The Least of Miscavige’s Troubles

Tony Ortega reported on a number of Miscavige’s troubles on Sunday, see Village Voice Runnin’ Scared, including a new German documentary on OSA, Sudden Sam Domingo rocking the UK, and another Idle Org lie.

Those events – while indicative of the state of affairs in Scientology Inc – have not even caught the dictator’s attention.  He’s got dike leaks happening that he is rapidly running out of fingers with which to stanch them.

But, that is not the worst of it. Notwithstanding more than a little bit of effort lately to squeeze details of upcoming events out of me, Scientology Inc. remains ignorant about what is in store for the coming months.  Suffice it to say, Miscavige is facing a long, hot summer.

In the interim, I’ll repeat what is becoming somewhat of a mantra: the best way to contribute is to deliver.  LRH’s remedy to Black Dianetics is being realized. Be part of it.

23 responses to “The Least of Miscavige’s Troubles

  1. Tony Dephillips

  2. The Oracle

    Note! On the film about OSA. It is in German but there are close captions in English. Go to the bottom of the video box and click on the red box that says CC.

  3. ThetaPotata

    “Scientology Inc. remains ignorant about what is in store for the coming months.” – I’ll bet comm like this drives DM batshit crazy (even more than he already was.)

  4. scilonschools

    Well Done Sam!!! great strength girl!!Great article into the heart of the UK Media (The Sun may be a ‘Murdoch’ tabloid but it has the highest number of readers in the UK)

  5. “It’s a very simple remedy. And that’s just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That’s all. Don’t hoard it. Don’t hold it. And if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available.” -LRH [PDC lecture “Formative State of Scientology”]

  6. Oh, Marty, I think Miscavige noticed the documentary about OSA. They would make some lame half-arsed counterstrike posting a 4 year old list of anon handles connected to real names on WWP, most of which aren’t active anymore (they spelt my name wrong, now that hurt!), and put up two videos to their youtube channel, one of them countering a documentary that ran on German TV 2 years ago.

  7. Alex Castillo


    You look fantastic in the Sunday Sun!! Well done girl! Yet another nail on David Miscavige’s coffin. I wonder how many more nails it will take….


  8. The Oracle

    Geeze Christ! Just watched the OSA video. You all sure r keeping busy with CIA type of shit while so many of the rest of us are going up the bridge!

    Kind of a 1.1 way of life and I guess you are out of ARC with the rest of the planet and chalking it all up to “sacrifice” on the tone scale and feeling very
    important. The overts and with holds all for greatest good and all…. well, meet you on the other side I think NOT… The Zen folk were above this 500

    In my own way, I will take responsibility for you and your actions as best I can in my mind. Try to relieve you in any manner I can. I know you have been turned against us and us against you, even though we all started out with the same purpose.

    I wish the best for every Scientologist and for all of the friends we were supposed to be before we got pitted against one another, and humanity.

    I refuse the indication that we are all your enemies. There is only David Miscavige, standing between you and me. The truth is, we are all on the same side except for one man.

  9. Marty,this is so true. Deliver !

  10. disinfected

    Hi Marty

    You say the documentary and the others “have not even caught the dictator’s attention. He’s got dyke leaks happening that he is rapidly running out of fingers with which to stanch them.”

    What are you referring to? Not asking you to reveal your plans which you state he is ignorant of anyway. With Debbie Cook back in the box and the Squirrel Busters seemingly on hiatus, what do you think Miscavige is concerned with, externally, if not things like that?


  11. disinfected

    Whoops. Sorry. My bad. I learned the alternate spelling of stanch/staunch. Please disregard the first post and this one.

  12. + several million.

    Let no one be in any doubt what an incredible action this was; the Sunday Sun (replacing the now defunct NOTW) is per Wiki “an average daily readership of approximately 7.6 million, of whom approximately 2.65 million were in the ABC1 demographic and 4.9 million in the C2DE demographic”

    Sam’s feature was a 2-page spread on pages 8 and 9. Anybody lurking in the UK or still “under the radar” – what makes your neck so bloody precious?

  13. Love your pan-determined and inclusive view Oracle. Very apt moniker too. Oracle…”a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods.”

    Totally agree on the OSA video. What a silly, silly game to play.

  14. +10000!!!!!

  15. the best way to contribute is to deliver. Working on that big time around my place. 😀
    And, I decided to get in comm with close friends of old, a little bit of theta at a time. First person I got in comm with was, in the early ’90s, a Class 4 who was actually delivering and doing just fine. Today, he’s stuck on GAoT on lines but can’t ever get to course due to life problems, etc., etc., etc. He’s certainly NOT auditing. What a waste of talent, a waste of one of the most valuable beings on this planet – a guy who could and did actually audit. I told him my kids got auditing in the Independent field. Kept it theta.
    I will continue reaching out to anyone I knew, because they were (and are) my friends and were friends of LRH. Maybe that little bit of theta can anchor their confusion just enough to see straight.

  16. Good article in Sun Paper dont by that one . but the article is good.

  17. Mark, I believe that you intended the spelling of “dike,” which refers to a wall or embankment intended to prevent flooding. You may want to word clear that vs. the spelling you used! 🙂

  18. Brian,
    I looked it up and it turns out it can be spelled either way for both definitions.

  19. The Oracle

    Thank you.

  20. Marty, I know you will delete this comment – I’m probably in your auto-delete list – but I must say it’s just so utterly sad that you still go along with the LRH crappola.

    No: it’s NOT DM who is ruining CoS, as he’s just following LRH’s formula to ***make money***. And destroy anyone who dares debate.

    Yes, I can see that there may be good bits in CoS. After all, LRH was adept at plagiarising the ideas of others – and they weren’t all bad. But the paranoia, utter bullshit, and vicious repercussions he built into CoS as well are utterly destructive.

    You could… if you tried… build a new ‘movement’ that pulled in only the useful and humane aspects of CoS, without pretending LRH’s every word is sacrosanct. I feel you’d have a happier future if you did.

  21. Firebreathing Frog

    Yep their is more to come, and coming, and to come…
    Here is the beautiful Sam in UK:
    (Some more bedtime story for you to read David Miscavige.)

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  23. Begs the question. Why does the US gov continue to be apologists for the cult?

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