Scientology Inc to Mimic Psych Drug Companies

It ain’t just the gaudy, cavernous Idle Orgs that is keeping public out of Scientology Inc. organizations.  It is also David Miscavige’s myriad off-the-cuff, off-the-wall orders across the org board.  Below is another classic – ordering Scientology Inc. Marketing to duplicate the marketing of psych drug manufacturers.

30 Mar 2002  






As a matter of fact, I don’t know what Marketing is thinking about.  A copy of this should go to them.  They should literally gather up from all these marketing companies all their Prozac, Paxil and all this stuff- all this psych marketing, I guarantee you, on the Internet site it literally tells the doctors how to sell their patients on it. So, my point is they could be using this right now.  You want to do raw public marketing, we just save that much money when they say, “We can’t get any research done.”

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  1. Wow. That is ridiculously STUPID.
    I realize that was 2002, when it’s likely people like Prozac and Paxil could claim almost anything, as long as they put that itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny small print at the bottom of the page, but still STUPID. You want to mimic these creeps? STUPID idiot!
    (Take a look at now and it’s quite a different story.)

  2. Ronnie Bell

    It’s pretty obvious that Miscavige was just running off at the mouth, and some poor staff member was forced to record and transcribe his delusional mental masturbations.

    Good lord, that man can’t communicate to save his life. I could interpret the above in at least a couple of different ways – maybe more. No wonder the Int base staff was always confused by his orders. They’re about as clear as a Louisiana swamp bottom.

  3. I have to ask myself what chance marketing has at all anymore against the planet wide out PR created by David Miscavige . They are supposed to be selling Scientology on top of all of his gross out P.R.? He has more or less sabotaged any potential success of marketing. Try GIVING away Scientology to someone for free and you will know what I mean. Just offer someone you know, that is not a Scientologist, a free auditing session and you will see what I mean. He needs a marketing program to sell the staff on Scientology these days! Mention a session to one of them and they will cringe thinking they are getting a sec check! How the F^*K is a guy that has been blown off the bridge for over 20 years supposed to be an expert at selling Scientology? His bright idea is to COPY! He is tripping! Those anti histamines he grew up on have made him as out qualed for the Sea Org as someone who had taken LSD!

  4. Miscavige is such a dick. Just reading his drivel makes me want to kick him in the ass. I couldn’t imagine actually having to listen to that asshole.

  5. Watchful Navigator

    I just can’t find words to describe how crazy this is.

    But it sheds light on the time period during which Miscavige was launching an all-out attack on CCDallas.

    Was this also around the time a big settlement was reached with Eli Lily?

  6. Marty, I remember this piece of stupidity and when you consider the full-on nonstop blizzard of insane cross-orders burying Marketing since 1987 when CMU (the Central Marketing Unit) was last formed, of which this single order is but one sketchy snowflake, whereby the top person in the Church (who’s orders MUST be complied to) is continually cross-ordering and invalidating standard marketing actions and instead — in some foggy nonsensical way that would only make sense to a paramecium with Hydrophobia — demanding we promote Scientology by emulating, of all things, drug pushers, like a band of drooling monkeys on Thorazine… and if you were to yet see anything of value or anything clever emanating from Marketing throughout those years… well, you now appreciate the skill required of those responsible to get the job done perhaps equivalent to that of engraving a set of fine lead crystal wine glasses from the inside of a rotating commercial clothes dryer.

  7. This idiot just flails around sputtering gibberish. He’s so snapped into this GPM. Dave, you are a “toon” dude. A really bad “toon”. God, what an idiot.

    Dumb as a bag of hammers. “Psych ads”, God, what an IDIOT.

  8. If the Miscarriage was this incoherent in 2002 he must be completely unintelligible these days.

    There has got to be a way to scramble the teleprompter at a live event so all could see just how able and effective the fugitive really is.

    Hey Dave, why don’t you clean your shorts and come out and play with the Indies for awhile? You are a pathetic display of a sentient animal.

  9. I’m very glad to have you as an interpreter, as I read the “order” a few times and am glad I don’t have Method 9 it as it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  10. The Oracle

    SUPPRESSIVE ACT: Severe breach of ecclesiastical duties and / or fiduciary duty as an executive or corporate official of any Scientology or Dianetics organization which has resulted in sever harm, loss, or disrepute for Scientology or the organization.

  11. So when he’s not on his XBox, hazing or beating staff, spewing out insane incomprehensible cross orders of his own his own orders or avidly reading Marty’s blog David Miscavige is … surfing psych drug web sites. Hm. No wonder he’s too busy to talk to the press about the allegations against him.

  12. Scientology and Dianetics sold the same way as drugs are ?

  13. I’m glad you’re interpreting Miscavige’s drivel, Marty — because on my own I couldn’t understand he’s talking about. How in hell did you all ever get figure out WTF he was saying? I find him incoherent.

  14. I read this — several times. Were sentences taken out? It’s incomprehensible towards the end.

    As for following the psych marketing — dm very sadly OBVIOUSLY cannot understand LRH one bit. In the late 70’s LRH told marketing to gather all the texts and other forms of marketing and SEE what they were doing — I’m no expert on this though (Jeff Hawkins could add to this) – he also told Diana to learn how EST was marketing itself and what EST was doing (Operation Z)

    So — dm NOT understanding intention and NOT understanding source of a campaign — BOTCHES this grandly.

    IF you don’t understand the “view” (the ground, the core) — then everything that follows will be a horror show.

    Unless you understand WHY you meditate, for example, you can do so for 30 years and be NO DIFFERENT than having thrown a rock into a deep pond. The rock will be exactly the same as it was the DAY you threw it into the pond.

    INTENTION —- ASPIRATION —- towards a positive goal — THIS is what LRH was about

    dm just misses it again and again and again —


  15. It’s enough to make you want to throw up!

  16. Marty — the other outpoint is who the order is issued to. These people have NOTHING to do with Marketing. It is evidence of his random, “hey you” “management.” Virtually everything out of his mouth is a string of disrelated, random orders, thoughts and drivel. Now these 3 have an “order” that the robots in DM’s office would follow up to get compliance. So, the Cine Sec would have to go see the Marketing Sec to find out “what are you doing about this” in order to answer POB — hounded twenty times a day to “answer up to COB — its suppressive not to answer his comm, haven’t you read Dianetics 55?”

    Cine Sec (Lisa Allen/Schroer Queen Bitch), Art Dir (Henning Benndorf Floor Licker Enforcement IC) and Post Prod Dir (Gary “Incorrigible” Wiese) were obviously in good graces at that point. So, they would cross the org board and start issuing orders to Marketing on the basis of “a COB order”. It was/is a mechanism that literally destroyed org form like a tsunami that emanated from the shifting tectonic plates in POB’s head.

    Of course, it also shows his grandiose view of himself as the all-knowing, superior being who has everything figured out as he sits around and surfs the internet (while nobody else is allowed on it at all). In his mind, nobody understands anything as well as he does.

    This is a great, graphic illustration of his insanity.

  17. That little thetan is projecting his OWN CASE on EVERYTHING –
    AND HE CAN´T SEE IT (the blind leading the blind).

  18. Makes sense to me that DM would resort to copying psych drug companies. After all he’s done, could anyone call him anything other than a psych of the worst order? No.

  19. Even if the idea had merit and was successful, ie to market to the public the way the psych drugs were being marketted, you would be atracting plenty of public your not set up to handle. That commerical with the volcano and the suggestion to read Dianatics seemed pretty effective to me. I never see that anymore.

  20. This sentence wins the award for the literary image of the day: “equivalent to that of engraving a set of fine lead crystal wine glasses from the inside of a rotating commercial clothes dryer.” Perhaps of the week.

  21. Tom Gallagher

    Since POB is known to be an avid reader of this site, I thought I’d offer up a time-tested marketing slogan for his cult:


  22. Whatever your feeling about “the psychs,” this sure shows what an idiot Miscavige is. First, the web sites don’t really have information for psychiatrists to “sell” patients on the meds. They have a lot of data about important stuff like drug interactions, complications, making a proper diagnosis, how effective the drug is, etc. This is all boring stuff and it helps talk people out of taking the drug, most likely, rather than “selling.” Most of what’s on web sites is highly regulated by the FDA and it can’t be too aggressive about claiming benefits for the drug.

    Drug company marketing is what strategy consultants call an “industrial sale” — the product is sold to somebody other than an end consumer, somebody who typically has a lot of technical knowledge about what they’re buying, and who wants lots and lots of credible data to make a decision. Somebody who actually understands the pro’s and con’s of what they’re considering, and will take a lot of time to make up their mind. Another example of an industrial sale is an engineer at Boeing who is evaluating welding equipment to assemble planes. It takes them months to decide on which automated equipment to buy because the costs of screwing up a decision may mean that people die if a weld cracks and a wing falls off. At the very least, crappy welding equipment means lots of stuff fails inspection and gets sent back for rework, which eats into profits. So an industrial sale decision has to be right the first time.

    This is the opposite of consumer marketing. In consumer marketing, you’ve got to deal with an audience that is almost certainly not knowledgeable about your product, and you have to appeal to the emotions — make the product fun and exciting. You also have to overcome many different sources of resistance to buying, not just cost or the idea that a competing product might be better. So you’re trying to get people to make a “snap” decision — that’s the way it used to work with “body routers” on the sidewalk getting people interested in a free personality test and then getting them in the door to take it a few seconds later. If people want to take time to research Scientology before taking the personality test (as anybody can do with an iPhone standing in front of the org these days) they’re never going to sign up.

    Even if people don’t immediately go buy what you’re selling, you want them to make an immediate, emotional decision to buy. Quite the opposite of what drug companies do to physicians to get them to prescribe — drug companies repeat the message endlessly, and they absolutely back it up with patient and persistent sales people that keep reminding doctors about the benefits of whatever drug they’re selling.

    If Miscavige thinks that drug company marketing is the thing for the Church of Scientology to emulate in its efforts to get “fresh meat” in the door, there’s not much hope for them. Never mind how emulating the psychiatric drug marketing industry is essentially an admission that the promised “Psych Armageddon,” which they’ve used to skim so much money from the suckers, is never going to happen.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, a day in the life of an Int/Gold exec.

  24. Mental masturbation is what it is. Typical of the insane who living inside their bank.

  25. I’m not sure what he’s actually saying here. He’s babbling on about marketing, then psych drugs, then marketing of psych drugs and the site telling doctors how to sell the drugs to patients. This is confusing:

    So, my point is they could be using this right now.  You want to do raw public marketing, we just save that much money when they say, “We can’t get any research done.”

    I feel a headache coming on just reading it.

  26. +1

  27. I would so love to mess with the teleprompter, change the speech a bit, maybe slip some truth amongst the lies and see if he notices. Wonder if the audience would notice if he said something like

    “We now have over 200 empty idle orgs. Now that’s flat line horizontal growth!”

  28. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Gimme a barf bag.

  29. markthehungarian

    One of my degrees is for journalism, and my career involves writing all day. That said, I have absolutely no idea what this means.

    What this an excerpt, or do people in the CoS actually understand this garbage?

  30. Random Stranger


    1) Enlist cook as mole conspirator.

    2) Start slipping DM various psych drugs in his food to acclimate his attitude.

    3) In the meantime start training a DM look-alike in mannerisms, enunciations, etc.

    4) Perfect face prosthesis and laser stare.

    5) Slip DM final mickey and make the switch.


  31. The outpoint here isn’t examining the marketing of distasteful products for inspiration; I get that. The huge outpoint is that they are taking his ramblings and passing them around as orders to get executed! What the hell kind of management style is that?!

  32. “surfing psych drug web sites” OMG!! Remember the ad for a certain cosmetic procedure: “I’m not just the president of the club I’m a customer too”.
    It all becomes clear: the gibberish, the mood swings, the violence, all of it.

  33. This does not Bode Well, like all of D.M.s thinking displacing
    LRH tech.

    There is no Band Aid for getting rid of Standard Tech.
    How do I make this real ? What will come to fix the Band Aid is another
    Band Aid over the first one and more till the Band Aids are stacked
    feet thick and the patient DIES of something unrelated to the original
    Band Aid.

  34. Marketing is wondering what it is suposed to think, and is too scared to say so because others are too scared to back them up when they do say so … kind of like constant, widespread, panic, or in colloqual erms “a cluster”. In an astounding cognition (rare for me, OK?) I got it all related to the LRH scale of Awareness Characteristic (found in various place, but notably in “The Book of Basics”. “Disconnection” is -33, way down near the bottom, just a hair’s breadth away from “-34 Unexistence”. Isn’t it interesting to see how these levels can be used to predict (and to diagnose) – I’m sure they relate directly to Ethics Conditions, but how exactly?

    To any in the Co$ or on the fence, in the hopes it may be helpful:

    There is a profound difference between seeing something true that you did not know before, and being shocked. The truth does not shock, it enlightens. The truth is pleasurable, not abrasive. Truth is extrovertive, not introvertive. There is no confusing an as-is-ness with an is-ness. It is a gross personal error to confuse those two. An alter-is-ness begs a not-is-ness of truth. To confuse an is-ness with an as-is-ness is somewhat like confusing force with truth. It may be that truth leads to an ability to handle force, but that does not make force truth. That said, LRH had and has the correct knowledge, the data, and developed and appoved the development of the workable tech. What he did with it, is not my business to any other extent than the availability of it to me, at a reasonable price on reasonable terms which I intuitively am willing to accept with pleasure. I can say the same to you who now hold truth in your hands.

    This brings up the remote question: What is an Ideal Being? More importantly, what does an Ideal Being communicate? I can state with some rather high degree of certainty one thing about an Ideal Being: he or she seeks to make you and your perception right and stronger; and does not seek to enforce his or her (or it’s or whatever) own perceptions and conclusion upon you. That would be counter-productive. So those of you who have been ARC broken and shocked by the behavior of those in the Co$, know that those instances were (gross) errors, and do not toss the LRH data and tech out because those were mis-used.

    What Marty posts is shocking, but it is not Marty who shocks – it is the behavior of the Co$ which shocks. It isn’t the unveiling of the truth that shocks, it is the lies uncovered that are shocking. It is not the as-is-ness that is unpalatable, it is the is-ness. Without the as-is-ness, force against force is just another ridge. As we all emerge from our ‘alternate realities’ etablished by the misbehavior of those in the Co$, I personally believe we, as individuals, would do well to keep the acceptability of what we offer in the very forefront of our minds, and try to be Ideal Beings in respecting another’s life and conceptions (and in respecting our own – it is four flows, and it does go across eight Dynamics – my 1st and 2nd Dynamics are senior to any 3rd – Code of Honor). I guarantee you, there are a lot of very bright and able beings who have walked away from the mish-mash of pretense that the Co$ exhibited. Some few kept their heads and got what they needed and wanted – then walked away, but never fell for the alternate reality, never agreed they were wrong.

    {Apologies for “Ideal Being” – In every good there is some evil, in every evil there is some good. It’s not intentionally obscene. There probably is such a thing as an “Ideal Org” – somewhere – it’s just not the Co$ version, just as the Co$ version of “Ideal Being” doesn’t appear to be quite right.)

  35. ThetaPotata

    I agree. These orders of the day that Marty has been posting have really shed some light on just how DM’s mind works. The constant, everyone is an idiot but me approach to communication. The end product is that you don’t really get what his point was just an idea that he’s ranting about this or that.

  36. happybaby89

    This reminds me of the Sea Org recruitment campaign he stole from the Navy/Army. Those promo pieces with the determined looking young boys or girls are based on the advertisements you see on TV. This was actually stated by SO recruitment projects. I guess it really reflects his state of mind. He has to kill everybody to bring them freedom.

  37. David Miscavige probably does not know what Scientology is .

  38. No, no, no …it’s THIS one >>> ” — in some foggy nonsensical way that would only make sense to a paramecium with Hydrophobia —”

  39. I got to see the effects of this insanity play out at Flag in MANY ways. As an example, one Thursday afternoon Advisory Council FSO was meeting
    with the Captain FSO and each divisional head was outlining what they would cover in the Flaps & Handling section of the weekly staff meeting.
    In walks Miscavige with his flock of robots with their little hand held tape recorders, careful to catch every word of wisdom that might flow from his lips.
    Miscavige decides to tell each divisional head what they should state as their “flap & handling”. I was the Treasury Sec. His words of wisdom for me
    were as follows:

    “The flap is that orgs around the world owe Flag for the training of their staff.
    The handling is to collect $500,000 per week from these orgs.”

    The robots took this mindless dribble and ran with it. All Treasury staff were put on the phones to call the Treasury Secs of every org on the planet
    and to collect the $500,000 per week quota before we went home.

    Talking to the Treasury Sec of every org on the planet was a real eye opener. Almost one for one, every org on the planet was in financial ruin.
    I mean struggling to keep the lights on. This was even true of the Advanced Orgs in (EU, UK and ANZO).

    The insanity went on for some weeks before I was removed from post
    (after being the Treas Sec FSO for 7 years) without a Comm Ev because “I was counter intention to COBs order”. I was given the choice of going to the RPF or get posted at the furniture mill.

    That’s just a simple example of the effects of Miscavige dribble. It’s no wonder Scientology Inc is imploding.

    As a note, by 2002 the FSO financial reserves had been drained from
    $25,000,000 to zero. It had all been taken for the Lisa McPherson case.
    I would estimate that the FSO paid another 5 – 10 million from new money coming in that would normally have been used for promotion, crew pay, medical, etc.

    I recently spoke to some one who was responsible for Int Reserves in 2002 and that person said that Sea Org Reserves was below $20,000,000 (cash) at that time.

    Realize that in 2002 the FSO alone had taken in and spent hundreds of millions of dollars for service they still needed to deliver. We were also paying out about $100,000 per week to public who were resigning and wanted their money back.

    It doesn’t surprise me that despite the policy on refunds and repayments
    that Miscavige has ordered the orgs to stop paying back money to those leaving the church. The fact is that the orgs don’t have the money. Miscavige would also like to make the HUGE liability of undelivered prepaid service go away in an effort to slow the implosion
    and pretend the “church” is more viable than it is.

    Despite thousands of staff working their guts out for little to no pay,
    the “church” can not survive by simply selling and delivering a service in an fair manner. The liability of Miscavige out weighs it all.

  40. Tony Dephillips

    I still don’t understand what this guy is saying.

  41. FCDC Class of 74

    It is obvious that Ron did not take in DM because he saw in him a “Golden Child” far from it. It seems more like taking some animal in for pity’s sake. Unfortuneately Ron did not have or did not make the time to fix or repair the numerous outpoints we see today. This left him with his bank as a baby sitter. DM’s training was lost on him and his skills or lack of set him up for management by coersion


    Ya, I was approved (all the way up to CBO) to be the Gold FBO in I think 1988 or 9. I flat out refused the posting as it would take me away fom my children and husband. The work sounded fun – 14 FPs every week I was told. I was Permantly Posted by CBO a year or so earlier. So what did that mean??? Crazy looking back…. I had no idea how smart that was to not take the post.
    I can’t imagine how nuts it would have been working for this wacko.

  43. FCDC Class of 74

    My point is that DM is not qualified to manage any kind of MEST and as far as selling, moving, promoting, or switching between terminals, he has not the tone to do so. Dangerous to the point of lethal at this point there is no reason to confront or get in any comm cycles with him and his dominions. Its time to cut him loose.

  44. Ronnie Bell

    { sound of bat cracking, as it smacks a fastball over the outfield bleachers }

  45. Ronnie Bell

    …like a tsunami that emanated from the shifting tectonic plates in POB’s head.

    What a perfect mental image of that guy’s ‘mind’. I’m sure he’s got more affinity, reality, and communication with big psych pharma, than he does with Scientology.

  46. LOL, Steve, this gave me the best laugh I have had in a while, thanks.

    Also struck me the creative or lack of creative mind behind the thought process:

    We make money by saying we help people, are having trouble recruiting people in part because we have trashed our image with Tom jumping up and down on the sofa and throwing a tantrum denouncing every other group that says they try and help people including big pharma and psychs.

    But Big Pharma is making a lot of money, so lets copy Big Pharma’s ads to make us make more money and make people more spiritually/COM aware.

    You honestly couldn’t make this shit up.

  47. Thank you for all those numbers / info, Mat.

  48. That makes you smart.

  49. + 10! Amazing screenshot of the financial situation Mat! That FSO backlogged delivery has been a concern for years prior for Int management before, for years. Thanks for showing the Liability of Miscavige.

  50. The Oracle

    You have a beautiful mind.

  51. Concerned Citizen

    This Executive Order of David Miscavige is one more proof of the fraud that Scientology Inc. is perpetrating on the public and its “members.” The world is reading this and taking note.

  52. The degree of complexity is directly proportional to the degree of non-confront. miscavige cannot confront staff or pcs or students or emeters or thetans or life. He can only rail againt all that tries to unmock his illusion of brilliant, only-one perception.

    The secret to successful dissemination is to simply establish a comm line and help someone.

  53. Tony Dephillips

    The inference is that david mismanage is a know all, see all Being. He really comes across like he thinks he is Source. Or that he has fully duplicated source.
    The guy is a total meglomaniac.

  54. Tony Dephillips

    Wow!! What a psychopath. How anyone could tolerate that much stupidity is amazing.
    You’re lucky you went to the furniture mill.

  55. Marketing research was just one of the many things that Miscavige despised. There used to be something called the Survey Network, where one could get public opinion surveys done on any subject, nationally or internationally, in a couple of weeks. When I was running my semi-autonomous marketing unit in LA between ’82 and ’87 (the Dianetics Campaign), I had Orgs willingly doing surveys for me as they saw the value in it. And we even got into such radical things as focus groups and comparative ad testing. All of which Miscavige despised. Between 87 and 2002, the Survey Network was dismantled, as well as the Marketing Research area of CMU. And the few staff left were forbidden to leave the Base to do any sort of field research, polling, or focus groups. So CMU got more and more out of touch and insular, just the way Miscavige likes it. And of course any objections were met with “Oh, marketing is complaining again that they can’t do research.” So in this genius message, he tells his pet lackeys, Lisa and Henning, that we can “save money” by simply copying drug company ads instead of doing any sort of fancy-dancy marketing research. In this and so many other things he reveals himself as a clueless high-school dropout who does not have the slightest idea how to run a business but is trying to pretend he does.

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  57. martyrathbun09


  58. Joe Pendleton

    Ultimately how utterly stupid it was to conceive that one had to “market” a religious philosophy like one does razor blades or breakfast cereal. Certainly one has to effectively “spread the word” on how valuable the new religion is, but ….. a philosophy about life does not spread or be perceived as valuable to people as does a new brand of shampoo, done with surveys, focus groups, positioning, ad campaigns, etc. Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, etc spread to millions upon millions even centuries before there was even printing, all on the philosophies/religions themselves and how relevant they were to people. Really the same as with Dianetics and Scientology in the early days. One of the biggest errors of judgment LRH made in my opinion was the whole buying in of the concept of “selling” a religion and promoting the techniques of “Big League Sales” back in 1973 I believe. Have you all read that book? I had to, about 7 years ago when I was suping and the reg had no twin for the drills, so I had to read it and drill him. This book was the most offensive piece of work I have ever encountered during my whole time in 35 years in the CoS. Besides its extremely offensive passages about women (and please don’t excuse it by calling it “dated”; it was straight out bullshit), the whole flow of the book is how to overwhelm a being’s’ power of choice and self determinism to choose what is most survival for him. I didn’t see this at the time back in the 70s; that much of the flow of Scientology was moving towards taking AWAY a person’s independance as a being, TELLING him what he needed to do that was “survival” in all areas of life. This played out in almost all things as a staff member on the pressure brought on the individual on what he HAD to do on a continual basis and slowly but surely on every dynamic, down to what he was supposed to or not supposed to put on his body (scents, etc) or into his body (aspartame, etc). Fine to offer advice and information (and I agree with LRH on those advices), but it was always ENFORCED. And there we went as a grroup, “MARKETING” Scientology. And you know what? It never worked. Yeah, Jeff Hawkins had some nice results on his DMSMH campaigns, but the “flood” of people breaking down the doors (always promised and STILL promised staffs) never happened. And you know why? Because it’s truly offensive to folks to engage in this “marketing” and “sales.” I never heard of Scientology before the night I was body routed into the org in 1970 and the org was PACKED in those days with lots of new people in. All before the new HCO PLs on PR and marketing came out.

  59. It just more proof (as if that mountain was tall enough already) that DM lacks any understanding on how to run an organization, has no insight in the public thinking and demonstrates his painful and total lack of education. He wouldn’t last 1 hour in the corporate world. Apparently everyone around him has just had to learn intuitively to respond to his almost incomprehensible infantile whims and demands. He has no idea how to effectively communicate, think critically or logically or give understandable orders. Because the abject fear and punishment he has subjected those under him to they probably spend a good portion of their day trying to decipher what will make DM happy or at least not incur his wrath, they can only gather little clues from the babble in the missives he sends out. Probably because they have been forced to spend so much time with and listening to the tiny tyrant has it given them enough psychological insight into what his nonsensical “transcribed” orders actually mean. Those wasted years of their life under DM’s abuse have ensured they all have developed one skill necessary for their survival – being a translator of Miscagive’s ignorant blather and ramblings. .

    I assure you those of us fortunate enough not to have any interaction with Miscavige can’t get much information out of these orders because it’s complete and utter nonsense. It’s stream of consciousness blather that makes little to no sense, shows a pretty dim bulb’s scrambled thought processes and it gives me the chills to think some poor SO souls actually have to word clear this meaningless garbage.

    I do wonder – is Miscavige even passably literate? I know that his formal education was very short lived but its the fact he requires all his “spoken” words to be transcribed as orders and other crap is strange. It means he is never required to write or compose anything. If this is his normal way of speaking or communicating to others it shows a very decided lack of any training in the use of proper English and no awareness of sentence structure. It also demonstrates no logical or ordered though processes, really a total lack of critical thinking skills – just scrammed associations colored and justified by his opinions or emotions.

    I am truly curious about his literacy level. I’m not questioning it for insult purposes but truly wonder. From the communications and various witness reports about him it does make me wonder. For some of his early posts in the CMO I figure some basic literacy would have been required but maybe only a minimum level of transcribing and parroting orders? I recall some people saying legal briefs and other such things were many times read aloud to DM, but at the same time he like reading KR and auditing info. that was degrading or insulting. I just think he may have some real learning disabilities or literacy issues.

    Marty, and other INT exes here, do you have any insight into this? Does DM spend much time reading? Does he EVER write anything himself? (I’m sure he takes credit for all kinds of writing, but has any one witnessed him writing anything more than a few sentences, ever? Is everything that is committed to paper from him always verbal dictation? I’m quite curious.

    It just shows the levels of insanity at INT that SO members were supposed to somehow interpret this garbage as instructions of some kind. It’s sad that you had to become a master of this ignorant, emotional cripple’s whims and quirks just to try and makes sense of his demands. INT members jobs depended not on how well they preformed but how well they could make sense of this nutjobs ramblings and respond to his mood swings and tantrums. The little man’s only talent was being a bully and learning to manipulate people and its horrifying it got him to top position in an organization rather than where he probably otherwise would be – a angry little man who drinks too much, is always in-between crappy jobs, has a long list of petty convictions for his outbursts, living in a trailer or run down apartment with many various restraining orders against him.

  60. Thank you. Wish I could a line at the end “Never consider it too late to be free.”

  61. You inspire and give courage, as do others here.

  62. Exactly. That book is truly offensive, and I never understood what use it had to anyone, let alone Scientology. It was all about how to dishonestly manipulate people.

  63. Ronnie Bell

    Interesting point of view, Joe. I can see the validity in it.

  64. plainoldthetan

    I would call him a dramatizing psychotic implanted psych of the worst order.

  65. Spot on!!

  66. plainoldthetan

    “It’s stream of consciousness blather”…doesn’t it seem more like “stream of unconsciousness”? Or “Demons of the Mind stream of blather”?

  67. +1 Jeff! Good to see you posting here!

  68. People get the government they deserve

  69. Right on. And LO’s comment above.

  70. ” … blown off the bridge for over 20 years …” very apt description which probably applies to most Scientologists these days. A number of posters here have expressed such relief in getting good, straight, real auditing from Indies.

  71. That is exactly correct Tony. He does think he’s source.

  72. DM has all the characteristics of an SP right across the boards. Any activity that actually helps people drives him wild. He can’t select the correct target. He talks in total generalities. He alters to worsen any communication when acting as a relay. And he is incapable of doubting his own rightness.

  73. HannibalTheFirst

    So why the heck is the INT team not taking this whimsy ignoramus and discard him into the lake? It is obvious he is a complete idiot, he destroys Scientology has no idea how to manager and still they have not gotten rid of him? What does this say about INT?

  74. Thanks Jeff. The room suddenly feels brighter with your input.

  75. Exactly what I see. Furthermore, David Miscavige has secured his position with one lynch-pin of a lie – that LRH ordained David Miscavige personally to be his successor. Once it is known that LRH DID NOT appoint David Miscavige in any way, shape, or form as the heir to power, and once it is discovered that David Miscavige bullied his way into position, then David Miscavige’s little fortress – complete with its prison towers – will come tumbling down. It will happen!

  76. Ronnie Bell

    Hannibal ~ Marty, Mike Rinder, and others have commented about that here before. Mike wrote a piece entitled, “Why We Stay”. You should be able to find it by searching that title on the site.

    Like you, I’ve often wondered why no one ever put this guys teeth down his throat, or why there’s never been a mutiny at the Int base or in the upper management ranks. There is an answer to that, and it’s insidious.

  77. Actually I believe Jeff Hawkins did get a “flood” of people into Scientology with his Dianetics campaign, by getting the Dianetics (DMSMH) book to #1 on the NYTimes best-seller list.

    I believe Jeff got far far more than “some nice results”.

  78. Also Joe, there is a big difference between “Marketing” and “Sales”. Big League Sales is about the actual techniques of closing individual sales, not about marketing anything.

    Jeff was involved in and spearheading the Marketing of Book One, which, incidentally, was not written as a religious/philosophical tome but as a hands-on practical guide for improving health. Even today it would be better placed in the “alternative health” category than into “religious/philosophical”.
    Marketing is essentially making something broadly known through mass Communication and it would be stupid to not use the available tools such as surveys, focus groups, positioning, ad campaigns, etc to develop more effective messages, ie messages that larger numbers of potential book buyers and public would respond to.

    We’re talking about marketing and selling a book or books here. Why would it be OK to market books on some subjects and not others? Is there some rule that books on religion or philosophy are not to be marketed? Why?

    When Buddhism and Christianity were first disseminated, modern mass marketing methods did not yet exist. Had they existed, does anyone really think they would not have been used?
    I have heard that LRH actually commented in some lecture that it had been necessary for technology to have developed to a certain point before Scientology could be successfully developed. Can anyone provide the reference?

    LRH spread Scientology farther around the world in 30 years than either Buddhism or Christianity accomplished in 500-600 years each – and much of the spread of Christianity was done “by the sword” – through overt acts of enforcement. LRH used the available duplicative communications technology to communicate effectively with large numbers of people and establish organizations all over the world very quickly. There was nothing stupid or mistaken about it.

  79. All that’s missing now are FDA “blackbox warnings” on Miscavology’s materials and sign-up and contract forms, and “side effects” warnings and disclaimers on their TV and print ads, a la psych drug ad warnings. Maybe printed warnings should be required to be posted by the door of every CoS auditing room – “Warning! This activity maybe be hazardous to your health and welfare and may result in dementia, psychosis, suicide, or the destruction of your good repute and your social standing through public exposure of your private confessional material. Enter at your own risk!”

    Then, the parallels between the psych drug marketing scene and the marketing of the services of the Church of Miscavology would be complete.

  80. “I have heard that LRH actually commented in some lecture that it had been necessary for technology to have developed to a certain point before Scientology could be successfully developed. Can anyone provide the reference?”
    Yes, he mentioned that in this particular time, where printing is cheap and wisdom may be broadly distributed for low cost it is a good time to spread a wisdom such as Scientology.
    Another thing is, how to measure the mind electronics without an e-meter, electricity, electronics?
    1950 was a good time to come out with Dianetics.

    Just imagine what would happen (DIV 6 wise), if LRH would live until the internet evolved (say, 2000, where the internet was in good shape and widespread already).

    It’s really sad that there is no one on post at the top right now.
    I am sure there were enough guys who understood “the internet stuff” but DM never let them do their job.

    Bypass – bypass. Danger – danger!
    Dave, where are they now?
    Read “Responsibilities of Leaders” and apply the 3rd Dynamic power formula.
    Oups… to late! They got you now…

  81. sorry for verbal data,
    I will provide the reference once I stumble upon again.

  82. Sherri Dionisio

    For the most part, antihistamines are safe. Having said that, antihistamines can have side effects which, if the antihistamine is not properly administered, can be serious. The truth is, all medications have side effects. Some are mild, as in the case of an aspirin, unless you have stomach ulcers or aspirin sensitivity and others are more serious such as the side effects from chemotherapy, but for the most part, antihistamine side effects are fairly mild. The newest antihistamines are probably about the safest medications that there are. But there are differences between the various antihistamines and their side effects..

    My favorite webpage

  83. “… he tells his pet lackeys, Lisa and Henning, that we can ‘save money’ by simply copying drug company ads instead of doing any sort of fancy-dancy marketing research.”

    That’s one of the funniest and most telling stories (on many levels) I’ve heard about David Miscavige. He’s even dumber than I’d imagined.

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