His Town by Jason Sheeler


The latest, and probably the last, chapter in the “Squirrel Buster” drama has been published in the February edition of Texas Monthly: the national magazine of Texas:  His Town, by Jason Sheeler.

The link will take you to an excerpt of the beginning of the article.  If you register below that (it is free), you can get access to the rest of the lengthy article.

For those who might have missed it, Corpus Christi Caller Times readers voted  the SQB saga as the story of the year, and it too did a wrap up article a couple of weeks ago, Squirrel Busters Leave Ingleside on the Bay.

God bless the Orrs, the Isbells and the rest of the good people of Ingleside on the Bay Texas.

‘Nuff said.

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  1. “By the way, have you watched the videos? Comedy gold.” Christian Wiseman, local steakhouse owner. Great quote.

    I wonder when we can expect the full SQB “documentary”. Should be a scream.

  2. Ha ha ha ha….
    Don’t Mess With Texas! 🙂

  3. Big hug to your amazing neighbours from me Marty!
    Seems we’ve found the only LRH datum remaining that Miscavige seems to be able to apply; ‘THINK BIG!’ – He sure does foot-bullets in style! 😀

  4. martyrathbun09

    Oh, just for the record, already OSA has put up the first five comments on TM webpage, linking to their anti-Marty sites. DM just never knows when to quit.

  5. Congrats, Marty! Will read later, but nice win for you! As you said, “got ‘im just where I want ‘im.”

  6. Tony DePhillips

    Interesting story by Mr. Sheeler.
    It is funny to me how the SBP people so want to be seen as the victims.
    They move into your area and harrass you and THEY are the victims???
    I think all of Texas has it right now.
    Great persistence Marty and Mosey!!

  7. Nice article, Marty.

    I didn’t realize that you offered to move out of town. I’m glad that your neighbors disabused you of that idea.

    It is nice to connect with your community, your neighbors, your town, isn’t it? It is so….healthy to have that connection. And to think what you thought of as your “community” previously turns out to be one that would give birth to something as distasteful as the Squirrel Busters. Their activities are comical, to put it mildly, when viewed from the outside, but I’m sure that they have convinced themselves that they are engaged in some sort of heroic activity. It illustrates the danger of living such an insular life, which truly warps decision making.

  8. Got your back! Linking yours and Steve Halls websites 🙂

  9. Chalk this one up as a win, Marty.

  10. Marty, I never knew you offered to leave Ingleside. That was very considerate. I must say that I’m glad you live in Texas, where there seem to be so many good folks who will stand up for *your* rights, not just theirs.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologists

  11. Hmm, Texas kind of comes out looking good in all this. I must go there some day! A really sane and balanced bit of journalism to wrap up an insane drama.

  12. Fantastic article. Circle the wagons – awesome neighbors.

  13. Tragic and pathetic in equal measure that OSA sock-puppets who write this sort of stuff “Those people Marty beat up and hurt might disagree with you” either haven’t themselves studied the basic tenets of Scientology (that they were trying to cram down publics throats for “just $1400” or whatever) or worse, HAVE studied and understood it and just believe LRH was wrong. For surely, surely, even those with an IQ no more than their shoe size will know who is lying and who is not when they actually APPLY those basics (Tone Scale, and Chart of Human Evaluation in particular). I’m no Einstein, but after studying the evidence it was obvious after about 10 minutes of actually LOOKING without prejudice that the Church had been taken over by an axe-wielding (metaphorically) lunatic.

    I can only conclude that there aren’t any Scientologists left in the Church of Scientology, at least not at Int level or OSA. Maybe Scientology just isn’t Command Intention any more.

  14. Great article Marty, especially as per Wiki states on their Circulation:

    Texas Monthly has a paid circulation of 300,000 and is read by more than 2,500,000 people each month—one out of seven Texas adults. Its audience comprises about an equal number of men and women, most of whom are between the ages of 30 and 55.

    Evan Smith, former president of Texas Monthly, said in the September 16, 2009 issue of the Dallas Observer, “The magazine’s audience is ‘middle-aged’ and ‘elite’. I knew I was serving the elites rather than the masses. Is it any wonder, then, that when we occasionally gave in to the temptation to pander to the masses, we almost always pulled up short?”

    Good job and way to go – David Miscavige the POB and his flying monkeys for creating SBP, continuing the 33 fake imitation-Marty sites and creating good PR in Texas to get more people Independent!

  15. How cool is that! I walked straight to my breakfast table where my personal copy of the Feb. Texas Monthly waited as yet unopened. Just so everyone knows, this mag is widely read by the movers and shakers in Texas. This article could help shape the opinions of many at every level in the state. It shows Marty as the big, generous heart we all know him to be (I almost said “hero” but I know it makes him cringe). It positions the church organization versus the philosophy. This could be very helpful to Debbie and Wayne should the battleground move to San Antonio.

    Ditto on your blessings for the good people of Ingleside on the Bay.

  16. I look at this and compare it to the 2 recent articles about DM….it is night and day. No wonder he is pushing the limits of “Type 3 Expanded”.
    30 plus years of his “Bleedership” and he still can’t get a break in the press.
    And now we have seen the ne plus ultra of his vision for “Planetary Clearing” thanks to Tony O publishing the internal drawings of his “Death Star” building in CW. Is it just me, or could that building, with just a few minor revisions, supplant the “Industry of Death” museum? Dress up the docents in squirrel uniforms, and I think you’d have a winner.

    I’d like to do something nice for the residents of IoB, if anyone has any ideas….free hotdog and ice cream stand on the 4th of July maybe?

  17. Well done, Marty! I remember running around with you when I visited and it seemed like the whole town knew and liked you. I didn’t matter if it was the city officials or the half blind man working on his car. I even saw people wave you down, to ask you advice on their personal matters. You actually took the time to KNOW these people and communicate and interact with these people, in a helpful and real way. You had become a REAL and valuable member of the community.

    The flip side of the coin would be Dave and radical Scientology in the town of Clearwater where they have been for 35 years. I remember a few years ago when I was asked to pretend I was a non Scientology surveyor. I was sent out to ask Clearwater residents questions that would give a better idea of how the community viewed Scientology. The first person I spoke to was an woman, about 80 years old. Her answer to the first question was “Every time I drive downtown and see one of those people in their uniforms, I want to jump out and punch them in the head!”.

    The rest of the interviews/surveys didn’t go much differently.

    I think the reason Dave continuously creates such huge foot bullets is that he is ABSOLUTELY unable to duplicate the viewpoint of the man on the street and yet he is convinced that he can. It reminds me of how very small children will sometimes close their eyes and think others can’t see them.

  18. I liked the angle of the story by Mr. Sheeler.

    I also added my 2 cents in the comment section after seeing half of the comments being the typical Minerva clones, i.e. it is obvious that 2-3 people are writing ALL the comments because the personality of each comment is exactly the same, even when they TRY to add typos, colloquial speech, etc, etc., but even that is so blatantly obvious even someone unsuspecting would see through it – I know – someone close to me came to the same conclusion when I asked that person to read the comments on an anti-Marty site and that person originated with no further information from me, that the comments seemed to be written by the same couple of people, over and over again.

  19. Great article!

  20. Reblogged this on My LRH and commented:
    Excellent article in Texas Monthly magazine!

  21. Mat, You make a great point about the difference between how Marty is seen by his neighbors and how Scn’s are viewed by their neighbors in Clearwater. Thanks for underscoring that for me.

  22. As a note – I did the surveys in 2003 before Dave shared with the world such “PR handlings” as the Freedom magazine following the St. Pete Times, “Truth Revealed” article, the ex-wife/bitches on CNN and the “squirrel busters” with cameras taped to their heads, to name just a few.
    Realize, Dave thought these were SUCCESSES!

  23. I haven’t had a chance to read the first article as yet, but I did read the second — from the Corpus Christi Caller Times. Any time an article is flanked by the photo of Allender in the head cam, it’s sure to be a good read. This one was and is!

  24. Nice article and I like the picture as well. You look great. There is just something special about Texas.

  25. Your humble servant

    An intelligently written article, it bent over backwards to be fair the C of S/Squirrelbusters’ position, but nevertheless succeeding in putting their oppressive harassment in a very bad light. It strikes me as odd that law enforcement agencies are quoted as saying they concluded that Squirrelbusters’ activities were “legal,” since a deliberate campaign such as they conducted could never be seen by any reasonable, unbiased person as anything other than a calculated plan of severe, continual harassment, which is always against the law. I guess they just preferred stick to technical rules like “They were 10 feet back from the property line” because they didn’t want to get into a big, expensive fight with the C of S, which I suppose is quite understandable.

  26. Hi Raul, was the first thing that I also though, the same people.

  27. PublicServant

    The author never takes sides on the issue of scientology practices or the religion. He presents a story of how one small American town came together to protect a stranger from bullying and harrassment. Classic david versus goliath. Its a nice story line. Ingleside by the bay shines. Corporate scientology showed its colors and failed on every measure of decency expected from religions in this country.

  28. TroubleShooter

    sheeeesh I’ve tried twice to post a comment to the article and get sorry something went wrong we’re trying to fix it…I’ll keep trying.

  29. Is that good news when media calls you an ex-Scientologist? They do this frequently, don’t they?

  30. TroubleShooter

    SUCCESS! – persistence pays off 🙂

  31. Great Marty!
    A few more ripples in the pond…..
    I presume YOUR substat is “number or inches of GOOD press” whereas the Church of Scientology counts “number of inches of press” whether good or bad, probably straight up and vertical with mostly bad press.since a while.

  32. “Classic david versus goliath”

    Nope, this time goliath has the slingshot and david has nothing but foot nukes. Goliath wins, david loses.

    The first policy of a Scientology Org, laid down on about 8 or 10 March 1950, is: MAINTAIN FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE PUBLIC.

    The 2011 stats are in for the successful implementation of FIRST POLICY.
    While the numbers are still being calculated, the conditions assignments are indisputable.

    Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Independendent Scientology: Affluence

    David Miscavige and his cult: Treason

    Have a nice day dave.

    Very well done, Marty Et al.

  34. Never more proud to be Texan by birth!!!!

    2 April 1964 Pasadena TEXAS!

  35. like

  36. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are pleased to announce that Flag is now delivering more standard Tech than ever. The topic of standard Tech and how to deliver it is thoroughly covered in the, uh.., the, ahh, the, you know. Those red books they keep in the Orgs.

    Anyway, those red books have too many words in them and so COB will be reissuing a one page red book that says: “Forward Command Intention.”
    Forwarding Command Intention = KSW per COB. This is thoroughly covered in COB PL 118.571. 100% compliance is required to avoid COB’s displeasure that can manifest as a painful OT touch assist.

    All of that other KSW blah blah blah doesn’t really help COB and in fact it gets in his way. We in RTC are also truly not interested in a bunch of KR’s from nattering Scientologists about how IAS is out ethics. This does not forward Command Intention. What forwards Command Intention is increasing one’s IAS Patron Status.

    Flowing power, well, really money and lots of it to COB is the only action that can handle the planetary engram and boom the stats. This auditing business that Indies go on and on about is plain wrong. They believe in “Arc” in auditing instead of the steel chrome Ethics valence auditors should have. We know how to pull the Crimes and we know how to deliver superlative 150 hours Objectives to OT 7 and 8’s.

    Screaming at ashtrays is the resolution to critical OT 7’s and 8’s who are protesting donations we in RTC are entitled to ask for given our deadly serious job of saving the planet.

    We urge you to increase your IAS Patron Status today and also to stop reading this blog and all other forms of entheta. You are only as sane as you listen to COB’s speeches and memorize them.

    Carry on.

  37. This is expected and good news. 🙂 I really have Marty and Mosey credit for being so tolerant of the Squirrel Buster nuisance because as it is plain to see even the local townsfolk agree with Marty and they have never even seen a Church of Scientology most of them. I had this happen to me once, and OT VIII/CL VI stalked me for years, showing up in a restaurant and telling me he was L. Ron Hubbard’s original student, and all kinds of warped things until he finally showed up at my house and threatened WITH another church member. The city I live in was not so cool on accepting the idea of a church that sends strangers out to harrass strangers, who in this case was a person living in the town for 30 years without incident, and use an excuse that a spiritual being came to town that was trained as a VM to handle a nasty church antagonist. Like the folks in Ingleside might say, “Save your poops for the dookie collector!” 🙂 I am laughing as I say that! 🙂 It’s so nice to have freedom. 🙂

  38. There are still some great people out there doing the right thing. Nice article, Marty!

  39. American Citizen

    All that is good about America is alive and well. Thank you, Mr Rathbun. Thank you Texas. Thank you people of the town. Thank you courageous journalists with integrity.

  40. retired, extremely dangerous

    It doesn’t take keen observation by the people of a small town, especially a small Texas town, to recognize a good guy when when they see one. All he has to do is look people in the eye, listen with understanding and speak the truth which Texans know right off the bat.
    Marty has and does all of these things and more and has been welcomed into the Texan fold.
    Those who oppose an honest Texan, new or old, should fear for their lives.

  41. Interesting that “Louanne” has entered the commenting fray. Lisa Lirones used to post under that handle. There is an observation on this OSA operative showing up:
    “Just an observatio­n – Lisa Lirones [aka Louanne with the freaky eye] used to post comments positive of Scientolog­y on various websites, pretending to be a casual reader. She would copy and paste the same comments over and over again and post them on different sites. However, sometime in June 2011, she disappeare­d. She just stopped doing it. We all wondered what happened to her and some of us were worried that she may have been sent to the Hole, i.e. scientolog­y prison. Others thought that she’s given up, because she was being ridiculed so much and her arguments were beaten so easily.
    However, today she is back. First of all I’d like to say that I’m glad that she is out of the Hole (if she was ever there). In addition, I’d like to point out that the fact that she was brought back to comment, after being absent for nearly 7 months shows that Scientolog­y really feels desperate and probably quite concerned with what’s going on. So Louanne – we take your presence here as a good sign that the Church of Scientolog­y’s ending is nearing.” from:

  42. ROTFLMAO!!!!

  43. Marty = Buford Pusser, reborn!!

    DM = OT H8/ Truth Concealed

  44. I guess one could describe Slappy, aka Shorty, POB, the lunatic anti-Christ wannabe, as a cowardly stalker.

    To wit, he, Pope Tiny Balls, sends out implanted OTH8s to do his psychotic bidding. It really doesn’t get more sociopathic than that scene and siege at Ingleside.

    Enjoy your upcoming padded cell David Miscavige. You’re a fruity nut case.

  45. DM, you are such a LOSER………..

  46. Matt, you are right. When I lived in Clearwater I remember a guy came up to me asked me “Who are those people downtown?” I said “They are members of the Church of Scientology.” He said “Oh no kidding. I thought they were waiters”. Although that is kind of funny in a way, it is hard to imagine a hotel with 1,100 waiters, you know?, so, he was like the rest of the town but they weren’t waiters. Although that is kind of funny. 🙂 They were mistaken for waiters and waitresses. 🙂

  47. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB, RTC
    Personal Notepad

    Draft Plan & Budget for Continuing Operation Ingleside:

    1) Buy a car wash in Ingleside, if Marty comes in to have his car washed, spray him ‘accidentally’ in the face. If he erupts, have him arrested.

    a) Car Wash: $387,000
    b) Undercover attendant: $52,000
    c) Attorney fees: $93,000

    2) Fake cops to pull Marty over and pretend to arrest him.

    a) Fake cops: $26,500
    b) Fake uniforms: $1600
    c) Fake guns: $1200
    d) Fake cop getaway car: $95,000

    3) Remote control dolphins to surveil the bay and photograph Marty while fishing.

    a) Rubber high-tech dolphins: $94,600
    b) Geeks to operate and maintain hi-tech dolphin system: $127,000
    c) Trained actual dolphins to act as decoys: $232,000

    4) Move sleeper agents and moles to Ingleside to imbed themselves in community for at least a year.

    a) Sleeper agents: 4@$79,000 each = $316,000
    b) House rentals: $96,000
    c) Food: $20,800
    d) Bonuses for not getting caught: $125,000
    e) PIs to keep an eye on the sleeper agents: $1,227,400

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  48. OK, I just gave “Louanne” some sharp and pointy questions on the TM Comments page.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  49. Mat,

    I am reminded of a time about 5 years ago when I was in comm with an inventor in Clearwater. At one point he asked me (via email) how I knew CW. I responded that I knew the area because I was a Scientologist.

    In response he wrote: “If you are a Scientologist, then let this communication be our last”.

  50. Marty,

    I just got one thing to say, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matt. 7:20.)

  51. Awesome article!

    Publishing the good works! You go! Theta attracts theta and this article in Texas Monthly is absolute proof of it. You deserve this. What you’ve been putting out for years is coming back. Super cool.

    But ….of course, we all know entheta violently repels theta, it sure didn’t take the SP’s very long to start foaming at the mouth, ranting and raving with their comments in an attempt to to nullify your “TEXAS” size win.


    It’s all too funny that the attributes found in the anti-social personality of which he is unable to see (in himself) are comparable to a big ole’ Texas sized flashing neon sign for the rest of us. You gotta give ’em this: It’s highly entertaining. For me, anyways. Who needs Reality TV?

    I’m for one, very happy that you did not move or relocate somewhere else. Texas is the place for you.

    On Texas, not that I’m partial in any way.. whatsoever 🙂 IMHO, I believe there are many reasons Texas has not suffered nearly as much as other states during a time when the national unemployment rates are higher than ever.
    My theory:

    a. Texans are not stupid. They may talk with a slooooow southern drawl, but they damn sure don’t think with one! They are highly aware, hard to brainwash or hypnotize and the condition of the olfactory system of a Texan is also keen as they can “smell a rat, snake ” or “something fishy” long before the damage is done.

    b. Texans have been operating on LRH’s policy regarding “Manners” for 100’s of years. It’s in their nature and upbringing. It’s probably been “skeered” into some of them. A newcomer to Texas might mistake all this friendliness as propitiatio and of course that’s wrong as Texans have zero tolerance for a “brown nose.”. The “yes sir, yes mam and thank yous” are all out of genuine respect and appreciation for others. Texans are taught manners at a very young age. They are then “required” to continue practicing manners & hospitality for the duration of their Texas residency. They are not only expected to do so from family members & friends but also by all other Texans. This is also called: “Southern Hospitality”. It is something to be proud of and certainly worth fighting for.

    c. In Texas, Communicatin’ is the official state “sport.” Heck, call it what it is: BS’ing. Obviously, BS’ing and being sincerely interested, caring and staying in communication with customers, clients etc., vs. mistreating or ripping them off for every cent they’ve ever earned, giving nothing in return is certainly the “why” on how Texans continue to flourish and prosper through the storms.

    d. Texas business owners are fully aware that “happy” customers return while they also refer family and friends. A Texan in small town knows if he mistreats a customer (or anyone else for that matter), the entire town will know about it less than 24 hrs and he in for it.

    e. A Texan doesn’t just treat his customers with respect. He treats his family, neighbors co-workers, etc. with respect. As far as the work place is concerned, employees are treated with respect and appreciation. As an employee, a Texan can be be super loyal and stay long-term in a friendly respected work environment (making less money) before he accepts mega bucks to work in a hostile rip-off environment, thus turnover in business is low.

    f. Texans don’t tolerate suppressive bullies…they’d just as soon shoot them and get on with it.

    g. Don’t let the cool calm conservative tone of a Texan mislead you one little bit, because at the drop of a Stetson, they can be found up there hanging from the ceiling fan in Action on the Tone Scale hollerin’ “Yeeeee Haaah!!” (just because they can). And as a final note and/or warning: a Texan will just as easily and quickly drop down tone long enough to officially KICK YOUR ASS ( if applicable)

    So, methinks you are in the right place there,surrouned with friendly Texans who aso have your back. How cool is that? Huge win.

    Thanks for sharing!! Well done!

  52. martyrathbun09

    All right, you got me laughing again – but only because your comedy is so close to the reality of the mind you satirize.

  53. Actually, I think it would be very cool to have Bruce Willis play Marty in a true-to-life movie version of this crazy Squirrel Busters tale!!!

    Anyone remember the Pentagon wars with Carry Elwes and Kelsey Grammer? This was another perfectly true yet fantastically absurd and funny story about truly insane real-life events.

    I’m perfectly serious!! A movie version of this would surely own at the box office!!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  54. Very nice article.

    You’re not paranoid when they ARE out to get you.

  55. Very nice article! I lived in Austin for three years and can confirm that Texans are exceptionally friendly, helpful, and quick-witted.The article truly makes the current church look insane (which it is). Glad you have such great neighbors, Marty and Mosey.

  56. Dave just doesn’t get regular folks. That’s not surprising. He’s a toon.

  57. Independent Scientologist

    Having lived in Texas for about 20 years – and having worked as a journalist – I know how respected and widely-read “Texas Monthly” magazine is. It is a magazine for opinion leaders. Also, the impact of this magazine very definitely extends beyond the physical borders of Texas (“Texas is a state of mind”).

    So this is a HUGE public relations coup for independent scientologists everywhere! HUGE!

    The article will surely help speed the church’s implosion and (god willing) the banishment of David Miscavige.

    What a nice way to start off my Friday morning!

    – Ron Matlock

  58. Marty,

    I found the conclusion of the article poignant.


    “This is the first home I’ve ever really had,” he told me. “I got into the church looking for a family and thought I had one. But this place is the ideal I’ve been envisioning my whole life.

    “It’s funny,” he continued. “We didn’t really interact with the town until this started. Now we actually have friends because of it.”


    The great unwashed “wogs” so often minimized by RCS become real friends and have your back, NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO, but because they are good people and it was the right thing to do.

    I’m very happy that You and Mosey have found that ideal you had envisioned.

  59. +1 with a bullet….

  60. When you transcribed this memo, you obviously copied one of the details wrong. David Miscavige would never use mere dolphins. Of course, he would use sharks with laser beams on their heads, like Dr. Evil:

  61. Sorry, I embedded it wrong. Click the link, anyway.

  62. But who will play David Miscavige?
    Some Hobbit?


  63. Hapexamendios

    I’ll bet Seth Green would do an awesome job playing David Miscavige. It really wouldn’t be such a far cry from when he played Dr. Evil’s son in the Austin Powers films!

  64. Pingback: Miscavige’s Religious Freedom Crusade | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  65. David Miscavige’s compulsion to shoot bullets into his own ass never ceases to amaze me. Especially since he is maniacally egotistical especially as regards his own intelligence. Of course it really comes down to the subject of delusion, as explored by LRH in his later research that resulted in the Truth Rundown — a technical action designed to strip away delusion. Not surprisingly, DM uses the rundown in reverse — to implant delusion into people — which has given the rundown a bad name among people to whom it’s been wrongly applied despite the fact that when applied in reverse, it’s not very effective. But, the core of LRH’s discovery was that the door which admits delusion is the commission of transgressions. “Rationalization” is used to justify the commission of harmful acts, and that rationalization becomes delusion. Eventually the person loses his entire grip on reality; he no longer sees the real world before him, but sees only the delusional world he places there to see. And so you get Ronald McDumbass doing the brilliant thing of sending in a troupe of honest-to-goodness imbeciles missing only the big clown shoes and face paint to foul his own nest.

    And to top it off, he has Louanne (Lisa Lirones) ex-LRH Comps book designer, to post obsessively in the comments section each one with a repeated link to their anti-Marty hate site… an action which is itself, again, based on DM delusion. In this case, the rationale goes like this: “All those wogs out there, those ants, those stupid peons, they listen to websites. So we’ll put out our own websites.” So he has Lisa repeating in every post a link to the anti Marty website.

    No, Dave… people don’t just listen to “websites” like the little robots you think they are. They are searching for truth and they want JUSTICE. They want liars to be exposed. The websites of Independent Scientologists are listened to because they tell the truth. Their answers make sense. Truth in the end prevails because it is what all beings instinctively align to.

  66. martyrathbun09


  67. Wow, Fish Fly Too! Wonderful description of Texas and Texans!

    Yee Haw! (Because I can)

    Don’t Mess with Texas!

    Catherine Von Ach
    Austin, Texas

    Marty, Very Well Done on the Texas Monthly article! You deserve credit for withstanding the Siege of Ingleside on the Bay. Many Kudos for the support of your neighbors and friends who backed you up in true Texan style!

  68. +1. Also recall that Texas is now #2 in population among the 50 U.S. states.

  69. FYI,

    “Louanne” and his/her/it’s various sockpuppets continue to post on this article. The reason is pretty obvious — the top comment appears on the main article page and the rest can only be read by clicking a link to the comments page.

    “Louanne” wants to keep a link to an anti-Marty site on the main article page at all times. I have been working to keep her off the top, therefore and so have some others.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

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