Italian Independents open up Thunder Road

In addition to our other follies, I do a lot of C/Sing from Casablanca.  The most productive team of auditors I C/S for do far more than audit.  Claudio and Renata Lugli audit, train, and recover auditors, all while also contributing to the cause of educating those still under the spell of Corporate Scientology.

Claudio has done a write up to give you an idea of how production has been accelerating down Italy way.  Realize that only a year ago Claudio and Renata had just decided that they would not be denied Scientology by a ego-intoxicated dictator.

Claudio and Renata

 Since we started putting our attention on delivery we immediately pulled in Independents that were in need of help in relationship to the Reverse Scientology received in the “Church” of Miscavige.

The first Auditor that joined the team was Giovanni Bonzani an OT VII Class V Graduate that Renata convinced to start auditing again.

Giovanni heading to Flag back in the day

He is an old timer and has greatly contributed to the expansion of Scientology in Italy and has been a key element for the establishment of the original Novara Org in where he audited several years, staff and public, not as a staff himself but as an OT.

He brought one Independent, Omar Marsiglia from scratch to the State of Clear – He is now auditing regularly on the lower Bridge 5 Pcs.

One of his PCs recently wrote:


Now I am happy and willing to go in session, I am relaxed, and I am interested in the processes, but most of all I am in great ARC with my Auditor, he has my total trust and the sessions just flow as smooth as ever!!!

……. Before I always had my attention on those things that I thought were wrong with me, and had a constant sensation of anxiety and of being overwhelmed and this was causing that I was withdrawing from life.

But now I am finally getting the REAL Scientology and right after the very first sessions I was feeling better and I was seeing that I had the chance of reverting the dwindling spiral.

The first sessions had been amazing; I knew my needle was floating and hearing the auditor saying that, every time, was really a release for me. The auditor’s TRs were natural, not robotic and he was making me feel at easy and I stopped worrying how the session was rolling along, I was just IN session.


Then there is of course Eliana Alaimo. Renata was in comm with her for a few weeks before she declared her Independence and made her feel safe and validated her abilities as an auditor. 


This made it possible for her to get back on OT VII and also to get back on the chair as a Class IX. She is making wonders with her PCs, she has 4 pcs now moving on up a little higher on their  OT IV and NOTs.  Marina, one of her Pre-OT wrote the following:


In today’s session I handled several areas, but at one point my back became straight, I felt taller and mental masses were blown … gone forever!!!!!

At session end was fantastic hearing my auditor saying” Your TA is Floating! End of Session!”

Marina Rubino

And Umberto another PC of hers says:

For almost 15 years, at least one time every week and sometime two I was getting strong headaches, it became a chronic somatic but I was used to live with it

About a month ago I did one session with a Class IX and handling an item on a list I had the feeling that I did handled that somatic.

But I did not want to fool myself and I kept this win for myself…. But today I thought “In the last 15 years it never happened to be without a headache, so what am I waiting for???  Its GONE.


And last but not least we have the ACCADEMIA8008, me, Renata and some other Independents decided to create a safe island for moving people up the bridge to total freedom.

In the Accademia8008 we audited several Pcs and Pre-OT.

Isabella Marziani: Life Repair on ARC SW

Luca Servalli: ARC SW and on Grade 0

Ifigenia: Repair of Reverse Scientology and ATTESTED TO THE STATE OF CLEAR

Giovanni Servalli: Repair and back on NED for OTs

Giovanna Ongaro: Repair and Attested to NOTs COMPLETION

Francesco Gavardini: REPAIR PROGRAM

Davide &Golia: On NOTs

Emma: On NOTs

Barbara Salvini: Life Repair- ARC SW- Grado 0 – now on Grade 1

Nella Dell’Aquila: Life Repair – OT Prerations and Set Ups

 This is for the processing side and on Training we have:


Nella Dell’Aquila: On Solo Course Part 1

Isabella Marziani: PTS SP Course

Luca Sevalli: On Student Hat

Giovanni Servalli: On Solo Course Part 1

Giovanna Ongaro: On Solo Course Part 1

Omar Marsiglia: On Student Hat

Ivan Marsiglia: Completed BSM

Bea: Ups and Down in Life and on Personal Integrity

Emma: On the Class IX Course

Ifgenia wrote this win that I like to share: 

I have not yet realized fully what happened!!!!


There is a huge difference in the environment you find yourself in.

You can be in a place where every person is there with the intention to get you free or you are in a place where the only goal is to get your money.

If you are in the right place it is not difficult to reach your  goals because everything aligns in the right direction.

I feel a great peace, inside I feel great calmness and tranquility.

I was audited with care and gentleness

My auditor took great responsibility for my case and his interest was not monitored by statistics but only by help.

Thanks to all the staff at Accademia8008.

Thanks for what you do, for the dedication you put into it.

Nobody is forcing you to do what you are doing, but you do it with passion and competence, continuing to study and taking responsibility.

Of course thanks to Ron.

I wish to all the Scientologist to be able to reach the peace that I found.


We have a Blog:

and there we share the wins that are achieved by the students, Pcs and Pre-OT gravitating around the Accademia8008.

We are a small team, but we are determined and growing, we are using Scientology to help raise to greater heights, we have no agenda besides that.

We adhere to standard tech, we have great respect for the works of L. Ron Hubbard and we use is legacy – there is no interest on altering it or finding or trying any substitutes . We had enough in the “church” of David Miscavige.

Your help in making this possible has been crucial.

Thank you for being there for us!

Claudio & Renata

And everybody here at Accademia8008

Oh yeah, you might be wondering about the reference to Thunder Road.  It is our inside code taken from the lyric of the Springsteen song of that title, “it’s a town full of losers and I’m pulling out of here to win.”   The song captures the spirit of recognizing Corporate Scientology is nothing but a dusty street of broken dreams, and that the remedy for that  is – even if you’re thinking you are getting old – to trade in your wings for some wheels and follow your heart down Thunder Road. 

This one:

And guess what, if you got it you don’t forget how to do it 27 years later:

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  1. Congratulations Claudio and Renata for realizing your dreams. Success and good wishes to you, your staff and independents, always.

  2. Wonderful news from Italy!

  3. Alex Castillo

    I guess the Old Man Ron wasn’t wrong after all eh? :))


  4. Claudio & Renata:


    THIS is what its REALLY all about. Declares, disconnection, fair game, gag orders, court cases, Idle orgs, POB — they are all a sideshow. The main event is right in Accademia8008. Congratulations.

  5. Wonderful to hear about such great wins with Scientology!

  6. Bravissimo!!

  7. yvonneschick

    The true spirit of Scientology lives on. Thank you, Claudio and Renata.

  8. Fantastic news Renata and Claudio! Very very well done and thank you very much for serving the Independent Field!

  9. It is really good to hear this good news. I like Italy. It’s a bit less uptight than the USA, and the spaghetti is better, coffee has always been Gaggia, and you can still whistle at girls without getting slapped with a sexual harrassment lawsuit. They’ve got a pretty decent football team, too. Go Italy! Ciao.

  10. Claudio and Renata, Very proud to be a part of the group goals and purposes that are yours! Thank YOU!!!!!

    “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

    Leonardo da Vinci

  11. Cured Robot Betsy

    Yea baby, this is definitely a blow against the suppression DM has tried so hard to insure but you guys are definitely showing who’s boss and that’s LRH and those who choose to follow him instead of that SP David M’s squirrel B/S. The wins your PC’s are having are similar to mine in that the gains come so much easier and smoother without the suppression hanging over your head, it opens so many doors…its amazing. Congrats to you fantastic Italians…I miss your food (been to Italy 4x, love that country). Flourisheeso!!! haha my attempt at an Italian accent.

  12. One common denominator of the RCS is ‘STOP’. Their whole communication system is based on control of anothers thoughts and communication – a complete travesty of TRs.
    Claudio & Renata, fantastic to see the growth of Scientology in such capable hands. We’ll get it all sorted out one PC at a time.

  13. Looks like Renaissance Version 2 is kicking off in the same location Version 1 did. Extremely Well Done guys….this is why!

  14. ‘When you diverge from a constructive purpose to ‘stop attacks’, the purpose has been abandoned. You get a stop.’ …. ‘There
    is a law about this – all you have to do to restore life and action
    is to rekindle the failed purpose. The stops will at once blow.’…..

  15. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Claudio and Renata,
    You are amazing 🙂
    That’s all I’ve got to say xxx

  16. Thank you Marty for sharing more news about people getting gains in the Independent field of Scientology. Wonderful to hear! May this continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

  17. Tom Gallagher

    In a word: Bellissimo!

  18. From above———

    “The first sessions had been amazing; I knew my needle was floating and hearing the auditor saying that, every time, was really a release for me. The auditor’s TRs were natural, not robotic and he was making me feel at easy and I stopped worrying how the session was rolling along, I was just IN session.”

    There’s that F/N again. How hard to get in the COS under the rules of DM vs the real tech. PC’s have “learned” to get a F/N at the examiners in the COS-DM as opposed to just having one.

  19. Wow! Huge congratulations, Claudio & Renata! That’s what it’s really all about!

  20. Bella. Questo è ciò che voglio sentire!
    Beautiful. This is what I wanna hear!

  21. “PC’s have “learned” to get a F/N at the examiners in the COS-DM as opposed to just having one.”

    And how have auditors under the training of GAT “learned” how to get an F/N at examiners. this is how, at EOS, make your PC go eat something. This will get his havingness up on the BODY, make him eat, get some vit’s, walk around the block. Is auditing for the BODY or for the BEING.

    All false tech. But people, pc’s go along with it, they just want to help the “cause”.

  22. And the PC and the auditor are hoping for that 3 swings at examiner. But, guess what, most new and a lot of current members do not know about the 3 swings. They just wonder why the examiner takes so long to announce an F/N when you as a pc just told the examiner you had a great session. And if no 3 swings, why red tag. Off you go for a repair session. More money, more worries, wrong indications, etc.

  23. Congrats to Claudio, Renata and team Accademia8008!!! You guys ROCK! Much Love, Mariella

  24. The same old LDW

    Honest delivery with high ARC and an ever increasing level of competence is what will effect a positive change in the individual, the group and mankind.

    Thank you so much for delivering, Claudio and Renata, and for talking about it.

    Thanks for posting this Marty.


  25. Ziba Feulner

    Nice job in Italy, guys! It seems that David Miscavige is not successful in stopping people on their “Way on up a little higher.” 🙂

  26. sweep.

  27. What Mr. Rinder said. Indeed fantastico aggiornamento (updates)… beautiful wins to hear & keep on keeping it going !!

  28. Thank you, Claudio, Renata and all the guys at Accademia8008 for keeping scientology working!

  29. Bruce Springsteen is awesome. Gratz to y’all for blazing the trail outta the church of scientology to freedom and props for keeping the pass open for others.

  30. when I did purif, i got the EP. When I did ARCSW I got it. when I did GR 0, I got it. Nobody can take that away from me. Nobody.

    My ability to communicate via words on a page. That I need improvement, that is grammer which I lack proper training. I know I ain’t a writer. But I am willing to communicate what I know and what I do not know. And there is lot’s I’m learning by communicating here and reading the links I have posted. So I communicate. And nobody is my boss, I am self determined. I can determine my future. So I thanks Martys for this site.

  31. Mike, I know I promised myself I would not PARK my rump on Marty’s blog and read everything every day and try to come up with intelligent comments, but this blog is like a ray of sunshine at times. Truth, communication, OT’s auditors, plain Clears, discussing life, the world around them or other things. It is just a relief to some people {like me} to communicate somewhere on the web and be UNDERSTOOD actually and be talking about something of vital imporatance to Mankind. I wish I give you all a big hug. If I can find the time and the money I will try to come to the Independents Day party this year. 🙂

  32. wow! This is great news of production!!! Is time that a New Independent Church of Scientology open. That will be the solution for any attack, you can speak free and prices way down so every body can have the same wins. Well done Claudio & Renata!

  33. Tony Dephillips

    After spending three weeks in Italy I can much better duplicate what Claudio and Renata are doing. The Italians are a special group and who knows, maybe Rome will conquer the world with theta someday.
    Bravo Claudio and Renata! !

  34. Claudio and Renata,
    “Bravo and magnifico”

    Delivery is the best news for Indies… it is what is missing from Scientology Inc. : they do not deliver the tech.

    You are doing what LRH asked us to do: deliver the tech, not build buildings as a monuments to the POB (Pope on a Box) AKA David Miscavige.

    VWD to all of you!!!

  35. I LOVE that photo of Giovanni… It’s like, “screw everything, I’m gonna RELAX!”

    And a big hug to the Luglis – that’s Scientology the way it’s supposed to be. No restim from all the “enemies” ol’ Slappy keeps telling us about, just a happy productive environment. Makes me happy just thinking about it.

  36. Goodismo try too 🙂

  37. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    “You can be in a place where every person is there with the intention to get you free, or you are in a place where the only goal is to get your money.”

    Very well said!!!
    I truly admire you, Claudio and Renata!
    Reading about you is very encouraging!

  38. This is what I am talking about! Very well done, guys!

  39. poetlaureate2012

    Yes, I am happy to repost the proper, version of “The Sparrows Song” for you. Thank you for requesting it. And yes, it was written when the Debbie Cook court case here in the USA concluded.

    (A poem commemorating Debbie Cook vs. COS)

    The flock morns the sparrow lost
    Come the chaos of battle
    The tyrant quick to hurry death
    Come on gilded saddle

    The fallen friend, the broken wing
    One less guardian to stand
    Tall against the depraved foe
    Come creeping sins in hand

    But then a cry, sweet sparrows’ cry:
    “Come! flock and friend on high
    We are more than wing and claw
    We are The Souls of Duty bound
    To the truth – we do not die!”

    4 -23 -2012
    Poet Laureate

  40. one of those who see

    Just had a day of Scientology with old friends. A couple that may be “declared.” Who knows these days. Who cares. Great conversation, sharing data, great insights. Then home to these great wins from Italy. My heart is full. Viva Italia!!! Well done!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Simply Revolting


  42. Yes! THIS is how we are going to actually clear the planet!

    Claudio, Renata, and the Italians are so amazing and on-purpose!

    Marty said yesterday that “the toothpaste is out of the tube” (with regards to Debbie Cook’s court testimony).
    Yes, the toothpaste is out of the tube … oh, so many ways………

    Hey, and here’s an idea for us Americanos….Let’s start a prairie fire of co-auditing!

    One of these years, the COS will have no choice: They will just have to acknowledge that we are the real winners of Ron’s Birthday Game.
    Not that we would notice. 🙂

  43. Marty,
    Just wanted you to know that when I posted my comment, it showed up IMMEDIATELY on the site with the message, “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. Just wanted you to know that it was not moderated, unless you or Mosey are doing the moderation thing in nano-seconds.

  44. Captain Bob,
    I got everything you wrote loud and clear. No problem. Just keep writing!

    Regarding grammar, if you can get ahold of one of those “childrens” grammar books that the COS put out as a spin-off from the Key to Life Course, they are pretty good and you can do them by yourself. Years ago there was an LRH checksheet called the Basic Grammar Checksheet Course. Maybe it will surface again soon.

  45. Theo sismanides

    Renata and Claudio,
    As you may know I have been back to Greece after leaving the SO for 12 years now.

    I have never ceased to talk to friends, clients or anybody about Scientology almost daily while doing my advertising job.

    We got twice an auditor here to come and audit people and moved a bit up the Bridge.

    I have people who are interested in Scientology and we now have a 23 year old man who is very bright and wants to train. He found out about Scientology from the Internet.

    The other day i got a call from a church member who is in doubt and wants to find out about the FZ. She didnt know about the Truth R/d and i gave her Marty’s blog.

    We being next to each other share a lot together. I am so happy that Italy is doing so good and i am not ashamed to say that Greece is in need of a helping hand.

    If we can train 2 or 3 auditors…. There is one hot prosppect who is really bright. All is needed is to hook up with a Techie who is going to take responsibility for his training.

    We are living again the days of the starting of broad dissemination of Scientology.

    This is a new cycle as we gave a That’s It to the old church cycle.

    I am so excited and happy. I will write to you personally, too. My email is

  46. Hey David,

    Hey, you know right after I left you started that “amnesty” routine? I wrote to you and told you that you were not in a position to forgive me for anything, and assigned you a condition of treason? That was in November 1993. It is April of 2012. In a few more months here it will have been 20 years! That is one serious comm lag!

    Hey David, it looks like I over estimated you. Treason was a little high.

    Sorry for the wrong indication.

    That Girl.

  47. Grazie Lizabeth!
    Yes it will be always.

  48. Yes Alex,
    He wasn’t …. he wasn’t!
    Follow his advices and…

  49. Thank you Mike,
    You are right – This is what is important, POB slideshow are not interesting anymore ……
    WE (meaning the INDEPENDENTs) are the MAIN EVENT.
    No doubts about it.
    And POB and his ass-kisser are not even aware of what expect them ’round the corner…….
    Many others are “pulling out of there to win” …. it will be a very “surprising” year for him.

  50. Grazie Laura!
    We are the European Texans…

  51. Grazie Yvonne,
    it lives in you too, and in a very big way!

  52. Pretty decent football team ?!??!??!!!!???!!!!???!!!!!
    We disagree on adjectives!
    Thank you Carcham you catch the italian spirit.

  53. Yes Scott,
    that’s the watchword.

  54. Oracle,
    you really represent your name.
    Great Leanardo.
    We must do!

  55. Grazie Betsy,
    The wins are what we want.
    No more suppression.
    We are here to get people OUT of it, not INTO it!
    Someone has it in Reverse… guess who!

  56. Very correct, one PC at the time.
    INDIVIDUALs are important.

  57. Grazie Tom,
    glad you see it in the correct way.
    It is a renaissance.
    Probably THE renaissance we have been waiting for too long.

  58. Thank you Sam!
    You are amazing and STRONG.
    You have inspired us a lot.
    You are always there ready for the fight!

  59. There is a special place in where Miscavige can put the broom he uses to sweep……

  60. Grazie Ronnie!
    You are right 100%.

  61. Great News from Italy

  62. Magnifico!

  63. Grazie Mariella!

  64. Les
    you were an inspiration for us.
    Thank you for being there!

  65. Nope!
    We are definitly moving on up!
    David Miscavige has lost.

  66. Grazie Poet13c
    KSW is the key.

  67. The pass is open .. no is wide open!

  68. Grazie cf33,
    it is already open … in reality.
    No need for tags. We are what we are.

  69. Grazie Tony,
    We like the “conquer of the world with THETA”!!!!!
    Italy is the perfect place for spreading it.

  70. Grazie Robert,
    Yes, we do not need no stinking buildings.
    That activity belongs to real estate agency.
    Also we are too full of empty churches here … magnificent, but empty since long, long time.
    They also lost the meaning of their real message.
    We do not need to duplicate their mistakes.
    And to be honest I would prefered those churches from the sterilized, non aestetic version of the DM ones.
    Plus in Italy we got one Pope too much already here…..

  71. When you are on the church and you are OTVII or VIII you are suffering from no auditing. Impossible to have a session without to fly to bloody Florida! To pay a fortune, and to be checked on your loyalty to DM, and then getting overrun, waiting the meter to play dixie.
    If you need just an assist, it’s fine, but let’s say you want your ruds in, an LIC, no way… it’s enough! I have a meter, and I rather squirrel myself, than wait forever. Enough is enough! Enough of this can’t have on auditing self or others! Enough of this small DM… Enough.
    Scientology is meant to be applied, any shitty, squirrely session will anyway be better than a formal DM session, with half an hour of checking if the room is ok, heater, blanket, tighy cloth, up to total out of sessioness, with a sanctimonious auditor… When sovietisme meet scientology you get the church of Miscavology.
    I will just grab my meter and do a fucking LIC to BPC blown!

  72. Claudio and Renata, what a wonderful report. Congratulations.

  73. Yes Slappydave,
    Miscavige can keep is fights going, we have other “priorities”
    A big hug to you too!

  74. Grazie Dizzy Mizz Lizzy … a good name for a song!

  75. Yes Michael.
    Thank you for your help with the translations…..

  76. Beautifull!
    You are a Poet, with a Capital P

  77. Grazie!
    The right attitude is: “WHO CARES!”
    He wants everyone inside the “pen” … caring and worrying.

  78. Yes the only one that will Clear the Planet are the auditor.
    An Co-Audits are just fantastic.
    Nothing can stop that! And the fun is assured.

  79. This is awesome – what you are doing. Keep on! It was a delight to read the wins. Thank you!

  80. Grazie Theo,
    yes we did follow your comments on the Blog and we know you are there HOLDING THE FORTH in Greece.
    Greece has been the home of culture and philisophy and it deserves to be rehabed for that.
    It all starts with someone auditing someone else.
    No problem for that and giving an hand to Greece!
    I will write you to co-oordinate on that.

  81. Ohhhhhh yes!
    And more to come!

  82. Lawrence – My feelings exactly

  83. Grazie Cowboy Poet,
    we love your poetry!

  84. Grazie Pat,
    yes – people are winning here. Expanding there anchor points, and we needed to make that known, LRH legacy IS available.

  85. TheWidowDenk

    Incredible products by all concerned! Thanks for sharing. An earlier commenter used the word “renaissance.” LIKE! Rachel

  86. 🙂

  87. OUCH!! Oracle I’m not David and damn glad I’m not right now. LOL

  88. Marty – simply awesome and inspiring, Thanks for posting, Always great to read the wins.

  89. Grazie Rachel,
    is a Renaissance of which you are part of.
    A very important one!

  90. Dear Renate and Claudia Lugli .
    Yr success is great I am so pleased italy is moving indepts.
    Its had a lot of activity in early days any Many of which were routed from italy too take services at aoshdk due to italain auditor/s there.
    May be you know some one called Martin Garcia spanish but was in
    Italy and married a girl called renate . they were last in Milano./
    Or Thomas Bucher . Martin and Thomas were Div 6 representivies from AOSHDK based in Italy.
    Joni Van Hoeke italian a auditor at AOSHDK was lead auditor for italians. for those wanting services in italain, Her husband is Bertie Van Hoeke dutch but spoke french /Italian German /English / flemish/Swiss deutch
    Another one of intrest and knew many many italians was Silanni Mori based in Milano or just out side. She was the top FSM and responsilble for many moving up the bridge to AOSHDK and Flag and the other one was Maurizo Pizzocolo. ( He lives in Switerland )
    Antonia de francia he was at flag its unclear if he remains there
    His ex wife remains there. Anette de Francia. they had a few children
    two aren’t in the sea Org / one remains in the Florida area/


  91. Ron loving of course I worked with him whilst he was in italy That name I ahd forgot to mention in the earlier post.

  92. Let me add my voice to a beautiful chorus of praise for this most recent report. As others have stated, this is really more important than just about anything else going on.

    Thank-you Claudio and Renata for all of your efforts on behalf of us all.
    Congratulations and please continue!

    Vic K.

  93. Wonderful news. Yes, a true application of the technology for nothing but to help others. Such grace, so honorable – I applaud what you do. Not just in Italy but ALL of those who audit and train with the tech, unaltered, and with only the good intentions for the wins of the pc and not with the main goal of mest, money, etc. Theta goals for the action of releasing and rehab of more theta. That is what the main game is. That game we will win as it is along the road of truth. Let the sun shine for all!

  94. E.. that is the way it works. You see the awaiting moderation comment but nobody else can see your posting until the moderator passes it on. It is the wordpress way of letting you know your comment has been received and awaiting the moderator to allow the rest of us to see it. Hope that helps.

  95. I love these wins, REAL STATS, REAL SCN.
    This is what it’s all about and what I know I signed up for back in the 70’s!
    Now I really want to visit Italy! Always loved the Italians and their spirit, guts, team work, and aesthetics in EVERYTHING they do!
    Thank you so much for what you are doing and sharing it all here for all to read!

  96. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Thanks to you all for the incredible news from Italy. Forza Italia!

    And thank you for invoking Bruce, Marty, and one of the great all time rock and roll songs, if not the most inspiring of hope and spiritual vitality. You made a Jersey Girl’s day.

  97. Ciao Claudio and Renata – your story appears this weekend like a rainbow after the storm, reminding us how beautiful life can be. It is such havingness to see the islands of sanity appearing far and wide. Congratulations! And may you prosper and flourish – even more. (By the way, I saw the pictures on your blog and just love the paintings on the ceilings. Beautiful!)

  98. Claudio, Renata and everyone else in Italy that is doing something about it, you have my admiration and gratitude. You are indeed real Scientologists.

  99. Hadley,
    most of them we knew pwersonally.
    My fondest memories are with Ron Loving.
    I was his Deputy when he came in Italy after our “mutiny” (we trew the CO out of the org!) – and he was – is a great OT.

  100. Grazie Vic,
    we love your nick name…..

  101. We agree with you SA, especially when you write:
    Not just in Italy but ALL of those who audit and train with the tech, unaltered, and with only the good intentions for the wins of the pc and not with the main goal of mest, money, etc.

    And yes the sun has to shine for all, we CAN make it shine, so WHY not do it!!!!

  102. Ciao Jersey Girl,
    Marty choosed the Perfect song.
    There is no winning in Miscavige town:
    “it’s a town full of losers and I’m pulling out of here to win.”
    And we did pull out of there and we are WINNING

  103. Grazie Picanin,
    life CAN be beautiful and we do beleive that LRH left his legacy to enable us to make it as beautifull as we can.
    Yes the painting on the ceiling are part of the beauty … why not!

  104. Capt. Bob,
    I did the LRH Grammar Course at Saint Hill.Yes, a checksheet exists.

  105. Absolutely wonderful Claudio and Renata 🙂
    Islands of life operating all over the place. Unrestrained and spreading.

  106. Oracle,

    You always have said and done what you feel is right, and I think your instincts were right on at the time. If David Miscavige had correctly applied the Condition Handling for the Condition of Treason, Miscavige and the C of S would not now be in the condition of confusion

    “The Condition of Treason

    Treason is defined as betrayal after trust.

    It will be found, gruesomely enough, that a person who accepts a post or position and then doesn’t function as it, will inevitably upset or destroy some portion of an organization.

    By not knowing that he is the __________ (post name), he is committing treason in fact.

    The results of this can be found in history. A failure to be what one has the post or position name of will result in a betrayal of the functions and purposes of a group.

    The formula for the Condition of Treason is:

    Find out that you are.” – LRH

    You did give a correct indication, Oracle. Too bad he did not heed it.

  107. Bellissimo!
    I would swear to the truth of the European Texans under oath or not!

  108. These kinds of posts are so very encouraging, they show the job can be done and is getting done and compels some of us to do likewise.

    Expansion. Maybe we can have a game here, where the game is to create a group, and/or expand a group. The winner at the end of LRH’s birthday gets a free emeter, or a set of tech vols, pt a free fare to the anual Indy gathering, whatever they want. We could all chip in few bucks into a fund, and use that fund to get the prize. .


  109. Opps … pt = or in the above post.

  110. Thank you for replying Yes I know that you were there and I know you I was running Tours Org at the time in EU whilst Guillaume was CO Folo EU .I knew you in italy /Ron Loving a great guy/Wonder what any one of those I mention are doing / especially where Ron Loving is Maurizzio would be someone worth looking to see he is a very very nice guy/I have little com with him They invited me to switerland /

  111. I am an Italian at heart. 🙂

  112. Luis,
    are you aware that your “Letter” has been a MAJOR factor for the creation of Independents here in Italy?
    I’m telling you a lot that you see here is also thanks to your courage.
    Our admiration goes back to you.

  113. Yes Jim!
    Grazie, you found the right words: Unrestrained and spreading.
    Sorry for DM we are not straight up and vertical, we leave that to him….. “we” have our way

  114. Bob,
    you are right, the job CAN be done and IS getting done.
    Is a game already, and is the only reason we are doing it, is fullfilling, is fun, there is nothing better than say “This is the session!” and everybody wins. Sure hey …. can be expanded!

  115. Richard Royce

    Cured Robot Betsy,
    It just occurred to me that the correct Doubt Formulas should be on the two groups one is deciding between on one side the Suppressive Organization lead by David Misgavich that has altered and Squirreled LRH Admin, Tech and Admin and on the other side all individuals and organizations that follow LRH purely with no alterations of Ethics, Tech and Admin. It is so simple then!

  116. Richard Royce

    Should be and Ethics.

  117. Also Thanks to my dear friend Paulien Lombard for exposing the church of Scietnology:

  118. Dear friends, thank you for being there and delivering the services, thanks for keeping Scientology working! You are setting an example to follow. The future is bright thanks to the folks like you!! 🙂

  119. one of those who see


  120. Claudio and Renata

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful wins. It rehabbed my excitement for the amazing results to be attained from auditing. Gives me even more reason to want to make plans to visit Italy! I applaud all that you are doing!


  121. eileen110clark

    The modern version of the Roman Legions…Italian Indies, you all Rock!!!!
    Where you are and where you go is imbued with theta. Thanks for all you are doing to keep Ron’s Legacy alive. Encore!!!

  122. LOL, I’m glad you do…

  123. Sunday Rant.


    “Good morning class! The date today is Friday 3082. Please turn to the second chapter of your Earth social studies book.

    Today we are going to learn about how the Sea Organization became so fixated on SP’s that they declared, offloaded, or tossed out on the streets anyone of any value and just declared them all for good measure.

    They retained the people that followed orders and were impotent. Literally worked them to death , some died at their desks, and became the most suppressed culture of people on the planet. Even the citizens of communist China had more rights. The next chapter will cover DEMU, also known as David Miscavige. But today children we need to understand the most basic
    clue that escaped the eyes of the early Sea Folk. They were issued beds to sleep in. This became “home”. Now, these people knew all along that they were only permitted to approach these beds for rest when dismissed as “volunteers”. That is right, if any one of them were seen in the middle of the day going anywhere near their allotted bed, they would have been harnessed by a security guard. They had to be out of those rooms and out of those beds by 8:00 a.m.. They has less privileges than convicted inmates. And they went through lives envisioning themselves as the people freeing others.

    Today children, we are going to learn about the dichotomy of obedience and rulers.

    Obedience comes from the word obey. Submit.
    To rule is to exercise dominating power or influence.

    How did all of these people churn themselves together into a cultural madness?


    Who managed to salvage what was left of our culture? The disobedient!

    Now children, I want to you go outside and spend the next three hours breaking every rule! And remember, if you are not allowed near your bed until someone else decides, you are homeless!

  124. BillyJackIsBack


  125. And never forget how the “obedients” kept the evil ruler in place and almost
    lost us this knowledge.

  126. Hey, O.S.A., I dare you to go take a nap.

  127. Claudio & Renata Lugli, absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! You Italians are kicking some major butt!!! Well Done.

  128. Jethro Bodine

    Mike, you left out a few “slides” from the “church” of Radical Scientology:

    1) PR events 6 times a year with CGI, audio effects, Shermanspeak, fake stat graphs that are always going up – straight up and vertical, implant technology

    2) The IAS Ponzi Scheme

    3) The SuperPower Building Ponzi Scheme

    4) The Int Base Torture Facility and Implant Station with David Miscavige as the Whole Track Prison Warden

    5) The Golden Age of Out Tech

    6) The Fort Homicide and Clearwater Police State

    7) Crush regging of public for donating “The Basic” to public libraries who don’t even want the books to begin with and have nowhere to put them

    8) Robot technology used in Div 6 to introduce people to Scientology

    9) The Freewinds Floating Prison Ship, asbestos free of charge

    10) The “Squirrel Busters” who are No Case Gain hate mongers and who also give Scientology a bad name

    11) Exploitation of minors for slave labor

    12) And the list goes on ad infinitenum…

  129. Obedience for sale! Obedience for sale! You all know who is selling right? “Gimme dollas I’ll be obedient and handicapped! Ima be so so obedient ima get sick and fragile and keep my head down! Yes Sir Mr. Miscavige !

  130. Richard Royce

    Thank you for posting the video by Paulien Lombard speaking at the city council on the abuses of Corporate Scientology. This is an excellent video that could serve as a template for others to speak before City Counsels in each area that Corporate Scientology is attempting to score PR points by getting an unenlightened police chief or Mayor to support the opening or continuation of one of its front feeder groups

  131. Richard Royce

    Another thought …..Are there any Indies out there that would be interested in forming up an Independent Office of Special Affairs (IOSA) to coordinate a campaign of enlightenment for activities such as the above?

  132. OOOOKKKKK. 🙂

  133. Richard Royce

    I would certainly have no problem giving my 2 cents and telling the story of the total shredding of my family by that monster, brainwasher, cultmaster David Misgavage.

  134. @Marty, you say “I do a lot of C/Sing from Casablanca.”

    For what Class C/Sing are you doing? Are you Class VIII? Do you C/S in Italian?

  135. Richard Royce

    I love the idea! I also propose that we start posting an Indi expansion and COS contraction stat! May I be the first to post!

    Today I confirmed 4 new arrivals to the Indi Camp and at the same time reduced the COS roll by 4!


  136. Thank you for the book. I try to be cause and not the effect of my own cause. I do not have to tell a lie to to tell a lie to tell a lie to hide something. I believe this is what LRH try to clean up. But I believe the Church tell a lie to tell a lie so to hide something which I think LRH not want to do.

  137. Richard Royce

    Claudio and Renata,

    Thank you for your courage, your fight and your ARC! It brings me such joy to see such a big crack you are making in the damn COS! The NTHETA will flow out quickly leaving behind LRH’s legacy for all of us.


  138. What a wonderful report, Claudio and Renata! Thank you for your yeoman efforts. You are in inspiration.

  139. poetlaureate2012

    Thank you Claudio.

    And you Sir are a great Thetan. I salute your honor and your integrity. Welcome to The Real New Era, where LRH Tech and The Aims are alive and flourishing.

    With best Wishes for continued successes.

  140. Yes – I second that. I saw your letter only recently Luis – very very impressive!

  141. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous.
    Very Well Done to Claudio and Renata.
    much love

  142. Grazie Tatiana,
    we will make it brighter and brighter!!

  143. You are welcome Marsha!

  144. Richard this will be and is the end product.
    LRH Legacy available and intact.

  145. Claudio and Renata-Great wins!!! This is what really makes DM writhe with terror-people becoming stronger and brighter!!!

  146. E.J. Croughs

    So cool!

  147. FCDC Class of 74

    On a lighter note… Oh! the declares, the atmosphere of common wins. It remined me of FCDC floating off its foundation(no pun intended) I want that here again. Thank you for the write up it was electric.

  148. Madaonna! I am behind. Congratulations Claudio and Renata. Italy always showed the rest of world how to do it right. You inspired me to organize up and increase produciton.

    ML Tom

  149. Claudio and Renata,

    Congratulations! I can’t overstate how much I value and admire what you’re doing. I look forward to hear more about your success.

  150. Rory Medford

    now thats Italian!!!!
    Keep it going Italian style!

  151. Glad this has inspired you.
    Really hope it will inspire many.
    No limit for this game.

  152. Grazie Karen,
    we admire your courage!

  153. We really hope it is as you say because there is no doubt people here are become stronger and brighter!
    And we know you do your part over there in L.A. – I follow your Blog and is really those islands of sanity that will help everyone to get out of the spell.

  154. Ciao Tom,
    no – your are not behind at all. Your determination and strong spirit inspired us. And we in Italy are doing this because “you” from the USA are there. Marty was completely instrumental in getting us confident in doing what we are doing. His C/Sing is brilliant and his conceptual understanding of the philosophy makes it so that the real gains are obtained by the PCs and the Pre-OT. So yes it is possible that we are doing it right, but thanks God we have your help. This is the game where everybody wins. No other agenda. It has been too long a wait.

  155. Ciao Paul,
    thank you. We decided to do what we did because LRH tech can bring about a change and bring about a better world, and we cannot just talk about it we can have it, and we can have it now. No need to wait to get a “license to survive” from nobody … especially from DM. Is we that “elected” him our “master” and he tricked us to do so using lies and deception. Now the curtains are down, the king is naked, so why wait …. LRH spent his life to make this possible. It’s all inside 4 easy words to say: “THIS IS THE SESSION”

  156. Hi all;

    This may seem a bit off subject, but not really.

    I need to find some LRH refs on how to apply the ethics conditions for a new business. A friend of mine, non-Scientologist, is starting up a business, and I told them a bit about the NonE formulae. It really indicated, but I don’t have any actual refs to help them out. I do have the Ethics book, and I can scan and copy the conditions, but I do recall that there are PLs which explain more about how to apply them. If anyone here knows of them, could you please info me so I can dig them up.

    Thanks for any help you can swing my way.

    My email is

  157. Another Layer

    Claudio & Renata,

    “Also we are too full of empty churches here … magnificent, but empty since long, long time.
    They also lost the meaning of their real message.”

    What a great point you make, by showing the true mass on how the history of earlier churches is repeating itself under the Miscaviage Administration! Such a great illustration of how the self-appointed POB Miscavige once again demonstrates his lack of ability to comprehend how he recreates the mistakes of earlier churches; all the more evidence of his lack of education and perception.

    Thank you for your incredible, beautiful progress and wins!

  158. Alexis de Tocqueville`

    Wanted to share a fairly unknown but wonderful rendition of “Thunder Road” song by the amazingly talented Martha Plimpton. Dig the whistler doing the harmonica parts.

  159. Richard, I don’t know if you’ll see this so late in the comments, but yesterday I was moving something on our buffet and the phone notebook fell behind. I got down under the buffet to pick it all up and odd papers fell out. On one piece it said “Danar’s friends in Oregon” and listed your Conan and Suzanne’s phone number. I think it was from the date when my son blew from the Sea Org and Security was trying to find him.
    Funny (ruefully so) that they are now all disconnected from all of us.

  160. OSA, David, More and more of us will not obey. More and more of us are NOT afraid of the big bad wolf.

  161. Kicked out Berlescphony and Kicked out David Miscavige, La Bella Vita.

    Hate the sin not the sinner, but sometimes the sinner is the sin.

    I love you both for being rightious.

    Claudio and Renata.

    I will do my best to keep you from harm on the internert.

    KittyKatspanker will try


  162. ESMB is down ? Anyone know ?

  163. Saluti Claudio & Renata Lugli,

    Viva Tech puro!

    Viva l’Italia!

    Alexis Ward U.S.A.

  164. Oracle… you’re a trip! Love your comments… free spirit !!! :-))

  165. Claudio & Renata – I’m a little late here but I just wanted to say “Thank you” and I do believe that you are actively carrying out LRH’s intentions for his technology. He never intended for it to get altered or accumulate dust. His tech is for APPLICATION and, unlike the church, this is exactly what you and the Independent field are doing – while experiencing the wonders of it! Big XOXOXO to all of the Italian Indy Field!

  166. WoW! That is just freakin awesome! Leading by example! I love it!

  167. Claudio and Renata good job guys, hopefully this will effect my life too.
    I can Independently make my path i don’t want any BOSS ruling my life. Thanks once again.

  168. Pingback: Accademia 8008 | Der Treffpunkt

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