Miscavige vs Marty: An Unfair Fight?

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice just published an interesting piece, Scientology vs Marty Rathbun: An Unfair Fight?

He opens with David Miscavige’s epic film on a guy he calls Kingpin Rathbone. It took millions of dollars in production costs to mock up this character that is so bad ass he apparently has David Miscavige shivering in fear in his high desert compound.

As Tony astutely points out Miscavige is so obsessed with fighting long-ago settled issues, he apparently has no cognizance of the tide lapping at the threshold of his bunker.

By the by, I don’t think the fact that Miscavige rushed to get his “production” out on the day that Texas Monthly exposed his sorry cult was lost on anyone.

142 responses to “Miscavige vs Marty: An Unfair Fight?

  1. It’s really hard to watch a collection of snips out of context. I am sure my life “documented” that way would look worse. Much worse ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. What a juvenile video.

    So childish.


  3. Thank you for taking the brunt of the attack. Glad you got ‘im where you want ‘im.
    Hopefully we will be reunited with our families soon.

  4. haydn (T Paine)

    Wow, Mike or Marty expose or point out “A”, David Miscavige just has to respond to it, just has to do it, no choice, its automatic. But he can’t adequately respond to truth so he gets kind of stuck and has to keep bashing away in his reponse. He’s still trying to respond to “C” but Mike and Marty are way down the line pointing out the truth of “L” and “M”. Consequently, Miscavige is mired down in the past — but there’s nothing new about that.

    The Church of Scientology once led the charge in handling the reactive mind (many years ago). Now Radical Corporate Scientology ARE the reactive mind. David Miscavige has turned it into the very thing it was supposed to handle, the ultimate in reversals.

    Actually, if Miscavige’s actions weren’t so damn spiteful I would say it was an unfair fight.

  5. martyrathbun09

    “Now Radical Corporate Scientology ARE the reactive mind.” Well put, Haydn.

  6. Marty,

    Yes, it is an unfair fight — you are such an overwhelming favorite that Vegas stopped taking bets about the time the Squirrel Blusterers set sail on the paddleboat Titanic.

    Miscavige cannot change so he has tied his own hands behind his back and just keeps squealing like a stuck pig as he is roasted over the fire he built. He is stuck trying to disprove things that nobody in the real world cares about these days because they are the things that impinge on HIM, not on Scientology as a subject or even the church. He has continuous MWH’s from staff and public, wondering if they know about his constant acts of violence. Of course, everyone notices the HUGE omitted in the video. Where is the on-camera interview with David Miscavige where he says: “I never hit anyone, ever.” The church makes a huge deal to try to discredit any reporter who doesnt interview the “leader of the religion”, but THEY don’t interview him?

    If David Miscavige is so concerned about the reports that he has sruck numerous people that he spent 2 years and millions to put together foolish and unconvincing propaganda, why is it that HE has never stated “I never hit anyone”, NOT IN WRITING AND NOT ON VIDEO?

    The other obvious omitted in their video — they have documented every time you or I spit. But not one of these “horrifying” incidents has resulted in any conviction. They didn’t mention or show Squirrel Blusterer Ed Bryan being handcuffed, taken to jail and charged… but they sure made a huge point of showing you being handcuffed, even though no prosecution occured.

    Miscavige doesnt believe having a lot of money ripped off from people is a discreditable withhold. He is PROUD of that. He can look staff and Scientologists in the eye and not have a second thought about how much money he has taken and then hoarded/wasted as he thinks they admire him for having done that.

    So, he continues flailing around like a spastic Tasmanian Devil fighting long gone battles. And what’s really amusing — he thinks he is winning.

  7. haydn (T Paine)

    For anyone who hasn’t experienced the depth of David Miscavige’s reactivity first hand, let me share some thoughts.

    I was at International HQ back in the very early 90s and couldn’t figure out why it was a screaming mad house. It literally had the feel of an insane asylum. Looking at Mscaviges’s latest response (stimulus response) to the actions of Mike and Marty took me back to that time and I now realize why no one could actually get anything done, finished or accomplished. David Miscavige would zip about the place on his little motor cycle reacting to what was happening or what he saw, issuing flurries of crazy orders which had the staff rushing around the place like the Keystone Cops. They’d be trying to finish working on Miscavige’s grandiose plans for an exercise course when he would find fault with the large estates building (garage) so people would have to rush over to that. Then the ranch was “flapping” so people would have to handle that. But the exercise course wasn’t now being worked on and Miscavige would see that and react. “Why the hell is nobody working on the exercise course?” he screamed. You couldn’t point out that he’d ordered everyone onto something else, that would be the fastest way to the RPF. So people rushed back onto building the exercise course. But then the garage was a flap as far as he was concerned. On and on the crazy games went. Then an act of god caused heavy rains and there was some flooding with resultant damage. Miscavige threw a fit and based on that natural occurrence, ordered everyone onto handling a new plan for the whole base. And believe me, I am underplaying this for sake of brevity, ask anyone who was there.

    And when I returned to Scientology management in 2005, in Los Angeles, and noticed Miscavige was micro managing the whole place. Let me tell you, it had the same feel. It was David Miscavige cross order city, people rushing here and there, getting nothing done and of course he blamed them and labeled them as incompetent.

    REACTIVE sums it all up and looking at the latest Miscavige attack on Mike and Marty, not a damn thing has changed.

  8. While I was reading the article, I checked out the schematics for the treadmill device in the Super Power building. This looks like some kind of Rube Goldberg contraption or something straight out of Jules Verne novel, “20,000 Leagues Under the Reactive Mind”. Really? Are you f-ing kidding me????? Could anything look more like an implant station than that?

  9. Haydn — Your observations are always enlightening.

  10. I just realized that I can share news articles to facebook, which I just did with Tony’s writeup!

    Marty, if your blog posts can be shared like that, would you have any objection?


  11. Pity the poor Int base and OSA staff members who will be forced to watch this every day for the next month as a motivational tool. Okay, David Miscavige, you made your point–anyone can be pushed to the point where enough is enough. Even you. Except that with you, “had it up to here” is much lower to the ground. You have to deal with Ray, Marc, Ingber, Norman, Lyman, Guillaume, Warren, Lisa, Jenny and can’t forget Wiese (and the list goes on ad nauseum) every day of your life. My recommendation to you is to follow my lead and get on your $5,000 custom mountain bike one Sunday morning and just ride the hell away from that place. I guaranteed that you will feel better immediately. No more people trying to do you in. No more incompetence. Screw the whole bunch of those losers. Ask literally anyone who has left the Int base and they will tell you how much more productive and happier they are since leaving. Imagine how much more good you could do if you disconnected from those creeps. Go ahead and read them my comment. They will love it and support your decision to get the hell out of Dodge.

  12. Violence is a way of life for people inside the chrurch and people that used to belong to the church. I am not impressed with either.

  13. Paul — What you probably don’t know is that this video was worked on for MONTHS. Every word was either written or edited by Miscavige. EVery shot was either selected or approved by him. Calling Marty’s house a “hovel” and him “Rathbone” and “cult leader” is vintage Miscavige. He thinks those things are terribly clever and amusing and they “teach them a lesson for calling me POB and saying I build palaces.” Faceless/nameless accusers, also vintage POB. This video was probably submitted and rejected by Miscavige 50 times before it was finally approved for release. He may have even gone and sat in the edit bay and personally supervised it because after many months “nobody else can get it right and now this magazine article is coming out, so I have to do it all myself.”

    Anyone who has been at Int/Gold will confirm that this is a David Miscavige Productions release. And he is proud of it. Probably had a private screening for his BFF before it hit the airwarves.

    And like the DMP release of the “New Yorker” video, everyone in the world looks at it and has exactly the same reaction. What lunatic did this? Those Scientologists are insane, babbling nutcases. He is taking Scientology from a topic of mystery/fear and coverting it into a topic that is the butt of jokes, as nutty as the Bagwhan Shree Rajnish….

  14. Hi;

    I suspect if DM left INT even for a short while, it would be to teach those dumb idiots a lesson of how miserable things would be without him around.

  15. Mike, I did not think at, out of respect. I believe BOTH parties {the Scientologists and the non-Scientologists} acted irresponsibly. BOTH. Not one or.

  16. My God. I can’t think of any sane person, Scientologist or not who could watch this “Production” and not be shocked. It is the product of a very sick mind, almost child-like. This has to be the most revealing insight into the deranged mind of David Miscavige that I have ever seen. I can’t watch it again. I get the same feeling when I stumble across one of the cults fake Marty blogs, totally hateful. As ever they have just created the opposite of their desired effect. Gross.

  17. When I look at this video, I don’t see a one sided argument. I see two parties opposing each other. I am not an advocate of violence and neither are a lot of other people. In this video, do you agree with the gentleman that pulled a revolver out and pointed it at someone outside of his front door? That is Independent freedom? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. That is LRH’s vision of society? ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think so.

  19. Great video! Made me laugh. King Marty! POB’s videos seem to really be taking a downhill curve though. They seemed so much more real and compelling about 10 or so years ago. I bet he gets into Disney style animations and more CG within the next 5 years!

  20. When the Organization or any group must attack in such a distorted fashion, anyone with a objective viewpoint, ethics and common sense will turn away from such destructiveness.

    This video is based on FEAR,-the core of the Reactive Mind, This pure Third Dynamic Aberration.

    We know the “ropes”: and climbed out of the pit. The Organization created another for peoplel to fall inti an succumb for eternity.

    To All A Great New Year of Freedom.

  21. Marty, I have got to say when I watched the video, which I did a couple of times it was so out of context that it was laughable! This type of thing continues to make this group look insane. No one I know wants anything to do with it. DM will never get it. The staff that continues to back this shit up needs to get 3 feet behind the head of it and move on.

  22. In the USA, people had the right of gun ownership and it can be used to protect yourself and your property. That “reporter” was walking on that man’s property and I am sure we are not seeing the attempts to ask and then tell the “reporter” to get off the property before he pulled out his firearm.

    And if you think this is one sided, I guarentee you that if you or anyone else who goes onto the Int Base uninvited and approaches DM in his office or near where he lives, much larger weapons will be pulled out and not just by security. DM has his own huge arsenal of weapons including assault rifles and always kept a loaded 38 in his desk drawer.

    As he used to like to say, “We have to be ready for any invasion of radioactive mutants coming over the hill.”

    We finally got to see the other camera angle on the “Car Wash” video finally. Just as funny from this new point of view.

    Also I recognize several Gold/Int staff members voices making claims of violence against Marty anonymously. This definitely was a Golden Era Production video creation at the hands of DM and it is no coincedence it is coming out when the Texas Monthly article comes out.

  23. This retaliation and cut-throat dead agenting coming from the CofS is the perfect example of why people stay away from that place in droves.

    It is the perfect example of how LRH’s intention is no longer the focus within the CofS. And why the Church is dead and the Independent field is growing faster than ever.

    For all those who ever tried to disseminate to another and the response was only someone lauging in your face. This is why.

    There is a difference in Scientology and “that Church” that is ripping people off. I believe it was a combination of the Texas Monthly article AND exposing the Scientology’s Reserves report on your earlier blog that expedited the debut of this POS work.

    Seriously? A cheesy video, filled with twisted, altered and omitted comm animated with shadow images resembling “everybody” or all of the monsters, martians and enemies” that are seen only in DM’s universe. I guess he wanted to prove his enemies really were “there” by capturing these shadowy creatures on video.

    And this folks: is what your donations buy.


  24. Tony DePhillips

    Marty and Mike that video was a joke.
    It sounded like some cut rate imitation of Jerry Springer.
    Very cheesey.
    To put a bunch of freaks on you 24/7 and harrass you and then record the moments when you reacted, is such a perversion and alteration of the facts.
    David Miscavige has hit a new low.

  25. Tony DePhillips

    LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Tony DePhillips

    That was in Response to Dan Koon.

  27. FCDC Class of 74

    “Great video! Made me laugh. ” I have to agree if it were’nt for the polish and professional look and feel of a movie it should probably be on Comedy Central. OH Pleeeeeeze!

  28. martyrathbun09

    Carol, you were the highlight of the entire thing in my view; smiling at the fellow running into my suitcase.

  29. TroubleShooter

    Lawrence, I support the second amendment. That “reporter” trespassed as seen in the video. That guy has a constitutional right to make that trespasser know that he wasn’t welcome on his property. Do you know that LRH owned and carried guns since the early days when he was being harassed? That when he was in a hotel in the Clearwater area he had armed guards and a stash of weapons in the place he stayed? It’s called a constitutional right by US citizens that support the Constitution of the United States and our Bill of Rights. Your message is not lost but you tread on me when you make that man’s right to warn that trespasser off his property.

  30. I had already assumed that David Miscavige is a very sick man but I had No idea he is THAT sick…As far as anyone having been violent within the Cof$ while working for DM and even afterwards, I can very much understand: Aberration is contagious and the one who is spreading this virus seems to be POB himself: David Miscavige. Again: Grow up and Come into Present Time!

  31. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    COB, RTC

    Subject: The Next Series of Rathbone Videos


    1) I want an actress to say the following, face-blacked out, on camera:
    “I was standing in a field out by the golf course picking fresh daisies as a morning gift for COB, when all of a sudden a heard an explosion. I looked down the meadow where the noise was coming from and I saw Marty standing beside a large circus cannon with smoke coming out of it. Just then, a man flew over my head like a missile and landed on the green of the 3rd hole and skidded on his face right into the pole in the cup. ‘Wow, hole-in-one!’ I heard Rathbone bellow with his right fist thrust towards the sky. Evidently, as punishment for some minor offense Rathbone had stuffed this man into the cannon and shot him into the air. Terrible, just terrible.”

    2) I want a CGI shot of Marty actually tearing off someone’s head and rolling it down a bowling alley, getting a strike and then jumping up and down in exhilaration and then moon-walking as he pounds his chest. I want that done by tomorrow.

    3) I want the mess hall filled with females all crying hysterically, with voice over after voice over of how Marty slapped, punched, choked, threw to the ground, killed, burned and buried dozens of female staff because he asked them what time it was and when they didn’t answer quick enough he went berserk and wreaked tremendous wrath and violence upon them while the sky got dark and lightning bolts crashed on the ground around him.

    4) I want you to find some people in New Orleans who will swear on camera that Rathbone was running up and down the street that night, naked, grabbing drinks out of strangers hands and guzzling them and then doing a war dance as he fled off into the night.

    5) I want a CGI shot of Marty and Mike in a car running over an old lady, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, while she’s screaming, “No! No! Please Mark Rathbun and Michael Rinder, please, please, please don’t run over me again, I’m sorry I crossed the street against the red light!” Rathbone and Rinder are to be laughing hysterically while holding Jose Quervo bottles out of the window of the car with the radio blasting rap music.

    That’ll do for a start. I want this all done by the end of the week or there will be very severe ethics penalties. We’ve got a war to win.

    David Miscavige

  32. I think the Squirrel Busters got their addresses mixed up.

    They were supposed to be outside of DM’s house!

  33. Impartial English Girl

    DM seems more akin to Roman Emperor Nero with these shenanigans – Nero reportedly concentrated on playing his fiddle whilst Rome burned.

    (Incidentally, a fire that Nero apparently started himself. And the ironic double meaning of the term “to fiddle” has not escaped me either…) More suspicions roused on reading the BBC’s history page on Nero (or, indeed, ANY reputable source on Nero): http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/nero.shtml

    Ave Imperator sciurus, David Miscavige!!

    IEG xx

  34. Lawrence, you are such a nice guy that even DMs ugly PR piece makes you stop and think. You believe that every conflict has two sides and that both sides must be heard and understood. We also believe that but we already heard the other side, most of us for great many years. We lived and worked on the other side. We WERE the other side to one degree or another. What we got on the other side is one main highly intelligent and charismatic psychopath, surrounded by a small handful of lesser villains and several thousand PTSes around the world. So upon closer examination, there is no other side, there is only Scientology (us) with a highly placed SP to deal with. Granting the SP any beingness would be a bad mistake on any level you want to consider, starting from his (DMs) personal level and all the way up the dynamics.

  35. Interesting… I cannot get myself to push play and watch the damn thing.

  36. Heey Miscavige your video made me yawn.

    You are loosing it fast aren’t you David

  37. Tony DePhillips

    This video is total proof that David Miscavige supports fair game policy.

  38. Lawrence, with all due respect, you have not done enough research on the ongoing struggle between David Miscavige and those who want to be able to practice the philosophy freely and therefore your comments here make you look like an imbecile.

  39. The video is like a cartoon, starting out with caricatures and a James Bond feel. Who could take it seriously? Totally laughable. I think DM in his demented state is trying to produce a mini Mission Impossible. AND that is exactly what got produced – a piece who’s mission is impossible because it is just so “B” grade that it is a horrific mess.

  40. The reason this video is so damaging for its author, is that it is obviously a peace born of lies and dishonesty. Nobody is perfect or a saint. You give me 2 lawyers, lots of money and 8 agitators I can use to provoke a group of people over 6 months and I will have snippets to “prove” how bad even Sister Theresa is. Being under surveillance and harassed in front of my house and for 2 years I will make mistakes that can be used in snippets to paint me a certain way. If you analyze how the video is done it uses the same techniques any hate monger uses to incite hatred. I cannot believe that anybody can be so stupid to fabricate such a piece of black propaganda and believe people will not look right through it. I think meeting with Caberta was the only unprovoked mistake that was made. Caberta is a destructive personality that is harming individual Scientologists, not the church. That is the only point the video has, if it wanted to point out mistakes.
    The real shocking part is that the makers of this video are obviously coming from a very very dark place. And if Mike Rinder is correct, it proves only one thing: That extreme corruptness and dishonesty exists at the top of the church.

  41. Right on. Tony Ortega got is spot on with this: “If you can sit through that video, did you catch that Scientology is accusing Rathbun of leading a “cult”? Is that precious or what?” Quote of the year for me.

  42. TroubleShooter

    To me the video ran like one of cob David Miscaviges engram chains connected to the loss of Marty and Mike would run before the pc realized that he had to look at his causation in order to bring about any relief…

  43. martyrathbun09

    Imagine that, me encouraging peeps to watch Miscavige’s best shot.

  44. Wow! Another shot in the foot!

    Two years ago friends said, “hey you need to look at this data from Rathbun, Rinder and others…”

    My repsonse was: “no thanks, wrong-source” And I didn’t look at the SP Times articles, etc.

    THEN I got the Freedom Mag at my residence – never subscribed to it, but got a free one….

    I started to read it and after two or three pages I put it down and I said: “what was that website you wanted me to see??”

    The Freedom Mag and THIS video violate HCO PL HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PR.

    What they say, support and substantiate are:

    “Yeah, Marty and Mike use to beat the shit out of everyone and I stood around and watched it. I am too tiny of a being to step in and actually put someone’s ethics in and stop them from their bank dramos”.

    “oh, yeah the culture in the Church is that execs can do whatever the fuck they feel like and nothing ever gets in their way. Wog laws don’t really apply to us, they are just based on aberrated viewpoints. Ya know, we are on the right side of the fight, so it doesn’t matter that Marty is a fuckin wife beater. Deep down he is a good guy.”

    That is, factually, the PR message that comes across – to me anyway. And that is why I read the blog everyday and I stopped drinking the kool-aid two years ago.

    Did Marty and Mike do these things? Don’t know, don’t care.

    That this is the operating evironment of “the elite and most ethical group” (S.O.) is all I need to know that the train is off the rails. That this type of “PR handling” is allowed to be released to the public shows that there is no one in charge….

    “…time and presure….”

  45. Lawrence, leaving aside the fact that you have not stated any facts to support that any single individual that used to be in the church has a “violence as a a way of life,” such a statement is a gross generalization. I used to belong to the Church – violence isn’t my way of life, and I am sure I am speaking for more than myself when I make that statement. How about sticking to specifics and specific facts? Please.

  46. “Girl smiling at bag” is almost as funny as “Car wash” and better than “Pointing finger” and “Microphone fight”. “Hand in the door” comes close. Most hilarious is that these are used to try to show the level of Marty’s aggression! Even better is Davey’s confession that his second highest ranking officer was beating staff regularly while in function, that he knew about it as he has it in writing, that he didn’t report it to authorities and not even fired Marty as he had to escape himself.

  47. Literary phrase of the month: “a spastic Tasmanian Devil fighting long gone battles.”

    Holy crap, Mike! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at that one. It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the moment or I would have had several ounces of Starbuck’s finest coming out my nose.

  48. ‘POB’ is WAY funnier than ‘Rathbone’ – just sayin’ ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. PublicServant

    Lawrences posts usually dillute, derail or add nonsense to the topic at hand.

  50. martyrathbun09

    I guess Dave missed the import of Anderson Cooper’s obliteration of his “defense” on national television almost two years ago.

  51. Marty, thanks, it cracked David and I up.Especially the “Sadistic Cult Crony” name calling coming from the cult!

  52. martyrathbun09

    Pot, meet Kettle

  53. Only problem with your theory of two parties opposing each other is that one of those parties was being followed and harassed and got sick and tired of it and took action to end it.
    I agree with the gentleman who pulled a revolver – good for him!
    As for your question ‘That is Independent freedom?’ the answer is yes. He made his own decision to do what he felt had the right to do on his own property despite people such as yourself who would condemn this as ‘violence’
    Now if he had actually fired the revolver… yeah – maybe you’d have had a valid point.

  54. So, if verbal diarrhea is not enough to satisfy David Miscavige’s “aesthetic” desires, visual diarrhea is the order of the day. I couldn’t watch it all the way through…..
    “Technical expertise alone capable of creating an emotional impact.”
    Made me want to throw up. Lost carrier, message not delivered…….zxkldewfff……

  55. Not really all that clever considering that in the current environment we’re in campaign mode for elected officials and the smear adds are already starting. The public see this type of mud slinging on a regular basis every election cycle. This make this easier to spot.

    The bigger picture of this in the context of its societal impact is negative for Scientology. It’s smearing attempts on Marty “Rathbone” and Mike Rinder are irrelevant to society. To society they are simply whistle blowers. Society doesn’t care otherwise.

    What is seen is an openly ugly attack on two individuals who have appeared favorably in other media a number of times. The ugly attack is by the CoS against two outspoken whistle blowers in an obvious attempt to smear and discredit them. This is Very Poor P/R Maneuvering.

    “Facts” easily discredited are cited in the video. This is a P/R disaster for the CoS. Who in their right mind would watch this and be interested in finding out more about Scientology? The answer is obvious, the result is a unfavorable opinion of Scientology in general.

    Further, thinking individuals would consider the possibility that what the whistle blowers are saying may well be true, especially so if they have seen the whistle blowers in interview or other public forums. At the very least they would come away with distasteful accusations from the video and Scientology mingled. More poor P/R maneuvering.

    Does anyone think the German governments ideas about Corporate Scientology were swayed by this video? Rather they were further cemented in to their current opinions. Hard to recover from this level of idiocy and bad P/R campaigning

    Others have stated that David Miscavige is brilliant. He may well be but this video is a monument to STUPIDITY.

  56. That scene of you slamming the car door on the OSA “reporter” was PRICELESS. After all, anyone who sticks their body parts in the way of a door is bound to get a good serving of mest meet mest. Loved the fake way that Lynch fellow played it up as if you broke his arm, and then he stayed in position to get another door wack.

    I send high marks to the associate of Mike’s who stood his ground and was prepared to use his sidearm to protect his life and property from these lunatics who could have been anyone posing as someone else. And, like the big pussy’s they are, they called the police to complain about someone “brandishing a gun” AFTER they started to drive away from the scene, like little girls.

    Fast forward to today. Results of this DM circus?


    – Marty is not in jail
    – Mike is not in jail
    – The IOB Street Creepers are gone
    – IOB populous decidedly AGAINST RCS occupation of Casa Blanca
    – Blog still intact and high Alexa ratings
    – No large scale re-entering of independents back to the RCS fold.
    – COS PR worsening
    – Independent Scientology stats on the increase (measured by increased attendance at gatherings year after year)

    FLUNK FLUNK FLUNK FLUNK FLUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Press on………press on.

  57. I watched the WHOLE video without throwing up!
    Do I finally get a pass on my TRs now RTC? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh! No – wait – I laughed.
    The car wash bit got me again! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  58. Lawrence

    Oh dear… That is sure one strange statement.

    WOW! So you think that EVERYONE who is, or ever was a Scientologist, is chronically violent?

    Did you actually read that before you sent it?
    That one statement, due to it’s total implausibility to anyone anywhere, puts either your typing or your sanity severely in question.

    Tell me it is a typo…. Please… Or that David Miscavige has a gun to your head… or something….

    Eric S

  59. Hannibal: “Caberta is an SP.” is an DM/OSA PR message. Marty succeeded in causing her to distinguish the evil actions of the Darth Midget and the RCS from Scientology itself and it’s practice by the Independents and on national public media in Germany. Her actions since that time have been aimed squarely at D.M. or OSA, so she has clearly demonstrated Ethics Change.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  60. Vox Clamantis in Deserto

    “If David Miscavige is so concerned about the reports that he has sruck numerous people that he spent 2 years and millions to put together foolish and unconvincing propaganda, why is it that HE has never stated โ€œI never hit anyoneโ€, NOT IN WRITING AND NOT ON VIDEO?”
    My sentiments, exactly!!
    I would like to hand it to you guys for putting up with all that you had put up with and from all of those from who you had to put up with. Had it been I…Let’s just say I don’t know if I can say that I would have been so self controlled as you guys, Mike and Marty, showed yourselves to be. You have my respect for that alone. David Miscavige wishes he was man enough and had confront enough to come out in the open and confront his peers. I see now why his older brother had to fight his battles for him. He is a sorry excuse for a man. Always was, probably always will be.

  61. Ziba

    I suspect that one aspect of David Miscavige pushing this “violence issue” is the mechanism of trying to lessen his own irrational violence by insisting “everybody does it”. At some point he will likely claim that he only ever “reluctantly” struck anyone “in self defense”. (Well, I guess he might be right really. I suppose if you take the initiative and you hit someone hard enough, for no reason at all, you are not likely to have them say anything bad about you then, or in the near future.)

    Wonderful case study.

    Eric S

  62. Your humble servant

    Thanks to DM, Super Power has now become the laughing stock of the entire world. I don’t know what the super power rundown really is, but it is a rundown that Ron developed, and I’m sure it is good. (It has been said on this blog that the specifics of it were not completely worked out). However, I am sure that Ron didn’t dream up or intend to be used all of the goofy contraptions that DM has approved of for his supposed Super Power project. The so called “Super Power” that people will be receiving, if they ever do receive it, will not be LRH super power but Miscavige Super Power, a total fraud, a total implant of one kind or another, or more likely, a series of implants designed to totally inhibit their personal perceptions. People will not come out of it, they ever do get it and come out it–with their personal abilities greatly enhanced, although that is what they will feel they must say. Instead they will come out of it with their personal abilities reduced, encysted, diminished. What remained of their free attention units will now be fixed on the magical mystery tour that DM put them through under the name Super Power.

    You have noticed that the so-called “top of the Bridge” has been booby trapped. Instead of producing saner and more capable beings, it is producing dwarf beings, beings who cannot look and who are afraid to speak, beings who commit suicide, beings who get cancer or have heart attacks and die, and sometimes beings who simply go berserk and murder other people. I am sorry to have to say this, but it is observably true. Those who are at the “top of the Bridge” and still support it don’t see it because they have become dwarf beings, afraid to look, afraid to think, and afraid to speak. This is because of Gross Out Tech. At the “top of the Bridge” the fundamentals of Scientology have been lost, and Reverse Scientology is the only kind of “Scientology” that is allowed to be practiced. So called Super Power, if it is ever “released”– which is very doubtful–will necessarily have to be more of the same. Dave, how much can suppress, fool, and degrade people before it all blows up in your face?

    This has seeped down to the “lower Bridge” too. Training is now completely booby trapped. For the technically inclined among us, training includes meter reading films that carefully train people to take what are called “prior reads” as “instant reads.” Prior reads are not valid reads on a question or item. (See the Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin entitled E-meter Instant Reads, 25 May 1962). This was my observation while in the academy. I asked the Supervisor about it and he said, “I thought so too at first, but now I see the reads on the film really are instant reads.” (Mind control at work). Marty verified this to me years later. He told me that Miscavige had personally reviewed the metering films and changed them to make sure that all the “instant reads” on the films were prior reads. I can assure you that just one single high-crime, gross and fundamental out-tech violation of this kind, when forced upon the whole of the training line-up across the planet, is enough to eventually destroy the application of the subject and make it unworkable. There have been many such violations, not to mention the whole God-awful Age of Tech, where certain technical proficiencies are emphasized over the fundamentals such as granting beingness to the person in front of you, making sure you are auditing a person who is interested in his or her own case and willing to talk to the auditor, and repairing a case that is in trouble rather than smashing it into the ground with unnecessary withhold pulling and sec checking.

    (Sorry for such a long post, and I hope it is on-topic. The reference to the Village Voice led me to the Super Power Perceptics schematics, and that got me going).

  63. That a church that promotes Human Rights and the Way to Happiness poduces such a video, even bragging about their cleverness, and violating the same rights and precepts one after the other in the video is beyond comprehension for any decent human being.

    It’s idiotic and counter-productive.
    Good for the expansion of the Indie field.
    Thanks to Gold, I think they know somehow what they are doing and the effects they are causing ! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Your humble servant

    I didn’t want to say so myself, but I couldn’t agree more.

  65. Let’s see if I can get the math straight. The Squirrel Busters spent around 8 months on location, with a crew of at least 4 people, perhaps double that at various times. Then they spent 3 months in the edit bay, likely grinding through countless micro-managed revisions under the guidance of Supreme Cinematographer David Miscavige. Total cost, maybe $1 million. And for all that work, they got 9 minutes 40 seconds of finished footage, including too many repetitions of the same tired shattering mirror effect? $100,000 per minute of finished YouTube video.

    By comparison, David Miscavige’s BFF, Tom Cruise, probably only took 4-5 months to shoot Mission Impossible 4 and they got 140 minutes of finished film. for a budget of $140 million, including big stars, incredible locations, great music and cutting-edge special effects, which is about $1,000,000 per minute (10x what Miscavige paid for his “docudrama”). The result of Mission Impossible seems like a bargain by comparison to the Squirrel Busters’ magnum opus. Are the Squirrel Busters the most inept and inefficient film crew in the history of the movies or what?

    Oh, and another thing, which may have been commented on before by others: the other well-known vertically-challenged despot that fancied himself a film auteur was the recently deceased Kim Jong Il of North Korea, who wrote a (not completely awful) book on film theory and took an active role in the production of many epics from his country’s film industry. Who can forget his masterpiece, Pulgasari, a high-budget (by North Korean standards) remake of Godzilla, for instance?

  66. Your humble servant

    Confidentially, I couldn’t stand to watch it either. Well truthfully, I could have but it was so distasteful I decided not to.

  67. Lawrence

    Also… Are you aware that you have also as good as said/admitted that, since you are/were a Scientologist ( I assume that this is true based on some of your earlier posts) that you are chronically violent?


    Tell me I got this all wrong…

    Eric S

  68. Your humble servant

    Lawrence, do you think if some people harass and film you for months with the idea of making you look bad, that in their film you are going to look good? No, they will harass you to get you upset so you can look upset on the film, they will goad you into anger so you look angry on the film, and then they will edit all of the film to pick out the seemingly worst parts and string them all together to try to make you look horrible. They filmed around the clock for 6 months and the “worst” that they came up with is all distilled down to less than 10 minutes of film. Considering all of this, Marty is a positive SAINT in this movie.

  69. I made it through a few seconds and that was all I could take.

  70. Journey Continued

    That production is so much more telling of the mind of its producer.

    Obviously the audience are those public trapped in the cult.

    Anyone who is new to the subject who saw this will walk away with more questions than answers. They will do more research on the net as to what is really going on and in very short order come to realize how bloody off the wall this so called Church is.

    Anyone who has left the Church will see this exactly for what it is โ€“ a black PR puff piece thatโ€™s sole purpose is discredit the subjects. It is not about the truth at all โ€“ just make the people look bad.

    That only leaves those currently onlines (and not all of them) and staff. It may have some traction here as these people are constantly shielded from the truth and using the internet. So it can sort of fill a vacuum. Although I believe that this black PR smear campaign is so badly done it just raises too many questions even for card-carrying members. Like:

    What were you doing at Martyโ€™s house in the first place? How come you just happened to be at the airport when he arrived there? Why did you make this video in the first place? Is this what you would do to me if I disagree with you? Would you harass my family and friends as well?

    So POB this is really an epic fail that is going to backfire on you big time. The trouble with you is that you have to do everyoneโ€™s job because no one can fuck it up like you do. Your stats in fucking up everything you touch are in screaming affluence.

    Keep up the good work!

  71. Oh fuck me, we knew this was coming. Thanks to Davies rolling thunder narration, I seriously doubt anyone could see it for anything other than what it is. An over-priced, and immensely over-FUNDED crock of shit.

    I mean REALLY? LOL.
    Planet earth, in my estimate is beyond these petty games, one could hope.

  72. Regarding the video on Tony Ortega’s site from the link above, “the woman smiling sadistically” at around the 5:30 mark is Carol Kramer. To use that in an effort to keep people in the fold just shows how stupid Miscavige is. If he had two cents worth of brains he’d know Carol has tremendous comm lines and influence. To use a generality, Carol knows everyone! People will see that video and I can just hear them now, “That’s Carol Kramer, I’d better do some more research” and out the door they’ll go. People will know that if Carol is out, there’s a darn good reason. More will follow. Good going Miscavige.

  73. Impartial English Girl

    I made it as far as 2mins42secs in… After laughing at the ludicrous “acting” of the shadow people (the limp, pathetic, flailing of the chap at 00:58 is my particular favourite – check it out again; you know you want to, followed not too far behind by the exaggerated lower-lip pouting of the chap playing “Rathbone”), I started to watch the rest but just thought “fair enough” – I know that my reaction would be exactly the same as Mr. Rathbun’s if the TV crew were repeatedly enacting their tawdry campaign outside my house every day.
    And the slurs against the lady in the film, seemingly based on long-outdated German stereotypes, was when I’d had enough.

    I’ll admit that I did very greatly appreciate seeing Mr. Rathbun spray his hose-water on the camera-crew from THEIR side of the camera, so I must express my thanks to DM for that. It really did amuse me – and, heaven knows, I have not had much to laugh about thus far this year. I think I might go back and watch that little bit again.

    How very galling that with all the resources at the tips of his claws, this video was the BEST that he could do. When are we to expect the videos “about” Mr. Rinder, Miss Scobee, Mr. Beghe, etc. Is there to be a thrilling series to which we should look forward? Bl**fy hell, Dave, you’re a loss to the budget straight-to-dvd comedy market, I can tell you…

    IEG x
    x – a special kiss for DM, just for the laughs occasioned by the shadow-people. It’s only polite to thank someone who has given such amusement.

  74. Dan, if he does take your advice, he should consider somewhere in Texas where people will “take very very good care” of him.

  75. Me too!

    Oh, and the car door.

    And Jim Lynch taking a dive at the Phoenix airport with that master criminal Carol Kramer standing by….

    Actually, I found it pretty amusing and I dont deserve an RTC pass on my TR’s (if I am honest, I dont want one either) ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Reminds me of the movie “Gladiator”. Commodus reclines out of reach behind the scenes with a billion dollars and a hired army of instigators against one man alone and his wife and their valiant Corgy attack dog, Chiquita. Maximus, called to the arena, armed with but a garden hose, sorely outnumbered, he yet defeats in spectacular fashion the legion of tormentors in heavily armored vehicles arraigned against him in combined land and sea invasions! And gets it all on video, besides, releasing it to the roaring public in the stands! Commodus, in futile “But … but … but …” damage control shows in his video only his distorted view of this epic battle, not the six months of calculated, deliberate, and outrageous provocations. If indeed as he claims, a documentary was to be made, did the crew have to film 186 days of Marty taking out the garbage before they could figure out what was going on? That would be a pitiful tribute to the ineptitude of their twisted philosophy. Yet the public has little difficulty at all seeing through this dictated, totalitarian, mud-slinging, “documentary”, to discover the villain of the piece, hiding in a palace within a fortified compound in the desert, making movies, wishing he had Rathbun imprisoned in the dungeons – and did not have to worry about him being free.

  77. That’s how everyone who knows you thinks of you Carol — a sadistic cult crony!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    OMFG this is absolute proof that Miscavige has NO idea…

  78. (Half of the “documentary” was cartoons. Guess even as hard as they tried, they couldn’t find enough real action)

  79. … personally, I thought “the paddleboat Titanic” is the funniest line of the month. With list of the boat and allusions, it’s pretty close to perfect.

  80. mrinder that is funny LOL!!!!

  81. Does anyone know if the Int Base staff to staff beatings and physical stuff has stopped?

    Has the Int Base violence stopped?

    Wolfie Frank, being an ex Int Base staffer, and doing some amount of OSA spy/intel sharing, told me by email that he heard that the violence had stopped.

    But the bottom line, is has the violence and hazing stopped and when did it finally stop, or not?

    This whole smear campaign and blame shifting, misses the opportunity to clean up the Int Base violence hazing bad behavior.

    Ex senior members are able to apologize, but official Scientology leadership aren’t able to act like normal citizens, because they are stuck in a cult.

    I hope some new people blow, and tell of recent violence at the Int Base, or tell that honestly things have changed, I’d like some fresh Int Base news on the violence and hazing story!

  82. martyrathbun09

    Wolfie Frank is OSA.

  83. The big outpoint of all “non-violent” people is the difference between fighting for survival, and violent acts merely to destroy. It is an act of ommission to not oppose evil – a criminal wants to be stopped, and all are better off when he is stopped..Those who cannot or do not differentiate clearly between suppression and the antagonism required to stop it live in self-imposed timidity, are not open people, are not truly rational, and do not truly enjoy the risks and challenges inherent in every day. A major one of those challenges is to differentiate between good and evil, pro-survival and contra-survival.

  84. Michael Fairman


  85. like

  86. Great Video, cult twisting at it;s best!

  87. Dankoon, I am not out to prove though however like you are! ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Hannibal, this was and still is my original thought on the matter. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. Hi Sam. Didn’t mean to rile anybody up here. But in my town, which may be different than others, but is pretty identical to New York City just across the river, even attempting to intimidate someone with a FAKE gun is punishable. And I would not like a video of me circulating on the internet in a comprmising situation like that. That is all. No trigger pulling. ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. I understand, but, isn’t it obvious that the Squirrel Busters WERE trespassing from the start and started the issue. Isn’t it obvious that the Squirrel Busters WERE harassing Marty and his wife from the start and that the Squirrel Busters started it? ๐Ÿ™‚ I think yes. I may be different than other people but noone in this world could ever provoke me to do something illegal or unlawful or even immoral if THEY are the ones proved to be trespassing at my place first. I was not overwhelmed by the video but I was taken aback by seeing him standing in his doorway cocking a revolver. In New Jersey, a person can be arrested for doing that even if the gun is FAKE! Just saying. Not pointing the finger at anyone. Just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Eric, and if you do not have it all wrong, what are the consequences supposed to be? ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. I am glad that David Miscavige published this video. Because here I was thinking the whole time that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are such nice people. Marty is an auditor and God forbid if something happened to him. And here is Mike giving someone the middle finger, Marty slamming car doors and almost breaking someone’s arm, Marty knocking someone to the ground with luggage and then one of Marty’s female friends standing there laughing at the guy? Give me a break! ๐Ÿ™‚ I had Marty and Mike all wrong. My apologies which would probably account for some of the communication problems that can come up.

  93. And then to top it off, Mike tells the guy on whom Marty slammed the car door on his arm, he would like him to put his arm in the car door again. Are these Independents in it for the truth or the attention? ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a different viewpoint of this blog since today.

  94. Mike,
    you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to Caberta. This has nothing to do with a DM/OSA PR message. Let us differentiate not everybody who is against the church is automatically a good guy. And not everybody affiliated with the church is automatically a bad guy. You need to look at the specifics in every single instance.
    I know first hand how Caberta harmed good people, as some here claim they know first hand DM did.
    The point for me in all of all of this is that honest people have rights, they have the right to practice their religion on their own accord free from supression of a Caberta and free from suppression by church terminals that corrupt their religion and ripp people off.
    In the end what counts are the demonstrated intentions and the products of an individual and you need real data to assess that.
    Caberta has not demonstrated Ethics change at all:
    There is no differentiation on her part, she still wants to outlaw “Scientology” basically saying the whole subject, the body of data, pratitioners, the church etc have to be outlawed. This is her line since the very beginning and it is as before aimed at anybody who is a Scientologist.
    I doubt she is even able to differentiate at all,
    Look at the ethics change of DM, after the Debbie Cook email there is tons of advertising for Scientology at least in my area. ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. TS

    Absolutely correct! Most though don’t understand the 2nd Amendment was only a PU statement/showing of one of inalienable rights of all thetans. Meaning, itโ€™s part of the woof and warp of one’s very beingness to protect one’s live, livingness and survival against any threat from any source – including David Miscavige and his punks..

  96. Marty I hate to get weird on you but after looking at this video I am starting to think David may have a man crush on you.

    Why would anyone go to this much trouble and expense to make a film like this? Who is ever going to see this mess? I think David Miscavaige is missing his friend and wants him back out in Hemet ASAP and all has left in the chambers is to strike out at you.

    Ok…I did say it was going to get weird.

  97. Oh really? As if your intention was anything but to rile up everyone. Sorry. Come again.

  98. Mr. Never-do-anything-illegal-unlawful-immoral Saintly you, it is very curious how someone so pure and serene as yourself would put so much effort into pointing out the wrongs of someone else, repeated about 10 times throughout this blog, and this is your reaction from JUST watching a video. What would your reaction be after 6 months of hourly harassment? Not pointing the finger at anyone. Just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. Lawrence

    Well… At least I will be able to stop beating myself up over it…
    or maybe not…
    If I’m not wrong then does that make you right? Does this mean I am going to have to stop overriding this basic impulse I have to smack you upside the head on this one…
    or did I already do that?

    You’ve gone and gotten me all confused. Throw me a line here will ya?

    Eric S

  100. I’m not sure what is worse Lawrence – a pissed off 2.0 on the tone scale, or a 1.1 smiley back stabber. I think I’ll take LRH’s advice on which one is safest.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Lector, your own accusations about others is precisely what you are engaged in. You preach the following, but are not demonstrating that you are following it yourself: ‘Let us differentiate not everybody who is against the church is automatically a good guy. And not everybody affiliated with the church is automatically a bad guy’

  102. martyrathbun09

    What are you smoking?

  103. martyrathbun09

    Please specify what act you are implying fits within these categories of judgment you propounded: ‘noone in this world could ever provoke me to do something illegal or unlawful or even immoral’. If you’d allow your 2D to have done to him/her what Miscavige’s squads did to mine, and you acted one iota less aggressively than I did, I would say you might as well join the cult of neutered sheep.

  104. Kools. Regulars, not 100’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. Marty, it hasn’s quite reached those proportions. I was just speaking with a friend regarding THIS video in particular and the two of us just agreed that in New Jersey is you spit on someone parked while going past on your bike regardless of the provocation YOU can be charged with simple assault. I know what you’re thinking and I have thought pretty highly of you as well, so my {our} only point is you should have just overlooked them and kept riding. You set a better example like that. I think you do, WE think you do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. It really is sad to see people responding poorly to ignorant people like Squirrel Busters that are there LOOKING TO MAKE TROUBLE. They are not looking for trouble to report they are LOOKING TO MAKE TROUBLE. To make a long story short I would never, ever waste my freedom on some dumb idiot that came to my house to rile me up posing as a documentary filmer. Didn’t I say that Marty did the right thing that time he sprayed the water hose on the car wash day? OK? Spraying people with water on a hot day make sense in Texas, but don’t let them push your buttons and have you hauled off. I am not saying anything else.

  107. The reads on the film EM 9A – E-Meter Reads Drill Film – are prior. The reads on EM 9 are accurate. This is very confusing for students. I could not tell you if this is because the EM 9A film was tampered with by DM, but I suspect that the audio CD which contains the soundtrack was made based on a faulty master as the dialog in the EM 9A film is prior as well, i.e. the soundtrack is simply prior for that entire movie. This applies to the films showed on 16mm projectors. It is not the case with the digital projection system where the EM 9A film appears accurate and the reads don’t look prior.

    Whatever is the case, what is sad is that the entire world watched EM 9A with its prior reads for some 15 years and everyone perceived the reads were prior, and some (like you) questioned it, but because David Miscavige “approved” the film, nobody did anything about it and just accepted those reads as “instant”. Very sad indeed.

  108. Lawrence, perhaps this blog is not for you and your interests would be better served somewhere else.

    Neither Marty nor Mike has ever claimed to be a perfect being. If you are now disillusioned about their “saintliness”, I suggest that your ideals are too high for this blog.

  109. Eric. Thank God you are you. Over the past few months I have never seen any of the content in this video from this angle. I never saw the luggage incident where Marty managed to cause the person to fall by touching him with his luggage, or the reporter with his arm in the car door, or the gun toting home owner or a couple of other things in this video that come as a surprise. As a shock. Marty is an auditor and he allowed himself to be manipulated to do something they can point the finger at him on. To me that is shocking. Marty is a big guy and HE KNOWS BETTER THAN THAT. Hence I am disappointed, and was just let down a bit. Not much to worry about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. That could be Emilie. Without anything else said! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well taken.

  111. martyrathbun09

    Gotcha. That is not how things work in Texas.

  112. Oh, so you were not saying, “Violence is a way of life for people inside the chrurch and people that used to belong to the church.”? So you are not saying that anyone who was or is part of the Church is violent? Funny how that is the total message I’ve got from your posts today. So if those were just some accidental words which your fingers happened to type by mistake, what are you saying?

  113. Lawrence,

    You do realize that these people (SBs) were stalking him, day and night for months. Literally trying to ruin life. I’m shocked that their stalking was not considered illegal.

    Is the “stalkie” supposed to just give up their freedom and allow someone to follow, harras and stake them out at their own home? These people were an extension of DM who is a bully. Have you ever dealt with a bully? You can not “talk them down or turn the other cheek”.

    Physically protecting, or enforcing, your privacy may not be legal, but it sure is moral!. They were initiating these encounters, not the other way around.

    Maybe they thought Marty was Amish! Speaking of “Amish” it reminds of the the movie “The Witness”. In this movie Harrison Ford is an NYC Detective who is under cover as an Amish person. The Amish are know for being uber passive and this gets taken advantage by local bullies who like to humiliate them. Harrison Ford, had another idea, which you can see in this clip. The movie theatre erupted in applause. Which I think is representative of peoples sentiment toward bullies.


  114. Lawrence

    OK I got you. Thanks for clarifying that.
    For a minute there I had thought you had completely lost it.
    Good to hear that you are OK, though “just let down a bit.”

    I have to admit that I was “let down a bit” by that original comm of yours. It took me totally by surprise, but I guess we will all live to Move on up a little higher another day.

    Truly… Thanks for the comm. and thanks for keeping your sense of humor.

    Eric S

  115. As we all know, when one is on a Scientology course, he is required to do essays and give real life examples of situations to show that he understands the concept of his studies.

    If anyone is still “on-the-fence” –as in reading this blog while doing the PTS/SP course in an org, in order to “find out for yourself” with 100% TOTAL CERTAINTY LIKE NEVER BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND…(sorry got carried away) that your fearless leader is a true SP Nut ball and that you’ve been successfully screwed-over by him, I recommend doing the following while on your course:

    When you get down your essay on the section regarding The Anti-Social Personality, the Anti-Scientologist and going through the attributes of The Anti-Social Personality, on #7– which states: The Anti-Social cannot finish a cycle-of-action. Such become surrounded with incomplete projects. When it comes to your essay, do this for your example:

    Including all details; name, places, times, etc., write down exactly what Hadyn just shared with us.


    Run like hell.

    P.S. That’s a “pass”.

  116. one of those who see

    Just like the video they did on Paul Haggis. This video is an huge embarrassment to the Church. It is also incriminating. Not to Marty and Mike but to Miscavige and his “church.” Mike and Marty were harassed in an extreme and consistent basis. They have been stalked, their livelihoods threatened. I’m sure part of the plan was to drive them to some kind of violence. I can see Miscavige screaming at the SBs because all they got was some pushing and shoving and a few scratches on tape. Somebody’s going to have to buy more Basics packages for their basement to make up the damage.

    So this video is a lie. It omits the biggest part of the story-the EXTREME harassment. Conclusion: The church lies, can’t be trusted.
    The video also shows that they they freely show peoples ethics files to the world. Again, the church can not be trusted.

    And amazingly enough David Miscavige actually calls Marty the head of a cult. LOL – loved that part! Perfect demo of Overts doth speak loudly in accusation.

  117. Just curious Lawrence, is it OK to flip off the hired goons that used to follow me and Christie everywhere we went — to the supermarket, to nursery school, restaurants, dentist and doctors offices, etc etc. The goons wearing masks, hiding behind tinted windscreens, holding up newspapers and even putting black curtains in their cars so they couldnt be seen or identified? Or was that a bit over the top for someone as perfect as I am?

    Or “abusing the elderly” — they kind of omitted that good old Ed Bryan, who had been stalking us for several days, was trespassing. The net result of my “abuse” was that Ed Bryan was arrested and taken to jail by the Miami Beach PD. I was taking Bryan to the police as I had been instructed by the head of security at the convention hall as Jim Lynch had escaped Security a little earlier. And also for the record, Lynch told the officers that arrested him that he was there “to harass the people who were denigrating his religion” and that he had stolen his convention pass. One thing about Ed, he’s not too bright.

    And for the record, the guy who brandished the gun was not a Scientologist, ever. And I can assure you, after his experience with the RCS, he never WILL be done. He didnt even know what Scientology was until I had to explaint to him why people with cameras were sitting in the parking lot of the place we were working. He then looked on the internet and read all about the PI’s and disconnection and when he was followed to his home, in a gated community, and they refused to leave his property after he had told them to leave and they then entered his garage and began rattling the door to his kitchen — he came out with his replica gun. I have no association with him other than working in the same office as he did for 3 months. Nicest, politest guy you would ever want to meet. I would love the church to explain what they were doing at his house — there was only one reason, to try to intimidate him. And when he intimidated them back after feeling threatened, they cry like babies. Typical of these lowlifes — boy, they are really tough when they are dishing it out and put stuck pigs to shame when anyone says boo to them.

    And finally, the “car door incident” — Lynch followed Marty and I out of a restaurant at 11:30 at night. We walked 200 yards to the car, with Lynch constantly running right in front of our faces, demanding answers to his “do you still beat your wife” “wuestions.” He was told repeatedly to go away. It shows pretty clearly that he didnt listen and actually tried to follow Marty into the car and keep “in his face”. Again, he went down like a WWF reject and spent months trying to get the Santa Monica Police to “file charges” and prosecute Marty. No prosecutor in their right mind would act on that — in many states you could justifiably shoot someone for sticking their body parts inside your car.

    If you havent had the displeasure of being within 50 feet of Jim Lynch, who may be the sleaziest person walking the face fo thsi earth, I think you should hold your judgment, or else I am going to tell the Church that you are the new Bob Minton and are funding all Indi activities and you can get a taste of life in the fast lane. ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. I believe I have found the inspiration that David Miscavige used to motivate the crew in the making of this film in Texas. It comes from Herman Melvilleโ€™s classic -Moby Dick.

    โ€œTo the last, I will grapple with thee!
    From Hellโ€™s heart, I stab at thee!
    For hateโ€™s sake, I spit my last breadth at thee!โ€

    Made more famous by Ricardo Montoban who, as the character Khan dropped it on Cpt. James T. Kirk in the Star Trek film ” The Wrath of Khan! ” ( just some fun trivia)

    Davidโ€ฆcโ€™mon manโ€ฆ..You need to lighten up!

  119. Hannibal
    Ursula Caberta actions were the direct result of Miscavige’s predatory and disastrous actions in Germany which are on file.
    Why did the Germans report to Ursula Caberta ?
    ๏ปฟBecause they were financially RAPED $$$$$ Raped of their finance.
    They were Abused.
    Why did Australians report to Senator Xenophon ?
    Because they were financially RAPED $$$$$ Raped of their finance.
    They were Abused.

    Government officials do not wake one morning out of the blue sky and decide to take on the CHURCH.

  120. That’s what I found out several years ago, which is when he told me the violence supposedly stopped. Agreed, so Wolfie’s not a credible source.

    Any credible second hand news that things have changed as far as hazing and the physical threats and violence stopping at the Int Base and in the staff ranks?

  121. martyrathbun09

    ‘Nuff said.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Don, thanks for the perspective. The County Attorney here made the Texas ground rules fairly clear in the letter he issued after the first incident of 18 April at my home (published in the first Corpus Christi Caller Times article on this matter). For those who perhaps couldn’t read through the lines, the upshot was this: in Texas we don’t have those east and west coast stalking protections; but if you stalk, be prepared to reap what you sow. Miscavige and his pack couldn’t, and can’t, stand the consequences of their own actions. And I did not come anywhere near what I was entitled to reap given their sowing.

  123. “And if you think this is one sided, I guarentee you that if you or anyone else who goes onto the Int Base uninvited and approaches DM in his office or near where he lives, much larger weapons will be pulled out and not just by security.”

    Well, first of all, if you go to Int Base, you’re not even going to get past the front gate. However, I would recommend checking out the video of what happened to protestor AnonOrange, who wasn’t even on the property of Int Base and was assaulted by three security guards.

  124. “And finally, the ‘car door incident'”

    I lol’d!

  125. IOB authorities obviously understand that the overiding purpose of their position is to protect peacful, law abiding citizens (residents).

    So when the “perps” filed their complaints (for actions they were admittedly trying to illcit) the IOB authorities, who did not have the legal authority to stop the SB harrasemnt out right, excersized good judgement and filed the complaint in the garbage can. Good for the them!

  126. Hmmm, Mike, with a bit of a Paul Hogan mockup, you could have drawled, “If you put your arm inside my car, I get to keep it” – and pulled out your Paul Hogan bowie/machete “*this* is a knife” to convince him you meant it.

    Lucky for him, you are too nice to teach them what “violence” really means.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  127. +1 Uh yeah, cuz it’s the perfect description of Pope on a Box!

  128. What comes through loud and clear on the attempted smear job on Marty Rathbun is the hidden, sugar-coated hostility of the people who made it: David Miscavige and OSA, the Office of Special Affairs corporate puppet-thugs).

    It is so obvious — the “Narrator” while pretending to be conservative and respectable, intentionally mispronounces Rathbun’s name in a pejorative, derisive manner. That blows the credibility right there. Sugar-coated cesspool.

    But what is most telling about the corrupt state of the videos ‘producers’, i.e. David Miscavige and his employees, is that they purport to be “holy men” and “spiritual leaders.” — and yet they are so far gone mentally and spiritually, that they pretend to publish supposed “written confessionals” with Marty Rathbun’s signature — once again branding their real actions, i.e. accruing “confessionals” for the purpose of black mail, not spiritual sanctity and liberation.

    Enough said. Would you trust that source?

    P.S. Personally, I like to see Marty Rathbun getting angry at the Squirrel Busters…after 199 days of heckling, harassing him and the likes of that video. I find it an appropriate, honest emotion, and he didn’t hurt anyone. David Miscavige is like a woman who scratches herself and cries “rape.”

  129. Theo Sismanides

    Lawrence, there is some serious background data and scenes that are missing from this video, edited out or even never shot.

    This video is made out to present Mike and Marty as the bad guys. How would you react if you had that guy in the costume follow you everywhere in your life asking you questions, implying you are nobody?

    A Free Being can destroy things, unless YOU can start destroying YOU cannot win in this Universe. Miscavige knows that very well so HE thinks he can destroy all the good guys.

    My two thumbs up for all the BAD DEEDS of Mike and Marty appearing on the video. Hey, guys I didn’t know you are that good! Congrats.

    Lawrence, exercising force is not a bad thing necessarily. Especially when you have to do with those psychos who are not ashamed to call themselves Scientologists.

    This video is a disgrace of the church of Scientology. It’s full of entheta and full of 1.1. Those guys cannot confront ONE or TWO men. This is how low they are. And both Mike and Marty did a great job to ridicule them.

  130. Theo Sismanides

    Oh and on another note, I now see why the Squirrel Busters were there. To actually make this video, to “show” who are the bad guys.. Oh yes WE are the bad guys and I am so happy to see this video and see how badly Mike and Marty acted on them. Enough is enough.

  131. Theo Sismanides

    Marty this is exactly what this video is aimed at. To get people like Lawrence who are lawful and loyal to a system of Law and Justice to start doubting things. Well…. I am glad I would prefer Texas to live in and not New Jersey. At least there is still Liberty and Freedom in Texas. Oh in Greece too, you could spit your guts on them, considering all the enturbulation they caused you all the previous days.

  132. Yes, it’s a huge embarrassment on the corporation posing as a church. It is also evidence that David Miscavige uses BLACKMAIL. Not only is blackmail illegal in our society, David Miscavige’s use of it is the complete utter unabashed undermining of the sanctity of Scientology auditing and The Auditors Code.

    David Miscavige calling Rathbun leader of a cult shows how sick and snarled up he is in his attempt to play mind games.

  133. Theo Sismanides

    Lawrence, since you bring up the issue of violence again I would kindly ask you to listen to the tape the Free Being. Intelligence and… Force… look it up… all big intelligent beings lost because they couldn’t exercise a bit of Force. If someone would exercise some Force on DM that would be the end of it. By Force I would mean not just beat him up but beat him up and have a whole bunch of witnesses that he has been beating so many people. As I said about Enough is Enough. Some Force is needed now more than ever.

  134. Theo Sismanides

    good points Andy, thanks! rather sane! Where was DM if it was just Marty? Spot on!

  135. Lawrence, “Nice” people don’t let themselves be abused. If your communication here is genuine and not a grandstand drama play, for your sake I recommend you clear that up.

    Get it? “Nice” people don’t let themselves be abused. And letting one’s self be abused is not an indication of being “nice.”

    Even a puppy will bark and bite at an attacker.

    Also, add to your homework:
    1) False data stripping that “everything that happens to me I pulled in” — and demo the difference between that and being “Cause.”

    2) It might also help you to look at the Tone Scale. Demo the difference between someone having a psychotic fit (David Miscavige drooling at the mouth and ordering illegal actions) and the FUN that Mike and Marty are having, keeping it up tone. If you want to talk about the prediction of human behavior, I would bet my life on the fact that Mike Rinder nor Marty Rathbun would have slammed the car door again on the guys arm. Sheez. Look at their tone when Rathbun and Rinder speak, and compare the differences between how he said things and what the attackers who ambushed him are doing.

    It may be difficult to describe intention in an obnosis (observing the obvious), but it can be perceived. Give me a break (and I don’t mean my arm! LOL) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  136. Scientologists did not report to Ursula Caberta. You have the wrong information and you have been lied to. Between 1980 and 2004 Caberta and other Scientology antagonists were fighting over former Scientologists because they were so scarce. Being able to present an โ€œAussteigerโ€ meant media attention which could be translated into public funding. Follow the moneyโ€ฆ . And that sums up, why she got involved. Even in the scene of German โ€œCult in chargeโ€ Caberta was often viewed as a black sheep and made many enemies.
    And besides that, Caberta did not take on the Church, she took on individual Scientologists and denied them their right to practice their believes by destroying their livelihood. She lost in German courts many times against INDIVIDUAL SCIENTOLOGIST and German courts attested her human rights violations.
    While it is correct that there are the abuses of the church and the church has completely mishandled at times the scene in Germany and this way created even greater antagonism. All true, but this is not an excuse for what Caberta has done and is doing.
    Marty thinks Caberta is converted and from now on is only working against the church and she has ethics change. But who is the church? 97.5 % of good willing staff and public of which a large portion has wool pulled over their eyes and 2.5 % at the top. Caberta was actually playing into the hands of the 2.5% by harming and going after the 97.5%.
    If I look at the 97.5% and the impact of Marty buddying up publicly with Caberta had on them. I am convinced he did more harm than good.
    Big deal, in my sincere opinion he made a mistake as others here in the US as well, that are not familiar with the scene in Germany. It is not so important if you make a mistake, it is more important how you deal with it. The way the 2.5% in the church do it is justifying and “have to be right.”

  137. “Lector?”. Thats a good one. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am accusing Caberta of what she did. And I am speaking the truth, she did harm many good Scientologist in Germany for very selfish reasons. I saw it, I was there and cannot speak other that what I observed. If that is accusing her, so be it. I do not think it is a good idea to publicly buddy up with her and think from a PR perspective it plays into the hands of the people that wage war against you. My honest opinion.
    I accept you do not like me saying that, but “Lector?”. I hope you meant that funny, if not, let me tell you this. DM can only stand people that applaude him

  138. That is always the solution on this website. As soon as someone disagrees, then “perhaps this blog is not for you”.

  139. Your humble servant

    Thanks for that confirmation and additional information, Raul.

  140. Your humble servant

    One of those,

    Those are excellent points about the ethics files (gross and inexcusable breach of trust–unbelievable to the average person), the lies and omissions, any yes, it is hugely embarrassing to our formerly spiritual church. Only a certified nut-job would put out this kind of hate piece.

  141. Get into present time.
    – Marty on Mosey’s computer

  142. Then, applying your think I suppose your next advice is to contribute to the IAS so that DM can continue his great working destimulating of this GPM. – Marty on Mosey’s computer

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