Miscavige’s Religious Freedom Crusade

Remember the Religious Freedom Crusade in Portland Oregon in May 1985?  When a 39 Million dollar hit for having the temerity to try to help a woman out with a Comm Course got Scientologists’ backs up and they did something about it? Back when Scientology men were men and not mice, and Scientology women weren’t walking down the street dragging their knuckles on the pavement?  After a lot of good folks sacrificed valuable time, energy and resources over several decades, Scientology finally was recognized as a religion and has been provided relative immunity from attacks intended to destroy the right to peaceably practice it.

Well, compare those days to today.  Some may recall that David Miscavige sent down teams of 4 to 6 people at a time to overtly harass my wife and me in our driveway, at restaurants, on the beach, virtually every where we went for 199 days, see His Town by Jason Sheeler.   The publicly stated intent was to prevent me from practicing Scientology. It was doomed from the outset; sheer lunacy to attempt to strip me of a right I fought my entire adult life successfully to exercise, which not so incidentally allowed every Kool Aid drinking Corporate Scientologist the same right.

Well, let us take a look at how David Miscavige is spending that hard fought, religious freedom capital these days.  The letter below, in the name of Norman James Moore III but clearly written by the late William C Drescher III (long time in-house counsel for Corporate Scientology), illustrates just how low the Corporate Scientology machine has come.   Aside from taking on the patented Miscavige characteristic of playing the perpetual victim, take a look at the charges of religious discrimination.  Does it get any sillier or more pathetic than this?

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  1. Off the drugs and high on life? Well, he is high on something. Thanks for another dose of the surreal.

  2. Nice “letter joke”.Poor guy “I did nothing it’s all Marty””I’m really concerned”.You should!!

  3. Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth.

  4. George M. White

    It does not get any lower than this letter:

    “Alas! how wide astray
    Doth Ignorance these wretched mortals lead
    From Truth’s own way!”


  5. PublicServant

    Folks loose all credibility when they overstate their case. This is worse than Romney living in fear of getting a pink slip. The whole squirrel buster campaign blew up in their faces. This letter and a thousand more like it will not put the milk back in the bottle or make them whole for their efforts. They should recognize it as the failure it was and move on. They should respect and leave folks alone going forward as well but that may be asking too much.

  6. bet the letter was the office joke in the Prosecutor’s Office.

    Jury trial for battery? Really?

  7. one of those who see

    Only got part way through letter. need to take a break. Would have been hard for me not to punch this pathetic individual if he was here. By the way, I’m a girl! Will get my confront up and finish reading later. Sorry you have to deal with this bullshit Marty.

  8. haydn (T Paine)

    It boggles the mind that a group with billions of dollars in cash and assets and a tech that, potentially at least, could assist the whole world, dramatizes the victim, but the evidence is now overwhelming. This letter is total victim. That’s way down there on the effect scale and thus a TERRIBLE advertisement for Radical Corporate Scientology, but then, David Miscavige has made it in his own image which is of course the root of the whole problem.

  9. Bless his little squirrel-busting heart! LOL!!!! I’m sorry, this is too funny!

  10. Hapexamendios

    Pathetic. I’m surprised this clown didn’t throw in something along the lines of “My psychiatrist has confirmed that I have suffered irreversible mental anguish, trauma and PTSD from this incident. Now every time I leave my house to harass and antagonize someone, er..ah.. I mean peacefully discuss religious freedom issues, I see Marty everywhere and I involuntarily curl up in the fetal position”.

  11. Pshaw. The guy who wrote that letter is a victim by definition, and will never stand for anything that is optimum survival in this life or another. These fall by the wayside on the road to Truth, and I assume they get a bit of road rash on the fall.

  12. Local government and local police deal with these kinds of crazy people and crazy allegations all the time. I wouldn’t worry about it. The article in the Texas Monthly clearly shows how paranoid and, frankly, weird the Squirrel Busters are. If the writer of the letter truly feared for his safety or his life, then he should demonstrate that fear by his personal actions and effort to avoid Marty Rathbun – specifically, staying away from Marty’s home, since he had no valid reason for being there anyway (at a house at the end of a residential street in a small city two states away from where the writer resides). There are plenty of local witnesses of the harassment of Marty, his wife and his neighbors. A jury of Marty’s peers would never find Marty guilty. It is not Marty’s job, nor is it the local police department/local DA’s job, to make the writer of the letter feel comfortable while he is engaged in harassing the members of the community.

  13. I’ll give the Height of Hypocrisy award to that one. If Bill Drescher wrote this, than that act probably contributed to his passing away – he would have known this was very wrong.

  14. martyrathbun09

    I was saddened to hear of Bill’s passing. But I was not surprised. The death rate around DM is astounding.

  15. Thank you for the news The letter enclsoed with Marthy’s write up written by Norman james Moore is a weak quality so hard to read it sorry..

  16. I’ve been on the receiving end of the squirrel busters while visiting Marty and Mosey and all I can say is, POT KETTLE BLACK.

  17. Isn’t this the creep that made a habit of stalking Mosey when you were away?

    Norman James Moore III- how about growing a pair. Lets hope there isn’t a IV th in this neutered lineage.

  18. retired, extremely dangerous

    Norman is such a wimp and by his letter will go down through the ages as a whiner.
    It would have been best to stay out of reach, but whiners are not known for their quick reflexes. Norman just had to stick his face with his foul smelling breath in Marty’s face. “Oooo, you scratched my face!”
    What a wuss!!

  19. martyrathbun09

    That is the one

  20. Tom Gallagher

    Poor little Norman Bates with his pathetic “Oh this mean ol’ bully made me Boo Hoo Hoo!”

  21. Tony DePhillips

    Don’t they know how stupid this makes them look????
    Also, so Marty is running a cult now?? LMAO.
    The “church” which is a cult is now saying Marty is running a cult!? Ha!!
    It’s like a little kid saying ” No, YOU”RE a cult!!” David Miscavige is a big baby..
    Watch out David Miscavige, they are ALL out to get you!! BOO!!!

  22. martyrathbun09

  23. “The death rate around DM is astounding”

    Yep, that is so true! Look what happened to David Gaiman and Piers Springthorpe.

    Three public Scientologists Piers, Pickles and Perry known as The Three Ps were experts in buying/flipping properties – they bought Manchester and Sunderland Ideal Orgs and they were working with David Gaiman to procure the rest of the UK Ideal Orgs. These public Scientologists were reporting directly to DM and then suddenly David Gaiman died and shortly after Piers suddenly died too! The buzz around UK Scientology at the time was “which P was going to be next?!” and “wouldn’t you be extremely worried if you were Perry or Pickles right now?!”

  24. If we juxtapose the Religious Freedom Crusade with the squirrel busters a clear bright picture emerges of what was then and what is now.

    The RFC became a groundswell of scientologists driving by car loads, flying across the US and world, chartering buses to converge on Portland. I wasn’t one of those who went to Portland but I believe thousands came and went during the Crusade.

    I supported my oldest step-daughter as she made her pilgrimage to Portland, with all of her friends. Paid many of my staff who wanted to go their salaries while gone plus money for their travels and stay.

    There were hundreds/thousands who arrived in Portland. Some stayed only for a few marches, other stayed well over a month.

    Heber pulled together a huge team of celebs — actors and musicians — and Pat Gualtieri put together event after event. The events were exciting, fun and opened to the citizens of Portland. Chick Corea played, actors spoke … the scientologists took over the town’s beloved town square: “Pioneer Courthouse”. There were no altercations or reactionary counter-protesters.

    (Jim Logan would know but what was done in Portland was straight LRH — protest when needed.)

    As far as I know, there wasn’t any negative press — just a rather astonished
    town as they began to understand the passion of a relatively small group of people who were protecting their religious beliefs.

    Fast forward to the squirrel busters. I won’t even bother stating the obvious.


  25. one of those who see


  26. The obvious insanity and psychotic behavior of miscavige and his personal cult is well described in the following excerpts from an LRH bulletin:

    THE CRIMINAL MIND…Bulletin of 15 Sept. 81

    “Definition: A criminal is one who is motivated by evil intentions and who has committed so many harmful overt acts that he considers such activities ordinary.

    There is a datum of value in detecting overts and withholds in criminal individuals:







    Miscavige has obviously elected yourself, Marty, as his executioner. I look eagerly forward to your book, which should put period to this madman.

    In the meantime, to those of you who still Q & A with your doubt formulas and who are too afraid to write your knowledge reports and still naive enough to believe that things will change much with miscavige properly comm ev’d and routed out, please re-read, “INDIVIDUALS WITH CRIMINAL MINDS TEND TO BAND TOGTHER SINCE THE PRESENCE OF OTHER CRIMINALS ABOUT THEM TENDS TO PROVE THEIR OWN DISTORTED IDEAS OF MAN IN GENERAL.”

    Are there really enough sane, rational people left in dave’s cult to salvage it?

    The tech works when properly applied. It works well, to the benfit of all. It’s all available. Just read it, drill it and DO it. It’s not nearly as complicated as dave has made it out to be.

    If you are desperate to have a new leader, well then, muster up some guts and BE the leader in your own zone. You wanna be OT? Take some responsibility.

  27. I can’t imagine that DM has not had this bulletin cancelled on the pretext that it was written by Broeker or something like that. Maybe he does not realize how damning it is (of him).

  28. Boy, what a bunch of losers. They will probably chant around a fire in the not to distant future.
    I used to think the stat of OSA & dm was , new enemies made. I’ve reconsidered that, it’s now, new idiocy produced by the Church – serious to them will be a good find in the garbage.

  29. wh,
    This drop in Tone is what is referred to as the Emotional Curve in Advanced Procedure & Axioms. It’s the fast drop when one doesn’t get their way, sloop, down to the heart of the Service Facsimile.

    I’d say the “victim” is in the heart of David Miscavige’s SP group’s Service Facsimile. Note: that’s a facsimile one uses to explain failure, to attempt to secure sympathy and cooperation, it is USED by the entity. Then it becomes a circuit, push a button and in it comes to be used to be right, to make others wrong and all the yuck of one of these things.

    Yes, there you go, DM gets told “NO” and into victim he goes.

    God what a repugnant little suck he is, aside from anything else.

  30. Continued allegiance to David Miscavige is toxic. He is a parasite and will suck the life out of those in association with him. Death and ruin follow in his wake. And all that’s left is MEST as the life leaves.

  31. “Remember the Religious Freedom Crusade in Portland Oregon in May 1985? ”

    As a matter of fact I do; it was the only enjoyable month of my stint on the Int RPF – largely because we were relatively free. We were all bussed up from Gilman to do the stage contruction and other physical work. We slept wherever we could and ate relatively well. The work was easy since for PR reasons there were no screaming Bosuns or MAAs demanding we “take a lap” for missing some ridiculous target.

    But the best thing about it was the camraderie; the sense we were seeing a wrong righted. Great fun. One day, on very little sleep, a TV interviewer shoved a microphone at me and asked why I felt it was so important that I came all the way from Sussex to be here… about 2 minutes in to the vid. Had to think on my feet pretty sharpish! (Great hair back then).

    However the whole thing had a huge dampener for me, as after we got back to Int and normal service was resumed we all gathered to hear some words of wisdom from one David Miscavige about it. I clearly remember him saying “even I wasn’t sure we were going to make it…” I thought EVEN I? Who the frik does this guy think he is?


  33. Yes, Piers was particularly shocking as he was a fit young man, no more than 40ish. Just keeled over with a heart attack one day. His L11 success story was played on a video loop in the Flag HGC for years (before he died). Lovely guy. Being around David Miscavige can be VERY bad for your health.

  34. Jackass

  35. Yes, I do remember the crusades. I was about three. My Grandmother picked me up from my apartment in L.A. She got my mother to put my coat on because it was “chilly” outside. I thought this was an odd word to use because I had discovered that “chilli” was spicy hot. Anyway we walked down towards AOLA it was dusk, there were loads of scientologists in small groups milling around. There was a white bus with blue writing not unlike the Freewinds script yet it spelled “crusade”. I remember the excitement in the air. The glow from the candles. The quiet hush. The purpose. It felt like we were doing something to make a difference for all mankind. I wasn’t quite sure what we were doing but it felt pure…

    Compare that to the Squirrel Busters.

  36. Click on the letter, it opens up in a new page. Then, hold the Ctrl key down while scrolling with your mouse wheel if you have one. The image will magnify till readable. (This is a public service announcement brought to you from the office of Padfield Business Services – oh, and here comes Alicia to help me clean it).

  37. When did Scientologists become such whining ‘victims’?


    Oh, and if you read this ‘Norman’ – the reason Marty didn’t get prosecuted was that the sheriff (correctly) surmised that no court would possibly convict Marty after he had been relentlessly provoked for weeks on end and was in fact, perfectly justified in his actions to protect himself, his wife and his property.

    This is Texas, I think you got off very lightly, Mr SquiB.


  38. Not to forget that after we handed out thousands of The Way to Happiness booklets, the Portland Crime rate went down to ZERO!
    Sleeping “under the stars” (no place to sleep elsewhere) it was one of the very best times in the S.O., if not the best -despite being in the RPF- devising marketing campaign, plain creativity at work, hilarious to the max, achieving a great win. It was clean.
    Trying to compare this to the siege of the SBs in TX, it is so pathetic because there is no truth involved.

  39. Martin,

    Brilliant, great story! Love your hair! You look like a former Sex Pistol 😛

    And yes, who is he? Indeed!!

  40. I am a professional sycophant, victim of the only one that needs praise and defence at all costs, the only one that is always right no matter how wrong. I appeared before the local sheriff who examined my wounds and the video of an incident I caused at his orders. The sheriff concurred that my harassment and provocation constituted a criminal act and a warrant to stop that despicable conduct should have been issued long time ago.

    However, I understand that my targets have refused to prosecute me. I respectfully request to reconsider that decision.

    Examining the entire video of the event, one would see three apathetic remote controlled puppets, looking older than they are, standing at the exact legal boundary of our targets property. We were literally parroting a script, written and directed by the one and filmed it, waiting to provoke any reaction from our target that could be construed as aggressive so as to assassinate his character.

    We got our product and evoked a reaction. When our target, the sole reason we were there and that we were filming in the first place, came out, we immediately stopped filming the video to prove that we were interrupted, as you can see on the video we filmed. We felt guilty, knowing that we were inhibiting auditing sessions and attacking the only hope we had to ever get a real session ourselves, and stepped aside. In the following argument I victimized myself again and lost my sun glasses so we could edit in a shot of a bleeding scratch on my forehead.

    I know from perpetual conditioning and a host of mind control ops, played daily on me by the only one that holds my eternity in pawn, that my target must be attacked no matter how nice and decent he is. I fear that if I don’t attack him or set him up for prosecution for any kind of drummed up charges, my income will drop and I won’t ever get out of debts. I am reasonably afraid that it will be the end of my life if I ever find out that my target is a true freedom fighter and great Scientologist who refuses to yield to the most cunning suppression we levelled at him for 199 days.

    As you must know, we were forced to do this video and make a fool of ourselves and our religion as joking an degrading is the favourite pastime of our master. We’re gathering raw material that can be twisted in a Madison fashion to forward our agenda. The purpose is total deceit, misinformation, hate and fear for disagreeing with the one, to keep the remnants of our flock under control which gets harder every day. I desire to create as much antagonism as possible so reactions can be provoked and fear will be instilled. I have harassed my target so much that it’s only fair that he at least once reacted so I can claim to be a victim.

    It appears that all our hard work has totally backfired with the local media and now everybody knows what our real intentions are as well as our sordid crimes. This concerns me so much that the first person I will call is the only one that knows how to handle these kinds of flaps. In short, it’s not fair that I don’t get prosecuted and stopped from committing continual present time overts against myself, my targets, my religion and mankind. Again, I sincerely ask to reconsider or I fear I might not live to tell.

    Mr. Pseudonym.

  41. Eww, gross! I can understand why though. This letter is disgusting, whiny and degrading to the author. This man should be ashamed of being such a mama’s boy.

  42. Marty, I, too am saddened to hear of his passing, which I did not know before. And the severe illness/death rate around DM is indeed astounding and very disturbing.

  43. Apparently, Sacramento’s Ideal Org opens tomorrow. The only publicity of this is a blurb in the newspaper about major thoroughfare closing for the opening celebration.

  44. That letter above is so childish, it’s funny.
    I imagine the first draft went something like this:

    “Dear Meanie,

    Marty was picking on me and you didn’t do anything about it! That means you are picking on me to! All I was trying to do was be a senior citizen away from my home town, state, mental state, emotional state… in order to document a documentary that documents doctored and dictated docu…dicta…TOO MANY BIG WORDS!!!

    Anyway… as I was saying, that meanie MARTYpants took away my favorite hat! and my glasses! and I think he might have maybe scratched me a little… or something. And that’s a (*rifles through notes*) GAWD DAMN FELONY!!! Yeah! That’s what it is, a FELONY!!! Because he hurt my FEL-INGS! I mean… hurt me in a uh… felon-ish like way? Felonishy! Because he’s a FELONER! And YOU, Mr. Attorney-man, are taking HIS side and not doing your JOB! How come? Cause your a meanie to? Don’t be a meanie, dude. Not cool. Don’t be un-cool, man. That is NOT ok.

    “In short, you’re being a meanie and not doing your job. You are only picking on me because I am a member of the fasterest growing religion in the whole wide universe and your just jealous and you need to knock off the HE & R and backflash and do your (*rifles through notes again*) GAWD DAMN JOB!!!

    “Now quit typing every damn thing I say and listen to me, damn it you stupid shit! I said LOOK AT ME….! Owie… now type Sincerly, your name there. And put 3 i’s, it looks more impressive and not so freakin’ nerd-like. dumbass.”

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s the first draft, but not 100%. I don’t go dumpster diving unlike SOME people who drink cool-aide that I’ll not mention here. 😉

  45. Your humble servant

    This letter was dreamed up in attempted compliance to someone’s order that “You’ve got to do SOMETHING to get Rathbun.” Even the writer of it knew that it was a stupid letter and would just get tossed in the trash. But, they had to do SOMETHING. Orders is orders.

  46. There is some truth to that. Haydn. Althought Marty is not an angel and neither is Mike, the point still remains “What were they doing at Marty’s house in the first place?” “On what business?”. You see? No real explanation. So although I may be easily swayed at times, I still hold true to that! 🙂

  47. What insanity…

    Dozens of ex-Sea Org members who worked for decades at the International base find the courage to publicly disclose that David Miscavige
    is a violent sociopath.

    The two individuals that David considers his biggest threat are Mike and Marty. They were Davids go-to men. They were run by David and answered to him directly for decades.

    David counters by spending millions of dollars to overtly harass these individuals so as to create some kind of recorded response for the use of “proving” Marty and Mike are themselves psychotics, who even as two of Scientology’s top executives beat the shit out of others, for years, at the International base.

    Of course, for the “audience” this only makes it more likely that the whistle blowers are telling the truth in regards to Davids own behavior. Add to that, the nutty spokes people, “squirrel busters”, bizarre vidoes and “freedom magazines” and there is no doubt Miscavige and radical Scientology are whacked.

    Any tiny thread of credibility that David and his “church” had, has been lost forever. To an outsider the whole thing is bat shit crazy. Some might look on and find the dog and pony show amusingly entertaining – sort of like a bunch of drunk monkeys trying to screw a football. Something to laugh at, tell jokes about, but certainly AVOID.

    No religious leader, no public figure, no person with two brain cells to click together, would ever dream of countering the way that David has. The result is totally predictable. A little pebble was thrown at David and he blew up a whole mountain and brought it down on his head. Its a done deal.
    The damage to David and his “church” is permanent and can not be repaired.

    I find it both sad and pathetic. Its like watching a basketball game where the score is 85 to 3. I don’t think I can watch any more…. I might have to turn on the Jerry Springer show, maybe catch a couple of midgets fight over some 300 pound blond…..

  48. Martin-What a hoot! And you are so cute….

  49. Norman is a completely whimpy squirrel buster-He is obviously not up to the job-He needs a bunch of sec checking to get at his o/ws and really get to the root of his whimpiness.

  50. Dan — This is one of his favorite references. Of course he is incapable of looking at himself and recognizing he has done anything wrong, ever, so it doesnt apply to him. BUT, he is a master at pointing the finger at others and thus he LOVES this issue. The Squirrel Blusterers video is living proof of this.

    Here is how it goes:

    1. Marty tells the SP Times (or anyone else) that Miscavige beats people up.

    2. Miscavige reads the article and screams at the sycophants around him — “Criminal Mind. That is just criminal mind.”

    3. Don’t you idiots see anything? Rathbun is the one that is the source of violence — its right in the LRH tech. Everyone here is to m9 and clay demo the Criminal Mind HCOB until you are able to agree with me.

    4. Document that he is a violent individual — do what LRH says for once in your lives.

    5. Where is the documentation? You don’t have any? Then get some people out there in his face, he will become violent. I am never wrong. LRH said he is violent — didnt you read that HCOB? You are making me and LRH wrong again. Now you have to look up every word in the HCOB and clay demo every meaning of every word. Then re-read it.

    6. Put together the documentation into a video (I told you I was right). Just look at that masterpiece video I put together because all of you are too lazy and incompetent to do it. It’s the PERFECT D/A. Now get it out to everyone.

    7. Why do I have to do everything?

    8. Why am I always being attacked? How come they don’t attack anyone else?

  51. Anyone in the area going to attend? See what sort of crowd is there (probably mostly from outside Sacramento) and if they have appleboxes set up at the podium….

  52. Ingrid — Or maybe one of Dave’s special coffee enemas as he really does seem to be full of shit.

  53. Amen!!

  54. Hahahaha, thanks for posting this Marty and providing the daily laugh that is the corporate COS.

    Seriously, I couldn’t help but feel slightly like hurling at the writers attempt to use every button possible to try and gain the sympathy of the reader as well in the same hand continue the black PR on Marty. Pretty amazing just how pathetic the circus has gone. That poor poor VICTIM Norman. If he ever comes back offer him one of those kids band-aids with the little super heroes on them.

    Hi David Miscavige. Hi David Miscavige.

  55. Random Stranger

    Wow Mike, that piece of writing illuminates the real inside action.

  56. MR: I know everything you write here is true, but it is still hilarious the way you present you. You have a real gift.

  57. OMG Martin!
    I FINALLY got you clearly identified so to speak. Hi battle comrade 🙂
    Thanks for this great video!

  58. Nope! Got a great excuse, my car won’t start….
    Not worth burning gas for 4 hours of drive

  59. I joined the Sea Org in April ’85 after having done a Comm Course at COSMOD. Mike Silverman from ASHO Day did a Sea Org recruit event at the Davis Mission and part of his presentation was the latest news regarding an attack upon our religion and the Religious Freedom Crusade that was being fought in Portland, Oregon under the auspices of the Sea Organization. I decided right then and there (much to the Reg’s dismay) to join the Sea Organization.

    Even after only a comm course, I knew that Scientology was something worth fighting for.

    I did my Project Prepare and routed onto the EPF in August ’85 and the rest is history.

    David Miscavige has turned the Church of Scientology into a pale shade of the On-Purpose, On-Policy and In-Tech organization that it used to be.

    Thank god for Marty, Mike and all of the dedicated and on-purpose Independent Scientologists who are keeping the show on the road.

  60. That would be even more of a correct handling. To really be effective, perhaps dm can beat him up too

  61. 100% accurate, 100% dead-on, 100% the way it went down, 100% the midgetset [oops, I mean “mindset”] of DM.

  62. “I am reasonably afraid for my physical safety…..” Are you freaking kidding me?

    Marty took sunglasses off my face, and I got a scratch and now I’m afraid for my physical safety?

    I guess if this guy was to get a splinter in his baby toe he’d need to call an ambulance, and fly his family in from across the world to sit by his bedside to pray he makes it through alright, and lives another day. And then file a lawsuit on somebody.

    What a sorry excuse for a life. Miscavige is so pathetic.

  63. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB, RTC
    Personal Notepad


    1) Solicit volunteers to get beat up, preferably those who like it.

    2) Send them in on Marty with the next video ambush.

    3) As Marty is walking and swinging his arms, the volunteers are to dive into Marty’s fists causing fist-face contact. Get that on fu@%ing video, we can CGI it.

    4) Volunteers are to stick their arms and torso into any closing car doors, doors to buildings, even dive under the tires of Rathbone’s fu@%ing get-away car as it’s taking off. We can fu@%ing CGI that, too.

    5) Import some fu@%ing street bums and pay them a wad of fu@%ing cash to fu@%ing beat themselves up and lay on the ground outside Marty’s fu@%ing house, groaning and rolling in the fu@%ing gutter. It just adds to the fu@%ing ambiance I fu@%ing want to create.

    6) Buy a fu@%ing local radio station and underneath every fu@%ing song play the fu@%ing subliminal message, “Marty hit me. Marty violent. Marty bad.” This will fu@%ing seep into the fu@%ing community.

    7) More fu@%ing derogatory websites on Marty. Make ’em fu@%ing hard. Make ’em fu@%ing dirty. Make ’em fu@%ing fast. Get ’em out there on the fu@%ing Web. I wanna see some fu@%ing hits.

    8) Force Mosey to get more involved. Get her to fu@%ing erupt somehow, fu@%ing fists flying, fu@%ing eye-gouging, fu@%ing neck veins fu@%ing popping. Let’s get her on fu@%ing video breaking some fu@%ing heads.

    9) Bigger fu@%ing video crew fu@%ing body guards, some of those huge fu@%ing Samoan fu@%ing guys, 400-500 fu@%ing pounds or some fu@%ing retired 900 lb. fu@%ing Sumo wrestlers who want to make some extra fu@%ing cash. Fu@%ing Bullbait ’em before they fu@%ing go out.

    10) Get a fu@%ing bunch of those fu@%ing squirting fu@%ing microphones like TC was fu@%ing subject to one fu@%ing time by that fu@%ing jerk. I’ll bet Marty will fu@%ing erupt like a fu@%ing maniac when he fu@%ing gets fu@%ing squirted. Get that on fu@%ing video.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC

  64. There’s also a line in the sand about filing false charges – provoking an assault may be considered an assault in some instances. A guy in Wisconsin got 10 years for shooting and killing an off duty policeman and her boyfriend because they provoked him by touching his gang colors in a bar. The prosecutor is very probably too busy to be bothered with such trivial cases, to the good fortune of the people who wrote that letter. I have it from high authority that Texans do not like to mess around when they set their sights on something or someone – there’s no hostility nor antagonism in “do not mess around” btw, it is just standard policy.

  65. I sent a signed copy of the following to my local org earlier today. And now, after reading this pathetic letter and reflecting on the month I spent in Portland, it seems an even more appropriate time to take this step and add my support for those who continue the struggle to create and preserve the freedom for all of us to practice our religion as free beings.

    EO DCD January 27, 2012
    EO DCF
    Public Notice Board


    I, Donald C. Cramer of Manassas, Virginia do hereby announce that I am joining the group of free and independent beings who apply the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology in an unaltered, standard manner and with the sole purpose of improving the conditions of themselves and others.

    I therefore also give public notice of both my resignation from the Church of Scientology and my disconnection from David Miscavage, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center.

    Donald C. Cramer

    Grad V C/S
    OEC Volumes 0, 4 & 5
    Fully Hatted Senior C/S
    Fully Hatted Cramming Officer
    Mini Hatted Qualifications Secretary
    Hubbard Senior Sec Checker
    Hubbard Professional Word Clearer
    Mini Data Series Evaluators Course

  66. Jethro Bodine

    I can just see DM at one of his staff musters: “How come I’m the only one around here who can get a junior’s ethics in? You all must have similar overts of your own that prevents you from seeing what I’m seeing. All of you are therefore to write-up your overts, all of them, and yes I’ll reading them to make sure you’re really confronting your own evil. I’m tired of wearing your hats. You’re all assigned Treason; meal breaks are reduced to 10 minutes and bathroom breaks are reduced to 1 minute, besides if you’re in the bathroom for more than one minute you’re up to no good. I know how much CueBall is going to miss his three hour shit breaks. I’m tired of dealing with you criminals.”

    (Two hours later after taking a break from drinking fine Scotch and playing Nintendo and looking at free Internet porn, DM decides to start reading the O/W write-ups that have come in.)

    DM: Here’s Yager’s O/W write-up. What??? Where are all the homosexual fantasy overts? He’s assigned to the RPF immediately. He’s also to word clear and clay demo “homosexual”. I also want him to wear a tee shirt that says “HOMO” on it.

    DM: Here’s Jenny’s O/W write-up. Good! Lots of lesbo overts! I’m reading this at next muster to show them how to write-up an O/W.

    DM: Chef! Where’s my f*ckin steak? All this work is making me hungry.

  67. No. It doesn’t get sillier or more pathetic. That letter from “Norman James Moore III” to Mr. Akens is the epitome of belly-crawling slime.

    BTW — not that Mr. Akens needed to see it to call a fake a fake — but did Mr. Akens ever see the “documentary” the “Squirrel Busters” were purportedly making that Norma James Moore III describes in his bogus plea for protection? Juxtapose the corporate Scientology “documentary” of pitiful bozos with the letter and … oh, pitiful sad, pathetic.

    And he plays the “get sympathy” card by using the
    middle aged” ploy to get sympathy. Oh, pitiful pathetic broken lying cowards.

    This action is lower than the men who disguised themselves as women to get on lifeboats when the Titanic was sinking.

  68. MP - richmond diocese

    This is an excellent post. Thanks for distilling it down to its fundamental issue, Mr. Rathbun. Your overview platforms the utter irony of the total inversion that has occurred since 1985 — what happened to the former church of Scientology — the irony and the affront and injustice of this total inversion to all the people such as yourself and others who worked so hard for true religious freedom is grotesque.

    The corporate take over of Scientology is vile. Thank you to all exposing their slippery trickiness. Wasn’t it Mr. Hubbard who said that boxing with covertly hostile people is like fighting with shadows? So frustrating. Takes quick thinking and savvy — and they aren’t getting away anymore.

  69. Mike Rinder ~
    You lived it, you breathed it and tell it like it is.
    Norman Moore’s letter was a DM Operative/hired gun/ slimer at its worst.
    The Dirty tricks, the set ups, the Intelligence Ops, and massive campaigns of malicious retaliation have put the Church of Scientology into a nuclear winter.
    This is the fall out.
    The entity that is more an INTELLIGENCE entity than a Church.
    Every single social media comm line is monitored. Every Email from so and so to so and so can be reported like some KGB system of report, report report so that ultimately the GULAG can lie in wait as a penalty.
    It got away with so much in the past ~~but Time marches on.
    Fair game activity is broadcast by social media in the blink of an eye.
    While craving recognition as a Religion, Miscavige dramatizes the very worst of Sabotage, Infiltration, Espionage. t. Never has the word “Scientology” been so dirty, so sinister, so creepy, and Miscavige continues to throw gasoline on the smoldering fire. All he knows to do.

  70. Like!

  71. I’ve commented before that that Norman guy from your videos is one of the greasiest most evil-purposed looking SP’s I’ve ever seen. Theres a part towards the end of the video where he is showing the fake blood on his forehead an smirking. Then he suppresses the smirk. I’m suprised they didnt edit that out.

  72. I’m sorry but the statement that Portlands crime rate went to zero is absurd, irregardless of TWTH bookles being handed out or not. There would would be national media and sociologists,criminologists, pyshcologists, etc.. converging in Portland in greater numbers than Scientologists to study how in the world a major city produced a zero crime rate – even for a brief period. Maybe the CoS at the time like to spread this rumor to SO members or told members this tidbit, but it isn’t true.

    BTW I’d be happy to be proven wrong if you can provide on verified reference on this report of a zero crime rate.

    reducing a cities crime rate is not as simple as handing out or getting people to read a booklet. Crime, and the many social problems of cities are conplex and multifaceted, there are no easy solutions.

    (Not meaning to rain on any parades here, I can see that time in Portland was enjoyable and important to many here but I always think it takes away from any subject or event when untruths or over the top exaggerations are told about it. I also have no doubt the “0 crime rate” story was invented and propagated from within the CoS, not even realizing there was no need for such fiction to inspire their members)

  73. The corporate scientology radical zealots are blind. They do not realize how they appear to the world. They are like the ostrich. David Miscavige believes he is fooling the world because he is fooling himself. He is 100% convinced he is ‘right,’ and everyone else is ‘wrong.’ That’s why they didn’t edit it out. That’s why they put it out the self-incriminating garbage they spew. Any sane person looking at it sees very clearly the state of mind of the perpetrators. They themselves have no idea. Love this blog.

  74. Fantastic, Earl! Welcome aboard!

  75. Thanks for the reference. Reading it I realized that from the view of David Miscavige we ARE suppressive. Suppressive to HIS goals! He is right, we do give him trouble!
    There is probably nothing more annoying and suppressive to the slave master than the call “Freedom!” Let’s continue to call it!

  76. Random-Thank you for a convulsive laugh.

  77. Haydn, it’s Brad. I just heard a lecture from LRH on Stable Datum. He said, that a stable datum is senior to logic. He repeated it several times. This explains a lot. DM and his corrupt church are PTS corporate idiots stable datum and it’s senior to their logic. Apparently, we’re different. Take care, bro. WTF!


  78. Welcome Donald to the sunshine side of the Indies! Great to see another techie out here. 🙂

  79. Thanks – there was always something a bit Johnny Rotten about me…

    As for the Miscavige briefing, he made sure the whole Int crew including us RPFers got the benefit of his words. Bearing in mind the year, 1985, it was all part of consolidating his position as the “top guy”.

  80. Oh Ingrid! (Flustered, blushing…). But yes, it was a hoot, although again, looking back and taking it in the context of subsequent history, the whole Portland thing was used as a justification for the existence of the IAS for decades afterwards.

  81. Hi Comrade! Good times, I hope we meet again soon. My e/m is martymart47@gmail.com

  82. martyrathbun09

    Congratulations Donald. Thanks for standing up and sounding off. I hope you can find the time to apply your auditing and C/Sing skills.

  83. martyrathbun09

    You are correct. The entire narrative of Portland by Miscavige – by which he has defrauded IAS contributors of millions – is fraudulent in a very fundamental way. Read all about it when I’m done doing what I’m doing.

  84. it was noted on a couple local tv station websites too.



    Some kool-aid drinker(s?) left comments, obviously total PR. I left my opinion 🙂 You should too!

  85. I don’t think I could stomach it.

  86. Donald (Earl Sim),

    Great Announcement! It’s great to have you here!

  87. MP,
    Inversion describes it well. The cancelled policies of disconnection and fair game are used on members who disagree and push for change back to pure Scientology in attempts to shut us up, keep us quiet and off the lines of other members. As you can see, that didn’t work out to well. 🙂

  88. Finally! The ice is cracking in the East Coast! Welcome Donald.

  89. You’re a tiger, girl. Every time you throw a punch it connects.

  90. Welcome Donald, it’s nice meeting you. Good comment as it’s a step out and up! We embrace you.

  91. Here, here!
    Glad to see another east coaster come on board.
    Thank-you and well done Don.

    Vic Krohn

  92. like 🙂

  93. “Dear Meanie”


  94. Like

  95. lol! Bet you could find at least 20% of the C of S that would carry out these actions and have fun doing them!

  96. I’ll what to see the photoshopped “Scientology News”.


  97. ‘wait to see’

    My bad.


  98. Even after a couple of years of hearing about DMs antics I still get creeped out about having anything to do with such a dimented person…and I only met him once. It’s like being next door neighbors to Charles Manson or living in a house all your life only to discover that your basement was used to torture people. It’s the kind of feeling that makes you want to run as far away as you can, anything to distance yourself from it. (Raul, that was vivid!)

    What is quite amazing is that all of this has had zero affect on the workability of the tech. Despite Dm’s attempts to unmock, alter or just plain make up tech, LRHs legacy lives on.

    Kudos to all who lived through this hell and chose to speak about it rather than be silent. It allows those of us who were not there to be able to keep focused on ensuring the tech is forever available. As hard to digest as many of these comments are, they are important in separating LRH from the DM (who has take over the church and corrupted it). Sadly, those staunch supporters of the church have abandoned LRH (knowingly or unknowingly) and they will need to get their confront of evil up quite a few notches before they will be free from this corruption. DM’s self created expansion and glory simply does not exist. It is a magician’s illusion that has captured the attention of thousands of decent people. LRHs tech, however still produces real results.

    So, for those still rallying the church banner…what’s worse? Blindly accepting the weak explainations for the stories you have heard about OR finding out that they are words of truth from brave souls who have crossed the threshold of “must not tell” despite personal danger…yet you continue to play the game of “my group is so great” and do nothing about it? It really is all about confronting truth and deciding who to align yourself to…DM or LRH. Friends of LRH site lays out all the foundation for this comparison and has no entheta…just the facts.

    End rant!

  99. Tony DePhillips

    3) As Marty is walking and swinging his arms, the volunteers are to dive into Marty’s fists causing fist-face contact. Get that on fu@%ing video, we can CGI it.


  100. Welcome to the world of free and independent beings. Probably the last group of truly free beings on earth. Free to be, to do and to have. Free to apply the tech to better our life, our family and the rest of mankind.

  101. Keep thinking and LMAO about the appleboxes…

    Apple crates and telephone books ..covertly stacked 2 feet tall behind “The Ideal Podium”.

    Good god!… those podiums are gaudy. Do they hold fundraisers specifically for them now?.

    I suppose one must compensate for his “shortcomings” in one way or another.

  102. Don

    AWESOME action.

    Be sure to carry that can of bear spray!!!

    “….time and presure….”

  103. Good point, Marty! It just fully sank in that auditing and C/Sing CAN be a part of my future since GAT training can no longer be shoved down my throat as a prerequisite to being allowed to deliver again. I was going to go to my grave before having anything to do with it. It’s been a hell of a long wait since I first found out from Mr. Exec C/Sing that I was blind. Thank you for helping to restore my sight.


  104. TroubleShooter

    Not only is the ice cracking but with Don coming out from under that makes for a bed of ice bergs floating in the East coast waters…

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  106. TroubleShooter

    I couldn’t be more proud of you Don for taking the actions you have.

  107. Thanks to all for your kind words and encouragement, it makes it a lot easier to confront the near future. Yeah, I feel a bit adrift here near the nation’s capitol, but hopefully there will be others in the area I can get in comm with soon.


  108. TroubleShooter


  109. Martin, thanks for reminding how slick those GCT uniforms were. Those were your GCT duds, weren’t they?

  110. Wonderful! This is what makes this blog so valuable.

  111. Ah yes, and how much money did they IAS actually spend financing the Portland Crusade, do you reckon — versus how much did they gross in donations ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  112. Moore doesn’t mention what religion he and his members practice that make him such a victim.

    Not Scientology by LRH.

    Maybe Scientology revised by David Miscavage.

  113. Don,

    Drop me an email at altair4 AT gmail DOT com. I’ll even show you my SP declare delivered to me personally by Louisa B….


  114. Jim, exactly, well stated!

  115. Theresa….like

    those guys did remind me of a pack of cur dogs…hounds…badgers and pests; plague is maybe a bit extreme but maybe…

    ha·rass (h-rs, hrs)
    tr.v. ha·rassed, ha·rass·ing, ha·rass·es
    1. To irritate or torment persistently.
    2. To wear out; exhaust.
    3. To impede and exhaust (an enemy) by repeated attacks or raids.
    [French harasser, possibly from Old French harer, to set a dog on, from hare, interj. used to set a dog on, of Germanic origin.]
    ha·rasser n.
    ha·rassment n.
    Synonyms: harass, harry, hound, badger, pester, plague
    These verbs mean to trouble persistently or incessantly. Harass and harry imply systematic persecution by besieging with repeated annoyances, threats, or demands: The landlord harassed tenants who were behind in their rent. A rude customer had harried the storekeeper.
    Hound suggests unrelenting pursuit to gain a desired end: Reporters hounded the celebrity for an interview.
    To badger is to nag or tease persistently: The child badgered his parents for a new bicycle.
    To pester is to inflict a succession of petty annoyances: “How she would have pursued and pestered me with questions and surmises” (Charlotte Brontë).
    Plague refers to a problem likened to an epidemic disease: “As I have no estate, I am plagued with no tenants or stewards” (Henry Fielding).
    Usage Note: Educated usage appears to be evenly divided on the pronunciation of harass. In our 1987 survey 50 percent of the Usage Panel preferred stressing the first syllable, while 50 percent preferred stressing the second. Curiously, the Panelists’ comments appear to indicate that each side regards itself as an embattled minority.
    American Heritage Dictionary

    Poh man, I do feel sorry for him, must be awful to be such a lilly-livered little coward. I’m shore he dudn’t get much respect. Too sad.


  116. Welcome Earl !

  117. LOL! Now THAT’S sound advice. There could be be some cur dogs snapping at my heels in more ways than one!!

  118. TroubleShooter

    You could never know what it’s like
    Your blood like winter freezes just like ice
    And there’s a cold lonely light that shines from you
    You’ll wind up like the wreck you hide behind that mask you use
    And did you think this fool could never win
    Well look at me, I’m coming back again
    I got a taste of love in a simple way
    And if you need to know while I’m still standing you just fade away
    Don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did
    Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
    I’m still standing after all this time
    Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind
    I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah
    I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah
    Once I never could hope to win
    You starting down the road leaving me again
    The threats you made were meant to cut me down
    And if our love was just a circus you’d be a clown by now

    This is to you cob David Miscavige, clown – any love there was is lost

  119. That means a lot coming from you – you’ll always be an OL for me.

  120. Tony DePhillips


  121. Tony DePhillips

  122. SunnyV

    Hi. I was lucky enough to have held a post in the organization that was putting on the events in Portland, at that time. What I remember being told about the crime rate was that the crime rate, in iand around the main area where the Scientology events were happening, went to zero soon after the Scientologists were in place. I never heard that it included all of Portland. That sounds pretty silly, as you say.

    I was one of the people walking/running around with a walkie-talkie, and in touch with security and other “staff”. One of the things that I noticed was the inordinate number of people carrying walkie-talkeis in the area. Whenever any of us saw anything that was the least bit suspicious, we were encouraged to report the details to “security”. Within what seemed like seconds, several people converged on the scene to handle it. I remember thinking, at the time, that nobody would stand a chance of committing any kind of obvious crime in that situation.

    Did the crime rate IN THAT AREA go to zero during that time, I do not know, but I can sure see how it could have.

    Eric S

  123. I love that video clip Martin.

    But after watching it, I think we can put the bed the claims about the crime rate in Portland falling to zero.

    That hairstyle is surely a crime against fashion!



  124. Michael Fairman

    Welcome. Your voice and expertise will inspire many others.

  125. I’ll be in touch!

  126. Theo Sismanides

    Winning one person OVER GAT is a great WIN for me! One Scientologist Denouncing GAT and all the squirreling it did. Going back to Standard Tech… I am happy to see your Doubt Formula Don and welcome you here too!

  127. Theo Sismanides

    To all my friends here! And the truth is that we are NOT Waiting, we are doing things but let’s think of all those people in our world who don’t know about Scientology.

  128. Donald,
    Welcome to freedom, it keeps getting better…and lighter. Good to have someone with your tech training in the field!

  129. Earl Sim

    Hi Don

    Well done. It will be fun to hear any wins you may have following this announcement.

    It would be wonderful if you somehow found a way to get back into auditing and/or CSing, or whatever you chose to do.

    Thank you for being here with us.

    Eric S

  130. “You can defend to a certain degree and you have to defend to a certain degree. But use 75% of your energies to attack and you will always win. Find a weak spot and attack it. Attack expertly and attack perfectly and don’t flub with the attack. Always put your concentration on the attack and you win every time”.

    From LRH tape “Attacks and GPMs.”

    David Miscavige is very weak on this point on him being the leader of Scientology and being hand-picked by LRH. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary and DM cannot provide anything written by LRH that gives him this position. He has many weak spots actually.

  131. Never has the word “Scientology” been so dirty, so sinister, so creepy, and Miscavige continues to throw gasoline on the smoldering fire. Here is a sane person, I vote for karen # 1 as the new COB RTC.

  132. Silly and pathetic is one view, but I view William C. Drescher III aka Norman James Moore III as SICK!

    Both Hiro and I fought for our rights at the Religious Freedom Crusade in Portland Oregon in May 1985 and will never forget it. And trust me, we were not mice nor did we drag our knuckles on the pavement.

    Shame, shame, shame on you David Miscavige and all you drunken kool-aid drinkers!

  133. You’re not an Angel either, Lawrence. None of us are. It doesn’t need to be said. It’s what we are doing presently that counts and for what we are to be judged on.

  134. Martin, thanks for the video. I see some faces I came to know later when I found LRH in the late ’80s. Vibrant spirits…now beaten down and put in their proper place where David Miscavige wants them.
    Crushed and ruined crusaders in hiding from DM.

  135. Hell yeah, Mr. Cramer!

  136. Jim Logan nailed it. Just a big whiny baby rant because the judge called a spade a spade and didn’t fall for his ridiculous antics. Wah Wah Wah. Judges see & hear from criminals all the time. They know criminal behavior & antics. Wah Wah Wah.

  137. Hi WindWalker:
    Since you have expounded on this topic I will reply. First the post I replied to said, and I quote “The Way to Happiness booklets, the Portland Crime rate went down to ZERO!” – implying Portland as a whole.

    However, even trying to say some specific area where only scientologists were staying that the crime rate was Zero is a farce as well. I could say the crime rate for area in NYC – in my OFFICE is Zero!! Hooray! It’s due to my brilliant anti-crime campaign!

    A crime rate is a statistic and lord knows statistics can be manipulated but we don’t even have to go there, because first and foremost a statistic has to be measured. I don’t think CoS paid for someone to take the specific area they were in handing out booklets or just staying for a period, monitor only it for reported crime, and then took that and compared it to the normal crime stats for this supposed special area. At best I would say no In-Charge scientologists got any police reports of crimes from the areas they were in-charge of? Since scientologists are always told to keep things internal, I don’t think you would have to worry about police reporting anyway among scientologists. The fact that scientologists didn’t commit crimes upon each other, while nice, I don’t think is cause for celebrating from the roof tops – I would call that expected behavior from a group of true peers.

    However, I think we all know the idea of “ZERO” crime rate was just yet another stat David Miscavige pulled out of his ass for PR purposes and fed to his flock as gospel. Because of some of the reasons you mentioned above, maybe it even seemed believable.

    But as Marty as stated, Miscavige decided to use the entire Portland as a basis for his fraud the IAS – so I’m sure the overblown crap he would make up and say about it to get people to donate is unreal. He had to make it some BS legendary tale of his great leadership ensuring victory and how close they came to making Scientology illegal across the globe if he had not stepped in and stopped the case in Portland. Made up stats are always part of his lies.

    Now, I get this might be a tl;dr post – so here’s the quick summary: “Always question authority” “Don’t take things at face value, investigate for yourself.” or for a Scientologist “Look don’t listen.”.

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