart of Human Evaluation (insert in SOS = Science of Survival) section “M” Reality (Agreement):
    4.0 Search for different viewpoints in order to broaden ow reality. Changes reality.
    3.5 Ability to understand and evaluate reality of others and to change viewpoint. Agreeable.
    3.0 Awareness of possible validity of different reality. Conservative agreement.
    2.5 Refusal to match two realities. Indifference to conflicts in reality. Too careless to agree or disagree.
    2.0 Verbal doubt – defense of own reality. Attempts to undermine others’. Disagree.
    1.5 Destruction of opposing reality “You’re wrong.” Disagrees with reality of others.
    1.1 Doubt of own reality. Insecurity. Doubt of opposing reality.
    0.5 Shame, anxiety – strong doubt of own reality, easily has reality of others forced on him.
    0.1 Complete withdrawal from conflicting reality – no reality.
    -1 Subjective reality none. Cellular reality.
    -3 MEST reality only. Theta not contactable. Subjective reality none.

    Take your pick where your friends are at and talk 1/2 a tone higher to move them up a little higher!

    The APPARENT solidity of this “denial wall” (consisting of alter-is) hit me while reading all of these great comments. Facing this ball of wax of criss-cross communication lines made me look for a more simple and powerful solution so I looked up the definition of ADMIRATION:
    1) Is the very substance of a communication line, and it is that thing which is considered desirable in the game of the three universes. (COHA, p. 203 {older issues} 2) a particle which unites and resolves, like the universal solvent, all types of energy, particularly force. (PAB 8).

    I am just going to drop a bunch of big balloons filled with Admiration on each org. Let’s see if we can lighten this whole thing up a bit

  125. dassie,
    I’m in Oz currently. If you’d like, contact me at

    SOP Goals!!! Routine 6!!! Holy cats!

    Movement of the bank indeed!!

    I, and others here, are very willing to help sort out and recover, rehab, and the gamut of handlings for you.

  126. Honesty is sooooo hard until one makes the decision to take of the rose colored glasses and quit justifying his real missed withholds.


    Yes, david miscavige did indeed physically strike staff members
    Yes, it is a comm evable offence and miscavige should have been removed from post and from the sea org.
    Yes, every member of the board of directors who saw, or knew about it and did nothing is now guilty of violating their duty as a member of that board….be it RTC, CSI, WDC, CST
    Yes miscavige did incite others to violence against their juniors and should have been declared suppressive.
    Yes david miscavige has been lying about his own stats for decades and is not an upstat in any department except the stat of “extortion money received” which is NOT a valid statistic in the “church of scientology.”
    Yes david miscavige is spearheading the current donation campaign and Yes it is off policy and Yes people are being declared for daring to mention that it is off policy.
    Yes david miscavige insists that anyone in the church who disagrees with him should be completely excommunicated and Yes he insists that others fully disconnect.
    Yes, there are many members of the church sufficiently brainwashed that they agree with disconnection
    Yes david miscavige pretends to be a class XII C/S even though he holds no valid tech certificate of any kind
    Yes it’s true that Tommy Davis lied on national TV about disconnection
    Yes david miscavige has crafted his basics program in such a way that there is no doingness and no auditors being made
    Yes david miscavige is in a tone level no higher than hate
    Yes david miscavige is surrounded by crippled or ill associates
    NO david miscavige was never appointed to any post in RTC by LRH

    Ah the sweet sound of truth (to those who are no longer in denial)

    And, Yes Ingrid is a wonderful auditor. And NO she is not an apostate.

  127. Thank you Lana!!!!
    As each of us takes responsibility for what we have done there will be nothing left to attack from the POB, xcuse me, David Miscavige side….

  128. Ziba – Nice observation. Collection of information is also on a gradient. The comm lines are what the Co$ wants to shut down, or load with only their data. They have open comm lines loaded with real info comming at them from all directions now. The denial bags pulled down over their heads aren’t working. Sticking their fingers in their ears repeating, “Not-is! Not-is! Not-is!” “Not there! Not there! Not there!” (Btw, Chuck Beatty, thanks for the link to Arthur Deikman a few topics ago. I thought it was very interesting to hear the guy talk about group realities and exclusion of outside info.) – Carcha

  129. Definition: Lunatic (World Book) 1. an insane person 2. an extremely foolish person.

    Lunatic fringe Informal. those whose zeal in some cause, movement or ism goes beyond reasonable limits.
    example (mine) an idividual in the church of scientology who accepts everything david miscavige says as gospel and refuses to see (denies) that he is obviously lying through his teeth.

    I think “lunatic fringe” is quite appropriate as a descriptive term applied to many of the miscavology supporters I know.

  130. Haydn,
    I think that when one lets go the stable datum of the Church of Scientology (mistaken as being Scientology) the resulting confusion that stable datum attempts to hold off comes swamping in.

    The subject itself, knowledge of its techniques, its philosophy and the tools to deal with life, the fundamental of actually knowing HOW to know – anything, provides a “stable datum” that ever shifts and changes depending on what one is looking at. One has to be able to tolerate the confusion and with ARC face up to and gain what is what about whatever it is one is facing and then be willing to gain new facts, to shift one’s KRC or have attained a healthy dose of certainty that one area is known and cause is attained.

    The Church, the SO, the “group” is NOT the subject. The subject enables one to freely view and consider any damn thing under the sun, or create any damn thing under the sun to then consider. It enables one to willingly pull a stable datum and be completely able to face the confusion it held at bay, and for the first time DUPLICATE it and have no need of a “stable datum” in the first place.

    This is the Service Computation material. And that is what the CofS is today, as an entity, one roiling, idiotic, so dumbfuck to all but them, Ser Fac.

    Denialism is simply the failure to be there comfortably and confront and with that gain the simplicity that those who have done so, enjoy thoroughly.

  131. Your humble servant


    That is a very sad story, but I imagine all too typical. The dedicated followers within today’s official Scn. organizations are being put through hell.
    I agree that Debbie Cook’s letter is a very positive thing. She did nothing more than state the true and the obvious and request that people follow policy. It is no where written that David Miscavige has a God (or even LRH) given right to determine what is proper Scientology policy. It is nowhere written that it is wrong or improper to question anyone or anything–especially David Miscavige. It is amazing that people have gotten into a frame of mind of going along with him not matter what he does.

  132. because,
    Well done.

  133. First Principle

    Thanks Eric,
    The last comm cycle that I had with someone who’s still in had that very component you spoke of, Agreement. I mentioned that Miscavige signed a truce with one of the psych-drug companies. (I wish I knew the details of that truce.)
    I asked my friend, “Do you see the Church attacking the psych companies in any major media ?”. He thought for a moment and said, “You know, you’re right, I don’t see any noise being made about psych drugs anymore!”. He’s in a delicate position, the same pain that we all go through in such a realization. He has business partners and family still in the Church, one of them on staff. Yet every time one of them goes over to Flag for service they come back more pissed off that before! No joke. Flag doing a great job of exposing their own PTSness.
    So thanks for the input. The only TA I did get with my friend was consulting his reality and agreement.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Indie gathering this summer.

  134. I think that David Miscavige has forced denialism as part of the survival mechanism within the corporate Scn culture. Through punitive actions and punishment initiated by him that then was pushed down the lines, (abusive and off policy sec checks, threats of declare and disconnection with subsequent losses of family,friends and livelihood) corp Scns have learned to practice their own thought stopping and more denial.
    To prevent communication as well prevents agreements from forming and hence reality from coming into true view – making anyone who harbors their disagreements introverted into feeling there is something wrong with them personally, instead of being able to see the objective reality around them. So I guess my point is that even though someone may not want to be in denial he is put in an “enforced denial” by the abberated mechanisms of the group itself , not the individual. He needs to break away from these mental bonds – to spot that he is not the origination of denial but that in fact its been enforced on him as part of the thought process where he has been made to feel aberrated for having any critical thinking skills.

  135. George M. White

    wh said:
    “Our lives are cushioned by materialism”.

    Yes, so much opportunity to be OT circa 550 BC.

    Much loving-kindness,

  136. First Principle

    Excellent. It sounds like you are doing just fine. Keep at it… It can take a bit of time, what with comm lags and all.

    Yes. I was thinking just the other day about making it to this years Indie gathering, if I can. It would be good to meet you if I do.

    Eric S

  137. George M. White

    “when you are aggressively confronted with this mind set(denialism) by corporate scientologists, you recognize that you are looking square in the eyes of fear.” – M Rathbun

    The blue light on the land line has been flashing constantly for three nights.
    All three mailboxes are again full to the brim.

    Here is my reply to COS aggressive marketing – a quote from Boethius:

    “Lust’s poison rankles; o’er his mind rage sweeps in tempest rude;
    Sorrow his spirit vexes sore, and empty hopes delude.”


  138. I love this one!

  139. Lawrence

    Yes… windhorse and Windwalker had you surrounded on that one. Not to worry too much… I have to admit that on one occasion, when I was first starting to post, even I got all confused and signed a post as windhorse. ( My apologies windhorse)

    Anyway… Thanks for the chat.

    Eric S

  140. Thank you for your above posts.
    I recall numerous occasions (while working in a lower org) of receiving RTC issues which appeared at first glace to be clearly off policy in one way or another. I would then spend hours rereading every LRH reference which had to do with it. Then I would write a quiry of order or KR or CSW back to RTC and then wait and wait and wait. I assumed that those at RTC must be working on something very important for it to take so long. I would eventually get a response such as ” Please go to qual and restudy the RTC issue.”. This after I had already restudied it a number of times as well as the LRH refs including WCing and FDSing.. I no longer work at the church primarily because I had too many cycles which followed this cycle. RTC was in my mind not wearing the hat it professed to have. Adherence to LRH tech. The RTC PR and it’s actions became contrary facts too often. I had the honor of being declared for spreading black pr and enemy lines regarding GAT. In plain language that means had shown too many local staff the LRH refs.
    So Lana your posts above as well as Marty’s blog as well as Steve’s site have helped enormously for me to make some sense of what seemed unbelievable (RTC professes to be the guardian of standard scientology yet acts in ways not consistant with that.) What was never seen were the actual activities David Miscavige. (never seen by those outside of int)

  141. There’s a pony ride on my post 🙂 Maybe that was it.

  142. LDW

    Well done Les… 30 new comm course grads… Now THAT is certainly a valuable final product.

    Keep up the good work. You are heading toward being as big as some of those early Missions we remember fondly.

    Love it!

    Eric S

  143. M sooo glad I never was “int exec material”
    thanks to you for giving me this feeling, great rehab!

  144. Joe Pendleton

    Practice Humility – an absolutely superb post and a very necessary story to relate. How very, very sad that someone auditing on OTVII, one of the highest levels in Scientology would be so UN-free at the top of the Bridge to TOTAL Freedom.

  145. Tom- great observation. Not only have people disconnected from you, you find yourself being non existent. You either go into shock or start scrambling to reinvent yourself, start anew and play a hard game of catch-up.

  146. Thanks WindWalker. Time for me to look at the stars in the sky and dream a little bit. 🙂

  147. If you listen to the rhetoric about psychiatry in one of David Miscavige’s recent presentations, I’m stunned that you say he signed a “truce” with a psych drug maker. This seems hardly credible. Why would a psych drug maker even talk to the Church of Scientology, given that the organization’s PR image continues to deteriorate massively? In other words, nobody takes the RCS or CCHR seriously any more.

    Businesses don’t do “truces” unless money changes hands. I certainly don’t think RCS would be paying off the drug companies. And I don’t think any reputable business could disguise a payment to an organization like the Church of Scientology. Somebody would find out about it and leak it to the press, and the resulting blowback would be horrendous. So I seriously doubt that any drug companies are giving Scientology any money to get them to shut up, even if the RCS’s anti-psych drug campaigns were having any effect.

    Also, I have done consulting work in the last couple years for drug companies and I have friends whose job means they regularly spend time with the topmost executives in the biggest drug companies in the land, and they know what drug company CEO’s are worried about. Drug companies have much bigger problems to worry about than a not-very-credible campaign of threats and nutty rhetoric from a cult whose membership is plummeting. Insurance payment caps and the lack of multi-billion dollar drug candidates in the pipeline are infinitely bigger issues to drug companies than any demented background noise from the Church of Scientology.

    So your statement doesn’t seem plausible. Could it have come from someone who’s still in who is spouting some nonsense from the party line about how close CCHR and RCS are to putting the drug companies out of business for good?

  148. First Principle

    Right on. Hope you make it, wherever it ends up taking place.

  149. Karen, what you say about denial of self was certainly true in my case: if one is not there, how will one see anything?
    It’s a tragic irony that the very people in the church aspiring and working so hard, and devoting their present and future lives to freedom, actually require a licence to survive from that same church. Like a sort of forfeit. Miscavige has even tricked them into paying for membership!
    Denial of BE takes you straight out of the game.

  150. NC,
    That corelation is interesting. It would appear that David Miscavige is a Banker; debt based culture (be it public and credit or staff and “Freeloader”/Peonage Bills), with little or a poor product but lots of show (look at those Bank buildings).

    David Miscavige, an International Banker. Yep. (Hey Larry Byrnes, think of that irony. I mean, there is the guy, right at the top of the Board, he’s Chairman of the Board and it’s his Bank, with you just a depositer.)

  151. LDW:
    You rock.

    …I dunno know who Ingrid is, (yet) but I agree with you on her too…100% 🙂

  152. Bruce,
    I swiped your post from ThetanX on FB and reposted on an Independent FB site. If you haven’t posted it here, or e-mailed it directly to Marty, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s really good and an indicator, much like Debbie’s e-mail was.
    Just thought I’d say something.
    Cheers! 🙂

  153. Wise observations, Greta.
    It’s also a case of the church having inflowed MEST (money) so obsessively and for so long without an equally comprable outflow (VFP’s), that the stuck flow has resulted in a solid, humourless ridge with its public. It’s all so serious now with them, being almost an overt to properly outflow for fear the inflow may be interrupted. In this regard, admiration would certainly have a most wonderous effect – there might even be spectacular firework displays all over the planet!

  154. Random Stranger


    RTC Division


    Note to self: Deny Everything

    1) I keep a journal: I DENY THAT.
    2) The Ideal Orgs echo with the sound of emptiness: I DENY THAT.
    3) I wear lifts in my shoes and wear thick socks: I DENY THAT.
    4) Tom Cruise lets me steer his jet when no one is looking: I DENY THAT.
    5) I wish I was a movie star: I DENY THAT.
    6) I wish Marty was still here: I DENY THAT.
    7) I wish I had a cat named Fee-Fee: I DENY THAT.
    8) I deny everything: I DENY THAT.
    9) I deny that I deny everything: I DENY THAT.
    10) I would take the last dollar off a starving poor old lady: I DENY THAT.
    11) I deny writing this: I DENY THAT.
    12) I deny denying writing this: I DENY THAT.
    13) I deny that I deny: I DENY THAT.
    14) I look in the mirror a lot: I DENY THAT.
    15) I go to the bathroom: I DENY THAT.

  155. Jan, I forgot you off my list. Sorry about that. Love you too — particularly as you are also an ex-RTC bitch 🙂

  156. Li'll bit of stuff

    Okay Sam, what is this? I followed up several times!

    Right! Lets try this one more time! here is a reprint of
    my reply to you, dated Jan 13 8.32 pm

    Sam, thanks for this! I cannot reply without an E-mail
    originated from you to me, using the E-mail address
    I provided. We have checked with our service provider
    who gave us this remedy, Apparently the problem is
    simply no m/box recognition. Lets see if your reply gets
    through,otherwise I will have to schlep back to the
    Copy House. Please advise here when done.Thanks.

  157. Perth in Western Australia. VERY far away from the centre of anything.

    Thanks Marty, I’d like nothing more but I live so far away from the centre of anything (Perth, Western Australia) I just cant see any way forward for me.

  158. Thanks to all who immediately responded with offers of help for an old-timer in difficulties. I’m at risk of being overwhelmned (but only a little).

  159. Marty,
    Very spot on, had not read this book. Agree that denial is very much in vogue with those left in the trenches for David Miscavige. Perhaps it’s denial that LRH is gone. That the raison d’être of the entire group (to back up LRH) does not exist any more as David Miscavige certainly is the opposite and the dark side of Source and Dept 21 that he claims to be.

    Perhaps from the viewpoint of those ex higher execs, trusted by him when he was around would be to stay the course and LRH would come back and handle the scene, come hell or the Hole. Thus, denial of the existing scene and not realizing one has to be independent to stick to the code of honor and personal integrity in order for the actual LRH legacy to occur.

  160. one of those who see

    Wow!! So great!! Applause!!!!!

  161. 2FF!!

  162. thanks YHS I’ll try to fit my sci history into other relevant posts to this blog. I was present at every lecture LRH gave about study tech and still I believe that future transcriptions have misduplicated what Ron said about the “assimilation of data”. He said to us that we would hear people running around orgs quoting “Ron Says”. I observed this in 2000 when I attempted another reconciliation with the church. I watched the head executives walking around the org handing out LRH quotes with absolutely no reference to their context. I knew immediately that this org was overwhelmned with MUs (and since the source of the quotes was FLAG) it was Scio -wide. I believe it still is. Lets face it, study tech is hard work, its scary and it was no surprise to me to see the effects. But observe was all I could do (or join the SO which I wasn’t prepared to contemplate).

    In truth, I think ALL the problems the church is having comes from incorrect study tech application. I was struck by some info that Mike Rinder gave out about David Miscavige (but it might have been Marty). Apparently Miscavige was a “fast study” and my ears pricked up immediately and I
    “saw” him as a GLIB student. If he was (is) it answers everything. Glib students can answer any questions you care to put to them but they CANNOT DEMONSTRATE the application of the data. Of course I’m speculating, I’ve never met Miscavige only seen him on video, but my impression was that he was an ACTOR living a role. And nothing has changed my mind. He has so many missed withholds, misunderstoods that his life away from the stage must be very bleak.

  163. Totally- The camera on Allender’s head is very symbolic and a representation of the reactive mind he supposedly lost a long time ago. His picture had become so terrifying and real to him he had to join a group where attaching a camera to his head seemed sane and logical. You have to look at it from that angle and the meaning and richness of John Allender himself can illuminate so many things in regards to the CofS.

  164. Les-You are wonderful and you do see the truth very clearly and you too are a wonderful auditor. You are a real Scientologist.

  165. Greta-Great suggestion!

  166. Joe-there is no sorta-we are!

  167. Martin-beautifully said.

  168. Les -OMG! Standard Tech! Wins!

  169. WindWalker –

    Since you open a door here, mentioning that you alone evaluate what is best for your dynamics (commendable) … others may also knowingly or unknowingly operate on that basis, and I have long wanted to ask those who recently got out, “What were you thinking, how were you justifying?” There’s been mention and speculation about what “the hook” in the Co$ is – that “salespitch” which keeps people “stuck” to the idealism.

  170. Disagree – the short way of saying Scientology.

  171. “It would appear that David Miscavige is a Banker;”

    It would appear so…….so, what if:

    What if some ‘arm’ of the church purchased ‘notes’ or loans, from a lender?
    (as banks/hard money investors do, at a ‘discount’)
    What if some ‘arm’ of the church then collected mortgage payments
    on those ‘notes’, for a commercial property?
    (as banks do)
    What if some ‘arm’ of the church then foreclosed on a commercial
    (as banks do, when the mortgage payments stop)
    What if some ‘arm’ of the church then acquired title on a commercial
    property due to the foreclosure process?
    (‘bank owned’ properties are acquired this way)

    What if then, the ‘game’ of real estate recoiled and maybe then this ‘arm’
    of the church wished to ‘sell’ and recoup money invested (but keep title and funds)?
    What if then, this ‘arm’ of the church fundraised for that commercial property?

    “It would appear that David Miscavige is a Banker;”

  172. Right, the psych-drug cartel nowadays laughs at any anti-drug and anti-psych mumbling of the Church. But that was quite a bit different 20 years ago when they hadn’t Davey making himself totally ridiculous with his global obliteration and other radical fruitcake speech. That was the real trade off (apart from the $$$ he took for dropping the successful Lilly attacks).

    That your CEO’s and industry leaders have grave concerns about blockbusters and payment caps is due to the diligent work of real Scientologists that hit them where it hurts.

  173. Marty, Bozz, Chuck Beatty, Old School, Ziba Feulner, Carcha, Windhorse +1

  174. The concept of denialism as a cultural (read 3rd dynamic) manifestation of denial (a 1st dynamic condition) is extremely apropos to Scientology. But the mechanisms in play go far beyond simply dismissing data as “another opinion”. Scientologists are provided with an entire array of thought-stopping concepts that prevent them from seeing something as simple as Debbie Cook’s letter as data that they might want to consider.

    Here are just some of the institutionalized dismissals of anything that disturbs the bubble:
    Enemy line
    Those are probably the most common dismissals and would immediately stop any consideration of the data as itself. There are plenty more that those “that know the tech” would then be able to employ as the “reason” that Ms. Cook would propagate such off-line enemy line natter. These range from “motivator-hunger” to “SP or at least PTS” to “out-valence and dramatizing an implant”.

    You can probably make a list of your own.

    One somewhat gentle conclusion that I would like to draw here is this is yet another example of taking what could well be useful concepts in a one-on-one therapeutic setting and trying to apply it to a larger scene. This parallels another common fault that I see of attempting to apply policy designed for an org to the Scientology public at large.

    Now I am going to go fly my airplane 🙂

  175. Spot on! That caught my attention too,

  176. I came into Scientology thinking I was pretty smart and like most “newbies” was humbled very quickly when asked to define words on a checkout.

    How sad, indeed! Most of my training wins ( and even some processing wins) have had to do with being able to study anything and rekindling my desire to read “just for enjoyment”. After KTL, I was so blown out that I started writing.

    It is uncomprehensible to me that someone wouldn’t want to read books anymore.

  177. I think you have brought up an excellent point. For example, several opinion leaders in South Bay area started looking for themselves, began talking about it and then were later turned in because someone else was acting as a mole for OSA.

    Even recently with Debbie’s email. Anyone who had any contact with Debbie via email was contacted and handled. In terms of confront of evil, it does get a little spooky when you know that your privacy is no longer yours and that your church is capable of spying on you. What else will they do?

    Any time a person starts to become more cause over the situation and starts to look…he is impinged upon in some fashion that is unpleasant and causes him to retreat. Sounds very much like the old behavior modification processes. The only way to break free it do disagree with this process and be unkillable. This is what each and every one of us has done and as a result we have found that the church cannot control us IF we don’t let them!

  178. Lana,

    Thank you for putting the specifics on what it was like working in that environment. It is these kind of posts from those who have been at Int, closeup and personal with DM, that bring the greatest amount of truth and require the highest amount of confront to digest. This is a very important post.

    My favorite one…”I went to the Int RPF and caused a major flap as the senior RTC terminal, because the Int RPF space had been made theta with gardens and paths and rock gardens, while at the Int base we were living a life of hell.”

    You just can’t suppress theta when the “entheta” has been removed from the environment.

  179. You raise some great points about Study Tech, MU’s, David Miscagive and the state of the church in general.
    Remember the post Karen#1 did about Miscavige while on his CL 4 internship hitting his PC? What auditor who’d duplicated his materials would do such a thing? As far as we know DM never completed that internship, meaning he didn’t get handled in Qual right down to finding his O/W’s and MU’s.
    The Primary Rundown and KTL are no longer offered. Obviously literacy is of no importance within DM’s regime. I have no idea what DM has done with the Student Hat course but if he’s Golden Age’d it, I would consider that course a loss too.

  180. And one of my favorites from The Factors:

    “In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any thing, is better than no thing, any effect is better than no effect, any universe better than no universe, any particle better than no particle, but the particle of admiration is best of all.”

  181. An Enforced Reality supported by self.

  182. No problem Lana.. Love you too. 🙂

  183. dassie,

    That is a very good observation of yours on study tech.

    My mother wanted to volunteer to help LRH in the mid 60’s so she wrote to Saint Hill from Texas asking what she could do. She was a great typist so, she was asked to transcribe some new tapes. They were the study tapes. She would get one in the mail, transcribe it and send it back and so on. As a result, she filled me in on how it all worked. She was so excited about this data! I learned about MU’s, conceptual understanding, etc at 8 or 9 years old. I really feel knowing these things helped me form my way in life.
    If you look at “Cycle of an Overt” from Word Clearing Series 11 by LRH (1964) it further backs your observation. The first step of the cycle being “1. The being didn’t understand something because a word or symbol was not understood.”
    How can someone have a conceptual understanding of the subject if they are stuck in the words and symbols.
    Please keep posting here. I love the basic, simple and real understanding I’ve seen from many early Scientologists. I also recommend you contact Jim Logan. I’ve met him and he is a very nice man, and quite knowledgeable.

  184. Your humble servant


    Glib is no doubt an accurate diagnosis. I think David Miscavige is also a certifiable, classic “2%er” suppressive person, as that term is understood in its strictest and most correctly applied sense. I needn’t recount the reasons for thinking so. They have been discussed many times on this blog. For anyone who believes that the term “suppressive person” has an actual grounding in reality, and is not just a made-up slur to villify one’s enemies, there seems little doubt that David Miscavige fits that term to a “T” (precisely).

    What a rare and incredibly unique privilege to have listened to Ron give the original study tech lectures. You are right that “quoting Ron” without having the exact reference or issue to hand is rampant. As referenced in this blog in the past, church promotional pieces commonly feature supposed quotations by Ron without stating where he is supposed to have said it. I’m not quite sure what you mean by saying that that “future transcriptions have misduplicated what Ron said about the ‘assimilation of data’ ”. Perhaps you could tell us a little more about that?

    I do know that “somebody” has thought it was all right to edit or omit portions of LRH lectures, which I first noticed many years ago when an issue of the study tapes on cassettes were missing the discussion of GPM’s that I remembered as having been present on the reel-to-reel lectures. There have been several references on this blog to paragraphs from the PDC lectures having been deleted. Of course, no mention of any deletions was made. I don’t know how extensive this practice has been, but any of it at all is horrifying to me.

    If all the problems the church is having come from incorrect study tech application (and, at the event introducing them, I believe David Miscavige said of the new “basics” books that the glossaries are so good that students won’t need dictionaries), then they really don’t know what Scientology is, do they? And they really don’t know what it is they are supporting with such blind dedication.

  185. Pat — They now have a “Flag Only” Student Hat!!! Guess its not really important for anyone else….

  186. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1WW.

  187. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 2.

  188. After this enlightened discussion about the theory of denialism we now come to the practical part of it. The internship of denialism has obviously been successfully completed by … Sabine Weber, OSA spokesperson of Berlin Org.

    In a recent interview with the Tagesspiegel (a Berlin newspaper selling some 130.000 copies) she stated : since the end of 2006 the number of members has tripled from 200 to 600.

    However, the reporter was no dummy. He looked into his archive. And this is what he found : the Berlin Org had already stated in early 2007 that they have 600 members !

    Oooops ….

    Yes, bright reporters can always find illogic stuff and / or gross untruths in public OSA statements.

  189. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 2. 🙂

  190. Wow. Thanks for all the special replies. New light shed on the multi-faceted Miscavige valence and the times we lived.

  191. I had no idea things had descended that point. So I guess the Cl 4 Orgs and Missions just wing it when it comes to study. On one hand, that’s a good thing because it guarantees they won’t duplicate anything. They’ll find it unworkable and they’ll leave; staff & public alike.

  192. Here’s a sharp analogy from Jim Willie between Italian death finance and the sunk cruise liner which we can also extend to the trapped Corporate Scientologists.


    Although the entire southern rim is deeply affected, a look at Italy is telling as a microcosm of continental illness. Italy has imposed capital controls on the banks. Movement of funds is being closely monitored. Money cannot be withdrawn in volume at the bank windows. Borders have cameras and registries at the customs checkpoints. Italy has gone fascist with blazing speed, the most blatant indication is the installation of Monti as prime minister. Its banks are ready to capsize, like the cruise liner. The effects of the Fascist Business Model are being acutely felt in Italy. Nothing goes without monitor. The credit card companies must report to the fiscal authorities all transactions carried out by Italians, in the country and abroad. Limits have been imposed on bank withdrawals of 10,000 Euros, equal to US$13,000. Cameras have been installed by finance police at the border checkpoints with Switzerland to register all license plates. In addition, currency sniffing dogs have been deployed at the border. The Monti regime can be seen imposing Fascism, plain and simple. Their opening salvo was to attack private capital by raising the capital gains tax. The situation is degrading rapidly. The wealthy of Italy have a new game in removing money from Italy and to escape themselves.

    The irony is thick, the tragedy stirring. The Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia went aground, a fitting symbol of the nation of Italy succumbing, a toppled elected regime in a sea of liquidity. Individual decks named after nations went underwater, liquidity of a different type. Parallels between the financial structure and ship structure, along with perceptions and reactions, are interesting. People believing such an accident as incredible in the 21st century need to awaken to reality on the mainland. Italians will make the same comments when their banking system collapses, in the wake of their elected political leadership being dismissed from the helm. The cruise liner was badly off course, as the captain changed paths to salute friends on the nearby island (mistress?). So is the Italian banking sector, hardly alone as the Spanish fleet of banks is also off course, taking on water, the banks derelicts at sea.

    The ship crew was not trained for such accident, having advised passengers to return to their cabins incredibly. Neither is the Italian system prepared to handle rough waters, given the most egregious nepotism in all of Europe. Half of million gallons of fuel are being retrieved before salvage operations begin, in an effort to avoid an environmental disaster of contaminated beaches. Contrast to the toxic paper running through the Italian banking system. The ship’s insurers may be liable for total costs of about EUR 405 million (=US$500 mn) as a resuilt of standing policies. Unlike the ship liability, the Credit Default Swap contracts, the debt insurance flagships, are forbidden to kick in for awards at docks. The ship’s problem might be more low hull draft and high center of gravity ship design, much like the inefficient stream in Italian business practices and the high bank leverage.

  193. First Principle

    Erwin, John P., Karen B.,

    I read with my own eyes a post written on this blog in the past couple years, most likely by Marty of course but it could have been Mike, mentioning a statement Miscavige made at a Maiden Voyage event regarding an agreement the Church signed with a drug company. I seem to remember he mentions them by name but I don’t remember which one. I’m assuming it was Merck or Eli Lily.
    In the blog post Miscavige is described as virtually blushing when he states that the church “was very happy with the terms of the agreement”. Hence my use of the word “truce”. Obviously the church recieved money for its silence. Nothing else would make sense.
    Does anyone else remember this blog post?

  194. Good observations, Tom. The current CRS culture is designed to perpetuate denialism, because there is a calculated refusal to train staff and public in both Tech and Policy. I believe one of the reasons I could see through the false church and false religion that has been raised in the place of real LRH Scientology is that despite the refusal to train, I trained anyways, both in Tech and Policy. Having that grounding, I saw the massive outpoints that accumulates to a point beyond which the denialism, that was also being indoctricinated in me and everyone else, could be effective with me anymore. Hence, I could still see and act.

  195. Corp SCN FIRST knee jerk reaction when they get ANY bad press or when someone comes out and is critical about them is to


    They are professional Deniers!
    They are professional LIARS!
    They are professional criers! (is that a word) well they cry alot

    When in doubt DENY
    When confronted with truth DENY and call the people coming out apostates

    There game is getting OLD, DM is getting old and SCN is SHRINKING at a rapid rate its unfortunate DM and corp SCN represents SCN bc the tech really works when applied

  196. First Principle

    Does anyone remember a post on this blog in the last year or two mentioning Miscavige, at a Maiden Voyage event, acknowledging an agreement the Church signed with a major drug company? And that Miscavige claimed, “…and we were very happy with the agreement”?
    I’ll be damned if I dubbed that in. There’s a thread about one third down from the top where Erwin, John P, and Karen B have questioned the veracity of this. I’m trying to find that post. Thanks.

  197. martyrathbun09

    Yes, its here somewhere, but I’m not sure where to find it – but the whole story will be told in detail in the coming months.

  198. Your humble servant

    Yes, you are way out there. But don’t worry, something can and will work out!

  199. LRH had many useful and insightful concepts which were laid down in policy letters.

    “Never use lies in PR,” was one of these concepts.

    To the OSA Bots who use lies in PR, lies in Ethics orders, lies in SP declares, etc etc…ask yourself this question, “why can’t we just tell the truth?”

  200. Totally agreed on your WHY as the suppressive reasonableness about policy violations but would like to add another factor contributing to that WHY which is craving for approval from the group. The disapproval from the group is feared so much that it is almost or fully equated to death on many levels all the way up to loss of a chance for immortality. The approval from the group is equated to survival on various levels and immortality. So I believe that group think and fear is at the bottom of your WHY.

  201. You are correct Ziba. Should have read, “a low confront of evil”.

  202. You know, Franklin, Marty does not have to be “the only one we’ve got” who does our fights for us while we are egging him on. We could organize some protest rally or something else peaceful and lawful but effective in forwarding the cause of ending CoS human rights abuses and systematic annihilation of the Scientology religion. There are hundreds of comments to every post on this blog thanking Marty and that is excellent but why aren’t we DOING something? I brought this point up at least half a dozen times here. The usual result is silence. Nobody seems to be interested in doing anything except thanking Marty. What are your views on that?

  203. Correct Franklin. There is also the line about (paraphrased here) an SP who climbs to a place of power being a monument to cowards who could have stopped ’em when still small of far less powerful… One of the basic LRH ethics policy letters…

  204. Carcha

    Since you opened the door a little wider…

    There are very likely people at all levels who have made statements similar to mine. Of course, the rub is, what makes us think that we are actually going to be making the “right” decisions? Well, ultimately we don’t. It is always the “stats” that determine the correctness of one’s decisions and actions. If you are correct in your reasoning, your dynamics will reflect an improvement. If you were wrong… well not so much change for the better, or things will get worse… farther from your “ideal scene”. This is what the “Ethics Conditions” are for. (whether you use them innately or deliberately.), to help you navigate those sometimes turbulent waters.

    I fairly recently made my official departure from the church, ( about a year or so ago) so I will attempt to shed some light on your question…
    “What were you thinking, how were you justifying?”

    I do not have a simple answer. There seem to be a number of factors involved. Perhaps this is one aspect of it that makes it difficult to as-is. It is not a single consideration, postulate or incident. It needs to be unraveled.

    You will know some of the obvious ones, and have likely heard most of the others.

    There are… PTS’ness, Pride, “sticking to one’s agreements”, believing in the goals envisioned by L. Ron Hubbard, having experienced real gain by using various parts of LRH tech, wanting to do something to help others. various aberrations, a belief in yourself that you can “handle this”, assumptions that it is a “local thing” or only certain people that were “off the rails”, An unwillingness to be THAT WRONG, A whole track desire to “actually make it this time” in spite of everything, blindness occasioned by your own overts, lack of true data, a poor level of belief in your own correctness of evaluation, lack of the correct tools to handle or the ignorance of them or the unwillingness to take responsibility and use them, feeling that your Dynamics were not entirely up to you, shying away from being “cause” or being effective because it might “get you in trouble” or harm you somehow, etc. etc….

    Believe me… this is the short list for me.

    Because of the whole track nature of the subject of “Spiritual freedom, one’s quest of”, and the alignment with the goals and purposes of the quest and achievement of Total Freedom, It becomes very difficult to let go. Sadly one can fixate, even on that.

    This whole situation that we are experiencing here sometimes almost seems to be a concentration and amplification of much of what we have been trying to do on the “Whole Track”, and what we have been up against. How we handle this particular situation now, I think, will significantly determine how our futures will unfold as beings.

    It is surely “fucked”, it is emotional, it is often not easy, but look at the opportunity for growth that we have here. This is an amazing “boot camp” for beings. Only the beings that were in this chaos and have somehow found a way to extract their theta from it, will benefit from the experience. Use this whole mess to refine your understandings and your tech. Use it to consolidate your Theta. It WILL NOT “kill” you…so all that is left to ask is, “Can you use it to make yourself and others stronger?”

    Once we each have taken responsibility for this and have used the best of what we are to handle it, then what will be left that can strike us down?

    Eric S

  205. Good positioning!

  206. Dear George White, I don’t understand this statement you made: “When OTVIII was first released, the narratives caused too much confusion. The level was actually truncated by Miscavige because of the overload of narratives.”

    I haven’t done OTVIII and I don’t want to know the confidential material yet. But I don’t understand. I.e. What narratives caused too much confusion? Are you say Miscavige did something good for OTVIII by truncating the OTVIII level?

  207. I also blew from Happy Valley and the RPF’s RPF. Even with PK and Jackson chasing on their motor bikes. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was lucky not to have worked on the INT base, other then doing research from time to time there, in the HU.

    CST was like another world away from the daily RTC push and crazy happenings of INT. Oh, we still got the heat but it was toned down thanks to Russ B. Russ is a good man and I hope that he will be able to remove himself from the shroud in time. There are still quite a few really good people left on the INT base and I keep them in my thoughts. I hope one day to be able and sit down with them and have a conversation.

    thanks Lana for writting all of this up it really helps people who were not there see how things really were.


  208. Marty and First Principle
    And any one else interested…

    To search for such things you can use Google Search. Here’s how…

    Go Google…
    In the search window type.. site:
    Following that, without a space give the address of the site followed by / ie:
    Leave one space and then type in the words, phrase etc that you are looking for. You can use the “search parameters” in this last bit.

    ( I actually had a quick look and that particular phrase was not found. You may have to hunt around a bit.)

    Good Luck

    Eric S

  209. Great post and incredible comments. Kudos to us all.

    On a lighter note, I read the topic and made myself laugh when I said, “OK, don’t deny, don’t deny, don’t deny.” I laughed, if only to myself, for a full 24 hours.

    Today, with the help of a fortuitous set of circumstances, I was able to piece together most of the LA Day Org org board — with names — from approximately 1978, 1979 and a couple of years beyond. I even came up with a few names of staff from the pre-Complex move.

    For some reason, the denial flew off and — not quite all — but most of the information returned to me. Amazing stuff!

    Anyone interested in what I have come up with can contact me. It might be good historical data to have. Rachel

  210. First Principle

    Thank you Marty and Eric.

  211. First Principle

    Erwin, John P, Karen B.
    You stand corrected. Pls see Marty’s ack at bottom. He’s putting the particulars in his book.

  212. In the time that Robin was still allowed on this blog, it was heavily discussed. Half way this thread you can find one of those:

  213. After reading the PR series, I believe it is a PR war that we are fighting. Marty has an audience and he is very effective at exposing the criminality. Exposing DM’s criminality to the world will nullify his power to suppress. Once a criminal is exposed as one, he loses credibility and power to harm through deceit. DM wants to stay in power to continue to harm, but he can only do it if not exposed. This data is in the PR series. That’s just my theory, but you are right. We could all do more. I have thought long and hard about what to do, but talking sense into a bunch of PTS suppressive reasonable corporate Scientologists is impossible, since their cowardice prevents their confront of outpoints. I have tried it. They go to fear and I can see it. We have to bypass and handle, by exposing them to the world and let external 4th dynamic pressure destroy them so that we can start over. Just my theory on what type battle we are in. DM is using lawyers and the law to hold his power. We cut of his money supply and do him in. Just like a restaurant that continues to serve poison. Expose it to the press, no one else goes and they go out of business. Positioning DM as an enemy to LRH is also good for PR to Scientology technology. It vindicates LRH for all the bad press created by DM.

  214. Hi Dassie,
    I hear you 100% & completely agree.
    I sup’d for 10 years and was eventually forced out the door. My insistance for the PRD & Key to Life to be mandatory and kept that way gathered much moss.
    Study tech is no walk in the park I agree as it has to undo much of lifes “formal & domestic education” but it’s importance and relevence has been much maligned within the Church. Resonableness has replaced common sense and Scientology. Study tech like TRs is at the bottom of the Bridge because they HAVE to be – but it’s importance cannot be emphasised enough, they ARE your ticket out. This ‘denialism’ also extends to some pretty fundamental areas of the tech as well, truth is truth.
    I understand R6 well enough now to see why LRH put so much importance of study tech and word clearing. Literally, MUs will wipe you out if attempt to make gains with the R6 bank with little or no attention to the in depth magic of study tech.
    Out study tech is the WHY of much malady.
    Best of luck to you and you’ll always have my ear.

  215. Dassie,
    That makes a lot of sense, thanks and very glad to have you here!

  216. Pat,
    Yes, the Student Hat has been GATized, yuk!

  217. There is a big thought stopping item in tech/policy which I always chaffed against as an MAA. That is where LRH directed at type 2 approach to a staff member who comes up with a Church Exec as a SP while you are doing a PTS detection action on the staff member. This one item has caused many problems for the structure of the Church. Another reason why an Indie movement will do better than a rigid organization…

  218. Fair dinkum?!
    Geeze, it’s written in the the Ethics book under the heading of Study & Ethics that it’s a suppressive act not to include study tech in all promotions of courses etc.
    Flag really is a theta trap. What’s the next uniforms; full length black leather aprons and John Lennon sun glasses?

  219. Sandy – sounds very similar to the Vatican bank investing in anti-baby pills (which they did). Your idea is possibly not far off the mark!

  220. martyrathbun09

    Nobody is “not allowed” on this blog. Amazing how some professional victims can project the contrary image so convincingly he gets repeated as fact. Our moderation policy is very clearly stated. It is really very simple, if one wants into my living room, he leaves the rat poison at home.

  221. Lana
    ★★★★★ FIVE STARS ★★★★★

  222. Karen B – You certainly got that right! 🙂

  223. OS, that speaks directly to the somewhat subtle distinction I was trying to make
    In a therapeutic setting that can be an entirely valid approach. This staff member should be able to experience anything – what makes him the adverse effect of his senior.
    The omitted is that then we look at the reports by the junior and give them credence as perhaps something to address.
    My point being the error in letting a therapeutic assessment cause us to discount a person or their testimony.

    As an aside, that is by no means unique to Scientology and is perhaps a bit of “becoming what you resist” vis-a-vis psychiatry and psychiatric hospitals. Dunno, just that it is almost a fictional cliche in that area – how many books and movies involve a victim being discounted because of their alleged psychological condition?


  224. I wish to apologize to Mr. Nunez for the above remark attributing motivation to him which I cannot possibly know. He is most likely doing what he thinks is right, even if I greatly disagree with his statements with regard to Mark Rathbun.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  225. I think the cameras on thier heads is representative of miscavige dramatizing his own case on others…”cameraboy” was probably the last post he held with any level of competence.


    Valkov | May 19, 2011 at 8:21 pm | Reply
    Well RJ, it’s entirely possible, about DM taking pharma money.

    After the USA Today ads ran in 1991, attacking Time magazine, Lilley and the IRS, Lilley’s stock price did drop.

    During a subsequent event, maybe the one announcing the settlement with the IRS in 1993, I distinctly recall DM announcing that there had also been a monetary settlement with Lilley, in which Lilley paid the CoS a substantial sum of money on condition the CoS would not publish anything negative about Lilley ever again in the future.

    DM said about the money received from Lilley, “We were well pleased,” and justified it by some words about using the money to expand

    But I recall feeling betrayed and simply thinking “He took money?????”

    (Mike Rinder narrowed it down to one of two MV events.)

    mrinder | May 20, 2011 at 4:39 am | Reply
    It was MV event — probably 99 or maybe 2000.

  227. Has anyone else seen the Scientology ads running on network TV. One ran right before the Patriots/Raven game. Very impressive ad, mostly untrue but nevertheless!

    I find it funny that it comes right after Debbie Cook’s email stating that that was what the IAS money was supposed to be used for. I also find it funny that every time some things discussed on this blog gets some kind of traction David Miscavige reacts, either it is dragging the people from the Hole out to events “to show the world that what is being said is all false, – or forgiving people’s freeloaderdebts – or now “we do use IAS money to promote”.

    Good job on you, Marty (and Debbie as well). You definitely have the upper hand in that relationship.

  228. First Principle

    Thanks Erwin, I’ll check it out.
    And I apologize. I thought you were dismissing my assertion that Miscavige ever made such a deal.

  229. Hi Dylan,
    I think I have figured out who you are. There was only one former CST staff member on the RPF at that time if I remember right. If you are who I think you are, I would like to do some apologising for the part I played in your cycle as the Director of Security RTC. Could you write me on
    I agree with you 100% on Russ Bellin. I got to work with him on foods service lines for several years and really came to love him. He is very high on the list of people I worry about as DM targeted him starting in the early 2000’s and he went to the Hole like so many other executives.
    Do write me — would love to talk.

  230. Interesting study Tom. I’ve been a soldier myself and the randomity and organised structure under which you live and survive has much group support. The commardarie within the group is a wonderful stable datum. As long as the system is halfway sane within itself. Some armies are the pits though and the troops have no support as such – hence committ some really grosse violations against life & even themselves.
    To end cycle on such a involvement is quite the thing, it strips away that stable datum and much confusion surfaces and unfortunately the solutions adopted to handle the confusion is at times very sad.
    The ability to end cycle on one thing and then start another is the conundrum all beings face and that too is the common demoninator of the dwindling spiral of life and sanity. That’s what makes Scientology auditing and training so valuable.
    I recall a tape LRH made in 1952 I believe where he said something like “you are not here studying the secrets of the MEST universe, it is not not worth studying. You are here studying the anatomy of universes, so you can have one, to own one, change one, protect one. Every man you see is a universe and there is no 4th dimension, it is the infinity of universes.”
    No wonder the auditor is the most valuable being in this universe.
    The importance of Scientology… geeze what a concept!

  231. Robert,
    It is very hard to stand up to and disagree with something as large as GAT. It takes guts. At Int it was like a steamroller — it rolled over anyone who was not backing it 100%.
    One of the most awful things I did was following orders from DM, to Marty, to my senior D/IG Internal Affairs, to hand a golden rod issue to both John Eastment and Sandy Wilhere cancelling their auditor certificates. They were both veteran Class XII auditors, who had dedicated their lives to auditing. Thousands have been helped by them over the years. They are/were both wonderful caring beings. They both caved in.

    Their crime? On a DM inspection of the Qual course room they had (or hadn’t) made a comment (or made a facial expression, or looked the wrong way at the wrong time, or comm lagged too long on an unanswerable question, or wrongly answered a trick question designed to trap them) that DM determined showed they were “CI to GAT” (COUNTER-INTENTION to the Golden Age Of Tech).

    No Comm Ev, no investigation ensued. Their certificates were cancelled as fast as an order could be issued and the golden rod paper drawn up and hand routed.

    Sandy passed away in the last couple of years and I never got to apologise to her. I have no clue where John is at this time.

    My point is — well done Robert for standing up. You did more than I did at the time.

  232. John P.,

    The attack ads the CoS ran in USA Today in 1991 drove Lilly stock down. That was reported in the news at the time.

    Later, during an Event that was on DVD, Miscavige referred to a subsequent settlement with Lilly, saying “we were well pleased” with it.

    Current antagonism and wild talk from David Miscavige towards pharma are just a smoke-screen, a front. It’s pretty standard ‘false flag’ type talk, like the supposed antagonism between political parties. Or the supposed defense of Scientology by the IAS, who are actually destroying Scientology, not defending and supporting and ‘saving’ it.

    Here’s the link to that discussion:

  233. WindWalker –

    Thank you – most perceptive, most exact in a complex. Your thoughts, your analysis, and your position lend me inspiration as well as insight. If we were standing face-to-face as you communicated, you would have seen my mental masses shifting, charge blowing, space opening up. That, I believe is the greatest ‘compliment’ one (you) can receive – watching someone’s space opening up, realizations occurring, hopes reigniting, as a result of one’s comm to them. Or as you more precisely put it, watching someone move on their Conditions on a subject, instantly in real time as interactions of pieces come together into functions (I made that association reading what you wrote, so there you go).

    Very insightful post, and I hope others will take some insight from you as well, and post their own thoughts, or identify with some of what I see as very cogent points you’ve drawn. What’s true for one is so often true, and helpful, for another.


  234. Lana, Last I knew John was a busdriver at Gold. Had been since the incident above until I left in 2007 I think.

  235. Lana,

    Thanks so much for bearing your soul so those of us that weren’t there can get some reality on reality. Thank you for caring enough to tell us. love

  236. Okay, Franklin, thank you. I still think that a good rally with a lot of press coverage would do 2 things: (1) contribute to the exposure of the wrongs and PR as per your response and (2) could help drive a wedge between Scientology and the Church of Scientology in public’s mind.

  237. Bodil — Absolutely no coincidence that they suddenly started running ads in prime time. It is a direct result of the exposure of Miscavige’s crimes of sucking money out of people and then not spending it on what he claims.

    The ad now says there are 10,000 “Orgs, Missions and Groups….” — just keep on telling bigger and bigger lies. Was 8,500 last time. But with “70X expansion” of course there has to be more than the last announcement. Of course, there is no such thing, and there hasnt been a new org anywhere for a decade and probably less new missions opening than closing. This is such a lie that they could probably be forced to pull that ad — even at their BEST ingterpretation, about half of these are business or organizations that “use LRH tech” or “WTH groups” and they certainly would not be identifiable by anyone other than Miscavige as a “Scientology group.”

    More bluster from the master. Someone will someday call their bluff on these outrageously false claims.

  238. I was the one who got John up to int from the FSO. I did the int quals missions to pull people out of the FLB and get them up to INT. When it was proposed it was crazy to even think of taking a class XII out of the unit. Sorry John.

  239. First Principle

    Thank you Valkov. We’ll all get what’s known about this when Marty’s book comes out.

  240. KA,
    I totally tracked with your comment, the shifting of viewpoints and willingness to take a new point from which to view dimension.

    The 5th ACC , “Universe Processing” and “Beingness Processing” address this simple ability of a thetan – the first of the Axioms – assume a viewpoint, extend points to view, and you have beingness, you’ve got a universe.

    DM’s universe is the one that overwhelmed him. He sees from no personal viewpoint but simply the one dictated by the valence (a false beingness, but a “beingness” i.e., a “viewpoint” viewing dimension nonetheless). The viewpoint and that way of seeing things spreads throughout the group and you have what we have, an SP group as each member assumes the same viewpoint and so sees things the same.

    The SP takes on the viewpoint of dimension, the valence, the beingness and the universe of that which won over him. He is “out of valence” in that he has no viewpoint of his own, only that dictated by the valence. He’s in the winning valence, the one that beat him, and he is so because he’s attempting to survive.

    In order to survive in David Miscavige’s group, you gotta take on that valence, the winning valence.

    Oh yeah, came across a datum on havingness in the 9th ACC. You know the other day we had an email sent out by the D/Senior CS Flag I think, that remarked on how you could tell a person’s Objectives weren’t flat – they couldn’t “have” money or nice MEST. Hmmmm, well that’s an odd sort of Hidden Standard.

    The Remedy of Havingness:”An auditor should know that very sharply, that remedy of havingness is the remedy of the need to have, not mocking-up masses to get the preclear lost under.” Lecture, Havingness and Communication Formulas, 23 Dec 54.

  241. LDW,
    no doubt that “never use lies in PR” is decent and useful concept.

    But just as a military priest will never preach the 5th commandment (“You shall not kill”) so will the Davey-church never apply this datum.

    By the way, as far as I know, Berlin org did not have 600 members then and doesn’t have 600 members now (big surprise !).

    Actually, the org appears quite empty. But I guess OSA would say “the org is not empty, it is spacious !”


  242. martyrathbun09


  243. NOTE: Universe Processing is fully defined in the Advanced Course Data Sheet, in the new Tech Vols or in the latest edition of Creation of Human Ability. Same for Beingness Processing.

    In a nutshell: Universe Processing question “Where would _____ be safe?”
    Beingness Processing (from COHA, Advanced Course Procedure) “by which the auditor has the preclear BE various things until he finds the preclear can be with certainty. The goal here is to get the preclear able to be anything in any universe or to be any universe – which is to say, assume the viewpoint of anything.”

  244. Great story about your mother!

  245. Han,
    “the org is not empty, it is spacious!” Of course!!

    Goes along with “that public are scarce makes them valuable, I mean just look at the net worth of Tom Cruise!”

  246. Yes, it’s quite obvious that David Miscavige is fascinated with this blog and can’t help but react to it. Now freeloader debts are cancelled, forced abortions no longer occur (we hope), and ads are running on network channels, even if they are full of lies and false stats and the IAS regges probably had a field day with a new reason to bilk the Kool Aid set for more donations.

    But let’s all take a win, most especially Marty and Mike. They write the programs and David Miscavige reacts, falling more and more into just the place they want him.

  247. Hey Larry Byrnes, check that shit out!! First he’s a Banker, and now he’s taking money from Big Pharma to buy his tacit consent to Big Pharma!!

    Holy Cats Larry!!!

  248. Old School,
    Well IF your thought stops at that single datum, then well, it’s stopped short of the full undestanding of the subject of PTS/SP. OF COURSE you can have a senior that IS in an SP valence. You can also have a Type 2 PTS sit where that senior is not actually a real SP but only a restimulator for the PTS of the earlier similar.

    If you “thought stop” at a point of study that is not completed, then you don’t get the full play of ALL of the data. You get “fixed ideas” that don’t seem to resolve something. Hey, it’s damn simple, if it works then you’ve got it. If it doesn’t then you need to get more. It’s simple, complete ARC for something will bring about a complete resolution of that something – the problem with it will vanish. It will resolve.

    Some guy says “my senior is the item” and the “auditor” says, “can’t be”. Umm, that IS NOT SCIENTOLOGY TECHNOLOGY being used there.

    He says the senior is the answer to the question, it blowsdown, it FNs. That’s his item. Now of course, somebody is going to have to go and LOOK at that senior and check THEIR area, their pc folder, their stats, their case gain and find out what is what there. Why? SO YOU CAN DO THE HANDLING THAT IS APPROPRIATE FOR ALL CONCERNED.

    The guy is Type 1 or Type 2 PTS. You have to find out which so you can handle.

    Stable data that prevent looking are called SER FACS. Or, in the current vernacular “thought stoppers”.

  249. Sandy,
    Yep. More than just incidental facts.

    David Miscavige’s “New Order” is an order that’s been filled. Done. Ahhh, no thanks. Got enough “sharks”. Too many already. Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine splains a lot. (Funny how DM attempts to capitalize on disasters.)

  250. Still thinking about this post and the comments, y’all.

    I came to a conclusion, one which rankles me in no small measure, that one of the consequences of all this denialism in David Miscaviage’s Cult of Personality, they deny scientology principles, tech and policy. LRH as well. In so doing, they have denied (lost) what LRH said was our highest tech. Marty wrote about this tech a while ago. I just reviewed and it’s applicable now as ever.
    Independent: Definition Of
    Posted on October 6, 2011 by martyrathbun09

  251. Random Stranger

    I’ll betcha he’s got his well-vetted loyal following of Zombie Robot Enforcement Commanders carrying out the beatings for him in proxy. Probably a secret video beating room where the Punisher dons boxing gloves with Dave’s photo on them and carries out the necessary deed, which is then watched by staff on Fridays at midnight to comply with their mandatory entertainment/study order as they march in place in practiced unison to DM-penned rally songs. The more exuberantly dedicated wear full dress uniforms, wave banners and shake their fists in the air while standing at full attention. Some contribute to the group protocol by snapping non-stop salutes, jump up and down in competition to capture the Brass’s attention. Furtive glances are constantly exchanged for any signs of disagreement, dissension or disaffection.

    DM & TC watch from his private screening room while Dave remote controls the shooting of the rally, trying to catch someone who is ‘Out-Exhuberant” so he can then order them punished for Treason. A ceiling projector superimposes translucent cuts of fighting/action scenes of Tom from his Hollywood movies while he enthusiastically acts out the part live for Dave who claps and stamps his feet with maniacal vigor, thrusting his hands high above his head holding up two devil signs and sporadically lifts his head to the sky to utter guttural war yelps, prompting TC to break out into his Risky Business running-in-place dance, sending DM into gut-cramping convulsions of laughter. Popcorn is served.

  252. Tom Gallagher

    Allow me to give a caveat to the following 14 minute video.

    As someone trained in this area I can assure you that on some of the broad concepts, it is not only true but imminent.

    Solutions, though, are not provided.

    However , I’ll give you a head start, that’s where ‘paper’ must be converted to hard assets, namely bullion, when one has a plethora of other “stuff”.

    I only mention this here because I truly care.

    Abject denial can cover many subjects. Ability to and willingness to confront and LOOK are concepts and abilities to consider and embrace.

  253. Carcha

    You are most welcome. What you have done with what I communicated brings joy to my heart. Thank you.

    Eric S

  254. Mike

    I have not seen the ad but from what has been said it seems it is a promo piece for David Miscavige rather than for some useable piece of tech. Totally misdirected ad. How many people are going to rush right in to see the buildings, or busily search the web to find out where all these Orgs or Missions are so that they can visit them and then tell their friends how beautiful they are?

    Whatever happened to ads like ….

    “Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Read the book “New Slant on Life” by L. Ron Hubbard, available in your local bookstore.

    Or “are you having difficulties finding or keeping a job? Read “The Problems of Work” by L.Ron Hubbard, available at your local bookstore”…

    “Are you depressed, sad, have bouts of uncontrollable anger, have difficulties with relationships? Would you like to know why and be able to do something about it? Read “Dianetics, The modern Science of Mental Health” by L. Ron Hubbard…. ” etc.

    Eric S

  255. Dear Lana,

    Sandy Wilhere is alive and well and doing “recovery” missions for DM in Sutter/Pouw/Stahli style. She even visited with Darius and her grandchildren in the last year or so. Someone sent me the images.
    The Darius visit from Sandy was PR damage control to Blown For Good’s book telling the story of destruction of the Wilhere family covering Darius kicked out of INT and declared SP ….but Sandy was allowed to go visit him from CLO WUS where she has been CSing staff in recent years.

  256. George M. White

    There is a long history to OTVIII since it was released more than 20 years ago. The level was changed and that is a fact. The actual reasons for the changes are still open to question. In the early release of OTVIII, there was a narrative. You may or may not know that Mr. Miscavige ordered a re-tread and OTVII was repeated for a lot of people. Miscavige violated policy by truncating OTVIII. However, it did help because, in my opinion, the first release was misunderstood by tech terminals and did cause confusion.

  257. P.S. Don’t take this brief summary as all there is on the subject of PTS/SP either. Who knows, maybe that senior is an SP, but not the SP on that person’s case, who is Type 2 PTS and the apparent SP isn’t the one that’s at the root or any other variation. You have to think with this stuff. You have to duplicate it first, the whole of it, then you can gain understanding (ARC) and then some qualified ability with judgment.

    You know, just like it says on the Study Tapes.

  258. Emilie,
    Ahh, oui, c’est ca.

  259. Li’ll Bit

    Or how about this… Open a gmail or hotmail account, or any e-mail account, and simply send Sam a comm.
    Surely you do not have to go through all the above every time you want to send an e-mail to someone you have not e-mailed before. If you do… then I would highly recommend that you change e-mail providers.

    Eric S

  260. Tom Gallagher

    I may have forgotten to mention that this is what we get when sociopaths are in charge. We’ve got the tools and information to identify this tiny minority and rectify their damage.

    We’re taking our freedom and dignity back. That includes, of course, the subject of Scientology.

    Is there any other choice?

  261. @Franklin. Thank you for quote from Ethics book about “out-points”.
    “He (LRH) clearly states in the “Ethics Book” that there are no good reasons for outpoints except, “Natural Disasters”, SP’s, and people PTS to Sp’s”.
    I am glad you pointed this out. I have heard many Scientologist excuse horrible behavior by saying “Yes, it’s an out-point” as if to say well, that handles that–I’ve labeled it; End of story; Coast is clear; Carry-on.
    All the while missing the really important part: it means there’s an SP or people PTS to the SP afoot and one should rightfully be a little alarmed.

  262. Eric,

    Yes, you are of course right about the ads. But in the RCS, that is “old” policy. Dave knows better.

  263. Actually, these are the new Flag auditor uniforms:

  264. Bringing in Ethics! The outside is obviously forcing David Miscavige to finally do his JOB instead of beating up and torturing his staff or destroying telephone poles…

  265. Ignorance is what keeps people hooked. When I was in Scientology the people *I* dealt with in the church were opposed to me going up the bridge because I might “mess it up for everybody”. A close look at that statement shows that only a person that is naive and/or ignorant would tolerate such conduct from a church and only a person that truly meant to use the tech to harm someone with it would make such a statement to such a naive person. Ignorance is where they get hooked. Independents are not ignorant people, nor are they hooked, nor are they using the tech to harm others. The future looks bright. There will be an Independent political party and an OT in the oval office. Wouldn’t you like to see an OT in the White House? 🙂 The Sea Org can’t run for President because they’e in the Sea Org.

  266. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC have laser beam Confront: Why would we ever deny anything when we can simply lie about it?

    The handful of bitter apostates on this blog confuse our incredible ability to instantly as is entheta with denialism.

    Entheta. As isness. Boom! Entheta vanishes!

    What some bitter apostates mocked up as a COB knuckle sandwich was just some engram in restim. This is all covered in the, uh.. the, ahh, you know. Those red books they keep in Orgs. Whatever. Anyway, those red books have too many words in them and so COB will be reissuing a one page red book that says: Forward Command Intention. All of that other KSW blah blah blah doesn’t really help COB and in fact it gets in his way. We in RTC are also truly not interested in a bunch of KR’s from nattering Scientologists about how IAS is out ethics. This does not forward Command Intention. What forwards Command Intention is increasing one’s IAS Patron Status.

    When you die the only thing that will allow you to avoid the blackness for eternity is high IAS Patron Status. If you donate at least one million dollars to IAS in this life, you will instantly be reborn into a life of privilege in one of the millions of wealthy Scientology families around the world.

    We urge you to increase your IAS Patron Status today and also to stop reading this blog and all other forms of entheta. You are only as safe as you listen to COB’s speeches and memorize them.

  267. LOVE that!!!

  268. +1 Emilie

  269. Welcome, and thanks to Tom Smith, who interviewed Deikman. Deikman’s latest book, on Amazon for cheap, worth a little scanning through, since in Scientology terms, Deikman is just saying that Pan-determinism is superior to slipping into the “us vs. them” self or lower “other determinism”. (makes me think someone ought, who’s a total Scientology theory expert, sort out in all time order of importance, the major principles and theory of the movement, which for instance some of the scales, and parts of The Way to Happiness, and most importantly all theory relating to the ARC triangle for me, seem like MORE senior movement strategic policy than this whole “Guardian’s Office/OSA fight the enemies legal battle and PR battle” phase of Scientology history—doing a real sort out of the most important stable data theory of the movement, that as a project, and then publicly letting Scientologists publicly debate those highest most important stable data for a few years, would be doing what I consider the work of the Int Exec Strata, the “think tank” LRH ordered to help staff and the movement in LRH ED 339R Int.)

  270. Many have wondered “how do you talk to a Scientologist who is still in denial–how do you help them see the ligh?.”
    Here is a suggestion I got from another site: First of all make the space safe for that person; be supportive about the Tech and then ask them carefully planned questions , like what they hope to accomplish. And then ask them how that is going for them. Stay away from an overt criticisms.
    Just a thought.

  271. Right on, Jim,

    and add to that “Scientology has already touched the lives of billions of people (as POB said during an event speech) so they don’t have to come to our orgs !” 😮

  272. On my FEBC, I had to put the new Med. Ofc. on post. His senior, Mr. Holloway, was a tough cookie. I was putting this guy on post and got his item: his senior. Not that she was an SP. But she was intimidating as hell! By the time I was done, I had him ON POST! Holloway sought me out to thank me. “I don’t know what you did, but Thank You!” I took a huge win on that. She scared the hell outta me too!
    Sorry, not an SP story, but reading the above posts reminded me. Just had to share. God I love the tech when it’s executed properly! It’s freaking fun!!!

  273. Thanks George.

  274. Darius was a funny good person on the Int RPF, became a competent welder, almost always chipper.

    He was In Charge of the RPF unit I was in for half a year or so. He did all the welding for the LRH Tech movie sets we made, I was his welding go-for helper, grinder, he did the welding for the set framing for the latest Solo Course Auditor movie, that’s his welding job, if you recall that late 1990s tech film.

    I used to tell him the story of when he was a baby, and his mom, Sandy was LRH Comm FSO, and Greg, his dad, was CO FSO, both at the same time, for that tiny stretch in 76 or 77, after Tony Dunleavy got busted and after Capt Bill got busted, as CO FSO, and then Greg did a stretch as CO FSO.

    At those early 1977 or thereabouts FSO morning musters, Darius one of the early FLB babies, the Eastment’s had their daughter Elizabeth around the same time, Micho Danilovich got born a year or so later I think, but those early FSO and FB parents FLB babies were pretty much there with their parents, through the day, before “day care” started.

    Well one morning Sandy let Darius down out of her arms to crawl around on the stage at muster, while Greg was doing the morning talk to staff, and Darius just crawled right across the front of the stage (just a raised 1 foot high platform stage), and he sort of upstaged Greg and stole the show. He must have been less than 1 year old, but I still remember that.

    Too bad that Sea Org kids life wasn’t better worked into Sea Org history.

    We just needed to put more money and time for parents. I thought having the infants around the org was fine, if the mothers didn’t mind.

    During one of the routing forms project phases I was on, Sue and Phillip Jepson’s young son was around us all day, no problem.

    I hated seeing the Sea Org families go spluey. It should have been better worked out.

    There’s obviously plenty of money and scheduling longer family time as needed just should have been done.

    But I guess other communal similar movements had similar problems, another what I call “Exec Strata” problem for the movement “think tank” that was just NOT properly sorted out.

  275. OK, since we’re in the mood for eliminating denial and putting in correct actions, here’s one for you.

    David miscavige, for the crime of assaulting staff and inciting others to assault staff, should have been declared suppressive and removed to the RPF or out the door with his $50.

    Every exec on any of the boards should have insisted that miscavige be removed.

    Every board member should be removed according to the original articles of incorporation because they violated thier duty to use standard ethics and justice policy.

    ALL YOU GUILTY PEOPLE SHOULD NOW QUIT. Turn over your hats and slink out the door.

    From what I can see, there isn’t one single person on any of the boards of directors of any of the corporations who has an ecclesiastical or legal right to be on that board.

    Go ahead and deny it boys and girls. You know it’s true.

  276. Dropped movement hats. Pointed out by ex members whose hindsight ideas get implemented when it doesn’t invalidate the negligent leadership too much.

    If one were their “leader” one would do those parts of 339R Int which longrange were supposed to deal with ALL of these points the movement is getting smacked in the teeth for! (“Exec Strata” is my long term hobby horse suggestion for them. The ex members with some hindsight are being the “Exec Strata” hat!)

  277. WindWalker said: “… How to get through that denial is something I think we all wish we had effective answers for. If we knew of totally effective answers, and had the necessary lines and opportunities to use them, there would very likely be very few still following David Miscavige, and his alterations of Scientology technologies and policies.
    That said…
    A good strategy might be to find a common area of agreement, supply some truth, on a gradient, and and keep expanding that area of agreement. …

    What really helps is LRH. No matter what the propaganda of the “upper lines” and the David Miscavige hype is about – the most Scientologists WILL stay with LRH.
    What Debbie Cook did is exactly this: she quoted LRH and thus her message was effective and spread.
    The page has lots of comparision between POB and L. Ron Hubbard.
    Debbie did a very good job “internally”. And she set an example.
    POB knows, that if it was done once, it can be done again.
    And there is lots of communication going on.

    If you want to help people, see the scale of awarness and bring them up from “unactuality” to at least “need of change”.
    Some are below unactuality, but the same tech is your only compass.
    And look at “Dr. Mestovich”, maybe you’ll find this guy on this very same scale, too. Somewhere around “criminality”.

  278. DM, we see you. Some guys allready are working on your Biography.
    “The Shrinking Box of POB”.

  279. Helo Kool,
    please consider to reverse the colors. It’s really hard to read white on black.

    *thumbs up* for the decision to start a blog.

  280. Les,
    To be fair, marking up for inflation the amount should be at least several thousand. Let’s round it out at $5,000.

  281. Agreed. Perhaps we should organize one this blog. Perhaps the press will come out and talk to us. It’s not a bad idea.

  282. +1

    And great storie from Dassie!

    In fact, I consider the Study Tech the most powerfull tool to restore societies.
    Study Tech alone can restore the KRC of a being.


  283. I would love to hear as much stories as possible from you!

    And yes, David Miscavige is a glibby student.
    That’s why we are faced with changed courses, changed bridge and new inventions “better” than LRHs. He is a “know-best” all the way.

  284. On the “Little to Late” PR attempts to save face campaign, I didn’t see the ad before the game, but I did get an SO Recruit post card yesterday. It was different. Unlike any other before.

    It was “official” post card size and not on steroids. No uniform, no “many apply, few are chosen” quote. It was intentionally “warm and fuzzy”.

    The girl on the postcard who looks so sweet and innocent, 17 yrs old (at the most) with a quote next to her: “Joining the Sea Org was the best thing that ever happened to me!”

    OMG! I just wanted to reach in that post card, grab her and save her. But then I changed my mind when I realized she probably had a bomb strapped to her.

  285. “It enables one to willingly pull a stable datum and be completely able to face the confusion it held at bay, and for the first time DUPLICATE it and have no need of a “stable datum” in the first place. “
    Haha… Love that one. You`re truly a wise man, Jim Logan.

  286. Yeah, whatever the hell happened to Search & Discovery ? I don’t think I’ve ever met one single Sea Org MAA who was trained in it.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  287. A pay-off from Eli Lilly?!?!?!?!!!!


    Yeah, sure – used to “advance” Scientology. Ha! More like advancing the Life of the Rich and Famous of one David Miscavige! No doubt a nice big personal bonus came along with that self commendation and probably bonuses to others that would keep them quiet and in line.

    Meanwhile, I know REAL PEOPLE who’ve been damaged using Prozac (fluoxetine) of Eli Lilly, not to mention the numerous incidents wherein there was a clear correlation between murder/suicides – often dramatic and bizarre – and people who have been on some of these “medications.” (Isn’t that a euphamism)! Includes some of these returning war vets…

    If this is true, it is really, really sick and a complete betrayal.

  288. Ron spoke of him in RJ 67

  289. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for your interest in this,Eric. Here’s the
    run down. We are plagued with massive telephone
    line theft and fraud in our area, exacerbated by an apathetic complaints department! Sky high phone
    bills NOT a very palatable option! We are now with
    a wireless phone provider who also give free I/Net
    connection. The problem we run into is that the
    phone number allocated with this system is not
    broadly ‘recognized’ so sometimes ends up in a
    spam box. The solution is simply to have an E-mail
    sent return, to our number and this establishes the
    mail box connection, as advised to Sam, above.
    Yes, it can be a bit of a glitch, but with a phone
    bill cut by 50%, I will live with the glitch! Thank you!

  290. Thank you Jim!!!

  291. I’m still being kicked out by some moderators, no matter how sweet my comments.

  292. Exactly, it’s a direct dramatisation of Fac I, cause of asthma and obsession with camera’s.

  293. Don’t confuse disseminating Scientology with personal PR, DA, bait and switch, misdirection and other suppressive outflow.

  294. Somebody Else’s Problem's_Problem
    (also known as Someone Else’s Problem or SEP) is an effect that causes people to ignore matters that are generally important to a group but may not seem specifically important to the individual. Author Douglas Adams’ description of the effect, which he playfully ascribed to a physical “SEP field,” has helped to make it a generally recognized phenomenon. The label is now widely used to focus public attention on matters that might have been overlooked and, less commonly, to identify concerns that a depressed individual should ignore. It has also been employed as trivial shorthand to describe factors that are “out of scope” in the current context.[1]
    In psychology
    Various areas of psychology and philosophy of perception are concerned with the reasons why individuals often ignore such matters. Optimism bias tends to reduce the subjective importance of some matters. Where multiple individuals simultaneously experience the same stimulus, diffusion of responsibility and/or the bystander effect may release individuals from the need to act, and if no-one from the group is seen to act, each individual may be further inhibited by conformity. On a wider basis, all members of society are exposed to so many messages about pressing matters of concern that information overload may play a part. There may also be a tendency to argue that “I can’t fix this problem, so I need do nothing to reduce it” (a perfect solution fallacy).
    However, taking responsibility for negative events that are outside an individual’s control can lead to depression and learned helplessness, particularly in adolescents.[2] Part of the solution is to help the individual to realistically assign a proportion of responsibility to herself/himself, parents and others (step I in the RIBEYE cognitive behavioral therapy problem-solving method).[

  295. Karen B,

    Nice post!

  296. This well known syndrome interests me as beside the obvious pier pressure used in the RCS, the system of ‘hatting’ and fear/financial induced depression are skillfully used by the ‘church’ management to intensify this natural behavioral state.

  297. The answer to life, universe and everything …

  298. This comment really caught my attention:

    “You know the other day we had an email sent out by the D/Senior CS Flag I think, that remarked on how you could tell a person’s Objectives weren’t flat – they couldn’t “have” money or nice MEST. Hmmmm, well that’s an odd sort of Hidden Standard.”

    I can’t quite clarify if it’s the weirdest evaluation I ever heard of or one of the lowest IQ justifications of the grossest of out tech crimes already committed by that terminal. The limit of what I thought is insane on Church lines just got expanded.

    The Church really does require an enema – it is so full of it.

  299. Lawrence – Thanks for your point well-taken on it. ” … opposed to me going up the bridge because I might “mess it up for everybody”” is absurd. Who said that?! Whew! That’s enormously invalidatory, ignorant of the purpose of Scn, the reality, and one would expect such a person to be unaware of what’s around them. I hope you got out of there quickly! (The future does look bright, but as for OT Presidents, I think I’ll stick with the truth that Scn is not political, I prefer substance over symbol.) – Carcha

  300. Michael, you want activism? Not to be denied!

  301. Jim, you missed my point . I am COMPLETELY hatted on the PTS/SP tech. I’m talking about a policy that has been abused within the Church to stop terminals from investigating those higher up the food chain. Also, the issue as written is poorly done as it directs a conclusion rather than prompting investigation and indeed discourages looking. It is FLAWED as it makes an assumption based on NO data from the scene. Reread the issue as to its wording.

  302. That became “old tech” when the first L&N came up with David Miscavige as the item. That was a problem — what do you do with an LFBD F/N item like that? And a properly done S&D with a pc truly “in session” and willing to talk to auditor would come up with that item too often for POB’s comfort.

  303. Then Schlep to the ‘copy house’. That one got through fine. I haven’t received anything else.

  304. protected designation

    Hello to all.
    For Italians flying under the radar … look at these videos.
    The pictures on the church began in the first video at minute 6.18 seconds in the beginning … until about 12 minutes.
    Italian TV in 2010 has infiltrated in the Org..i to think Rome before ideal org.
    Look well to the tech that is used by the staff, …, reg c / s and HCO auditors is crap …. ever seen.
    During filming, there are also images of anonymus unwrapped where they speak to other similar crap.
    Denialism of out-tech?

  305. George M. White

    Lana M,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with Mr. Moth-cavige.
    It reveals his basic insanity. Your stories help me to see
    why this blog exists.

    May all beings be well and happy!

  306. And another thing that’s cool:

    Titel: Denial

    and 320 posts later the term Kool-Aid has been used only 3 times!

  307. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes,Ma’am at my convenience!

  308. Heigh ho Silver! Don’t forget to follow the investment advice of Olivia Newton John — “Let’s get physical” – not shares in SLV.

  309. Same thing for DSEC.
    Thought:”That can’t be right?”
    Answer: Wrong target.
    Course: For not.

  310. What’s mostly not confronted by members of the Church of Scientology as well as by the Indies and what’s mostly denied about L. Ron Hubbard is:

    That Dianetics and Scientology didn’t achieve the dreamed inroad into society at large.

    There are perhaps 30 000 to 200 000 members in the Church of Scientology that don’t deliver real Scientology and several thousands of Indies that are decompressing and moving up a little bit higher and I don’t know of how many real auditors exist on this planet. But not a lot.

    It has also to be confronted that L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t perfect and somewhere along the line he did something wrong or we wouldn’t have the mess we have.
    What did he do wrong ? What would be the remedy ?
    The bridge hasn’t evolved anymore since 1982 and is static, Psychology is catching up !
    Where are the new technologies in medicine that could be developped with Dianetics and Scientology ? In Politics ? in Sciences ? Social Sciences ? Help for the crazy people ?
    Where are the E-meters that are connected to computers and the whole session being recorded in Computers ?
    Where are the universities that are applying and teaching real study tech to their students ?
    Where are the scientist studying Scientology and developing new technology out of the principles ? Where ? Where ?
    I don’t see anything. Something went really wrong !!!!! And this has to be confronted and not denied !
    I don’t know the solution to it. Does anybody ?

  311. martyrathbun09

    I’ve never done it – maybe technical difficulty. You certainly aren’t “not allowed” to post here.

  312. I havent either.

  313. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but when Prozac’s patent was expiring and Cymbalta was being tested as a replacement, a number of participants in the clinical trial committed suicide. Freedom Magazine was doing an investigation and planning to run a story on it, but to this day that story has never made it into print.

  314. One day somebody has to make an eval about it ,as we have the tech for that, and find out the real why that will open the door to handling.
    L Ron Hubbard must be included in that eval as already under his control Scientology took the colours of a cult and he let David Miscavige make a real cult out of it.
    What did L. Ron Hubbard deny ?
    That he had the fixed idea that the human race wouldn’t be able to use his technology ?
    The human race never had any problems to recognize the source of any discoveries made by individuals ? See Einstein and all the great names of history.
    Why did he have to stress he is source and so start a cult ? Something which is very clear and nobody would deny that ! Didn’t he trust mankind ?
    Lots of questions. Does anybody have any answer that makes real sense and leads to a handling ?
    David Miscavige will be a tiny anecdote as soon the real problem is confronted, as the discoveries made in Dianetics and Scientology should be self-sustaining, regardless of some people making a cult or whatever of it.
    Why is there no university studying the effects of engramms onto the body ?
    Why are there no experiments about energies leaving the body when being audited (we have now the Technology to measure all that stuff) ?
    Is there somebody in this universe that can answer my questions ?
    I’m really upset about this..

    When I started in Scientology in 1974 I’d thousands of questions about life and everything. I thought all my questions will be answered in Scientology (it did answer a lot), but after 37 years I’ve to recognize that I’m having still lots of questions and the main one hasn’t been answered yet !

    It could be the answer is 42 !


  315. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1 Ziba.

  316. What if Something didn’t go really wrong and the bridge didn’t evolve because there wasn’t any bridge in the first place. Church of Scientology OT’s, the ones that are embarrassing to watch on CoS produced promotions either disappear into the Organization to make more OT’s but, as far I am aware, never show OT powers or do anything to the benefit of mankind at large. I’ve seen them claim to always get parking spaces where they want them and that’s hard to verify. Maybe Organized Religion just doesn’t work. This Church is yet another epic fail but under it’s current dictator, still lethal.

  317. Confront is rising ! 🙂 🙂

  318. Tony DePhillips

    Random Stranger.
    Your writing is so vivid I could see both DM and TC doing what you discribed. Hillarious.
    Another masterpiece. Move over OTDT….wink, wink..

  319. Tony DePhillips

    Like the like.

  320. Tony DePhillips

    “The camera on Allender’s head is very symbolic and a representation of the reactive mind he supposedly lost a long time ago.”

    Great line Brian. 🙂

  321. Li’ll Bit

    Wow. OK. Perhaps try this. When you send out an e-mail, send a copy to your own e-mail address. If you do not get the copy then there is probably something else wrong, perhaps some firewall setting that is restricting incoming or outgoing e-mails.

    Your phone number should have nothing to do with actual e-mail traffic. That would only affect traffic between you and your internet provider. As I suggested, try opening a new e-mail account with Hotmail or gmail. (you do not have to change internet providers or phone companies to do this. Simply go onto the internet, as usual, open, and sign up.) It might solve the problem you are having.

    Eric S

  322. Random Stranger


    A world without non-compliance, without thought, where the awake never sleep and consume little, where the rich get richer, the poor disappear, where the only war is the one in my head and that I am continually winning, where others are not allowed to speak, where the grandest of all buildings are mine, everything is gold-gilded including the trees and the roads, where the only case gain available is where I get a brand new Louis Vuitton suitcase every day for my extensive and completely unnecessary continual traveling on my own pimped out 767 piloted by the permanently posted John Travolta, where Tom Cruise is my personal monkey-boy court jester, where my rallies make Hitler’s look like a disorganized Sunday beach picnic, where I also have a flying throne outfitted with weapons of mass destruction and everyone has a bluetooth receiver implanted into their skulls and I and I alone am in command and call all the shots of this great planet called Earth where view continually standing ovations for me every hour on the hour.

  323. Li'll bit of stuff

    Eric, thanks again. I’ll request some input from the
    office manager (my wife) to tackle this for me OK?

  324. Tony Dephillips


  325. LO

    I am going to address both of these posts together….

    Oh my… You have opened a can of worms here.

    I am not going to suggest that I can answer all of your questions. That would be silly wouldn’t it, when you are quite capable of creating them as fast as I can address them, if not faster.

    What I think I might just do is get “all personal” and perhaps a bit “sudden” on you. Perhaps a little bit “in your face” as it were.

    You want some truth.. so here is some truth as I see it.

    I am going to take all of what you said and , with that in mind, ask you.

    “What part of this can you be responsible for?” (these are the things you will be able to control. This puts you at CAUSE)
    Or prehaps…
    “What part of this are you unwilling to be responsible for?” (these are the things that you will have assigned control over to somebody else, that puts you at EFFECT)

    You see, it isn’t “over there”. It isn’t somebody else’s responsibility to make your Dynamics more ideal for you. Not God, not your boss, not L.Ron Hubbard, not Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder or an auditor or anybody.

    Now comes the “in your face” part.

    You seem to be somewhat familiar with some of the Philosophy of L.Ron Hubbard. I am guessing you have even gotten some training in “Ethics, Tech, and Admin.” I imagine that you have gotten some auditing.

    So… What about you? What have you personally done to handle the outpoints that you assign to others? Why haven’t you used your intelligence and reason and the tools that you have, to create the scene that you have envisaged? Take a good, hard look…..

    You see, if you are unwilling to take the responsibility to handle the outnesses that you observe, then you get to live in the world that is handed to you. Well, if you are OK with that, then why are you complaining? If you are not OK with that then it is up to YOU to do something about it. Complaining is not a valid or workable solution in the long run in handling the “Conditions of Existence”. You will not find “complaining” or “blaming others” anywhere in the Conditions formulas.

    I am not saying these things as a “make-wrong”. I am simply attempting to demonstrate a possibility as to why things are in the shape they are. Things do not get done to the degree that EACH person involved is unwilling to be personally responsible for it. Keep in mind that whenever someone is complaining about something, you know for certain that they are not taking responsibility for it. I encourage you to apply the definition of Responsibility given in the “Tech Dictionary”. I guarantee that to the degree that you can apply that definition will be the degree to which you will achieve your goals on the Dynamics.

    Of course it is a gradient thing… The world is peopled with “broken straws”, you and me included. There is a LOT of work to be done.

    You have the tools, or can get them and learn their use. There is something that you can do about it. Those who are working at improving the lot of man can certainly use your help.

    Eric S

  326. Thanks Carcha. A registrar made that statement. I did get out, quick enough and without a lot of fanfare. I had to be 100% sure first that this statement was made before leaving which I did and I have never regretted not going back. If they didn’t get me one way, they would have tried another way. I try and tell people that just because someone says they work for a Church of Scientology and are Clear and a trained auditor, does not make that person a friend. 🙂 People like you inspire me. It was a lonely road for a long time. 🙂

  327. Eric, you just committed one of the Cardinal sins that an evaluator can commit . You listed a WHO rather than a WHY… Therefore, it won’t open a door to a handling.

    Data Series, study them.

  328. Old School

    OK, but I was not attempting to find or list either a Who or a Why. I was simply pointing out that one cannot control anything for which they are taking no responsibility. It was an attempt to nudge Lo over into a more causative frame of mind if I could. In my books “being at cause” is the first step in any workable handling.

    And yes, Data evaluation is a marvelous tech. I use it often.

    Eric S

  329. Okay, thanks for your interest.

  330. I’d hate to be labled as a “conspiracy theorist” but from my observation of Sci application of study tech I have to say that there appears to be material missing from the study tape which deals with assimilation. Remember, it is 48 years since I was present at that lecture (and I cannot say which one of the 8 that it was). My recollection is that Ron pointed out that *data which was subjected to the rigors of the study tape material* became “assimilated” into a persons analytical mind and thus became “ones own” data. I’m sure I am paraphrasing Ron here but the key point is that data which was “assimilated” was the persons own. Assimilation of data established that the data learned was now one’s own and NOT a “Ron says”.

    Its been hard enough for me to write this, give some thought to the transcriber who may have been just a typist not an experienced scientology auditor. I’m sure that much of the message about the assimilation of data has been left on the cutting room floor.

    Only way to verify my recollections is to produce a certifiable transcription of that tape. I hope we have that info.

  331. you are just a little bit impatient. Within Scientology (and I mean the subject not the administration of the church) lies the answer to lifes questions but most people have been indoctrinated into the “we are bodies only” mode of thinking. The medical profession (and countless others) have already decided (without scientific rigor and debate) that human beings are not beings, just blobs of mud that must follow the laws of physics and thereby eradicate this “nonsense” belief that man has a spiritual basis. Yes, there is a university of Scientology studying everything you question here. Keep looking. there is hope and we are clever enough to avoid the traps which have defeated many before us.

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