Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Debbie Cook Still Servicing the Flag Service Organization

The latest commercial by church of Scientology has reportedly been played in prime time during the NFL playoffs and American Idol.  The last times such broad air buys were made by church of Scientology was in the Fall of 2009 in order to answer to ABC Nightline’s two night special on the Tampa Time’s original Truth Rundown series, and in April 2010 in response to Anderson Cooper’s follow up on the Truth Rundown series.

I would credit the latest prime time run to Debbie Cook.  More evidence that to this day she is acting in the best interest of the Flag Service Organization, Scientology’s Mecca in Clearwater Florida.   At the same time, I do not fault her for the last half of the ad which is so chock full of lies and false propaganda as to further sink Corporate Scientology’s credibility.   That you can chalk up to the insanity of David Miscavige.