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Remember the Alamo

Independence Trail Travelogue: 1 February 2012

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas.


The Battle of the Alamo

The Battle of San Jacinto


Friday’s edition of the Tampa Bay Times includes an editorial on the issue of Corporate Scientology hypocrisy.   It is a well reasoned piece.

Let’s take a closer look at the issue.  Miscavige spent the first 26 days of January directing a full blown espionage campaign designed to destroy the business of Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten.  Their sin?  Asking that Scientologists follow Scientology published policy. On the 27th day of Miscavige carpet bombing, Miscavige paid one of the priciest law firms in San Antonio Texas to slink through the back door of the Bexar county courthouse to obtain a temporary restraining order against the Baumgartens.  There was no prior notice given to the Baumgartens.  The order was a prior restraint on any communication by any means by either of them concerning David Miscavige and his empire of hypocrisy.   The order was based solely upon Debbie’s email of 1 January that took exception to Miscavige’s Fraudulent Idle Orgs program, and other financial scams.

Having used state court process to muzzle Debbie’s clarion call for Scientologists to cease violating Scientology policy by ceasing to comply or support Miscavige’s off-policy, fraudulent financial scams, including the Idle Org scam, Miscavige flew to Sacramento this weekend to serve as the Howdy-Doody MC for yet another Idle org scam grand opening.  Per local media reports the Sacramento Idle org cost 10 million dollars.  10 Million dollars for an org that I guarantee you hasn’t made anywhere near 10 million dollars gross income  in its several decade history.  An org, like most others to date, already driven by Miscavige into a lifeless morgue.

There is a lot more actual first-hand knowledge that Debbie Cook has that Miscavige is even more keen on burying from the light of public scrutiny.  Not a single iota of it has anything to do with business information that in certain cases could be protected from disclosure by state process; such as trade secrets or other proprietary confidential information. What Miscavige wants hidden are facts that could and should wind Miscavige up in a penitentiary for a good long time.

False Imprisonment.  Aggravated Assault.  Torture.

Meanwhile, in order to cover up such atrocities on Miscavige’s part, the gangster has had “church” troops embedding his name within dozens of fraudulent websites about the church’s alleged allegiance to the cause of human rights.

When the Tampa Bay Times sharply calls out Miscavige on hypocrisy it is right on, even if it is only touching the tip of an ugly iceberg.