What’s the secret of the MEST universe?  That there’s no secret, of course.  That would be right there in the groove with the MEST universe, that would be the MEST universe’s best trick.  It makes the obvious and hides it, because it’s a crude, relatively unworkable, solid, rather onerous sort of dopehead’s dream, who wasn’t too bright.

And if it’s the inevitable average, brother, I don’t think much of some of the other universes that collided to make this one.  Because it’s dopey, this one.  It’s not a bright universe.  Its total value evaluation is force.  It’s down on the force band.  And that’s silly.  Because something that’s on the force band won’t work.  The one thing that won’t work is force.  Under no circumstances has force ever worked! An idea any day of the week can lick the pants off of force.

All these great flaming suns, all these huge inimitable expanses, all these tremendously, tremendously cold and inhospitable spaces, all these dead planets and dead stars, could be reduced to a pile of utter nothingness of rubble by an idea.

You don’t believe it?  Well, don’t believe it.  And the only thing I can ask you to do is make a clinical experiment on it.  Try it.  Try it in a small, little sphere — a little sphere of action.  Take somebody you know who believes in tremendous force and think of the insignificant idea which would defeat him utterly.

You actually have to be able and willing to handle force.  But how do you handle force?  With force?  No!  You can’t handle force with force because that gives you ridges and more force.  You see how that is?  You can’t handle force with force.  It isn’t that force begets force, or he who dies by the sword lives by the Bible, or anything.  I mean what it is — I’m not scrambling that up on purpose, really. That was just a slip of the Testament.  Here’s — and, by the way, it is to a large extent, a book of force, which is where it falls down. And the only time religion has ever fallen down was when it believed it had a god of force. A god of force can always be licked.

You can take the mightiest cyclotrons in the world that exist today, and if you just get the proper idea they will become dust.  Force has to be handled, maybe, by force, but the actual fact is that an idea alone can vanquish force.  If you just had — if you had a command and control over space and time the way you should have, you could simply ‘pshew’ onto another time track any force that ever came near you. 

It doesn’t take any idea at all.  The only reason why you ever have trouble — if you ever do have trouble defeating force — is because you just don’t think of the idea, and usually because you overreach with your idea.  You haven’t any concept how simple the idea has to be!  You want to get complicated because you know it’s lots of force, so you think you want to have lots of idea.

This is not order of magnitude; they don’t follow the same order of magnitude. Actually, they go quite in reverse.  They go quite in reverse: is the more force there is, the less idea it takes to handle that force.  Because an idea is awful powerful. And you can get an idea so powerful that it’ll just shoot above, around and over and through this mass and this force, and it just never hits it.

– L Ron Hubbard, excerpted from lecture ‘The Thetan As An Energy Unit’, 6 November 1952

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  1. As someone wise once observed, ‘the pen is mighter than the sword’.

    In our case, the blog is mighter than DM.

  2. And the only thing I can ask you to do is make a clinical experiment on it. Try it. Try it in a small, little sphere — a little sphere of action. Take somebody you know who believes in tremendous force and think of the insignificant idea which would defeat him utterly.

    David Miscavige appears to believe in a tremendous force. So is this an idea that would when seeded in his brain *”destroy” him or is this an idea that when seeded in the brains of others destroy him? Could it be both?

    *”destroy” an idea given to David Miscavige might cause him to have an epiphany where upon becomes the practical opposite of what he is; the old David Miscavige is destroyed but a new one replaces him with, hopefully, a positive effect all around. (Phoenix effect?).

    I cannot conceive of a mechanism where by an idea seeded in others causes David Miscavige to have such an epiphany.

    Evidently there are ideas in the heads of others which are having an effect on David Miscavige, the ex and independent scientology scene is clear evidence of these ideas; they being people who’ve decided to stop supporting him. Is there a more effective idea that will work universally? One that would turn the more hard core supporters of him?

    Is there a clue when Hubbard suggests the idea is “insignificant” – so not “David Miscavige is a liar” that I feel is a significant idea – open to debate of course.

    A starter for one: “You can choose.” – only because I feel some support David Miscavige through lack of belief in there being any other options for them.

    Sober and serious. Dean.

  3. Sweet Marty. Hey, I got an idea about some force that’s been buggin’ us. Let’s let that guy drown in his own mest and we’ll quietly build a whole new Scientology out here where there is no forcre but the force of an auditing command ripping the reactive mind to shreds.

    ML Tom

  4. The same old LDW

    “Take somebody you know who believes in tremendous force and think of the insignificant idea which would defeat him utterly.”

    At Flag, on our way out, a particularly snotty SO member asked me with her haughty attitude, “just who do you think you are?”

    I looked at her with absolute affinity and said, “nobody.”

    Her game ended right there.

    So, my “idea” regarding david and his implant station is simply this, “sorry dave, I’m just not playing in your GPM.” I have neither a desire nor an obligation to play. Period.


  5. This seems hastily written and padded for length. How many ways can you say ideas are more powerful than physical forces?

  6. Admiration.

  7. The Philadelphia Doctorate Course… many wins. I will always remember with great fondness doing that course in the early nineties at AOLA. It was a true education as regards beingness in this universe. I don’t know how many times I went exterior while studying but I can tell you it was many.

    Thank you Ron for that gift of knowledge.

  8. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Who’s idea was it to start this blog again? 😉

  9. I have an idea-DM, you’re gone.

  10. Dean, thanks for your sober offering.
    Just this morning this occurred to me: the great “significance” being given to DM, both positive and negative. Ultimately, he is only a tool. A tool can destroy, or it can construct. Overall, I think we might want to look at the “significant force” DM is perceived to be. Also, “force” is not necessarily “power.”

    Perspective is everything.

  11. Speaking of ideas, I like the idea of Tom M. the best: while DM is jumping up and down, we apply Scientology, we get trained, we audit and get audited. That is the simple idea that is mightier than the sword.

  12. Great post, Marty.

    That’s exactly what are we dealing with under DM’s reign: force.

    The amount of force that is being used to have you cough up your hard-earned bucks is colossal. Lavish events; local fund raising “games” where the public is locked up until their pockets and bank accounts are empty; “hard sell” regging cycles where you are asked to mortgage your home for the emptieth time; mags; emails; letters; promo pieces, you name it. Every day, I get 20 emails asking me to donate for books, lectures, idle orgs, my next service, various humanitarian campaigns, and of course, the IAS. This mad, senseless über-outflow is just sheer unadulterated force.

    And look at the force that is being applied to squeeze overts out of you, should you dare to have the slightest disagreement with the current corruption of tech, admin and ethics. Look at all those intensives that are forced down your throat to “clean you up” and make a good robot out of you. I’ll take the dentist’s chair any day.

    Another use of force is, of course, disconnection. “If thou keepest communicating with your evil father (or sister, or cousin, or business partner), thou shalt be declared and lose your eternal soul.”

    And then there’s the Hole, where they just go medieval on you.

    So, what would be the SIMPLEST idea to handle all that force and make DM and Scn Inc. just go “pshew”?

    Like, we wake up tomorrow morning, and the nightmare is over. No more DM, no more Scn Inc. Just a nice, liberating, collective Floating TA.

    Oh man… That’s a tough one…

    Hmm… That’s a tough one…

  13. FCDC Class of 74

    It seems to me through observation that an idea for a public forum such as this blog not created in the name of Force could put such reaction into a continuous user of Mest like Daveyboy. The more he flings the assets of the $oS the bigger he percieves the Independants as a threat. He should have stayed in the Academy. Mest will be his downfall and all from a communicating of ideas.

  14. Simplicity at it’s finest. 🙂

  15. I really like and will use “you could simply ‘pshew’ onto another time track any force that ever came near you.” Thanks Marty for another good article.

  16. Marty,
    Great quote. I think about this often – but in association with the PTS Tech: “a slight gentle cause” – that is such a powerful idea, and yet it is so simple, and so easy, once you get it. It’s like stepping outside of the game, sizing it up, and then doing just a little “Tweak” over there, that results in the SP losing all power. The winds is completely gone from his/her sails, and the game is dust.
    Such a fabulous concept.

  17. Not exactly sure of that, though grateful it started and has continued. I have zero uncertainty on at least one Lunatic antiChrist of Hemet who has desperately to stop it.

  18. The same old LDW

    Since miscavige’s definition of OT is: Obedient Thetan (by any means necessary)
    And the actual definition of OT is: Operating Thetan (by means of standard tech)

    “Slight gentle cause” is definitely appropriate. I’m in with that game.

  19. May the Force not be with us!

  20. TheWidowDenk

    thetabop —

    This might help:

    As a public person I went through the stuff you mention above, suggestion of home mortgage, phone calls, promo pieces, requests for donations, letters, etc. I was reported upon for not donating for the 25th anniversary of the “we are the IAS.” I was sec checked, trying to squeeze out that overt. There’s more, but I think YOU get the point as I have understood YOUR point: lots of force.

    However, there does come a point where the individual has to decide and take the causitive action regarding all that. For me, it was finding out about and hooking up with the Independents. That was not easy as I had to overcome all the “you must nots …”.

    But, once I made the decision and overcame the must nots, it was simply a matter of saying who I was, why I was, where I was, when I was and much of that force simply dropped away. It’s an incredibly interesting phenomen when it occurs.

    I’m not telling you (or anyone for that matter) what to do. This is how it worked out for me. Rachel

  21. Here’s my simple idea; LRH tech is mine; it belongs to me.

  22. Good one, Sam. Yes, the “insignificant idea” of this blog may well be what destroys DM’s MEST abomination.

  23. Hey Laura Ann!

  24. Huh? It’s a lecture, as stated. Hubbard was an effortless lecturer, I believe often with few or no notes.

              .    |    ,
               \   _   /     
            `  .´     `.  ´
         ____ :  .~~~.  : ____
              :  \   /  :
             ´ `. | | .´ `
               / (`-') \


  26. “I cannot conceive of a mechanism where by an idea seeded in others causes David Miscavige to have such an epiphany.”

    Your comment above got me to thinking (always a dangerous activity!). My opinion is that the exerted force tends to fix one’s attention. The key for me is to envision an ideal scene and with intention and attention go about creating it. That leaves much less room for any consideration about the force issue and as a result it is less apt to establish itself as a problem in one’s universe.
    I suppose it is like not paying attention to the bully in the room. That may cause the epiphany you speak of. But that is less the issue than the activity of creating a real ideal scene.

  27. Great quote Marty and so true! The Chinese, with roots steeped in Confucianism baffled early American military hats with their unwillingness to use force to solve problems or to become a nation of force. They have risen up to the only solvent nation on Earth and are welcomed everywhere in any society.
    They have survived as a group working hard, being accomodating, serving their fellow man, and serving good food. They have risen in power and magnitude above their suppressive neighbors.
    Truly a great read if you mean to understand Earth people and how this quote can be evidenced in history with an entire nation:

  28. It wasn’t written, it was spoken. And as many ways as it takes to get it recovered, rehabilitated, and sitting on top of the world. (Jack Bruce’s version, with Cream.)

  29. Ingrid,’
    Remember the Clearing Congress films? The one where the question is posed; “who is the evil valence?”

    The answer: no one. It’s a mock up. Dave became the picture.

    DM = the evil valence.

    From “nothing” to “something”. “I” to “it”.

  30. 🙂

  31. That’s powerful! 🙂

  32. This is a transcript of a lecture. Before study tech, Ron would state an idea several ways to get an idea across.

  33. “One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.”

    (or, “No one can resist an idea whose time has come.”)

    Victor Hugo.

  34. yvonneschick

    An idea for any consider what to do – “Get yourself free!”

  35. Don’t hit! Serve Egg Roll! Make enemy happy, no more enemy!

  36. Oh! I thought it was a certain someone’s head exploding from an thought getting through to him. Light bulb is good too.

  37. I was once told by a karate expert that there are several ways to meet incoming force. Meeting force with force, or trying to stop it, or absorbing it is likely to result in injury to oneself. The best way is to catch the incoming force and then CHANNEL it the way you want it to go. Marty and friends – you are doing that brilliantly!

  38. Wow! That was very witty!

  39. We should mail him an honorary Problems Release Cert.

  40. Does anybody know how many clears there are? Did they stop putting numbers on the clear certs to keep it vague?

  41. Oh, laddie, a Cream fan are ya now?

    ML ML ML Tom

  42. That could well be the case.

    Hadn’t thought of that; I guess the “insignificant idea’ of “let’s start a blog” doesn’t sound philosophIcal enough for me, way too philosophical for my own good sometimes. 🙂

  43. +1. Sharp observation.

  44. Hey Tara! xoxo

  45. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, an Idea… an Internet… a Man who had another Idea… a Blog for Indies…

    And from that point… Oh god… many, many more smaller ideas each day pouring in and so many laughs and so many goodies and friends keeping it so light that it goes by sometimes even unobserved…

    But hey… it’s there now, our little Idea!

  46. Theo Sismanides

    + 1

  47. I think Martin Luther King really got this concept and through his leadership, he was able to get others to get this concept as well lifting a suppression that had been going on for centuries.

    No one needs “permission” to help another. If you want to apply Scientology…apply it. If you want to help, then just do it. I especially admire all of those who have answered the calling of being an auditor and decided to just audit.

    Flourish and prosper!

  48. Tom Gallagher

  49. It’s like the three energy types of DISPERSAL, FLOW and RIDGE Ron talked about in many lectures.

    Wu-wei, best applied above 20.0 😉

  50. Path of Buddha

    Found this interesting from Lao Tsu, in the Tao Te Ching
    Take heed Mr. Miscavige:
    It describes your Scientology.

    “The court is corrupt,
    The fields are overgrown with weeds,
    The graneries are empty;
    Yet there are those dressed in fineries,
    With sword at their sides,
    Filled with food and drink,
    And possessed of too much wealth,
    This is known as taking the lead in robbery.
    Far indeed is this from the way.”

    Lao Tsu

    George M. White
    May all beings be well and happy!

  51. Always an interesting topic – FORCE.
    It’s made up of matter, energy, space and time and of course that includes solids, liquids, gasses, locations, flows, particles etc. The old hit in the head mentality and punish, punish, punish is pretty much just a dramatization of the physical universe. It has the apparency of working especially here on Earth where violence or threat of is pretty much the order of the day or we’ll lock you up if you don’t obey or we’ll take your money away if you misbehave. It all equals throwing force around.
    Yet an idea dissolves it? Really?
    The Magna Carta is just an idea – an idea that people had some basic rights.
    Probably the best idea in recent history is the US Constitution. A bunch of clever guys got together in an oppressivly forceful regime and came up a idea that they’ll learn from past suppresive use of force, counterted that with Freedom of Rights of individuals and wrote them all down so all who wanted to could agree and it spread and created one very powerful nation. To the degree the US Govt introduces force to oppose those basic individual rights (ideas) the US Constitution is invalidated.
    Sounds too simple but not really – ideas are better served – simply.
    Or another one, the school yard bully, whispered at just the right time, “what if your mother finds out?” destroys his use of force in an instant. The trick is finding just the right idea to use against a particular force.
    Regarding Miscavige I’m sure there are plenty of ideas on what to do with him but the most effective one surely is knowledege of true Scientology – of that he has no answer. However, he is as predicable at sunrise – he’ll use force or trickery, it’s his only tools. That is his greatest weakness to a clever ideaolgist.

  52. SKM-Great artistry!

  53. Force, how to deal with it. Reminds me of the black panther mechanisms. Five ways to handle a situation. Run away, confront, go around, subdue, and I forget. But any solution to get away from the black panther is not wrong if one is doing it at cause and thinking. Why would one confront somebody that has a knife and intends to kill you or rob you and you don’t have a knife nor any skills to handle him, like Judo, seems right to just run away.

  54. Richard Royce

    Theta Bop,

    Every time we get a letter from an org asking for something they usually send a return prepaid envelope. We send an idea with the “water Carrier” by writing a personal note to the opener of the letter explaining our disagreements or a copy of one of the great Doubt Formulas we’ve seen on this blog.

    Here is what I wrote in my handwritten letter today to be put in an IAS envelope;

    17 Ap 12
    Dear S.O. member,
    Altho I have donated considerably in the past (Crusader),I no longer want to support the IAS. I have discovered the COB has used these funds for his own personal gain, that he has physically beaten loyal Sea Org members at Int, that he has altered LRH Policy and Tech, that he has been lying about the Church expansion which factually has been on a Danger Trend since he took over. You can verify the truth of this by going to the library on your libs day if you get one and googling Scientology. The truth is all over the place altho you are given a PR False picture by OSA. also if you ever decide to leave there is an underground railroad of xSO Scientologists to help you get on your feet.
    Richard Royce OT7, Cl4, XDN, x SO With a Kha Khan Certificate

  55. Les,

    I like the depth of meaning in your one word “insignificant idea” answer that defeated that snotty and haughty SO member.

    “Nobody”. Ha! Truly a classic.

  56. It also describes the United States and many other countries around the world.

    What the world needs now…

  57. I”It is very simple, actually. Don’t look at this on a magical basis, because the magic is fantastic
    enough. You and I imagine something exists and then out of physical-universe energy, matter,
    space and time we build it. That is magic. But in the same way, in the field of thought where a
    mind believes that it approximates and is bounded by the physical universe (in other words, a
    low-tone-scale mind), all you have to do is postulate that something exists in that mind and it
    will exist. That is also magic.

    If you postulate that a person isn’t so good, he won’t be so good. But you can only do this to a
    person who is pretty aberrated—that is, a person who is pretty badly mixed up with the
    physical universe. An aberrated person thinks he operates on this level; he thinks his thoughts
    have physical universe bounds, that he is bounded by space and time and so on. His thought is
    so enturbulated by the physical universe that he thinks it is physical universe. That is the
    number one illusion. Then the illusion of language joins up with this horrible thing and the next
    thing you know, somebody says to him, “You look like you’ve got a cold,” and he gets a cold.
    This is how an engram can be put into restimulation. You tell someone, “I think you’re in pain”
    or “I think you’re weak” or “I think you’re . . .” almost anything like this. You are saying “I
    think,” and he knows that thought is physical universe stuff and that out of this thought will
    come a concrete entity, so therefore it exists.

    The most wonderful illusion of all of this is time—the idea that thought has time in it. Thought
    has no time.

    If you could push yourself back out of the time span and away from time into the field of
    thought and thought alone, you probably could do remarkable things. Certainly you would
    come into control of more physical universe. The more you can invalidate the amount of
    resistance which the physical universe makes, the more success you are going to have with it
    because the more your thought will expand to embrace it. Thought, belief, faith—these are
    expansive things.”

    A lecture given on
    4 September 1951
    Creating a Future Reality

  58. Great point Sam,
    I might add:
    It was a bad idea to start the Miscavige cult in the internet age!

  59. So, Marty, are we supposed to take these LRH words at face value, or not?

  60. Excellent Jim. Thanks

  61. Yes! A great idea: Liberty

  62. Dude, that is up to you. Many times Ron said not to believe something just because he said it. Granted, many of us do/did.

  63. TO, up until about 1997, “The Auditor” magazine stated each month that there were “over 50,000”. Then in 1998, it said there were 40,446 Clears.

    Then, for about a decade, no number of Clears was published.

    Then, in 2009, “The Auditor” started saying there were about 19,939 Clears and increased by a couple of Clears each month. It then increased by a couple of Clears each month again, then in Oct 2010, it jumped by 2,000 to about 22,000 in one month. Then, in 2011 it jumped to about 23,000 in one month.

    Starting in 2012, “The Auditor” stopped publishing the number of Clears again.

    I’d say that the CoS is in confusion on the subject of “Clears”.

  64. You should get a job as a Pharisee. If I correctly recall my Bible, a bunch of them once tried to trap Jesus like you seem to be doing. They brought him a woman who had been caught in Adultery and reminded Jesus (the penalty in the Torah was death by stoning) and asked him whether they should obey the Torah. Jesus told them, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

    You style yourself an Ex Believer. Right.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  65. Ideas……….. Yes indeed Ron. It seems to me that the reason ideas are senior to force is because force is an energy and ideas are the creators of energy. Around concepts forces gather to servve in the manifestion of ideas.
    There is a lot of intelligence behind football players kicking each others ass.
    And without the coach, brute force is misdirected
    David and Goliath……….. now there’s a methaphor that supports ideas are senior to force.
    I once heard a thought from someone: “the highest paid job is thinking”

  66. If you create the Bridge for you and others, the Bridge will be there for you and others. If we don’t it won’t.

  67. Well there is one idea, one concept alone which could make COB dissapear. On thing which would disproove his very existence as leader of scn : The Proof.
    Ever since I heard it for the very first time I always thought this tape was not with the real voice of LRH. That it was a forgery. In this tape (the proof RJ38) LRH gives the power to RTC.
    If the tape is analyzed and proven false beyond any doubts, that would be the proof that DM is lying and never was given his power by LRH.
    And really the end of his tyranny.

  68. Jeff Siebrand

    Really? You let people tell you what your supposed to do, believe, think ,etc?

  69. one of those who see

    Les, Perfect!

  70. one of those who see

    Excellent, appropriate LRH quote Marty! Was just talking to someone about the subject the other day. Force. Then, go to your place and there’s the blog title and reference. Cool!

  71. Lovely poem George. Thank you !

  72. No, we’re supposed to read them, check misunderstood words, duplicate them, think them through, consider them, and see if they are true for us. We are NOT supposed to take them at face value. Are we supposed to ask someone what we should think? There’s a neat college course: “Thought: The Critical Element.”

  73. I wanted to comment two things. A) That I do not understand this about force and flows. Did read over and over similar things about physical universe and flows and force. B) Wanted to write a sample of „how the universe turns against me“ sometimes. I had been fishing for a good example from my life. But I could not find one example where this universe did something to me. Tried for an hour. Strange. I always had the idea when I failed, that the physical universe had some impact on my success or failure. I have to say now, that I did not find one little sample where this had been the case.

  74. Path of Buddha

    Yes, I had the same thought about the state of the economic world.

    I was reading St. Augustine last night. He mentioned that Alaric, the barbarian, when he sacked Rome in 410 A.D, spared the Christians as they flocked to their buildings.
    Alaric did not kill Christians nor burn churches. Now that is an example of the power of an idea over force!

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  75. Nice.

  76. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I was the same for me. Once the decision was made to disagree then it immediately led to the discovery of who I was and a simple matter of RPEC back to Confusion to bring everything up in an orderly fashion from there 🙂

  77. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Beautiful! Almost makes me wish they were still sending their mountains of promo to me…. almost.

  78. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hey Tara and Laura Ann!

  79. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    🙂 +1

  80. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  81. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    That stat needs to be redefined to Number of Canceled Clears vs number of Recycled CCRDs (equals number of OTs FUBAR).

  82. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “like Judo, seems right to just run away.”
    That’s not my understanding of Judo at all. Who’s running away? My understanding of Judo is that you use the force of your opponent against him. I could be wrong but running away from force seems as illogical to me as is fighting it using force – it’s still going to come after you no-matter how fast you run. Just because you’re using more sophisticated weapons doesn’t mean you’re not still fighting corruption and injustice any less, it just means you’re smarter than your opponent.

  83. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    You’re still stuck in ‘now we’re supposed to’s?’
    Tsk tsk!

  84. Jeff Siebrand


  85. Hey Sam! Big hugs!!

  86. Joe Pendleton

    LRH’s writings that position theta and postulate over force and MEST always indicate to me, which is why 8-8008 is my favorite book of his, along with 8-80, Philadelphia lectures and numerous other writings. I have notebooks filled with his quotes on this subject. I have no doubt that in the long run, the ideas of Ghandi, Lincoln, Martin Luther King and others take great precedence over any military matters in the history of Earth.

    At the same time, I cannot and do not ignore LRH’s own slowly but surely dependance on using force on others in Scientology. You can find this throughout his policy of the 60s (from “Ethics Presence” to his quote in “Conditions, How to Assign”, where he says that for a group to thrive the ethics must be “savage” to Keeping Scientology Working where he announces that there is only ONE way to now be involved in Scientology and how to get folks to see the light, to routing forms which lessen people’s own determinism even as to when they are “allowed” to leave an org, etc etc etc). I could come up with hundreds of specific examples of life in Scientology “pre Miscavige” when force was used as a method of handling people throughout Scientology. I do not expect Independant Scientology to use these methods much, if at all in the coming hundred years as Scientology transitions from the Church of Scientology to smaller groups who will more practice Ron’s early writings on theta, mest, postulates, self-determinism.

  87. Hey Sam! Miscavige is scared of you. 😉

  88. In the PR-Series LRH writes that it is sufficient to only prove that someone has lied in ONE single case. That’s sufficient so that he will lose his credibility.
    So it’s rather the QUALITY of the counter-attack than the QUANTITY of it.
    That made sense to me.

    However, as far as the Church Inc. is concerned we see that it has NOT been sufficient to just expose ONE lie.
    Every day new overts of the Church are being published but it does not create the effect that the Church Inc. moves.

    What can be done so that the tipping-point comes soon?

    Is anything wrong with the QUALITY of the arguments used in counter-attack?
    I have the impression that in most cases the Church still has the possibility to say: ‘Not true. Those who attack are lying!’
    So there is one person’s word against another’s.
    Lacking written evidence.

    Sure, this blog is being read by so many people all over the world and certainly followed by many journalists.
    Nevertheless there are only a few media reporting about the Church of Scientology.

    I have the impression that the data which could make the sandcastle collaps are not sufficiently spread through the media.
    Journalists personally are obviously still scared and media as well.

    There should be some kind of union or pool, international media working more together. That might reduce fear and make it more difficult for the Church ‘to take revenge’.
    What are your considerations?

  89. Here’s a simple idea that, if confronted, will destroy the force/terror regime of David Miscavige: He redefined what a floating needle is, thereby destroying the workability of Scientology auditing.

    That is just one specific truth. More generally, he has corrupted or altered every bit of LRH tech or policy he’s ever touched.

    Hold either one of those concepts in your mind for a moment, and notice how he seems to diminish right before your eyes.

  90. “ethics” is an idea.
    “conditions” are ideas.
    “savage” describes the “degree of application” of conditions and their assignment.
    This is the subject of CHANGING CONDITIONS. How it is applied is according to one’s PERSPECTIVE and CREATIVITY. I do not see how Ethics Tech or its application denies or suppresses one’s beingness or postulates or abilities.

    Just a thought.

  91. one of those who see

    Very important topic, Joe. Glad you wrote this. Maybe LRH was trying to solve certain problems with force, that couldn’t actually be solved with force. I have been thinking this through myself. In regards to Standard Tech and Clearing the Planet, maybe the only real route is consulting with a person’s reason, their self determinism. I think in that way we are staying more true to The Bridge. And that does seem to be the direction of the Independent field.

  92. one of those who see

    On another note, Force tends to restimulate the hell out of people. Whether it be a gang bang 3 hour reg cycle or sec check. Not being allowed to leave a location. Accusations, threats. And i don’t see how any of that furthers the Aims of Scientology.

  93. @KFrancis,
    Lucky you that you completed it. I paid for it, started it, and then went home after my otl evels. I came back to complete it and they wouldn’t let me because I “had to do the basics first, so that I could fill in the missing data.” I protested about being removed from a course to start another and quoted the policy, but they had to have a meeting about it…the decision was for me to do the basics. I didn’t have any missing data and I was winning on the course. My decision was to leave.
    I have been listening to the tapes recently, but I want the course! It pisses me off that I paid for it and they didn’t let me complete it. I could go back in and do it, but I wouldn’t walk into an org if you paid me. That course speaks to the thetan and theta abilities directly–no real diversions or long stories, just the straight up info. I love it!

  94. “insignificant idea”… “Hmmm… I’ve got a few moments to spare, I think I’ll check out “Scientology” on the internet…

  95. Yeah, that’s why we use “labels” in clay demos 😉

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