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Scientology Inc. v. Debbie Cook Updates

Village Voice live updates from San Antonio courthouse.

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Village Voice day one summary

Scientology Inc Plague

Here is the latest justification for a multi-million dollar shakedown of Scientology Public called the Idle Morgue scam.

Twin Cities – Think Big

Tens of millions of dollars for two new people a day?   Making it a total of five people of day to be avoided like the plague, denied a live comm cycle, and made to look blankly at Miscavige’s gaudy videos, and finally be blown off with a creepy impression of Scientology?

And to think, David Miscavige is suing Debbie Cook for having the temerity to object to this sick travesty.  And he has spent at least another couple hundred grand in parishioner donations already in an attempt to silence, punish and annihilate her for doing so.  In my opinion Miscavige has degenerated into little more than a cluster of escalating spending to cover up and  distract attention from previous crimes, which escalated spending constitutes more crimes which require further escalated spending to cover up and distract, and so forth and so on and on and on.  The closest analogy I can think of is the plague.