The Meaning Of Life and Life Orientation

There are a number of ways in which David Miscavige has reversed L Ron Hubbard technology for purposes of creation of stupidity and tractability.  I was reminded of another example while reading a section of Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning.   The Scientology Life Orientation course was designed by Hubbard to help people sort out the meaning of their individual lives – or as he put it to find his or her ‘hat’ (function) in life.   Miscavige of course could not leave simple and workable alone and interjected arbitraries with resultant recalls (retreads in Scientology terminology) and a mass of confusions for students.  Miscavige insisted that a person decide upon the post title he was currently assigned to as his function in life (which really equates to the purpose or the meaning of a person’s life), then canceled that with another arbitrary, then re-implemented the “post is hat in life” arbitrary – and who knows what else since.  With the perpetual ‘musical chairs’ Miscavige plays with personnel – very few staff ever staying on any particular post for long – one can imagine the mental, emotional and spiritual havoc his arbitraries have wreaked upon many.

Irony of ironies, a psychiatrist gets what David Miscavige apparently won’t get Further, Viktor Frankl so much gets it, I think the following passage from Man’s Search for Meaning serves to effectively repair the Black Dianetics reversal Miscavige has implemented.


Let us now consider what we can do if a patient asks what the meaning of life is.

I doubt whether a doctor can answer this question in general terms. For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour.  What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment. To put the question in general terms would be comparable to the question posed to a chess champion: “Tell me, Master, what is the best move in the world?”  There is simply no such thing as the best or even a good move apart from a particular situation in a game and the particular personality of one’s opponent.  The same holds for human existence.  One should not search for an abstract meaning of life.  Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment which demands fulfillment.  Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated.  Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.

As each situation in life represents a challenge to man and presents a problem for him to solve, the question of the meaning of any life may actually be reveresed.  Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked.  In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible. 

Kind of a lot like L Ron Hubbard was trying to get across before David Miscavige put his hands into the mix.

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  1. When you say “Key To Life”, don’t you actually mean “Life Orientation Course”? I was under the impression that KTL cleared up words and such, and the LOC was the next course, where you addressed the person’s hat in life.

    BTW, thanks for letting us know. I wasn’t aware DM sabotaged these courses as well. I had a couple of friends on the pilots for these courses, and I never could figure out why New World Corps took soooo loooong to complete the pilot process. I suspected sabotage at the time.

  2. Nice quote! However, I think you are referring to the “Life Orientation Course” instead of KTL. I remember being very dissappointed when I got to the part of the course where you get to sort out your “hat in life” and found out that I had to use my current post. They whole promise of that course for me was that I’d be able to actually figure that out, instead of getting stuck back into what I was already doing which I hated!

    Fortunately, there was a correction when I did the course in 1995. If after doing the steps I didn’t feel happy with my current hat, I was allowed to switch to something that better aligned with my talents. Things went much smoother for me at that point.

    It’s too bad that arbitraries such as this were entered into this course. Because, it’s an awesome course! So is KTL! However, it always bothered me that they were not directly written by LRH. No wonder so many people have taken forever to get through them, and that they are hardly delivered any more. Quite a shame!

  3. plainoldthetan

    I remember the constant flood of people who got recalled and roped back into the org, some more than once, to get their “hat in life” sorted out.

    I was just talking to a selectee who knows someone whose “hat in life” ended up being “poet”. My selectee was surprised because for the past twenty years the “poet” had been cleaning toilets in the LAUSD.

    What a product!

  4. martyrathbun09

    Yes, thanks, fixed.

  5. martyrathbun09

    Yes, thanks, fixed..

  6. LRH had the following to remark on the individual and his ability to answer his own questions, and the role of Scientology in that asking and answering. It’s from the Bylaws of CST (Church of Spiritual Technology – see
    “Scientology is the organization of the fundamentals of existence into axioms and workable technologies in the tradition of the exact sciences for resolving problems of life and thought and for the freedom of the human spirit. That he who asks a question is closest to the answer, that every question contains its own answer, and further that every problem contains its own solution, and that the technologies of Scientology are of such a nature that a person with a question or a problem may be spiritually assisted or guided to the end that the person is able to answer his own questions and resolve his own problems. ”

    David Miscavige presumes to answer the person’s questions FOR them. That is NOT Scientology. It does NOT work, what he does.

    One’s ‘hat in life’ is for the person to determine. The LAST person on earth or any habitable orb I would go to for an answer to my question or to determine my hat in life would be David Miscavige.

  7. Richard Royce

    No matter how hard he tries, a bull in a china shop always ends up with rubble!

  8. DM is the worst example of a Scientologist as he SPECIALIZES in evaluation, invalidation and enforced communication.
    This is what’s wrong with any unworkable therapy.
    He has turned Scientology into the best example of the most unworkable therapy.
    What he calls Scientology, as far as I am concerned, is Psychoanalysis.

  9. Karry Campbell


    I totally understand, in the early ’90s when KTL & LOC were released I was part of the delivery team. First I was a KTL/LOC Sup then as the course room grew I became the LOC Sup as LOC was then expanded into a separate room.

    On LOC the end product or last step is the student finding their “Hat In Life”. As a Sup I had to ensure that they really got their product. True, most of my students were already doing the “Hat” that they considered their “Hat In Life”. They cleared up the word “Hat” and “Life” and took it from there. As the sup, it was not my hat to evaluate but then I got an order from CMO Ship to pull most, if not all of my students back to get their “Hats” corrected. The order basically said that their “Hat” was actually the positions/jobs that they were doing now and that it should be worded as such (ie the job title should be the “Hat”). When I refused to do that I was sent to the bildges for 3 days.

    Now that was great, a lot of fun really. But after 3 days I was pulled back onto post and given a cram to correct my viewpoint. That I had the wrong deffinition of “Hat” or “Life” just wasn’t true. But I missed my students and wanted to back onto post, so I did the correction and called my past students back. When any of my students did arrive back, I basically sat them down and we figured out how to word their “Hat In Life” so that others (meaning the C/S on up) could “understand” the meaning of their “Hat”. However, to each student, they still knew it was the original “Hat”. Then I walked them through the “Hat In Life” part again making sure that they were doing well on producing their “Hat”. I think only 3 out of 316 students had to change 1 step each as we did this. They just added more people or products into their organization, which was great – they’d expanded!! All of this was done with VGIs as each student knew that we were just pacifying the boss and they also got to re-experience going over & seeing their “Hat” and products in retrospect. They did like seeing that it worked like LRH intended. Big wins!!

    So, that was my BIG ADVENTURE in defying Miscavige’s orders. It was fun beating those that tried to pervert and degrade the tech and winning!!

    I Hope that others reading this see that it was truly a great course. I loved supervising it.

  10. Cured Robot Betsy

    Tonight while watching Anthony Bourdain’s (world renowned chef on Travel channel called “No Reservations”) trip to Lisbon Portugal and an old man was telling him how Heroin was cheaper than cig’s back in the 70’s because it kept the people from rebelling against their suppressive dictator “Salizar”. DM doesn’t have heroin to keep us in line instead he uses disconnection and gross alteration of the tech “black dianetics” that effectively achieves the same results.

  11. Thank you Jim. You saved me a lot of writing. I’m not anywhere nearly as nice a guy as LRH – to me it seems obvious that LRH had, already, the stable data about which to align other men’s thoughts as expressed in writing. Now that we have the gift of LRH’s definitions of axioms and workable technologies, we too can find the worth of other less-organized thought. Today, with the correct data, others seem to make sense to us (even our barbers), others who, without our grasp of the data of Scn, would not seem quite so illuminating. I don’t mean to be cruel, or at least I tell myself that, but the majority of modern day “philosophy” serves the status and finances of its professor, and disregards the truth. Show me one of these clowns who do not summarilly dismiss Scn (blow from the subject). The genuine philosophers who come into contact with Scn jump up and down in wild enthusiasm, find their own queries answered, then get on with the program of achieving the goals of philosophy. – Carcha.

    P.S. Given your orientation, you might like this analogy: to LRH what seem like cobblestones on the Bridge are to most as massive as the blocks of the Great Pyramid (or even as massive as the Great Pyramid itself). Almost all modern philosophers remind me of the Nazi colonel who explained ~~ “Winning the war is not the point! The point is that the war continue!” LRH put an end to that, and those of integrity embrace the subject, and gratefully seek to better their own solutions, wholeheartedly. Aristotle defined the sciences, and the goal of philosophy, but it took LRH reading Freud to unlock the locks (hoho — c whut I did?).

  12. Marty,
    I will, in short order, be sending you my story of pre DM and post DM. The later being a complete change of the game. I have been public so I cannot tell it from a technical viewpoint, nor from a staff or even trained viewpoint. What I can give now is this: from cause to effect really fast.
    This blog and a few very good friends that are long term people who were in and now out are a huge part of my 3rd Dynamic.
    You and Mike are greatly appreciated as well as all of the people helping and delivering in the field Standard Tech WITH ARC and chilled out. No targets except helping people. That is refreshing

  13. Thanks, Marty! That clears up a lot.
    This course came up as a subject a number of times in sessions where staff members didn’t dare to take something different than their post. Some, secretly, had two items, one official and one private. Others left just any training and never returned. There was no means to sort out what was from LRH and what wasn’t and the pictures and how they were promoted seemed to indicate that this course is for people who have limited reading abilities.
    It has caused great loss of future auditors, back then.

  14. one of those who see

    Great Story!!! Well done!!

  15. Globetrotter

    Thank you Marty. It is obvious that the guy who wrote that is more of a Scientologist than Miscavige.

    There is something that bothers me.

    CST has been working on the Preservation of the Tech project for a while. I have seen the titanium capsules, the archival books, the metal discs and the solar powered record players, meters, etc. Which raised a question in me when I first learned about how DM gradually altered the tech with GAT, changing the books, etc.: what is CST working on archiving now? Are they still working on archiving the LRH ORIGINALS, or when the GAT scam happened, they were ordered to throw away what they have done e.g. with the Academy packs and start over with the Miscavige GAT version?

    Maybe someone with some insight into what CST is up to might be able to shed some light on this.

    Because if Miscavige ordered them to preserve his squirreled version of the tech for eternity, that would be actively working towards LOSING the tech and the ultimate betrayal of LRH and what he worked on – the ultimate evil purpose against Scientology and LRH.

    Does anyone have any info about this?

  16. Hi Marty, This is just a great post, and very true. I well recall the bullshit from His Majesty the Idiot concerning LOC. I went ahead and did it my way (the correct way) but paid some lip service to HMTI. That kind of set the pattern for dozens of situations to come: I got everything I could out of the actual tech, and also did a pretend cycle to satisfy HMTI.

    It’s a shame LRH never commented on Viktor Frankl. He wrote that book in 1946, only months after getting out of a Nazi death camp and said more in 60 pages than His Majesty the Idiot has said in the last 100 billion years.

    What sucked however was the distraction DM created by entering his own stupid confusions, running his case on the rest of the world. And no one’s case is worse off than Dave. He’s got so many overts on Scientology, he will never recover. Never.

  17. I LOVE Anthony Bourdain!

  18. Hahaha! Awesome! Well done on sticking with what you knew to be right. And thanks for the first-hand look into where the arbitrary came from.

  19. Great story and perspective. I never did KTL as I never had any problems with study or duplication or grammar – it just didn’t indicate to me. LOC indicated big time, as I was floundering a bit, but somewhere someone mentioned the (false) datum that at the end of the day, you are oriented to your existing hat, and that your current hat is your “hat in life.”

    What a cussing let-down!

    That is BS – why do an LOC when, if that were true, all you would have to do is ensure your conditions were up to snuff and did your Full Hat? Also, what does your current position have to do with your hat in life?

  20. SInce Mr. David Miscavige is NCG (No Case Gain) it makes total sense that he would say that the EP of LOC is what you were doing when you started!

  21. Karry, it was an INCREDIBLE course! My hat in life, I guess fit the criteria since I held so many posts from above – Class 8 auditor. LOC blew my freakin socks off! I had my biggest, most awesome wins EVER on LOC. (I did KTL and OMG was that course ever made for me!)

  22. The Oracle

    I think we have overestimated David Miscavige. If I had all the money and staff and legal resources he has, I think I too could have gotten the IRS to accept an offer and compromise. Otherwise, what has he accomplished?

  23. Freedom Fighter

    Great. One more item to add to the list of reasons why I’m so screwed up that 2 flippin’ CL VIII’s can’t debug me. Does it never end? I did both KTL and LOC and did the extra “sort out” on my hat in life. Still wrapped around the pole on that one. It’s like trying to unravel the worst tangled ball of fishing line you’ve ever seen. Awesome.

  24. Jethro Bodine

    I remember KTL as being the best course in Scientology that I ever did, whereas LOC was probably the worst course in Scientology. All I got from the LOC was obsessively writing up my O/Ws and still being confused about my purpose in my life. A total overt product. I’m therefore not surprised that Whole Track Prison Warden Miscavige altered the course from what LRH had developed and made it unworkable.

    Another thing that stands out about the LOC is the Miscavige-altered definition of the second dynamic: Creativity. I remember a woman who also was an artist and mother of three children breaking down and crying when she saw that definition as it totally was an alteration of what the second dynamic was really about: providing a future generation. Creativity actually belongs on the seventh dynamic as it really is a spiritual activity and aesthetics as it about as close to a static as you can get.

  25. Today I happened to look at a list of Tech Alterations of a German Scientologist,, (it IS in English) where he compares the LRH original to DM’s version and became reinforced in my suspicion that amongst the just plain villain omissions/alterations there MUST BE a Psych mentoring DM or DM is in the valence of a psych!

  26. It is so interesting and cool that you bring this up. I never knew what “The Secret” was and an auditor-trained friend mentioned it, so I got the DVD from my library and watched it. I found it really interesting, but quite frankly, I’d already gotten “the secret” from LRH – and I just realized where it really gelled for me was on the LOC.
    Turns out a couple of friends who were in from out of town for the big Festival International this weekend had read or watched “The Secret” and we discussed it and decided that based on Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search For Meaning, he too, knew “the secret”.
    “The same holds for human existence. One should not search for an abstract meaning of life. Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life to carry out a concrete assignment which demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.”
    You’ve just shared some of Viktor Frankl’s wisdom that David Miscavige hasn’t even the slightest clue about! DM just runs around like a madman putting out fires with gasoline.

  27. Great post Marty! Frankl was a guy who was right there at Create-create-create-create, the actual cycle of action. A real inspiration.

  28. Karry, I heard about those courses then they seemed to fade away right along with the rest of the bridge. Although I think the KTL and LOC were never actually part of the Grade Chart itself, were they?

    In any case it is great what you were able to accomplish with those students, but a shame you and they had to deal with such Dev-T at all!

  29. And let’s not forget that KTL and LOC were both released in mid-1990, at which point the international stats, which had been up trending since 1980, began to tip over and began a downtrend that lasted for at least the next 10 years with nothing done by “Management” to halt the slide. Nothing. DM blamed KTL and LOC for the slide because it was the “date coincidence,” which was as far as he looked at. A more shallower look one couldn’t take. My own guess is that Jeff Hawkin’s DMSMH campaign and Strategic Book Marketing Unit had been squashed by–guess who?–about 2 or 3 years before and the momentum died out in summer 1990. It has been all downhill since, except for Int Donos and Int Square Footage.

  30. David Miscavige does all this meddling because it generates income for him. He has to recall so he can sell it again. He keeps doing it because it works.

    It’s like the idle morgs, the “super power” building generated loads of income during its very long, “soon to be complete” construction, perhaps David Miscavige figured he could repeat this around the world, seems to be succeeding too, at least to some degree.

    Ditto the library campaign another cash cow, so having done “the basics” it’s Ron’s life encyclopedia.

    And let’s not forget all those Way to Happiness leaflets so necessary at disaster zones around the world.

    David Miscavige is a lot of things but he’s just doing what makes money.

  31. I love this post. I love that book, which I also read based upon your reading list.

    Something of interest as well — the hate campaign … the “war” against psychiatry is totally Miscaviage and makes in many ways …. not because of what Scientology says in regards to psychiatry but how it is communicated ultimately ineffective. There is so much unexpressed resentment, hate, and unawareness in the current campaigns … it is sickening

    That being said … LRH’s views, other than his largely misunderstood ‘whole track psych’ comments, on psychiatry, pharmacology, and the integration of the state/corporate/mental health field are spot on and I agree with them all in all … Healing is ultimately a spiritual exercise which I think is why auditing can be so profound …

    I will gladly concede the church’s current videos are well put together … informative … and insightful. But there is no LOVE behind it … it is angry, 1.1, and leaves you feeling a little sick.

    Imagine if Scientology had a “Ghandi” like leader over the past 20 years? No telling where it would be ….

  32. I’ve never done these courses, but I have noticed that COS staff members who have completed it seem to be relatively sane terminals who are less prone to automatically go along with out tech, off policy orders. I always wondered what became of the KTL and LOC after the initial widespread enthusiasm. But Marty, now that you have mentioned it, it makes perfect sense that Miscavige would want to deep six them both. One leads a being to become very literate and be in comm with others. The other helps a being to find their own purpose in life. Together they have the potential to put the whole world in comm for the first time.
    I’ve also wondered what ever happened to all of the FPRD co-audits that were going on once upon a time with people having tremendous wins.

  33. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Lest anyone underestimate the viciousness of Miscavige’s squirrel church:
    I was posted as the NWC Sec UK (double hatted Snr Qual Sec UK… somehow) after returning from the KTL/LOC evolution at ITO. Shortly after being posted we received a NWC mission to Saint Hill which immediately began pulling in Sea Org Members for correction as a first priority (seems some of we fools had errantly decided that our hat in life was ‘Sea Org Member’ and we were to learn that this was ‘incorrect’ and we all had MUs). So we were dragged into ‘session’ and ‘corrected’ and force-fed our new hats then sent to clear our MUs over our protest. That night I met up with one of my juniors who was particularly enturbulated over the whole cycle (insisting that her hat in life was not the KTL/LOC Sup Saint Hill Foundation) and began self-listing. I could do little against the mission’s orders but assured her I would personally make sure her folder got into the C/S so she got get a review session. She never got that session. She died the following morning in a car accident.
    Blood on your hands Miscavige. She is one of the many victims. You should know I hold you entirely accountable for her death and will make sure when one of her beloved relatives finally makes it out of your cult he will hold you accountable too – although he may take it far more personally than I did knowing you have kept him blinded all these years.

  34. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    *sigh* – scuse typos. I was so emotional about this that I forgot to wait until after my morning coffee to post.

  35. My wife did this Life Orientation Course and she had to find out that her current staffmember Hat is the thing she always wanted to do in life. I did not do this LOC. But could have been very interesting to do this course. Because this subject is not as easy and simple as it might look. Right now my this lifes dream Hat would have been to built space ships. But is it really? Some hundred years ago, what Hat would I have choosen? Space ships? You know we are dealing here with Goals too. All those relatively new things on the bridge like Key to Life, Life orientation course and Happyness rundown are by my opinion a super key out tool that keys out the very root (the core) of abberation in super fast time. If done right. If done not right they super fast key in those factors. As the names itself indicate it has to do much with goals. A very core thing of existence.
    By the way, I had seen comments that the Happyness Rundown should not be from Ron. I did this training back in early 1982. I do not think this way. It cuts off the communication lines to the core of the bank.

  36. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “What he calls Scientology, as far as I am concerned, is Psychoanalysis.”
    I’m sure Psychoanalysis is far more benign than weaponized Scientology. At worst psychoanalysis is unworkable. Weaponized Scientology however is VERY effective…

  37. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I don’t mean to be cruel, or at least I tell myself that, but the majority of modern day “philosophy” serves the status and finances of its professor, and disregards the truth. Show me one of these clowns who do not summarilly dismiss Scn
    Philosophy is per definition: “The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, esp. when considered as an academic discipline.”
    Where a ‘philosopher’ ‘summarilly dismisses Scn’ he is not worthy of the title. Anywone who listens to the tales of heartbreak and destruction wrought on those who were closely involved in Miscavige’s cult of weaponized Scientology can see clearly how harmful his ‘technology’ is. That which has the power to harm also has the power to heal or it has no power at all. Any philosopher worth his salt should understand how fundamental that is to the nature of this universe.
    Foolish to summarily dismiss Scientology as a powerful and workable technology (with the power to harm or heal). Foolish indeed.

  38. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    haha! Still on with the typos. Logging off for that coffee now!

  39. Felicitas Foster

    When I saw and heard course completions of LOC I had my doubst on the results and always thought it was due to bad translations. 🙂

  40. I too was a part of the original KTL/LOC Delivery team and it remains one of the most useful things I did while “in.”

    I remember being “asked” to “correct” my Hat in Life and flatly refusing to touch it as it was working quite well, thank you. I explained that I was pursuing it and yes, it covered my current staff post thank you very much. I wasn’t asked again.

    But many were coerced into altering what they’d first come up with – with some tragic results. One died not too long after being made to be a “mum” instead of an “artist.” She was one of the most amazingly creative people I’ve ever met, and died in her thirties of something totally treatable.

    I heard the “problem being solved” was that SO members who were doing the LOC were realizing that they were “off-purpose” in their lives because they were finding out they really were artists, entrepreneurs, you name it – anything than an SO drone doing meaningless “work” to “get stats up” with absolutely no job satisfaction at all. And were willing to route out of the SO to pursue a goal/dream/”hat in life” that they really wanted to do. So it became mandatory for the “hat” to be the one that was being worn already.

    I wasn’t part of the team when this happened (which is another story in itself) so I didn’t have any input into the insanity – I just kept myself totally away from it thankfully.

  41. Been There

    I did LOC and KTL in 1990 as public. What amazing courses. LOC especially resulted in immense case gain. The hat in life portion, near the end of the course was especially liberating. There were probably 50+ people on the course with me and the atmosphere was electric. I remember hearing the wins as purposes were rehabilitated and correct items self-discovered. Musician, mother, physician, writer, teacher. The list was varied and highly individual. I remember thinking that only a few people gave FSM or auditor as their hat in life. I could imagine people routing off staff or redirecting their energies toward their new stable datum. At that point I thought LOC would be shut down in pretty short order because the radical CofS is all about forcing you into an “acceptable” valence and “poet” and the like does not fill the bill.

    In fact one of my reasons for disconnecting from the radical CofS was after all the work and expense of shedding unwanted, enforced and reactive valences and trying to get back to native state I was being forced into the only valence acceptable to the RCS. What a narrow, dynamic-denying valence that is; blind, deaf, dumb, a slave. Compare and contrast that to the incredible lightness of being on the LOC.

  42. Path of Buddha

    Excellent quotation and very accurate.
    I think Miscavige never really understands
    because to a certain degree he is
    still a ‘teenager’. Trying to comprehend the adolescent
    mind was one of my great challenges during
    early family years.
    I read everything I could find on the subject including
    ‘brain analysis’ and so on.
    When you talk about Miscavige in this context,
    he is caught in the endless path of the undeveloped
    mind. Something is preventing him from breaking
    through to adulthood.
    You have posted a direct hit into the core
    of Miscavige’s issues.

    May all minds be well and happy!

    George M. White

  43. Whose government
    is subdued and unobtrusive,
    whose people will be
    simple and sincere;
    whose government
    is strict and severe
    whose people
    will be devious and deceitful.

    Who would know one’s limits,
    if one had no criteria?
    Criteria, once amiss,
    may affect chaos,
    goodness, once perverted,
    may affect ominous things;
    men’s quandary,
    it’s daily more
    persevering and persistent!

    Therefore – wise men are:
    outspoken, yet without offending,
    pointed, yet without piercing,
    on purpose, yet not tactless,
    brilliant, yet without blinding.
    from the “Tao Te Ching”

    DM is removing the wisdom of Scientology from church’s services.
    Reversing the workability of processing.

    He is the Lord of Anti-KSW.

    Something wrong with this guys help button.

  44. I’m so glad you posted this, Marty. I actually found the meaning to life through my poetry. Writing has been very therapeutic for me. I’d like to e-mail this to you later today. It helped unravel the crap I call LOC.

    Leave it to DM to take a wonderful course like LOC and butcher it to all hell. Thank God he didn’t do the same to KTL. That course was pure bliss!

  45. Under Radar


    On the last clay demo of LOC I I had zero theta left and felt more solid than the clay I was working with.
    I red tagged and in Review was indicated that the hat was the wrong item for me. We left it at that. (The C/S on the Freewinds obviously didn’t know what to do…)
    Shows you the power of the tech. even if it’s done the other way round, reversed, Miscavige’s way.
    The hat I had to do the LOC on was the job I had taken up to pay the off-policy prices for all the sec. checks up the bridge.

  46. There was a time when I had been hoping to do KTL/LOC but the more stories I read, the more I think perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing that I never got to do them while in the church.

    In the wake of the ’96 evolution I was arbitrarily put onto a post not of my choosing and which I hated, in order to satisfy that part of the GAT program. Whoever was running the program at Flag basically went over the heads of my own org, and I had zero input in the matter. I tried everything to get transferred, replaced, you name it, and just ended up getting very sick. Ethics handlings only served to increase my certainty that I shouldn’t have been transferred off my original post and trained for one I didn’t want. So I have some reality on the massive bpc this whole “your hat is your current post” thing must have caused.

    I have a question. What happens if the person realizes they don’t have “a” hat in life, but many? Are LOC student supposed to pick only one, or is there scope built into the course to service genuine polymaths?

  47. martyrathbun09

    He was working on that when I left.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Yes – the undeveloped mind – covered very nicely in Ken Wilbur’s A Brief History of Everything.”

  49. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for that real life example of the effect.

  50. martyrathbun09

    Well, as Mosey always reminds me, never invalidate your knowingness.

  51. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, think about it, both stemmed from an LRH eval which he titled “World Out of Comm.” The people of earth being out of comm with one another was the situation he sought to address.

  52. martyrathbun09

    My own guess is that in 1989 David Misavige had just established 100%, unquestioned control of Scientology International, and the KTL/LOC travesty was just one of hundreds of uninformed arbitraries he began to force down the throats of management and out to the orgs.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Management of Scientology officially sunk below 2.0 on the tone scale and has been heading further toward succumb ever since.

  54. martyrathbun09

    My advice is to ditch the Class VIIIs, read Frankl and sort it out for yourself.

  55. martyrathbun09

    Who cares about their solidity project? The tech is out there digitally.

  56. Talking about arbitraries; In foreign country, where english is not spoken, you could do the LOC without having previously done the KTL course (wich was a prerequisit for the LOC). Nowadays those courses are hardly spoken of. They are available, if are, only in Advanced Orgs.

  57. martyrathbun09

    What a story. Thanks Karry.

  58. Freedom Fighter,
    At the risk of evaluating, try ending off on saying how screwed up you are. That can act as a postulate that rides along with you. Decide you’re okay. Put your attention on the positive aspects of yourself and your life; I bet there are a lot. You might find things start to change in a really good way.

  59. Personally, I loved the courses…but, administratively, it was implemented in a way that completely screwed the Orgs and was a nightmare. We had to send the trainees to LA by a certain date, and those chosen had to have certain training requirements to go. So, under the gun of compliance, the trainees were sent without replacements to their posts, and that was considered the right thing to do…”as KTL/LOC IS the answer and will boom the Org!” That was hardship #1. Then, when they returned, they were not allowed to do anything but KTL delivery…i.e. the sup, even if he had one student, could not do anything but sup that one student. So, while we were planning on these folks resuming at least some of the duties that were covered for them while they were gone, that did not happen. The public were all told they now must do this lineup, that it would be worked into their programs as this was now a part of the Bridge for everyone…some did it, and some just wandered off the lines as they did not want to do it. The OTs on lines had to know, in advance,that they would all have to go to AO for the Clay Table Auditing sections, as well as any possible corrections along the way. Needless to say, some of them fell off the delivery lines as they did not want to sign up for that.
    Then, as Marty pointed out in the post…take what products were gotten, and put the icing on the cake to try and screw that up!

  60. Sorry Sam, that sucks.

  61. disinfected

    I did my LOC around 1996. There was no arbitrary as to what your “hat in life” should be. I was public at a Class V org, perhaps it was different for SO staff.


  62. Oh crap, this LOC fiasco contains two of Miscavige’s most favorite mechanisms, the test you can’t pass (giving you a task you can’t do or a question you can never answer) and the hidden data line (he has a special line for data so knows something you don’t). Both are bogus.

    There is nothing in the LOC that isn’t basic LRH tech, very knowable, everything from conditions formulae (basic ethics book) to product clearing (Establishment Officer series in the management volumes) with conditions and exchange by dynamics thrown in as well (again see the Establishment Officer series). But it is very well put together so those tools are used to make a person more productive in life.

    Don’t forget, the term “Life Orientation Course” is a marketing term, not a technical one.There is nothing in the LOC that isn’t simple, basic LRH establishment officer tech.

    And, I can tell you what the LOC isn’t meant to be, it isn’t meant to be some long lost search for something resembling a being’s basic purpose (see Level IV materials, service facsimile references and other works where LRH talks about this). There is no way ANYONE would take up or deal with a being’s purpose or purposes off the meter, no way. Even clearing one’s post purpose was done squarely on the meter (again, see Establishment Officer Series for that reference and also see LRH reference Meter, Use Of).

    Yet Miscavige managed to get some people on a mystical, long lost search, looking for an answer that doesn’t exist because the question (or rather the slant he put on it) is bogus.

  63. Oh, yeah, that too. Minor point! Not.

  64. Ronnie Bell

    I never did KTL as I never had any problems with study or duplication or grammar – it just didn’t indicate to me.

    Same here. I’ve had an above average command of the language since I was a child, and felt no need to do KTL. Given that LOC was chained to the KTL as a package, I passed on that as well.

    As a public person, the biggest outpoint I saw about KTL/LOC, was that they were marketed from a position of mystery. When those courses were first offered, it took me forever to find out what they were even about, although staff friends kept pounding on me to do them. When staff approached me about doing KTL/LOC, they couldn’t answer my most basic questions about them, which caused me to ridge up about it.

    That became one of my early ARC breaks with the organization. I saw it as a huge outpoint that heads were wagging all around me, yet no one could explain to me what the point, purpose, and content of those courses was. Eventually, I was able to understand the content and purposes of KTL/LOC by talking with friends who had done them. Huge flunk on the church’s part.

  65. Don’t worry about the typos, your comm is as succinct and precisely targeted as ever – I fully duplicate it, including your emotion. The destruction, especially the spiritual destruction, wrought by Miscavige is so huge. He will be held to account for all this, of that I have no doubt. And I think it will happen sooner rather than later. Given the widespread dissemination and impact of the Debbie Cook letter and testimony, even those in his inner circle must now have doubts. And regardless of that, he’s got to be wondering WHO around him might be plotting his downfall, WHO among his celebrity flock might be about to jump ship publicly. Just like Hitler in the final months of the war. Pretty much alone, isolated in the bunker, trusting no one, just waiting for the curtain to fall and ethics to be put in.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Me too. As to the marketing, it was very deceptive in that very regard. KTL and LOC were further undercuts – just as Study Tech, Purif, Objectives, you name it for problems with Clearing that LRH noted as widespread in society. To market these like the end all mystery-sandwich is plain fraudulent.

  67. Miscavigeisscaredofsam – I like your term “weaponized Scientology”. I have recently had my Damascus moment of seeing the light, and have been reading up a storm. Whilst I was shocked and amazed at a number of things going on, what made my blood run cold was Scott Campbell’s post on this blog in about September last year when he described how he was a victim of reverse Dianetics. The stories about Biggi Reichert and Lisa McPherson, too. I don’t get the impression that the Lisa McPherson debacle was a deliberate attempt to harm her, but it seems to me that Scott’s story reveals malice aforethought. ( I hope I have it right Scott – correct me if this is wrong). When I read Scott’s blog post I wanted to run out of RCS as fast as I could. And Biggi’s story – although a bit of a mystery – has a number of aspects that make her circumstances look more than a little suspicious. And I think it was Marty who said he figured DM’s physical assault accompanied by verbal insults, was again more application of reverse Dianetics. After Lisa McPherson DM can have no doubt of the power of reverse/black Dianetics. You are so right – it is foolish to dismiss Scientology. And given that it has this power to harm, as you rightly say – it has the power to heal. I believe what is happening now is history in the making. A friend drew my attention to PDC tapes where LRH said ” Did you ever read poor old George Orwell’s uh.. 1984? Yes, yes, that’s wonderful. That would be, could be, the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence”. I believe this has been edited out, but I have not personally checked that – perhaps someone knows and can verify that. And if it is edited out – it can only be to hide the fact of the abuse of Scientology and to not let anyone consider the power of its abuse.

    Many miles away, I will join you in that cup of coffee. At least we don’t need expensive scotch to numb the pain of our existence.

  68. TheWidowDenk

    It might help to step back (or up, or to the side a bit) and look at an embracive hat. In other words, the hat in life that encompasses the many you perceive. I did. When I was later called to “address your hat in life,” I said NO! Rachel

  69. Karry,
    Good on ya for subverting the subverter’s subversion! To Hell with policy, deliver good service!

  70. Keep at it Freedom Fighter. Your name implies strongly that you will.

    It’s in you, just keep plugging away and you will remember.

  71. Hi 7sigma. Probably is good you missed it if it was much after the release…good thing.
    I’m not an LOC supervisor, but what Mr. Frankyl said, “In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible.” would indicate to me. I did LOC before I had any children. I was on staff full time. At that time my hat fit perfectly. Right now, I would have to respond differently…

  72. martyrathbun09

    Good for you.

  73. Excellent points, Haydn.
    Orient: to adjust or align (oneself or something else) according to surroundings or circumstances. All the LRH tech is there to do this.

  74. Miscavige is such a pro at the hidden data line. I can think of a dozen examples as I type, but regarding LOC – I had just completed the course and a few days later, Miscavige asked me what the EP was. I replied that one discovers their true hat in life. “FLUNK! Do you like Clearwater, Florida?” “Yes, Sir….???” “Then I’m not sending you to the Flag RPF, you can go to PAC.” I was supposed to have known that he was researching LOC and that he considered the EP had been wrong all along…

    Once he asked me if my TA goes high in solo auditing on OT VII. I said “Yes, it goes up and then comes back down.” He exclaimed, “It DOES??” as he burst out with a laugh and shook his head. Left me hanging with that. I guess that WOULD be a surprise for him…

  75. Dan, For sure Jeff’s famous DMSMH campaign featuring the “Questions ads” was a huge success and the cause of affluent statistics for about 10 years for Scientology international. Miscavige cut the funding to ZERO $ and ran a smear campaign on Jeff I think in early 1991 claiming vociferously in a briefing to all Int base staff that Jeff “had lied to LRH” — yet the only one lying was David Miscavige. The traffic DM was referring to was recorded in a famous LRH Advice we all knew about and had read many times. We in CMU knew Miscavige was lying, a fact that I quietly confirmed with Jeff at the time, but there was nothing we could do from the inside the prison walls.

    What really happened: David Miscavige couldn’t stand Jeff bringing bringing thousands of people into the Church where they were getting auditing and going up the Bridge. So he torpedoed the campaign and carpet bombed Jeff’s reputation with malevolent falsehoods.

    However, regarding KTL/LOC implementation, there is another gigantic situation I am aware of that no one has actually commented on to date, to my knowledge. I will eventually write an article about it, but I have to dig up the references first.

    As you know, there is a post on the org board called the Staff Section Officer or SSO. Few people know this, but there is a huge body of technology the SSO is supposed to utilize in order to program each staff member for a post. This tech is as integral to the way an org is supposed to function as any other tech.

    The SSO’s job is akin to a C/S in that, based on a metered interview with the staff member, the SSO creatively programs each staff member individually for post in such a way that the staff member will become an expert on his duties and fully able to do all functions.

    The program is called a TIP — a Technical Individual Program. Note LRH specifically took care to add the word “Individual.” He could have just said “Technical Program” but he didn’t — get it?

    That program is NOT, NOT, NOT supposed to be just a robotic “here’s what EVERYONE is supposed to do.” It’s supposed to be INDIVIDUAL specifically written for that unique person and for no one else, taking into account what that individual person knows or doesn’t know, taking into account his skill set, taking into account his abilities.

    KTL/LOC was the beginning of rote, robotic, one-size-fits-all David Miscavige(R) Brand BLANKET TIP’ing for all staff, a major and important Technical Degrade of all the technology LRH developed for the SSO and how that terminal was intended to program a staff member for post.

    I knew about this tech because I got hatted as an SSO while holding the post of Qual I/C for the 110 man PAC RPF in 1990 that had very affluent stats. I was assigned there for spreading the Why for the Int base being “intentional mis-application of ethics tech by senior execs to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation instead of ARC.” In retrospect, I think it was my own misguided (PTS) ex-wife who ratted me out to DM.

    But I was back at Int by the time KTL came out. At that time, my next action was supposed to be completing Method One. Instead the Qual forced me onto KTL. I balked and after a while just refused to go to course and eventually I forced Qual to let me complete Method One despite Miscavige’s tech degrade orders to the contrary.

    Throughout the 1990s this kind of blanket TIP’ing for staff in contravention of the LRH’s specific SSO programming tech got worse and worse. If you recall for many years it was hard to even get on course because everyone had to M-9 the Admin Know How Series or the Esto Series or the PR Series. Or everyone had to stop what they were doing and start on Student Hat. Etc. None of that has anything to do with a “Technical INDIVIDUAL Program.”

    Today I now also know that Miscavige’s patented Technical Degrade TIP’ing was exported to the FSO and everywhere through his network of RTC Rats, I mean Reps.

    Sam put it well when she said that Miscavige’s product is “weaponized Scientology.” Go Sam.

  76. Karry, you were an awesome Sup!! I completely enjoyed the course and your courseroom on the ship. In fact, when I started that course I line charged for hours and to this day when I reflect back I line charge.
    My LOC went A to B. On the other hand, it was complete drama with my twin, as over her shoulder was the East US CO for the the mission network calling the ship every hour to product her for something or another.

  77. Freedom Fighter

    The CL VIIIs aren’t the problem. It’s the spaghetti bowl of out-tech ala David Miscavage that we’re having to unravel. Total Dev-T. Sorry to be so sudden. The scope of the destruction left in this guy’s wake just hits me now and then.

  78. one of those who see, Thank you! Was really a great win for me and my students!

  79. Sam– you are right in a way … but don’t dismiss all modern philosophy … there is so much wisdom in it just like Scn

  80. Class IV Auditor,

    While in the SO it was not always easy to hold your space. All of the cross orders, false conditions, etc. really takes a toll. But, on this, I was unbending. I did the correction just to get back onto post and from their viewpoint, I did what they asked. I just did the right thing instead. LOL!!

  81. Grasshopper,

    Very sorry that you had to go though that. I feel for you.

    When I did the LOC myself and was “told” that it was the post of KTL/LOC Sup. I was devastated. I think that right then and there I made a decision that I’d ensure that my students were able to do it correctly!

  82. Sam,
    I can attest to the unworkability of psychoanalysis. But it is worse than unworkable and expensive. It DOES give wrong items and those screw the case up but good!

  83. Tara,

    Wonderful!! So happy that you really got the product!! Good job!!

    It was such a pleasure delivering LOC. I felt like I really made a difference for my students.

  84. Picanin
    Go to (it’s in German and means ‘the 3rd thousand years’) and go to TechAlterationsList. It is in English. You will see what was taken out. On the upside, it was mentioned on this blog in the last year that that particular PDC tape was available from Bridge without all of that editing out.

  85. iamvalkov,

    The KTL and LOC actually made it onto the Bridge shortly after their release as far as I remember. I know I remember seeing them there near the bottom or on the sides. I found it –

    Despite the Dev-T I actually did just fine. Thank you!!

  86. Dear Marty,

    This is so enlightening. Scince reading your Blog each morning (with coffee)
    So much has gotten better on all Dynamics,huge wins.
    Clarifys events that I was sandbagged with in the Church that were impossible to solve, lots of money down the drain for services never delivered that became dead ends.

    WOW what a relief. Thankyou.

  87. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Amy. Interesting insight.

  88. Freedom Fighter

    What a psycho!

  89. love that; LOC is a marketing term vice technical and in the public domain. Thanks Haydn! (did you see Chelsea’s last game?)

  90. Thanks Greta
    – I had no idea of the magnitude of the changes to the Basic Books…
    Miscavage is a squirrel indeed…

  91. brightfametexan,
    Deliver the product promised. One thing that LOC goes over is “Conditions of Exchange”. I’ve always tried to deliver #4 – Exchange in Abundance.

    I took this off of Steve Halls site:

    “First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the “exchange” condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.

    Second is the condition of partial exchange. The group takes in orders or money for goods and then delivers part of it or a corrupted version of what was ordered. This is called short-changing or “running into debt” in that more and more is owed, in service or goods, by the group.

    The third condition is the exchange known, legally and in business practice, as “fair exchange.” One takes in orders and money and delivers exactly what has been ordered. Most successful businesses and activities work on the basis of “fair exchange.”

    The fourth condition of exchange is not common but could be called exchange in abundance. Here one does not give two for one or free service but gives something more valuable than money was received for. Example: The group has diamonds for sale; an average diamond is ordered; the group delivers a blue-white diamond above average. Also it delivers it promptly and with courtesy.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard –
    HCO PL 10 Sep 82 – Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay

    I think that after doing this course, one (the student) comes up to the realization that the Church of Scientology is delivering mostly the Second condition of Exchange (at best) when they should really be delivering the Fourth. This, might be one of the reasons why the LOC is not really being delivered now. Another possible point was the lack of SO sign ups from LOC completions. But, these are just my opinions.

  92. E.J. Croughs

    Both, a high school drop out, amphetamine fed alcoholic who doesn’t understand any basic Scientology isn’t that smart. Even though many alterations were proposed by well meaning SO members (already written on this blog). First they had to usurp power so then they could reverse the Church into an implant station.

  93. E.J. Croughs


  94. TheWidowDenk

    Steve – Former SSO here. Quite correct – the Technical Individual Program was formulated and implemented for the individual staff member. Remember the statistic QTSM? Wasn’t that fully Qualified and Trained Staff Members? I remember individually programming each staff member against that criteria AND THE TIP HAD TO FN AT THE EXAMINER. Wrong TIP and it wouldn’t FN.

    My personal anecdote happened when the certainty courses came out. The supervisor sat me down and tipped me for the courses I needed to do to get in the chair as a Class VI auditor. I had no choice in the matter whatsoever. I was not sent to the Examiner — which is a huge omitted if one is tipping — but it’s a good thing. I would not have FN’d on the TIP as it wasn’t done for me but was “blanket” tipping for — well, who knows?

  95. Ahh Carol,

    Good to hear from you. Thank you!!!! It was a pleasure having you as a student!

    Totally understand about your twin. I remember it well. They really should not have interfered that way. Usually, on the Freewinds it was a “distraction free” environment that students got through the KTL and LOC in check sheet time with no problem. Not sure how it is now.

    On Facebook, I have a group called “Indie Scientologist”. We have over 200 people there. We can hook up/chat there.


  96. Thanks Greta – I found the English version. Confirmed, as you say. An interesting website that I will study in more detail. I also see that “Science of Survival” was altered quite radically. I thought so!! Unbelievable…… or maybe not!

  97. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Brian – I play with it all and whatever philosophy fits and explains whatever good magic or bad magic there is in the world I take it. Scientology included – I am the firewitch after all 😉

  98. sierramark

    Hi Amy.

    Reading your account reminds me again why I am so happy not to be under this wanker’s control. I believe his hat in life is to bully and introvert.

    The problem is that the clones under him in CMO/RTC go into the same valence and it permeates down the org board.

    As noted in posts above, there is a hidden data line that runs rampant. Instead of having a stable datum of policy or tech, the Church has evolved into how many steps your are removed from Miscavige and how “in the know” you are. That supersedes any tech or policy.

    It’s run like a high school clique.

    It does suck to be Miscavige or to live under his rule.

  99. Great posts – Steve and Marty which raises some questions for me.

    From the WOOC (world out of comm) evaluation, LRH came up with that why and KTL/LOC as steps to handle it. He did the eval to debug auditor training back in ’78 in order to get Superpower delivered. Under DM, the courses weren’t released until the ’90s, incorrectly implemented and with additives incorrectly included.

    The Dear Leader, POB – David Miscavige has shelved that training step as his so called eval done after the fact, came up with “Blind leading the blind” instead for his Golden Ages of Miscavology, but is going to get the Superpower building (and I guess the rundown and auditor training without KTL) open this summer???

    Good luck Dave, It sucks to be David Miscavige.

  100. Awesome, Karry!

  101. TheWidowDenk

    And, now I have made myself chuckle: I got this idea of folks (staff) sitting around trying to figure out how to get the public all shifted over to the certainty courses. “Hey, here’s a policy on tipping. Let’s use this. But, no, we don’t really have to deal with the person in front of us or get an FN at exams. Let’s just ignore those parts of the policy.”

  102. I believe his hat in life is to bully and introvert.
    I think it may be worse than that. When I think of DM’s hat in life, I think it’s more like “to destroy people via controlling them”. Seriously.

  103. No but only because I was on a cross USA flight at that exact moment. Read every review of the game I could get my hands on. Phenomenal performance.

  104. Very well put, Steve!

    You’re totally right on Miscavige being everyone’s SSO and doing these stupid actions he had a bug up his nether regions about.

    I remember one of those as part of the Int Base crew being ordered and having to read a book on Coca Cola’s marketing strategy despite our long production schedule per day, as well as others including “Command Channels” base only confidential course, Omar Garrison’s book etc. which kept me wondering how this information and getting less sleep pertained to getting my products out (which I was getting).

  105. Hi Rachel, Yes, yes, yes — the recipient had to FN at exam so it had better damn well be created to solve his individual needs. That was a key point I forgot to make. A TIP wasn’t something laid out by blanket RTC issue, it was something the SSO was expected to prepare personally with thoughtful consideration. I did it correctly and it worked like gangbusters with staff FNing and VGIs at exams. Today it is thoroughly LOST tech.

  106. Steve,
    I got a huge insight for myself into the SSO function of TIPing staff the other day reading an LRH OODs (Orders of the Day) item from April 22,69. It defines “treason” and the formula:”The excuse that one doesn’t really know enough to note at once and handle outnesses has worn thin. It no longer goes. Failure to know that one is his post title is an act of Treason. ”

    Aside from the dire connotiations of “treason”, the fact remains that if one doesn’t know that he is such and such a beingness, or he isn’t being such and such, then the requisite of “power” – the ability to hold a positin in space is waffly.

    This comes from fundamentals described in the mid 50s and is basic in the Factors, assuming a point of view, and extending points to view and thus create a “universe”.

    “Being” such and such a “post” and so on, is really just a postulate, a consideration that one “is” some beingness. From that point one can create that post/universe and if one is really being that then of course one will up there responsibility and control and knowledge of that and increase their ability to hold a position and generate power.

    LOC and its “hat in life” is such an attempt to get a person being such and such and from there they can go about doing, and bringing into existence the various things that go along with that beingness. Their purposes aligned to some goal and it all goes along pocketa- pocketa, with them actually confronting and handling the random vectors of that area and expanding a sphere of influence.

    TIPing and the SSO function are the same role. They get a person to be able to hold a position and generate power.

    LRH says in this same OODs item; “The effort to force the ship into a one man show with nobody else responsible has been a nice try. I intend that it shall cease.”

    DM is a “one man show”, a direct counter-effort to LRH’s intention, so he undermines anything that will make a person more stable and able to hold a position and generate power with his fellows.

  107. The Tone Level of the group is established at the top. I can imagine a group with a high-toned leadership and boy, that’s a nice image.

    Below 2.0 just don’t fly and that is abundantly clear in today’s CofS under David Miscavige.

  108. Spot on Haydn.

    DM goes sailing off into some sort of squirrel GPM mushing with his mystical bullshit “hidden data line” on LOC. To boot, he forces wrong “items” and hits upon the out-list phenomena to create maximum By Passed Charge.

    Indeed, Esto tech is the simplicity of the cycle.

  109. Path of Buddha

    Thanks for sharing the Miscavige story.
    “as he burst out with a laugh and shook his head. Left me hanging with that.”

    It reminds me of my last interview at Flag in the early 1990’s.
    By that time Miscavige must have been in complete control because
    it was not fun anymore.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  110. In that capsule from Amy is DM’s ‘stock in trade’ – introspection.

    Of course, his TA doesn’t go up. It is merely “up”, and don’t come down, the second half of the equation which IS case gain. What a doink.

  111. Whats really funny is I bought a 1974 version of Self Analysis. Despite being told that there was the “new and updated” version via the Basics the “new” version was actually identical to the 1974 one word for word. Where are the mistakes that they corrected and why was I sold a bill of goods about these new new technically correct books. None of the bull that this church puts out makes sense.

  112. Actually if you watch the Mythbusters episode on a bull in a china shop they miss all the china and are very careful not to touch anything. Jus sayin 🙂

  113. I knew a young fellow, a Sea Org member who had done KTL and then LOC. He found out, on LOC, that his purpose, or hat in life was to be a “Master Disseminator” in Scn. He was going to get his sec checks and go uplines and “be the CO PDC”. This kid, around 18 years old was on purpose, on fire to disseminate and his ethics were in.

    All of a sudden a SWEEPING order came down that the only “hat in life that was allowed was what one was doing at the time of the LOC.” This poor kid was reeled in told his item of “Master Disseminator” was cancelled and then he was FED his item of “Student” because that’s what he was being at the time of the LOC. Well, that was so stupid because anyone doing the LOC would have the hat of “Student” because that’s what they were being.

    Long story short, this kid caved in, routed out of the Sea Org, got into drugs and alcohol and other out-ethics. I begged the C/S to give him HIS item back, but they wouldn’t.

    The same happened all over the planet and folks were caved in and actually left Scn all over the planet because their items were invalidated. Do you think “management” would fix this? No, “managment” had to be right and there is only one person up there who has ser facs this big – DM.

    Davey doesn’t look at the hat of life on the LOC. LOC is a commodity just like everyone else. He doesn’t care who likes this or that. All levels, actions in Scientology are commodities to Dave. He doesn’t think about what “sweeping C/Ses” or “Sweeping orders” do to thetans. Not his problem. They are all commodities and this is just a business to him.

    ML Tom

  114. Hey Carol! Where you been? Glad your LOC went great! Too bad about your twin…she still hasn’t recovered from her PTSness to that BS.

  115. The Oracle

    Trey Lotz can sort it all out for you. That is my promise.

  116. Hey Twin, oh so correct you are. Biggest travesty of all was the bright happy faces of the staff & SO members, who, for that brief moment at the end of LOC when they truly saw themselves and their goals, oh so bright they were – only to have the heavy handed robotism of seniors rip that away and slam their attention into 3rd Dyn objectives only, it really sucked to see that.
    All I ended up telling myself years later after the fiasco of KTL/LOC delivery was that in the presence of suppression one makes mistakes.
    The KTL/LOC are marvelous courses, not to be taken so 3rd Dynamically seriously as they were. Only the lightness of organisation could ever hope to produce and keep the gains available from that technology.
    The orgs if they weren’t already sure went criminal after they destroyed the delivery and integrity of those two courses.

  117. The WOOC eval had some excellent insight and direction on steps to take. KTL and LOC were originally named World out of Comm Course and LOC it’s postgraduate course. Dan should chime in about the trashing of some of the research assistants to LRH. How it got buried for decades and denied to anyone who needed / wanted to get those gains. Such great hope for people to better understand and improve on their basic skills in life. Like Hayden said – ditto.

    Super power building opening – I just wonder where KTL / LOC will fit into that equation. It’s not just all about use of the English language, but you’d be surprised how even extremely veteran and widely trained people still got some nice skills from doing it.

    Don’t forget however it is not all just about the glorified “TECHNOLOGY” It all has to be delivered with full ARC and that reveals the entire breakdown in Scientology as it is today.

    A hateful spiteful and petty DM running the show for soooooo long has led a potentially wonderful self help specialty into the ground and its eventual demise. Lost the spirit, dead.

    New org buildings is furthest from the purpose. What a loon. You get what you push and work for. Buildings? That is their only claim these days and a bunch of false hype. It’s a crying shame.

    Best to all.
    Researcher and Delivery Guy

  118. Mwahahahhaha, his TA only goes UP, straight up!
    What a freak that guy was! Is! Creepy freak.

  119. Tara, you are completely correct on that score!!!!!!! I know I won’t forget it!!!!!! Love you!

  120. Ronnie, you captured and expressed something I felt at the time, too. There I was, doing TRs, trying to figure out where I was at with doing the Bridge when along come these courses, and no-one could really tell me what they were all about. I felt like “Oh,no, now I have to do these before I can get on the Bridge????” It was like the Bridge was being made to recede from me by the “runway” being made longer.

    Now that we have GAT, GAK, and the Basics, I really know what a “long runway” is all about!

  121. karrycampbell

    Ronnie Bell,

    I totally agree that the mystery did not have to be there.

    I think that there are some processes done on KTL that are not found other places. Not sure about this though. Might want to talk to Jim Logan about that. He’ll know.

    Hope that any ARC breaks that you’ve had are now cleaned up. Sure does help. I went in session for the first time in 18 years a few weeks ago. LFBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charge was blowing off of me for a few days it seemed. Thanks Trey Lotz!!

    The LOC was special to me. It helped people really find what they really and truly wanted to do with their lives. If you are happy with what you are doing then maybe it you do not need it.

    Wishing you the best.

  122. retiredfromthechurch

    Primary RD(when released)? What a crock of #@&^%!
    I did mine in 1975.

  123. The Oracle

    This infuriates me. How wrong does it have to get? David in his POlice valence. I am disgusted with the Church police. Hubbard said police cause crime. Yet the church mocks them up! Now they are down to tailgating, working to make people have car crashes, and home invasion by the Squirrel Busters. Whipping people for touching their own body! The inval he put on you Amy was straight up evil. And how did that work out for him?

  124. The Oracle

    Heh heh, You and Debbie showed him a thing or two about power!

  125. karrycampbell

    Ronnie Bell,
    I totally agree that there did not have to be any mystery.

    KTL has some processes on it that I do not know if they are anywhere else. I bet Jim Logan would know. I think that they are important.

    Since I did the LOC and was a Sup for it, I really would like everyone to do it. It really helps a being straighten out their life not only on all Dynamics but on their own personal org board as well as their Hat in Life. 😀

    But, you are right, it has to indicate. I’d hate to do the Bridge on a protest.

    Just went into session for the first time in 18 years a few weeks back. I got some great ARC breaks handled. LFBD!!!!!!!!! Thank you Trey Lotz!!!!!!!
    Just thought I’d mention this as stuck attention units are a pain in the BUT!!!

    Wishing you the best!

  126. Great post and a great quotation.

    I did KTL/LOC when they were first released at AOLA. I have strong opinions on both.


    Interestingly my views are almost a reverse polarity from those of KTL. My personal experience with LOC was disastrous.

    Like others here I didn’t buy into the “your hat is your Job” b/s that was proffered, although not pushed very hard at the AO at that time. I decided my hat was something else entirely and pursued that course, on course and after I completed. Oops. It took me 10 years to recover from that disaster. I closed my very successful business to pursue a faster means of generating income in the same field. Crash and Burn. 10 years to regain what I had lost.

    I was also contacted by the AO to come in and get corrected. Later I found out this meant I had to pony up more dough for the correction, that was explained to me to be purely my fault. My response was bullshit. This doesn’t go over well with robots. So I changed my response to one of I will gladly come in and get corrected. And where do I sign the No Charge Invoice? They continued to attempt to get me to “see” that it was my fault that I didn’t do it correctly. My response was that I paid for the course, did it at the church under their supervision, followed their instructions and Checksheet, so if there was something wrong, it was on their end. End of pestering after repeated Tr3ing..

    I will say that LOC, at that time, was a tremendous hatting tool and I did get much out of the course. Where it completely fell of the rails for me was the ‘Hat in life” portion. Satisfying to know it was DM’s meddling that created that dung heap of a product.

    When do I get to give him my personal thanks?


    KTL is an amazing thing to do. If your level of literacy is already high and you feel you suffer not from language then you will get much out of this course. KTL strikes at the very core of how a thetan operates. The apparency is that it handles literacy and small words, fixes up you understanding of grammar etc. This is only the surface. If you look over the Factors, the first few, and consider where understanding of concepts fits into them you will have gleaned the entrance point that KTL addresses for the being.

    The Factors are a summation of our agreements in this universe. Generally speaking each successive Factor is affected by the earlier ones. They are a progression of considerations, a scale of agreements unto themselves.

    Where KTL strikes:

    4. “And the second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points.
    5. Thus there is space created…..
    6. The action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing.
    7. And from the viewpoint to the dimension points there are connection and interchange. Thus new dimension points are made. Thus there is communication.

    8. Thus there is light.
    9. Thus there is energy.
    10. Thus there is life.”

    Introducing some misunderstanding; a misunderstood concept or word or some non comprehension, into some point here, say, at or after 4, causes havoc.

    The agreements that follow are then affected, to some degree, by the non comprehension that was introduced. This is the “Prior Confusion” datum at work in a nuts and blots sort of way. Not that all “Prior Confusions” are Mu’s but the principle is the same. A confusion enters the mix. We know what follows confusions.

    Space, Perceptions, Energy, Life all are affected.

    KTL strikes at that point of non comprehension in a very subtle manner. You level of literacy doesn’t matter, unless it is simply too low for KTL.

    The charge seen blowing off of people, properly on this course, has to be seen to be believed and has to be done to be experienced. I was fortunate when I did it in that there were many on course, 50 + people, so I got to see many differing experiences. People blowing charge they knew not from where, walking around with big grins and bumping into walls. It was great experience to do and witness.

    Another aspect that strikes me about KTL is that it Standardizes the English language. I don’t know if this was intended but it does it none-the-less. Since the Tech was developed in English, standardizing the language for future generations seems necessary if not essential for their ability to comprehend it. Languages change and so do the meanings of words. Having an established standard in the Tech’s developed language seems visionary to me.

    A bit off topic but the quote is right on point.

  127. Its a good point. Whether or not its digital (which can be altered) could anyone actually get to the “preserved tech” anyhow. Whats the point if its sealed and unfindable. When did the project start and did the Basics get done before or after the preservation was done. If before are the wrong files preserved? Is DM really preserving altered tech? How would we know? Oh so many questions!!!

  128. Actually Class V stats started to downtrend in the mid 80’s according to the Captain AOLA at one of our briefings.

  129. Your humble servant

    I hadn’t thought of that. I think it’s a good question. When I first learned that Miscavige had begun altering LRH’s written and spoken recorded words, I began to lose all faith and trust in everything that the Church of Scientology is doing. Even the “basics” were promoted to us as an extraordinary, careful effort to better present what Ron actually thought and said. Turns out that was a complete, despicable lie. The “basics” only represent what David Miscavige wanted to PRESENT, as what Ron wrote and said, not what he really did write and say, concealing the fact that “the basics” contain many alterations in terms of additions and deletions, as well as changes in form and structure, as directed by Miscavige. Thus, I no longer have any confidence at all that what is being presented is what Ron said or wanted to say. As to the preservation project, it has to be a good guess that anything that is being preserved from this point forward will be the Miscavige version only. That he possesses the audacity to destroy all of the earlier work done on the project so that he could substitute his squirrel version in its place can hardly be doubted. The question is, has he actually ordered that done?

  130. karrycampbell

    Thank you!

  131. martyrathbun09

    Sounds about right – about the time that their parasiting off of effectively closed down missions began to run out.

  132. karrycampbell

    Under Radar,
    Facebook me if you can not answer this here. What year did you do your LOC? Who was your Sup? I hope that it was not me. Cringe. Shoulders hunched waiting for your reply.
    ARC, Karry

  133. TheWidowDenk

    Perfect! (although comment addressed to Steve, I caught a peek …)

  134. Tom Gallagher

    POB is THE un-Ron.

    Tom, I’ve met him. He IS an historic sociopath and I’d like to assist putting on his custom-fitted extra small straight jacket. I’m pissed. Fuck David Miscavige. This account has really stirred me up.

    He needs a really severe reality adjustment, Miscavige equals death.

  135. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks, Karry. I don’t have any stuck attention on KTL/LOC. They never indicated as solutions to any problem that I was trying to solve in my universe. I understand that lots of people had wins doing them, and who knows, maybe I’ll one day find a personal need to do them myself. I appreciated you sharing your experiences with them.

  136. Ronnie Bell

    Right on, Valkov. The huge push by the church to get everyone on lines to do those courses seems like it set a pattern for future big money pushes by them.

    The basic, of course, is that you come up with something ‘new’ on the technical line that affects every single Scientologist. You then apply massive pressure down every single line to squeeze money and compliance out of the entire group. Once that’s done, it’s time to roll out the next ‘must do’.

    Round and round and round we go – where it stops, nobody knows.

  137. Ronnie Bell

    To market these like the end all mystery-sandwich is plain fraudulent.

    Yep, but Miscavige had to market them like he did to make them a ‘must do’ for every single Scientologist, regardless of need. I didn’t see the con at the time, but in retrospect, it’s all too visible.

  138. Hi Sam,

    You do very well with or without coffee, very expressive and to the point. Getting coffee is a sub-hat that supports a larger hat. Here’s a translation of Aristotle, relevant to this topic of hats – keep in mind that this was written about 2300 years ago in Ancient Greee, and the translators have a job trying to preserve the meaning in a foreign syntax. It doesn’t read as easily as any old stuff written for current consumption, but 2,000 years from now, I wonder how someone may translate “hats” from Ancient American. This piece is something LRH no doubt read many times over, and is well worth expending a bit of time and thought over.” As a student of Aristotle, and as well as a student of LRH, I am going to be very smart whenever I reluctanctly decide to grow up. – Carcha.

    BOOK 1

    1. Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and every choice, is thought to aim at some good, and for this reason, the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim. But a certain difference is found among ends; some are activities, others are products apart from the activities that produce them. Where there are ends apart from the actions, it is the nature of the products to be better than the activities. Now, as there are many actions, arts, and sciences, their ends also are many; the end of the medical art is health, that of shipbuilding a vessel, that of strategy victory, that of economics wealth. But where such arts fall under a single capacity — as in bridle-making and the other arts concerned with the equipment of horses fall under the art of riding, and this and every military action under strategy, in the same way other arts fall under yet others — in all of these the ends of the master arts are to be preferred to all the subordinate ends; for it is for the sake of the former that the latter are pursued. It makes no difference whether the activities themselves are the ends of the actions, or something else apart from the activities, as in the case of the sciences just mentioned.

  139. Dan is referring to the Int stats, combined Int Scientology GI, etc. Those stats continued to move up for years thanks to Jeff’s Dianetics campaign that was driving people (still most of them were wasted because DM knocked out the most effective routes for new public to come in, i.e., the old Comm Course, and stupidly implemented Dianetics “Seminars” advertised to a public who in the main thought Scientology was a cult = seminars were a complete bomb. Int stats also continued to move up throughout the 80’s thanks to the backlog of Dianetic clears created in the late 1970s, when Missions were still delivering NED. Talk about effective method to that boomed stats, that was it.

    One of the most effective routes ever was Comm Course, to Volunteer Minister Course, to NED Auditor course and co-audit to Clear. Some threw in a 12 1/2 hr Life Repair. Miscavige hated Life Repair and worked overtime to make sure it was outlawed. And he also hated the Comm Course which was the last time raw public ever received TRs the hard way. The VM Course trained people in all the basics of Scientology — much like the old HQS (which was also successful in its time). The VM course was 100 times better than anything Miscavige ever put out: short chapters with essential doingness got people into rest homes to apply ARC; into emergency rooms to deliver assists; it got people doing a Third Party handling; conditions; Exchange by Dynamics; Conditions by Dynamics; and much more. The Scientology Handbook was gutted of all the things that made the VM course effective, and it was absolutely stuffed with asinine, pedantic labels on photos that insulted the intelligence of anyone who ever cracked the book… DM’s “bright idea” to apply KTL principles to the VMH book.

    I was in charge of all the Dianetics Routes for several years — but they could only be the services and unworkable routes that DM approved of.

  140. I was/am a big fan of the chart of human evaluation. I’ve done every section of about 2/3rds of all the columns in clay (SA version). One thing that struck me blind was the thought of how the hell can an organization that purports to deliver abilities at the highest level of the tone scale be at antagonism on the tone scale.

    This was as looked at from the level of class V org staff (late 90’s, early 00’s.) I found being on staff simple; you boot strap your tone level up to at least 4.0, generate enthusiasm with the public, and they want to participate too. This lasts as long as it takes to get hammered and dropped down below 2.0. From what I’ve read, at that time, the higher up you went, the lower the tone level, into some real nasty 1.1.

    And obviously it has dropped considerably from there. The chronic tone level in the SO now is evidently well below body death, at ‘controlling bodies’ or what not.

  141. Doc 'smith'

    Hi Karry, I have always used that scale in my own production ( 4th condition of course) and wanted a source to point people out here to it , so thanks. I knew my hat in life since I read DMSMH was the hat of auditor, though I wore many others over the years, so never had any draw to do the LOC. I was interested in the KTL as it was a pre-req for Super power ( which of course never came out), but wanted to do my auditor training without adding a long course, which KTL was, to the line-up.

    I knew a guys who paid for auditor training, but who was semi-literate, who was told by the reg that he would have to come up with another $6,000.00 for his KTL to handle his study bugs before he could train. He took a huge loss, knew he wouldn’t be able to do that and was ‘booked-off’ by the same reg who wanted the book commissions ( staff pay being dismal). That student left the area and never got what he needed/wanted.

    I hope someone puts a KTL team together in the independent field sometime and makes them affordable as many students could use the help.

  142. That guy is just plain evil, Amy. The classic SP of all time.

  143. I agree with you 1000% on this one Marty. Below 2.0 and still sinking…

  144. I forgot to cite the reference to the above: “The Complete Works of Aristotle”, Volume 2, edited by Jonathan Barnes, Princeton University Press, ISBN-13: 978-0-691-01651-1, 6th printing 1995.

  145. Regarding DM’s “inner circle,” his legal reps and public relations people, does anyone else notice they’re all non-Scientology goons and ex-Mafioso?


  146. The Oracle

    What the f*&k would David Miscavige know about the second dynamic?
    He has deep sixed everyone in his family. He outlawed children and Hubbard had them running around all over the place!
    All of his family except for his father has distanced themselves from him like he is a f&^(*%g Virus! This guy knows NOTHING about the 2D beyond his fascination with Tom Cruise! I noticed he went on the anti masturbation campaign after he was left alone to watch the auditing sessions of Tom’s that he illegally taped! He has some issues with creativity if anyone I know does! WHAT has HE created on the second dynamic except dead bodies?

  147. The Oracle

    My hat in life, in spite of the fact that I have never done LOC, is to bring justice into injustice. I did not need a wad of dough to figure that one out.
    I only needed to care about the guy in front of me. Something David Miscavige is incapable of doing.

  148. Under Radar

    Hi Karry

    I think it was around 92. Lead Sup. was a nice, small italian girl.
    None of her fault, neither yours, in case you were there.
    So, please, uncringe, unhunch your shoulders and relax.

  149. The Oracle

    I am thinking with the “long run”. Obviously something David Miscavige is handicapped at.

  150. This what I think. My story will come later.

    Gathering the seed

    LRH gathered the seed and tilled the field, planted the seed and nourished it with his tech. The field grew and was bountiful; beautiful to our sight.
    David, you stepped in and withered the field not caring to water it.
    David, you have neglected the field. You have held back and adulterated the sustenance of the field.
    David, you have thinned the good seed and cultivated the weeds.
    David, you have over harvested the field. You have reduced the field to a mere island.
    David, at the winnowing you shall reap as you have sown and find yourself left only with the chaff. You will continue to build with this chaff but to no avail, the growing storm will level you. The chaff that you have created will mortally pierce you, as a piece of straw pierces a board in a tornado.
    The re-planting of the seed is growing strong and easily resists you. The new field is joining hands not for money but truth and can‘t be blown down. We are growing, spreading and blooming on truth.
    Out of this field, those that demand the truth and speak out are resilient. They are prospering and the yield of this seed shall elude you and grow to whole new fields unknown to you.
    David you are being tested and are found wanting. Repent and be saved.

    Steve Stuart
    Independent Scientologist

  151. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Thanks. I enjoyed reading that even if it was a two cups of coffee job getting through it this time of the morning 😉

  152. My tip. I use the definition of as-isness as a compass. If it starts to as-is I know I am on the right thing. If it doesn’t, I know there is something wrong. This is sufficiently simple to have helped me and others through incredible mazes. Good luck.

  153. Much obliged to you, Captain bob – thanks for finding this link. (I should have known Marty was on top of this long ago. )

  154. martyrathbun09

    Chauncey Gardener! 🙂

  155. Amazing post, so informative. I had no idea – always thought KTL was just about grammar & basic words. That it “strikes at the very core of how a thetan operates”, involves the Factors – wow! Thanks for a beautifully written explanation.

  156. Great insight into the real definitions of “power” – it includes perception, appreciation, and respect.

    Not quite word for word the same. Subtle but very important changes have been made.
    For example I found the 1982 Self Analysis version, in chapter 9 HOW TO USE THE DISK, page 89 under ‘DIANETIC PROCESSING’ where he talks about ‘Light Processing’ and ‘Deep Processing’ it said: “Auditors have either learned Dianetics after a thorough study of the basic text Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health or they have been trained professionally…”
    The 2007 version on page 91 replaces DMSMH with Science of Survival thereby ALTERING LRH and MISDIRECTING 1000s of book buyers. While Science of Survival is a great book (and -in our quite illiterate system- possibly a better gradient), that is simply NOT what LRH wrote. One learns DIANETCS by studying DMSMH.

  158. karrycampbell

    😀 Was fun!
    Thank you,

  159. karrycampbell

    Was fun!
    Thank you.

  160. karrycampbell

    Doc ‘smith’,

    Good on knowing what you want to do!

    I need to re-do my Hat in Life.

    I know two groups of people trying to put a KTL team together. Contact me on Facebook and I’ll get you hooked up if you are interested.

  161. Well said, Sam. And it’s not just that he has the blood of many on his hands; He has turned the hope of all mankind into a murderous machine: Weaponized Scientology.

  162. I well remember when this nightmare came down, and I personally vowed to never go near the LOC. I have had several different takes on this. The first one was, wasn’t this the technical domain of Post Purpose Clearing? And secondly, right or wrong, I’d always held that duty to forwarding Ron’s tech (Scientology) was just that, a duty, and not necessarily a personal avocation, or, Life Orientation. After all, Scientology is not part of life as we know it, it is the exception which brings us out of…, even the best of what we knew we could be…, without Scientology. So we orient our lives with the goals of Scientology. To me, it was a conundrum. When I signed my SO contract, that was a Life Orientation, was it not? But…, that my LOC goal would be my current post???!!! Well, excuse my emotes, but F_ _ _ You!!!

  163. Bill Straass former Mwchanics Chief Freewinds

    Steve: When the Technical “Individual” Program would not F/N because it was no longer “individual”. I was a mold rammed down the person’s throat they just stopped requiring an exam afterward. That handled it. Similar to the time I went into the examiner in FSO and picked up the cans and originated that I wanted to kill myself and the examiner said “Thank you, your needle is floating”.

  164. david miscavige is someone i am suspicious of myself and certailny time will
    tell much about what he really represents the tech or the cooperate entities.

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