Indie 500 Update – Brad Halsey #340

News Flash. The real action in the Indie 500 occurred at Steve Hall’s  Brad Halsey roared out of the house!

I am gonna’ try and keep this write-up short and sweet.

I was on staff for D.C. Fdn. from 1987 to 1997 (was on tech posts the entire time).

I trained as an Outer Org Trainee at FLAG as part of the Class 8 Senior C/S training program from 1992 to 1996, an Int program that drew 135 people from around the world begining in 1992.

I was there at FLAG when the Golden Age of Tech was released in 1996. At that time only 2 of 135 people had completed that Class 8 Senior C/S training program. That program was a collossal failure at that point in time, based purely on that one stat.

I saw that it was going to add two more years to what had already been a 4-year stay, so I quit and went home.

Can you imagine training for 4 years straight on a Sea Org schedule, where you never get a day off because you are overdue on course? And then on top of that, you now have to do the whole Golden Age of Tech lineup? OMG man, they defeated me with that one, for sure.

Two months later I am back at my org with every intention to finish up my contract, and a golden rod comes down from Flag that says all my previous certs were cancelled and that I have to train from Student Hat all the way up again. At that point I routed out. I was done with it.

I was already Word Clearer interned and Class 4 interned with about 1500 hours in the chair as an auditor when I arrived at Flag for higher training, and at the time I left had completed the full theory of the BC and all auditing requirements on Level O.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was knowing that all the while I was there, they only made it harder and harder to complete.

It’s just plain, flat-out suppression.

Net result: “make it so nobody can get through.”

By obvious design, Miscavige has now made it so you can’t get up either side of the Bridge:

1. Who has the money to pay Org prices for auditing? (especially with the insistence nowadays that you give it all to the IAS in exchange for nothing in return.)

2. Even if you can afford training, who wants to be on training courses for the rest of their lives, never to even find the damned Auditor’s chair? OMG, LRH would just be aghast if he saw today’s lineup of “prerequisites” to Auditor training.

Anybody who cannot see that this is a blatant effort to KILL OFF all Auditor training is just blind as a damned bat!

And if you want to see a very nice presentation of statistical analysis over the past several decades, I highly recommend you go to the site called “Friends of LRH” and read the series there called “What Happened to Training.”

Wow, is that a good write-up! Especially from my own point of view of having lived it and been the effect of it.

There are so many things wrong in Scientology today that have all been so well documented on this site and others, that I need not go into any additional detail on any of that.

We all know how wrong it’s all gone.

Bottom line – there is a raging SP named David Miscavige at the top and he’s your WHY for all of it.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there is now tons of ample evidence, you just have to open your eyes to it.

There’s only one thing to do and that’s just choose whose side you’re on.

Please add my name to the Indie 500 list.

Brad Halsey

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  1. Tony Dephillips

    Nice write-up Brad!
    I went thropugh some of that suppressive training and I agree there is only one intention….To KILL OFF AUDITORS.
    Welcome Brad.

  2. Thanks for your story Brad. Hope you’re getting to use your skills nowadays.

  3. “By obvious design, Miscavige has now made it so you can’t get up either side of the Bridge:”
    Yep! Exactly his plan – but make buttloads of money in the process and confuse the hell out of everyone in the process.
    Nice to meet you, Brad. 😀

  4. Perfect… Nice bike too…x

  5. Impressive announcement. Impressive history. Impressive insight. Impressive man. Thank you, Brad, for the message. I know you will enjoy your new found freedom including the freedom to actually help others. Welcome to the list.

  6. Wouldn’t it be fun to hit 500 on the Indie 500 on the Indie 500 weekend. Maybe a bunch of people who already agree but haven’t seen the right time for themselves will just say “that’s it” and add their names to the list. It doesn’t mean you are “joining” any new group, only that you are standing with those who want to insure the freedom to practice Scientology as they see fit and to whatever degree they choose. There is actually less harassment that you might think, they save that for the big guns. You can add your name to the 500 list without an individual announcement on Marty’s blog if that is your choice. And, besides, if 150 names hit the list at once, DM and OSA will go into a tailspin.

    Wanna play where the real fun is being had?

  7. Way to go Brad. 😀 I think that you were too knowledgeable and they had to suppress you. Question is, who runs Miscavige?
    Enjoy that bike, nice!

  8. Hi Brad,

    Obviously you have a strong purpose to deliver. You sound like a prime candidate to become an Indie Field Auditor. Just hook up with ol’ Jim Logan (Indie Qual Consultant) and you’ll be back in business!!

  9. You’re a little intense Brad, but you know what, that’s ok, I am too about all this… ! 🙂 You don’t f**k with the truth Miscavige, ya’ prick. We found it and still have it and we’re here and now ensuring it bites you in the ass, bet on it.

  10. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Brad! The spirit and look of Indies, hehehe! Roarrrrrrr away, man! We keep going up! Thanks so much for roaring out of the house!

  11. Sincere and to the point: “Anybody who cannot see that this is a blatant effort to KILL OFF all Auditor training is just blind as a damned bat!”

  12. scilonschools

    “There’s only one thing to do and that’s just choose whose side you’re on.”

    So sad but maybe true at the moent, but it wont always be like thyat I am 100% sure!!.
    Nice write up Sir!,

  13. Welcome “no bullshit Brad”.
    Nice bike!


  14. TheWidowDenk

    Welcome Brad!

    Thank you for your “short and sweet write-up.” Very A to B with no Q & A.

    I too got GAT interjected as I neared the end of the Briefing Course. That runway got sooo long after 1 1/2 years of training on a full time day schedule as public. But, that was the end of the line for me and the auditor training. I did a couple of other courses that hadn’t been interfered with at that point, then went back to admin.

    Love the bike and glad you are here! Rachel #288

  15. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Welcome out! Vrooooooooooom!!

  16. The future amount of auditing that can take place depends on the number of auditors made today.
    A stop, to be effective, has to be accepted. Thanks for not accepting the stops.

  17. The purpose of the Academy at FCDC (perLRH) was to train the best auditors in the world. And we did. Brad was one of them….the Flag line-up was overrun and added runway… GAT was (is) just pure suppression (false standards, making the activity dangerous, altering\omitting data, etc).

    Looking good, Mr Halsey! Welcome!

  18. Ronnie Bell

    Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there is now tons of ample evidence, you just have to open your eyes to it.

    There’s only one thing to do and that’s just choose whose side you’re on.

    Once a person grants themselves permission to LOOK, the rest is easy. Even if they have to fly under the radar because of threats to their dynamics, they KNOW. There’s no going back from that position, once one is informed.

    The trick is in finding that one thing that gives one the courage to over-ride the insidious command, “Don’t Look – Don’t Listen”. For many of us who have only recently found our independence, it was Debbie Cook’s email. For others, it was the overload of insanity, injustice, and injury that were inflicted upon them by the organization.

    Welcome back, Brad. We’re glad to have you.

  19. I hear you darlin. Never stop looking for the truth.

  20. Great write up, Brad! Thank you and Welcome!

  21. Short but very much to the point! Of all the suppressive bullshit in RCS possibly the near total destruction of the training line-up is the worst of all. Remember when the whole point of the courserooms was making auditors? God it seems so long ago now…

  22. Bert Schippers

    Welcome Brad & thanks for speaking out!!

  23. FCDC Class of 74

    Nice write up Brad. When your told to, i.e.(GAT)- with me anyway, an alarm whent off. When I told my course super at FLAG (Linda Ruhl) I knew it the material she said there had been some small changes,just do it! I tried it. I moved along and the more I did the more invalidation I felt-that’s when I stopped. Back in the seventies it was different I was PTS and left. Bill Dupree I335

  24. Great Write up and oh so correct.
    Love the bike is that a Victory? Really cool Very Well Done.

    My question to all who read this is how many more
    are out there beside those still under D.M.s crypt keeper puzzle factory.

  25. Your humble servant

    Great write-up Brad. The intention is to kill off auditors and also to kill off PCs through badly trained auditors and misapplication of tech like the “I am not auditing you” sec check sessions and the three swings make an f/n rule.

    It is very easy to pick out any one of dozens and dozens of suppressive Miscavige actions, which pick shows by itself that David Miscavige is in a very evil condition, or, as you have correctly pointed out, SUPPRESSIVE.

    The one that jumped out at me from your write-up is CANCELLATION OF CERTIFICATES of auditors who have not done the so-called “Golden Age of Tech” line up. By clear LRH policy, certificates are not subject to cancellation on any such basis. ( For the flavor of this, see, e.g., P.A.B. No. 3 and Ability Issue No. 50.) Certificates might be subject to cancellation for flagrant misapplication of tech or such reasons, and that on a very rare and occasional basis.

    The obvious effect of such wholesale, off-policy cancellations nonsense has been to stop auditors and stop auditing. It has been very effective. At the same time, misapplication of tech also automatically creates a “no auditing” situation.

    Ron would never in a million years have ordered a wholesale cancellation of certificates of people because they had not yet completed some new training program. Thus, even if Ron were to have agreed that the implementation of the “Golden Age of Tech” was a good idea (which he would not have agreed), he would have kept all earlier certificates in force while the new program was implemented.

    Sixteen years ago, David Miscavige promised that the “Golden Age of Tech” was the solution to boom auditor training and well done auditing hours. He obviously knows that GAT has instead crashed both of these statistics, and he evidently feels quite satisfied about it.

    David Miscavige is a lunatic, not in the sense of not knowing what he is doing, but in the sense of secretly harboring evil intentions and working to get those evil intentions carried out.

  26. Well said, Brad! Hope you’ll be at the Indie party.

  27. Tony DePhillips

    You made me think of this…

  28. Brad, Wow, Dude, Welcome….nice!!!!! loved the write-up and loved the picture…says it all!!!

  29. Short and sweet works for me. You’re speaking the truth.

  30. Hi Brad, you are right. dm made it so both side of the Bridge are not available, but they are available here.

  31. Tony I love it…you know how to pick em!

  32. Good Lawd you’re hot! If you ever come to Connecticut I’d love a ride on your bike! No helmet laws here

  33. You can’t go wrong with Steppenwolf…

  34. We need some advice for all you kind folks.

    We left the church in 2009.We were declared Suppressive in Feb 2012. We thought if we just kept quiet no one would find out about it. So we could remain friends with the people we like that are still in the church. (We knew some of these Declares were not published and passed out.

    Well, this weekend some close friends still in the church give us a copy of our Declare. They feel this is totally unjust! How could the church declare us!

    Our friends are asking us to go into the org and get this overturned because this is so unjust. They still belief the church can be changed from within. That all we have to do is stand our ground and “write it up” and the light of day of truth will shine forth.

    We told they that there is no hope of that. The church is dead and they will never change this Declare. In fact they will Double Declare us.

    But they are hopefully and want us to change the tides and move the church in a better direction. Of course they have no idea what is really going on because they have never researched the internet.

    Nevertheless we agreed to go into the org and address this Declare and try to get it over turned so they still can be friends with us.

    My question to you all is: Has anyone tried to do this? And if you have what happened?
    Or should we being runnning as fast as we can from the front door of the org?
    Please advise us on how to approach this and what to do?

    By the way we plan never ever to do another thing in the church we are only doing this to save our friendship possibly. We are independent Scientologists.

    Thank you for your help.

  35. Welcome Brad, Thanks for helping to keep Scientology working and congratulations on having your name on the list as one of the original 500 Indies saying NO to suppression. With so many stellar personages already on board, the Indie 500 has become the (white-hat) Who’s Who of Scientology… only 160 openings left, too. Together, we are bringing spirit of Scientology back to life.

    BTW, here in Dallas the number of Indies continues to climb. We had a get-together last weekend at Jen and Ronnie Bell’s house — the place was packed and a great time was had by all.

  36. Phil Bruemmer

    Good job Brad.
    You hit the nail on the head.
    I remember you from Flag, where we were taught that being an auditor means you get treated like a DB.
    No surprise now we know it’s all being run by a NCG.

  37. The Oracle

    You still can’t keep a good man down, especially in Scientology! Welcome to the Indie movement ! Thank you for being an auditor! Well done on getting through that theory on the Briefing Course! You have more training than DM under your belt! He has no authority to cancel your certs or manage your qualifications! He is road kill in this arena.

  38. Thanks for your story Brad. You just described the current nut house called the Church of Scientology where “everyone loses”. You go there as an already-successful auditor and you want to hone your tech and after 4 years of “training” you are trashed and cast aside. Dwight Eisenhower, General Patton and General MacArthur couldn’t have, together, planned the demise of the C of S better than Miscaviage has done. My oh my.

    Welcome aboard. Proud to have you.

    ML Tom

  39. Your humble servant


    There are many with personal experiences who will be happy to answer you directly. There are also many older posts here that address this.

    The only way you could possibly get back in good graces with the suppressive cult would be to completely recant your own personal observations and beliefs that led you to leave, and to “make up the damage” and “strike a blow to enemy” by attacking your independent minded friends. You might be spending thousands on sec checking and donations to the IAS too.

    I’m afraid you can’t possibly make it. Probably the best you can do is try to educate your in-church friends as to Marty’s 31 Factors and wish them well. The truth is simple: Under the insane leadership of DM, the present church has become an out-tech, off-policy, money gathering cult. They will not be able to immediately accept this, but you will have planted a valuable seed. You will probably be wishing them goodbye until they come to their senses.

  40. The Oracle

    P.S. Goldren Rods are ser facs.

  41. The Oracle

    Behind every Golden Rod, there is a ser fac.

  42. The Oracle

    G.A.O.T. was one big ser fac on Hubbard and the auditors.

  43. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Does anybody smell a troll around here?

  44. Nice write-up, Brad. Definitely short and sweet. Welcome out!

  45. Great picture! Welcome, Brad.

    Speaking of GAT, I read a post where the person is claiming that DM is getting ready to release GAT II. Anyone know of such a plan? The person could be joking, but it occurred to me that little ole DM might just figure, since the original GAT was released BEFORE the basics, that now all previous training is invalid. At the end of the basics event, David Miscavige said this: “I could walk off this stage in the next 30 seconds after simply telling you to read and listen in sequence and I would know that you would fly. In fact, I’d know if you did just that, read and listened in sequence, by the end of your study, you’d know the basics of Dianetics and Scientology better than any Dianeticist or Scientologist from 1950 right up to the present time.”

  46. I meant to add after the last line: So this could lead right in to the “necessity” for David to now release GAT II.

  47. Welcome Brad !
    Great write up.
    The Class VIII courseroom at AOLA has been closed for years ~~ no students.
    At an INT event DM will bloviate on how many people gave a touch assist in some Wagga Wagga country in Africa no one heard of. But never how many graduated the SHSBC.
    How many graduate the SHSBC in any given year ? Anyone know ?

  48. Yep. Its part of the current round of kool-aid being injected into the life support system. Along with……….the Grand Re-Opening of the Buffalo Ideal Org! Course packs are currently being sold at a “discount”, so as the pattern repeats you can bet that Gat II is new course packs….

    Seems to remind me of….oh yeah, definition of Squirrel: “They go around and around in circles and never get anywhere.” I am told squirrel meat can be palatable, if you prepare it correctly….

  49. Tony Dephillips

    Dm is a total nut job.

  50. Tony Dephillips


  51. HCO PL 7 March 65 Issue II, CERTIFICATE CANCELLATION was one of three policies issued on 7 March 65. The other two were the SP Acts PL and Offenses and Penalties which altogether comprise the so-called Justice Codes of Scientology.

    It clearly states in this policy that Cert cancellation is tantamount to an SP Declare.

    See, this is what David Miscavige did: He declared every single auditor.

  52. Wow Brad, spoken like a true trooper. It’s not easy coming to terms with the depth of Miscavige’s betrayal to Scientology, he surely will go down as the most hated being of all time eventually.
    I happened to be at Flag in 95/96 & was ‘choosen’ for that same pgm, even paid for the blazer but thankfully the Org back home couldn’t do without me and I was routed out – should have bought a lotto ticket that day.
    Best of luck to you but hey, crap aside you’re one of the most valuable beings on the planet, that’s why Miscavige was gunning for ya. Tell him to go to hell!

  53. “Anybody who cannot see that this is a blatant effort to KILL OFF all Auditor training is just blind as a damned bat!” Hail, Hail! Read Mike Reppen’s declaration March 13, 2012 and you’ll see how the little bastard killed off a Universe Corp auditor. When DM’s Hitler regime was done with Mike he told me he will never audit again this lifetime – serious. Well DM and you & your suppressive Nazi RTC/OSA regime lost that battle. Brad, here’s to you getting back in the chair soon!

  54. What sort of friendship could possibly override your need to enlighten them on what is really going on in the church and test your friendship in the light of truth. This sounds awfully theetie-weetie. Sorry.

  55. Very nice write-up ! Clear and convincing ! Well said !
    Thank you and welcome Brad !

  56. Brad,
    Roaring out to Independence in style on an awesome bike is definitely the correct action to take in light of your short and sweet write up. Welcome to the Indies, where auditors are the most valuable beings!

  57. one of those who see

    I was told the same thing by a SO family member. GAT II is next. I believe it has to do with the processing side of the bridge. But this person is not directly on those lines, so could be mistaken. Anyone else have any data?

  58. Hi Brad – thanks for sharing your story and welcome. Here in Toronto one Class IV auditor was made in the last two years. Toronto is known as being one of the top Class V orgs on the planet.

  59. Mike Reppen

    Awesome, you probably know Greg Moore who was on the same bullshit CL VIII program. He had a perfect record as a Tech Terminal for decades and could not get through it. I knew Greg well and audited him for many years at OC Org. Your announcement is once yet again, another example of Dave destroying the legacy of Ron’s tech, unbelievable.

  60. one of those who see

    Brad! Great picture!! Welcome to Independence, Sanity and freedom. Looks like it’s a good fit. Well done on all your training. Sorry you had to get hit with the Bullshit from Miscavige, glad you said Hell No. Your certs are absolutely back in force out here.

  61. First, great write up, Brad. Short, sweet, and very much to the point. I am grateful that you, and others of past date, have shared your nitty gritty stories.

    The off-policy blanket cancellation of certificates included certificates that were issued while LRH was alive, and indeed many of those certificates were issued under his immediate, personal watch! What a direct slap to LRH!!

    YHS, I quite agree with your last paragraph: “David Miscavige is a lunatic, not in the sense of not knowing what he is doing, but in the sense of secretly harboring evil intentions and working to get those evil intentions carried out.”


  62. Tony Dephillips

    Your friends need to be willing to look at the data on the internet or most likely you will lose them in my opinion.
    My wide and I tried to work with OSA when we first declared our Independence and it was just a 1.1 attempt by them to get us to “recant”.
    There is not way on hell that the Org will “un-declare” you. This comes from the top down.
    If your friends are not willing to look at facts then they will probably be coerced by the Org to ultimately disconnect from you.
    No matter if you are declared SP ,some of your true friends will follow. The ones that are not willing to look and are willing to throw you under the bus are not real friends anyways so no worries.
    Come out in the open on Martys blog with a picture and your story and you will have hundreds of new friends.
    Good luck!!
    Tony DePhillips (declared “SP” by the cult) ( also declared Humanitarian by the cult) go figure!!

  63. Tony Dephillips

    Just wait for GAT X that will REALLY be awesome!!

  64. Hello Brad! Welcome out and welcome home!

    I sure hope that you consider auditing again. With GAT, overuse of sec checks and the three swing needle in play the field has taken quite a beating. They could use a skilled auditor such as yourself who hasn’t forgotten the basics of auditing.

    Pretty soon the Indie field will be delivering more than the church and word will get out that if you want to make case gain, go independant.

  65. The Oracle

    Funny you should mention that. I have been getting the auditor mag for years . I have seen people listed in there has having completed one of the first few parts. Then I do not see the names mentioned again. ASHO is not a Hubbard academy anymore. Hubbard’s academy’s were always full. Miscavige academy’s are always empty. Or closed!

  66. Eileen Clark

    Very good to see you here, Brad. I remember you from your days at Flag.
    Looks like you are doing well! Welcome.

  67. Mike Reppen

    Note: Greg Moore was there at FSO for 5 yrs trying to get thru that squirrel B/S CL VIII training program and ended up being sent home in disgrace, more or less. Cathy & Greg Moore are still high to this day on the kool-aid being kept in the dark by DM’s regime.

  68. Your humble servant


    Quite so. DM has no respect at all for Ron, only a pretended respect. There is no insult or degradation of Ron that would be beneath him. What else would we expect of a bully that weaseled, threatened and cajoled his way into being the “ecclesiastical leader” of a church that was built upon the pillars of case gain and training, who yet himself has had neither any case gain nor any training?

  69. Eileen Clark


    My yahoo accounts may have been compromised, am locked out of the one I use here and I get security alerts on sign in page. Did you send me an email from your hushmail to that address about May 9th Event?

    Everyone here should be alert to any emails from me. I have not sent any out recently from yahoo and will not send any from yahoo until this is sorted out, which I will announce here and on FB.

  70. Clarity.

  71. Well documented order introduced into a confusion, making that confusion show up, and providing a stable datum.

  72. It is too bad with all the changes of DM. There is now one little baby in high fever, who cannot get fever assist, because feverassist has to be delivered with E-meter per the assist book. In 70íes and 80´ies we were delivering very successfull feverassist to kids without meter. Now an old SO-nanny is stopped to help sick child. She has given those assists in hundreds without knowing she should do it with meter.

  73. Very Well Done Brad! And welcome to freedom.
    340 is a great number, too.

    We are approaching the tipping point… 🙂 !


  74. Captain Bob

    KRoyce———from above from Brad—-I’m shootin from the hip.

    Brad says ——-“I was there at FLAG when the Golden Age of Tech was released in 1996. At that time only 2 of 135 people had completed that Class 8 Senior C/S training program. That program was a collossal failure at that point in time, based purely on that one stat.”

    1996 is the year-

    Your coming out here post here on Marty’s blog -earlier:

    “When I read this, I was very happy to see that LRH had found THE reason for the outpoints I had noticed over the years and was excited to see that Management was now taking the steps necessary to get these actions in on all staff. Staff at FSSO, including me, were immediately put onto the Key To Life course. This was such good news to me as I felt things were finally moving in the right direction and, once staff were gotten through all the actions, clearing the planet would take off like never before.”

    This is from wise old beard on primary rundown back in the day, here is a succuss story:

    “Primary Rundown

    Believe it or not, I didn’t really know any of the words when I did the Student Hat. I had had courses at the graduate level in linguistics and I couldn’t really define ‘a’ ‘the’ . . . I’ve rediscovered my love for reading and writing. I study about twice as fast now.
    It may take you a while to finish the Primary Rundown, but you save so much time for the rest of your life in handling paperwork and writing reports that it will buy thousands of hours later in which you can relax and enjoy yourself. A lot of teachers and business people are harried by their paperwork. As a Super-Literate, you can have time left to do what you are supposed to be doing and what you enjoy doing on your job. I can go through fifty student weekly reports in a few minutes and see what’s there. I handle my administrative duties as a teacher much faster.
    I think everyone should try it.
    S C – Los Angeles”

    (from ‘What Is Scientology?’ (1978 edition), page 16)


    So Primary Rundown created super lit, then we have KTL, LOC, Super Power to really create planet clearing.
    So now we have DM with GAT stating we had the blind leading the blind. And now rumors of GATII.

    In reviewing what I posted, if we just got staff and public thru Primary Rundown, then courses will fly and per this from above SS quote one will save alot of time in the future:

    “It may take you a while to finish the Primary Rundown, but you save so much time for the rest of your life in handling paperwork and writing reports that it will buy thousands of hours later in which you can relax and enjoy yourself.”


    Here’s an LRH ED 1972 success story

  75. Captain Bob

    Did I forget to mention that Money=Time under the current management,

  76. Ziba Feulner

    Great for confronting the truth, Brad! Nice picture 🙂

  77. Forever Lurker

    Well it can get more unbelievable yet, I hate to say.

    I recently had coffee with an org staff Outer Org Trainee who had gone to Flag to train up to be the Senior CS. He had just gotten back a few months earlier.

    He went from the ground up (zero) to Class 6 auditor and CS (including internships); Clear Certainty Rundown CS, course supervisor training, TRs course sup, KTL sup/CS, and a few other smaller rundowns. Don’t remember which. But the point is he trained on everything he needed to anchor the technical team at his org as Senior CS. GAT everything. While he was there, he also co-audited to Grade 3 as I recall.

    Well, I asked him how long it took to do all that since I thought it was just an incredible amount of training to do at one gulp . . . one stay at Flag and on full-time training. I figured a year or two . . . or three at the very most.

    He told me. Hearing his answer, any lesser mortal would have spit his coffee out, but having been trained in the 70’s, I have pretty invulnerable TRs.

    He was at Flag for eight (8) years full-time. I’m still incredulous about this even as I write, but it’s the god-honest truth. I double checked to make sure I was hearing right. Yes, eight years.

    Forever Lurker

  78. Some others smelled it too.

  79. Captain Bob

    “Or should we being runnning as fast as we can from the front door of the org?”

    Yes, is my answer. Withdraw!

    I don’t think you have really answered the question for yourself. Friends are friends that help you to survive.

  80. Captain Bob

    unjust you say, your friends say it is unjust that you are declared SP. . Unjust for what and WHO, what other group gives a shit? Take a look around your neighbor and SEE, LOOk, if you are clearing the planet. Ask your friend if they are? Just LOOK around.

  81. Captain Bob

    zen, go to your local org and see the lines of people inside the org and outside of the org getting services. That is the group of people you are seeking approval from. But LOOK around the neighborhood and noboby else cares what goes on in Scientology.

  82. Brad I see you blowing down the 10 Freeway one day soon near Hemet CA. and unbelievable you look over and there is David Miscavige cruising alongside you in the next lane. What a beautiful bike he is riding- an Italian custom made work of art paid for with parishioners’ money. In a flash you know just what you have to do. Pulling your own remarkable ride along side his you lift your leg and give him heavy dose of black leather boot that sends him into a spin and ass over tin cup straight into the ditch! A quick glance in your rearview mirror as you roar away delivers you an image of his bike going up in flames and DM on his ass all tore up but still conscious and giving you the finger. You smile, throttle up and feel completely satisfied with the days ride.

    Thank you so much for your write-up Brad and welcome to the Indie 500!

  83. Hey Tom,
    Yep, that’s the purpose of FCDC. I went off to the Class VIII Program but ended up doing the training at the org. I ended up being Permanent Class IV. And Brad goes there and comes back less trained than before??!! Wow, that’ll knock the wind out of anyone’s sails.

    The whole damn time that I was in, there was always this voice in my head that said “Don’t they want us to go up the Bridge?? Isn’t that why we are here? Why is it do hard!!!!????”

    The why is DM.


  84. Agreed JF. Just deal in facts ZenZone , if you’re for real, it’s called the Doubt Formula. Are they really friends? One thing I managed to do over those many years in the RCS, was to make non- Scientology friends. The definition of the word friend can itself be enlightening.

  85. Hey K kiddo… last I heard (some time ago) most were stuck (stopped) on some mid or early level of the BC. You don’t find any graduate lists anymore aside from the occasional Level A or B… and I haven’t even seen that in a long while come to think of it. ps: still planning to get down to see you soon… surely before the year is out.

  86. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    This comment was intended as a reply to ZenZone0’s post, NOT as a comment on Brad’s story.

  87. Nice bike! Great bark and tight on the mark. Good to have you here.

    Thanks for the personal GAT horror story. A cert cancellation from DM is a badge of honor in these parts. Integrity trumps trash every time.

  88. Yep, it is clear that DM took the LRH dispatch to David Mayo which said that a Solo auditor had to be a meter sharpie and had to go through the meter drills five times and he applied that to a green Scientologist auditor trainee who had done only Student Had, Pro TRs and Upper Indocs and forced them onto the Pro Metering Course. Complete A = A. A Scientologist who has been audited up the Bridge to Clear of Power Plus release and a brand new Scientologist fresh off TR training are NOT the same breed of cat.
    I am sorry I had anything to do with that course (everything, actually, since I compiled the checksheet). I have tried to undo it by putting together checksheets for use by Independent Scientologists. These are based on the earlier checksheets overseen by LRH that had only the meter drills an Academy student needs to audit that particular level. Jimmy Rebel has a site up where you can find them.

  89. Li'll bit of stuff

    Fabulous write up Brad, Welcome to the Indies, back to the
    SANITY! There’s no getting away from it, the guy is so
    seriously sick and desperately needs to be locked away.

    Psychopath supremo! Evil personified!

    Wake up people, he needs institutionalizing NOW, NOW,NOW!

    Love the bike Brad, that is some serious machinery!!

    Calvin B. Duffield. Durban, South Africa

  90. In Krc and with Arc, positively have your friends become Indies, they will understand this. (they are half way there)

  91. I understood that.

  92. Thank you Brad, for your spot on evaluation of the situation. Yes, designed to kill off auditors. That is what I observed in 1983 after 30 years with Scientology groups. First the E-Meter costs skyrocketed when the Mark VI came out. I had paid $200 for a meter, in 1983 I paid $2,500 for my meter…and it wasn’t that much more effective. The old Mark V’s had worked well and lots of people completed their upper sections just fine on them. But the price started making blocks for new auditors, you could buy a nice used car for that price

  93. Thank you Brad for this tearful heartbreak… My last stunt (1992) in scientology was to be a trained at Flag on this cycle, Cl viii. It was nothing like green-on-white from start to finish. Yet, the very little agreement that WAS on Source made the place quite fantastic.
    Those days are long gone… Only the fools are left? Or am I missing something??

  94. Li'll bit of stuff

    David Miscavige,

    Hear the ominous rumbling!
    Feel the tremors under your feet, as you see the furniture shaking.
    Look into the faces of those whom you’ve suppressed so long.
    Do you still see the terror that you instated, in your depravity?
    Or, are you so delusional that you believe you can continue to
    do, to human beings, what is akin to a genocide of the soul?

    Listen! That screeching, scraping sound, is the tearing of
    tortured reinforcing steel, as the structures that comprise your
    ponzi scheme gotten “real estate” , groan and contort, as
    a result of the one flaw that has been built into every single
    one of your ill conceived, lustings for power & aggrandisement.

    Every single “triumph” that you count as your “wins” was
    committed through overts of magnitude— directly or indirectly
    by YOU!


    The rumbling, creaking, fissures and cracks, CANNOT be
    stopped, it is now just a matter of preparing for the worst!

    Your empire is imploding, and will soon be crashing to the
    ground in a horrific pile of jagged smouldering rubble.

    Ron accurately predicted your coming, but also your demise!

    The thousands of souls who have lamented and wept your
    rise to and abuse of power, will breathe a sigh of relief, as
    you are about to meet a similar fate to the insane dictators
    before you.

    Sleep well, David!

  95. E.J. Croughs

    Looks like you’re in doubt and already made up your mind but didn’t complete al the steps of the formula. The answer is obvious; do the formula. If you intend to fully do the formula, you better be smart and prepare for the next steps, delivering an effective blow to the enemy. You’re in a very good position as your comm. lines to your friends are still in and you can still invest ARC in them. I’m an ethics specialist and from me you’d get a huge pass if you remained in ARC with them and do your steps.

    What you’re dealing with in talking to them is the fear band. The maximum tone level they can reach in dealing with RCS is 1-1.1 and usually they’ll be far below. Use the tone scale to lift them up bit by bit on their tone towards RCS and use the max of ARC while doing so. They can’t look on the internet but they talk to you so it’s your translation of the internet at their reality level which is their first hope of making it out. Dropping them and disconnecting is not done, ever, and they can always come to you and you state that clearly (they may drop you but that’s their universe).

    You should really have the reference of RJ 68 to hand and the cancellation of the disconnection policy, etc. Also the codes of a Scientologist and honor, etc, and see if you can make a deal to mutually uphold those and stay in comm. as that is Scientology, no matter what. Also have numerous examples of how Scientology is not applied by RCS but in the field, etc.
    If you feel up to it, you can go to the org (make an appointment over 2 weeks and use those to raise the tone level of your friends) and ask them about all the outpoints you see, not for you to convert to RCS’s Out Tech but to open the eyes of the people inside. The more you get them to look, the better but you’d also get my pass if you just DO the steps of the condition you’re in.

  96. E.J. Croughs

    Wow!! It’s comming… great… now I’m save, where can I sign up?

  97. Tony Dephillips


  98. The Oracle

    I have been sniffing around, no. BUT, I have noticed a sudden influx from ESMB . I actually went there today to see if the web site is still up ! There are people posting here, that have been 100% anti Scientology and Hubbard! One person posted here today that has been an avowed enemy to all Scientologists for eons excited over a motor cycle! It only tales a minute to fall in love! For some folk. I mean, this is an outrageous discovery in itself! It really does only take minute to fall in love!

  99. The Oracle

    I have to admit it, I have always known it, I just forgot it until today!

  100. The Oracle

    O.K., maybe I remembered a few weeks ago. Or a month ago or six weeks ago…whatever.

  101. The Oracle

    However long it takes to pick Jim Logan up at baggage claim.

  102. As a Grade 3, he was able to train as a CCRD C/S? Well, that would facilitate Miscavige’s desire to fail to declare Clear those who had made it (or have them later given the Not Clear R factor), and declare Clear those who had not.

  103. Your reference is The Code of Honour.

  104. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Beautiful write-up Brad.
    Welcome 🙂 xxxx

  105. The Oracle

    Either way, Marty is conjuring up love in the air. And if the C of S has fallen under any deficiency , it is the lack of love.,mod=7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=love+is+in+the+air

  106. The Oracle

  107. Sometimes I think this David Miscavige person adopted a mistaken valence of LRH, but forgot to adopt also the wisdom and love. He has obviously not been able to see the wisdom and love. Maybe he thinks he is ‘better’ than LRH! Is there really no one that can stop him? There must be.

  108. LRH is going to stop him. DM is the ultimate squirrel and eventually squirrel groups collapse. Its happening.

  109. I was thinking something like that myself.
    Every year, for the last 20 years, some Scientologists meet at my house for Memorial Day weekend.
    This year I made it known to the group, that I considered myself an independent. No one walked out and it sure opened up alot of conversation.
    They were all very tolerant of my view. I think seeds got planted.
    Dan Doss

  110. “Friends are friends that help you to survive.”

    Sadly, this is something you really only understand when you start thinking for yoursel and go against the status quo.

  111. Welcome out Brad. Great write-up; concise and to the point. Love the photo too. Definitely got the cool look! Contrast that with the photo of DM & his bike. Seriously, he belongs on a Moped.

  112. Hey Yvonne!
    The other benefit to putting your name on the list is you stop getting all of the CO$ mail! It really helps the environment…;> Vicki (from Vic’s computer)

  113. Marina e Umberto

    Brad, congratulations and welcome in the field of Free Scientologists!!!

  114. dm belongs on a three wheel bike.

  115. Thanks for the write up, Brad. Nice bike.

    Miscavige seems to be a real pro at know-besting LRH. For a guy who holds no auditor certs at all, that’s pretty arrogant.


    Everything miscavige does caters to the glib student. Students with real KRC for the subject, and who can get real products are shunned and declared.

    Miscavige has taken inept criticism to a truly out the top, over the ramparts, highest level of suppression that any true implanter would be proud of.

  116. EJC

    Yes, I agree with you about remaining in ARC with them to gentle bring them to the point of really looking at whose causing the destruction of Scientology. For some people it is very difficult to face the truth and finally say “I’m out of this insanity” . Because they want to help us with “this cycle” we are going to let them run with the ball so that they get fully entangled in this insanity. This may cause them to really examine what is going on. If they are trying to overturn this Declare with LRH and they are beaten up with out policy and out tech and they can’t change the scene with truth maybe they will get upset enough to really see what is going on.

    I’m sorry to say that sometimes you need the person to get brutally whacked and blooding to wake them up. I’m now willing for that to happen. Before I was trying to protect them from this insanity.

    They somewhat see the out points but they are still hopeful they can apply LRH and overcome these out points.

    NO chance!
    I guess through everyone’s comm on this matter I have come to the conclusion that I’m willing for them to get slaughtered in this confrontation.
    This will be a wonderful Shakespearian drama for them to be involved in.

    We have been out of the church for 3 years and will never participate with their insanity again. But a final scene as we depart the stage with everyone dead or dying to try and wake up our friends will be an interesting challenge. Maybe it will turn into a new day for them in the field of the independents. Or they will remain in a pool of blood with the RCS dagger in their soul trying to “clear the planet”.

    We will do this with full ARC because our duty as independents is to wake up as many people as we can.

    Thank you everyone and EJC for your comm.


  117. PersonalJudas

    Tricycles are cool. He should take the short bus.

  118. Tom Gallagher

    Great commentary Brad. Thanks and welcome.

    Also, nice thrashing of ‘little lord beelzebubba’. To quote Nietzsche “That which is about to fall deserves to be pushed.”

  119. Doc 'smith'

    Some of you may not have heard that the Basic Book and Lecture courses were added to the first 3 levels of the BC. One of the selling points used on me to route onto that course while in the middle of my auditor training was that it would count toward the BC checksheets and was about half of the Levels A,B and C checksheets.

  120. Really good news. Like!

  121. Spot on, Your humble servant,

    DM has no respect for LRH because he successfully “played him” in the early 1980’s All Clear project by cornering Ron into only getting summaries of what was going on in Scn from DM and no one else! It was the beginning of the end. Once DM pulled this off, he considered LRH a fool! And, the GAT statements years later about “the blind leading the blind” is nothing more than a direct suppression and alteration of LRH’s work of a lifetime.

  122. E.J. Croughs

    Good for you!
    It may be difficult but try to introduce gradients as much as possible. It’s not supposed to get bloody but if so, there’s you’re personal danger and that’s on source as well!

    Keep us posted.

  123. Tom

    Ya, but the problem with squirrel is that it is always a little bit off, and I found it impossible to keep down.

    Eric S

  124. Great write-up Brad! I can’t agree more.
    Not to be evaluative, but with 1,500 + hours of auditing under your belt, you have GOT to continue auditing. DM’s Scientology Inc is blocking PC’s progress up the Bridge and sending LRH’s training into the toilet. It’s a disaster!

    We all have to do our part to save the Tech and an auditor that can get people up the Bridge, like you, is the most valuable person in the universe…

    Great to see you here.

    Indie 500 # 285

  125. Ziba Feulner

    FL, it is not too incredible really – SPs are dramatizing stops, especially stops towards helping others; what else should we expect for Miscavige and his Robots??

  126. In 2011, at ASHO (per The Auditor mags) there were ten SHSBC Level P completions and one Briefing Course (BC) intern. In 2010, there were five BC interns, and in 2009 there were no BC interns.

    At AOSH UK, there were three BC interns in 2011, one in 2010 and four in 2009 (per the UK version of The Auditor mags).

    There was one BC intern made at Flag (per Source mags) in 2011, five BC interns in 2010 and three BC interns in 2009. Flag made no Class VIII auditors in 2011, one Class VIII in 2010, and none were made in 2009 (all per the Source mags). Prior to 2006, Flag was averaging about 3-4 Class VIIIs per year, making as many as eight in 2002.

    At AOLO (per Advance mag) there hasn’t been a Class VIII auditor (or any kind of classed auditor) made in over seven years.

    I don’t have the ANZO (Australia, et al) data.

  127. E.J. Croughs

    Smart; first thing I noticed. That is sooo Davey. Story must be true!

  128. ZZ: It’s been my experience that people leave NOT because of friends and/or family point them in the direction of the various outpoints, insanities and down right illegal activities BUT because something DIRECTLY impinges on them.

    Directly. You might say — oh, because their child just disconnected from them OR their best friends or this or that.

    NOPE. They leave the church because whatever was their own boundary/line in the sand was crossed.

    Even the deepest drinker of kool-aid has a line in the sand. He won’t know where or when it is but when it’s crossed … he might loudly exclaim his independence OR might quietly go to kinko’s and log into the internet and start reading … (kinko’s so that the internet address isn’t traceable to him).

    Nevertheless, it’s great to plant seeds, quietly or loudly. These seeds eventually will bear fruit.

    None of us know exactly what will cause someone to leave. But they WILL leave. Why?

    Because at our core, as human beings, we each want to feel worthy, we each want to know we have the right to exist on this planet. That we are worthy.

    Those core feelings are not possible IN the church. Not even dm himself can experience feeling worthy and feeling he has the right (which he does) to live on the planet.

    We must, IMHO, never get into WHO is worthy and WHO is not.

    At our core, we are all worthy.


  129. And this one:

    I wasn’t born to follow.

    I’ve been to all the places in that video and climbed to the top of those sacred mountains (sacred to Navajo, Hopi, and maybe other tribes).

  130. Very nicely stated, very practical. Very well chosen symbol to illustrate.

  131. For all those holding the seeds of doubt. You’ve been promised freedom, but if you find that is Slip Slidin’ Away, this is for you.

  132. LOL at the contrast of the wieney on his bike versus a real man!

  133. Random Stranger


    1) It makes his crotch vibrate without going out-ethics.

    2) The wind blows his hair back in a way that makes him feel extra tough.

    3) The chrome pipes remind him of his stupid RTC slogan.

    4) When he wants to thrill and impress one of Tom Cruise’s potential wives, he takes her on a daring ride around the desert, showing her memorable places, like for instance where he made Ray Mitthoff take a dump in a field.

    5) When he burns his leg on the exhaust pipe it reminds him of how everyone is out to get him and helps move him a little bit closer to present time, sort of, for him.

    6) It forwards his goal of becoming the champion of a new game he’s inventing called, “Sleezeball”, which consists of a combination of skeet-shooting, motorcycle racing, the shot-put, martial arts and serial-killing strategies, where one gains points from driving a cold, chrome steel shot-put into another person’s head, while riding a motorcycle at high speed, with the most number of people killed in the shortest time period and wreaking the most amount of havoc.

    7) He’s found he can sniff the exhaust and get high and not be too out-ethics.

    8) It’s such good PR for the Church to see such a robust leader leading a robust Church into the robust future with such obvious and visible success, as evidence by the explosion of beautiful new Churches across the world, suddenly, after his ingenious OT management juggernaut was able to gain some traction, achieved only after getting all those old-school, pesky pre-Golden Age of Technology obstinate blind twits out of the way.

    9) When others notice the bugs stuck on his teeth after a long bike ride, it helps put forth the image of himself as being a happy, friendly and regular guy.

    10) Tom so likes motorcycles.

  134. Your humble servant

    Right, Robert. I would like to look you up when I am again in Florida in the future. Can you post your e-mail address?

    Actually, when I trained in the Academy in the 70s I thought we did suffer from a lack of examples and demonstrations of how auditing was really supposed to be done, by those who were skilled in doing it, and I thought that’s what “the blind leading the blind” might be referring to. But you are right, DM was simply invalidating the training line up developed by LRH. Now GAT is more like “know-nothings training others to think they know something when they really don’t.” It could also be called “How to become a robotic auditor in 3,000 easy drills.” Not to completely invalidate GAT trained auditors, as I am sure some of them get some part of it right, but from what I have seen they have left auditing basics parked at the curb.

  135. Having shifted my attention for a little timespan I am bedaxxlled by the goings on overhere. There is truelly a rennaisance going on.

    “Bottom line – there is a raging SP named David Miscavige at the top and he’s your WHY for all of it.

    Thanks to the advent of the Internet, there is now tons of ample evidence, you just have to open your eyes to it.

    There’s only one thing to do and that’s just choose whose side you’re on.”

  136. Who is this miscavige you go on about ?

    Is he important ?


    Dictators always want to kill of the caring and intelligent people first

  138. The Oracle

    The point is, whether because of a motorcycle or because someone shows up to bail you out of a damaged tech cycle in your area, I am seeing people in the Scientology community rising above the trust barriers
    again and reaching out in camaraderie. Whatever is going on on the other side of the fence, there is strong evidence of real healing going on over here. And people coming together again like they were in the “old days”.

  139. The Oracle

    This is rather important information!

  140. The Oracle

    For me, that means people can and will rise above the David Miscavige era.

  141. Simply Revolting

    Nicely put.

    Yep, the Church is one big ROAD BLOCK!

    Like many, I have had to do ten of thousands of miles of travel to get up the bridge in the last year and a half or so, with many more to do… That said, I am so glad some people are still putting Scientology there!

  142. The Oracle

  143. Tony Dephillips

    Yo Cat Daddy! 🙂

  144. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks…I needed that!

  145. I was going to say he declared every single auditor except himself, but then, he isn’t an auditor, is he? And any certs he’d had in the past had long since expired due to no internship, hadn’t they?
    So I guess he was just bringing everyone down to his level. And has been doing so ever since.

  146. The music of you and that bike arriving at the Independent’s Day party is an audible and visual vision. Hope to see you there and meet. You deserve the inflow of new friends and uncorked theta.
    Linda McCarthy

  147. Random Stranger


  148. WH

    You are right that line has to be crossed. This exercise for them will push them closer to that line no doubt. We will see where it ends up.


  149. Independent Scientologist

    Dan – if you see this reply, please contact me at:

    – Ron Matlock

  150. Wow, Jim,
    That’s a new ‘wrinkle’ in this saga, literally declaring every certified auditor and then not telling them….

  151. Like your comment, Cat Daddy.

  152. Actually, DM is going to stop himself. If there is a self left.

  153. Brad,
    You got it 100% and your axiom 10 (The highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an effect) is fully in as well.
    Being already a trained auditor will come real handy in the Indie world. I hope you will put that to use as fast as you can.

  154. Cat Daddy said renaissance here. I think it is called “critical mass” – the point at which there is no way to turn back the inevitable….

    Brad, you said it – you’d have to be bind as a damn bat.

    People talk about the Indie 500 list (a great list), but if you calculate that those names only account for maybe 1/100 of who posts here and listens here, and what does that tell you – critical mass – there are now more people not blind as a bat anymore, than there are those still glueing their eyelids shut with all their might.

    Critical mass – no way to stop the implosion. Step slightly back is all.

  155. Meant to say “blind” not “bind”.

  156. Ronnie Bell

    Critical mass – no way to stop the implosion. Step slightly back is all.

    You said it, O.O. I wouldn’t want to be inside the walls of Mordor when the thing comes crashing down – and it will. Knowing what we know, we should all be prepared to aid and assist the injured when they come wandering out of the smoke and dust of the inevitable collapse.

  157. Yvonne, I laughed when I read your comment. You got my point exactly! DM can hang out with Cruise all day long and get on the biggest bike his shoe lifts will allow for, but at the end of the day, he’s still a wannabe.

  158. Welcome to the “light” side and thanks for your write up!

  159. Thanks YHS. You should get an email soon with my email address…

  160. Change your Yahoo password right now. This will stop the hijackers of your account.

  161. Hello Brad!

    Glad to see you arrive on the side of truth. Hope all is well in yer neck of the weeds!
    ML, Zana Zeches

  162. Don Cramer

    Hey, Brad. It’s great to see you on the Indie list and away from the insanity. Rock on, brother.

  163. And while the Church is telling Germany it is not a threat to it’s constitution
    and other people’s civil rights, it is sending hate flyers with threats:

    How is that for great P.R.?

  164. Great to hear that Dan. We have a growing number of Indies now in Dallas. I used to be on staff in Austin and had a lot of friends there in the early ’80s. Glad some are finally waking up.

  165. Very interesting Oracle, the way you extend ~theta the problem become theta the solver~ over into the notion of love. Very spot-on song, too.

  166. Thanks – you provided some solid data.

  167. That’s amazing. How can it possibly be? I don’t know how many people are there, or if all are already Class IV, but there’s a course room with NO harrassment, in a spacious building, “Official” copyrighted, trademarked, certified, approved, authorized, verified, stamped, collated, foldered, filed, all the materials, and out of all that ONE Class IV auditor in TWO YEARS? Makes me feel really stupid to ask, but, um … they must be doing something besides twiddling their thumbs – but what?

  168. Eileen Clark

    All is sorted out now with new passwords and security questions, have access again. Took over 24 hrs as I had to wait as part of the security measures set up in the account I use on here and other Independent sites. I suspect a certain individual is behind this, as any trouble I’ve had over the past couple years have always been with yahoo accounts.

  169. A big giant PLUS on Robert’s comm.

  170. one of those who see

    Awesome song choice!!!!

  171. Thoughtful
    I was on staff at Ast Fdn from 1975-85. My wife was mission holder of the old Richardson Mission in Dallas (until shortly after the S.F. mission holders conference of ’82).
    I’d love to be in comm with you.

  172. The Oracle

    Vital information! Thank you! Scary~

  173. Ron,
    I’d love to hear from you, but this e-mail address isn’t working for me.

  174. Hi, Brad

    Ron from Puerto Rico here. I was in the same Class VIII program as you from 92 to 96. Good to see you.

  175. You Know Who

    Yea for you!

    And, BTW, nice bike.

  176. Li'll bit of stuff

    My kind of REALITY too!
    ML Calvin

  177. Well said, Brad. You are many wonderful things, and one of them is being straight to the point and very knowlegable!!! Great post!

  178. Idle Morgue

    RIP Brad Halsey. We lost a good man and Brad will be missed. I have talked to friends of Brad and he was an amazing guy – very smart, caring and compassionate.

    In honor of Brad, make an attempt to help get someone out of Scientology today!!

    Scientology is an evil cult that destroys lives! Let’s get this done and get people OUT!

    Scientology is the reason Brad is not with us! So in honor of Brad’s life – GSOT!! Get someone out today!

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