Hy Levy is in the Hereafter

Hy Levy passed away in his sleep last night.   A couple weeks earlier he told Mosey and me that this was just the manner in which he wished to pass. He died of complications caused by cancer.   Hy was diagnosed late last year.  He chose not to fight it.

Hy felt blessed to have friends like Pat Shannon, Carol Kramer, Laura and Mike Wilson and his brothers and sister-in-law.  They went out of their way to try to convince and facilitate Hy to fight the cancer.  When Hy made it clear that that did not align with his intentions, those friends did everything they could to support him, comfort him and buoy Hy’s spirits.

Hy particularly loved being Jewish-mothered (his words) by Pat, Carol, and Mosey.  He even took to calling Mosey “Sophie” when he wanted to let her know he noticed the extra care.

We were honored and blessed to host Hy for nearly the entire month of April.   Hy worked with me for a few days on rehabilitating his confidence on exteriorizing from the body.  Once he felt comfortable with that all he wanted to do was enjoy himself.  Hy considered Casablanca was his Shangri-La, he sent us a copy of Capra’s original 1937 Lost Horizon so we would fully understand the significance to him.  He just wanted to be here, sleep when he wanted, get up when he wanted, sit by the canal in the sun or shade scratching Chiquita’s belly and having long calls with Pat or Carol or his family members, taking long drives with me and talking about the hereafter, but most of all getting fussed over by Mosey.   Hy’s favorite song was Live Like You Were Dying.  It inspired him to make up a bucket list for his last couple weeks here. It wasn’t as dramatic or adventurous as in the movie by the same title, but it was what Hy wanted.  Thanks to the saint-like support of Laura and Mike Wilson and Mike Laws and Yvonne Schick, Mosey and I to were able to help Hy accomplish his bucket list to his satisfaction.

Hy chilling to Jimmy Buffett on a sunset cruise

Hy wanted to stay, but felt he needed to get back to spend time with his family and have a proper Jewish funeral.  That was carried out early this afternoon.

Hy did a lot of good for a lot people.

He was from the old school of Scientology registration.  Sure, he had to make his money quotas. But, Hy was concerned with doing whatever he could to facilitate people to move up the Bridge.  As Scientology Inc became increasingly commercial and greedy in it is registration practices, Hy Levy found himself getting into trouble for helping Scientologists navigate around the crush, hard-sell pressure to give up their homes and retirements funds.  The last ‘crime’ Hy Levy was punished for in corporate Scientology was helping a person to reverse a transaction that Scientology Inc had performed on that person’s account without the individual’s consent.   Hy had to stick his neck out to undo larceny committed by Scientology Inc on its own public. Shortly after Hy parted ways with the corporation.

All Hy really wanted to do was to prove to himself he could catch up with the computer programming profession he had left for more than twenty years, and make enough money to enjoy the simplicity of freedom.   Hy accomplished that with flying colors.

Hy could have left it at that.  But, Hy cared about people.  He cared about Scientology being hijacked and used to harm rather than help people.   To speak out would be tantamount to forfeiting the quiet simplicity he longed for and attained.  Against his own self interest, Hy stood up and spoke out loud.  He exposed the Scientology Inc. money machine,  see Tampa Times The Money Machine.  By doing so, Hy saved a lot of people from facing financial ruination at the the hands of corporate Scientology.

Hy will always be a hero in my book.

He will always be our friend.

We love you Hy Levy.

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  1. Azul Celeste

    Looking forward to meeting you next time around, Hy! Safe travels.

  2. FCDC Class of 74

    It is hard to sync wih friends when they pass but I learned not impossible. I hope you have or make the opportunity to put to use the skills this time round. I did not know you but you left a loving impression. Shalom buddy.

  3. Fly free Mr. Levy. We’re here when and if you want to come back. What a fabulous gift you’ll be to a family. Love is with you.

  4. Goodbye Hy. Who knows how soon we will be saying hello again…..

  5. A beautiful farewell Marty.

    I am so happy he was amongst friends in his last weeks — and there are no finer friends anyone could have on this earth than you and Mosey, and Pat, Carol, Mike, LauraAnn and Mike and Ken and Yvonne.

    God speed Hy.

  6. You’re such a good guy, Marty. Thank you for helping Hy. Thanks also to Mosey and everyone else who assisted him in his transition.

  7. Forever Lurker

    I’ve known Hy since the mid-70’s. He always treated me with respect and granted me the ultimate beingness. It could be no other way with Hy. You couldn’t help but like him a ton. Just a real, real person.

    Someone from “old school” Scientology that I’ll miss and always remember with fondness.

    Forever Lurker

  8. martyrathbun09

    Good point. I listened to a lecture recently where LRH described the ‘granting of beingness’ as the most valuable ability of a being. That is exactly what Hy had in spades.

  9. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    It’s been an honor to know you this short time.
    Thank you for everything you have done.
    Fly high and free.
    See you on down the line.
    xxx ♥♥♥

  10. martyrathbun09

    He already has 🙂

  11. Ziba Feulner

    Farewell Hy! Condolences to Hy’s family!

  12. yvonneschick

    Hy, Farewell, Friend. I look forward to playing together again in the future. You set a standard for dignity both in and out of the SO. Good job on handling the transition on your own terms. You have been an inspiration to me. May your next adventure exceed your wildest expectations.

    Marty & Mosey, you were so very loving and caring in your support of Hy. I personally think that assisting a birth and assisting a passing are the two most intimate experiences humans can have. Thank you for your help to our friend.

  13. Forever Lurker

    Yes, thank you for that!!

    Exactly describes Hy. Just perfectly.

    Love that tape. It’s one of the absolute very best lectures I’ve heard and describes one of the real secrets (maybe THE secret) of making it up the bridge and maintaining the state.

    Forever Lurker

  14. Although we never met I felt like I knew you Hy. Your speaking out was the picture of honesty and integrity and likely helped many others free themselves from financial and/or spiritual slavery. God Bless. And thank you Marty and Mosey for caring without agenda, just caring.

  15. I am very happy to know that Hy spent some valuable time with Marty and Mosey before departing from his body. I am certain he is safe and doing well now.
    Dear Hy, Thank you for all the remarkable things you have done in this life time. Enjoy your next adventure and be well.

  16. Good roads and fair weather, Hy. Thank you for all that you are and all that you contributed to so many.

  17. Next year in Jerusalem, Hy….

  18. Fly high buddy. You will be missed. And now my screen is blurry.

  19. To Life! La Chaim:

  20. Hy Levy: An example for us all.

  21. Thank you Marty and those friends who stand by their friends unconditionally, it’s very admirable and commendable! Fly high Hy!

  22. TheWidowDenk

    Damn this is hard on a widow!

    Thank you all for the fine compassion and care you gave Hy while he was among the living. Thank you also for the fine send off we are giving via this tribute.

    Please, do just one thing for me: At the Indy 4th, send up a balloon for me. It will fly high and free, as does Hy, a friend of great personal integrity who I have come to know through his presence here.

    L, Rachel

  23. I met Hy at Flag, I believe in ’86, and he had a wonderful, honest laugh which I remember with pleasure.

  24. Yes to all of this post!

    And to you Yvonne, for your help to make Hy’s transition easier, nice job!

    I’m leakin’ like a sponge on this one.

    Damn, M&M, you be sure to give Chiquita a special treat – therapy dogs are hard to find.

    Can’t wait to meet you Hy, you sure have created some wonderful effects.


  25. Path of Buddha

    Hy was very kind to me when I met him at Flag
    in the 1980’s. He had a very positive and
    cheerful attitude. I remember that he kept my folder
    moving along in the right direction.
    Hy was not in the fear band that seemed to
    pervade the space after Miscavige took over.
    Hy is a great individual with great Karma.

    May all beings be well and happy!

    George M. White

  26. Hy Levy , thanks for being a scientologist .

  27. Hy, you and I shared many experiences together. We laughed, we cried, we shared. You are so missed and will be in my heart forever!
    I truly miss your ….”hey how you doing”. I know you are safe and happy. We shared on a daily basis by skype what you wanted and what you were feeling. You are a good man my dear friend. For you one last time as we listened to this song everyday for the past 3 weeks. For you “Mr Levy” Love Carol


  28. Beautiful farewell, thank you Marty, Mosey, Laura, Mike, Yvonne, Ken, Pat, Claire and all who cared and prepared Hy for his chosen flight. I will always know him as the very kind spirit who so readily grants beingness to his fellows. Good bye for now Hy, may peace be with you, my friend.

  29. I thought of Hy very strongly about a month ago. I wonder how he was doing & hoped I would see him at the July 4th party. I thought I should email him to say hello. Unfortunately I was away from my computer at the time & by the time I was by my computer the thought had escaped me. I can’t help but thinking that we somehow communicated beyond the physical universe. He might not have wanted to tell me about his illness but he might not have wanted to be put in a position where he had to pretend so as not to reveal anything.

    Goodbye Hy! I will always be grateful for the assistance you have given us over the years!

    I have so much appreciation & admiration for all who accompanied him through this time. Thank you!


  30. martyrathbun09

    Carol, you are golden.

  31. martyrathbun09

    You are a wonderful person and friend.

  32. Carol! Thank you so much for your support, joy and love you gave him. During his visit here I would hear him outside on the phone laughing like crazy and when I asked who was so funny he would say that was Carol!
    That song is just perfect! That is the Hy I know! 🙂

  33. Ditto that Pat! Thank you for your love and caring!!

  34. Hy joined the EPF just a few days after I did and I got to know him just a little. I remember thinking that if we were recruiting such high caliber recruits that we would have this planet cleared in no time. I didn’t have much to do with Hy after that time but I always kept an eye from afar on him as I always felt a kinship with him and was very pleased when he posted on this website. I’m sorry to hear of his passing but you can’t ask for much more than to die with your integrity intact.

  35. Wow …

    One evening I got a call from Marty: “Mike, coming to see you, gotta keep it quiet, Mosey and I are helping someone, would appreciate your help.” Sure, I said, no problem.

    Marty and Mosey show up with Hy, terminal, doing his bucket list, going out with a bang, didn’t want treatment, didn’t want to fight it, just wanted to go out with a bang. Kind of got me excited, Marty and Mosey had obviously spent a lot of time with him, and Hy was very much at peace with going out on his terms, I wanted to make his bucket list a bit more extreme, gator hunting off an airboat in the swamps, deep sea fishing, shooting every type of gun available, limo, chopper ride … he humored me for a bit … it wasn’t what it was about. To me, it seemed what he really wanted was an intimate bonding with people, knowing there were good people continuing on in the world.

    I didn’t know Hy before the afternoon the three showed up. He knew my father from Flag, and over the following few days he shared some stories as opportunities arose.

    Yvonne Schick was visiting at the time, she and I were going of to the market to buy the most exotic foods we could get for days of gourmet gluttony, Mosey stops us, gives us a simple little list of plain Greek yogurt and a bit of fresh fruit, and cereal, all he would eat. The bond between Hy and Mosey became spectacularly evident … Mosey mothered him, knew what he liked, what he was physically capable of handling, what he would enjoy and what he wouldn’t. Hy confided with Mosey on an exceptionally intimate level.

    One of his wishes was to visit a casino. Hy had been wearing these gawd awful sunglasses because of swelling on an eye, and these things were ugly … looked something like the bumper of a 1975 Gremlin. I told him he needed to get a patch for his eye rather than the bumper glasses he wore, he fought me, mosey piped in that she had been trying to get it for weeks and he rejected her suggestion. I told him that they wouldn’t let him in the casino with those glasses because he could hide a computer in those damn things.

    Yvonne takes off and picks up every eye patch from every drug store in a 10 mile radius from the house. Begrudgingly he tries it, complaining all the while, they hurt him, or didn’t fit, finally the third type, a different design fits perfectly and he jumps up to look in the mirror, walks back with a swagger bragging that he looks debonair and “dangerous”. He loved that patch there after because he could speak with people without the barrier over his face. Yvonne, mother hen that she is buys patches for all of us, so we would descend on the world like a pack of pirates.

    We schedule a visit to perhaps the nicest casino in Louisiana LaBerge, of course they had to wait for my tardy ass to get off work … excited to go we all forget our patches other than Hy who swaggers around the plush casino floor like a little pirate. My persistent memory of Hy is this little Jewish guy with a pirate patch sitting at the poker table, smoking a camel, a small glass of whiskey, and a giant stack of chips playing multi hundred dollar hands, poker face shifting into a big shit eating grin when he sees one of us watching him.

    In the end, Hy wanted no exotic offerings … just wanted to hang out and talk, be part of conversations between Marty and I, reminiscing about our adventures, long deep conversations with Yvonne, Tracy and sit on the porch watching Mosey excitedly mow the grass in the big tractor.

    Every morning Hy would make a cute little comment like “hey, if you have to go into my room, notice how good I made the bed”. It was important to him to be a good guest in the little ways he could.

    Hy was fascinated by stories of ex SO that had passed through my home, laughed at stories of arriving home each day for weeks and months to open the door, smell the smoke, and figured out what Valeska had burned in her efforts to learn how to cook, or the literally thousands of Christmas lights she put up around the house for her first real christmas outside of the SO. He looked at little things my guests had built and done, showed him the track around the house and property that ex SO got to learn to drive on. Hy was not at all interested in business and money, but loved that people, the community came together to help those leaving get a food hold in the real world to begin a positive life path. He told me how Wayne and Debbie helped him get on his feet after he left.

    One morning he woke up, decided it was time to move on, said thanks for our hospitality, and Hy, Marty and Mosey drove off down the shale road to their next adventure.

    I enjoyed the little time I spent with Hy, always love my time with Mosey and Marty. My only regret is that I didn’t video some of Hy’s entertaining stories. My favorite was his take on modern day dating in the Sea Org, with the Flag Order forbidding people with Int qualifications marrying those without. “Excuse me, I would like to know if you are Int qualled before I get to know you and ask you out, because I am not. You are not? Cool, why? Suicidal, psychotic, low toned, drugs or drug revert, sexual perversions? Oh, OK, I can live with that, will you sit with me at my lunch table?, Hy mocked.

    I no longer consider myself a Scientologist, and as such can not call myself an Independent, but am honored to be a part of this community of exceptionally good hearted and willed people.

    Peace be with you Hy.

  36. ‘”When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.”
    — Old Cherokee saying

  37. “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.”
    — Old Cherokee saying

  38. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, he was a dead ringer for the ‘most interesting man in the world’, he even picked up the swag of it.

  39. Hy Levy – yes, we carry on. Of course we do. And you. Warmth, mirth and chicken soup for my soul. For me, and all.


  40. Hy, you courageous being. You did it. You are brave and know who you really are. Here’s to you. Your kindness/power/smile — human ID or no human ID — is amazing…and comforts personal loss…because…
    Better than para-sailing?

  41. Hi, Hy! That was a longstanding joke between you and a lot of people, I’m sure! I don’t do goodbyes, so I’ll just stick with “Hi, Hy!” I would have liked getting back in comm with you this lifetime, but later is good too. Fly high and free, bro.

    Mosey, Marty and friends — thanks so much for all the care and love you showed him during his last few months.

  42. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hadn’t a clue this was happening to Hy, Marty. What a wonderful
    guy came across in his video, that I watched on your blog.
    It’s all about the caring, Marty, and your joint warmth must have
    made it so much easier for him to just step away, when the mest
    body gave out. Beautifully told account that made it possible for
    us to share Hy’s experience. And got that too, on how he’s doing!

    Enjoy the boundless freedom Hy.

    When you’re ready, another woman shall bare you.

    Calvin B. Duffield

  43. That’s right! That’s what he kept saying, with his little beard and patch he was now a ringer for the most interesting guy in the world! And he loved sitting on the porch scratching Max behind the ears as well, and trying to push off all 150 lb of Max trying to sit in his lap, Max probably being 1 1/2 times his size.

  44. Forever Lurker

    “We’re talking about what life does best: It waves its magic wand and says ‘be’ or ‘live’ or ‘exist’ and things DO. And that’s what life does.”

    18 Dec 1953 The Granting of Beingness, 2nd ACC

  45. Michael Fairman

    Hy and I crossed paths many times at the Sandcastle and always shared a laugh — two Jews in a pod.

    Hy, so long for a while, I know we will cross paths again, and have I got some stories for you.


  46. The same old LDW

    A man of honor, integrity, honesty and ability. Whoever gets that thetan for a kid is in for a wonderful ride.

    Funny that I’ve been thinking about Mosey a lot over the last week. Several times I wanted to ask about how she’s doing. Felt it was inappropriate for some unknown reason.

    Now I know, she was busy doing the work of an angel.

    Thanks Marty and Mosey and all who helped an old friend make a warm and welcome exit. On to a new day.

  47. Very sorry to hear this news. I got to know Hy in the mid 80s and dealt with him on almost every Flag visit up through 1997. A great being in every respect. I was of course delighted when he made his announcement a few years ago on this blog. Hy, it was a pleasure knowing you and I expect we’ll be seeing one another again in the not too distant future.

    Marty and Mosey, thank you for your caring and generosity in these last weeks of his life.

  48. Rest In Peace Hy. Come back when you are good and ready. I am sad to hear this news. Just because he took an LOA doesn’t make him any less wonderful than he ever was/is.

  49. Mike Laws … you are a saint … Marty and Mosey … beyond words

    I spoke with Hy through email a couple of weeks ago … I was glad I had the opportunity to do that …

    This is a beautiful, caring, real group


  50. Marty, I was running the Solo – OT III line at Flag when Hy joined the Sea Org and went on as D of P (Director of Processing) in the NOTs HGC next door to the Solo HGC. From the start, Hy was already well-known as an upstat. He was ethical, hard working, down to business and sincere but never serious. Hy and I met together daily as part of a necessary evil (from my point of view — I hated these meetings with a passion) Flag’s Service Call-In Committee (I was the D of P HFA for those on the Solo line).

    When Hy entered the FSO, he was a well-known public Scientologist who was obviously in a high condition. And entering the FSO, he applied the formula for the condition of Non-Existence and quickly shot up the conditions in his new group. He took over from Ann Beaty. One thing that was always clear was that Hy only cared about one thing: moving people up the Bridge.

    The secret of Hy’s success was that he was a terminal for people. For any who don’t know Scientology terminology, “terminal” is a term borrowed from electrical engineering. In this use it really means to BE THERE for people (not just for yourself).

    I was certainly sorry to see him go, yet the future is a place we are all headed into and we need some good people there. In that, Hy is really taking on a new hat as… I don’t know — the word “ambassador” has a bad connotation thanks to he-who-must-not-be-named-except-by-the-recording-of-an-elephant-passing-gas — so maybe we ought to say missionary of Independent Scientology as we move into the future.

    I believe we should encourage Hy on his journey and wish him well as he embarks on his next Great Adventure which is the right path for him. Balance any feeling of loss with the happiness that such a new beginning represents — new freedoms, new opportunities, new adventures.

    Anyone who has had some auditing eventually discovers a particular silver lining that runs throughout life. Like a theater company whose actors play new roles as the seasons progress, each play is a new life. The names and relationships change, but tinker, tailor, soldier it’s the same person we know and love inside. This accounts for the “instant ARC” we sometimes feel for people we’ve just met. They seem like old friends or comrades or family because they are.

    And as LRH pointed out, as we ourselves move forward through time, those who go before us have an important job to do — to help pave the way for our own arrival.

    Bon voyage old friend. You can know when you are on the right road because everything falls into place as you walk it. Thank you for all you have done, both inside the Church and now outside where the true spirit of Scientology freely operates “3 feet back of” its former corporeal body (RIP).

    With important cycles wrapped up, debts paid, accounts closed, transgressions forgiven, amends made, scores settled… loved and admired by thousands of people around the world, and in beautiful radiant spiritual health, you are truly free to move on up a little Hy’er.

    As we are spiritual beings, throwing off the cloak of a body sometimes reveals a practically blinding radiance. So while we might weep a tear or two, it’s hard to mourn while basking in the stunning sunlight of spiritual renewal.

    Through many years of dedicated service to mankind, you have not only made the world a better place, but you have earned a big piece of what LRH called the proud knowingness of OT.



  51. Pat, you are truly a caring and loving friend. Love you

  52. Tony Dephillips

    Hy was my Regg.
    He always was very caring and compassionate.
    When I heard he slipped the mortal bonds I felt grief. Hy was a stand up guy.
    I look forward to seeing him again in whatever form he chooses.
    Thanks to all who helped him in the end.
    Thanks for the beautiful tribute to him Marty.
    This is the Scientology that I signed up for.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this Steve.

  54. Richard Royce

    Hi Hy,
    I just wanted to say I always enjoyed my encounters with you. You were always helpful and I always got a chuckle out of you. You were funny, sincere, playful. See you next time!

  55. Didn’t get to know Hy personally this time around but I can see we have lost a good one. Godspeed Hy and I’m sure we’ll meet up someday. I must say I’m awfully proud to be associated with those of you who took such care with him.

  56. Marty and Mosey thank you for loving Hy so very much. You were both so very dear to him.

  57. I’m also glad he was able to go home to be with his family at the end. A fate he would not have had the comfort of had he remained in the SO. I think of Annie Broker locked up at INT and her family being lied to even after her death and it makes me sick.
    I’m so glad Hy escaped the SO and able to get some real mileage out of life rather wasting any more years being a slave to the stat push and unsatisfiable greed of that evil, rotten empire.
    It’s wonderful that Mosey and many others of you here were able to lend friendship and support to Hy in his last year.

  58. What a fabulous tribute and write up Mike Laws
    This was really cool to read

  59. Very moving write up Marty.
    What a great soul.
    Kudos and high fives to all who helped him so much
    in his last months.

  60. one of those who see

    To Hy Levy, Thanks for all you have done for freedom. I wish you well on your continued adventure. And what an adventure it is. This is for you.

  61. one of those who see

    L’Chaim Hy! L’Chaim!

  62. Mike-Beautiful story and tribute.

  63. Dan, a beautiful Cherokee saying. Thank you.

  64. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wonderful, moving account and tribute, Steve,thanks.

  65. Although I didn’t know Hy personally, you could get a good sense of the guy from his recent interviews and from comments on this blog. He was obviously a top-tier being, one of the treasures. What really strikes home from this post though, is the warmth and humanity of the people around him at the end, compared to the stark lack of either quality in the corporation he served for so many years.

    Death is surely one of the more significant events in a person’s journey, and the lack of confront of that in the RCS is just appalling.

  66. One more thing … thanks for being the beautiful being that you are … you have touched the lives of many and helped them, for sure.

  67. Pat, Marty, Mosey & Carol, You are all such special beings!!! And, I am fortunate your are my friends. As I’m sure Hy felt blessed to have you with him at the end, granting his final wish. May he be in peace & feel the love….Midge

  68. All our love Hy. And may you find more joy and happiness.

  69. Ciao Levy, Buon Viaggio .
    Francesco & Luana Minelli

  70. The Oracle

    Thanks for sharing the stories Mike. You might not consider yourself a Scientologist , but you are what I would expect of one in every sense of the word.

    Marty, Mosey, thank you for your compassion and mercy that floats along the line of aesthetics.

    The single why for me on how the proposed system failed, was the can’t have on friendships. It was just an unattainable goal for most folk to wear one’s hat as a true friend in Scientology Inc.. Forced to turn their backs on anyone who’s name appeared on golden rod be it friend or family. Expected to write KR’s on a spouse. And I cringe for all of the times I got called on the mat from CMO down to Org ethics officers for refusing to do just these things.

    Hy dedicated his life to a better way. Not only for himself, but for others. That is a noble life well lived. When your paths cross again, you will find a friend.

  71. Dolphin Play

    Michael Laws, you are a beautiful soul. all that you perceive and appreciate, your sensibility, attests to you. Wonderful reading this, thank you
    hy is fortunate to have brave people like mark and mosey rathbun and michael laws and carol kramer and others here — greatest wealth, true friends.

  72. Hy lived not to far from me here in New Jersey and when were in communication for a while when he first came out about leaving the church. Just *the other day* I felt ike he was closeby. I think he was saying goodbye. Bye Hy. Next time don’t forget to bring “The Carpenter’s Greatest Hits” album with the full size picture of Karen Carpenter! 🙂

  73. The Oracle

    Thanks for this beautiful reason.

  74. The Oracle

    Me too.

  75. Carol, PERFECT SONG & tribute.
    Love U, M

  76. The Oracle

    The Dalai Lama on affection:

  77. Thank you for sharing thisw ith the blog .I never met Hank but wrote to him over years and a nice person he was Thanks to all those that helped him.

  78. Claudio Lugli

    Ciao Hy,
    We were so happy when we knew you were out and Independent.
    You have ALWAYS been kind we us even under ALL the pressures you had to suffer because if the insanity in the corporate church.
    But your integrity prevailed.
    We will meet again and we will play again.
    Thank you!
    Claudio & Renata

  79. The Oracle

    Sorry, should read, the Dalai Lama on WHY compassion matters.

  80. Bruce Hines

    Fare thee well, Hy! I knew you best as my D of P …

  81. Tom Gallagher

    Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

    Every man dies. Though not every man really lives. To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.

    Enjoy this adventure Hy.

    You’ve earned it.

  82. Happy trails Hy…

  83. Ronnie Bell

    I never knew Hy, myself, but through osmosis of one sort or another, I knew him to be a much loved theta being of the first order. The great outpouring of love and appreciation for him on this thread, has given me an even better perspective on the man, and I can say without doubt, that I recognize his theta.

    It’s the same theta that first attracted me to Scientology so very long ago. It’s the same theta that a broke kid of nineteen, used to drive clear across Los Angeles to bask in, because it was the finest, most beautiful wavelength he’d ever known. It’s the same theta that sustained me through the many years of dashed dreams and promises – because I had touched it, felt it, and knew that it was real.

    Thank you Hy, for being one of those who created the wonder we are now recapturing. You know where your friends are, and we’ll no doubt see you soon.

  84. Ronnie Bell

    What an outstanding comm. I really get that Hy received it, too. Well said, Steve.

  85. It is a sad day when a friend moves on. Hy, we’ll meet again.

  86. Well said, Steve.


    Adios .. good bye Hy….It make me very happy to see that you were able to get out and enjoy a bit of Freedom… you were always a person of integrity and I always will remember you that way…. you are loved for many people and your high spirit and smile will remain with us… enjoy your new Freedom ……

  88. Hy was my D of P, then he was my Reg at the Sand Castle.
    Buen viaje amigo, vaya con dios.

  89. Tom Gallagher


    Thanks for the utterly perfect tribute song from a ‘COB’ who’s worthy of admiration and unlike the one we deal with here on a somewhat daily basis: POB.

  90. Hy was my reg too. Just yesterday I thought of him and meant to send a short email to see how he was doing. I only knew him as a PC, but when I heard about his leaving and saw his videos earlier this year I just had to contact him to say hi. I got to speak to him for several hours, one OT to another. It was very nice to hear the non-reg side of Hy. But I must say, he never acted like a hard-core reg in all the time I knew him. It was for 10yrs, after OT III until end of VII. As others have said, he was gentle and granted beingness and let me be and do what I wanted.

    Just like I was thinking about him yesterday, Hy had an uncanny knack (maybe not so in the theta universe) of calling me as a PC whenever I had some bridge attention. This happened so many times I remember one time “wanting” him to call and when he finally did I asked what the comm-lag was about. I had left FSO a month or so before and wasn’t willing to go back to “finish” an FPRD cycle. When he called I told him so and after a pause to look something up, he read me from the C/S series and I immediately blew down. Thanks Hy.

    I no longer consider myself Jewish, and certainly haven’t practiced since late teens, but the first thing that comes to mind about what Marty, Mosey etc did is, mitzvah – that’s the Jewish word for good deed, and I’m sure Hy saw it that way. I’m sure that who helped do too! Well done.

    Thank you Hy, and be FREE!

  91. one of those who see

    This is so wonderful everyone. A proper send off for a wonderful being. Thank you Marty for setting this in motion. This is so, so right.

  92. I find it calming and reassuring that Hy was able to chose his farewell road to travel, while achieving his bucket list along the way — and did so due to amazing friends with huge hearts at his side. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends.

  93. Tom, beautiful!

  94. one of those who see

    this comment is my reflection on all this theta communication and recognition of Hy Levy.

  95. Very well said Aeolus. I didn’t know the man either, but the compassion and warmth of the people supporting him in his final weeks is more memorable than any funeral..

  96. Carol,
    You’re right he did it his way! And he invited his friends along for the adventure!
    And yes, He WILL always be our friend!
    What a great community we have here. Real friends!

  97. Godspeed Hy

  98. +1

  99. Thanks for sharing that Mike. I totally get the picture. What great times!

  100. Dear Hy,
    Love, Bela

  101. Laura,
    Thank you and Mike for all that you did for Hy!!! He was so happy that you guys came to see him!!!Yes Real Friends! Sending love to you and Mike!

  102. Thank you Mike. And thanks to Mosey, Marty, and everyone else who helped Hy ready himself to take this step.

  103. Big Bear,
    Thank you so much for capturing our adventure with Hy so perfectly! Your perception of my connection with him is right on point. He taught me so much about life in our short time together. I will miss him dearly and am so thankful to you and all our friends that made his visit with us so wonderful for everyone.

  104. yvonneschick

    Very beautifully said my dear friend.

  105. Bert Schippers

    Wow. Great tribute & comments. RIP Hy.

  106. yvonneschick

    Very nicely said.

  107. Mosey,
    We were honored. The love you, Marty, Carol and Pat gave Hy was enough to wash away any bad and fill him to the brim forever. I can almost hear that infectious laugh now.

  108. yvonneschick

    Beautifully said, Dear Friend.

  109. Never had the honor of knowing Hy, but the write up was touching and beautiful. Someday we all cram or refresh ourselves for the “final.” How sweet to think of transitioning as graciously as Hy.

  110. Captain Bob

    Dear Hy,

    I do not know if you will ever receive this message.

    I do not know you nor have met you.

    But your message on The Truth Rundown :

    You helped me to connect a lot of dots from what I have experienced. For that I am forever grateful. And for that I wish you forever grace.

  111. In reading through today’s tribute and comments, one thing really stood out. This is how a true, caring group functions: Granting of beingness and high ARC when a group member is having hard times. No questions, no judgement, just pure help because you love and care.

    Marty, your tribute was lovely and so well written. Hy adored you and Mosey and Carol. The help from Laura & Mike, the fun he had at Mike Laws and the kindness of Yvonne are things that come from the heart. We are all free now to do just that and will be there when the next person needs a hand.

    We’re spread all over the planet but oh what a group we make!

  112. I never met, nor did I personally know Hy. At least, to my best recollection. I was at Flag in 1989 but he was not my reg.

    In any event, Hy personifies the real spirit if why we are seeking spiritual liberation. We all will eventually experience the transition as Hy did and I am sure we all want to be as prepared as we can. From all the ARC Hy is getting, it looks as if he was as prepared as one could ever be.

    I wish you a wonderful return, Hy. I hope your next adventure is full of fun and happiness.

    May each and everyone of you on this blog enjoy similar benefits and the good fortune of having such loving individuals near you when you reach your special moment of transfer to the next life as did Hy Levy. My affinity for Hy is high but it is similar to my affinity for all of you who are moved by the love and care extended to him at his moment of need. Thank you everyone for being a part of this group. Especially, thanks to all who cared for Hy in his passing. You are inspiring individuals and my admiration to each of you.

  114. mimsey borogrove

    I knew Hy for many years – I knew him when he was a P of P before he was a reg. With the exception of one cycle that I felt compromised on, he was always there for me, and, being the true believer I was then, I helped him as I could. Thanks for everything Hy,


  115. The Talmud talks about “the revolution of the souls”. We come back and I hope Hy Levy will again find a loving, Jewish family to enjoy. I look forward to meeting many friends again, including Hy. I am glad you are out of physical pain and wish you well. Thank you for all you have done.

  116. Indeed Pat, “Oh what a group we make”!

  117. Captain Bob, Hy got the message!

  118. +10000000000000

  119. That was beautifully put. Hy was lucky to have you as a friend. And how great for him that he was able to resolve some things before the bitter end, and the bucket list..nice.

  120. What a great blessing to serve those transitioning. I hope and pray to always be at the side of those I love. Those times are such a period of grace and beauty that grow like lilies on the ruins of matter.
    Love, only love.

  121. I am speechless. The news of Hy’s passing, the manner which he confronted his cancer and his death, and the extraordinary kindness, compassion and love of all his friends. Thank you for being there, and for all of you who posted such heartfelt kind words and memories of Hy, thank you. I never knew him, but you left me with respect and affection for such a good soul.

  122. one of those who see


  123. Defender of Theta

    Thank you for the beautiful piece, Marty.

    Thanks to Marty, Mosey, and company for your kindness and help to Hy in his last days in this incarnation.

    And, to Hy, Very Well Done on your integrity! Thanks for all you have done. Best wishes for your future adventures!


  124. Jethro Bodine

    An appropriate send off:

  125. I am overwhelmed by the unconditional love shown this man by all those who were there to help him during his final days. I did not know Hy personally, but I too thank him for speaking out and helping so many people.

  126. one of those who see

    Steve. This communication is pure aesthetics. How beautiful you are and what a wonderful gift for Hy. Thank you.

  127. Link Raymond

    Well said Tony. I totally agree — this cycle is representative of the Scientology I also signed up for. Hy was my D of P on Solo NOTs. He became a Reg after I jioned staff at FSO where I witnessed DM verbally take him off post after which he became one of the more successful Regs in the history of FSO. He was one hell of a thetan. This does make me wonder about the callousness disregard DM showed when Mary Sue’s passing was totally ignored.

  128. I didn’t know Hy personally, but what struck me was that a friend cared enough to write such a beautiful farewell, and it was indeed beautifully written and thoughtful, and as many have followed suite herein who know him. A special being with special friends.

    A celebration toast to your new journey Hy, that this one be better still than all the others.

  129. You expressed Freespirit exactly my thought.

    This is very touching.
    Thank you Mosey and Marty and all other great Beeings for the humanitarian and comradely love, support and caring.

    Peace be with you Hy.

    Shalom and Goodbye.

  130. How wonderful, Mike.

  131. So beautiful, thanks Thoughtful Steve.

  132. As a public PC I knew HY in passing. He was never my NOTS DofP, nor my reg; however, when he came out on this blog in December of 2010 I was compelled to ask him to get in touch with me.

    We became close friends at that time. Talking nearly every week for a while. We planned he would take a well deserved vacation and spend a week or so up here — but it never worked out. Either business interfered OR sadly his illness.

    One little antidote that I believe illustrates the heart and soul of Hy — his wonderful kindness is this:

    We often would talk for a couple of hours on the weekend.

    I mentioned in one talk about the FSO not allowing me on the base after my breakdown. I asked if he knew about that.

    He said “Of course, but I was uncertain if you knew or how you felt about it, so I never mentioned it.” To me it was touching to think that he just didn’t want to bring up what was a very rough patch in my life.

    So sweet.

    While he felt strongly about stepping out from under the radar, he never betrayed me wishes to remain “unknown” …

    I often forget to listen to my voice mails on my land line; only this morning did I hear Hy’s voice saying hello and sounding so upbeat and well.

    It was the 19th – Sunday.

    His passing took my breath away. I didn’t expect it quite so soon.

    I feel very honored to have been his friend.


  133. As sad as it is to hear of Hy’s illness and passing, it’s beautiful to learn that he was cared for and loved in his last months. I hope all involved are blessed by having blessed him.

  134. Considering everything that Mosey and Marty have done for others to date, opening your home and sharing your time and life with so many people, it would be nigh impossible to string together any combination or length of words that would adequately acknowledge the scope of your gift. But with Hy, I think you’ve really outdone yourself. What a beautiful thing you have done.

    In my experience, the transition into a new life is a challenging step and when the person finally makes it, he often considers it a great triumph. So I hope all those who assisted Hy are sharing in that triumph, but if any small molecules of sadness linger, I know I speak for all Independent Scientologists when I offer our condolences.

  135. disinfected

    Marty, kudos to you for helping Hy end this life in the manner he preferred.

    I see that his bucket list included “Grow a beard and look really cool.” LOL Good for him. I did not know Hy but he reminds me of many Scientologists that I DO know; all of them still in, for better or worse.

    Vaya con Dios, Hy.
    Marty, ¡muy bien hecho!

    John Pardillo

  136. You’re a really good story teller, Mike. I laughed a lot while reading this one and was happy that Hy got to enjoy time with friends.

  137. yvonneschick

    Thank you for this, Pat. After my exit I looked at how I would fulfill my goal to make a difference. I decided that at this point in my life, it might not be some big “save the planet” project but that I would do all I could to bring some joy or ease some pain for the people in my life. Better than any gold framed commendation is the simple smile on the face of someone I love when the theta/entheta ratio on their track just shifted up a little higher.

  138. yvonneschick


  139. Hy was a D of P while I was in FSO. One thing that always struck me about him was that, no matter the pressures of moment, Hy was ALWAYS AN ADVOCATE FOR THE PUBLIC AND AUDITORS IN HIS HGC. He cared about people and THAT is what defined him.

    The willingness to consistently have compassion and extend a helping hand when needed could easily, and rightfully, be considered the “holy grail” of personal evolution. You, and the others that helped HY, embrace these qualities.

  140. John Michael Finley

    When my younger sister, Becky Finley Bornstein Kelsey, rejoined the Sea Org 3 or 4 years ago after she had completed her actual 1st EPF, she went into Snr HCO FLB. There was a request from the AO for Becky to work under Hy Levy who was an AO reg. I think this was a couple of months before Hy routed out but it was an honor for Becky to be working astride the great and well respected Hy Levy, Becky had been a fire ball FSO reg in the early eighties.

    I went into the AO to see Becky about something and saw Hy at the reg reception said hello as we knew each other and said, “So you are working with Becky!” He brightened up and said, “Yes, we are working together, she’s a good girl.”

    I am sad to hear of the passing of another great compassionate Sea Org member. Your tribute and your wonderful contribution to this great being is appreciated and will be long remembered. How often is one able to complete one’s ‘bucket list’?

  141. disinfected

    Oh, sorry, Mosey, forgot to acknowledge your contribution. Very well done!

    BTW, that shot of Hy just exudes peace or, dare I say, serenity. He is ready.


  142. Thought:

    You guys in the Independence Movement are rich in one virtue that the corporate cult is completely bankrupt in:


    How can you guys not win? Love always in the end prevails.

    May you guys continue to thrive and help people.

  143. Hy Levy, thank you for your service to mankind. Later we will build a memorial to you so that you can easily find your way back. I know your passion is helping people go free. Thanks to those who helped Hy shoot through easily.

    ML Tom

  144. Saluting a good man, and the loving people who took care of him. I aspire to such greatness.

  145. I re read some of these messages they are warming, and it just took me back a bit thinking about MarySue what kind of fairwell did she get
    little it so appears/ or is there reference to that. She was a wonderful person and I was happy an grateful i hand the pleasure to work with susie and LRH both .

  146. Very nice Carol, I didn’t know him but feel as if I do thru friends like you. He was very fortunate to have you as a friend!

  147. Tony Dephillips

    Plus one!!
    When I think of all the money I gave the cult and how I could have used it to help people directly in my life I cringe.
    The old bumper sticker wasn’t too far off: Think globally, act locally.
    You are doing great things Yvonne, thanks for being here!

  148. Tony Dephillips


  149. Yes I worked with Al Borstein and Becky Bornstein if its the same one in the eigthies, If its her, she had been married to Al . I toured with both in europe and supported them for obtaining people that were intrested in fFag Servcies from europe. They were on flag tours several times after Barry Watson / Fred Harris, who did the first orginal european Tours for The L’s through Europe / later others followned including soem one called Felicia she had done the class 8 course ( Her Last name dont recall / she had been married to an irish bloke I was CO Senior Tours Org registrar when all were regging through europe..

  150. Tony Dephillips

  151. Tony Dephillips

  152. You guys make me speechless. I mean, really.
    I read this post yesterday and I just couldn’t write anything.
    I knew Hy only from his appearence in the tampa bay and he impressed me and impressed friends of mine trough his honesty.
    I had tears in my eyes yesterday. I was so very glad for Hy having you guys around.
    You make me proud being a Scientologist. You demonstrate what Scientology is all about.
    I love all the comments.

    Hy, I wish you a good environment in wich you can prepare for any game you would like to play. Thank you for what you have done and for having stoped to further contribute to the organisation once you have seen where it is going. Without your video and your specific personality I wouldn’t be able to really understand what is going on in the world of Miscavology. You made my life richer, for the only richness there is, is understanding.
    Thank you, Sir!

  153. Tony, God that was beautiful thanks.

  154. HannibalTheFirst

    I met Hy when he was DofP and continue to know him when he was registrar at the Sandcastle. When I heard of his passing I felt a deep sense of loss. I was surprised to have this feeling for a person I have known years ago and not seen for many years. And I realized I feel this way, because Hy was one of the few decent individuals in a crowd of vultures. Hy was different; he genuinely cared about the person in front of him. He had a warm and caring attitude that stood out from the cold and greedy attitude of FLAG in general.
    And I realized, the loss is not Hy moving on, he will do great. I can be happy for him. But imagine what the Church of Scientology could be with decent caring people like Hy at the helm and in control. What a difference this would be. That is the real loss.
    But I am happy to see this caring attitude does exist outside of the corporate church with the independent community. Thanks Marty and Mosey.

  155. JM

  156. Love that, Dan!

  157. And me too. What touched me most was reading about the help Hy received. Help that was freely given, solely for the purpose of enabling this being to confront what has got to be one of life’s most difficult experiences.

    I think the turning point for me in terms of a personal decision not to participate in the CofM anymore, was when I realized 2 things:

    1) This group (CofM) was no longer a place where I could go for help if or when anything really serious happened, and;

    2) This group (CofM) was not a place where I would ever take anyone I knew, if they too were in serious need of help, such as a terminal illness (or anything else for that matter).

    It is on this point of help – that a long-time Scientologist would ever come to the realization that the official Church of Scientology was the LAST place one would want to go for help – that I think LRH’s disappointment would be the greatest.

    But along the lines of what Tony said, all of you who gave of yourselves to help Hy get through this difficult passage have shown the rest of us that the Scientology we signed up for does indeed still exist. I am so moved by the example you have set.

  158. Captain Bob, thanks for putting this videoclip here. I did not know Hy either – but ditto what you said! What a cool guy! I was really moved by the last few seconds of the video where Hy describes how free he felt when he left. It always pushes my buttons and evokes all kinds of emotions. Thanks Mosey, Marty, Mike Laws and all the others (and Debbie and Wayne) who loved and helped Hy and restored the balance of how things should be. You are all so special

  159. Love this 🙂

  160. Hy, I am very happy to have known you and experienced your theta and wish you well in all your new adventures.

  161. Beautiful, very moving and very appropriate.

  162. one of those who see

    Tony, one of my favorite scenes in a movie ever. Beautiful.

  163. It is hard to express how great the impact of witnessing true granting of beingness for another soul. It blew some charge that I didn’t realize I’d had on those that had dedicated their life to the church, literally…with no acknowledgement or thanks. I am so glad to read all the lovely words spoken about this great man. Mike and Steve…special thanks to you both.

    All of LRHs great warriors should get this kind of send off.

    And to all the people that helped Hy in this process, thank you for being such a good friend, every one of you is completely awesome in my book!

  164. Thanks Marty, this indeed is something I have noticed since I came to Co$dm. Untill you go in session (after paying way to much), it is very difficult to be granted beingness.

  165. Luis Garcia

    I’m very moved by your tribute and the care you, Mosey and all others gave Hy in his last days. Thank you. You guys are true friends.
    And Hy, my friend, we’ve never met but I’m sure we will someday. Until then… fly high. You are also a hero on my book.

  166. Tory Christman

    Thank you ALL soooooooooooo much for taking care of our friend, Hy!
    He was a class act, as each of you showed you are, too, in helping a good friend transition on. I can’t say more, I can’t see the screen. Fly High, Hy!
    And thank you, so much, for ALL that you helped me with. ::::sigh::::: Peace to all here, and blessings to ALL of his family and many friends.

  167. Tory Christman

    Plus two, Yvonne and Tony!
    Sometimes doing the smallest “simple” thing can make some of THE biggest changes. It isn’t a “stat”…it’s caring, it’s light, it’s a hand offered out into the darkness. A Sea Org member is leaving *today* as I type, with the police, somewhere in the world, today. I just got that PM. This IS because of ALL the peeps who help expose the insidious abuses of
    You know who. Hy—-you will be missed, and now you are truly Free.
    I can see you standing there, for each of us, once our day comes..and you standing there smiling, saying “I know, I know—welcome home” 🙂

  168. He stood up for what is right. He is an very ABLE BEING. If multiple lifes do exist he will be back with a rightous vengeance and penetrating purpose in his next life.

    Cornelius Anthonius Martens

    (PS, David Miscavige you are still a nipple-head, sue me coward)

  169. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks for that Torry.

  170. one of those who see

    tears in my eyes. Beautiful. What a send off for Hy.

  171. Random Stranger

    Hi, Hy.

  172. Joe Pendleton

    Marty – this planet is a better place because of you and Mosey and the love and ARC that you both give to others. Hy, it is obvious that you will be missed by all who knew you and even many who did not.

  173. I didn’t know Hy Levy, but his video moved me much as he was so sincere. I wish him well on his journey.

  174. one of those who see

    Agreed! Well said!

  175. I never met Hy but wish I had. Nor did I know who he was but now I do. I watched his interviews but I couldn’t get through all these wonderful tributes in one go as my screen kept misting up. And if these incredibly warm and moving sentiments are anything to go by, he was obviously very much worth knowing.
    It’s also such a tragic and telling indictment that in all my many years in Scientology I’ve had to get myself declared before witnessing such a sincere and heartfelt outpouring of love, compassion and gratitude over a fellow comrade’s passing – something noticeably and sadly devoid inside but which I thought Scientology should be about. Even the very rare official In Memorium’s I did see – Isaac Hayes, Peter Stumbke – still seemed rather detached, cold and lacking.
    I’m happy for Hy that he has such good friends and that he made the jump in time to be fully acknowledged and appreciated and so that the likes of myself could share in that too. And I’d love to bump into him sometime!

  176. Bill Straass ex-Mechanics Chief Freewinds

    I was the Scheduling Board I/C in AO1 when he was the D of P and he was a good terminal and very helpful. It saddens me to see these fine people I knew in the SO dropping their bodies. I came within inches of doing likewise after getting AIDS on the ship. I propably could use a session.

  177. Tory Christman

    You are welcome, Tony! And my name (Ftr) is Tory not Tori…as is often mistaken for 🙂

  178. Tory Christman

    Ditto———–what a great write up, Mike Laws,and Oh—such a
    wonderful group. Blessings to our friend, Hy–may he always fly as

    High as he wants, as long as he wants and know how thankful so many
    of us are to have known you, Hy. Peace….Tory/Magoo

  179. I read this again in my new state of evolving mind (thank goodness!). It’s so valuable that you posted these stories. Looking back I can see how far I’ve come and it is largely due to the education I’ve gotten these last 4 years from your posts and the commenters links. Going thru them again for more understanding. Thank you for all you’ve done.

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