Disdain For A Valuable Human Life

I have just examined the death certificate of L Ron Hubbard’s closest friend, Ann Marie Tidman.


The certificate indicates that the manner in which Miscavige treated Annie and her family was far worse than originally reported here on 14 January, Ann Marie Tidman In Memoriam.

Please examine line 107 “underlying cause” of death.  It notes “Non Small Cell Lung Cancer” with a “time interval between onset and death” as “14 Months”.

Given that her date of death was 14 June 2011, that puts the onset of the lung cancer as mid April 2010.  That means when John Brousseau learned of her lung cancer it was right at its onset, since JB left the Int base in the last week of April 2010.

Our efforts to inform Annie’s family on her condition behind the walls of Miscavige’s prison began immediately upon JB’s escape.  That was because I predicted to JB that Miscavige would keep this matter a secret until her death so that no one would have an opportunity to hear the truth from her last years with L Ron Hubbard.  We agreed that the only chance for her recovery was for Annie to be as far away from Miscavige as possible as he had a vested interest in her passing quickly and quietly.  And that is why we set the machinery in motion immediately.  That is also one of the reasons why JB and I traveled to the Int base on June 5, 2010, see post report The Citadel.   Before we made the loud, overt approach reported in the post, we attempted to call Annie’s cell phone to inform her we were in the vicinity to assist her to escape.  Annie did not answer the call.

That Miscavige prevented family knowledge of the disease through and beyond her death is inhumane.  The felony is compounded by the death certificate which tells us that Annie was ordered by Miscavige to withhold her condition to her family from the onset; a point in time where cure was clearly possible.

Next, please note line 26, name of informant.  “Catherine Fraser” is the Port Captain for Miscavige’s prison camp known as the International Headquarters at Gilman Hot Springs California.  The Port Captain’s first and foremost duty is to obstruct the discovery of and cover up any crime committed by David Miscavige.  But, here is the damning part – look at the four letters by Ms Fraser’s name DPOA.  Wikipedia defines DPOA as follows: DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY: Under the common law, a power of attorney becomes ineffective if its grantor dies or becomes “incapacitated,” meaning unable to grant such a power, because of physical injury or mental illness, for example, unless the grantor (or principal) specifies that the power of attorney will continue to be effective even if the grantor becomes incapacitated. This type of power of attorney is called “power of attorney with durable provisions” in the United States or “enduring power of attorney” elsewhere. In effect, under a durable power of attorney, the authority of the attorney-in-fact to act and/or make decisions on behalf of the grantor continues until the grantor’s death.

With malice aforethought David Miscavige had Annie (in who knows what state) sign over her right to make decisions concerning her own life to the Port Captain Gold (who is an unquestioning Miscavige loyalist; if you doubt that see Ms Fraser’s performance on Anderson Cooper’s Mar/Apr 2010 series Scientology: A History of Violence).

Finally, please see line 1 place of death “address”.  It is marked “1830 N Bronson Ave, Los Angeles, CA”.  That is the address of the apartment building for Celebrity Center International staff directly across the street from the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center.

For the last several months of Annie’s life her family tried to reach her by phoning International Headquarters.  The phones were answered by staff whose handling of such calls is closely monitored by the Port Captain (Cathy Fraser) who told Annie’s family that Annie was too busy working there to be bothered with them.  The family, out of respect for Annie, and for her eighty-one year old Sea Org member mother at Scientology Inc’s Clearwater Florida center, respected “Annie’s” wishes (ordered communicated no doubt by her DPOA under the micromanagement of Miscavige).  All the while Annie was dying in Apartment 336 smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles, where a visit from her family could not possibly have bothered the tyrant’s security or privacy concerns or even distracted him from the innumerable other cover-ups consuming his busy day.

As a last macabre note, see line 40 – location of delivery of the body cremation remains – 19625 Gilman Hot Springs Road, Gilman Hot Springs California, Scientology Inc Headquarters compound – right into the hands of Miscavige’s designated DPOA.  It was not until six months after Miscavige personally disposed of any remaining trace of the body that Annie’s family even knew of Annie’s passing – and only then because we made it known.

This investigation is not over.

Thanks again to Karen De La Carriere for her deft deployment of  investigative resources.

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  1. The death certificate shows a lobectomy in May 2010, so at least she received some standard care for her cancer. Too little, too late, probably.

  2. But I thought the S.O took care of its own? (heavy sarcasm)

    This is how DM treats staff loyal to LRH. What makes you think your child will be treated any differently? (directed to CoS members in good standing, one in particular) Left to die without even the simple decency of informing the immediate family.

  3. haydn (T Paine)

    This is horrific. David Miscavige has not one shred of decency, not one sliver of care, not even a tiny speck of compassion.

  4. Annie was not just left to die. Her family was actively prevented from reaching her to ensure she could get the aggressive treatment needed to save her life.

    David Miscavige sentenced her to die horribly.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  5. Tom Gallagher

    Anyone left doubting that David Miscavige is an historic criminal sociopath and whole track Suppressive Person?

  6. That’s just about the most disturbing knowledge report I’ve ever read. Some things just impinge more than others. The sadness generated by this won’t take long too jump up a tone level or two but such a violation of human dignity is a crime which is not forgotten.
    ‘Lest we forget’

  7. Words cannot adequately convey my horror and disgust concerning this inhuman treatment. Regarding David Miscavige, unfortunately nothing surprises me anymore. But, Catherine Fraser, how can you sleep at night – ever.

  8. I hold the individuals immediately around Annie during this entire episode as accountable as DM.

    My God, aren’t Scientologists supposed to go into action and help out when a comrade is in dire circumstances?!? Especially if those circumstances are caught early enough for possible treatment?

    Beyond shameful. Beyond just “out-ethics”. This is a sickening cult that lets its members suffer and die unnecessarily upon the orders of the worst, 1.1, utterly self-centered SP you can imagine.

  9. Again this brings up my little P.C who was I/C for the cadet org when I met her in the early 80’s.

    She was I/C of 35 to 50 kids.
    I was looking for a PC to audit for my internship. Her father pretty much gave her to me. (She was good training for sure, lol.)
    We lost her father, a loyal SO officer of many years, (Charles Schlecht) due to skin cancer. He got no medical care… it went like this, he got the diagnosis and the rest was covered up. He was only in his late forties, early fiftie maybe.

    I guess without derailing the topic, let it be known that this is what I consider an epidemic within the current CO$. The very topic that was meant to value not only human life, but to impove the human experience has been reversed in every manner.

    Meanwhile back in the real world, children have no grandpa, daughters have no father, fathers have no daughters, and the list goes on and on.

    Remind me why there is any doubt as to how this is not the right path?

    Last time I landed on a fence, it took 244 stitches to save my leg.
    Luckily that was just a horse wreck. One I didn’t choose (as far as I know).

    But this fence of so called “loyalty” I see on the inside, is more dangerous than anything the body ever faced.

  10. Thankyou Marthy,and Karen for the insight behind this terrible ending for Annie and the witholding of vital information leading up towards her death and after with the investigation , and the family not told , Its unconceivable to comprehend and beyond beleif that David Miscaviage can be so utterly hearthless and so bloody cruel , mindless and so off planet insane as he is
    can do this to a family / let alone hers/ to LRH also . What the fuck does he have against Hubbard and his friend Annie .
    One Calls for Concern on Diana Hubbard in this case as to what has he done with her Diana, and if and what way she ends up in / or out/ and what state?. Do you think she will sign a agreemewnt never to talk about anything / that means she would have not be able to talk about her father ??? OR DM trys that one on her , ( wouldn’t put it past him )Or unless she is so taken over by DM and not in own state of mind and its question is Is she already. And if he already has Power of Attorney over her Who the hell knows. You certaintly have to ask.
    Diana remember’s she does have a sister Suzette and a brother Arthur
    not inside. Do they know how this disaster with Annie ended and wouldn’t they be wondering what end road will be taken for Diana and under what condition or method of control by DM is in plan ??
    I beleive Arthur doesn’t have anything to so with Scientology any more
    However he cannot disclude that he has a sister within the compound.
    and again one ask’s What if he or his sister Suzette were to hear this story about Annie , wouldn’t any one wonder what runs through their minds with
    some sort of concern how there Sister is.? Of course one would ask and suspect if any calls in to diana if they are strictly monitored tel converstions if calling in to talk to their sister by those mentioned
    or if they do at all call in .WHO KNOWS. Theirs know words to discribe
    sorrow for the family of Annie / I place my ammediate concerns to Diana ‘s well being.

  11. This makes you think: Would anyone who has nothing to hide commit such a horrendous act of cover-up. What is David Miscavige hiding? What is really going on there? Another question – and I do not mean to be disrespectful of Annie by no means: How could a smart, lovely, knowledgeable human being as she was linger under the force of such an SP? She obviously had sworn loyalty to LRH not DM. She had the chance to leave with the love of her life: JL – So how could this have happened? I really would like to know. If anyone could please help out with some links I can research etc.Thanks.

  12. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.. this inhuman piece of s–t needs a big reality adjustment now! How many other dead bodies do we not know about? To Annie’s family, I am very sorry for your loss.

  13. Michael Fairman

    By virtue of their silence, by their refusal to look or question, every single member of the Corporate Church of Scientology is complicit in the horrific, immoral, and possibly illegal acts of David Miscavige and his staff of enablers. They all share his guilt, and will all share in the coming retribution. Once the truth is revealed for all to see, “We didn’t know what was going on”, is a refrain that will sound as empty as it did almost seven decades ago.

  14. Yes, this is horrific. As my mother died of lung cancer on November 25, 2011, the day after Thanksgiving, I can attest to the improvement of morale when family and friends visit a dying person. It means so much to them; as In the end, all you have is your affinity, reality and communication for those you love, and to deny Annie this last bit of comfort, is the cruelest of cruelties.

    My mother told me that she did not want to be alone. For this reason I stayed with her 24/7 for six solid weeks, with a few hours off here and there. I did not spend even one night at my home during this time. The number one thing I am thankful about; is that I was able to spend this time with my Mom, and provide her with the comfort and security, of knowing someone she knew and loved, was there. As my Mom had dementia with extreme short term memory loss, this was important. When she woke up in the night, someone she recognized was there for her. I felt thankful for the opportunity to try to pay her back for all the countless wonderful things she had done for me over the years; and would feel very differently had I not been able to do this. It gave me closure and has made my grief much less than it would have been otherwise. Additionally, it brought my son and me back together, from whom I had been disconnected from for many years. My Mom was able to know this before she died.

    I can only imagine the emotional pain and suffering Annie’s family is going through, having been denied caring for her, saying good-bye to her, and providing comfort and love to her, in her last days. This is an enforced DISCONNECTION OF THE MOST FINAL KIND! There is no way to for them to have this opportunity again.

    There is an important reference somewhere in the Congress lectures that I would love to quote. I have looked for it in the transcripts unsuccessfully. But, in that lecture, LRH states that cutting the communication lines of a person is one of the few truly overt acts that a person can do to another. As David Miscavige, and the current Church do this to countless people, it gives you some idea of the crimes of magnitude they are stacking up. If someone here knows of that reference, please put it here on the blog. I will continue to look for it.

    To Annie’s family, you have our sincere condolences not only for your loss of Annie, but for your loss of not being able to say good-bye to her in person. It is my hope that you will realize she is a spiritual being that will live forever, and that this will be of some comfort to you in your time of sorrow. It is one of the true miracles of Scientology for an individual to know that this is true, and that saying good-bye is only saying good-bye for now. If you would like someone to talk to, I would be happy to be there for you. Just e-mail me below.
    Much love,
    Catherine Von Ach
    Austin, Texas

  15. Statistics are not good for a female with lung cancer, even non smoker.
    Doing nothing is not the best approach. A Lobectomy is surgery that statistics on resurgence is known. Alternatives as simple as drinking Carrot Juice ( documented cases on internet) , eating Kale, major change of diet. Many cases of full recoveries when something was done. Nothing done, this was delibrate neglect.

  16. I’m pretty sure that was the same apartment Natalie Ellis (Academy Course Sup at CCInt) was sent to in 1994 when she had colon cancer (I’d have to re-visit to be sure it was exactly the same building but from the google map it looks to be the same one right accross from Celebrity Center on Bronson) I was one of the few people who bothered to visit Natalie while she rotted to death in a dirty little apartment. Finally on death’s doorstep she was sent to UCLA Medical Center where she died having delivered a CSW to the CO CCInt just days before to be allowed to take an LOA from the Sea Org. If Annie died in the same place and under the same conditions and this ever gets to a court room I would be more than happy to testify as a witness as to how Natalie was quietly hidden away and disposed of in the same manner.

  17. And about how the CO CCInt (Dave Petit) condemned Natalie to the rest of the staff at crew muster for being out-ethics by getting sick and wasting production time off post. I’ll bet his celebrity public weren’t told that at Natalie’s Memorial at CCInt. I wouldn’t know. I was too sick to the stomach to attend.

  18. Never mind – googled it. Lobectomy removes part of infected lung so yes – it does look like she had some treatment.

  19. … discarded… like the old/sick Eskimos, who would go far into the woods to die along or like with an old horse… too old to work? …they are taken out and shot in the head or sold for dog food! …just discarded… .like trash.. and how much different was our own much loved MARY SUE HUBBARD treated?

  20. Jean-François Genest

    This is sad and tragic. I am appalled, yet not surprised.
    David Miscavidge ◄▬ RUSH!
    Come to present time, girlfriend, come to present time!

  21. Anonymous uses a simple phrase which I think is apt here “This is why”.

  22. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    David Miscavige’s callousness in keeping secret his crime by wasting Annie’s chance of surviving is deplorable. Like all criminals he has to spend most of his energy covering his tracks. Surely now criminal prosecution can begin.

  23. This is sickening and very sad end to a very special individual.

  24. Anyone contracting a life-threatening illness, even after 20 yrs of service, is Fitness Boarded out of the Sea Org, because they are no longer “qualified”.

    There are SO MANY examples.

  25. If David Miscavige had a shred of decency he’d resign and go on one of the church of scientology’s “voluntary spiritual retreats” (RPF) for the remainder of his days.

  26. This DM guy looks more and more like Dracula than a human.

  27. The continuous deaths of cancer within the Sea Org, the unusually high number of cancer deaths to those auditing on OT VII and also OT VIIIs is a huge embarrassment to Miscavige.
    So it is covered up and hidden.
    It leaks out here and there
    A recent example is the death of Sue McFarlane auditing away for decades on her OT VIII and duly reporting for her 6 month sec checks to find her overts and CRIMES.
    Sue Mcfarlane formerly Sue Mithoff, (Bob Mithoff’s former wife) formerly Sue Bernstein died a few days ago of Lung cancer in Los Angeles.
    Another mid-OT VII dying on the level.
    Sue was the partner of Richie Acunto of infamous “Survival Insurance” that did not survive its bankruptcy
    IAS scooped out its $10 million before all that occurred ~! whooooopeee doo !

    Sue Mcfarlane her facebook page still up and passing not announced

    OT VII death embarrassment.

  28. Anne Howe

    Perhaps THE most outrageous, disrespectful, highly offensive conduct that Miscavige acted out was the handling of Mary Sue Hubbard’s death where he hid it from one and all til it surfaced on the internet years after her death.
    Neville Potter who has an office within the RTC building was installed in Marty Sue’s home at 2345 Chistlehurst in Los Feliz, Los Angeles where Mary Sue died of lung cancer a few years ago.
    Neville reported her every move, her every comment to David Miscavige.
    Mary Sue’s 30 years of contribution went without a word of acknowledgement or sorrow at her passing.


    May the author
    Of the universe enable all men
    To reach an understanding
    of their spiritual nature.

    May awareness and
    understanding of life expand,
    so that all may come to know
    the author of the universe.

    And may others also
    reach this understanding
    which brings Total Freedom.

    At this time, we think of those
    Whose liberty is threatened;
    of those who have suffered
    imprisonment for their beliefs;
    of those who are enslaved
    or martyred, and for all those
    who are brutalized, trapped
    or attacked.

    We pray that human rights
    will be preserved
    so that all people may believe
    and worship freely,
    so that freedom
    will once again
    be seen in our land.

    Freedom from war,
    and poverty, and want;
    freedom to be;
    freedom to do
    and freedom to have.

    Freedom to use and understand man’s potential—
    a potential that is God-given
    and Godlike.

    And freedom to achieve
    that understanding
    and awareness that is
    Total Freedom.

    May god let it be so.

  30. This is so disgusting, appalling, revolting, ghastly, …abominable, and stomach-churning, – but what is even more disturbing is that DM has a macabre series of these deaths. I’m still sickened by Mary Sue treatment in later years along with so many other staff that have passed, and now Annie Brokers who was Ron’s close friend for several of his last years as exclusive personal and business aide.

  31. Thanks Karen and Marty. Don’t even know what to say.

    Other than 1830 N. Bronson Ave, is NOT the place I’d have suspected Annie Broeker Tidman to have passed away. I wonder what the security arrangement, who was with Annie, at the end.

    Do you think Shelly might have been with Annie? That’s probably unlikely.

    What person from Int, would it have been one of the Gold MLO (medical liaison officer) people?

    Someday, whoever Annie’s final caregiver was, I hope they get out and are free to speak then.

  32. one of those who see

    I watched a documentary this morning on the holocaust where survivors told their stories. Absolutely horrific. Pure evil. And I am one of those who really doesn’t like comparing lesser evil to the evil that was done by Hitler and his people.
    But, there are few things I have witnessed in my life that does bring that kind of evil to mind. How sad is it to say that the Church of Scientology does bring that kind of evil to mind. Jim, Pat and Annie’s family had a right to be notified, to see her and offer any help they desired. There are many standard and alternative treatments out there. With that and a loving, destimulating environment, she stood a chance.
    Disconnection. One of the things that was done by the Nazis that was so horrible was the separation of families. Husbands and wives separated, Fathers taken away, Children separated from parents, from each other. The stories are heart wrenching. Heart wrenching. Well in Scientology today there are thousands of these stories. How many families can you name – right off the top of your heads that are suffering from disconnection. This is evil. These are good people who can’t see their parents, children, Grandparents etc…
    I, myself am not the type of person to be under the radar, but I must for now because of the threat of disconnection. Right here in the middle of America.
    Thank you Marty for shining the light on the truth. Annie deserves that her story be known.
    I also have sent my contribution to Debbie Cook’s Defense. A comment about my fellow Scientologists – the facebook police: They are very willing to throw her under the bus and they don’t even have accurate data on the cycle. I’ve been told that she disconnected from the church, went to the media, is declared. None of which is true. The last – been declared – I’m not sure of, but I don’t think that has happened yet. Wild. They just go right into agreement with tossing her in that garbage can. Debbie Cook, one of the highest trained dedicated Scientologists around. It’s disgusting.
    ok. End of rant.
    Annie, we love you and when you return please know that the Scientology you love does exist outside of the clutches of David Miscavige. And your Jim is here too working in truth and helping to restore LRH’s good name.

  33. Truly obscene.

  34. I always wonder what is going to be the incident that pushes Catherine over the top and causes her to question her loyalty to Miscavige and her role at the Base. Certainly one can condemn Cathy – the public face that she has put on over the last few years has been one of coldness, arrogance, and unquestioning allegiance to the Scientology status-quo. But I can never forget another side of Cathy that people rarely see – a person who cared intensely about others and who questioned the trend at the Int Base towards abuse, cruelty, and threats. That was the Cathy I knew. That was why I was one of the few who actually defended her after her Anderson Cooper appearance – even though I was the target of her carefully scripted and drilled attack. It’s easy to condemn someone as an “unquestioning Miscavige loyalist” and forget that many of us were in those same shoes once. Who knows? She may have agreed to take care of Annie’s affairs because of a misguided compassion and a blind sense of what needs to be done to “protect Scientology.” Cathy doesn’t know that there is an alternative – that she could walk off that Base and find a rewarding life outside. Someday, her native compassion and intelligence may cause her to ultimately reject that Base and all it stands for. Until then, let’s all remember that we too were there once.

  35. Your humble servant

    Thanks for letting us know. I regret I did not have a chance to know her.

  36. The optimum solution formula at work as it is understood nowadays by the Co$. Any lie and abuse is acceptable if done to back up the upper management.

  37. Chad Braunersrither

    Sad. Thanks for not letting this just fade away.

  38. Despicable behavior.

    What an absolute travesty of justice. Miscavige deserves no less than to be hung upside down in the town square a’la Mussolini.

    And Kathy – I am ashamed of you. I took care of your kids Carly and Corwin for you when you were out in LA fighting the Wollersheim trial and your then husband Bob was on the Ship Project purchase search mission. You were a good person then. What happened to you?

    This whole thing makes me sick. What a mess.

  39. Personally, I think Miscavige is far more evil than most people can even imagine. That doesn’t mean he has power, it means he is devious beyond imagination.

  40. Marty,
    We are thankful for your and JB’s efforts to try to save Annie when there was still time for her family and friends to help. And thankful to the irrepressible Karen De La Carriere for uncovering the truth of what happened. I am sure Annie would have appreciated (or does appreciate) your thoughtfulness and genuine concern. Heaven knows, she got no concern from DM other than keeping her under wraps until…. well, until forever… had it not been for you folks.

    This looks like a pattern: DM beats down these old timers like Mary Sue and makes sure they are falsely accused and cut off from friends and family in the last days of their lives and then makes sure they die in obscurity… with no funeral service. No remembrance ceremony. No community praise for their life. Their offense for this treatment? Being well known for helping LRH or just well thought of by their peers as a fine auditor or a good administrator.

    I don’t think DM’s pattern will change. He wants no statues erected except for those of him. This of course includes substituting himself for LRH, because LRH was the blind leading the blind.

    Maybe we should have “watch list” of staff who are bound to get DM’s de-spiritualizing treatment at the end of their lives so we can keep track of their deaths and honor these poor souls that have fallen under the command of The Chief Suppressive Person of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Jeff, understood. But if you are reading this as an attack on Cathy I think you are reading into it something that is not there.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Unlikely. Likely will receive the same treatment LRH’s final caregiver was, Annie.

  43. Darth Midget’s past lives and Whole Track are unknowable and irrelevant. All that matters is what he has chosen to do here and now in this life, and that’s Evil by any standard I ever learned.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  44. Monstrous.. I can think of nothing else to say.

  45. Wow-The danger in” knowing”

  46. Karen – I had heard that Sue was ill but hoped she had recovered. She was a feisty one in her early years at CC working in Div 6. At that time I was across the way in Div 2.

    Exceptionally bright, hard working.

    Those of us who knew Sue, I believe would do well to put our attention in her direction and encourage her during her journey as she crosses from one life to the next.

    It’s very sad and I hope she was well cared for and surrounded by friends and family.

    She was a friend.


  47. I am so sorry for Annie-At least we can give her our due here. Getting out of the RCS saves lives.

  48. Marty – not a criticism of you, just an appeal to not let our rhetoric get the best of our compassion.

  49. In the condition of Treason, LRH states: A person in a group who, having accepted a post, does not know that he is a certain assigned or designated beingness, is in Treason against the group.” This girl was in fact supporting a dwarf SP with her labor. This dwarf was sytematically the destroying the life’s work of LRH right before Annie’s eyes and I’m sorry, but she was helping him do it If that hurts anyone’s sensitivities, then tough shit. If she was such a friend to LRH, why was she in Treason to him? LRH would have over-boarded her then put her in the RPF until she came up to confront and he wouldn’t have cared if stupidity or suppressive reasonable where they WHY for her treason. He was soft on know one. Why are you guys? And don’t cry about the death of her meat body. LRH was very clear about how meaningless and valueless the meat-body was. So please stop posting niceties about Annie until she does conditions and comes up to at least normal. She’ll be back. We all will and the earth will still be hell, thanks to everyone that allowed policy to be violated.

  50. As an outer org trainee there at CCInt, I can attest to giving assists to two SO members with cancer living in that particular apartment building. One was staying on the 3rd floor (in my room). The 3rd Floor is also where outer org (CC) trainees from all over the world were housed.

    Note: I did not give these assists because I was asked to do them. I gave them because I had spare time and nobody else was doing it.

    One of the women died while I was there. She could not have been more than 40 years old. She was in soooooooo much pain. Pancreatic, I believe. I held my TRS in while I gave those assists but broke down later. She found out my room number and sent for me a couple of times. She knew she was going to die. She just needed relief from the pain which would have her screaming at the top of her lungs. She was taking pain meds, at least.

    I wrote up worksheets and took them to Qual. I felt as if I was doing something “good”. But.. there was no doubt from the reaction of others that I should have been on course or doing something more productive. To me it was “top priority” regardless of how I was made to feel by others. Not that I needed the acknowledgement, but not one person except the person receiving the assists ever said “Thank you” for helping out. Pathetic. I was however, made to feel wrong about it.

    The other lady was actually in the same room with me and several other outer org trainees. She was an elderly lady with a child in the SO. I’m not sure where her daughter was located, obviously not there. If so, she did not come to visit her. She would ask me to give her assists and I did almost every day before or after course..

    If I recall correctly, her cancer was in remission. She said that she was no longer getting assist but was still too weak to go on post. I remember her saying that she didn’t think that anyone at the CC actually cared about her anymore.

    She had no visitors other than someone bringing her food or groceries. She loved me. When I would give her assists she would write success stories during the day & give them to me at night or leave them on my bed while I was on course. She would leave nice little thank you notes on my pillow.

    I would just sit and chat with her because she was lonely. I would take her success stories over to Qual with the worksheets and put them in their inbox. I’ll never forget that someone in Qual asked me rather surprisingly: “Is that you giving her assists, turning in worksheets?” I said “Yes”. She then asked me: “She’s STILL over there in that room?”. They had no idea that she was still there & not on post.

    This lady told me that she couldn’t go home or leave because she had nowhere to go. So I’m not sure what the deal was with it. I do not know her sit now. Hopefully, she is fine.

    On this subject, the worst case scenario ever was in our own org field. I was “reamed” more than a couple of times by my seniors for not being in the org, on post, producing instead out in the field, at the bedside of of someone dying..giving them assists. (applying Scientology)

    I would always win those arguments by asking “What do you think LRH would do…let them die.?”

    My stomach is in knots over this … totally.

    Karen, if you need anything, (details) let me know, you got my gmail address a few days ago or you can also contact me at fishflytoo@hushmail.com

  51. Jeff ~~
    It was reported on another board that on some encounter outside Int Base on Old Gilman Road someone shouted directly at Catherine Frasier
    “Jeff Hawkins still LOVES you !”
    Whereupon Catherine’s eyes went immediately moist and into tears, then she composed herself and shifted back into the SO valence.
    I am going to hold the postulate that she does leave.
    I believe everyone has a threshold.
    Yours is another Romeo and Juliet Story like Stefan and Tanya Castle and look how they got back together in spite of it all and against all odds.
    Jeff ~~ hold that postulate !

  52. Your money, status and non-confront helped bury another piece of our history, churchbots. Thanks again.


  53. “voluntary spiritual retreat.” LOL

  54. Not many steps away from Heaven’s Gate.

  55. Jeff,
    I wrote to you some time ago about your description of the romance you shared with Catherine. It was a wonderful story.

    It is my sense that that is the truth of Cathy and her nature and what she is capable of creating.

    That place, in association with that creature, David Miscavige, is hell. With all that conjures in the torture of the spirit.

    We both would like to see all the good beings we know there, free of his pernicious entrapments.

    Bless you for keeping your view of the actual person you know.

  56. David Miscavige is following the pattern Stalin followed. Stalin made people vanish. He particularly focused on anyone who achieved any influence or popularity – any opinion leader, anyone who received any admiration , anyone others listened to, anyone who had postive goals and ideas.

    Beyond this, Stalin kept everyone in his empire off-balance by breaking up friends and family relationships and social trust in various ways, like promoting “snitching” and also simply making people disappear. One day someone you knew is gone, never to be seen again. Don’t ask what happened to them, you might draw attention to yourself. Sound familiar?

    The only difference is, Stalin had immediate overt power of life and death over everyone. David Miscavige is forced to be more covert, but he is getting the job done of making nothing of everyone else within his sphere of influence nonetheless.

  57. My deepest condolences for Annie and her family. What a truly sad and horrific story.

    I do not believe this was a single incident but a scene that has occurred more than one time in the history of the Sea Organization. My intuition tells me this story only hits the tip of the iceberg. After reading many accounts of individuals left languishing in the RPF when medical treatment was needed or being offloaded from the SO after they had worked like dogs for years, it make me sick to my stomach.

    Some people have a hard time confronting the fact that a being could be so psychotic and evil that their every thought is how to nullify, suppress, injure, kill, invalidate, harm, starve, torture, humiliate, brainwash or even hide someone away until they are dead- the person they think might expose their crimes and true motives. I don’t. David Misgavige is such a being and the CULT he runs is such an organization.

    The Sea Org, purported to be the “most ethical group on the planet” has been involved in tremendous HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and death. Not a pretty picture. There are many accounts and stories available online.

    For anyone still on the fence, get your TR 0 in and confront it. Is this anything you want to be a part of?

    David Misgavige, get ready to meet your maker. Your time is short as all is revealed. Your love affair with yourself will end soon!

    Thank you Marty, Karen, Mike for all that you are doing to stop the suppression.

  58. Yes, like Stalin or Kim Il-sung, the statues must be only theirs.

  59. Mr.Nunez It’s the old “The ends justify the means.” Unfortunately in that philosophy, the End is always Death, not Life.

  60. Mr David Miscavige,
    Your treatment of Ann Marie Tidman is despicable. How can you possibly think that secreting a “Church” member from their family and loved ones, at the end of life – on this planet, is acceptable?

  61. Thanks, Jeff. Wonderfully put!

  62. Beyond sad.

  63. MarySue god love her such a lovely lady and I enjoyed the times
    I chatted and worked with her.I was unable to speack when I found out
    at the time. Its a question is this going to be repeated with Diana unless she is saved.

  64. The storiy gets worse as one reads more.
    Hidden and the covering up . By the way Is Sue Mc farlene any relation to Ken Mc farlene?

  65. It appears to be the case who the hell is helping him cover his tracks.Utterly sick.

  66. Who is the Lombar Hisst ?

    thank you for the investigations, much appreciated ! Please follow on……..

  67. It makes you wonder why on earth any medical officer acting within the realms of this nut house church, when going to visit any person that had been put in a apartment and under isolation. One asks ones -self aren’t they entiled to receive certified medical attention regurley, Whether that was done or not makes one wonder under what conditions was that done and what proffesional medics care see / saw state of condition to those effected . ho saw Annie / Mary/Sue and any one suffered same situationj under Dm’s control, they must have a guilty concious to see the condition of the person deteriate , and not have a thought to think of the human being , let alone the duty to report this to authorthies. Its just beggers belief , Being obvilously supppressed is understood and only to report to DM, if thats the case.. Hallo This is the real world !!!!!!!!!!! they were human beings alive and shoud have all the respect and dignity given them in such a time of need and family around them / and everything offered to them until the end.
    Who has this guilt will share the same guilt as the Suppressive DM.Makes one so angry

  68. I second your view Precisley.

  69. For those that don’t know who Catherine Fraser is clarifyplease.

  70. Too bad she didn’t get the treatment that would have saved her as offered by Jim and Marty.

    “There are 2 stable data which anyone has to have, understand and know are true in order to obtain results in handling the person connected to Suppressives.
    These data are:
    1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition.
    2. That getting rid of the condition requires three basic actions:…”
    Stable data for handling the PTS.

  71. Sam, this is apparently something pushed down all the way to the bottom – getting sick, getting cancer, having a miscarriage – all dev-T (developed traffic) that you should be punished for.
    While I lay in a hospital bed trying NOT to miscarry my first child, an OT8 was busy chastising me and trying to figure out how I could do sales from my hospital bed. Three long weeks later, at 24 weeks, I miscarried after all.
    A wonderful Grad 5 auditor pulled me out of the black hole I’d sunken into. He couldn’t be let off post before to offer any assists but he demanded it afterwards.
    The OT8, I know for a fact would not have acted this way were it not for her connection to David Miscavige and his cronies. And I do believe she regrets it. The humanity at the top has been gone for a very long time.
    That was 19 years ago…and though the same OT 8 advised me in the most 1.1 conversational way NOT to get pregnant again, I had the perfect child 12 months later. Boo Ya!

  72. This really makes me sick to my stomach.
    It is truly “the end justifies the means” no matter how evil the means.
    I hope Annie’s family can find peace somehow.

  73. George M. White

    “the unusually high number of cancer deaths to those auditing on OT VII”
    Noticed this since the early 1980’s. Lost a very good friend.

  74. Just enough to CYA.

  75. I know ranchers who treat their mules with more respect and dignity than this guy does human life.

  76. Freedom Fighter

    One thing you can count on in the Cult of Miscavage: when you need people the most, some run and hide; the rest stick around to kick you when you’re down.

  77. King David is extremely vulnerable to all the Femi-Nazi in his Inner Court; they know way too much. At some point that will prove to be his Achilles Tendon.

  78. haydn (T Paine)

    Feudal times in David Miscavige’s personal fiefdom.

    It’s well established that marriages/relationships were and are subordinate to the dictates of the feudal master; that families, children and familial connections are utterly secondary to and subject to his command; that the serfs pledge allegiance to and must slave for no other master. Now it seems their very life and body are forfeit.

  79. Forgotten Tech

    It’s a shame she couldn’t spend her remaining years with the people who loved her best.

  80. PersonalJudas

    I think you too easily condemn another you never knew.
    To be charitable, perhaps you are upset. I suggest you take a bit longer next time, before you ‘unload’.

    It’s attitudes like this that advance Jihads and crusades as ‘solutions’.

  81. this is not what LRH would have wanted for Annie.

  82. This is terrible but unfortunately not unexpected. When I was dying of AIDS after 23 years of SO service I was FBed out of the SO and my wife was held against her will on the FREEWINDS she was begging me to get her out of there as she was taking abuse because she wanted to be with me. After she finally got off they advised her to put me into a hospice to die after they had already sent me to a chiropractor for treatment who told me not to take the drugs the doctors give for HIV, claiming that the drugs would kill me faster than the AIDS. I battled for 6 months to get my wife off the ship, almost ignoring my health condition. It was litarally a fight to the death, which I won by only inches. They don’t have much further down to go before they start actually killing people.

  83. Karen I agree with you! Very outrageous! I did not even know that she died of lung cancer – So Annie and Mary Sue Hubbard both died of lung cancer while under “the watch: of David Miscavige: Coincidence…?

  84. Yes, a profound truth is emerging.
    The ethical complicity of association and support of something as ruthless and cruel and the RCS will eventually cave in those who support it.
    History is not on their side and even the toughest of ethics officers will pale into insignificance on the day they realise what they have done. I wouldn’t be in their boots for all the tea in China.
    Perhaps being ‘pebbles on the beach’ is closer to their future than they realise. There’s no revenge in what I say but more the aspect of standing on the dock looking at the Titanic sail off. The ship is doomed and only a handful will make it off alive, but at what price, their time is running out.

  85. Basis for a civil suit.

  86. Personally, I always knew both Cathy and Annie Tidman as two cold and arrogant bitches (sorry if I insult anybody’s sentiments) but I am still appalled at their deaths. Cathy is buried alive, so to speak, a walking dead, and Annie had dropped her body for real in an ungainly fashion. But the main subject matter of this post is not them but David Miscavige, another basically good being who is a walking dead.

  87. Port Captain for the Gold/Int Base – This information is in the Post.

  88. Sorry, you don’t seem to know LRH or Policy. Your sentiments are like those of David Miscavige.

  89. What a sad story.

    My experience with my community regarding the treatment of terminally ill people is so very different. It is all about maintaining their quality of life. When people die, there should be no regrets and it is important that the community help people and their families through this difficult transition in life by including them in everything. This is the community that I am part of. Respect and care for our elderly members, our sick & dying, with the understanding that this is just one part of life.

    How sad that David Miscavige and his followers think that someone dying needs to be hidden away and talked about in hushed voices as though they have done something wrong. How wrong for him to cut off access to family and friends who may have offered comfort or, at the very least, provided distraction and moments of relief. Just what is David Miscavige afraid of?

  90. Ziba ~~
    I made an error, the death certificate said Breast Cancer for MSH not Lung cancer.
    But the cancer common denominator is rampant especially on Flag and Freewind pcs not to mention Sea Org members who supposedly have all the tech in the world …….
    Currently Jessica Feshbach,(2nd generation Scientologist) wife of Tommy Davis is in a Clearwater hospice dying of Leukemia. She is only 33 or 34.

  91. I did not know these individuals in the SO from L.A. But it appalling that this treatment is delivered on loyal persons. Separately but along this same line I was friends w/ a Hospice nurse on OT VII back in the late 90’s. She was called-in for SO terminals at Flag. One such terminal was Symma Zimmer who was course sup in the HCO Academy for years. She died of breast cancer. If you did any courses at Flag you’d remember Symma. (She was originally from NY City). My friend spilled to me one day just before Symma died an outrage I had never heard up to that point. They said “…with all the money this church has they didn’t give her proper medical treatment and just let her breast rot on her chest!” Now after reading the disclosures on the this blog I’ve come to have a much better understanding of what it all meant. And by the way…that OTVII, 15 years later, is still on OTVII.
    P.S. Thank you for all you do with this blog Marty, Mike and crew and all who contribute to it.

  92. Thanks for this post….Moving

  93. Tony Ortega of the Village Voice is now running this story:


    There is now heavy warfare against the OSA sockpuppets and dupes who are trying to turn the comments into a Marty bashing festival. Some of use are doing are damnedest to keep the focus on David Miscavige and his vile actions to bring about Annie’s death.

    Please assist us, if you can.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  94. Thanks very much indeed FishFly.
    These terminal cases are sent to die at the CC INT apartment building diagonnaly opposite CCINT ~~1830 North Bronson.
    These Sea Org Orgs have auditors.
    But the auditors are for PAYING public, so that hours are used up so that more money can be demanded.
    The priority always has been to sell like a business HOURS for the $$$$
    Religious cloaking is what it is.
    It is a business. Statistics of revenue are more driven than UPS and FEDEX.
    How many “Bodies in the Shop?”
    How much $$$$ in the kitty today ? In the the 6 hours ? In the last hour ?
    Let veteran Sea Org Members die.
    Auditors are needed for Cash ONLY.
    The Church of Scientology is dead.

  95. Thank you Windhorse.
    How tragic that those that cough up $300,000, $500,000 and more to advance spiritually, die in their 50 s of medical conditions the Church pretends
    that NOTS will handle. Miscavology style.

  96. Bill ~~
    It is important your case history is reported over and over and over.
    The author of a major cruise line blog wrote a story on Valeska and Freewinds.
    I encourage you to write to him with your story.
    (Hopefully he will use it on his blog)
    Here’s his Email address

    (All Freewinds horror stories should be reported to him.)

  97. That is wrong wrong wrongity wrong. Both to leave someone alone to die, and to say it is thier fault for getting sick. Victim blaming is repellent, especially if the blamer is also the abuser.

    Also, I remember reading a non-Scientologist’s affidavit claiming that during his contract work on the Freewinds, he noticed that every ceiling tile and insulation space was covered in blue asbestos, and that the crews were ordered to cover it up and paint over it. Hearing that there’s an unusual cancer rate in the upper ranks makes me wonder…can anybody confirm the asbestos thing?

  98. In order to create a wedge and disconnection between Tony Ortega and Marty Rathbun, the Village Voice essay today has a plethora of responses ~~not have a word to say on Annie’s memorium. Only Marty Bashing. Mike, you are 100% right.
    Village Voice responses today is an OSA sockpuppet operation.
    There is intent behind this.

  99. one of those who see

    Agreed. And although still alive, it is also horrible to be keeping Heber from all the thousands of people who love him.

  100. Except in the Eskimo culture of the old days, it was far more self-determined and a part of the cultural mores, understood by all, for someone who was no longer able to contribute to the community, to take himself out, often against the wishes of his friends and family.

    This is described in Peter Freuchen’s excellent “Book of the Eskimos”.

    Thus it was a different scene, based as it was on a broad society-wide agreement which in those days was seen to serve a survival purpose. The environmental conditions were so harsh, it was considered that only the able-bodied could survive without endangering the survival of the group, and it could be part of an individual’s ethical code to choose to leave the game for that reason when they got too old and infirm to contribute or take care of themselves. It was usually the individual himself who made the decision and took the action.

    I believe the Scientologists (and perhaps others who die of cancer or other maladies like heart attacks), consider they are caught in some otherwise inescapable trap, and this consideration makes them susceptible to the disease and death.

    In the CoS, however, this ought to be handled successfully in most cases with compassionately applied tech. But instead the “inescapable trap” is apparently deliberately created and enforced by David Miscavige and his minions, like Catherine Fraser – (definition of minion: 1. An obsequious follower or dependent; a sycophant. 2. A subordinate official, especially a servile one.)

    Thus calling what they do “Reverse Scientology” is entirely accurate. And it is that which leads to the conclusion that “the Church is dead”. It is no longer the organization that Ron created, it is it’s opposite. What exists now is Miscavige’s creation, not LRH’s. No matter how much they talk about ‘based on the works of LRH”, the intention is reversed from LRH’s intention.
    The organizations are now dedicated to driving everyone down into the mud, nullifying us all, and purveying death not life.

    The sooner those who are stil in realize this and get out, the better.

  101. No — her husband is Rob McFarlane. No relation to Ken.


  102. Bill, that’s the only difference between Miscavige and Stalin. Stalin had the overt power of life and death over his subjects; Miscavige is stilbound to being covert and thus instead of shooting or beating people to death, he works to make them kill themselves.

    It is documented that during the Korean War, some Korean “brainwashing” camps had the highest death rates of any camps anywhere, WITHOUT any physical abuse or starvation of the prisoners. Many simply went to their quarters, sat down in a corner, and died within 2 or 3 days. These deaths were induced by emotional means, essentially by the destruction/suppression of the person’s ARC.

    ARC is Life. And I believe LRH made very clear that Help was essential to Life and living.

    David Miscavige has created a culture in which Help and ARC are FORBIDDEN. This is essentially forbids SURVIVAL.

    Look folks, it is plain that David MIscavige wants you and everyone else to DIE!

  103. Misha, I’m sorry you never got to know the better side of these two women.

  104. David Miscavige, the Gates of Hell are slowly opening before thee in anticipation of thou immient, inevitable arrival. Tick, tock, tick, tock….

  105. It disturbs me that people can continue to support this depraved organisation that is the church of scientology.

    I discussing this with someone still in good standing they dismissed the Debbie Cook (who’s she?) Email and having claimed not to have heard of her then stated that Debbie Cook lied by saying she was not in touch with any SPs like you lot; Indies and ex.

    She said the people who got in to financial difficulty through heavy reg’ing only had themselves to blame; she didn’t she simply said no and the registrars left her alone.

    She admitted the church of scientology was not perfect but that it was working on improving.

    Point is as far as she was concerned scientology as provided by the church of scientology was working for her and her family and therefore they weren’t concerned about anything else; it’s all lies by the detractors any way or some isolated screw up.

    It’s sad there are still people who can be party to the church of scientology. The only saving grace is that if they’re all like this person claims to be they’re contribution will be minimal – they don’t donate to fancy buildings but do donate to Criminon, Narconon, CCHR which I’m sorry to say may seem like good causes but are really only run for the money coming in from donations and any state funds they can attract.

  106. No doubt this has been mentioned before but both lung cancer and leukemia have been linked to asbestos exposure. Considering the reports of asbestos contamination on the Freewinds, could there realistically be a link?

    1. http://www.asbestos.com/cancer/others.php

    2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freewinds

  107. Yes I knew Symma. In the end she got a little chemotherapy, but too little too late. Dying from terminal cancer is a slow, painful, disfiguring death. She lived at the Hacienda in the days before terminal patients were removed from Flag property. Her apartment faced west and the Florida summer sun would beat into the room where she spent her last days. It was stifling hot and humid. And of course the Hacienda apartments had old wall-to-wall carpeting that was filthy and moldy so the atmosphere was dank and smelly. She was alone a lot. That is how a valuable, trained Sea Org member spent her last days. If you were looking for hell and found Earth (at the Flag landbase) it would certainly serve (to paraphrase LRH).

  108. “Absolutes are unobtainable.” — LRH, Logic 6

  109. Like, very much!

  110. Bill, I hope you will write to the reporter that Karen#1 recommended. You’ve given us a brief account of what happened to you and your wife which is sickening and against the law. I bet the details are hair-raising. The reporter should be very interested.
    Thank God you got out and managed to regain your health. Amazing what leaving a suppressive environment can do for a person.
    ps. Regarding your wife, has the statute of limitations expired for kidnapping and false imprisonment?

  111. I know of at least two OT8’s who have had cancer after completing as well. I have not seen or spoken to them in years though so I don’t know what their current conditions are.

  112. Erwin, the evolution of LRH’s writings on illness and PTSness (and his movement away from an absolute viewpoint on this) can best be summed up in the term “greater or lesser degree.” And then of course one might not be PTS at all (despite all the indicators), but FALSE PTS! So when you’re sick, you’re either PTS or……uhm…..not PTS….. or….uhm….a little PTS. Of course, from everything I’ve read about the Miscavige and Int insanity, Annie was VERY PTS. I only write the above by the way because I don’t think there is any “stable datum” for handling illness. Except (applying all the data) to remove oneself from stressful and suppressive influences, surround oneself with as much ARC as one can get and get the best medical care that one can get.

  113. This story is a VERY sad one and even to an old timer like me, shocking and apalling in so many ways. Jason Beghe made the point on his long video that most Scientologists that you will meet are friendly, caring and dedicated. That’s been my experience too. And yet here we have an incredible lack of compassion and caring, not just for a fellow being, but a dedicated SO member who took care of L. Ron Hubbard himself (!!!!!!). And yes, Miscavige seems guilty of moral crimes here (though as she did receive medical handling, there’s really no “wrongful death” suit possible here as far as the SO goes, I don’t think). And yet these friendly, caring, dedicated Scientologists can turn cold and uncaring very quickly.. When I joined staff in 1970, at my home org, we had an older staff member (30 plus years older than a teenager like me), who had been active in Dianetics and Scientology since the early 50s and who had bankrolled much of the start of our org. Well, when he hit his early 80s (still on staff by the way) he became terminally ill with cancer and basically became a non-person as far as care and CARING goes. The org did not rally around him or do anything for him as a group. I guess he was not “producing” any more. Thankfully, one couple (no longer on staff) in our area decided to take responsibility for him (he was divorced with no family). They made sure his apartment was cleaned regularly and always stocked with food and took him to all his medical appointments. These two people were real champions. I’m not sure what he would have done without them. Here, Annie (whom I did not know by the way) had to die without benefit of our family in probably cold and not very caring surroundings. Why did no group members decide to lovingly care for one of their dedicated own? My own explanation after years of thought is that the culture of the Church of Scientology is a sick one. While it does include the gold of LRH’s writings/discoveries, I think folks who caught up in it are also caught up in a severe religious/group implant which forces them into extreme dramatizations of “follow the leader” and all this bullshit about “production time” (what a freaking laugh when an org has 70 staff and 5 public in a givven day – half the staff could go to Mexico for a week on holiday and no one would notice). Part of this implant is “the group is everything, the individual nothing”, so when an individual cannot do a post anymore, he/she is thrown by the wayside. An organization worth a billion or two dollars cannot provide health care for all its members (sick? can’t produce anymore? offload them! fitness board them!)

    But the show goes on folks! Just got a bunch of photos from an old friend (an OTVIII) who attended the Sac Ideal Org opening. Lots of Bay Area Scientologists (my friend lives outside California though) there and just “super” excited about the expansion and prosperity (as one high ranking staff member in Bay Area put it -a senior tech terminal). So you see, “drinking the Kool-Aid” is actually a vital component of being part of the group (which is indeed “EVERYTHING”). Personally I am ashamed that I only visited my elderly friend a couple of times back when he was dying. Maybe this is bothering me because I’m now into my sixties myself, not a teenager any more. But I don’t think your “on lines” Scientologists is much concerned with church members’ responses to Scientologists who are in great need. And yet, it is true. Individually, most of these folks are very caring and warm people who show a lot of ARC for others. BUT….. say “no” IN ANY WAY to “the group” or “command intention” and man, the third dynamic implant and all its dramatizations kick in VERY quickly, baby! Heil Miscavige! “COB says….” “Life is beautiful, psychiatry is on the way out, what are you producing to salvage this sector of the universe? Where is your responsibilty to the future? Why aren’t you ‘on purpose’? “i know a great FSM who does ethics handlings who can really help you get back on purpose and to flourish and prosper along all the dynamics”, “Josephine? Why she died of cancer two years ago. No one told you? Well, she went out ethics, left staff.”

  114. To Been There…Thank you for your analysis. You hit the nail right on the head…”…This is how a valuable trained SO member spent her last days.” How shameful for the the CO$.

  115. Hey Flyfish,
    What you wrote sat me back in my chair feeling ill.
    It’s very difficult to come to terms with blantant disrespect for human life within our society, but in a Church claiming to have the answers to life!!!
    Well done for holding your space and integrity.

  116. Tom Gallagher


    I agree. My comment though was intended to be directed to those fence-sitters and/or Kool-Aide drinkers who might just be ‘lurking’ around.

    Never-the-less, I stand by my observation that POB is an historic present time criminal sociopath, i.e., a dramatizing criminal psychotic.

    I’m sure we agree on that point.

  117. Tom Gallagher


    As I read through the comments I observed the same thing. OSA and its minions had their hands full attempting to change the subject to Marty and away from that world-class sociopath, David Miscavige.

    He, dm, is an angel of death.

  118. expelled 4 Life

    Breaking News: Church of Scientology sues longtime Clearwater leader over New Year’s Eve email


  119. This D. Miscavige pattern is SINISTER as hell and resonates unfortunately!
    In 95 Edy Lundeen, Captain at AOLA was screaming at me for having an ear infection (my ear was dripping due to an allergy to Nickel in bad silver earrings). True, not very appealing to give counseling that way but it could have been addressed locally at the ear. A Scientology MD KEPT me on the WRONG antibiotics despite open arms and legs and going nuts with that itching body. 16 some years later I am still on a diet to keep this condition under control.

    An applied philosophy that KNOWS the source of illness, accidents etc. that prefers to damn a staff member or public for getting sick (evaluate) instead of using the plentiful LRH tools to help is a dead church / organization indeed!
    Would those tools be standardly applied the personal responsibility in the matter would surface and the being would heal knowing the truth!

    It seems that there are so MANY instances of this happening to Scientologists, S.O., staff or public in or out of the church, alive or dead this could and should lead to the NEXT MEDIA STORM to bring about changes so as to protect Scientologists who are still toeing the line.
    For sure there is a clear FAILURE TO APPLY THE TECHNOLOGY and that will crash any org. There are plenty of other media outlets other than the Village Voice to bring a summary of such cases up to.

  120. “But I can never forget another side of Cathy that people rarely see – a person who cared intensely about others…!

    Jeff – I remember that side of Cathy! At the very beginning on the Freewinds she was working in the Port Captain´s Office. She was straight forward but in a lovely way with high ARC for everybody – she was a very pleasant person, very theta and with a clean space.
    When I saw her on Anderson Cooper´s show, I did not recognize her.
    Some time later it dawned on me that it was her. When I saw then some other videos (at a protest at Int and on an ordinance from River County) it made me sad to see what became out of this wonderful person. It was the same voice, but she was in a total other valence, hard for me to recognize her as the person I knew many years ago.
    DM destroys everything good that comes near his sphere of influence. Like a vampire he sucks the theta and livelihood out of good people and then misuses them as a tool to further on convert theta into entheta and to treat others bad and to destroy. – Karola

  121. Michael Fairman

    Hear! hear!

  122. Mr. Ortega,

    The incident, the circumstances, of Annie’s return and our shattered lives, smashed at the behest of that creature David Miscavige, are still at times, like today, almost intolerably painful.

    Your article, and the responses to it, bring to light a fact: the incident, all of what happened has taken its toll on those who were involved.

    Mark Rathbun has indeed suffered consequences of that fateful moment, when he arrived at the departure gate in Boston in 1992.

    It was some years later when I found he was able to wrest himself free of the black thrall that David Miscavige had cast, that I reached to him to deal with what had occurred.

    I did so for the reasons I stated to you in your request to me for this article; what Annie inspires in me and that I felt that was what she herself wanted. To end rancor. To rise above the provocation to hate. To forgive.

    Annie’s decision, under the incredible duress she was experiencing, to return to the clutches of that monster was a tragic mistake that cost her her life. It has been a misery for us both.

    Life goes forward and to give some meaning for all who pass, the decent beings in this world strive.

    Mr. Rathbun has apologized profoundly to me personally. He works continually to see that the sacrifices made by so many are not empty.

    Thank you for remembering her. Her life, as her death, not in vain.

    Jim Logan

  123. Annie’s death and the death and illness of others who have dedicated so much time to the Sea Org are indicators of a far more drastic situation, tragic as they are. Scientology in the “church” has long ceased to exist and in it’s place a very deranged person has been covering up crimes and suppressive acts by getting rid of anyone who can reveal his secrets. Marty, Mike, Karen, and “the team” thank you. At a point in the near future the tide will turn……..Such inhumane acts cannot go unpunished.

  124. Too true! I had a friend with cancer who, fortunately, had enough pain medication, in increasing dosages as the cancer advanced, to ward off the agony to a large degree. But the pain in any case was sometimes practically unbearable.

    You did a great service to these people!

  125. +1, Jan. Thanks to Karen and Marty for shining light into this very dark corner.

  126. Amen, brother Jim. That resonates so well here. Thank you.


  127. How humble of you Jim and thankyou for sharing this with the blog.

  128. I am afraid I had the same impression of Guillaume when he appeared
    on Anderson show 2011 If I am correct . He use to be such a open and dynamic person, He showed DM’s Valence to a large degree.
    I think of him a lot . I spent many a year working under Guillaume
    I still retain the Kha Kha certificate he issued to me.Wonder if he remains maried to an italian called Vanessa Leserve?

  129. Mr. Valkov, you are correct, this ” back up the leader no matter what ” is the barbarians hordes rule .

  130. Jean-François Genest

    +10 Cowboy Poet

  131. Pingback: Miscavige’s False Paradise

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