Scientology Inc v Debbie Cook – The End Game

Debbie Cook and Wayne Baumgarten have settled their litigation with Scientology Inc in a manner satisfactory to themselves.

For context I think it is important that people read my 12 February post Battle of San Antonio: A Review, and pay particular attention to its conclusion:

 Greg Hughes, Debbie Hughes, Angie Blankenship and others similarly situated cannot take solace in the lack of official precedent invalidating their agreements.  I know they would love to do so as some kind of synthetic balm for their aching consciences.   Fact of the matter is, despite the lack of written judicial decision, the precedent has been set and it is clear as a bell to any literate individual aware of the Battle of San Antonio. David Miscavige has not nor can he use the courts to enforce his unlawful, unconscionable cover-up contracts.  We have proven that when push comes to shove those “agreements” are as worthless as the paper they were written on.   Further, we have established that when Miscavige attempts to isolate and tie anyone to the whipping post, there is a formidable movement out here that will protect them and lead them safely to the promised land; whether they agree with and support our aims or not.

All who contributed please take a huge win.  You got us to exactly where I predicted you could take us with your contributions.  The product was better than any of us could have expected. 

Miscavige read and heeded it.  He bought the finest Texas legal muscle money could buy – and brought in attorneys from Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. to join them.  All to get him out of the mess he had gotten himself into.  But, like I wrote on 12 February, the damage had been done and there would be no unringing of the bell.

There was not much purpose for the case to go forward.  Even if Scientology Inc prevailed at trial all they could win would be a money award, with little to no chance of ever collecting anything.

On Debbie and Wayne’s side the only thing to gain was further opportunities for exposure of what has already been exposed; and the potential of an award for their limited counterclaims. The 9 Feb testimony of Debbie was for the most part all that the world at large would be interested in hearing from her.

That testimony became public record on 9 February and that toothpaste can’t be put back into the tube: Temporary Injunction Hearing 9 February 2012

The cost of creating those few potential future opportunities to air what had already been aired would have been enormous – because Scientology Inc’s patented “punitive defense” technology was already gearing up huge law firms in four states.

‘Punitive defense’ technology includes making the litigation the front and center activity of the defendants’ lives for the rest of their lives, literally.  In this case it would have also taken virtually all Independent network energy available for the next several years to sustain the defendants.  And that would have required using existing communication channels, including this one, for intensive fund raising; something that would violate the very purpose of at least this communication channel.  At best, it would have been a terrible waste of potential energy.

Debbie was not joking about the physical toll her experience took on her.  When she left Scientology Inc in 2008 her first goal was to recoup her physical health so as to live a decent, healthy life.  It didn’t work out that way, primarily for the simple reason that the entire video-taped ‘settlement’ proceeding orchestrated and directed by Miscavige was a sham production.  A Communist show trial to cover Miscavige’s ass and keep Debbie under his thumb even after her physical release.

A woman from Australia whom I refer to as Grace once posted on this blog the following quote by Nelson Mandela:

“Only free men can negotiate, prisoners can’t enter in contracts” 

What you all accomplished by your support – quite in addition to those products detailed in the 12 Feb post The Battle of San Antonio – was to put Debbie into a position where she actually could negotiate with the monster to obtain the means to accomplish what she originally wanted to during her 2008 escape.   She was able to negotiate as a human being on equal footing and not as a prisoner.

What Miscavige was forced to do was to roll the clock back to late 2008 at the Hacienda Gardens and deal with Debbie Cook, but this time Debbie Cook was afforded the civil and human rights she was entitled to as a citizen of the world.  In the case of her parting of ways with Scientology Inc that meant being represented by competent legal counsel.  Thanks to you all, she had Sugar Ray Jeffrey – and like I’ve noted before, I would take one Ray Jeffrey over all the lawyers Scientology Inc money can buy, combined.

When it comes right down to brass tacks, I consider one of our first jobs on the Scientology Inc front as seeing to it that the constitutional, civil and human rights of people abused by the machine are restored and respected.

In this case, that very end product was achieved.   It was accomplished  by way of the force – and more importantly the ideas – that only the Independent network could muster on short notice.

And it was achieved with an exclamation point. That is, the abuses that were published that never otherwise would have seen the light of day are forever available on the public record.  Those truths well disseminated are protecting others from receiving the same treatment Debbie did and will continue to into the future.  Those truths will also continue to assist others to see through the matrix which they have plugged themselves into.

Because of the nature of the beast, I am not in a position to know all the details of the confidential settlement.  I had to bow out in order for it to materialize.  I demanded to be satisfied on one score before taking my leave from the process: a guarantee that nothing would be agreed upon that would detract from or nullify the accomplishment of the 9/10 Feb Battle of San Antonio.

Just before I took my leave I informed the defendants and their counsel that in order for settlement to be effectuated Miscavige absolutely would demand a pound of my own flesh in the form of statements from the defendents that he would consider harmful to me.   I told them, and Mike Rinder agreed as it might apply to him, that there would be no hard feelings if they simply told Miscavige everything they know about us – just the facts.  We have nothing to hide, and only look upon our relationship with Debbie and Wayne as an experience of giving help with no expectation of return.  Knowing the history of Miscavige directed Scientology Inc settlements over three decades, I am  confident that some exaggeration and manufacturing of fact may have been required.  I’m mentioning it in the event the truth wasn’t good enough and you wind up reading something about us from that sector that is less than admirable; you will know the circumstances from which it originates.

I have certain obligations of discretion given my role on the legal team. However, I am letting David Miscavige know right here and now that should the slightest twist of truth be published and attributed to the defendants, the gloves will come off – and I will fill the world in on the details of what really went down in technicolor.

Also from my knowledge of the beast, I am fairly confident that part of settlement includes that there will be no future participation of Debbie and Wayne in the Independent movement. If you read my posts on this matter during the first three weeks of January, you’ll understand why I don’t consider that surprising nor alarming.

I thank Wayne and Debbie for having the courage to go through what they did.  At the end of the day it will continue to help many others.

Each of you who contributed either monetarily or otherwise are highly commended.  I have no regrets for giving up three and one half months of my life to this cause, and I don’t think any one of you should either.

The positive changes this chapter will cause on the inside and outside are predictable.   Miscavige simply cannot afford a replay – let alone many times over – of the Battle of San Antonio.  And that fact will create vast, salutary ripple effects.

Update: Some perspective from Steve “Thoughtful” Hall:

The battle in which we are engaged, is not a battle of an individual vs. the monied cult. Actually, it’s not even the group of Independent Scientologists vs. the cult. It is truth vs. the cult.

In any battle where truth is advanced, that is a battle we have won. Regardless of outcome for the individuals involved. The battle is not about individuals.

We are guerrillas fighting a standing army. Guerrillas win when they avoid capture and live to fight again.

Our sole weapons consist of confront, communication and the truth that emerges as a result of that confront and communication. Time is on our side. The universe (there’s nothing inherently wrong with it) is on our side. The whole 4th dynamic (man is basically good and only 20% are PTS) are on our side. As LRH says, we work in eternity and the lions of eternity are closing ranks together on this very battlefield.

We have ALL the tech and the ability to move up the Bridge freely and inexpensively. That was the hardest battle and it is a battle already won.

We are fighting a broad front of encysted lies. Every blow releases more truth and moves us further. The only measure of advance is truth.

Our armored divisions consist of tanks of truth. As individuals living on eight dynamics, we drive those tanks forward by turns, staying in the cockpit as long as we can. The going is sometimes tough. Save yourself before it gets too hot and live to fight another day. Others are ready to take your place and give you time to catch your breath.

In any battle the acid test is did we advance the front of truth? One either believes in auditing or one doesn’t. This is auditing, no different from a pc confronting his personal bank. Truth blows the lies away.

Our group is Fabian and resilient, battle-tested and street-wise, seasoned and determined. We have been there, done that. We know the rules Miscavige plays by. We know his crimes and where to find more crimes because we know who and what we are dealing with. We know his weaknesses. We have prediction, he does not. All he has is filthy cash, gained dishonestly.

As LRH says, there is no such thing, really, as failure. There is only a failure to persist. And as long as we refuse to give up, our ultimate victory is assured.

A line in the sand has been drawn.

Pity those on the wrong side of history. Long will they live before they live it down.

And a little something for those who walk away with some of their blood, sweat and tears on the field:

212 responses to “Scientology Inc v Debbie Cook – The End Game

  1. TroubleShooter

    Hi Marty, Well your viewpoint and certainly did act as the net that caught me when I fell when I learned that Debbie and Wayne were settling. I see what you’re saying and have to agree. cob lost when she testified and the point of invalid contracts was made. Wins for sure.

  2. I think an important legacy of this case will be the court transcript, with testimony under oath from Debbie Cook about her treatment, which will be far more readily visible than damning testimony from prior court cases, thanks to the magic of the Internet.

    But I think an equally important legacy of the case will be the trail of documents, particularly the correspondence between Mr. Jeffery, Debbie’s attorney, and the Scientology-retained law firm. Those letters, particularly Mr. Jeffery’s requests for production and of topics to be covered in depositions, hinted strongly at a strategy that probably played a significant factor in the Church’s decision to settle — he laid bare the Church’s tactics of intimidation of people involved in the litigation.

    To do that, Mr. Jeffery had to have had advance knowledge of what they were likely to do. In other words, when Mr. Jeffery asked the Church to produce all surveillance video of him and his staff, he would have had to have already developed clear evidence that he was under surveillance, enough evidence to find out who was ultimately behind the surveillance. And with that evidence in hand, had the church not admitted to further misbehavior, he could have nailed them for criminal perjury, which would have dug the hole even deeper for Miscavige and Co.

    So with the permanent record of your blog and the Village Voice on the case, this settlement will mark a turning point for those who are chafing under the unconscionable non-disclosure agreements, because their counsel, if they’re sued, will have a very effective strategy pre-developed, and they’ll have an even greater chance of winning. From here on out, the more people that break the non-disclosure agreements, the less the Church will be able to do to prevent it. They’ll be overwhelmed.

  3. If it said, I missed it. Did Debbie and Wayne get any financial compensation from Corporate Scientology as part of the litigation settlement?

  4. Thanks for this update Marty. Interesting coincidence. Early this morning I noticed that Debbie’s website and facebook page were gone. I emailed her asking if her case was now resolved I didn’t get a reply (so far) but you have now answered the question.

  5. Mike, Marty, Mosey, Debbie & Wayne… Congratulations to you all! I’m especially happy for Debbie being able to wash her hands of this and put it behind her.
    Marty, I hope she doesn’t let cob put the restraint of exclusion from the Independent movement on her, but I can understand “the movement per se, but don’t take away her access to the Bridge. That a violation of her Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

    Overall, this really is a huge win that will open the door for so many others. This is news that needs to be disseminated properly and factually.


  6. I’m sure if there is, they can’t discuss it.

  7. The wind blows, the mountain is unmoved.

  8. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Oh, crap! I really wanted to see Davey on the witness stand.

  9. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. That is what we (the Independents) respect about you, Marty. Thank you for putting your absolutely best foot forward. Carry On!


  10. When my wife Kate first tried to get out, she signed something similar; this all came about because she had been discussing what would become the nascent independent movement with a couple of friends from Clearwater. This was back in the late 90s when I was just out of the military and she didn’t know what the internet would do to all of our lives. Her agreement dictates odd limitations with interactive media. She believes that her letter implicitly keeps her from doing the online research, from literally searching on google for information about exes, to find places like yours, Marty. When I think of how active she still is and how she doesn’t even know about this site and this most recent news, I realize that getting information out is the critical piece of the puzzle.

  11. Marty I think is good but also from my view point that means she make some agreements with Scientology corporation. That means she is not an independent Scientology? If she is not an independent in what side she is?
    I would like also to know this if you have any idea.

  12. Dave can’t handle the truth. 😉

    David Miscavage:” You’re damn right I ordered the Hole!”

  13. Graham Berry

    Hi Marty: Congratulations to Debbie, Wayne and to everyone involved in supporting, assisting and representing them. In all of the circumstances this was an excellent result as explained in your post. As you explaing, “Scientology Inc’s patented ‘punitive defense’ technology” is neither a pleasant, pretty nor passing phase in the lives of litigants who choose to resist “the beast.” Hip hooray.

  14. Ziba Feulner

    Marty, I read your entire write-up. Thanks for all you and others have done. Although, I cannot but be a little dissapointed about yet another Cof$ settlement. On the other hand, I do understand that it is easy to expect more from where I am sittting – I do not want to walk in Debbie’s shoes, she went through a lot of hardship and whatever she has done she had done to protect herself and her family…Would have wanted to see Miscavige on trial…

  15. Sounds like another unenforcable useless stipulation to me.

  16. Still, the mind boggles at dm’s idiocy in suing Wayne and Debbie in the first place. It is surely true that his own self-destruction is inevitable.

  17. Debbie and Wayne, . I’m glad that you came out fine and are okay with the result. I guess the next step is to take a deep breath and move on.

  18. Hi Bruce. So nice to see you commenting here!

  19. Impartial English Girl

    I am so glad that this nightmare seems to be virtually at an end for Debbie and Wayne, and that they haven’t been raked over the coals any longer.

    Mr. Rathbun – theirs was a cause SO worth supporting; you and all others involved in Ms. Cook’s and Mr. Baumgarten’s defence and justification had not a single moment of their time wasted. Much kudos to Mr. Jeffery also, for having the guts and personal integrity to take their case – that cannot have been an easy decision.

    Also, Marty (if I may), I have nothing but respect and admiration for your restraint and discretion in your various postings about this case, when almost every fibre of your being must have been screaming at you to let rip and “get sudden” about your personal views on the whole sorry saga.

    I wish Debbie and Wayne every conceivable happiness for a long and fulfilling CoB-free future.

    Keep smiling!

    IEG xxx

    (P.S. Still no success with the email btw – damn (excuse me) my girlie ineptitude!!!) 😉 xxx

  20. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, wise words…

    We need to carry on and keep in mind that the Battle of San Antonio was victorious. if Debbie and Wayne were lost from the indies, they have won some life there without harassments. I don’t know but I feel that our task is getting more and more important. It’s a loss but the plus points as you clearly explain are much more. Such litigation would have caused us a lot of troubles and some deviation from our main purpose here. We are not in the business of trials and courts… If we are attacked we can defend ourselves now and defend our group members. this is what finally counts. Each can live an Independent Life or get an LOA for some time (LOL)!

  21. Aye, Mister H, his own self-destruction be inevitable.

  22. With her email in January Debbie and Wayne recovered their personal integrity. It was hard won. They took on Miscavige’s beast, holding a firm position and were able to generate the power needed to put it in the corner.

    You’re done Dave. The coup de grace maybe postponed, and only just.

  23. I was so looking forward to watching Debbie and Mr. Jeffery back DM even further into the corner he’s trapped in, but even this outcome is a win of sorts. In the larger picture, DM got precisely what he was resisting. Debbie has told her story in a broadly disemminated public venue, and he’s been prevented from laying a glove on her for doing so.

    Whatever blow DM and his high priced lawyers thought they were striking against Debbie (and the Independent movement), it back-fired, and ricocheted into their own faces. What a complete and utter loss for them.

    I want to thank Debbie and Wayne for everything they’ve done to shine a light on the ugly underbelly of the Cof$.

  24. Your humble servant


    Thank you for your analysis and for all of the work you did on this. You make a strong case that the settlement was a good thing, but I am disappointed that they settled at this juncture. I felt that the motion for summary judgment would surely lose and that all further proceedings would work most detrimentally for David Miscavige and the black Scientology culture that he has fostered. As you say, it may have been necessary, and I’m sure their competent counsel assisted them to do the best that could be done.

    It is a little galling not know the terms of the settlement. I hope that Debbie and Wayne came out of it with monetary compensation, as they certainly deserved that. I hope that they did not make any future conciliatory agreements such as never in the future saying anything critical about David Miscavige or the Church of Scientology. I hope that they did not agree to anything that could be interpreted as derogatory concerning Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. (It seems very unlikely to me that they would have done that). I hope that they did not agree to never in the future describe themselves as Independent Scientologists.

    What is done is done. We’ll go forward from here. If Debbie and Wayne are truly happy with it, well then that is great. Overall, I agree with you that the Battle of San Antonio was a costly embarrassment for Mr. Suppressive Person Miscavige.

  25. I can understand that she settled and I don’t begrudge her the decision, however, I hope she puts out a statement as a plain courtesy to those that supported her.

  26. yvonneschick

    First, congratulations to Debbie and Wayne – they confronted the monster and he backed down. Congratulations to Marty, Mike and everyone who contributed with funds or actions to forward this cause. You should be very proud – I know I am.

    My definition of “independent Scientologist”: someone who has studied the technology of Scientology, applies it in life, and is not associated with the corporate entity called the Church of Scientology controlled by David Miscavige. That is it. For me, it doesn’t require agreeing with certain individuals or labeling oneself an Independent Scientologist or reading blogs or joining certain Facebook groups. Indie Scientologist is a beingness, not a label.

    Would it be lovely to have Debbie and Wayne hanging out with us drinking a beer and telling tales at the Indie party in July? Yes, of course. Am I happy that they now have the freedom to create a new life for themselves? Most definitely. And I hope it includes contact with their families.

    Thank you, Marty, for once again keeping us all informed and giving us a useful perspective from which to view all that has occurred.

  27. I don’t begrudge her her decision, but I do hope she issues a statement as a courtesy to those that supported her.

  28. Ziba Feulner

    I cannot agree more with you, Bruce!

  29. Ziba Feulner

    Good question but I think Marty wrote above that it might be part of her settlement to stay away from the Independent movement…Right??

  30. Hey Mike. Thanks!

  31. I don’t think she ever wanted to be labeled as an Independent Scientologist. I think she just wanted to be Debbie Cook, Scientologist, but without the constraints, harassment, coercion and threats. I wish her well. Freedom is what she sought and hopefully she has that now. Despite any frustration any one of us (speaking for myself, here) may have on wanting to see a harder-hitting outcome against Miscavige and the church, I think Marty’s assessment above seems right on point.

  32. I hope Debbie and Wayne achieved satisfaction for themselves. The toothpaste is out of the tube as you said, Marty, and I say God Bless Debbie just for her New Year’s email alone! Then her retention of Ray Jeffrey and her testimony of Feb. 9th, when she bared her soul in public testimony were icing on the cake. The woman has had more courage to do what she needed to do than many, and she has left us a template for action and communication as her legacy, which will help others achieve more freedom from the Beast Miscavige.

  33. Can’t blame her and Wayne as now they can get on with their private lives. Another one bought and silenced. Congrats on doing as much as she did. If this is a win then the internet and indies win. The loss comes from the money powers that be. They will continue to commit moral crimes and otherwise, because they can. Shame on them! I see no real internal change occurring until the public is educated enough and stops supporting this unethical entity. Time and pressure!

    Good article Marty with good work done.

  34. – It’s a win, but also a loss
    – It may be good for Debbie (I hope so) and her family
    – I wish her well
    – But, did she gave up the purpose she stated in her E-Mail ?
    – I have questions that never will be answered by her
    – On the other side the win is that people can now criticize freely the C.O.S without any fears of being dragged to court.
    – They tried to shut up MM and then Debbie but utterly failed;


    Thanks to MM and Debbie.


    This will be the target now for the next battle. That they stop this practice and when that’s done we can go on with our lives.

    Good night ! Me.ier

  35. yvonneschick

    This type of settlement would usually include restrictions so that nobody gets to make any comments. Don’t be disappointed if you hear nothing. You will know for yourself that she appreciated beyond words the support she got.

  36. Thank you for your full perspective on that Marty. While I am sure we all want to see more of David Miscavige exposed on the witness stand, you are right in naming the accomplishments that have occurred by this whole experience, and I truly appreciate everything that Debbie, Wayne, Mr. Jeffery, you and MikeR have done here. I admire Debbie and Wayne for regaining their integrity and speaking out, creating this blow to the lies and abuses within the Church. That is something we each have to do for ourselves, in whatever way is appropriate for our personal circumstances. We each need to hold a position for ourselves because we have decided to, and we can’t be waiting for Debbie or someone else to do that for us. The Church will continue to decline because as truth is exposed, more and more people will be taking their own stand, be it thru silently leaving or an exit with fanfare.

  37. Is it a coincidence that today is also the day the case against Jan Eastgate in Australia is dropped? My concern here is that the ending of these 2 actions will be used as yet another tool by Miscavige to keep the remaining sheeple ignorant and subdued – surely the reverse of what was intended. (As an example I bumped into an onlines guy I know about to do OT VI. I asked him about the DC case and although he professed not to now the details or much about Debbie he predicted it would “blow over” – doesn’t this outcome kinda make him right in this regard?) I guess I also don’t yet understand why the world shouldn’t know “the details of what really went down in technicolor” regardless, if there is nothing preventing anyone’s Constitutional rights.

    Having said that, if Debbie is happy with the outcome that must be celebrated. .

  38. BH, now that Tebow is out of town (and Manning is in town), you feel it is safe to communicate? Glad to see it.

  39. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    This chapter is finally over and the stage swept and cleaned for new players. To be blunt – once Miscavige had forced Debbie’s hand in telling the truth there was no more to be gained from her participation in this game and further support would have only been a drain on our resources.
    Marty and Mike – a gentlemanly closing and I hope you are not given cause to be otherwise should you feel the blade of a knife in your back.
    Debbie and Wayne – half ack I suppose… Seems to me that selling out a second time would only place you in exactly the same position you were in to start with.
    I know many beings who were freed from the cult of Miscavige as a result of your actions and so I will curb my urge to pass judgement on you – but I really do wonder if you are any more free now as you were when you made your first pact with the devil.
    Just calling it how I see it.

  40. Ziba Feulner

    Hahaha Dankoon, nice one! Can’t wait for Manning to play 😉

  41. Okay, where is Random Stranger with the inside skinny about how DM is spinning this “massive victory” to the North Korea–oops, I mean the Int Base staff? He seems to have a direct pipeline to COB’s office staff and you know for sure that DM is looking on this as nothing but complete and utter success on his part. More scotch and more demands for more donations for the war chest!

  42. Yes, probably “unknowable” at this time. Maybe some S.O. person will blow soon and spill the beans on what DM had to do. I don’t think anyone can fault Debbie for hopefully disconnecting to a known S.P.

  43. You’re right, Marty, what could have been accomplished was.

    Faces in the Clouds

    Like findin’ faces in the clouds
    That no one sees but me
    I always find myself alone
    And never with the crowds
    No witness to the miracle
    Except those thoughts that think aloud.

    It’s been some time—I don’t know when
    Like finding there a dear old friend
    Those images so gently formed
    You might not think of them as real
    Those silken clouds so newly born
    And all that they can feel.

  44. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, thanks,
    for taking this “result” (as you had already predicted,) in your
    stride. You had already shared much of this outcome with us,
    as a probability, so as to make it easier to just “take it on the
    chin”, so to speak! (as-is and move on!)

    Betcha’ little Bard o’bullshit is right now in an institutional level
    howling fit of insane laughter! (glee of insanity!) as is his wont
    Hey, we know the criminal will just keep on digging into the
    spoils of his sheeple abattoir, and handing their fleece and
    flesh to the legal vultures,with their insatiable appetites, but
    I have a funny suspicion that some of their devourings will
    wind up being toxic to their health ( Insanity is contagious!)

    “Captain COB, your ship the “unsinkable SATANIC” is sinking,
    and your passengers are now heading for the lifeboats!!”

    Oh well, another stupid “know best” clearly, didn’t!

  45. Maybe I need more time to reflect on this. I suppose if I’m being honest I had this mocked up such that DM would be deposed and forced to take the stand, with the inevitable consequence of the freeing of the zombified robots left trapped. It’s easy to be an Armchair General, and I certainly don’t begrudge Debbie a penny, either of her settlement, assuming she got one, or of the donations I made to her legal fund. And lest I forget to say it, a gazilion thanks and respect to you, Marty, and Mike for stepping up to the plate once again. Respect…

  46. martyrathbun09


  47. Marty and Mike Rinder are my heroes! If it were not for each of you and all you did, I don’t believe this major win would have been had at all. The background experience and knowledge and support each of you brought to the fight made it winnable.

    I want to acknowledge the courage and commitment that it took for Debbie and Wayne to go against the evil of Miscavige and for Debbie’s willingness to expose Miscavige in court.

    Ray Jeffery was an angel who legal expertise was a hammer hitting the nail perfectly all the way through this ordeal. There are not enough kudos for you Ray!

    I want to acknowledge the Independents and their willingness to immediately pitch in the support that was needed and for sticking with the fight.

    I don’t know how long it will take for Miscavige to fall from his perch, but he will fall.

    Marty, thank you for all your continuing support and efforts (and that beautiful woman, Mosey who is beside you all the way).

  48. I am fairly confident that part of settlement includes that there will be no future participation of Debbie and Wayne in the Independent movement.

    No further participation with the group that funded their legal? No further participation with the group that stood behind them the whole time? If that’s the case, sounds to me like the only winner is DM.

    Either I’m missing a whole lot of data or there’s nothing to cheer about and nobody to congratulate in the way this ended except DM.

  49. I thank Wayne and Debbie for what they did. It was huge! Instead of using a chisel they took a jack hammer to it and made a sizable hole that will only grow. I wish them peace and happiness as they now move on with their lives.

    Marty, Mosey and Mike, thank you for fighting and continuing to fight the good fight! I’m sure you poured your hearts into this thing because that’s the way you roll.

    I also hope there is no twisting of the truth. That would be very offensive to a lot of people, Im sure!

  50. martyrathbun09


  51. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice, tidy, picture, Voodoo!

  52. Mother of Grendel

    David Miscavige will spin this and the Jan Eastgate story as huge wins for Scn (and proof that the SPs have been beaten down), but both really just show that PoB is willing to spend obscene amounts of parishioners’ money to subvert the legal system to his own ends.

    Like the Medieval Catholic Church – where any goodness (Sermon on the Mount, etc.) was obliterated by pure unadulterated greed – the Cof$ will and is facing reformation from within. What remains to be seen is if the “corporate” version will ever get back to its roots, or if the Dn and Scn of LRH will only be offered in the Indy (Protestant) world.

  53. Seems he didn’t get on with Harbaugh too well … : )

  54. Unfortunately that will never happen, as long as it is in the context of something he can litigate or negotiate his way out of.

  55. I agree – I realize the details are missing, hence difficult to do a proper eval, but if she’s muzzled once again, or has agreed to give up, let us say, the same, or a different, set of rights than in the first “contract”, or has agreed to allow her basic freedoms to be curtailed in any way, it is hard for me to spin this as any kind of win. I’m very disappointed – I hope I’m wrong to feel that way.

  56. plainoldthetan

    It’s only “blown over” if the vigilant (Marty, Mike, Mosey, JB, Amy, MarcH, Tony O, Tobin, Childs, Hawkins, Nancy Many, and so many others) decide to “drop it”. The precedent has been set, at least in Texas. This court “case” can be used as a model for others who want to extricate themselves from under the jackboots of Miscavige.

    “Constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price, actually.” — LRH (Lecture 31 December 1960 THE GENUS OF DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY)

    The awesome thing is that the readers of this blog (and others) form a force of constantly alert monitors of the abuses and deviances of the David “Monster” Miscavige.

    We are free so long as we remain united in this cause.

    And since we operate on truth rather than the carefully veiled lies of Miscavige, our numbers can only grow.

  57. The battle in which we are engaged, is not a battle of an individual vs. the monied cult. Actually, it’s not even the group of Independent Scientologists vs. the cult. It is truth vs. the cult.

    In any battle where truth is advanced, that is a battle we have won. Regardless of outcome for the individuals involved. The battle is not about individuals.

    We are guerrillas fighting a standing army. Guerrillas win when they avoid capture and live to fight again.

    Our sole weapons consist of confront, communication and the truth that emerges as a result of that confront and communication. Time is on our side. The universe (there’s nothing inherently wrong with it) is on our side. The whole 4th dynamic (man is basically good and only 20% are PTS) are on our side. As LRH says, we work in eternity and the lions of eternity are closing ranks together on this very battlefield.

    We have ALL the tech and the ability to move up the Bridge freely and inexpensively. That was the hardest battle and it is a battle already won.

    We are fighting a broad front of encysted lies. Every blow releases more truth and moves us further. The only measure of advance is truth.

    Our armored divisions consist of tanks of truth. As individuals living on eight dynamics, we drive those tanks forward by turns, staying in the cockpit as long as we can. The going is sometimes tough. Save yourself before it gets too hot and live to fight another day. Others are ready to take your place and give you time to catch your breath.

    In any battle the acid test is did we advance the front of truth? One either believes in auditing or one doesn’t. This is auditing, no different from a pc confronting his personal bank. Truth blows the lies away.

    Our group is Fabian and resilient, battle-tested and street-wise, seasoned and determined. We have been there, done that. We know the rules Miscavige plays by. We know his crimes and where to find more crimes because we know who and what we are dealing with. We know his weaknesses. We have prediction, he does not. All he has is filthy cash, gained dishonestly.

    As LRH says, there is no such thing, really, as failure. There is only a failure to persist. And as long as we refuse to give up, our ultimate victory is assured.

    A line in the sand has been drawn.

    Pity those on the wrong side of history. Long will they live before they live it down.

  58. 🙂

  59. 🙂

  60. Cowboy – truly.

  61. Well done to Debbie and Wayne. They worked almost all of their adult lives in an unselfish effort to help others. I wish them peace and happiness and the best in the future. They truly deserve it.

  62. Wow, that is beautiful Cowboy.

  63. Ken,
    Remember last summer in the parking lot in Texas? Didn’t I tell you we could reach out and touch the little wanker? Oh yeah, and there you were, poking him in the eye. Beeeeeeeautiful 🙂

  64. Dan — I doubt he will be crowing about this one. There will be plenty of blame, and “I told you so” and “I had to step in and handle it” and “look how it cost us because of the incompetence of the SPs I have on my lines, double the fundraising quotas and nobody sleeps until they are met.” So, I agree with your last sentence, but I am fairly confident that even Spinmeister Miscavige cannot twist this into any victory. He got his ass kicked and had to pay for the pleasure.

  65. martyrathbun09


  66. martyrathbun09


  67. As usual Mr. Hall, you didnt just hit the nail on the head, you drove it right through the 2×4.

  68. Simply Revolting

    I am so glad Debbie made her stand. A stand I would not have wanted to confront! I am also glad that so many supported her.
    But… I have one piece of unfinished thinking:
    You leave this current life with/without only one thing: The Bridge.
    Many of us got into negative equity, literally and have no house, no car, but are moving up the bridge. Most, if they choose, can actually afford the Ls and the whole bridge by a well-trained, original ship auditors and C/Ses.
    This begs the question: How the hell are you going to get a proper bridge if not in the Independent field?
    Regardless if you have a business and a home, etc…
    Am I being naïve here?

  69. Charlie Sweeny, pre-GAT Class IV, out since '95

    Fair enough…and Very Well Done.

    The TA has moved and blown-down…1D, 2D, 3D and 4D cases are as-is’ing and backing-off…and the vicious, reactive mind of DM as Chief Government Plant and Chairman Meritorious of Implanting of the Church of Davidology – and the dramatizing suppressions of his cowering minions – are continuing to slowly erode and lose potency and power in the theta universe.

    It’s gonna be more and more difficult for DM to hold court (except by duress and false, empty threats to those already too PTS to have The Ultimate Cog…that The Way Through is just To Get Out.)

    The Internet will forever be The Church’s Vietnam.

    My best wishes to Debbie and Wayne as they venture forth. We Stand Tall!…

  70. The don’t have the freedom to “construct a new life for themselves” because they have agreed to be muzzled once again, and have accepted orders as to their COS approved associates. So in the end Cook did what she has always done: she enriched herself and F—-d the others.

  71. Steve, as per your usual, you have expressed the heart of the matter as few others do, and have boiled this incident down to its most critical fundamentals. Your logic and reasoning on this is superb. I vote to have your response included as an addendum to Marty’s original post. It’s that good. Thank you.

  72. Yep. The Cof S either beats you to death in the courts, or if they can’t shut you up that way they make the check big enough. I never perceived that the money people donated to Debbie & Wayne was to just help them be free of the C of S and go off to live their lives – the purpose for the money was to help them win the case and expose David Miscavige’s crimes… THAT is what the money was for. Gotta tell it like it is.

  73. “And we of the Church believe…..
    That the souls of Men have the rights of Men……”

    Thanks to all of you.

  74. I for one am glad to see Debbie and her husband able to have this behind them. This lady is a cancer survivor. If I could communicate my wishes to her I would say run. Run, embrace life and never look back.

  75. Cured Robot Betsy

    Beautifully stated – as usual your powers of observation are lazer sharp. Truth always prevails and it’s so good to be on that side. Sometimes the wounded have to be taken out of battle but there is still a whole growing army fighting for truth. Amen.

  76. martyrathbun09

    Done. And I added some Roots for those who left some blood, sweat and tears on the field.

  77. “Indie Scientologist is a beingness, not a label.”


  78. i think they were brave to do what they did , however It might need some sort of statement to clear their decision / and the support she got

  79. yvonneschick

    We should take care in generalizing about why people donated to help Debbie and Wayne. Just for the record, my donation was to help defend two people who were being unjustly attacked and did not have the resources to fight back by themselves. They were being attacked for their honest efforts to set things right in the church. Some of the biggest of DM’s crimes were exposed on Feb. 9 under oath and they won as the litigation against them was dropped. So they did win the case and expose DM crimes.

  80. The first thought I had when I finished reading Marty’s post and about Debbie being ill, was what if Debbie should want auditing. If she’s agreed to disconnect from the Indies, how would she get auditing?

    Remember, when this started with the New Years letter it was all about Standard Tech or rather the lack of it in the cult. If Debbie & Wayne have agreed to cut themselves off from the Indie Movement then they’ve just agreed to cut themselves off from……….Standard Tech. This is something to be congratulated for? Hardly.

  81. Very Well Done to Debbie, Wayne, Marty and Mike. Case closed. I wish Debbie and Wayne the very best in their future endeavors. ML, Jan

  82. Agree Pat, It is most disturbing as it seems that D& W are writing off their Bridge and freedom of religion? WTF?

  83. +10, Ditto!

  84. yvonneschick

    Brilliantly observed and stated.

  85. yvonneschick

    Debbie has had significant health problems. Debbie does not and has not had cancer. Just hate to seem rumors grow legs. 🙂

  86. I’m not so sure mystery is a good thing. To me the only test is whether those involved in any game can proceed with getting gains from auditing and ethics as a result of their actions. No Dynamic is higher than another, life is a group effort.
    I hope Debbie & Wayne along with their Dynamics can flourish and prosper now – that is all that really counts at the end of the day for anyone.

  87. Thank you, Marty. For everything.

  88. Thank you for this write up Marty, I expected something like this to happen. I agree with your conclusion.

    Steve Hall, nail on head The Truth v The Church of scientology Inc.

  89. martyrathbun09

    Email me your address and I’ll have the refund in the mail tomorrow.

  90. If Debbie & Wayne took further money from the C of S they should reimburse those who donated to them. Other than that I will not sit in judgement of them.

  91. Total freedom perhaps not but surely an agreeable one.

    They wanted to take a stand for what they felt was right and props to them, they did.

    In taking that stand I expect they learned a few lessons, like the true nature of the beast that is the church of scientology and like wise the true nature of the outside world and the independent scientologists of all flavors. If Debbie’s email reflected any naïvity she is surely not naïve now.

    Also by taking their stand the way they did, whether carefully orchastrated or borne from naïve frustration, they surely helped others see the church of scientology inc for what it is.

    This was not a death blow, not even close, but such a blow is unlikely to occur; the church of scientology inc will “die” the death of a thousand cuts.

    However cynical one views this the truth won, the church of scientology inc lost. And laughably most of the damage was self inflicted, a pattern the church of scientology will doubtless repeat.

  92. From Book ‘Defying Hitler: A Memoir by Sabastian Haffner’:
    “It may seem a paradox, but it is none-the-less the simple truth, to say that … the decisive historical events take place among us, the anonymous masses. The most powerful dictators, ministers and generals are powerless against the simultaneous mass decisions, taken individually and almost unconsciously, by the population at large. It is characteristic of these decisions that they do not manifest themselves as mass movements or demonstrations. Mass assemblies are quite incapable of independent action. Decisions that influence the course of history arise out of the individual experiences of thousands or millions of … individuals…
    For instance, what was it that caused Germany to lose the Great War in 1918 and the allies to win it? It was the fact that the German soldier, that is the majority of an anonymous mass of ten million individuals, was no longer willing, as he had been until then, to risk his life in any attack, or to hold his position to the last man. Where did this change of attitude take place? Certainly not in large mutinous assemblies of German soldiers, but unnoticed and unchecked in each individual soldier’s breast.“

    The Church can’t seem to understand that it is not Marty’s blog or Tampa Bay articles or Debbie’s email that is threatening the Church, it is the subtle change occurring in individual parishioners who know something is amiss with their Church, and who will, at some point, simply cease to support it. The Church acts as if there is a mutinous movement to destroy the Church. This is false.

    The Church can scream that Marty is an SP, then add Mike Rinder as the SP, then add Debbie Cook as the SP, then add me as the SP, and then who is next? It is the child’s fable of the boy crying wolf. The Church has declared so many good people as SPs it just has no impact anymore. As one of my friends said to me when I told him I had been declared, “but I know you are not an SP”. That is the point. Declaring an SP has lost its power. It is now a political declare in order to protect the status of the leader of the Church. It no longer has any justice nor remedial impact.

    Tom Price

  93. The more dm “wins” the greater his fall.

    While we might not feel like cheering, it’s most important, I believe, not to become disheartened. It’s not easy changing the course of a river but there is nothing that is permanent regardless how solid, how fixed and how fortified dm is.

    Neither am I saying that you, Pat, are disheartened but it seems to me that perhaps you are not viewing the whole picture.

    IF nothing else, dm is not immortal and one day he will breathe out and never breathe back in. I’m not wishing for his eventual end, just saying what is.


  94. Amen. Yes I remember… be right on!

  95. Classic line — “long will they live before they live it down”

    And yes, the line has been drawn. I’m so happy to know where I’m standing. It makes decisions easy. It makes choosing my friends, easy.

    Thanks for the great comment.


  96. Great outcome! It looks like POB’s attorneys finally got him to listen.

  97. Michael Fairman

    +8 lying down

  98. The war has not been won. This battle was a tiny step forward, compared to the ideal scene : a church and a leader aligning to LRH’s heritage, and being in communication with individuals and the world.

    I really understand those who hoped that Miscavige would loose more feathers in this battle. However, decades of experience have shown that the progress against Co$ tyranny is usually slow, often painfully slow. But that progress is also persistent.

    Debbie’s heritage cannot be withdrawn from the physical universe. How surprised I was when I realized how many Co$ members had received her January email here in Germany. And the grains of truth that she had sowed have not all turned to fruits yet, that’s for sure.

  99. The same old LDW

    Perfect, Steve.

    Personally, I donated with no expectation. I had planned to donate more with no conditions.

    The very fact that Debbie Cook testified under oath that David Miscavige beats and tortures his staff, was more than ample return on my investment.

    I sincerely hope that Debbie and Wayne seek out a competent Indy auditor, get themselves bright and shiny again (if they aren’t already) and move on up the bridge like the rest of us are doing…in a non-suppressive environ where audting is for the PC.

    Side note to Debbie: Thanks for your courage. And…if you haven’t already done the original OT levels, I just want to say that original OT IV is simply magical. You can get it anywhere except in the Co$.


  100. Steve,
    You are f*ckin A straight right on every point.
    And this:
    “We have ALL the tech and the ability to move up the Bridge freely and inexpensively.”
    Never before has it been so easy to get up in the morning and produce a floating TA before you go to work. And last i checked, that was a pretty damn good way to start the day.
    So Folks…WTF ya waitin for? DM to croak or what?

  101. For us non-Scientologists who are closely watching this story and rooting for the Indies, it’s disappointing to see another settlement. Marty’s right that, as far as both sides in the case are concerned, further action wouldn’t have achieved much towards their needs.

    It’s not Debbie’s job to bring down Miscavige with one lawsuit. However, simply describing the abuses of the Hole in the public record is not damaging enough.

    The problem is that the damage Debbie’s testimony did can be marginalized. Scientology now has a lengthy track record of legal malfeasance stretching over the past several decades. All of it is a matter of public record, yet the church continues to operate in a way that manufactures injury to its parishioners.

    The “Church” will just continue to insist, as they already have, that Debbie perjured herself, that the court records contain lies perpetrated by an apostate, etc. etc. Those of us who don’t have a spiritual investment in this issue can laugh at such assertions. However, members of the “Church” can embrace the fig leaf that the settlement provides the COB and continue to believe that all is hunky dory. That’s why the settlement is so frustrating to folks like me.

  102. I didn’t donate SO THAT they would win. I am not so naive to think they could have won against billions of dollars. Ultimately the monster would have worn them down.

    IF we give ONLY to expect something in return — have we really given?


  103. The same old LDW

    Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Ray Jeffries…stand up and take a bow.

    I can’t help thinking about the Three Musketeers and good people everywhere coming to the aid of a damsel in distress. Viciously attacked after already having been beaten by the most vile of villians, little davie m, the damsel is heroically rescused by the undaunted heroism of three true gentlemen.

    So much more has been accomplished than meets the eye. My hat’s off to all of you.


  104. “The most powerful dictators, ministers and generals are powerless against the simultaneous mass decisions, taken individually and almost unconsciously, by the population at large.”

    What an excellent observation, and entirely true. Like other dictators before him, Miscavige is losing the war through the defection of individual hearts and minds. One by one, incident by incident, hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of parishioners, are quietly withdrawing their support from the corrupted organization within the confines of their own universes.

    In time, he will look around and discover that he has virtually no army left. Most having quietly slipped away in the night, with others having left in noisy fanfare. Even those still standing in the ranks will have lost the will to battle on – preoccupied with plans of escape. He will speak, but they will not hear him.

    In the end, he will probably fail to show up to muster one day, and no one will find a trace of him, anywhere on the base. Those few destroyed robots who first notice his absence, will probably be immobilized by the fear of his sudden return, and will do little but wander in pre-programmed circles for weeks, wondering what to do. When it becomes clear that he’s not coming back, a few of them may reach out to the only OTs that can help them. Perhaps on that day, they’ll finally get the sort of help they really need to put things right.

  105. To me it looks like she was not sufficiently hatted and equipped for the activities she had embarked upon.
    Waiving the right to communicate to those that helped you is not on the road to freedom. After having received friendship and power an agreement to cease to give or receive it any longer is a change of postulate and position. Withdrawing from the dynamics creates a mystery in others and can invite to shrink ARC. As I see it, one purpose behind making her disconnect is to break her power.
    However, the effects she has created will travel on.

  106. Nice post, Tom, very accurate summation.

  107. Steve,
    I am definitely much tougher that I was when I started this journey thanks to people like you. I’m so thankful that I had and have access to as much truth. I would have never sorted myself out without it. Thanks.

  108. What a great poem, Cowboy Poet!

  109. Sunshine Disinfects

    And this also means that the “church” has still effectively muzzled her??

  110. Pingback: Miscavology caves in to Debbie Cook

  111. Freedom Fighter

    Can someone explain to me the difference between what happened here and what happened when David Mayo decided he’d done enough? Seems like a similar situation to me but with different attitudes expressed. Sincere question. I feel like I’m missing data.

  112. Sorry Gary, but you do not speak for me about this. I donated with no expectation of return and no thought of micro-managing the case as to any goals except for Debbie and Wayne to be able to defend themselves effectively and fight back as necessary. This was done, with Marty, Mike, and Ray Jeffrey’s help.

    It was money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

  113. In the meantime, the Miscavige money-grubbing beat goes on. He needs mo money in case the financial settlements pile up, as well as for paying the lawyers.

    I recently got this email from “timbutler @”:

    “This year’s Maiden Voyage Events will mark the 5th Anniversary of the release of the Basics. We are working to have 10,000 people complete their Golden Age of Knowledge libraries by this Anniversary celebration — this means about 2,900 more to go.

    Due to the importance of getting this done, there are discounts being given of 42.5% to those completing their Legacy Collection (the full Basics, Congresses and ACCs).

    I would like you to take advantage of this to get any last lectures you need. If you are not able to complete your full library at this time, there are still very good discounts being given to complete Basics and Congresses as well.

    Realize that these materials are LRH’s personal communication line to you and there is no better gift you could give yourself. If you are interested in completing your library, please let me know and I will go to whatever lengths are needed to help you.
    Thanks, Tim”

    So, 10,000 X How many dollars per set? $2,000? $3,000? $5,000?

    10,000 X $2,000 = $20,000,000. 10,000 X $5,000 = $100,000,000.

  114. Very well put, Undisturbed.
    …”The Church can’t seem to understand that it is not Marty’s blog or Tampa Bay articles or Debbie’s email that is threatening the Church, it is the subtle change occurring in individual parishioners.”…
    And that change is caused by overts of commission and omission being committed by a certain “ecclesiastical leader”.
    Miscavige, no matter how much you complain complain about Marty and others stepping on your toes and ruining your nasty little games, IT’S THE FOOT BULLETS, STUPID !” And you can’t stop pulling the trigger, can you?

  115. Windhorse, I get what you’re saying but in my mind if someone signs off on access to Standard Tech & the people delivering it, then that’s enough of the picture for me.
    We can only hope that’s not the case but I have a feeling it is. Otherwise Debbie, not Marty, would have made the post announcing the end of the legal matter.

  116. I know I speak for all concerned when I say you’re central welcomed.
    Love, Steve

  117. Tory Christman

    Agreed, John P that her legacy will be the court transcripts AND also her famous E-mail. No matter how much $cientology paid her (and insists she STFU) …that they cannot withdraw (grin). I love the Net for that reason, alone. This is historical, also, as it proves C of $ knows their signed agreements are utter BS. Thanks for the proof, Davey boy. You *think* this and Jan Eastgate are “wins”? “Just you wait, Henry Higgens, just you wait.”
    Tick tock, Tick Tock….:) Oh yeah, baby, there IS MOAR to come~! Thanks to you all here …and to Debbie for what she did. I hope you now can heal.

  118. Just read this morning Marty’s post possessions and dependency

  119. Did you get it??????

  120. LRH is right

  121. + 100

  122. It’s not any judgement based on opinion or the donations I’m concerned about at all It’s all about everyone being able to move on up higher and tell the truth of what is happening as they choose, that no one can deliberately cause truth to be withheld to prop their lies and muzzled by being bought off.

  123. Pat,
    I too was disappointed to read that Debbie and Wayne may have agreed to no further participation in the Indie Movement. If this is true, then perhaps Miscavige has salvaged himself a small partial victory. But the war, which was unintentionally begun on January 1st with Debbie’s email to Scientologists in good standing, was won at the 2nd Battle of San Antonio with first time public record documentation of (some of) Miscavige’s illegal activities and violence. Also documented was the COS’s frantic legal back pedaling to avoid further discussion of the truth. The admission of guilt was palpable to all but the brain dead. As I said, I will be disappointed if as Marty predicts she agrees to no further participation in the Independent Movement. Personally, I would consider it to be somewhat of a moral failing on her part to allow this creep to in any way dictate what she says or does in her future. But that is just my view of it. I have not walked a mile in her shoes, thank God. I only wish her well and have no regrets to contributing something towards her mission – which was to tell the truth. And I thank her for her service to all Scientologists in this action as well as for her years of service contributing to the delivery of Scientology to others.

  124. Jethro Bodine

    To think that Miscavige had to pay large sums of money to be on the receiving end of some good ol’ Southern “Squeal Like a Pig” activity, brings a smile to my face. If you’ve seen the movie “Deliverance”, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those who need a refresher:

  125. I am pleased that the Church has dropped their suit against Debby Cook and her husband but wondering now, how she will get in session, if she so desires? If she is not joining the Independents then what?
    I would be surprised if she is rejoining Corporate Scientology with DM still in place.
    The Church has slandered her and she stood tall and exposed the truth.
    She has publicly stated that she feels the fundraising is not per LRH and other issues in her original email. She has exposed the criminal actions that were leveled against her and others. She has been disconnected from by many members of the church and openly acknowledged the help and support of the independents, earlier on.
    It would be nice if she could just send a comm, even if through someone else.
    Regardless of whether this is possible, much was accomplished here
    so well done to all of you that helped!

  126. Man oh man, you sure can nail it.

  127. check tampa bay news

  128. You are a good man Rathbun. And something tells me your wife is really something 🙂

  129. I can’t help but think that Wayne and Debbie, are not quite as happy with the settlement as some would think they would be. Even if they got a gazillion dollars to keep quiet, there is the inevitable nondisclosure agreement. Their “Victory” is to be sure, bittersweet .
    I for one do not begrudge them whatever they got out of the fight. They risked it all to be able to post the bill of greivances on the door of the church.
    I for one say well fought! Even though these two knights have left the battle field they have slain a dragon . go with god Wayne and debbie!

  130. I agree. More people got exposed to what is really happening in the church, and Debbie told her FRIENDS on facebook to just look and apply the tech. And to decide. She woke people up. She un suppressed a lot of people.

    She did her mission. The outcome of the lawsuit against her does not matter. She got people that cared to look, that there is life outside of the Boss of Scientology and that people can get auditing, Standard Auditing, outside of the created monopoly by DM.

    She is free to that degree and I thank her and all that helped.

  131. Love expects nothin in return. Did you give out of love or?

  132. Marty,

    At the risk of being disagreeable, it pisses me off that Debbie and Wayne think they can settle and not offer one word to those who supported them.
    Most of us could care less about the money, but their integrity is at issue, particularly if they agreed not to communicate any further to “independents” as part of their settlement.
    We all understand it is probably an insurmountable task to take on that litigation machine, but don’t drift off into the night. (Debbie indeed told us she would repay the donations, if they won. Haven’t they?)
    There are a million ways it could be rationalized and justified, but they represented that they were in for the fight, and they decided to cry “Uncle”. They they should at least offer some explanation to their supporters.
    Instead, we have you offering it for them.
    No matter how you slice it, DM ultimately won this one.
    He bought their further silence.


  133. I would liken their effort to a guerrilla war, they produced a big hurt on the COS, but as a result they can no longer participate (MIA?) but there will be further incursions by others, producing greater and lesser effects. In the long run the COS will be baddly damaged.

  134. Interesting. Even more interesting to me is that this is a good gauge of how many members of the RCS there are. 5 years of beating on people, all staff with quotas working through the night, regging people to buy sets for themselves, their neighbors, libraries, dogs and cats and they have only sold 7000 sets? I guarantee there is only a tiny percentage of the true “members” who have not succumbed to the incessant demand, harassment, begging and pleading, let alone the huge discounts. And there are MANY who have bought 5 or more sets. It gives a pretty accurate picture of the true number of koolaid drinkers — perhaps 5000 internationally. Add to this the people who may have coime in contact somewhere at a Mission or in a pioneer area and you can probably 3X that figure.

    The straight up and vertical international expansion, greater than at any time in our history and more than the past 50 years combined has as much truth to it as Miscavige appointing himself an international champion of human rights. Because he says it, he thinks it makes it true.

    Miscavige’s stats suck. He is a stat crasher.

  135. Thanks for the debrief Marty,

    Karry and I are glad that we could help.

  136. i agree bruce, what were they thinking ? taking her to court and get all the bad press and get nothing in return even if they won. cheaper to pay her off and keep her quite then all the legal costs.

  137. Debbie told her FRIENDS on facebook to just look and apply the tech. And to decide. She woke people up. She un suppressed a lot of people.

    Hear, hear. I might not be participating on this blog, and breathing the free air today, were it not for Debbie’s momentous January 1st communication. She ‘stuck her neck out there’, and I’m a direct beneficiary of her taking that risk. If you ask me, she got her product.

  138. eileen110clark

    It has been hours since I first read this day’s blogs. I was stunned and speechless, went through many emotional changes. After talking with Gayle Smith (bless you for letting me vent) and reading some of the comments here, I am able to get this into a better perspective. Now, Yvonne has put the icing on the cake for me. Thank you, Yvonne. I can totally agree 100% with all that you said.

    Marty, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to present what could be unpalatable facts in a manner that makes them more confrontable and palatable, thus understandable.

    You are truly a first-rate Auditor because you handle communications so beautifully…(even when you vent)…:-)

    Debbie and Wayne, if you read this, please know that I love you both and wish you happiness, you have earned it.

  139. John P, I agree that the written court records and related correspondence are extremely valuable.

    But for my money, it was Debbie Cook’s video’ed testimony – which I watched online – that will be the most far-reaching, abiding, powerful evidence Scientologists will find persuasive. For years to come, Scientologists in doubt about their involvement with the “church” will watch Debbie on the stand and think: “This is not what I signed up for. This isn’t remotely spiritual. This is abuse, pain and implants. This is criminal. This is insane. I will no longer support this insane, criminal cult.”

    Then they will turn elsewhere on the Web and find others who think like they do. They will face the truth. They will shed their blinders. They will rediscover their own honesty. Of course, they will suffer as they peel away the scales from their eyes, but they will rediscover what they got into Scientology to save. Themselves.

    Why is the tao so valuable?
    Because it is everywhere,
    and everyone can use it.

    This is why those who seek
    will find,
    And those who reform
    will be forgiven;
    Why the good
    will be rewarded,
    And the thief who is cunning
    will escape.


  140. So now a member gets a discount of 42%. But when those basics came out, one had to pay full price and buy multiples to donate to librays, etc.

    Sounds like a company meaning to get rid of it’s excess inventory.

    “there are discounts being given of 42.5% to those completing their Legacy Collection (the full Basics, Congresses and ACCs).”

  141. …wondering now, how she will get in session, if she so desires? If she is not joining the Independents then what?

    I don’t get the sense from anything I’ve read, that Debbie has agreed to give up her constitutional 4th Amendment right to free association (as if such an agreement could even be enforced). The sense I get, is that she may have agreed to refrain from being a whistleblower, or directly participating in any overt activism against the church.

    I don’t see why she can’t freely associate with Independent Scientologists, or receive auditing in the Indie field, if she so chooses.

    Just my take. Your mileage may vary.

  142. Great info, iamvalkov, and great analysis, Mike. 5,000 koolaid drinkers left. That sounds about right.

    Can you imagine the level of desperation inside the moat? Shee!


  143. Tom Gallagher

    My sister and I am, too.

  144. A confidentiality clause is often part of a settlement agreement.

  145. ” He bought the finest Texas legal muscle money could buy – and brought in attorneys from Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. to join them. All to get him out of the mess he had gotten himself into.”

    This is how crafty that little scammer David is. Debbie criticized HIM, not the Church of Scientology. But you can bet he used CofS resources to pay for all of that legal muscle. Donations. Covert embezzlement. Add to the list of “What your donations buy”, COB David Misvaige’s dream team to cover his crimes.

  146. threefeetback

    Perhaps on an free theta scale the tipping point that Marty and Steve have described has been reached and the physical presence of the Corporation is following a longer cycle of decay.

  147. That is also what I am understand. Anyway I hope she is strong enough to start publish the truth of the Scientology Corp.

  148. You are right. Good Answer Quentin!

  149. The actual pay in life is ARC. Debbie ARC’d in her facebook email. She got paid alright. The money has nothing to do with it. But DM does not understand that as he is the BOSS of the Church of Scientology, but he is not the BOSS of SCIENTOLOGY. DM has no ARC given to him nor will he give it.

  150. Exactly! Poor Tim Butler…he actually let the truth slip out for all to see and …David Miscavige is not gonna like that! After 5 years!!…only 7000…out of all the millions of members and new public the Church reaches that we hear about every time there is a new event?! …hmmm…..

  151. thus he cannot ARCX.

  152. He is insane

  153. LRH said:give somebody a million dollars that would just ruin them

  154. martyrathbun09

    Problem is, is that the crimes is out.

  155. martyrathbun09

    Always with RCS.

  156. BINGO.

  157. martyrathbun09


  158. martyrathbun09

    Everyone who paid here will be refunded upon request. I actually do live by this morning’s post “Possession and Dependency” I often flirt with disaster, but there is never a dull moment – my kind of randomity.

  159. As an outsider watching all of this, I am disappointed that Devil David and his Demented Dupes escaped further exposure of their crimes, but to me, Debbie has done a tremendous service to the cause of exposing many of their crimes. Accepting a settlement in no way diminishes all that she did. To continue in court may have been truly detrimental to her–I say that because she looked like a train wreck from the get-go.How much more stress could she have taken?

    I think all of you Independents and others who donated to her cause can take great pride in the fact that you enabled all that came out. Tremendous financial and emotional support and love are what you gave to her, and I’m sure she is overwhelmed with gratitude. Marty, you have more than a knack for understanding the minutiae of the world around you, and your communication to your readers is outstanding. You have my greatest admiration.

    I believe that much more will come out as a result of Davy going down with a settlement–it says a lot and more and more COS people (and ex-COS) will come out of the shadows.

  160. This doesn’t align with her Jan 1 letter. That letter was an obvious throwing down the gauntlet to Miscavige. Certainly she was attempting to reform the church and wake others up to the truths she knew and experienced. She knew there would be consequences to that action. I have no first hand information to the contrary but I believe she was taken by surprise, even over-whumped by Miscavige’s viscous and substantial response.

    Once that letter was sent, she had no choice. She had put gasoline on the fire and was forced to deal with the ramifications. The initial act was very brave if not unknowing and foolishly undertaken.

    Why they decided to roll over is unknown to me but I can guess. The nice way to pose that is how Marty posed it. Not much further to be gained in pursuing the case and years or possibly decades of you life wrapped up in it. Having personally been through the meat grinder of legal action I am very familiar with the toll it takes. And it takes a toll, years of your life, stress, resources, strained relationships of family and friends etc. It is terrible to endure.

    I am disappointed in their decision. This is not to say I don’t understand it, I certainly do. In believe there was much to be gained from continuing. The publicity alone would be damning to the CoS. And there would be publicity. Mr. Jeffery’s discovery document demand reads like a reporters wish list of materials to be produced and supported. This is not to say that ANY documents anywhere near what was asked for would be produced. They would in all probability produce pages fully redacted so as to be blank paper. This in itself would be damning and would be news.

    Mr Jeffery’s question; “Is licking the bathroom floor a religious activity of the Church of Scientology?” Blank page response. Tell me that’s not news! Each item is another dent in that little Hitler ruining the show. Each time another hit to the opponent.

    I bear Debbie and Wayne no ill will and have not regrets about supporting them and would do it again. I understand that this is still a win for the Independent movement and a loose for the CoS. I can’t help but believe it could have been so much more.

    If, as you say Marty, they can not speak out against the Church or publically engage with the independent movement then this is a not a win for them. It is a release from a terrible burden but hardly a win. They picked a fight with a big dog with a lot of fight in it. They lost! It’s a win when you can say FU to the other side publically, loudly and often. Licking your wounds and promising to be quiet is not my idea of winning.

    So it appears that Debbie and Wayne are not allowed to; exercise the rights of free speech, yet again, concerning their religion. Not allowed to freely associate in a public forum, with others of similar beliefs. Strike down TWO (2) constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    It appears that they clearly SAW what lay ahead for them and folded, holding their heads up with their hands so as not to appear beaten. Who’s’ fooling who?

    I have my own issues working here having placed MY expectations on Debbie and Wayne, then not seeing them realized. This is my failing. I wanted this to be more than it is. They saw the CoS litigation machine and made a decision, in my opinion, short of beneficial for the majority of the dynamics.

    This is not to say that the independent movement didn’t have wins from this as we certainly did. The public and world wide expose’ of Miscavige abuses by Debbie on the stand is an amazing win for us and a terrible blow to the church.

    I applaud all those who helped in whatever capacity.

    And I will help again when the next one comes around.

  161. They have not muzzled her. She already spoke. And those words will continue to sing throughout history, as she was the CAPTAIN of FLAG Land BASE for a long time. How can she be a SP? Debbie Cook was Captain of the Flag Land Base.

  162. tampabayjack

    Marty & Mike & Steve;

    Am I supposed to feel good about this news that Wayne & Debbie did a back room deal that none of the people who contributed to pay their attorney fees gets any of the details. This is another case of smoke & mirrors.

    I don’t feel good about the outcome and I do not think this is a win by any stretch of one’s imagination.

    Just my two cents…

  163. Mike,
    Exactly. And I found that one can buy brand new unopened sets from some of these purchasers who are now selling them off at a fraction of what they paid.

  164. I have thought of many things that could be said but the truth boils down to the fact that the best two PR and legal minds the church ever had (Marty and Mike) kicked DM’s butt and while she was in the game, Debbie struck a couple of huge blows for truth and decency which changed the landscape of the Indie movement forever.

    A huge win.

    And the donations and other help was the energy that made it possible. All the money, time and effort paid off, big time.

    Onward and upward (a little higher).


  165. I agree Jim, they got their effective blow to the enemy of themselves and the 3D. Getting back your integrity is all that matters. It’s impossible to live with that black cloud of degradation hanging overhead. They got out of lowers to themselves and are whole again. Now they can really flourish and prosper. Thank you Debbie and Wayne for having the guts to speak out and get that effective blow despite huge personal risk. It was worth it wasn’t it?!


  166. TO: One correction.

    Add to the list of “What your donations buy”, COB David Misvaige’s dream team to cover his crimes.

    That IS the list. One item. “Whatever is required to make me look good, cover my crimes and make me feel important.”

  167. That really is the fact of the matter and beautifully put Tom. One of the things I try to apply all the time is never evaluate things based on a single event. It can’t be done. One can only evaluate based on the trend of events. I call it “looking to see which way the wind is blowing.” Never make any a postulate based on a single incident — that is the kind of thing one audits out in Dianetics (bad postulates).

    The ultimate outcome of Debbie and Wayne’s contribution to our forward progress is unknown as of yet. What will be the full repercussions? No one really knows. So it’s silly to decide anything negative about it.

    We have to go further down the road. But here is what we can know: look at our trend. We really just started to speak out as Scientologists condemning and exposing the corruption and suppression in 2009. I remember when there was less than 10 of us! I remember when I was excited because there were 3 visitors on and I was one of them — who were the other two?!? It’s barely 3 years later and we are now engaged as the number one force combating the Cult of David Miscavige. We are effective because we cannot be dismissed as “bitter apostates” (this is not a knock on Anonymous). We have thousands following and contributing to the motion of justice. We are recognized and supported by non Scientologists all over the world. We have powerful friends in powerful places. We are making inroads like no one has made since the curtain fell across the Church. And we are joining hands, laughing, flourishing and prospering while we do it.

    Are we winning? By a landslide.

  168. Many mixed feelings and opinions regarding this outcome. I believe once the dust settles we will come to realize the very valuable final products we are left with as a result of the Debbie Cook New Year’s Eve Email, including that message itself, and the resultant court transcripts. Read that email again. Debbie’s New Year’s message itself reads like something out of the KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING SERIES. Read it again, and publish it widely and often. Get others to read and apply it. It shines the light of truth and marks a turning point in the history of Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard WOULD BE PROUD.

  169. Freedom Fighter

    +1. Well stated.

  170. martyrathbun09

    If you thought she was going to do anything else, you haven’t been listening or looking.

  171. martyrathbun09

    You noted: This doesn’t align with her Jan 1 letter. To the contrary, it absolutly 100% aligns with it – read my post 1 January post on the matter.

  172. I always assumed this would be the outcome. The only thing I find disappointing is Debbie made a point to say keeping true to source was her goal and reason for her fight, but that’s obviously not the case. I don’t begrudge anyone wanting to get on with their life, free of DM and his BS after years of indentured servitude, but just say that – don’t pretend to have noble goals for a greater good when that’s not the case.

    Marty you mentioned spilling dirt on you and Mike might be part of this settlement agreement. I think that’s very sad but probably accurate. But do you think the people who donated directly to Debbie might be in danger of having their names turned over to the cult as part of the settlement? (Makes me understand and commend you even more for trying to be a buffer to protect people who wanted to donate to Debbie, by funneling money via your website. You were enough of a realist to try and protect them in case of this type of outcome.)

    I think you are showing a lot of restraint and reflection. You’ve never minced words about past critics or exes who have accepted pay offs or settlements from the CoS, so I think you are demonstrating a lot of strength and compassion in this situation.

  173. martyrathbun09

  174. Jack — your emotions concerning this aren’t going to be dictated by anyone but you. Marty provided the information he had and as much analysis as he could given what he knows. You draw your own conclusion.

    The range of emotions is wide, from upset and disappointment to happiness and a sense of accomplishment. It all depends on your viewpoint, and fortunately, there are a lot of different viewpoints freely expressed here.

    Personally, I never felt this was going to be a “one-shot Clear.” But it did move the ball forward. You cannot truly judge the rightness or wrongness of another’s actions with certainty unless you know all the circumstances surrounding their decisions. But that doesnt mean you don’t feel emotion or have opinions.

    But there is one thing you can take to the bank.

    I ain’t going anywhere. Neither is Marty. And neither is Steve. We are on this horse til it crosses the finish line….

  175. martyrathbun09

    No difference in my opinion. As I have said from the beginning and I’ll say till the end, there are people who have a price and there are people who have no price. The latter is the new breed that Miscavige has no answer for.

  176. martyrathbun09

    Your title says it all. Dude, you see forest through the trees.

  177. When I was the Solo I/C FSO there was a stretch of about two months when it seemed like everything in my life was going wrong. Everything! Then in the space of about seven days I got all five of the things I wanted most. Getting just one of these would have been a big deal. But five? It was insane. Granted, I was still in my 20’s so the goals were relevant to that age and time, but within seven days without money I suddenly found myself with an awesome stereo, a custom street van, a low profile ski boat, and I was assigned into part-time training (5 hrs a day) to become a Flag trained auditor, AND a super hot girl (also in the SO) walked into my HGC an ask me for a date and suddenly I had a girlfriend. Soon, I was going water skiing before post in the mornings and making OTs the rest of the day except for the 5 hours I spent auditing pcs. I was in the SO but I was living on eight dynamics because that is what LRH said Scientology was about.

    Looking back to spot the cause of the affluence, I was astonished that all my wins were rooted in the period when I thought everything was “going wrong.” That was actually things going right — the physical universe was just reshuffling so my postulates could come about.

    Today we have video of an Int base staff member who was tortured in the Hole testifying in a court of law that David Miscavige ordered someone to break her finger if she didn’t answer a question correctly.

    I get what you are saying, but really, it’s not that bad. Professional soldiers never put all their eggs in one basket.

    We are the water rising in DM’s Titanic.

  178. Yvonne, Independent is a beingness with me too. I’m independent in some other areas too.

  179. It is a win!
    Church of Scientology aka Church of David Miscavige has to pay off ex-parishioners to keep their mouths shut (not tell more of his dirty secrets which can be found in court records and online) and uses fundraisers and threats to get the money from his followers to pay them!
    I’d like to see that headline because it’s absolutely the truth.
    Thank you Marty for such a thorough explanation. I hope Debbie and Wayne can rebuild their lives now. I hope they got a boatload of money off DM! The more the merrier!
    I’d love to sock in at least a $3 mil figure in my headline! 😉

  180. Member in good standing: Why would David Miscavige pay Debbie Cook $3 million dollars in a settlement? Hum?

  181. Profound, Steve. You are right.

  182. Since Debbie Cook got into Scn in 1978, she was a Scn saint of sorts. She became the public face of Scientology in a way, being the Capt. of Flag for so long. Since her beginning she embraced Ron’s tech totally and only had the desire and intention of delivering Ron’s tech to the World, to ALL people, to every country, each city and town, because that is what she believed would save this world and mankind and help every human on planet earth – with RON’s tech.

    So did so many others – Sea Org staff as well as non Sea Org staff, Field Auditors as well as Org & Mission staff & public. There were so many, that dedicated their LIVES to accomplishing this common goal that we all shared, a goal set forth by Ron himself. Debbie Cook was only the public face of what so many of us were doing and striving to achieve ourselves – a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology-LRH.

    All of us as Independent Scientologists were hoping for the 3 musketeers of Marty, Mike and Debbie to ride in and dethrone DM from Scientology. Unfortunately in the legal and real world, millions of dollars would have been required to have accomplished this as well as many years of court battles. We could not provide those millions of dollars in legal fees but at least we were able to achieve a settlement between both parties to where Debbie & Wayne are FREE of the legal long arm of DM and both of you can pursue your lives and goals in a new unit of time.

    My hat is off to Debbie Cook and her husband. They came out to publically say what they believed was right and ethical – not against LRH’s Scientology but against one unfortunate little man’s conquest and domination over the organization of Scientology. Thank you, Debbie and Wayne, for coming forward so courageously and telling the truth. I really think that this forwards Marty’s and Mike’s life long’s efforts in bringing down DM in the long run and achieving an honest reform within the Scn organization that will begin to achieve the founder’s original aims and goals.

    Peace be with you where ever you may go. Always remember that you are my best of friends. When you are ready, I know that you will jump in again. That’s what best of friends do!
    Best of Luck! ARC, James

  183. Hallo Steve,
    thank you for your words: „Save yourself before it gets too hot and live to fight another day. Others are ready to take your place and give you time to catch your breath.“ I did fight until 20 years ago. Feel still not able to fight again. Sometimes feeling I should do more, but cannot. I wonder why I am still breathless. Sometimes it took only a year or so to recover. This time now is 20 years and still no recovery in sight.

  184. Have to agree to a lardge degree Ron yr comments
    Theirs mix views/ No disrespect to D Cook and husband / or to Marthy
    and Mark Rinder’s work and the write up and reasons.
    A statement at some point might have to be done/ by D cook if she is allowned Or is she silenced ? The legal jarger becomes hased .So for reality a simply discription to make it more easy to understand might help why this outcome became what is.

  185. Whose government
    is subdued and unobtrusive,
    whose people will be
    simple and sincere;
    whose government
    is strict and severe,
    whose people
    will be devious and deceitful.

    Who would know one’s limits,
    if one had no criteria?
    Criteria, once amiss,
    may affect chaos,
    goodness, once perverted,
    may affect ominous things;
    men’s quandary,
    it’s daily more
    persevering and persistent!

    Therefore – wise men are:
    outspoken, yet without offending,
    pointed, yet without piercing,
    on purpose, yet not tactless,
    brilliant, yet without blinding.

    from the “Tao Te Ching”

    Know your people, know your tools.

  186. Thumbs up. Fucked up, yes. But somebody’s gotta do it.

  187. She was remarkable to stand up and explain in court/ and David Miscaviage is damaged / and she told what it was for her and that can be backed up /

  188. Simply I call that evil operations / DM remains a liar and a dictator and has to use public funds if he did ( and do they know that ) ? to get him out of the shit . What do the public say about that ? Thats lowest of the lowest

  189. Good question !!!! And if she did give up her constitional rights they took control. To refrain its not clear is it? You cant cut ones right to talk , So whats signed never to talk or be able to associate with Indepts?

  190. I’ve read all the comments and rode the rollercoaster from big disappointment to big win and back again. I guess I will settle for something in between. I’m glad I donated to the cause. If it were not for Debbie I would not be here amongst the rest of you free beings. 🙂
    I will, though, be asking for my donation refund. It wasn’t alot but it was heartfelt and apparently has served its purpose. I will use it again for the next battle as needed.

  191. Yes Marty, but it isn’t about money refunds. It is their integrity that is at issue, not yours.
    How can Debbie send out heartfelt appeals for legal defense donations and then quietly settle with no word to those who helped?
    The fact is that she and Wayne did originally accept their filthy lucre and apparently we can only assume that they have accepted more for their future silence. They soundly demonstrated that the Corporate Church can muscle anyone they want, even Debbie Cook.
    To me, their actions are a slap in the face of every Sea Org Member who left without a penny to their name and made it without compromising their integrity.


  192. Mike, Yeah, I saw Marty’s new post this morning. Glad Wayne and Debbie got some satisfaction and that they can simply get on with their lives. However, knowing DM, he will probably have Dave LaBlowjob stage a car accident or someone slipping on their sidewalk and sue them in court to recover whatever he had to shell out. The man is truly mad.

  193. Exactly, Sinar.

  194. martyrathbun09

    I hear ya Ted.

  195. Impressive. Thanks.

  196. My understanding based on comments and updates here and on VV is that there was no money involved in the settlement.

    The church of scientology could have kept Debbie in a war of attrition as Marty said, although they blustered about going for a summary judgement too.

    FWIW IMHO the church of scientology didn’t proceed because they did not feel they would get a victory. Had they been confident of a victory they would have gone for it not to get the money but to show their gag orders to be effective; head on a pike and all that.

    The fact that after all the sabre rattling was done the church of scientology decided to deal says to me they were scared of setting a judicial precedent.

    The church of scientology seems remarkably think skinned to adverse publicity so I don’t feel that was a big consideration. Although I’m sure the risk of loosing and being shown in court, again, the be a dangerous, corrupt and corrupting cult was.

    Lastly if the settlement said no discussion then there can be no discussion, see also comment re “discuss what they know”.

  197. Thats not clear for fact is it?

  198. I’m embarrassed to say, I know several of these 5000 (or less) 😦 I had thought they were more capable of confronting truth.
    Oh well (confession time), it reminds me of a couple times my husband and I got involved in MLM’s (multi-level marketing). Even after it became patently clear that the business was no longer viable, we stuck with them until almost the bitter end, still supporting those (who had raked in most all the money) at the top, who later took the money and moved on to yet another MLM scheme.

  199. Pingback: Scientology Inc v Cook – Textbook Backfire | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  200. Steve you communicate this so beautifully & in harmony.
    I have always had the policy to not make decisions when not extroverted/uptone. Now I have expanded to also baseing that decision only on a sufficent number of incidents (based on importance of the decision and it’s possiable effects). Thanks.

  201. And overt product maker. I’d love to see him & his accomplices in black running around doing grounds work (if they will fess up).

  202. Unfortunately, with this, I have to agree.

  203. now I feel better 🙂

  204. I have mixed feelings about this settlement. Debbie’s letter and testimony on the stand did more to discredit Miscavige and create more Independents than anything since the Truth Rundown. I was so looking forward to seeing Miscavige on the stand at last and to watching the house of cards fall down. However, I cannot really blame Debbie and Wayne for accepting what was probably a large sum of money that, well invested, would support them for the rest of their lives. Lawsuits can really grind people down. I recall an attorney I worked for saying that his clients settled too soon just because they were worn out.

    I do not regret my donations or want them back as they helped to create a large effect.

    Of lasting benefit is the establishing of just how these gag agreements SO members are made to sign are signed under duress (and hence how unenforceable they are). Is that distant rumbling the sound of an approaching avalanche of lawsuits from former SO members?

  205. Marty, I haven’t read your other posts on this subject yet (the later ones) and I can certainly understand if the terms of the final order would have caused you much anger, but I did want to say something about this post.

    It is incredibly beautiful. Not just because it is eloquent. But because it is infused with grace.

    A friend of mine recently likened himself to you. Something about being a warrior. In times of peace, natural warriors can sometimes come on too strong (a point he was making about himself, not you). But, just as we need peacemakers, we need warriors. Because sometimes we must fight a just war.

    This is a team effort. We are stronger for the warriors among us, just as we are stronger for the peacemakers and the artists and the IT experts and the encouragers and those with the gift of hospitality.

    With this post, you showed that you don’t expect everyone to fight with the same tenacity you have, or to play the same role as you. But you are appreciative of what they are willing and able to do in all their individual circumstances. I was moved by the decision you and Mike took to relieve Debbie and Wayne of the burden they might otherwise have borne if they did tell Miscavige anything about you.

    It is perhaps one of your greatest posts.

  206. martyrathbun09

    Warriorin’ ain’t easy.

  207. Remember: It’s just a flesh wound.


  208. Hi Marty, can you pass this thru on these comments so that i know that we are cool. I have been obligated to being under the radar and had to accept these conditions to comment on your post in the future. Hope you understand. I read your posts daily and am committed to your and Mike’s cause. Keep kicking ass, as you are reaching your goal!

  209. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in truth used to be a amusement account it.

    Glance advanced to more delivered agreeable from you! By the way,
    how could we keep up a correspondence?

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