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Motion to Dissolve Restraining Order

Here is an objective factual, albeit partial, account of today’s proceedings published in the San Antonio Express News.

And here is the rest of the story.

In San Antonio, each motion in a case gets assigned to a random judge.  The one assigned to Ray Jeffrey’s motion to dissolve the temporary injunction today was not too keen on listening to Ray’s constitutional arguments when the full hearing with evidence on the injunction is set to be tried next Thursday 9 Feb. The one issue that did catch Judge Littlejohn’s attention was the potential effect of the overbroad temporary injunction being used to prevent Debbie and Wayne from properly preparing their defense for 9 Feb.

Miscavige’s (FSO’s) counsel claimed not to have any intention of using the temporary injunction to hinder Debbie and Wayne’s defense.  Then Mr Jeffrey pulled out the letter Miscavige’s boys faxed to Jeffrey the day before last.  The letter threatened the Baumgartens with a motion to have the court hold them in contempt.  For what?  Allegedly conferring with her legal team consultants and witnesses, namely yours truly and Mike Rinder.

The judge denied the motion to dissolve only after being assured by Miscavige’s boys that they would drop their attempts to use the court’s order to obstruct Debbie and Wayne’s defense preparation.  Back to the salt mines in preparation for the main event – Feb 9.

Corporate Scientology vs Captain Scientology Mecca


also, in case you missed it, first interview with Debbie’s attorney.