Miscavige Continues to Charm Texas

Miscavige’s Alamo PR campaign continues unabated. 

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  1. I think I heard this in a James Bond film:

    “Charming, to the last.”

  2. Cindy Pinsonnault

    It just keeps getting better. “You don’t need my name.” Wow. the PR factor is so low it’s difficult to compute. DM just can’t seem to stop providing the ammunition needed to destroy him.

  3. Good to see more newspapers get wise to what is going on is creepy. Some have seen that it is insane and more will soon follow.

  4. so, the legal argument is that none of the events took place, but in the alternative, doesn’t matter as covered by the First Amendment?


    Mr Spencer, I don’t know about Texas State Bar rules, but in England and Wales, one can withdraw if a case would cause one to be professionally embarrassed.

  5. George Spencer, an attorney for the church, included in his arguments a notable statement, “What’s an appropriate way to discipline within the church,” he said, “such things are off-limits to the courts.”

    Huh?!!!! I think not…….NOT when that “discipline” is against the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States of America, Mr. Spencer. I can’t believe an attorney made that statement.
    Mr. Spencer, I am not an attorney, but I think that lawyering is supposed to work something like this: the attorney is supposed to give his client legal advice, then the client follows it. Not the other way around. If the client gives the attorney legal advice which is then accepted, he will have a fool for an attorney.
    It takes a long time to build a good reputation, but a very short time to lose one.

  6. Its crazy stuff… everything’s accellerating

  7. This reporter (Brian Chasnoff) seems on the ball, getting to Debbie and Wayne and her attorney for interviews, and also being in the court room and chasing Spencer down all the way to the elevator.

  8. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, this is a very different legal line but I think someone needs to pass this to Ray Jeffrey. As a matter of fact I will send it via his website.

    I used to be an attorney here in Greece. I have quite some idea of how law works. This is why I quit. They get into all technicalities and legal aspects and side matters in a case (not the bigger picture or the whole background of the story) that hardly ever any justice can be done.

    However, in the case of Debbie signing the agreement it can be said that Debbie has NOT, I repeat, NOT been signing a contract with the Church of Scientology as left by LRH.

    Debbie has signed an agreement (and under pressure of course) with a corporation at best, a cult or some weird “church” which was NOT anymore the Church of Scientology. It was what David Miscavige has made it, a squirrel and suppressive organization. And she and Wayne knew that when signing that contract.

    Debbie knew this. We ALL knew this when we left, this is why we left and STILL are Scientologists.

    The point is with what intention did Debbie and Wayne sign the contract and took the money?

    And their intention obviously after her email, was not to leave the Church of Scientology, especially in the hands of Miscavige but to just get out of there, away from a suppressive organization under a tyrant.

    There are hundreds if not thousands of people now out here that have the certainty that Miscavige is not applying Scientology.

    We signed and did everything we did FOR Scientology. The Brand of Scientology left to Mankind by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Anything else applied which is not part of the Scriptures of Scientology as laid out by LRH does not legally oblige us to follow it. No contract even signed could be enforced on one especially under pressure and could be valid if not offered to be signed by the VERY Church of Scientology we took oaths to abide to and its Scriptures.

    I have my case and one proof of it is the very HCOBs on translations. I know people, lawyers, courts and judges tend to NOT focus on the very issues which are the very essence of a case sometimes but focus on the details they want to push. i.e. the breach of a contract about confidentiality. Confidentiality about what?

    That I have lost my philosophy and religion? Can there be confidentiality and can anyone oblige me and my conscience to keep quiet when we have witnessed our church becoming a cult and a suppressive group?

    If the so called “Church” does NOT apply the very HCOBs as laid out by LRH I AM NOT OBLIGED to follow their orders or any signed contracts or anything because I signed them with the intention to LEAVE THAT SUPPRESSIVE GAME. The signing of such contract would only signify my right to leave that game. And nothing more. I wouldn’t be further obliged by any such contract because there is a more basic datum which is overlooked here:

    The Brand “Scientology” by Miscavige is not the Scientology Brand LRH left to us and we signed a billion year contract for.

    The fact that I have proof that Miscavige didn’t apply those HCOBs around 1999 when a whole “Research” was done about translations, and that the HCOBs of the Translations Series were not even applied and I was persecuted as the TU DIR EU for insisting on their application GAVE ME THE RIGHT, to leave and no piece of paper or contract for that matter signed by me had any validity because it was not signed between me and the Church I had given my oaths to.

    I was and I am not legally bound by that contract because I signed it with the intention to leave that suppressive group which I knew was not applying LRH.

    And of course I could go even further and ask for damages about this. I never intended to dedicate my life to a suppressive group which would not apply those Scriptures.

    This is a completely different view of things apart from the beatings and the Hole and all the rest to which I agree that they are tyrannical and despotic ways to run an organization like Scientology.

    It is a view many of us share and many of us could act upon and render those contracts invalid as we have knowingly been signing up with someone else and not our true “employer”, the true Church of Scientology which protects and promotes the Scriptures of L. Ron Hubbard. And I claim my dues and I want to do so from the damage I suffered because of that twist and con game played by Miscavige on the backs of Scientologists and the philosophy of Scientology.

  9. You heard it from the CofS attorney himself:

    “What’s an appropriate way to discipline within the church,” he said, “such things are off-limits to the courts.”

    Heh, heh, this means any one of you OSA people can snap his neck and bury his body out back without much ado. The word is mum……..

  10. All kidding aside, if these matters were off limits to the courts, why the hell are they dragging their justice cycles into the courts? What a confused ball of chaos! David Miscavige drags someone into the courts his attorney announcing the Church disciplines are off limits to the courts? Why the hell is he in there asking for the courts to settle his discipline matters then? This is INSANE!

  11. This is a sh*tstorm brewin.

  12. http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/david-mayo-scientology-case.htm

    “Plaintiffs [the Church of Scientology] have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents rather than to try to resolve an actual dispute … This constitutes extraordinary, malicious, wanton, and oppressive conduct.” (U.S. Special Master James Kolts.)

  13. Great job on keeping all of us up-to-date on this saga unfolding at the Alamo. Keeps me from having to call her to find out whats going on, because I know that both of them are quite busy dealing with all of this and having to keep up with making a living.

    I also have been reading earlier posts (2010) from so many others that have gone independent or have left DM’s church, mostly from ex SO members that talk about the more recent insane fundraising and Basics madness. Hi Levy’s story was long but gave a good account of the insanity going on at Flag at the time. It left me feeling sorry for all of the SO members that really dedicated their lives to such a great cause only to end up being squashed by this 80lb suprresive.

    Looking forward to reading more past posts as well as keeping up with the current ones on my sister and Wayne. Thanks for your dedication on keeping us all informed as well as righting one of the greatest wrongs ever committed on mankind.

  14. I am ready for DM to declare the entire state of Texas, everyone and everything in it, including the land. All the oil and fuel and lubricants, all the agricultural products, beef, cotton, wheat. All the technology, NASA, Banking, shipping, aviation, telecommunications, satellite, etc. Every chicken, truck driver, armadillo, everything he will declare. Even Nieman Marcus, oh where can he take Lou shopping?

    Actually, that might make me like Texas even more!

  15. Talking of charm I got an email from one of Miscavige’s agents yesterday directing me to the filthy Rathbun mirror website. On it was a full-blown anti-Debbie Cook piece.
    I checked today and it’s gone. I’m assuming Anonymous got screen shots. I guess someone panicked and took it down eh? Same pattern as when they posted my ex-husband’s confidential PC data on there.
    Anyone know if Debbie’s attorney got copies? If not I will get on the Anon sites and make sure we get it to him along with ISP information of those disseminating this filth.

  16. I can almost see the day when we independent Scientologists will be issuing a declare of our own.

  17. One of the greatest strengths of the united states, which can oft be viewed as a weakness, is the First Amendment: Separation of Church and State.

    This problem cuts more deeply, and will have ramifications running far into the future. The COS is saying, as it said in the Headly Case, yes, we do these abusive things as religious discipline, admitting to everything so that there is no contest as to the facts, true, but protected under first amendment.

    The problem here is that they used their “first amendment covered” torture methods to get a legal contract signed, and then the laws of the land to enforce that contract. The COS is combining Church and State. It is, IMHO an unwinnable battle for them to say to the court “enforce this agreement to the full extent of the law, but you are not allowed to look at what we, COS did to get the contract signed in the first place, first amendment and all. Doesn’t cut both ways.

    The other problem here is that every in good standing Scientologist I know is watching this and disgusted, granted I no longer know that many. If these admissions are made, if the COS tells the truth and hides behind the constitution, the public will know and that will create its own consequences.

    Ya gotta love the law of unintended consequences.

  18. Dhammapada: Sayings of the Buddha — #10 Violence

    “He who harms the harmless
    Or hurts the innocent,
    Ten times shall he fall –

    Into torment or infirmity,
    Injury or disease or madness,
    Persecution or fearful accusation,
    Loss of family, loss of fortune.

    Fire from heaven shall strike his house
    And when his body has been struck
    He shall rise in hell”

    It sucks to be David Miscavige

  19. Marty and Mike are awesome at keeping us all informed. Don’t you find it fascinating that the COS has not filed a single suit against Marty or Mike with everything they have said here, and sued the hell out of Debbie and Wayne for a little email?

    Apparently you and I are just down the road from each other, maybe as little as 100 miles, we are gonna have to get together for a cup of joe one day!

  20. What a stupid thing to do in the middle of a court case. I think Dm has opted to trade in his copper rods for a rope, silk of course.

    Way to go, Sam. Love to hear if your follow up is successful.

  21. It is time for us to stand up and protest. It is time for Scientologists to take back their religion.

    We cannot let this hateful, degraded being, continue to dig our Church into the mud.

    DM, your time has come. You are about to get your ass kicked.

  22. Li'll bit of stuff

    Ahead………..sweet…oh, so very SWEET………justice…..!!!!

    You know?? As in finding out what’s needed…and wanted..
    then…..preparing to deliver………..Aaaaahhhhh….yesssss!

    Mike is totally right, you know? It sucks to be Miscavige!!!!

  23. Mike/Marty, did Davie pick up boxing?

  24. “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them”

    Dalai Lama

  25. Don’t count on it


  26. martyrathbun09

    It has been taken care of.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Hey Randy, people from 103 nations are tuned in with ya.

  28. Rory Medford

    You get what you ut your attention o

    DM is getting exactly what is due to him

    Being exposed for the coward, crook and despicable DB he is.

    Go Debbie Go!

  29. Rory Medford

    You get what you PUT your attention ON

  30. Dave

    So many defectors.

    Who is next?

    Your Attorneys?

    At some point Dave, they will stop wanting to protect a thug masquerading as a religious figure.

    Nobody buys it anymore Dave, except those still afraid of you.

    Love Always,

  31. Thanks Marty.

  32. Tom Gallagher

    Geesh Marty! You sure are getting a lot of libs. With the psycho ChairSatan holding the Ministry of Propaganda hat from above you’ve hardly had to pick up your pen for a week.

    Note to POB: You’ve had another spectacularly upstat week. Carry on.

  33. Keep it up OSA – you just earned another donation to Debbie’s defense fund.

  34. Off topic I suppose but……
    I’m still gagging over the Gift A Thon Boxes
    Reverse Scientology approved by MMMMMMM lets see
    you get gift boxes for your birthday and then Christmas, thats on your Whole track, pleasure moments MMMMMM now the Gift A Thon,the opposite Flow that finances Spys in Trench Coats,attorneys, more spooks and informants to destroy the sheeple who put money in the slot.

    Mental image picture of Bear Trap with Help button as trigger

  35. Make that 2 donations – one of my radar flyers wants me to use my paypal account to donate anonymously. Consider yourselves upstat on your ‘inciting Indies to fight back against suppression’ stat.

  36. Once the religious fakery, is reasoned into non existence, by so much testimony revealing crimes, Miscavige may find himself being dragged from a hiding hole.
    Self deluded tyrants have one great Achilles Heel: false sense of invincibility.
    Opulence one day, orange jump suit next day.

  37. “A judge on Friday granted Jeffrey, her pugnacious attorney, more time to mount a defense. Through discovery, he’s seeking evidence that Cook was imprisoned and tortured.”
    Pugnacious def:
    Adjective: 1.Eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight.
    2.Having the appearance of a willing fighter.

  38. Meantime, we here in AZ are pouring the coals on the Purpose for our campaign, which is the practicing of our religion in its intended purity. This week we got an OT I comp, an OT II comp and a Grade II Comp. Additionally a few NOTS steps completed as well. We are expanding and getting it done!

    Here is a Success Story from the Grade II Comp:
    “On Grade 2 I have gotten a self certainty and stability of beingness. Basically I am okay with myself being there and existing which is a good thing. Before I had sort of a lessening of myself in many situations and a feeling that others were better, more deserving, “cleaner” than me, etc. Because of this I would withdraw myself or not participate fully in life. I feel this is really going to help me do better in life and business. I feel a renewed interest in life and think that my goals will require a lot less effort now since apparently much of that effort was me withholding myself.” C.M.

    Debbie, Marty, Mike, Steve and all those others on this blog who are making the big sacrifices – these wins are dedicated to you for helping make this possible.

    ML Tom

  39. Random Stranger

    For an organization that claims to have as its mission, “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights” it sure does seem to be falling short of the mark and setting a bad example.













    ✭ SPYING












    ✭ GREED












    ✭ FRAUD

















  40. Richard Royce

    Very nice post. I totally get your argument. It is the essence of the case as you said!

  41. martyrathbun09


  42. It was Governor Tarkin in the very first Star Wars film, addressing Princess Leia shortly before blowing up her home planet.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  43. You just said more in five words than I could probably say in a hundred.

  44. Soon enough, everyone in Emerald City will find out that The Wizard is a pathetic little man hiding behind a curtain, deceptively foisting a complete lie upon them. And, just as in the movie, our Dorothy will be the one who exposes him for the worthless, lying fraud he is.

    Indeed, there is “no place like home.” Thank you, Debbie, for helping so many of us find our way back there.

  45. Not to mention:

    * Forcing SO women to have abortions

    * Using “Licking the bathroom floor” as a disciplinary measure

  46. Richard Royce

    Based on the logic of the blasphemous abomination’s attorney (BAA), all the Mafia would need to do is make a large donation to the Church of Misgavige and then form up a social betterment group let’s say the rehabilitation of pickpockets anonymous or Repicanon and under the umbrella of the Church be exempt from prosecution of their business as usual as under the 1st Amendment “such things are off-limits to the courts.”.

    I wonder if the SS in Germany had a similar idea as they were an Ocult Religious organization. Naw….that religion took over the government and the state became the religion with its religious SS Gastapo NAZI agenda.

    Can you imagine what would happen if the current version of the Church of Misgavige actually accomplished the expansion goals of the Church…..Around every Church Organization 10 feeder units Missions and as the Missions got larger they would become Churches and get their 10 Missions around it. Eventually Churches would bump into each other and more and more businesses and other secular organizations would use Church Organizational technology including the Government. The Country would become a Theocracy with the Evil Midget as Pope!

    At this point think of all the Sheeple there might be and fading down the halls of justice BAA BAA BAA BAA

  47. In all those questions in Debbie Cook’s list for the church to answer, were there two that asked, “Is it part of the religious doctrine of the church to obey the laws of the land?” and “Is it not part of the religious doctrine of the church to obey the laws of the land?” That would nail ’em.

  48. Some list. I would just add one: STUPIDITY BEYOND BELIEF

  49. Tony DePhillips

    Hey, in all fairness they DID get a Basics comp this week. 🙂

  50. Tom Gallagher


  51. Wow! I didn’t realize the Buddha lowered himself into the vengeance band!

  52. The problem with having your prime purpose in life to help others is, others begin to believe they must have failings, weaknesses, problems and suffering in order to allow someone else to have the fun of helping them. The truth is, of course, the helping could be very constructive such as everyone getting together to build a bridge and succeeding. But it turns into the “Mother Teresa in the slums of India,” kind of thing very easily on this planet. (I am NOT knocking Mother Teresa, just pointing out a difference here.)

  53. He looks like he was paid to throw the fight…..

  54. Thanks Tom!

  55. I’m getting a chuckle here though, on the Gift-a-thon boxes. You know that box alone is not going to snag a donation. It will be the two people sidling up to you and asking if you’ve done the right thing, hard-selling how wonderful it is to voluntarily put something in the box, etc. HARD SELL, baby, is what it takes to squeeze more blood out of the turnips that have already been wrung dry.

  56. Great Success Story, Tom. I will show this to my Scn Drug Rundown PC, who will find it inspiring. I am shoulder-to-shoulder with you here in LA, delivering the REAL tech in the Indie field

  57. Wow, Tom! I think you guys outproduced the stats of the church around the world!

  58. Yes I guess Davey is too afraid of attacking Marty and Mike. He probablly thought that Deb & Wayne would be easy slaughter. He didn’t figure on Sam Houston showing up at the Alamo in time, this time around. Santa Ana is in retreat and more and more of his soldiers are in or considering outright mutiny. It’s only a matter of time that this wave that Marty, Mike and so many others began, turns into a total Tsunami!

    I am currently in Peru but when I get back to San Antone in April maybe we can have that cup of joe!

  59. Gee, Random Stranger, in your quote you missed the new thing Miscavage added after “without criminality and without war.” He has added, “and without immorality.” This leaves the church wide open to “morality is what DM says it is…” Yowtch!

  60. That’s a mighty powerful list of indictments. All true, unfortunately.

  61. Cool Marty! Its good to hear that real Scientologists from all 4 corners of the planet are on board to rescue Scientology from the little tyrant and his blinded soldiers. Vive la Revoluccion!!!

  62. Random Stranger

    Sounds like the PIs are getting PR training in social etiquette from The Nation of Islam.

  63. C o S have got it wrong again (on direct orders from DM) It should not be Gift A Thon– this has been incorrectly spelt and it should have been


  64. +1000

    The “contract” is between an individual and a “corporation”. The corporation brought the initial action in to the Court’s jurisdiction.
    They can’t now say “because we are a religious corporation we are immune to the rules and laws of the court.”

    If that is what they truly believed, they never would have filed. But then, David Miscavige IS insane.

  65. + 1,000,000

  66. Hey, I just seared my finger on a broiler dish. Hurts like hell but as the pain lessens I start to notice the other fingers that got burned too. Makes me realize that when one is in shock they don’t notice a lot of collateral damage going on. Such as when Debbie Cook signed that agreement, she was still in a state of shock from her treatment by the church, so who could expect her to notice everything that was going on, let alone try to stand up against it? Know’m sayin’?

  67. Way to go 🙂

  68. Keep on coming with those, WW!
    Unbeknownst to you, in part because of a pretty full schedule, I long ago appointed you as my Buddhist stable point of information; my conduit for those Buddha cherries.
    So thanks—for a hardened soul such as myself, they’re as soothing as soaking in a tub of warm milk. 🙂

  69. I don’t think its vengeance at all.
    He’s not wishing it on anyone; he’s just describing what happens. I think we have a great real life example playing out before our eyes that will illustrate it before long…if not right here in present time.

  70. Rory Medford

    Cooked fried done like a crispy piece of bacon

    More and more people are getting behind the independent movement

    Thank you Marty!!!! and the rest of the gang

    Thanks Mike R for adding your expertise to the situation.

    DM can NOT out think you guys.

  71. I agree. It’s just the way in which you help. It sortta goes back to teaching a man to fish.
    I think another layer to it might be ya gotta teach him to fish AND get him livin at 2.0 or above. LOL!!!

  72. Evidently he forgot the little Jedi Mind Trick hand wave.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  73. I have one question. Is it really legal for the cos to sic their members on those who have left that group by collecting license plate numbers, be in those people’s faces with cameras/video’s, etc., in an obvious attempt to harrass and intimidate? ESPECIALLY, when there is a court case going on????? I dont think even the CIA or FBI could get away with that under similar circumstances. What’s the story with that?

  74. Tom Gallagher

    All in a days work for the vertically-challenged pope.

  75. *I am not a lawyer*

    Theo, as far as the current case of Co$ versus Debbie Cook, it is completely irrelevant that the COSFSO Corp. (with whom she signed the NDA) is or is not the Ron Hubbard Church of Scientology. Sure, I wholly agree with you, but that fact is simply not part of this case.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  76. Here’s something from one of the CofS’s own website, http://scientology-fairoaks.org/blog/mayor-proclaims-l-ron-hubbard-day/
    “One reason for such quick spreading of Scientology is because Scientology believes in following the Laws of the land. Life improvement cannot come about when one is unethical or immoral. Honesty and freedom go hand in hand. The Church of Scientology strongly advocates each individual to follow the highest ethical standard he or she can envision.”
    Oh snap! 🙂

  77. Awesome wins!

  78. Rory Medford

    I can faintly hear The Swan Song for dear leader

  79. Hey Random Stranger. Well Done on compiling the most complete and accurate list of DM’s crimes that I have seen. It is horrific to realize that this is what has been actually going on for so many years.

    Maybe DM should rewrtie the aims to this: “A civilization with total insanity, mass criminals and more and more war, where the able can be fully abused and honest beings can be thrown in the “Hole”, and where man is free to rise to greater heights of IAS memberships.”

  80. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Uncertainty and confusion…one of the hallmarks.

  82. Here’s an LRH reference regarding the Laws of the Land: HCO PL 23 December 1965RB, Revised 8 January 1991, (HCO Division 1), ETHICS, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, states in the last paragraph:
    “Nothing in this policy letter shall ever or under any circumstances justify any violation of the laws of the land or intentional legal wrongs. Any such offense shall subject the offender to penalties prescribed by law as well as to ethics and justice actions.” L. Ron Hubbard

  83. You do real well yourself, Ronnie. Your write-up was done and communicated by a person who had done their due diligence, was a person of good will and intelligence who cared.
    You don’t get much better than that, Amigo.

  84. Yup. They’re taking the brunt of the assault while the flanks are fanning out.
    And wouldn’t ya know some old warrior would be doin this!
    Ha! NIce!!

  85. Having your opponent followed just to harass and to try to frighten her is beyond the pale. Spencer et al. are clearly mob lawyers.

    I predict the firm will thrive. A lot of people and shady businesses would find it advantageous to hire attorneys with no ethics. The judges won’t like them but their disreputable clients will love them and will gladly pay a premium.

  86. That was a bludgeoning, a well deserved one too.

  87. I got a call from an SO member at ASHO inviting me to the LRH Bday event at 8 am. I told him that I would not be attending because David Miscavige beats people up, he said “I don’t think so”. I said oh yes he does and it will be coming out in the courts, you’ll see. It’s amazing how unawares they are.

  88. Great thought!

  89. Thanks for saying that, bud.

    I only hope that those who initially had a PTS reaction to my write-up re-visit it at some point with renewed confront. They either do that, or wait until the walls come crumbling down. Will they then come to all those who tried to inform them, and beg their forgiveness? Perhaps many will cower within the trembling herd, wondering ‘what happened?’

    No matter. We’ll be there to pick up the pieces and help those who’ve been harmed.

  90. It is time for us to stand up and protest. It is time for Scientologists to take back their religion.

    Just the other day, I was picturing a huge group of Indies, all wearing t-shirts with “I Am A Scientologist” printed across the front – waving signs and protesting outside the Fort Harrison or the Complex.

    Think that would get folks’ attention?

  91. Well, you can’t say David Miscavige wasn’t able to reinvent the place after Hubbard took off!

  92. “The Church of Scientology strongly advocates each individual to follow the highest ethical standard he or she can envision.”
    …each individual…
    If bad happens to an individual, he pulled it in.
    If bad happens to the church, it’s SP’s.
    See how that goes?

  93. It’s not illegal. It may be unethical. It is certainly a bad PR move that when exposed creates a poor impression of the perpetrator with a judge or jury. So, if the person you are trying to intimidate is unintimidated, it is strictly footbullet activity.

  94. I think the “trench coat-mussed hair-you don’t need my name-guy” was Tom Cruise in a latex mask with a voice altering chip implanted. DM was concealed under the trenchcoat like the little guy in (I think) the movie Goldmember.

    Gives another dimension to Golden Era.

  95. Good summation Stranger. It’s a list that would make any wholetrack SP proud.

  96. Wow — great work Tom. Congratulations to you and Linda.

  97. See, they don’t know at ASHO. The rest of the Sea Org does not know what the staff at INT are doing and thinking. So are they are not permitted to coordinate thereby and therewith. This is why I caution broadly against turning against the Church as a whole and everybody in it. You then make them all the same person and you charge everybody with David Miscaviges misdeeds. There are other groups out here moving to harm attack and suppress, anybody connected to Scientology, no matter how innocent they are. And there are plenty of Scientologists out here and in there who have not harmed other people. And there are people out here taking advantage of the confusion, to harm attack and suppress people who are trying to fix this matter. And people who are still auditing and fixing people. Justice is a science just like medicine. When someone takes a bullet you do not throw the body in the ditch. You take out the bullet and allow the body to heal if it has that capability. I do not have the exact reference, but it is the simplest L.R.H. advice to live by. MAXIMUM CREATION, MINIMUM DESTRUCTION.
    People have stepped forward because Marty has created a safe umbrella.
    Let’s keep it so for others to rest beneath in this revolution.

  98. Revised 8 Jan 1991 ? Perhaps someone could dig up a copies of the 1965R and 1965RA versions so see we might find out what it was DM changed in 1991 ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  99. Please note that the gift-a-thon main stat production stat is “number of donations” and is not “total money collected” = have another read. It’s a real slimy piece of wording.

  100. Random Stranger


    1) Staff and parishioners ‘elected’ Miscavige by their acceptance of him and his ways, even though Hubbard stated that people usually elect someone who’s going to do them in.

    2) They heard he plays a mean air-saxophone.

    3) He has red hair.

    4) He’s getting rid of the old dumpy orgs.

    5) He increased intention and lord knows it takes an awful lot of intention to overcome all the SPs and convert an entire planetary population.

    6) He put together a really big printing press.

    7) He does sometimes let staff sleep.

    8) They like ornate stages.

    9) They like him looking up to them.

    10) His Executive Directives look really official.

    11) His ties are cool.

    12) Tom seems to like him.

    13) He found all these neat loopholes in the policies that prevent things.

    14) Man, look at those space age Div 6 set-ups in orgs. He did that.

    15) He finally discovered that we were blind and didn’t even know it.

    16) He finally go that F/N think figured out.

    17) The world is ending and we needed someone really tough.

    18) Those blue eyes are irresistible.

    19) He discharges most of his anger through that copper-rod grounding thing he invented.

    20) We really needed a Leader of Leaders.

    21) He single-handedly defeated the entire IRS.

    22) He possesses secret LRH writings.

    23) No one throws a water bottle or large volume with more accurate aim than he.

    24) He’s a man’s man.

    25) He personally handled everything.

    26) He sets a good example on personal vacations.

    27) He knows how to throw a surprise birthday party.

    28) He almost audited Ted Koppel one time.

    29) He knows how to squeeze confessions out of all the SPs that cling to him because he’s so powerful.

    30) He ferreted out all the suppressive Class XIIs that LRH trained but missed.

    31) He knows how to get distractions off the production line.

    32) He continually isolates all the bumbling executives and gives them another chance through rehabilitation.

    33) His personal command of media strategy is immensely strong.

    34) He has a dog that can smell counter-intention and out-ethics and can communicate that clearly through barking. What an advanced dog.

    35) He takes care of his wife.

    36) He’s paving the way for when Ron comes back so there won’t be a lot of out-ethics in his way.

    37) He goes out of his way to jump in on complicated technical matters, all the way down to Phase Oneing individual case supervision.

    38) He keeps an overall microscopic eye on the narrow path of proper application of tech protocol.

    39) He refuses to take no for an answer.

    40) He’s confident

    41) He can emulate Captain Bligh when needed.

    42) He recruited an entire religion, the Nation of Islam.

    43) He never fears to hurt another in a just cause.

    44) He thinks big and has a good writer.

    45) He implemented the policy of free chocolate covered cherries and other delicacies at the big events.

    46) He raises necessity levels across the boards.

    47) He must be really high-tone because MEST moves in right under him at will.

    48) He’s willing to let some people keep their eternity to some degree.

    49) He’s never struck his mother once.

    50) He looks lie he’s in good physical condition, mostly.

    51) He’s very willing to pay 13.7 cents per hour cumulatively for severance pay for 29 year veterans leaving the Sea Org as long as they meet reasonable qualifications.

    52) He gets so much done.

    53) He really goes after those squirrels, just like KSW says to.

    54) He’s personally one hell of a video director and editor.

    55) He keeps the e-Meter technologically up-to-date.

    56) Everyone seems to listen to him and obey him.

    57) People give him gifts all the time, they must appreciate him.

    58) Other executives emulate him.

    59) He doesn’t seem to care what others think of him, that’s a strong management trait.

    60) He prevents pesky children who could cause distraction.

    61) He keeps all the out-ethics and out-of-control parishioners from wasting their money on transitory and wasteful expenditures like stupid mortgages, flaky investments, worthless retirement plans, meat-body-oriented food, woggish entertainment, silly faddish clothing, annoying bills from SPs, distractive college and idle non-utilized reserves.

    62) His T-shirts are really expensive.

    63) He must be smart, he rose to the top from camera boy.

    64) He wouldn’t let his parents push him around.

    65) He really knows how to hold his position in space.

    66) He’s personally finishing and editing OT IX and X and possibly more.

  101. Sorry cant make it to the birthday event either. If anyone here does attend could they please post up the stats presented?

  102. Wearing those t-shirts and carrying signs like “COMM EV DM”.

  103. You have an incredible talent to shift view. It is actually called shape shifting or creating other selves to view from. A person must be quite liquid to flow through these changes. I want to recommend a book to you:


    This is the first book of several written about a tribe of such beings emerging into Earth society through an area of Japan. I thought you would find comfort in knowing others share these talents. On my track, we were called “travelers”.

  104. Hey Cowboy —

    I like acknowledgement just a much as the next guy —

    SOOOOO — to be clear — I’m WINDHORSE or WH

    Not WINDWALKER or WW — who is out from under the radar and his name is Eric.

    I’m a she 🙂

    And my name …

    Will be a surprise to many 🙂

    And I don’t buy the tough guy (hardened soul) veneer at all — real men are really incredibly kind- as are you 🙂 appreciate your trust in giving me the role of buddhist rely point 🙂


  105. Your humble servant

    I wouldn’t give them an easy pass on that, Mike. It probably is in violation of some laws against intentionally harassing people and interfering with their normal, lawful activities. For any investigation to be legitimate, it must have a legitimate purpose. If its obvious purpose is simply to crowd and overwhelm someone, or to intimidate them, not to gain needed information, it is not legitimate. The law assumes that people are lawfully entitled to go about their affairs free of excessive, unnecessary interference and harassment. Such tactics could at least be regarded as a “breach of the peace,” which is defined as “any act of molesting, interrupting, hindering, agitating, or arousing from a state of repose or otherwise depriving inhabitants of the peace and quiet to which they are entitled.” It could also fall under the definition of “stalking,” and other offenses. This is not to say the police are eager to arrest people for such behavior, but they could do it if they felt motivated to do so. In Marty’s case, where he was harassed by the “Squirrelbusters” for months, the police were simply wrong to say that the “Squirrelbusters” were not breaking any laws.

    In California, it would also be the civil wrong of “intentional infliction of emotional distress,” for which damages can be recovered under some circumstances.

  106. Random Stranger

    Fascinating. I’ll be checking this book out. Thank you.

  107. YHS — Thanks. THis is sort of a pointless discussion. Ray I am sure will take advantage of this situation the best way he can. Intentional infliction of emotional distress is a tort in every jurisdiction though it’s not a criminal violation. But it could be an element of a civil claim. The interpretation of “breach of the peace” and “stalking” and other similar criminal statutes has turned them into laws that are only applicable under very limited circumstances as they have often been trumped by freedom of speech and expression arguments, not to mention freedom of the press. The press (mostly papparazzi) have created very broad interpretations of what constitutes infringing on someone else’s right to privacy and “peace.” It looks very simple if you just use a definition of a crime, it is way more complicated when you factor in the cases that have interpreted the law.

  108. Your humble servant

    Great food for thought, Mike, thanks!
    Yes, Ray is doing a fantastic job.

  109. Mike Laws. I think you communicated the exact truth here, and did so very accurately.

  110. Mike, you are correct.

    The CoS bears almost no resemblence to the entity we originally subscribed to, that is to say, to practice LRH, and in particular, to be mindful of KSW, possibly its most vital tenet. Today’s entity is technically illegal, since it has changed its form radically. Only the name remains on the bonnet of the car we bought originally, whereas miscavige has changed the engine, chassis, bodywork, interior and purpose of the vehicle. When the CoS renew their licence with the IRS – or whatever it is they do – it is done fraudlently, at least in our eyes. We joined up to make Clears, not buildings and sick people.

    If I joined a Christian church to follow Jesus, and the church elders changed its allegience to Satan, then punished me for disagreeing, then obliged me to sign an agreement under duress to not speak of which I knew, I would be forgiven by any objective person. Hopefully, the Judge will view this case from that perspective. The validity of Debbie’s contract is not yet determined in the courts, and therefore is, as you say, immaterial. Miscavige’s bogus authority is the root of this issue, but not the matter in contention today, either.

    Challenging the CoS’s use of that name remains a case for another day. In practice, it is ‘Miscavige’s Bag of Shit’, or the ‘Church from Hell,’ or somesuch (answers on a postcard, please).

    Richard Kaminski

  111. You are 100% right Theo. It is called “bait and switch” here. You bait someone in with product A, then hand them product B.

    You are 110% right. Debbie was lured in with product A and then switched to product B. She never signed allegiance with product B. Except to escape.

  112. I was recruited for the Sea Org. I was told I would get 21/2 hours a day study (didn’t happen) led to believe the Sea Org was the most ethical group on the planet (a blatant lie) Told Flag was a safe space ( a blatant lie) never told about the RPF before I signed my contract. Never told about the CMO before I signed my contract. Never told about the DPF before I signed my contract. Never informed X S.O. were despised before I signed my contract. Never told about false imprisonment or stops to leave before I signed my contract. Never told I could not read books or newpapers. Promised I would get two weeks holiday every year (the nerve of people who had not had a vacation in years to cover that one up). I mentioned before that nobody on the planet has a valid Sea Org contract. The Church has made them all null and void through breech of contract. After six long years when I did leave, they convinced me to pay them a “freeloader Debt”. I actually paid it because I was ignorant of contract law!

  113. Theo Sismanides

    Mike though I practiced law a bit before going into the SO I do know that all those technicalities and legal details DO count in cases such as this.

    I emailed Ray Jeffrey however about THAT case and gave my view on that as it IS a valid case. I never experienced the violent side of DM, the physical one, however, I and many others have been HURT by his twists of the Tech, Admin and Ethics Standard Tech.

    This is THE case in Scientology.

    The brand I was “sold on” and dedicated my life to, was NOT the one I signed for.

    This is a case for everyone of us and I know Debbie and all of the rest in the final analysis care just about this.

    That the Brand Scientology as given by LRH remains intact.

  114. I posted something similar on the VV blog.
    Aside from being made to sign a contract under duress, Debbie was also made to sign away her right to fully exercise her rights and obligated duty as a Scientologist in good standing in Keeping Scientology Working. per that policy as a Scn she is suppose to hammer out of existence incorrect applyications etc. How many of us had to M9 this Pl and wasn’t it at the core of every singke course we studied? So when she decided to express her observations as to how LR H policies are being violated, and practicing this policy (which IS a SENIOR policy) she is harrassed. Sued. Excommunicated. She didn’t go to the press. She did not create the PR flap. That was created by the “church” itself through its years of muddled PR handlings that has messed its own image beyond repair, and now has successfully built a field of watchdogs working tirelessly to expose its crimes. She was acting as a Scientologist in good standing, exercising her rights to defend her faith per the policies. And as we know LRH policies are Senior to anything else per HCoPl Orders, illegal and Cross.

    I find it insane that she would be sued for attempting to apply KSW #1. That they would attempt to now to spin it as her effort to black PR them in the media when she is clearly not source on that attack and hence use it to further justify the lawsuit is just another example of their gross manipulation and inability to actually perceive reality accurately.

    Who would have thought that when she signed those docs the intent would be ” you will be a Scientologist in good standing BUT you will never be allowed to fully practice it.”

    And i just love her lawyers comment about how is licking a bathroom floor considered a religious value? That brought a whole wave of hypocracy to light. The church can taut that it practices The Way To Happiness, yet it so blantantly and grossly violates its fundamentals “Treat Others as You Would want them to treat you”, Take care of yourself….. It goes on and on. Jeffrey was so right on the money when he questions the church’s religious values. If they think they can hide behind the First amendment, and legal jargon to protect themselves they miss the point sadly. Values and morals. Who would want to be part of a church that sanctioned such conduct? At ANY level???Ewwuuuww… That’s as sick as licking all those gross germs off that bathroom floor!

    What grotesque manipulation.

  115. Mum

    Yes that one leaves itself open for manipulation. Some bright bulb is going to figure out that if everyone only donated a dollar, or say, 50cents at a time, they could win this thing.

    Of course they will get slapped around real hard when it all comes out into the light… but if they are not real good with cause and effect, or actually believe they could get away with…”but it didn’t say you couldn’t do that…”

    Likely what these special meetings where they announce the results will turn into is “shame sessions” for all the smaller donors, and then they will inevitably use the meetings for their real purpose, to extract more donations.

    Ahhh yes… I can see it all now… And I am not even especially prescient.

    Eric S

  116. Yesterday, Saturday, I heard Nick Xenophon give a speech at a conference dealing with the Psychological Trauma caused by Cults, in which he quoted Nelson Mandela:

    “Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts.”

    Ray Jeffrey is doing a terrific job. I’m really enjoying watching this action unfold. Kudos to all who are helping Debbie and Wayne keep up the fight.

  117. martyrathbun09

    Great quote Heather, one I am pretty sure Ray will make use of. Thanks.

  118. Great post Freespirit. May I copy/paste it for FB?

  119. Fantastic points by Theo and Oracle. The very contract itself is wrapped around the “intent to Defraud” everyone who signs it. That can be proven by there is not one person who didn’t sign it thinking they would be on an LRH binding agreement. Instead Davie changed the whole church around and then used LRH’s original organization’s system with tech and policy as the Bait to get them to sign.

    I can hardly wait to see the attorney get ahold of all this information and ideas some of you are sharing. I don’t see how David can get out of this. Sure people signed a contract for SO too. But it was totally misleading because people were there for what Hubbard had put together NOT all the alterations Davie made later and then the beginning of video taping someone who wanted to get the hell out of there when they realized that this lil guy is Insane and hurting people. Literally, hurting people. Was that part of the contract? That they give up rights to their own personal bodies health and safey, and their rights to use their minds in which to rationally see the insanities going on from David?

    I am really getting excited about the prospect of seeing some actual Justice put in here. 😀

  120. I don’t think my last post made it through, so here’s a quick abbreviation.

    Theo and Oracle’s post hit the spot!

    There is Intent to Defraud, right in our face with these contracts. Everyone who signed up signed up with the understanding it was L. Ron Hubbard’s bridge/organizational system being used. Davie altered the hell out of it. Therefore, anyone signing a contract was/is not obligated to honor or fulfill it.

    Nobody signed a contract with the understanding that they were giving up rights to their body health and safety. That was snuck in on the side. Nobody signed with the understanding that they were not allowed to use their rational thinking capabilities anymore when seeing others being hurt too, in various ways.

    This little jerk , no matter how much $$$$$$$ he has collected and uses for HIS PERSONAL reasons, Will Go Down unless the attorney backs out while Davie tries to find something on him like he did with that rich guy who was attacking him on the Lisa McPherson case.

    It’s good to know Mike and Marty , with all their experience of how the dip works, is involved with this. There is NO way this can’t lead to a blow against Miscaviage and a rocking of the corrupt boat of this new version of the Church of Scientology.

  121. Absof’inglutely. Maybe u can clean it up of typos. I tend to get carried away in the moment and just hit “send”.

  122. Today’s entity is technically illegal, since it has changed its form radically. Only the name remains on the bonnet of the car we bought originally…

    Brilliant analogy, Poet. That is precisely what every one of us is saying, and it’s why we all left the corporate church. “Keeping Scientology Working”? Miscabbage has utterly reversed everything that Scientology was originally formulated to be, and turned it into something like the ‘dark side of the force.’

    The irony of what he’s done, from the post which he holds, is simply mind boggling.

  123. Just as a side comment to all the great posts shared here, this goes Way beyond Debbie and Wayne, IMO.

    This , finally, opens the door wide up for even the Blind to see that the COS has been operating fraudently for some years now. David has used the name of the Founder , altered the tech even though the tech completely covered how it was not to be altered and that if it wasn’t written by Ron, then it wasn’t written, etc.

    I had no means to go after David myself or I would have and often stated why weren’t those people who were being attacked bringing the legal matter of Fraud up to the Courts?

    I know David knows people and buys people and plants his people in high places. That is a given, because Ron had the system set up for a battle rather than a play dead and be victim.

    I see No reason why , now that Debbie is in court, her attorney wouldn’t/couldn’t turn it into a case of Intent to Defraud and even go further as to state it “was” a religion but hasn’t been following the guidelines as a legitimate religion for quite awhile. Reformation? IDK, but it sure means David should be indicted for all the $$$$$$$$ he “Fraudently” took from people and usually under duress all Because the people thought they were getting the real deal. An LRH bridge, unaltered, untainted. Just sharing my thoughts on this and my hopes to see someone finally able to take this all the way. 😀

  124. plainoldthetan

    Mike: I by no means have a complete library but in my OEC 1 copyright 1970,1974 the HCO PL 23 Dec 1965 is titled SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS, THE FAIR GAME LAW. It’s 5 1/2 pages long. No R, no RA. It’s vastly different than the RB version in that it doesn’t contain an endless list of stuff that’s considered a suppressive act. If you want, I’ll send you a scan. E-mail me at plainoldthetan at that place called gmail.com

  125. Thank you Freespirit. 🙂

  126. Sure. Thank you!

  127. Awesome. I hoped he’d get to see it. thanks, marty.

  128. martyrathbun09

    He has, and thanks you for it.

  129. The ONLY appropriate way to discipline in Scientology is per the Ethics & Justice policies which say NOTHING about any of these abuses. These are false date, verbal data, false purpose inventions, some of which were invented by some of the posters on here. If its not written by LRH, then its not Scientology. If a person is not following these policies, he/she is unhatted and/or has false data, fixed ideas or mus. That’s it, there’s no other reason or excuse and there ARE no other methods. These methods are not pejorative, they are enhancement and are the greatest free gift ever given to mankind and the results can be spectacular.

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