Debbie Cook Still Servicing the Flag Service Organization

The latest commercial by church of Scientology has reportedly been played in prime time during the NFL playoffs and American Idol.  The last times such broad air buys were made by church of Scientology was in the Fall of 2009 in order to answer to ABC Nightline’s two night special on the Tampa Time’s original Truth Rundown series, and in April 2010 in response to Anderson Cooper’s follow up on the Truth Rundown series.

I would credit the latest prime time run to Debbie Cook.  More evidence that to this day she is acting in the best interest of the Flag Service Organization, Scientology’s Mecca in Clearwater Florida.   At the same time, I do not fault her for the last half of the ad which is so chock full of lies and false propaganda as to further sink Corporate Scientology’s credibility.   That you can chalk up to the insanity of David Miscavige.


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  1. Somehow, I missed that ad. Perhaps I was up getting another beer or something.

    That they would run an ad like this for major bux as a one shot deal tells me that it is being shown to those who forked over money for an ad campain to prove they are getting one, nothing more. There is no real intention to expand, only to create an illusion of expansion.


  2. Nothing more than putting lipstick on a lie.

  3. My own opinion is that this PR image ad had no effect whatsoever other than to raise the hackles of anyone who saw it. In this age of mass media saturation could there be anyone outside of Keokuk who isn’t aware that the CoS is delusional beyond all credibility? To me, this ad is like the guy who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square, except this time the tank is not going to stop, as well it shouldn’t. That said, it is a shame the ad wasn’t true.

  4. Yeah, the second half is distasteful because of the ridiculous “stats”, but the first part is actually a darn good ad.

  5. Same message as is being pounded home at the events. As long as David Miscavige says its true then the staff and public believe it must be so. Fortunately, the general TV viewer sees it for what it is – PR. After so many lies the public just don’t believe anything from the Church anymore. I surveyed 10 friends in Hong Kong what they thought about the ad (all non-Scientologists) and though their responses varied, the thing their responses had in common was that they had heard too many weird things about the Church to believe what was stated. These responses were not fed by me in any way – they were genuine.

    Also amazing how they have redefined “new” by promoting all these “new” orgs. I didn’t realize that an org with a renovated or new building counts as a “new” org. Maybe a new building…

    The only new org I’m aware of is Inglewood. The rest are existing orgs which moved into newly renovated quarters.

    It would be amusing to see how they figure 4.4 million people get introduced to Scientology each year. They must count website hits, people being handed fliers and leaflets and views of TV commercials.

    I wonder what the total amount of NEW bodies in the shop walking into an org and mission was for the entirety of 2011. I doubt the number was higher than maybe 20,000 Internationally if that many. That is the real statistic of importance and a far cry from 4.4 million.

  6. It’s a decent ad up to the point of the false statistics, which made me want to puke for their baseness and blatant lying. He has so much to answer for.

  7. Yes, you’ve got to grant them that – the ad had nice aesthetics up to the point of stating lies. Then it turned into anesthetics…

  8. Tony DePhillips

    Slick 1.1. ad.

  9. Theo Sismanides

    I said it many times that Corporate Scientology is our Div 6! It’s as if we are the NEXT BIG LEVEL! A bigger game, confronting the 7th Dynamic.


    I drink a beer to the Ad! Our Div 6 Ad. Thanks Dave… Keep ScientologISTS Working! LOL! But the don’t work for You, anymore! They work for the thetans on this planet!

    The real Thanks go to Debbie Cook!

  10. Haven’t seen any in the UK….
    What’s up with that Davey? 😀

  11. “they don’t work for You, anymore! They work for the thetans on this planet!”
    Exactly 🙂

  12. Strumming the guitar while singing aspirations and hopes of
    *how great we are*
    *how we are expanding everywhere*
    *how full of wisdom, knowledge and all the answers*
    falls hollow and unbelievable, given the hundreds of thousands
    of Internet postings on Church of Scientology abuse, sadism,
    predatory extortion of funds and very heavy misconduct of
    Fair Game and tabloid malicious hate pages.
    The TV commercial message was being put across no-comm-line.
    A message does not travel on no-line.
    The public have such an incredibly poor image of the Church
    and this message tries to come across over the top of that.
    Knowing “God” was outright spin.
    Knowing or experiencing a “higher self” or one’s Relationship to “God”
    would have been more accurate, but “Knowing God” is a lie.
    Let us not forget that David Miscagive acts out like HE is God.

  13. There’s a saying in Spain roughly translates to:
    ‘it’s faster to catch a liar than a one-legged man’
    The more lies Miscavige spews out into our 4th Dynamic the faster he will go down.
    Well done David Miscavige. Keep up the good work.
    And big thanks to Debbie; seems to me the more Miscavige tries to destroy women the more they become his achilles heel. Interesting. 😀

  14. Unfortunately lying is not aesthetic and they take themselves way too seriously. How about being sincere? How about looking outward and actually caring about someone? How about dropping all their cutesy, cutesy flying graphics – perfectly timed to the jingly music in the background and just actually talking to the public with truth?

    The reason why there is so much vitriol toward the cult is that it continues to insult everyone’s intelligence, day in and day out.

    They are trying to sort of communicate to the general populace while hiding at the same time. Good luck with that, cult.

  15. While I was surfing the Net I found this stupid youtube clip for the Success Summit and it was produced by Michael Doven

  16. Don’t forget the 100 Million folks that saw the add. That will handle the statistic of “people introduced into Scientology” for the entire year.

  17. These ads would be fine, if the monster lurking behind them wasn’t there with his mouth agape waiting. That’s you David Miscavige.

    Speaking of this creepy prick, I looked at the Worker’s Paradise video on the same site as the one above. At :16 seconds into the Golden Era Productions PR piece is Dave on his little Yamaha bike wearing a helmet and sunglasses. The smarmy cameo is gratuitous and just about as repulsive as could be.

  18. mark mckinstry

    This ad is for the March 13th event to counter the current events/PR of the Church.

    In the old days… we promoted and sold LRH books to interest the new public and had to show bean return on the advertising, i.e. books sold and people into Orgs as a result. This ad directs people to the Scn website so that DM can show the overwhelming response to the ad.. and avoid the fact that despite some website hits, less than 100 people will actually make it into an Org let alone start a service.

    Jeff Hawkins can chime in, but from my recollection what got results, and sold books were not ads on Super Bowl spots or American Idol. These are only to impress donators who have no concept of marketing by saying the ad reached 10 million people or some such.

    Much like the Idle org buildings, it’s all flash and zero results.

    In any case, good on Debbie for at least getting DM to make some stab at dissemination, if only to placate event attendees and donors. Problem is that it contains so many falsehoods that it will just create more questions as to the validity of the “facts” promoted.

    One would think at some point someone internally will raise the question as to where these millions of new people introduced are hiding?

  19. The ad isn’t for the TV viewing public, it’s for those still drinking kool-aid – as has been said before.

    The damage to the image of scientology because of all the outrageous, suppressive and intentional destruction by dm is irreparable. Attrition will win and the lights will go out in dms ideal orgs, flag and elsewhere.

    HOWEVER, scientology will not die (despite dms deepest desires). Just this week I read in People Mag that the young actor, who stars with Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock in “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” when asked how he felt about meeting his movie mom, Sandra Bullock said:

    (paraphrased) I was nervous but after an exercise of sitting and staring at each other for 15 minutes, we were best of friends.

    WHAAAT?? exercise, staring. Who does that? Where does THAT come from.

    LRH and scientology.

    Scientology lives in the hearts, minds, actual practice and delivery by real scientologists. dm cannot kill us all. He doesn’t even know where to look.


  20. Got to hand it to ’em, pretty slick and smooth as honey, great add.
    Lies come so easy to them. Just recall the sort of carnage that has been left in the wake of this organisation under Miscavige’s rule? Yet here they present a polished turd in prime time and expect all is well.
    Ho hum… what’s on the other channel?

  21. I think I posted this before but in keeping with the above anecdotal evidence about scientology technology moving into the world at large, this summer while attending a 4 day governance retreat for leaders in shambhala buddhism we were told to:

    Sit across from one other person. We would be given a contemplation (short phrase to keep in mind) then we were asked to open our eyes and look at the other person for 3 minutes.


    This governance program was given in 8 places around the US and Canada including Chile and France with approximately 2400 attendees.

    I asked the person hosting this event where this came from and was told one of the senior shambhala teachers uses it in his programs. I figured out HE GOT IT when he was involved with various prison populations teaching buddhism.

    And we all know that criminon has been a presence in prisons for years.

    He just borrowed what he saw was workable.

    (granted he changed it up BUT the recognition that there is something workable remains. It can always be brought back to original form)


  22. So I was re-reading 490 US 680 today, and the background cases in the Tax Court and at the bottom of the Supreme Court ruling is a dissenting opinion by Justices O’Connor and Scalia.

    This is very interesting for a number of reasons. First off, the various lead ups to the Supreme Court, in particular the Tax Court case of 84 TC 575 and the subsequent District Court case of 819 F. 2d 1212 (1987) Robert L. Hernandez V Commissioner (F. 2d being the Federal Reporter 2nd Series which includes a report on these District cases) and including the Supreme Court case ALL concede and stipulate that the Church of Scientology is a 501 (a) tax exempt religious organization as well as a 501 (c) 3 entity. In other words, the huge “battle” that DM claims he won, was already conceded in as early as 1984, all the way through to 1989 in large part.

    What these cases were all about was the deductibility of donations for auditing and training. The IRS said “no” since there was a quid pro quo with these payments. The dissenting opinion sheds light on this as illogical and they SHOULD be deductible, even if they are quid pro quo.

    This dissent expressed by O’Connor and Scalia was the writing on the wall so to speak for the IRS and its refusal to grant deduction for auditing and training. It’s an extremely cogent writing and it could have been successfully argued, with the right case coming before the Supreme Court again, and the whole thing accomplished.

    It is MY opinion, that whatever else occurred to secure the final IRS ruling in 1993, it was already foreshadowed by the Supreme Court in its decision and the Dissenting Opinion of Hernandez V Commissioner.

    OK, the point here is this: Churches of Scientology IF they actually do what Scientology policy calls for and deliver sound service using the techniques developed and finalized by L. Ron Hubbard are perfectly legitimate 501 (c) 3 entities and that fact is stated clearly in the record for not only the IRS in 1993 but all the way back, and including the STIPULATION of such in the last appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Any bullshit “dangerous environment” put out by David Miscavige that taking him to task for his suppressive alteration of Scientology, his criminal personal “excess benefits” and all the rest of the fake fears he puts out, are just that BULLSHIT.

    The Church is under threat by HIM and his suppressive squirrelling and insanity, THAT’S IT. No “government ogre”.

    Those cases in Florida (which can very much use all the Doctrine of Exchange data expounded in the above cases as it DOES exist there among all sorts of other precedents and estoppel points) and the one in Texas are VALID cases to pursue David Miscavige’s anti-Scientology campaigns.

    The entity put in place by agreements of beings IS the 3D and it has the character agreed upon by those who do. If it’s going to be sane policy and Standard Tech, then that entity can and will survive. One thing for sure, DM gone means zero in terms of the factual status of the Church in terms of 501 (c) 3.

  23. Eileen,

    I agree with you, good until the stats. I don’t know of any other churches that boast about their stats esp in a TV ad.
    To me the ad makes the Church of Scientology look like a popular Science.

  24. Good one–from aesthetics to anesthetics!
    From light to darkness, from truth to lies, from good to bad.
    David Miscavige, One would think with the 50% odds this universe presents all of us that you’d get things right at least once in a while.
    You screw things up worse than a pup with two peters.

  25. If only.
    It all could have happened:
    Scientology ever increasingly known and thought well of.
    SO and staff members honored and well provided for.
    SO children cherished and allowed to prosper – even allowed to exist.
    Scientology tech broadly applied to make this a better world.
    If only.
    If only David Miscavige had had a single benevolent, unselfish bone in his body.

  26. Pete,
    Here is the youtube link to 2 min ad

    Also, Tony at Village Voice pointed out many of the lies in the ad… like “growing faster today”…. “10,000 Orgs and missions”.. “4 million people every year” bla bla

    There is so much truth in the subject of Scientology that DM could have included in an a $20 million advertisement to the nation… for instance, there are millions of individual successes, etc… so it is absolutely amazing that DM goes so far out of his WAY to create these “whopper” lies about expansion that only serve to destroy Scientology’s credibility to the general public (who are totally aware Scn is shrinking and it is only the Koolaide drinkers are buying this expansion crap.).

    Anyway, this ad shows him for the little, self centered, suppressive dictator that he is… these ads are all about David Miscavige’s management and not about furthering Scientology. Ugh!

  27. Yeah, well.

    First of all, it’s a crappy ad. Two painful minutes of printed words, words, words, words, words, words, words, words … etc.

    As Marty says, the stats at the end are utter bullshit. But at that point, who (other than you and your slaves) would / could still be staring at the screen, other than to ridicule it.

    Davey, we all know you think you’re better at doing everything than everyone.

    Sorry, dude – you’re really not.


  28. An intentionally deceitful ad – typical of RS and for me there is no appeal in this commercial.

  29. Actually, it’s not a good ad. It doesn’t engage emotionally or in any other way the reader … oops, I mean the viewer. It bombards the reader … sorry, viewer. It requires the audience (safe word) to shut up, sit there and follow the dancing prose.

    For two fucking minutes.

    Any bets on whether the Cult of $cientology ran this ad past a non-Scientologist focus group?


  30. Changing the subject I have it on good authority that the slave ship is now delivering setups for OT IX.

  31. People are fed these stats at the event and don’t seem to notice that there are only twenty other people there with them. You would think maybe some of those 4.4 million would come in. Maybe no one called them.

  32. It did not run in Boston. Does anyone know what markets they chose? Might have been only CW and LA for all we know.

  33. This is the ad I referred to in comments on Saturday which had aired on Friday night in the Clearwater market. It didn’t air here during the Superbowel (Clearwater market).

    Regardless, it is a piece of wandering crab that does NOT impinge, nor follow a clear message.

    Another waste of IAS donations….

    “….time and pressure…”

  34. go to love the “as seen on” Moving on up a little higher – on a Church of Scientology Video upload! It’s Underneath the video on the right side.

  35. To be clear, I am making reference to the expansion lies in the 2nd half of the ad..

  36. Tom Gallagher

    I wonder if POB will order this commercial to be entered as plaintiff’s evidence in that Texas courthouse tomorrow? He IS that stupid.

  37. It is amazing that in 2012, here is a billion dollar plus organization that actually thinks they can handle their foul image with glossy advertising. Their foul image comes from violations of public laws, violations of human rights and the most gross, flagrant abuses of parishioners, staff and the public at large — in short criminality. They DO offensive acts, and then have the audacity to think they can make it all right with advertising paid for with stolen money? They don’t know the first think about PR because they have chosen to embrace DM’s delusional reality. ANY real PR guy these days knows you can’t correct criminality with PR just like you can’t make a Miss America pageant winner from a rotten, bloated, diseased carcass of a dead pig no matter how much Maybelline you cake on, nor despite efforts to stuff so much rotten meat into sexy Victoria Secret underwear and a beautiful evening dress. Pin on diamonds earrings too, the net is even more offensive than it was before because they are mixing things that DO NOT go together = abomination.

    Malignant cancerous toxicity does not blend with beautiful lingerie. David Miscavige has once again cast the Church of Scientology into his own image: a tumor in high heels. Can there be anything more offensive? This ad turns my stomach.

    This is indeed a response to Debbie’s letter.

  38. There is one stat missing: the most lying church on earth as regards his current growing.

  39. Gary "Jackson" Morehead

    Thanks Marty.

    The question that lingers in my mind after viewing is …. So…… Why does the so called leader of this orginization ( David Miscavige – stated for Internet Search purposes ) beat his own staff, force them into humilliation, violate their civil rights, tear apart families – friends and business associates, force by intimidation its own parishioners to hand over all of their hard earned money cutting thier own life’s wherewithall down to nothing thinking they are “helping”.

    David Miscavige is they bully who, for his own entertaining purposes, knocks the scabs off of wounds from those genuinely trying to heal them to better their own and others lives!.

    Boy, the feeling of freedom one has jumping off that 9′ high fence is fantastic my friends… just fantastic! Climb on up here and try it yourself. You too will feel better serving some much needed justice!!

    David Miscavige truly is that turd in the pool more and more people are discovering and scattering from!

    — Jackson

  40. Too bad. It was really a nicely done ad – with the exception of the false stats and PR during the second half – one that would have captivated me and enticed me to look if the CoS image had not been destroyed over the years. And as Ulf referenced, don’t use lies in PR. They’ll come back to bite you.

  41. As an ad to raw public, this is money down the toilet. As an ad to church OTs, it is really great. They will love it – just eat it up. I have to admit that the advertising strategy of David Miscavage is brilliant. You have to realize who the target audience is, and what the purpose is. To raise more money for Dave, and/or protect Dave. I guess Scientology dissemination will have to be left to the thetans.

  42. It falls faster a liar than a one-legged man. 😉

  43. Is there a way to let these advertising giants know that I don’t appreciate this type of “false advertising” and shouldn’t they have done more research before playing it… but I guess the big payout says it all. We’ll publish any crap for the right amount of cash!!!!

  44. Shambala is a term peculiar to Tibetan Buddhism. There are exercises that come from Tibetan Buddhism that specifically instruct one to look at others with eyes open. In 1996, a massive translation project of Tibetan Buddhism was launched with the blessing of the Dalai Lama. You will find these eyes open exercises in the sensitivity exercises of Tibetan Buddhism, very clearly laid out and available to anyone absolutely free. This is an ancient tradition and set of teachings and really cannot be attributed to Scientology

  45. Steve, in the future please don’t be shy about how you really feel 🙂 —


  46. Robert, good point that David Miscavige could have caused to be produced an ad full of truths about Scientology, yet chose not to.

  47. I’d be interested in hearing the comments of Ulf’s informal survey group. Of course I didn’t completely assume the viewpoint of a non-Scn, but I found the first part visually and intellectually engaging. Seemed to me, absent the bald-faced hyperbole it could elicit a little curiosity. But what I really meant was that I liked it. I found it somewhat aesthetic, and if CofS goes belly-up and its assets sold off, if I had the cash I would buy that ad for a few grand and replace the second half with something human (like maybe someone talking about the profound relief from grief that a session brought them) and run it for Independent Scientology practitioners and groups.

    Hey, maybe Dave is looking into the future and means the actual 10,000 or more groups that will spring up in reality when the fraud and abuse are stopped.

  48. What is Scientology?
    scio [Latin] “knowing” + logos “study of” [Greek]

    Scientology is the study of KNOWLEDGE.
    It’s knowing yourself, family, friends, the world, life, the universe, the spirit, god.
    It’s the STUDY of TRUTH, drawing on 50,000 years of wisdom, mathemathics and nuclear physics.
    It’s a new kind of religion.
    NOT just something you BELIEVE in but something you DO.
    NOT just questions – BUT ANSWERS.
    It’s PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to REAL LIFE problems, relationships, work, parenting, creativity, self-respect, motivation, inspiration, spirituality.
    Helping people understand each other.
    Helping people understand THEMSELVES.

    Scientology is more than 10,000 churches, missions and groups across 167 nations.
    Welcoming over 4.4 million NEW PEOPLE each year.
    Scientology is a worldwide community, speaking 183 languages, working 3,200 professions, volunteering 27.7 million hours to their communities.
    Scientology is a movement with grassroots groups starting every 24 hours.
    New churches and missions opening on 6 continents.
    Growing faster today than anytime in history.
    What is Scientology?
    Find out for yourself.

    I wouldn’t say, that this are blatant lies.
    This is even stupider, if you break it all down and do the math.

    “Scientology is more than 10,000 churches, missions and groups across 167 nations.”
    Let’s assume any church, mission and group consists of min. 5 people each.
    It’s 10,000 x 5 = 50,000 people
    ALL of them volunteer 27,7 million hours to their communities.
    27700000 / 50000 = 554 hours
    (See that there is no time period given)
    Let’s assume the figure is annualy.
    It’s than 554 / 12 month = 46,166
    it’s just 11,54166666666667 a week.
    Less than 2 hours a day by 50k people (3 ppl per Church/Mission/Group).

    David Miscavige – you’re “the brain”.

    But you know what.
    The ad didn’t mention “the Church of Scientology”.
    Only Scientology and its churches, missions, groups. It wasn’t said “official” “CofS groups”.

    Than again it’s even a underestimation of the real scene.

    David Miscavige: “[Scientology] It’s PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to REAL LIFE problems, relationships, work, parenting, creativity, self-respect, motivation, inspiration, spirituality.”

    WHY the hell don’t you use it?

  49. lying in advertising kicks you in the ass in the end. I was in advertising for years with the big advertising agencies. It is not only that you are not believed, the end result…..many law suits filed for FALSE ADVERTISING.

  50. Excellent, graphic analogy, Steve. +100

  51. scilonschools

    DM you never EVER learnt before and so you now demonstrate!

    Psychologist uses a “Chinese Finger Trap” to demonstrate the human condition, wherein acceptance of powerlessness helps us to be free. Once we choose to live life on life’s terms, we can accept that of which we are powerless. This ability allows us to free our energies to focus upon that which we truly desire, i.e. — freedom. With this new focus, we allow things to happen and do things consistent with freedom, in order to be free.

    “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” — Jean-Paul Sartre

  52. I watched the Super Bowl but did not see this add. Anyway, Miscavige’s lies are becoming larger and larger: Millions this and that??? Where? How come most of the Academies I have visited on various continents in the last few years are EMPTY???

  53. The slave ship started selling “OT IX and X” and its “set ups” over 20 years ago. As the ex – Treas Sec FSO I would hate to tell you how many millions of dollars were “paper transferred” back to the FSO so OT 7s & 8’s could go back and re-do the bottom of the Bridge.

    The slave ship tries its best to con as much money as possible from the public but the bottom line is that the FSO pays its way and has for decades.
    The “Freewinds” is just one more expensive PR prop. It does make a really good prison though!!!

  54. He’s saying what Scientology could be if the church delivered the actual tech. So IMO he’s trying to get people in to the church for the same reason a lot of us are here in the independent place. Those who are here have refused to give money and time, be mistreated, mis audited and trained, and now he’s advertising for more MONEY. It’s obvious that the actual aims of Scientology haven’t been around for a long time in the church. The actual Technology of Scientology is LOST. So of course lies have to follow. There is nothing left to tell the truth about.

  55. Tony DePhillips

    To David Miscavige:
    Now we know who you take your orders from. You are a scared little boy and when mommy says jump, you say “how high?”.
    It’s funny that I used to think you were so OT and now I think you are just a punk ass thug who took over a church for personal profit and so you could bully people. You aren’t expanding Scientology you are destroying it. But now everyone is finding out about you and the end is near for you.
    You better go now, I think your mommy is calling you.

  56. Karen #1- “The TV commercial message was being put across no-comm-line. A message does not travel on no-line.”

    A fascinating observation and absolutely true. With all the bad press out there on the Church, this add was folly except to assuage to flock. There is no comm line to the public.

    Spot on.

  57. I opened up the video with the sound turned off.

    The classical radio station I had on was playing John Williams’ main title music from the 1978 film “Superman” and the images were in sync with the music. A great theta experience except when the video started the stats crape’.( crap-ay – a classy way of saying sh*t).

    I recall that great 1963 play “Marat/Sade” by Peter Weiss. The play was a reenactment of the French Revolution staged by the Marquis de Sade in the asylum of Charenton with the inmates. A brilliant work and commentary on past and contemporary aberrations of individuals and society.

    Debbie Cook is a Charlotte Corday to the wrong actions of the Organization the helpless CEO that sits in his bathtub of falsehoods.

    When the current Organization falls, I definitely want her back in her leadership position at Flag. Now that’s a great postulate.

    Too bad the video we are referencing is copyrighted. I’d love to re-edit it to show the true aspects of Scientology found at the beginning of the clip.

    My best to all.

  58. Mark, you remember correctly. When we were putting together the original strategy for the Dianetics campaign in 1982, I studied magazine policy where Hubbard said you do NOT place ads in big publications like Time or Saturday Evening Post, you place the ad in dozens of smaller publications targeting very specific publics, like science fiction fans, spiritual seekers and so on. I applied this to TV ads and so we went for a VOLUME of ads targeting specific types of people – what would be called “niche marketing” these days. The number of people you reach is only one factor in advertising – the other is the number of times you reach that public. You have to have both for success – volume AND frequency. That was the strategy that got Dianetics on the bestseller lists. We were the first to successfully sell books with TV ads. The other thing Hubbard said, of course, was that you NEVER place ads just to get the name promoted or brush up your PR image, you ONLY place ads to sell books. I clashed with Miscavige repeatedly over both these strategy points. He wanted ads on major shows, ads he could brag about at events: “we were on Good Morning America!.” He never understood frequency. He never understood niche marketing. And he was only interested in PR – advertising books was a “waste of money.” So the strategy gradually shifted in the late 1980s from niche advertising, volume and frequency, to big, showy PR ads, high profile sports sponsorships (which never sold books) and the like. And there went the booksales and the ’80s boom.

  59. Holy cow, Meskimen found an Int Event speech and read it perfectly. Good God that was UNfunny. Really, really bad.

  60. Yes. This ad is just semi-slick blah blah for kool-aid drinkers and camouflages a predatory organization headed by a sociopath more Ayatollah than self-styled Pope — who’s really just a criminal carnival huckster behind the robes. The soothing images and music and comforting but meaningless ad words are mind candy to dull sheeple with more money than awareness. Sad that anyone thinks salvation is as easy and near as closing your mind and flashing your credit card over and over. The Mammon-like temples sit empty. The huckster leader and his minions demand more, more, more money from their flock. This is the illusion and reality Miscavige and his Scientology actually sell.

    Science is not about suppressing questioning and religion is not about deceit and materialism.

  61. And, Jeff, there went the Int stats beginning in June 1990 downhill for 10 straight years. Little wonder that DM had a hair up his ass about you.

  62. Would love to hear some Buddhist bull-baiting!

  63. Ka blam! 🙂

    My initial response was (in my best southern): “How nice.”

  64. Not a very good ad. The stats don’t mean anything to non-members. Would you shop at a store because of how many franchises it has and how many customers go there in a year? The first part was better, but then it went off into all of these huge numbers flashing by and it felt like empty bragging. My reaction is “why would I want to be a statistic for these people?” I’d much rather buy an American built car from Detroit and join Clint Eastwood in saving the American economy.

    It is a good ad in that it provide is 2 minutes to go to the bathroom, or move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, etc.

  65. I don’t know why you guys can’t see the truth behind dave’s assertions.
    See…if you consider that every chiropractor office, dental office, doctor’s office and verteranarian’s office which has ever had any admin tech put into it is a “group,” then all of those offices which apply the standard actions of over-charging, taking advanced payments for unneeded services and faithfully don’t deliver what’s promised, are now official scientology groups.
    Could there be 10,000 of them?

  66. The ad reminds me of this reference (see PL in OEC Vol 2 for full context),

    “Never seek public or group repute or collective bank. You do not do “good will” advertising or just try to get the name about.”

  67. Tony DePhillips

    Like. ^^^^^

  68. Marty/Mike, I know you can’t say too much about the elephant in the room, the hearing tomorrow, but just wanted to pass on my best wishes.

    I have some sympathy for the viewpoint that issues regarding the church SHOULD have been able to be handled internally. It’s not my viewpoint now, but it’s a shame that internal justice doesn’t work because the ethics and justice policies written by LRH should/could work in a different environment.

    And there goes your proof as far as someone who wanted to deal with issues internally. She’s in court tomorrow defending herself against a corporation with an unlimited budget.

  69. Tony DePhillips

    That was for Cindy.

  70. Tony DePhillips

    Here is one of dm’s followers. One of the 10,000.

  71. They are not trying to communicate to the general populace. They only talk to the flock to keep it in and to lawyers and judges to try to convince them that donations are spend on dissemination because if they didn’t, fraud is proven and Debbie’s gag order is useless. Same trick as in France where they paid back donations after they got sued. The French didn’t buy it, so of course Davey keeps repeating the same idiocy, expecting different results.

  72. They don’t really do any bullbaiting in the eyes open exercises, but they sure do when they do debates on Buddhist principles. Apparently its quite raucous!

  73. Right, bait and switch, broadly shown to the general public so they know upfront what’s awaiting them. It’s purpose is to keep the general public out, the flock in, get rid of higher toned individuals that ask nasty questions and attract the 0.5 -1.1 public.

  74. 😀
    You got me again – love your humor, Dan.

  75. sara – It could have still been handled internally using LRH ethics policies. Debbie sent her email internally to her contacts within the Church. David Miscavige chose to use the courts to resolve this, not Debbie. This way he doesn’t have to answer the substance of her email – the off policy actions now so part of Church culture that people have forgotten when they weren’t being done and were never intended by LRH to be done.

  76. My reaction is “why would I want to be a statistic for these people?”

    He should manage the org by statistics instead!

  77. That ad reminds me a lot of a literary scam that promises to “publish America”, swears up and down how they care for thier authors, sends emails about the wonderful things they do, and will do for you if you pay them more money…when in reality the books they accept (literally everything) and the books they print are so poor quality bookstores won’t carry them. The only possible goal is to make the owners money. They have also waged a nasty and expensive legal war with publishing watchdogs who point out you’d be better off flushing your book AND your money down a toilet.

    Same thing here. The first point is par for the religious course, but nobody looking for god or spiritual wellness will care how many buildings there are as long as there’s one they can get to. And for what its worth, a fancy building would make the people who really need it feel out of place and unwelcome. If you want to stroke your own ego, you do hardwood walls and brass fittings. You want to help people, you do clean enough for comfort and then move on, because to you the chair isn’t half as important as the person sitting in it.

  78. Count on Miscavige to mis-duplicate, and alter ANY “workable” technology.
    This ad reminds me of the Apple “generational marketing” ads.
    There is a fascinating interview with John Scully (one time co-ceo of Apple) here:

    Essentially, Apple adopted Pepsi’s “generational advertising” method to differentiate their product from the Win-tel computer products. The back story (coca-cola vs pepsi) gives some fascinating market research info as to WHY they went that route.

    Count on Miscavige to turn it in to an opportunity to roboticize people.

    Even my dog can tell when a person is lying.

  79. “Group repair is actually a study of the Tone Scale and mental equipment of the leader of a group. …
    Below 2.0 whatever his expressed intentions, the individual works as entheta and enMEST and as the tone sinks to 1.0 will actually kill himself and other individuals or groups. He talks of death and emergencies. He advises powerful remedies for “potential death” situations.And although he may seem to work hard to “remedy” the situations he postulates, he will yet produce only reduced survival or death for himself, his associates or his group…..”
    (Diagnosis and Repair of Groups, Jan 51,Tech Vol 1, p. 125)

  80. Steve, Spot on…this ad turns my stomach also, Thanks, L Carol

  81. Yeah, there’s no way they’d get away with those bogus stats over here. Remember the “250,000 salvaged from drugs” ads they got busted for? ( The ASA would have a field day! 🙂

  82. Hello internet friends. I may not have been posting lately, but I still check here; if not daily, then every other.

    Off current topic. I have (surprisingly) never actually gone and looked at Freedumb Magazine. So, I typed it into google and while most assuredly expecting to see Marthy trashed, I was not expecting to see what I read (and I expect ANYTHING to be possible when it comes to Mismanage). I can not believe the things written about Marty, and in such an atrocious manner. Things that had to have been shared with only close friends or obviously in his case files from auditing.

    How can ANY rational man or woman EVER read this and continue to be a part of this cult? In the grand scheme of things that the Co$ has done and continues to do, this is minute, I was still, nonetheless saddened and angry.

    I am angry at the miopians who fail on every human level and refuse to step up and have their voice heard.

    I have the smallest voice ever and I am no one special, but if someone in my church (christian church) were to be as evil as these people are, I would be on a soap box telling the entire world and it wouldn’t JUST be an email or Facebook posting.

    This cult is simply not falling fast enough for me.

    For those of you reading this website that work at the Church of $cientology. STOP. The spying and lying. Go with your instinct.

    I know and YOU Know, that there is something gnawing at you, that what is going on is just not right. What kind of group tells you to think for yourself but then tells you to turn on your friend – just for having questions or doubt.

    Why is the church and the people running it NEVER wrong? Why are LONG LONG LONG term members suddenly the enemy? Why did people who spent over 20 years working for little or no pay suddenly “turn” on the church?

    Understand this, I don’t have a dog in the fight. I have never gone to a church of Scientology or even met one in person. I have nothing against ANY person anywhere, and don’t care what you believe. I KNOW the majority of Scientology members are great hard working people, just like any other microcosm of society.

    You’re church is currently filled with bad executives. Especially David Miscaviage. How can this guy never be responsible for ANY thing that has gone wrong? Have you not caught him in a lie? Have you not had something “bugging” you about this guy? Or do you ignore it because you have been told that it is YOUR fault for thinking bad things about the COB?

    Save your church from the rotting apples that spoil the vine.

    I know more about the Co$ than any person I know. I have been following it for years and years and I have watched it get creepier and creepier. I have watched as they attack former members. Ive watched them lie to you and lie to the public.

    You are better than this. Reclaim your church and STOP feeding the beast of corporate $cientology and COD.

    Otherwise you will do nothing and it will continue to embarrass itself and all of its members until it eventually caves in on itself and leaves nothing to salvage. The chair man is a liar and a thief and a what you call SP. PERIOD EXCLAMATION POINT!

    Marty may or may not be perfect (haha), but I believe he is trying to make amends for any past transgressions. (Never met the man, so I’m just assuming from interviews)

    I hope you will come back here daily and just read and read and read and read. Then search the “evil” “suppressive” internet and think and decide for yourself what it is that YOU think.

    Thats the best advice I can give and it is something I tell my kids: think for yourself and no on else. What do YOU think about this subject or that subject.

    Sorry so long Marty–edit all you want or just delete it and throw it away.

    I needed to rant:

    Bed Man in OKC

    That beer is still waiting on you, next to the shot or Crown XR and Jager.

  83. The book “Natural Cures” also recommends dianetics and scientology at the bottom of his list, as I recall.

  84. The beginning of the ad is quite ok, but the second part is full of lies. All this false stats business can be easly demonstrated. One has just to count the actual number of orgs and missions. Same for the 4 millions publics a year. Even an idiot, with a little observation, would know it’s false. So, they are dead agenting themselves. Don’t they know the rule that you never lie in PR? Actually with suing Debbie Cook they also do some Glutz PR. They should be ordered to retrain the PR course if they ever did it in the first place! And by the way they should also restudy the Data Series. DM is not only a fascist, he is an ignorant.

  85. I thought he left the church long ago, or just had short-term, minimal involvement. Not challenging you, just curiosity. Can anyone confirm if he is still on lines? I definitely get your point though about the lying aspect.

  86. He will need something to prop up as a product at his next “look at me, look at me, look at me,…” event. Perhaps he will announce the television ad as his product for the year with all the amazing results it caused.

  87. Thanks for pointing this out, Jim.
    I’d never read this material before and it was very enlightening (especially the dozen or so words I had to clear while doing it). O’Connor is a pretty bright lady.

    From what I can see, the single biggest threat to the church’s 501c3 status is the inurement violations of david miscavige and tom cruise.


  88. These ads would be fine, if they did not direct people to a link on their computer at the end. The VFP of the ad is getting someone to their computer to click on a link. Anyone going to their computer to find out more about Scientology , well……… isn’t that why they produced nanny software?
    And what about all of the people that do not have computers so have no way to click on the link? For all the money spent on that ad they could have had 1 800 numbers to call for free information pack. Smack in a solid comm line. 100X addresso and got the letter regges going. The ad was a can’t have for anyone without a computer. And a lot of more for people running to the net and doing an instant search on Scientology because they did not write down the link during the game.

  89. Hey Tony…

    Pick on someone your own size!
    Budda-bing, budda-boom!


  90. Very similar to my thoughts on it, Bob Dobbs. If Miscavige wants to spend money running ads like that, more power to him – Independents just need to make sure we stay visible to any public who come looking for more information. Independents are the real ‘grassroots’ happening, delivering true, helpful, Scientology services without the cutthroat arm twisting for money and demand for blind obedience to cultish beliefs.

    Counting all the Freezoners and Independents, the postulated stats, while false in terms of the established “Church”, may be approaching truth in terms of actual activity when the free practitioners in the ‘field’ are added in.

    One of the things I liked most about the ad is that it mostly promotes the SUBJECT, not just the “Church”.

  91. Bingo!

  92. Scilonschools,
    As long as you have that moniker, here’s some Dianetic Axioms apropos to your post:



    (Note: As distinguished from near-perceptions of effort)




    At the Survive level, these are the action/interaction observable phenomena. Up above, there are Games, freedom/barriers/purposes.

  93. Great theta perception Quentin.

    I was going to say a tad obnosis on the Trudeau guy.

    Don’t have any record of the dude on Org lines.


  94. Of course, I DO hope that he’ll have to answer whether or not this little doc she signed was in fact signed “willingly.” Love to see how dm and his bots spin that one after all the facts are presented.

  95. “They [aberrative personalities] have lost all ability themselves to create, they cannot work themselves, they must either amass money which is never to be spent or must prevent others from amassing money.They produce nothing, they must steal one way or another, and then devaluate whatever they obtain.
    They speak very sternly of honesty or ethics and put on a formidable front of completelegality. They are impartial, which is to say they are incapable of decision but ride
    continually a maybe. They close terminals easily with courts, for courts are, sad to say, more or less of this disposition themselves. They feel called upon at no pretext to become adjudicative on subjects where their opinion has not been invited.”
    – LRH, PAB #13

  96. Maria —

    The link you provided goes to a rather enormous website and I was unable to find the page which clearly states what you are asserting – that there are exercises that come from Tibetan Buddhism that specifically instruct one to look at others with eyes open. Could you provide that link?

    I would be astonished to see something in writing instructing buddhists – Tibetan or otherwise to sit across from each other with eyes open, confronting.

    Eyes open meditation is definitely a Tibetan Buddhist practice. However, it’s not done LOOKING at someone.

    BUT you missed my point. Check the paragraph prior to the one you commented on — where did Hollywood get the idea of 2 people who don’t know each other to get to know each other by “staring at each other for 15 minutes”

    Surely you aren’t implying that they got this idea from the 1996 translation project of Tibetan Buddhism?

    How about Hollywood getting the idea from Milton Katsalas whose acting students did TRs?

    My point is that dm cannot snuff out scientology BECAUSE scientologists will use it in their lives or people exposed to scientology practices will use it.

    There is no way he can know WHO is going to use it, where and when.

    corporate scientology is dead and will be obviously so due to attrition. The tech however is very alive and dm can’t possibly stop it.


  97. Cram cram cram on “PR Becomes a Subject” (FEBC-2, 701801)

  98. I just watched the video for the first time. I like how at the end it tells people to “find out for yourself” and then sends them on-line. It doesn’t matter that they give a cult url. Even if people do go there, their next step will be google and then on to this blog or of the many other sites showing the truth with the cult. Nobody will be going into a local mission/org from that ad.

  99. You would think it would be a whole lot easier to deliver actual standard tech and policy and preside over the inevitable consequence of expansion than to create ever greater contortions of the truth to create the ILLUSION of expansion. But I guess that would assume some sanity at the top.

  100. If he did, could the false stats in the commercial then be questioned and exposed?

  101. Perfect post Steve!

  102. I don’t know anything about Milton, but here’s the link to the specific page on eyes open exercises practiced by Tibetan Buddhists:

  103. Off topic I know but I’m curious as to what you Independent, free thinking, scientologists make of the Nation Of Islam group endorsing the church of scientolog, thereby funneling its members in to auditor training through the church of scientology?

    My understanding is Nation of Islam members do not get crush reg’d like regular members of the church of scientology on orders from David Miscavige.

    I know scientology is meant to be independent of other religions but there is more to this relationship with the NoI as the key leaders in the NoI are advocating their members take courses with the church of scientology, money is changing hands.


  104. George M. White

    We had some BB a few months ago when Marty said that “the Buddhists were on fire”. This was in reference to the assignment of DM to the lowest realm for 10 to the 18th power eons.

    May all beings be well and happy, anyway!

  105. And Windhorse, I absolutely agree with you that the Church is dead. And the technology is all over the Internet in all kinds of forms now. Some of the works are based on the very same materials LRH himself researched, some are clearly from LRH materials and some are apparently as a result of researching into Buddhist and Vedic materials. Its hard to tell sometimes, but 15 minutes of staring sure sounds like TR0. From what I can tell, the Tibetans have different / additional traditions and teachings than Zen or other schools of Buddhism.

  106. I agree 100%….nicely put….loved the visuals!

  107. Journey Continued

    Fantastic analogy and very true. Trying to gloss over and or ignore the real PR image only creates more BPC.

  108. I don’t think they cared about PR. If they did these types of ads would have been playing since around 1997 when David Miscavige first promised to “pepper the airways” after Steve Hall made a bunch of Scientology TV ads that showcased on the Freewinds for a total audience of 200. They certainly have had the resources to pepper the airways, but I guess decided there were better ways to spend the money. For a while it was just enough to SAY they placed ads on TV because people were indoctrinated not to look, but when this was pointed out as a lie in Debbie’s email and Marty’s blog a new handling had to go in place.

    So this is more a reaction to Debbie’s email like that of a 13-year old school boy who was made wrong and now is “going to show who has the longest schlong”. Not just a 30-sec ad, or even a 1-minute ad – but a 2-minutes ad on prime time. Its a predictable DM in the Gold editing bay 24/7 reaction to “No TV Ads”. Its not an attempt to restore PR – its an attempt to DA Debbie’s information about misuse of IAS funds, combined with a made-wrong knee-jerk, as one could take Debbie’s email as DM wasn’t capable of producing TV ads, so he has to show that he is capable of the best. And it is true – nobody aggrandizes his own false realities like himself.

  109. Kind’a interesting, isn’t it.

  110. POB defined:

    Addlebrained – stupid and confused; “blathering like the addlepated nincompoop that you are”; “a confused puddingheaded, muddleheaded fellow”.

    Sums it up for me……….

  111. Just me. But the ad was entheta on some level. The message is that Scientologists are everywhere , everywhere, and growing in numbers daily! Like an attempt to overwhelm with stats. Then directs the person viewing straight to the internet, to discover all of the protest about Scientology.

  112. Frankly, I can see how this would re stimulate a lot people.

  113. Oops, I forgot to throw in a huge dash of violence.

  114. Tony DePhillips

    I actually don’t know if he is in or not. Sorry for the 3-p
    if he is actually out. 🙂
    I do think that some of his remedies in the book are over the top whehter he is in or out. It made me think of how the “church” promises the Earth, moon and stars..
    No doubt auditing can get some miraculous results, but I ahve yet to see someone go to a library and absorbe all the data in a library while the “body is sleeping”.

  115. Shorty to an absolute ‘T’.

  116. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Miscavige isn’t running ads to get people into the church. He doesn’t follow the marketing series; he doesn’t follow the PR series. He lies. He makes the church look bad. He makes its followers look stupid. He makes the tech look insane and unworkable. He makes the tech factually unworkable whenever possible. If his efforts bring in some money, goodie for him.

    But his actions are calculated to destroy scientology and any hope of scientology.

    He dresses up his actions the best he can to make them look like efforts to expand, and he lies to the blind and tells them that it is expanding.

  117. Robert, thanks for posting the link. Now that I’ve seen it, the ad is clearly all about “proving” to existing members that the stats from other events are “true.” People can easily figure out for themselves that if there were 4.4 million people joining the Church of Scientology every year, they ought to be everywhere. But when a non-Scientologist thinks for a second and realizes they have never actually met any Scientologists, that shows that the numbers are completely bogus. There are 3 million Jehovah’s Witnesses in the US, the same size as Scientology wants you to believe. The Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on my door and stand around handing out literature downtown all the time. And the 3 churches that I drive by in town are full. By comparison, the nearest Idle Org building, which has been under construction for years and which isn’t open, is 40 miles away, and the nearest functioning org is in the big city, an hour away in the other direction… it’s the only org in a giant city with millions of people. If it is obvious to me how invisible Scientology is in my life, anybody else can see that too.

    The first lie, which caused me to nearly snort my coffee onto the keyboard, was that Scientology draws on 50,000 years of mathematics and nuclear physics. There simply isn’t 50,000 years of accumulated wisdom of anything, especially not science. If you rewind the clock to 50,000 years ago, I doubt Thag the Caveman had a home-built particle accelerator in the back of the cave to help him zap up batches of bronto-burgers and to search for the Higgs Boson. Writing has only been around for about 6,000 years. But the clay tablets from those days don’t record rich debates about neutrinos and quarks. The ancient Greeks were dabbling in math and starting to ponder the nature of the atom 2,500 years ago, the first time anybody even thought of any of this stuff. But real physics only started about 120 years ago. Don’t insult me by trying to claim that Scientology alone is tapped into ancient knowledge that doesn’t actually exist.

    Miscavige likes to do this: put up a nonsensical, needless lie that’s intuitively bogus before getting into the subtle lies that are the real point of the presentation. He did this at some event a couple years ago — claimed that Hubbard traveled 251,386 miles around the world before he graduated high school, which is impossible even if he spent 24 hours a day on trains and ships during school breaks. A humble suggestion, Davey: start with the truth, not stupid obvious lies. Then the important lies that you need to tell to keep your story hanging together later on will be more credible. But if you prove yourself a liar with the first number you present, people check out completely and don’t believe a word of what comes next.

    If they were actually trying to recruit people, I think it would be better to start by explaining the reactive mind. That’s a powerful concept that most people can easily see has operated in their lives. Then feature “real” people talking about how the courses have helped them deal with their reactive mind. Make it friendly, helpful and practical. (I know, Jeff Hawkins probably did exactly this in the “volcano” ads 30 years ago; I don’t remember what they said.) But in an ad that makes big claims about how all-encompassing Scientology is and how it can help me in every single area of my life, then the first thing I am going to do is go to Google to find out more. And when that happens, game over…

  118. This guy is shameless. He now has a “radio” show on line.

  119. Of course it should have been handled internally. Mr. David Miscavige should never have been in the position he was/in, and since he did get into this position, controls and balances – internal controls and balances – should have been sufficient to correct the situation.

    I find it incredibly embarrassing that it is taking the Media, the government, and anti-religious people to help us get rid of this SOB.

    What it shows is that Ron was fallible – which is a given, given that absolutes are unobtainable, and therefore perfection is unobtainable.

    But, the real point, and I agree, is that THIS CANNOT BE DONE INTERNALLY. There is no “WDC” or some hidden ethics line that will suddenly play their trump card and drum Miscavige out of the org. I had a friend tell me that the SO #1 line was the way to go. This was over a year ago. Nothing. And, who gets the SO #1 letters? Ron has been gone for over 25 years.

    But the GOOD news is that Scientology is living despite the POB.

  120. “Scientology” does NOT mean “Study of Knowledge”. They cannot even get that right.

  121. Tossing out mathematics, and nuclear physics, and how to understand God during the super bowl parties must have sold a lot of liquor though.

  122. I’m absolutely sure they did not. I had seen it once and the typical music got my attention while I was working before I turned around and saw it on the TV. OK, so now I know what it is.

    Then I visited a girlfriend who knows nothing about it. My back was turned towards her TV and we were talking about her kids in college. The same music comes on and halfway through it her eyes come off of me and look at the TV for a split second. Then immediately back to me. Her conversation with me about her college kids was more important than that fabulous attention-grabbing ad. Never surveyed. Just what DM and Company want to spew at people about how great they think they are. Well done, guys! You didn’t capture my friend into your web. I’ll make more progress with her than you ever will.

  123. Whoo-hooo! +1 Carol!

  124. Parrishgolfer

    Definitely ran here in Tampa Bay. Not sure about on American Idol though…do not watch.

  125. Parrishgolfer

    …if not during the Super Bowl, I definitely saw it within the last week as I remember throwing up in my mouth a little. 🙂

  126. This AD is not effective advertising…more like a Power Point presentation on steroids. I agree with JM ….too many crappy words…This ad is so bad on so many levels. As a producer of videos & local advertising for TV, I would not get paid if I provided this SHIT to a client.

    IMHO DM is insane,,,totally insane…How do I spell straight jacket in 20 languages?

    Go back and read the wise words from Thoughtful on this thread….who was it that said, number of times through the material results in certainty. You know who I mean. LOL

  127. No need to apologize, in my opinion. I had heard, as Gunner mentioned, that he lists Dianetics and other church-related resources in the back of the book. I had never seen or heard anywhere him mentioned as being involved in the church, so I thought I’d ask if anyone here knew if he is or was.

  128. Ulf, that is exactly what it is.
    Besides, people that use the internet (almost everybody) are going to Google or Yahoo or Bing “Scientology” and not put in the url to the website if they’re interested at all. On Google, the 1st non-ad entry is the Cof$ but then the rest are negative – no scrolling necessary. On Bing – very similar story. Yahoo – same thing.
    Another expensive dramo of David Miscavige’s service facsimiles…

  129. Yep, it’s really boring with blue and white animated words all over the place. It would have been better by just switching the sequence–all the great stats and things (if they were only true!) THEN what it is that gets those wonderful things. What a buncha egomaniac boneheads.

  130. Karen – unrelated to Blog talking with you the other day and your followup email showed me what an awesome person you are. I CANNOT WAIT TO ACTUALLY MEET YOU!.I am posting this because I want everyone to know you, even from thousands of miles away, are awesome!

  131. Thoughtful~I got the picture loud and clear. So true. Lipstick on a pig.

  132. I have only hearsay, that Kevin Trudeau was courted by David Miscavige and visited Flag back in the mid-1990s.

    His books seem like a compilation of every counter-cultural, contrarian, and anti-establishment idea about health, healing, finance, and other topics that sell well to the public, without much regard for whether they are workable or not. They are similar to many newsletters one may receive advertisements for, which involve a paid subscription.

  133. John P., I largely agree with your proposed approach to promoting the study and use of Scientology, but I would point out that this statement, “There simply isn’t 50,000 years of accumulated wisdom of anything, especially not science.” might be a bit dogmatic, if one believes in the existence of a ‘whole track’.

  134. Yay! The axioms of Dianetics are a gold mine for rational thought. I get the impression sometimes that most Scns have the energy to make it through axiom of Scn #10 and run out of steam there, figuring they’re now “at cause”, but without bothering to determine what effect they’re creating. I actually wonder how many have made it to axiom of Scn #28 and doped out that if anyone could actually apply that 100% they’d as-is MEST. Comm begins with attention, and that results in an INFLOW. The next step is duplication and an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (not a knee-jerk evaluation). That’s so very simple, but so very hard to do consistently. Irony in spades, but if I had but one paragraph to read marooned alone on an island, it would be axiom of Scn #28. For practical guidance and understanding in today’s context, axioms of Dianetics are invaluable – so much has to do with randomity, and the differences between energy and force as relates to practical understanding of subjects and life and survival.

  135. Perfect reference Worsel.

  136. Maria — thank you for the link. If you read through the article and trace it’s roots it comes not from original or traditional Tibetan liturgy but from: “First edition published as Berzin, Alexander. Developing Balanced Sensitivity: Practical Buddhist Exercises for Daily Life. Ithaca, Snow Lion, 1998”.

    Buddhism always changes and grows with the times and culture. Apparently Alexander Berzin has developed sensitivity training for buddhist communities.

    Again — thanks for the link — fascinating.


  137. scilonschools

    Thank you JL!
    One of the great things about this Blog is detailed Tech passed onto someone with no formal Tech training (like me).

    The moniker ‘scilonschools’ was chosen long before Marty’s Blog existed , for my own reasons, it now is my identity, but NO offence is meant to any Indies etc!!!!

  138. Ulf wrote, “After so many lies the public just don’t believe anything from the Church anymore.”

    Seems almost as though it’s being engineered that way, doesn’t it?

    All the while steadily emptying the bank accounts of the faithful public to ensure they can’t operate the Church independently if it goes under for one reason or another.

  139. Cindy Pinsonnault wrote, “But his actions are calculated to destroy scientology and any hope of scientology.”

    I’ve thought along the same lines. However, judging by the opinion of some who have written about working around him, my opinion is that he’s not doing this by himself. He’s not capable of focused, intelligent, long range plans that don’t fall to a fit of temper. I don’t know if M.Y. is the “Miscavige whisperer”, or if it’s someone else.

    Others may have a better idea than I have if this is so based on their close proximity to him in the past.

    This isn’t saying he’s not responsible, he is more so than any “controller” for agreeing to it in the first place.

  140. scilonschools

    “Former Scientology executive Debbie Cook disclosed in court papers today that the church’s worldwide leader David Miscavige ordered a staffer to smack her to the floor and another to break her finger in the weeks before she left the church’s religious order in 2007.”

    Who s Finger is broken/stuck now DM ?

  141. “Former Scientology executive Debbie Cook disclosed in court papers today that the church’s worldwide leader David Miscavige ordered a staffer to smack her to the floor and another to break her finger in the weeks before she left the church’s religious order in 2007.”

    DM who is breaking whose finger?

  142. Thanks link is in the original post.

  143. Oh my!!

    I just checked the mailbox. I got a “new” piece of promo from FLAG.

    It’s an 8 page fold out. It’s as big as the side of a barn.

    Inside back cover, we have : LOCAL ATTRACTIONS,
    with warm fuzzy pics of Disney, Sea World, Bike trails, holding hands & makin’ eyes on the beach. Have these been added to the routing form?

    “Flag is a few hours from Orlando, putting you at one of the world’s largest amusement parks.” are they referring to Disney or Flag, itself?

    The bigger the overts, the bigger the promo.

    When word-of-mouth & referring friends & family is no longer an option; “What do you do?”

  144. Tony DePhillips

    dm probably wants to use them as covert threats in the future if he needs them. maybe they will try to be his muscle when he is being prosecuted by the “Man”!!

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