The Game Where Everybody Wins

A new necessarily quiet-for-the-time-being independent told me that he wanted to make a big contribution to the cause.  He asked what do I really need or want.  Knowing he was flush at the moment and was intimating he was thinking monetary contribution, my snap answer was $12,755 so that everybody who paid into the Indies Defense Fund for the Battle of San Antonio could be made whole just like those who contributed directly to Debbie and Wayne were. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if that individual didn’t cut a check on the spot.

I have a list of every contributor to the fund and the amount donated that was made through my blog’s donate page.  I don’t have an address for anybody.  Please, everyone who contributed for the Cook defense through my blog’s donate page (or mailed one in directly to me) e-mail me with your name and address where I can send a check to.

Some have stated they would pledge the money to some other worthy sub purpose if they ever got it back.  Still, I need to write you a check; you are free to do whatever you want with it.  But, in order to save me (and us by extension) unwarranted taxation I need to administer this fund in that fashion.  If you wish for the money to remain in the fund itself, you can also let me know by email.  In a reasonable time – once I’ve heard from most everyone – I’ll report on what remains in the defense fund, and will therefore be available should the need arise.

Personally, I think it would be perfect poetic justice for you all to get your contributions back to use as you see fit; so don’t be shy.  I look forward to the day when I can tell you who it was that I wrote a check to you on behalf of.   Poetic justice is beautiful thing.

So, email me your address.

email address:

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  1. How beautiful !
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Good one! Since I assume that the benefactor is still flush, may I suggest spending something on a good voodoo practitioner to stick pins in a certain little doll, for everyone’s sake.

  3. Marty,
    I’d rather you leave my donation in the fund.

  4. Wonderful news Marty and many thanks to our unknown benefactor. May the force be with you unknown benefactor!

    This is so reverse or opposite of anything Scientology Inc. would do! They stink of avarice and have a distinct lack common human kindness.

    It so uplifting and refreshing to see the opposite!

  5. Robert — truer words have never been spoken:

    This is so reverse or opposite of anything Scientology Inc. would do!

  6. What a nice action on this Indept person . You obvilously diserve the assistance and be helped Marthy and that person has done just that.Thank you for the information and ways set to go forward .

  7. martyrathbun09

    Then please email the address given.

  8. Aye sir! 🙂

  9. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Marty!
    Thanks for the offer bro but you can keep our money and use it any way you see fit. I think you have my address.
    Thanks unknown benefactor!! 🙂

  10. what a kind thing to do reminding me of the altruism of Marshall Goldblatt.

  11. Bruce Pratt

    If I ask for my funds back, I will have to show up at Casablanca to throw a beer and steak party for some folks with those very funds. Cheap steak and cheaper beer perhaps, but steak and beer it will be.

  12. Felicitas Foster

    I did not donate through your site. What I donated was freely given and I do not want it back. I did only donate what I could easily spare. Not like in the church where some of my donations put me into a tight spot. 🙂
    If she ever wants to give it back – I do not care. It is like when you give money to a beggar. You decide to give it and that’s the end of that cycle. It was not a loan. It was a gift and with a gift the recipient can do whatever he pleases to – its his.

  13. The same old LDW

    You have my email, Marty. Do what you wish with it.

    I would personally love to see a substantial legal defence fund (possibly set up as a non-profit) which could be used at the discretion of the directors of the fund (say yourself, Mike, Steve and one or two other smart cookies).

    That being said, I want to express my opinion on something that I feel is valid, but could be way off base. I don’t think miscavige has the ecclesiastical or legal right to sue anyone “on behalf of RTC or CSI or CST” or anyone else. His blatent disregard for the Creed, the Tech and Policy laid out by LRH, his crimes of torture and human trafficking and physical assult make him utterly ineligible to serve in any capacity on any board of directors of any church corporation. Anyone who has tolerated his abuse of people, tech and policy and has not demanded a comm ev resulting in expulsion is also unfit to serve. This means, in my opinion, by virtue of his extreme ecclesiastical violations he is not legally entitled to anything, nor are any of the other so-called board members.

    In my opinion, I think it is about time that he was challenged on those grounds if he ever dares to sue any of us for anything.

    There is no ecclesiastical or legal board of anything anymore in that group.
    It is a farce.

    Any court accepting any lawsuit from miscavige would be tantamount to a NY city DA accepting a lawsuit from Gotti against a store owner who refused to pay for “protection.” Absurd.

    Anyway, thanks for listening.


  14. Money has been termed an energy flow, or even the attention unit of the society at times. The 9th ACC is all about flows, comm particles, live beings and exactly how time occurs, aberration persists and how to dissolve whatever it is you want, and the fundamentals of any game.

    Thanks unknown guy. I sense a freedom in the Force, Luke. A Cause level that moves on up a little higher.

  15. Martin Padfield

    Quite so. Can you imagine the IAS having such transparency? Hell will freeze over before the IAS produces any verifiable audited accounts.

    I look forward to knowing who this great being is who is making such a magnanimous gesture. Wouldn’t it be great if it was Heber or an int exec? Meantime I still patiently await refund from Debbie. Last heard by e/m about a fortnight ago a cheque would be sent within a week.

  16. Impartial English Girl

    But how would they know which little figure was the doll and which was the real DM? Not that it would matter much, of course… 😉

    IEG x

  17. Tom & Mary Beth Gallagher

    $12,755 probably doesn’t even match POB’s high-life liquor and food bills on a given weekly basis.

    As such Marty, please put our modest contributions in a kitty for your past and/or future expenses. Or consider it an AP for that matter. Whatever.

    I love this karmic thing, though. And thanks for this news and thanks to the “unknown” benefactor! It sure beats IAS (i am stupid) donations.

    By the way, fuck you Miscavige and your zombie Jamestown imitating kewl-aid slurping masters and minions. Pig shit smells better.

  18. Impartial English Girl

    The generosity of this unnamed individual is truly humbling. What a magnificent gesture. What a world it would be if everyone was this kind…

    IEG xxx

  19. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Anything not claimed remains in the defense fund. Nothing goes to kitties of any other kind.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Please believe me – I share the heart of your analysis, but it will cost on the order of one hundred times what we currently have in the fund to successfully prosecute that case.

  21. martyrathbun09

    The porch light is always on for ya Bruce.

  22. martyrathbun09

    Ok, anything unclaimed remains in the defense fund.

  23. Tom & Mary Beth Gallagher

    Fair enough.

  24. Well how nice of the new necessarily quiet-for-the-time-being independent! That’s called ask and you shall receive. 😀

  25. Tom & Mary Beth Gallagher


    Upon review, we understand the tax ‘thingy’. We’ll email per your advice then we’ll re-forward funds Thanks.

  26. “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” ~ Anon

    That’s too funny, Marty. I just got off the phone with a client coming to rent a house. He asked me what to bring, my answer was, “All your money in non-sequential, unmarked small bills left in a paper bag by the alley.” When he was done laughing, he told me he has not checking account set up in town yet, so he’s been skimming $300 at a time from various ATM’s to come up with the money…”so I can bring ya the cash if you really want it!” ROFL!!!

    In all seriousness though, you are a Good and Admirable Man, Marty Rathbun! You, of all people, need to be conscienctious about what you ask for because you are surrounding yourself with OTs! You will either get it NOW or LATER… but if you ask, you’re gonna get it.

    So take that! N’yah! 😉

  27. Lucy James


  28. Impartial English Girl

    This was actually the VERY thought that struck me on first reading the post. The force is strong in this one… 😉

    IEG x

  29. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    I know Marty will not print what I really want to say.

  30. Keep the money in the defense/escape fund.

  31. That’s a beautiful thing. I hope. Perhaps someday we can know who this benefactor is.

    In the meantime, I just give what I can, all over the place. Money seems to be my weakest point. But I give that too.

    One day, personally I’d like to see the end of it.

    Never been a great fan of via’s.

    Being free was the whole point all along.

    You’re still stand up as far as I am concerned Marty.

    Happy to see this person got that stupid money-key off your back. Good on them!

  32. Marty,

    Glad to see you getting that situation handled. Nevertheless, apparently someone needs to give you the game when it comes to the income tax. It goes like this: According to the US Supreme Court in the earliest of decisions regarding the income tax AFTER the passage of the 16th ammendment … the tax IS Constitutional because the tax is an indirect tax as opposed to an unaportioned direct tax (not a tax on property in otherwords), the tax is really a tax on privilege and only MEASURED by the income or net profit derived FROM the privilege in question.

    There are a handful of instances where privilege is involved. These include non resident aliens deriving US sourced income, Citizens of the US residing abroad with foreign earned income (protection of the US Flag) and working for the federal govt. or federal corporation such as the US Post Office. Living and working at an occupation of common right within any of the now 50 united States is simply NOT the subject of the income tax, or at least not inherently. People MAKE what they do the subject of the income tax by participation in Social Security/SSN use.

    According to the Social Security Administration, “having and using an SSN is totally voluntary and not required to live OR WORK in the United States.” They will admit this in writing if asked, snail mail or email. They USED to admit in writing that with no SSN use it would be impossible to have taxable income. They stopped admitting that for two reasons … it gives their game away, and, it is only 99% true in that there are a few instances where income tax liability can be incurred without SSN use, but that is generally in the case of non resident aliens. Bottom line … most people who pay income tax here in the US do so because they incur liability forced upon them by the companies they work for that force them to use SSN’s on the job, usually via forms W-4 or W-9, with a resultant W-2 or 1099 dropped on them at years end, telling the IRS they had “taxable income.” Bottom line … no SSN use, no W-2 and/or no 1099.

    Marty, there is zip point zero zilch nada reason for you to be in the tax system, doing your own thing. Simply cease the use of an SSN/stop filing/stop paying and get the IRS out of your life. If you are badgered by banks and other institutions for a taxpayer ID number, that is a good reason to use an LLC or even a subchapter C corp. People asking for a taxpayer ID number generally do so because they wrongfully believe that they need one from you to expense out the cost of your labor or for ID purposes. They will be happy to accept a corporate taxpayer ID known as an EIN. Your relationship to the corporate entity is your business only and will never be questioned. You can therefore keep your personal taxpayer ID number out of the picture and the corporate taxpayer ID need not show a profit or show absolute minimum profit to stay alive as an entity, thereby reducing your tax situation to a virtual zero, even if the corporate entity has to file.

    Visit the Dave Champion site, and order his book, “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths.” You will totally get the game. It is a con, based upon the use of misunderstood words. The public assumes the dictionary definition whereas the govt. operates on special legal definitions supplied in the codes themselves or in law dictionaries.


  33. Another Layer

    Many thanks to the new Independent, Mr. Necessarily Quiet!

  34. Then perhaps we should raise 2M just to be sure and do it? Whatever you think will get the job done ~ you have a calvery.

  35. Transporter

    To Martin Padfield: What e-mail address did you use for Debbie please? I sent her a regular letter to her bus address listed the day after Marty posted her settlement sit and I have not heard boo!

  36. Thats great about the money. Only good things can come of that.

    About the Voo Doo priest putting a wammy on somebody. Not a good idea.
    Try Amazon.con get “Just Ask the Universe” by Michael Samuels.
    Look through Red Vols.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Ok, please email so Mosey can note the appropriate item stays there.

  38. I would be flabbergasted if Herber or a recently fled INT exec had a dime to their name, sadly. Hence the problem and the reason DM is able to keep them enslaved, even if they leave they sacrificed their entire lives to the cult decades ago. I think if INT execs had a fat secure bank account waiting for them on the outside, DM might be lacking punching bags. Unfortunately DM convinces them they will fail in the corrupt wog world, be flipping burgers or homeless and will only dream and long to the CoS after a few days. if only they realized the truth – flipping burgers in freedom is heaven compared to working 16 hour days under DMs torture and abuse.

  39. Anyone following this advice is likely to spend his or her entire life dodging and fighting with the IRS. Easier just to pay taxes.

  40. How cool is that; giving money out of the goodness of his heart to HELP others. Sounds like a true Scientologist.

    And just think, he’s not even getting a plaque, a leather jacket or a leather bound squirreled LRH book. In fact, we don’t even know who he is! Miscavige you should hang your head in shame.

  41. Well give a big wet kiss to Mr Benefactor, right on the lips. You decide if it’s Mosey or you Marty. :>)

    Any news on the cash for settlement front for Mrs. Cook?

  42. Marty,
    You continue to amaze! Your blog is a tremendous resource for so many and you really are making a difference for all of those that have been or are stuck in the trap of corporate Scientology. Another impressive post! My thanks. No I didn’t donate. Had reservations and my intuition served me well on this one. Helped before and will help again when it feels right.

  43. You see, do good things for people and the goodness comes back around.
    Thanks to the “quiet-for-the-time-being independent”. I am sure everyone here realizes you didn’t have to do this and yet you did. Very cool.

  44. I agree. Good game!

  45. Thanks very much Mr quiet-for-the-time-being independent, it’s mighty generous action on your part. This is of course redirected to the Defense fund and in support of real justice.

  46. The same old LDW

    You are right, Marty. I have a pretty good estimate, from someone we both know, approximately how much it will cost. At this point, I am convinced that if push comes to shove, the funds will be available to take it to the limit. Honestly, I believe it will last about as long as Debbie’s case did. But this time with no gag orders at the end game. Full disclosure. Personally, I have absolutely nothing to hide.

    I’m not saying this is the time or place. I’m just saying that we should assume the positive postulate that our goals are worthy and that all the support that will be needed is available to see that justice, not sleazy lawyers is served.

    “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  47. Plus 100

  48. Ronnie Bell

    Bruce really ought to get those business cards printed…..”Have Beer, Will Travel” .. LOL


  49. Ronnie Bell

    That’s a worthy target, Marty. Don’t ask, or ye shall receive!

  50. What goes around comes around. The natural way of things.

    We are all so fortunate.

  51. Ronnie Bell

    What an outstanding action! Thank you, Mr. Under The Radar! That’s a flow to real theta power!

  52. one of those who see

    Totally ok to be Quiet for the time being. Thank you for your help! Glad to have you aboard!

    Checked You Tube for Lisa Maire. Here she is on American Idol

  53. It’s easier to stay within the Cof$ and just submit to the redges rather than go independent and possibly be declared and be cut off from your friends and/or business contacts. It’s easier to just STFU and get ripped off by a car repair shop rather than call them on an obvious fraud. It’s easier for a woman to submit to an attacker and let herself get raped rather than fight back. And for some people, I suppose that it is easier to be a slave to the system rather than stand up and claim your right to work here as a non taxpayer with no socialist slavestate number.

    If you incur liability for the income tax, you will definitely hear from the IRS if you fail to file and/or pay. If you incur no liability for income tax in the first place, you will never hear from them, plain and simple. If you are living and working within any of the now 50 united States and simply never use an SSN, you will not incur liabilty for income tax. If you are an employee for some large corporation, you will be in for a fight if you want to stop using an SSN. If you do your own thing independently, walking away from SSN use is very easy. If you deal with clients that demand a taxpayer ID number in the erronious belief that one is required to expense out the price of your services on THEIR tax returns, they will be happy with a corporate taxpayer ID number from a corporate entity that you have setup for the express purpose of handling your billing. The corporate entity can then pay you as a non taxpayer, i.e., no personal taxpayer ID number from you, and expense that out under the catagory of “OTHER” on its corporate return. The corporate entity need not show a profit or only the bare minimum profit to stay alive as a corporate entity, so the tax would be a virtual zero. You are kept out of the system as a non taxpayer and need not file.

    Now some of the folk reading this may think this is off point. In my way of seeing things, it is totally on point anytime the subject of the income tax/paying the IRS comes up. It SHOULD be especially relevant to independent Scientologists. Why? Because within the Cof$ there is a doctrine that you must be a taxpayer within good standing to be a Cof$ Scientologist. It was part of the settlement with the IRS. One of the benefits of breaking away from the Cof$ is to part company with the IRS if you choose to do so.


  54. Good on ya’ Marty. Thanks for the boost “qfttb indie”!

  55. Dear Phantom Well wisher , Thank you for your energy and kind intentions.
    I had a book arrive today that contains knowledge kept alive for more than 1500 years. This is the torch we all carry for the Scientology. Thank you for assisting us in keeping the torch lit. The basic purpose flows through time……….

  56. That is wonderful, Marty. I am constantly amazed at how things always come back to people who give with no thought of receiving anything back. It always seems to work that way and many times, you get back much more than you give. Thank you to that wonderful benefactor, and the idea of a fund to help others who need it is a great one.

  57. I wish I would’ve given through you now, so you could benefit, but I didn’t and that was then. Mine was still was a gift to Debbie’s defense. It sure is nice that you are able to refund those who may want or need it. Blessings!

  58. I gave to the Debbie Fund direct shortly after she posted her own web site PayPal link. I never considered it a tax write-off, so she’ll have to deal with that. I gave because I wanted to, and I wasn’t forced down in a chair for 2 hours and beaten down to finally agree. She will become a significant point in future history, yet she’s done and her life is her only life now. We still have other bigger fish to fry.

  59. …incidentally, those that gave through Marty, he needs your info for tax and legal purposes. So just do it.

  60. I checked my PayPal account – the money went to I don’t want my small donation back, but it would be nice if Ms. Cook sent unclaimed donos to Marty. I wish I had donated through this site since I’m concerned that Ms. Cook has my and others’ contact information.

  61. By the way, Steve Hall owes the world an article about how badly his life has gone since escaping from DM’s clutches. Flipping burgers, indeed. More like Corvettes and houses.

  62. I know, but a man can dream can’t he?

  63. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Please keep my donation Marty for 2 reasons.
    1. It is now clean money. That donation can be used for better things.
    2. I don’t want you wasting time chasing up people to deal with all the administration – you have better things to do with your time.
    3. The money was used at the time for something that was of advantage to all of us. This wasn’t about helping Debbie Cook it was about stopping the abuses of the ‘church’. For me anyway.

  64. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Use this one Transporter:
    I got my donation back with a very polite response within a few days and turned around and used the money to help get someone from the States to the Dublin Conference next month 🙂
    Debbie’s refund covered the cost of wiring funds.
    Kind of just re-cycling the same money where it will do the most good 😀

  65. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I know you still need to write the check. I just wanted my sentiments to be known publicly. x

  66. Please keep what I donated for the defense fund. I never viewed the money as “lost” but as very well invested despite Debbie´s final withdrawal. Her testimony and interview were allover in the news, are now allover the Internet and on the Scientology-cult site.The truth about the Human Rights violations and the atrocities perpetrated (some of it) are out, and for me that is surely worth it.
    Thank you Marty, Mosey, Mike and all who participated for all what you did to make this possible! And thank you quiet-for-the-time-being independent!
    – Karola

  67. Under Radar

    I sent Debbie some cash in the mail with senders name and address.
    That I didn’t get an ack., I considered a small out-point.
    That she now doesn’t propose to pay any contributors back
    is a huge out-point.
    Doesn’t make sense, does it?

  68. Modern Shaman

    Hi Marty ,

    Its been long time , now I am out of hiding and lot to tell.

    Remember my last post on a South Asian guy (lets name him “M”) being reincarnation of “JFK ” ,off course you do , well he got DECLARED SP last month and was subject to Fair Game.

    That was a big relief for Karachi mission , hiding “M’s” ECT in late June 2010, from INT.

    “M” was well known for his psychotic issues and was Dev T for the Mission.

    Initially, when INT broke the news …………..and shower them with gratitude, respect and rewards they were overwhelmed ……….. and suppressed the data.

    So, why it kept hidden for so long and why now?

    According to my sources , the INT made them “smart” , they know the rules of the game. ” every new funding comes with new cycle of action”.

    Bravo Karachi Mission

    p.s: if its too much to get it published , please forwarded it to Mike Rinder.

  69. I enjoyed the track from Lisa Maria Presley Great lyrics were great/

  70. Thnan ks for sharing the track off Lisa Maria PresleyGreat /

  71. The voodoo works for me. It has an entertainment value. It could be fun, especially if done during an event.

  72. Yes. It is refreshing. Maybe Scientology could be fun after all. Maybe we could be a true group.

  73. At any rate, I do not believe our salvation is with the Justice Dept. The solution to suppression is flourish and prosper. Every time one of us completes a level, dm becomes a bit smaller.

  74. Bitter Defrocked Apostate


  75. Its called a Wanga Doll. Different kinds for different purposes.
    For best results requires an animal sacrifice such as Goat.
    There are real Voo Doo Priests available for Hollywood Movies, they dont come cheap and are high maintenance, but the real deal none the less.

    Most real Voo Doo is taking a bath in Sea Salt.

    Ancient Voo Doo Prayer:
    “Never Conjur Up more Demons than you can Conjur Down”.

  76. You got yours back already? Mine seems to be lost in the post. Anyway, Transporter, this above is the correct email address for Debbie.

  77. TheWidowDenk

    So funny! But one could just short out the teleprompters …

  78. Yeah, right. Roll over like a mongrel for the IRS. Real easy. Enjoy your slavery. I’m sure Ron would be proud.


  79. I stand corrected… apparently the moola can remain in the legal fund.

  80. 🙂 funny…

  81. TO,
    Intriguing about the book. Please share details with us.

  82. Your humble servant

    Now, Tom, you know that Mary would not have used language like that.

  83. Wow, very considerate on the part of all concerned. Just wanted to point out if it helps since others have had a different experience, that I donated directly to Debbie and Wayne via Paypal. I did get an ack from Debbie, and I was refunded on May 8th in full.

  84. Pete,
    I am not a fan nor a supporter of the IRS. IMHO it is much more likely that one would become a slave to that which he opposes.
    When you are in a tug of war you can exit when you feel it is a game not worth playing. But you have to find the correct rope to let go of!

  85. Or Mrs. Necessarily Quiet…….

  86. E.J. Croughs

    The most beautiful middle finger ever!

  87. Yes, I donated directly to Debbie & share your view as well. Perhaps, if there’s a next time like this I’ll let Marty be the go between. Then we’ll get something that aligns more with Scientology.

  88. The Oracle

    History of the roots of Zen falling into China from India. If you prefer audio books you can also get this one at . I heard it first on audio, great narration, then wanted a hard copy to read and have as a reference book.

    This is a highly recommended book also:

    Not available on audio that I know of. But a great book that just touches on some basic common sense tips for living and social intercourse.

  89. I’m with you Ronnie. It’s worth a try. Nothing to lose.

    ML Tom

  90. Transporter

    Re: Debbie’s refund. Thank you Sam and thank you Martin!

  91. Tom Gallagher

    I’m caught red-handed.

  92. Tom Gallagher

    A big acknowledgement to Mosey’s administration of this process. Thank you so much!

  93. I cannot imagine anyone wanting the money back from you of all people! I sure do not! Besides, knowing all about DM- we might need it again sometime in the future. Keep it in the fund. I is always good to have a little petty cash on hand for emergencies.

  94. Read my first post on this. The IRS leaves you alone if you understand how to not incur liability for income tax in the first place. That mainly hinges upon SSN use, which is voluntary by law although enforced by policy by most companies that hire.


  95. LDW, great Jefferson quote. Lots of applicability today.

  96. Under Radar, I think Debbie did offer to pay people back, and Sam posted that she receive a refund.

  97. The Oracle

    Off topic (as usual). Thanks for tolerating me, to all.

    Until the last blog post of Marty’s, (Another OTVlll has seen the truth revealed), and until my exchange with Andy Porter, I was still making excuses. Even for David Miscavige. I thought he was not too bright, maybe mishandled as a child, maybe overwhelmed. Yes, I contributed to putting pressure on him to resign for the greatest good. I just thought he wasn’t right for the job. But after my recent exchange with Andy, I realized the Church of Scientology has become a criminal organization. It is worse than I thought. This has been sinking in the last few days. It takes a lot of guts these days to even stand up and say one is an “Independent Scientologist”.

    I started hiding all of my books nine years ago after people walked into my home that were never Scientologists, saw my books, and never came back. Most people that know me have no idea I have ever been connected to Scientology. I did not tell my own Children until about eight months ago.

    I made some very good friends in Southern California until I had custom made book cases and unpacked my books and made a library, and they saw my Scientology books. I did not mind this when I was proud of the Church. I told everybody I was into Scientology and I had never lost a friend before because of it. But Jesus,one good friend in So . Cal, when she saw my books went on an itsa about when she used to live in Clearwater and lost her job in the bank there when the Church bought the bank building!!!!!

    These were not even Scientologists, but the first seven people that saw my book case had some story about Scientology and left in a huff! So, my books have been hidden.

    What did I want to say? I guess that I have been living half in and half out of Scientology. Because the half of me that has been living out has made it possible for the half of me that has been living in to get up the bridge! Hubbard said you can’t live half out and half in. I guess I took the challenge.

    Me, my husband, and my children now, are living half in and half out of Scientology.

    I guess what I need to confess, is that none of us would be half in, if not for the people that all in.

    I realized tonight there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands, that are not in at all anymore. The Independents are the ones holding the line between hope and complete failure.

    I did dedicate my life to this when I joined the Sea Org. In a testy kind of way. I made sure I had an income from the outside and many resources if ? / when I flipped back out and hit the street. I covered my ass all the way.

    I have trust issues and it worked out for the best. Maybe because I read the three little pigs. Maybe because I did not place myself at total effect of anyone. Even then, I had the rug pulled from under my feet.

    I guess I am finding out who I really am. And ethics works on flows, I want everyone here to know who I really am too. To find out who I really am.
    I am a person who has two kids that I do want to handicap because of my

    Geeze Christ if can only get to the point!

    I just think we are all doing the best we can under the circumstances and please, let’s not turn against one another. The only power the Church can use against us, is to build walls between us. There are walls between the people there. Huge walls. They may seem like a team. But a team mate knows what the others are doing and thinking and co ordinates thereby and there with. The Sea Org staff do not know what DM is thinking and doing.

    One of us with out the rest is not going to work. There are people in the Freezone that build walls between us. If we do nothing else, let’s stay on the same page.

    If Marty has done anything successful it is getting people back on the same page with Scientology. Seek to live with the truth.

    I am in the process of making that reconciliation. One day, I will be there.

  98. The Oracle

    O.K. I guess what I wanted to say, is the game where everybody wins, is the game where everybody knows what the other players are doing and thinking and co inordinates thereby and there with, gives us the advantage because DM is not a team player. He is an only one. This win is too simple.

  99. The Oracle

    And I just want to thank Jim Logan while on the mat, for coming by and debugging every tech cycle against the wall and lifting my burdens
    with his all or nothing beingness and dedication to Scientology.

  100. The Oracle

    In fact Jim, this song is for you:

  101. The Oracle

    Clean cycle all the way.

  102. +10. Beautifully stated.

  103. gordon freeman

    Uh…hum, my name is John Q. Independentscientologist and I contributed $12,755 to the cause. So if you could just go ahead and send me that check, I’d appreciate it. Good work you’re doing here, keep up the fight, yep, just go ahead and send that check on out…


  104. TheWidowDenk

    Incredible comment! When The Oracle speaks, we listen because we are part of the team.

  105. It’s simple, the doll does not bit people up.

  106. How about changing the text on the TelePrompTer, something like: “So there you have it. I am complete idiot, and it’s about time one of you puts me out of my measery.”

  107. Mother of Grendel

    Marty (and Mike) – this is off topic, but I was hoping you could provide some of your special insight. I’m seeing hard sell IAS reg stuff promoting the biggest ‘whatever’ being announced at MV this year. Then I saw a leaked email mentioning GAT2! Is Miscavige actually going to try to sell a GAT2? What do you know???

  108. MOG — to begin with, realize that EVERY event that Miscavige appears at is “The Most Important In The History Of The Entire Universe” and will announce “breakthroughs” that will “blow you away” and “change your eternity” and make you able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, become more powerful than a steaming locomotive and travel faster than a speeding bullet….

    There have been rumblings about “GAT 2” for some time.

    It would NOT surprise me. There has been a lot of vocal (and well-founded) criticism about the failure to train auditors. It would not surprise me if he comes up with one of his insane new “whys” (a la blind leading the blind) to “explain” this and position himself as being the “only one” who really cares about training auditors, and so he has spent years, sleeping in a cardboard box in the middle of the road for one hour a night to solve the problem. And it will be something that requires EVERYONE to buy something in order to “really get the full benefit of the materials.”

    That’s my prediction. But it’s only guesswork based on earlier experiences and observation.

  109. Thank you for sharing that. What you say is so true.
    Although I was “out”, I was not completely out until I de-PTSed myself through this blog (the comm from people participating in it). And even that has been an evolution. Communication is the universal solvent. I prove this to myself over and over and over and over.

  110. 😉 I am LMAO at the concept of David Miscavige sleeping in a cardboard box in the middle of the road!!!! Bwhahahahahhahahahahaha
    And of course the rat bastard will convolute anything leading to any assumption that he might’ve had anything to do with creating the first Golden Age of Tech degrades!

  111. Bruce Pratt

    Check out this entry on the Indie 500:
    332 Loren Spethman
    I suspect we’ll hear some more from Loren. He may even detail that GAT II subject.

  112. Dayam! Hope he does! I’m looking forward to that!

  113. Ronnie Bell

    The man’s stats are stellar. I had no idea…

  114. The Oracle – Nice treatment of delicate subjects of interdependencies and Dynamics. Some in Scn it would seem, blithely overlook, that there’s nothing wrong with putting the 1st Dynamic 1st, on purpose. One leaves chairs around the table for friends, but if all do not show up, then that’s too bad. Stop watching heads up poker. – Carcha.

  115. Gordon – I think you’re just an example of Marty’s sense of humor. (No offense, it would appear you may have confused us with some other people.) .

  116. Monty Python – Four Yorkshiremen

    “There were 150 of us living in a shoe box in the middle of the road.” “You were lucky! We … “

  117. Hey Marty. I think I missed the boat, maybe. OK if I did… I donated directly to Debbie Cook. Can you tell me how to get that back?

  118. Under Radar

    Yes, saw that afterwards.
    But she doesn’t seem to have offered Marty and others…

  119. Bruce Pratt

    email her @ debbiecook8008 at gmail. I’d include the contribution amount(s) and give her an address for remittance.

  120. The Oracle


  121. Thank You!

  122. LMAO – perfect!

  123. gordon freeman

    ’twas only a joke, Carch. Only a joke. I’m not a Scientologist, not even an independent one, but Marty (and all the other Independents) do such fantastic work wearing Ms. Cavige (or is it Miscarriage? I can never remember) down so I like to drop in from time to time and even make with the occasional ha-ha.

  124. Gordon – I re-read and got your sense of humor too. Unfortunately, some people do abuse welfare and government programs like you say, but on such a scale of millions it’s hard to keep track of accounting. – Carcha.

  125. Tara – I like you. Outside the integration that Scientology offers, there is workable and usable – one recommendation for the jilted or abused is to imagine the wrong-doer in ridiculous situations, until it goes flat. Slipping on a banana peel, motorcycle falling over on them in a puddle, make-up laughably wrong, etc… But these others, though smart, do not at all bring it together into a unified field theory as it were, relating technologies and resolving to predictable personal gains and knowledge which then can be used to evaluate outlying data.. – Carcha.

  126. Just out of curiosity, pay ‘them’ back with what? The money was given, not loaned, and it wasn’t conditional. It was spent on legal fees. The woman stepped up to the plate and hit at least a single. I’m with all the folks here who recognize you don’t give something and then ask for it back. Maybe I need some clarification. If I pay someone for something and don’t get it, that’s not a gift, and I can ask for it back, and might even get it.

  127. Thanks Carcha.

  128. I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I’ll learn plenty of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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