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Why We Stay by Mike Rinder

Mike just posted the following as a comment in response to another comment.  To me it is one of those gems that cuts right to the heart of matters.  It is timely since literally thousands of  Corporate Scientologists have had some eye opening revelations come their way over the past two months.  It behooves us all to consider who we are dealing with, what motivates them, and what considerations and concerns they harbor. It also is useful to examine the other side of the coin, and so, below the first article please see “Why We Leave” by Steve “Thoughtful” Hall.

Why We Stay by Mike Rinder

This is a really difficult subject to explain. I look back and wonder why I stayed as long as I did. And I have given this a lot of thought, and I am sure there are a lot of scholarly and learned treatises that would explain this phenomena. I have only analyzed this for myself and what I have seen or heard with others.

I believe there is a “perfect storm” of factors in the RCS, and though I am certain many of these things are not unique to the RCS, I believe its hard to find anything that has ALL of these things acting in concert. And to one degree or another, I believe each of these apply to everyone involved in the RCS (SO, staff and public).

1. You feel an obligation to not violate your personal integrity by withdrawing allegiance from a group you have committed to. And the flip side of that coin, you are heavily invested in something (whether financially or emotionally or both) and to walk away from it requires admitting you were wrong/stupid/duped.

2. You don’t want to let others down. People who have relied on you, supported you, looked up to you. You value their friendship and don’t want to upset them.

3. You believe that to forsake the RCS and Miscavology is to abandon your eternity as there is no other “brand” of Scientology, everything else is pure squirrel suppressiveness which will drive you into a state of black MEST (meanwhile, this is the object of the reverse Scientology being run in the RCS). Even the idea of “abandoning your eternity” is contrary to fundamental Scientology principles – its an impossibility.

4. You have to walk away from your family, friends or business associates. The level of trauma associated with this depends on the degree of immersion in the “Scientology bubble.” Sea Org members often have to decide to leave a spouse and/or children. They normally have no college degree and no resume and no money. Many public Scientologists also have family who will dicsonnect or they will lose their jobs or their customers.

5. It is hammered into you that whatever condition you find yourself in — YOU “pulled it in” — whether it is being beaten and tortured or bankrupted by heavy pressure regging. It is always what YOU did and the organization/Miscavige is NEVER wrong. Then to “blow” only proves it further — its YOUR O/Ws. This mindset is cemented with the “sec checking” that has become routine operating procedure in the RCS. Think a critical thought about anything and you will pay (literally or figuratively or both) with a sec check that doesnt conclude until you find some O/W (real or imagined) that makes YOU responsible.

6. The thought that whatever injustice/abuse/difficulty/hardship you may be experiencing, it is “nothing” in the overall scheme of things. a) You have no doubt experienced worse on the whole track, so why get upset? b) physical pain and duress don’t damage you spiritually so what’s the big deal and c) the biggest one of all “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” (as long as Dynamic 3 counts as 8 and the other 7 are one each) — “Scientology is expanding and clearing the planet, so there are some outnesses, they are small in comparison to all the good that is being done.”

7. Finally, I believe the vast majority of Scientologists are optimistic and think to themselves, “tomorrow will be another day and things will be better.” Unreal but true.

Maybe others have thoughts on this, but that is what I have concluded.

Why We Leave by Steve “Thoughtful” Hall

There’s an additional reason for “why we stay” which comes down to intuition or as we would call it in Scientology, “knowingness.” I wanted to leave many times in my Scientology career at the Int base. But for some reason I stayed. Something inside of me urged me to weather the storm. To use it as a laboratory. To learn from the experience — what would happen if I were pushed to the brink of extinction? I found out.

I found out I could survive anything. I found out there is a limit to what torture can do. There is a point where a compressible being cannot be further compressed no matter what is done to him. And better yet, I found out that even in that compressed state, I could fight back. I could make postulates. I could refuse to agree with realities. And finally, I found I could boldly walk right out the front door like Houdini — despite any number of chains, cameras, motion detectors, evil security guards (Danny), vicious Nazi like people, and most troublesome, the chains of love you feel for a spouse and those friends you must leave behind. Despite all these things, I found I could walk out the door and nothing, no power, no one could stop me.

I learned that through torture. I learned it is still possible to be OT despite physical, emotional, mental and spiritual suppression.

But there was an even greater reason behind my knowingness. Something for which I am thankful — very thankful — that I stayed as long as I did, and witnessed what I did. And I saw the violence with my own eyes.

If I hadn’t had seen what I saw, I would have never been able to create Scientology-cult.com, perhaps the first voice in the wilderness resulting from the correct WHY and which thereby opened the door to a handling for Scientology.

Why did Mike stay? Why did Marty stay? Why did I stay? Why did you stay?

Look at what we are doing now. Organizations, like people are born, they live for a time, and die.

The Church of Scientology is not dead. It’s worse than that! It’s below death and has been for some time. We — as a group — have beaten death on the third dynamic and Scientology is rising from the ashes like Phoenix.

What Mike experienced, what Marty experienced, what I experienced, what you experienced — all these experiences are what make this possible. We learned our lessons. We came to our senses because things got bad enough, we regained our collective personal integrity and with that comes everything.

What is Scientology if not the technology to bring the dead back to life? But not just on the first dynamic, but on the third. I wrote about this in an article called, “The Iron Door” on Scientology-cult.com. But it’s a very real thing.

If we had not stayed and suffered through what we did, we would not be able to do what we are doing now.

It was a perfect storm alright. A perfect storm for the rebirth of the greatest spiritual philosophy the world has ever known. Look in the mirror. You are making it happen.