Reports Wanted at

Izhar Perlman has established a central point for informing the public accurately as to the fraud that is David Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” ponzi scheme.

Izhar’s site is easy to find at

It is interactive.  You just send a proposed post, text and supporting photos, exposing Miscavige false representations with evidence of the true state of affairs he lies about, to Izhar at  In short order Izhar will post it for the world to see.

I tried it with recently received evidence of Mountain View Idle Org false representations and Izhar posted it in minutes: Mountain View Idle Org.

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  1. Me thinks David Miscavige learned everything he knows from Donkey Kong…..

    Nice Admin innovation there Izhar. Instant public report line…

  2. Thanks a lot, Izhar, for this pool of truth 🙂

  3. Tom Gallagher

    Note to pob:

    “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool
    some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the
    people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln

    It truly sucks to be miss-scab-age.

  4. And here’s a YouTube of a monstrously huge building.

  5. This is a great idea. Kudos to Izhar for taking this on. Getting high-quality data in a single place detailing the amount of traffic (or the lack thereof) going into or out of orgs will help provide unassailable proof that the wave of “unprecedented expansion” is really “unprecedented shrinkage.”

    In particular, this seems like it could really help provide the data needed for people still “in” to take a look at the reality across all the orgs. As has been said here on numerous occasions, people on staff mentally reconcile the dismal stats of their own org with Miscavige’s claims of “straight up and vertical” growth by believing that their org is the only one in the whole world with such dismal stats.

    But if Izhar is able to compile enough data on staff and visitor traffic for a significant portion of the orgs, all compiled within a few months of each other, then anyone inside the RCS today might be able to find this wealth of data and realize that it is not just their org — that the whole thing is collapsing and that they might as well get out now rather than later.



  7. Great website start Izhar! The classic IAS Flim flam which Tony Ortega brought up is the presentation of the Israel Idle Org, last October which David Miscavige in the event implied that it was open, complete with 200 staff.

    In November, photos and post directly observing the Idle Org found it closed up and not open.

  8. Marty,

    Jim Logan might remember it, but there’s some LRH reference about the criminal person just begging for the police to come put them in jail, so sad, but DM’s just asking for it, and the faithful to LRH and those faithful to the tech can see through official Scientology’s seemingly horrendous mistakes.

    I knee jerk wish the best for everyone long range, who’ve contributed to the whole official Scientology movement, and who’ve contributed years of staff support or years of monetary support, I thankyou all, and I’m an atheist ex member!

    I’m sure it will all come out alright, but there might be a delay in that.

    So glad this blog exists, to hear such a wide variety of ex official member viewpoints!

    Best to you all.

  9. Great idea Izhar. I’m looking forward to getting all the “truth revealed!” Well done on putting this site up.

  10. Surely those persons who go to that org and who have seen the promo MUST know of the fraud. They must be wondering, “What the f ..?”

    If other frauds exist, the first persons who will know are those who ‘frequent’ those orgs. Maybe those fake promo photos will create many more independents.

  11. Perfect! This is the way to expose the scam and the lies.

  12. Globetrotter

    Great Izhar, thank you for doing this!

    I also started on a project to document the fraud. What you can find if you just compare publicly available data is mind boggling.

    Just to give you one example:

    RTC ED 450 (the issue on Auditors’s Day Amnesty – Mark, it actually has your signature on it so you probably remember it 🙂 ) issued in September 1991, says the following:

    “in April 1987 we embarked upon a strategy of making all of the material of the Scientology Grade Chart standard and available to all. The plan was to:

    “I. Review all materials against LRH manuscripts and handle any omissions or alter-is that had crept in through the years either by mistake or at the hand of some SP.”

    Later in the same issue:

    “In this period, from 1978 to present time, the following has been accomplished:


    “1. All Dianetics and Scientology books were reviewed, gotten fully on Source and issued.” currently say this:


    In 2007 came the release that would “change the world of Scientology forever.” That is, Mr. Miscavige presented the fully restored Basics, Mr. Hubbard’s 18 books and 280 lectures comprising the core of the Scientology religion.

    So the RTC ED issued in 1991 says that they started a program in 1987 to make all LRH books 100% on Source, and this was completed in 1991.

    The current scientology. org website says that the SAME program was started in 1984 and completed 25 years later, in 2009.

    Have they discovered that an SP lied about the start date of the “100% On Source” program in 1991, keeping the first 3 years of it secret, so COB didn’t know about it when he signed off on the RTC ED? Or a transcriptionist made an error when typing up the issue? Did COB forgot that they already made that announcement that the basic books were all “meticulously verified and gotten on Source” by 1991? The LRH manuscripts they say they compared the books to in the 1990’s miraculously changed by the 2000’s and they discovered that the 100% On Source versions they issued in 1991 didn’t match the original LRH manuscripts any more?

    How stupid does a “church” have to be to have 2 different publicly available issues in circulation about its own history, one contradicting the other in its most basic assertions about the history and authenticity of the basic scriptures that form the very core of the religion?

    Or, how fraudulent does it have to be to do so with a straight face?

  13. Globetrotter

    Typo: where is says “1978”, it should read “1987”.

  14. I’m out and an about auditing a pc who lives in close proximity to a so called Ideal Org. I will get some shots before I leave and post them on the website.

    Had dinner last night with 8 guests. One wasn’t a Scientologist, one was but had never been in an org (made wholly in the indie field).. The other 6 were all ex staff of the same “Ideal Org.” The stories were horrific but I’ll save them for the website posting, but in summary, this org has fallen apart at the seams.

  15. I shall book mark this page with interest, thank you Marty. Alas I think I’m a good 200 miles away from my nearest UK idle morg.

  16. When enough evidence is gathered it should be e-mailed to Scientologists around the world. I think they have the right to know the truth.

  17. Truth Revealed 2012

    Hi Everyone, I just set up a Flickr photo blog to document the Truth about the Chicago Org. Feel free to download, link to or embed any of the photos.

    Hillary For Prison 2016
  18. thank you.
    A true group forming here.

  19. Congrats Mike and Christie! Looks like Mike has a “spittin’ image!”

  20. Regarding mt view org: have they even moved there yet? Aren’t they still on Easy Street? Can it still be an idle org even if it is only an empty shell?

  21. Somebody update the prior post… fuck.

  22. NO they havent moved. And they are already a vacant cold industrial back roads shell of a an Ideal Org, ribbon cutting, Mayor on the Org Board and all the trimmings, years ago.

  23. Marty… lol, come on, that comment was about the freakin comm lag on the prior post. It’s ok, you can go out fishing for those little fish in Texas with the Mrs., just let us know about it …………. 😉

  24. Just checked the address of the Santa Rosa mission her in Sonoma County, CA. Listed on a very busy main street which I drive down at least three times a week. Have had my eye out for their location for the longest time and have yet to see a sign. The current scheduel on their web site lists 6:15-9:00 PM Tues, Wed, and Sat 9 AM to 12 noon.
    I now have the address. Will look more closely.

  25. Very revealing! Don’t forget to post on Izhar’s site. Good job!

  26. I’d forgotten about that, does that mean that there is now a court record of church of scientology solicitors admitting David Miscavige lies to his parisoners?

  27. “Surely those persons who go to that org and who have seen the promo MUST know of the fraud.”
    There aren’t any persons going to that org!

  28. Indie-saurus-rex

    This website is a great idea but we need to rise to the occasion and post some quality shots that exemplify the idleness of the orgs, otherwise we’re essentially just posting ‘fluff’. Like sure Lisbon looks empty but how else is the outside of a European building with most likely no parking supposed to look during the day? For instance, the Vancouver Org looks destitute on the outside even when there are 100 people gathered for the David Miscavige mind control events. I know it’s tough, because its not like we’re going to sneak in on course and take photos of the empty course rooms but I’m sure we can muster some shots that exemplify the dwindling spiral of DM’s “church”. I’ll see what I can do in my area.

  29. Izhar states on his website: “I created this site as a response to Mike Rinder post on Marty Rathubun’s blog.” (Mike Rinder’s post on Marty’s blog was April 8, 2012.)

    That’s some very cool initiative of Izhar to go and produce this based on comments by Mike and Marty. Hopefully Mike and Marty are getting in phase-2 with plenty of time to create the future.

    While David Miscavige is busy destroying all his staff so he can “do all the jobs everywhere” on a hectic phase-I. That shows how insane Miscavige is.

  30. Chuck,
    I’ve been visiting with old friends and meeting new ones, all of us longer in the tooth and further on up the line, various lines, all leading along getting to where we wanted, and want to get. And what a marvelous journey. Maybe even more than the “arriving”.

    Anywho, yes, Dave is basically good and by that assumption point of life espoused in this subject of Scientology (not alone, but significantly) then as an effort to restrain himself from further harming his Dynamics, and unable to effect such on his own, he’s “elected ” others his “executioner”.

    I’ve got something for you as an atheist. It’s physics, from a different angle.
    “”Principle of Vibration
    “The Principle of Vibration embodies the idea that motion is manifest in everything in the Universe, that nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles. This principle explains that the differences between different manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, are the result of only different “vibrations”. The higher a person is on the scale, the higher the rate of vibration will be. Here, The All is purported to be at an infinite level of vibration, almost to the point of being at rest. There are said to be millions upon millions of varying degrees between the highest level, The All, and the objects of the lowest vibration.
    Mental Transmutation is described as the practical application of this principle. To change one’s mental state is to change vibration. One may do this by an effort of Will, by means of deliberately “fixing the attention” upon a more desirable state.”

    This is from the Kybalion, an exegesis of The Emerald Tablet, a so-called Neo Platonist writing from centuries past.

    It doesn’t embrace theta, the Static, which is of course at zero vibrations, so it won’t go out of the realm of perceivable electromagneticgravitic manifestations that are without that “theist” (theta) realm and so wide open to an atheist.

  31. hey theakman. This blog is Marty’s living room. Leave the poison outdoors when you enter here.

  32. Tony Dephillips


  33. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks Izhar!
    Can you imagine even one or two people picketing with signs that say” For the TRUTH go to”.
    I think that would wake up some KA drinkers. 🙂

  34. Last time I was in Mountain View, a year ago, they had failed to sell their bookstore on the main drag, Castro St., and had “opened” it back up, though I never saw anybody there. In fact, I rarely saw any staff and never a public person inside the place despite going by often on weekend evenings. The most foot traffic in Mountain View, right next to a busy Italian restaurant, yet no one ever went inside.

  35. Benjamin Cisco

    Anonymous has been doing this for years and the posted PoB versions vs. real photos are on WWP. Just saying since it makes no sense to all start over again. I say look at what is there and then put effort into getting updates on the remaining idle orgs.

  36. Inside the RCS,they are waiting for a miracle.

  37. Hi Marty, I agree with this. I have the opportunity to visit severals Idle Orgs around the world and is just a joke.
    For example Johannesburg Ideal Org, every time I came to the place was empty and every time problems with NOT staff and then Flag want me to have an event with 500 people. I was lucky if I get 150 people including everybody and also the dogs and cats if I get 150.

    Please check my site on Spiritual Freedom Black Friday! Miscavige create some discounts now for Spiritual Freedom.

  38. At least thats a way of evidence.Can he try and discount that I wonder.

  39. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Welcome and I am so happy I can contribute

  40. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Thank you! Done. Would be great to have an updated report

  41. Theo Sismanides

    Great Izhar, I see what I can do from Athens. The Athens Org (A Class V org with NO missions around in the whole of Greece) recently moved Downtown. Haven’t seen the building yet but I will… warming up my camera!

  42. morelivesthanacat

    Regarding some comments about the Mountain View org photo being doctored or photoshopped….we need to keep our terms straight. The Mountain View photo is obviously not a photograph of the existing facility, but an architectural rendering. They used to be drawn, now they do it on computer. Claiming such photos are something they are not will ruin the credibility of the site that seeks to show the truth of the state of “Ideal Orgs” when they are misrepresented after they are supposedly renovated, staffed and opened, not when the building is purchased and plans for its future finalized look are released at events. For example, I looked at that video linked above on the org in Israel with hundreds of staff outside cheering at the end. I presume that is a false representation. The context of the event really made me wonder if the place was actually open for business (since that wasn’t mentioned), much less the fact that there are all those staff there!
    If Mountain View is done and open there would be no need to doctor a photo of the building itself. The fact that it’s empty would be the point.
    Or, as someone else linked to their own documentation of Chicago org 6 years after the announcement of it’s purchase…that was good, as it’s still a derelict dump. I believe quite a few others fall into that category–the huge AO in the wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada for example.

  43. Globetrotter

    It must be hard to keep up with the straight up and vertical expansion. says about the list of organizations: “The address list that follows is as up-to-date as possible, but due to the rapid growth of the religion, the number of churches and related organizations is always increasing.”

    When you get to the section that lists the missions, surprise! There aren’t any listed. Instead, it just says “Contact the nearest Scientology mission for information on local services.”

    I guess it is due to the above mentioned “rapid growth” that they just can’t keep up with adding all the new missions, so they decided that the best solution was to remove all of them 🙂

  44. True fact.

  45. One note re: Mountain View. At an event a few years ago (2005? 2006?) it was announced that all the Northern California Bay Area (not including Sacramento, and possibly not including Stevens Creek) orgs were Ideal and that included Mountain View. This was without getting a new building and based on their existing building and downtown test center.

  46. Indie-saurus-rex

    Yes, exactly. Expose DM’s generalities with our specifics. His lies with our truths.

  47. martyrathbun09

    See this from Here and Now:
    One note re: Mountain View. At an event a few years ago (2005? 2006?) it was announced that all the Northern California Bay Area (not including Sacramento, and possibly not including Stevens Creek) orgs were Ideal and that included Mountain View. This was without getting a new building and based on their existing building and downtown test center.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Well, then if you could download and summate some of the evidence for the blog, it might go to good use. The percentage of on-line public who will look at WWP is zero.

  49. martyrathbun09

    I agree.

  50. Who is the intended audience for the site? If churchies then all that data needs going on imho, and in an easily accessible format. Very few of those remaining are going to visit an Anon site like WWP (let alone spend time sifting through much of the juvenile garbage that finds its way there) just to obtain some details about an org (imho).

  51. Carcha~Dang, what an incredible building. I’d like to see updated info on that one too.

  52. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    THanks Theo, am waiting 🙂

  53. Thank you for your site. That’s not my video – I just posted the link. If you check a few posts down, there’s much more, including my favorite: Northumbria. (Warning: WWP is the haunt of various exemplary hard-working fun individuals who wear masks to hide their smiles and laughter, so as not to accidentally offend any Scilons. Pix. Yummy yummy pix.)

  54. Great website name & idea; short, sweet and to the point.

  55. Yes, there is a court record. However, the record reflects statements made by the Church’s lawyers to the judge. Those statements are embarrassing and are a major PR headache for the Church of Scientology.

    But things lawyers say in court are not anywhere near as damaging as testimony, because a) lawyers are not witnesses, b) they are not under oath to testify truthfully — what they say is inherently opinions and is trying to sway the judge to rule in favor of their clients and c) they are not people who actually made the events happen. So while this is a definite embarrassment, it is well short of testimony from a Scientology employee admitting on the witness stand under oath that the cult is lying to deceive its donors. That would be a major disaster.

  56. Moving Forward

    I remember this as well. Mountain View used to be in a much more industrial area and then moved to Easy Street, their current location, which is generally residential, although the org building is right next to some ugly industrial building.

    They had a grand opening for that building years ago. I guess it wasn’t grand enough. The ‘new’ building is at the end of Linda VIsta Ave, across the street from a what appears to be a large lot of storage units. It’s an industrial/business area.

  57. I agree, sorry, got carried away. Marty can delete.

  58. GetTheConcept

    I think that this website should stick to photos and data about orgs that have ALREADY opened up their new “Ideal Org” buildings. Chicago is not one of them.

    Yes, you can make a point that the Chicago building was bought about 5 years ago and they still haven’t started the renovations and they have been dev-t’d off their posts for 9 years and counting, raising the money for the whole thing.

    But someone still in the church and defending Miscavige’s program could just say, “Yea, it’s not open yet, that’s why we need to raise the rest of the money and open it so we could expand”.

    These pictures (of the current old building and the un-opened “Ideal” building) wouldn’t make the point that needs to be made, which is that this hope and promise they have about how, when the new building opens up, there will be this tremendous expansion, is a lie.

    I think the way to expose that lie is to only show pictures and results of orgs that have ALREADY opened up their new “Ideal Org” buildings which show that this so-called expansion is not really occurring and that the “Ideal Org” program is a failure. That way the people who are still in orgs where they haven’t yet opened up their new buildings can see that the orgs who have opened up their new buildings aren’t actually expanding and this is not the solution to their expansion problem and they are wasting their time and money on it.

    Dave Fagen

  59. Great idea Izhar. I can’t wait to see the reports as they come in. In the mean time to remind me of what I have to look forward to I think I’ll go visit the local cemetery, sit back and watch all the activity.

  60. San Francisco, Stevens Creek, Mountain View and Los Gatos are all Ideal Orgs. Stevens Creek is fund raising for their second renovation. Some may remember the ribbon cutting at Mountain View, shown at one of the Int. Events (can’t remember which year), where the Mayor spoke and Jan Silber announced he was on their Org Board.

  61. The same old LDW

    Great song, Ingrid. Love that guy.

    Amazing the disconnect with the RCS gang. They seem to think the miracle is somehow related to golden pillars and well-painted sheet rock. Forgot all about the miracle in each cognition from a correctly audited process.

  62. What’s AO as in huge AO in the wilderness? (Presuming it’s not ass ‘ole)

  63. In 2007 the Church of Scientology bought an ‘ ideal org ‘ in Downtown Detroit for $3.5 million – this purchase is located at ‘ One Griswold Street, Detroit Michigan’ – the data can be found on the Internet. This is an eight-story office building that was constructed in 1926 and is located in the central business district, on Detroit’s waterfront. Griswold Street is a major north-south street in downtown Detroit, which passes through the city’s Financial District lined with many of its most familiar and recognizable structures, such as the Guardian Building and One Woodward Avenue. Griswold Street also passes through the Capitol Park Historic District.——————Though, when I have passed by this location in Detroit, it looks like this ‘ ideal org’ is still sitting empty after all these years, it is now 2012, and you can find the Detroit Org located in a small building in Farmington Hills Michigan on Middlebelt Rd. about 18 – 20 miles away which also looks like very little activity at that small location. Last I heard, their public was going to Canada a long distance away to get auditing from someone up there instead of at the Org. for numerous reasons. I also watched a video about the UK Org that is suppose to be the size of a St. Hill in Birmingham, England. The video shows the grand estate and shows the inside where the auditors ‘ will be ‘ auditing, and where the students ‘ will be ‘ in the academy. From what I can see that massive estate building that is shown in the video on the internet, it also sits empty.

  64. Just an idea. While it might be tricky to get in and take a picture of their empty course room we can eazily show all the things wrong with their own pictures on the promo pieces. I have seen plenty of pictures in org mags with a full course room with most of the people shon are the staff of the org itself. Places with CLOs nearby even have a lot of SO members included. We have enough Indies around each org to Identify who are really on the pictures.

  65. Why there’s some nuggets in that there thread! Especially interesting is the acquisition of the Royal Fleet Club in Plymouth. This is an ENORMOUS building used as a hotel until recently. The work needed to get it even remotely habitable is huge. Anybody that’s ever been to Plymouth Org knows that is the basket case of Orgs in the UK – has been for decades. There was mission after mission in the 80s onwards to try and get some production going there, but it never happened. The idea that a building the size of The Royal Fleet Club is going to solve anything is so bizarre it’s almost funny. According to the local rag This is Plymouth “As well as promising to fully refurbish the premises, the scientologists also said they are hoping to employ 150 staff to run the site which they believe will be attended by “tens of thousands” of people every year.” (You – stop sniggering in the back).

  66. Dear Izhar,
    Excellent Site, its way overdue. Public money on account is diverted
    to made up disasters so staff can go OT, clearly a Ponzi scheme.
    But you sign away all rights with legal boiler plate that begins the pillage.
    Morally bankrupt Ponzi scheme.!
    With real estate they photoshop some place and import paid extras
    then mail out to prospective public or seek donations. This violates mail faud
    laws, RICO laws. Ask Bernie Madoff or any top Enron executive.

  67. At the moment I am building a website which is aimed both at on-line Scientologists and the general public in the Netherlands. It will focus strictly on legal irregularities perpetrated by the Org in Amsterdam. The timing is perfect, as I was struggling to find convincing documented evidence about Idle Orgs.

    The Dutch ideal org is sold with marketing material showing stats for several Ideal Orgs, Malmö, Brussel (CSE) and Rome. Naturally, the graphs contains no numbers and a line disappears into the upper right corner.

    If someone could visit these orgs in particular to show the true state of these Orgs, I’d be terrific. It would make the evidence for this particular subject much stronger.

  68. Second renovation for Stevens creek? How exactly are they trying to sell that to the public? I thought they were done with that monstrosity.

  69. At one time Steven’s Creek was the largest CLV Org on the planet, it may still be the largest active, not sure, but it’s something around 75,000 sq. ft. as I recall. Massive, contemporary, and certainly impressive enough if a bit too industrial for a Church (my take). Boggles brain cells why they would need to re-renovate, which began just recently.

    Back ’06 SF, there was an SO fund raising Mission in place and I began helping reg. for another expansion. The building across the street was the target at that time, supposedly for Div 6 alone as I recall. Had nothing else to do at the time between receiving (paid for by self of course) 50hrs of Sec Checked required by no less than the Ofc of Senior CS Int. (who was that?). San Francisco Day&Fdn apparently had orders from “above” to purchase an additional building because they were “busting at the seems”.
    I don’t know current scene, but I did witness SF was at that time, by leaps and bounds, the busiest Org in the Bay Area. Very high randomity. Course room was always packed, even Day was hard to find a seat. HGC had PC’s waiting every time I was there. Div 6 area was surprisingly vacant however.
    I’ll say nothing about how I was unable to think for years after the Sec Check.

  70. I toured New York Org with an org exec not so long ago. I asked how many Clears the org had made recently, how many Auditors Made. The answer was like, “I don’t know, I think we made an auditor last month. Clears, hmm, don’t recall, maybe one a few months back.” Went to Friday graduation. About 8 staff and 6 public in attendance. The only graduate present had completed some Div 6 or Basic thing. The graduates read were no better. An NOI fellow and someone on the Basics gave wins. Pretty sad for that huge impressive building in the heart of Manhattan. Not long after I received notice that I was now persona non grata in the New York Org for “challenging” questions – I was extremely polite and did not challenge, simply acked the responses.


  71. morelivesthanacat

    “The huge AO in the wilderness” was bought in 2009. It’s 160,000 sq feet on 80 hectares. The video on the RCS website starts with these words:
    “It’s an hour’s drive from Canada’s continental church in Toronto, or a half hour drive from Pearson International Airport, but it will feel like it’s 1000 miles away….” (might as well be) Here’s the link:

  72. TRUTH
    It’s the new hate speech
    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”
    George Orwell

  73. Here is a video from Utub of Montreal Ideal Org

  74. Rory Medford

    SCN is no longer SCN in corporate SCN. Those days are long gone. They are a real estate company and professional fundraisers.

    And for what? all to make davey happy!

    The bulk of current RCS has lost their nerve, guts and integrity. The blind is leading the blind for sure.

  75. The “second renovation”, as well as the fact that SFO had orders to purchase an additional building, all has to do with the fact that at some point after these orgs had been pronounced Ideal, Miscavige decided that the Div Sixes were not Ideal, needed more displays, etc etc. So that is why the already ideal orgs are still having to fundraise, for retrofitting or buying additional space, as ordered by Mr. Arbitrary. The recent “re-grand-opened” already ideal Hamburg Org, just underwent this retrofitting, which is all that happened, and so it gets to be used to make it look like another Ideal org was created, when there wasn’t.

  76. …someone in the church can still defend…

    True but perhaps over time they will realise the emptiness of their defence.

    If this campaign succeeds in getting more members out by repeatedly pointing out the obvious fail or it succeeds in forcing David Miscavige to use some of his vast cash resources to at least keep up the appearances of empty buildings by “anonymously donating” to the renovations so targets are met that’s a win in my book.

  77. The other Michigan org is in Battle Creek MI, which moved there from Ann Arbor MI over 10 years ago. For whatever reasons, they have been somewhat”under the radar” in a way, in the Idle Org scheme of things. They purchased a building in a great location right in downtown Battle Creek – the old Hart Hotel – for $235,000.

    But that was in 2001, and they are still trying to get it renovated. It had to be completely gutted inside and have asbestos removed, windows replaced etc. This work has been done by staff and public volunteers, and over the years they have done a lot – but it’s still not ready.

    The sad thing is, by this time, even if it were ready to open, the changes David Miscavige has wrought upon the tech and materials and the structure of training and study, would make the opening a futile gesture, as the public has largely vanished, having been milked dry by the “donations programs” – the IAS regging, the Library donations campaigns, and the Ideal Org fundraising. as well as the demand for everyone to purchase The Basics.

    Even 2 1/2 years ago, their Course Supe called me one Friday night and mentioned he had zero students in his courseroom that night.

    There are some terrific dedicated Scientologists still associated with that org, like Sue Fairchild and Ron Ginzler, just to name two. There are several others.

    This org,being off the beaten path, has perhaps not drawn a lot of attention from His Satanic Majesty Miscavige, but the staff there are definitely misinformed and blind as to the real causes of the decline of their org.

    I hope they wake up. They have the nucleus of a fabulous Independent Scientology group there, including some high powered public.

  78. Forgot to mention – the actual org is just a block or two away from their proposed “Ideal Org” in the Hart Hotel building. They have 2 floors in a rented storefront, still in a good location downtown. But the public is staying away in droves.

  79. Someone pointed out earlier that the “photoshopped” orgs in the fliers were merely design concepts and that we shoot ourselves in the foot with the comparison.

    I understand yes the local org people likely understand them as design concepts but do they assume that is true of other orgs. Isreal org was presented as open and in business along with “design concepts”.

    This site will show the real status of all orgs and cut through any perceptual BS. If nothing else each idle org can see that they’re not the only one which has to be some comfort in the hi stress world of Co$ stats.

  80. Ah, thanks for the clarification John P. It’s a shame the Israel court could not force David Miscavige to testify, him having made the statement in the first place. 😦

  81. Tory Christman

    Here’s a video I made w/ some more photos one of the Anonymous friends got for me;
    ((the Photos are from 9:13-12:30))
    What a CON! Davey Boy: My prediction is these “Ideal Orgs” are going to be the final straw. Tick Tock………………..:)
    Best! Tory/Magoo

  82. cool

  83. Dean Fox: Simply, AO is abbreviation for Advanced Organization.

  84. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Thanks. Done.

  85. penny, are you sure you have the latest address because there sign is pretty big and easy to read?

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