To Those Suing or Considering Countersuing the FSO

I’ve got more than one hundred and fifty million reasons why Miscavige ought to watch his blustery, threatening step.

The following information gives the state of reserves of the Flag Service Organization Incorporated, as of December 2009.  It is written by its highest ecclesiastical officer at that time.  It was sent, as a similar report is sent weekly, directly to David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center (the organization that is alleged not interested in stats or money in the slightest, but only in the purity of the application of the technology).

Please let us know how they respond to discovery as to what the FSO’s liquid assets are; their ability to pay back what they hold for you; and perhaps in other contexts what the value of your services to them might have been worth. We’ll provide you with more reports on how these balances changed over time along with unimpeachable witnesses to corroborate the information.

I anticipate the FSO will be claiming (perjuring itself) in court that any number of these accounts do not belong to or are not in the control of FSO.  Well, technically, they’d be right – the guy who controls them is the guy who receives the direct report each week, David Miscavige (and that would seem then to justify roping him into deposition to find out why he is withholding your money in trust when he’s got 150 million to play with).  But, legally they’d be wrong – this report is generated every single week by the highest ecclesiastical officer in the Flag Service Organization Incorporated to the highest ecclesiastical officer in all of corporate Scientology, certified weekly as the RESERVE ACCOUNTS OF FLAG SERVICE ORGANIZATION INCORPORATED.

Just getting prepared.


10 December, 2009


The following was added to reserves:

                                                This week        Added in:    Disbursed:         Balance:

SUPERPOWER accounts:

Superpower funds              $60,395,201   $44,626                                 $60,439,827

Org Reserves accounts:

FSO Reserves                           $679,532                                                       $679,532

FC Reserves                              $438,194                                                       $438,194

Total Org Reserves:            $1,117,726                                                       $1,117,726


SOR Accounts:

BFA FC                                     $562,750          $15,744                                $578,494

GLF FC                                      $1,090,806       $15,744                                $1,106,550

BFA FSO Accounts                    $3,114,524       $129,084                           $3,243,608

GLF FSO                                    $37,679,781    $140,054                            $37,819,835

Other SOR accounts at Flag      $6,369,020                                               $6,369,029

(CMU, Property)

 Total SOR accounts:            $48,816,881    $300,636                             $49,117,517


HCO Book Accounts:             $39,270,463    $242,324       $141,013    $39,371,774

TOTAL IN ACCOUNTS:       $149,600,270   $587,585      $141,013 $150,046,845


106 responses to “To Those Suing or Considering Countersuing the FSO

  1. Although this may seem like a lot of money to some, a Hollywood film can cost more without any Scientologists in it, so the church ought to count their blessings.

  2. please define all of the acronyms in this stat report.

  3. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB RTC Personal Notepad

    Note to self:

    Transfer all Flag Reserves immediately.

  4. I’d love to see him roped into a deposition and maybe again see him say “No, No, No YOU misunderstand”, and wag that finger again, this time at a Judge, see how that goes down.

  5. Tom Gallagher

    Al Capone would blush.

  6. haydn (T Paine)

    Here are the main ones:
    BFA = Building Fund A/C
    GLF = General Liabilty Fund
    CMU = Central Marketing Unit
    FC = Flag Crew, the estates/building/hotel organization, sister org to FSO (Flag Service Org).

  7. Chaching!
    Medicaid, did you catch that?

  8. Any court in America which entertained any lawsuit issued by david miscavige demanding money from ANY independent scientologist for ANY reason would be about the same as that court accepting a lawsuit from John Gotti against a storekeeper who refused to pay his weekly protection money.

  9. haydn (T Paine)

    Thirty eight million dollars alone in Flag’s General Liability Fund? More if you throw in Flag Crew’s GLF. That is a lot of available money to pay outstanding liabilities.

    Why set it aside if it is not earmarked for such use? Fact is, it is there as a safety valve, per LRH policy, to pay liabilities in case the liabilities outweigh organizational cash on hand (day to day operating monies).

    And per the GLF governing policy, you need international board approval on its use, which we all know is the one, the only, David Miscavige. So, whether you get the money or not is up to him, and only him.

  10. haydn (T Paine)

    PS. This is over a year ago so, since money goes into this account every week, week in week out, that’s 5 percent of FSO’s corrected gross income, without fail, there should another eight million or so in there by now. At least.

  11. Orthodox Scientologist

    I know this is a bit off the subject but since we are discussing stats and I just received this phenomenal large glossy mag on the New Year’s Commemorative Edition of Scientology News I had to share and get some help. Here’s the problem I need enlightenment on:
    It states 1 OT Comp every 2 hours = 12/day = 4,380 a year
    6.6 million WDAHs for the year = 18,082/WDAHs a day
    1 person every 4 minutes onto a Scn intro route = 136,400/yr
    1 person every 20 min on a Dn seminar = 26,280 yr
    Now, I never did very well in High School on my math figures, but doesn’t this seem a bit out there? I mean there should be one hell of an impact and statement in real life to the number of new people talking up Scientology in the news or with neighbors or friends or somewhere. Unless they are all in the closet?

  12. All roads lead to Rome.

    All crimes lead to dave.

  13. TroubleShooter

    The HCO Book Accounts kind of stands out like a big target for WTF EXPLAIN THAT!!! ??? Can anyone give me an idea of what the hell that money would be parked in that account for???

  14. If super power was to be released in 1967, why do you need 60 million bucks now in PT?

  15. I just read Archer articles on scientology cult dot com. I would agree.

  16. Haydn — That’s 2 years…. 200 million CGI over two years it should be about 10 million. But the real bump will be in Super Power. That is more on the order of half a million to a million a week. Another 50 or 100 million.

  17. haydn (T Paine)

    Hell Mike, you are right. It is two years. That’s fifteen million more in FSO GLF. I get your point on Super Power. I’m just kind of stuck on GLF, drawn to it in fact, since its the general LIABILITY fund and is there to pay liabilities. But most of these sums would have increased hugely in the last two years and none greater than Super Power.

  18. I mean I don’t know………..if you just baaaaaaaaaaaaack away and look at the mest universe and look at your life, and the 8 dynamics, and ARC, KRC, CCH, Control change stop, games, traps, a few others…………..I mean just back away, and look upon it it all………….why it’s fun……….just you looking down upon all this. An exterior view.

    It doesn’t make sense that a SO member who is there to free the world by getting ethics in, who that SO member can not have the 8 dynamics———-doesn’t make sense……………..I believe this is called keeping people down……….

  19. He definitely is a sneaky fkr!!!

  20. Why do all orgs need to be the size of old st hill b/4 ot 9 and ot 10 are released? I don’t get it? Isn’t the goal a cleared planet?

  21. A bit out there? This is hyperspace…

    Here are a few notes on these figures (even if they were true):

    1 OT Comp every 2 hours. Due to this being put in these terms, it is likely that this is calculated on an “org day” basis as in 12 hour day. Realize also that an “OT Comp” could be someone completing theory on SOlo 2, Theory on OT 1 or any other OT level and then again counted when they do the auditing.

    6.6 million WDAHs for the year. See, this one is a year total as it sounds big enough. 4.8 million of those hours (according to Source Mag) are Solo NOTs hours, and if you break that down you will realize its not too much when they have been promoting “10,000 onto Solo NOTs” for 10 years now and still havent made it (if there WERE 10,000 this would be about 500 hours per person per year or 10 hours a week). But the real issue is that its 1.8 million for all the rest (including all SOlo hours outside of Solo NOTs).

    1 person every 4 minutes onto a Scn intro route: That includes every Basics course and extension course (because they are “Div 6” courses and are therefore included in this category). And believe it or not, Captain FSO is sending out mailings to all Flag public telling them their HIGHEST priority as OTs is to get through the Basics!

    1 person every 20 min on a Dn seminar. That’s of a 12 hour day.

    There’s a lot more in that glossy maagazine that is just as much crap.

  22. This is a valuable document and should raise the reality of those on this blog.

    This, however, does not even include the money in over-sea accounts, gold investments, oil drilling investments, property investments , investments in the confidential land of K and what-have-you. Int Reserves has money in places you cannot even imagine — and my data is dated 1995 when I was in IFO.

  23. while those stats are or might sound impressive, like expansion is occurring…………………must’in forget that the tech has been altered……………must’in never forget that in an argument………………please……….

  24. HEY! I think I figured out who is behind the sock puppet, “Stephen Dorff”.

    Just Google images for, “Dorf”, and here’s what you get:

    Remind you of anybody? 🙂

  25. like tr’s objectives co audit…………well lots and lots of comps…………but who were those comps. Were those comps existing scn’s vs new public..?

    What are those actual comps on Tr’s objs co-audit course. and what is the real data on it?

  26. Glowing but false reports are in screaming affluence…straight up and verticle.

  27. Because they have sold hundreds or thousands of “Basics” packages and “Congresses” and “ACCs”. Per policy the money can ONLY be spent on more book stocks or promoting books. They don’t promote books, so…. This is just the PROFIT accumulated from selling books and lectures. They ARE very profitable and have extreme markups (even though much hype has been gushed forth by Miscavige about how the huge printing facilities make it possible to get all materials in everyone’s hands at a low price).

  28. Michael Brown

    Lawrence: Help me out a little. (1) A film wouldn’t necessarily cost less or more if it featured Scientologists. (2) Whether anyone in David Miscavige’s church is appreciative or not of its blessings isn’t relevant to the data Marty presented. (3) I can’t understand what your response is trying to communicate.

  29. Also, it says OT Comps, not OT Level Comps. it could include OT Advance Program Comps, OT Review Comps, it would include all OT Elig attests and last but not least, probably OTs comping Objectives.

    AOLA does not average more than 5 full OT comps per week. I’m being generous. If you count theory and auditing as separate, you get about 520 OT Comps per year throw in 5 Eliges per week between ASHO and AO (1 person can do perhaps 5 Eliges between Clear and VIII) and maybe two Solo 2’s per week, like mike said, both theory and practical…and you might be able to account for 1,000 “OT Comps” per SO base per year.

    Of the six AO’s in the world (including the Ship) the only AO that does more than AOLA is Flag. So, this 4,000 number is actually pretty lousy. 16 years after 20 NOTs auditors were fired back to every SO Base in the world, those stats are horrible.

    But of course you were SUPPOSED to think it meant over 4,000 Full OT LEVEL completions.

  30. What jumped out at me on reading this is that the building fund for FSO and Flag Crew as well as the General Liability Fund for FSO and Flag Crew is considered as part of “SOR.” I know it has been a while since I did the OEC/FEBC but I haven’t forgotten all I learned.

    The General Liability Fund (GLF) per HCO PL 3 May 66 is “the fund is to be guilt up against claims made against organizations or any Scientologists by ….. … This fund is may be kept as a reserve.”

    The Building Fund (BFA) per HCO PL 18 Jan 65. “the purpose of this account is to provide a cushion by which an organization which is becoming insolvent may be salvaged. The secondary purpose of the building fund is to purchase property, but when this is done, the purchase must be for cash or, if any mortgage is involved, all further payments than the initial payment must be made from the expense sum. …

    Sea Org Reserves (SOR) per HCO PL 9 Mar 72 I. “often miscalled “Flag Reserves” or “Management Reserves” which they are not. SO reserves are: the amount of money collected for the corporation over and above expenses that is sent by various units (via FBOs and the Finance network) to the corporation’s banks. It is used for purposes assigned by the Board of Directors and for no other purpose. These are normally employed for periods of stress or to handle situations. They are not profit. It is not support money for “Flag” or “Management.” It is not operating money.”

    To arbitrarily include the FSO, a deliver organization, monies into the International Corporation’s monies is a falsehood. And we can also see that the “Superpower funds” are not included in the SOR but I am sure they are counted on the International Reserves stat. I was personally told by someone at Flag that Superpower funds were used to pay for renovations, etc on other buildings at the Flag Land Base.

    This report shows that separation of accounts and functions at the FLB/FSO is in-bred, inter-mixed and an over all cluster f….

    I am sure there are also funds sent up-lines weekly to support management. My guess is that some of these funds never leave the FSO and kept in the name of the FSO but the actual corporate control of these funds is from CSI, RTC, etc. Thus, proof there is no separation of corporate powers or fiduciary responsibillities. This is not only in violation of the IRS agreements and stipulations but opens a huge can of worms on any court case which gets into the discovery actions.

    Once a legal piercing of the corporate veil occurs, the curtains will fall, and the one(s) pulling the strings on the puppets will be bare asse’d to the world.

  31. I can’t wait to see what Miscavige does with this kick-in-the-balls.

    Way to go, Marty!

  32. Dear OS Per the Church web page there are 10,000 churches,missions and groups. If you take their number then the “1 person every 4 minutes onto a Sc intro route would mean that each org,mission,group would need 13.6 starts per year.. That would be just slightly better than 1 start per month per group. Just enough to keep the idle orgs idle.

  33. For your Dn seminar stats 26280. approx 500 orgs and missions world wide. Each org and mission would need ONE per week. Now that is really booming .. LOL

  34. Could you please clarify a bit? 🙂

  35. Hayden, that is great that you defined those terms. I was going to ask about one or two of them, but you did all the work. Thanks. 🙂

  36. Tom Gallagher


    His are so small they make a difficult target. None-the-less, kick away!

  37. Mother of Grendel

    Very true. And if you factor in that OTV has 26 steps, that could be 26 comps per pre-OT right there, and their Basics books (book and lecture counted separately), each TR a comp…

  38. At this moment in time there are RTC Reps crawling all over the FSO, FC and CMO Cw. Meter checks are in full swing, anyone who looks in any way missed withholdy or anxious — in for sec checks. Anyone who has had access to these reports, is on the list.

    Flag Finance Office, in LA, is in damage control and under investigation by the local RTC Representative Office, with the same occurring.

    The Int Finance Office — or whatever remains of them — has been hit with a blow torch and reduced to smouldering ashes on the floor. And anyone in the Hole who had any responsibility over finance and reserves lines in the last decade is hauled in and assaulted physically, screamed at, abused emotionally, degraded and re-assigned (for the tenth time) to do A-E steps as a Suppressive Person.

    The Int base staff are cringing at the sound of DM’s motorbike and hoping he goes to FSO to look into it personally.

    RTC staff are assigned Confusion for the umpteenth time (still have not gotten up from lower conditions since they were assigned in the mid-90’s) and their 10 minute meal breaks are reduced to 5 minutes.

    And then DM kicks the cat just to make sure he has done all he can on this “flap”.

    Oh boy Marty… the shit is going down.

  39. I will be filing legal action soon if my money isn’t returned. This is great Marty. What a bunch of criminals.

  40. Laughter!!!!! 2FF!

  41. The mag says “1 person every 4 minutes onto a Scn intro route = 136,400/yr?”

    Well, even though that figure is in cyber space, it is still a far cry from the “4.4 million new people each year” that the ad playing on TV claims.

  42. This makes me sick. I really feel disgusted. They are sitting on this pile of money and the average Sea Org member gets just enough for toiletries and cigarretes. And when Miscavige’s birthday comes up, they are made to “donate” for his gift.

  43. Theo Sismanides

    SA, thanks for the clarifications as per Policy. Quite explanatory and clear from Source. Puts some sanity into all this.

  44. Joe Pendleton

    OR …… all those stats could be complete bullshit, just made up, wouldn’t suprise me.

  45. Joe Pendleton

    Tom, Scarface Al would only blush for a moment or two…. then he’d become a “power FSM” for Flag, with the goal of course of himself replacing Miscavige as “the Don” of Scientology. Maybe instead of referring to Miscavige as “COB”, Scientologists could just call him “DON” (pronounced dee-oh-en) or maybe “BOB” (bee – oh -bee) – means (in Mafia speak) “boss of bosses.”

  46. Thanks! I was stuck on the first two. Loving your book by the way.

  47. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
    Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)

  49. Hi Marty, I have a question. When I was at flag on May 2011. I was in a meeting and on the meeting one Exec mention that FSO need to pay 1.5 Millions USD for Tampa and that week flag crash the reserved. How and why Flag can be able to buy a building that don’t belong to FSO.

  50. Mike and Haydn,
    As long as we are theorizing…I know both of you are more knowledgeable and experienced in these matters but there is just no way either of you are correct.
    That outfit is a morgue at best. Money on reserves, sure. Maybe even lots of it by some standards. But new money in the quantities they used to juice people for?
    Money over the last say 7ish years has been from the concentrated cannibalization of anyone close to them—staff or public. And those kind of stats always go down given a bit of time.
    Honest and true new public #s have got to suck, suck, suck. Sure, you can look over fuzzy statistics and be persuaded otherwise w/ a double shot of Kool-Aid but when you drive by and have “see-thru” academies and parking lots…well, who needs to look at cooked books?
    They long ago raided and closed down the mission network and that was the business model for the bulk of new org public.
    You can’t defy logic, policy, common sense, decency and good will in any activity and have up statistics on anything unless you want to measure the speed between yourself and the oncoming freight train.

  51. CP: These are figures for FSO. You are totally correct, new public in has been declining for years. But all out efforts to vacuum ANY existing public to the FSO have been inveresely increased. They used to steal everyone who needed a CCRD. Then it was Grades (quickiest in the world), then Basics, TR’s and Objectives, Purif — the cannibalizing has reached the bottom of the Bridge now, so they are recirculated everyone through the same stuff with blanket C/Ses issued from the Almighty. I thinnk we can all be right about this.

  52. Your humble servant

    Another question for you, Mike. These are FSO accounts and add up to about $150,000,000–quite a substantial amount of money. Yet, that amount is dwarfed by the billion and a half or so (ten times as much) that is said to be kept in other places by the IAS and possibly other entities. Do we have any idea where all of that money is being kept?

  53. TroubleShooter

    Wow, good data.

    The stat could be including every single objective process of every OT that’s being run as an OT Comp.

    Then again the way it’s written maybe it’s counting every staff and public OT meals a day completed.

    What if you know was the average weekly WDAH stats for the PAC orgs?

  54. You’re absolutely right—I hadn’t thought about that.
    So would that be cannibalizing embryos after chowing down on the host body? Sort of like live abortions?
    My, my, my that is hard up.
    I think the tracks under those elevator shoes are vibrating something fierce…

  55. TroubleShooter

    Yes there is that but more to the point of what needs to be explained is why isn’t it being used. Mailing lists, promotion, postage, promotion, stock, promotion…

    Is there going to be another great big huge release that cob and his David Miscavige mob are going to work round the clock to create some new invented item to keep up with the annual NEW RELEASE stat? A “NEW RELEASE” to keep the demon fed and milk another 39,000,000 out of the public for shit they don’t need? Another 39,000,000 to represent numbers of grade chart steps NOT TAKEN account?!!!

    With this much in book stocks it seems as though the LACK of book ad campaigns is oh I don’t know – INTENTIONAL?!!!!

  56. Mike

    There is an Auditor mag from FSO that came out last June/July that states over 600 CL VI and CL VIII auditors where graduated in the “last year” !!!

    That is a 11.5 per week. Now on promo it sounds great, but to anyone who has done that training line up that level of completions has NEVER been acheived. FSO might get 11.5 Basics completed in a week, but not on Cl VI and Cl VIII training.

    The promo piece is a flat out LIE.

    “….time and presure…”

  57. From Leadership 590104 (Ron talks about Hitler):
    “He was not a leader, but a criminal.
    How does a criminal get born and raised?
    He can only exist where no beingness is granted to the individual, where personal worth is gone, where everybody thinks he is a dog, he will elect a dog.”

  58. This whole thing is revolting and adds a new dimension to the word suppressive. The “church” could easily refund/repay any & all who ask and still be left with millions. There’s no sane reason not to, not with those bank accounts and that doesn’t even count the ship and IAS.

  59. The building refereneced here is the current one in Ybor City. It was explained to me by a staff member at Tampa this way:

    “COB came and had a one on one meeting with the ED (Wayne Fuller) and told him (the ED) that because Tampa was so upstat, COB was going to GIVE the new building to them.” Meaning the moneys to purcahse and reno it were not going to be required to be paid back to SO reserves.

    I shit you not. This is what was announced at the staff meeting. ‘We are so upstat, COB is going to give us our new building.’

    No one stopped to count the outpoints in that!!!

    “…time and pressure…”

  60. Can anyone explain the $39m in the Book Acct.

    Leaving a balance like that in that account makes no sense to me. One would think Gold/Bridge would have sucked it dry long ago.

    “…time and pressure…”

  61. + LOL!

  62. scilonschools

    The RCS probably regrets not buying more document shredders by now!

  63. George M. White

    Great work Marty!

    Would be nice to see some statistics as follows;

    David Miscavige – Cost of his Burden to COS:
    Personal expenses
    Opportunity cost of lost sales
    ETC, ETC.

    Total Cost per miniute of David Moth-cavige $,$$$,$$$

    Boethius has $6,000 on account with Mr. Moth-cavige.
    He said:

    “See his piles of gold rise high;
    Though he gather store of treasure
    That can never satisfy”


  64. This is good. Puts the facts on the table, and money talks. In fact, I am pretty sure that’s all that DM listens to in spite his statements otherwise.
    New article- FREE SEA ORG MEMBERS

  65. Acute.

  66. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB, RTC


    Despite my efforts to perfect the Tech, refunds requests continue to rise. Therefore, a State of Emergency is hereby declared across the boards. This means:

    1) All Sea Org members are allowed to wear only one sock.
    2) All eating utensils are to be severed in half lengthwise.
    3) Meal times are reduced to 30 seconds.
    4) Meals are to be served out of a trough.
    5) The Golden Age of Tech obviously isn’t being followed, therefore:
    a) All small common grammar words are to be taken out of the books and reissued and sold as, The New Basic Basics and repurchased.
    b) All Tech films are to be re-done. Tom Cruise has volunteered to pantomime so there will be no need for audio.
    c) All clay demos are to be approved by me via video.
    6) All public in all orgs are to immediately be required to sign documentation forfeiting their rights to any form of refund or repayment with the additional clause that if they do make any such request they agree to allow me to beat them until they change their mind.
    7) All staff and public are to wear, until further notice, three grey rags on each arm, two on each leg and run everywhere while at attention.
    8) The accelerator is to be slammed to the floorboard on all fundraising campaigns immediately and any weekly condition other than Affluence will result in severe ethics penalties. (Think Triple-Treason)
    9) All my clothes are to be ironed twice, daily.
    10) Refunds we are forced into paying are to come directly out of staff pay along with one punch to the head of each staff member for every dollar paid out.

    David Miscavige

  67. The way I make it books and “Flag” are their #1 or #2 income category. Does anyone have estimates for total annual expenses?

  68. The majority of students taking “intro route” courses at Pasadena Org are long time Scientologists and their children. Mostly OTs.

  69. MR: There is no question that they have sold thousands and thousands, since 2007. They have a call center manned continuously, at least the last time I was there. Many staff were working on post part of the day then hours and hours, often most or all night, the rest of the time selling Basics. Everyone coming through the base was hit up, either for new cash directly or to debit their accounts, which money then was taken from the new GI that week. Its been going on for years now.

  70. TroubleShooter

    I’d like to hear your answer to that too Marty.

    In the meantime cf33,
    here’s what I know – it’s called FAKE AN IDEAL ORG TAMPA – TAKE TWO!

    cob moved tampa out from under clo eus management to put them completely under fso control to manage about 5-6 years ago, when the ideal org strategy had begun but was still in it’s beginning stages. I was told by an exec in the org they were moved under Flag because clo eus staff were over extended in Buffulo trying in vein to make it cob’s ideal org which left a skeleton crew in the clo eus thus not being available to actually manage any orgs let alone Tampa. So cob put Tampa under Flag management to make it an ideal org. btw the Buffalo “ideal org project” continues to this day as a miserable failure despite all the guts and no glory – blood, sweat and tears by the upwards of 30 SO staff/execs full time in bufflao org for years flat out with all the staff and public who sweat, bled and cried shoulder to shoulder with them. anyway back to fake an ideal org tampa TAKE TWO…

    Tampa never grew in to the pr of it actually producing as an ideal org and It was a WAY TOO VISIBLE of another ideal org failure despite it being managed by Flag (CMO Flag actually) and staffed with a herd of Flag’s OT committee VII and VIIIs “or else”. SOOO two years ago the CW buzz created by the tampa staff was that “cob himself GAVE Tampa a new building!!!!” So now the newest new building for TPA’s idealness “given to them by cob himself” needed to be renovated and ready to open so cob to announce ANOTHER NEW IDEAL ORG at the upcoming Int event performance. There was no fooling the locals who KNEW Tampa’s “ideal org” had at least half of it’s delivery space unused what with all those empty course rooms and empty auditing rooms. cob couldn’t shout from the mountain top about the big booming tamp org as the only thing big and booming about that was the lie that it ever had been such and his dirty little secrets were right under the noses of the some of his biggest donors.

    Flag as the management body for Tampa HAD to step up and PAY to ready Tampa’s “newest new ideal org” ribbon cutting ceremony hollywood style – thus FAKE AN IDEAL ORG TAMPA – TAKE TWO!

  71. personally, I’m waiting for the IAS accounts for shock value….

  72. Michael Brown

    Lawrence: I’d rather not get into an off-topic discussion about it.

    The report Marty cites above shows the huge amounts of money taken in (nowadays taken in for pretty much anything other than real Bridge progression). This whilst David Miscavige has buggered up the tech delivery to make an endless broken runway, and the poor old staff are wasting their lives propping up the stinking corpse of what was the church. It’s such a goddamned shame.

  73. Speaking further about trains and David Miscavige…
    “I hear the train acomin’
    It’s rollin round the bend
    And I aint seen the sunshine—since
    I don’t know when…”
    Johnny Cash—the original Man in Black
    Folsom Prison Blues

    Hey Pope—If you’d like some momentary immortality (?) just snap your fingers and get me over a guitar player with a bass-baritone voice and I’ll respin the lyrics for ya.

  74. 10 hrs of auditing a day on Solo NOTS? that would be “impressive.”
    The OT’s I knew doing solo NOTS would go in session, get BDFN and call it a day after one 5 minute session. If they were lucky, they went back in once more after dinner. Total auditing time of about 10 minutes.

    Ten hours is called “grinding,” in my humble, un-trained opinion.

  75. It’s called an Arbitrary. And this to is been replaced with another one: all orgs to become Ideal Orgs. That only takes money, where the other goal required, oh…you know, actual Scientology being done.

  76. Boy, Marty, you never cease to amaze me…talk about throwin’ a bucket of blood over into shark infested waters.
    This is far, far better than watching reruns of Gunsmoke!!!!!!!

  77. I got a question:
    Is anyone keeping an “eye” on the Int. base? I have a feeling, now more than ever, people will be sneaking out, jumping the fence, making a run for it, etc. It would be very beneficial to have someone close by to help give them a ride before security can catch up to them and drag them back in.

    Just a thought. I know I’m not in California so could not do such a thing. But what a rush it would be to BE that person, sitting outside or driving by, seeing someone jump the fence… only to pull over and pick them up!

  78. You are spectacular!

  79. haydn (T Paine)

    That sums it up very well, Michael.

  80. Omitted stats: COB/ED Tampa Org
    Incorrectly included reward: COB
    Correctly included Independents LMAO: Marty, MIke and Independents

    … eh. There’s a few. 😉

  81. Thank you Andi. I was there went almost 400 SO Members was order to go there and work on the building.
    But let me tell you after weeks of the opening. We got a flap because was not public into the new building and become FSO flap. So FSO send every day SO Members to do calling, consultations, Supervision, etc.
    Basically making buildings is not the solutions anyway thanks for the information

  82. Hi Mike I totally agree with you. You know every year for the last 6 years that I was doing the Flag World Tours events in every cont the amount of attendees was almost the same. You know Mexico City for example 5 Orgs well maybe 1 the new one, because the rest are not Orgs at all can bring max 500 people include staff anb CLO staff, guys this is in 6 years the same. In 6 years the same and less public coming to the events. Los Angeles Flag World Tour event when I did the event there in Feb 2011 was a total of 2,000 public attendees. An area that people say have 15,000 Scientologists. By the way the 2,000 number include staff also. So is less people year after year, the event before that was around 1,300 people at the event.

  83. Thank you for the information now make sense.
    Just to add something I was there on the opening day and we got the order to go to the opening because was not enough people to listen to DM. So FSO bring all the buses with full SO Members in civis so you don’t look staff members.
    Regarding Buffalo I totally agree with you. They still try to make this place into something.

  84. I have heard good things about Pre-paid Legal if you are looking to get money back.

  85. Under DM’s matress which, in turn I’m told is under his duvet – the one with TC’s face imprinted on it.

  86. Even “Minerva” (read “Miscavige mouthpiece”) in a rare moment of honesty admitted that, and I quote “training is a flap”.

  87. It sure is “a bit out there”. In much the same way as the Pope is “a bit of a Catholic”.

  88. You are not off topic in my opinion. Marty is a nice guy and usually only says something if you make fun of his dinner! 🙂 {just kidding} My point is, the church sees money as a guarantee they will always be around to corrupt and pervert the tech and get away with it, even the money corruptly earned has to be corruptly used to do so. But, there are many people that make more money than the church does every day and don’t even care about the Church of Scientology. And that is not to say that such people will tolerate corrupt versions of LRH’s tech either. So, the church should count their blessings that they have not been replaced effectively by some other huge corporate entity yet. I thought that I had communicated this in my original post! 🙂

  89. Lana, I love the honesty and energy of your posts and you clearly have a LOT to say – have you done a write up maybe on Steve’s site, or a blog – anything?

  90. “And then someday, me gone, other guys gone, all of a sudden there sits this thing, this organization. And somebody has to rise up and say, “Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!” And everybody would see it go down very plainly. See, down it’d go. Then they’d say, “Fine. Now we are free.” And they would get another handful of letters canceling their certificates.

    I tried to look far enough in the future to forecast and predict what might be, so know that, not to do too many things wrong. You must allow me some percentage. And as I look into the future I see that we are handling here material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tools of the few to the danger and disaster of the many. And maybe in this I am simply being overly proud, conceited or optimistic. But I would never for a moment step back from a role of being conceited just to be approved of. Or just to be wrong in a prediction.

    And I believe that prediction is right. And I believe that the freedom of the materials which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things we will win. But if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of an untrustworthy few. ”
    L. Ron Hubbard – ASMC Lecture 15 held on 6th June 1955

  91. TroubleShooter

    cf33 I’d heard that was the case where FSO staffed were disguised as public for that second opening. What did you guys think of that? Were there any under the breath whispers or elbow nudges to indicate any of the staff knowing that they were part of the ol’ gold production trick of making a course room look full or in this case an opening look full by using staff dressed as public? I’d just like to know if you were aware of discontent in the SO ranks at the time or was everyone just so damned glad to be out in the world so to speak that no one cared?

  92. Random Stranger~You nailed it – how freakin’ degraded is the mind of Miscavige.

  93. LDW~Wow! Damn that was prescient! 😯

  94. As to how it might have “some” truth to it….. it does depend on HOW the stats are counted. The SHSBC (Cl VI) has SIXTEEN separate graduations (Levels A – P.) When you finish Level A for example it is a BC Comp and considered an “auditor made”, tho not a Cl VI obviously. Only finishing Level P is a new Cl VI.

    As to full Class VIIIs, I’d be surprised if there were ANY made in 2011.

  95. Talk about a prediction come true!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Bozz, if you’re talking about Mike’s post, he said 10 hours a week.

    (Sorry if you were referencing something else — it is really hard to tell which comments go with which, the way this displays on my screen.)

  97. CB-Chuckle. And a double chuckle for Marty. Poor, poor DM, he just can’t get a break. So far it’s been a really bad year and Marty is just pouring salt on the fresh wounds. Nicely done!

  98. The Church of Scientology has been in business since 1954 {a.k.a. 58 years}. 🙂 A-N-D stats are declining. Yes they are. And a brief persual of some of the information available on this blog CLEARLY explains many, many, many, many of the WHY’s behind this. It is almost as if the church is saying “We are just going to take all this money and wreck everyone’s chances of going Clear with it. We hope you don’t mind, after all WE ARE Sea Org members some of us!” This is beyond words. Sometimes I feel like I still haven’t gotten over it yet. 🙂 People should not look for other reasons why the Church of Scientology is failing other than the truth. And the truth is in the pudding. 🙂

  99. Kick David miscavige in the shins – and he will blow more smoke up your “took-us”.

    The numbers presented here are utterly obscene, I hope David miscavige is proud of his dereliction of leadership and his convolution of the standard tech.

  100. Simple, please reply to me at as I would like to be in touch with you.

  101. Thx Bozz!!!

    Your humor is not lost.

    “…time and presure…”

  102. Nice LDW! Thx for sharing that with us, those who WILL BE carring out LRH’s intention.

    “…time and presure…”

  103. GSM,

    Correct on the individual checksheets, but one level is 129 pages by itself! When I did the OEC, the entire OEC checksheet was 130 or 135 pages – for the VERY fast students, w/years of staff experience it still took about 4-6 months on average to complete. And a lot of the guys I studied with took a year; some foriegn language students took 2-3 YEARS just to complete the OEC. This does not include the pre-reques, co-audits, etc.

    11.5 level completions per week is A LOT. The subject is one factor, then the billions and billions of other factors of life and livingness hit a student as tremendous order is brought into one’s universe (I had wins from the OEC/FEBC line up years afterward). A lot of the physical universe can blow up in one’s face as one goes through the line up — and a lot of thetans don’t make it.

    When I started my training 450 staff were brought in from around the world. Maybe, and I mean maybe 75 made it through the FEBC checksheet.

    To get a production level of 11.5 comps per takes A LOT of raw material….

    “…time and presure…”

  104. You can make a lot of money when you have slave labor, and nothing better than happy ignorant slaves.

    That really pisses me off…

  105. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    It’s a pity that the transcripts from the 1990s Ontario Snow White case have never made it to the Internet. (Expensive to obtain.) I’d love to see his testimony, especially when he was cross-examined.

    He has been extremely court-shy since then, except for a bizarre deposition where he went on a Captain Queeg-like rant about public buggery in 1997.

    I don’t think he handles situations that he doesn’t control very well at all.

  106. This reminds me of when the movie Battlefield Earth came out, it was a flap that it was not the top box office hit, and so Fso staff where rounded up to go and boost the number of bodies showing up at the theater to see the movie

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