Founder of Scientology Net Nanny

Windhorse mentioned the infamous Scientology Inc Net Nanny software in a comment to the last post.   The software was presented as a template to set Scientologists up on the goofy, retro ‘Scientologist’ networking site.  But,  it was embedded too with a program that would block those Scientologists from finding out anything about David Miscavige or church of Scientology from the internet at large.   In the event anyone had any doubts about whose brilliant idea that was, I present David Miscavige’s order to Commanding Officer CMO INT (Marc Yager – roughly equivalent to CEO of church of Scientology International).   


29 Dec 2000



As for the Internet, I don’t know how a marketing unit could operate without the Internet these days. Everybody is into the security, which is fine. But they sell kiddy filters to stop naughty Gold staff members from going into porno sites. The other one is to just have an anti-entheta on Scientology filter. INCOMM could resolve that easily.

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  1. Remember it well. It was sold to public as “Scientologists On Line” and there was NO mention of the fact that downloading the software (from CD) would alter radically the computer’s search abilities. I was horrified when I found out, and found it almost impossible to uninstall it. I just got a new computer after that. Interestingly when I think back on it it was an early “waking up” moment. The Big Brother overtones were sinister, and I advised others about it. Much later on I found out some bright sparks at alt.religion.scientology had “unpicked” the software to expose all the terms the cult didn’t want anybody searching on. It was a LONG list!

  2. Well, its to be expected. covert embedded programs.
    Best example is elementary school children given a school laptop to take home. The laptop is run by the internet police in the school which turns on the webcam and record sound of.Parents and inside homes covertly recorded,intelligence gathered for the public education police.

  3. I remember taking that disc home and uploading it. It worked on me becuase I was actually looking at other sites at the time and then they all disappeared… I thought “they must be suppressive that’s why there gone!”

    Boy was I stupid!

    If anyone has a copy laying around I would love to read EULA on it. I’m sure the church probably covered their butts, but I would love to see it myself.

  4. TheWidowDenk

    Wow! Great post. Sorry but I don’t get this line: “But they sell kiddy filters to stop naughty Gold staff members from going into porno sites.” Can someone help me out? Perhaps it’s a 1.1 statement with some kind of a double meaning? Thanks! Rachel

  5. Your humble servant

    I did sign up for the Scientologists On LIne, thinking it was a good idea at the idea. I had never heard of the Net Nanny. Recently, I asked them to remove me from the site, and they of course have simply ignored that. I wonder if there is any way to get them to do it? Fortunately, I have different computers now, so I am not blocked if I ever was.

  6. I never installed it as I did not have a computer then but you don’t have to get rid of the computer to get rid of the program. Just back up your data and reinstall windows after a hard disk format. Not too hard to do.

  7. Gotta wonder if Tom Cruise ever got a special, super duper laptop from COB with similar capabilities.

  8. Watchful Navigator

    Those “naughty” Gold staff members!

  9. Kiddy filters are just a reference to filters (special software) that parents install on their kids’ computers so they can’t look at pornography, etc. The church used these special filters to keep Gold staff members from going into porno sites, etc.

  10. Of all the beings on earth that might need to be looked over by another to see to it that porn sites are not being accessed I would not pick Gold staff!!

    That said, the fact that DM targets them and others in the fashion he does provides a keen insight to what he himself does. I’d be interested to see what the Miscarriage of Dimension has on his computer as regards the sites he visits.
    Perhaps the only ones he checks regularly that are not pornographic are this one and perhaps !!!! At least he is getting a tad bit of truth even if it hurts!!!

  11. With pictures of the “little man”.

  12. I installed the Scientology webpage and net nanny software in 1998. Why is this dispatch dated 2000?

  13. Tony Dephillips

    I admit that I used it too. I didn’t kow it was a filter. I wouldn’t have looked at anything “bad” at that time anyways. I was a full on BOT!!
    Hello, my name is Tony DePhillips and I am a recovering bot..

  14. Tony Dephillips

  15. TheWidowDenk

    Thank you Theresa! I really didn’t know that.

  16. Rachel,
    At the time, staff members could CSW to get access to the Web, those with needs to research for their posts. The existing Incomm networked computers didn’t connect to the Web. There were specific computer terminals which accessed the Web. These which weren’t normal Incomm worked stations, installed in most departments and Execs desks.

    Kenny Campleman of Security was in charge and monitored the Web surfing and the application for access had to be ultimately approved by Gloria Idda of OSA. Kenny got in trouble for surfing porn sites at one point. Thus, the reference you asked about.

    Marc Headley, in his book Blown for Good had access to the web in this way and sold a bunch of new 8mm Eiki film projectors in storage for years (which were no longer used to show films in Orgs) that way to finance his new systems, which he got in trouble for, through E Bay.

    DM and his office staff, on the other hand has a terminal which accesses the Web in his offices for surfing or ordering designer sun glasses or clothes, etc. from Internet stores or to read Marty’s blog daily.

  17. Sorry did I read that right?
    You emailed and they didnt reply? So you can say to people, nope I’m not an SP, see I am still on the site!
    Havent thought about it at all, but if its written its true, so if we aren’t getting golden rods, then whats on the net… written… must be truer than rumour.
    I wonder who else is still on there, I guess OSA and Miscara will get on to that, but I wonder if a before and after list of SPs online can be made.

  18. Here is the list of items banned by this nanny-pgm:

  19. Haha, it would be so bad for their PR to have ex’s listed with their “current” scientologist on-line status, just to vouch even more for their absurd fake stats!

  20. This is my first post here.

    I’ve been waking up more and more since Debbie Cook’s email was sent out and while I remain under the radar for the time being, it is only a short matter of time before I’ll finally be completely visible.

    Before I say anything else, I wanted to thank you Marty, for putting this blog here and all that you’ve done. It has been a source of inspiration and information and a meeting place of some of the most uptone and intelligent thetans I have ever come across. As a very close and dear ‘under-the-radar’ friend of mine recently said, “this is the group I thought I had joined in the first place when I became a Scientologist years ago”. I appreciate those of you who have stuck your neck out to say what you have. It has made a huge difference in my life and the others of us who have not quite surfaced.

    In relation to this recent blog post, I am so, so relieved to have unstuck myself from the mind and thought control of the church. I used to think the church doesn’t lie. After all the road to freedom is ‘truth’ – every Scientologist knows that. The basis of auditing is as-isness. The church just wouldn’t lie – it wouldn’t be Scientology if it did!

    So, I am done with others telling me how and what to think. I do feel a certain freedom – and it’s a good freedom!

    For the first time in at least 10 years I feel such a strong interest and desire to move up the bridge! It will be the Indie Bridge and I know I will achieve what I want. Having the false data and the lies start to as-is, my original purpose for Scientology is becoming uninhibited. I want Scientology again!! The real Scientology and not the altered, distorted and false version being originated by an out of valence criminal.

    Soon, I will be out – I have known some of you over the last 35 years. I am looking forward to getting to know many more. This is a good group!

  21. Yeah, I can remember that filter, I installed it on some computers and as a computer technician I was laughing at it and thought it’s a “kiddy filters”, very badly programmed and not really effective at all, just annoying the user.
    There was never an update done as it didn’t really work.

  22. I remember being ordered to install this. Also being told we had to report a done. Not for one moment did I agree. Word on the street was, your computer will never be the same again. For those who installed it and reported in as good little dobees could not uninstall the thing. Hence new computers were purchased. It was all about control, control and more control!

  23. Censorship was alive and well back in late 80-‘s, early 90’s — the “rage” in the NOTS and Solo Nots review HGCs was the book “The Gods of Eden” – copies were being sold for hundreds of dollars – the book was so scarce. (now available on Amazon) …

    It’s content was full of UFOs, conspiracy and perhaps some truth — (wasn’t my fav book but then … )

    Anyway — it was BANNED. Why? Some people got keyed in.

    Then another book – which was really over the top IMHO was Pale Horse, Pale Rider — more conspiracy stuff — big time —

    I remember attending a muster — (oh — I rejoined the SO for about 2 months sometime in 1991 – until I WOKE UP and thought — OMG — I’ve put myself BACK in prison) — when an issue by dm was read by Debbie Cook FORBIDDING anyone to read this book. Saying the author was crazy.

    Probably true (about crazy) but aren’t we supposed to be able to decide what we can read?

    I’m so happy to know that dm and those who feel competent to decide which family members we can talk to, which friends we can maintain, how we can spend our money, how eternity is going to look for us and basically just crawl right into our heads … was onto controlling the internet over 10 years ago.

    He’s done a FABULOUS job. The internet is getting smaller and smaller everyday. Google doesn’t work. FB is dead. eBay has gone under. There is no independent movement. Former SO members are not finding their old friends. AND YET !!!!

    I say it over and over and over —

    dm, just like me, wants to feel worthy. Feel like he has a right to air space on this planet.

    My suggestion to dm is …

    1) Sit quietly by yourself
    2) And just feel — 3 minutes or so
    3) Put your right heart over your heart and say — I am basically good – 3 minutes or so
    4) Then take your right hand and touch the earth — and say I belong here – I am worthy 3 minutes or so

    Repeat #1-4 twice a day … do this for a month.

    Issue NO ORDERS for a month — eat well and drink less

    PS: To those who want to remind me that dm is and has been suppressive — true that — but you subscribe to the core belief that “man is basically good” — no exceptions 🙂

  24. I have absolutely zero confidence in the Cult of $cientology’s ability to carry through any of its programs to completion — ESPECIALLY NOT ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY OR THE INTERNET!


  25. The Oracle


  26. Rachel,

    It’s a typical POB 1.1 comment, equating Gold staff with children. In his mind the Gold staff are just a bunch of incompetent, out ethics, troublesome children that only “eat, shit and sleep” (an oft used quote by him with reference to Gold). Though they may be KoolAid drinkers, I challenge anyone to find a collection of talented, hard working, competent people that would measure up to the Gold crew…

  27. The Oracle


  28. one of those who see

    Hi Focus!!! Welcome to freedom!! Wonderful communication. As a very close and dear ‘under-the-radar’ friend of mine recently said, “this is the group I thought I had joined in the first place when I became a Scientologist years ago”. – my thoughts exactly.

  29. The Oracle

    Good for you!

  30. The Oracle

    INCOMM puts you OUTCOMM!

  31. ThetaPotata

    Sounds like Incomm should have really been named Cutcomm or maybe Isocomm. Was this filtering software their crowning achievement? I remember when they were going to revolutionize computer systems for the COS. Doesn’t seem like that ever materialized in a meaningful way (like so many other projects that ended up mismanaged to death.)

  32. I concur about Gold Crew.

    In fact, the tragedy of all of this is that those hard working (albeit KoolAid drinkers) at Flag and in the SO are my friends. Trapped in a virtual prison getting poor health care (none), food and rest and not getting any younger.

    Sometimes I just get so sad.


  33. The Oracle

    Leave it to David to turn incomm into an Org that puts people outcomm!

  34. TheWidowDenk

    WH – I too feel your sadness. However, I believe we’ve broken through a barrier here. It’s not our nature to not be able to communicate. Yet through this post we see David Miscavige’s order which, in effect, prevents communication. The order and the information we have on its implementation are now revealed for all to see. It’s truly an arbitrary as it violates the natural order of things. We can thus better communicate and help our friends. L, Rachel

  35. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks Mike! I need lots more practice spotting this kind of POB 1.1 comment. I always thought the new manager of the activity would be on a pedestal and at least approximate the KRC of the goal maker. I now am discovering he’s counter-opposed to the goal marker and stands on a box.

  36. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks Sinar! Great first hand information to have.

  37. Oracle, you are starting to give Random Stranger a run for the funny. :-))

  38. Just to play catch-up with common misperceptions, the ‘Net Nanny’ software included in the ‘Scientologist Online’ disk and announced at the 1998 Birthday Celebration as the solution to ‘outproducing entheta’ only ever worked on systems running Windows ’95 and was so buggy as to be, well, buggy 🙂

    It never worked on any other system/OS. There was no Mac version and (as far as I know) there was never a version for Windows ’98 or later.

    It’s very unlikely that you still have the Scientology ‘net nanny’ on your computer.

    Any readings of the ‘forbidden’ areas for the ‘Net Nanny’ are themselves probably pretty good ‘occassion to sin’ for Entheta 🙂

    Net Nanny List:
    (I deliberately looked further, because the easiest ‘list’ to find is that Operation Clambake and includes some relatively snide comments and identifications for some of the people, places and things Scientologists are not supposed to see.) This link is, beyond a short intro, only the list itself.:


  39. Random Stranger


    Attention: All Scientologists

    Subject: THOUGHT NANNY

    Let’s get right to the point as we don’t have that much time. As a result of the success of our internet nanny pilot program we now introduce the brand new THOUGHT PURIFICATION AND STERILIZATION RUNDOWN, the new final prerequisite for SUPER POWER.

    Free for Patrons Meritorious and above, the first part of this program is to report to your nearest org, mission or post office (where Volunteer Ministers will be on hand) to drink the Golden Age of Dedication, a nano-chip potion that will exorcise the demons, non-optimum GE particles, fixed ideas and rogue meanderings completely out of you, leaving you feeling fresh and brand new as a being, with your eternity in safe and solid hands, us.

    No longer will you have to concern yourself with sorting out whether or not you are making the right decision about anything connected with your Bridge progress, as not only will all your thoughts and actions be reprogrammed based on the algorithm of the greatest good for the greatest number of dedicated thoughts per nanosecond, but all worldly information and influence will actually be filtered out of your consciousness, leaving you completely immune to the insanity and suppressive devouring this planet.

    This is THE greatest breakthrough since the discovery of the proper definition of an F/N! Get yourself properly set up and ready for Super Power by making YOUR donation TODAY for this miraculous new discovery and soon, yes SOON, you will find yourself SO powerful, SO dynamic, SO in-ethics and SO focused that you will be sprouting that coveted ‘COB Laser Stare’ (that not even Tom Cruise can mimic!)

    Regular humans will seem even more dork-like and feel compelled to shower you with awe and compliance to your every demand! Take advantage NOW before the rest of mankind finds out about the Tech and storms our lines!


  40. This group has not changed so much, new faces, old faces, well intentioned, benevolent, with intelligent and competent members, some somewhat bruised, some more experienced – but mainly different in that the C of S has left it.

  41. Gee, what kind of mickey mouse outfit would have the leader forbid its “employees” or adherents to check the name of his wife on the internet? Nothing to hide of course. Any updates on where Shelly is?

  42. Here’s a list of the forbidden sites and search words,

  43. Nice clarification Mike.

  44. Ha! I’m still on the list as is my ex husband. The church listing it’s fine collection of fits and misfits!

  45. Precisely Mike – and it’s not like there were many “naughty Gold staff members” with access to the web, perhaps a handful and less than 1%!

  46. Hi Focus,

    As you said: “I want Scientology again!! The real Scientology and not the altered, distorted and false version being originated by an out of valence criminal.”

    Me, too! Amazing what airing the truth will do to refresh, re-energize, and renew.

    Nice post, and good luck!


  47. The list reads of all the skeletons in his closet. The gigs up now…not only can we look but we are free and we do communicate!

  48. Awesome! Glad you have disconnected from the matrix, look forward to more posts, even if still under the radar.

  49. Focus,
    Great post! Nice to see you 🙂

  50. As if big ol Scientologists, who have been training for years for the very purpose of improving *perception* and abilities to distinguish and reason and be causative, are the equivalent of small children who need guidance? and preemptive censorship (read: Cut communication)?

    There’s a point where KRC (Knowledge, Responsibility & Control) becomes sneaky manipulation, and David Miscavige’s Church is that point. Twisted!

  51. Jean-François Genest

    Random Stranger,
    Well done! Thanks for the fun and entertainment. You sure splurge on The Joy of Creating. 🙂 Θ

  52. Jean-François Genest

    → I wonder if staff can get “book commissions” for selling this nano-chip potion, or have “book commissions” been eliminated by now (?)

  53. I share your thoughts Focus. I too have been around Scn and $cn Inc. for over 35 years. I am out but have not announced anything as yet. I am working on several folks who are sitting at a table with a pitcher of kool aid.

    I appreciate the simplicity of the truth and observe the complexity of the lies. I am willing to help these folks at the table so long as we deal in the truth.

    Thus far, while I have been very overt about my viewpoint, those at the table have been unwilling to write a KR, because the truth of the matter is they are stuck in the hugeness of the ‘maybe’ being PTS as jaybirds to the radical CO$. My position ………write the KR if it is true for you. If it isn’t …put down the frickin glass and get the f$%K out. Time runs short……………….connections run deep withing the RCS!!!!!!!

    (add in the Jaws soundtrack here for affect)

  54. I’ll have a six pack please of that nano-chip potion. How much with IAS discount?

  55. Random Stranger

    Wasn’t the Pale Horse book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ by William Cooper?

  56. The Oracle

    Kind of spooky: Dianna Hubbard is on the list. I guess David has plans for her?

  57. Welcome! Takes a brave heart to keep going for freedom for self and others, after being betrayed and disillusioned.

    Standard Tech, the way LRH intended it, is alive and well in the Indie field. Best wishes on your continued journey up the Bridge.

  58. Yes — I think you are right — a former CIA guy or something …


  59. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for sharing this excerpt.
    DM reminds me so much of the character Boss Hog in the TV series The Dukes Of Hazard, the way he masterminds his silly schemes.

  60. Tom Gallagher


    I looovvvvve these leaked ‘mea crapa’ directives delivered by the sawed-off sociopath, POB

    Keep up with these leaks. They awaken the dead and enliven the rest.

    Nota bene to the psychotic little one: Some noted folks are still missing; you’re personally held accountable.

    Justice will be served.

  61. Tony Dephillips

  62. Welcome Focus,

    It’s great to see you here. We all came together to make a difference and that hasn’t changed.

    Vic K.

  63. Then again, after a pause… don’t complain, nor send any of them your CF unless you are prepared for the aftermath… !

  64. Tony Dephillips

  65. Richard Royce

    Dear Focus,
    Welcome to the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  66. What he said !!!

  67. Richard Royce

    Good on you Newcomer!
    Good idea to work the ones you can before they drop the curtain.

  68. Holy crap, this keeps sounding like an amazing book, movie!

    More and more incredible info just keeps oozing out of this dark tale of greed and power.

    I saw Snow White and the Huntsman last night. The mythic tale of evil power kept bringing my mind back to what unfolds on this blog.

    As much as it is easy to hate and wish ill of the powerfully evil, when the fuel that powers their paper crown runs out, and their karmic number is up, it is a pathetic picture of waste and suffering.

    Yet, it is also the time for the laurel wreath of victory for the heros return to the thrown.

    Aye! Onwards!

  69. Richard Royce

    Just Me,
    One of the characteristics of the anti social person is inability to complete cycles of action. DM as the leader has not completed the SP building, getting all orgs to Saint Hill Size, somebody help me, releasing Super Power each year for the last so many promised years, carrying through on any PR campaigns that were started with a big fanfair, himself going up the bridge. What else?

  70. The Oracle

    I sent a very special and personal gift to Diana Hubbard . I sent it via the Org via the Org comm system from L.A.. We had gotten together on one of her trips to New York and had really hit off. Can you believe someone did not give her the gift? It just “disappeared”. Vanished at Int. It was quite large and quite visible. When the Church repurchased “THE DIANA” ship, it was refurbished. There was a big event to christen it and someone other than Diana, who the ship was named after, arrived (to the huge dismay of everyone there) to christen it. There special t shirts made up for the event and passed out. I snagged one and had it matted and framed in a large beautiful picture frame and sent it to her. By the time it arrived an Int someone apparently decided she wasn’t supposed to have it! That is how petty the think was up there at the time! Now I see her name on the “must not see” Church sensor list. And I wonder whatever happened to the ship Craig Jensen donated 500,000.00 towards refurbishing?

  71. Richard Royce

    In 2003-4 when I was in the SO at Flag staff were forbidden from reading ANYTHING except LRH.

  72. Can you believe Mary Sue Hubbard is on the list !??! Sheesh …

  73. Warm welcome Focus !
    The sheer exhileration of exiting a suppressive group and the life beyond
    is really something to experience. Lots of good things ahead for you…

  74. Let me get this straight. Do I understand this correctly. So, Bill Gates beats up a bunch of his staff, puts them in garbage cans, puts a “retard” sign on them, pours cold water over their heads for 12 hours and has the rest of the staff screaming at them, “what are your crimes.” All of the good staff leave, but Gates bribes the wives of the victims to swear they were never treated that way. The next month Millenium comes out with tons of glitches. The PRs for microsoft swear there is nothing wrong with the system, its the users fault. Then Gates orders all of the public complaining about the crappy new program to be labeled “undesirables,” and forces his staff to erase their email addresses from their computers and if they don’t, they will be labeled and will never be able to use a computer again for the rest of thier lives. And the federal government which should be prosecuting the crimes turns a blind eye because Gates has important celebrity friends in Hollywood.
    Am I missing something?

  75. Thanks for the great ack and wonderful welcome!! It brings a smile to my face on so many levels:-)

  76. Horrified is certainly the right word. I was a DSA when this came out and was tasked with getting people to ‘make their website’. I didn’t realize it installed this malicious software and was shocked when I found out — one of my public informed me of it and said he wouldn’t be installing it or doing the site. I told him that I understood and agreed with him and stopped any work on that particular project.

    I couldn’t believe how incompetent mgmt was in dealings with the internet. It was, as you say, an early ‘waking up moment’ for me.

  77. Does anyone know how many people are parked off the bridge because David refuses to release Super Power until his construction wants and needs are met? Does anyone know how many people are sitting at home right now OFF the bridge when they could be holding the cans because David is with holding the Super Power processing? Has anyone here read the reference by Hubbard that says ANYONE WHO PUTS THE CUSTOMER ON WAIT IS AN ENEMY OF THE BUSINESS? DAVID! You have the customers ON WAIT!

  78. DAVID! You are HAVING TO HAVE before you CAN DO!

  79. DAVID! How many people have paid for Super Power that are WAITING FOR YOU? How many CUSTOMERS have you got WAITING DAVID?
    HOW much longer are you going to dramatize being an ENEMY of the Church of Scientology DAVID?!!

  80. Earlier on someone asked about how to get removed from the online scn site and I can attest sending emails won’t get it done. I tried that route a number of times, but it was a wasted effort. When I finally got serious about wanting it taken down, I called the CSI phone number listed on the privacy policy link. I demanded to speak to the person responsible for the upkeep of the sites. Got through to someone who said they would get my page taken down, and then I called three or four more times, as well as put in writing, my request and this person’s agreement to remove the page. It took a few days, but I persisted until it got done.

    Of course, this was before my declare. I suspect that news would have probably speeded up the cycle… well, maybe not. Their admin is so out, that I got a request just yesterday to share my story about becoming a Patron with Honors! (How ironic that their own lists are so “dirty”…)

    I didn’t have time to respond today, but i have total intention to share every sad detail of the gross reg cycles. Who knows, maybe it just might help to open one more set of eyes…

  81. My ex husband has been off lines since 2000 and still has his page…

  82. Staggering.

  83. Li'll bit of stuff

    Focus, wonderful to see your entry, and thanks for all the
    very pertinent comments, which mirror what so many
    of us have thought and said when visiting here for the
    very first time. ( for me, just 8 months ago!)

    Guaranteed, the enormous range of experiences, will
    tend to run out a lot of any residual charge that may
    still be lingering, as you duplicate and understand
    such a broad unfolding of just what has taken place
    under David Miscavige’s Ponzi racketeering and fraud.

    Looking forward to more of your postings, as you “move
    on up a little higher” on the Indie Bridge.

    ARC, Calvin B. Duffield
    Declaration Mothers Day 13 May 2012
    Indie 500 list no # 301

  84. We are dealing here with a multiple situation situation (see Data-Series 27).
    Actions one CAN do are within one’s sphere of influence and there one can be CAUSE easily. Trying to handle a Why from some echelon outside your sphere of influence can bring about a feeling of helplessness and apathy. In that case Data Series 45 applies – see what you can do with the resources at hand and handle it on a gradient that is within your control.
    After differentiating the various situations -depending on the individual resources at hand – thousands of different actions can be done that lead to the final handling of the Why.
    To talk to your friends is within your sphere of control and a brilliant idea. Once looking and understanding is gained this hardly can be turned back.
    In short: It looks like you are doing the right things. Good Luck!

  85. The Oracle

    SUPPRESSIVE ACT: Refusal to allow staff or public to progress up the bridge or creating blocks on the bridge preventing such progression.

  86. Focus – nice post! Good luck with your preparations into a free world!

  87. Theo Sismanides

    The Internet is the Waterloo of Miscavige. There is no doubt about it. Why? Because it has been the new way to communicate. And you cannot tamper with communication, not even DM can, not even Scientology could as an organized group as Communication is Senior in this Universe, being a component of the ARC triangle.

    Thus DM by cutting that communication line restricted the ARC triangle of those Scientologists to that same degree.

    I remember going on missions in the late 90s and accessing the Internet. It was a new new thing. I found the Freezone. A decade later this blog came out and that was it. Since then many things have happened and are happening.

    It is inevitable that Understanding in the Church will go further down since the very components of the ARC triangle have been cut out. Nanny or no nanny!

  88. Your humble servant


    Thanks for that information!

  89. The story of Scientology Inc. really is fodder for an opera. Tony DePhillips’ earlier post of a Mozart opera duet in the Shawshank redemption leads me to offer Beethoven’s only opera Fidelio (from 1805) as having amazing similarities to goings on with DM. With little doubt Ludwig van B was the greatest humanitarian of classical composers. He dedicated his third symphony “Eroica” to Napoleon Bonaparte who was touted as the great liberator of Europe but when N crowned himself Emperor Beethoven scratched the dedication in anger. Fidelio is “a story of personal sacrifice, heroism and eventual triumph with its underlying struggle for liberty and justice mirroring contemporary political movements in Europe” (Wikipedia). It starts off as almost a kitchen sink comedy where everybody is happy and then gets into the meat of the story. Fidelio is a woman “Leonore” disguised as a man trying to infiltrate a prison where her husband is thought to be held, starved and close to death. The Metropolitan opera has a very approachable production of this set in more modern times complete with a wicked tyrant and political prisoners in the “hole”. The scenes where prisoners are let out into the sunshine to breath fresh air are very akin to people getting out of the DM church. Its a couple of hours long but well worth watching. The tyrant gets led off to his own prison at the end.

  90. one of those who see

    Hi Richard, Thank you for that important information. That is truly horrific! Yet LRH read everything! May need a walk.

  91. DM is, most likely, just projecting his own penchant re porn into the GOLD crew as per HCOB The Criminal Mind.

  92. Wonderful Tony!
    It is STILL freeing……

  93. RS
    I went to a lecture of William Cooper during my ‘hygene time’ while in the S.O. and got into deep water for that.
    William Cooper got shot, adds to his credibility IMHO.

  94. Probably right, Greta!

  95. “Love is stronger than tyranny!”

  96. I know a Sea Org Member that was comm eved for having a magazine subscription about motorcycles in the late 1980’s at Flag.

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