Alaska Goes Independent

The following doubt announcements were sent to me by the, until very recently, Course Supervisor of the church of Scientology Mission of  Anchorage,  Alaska, and her Class VIII husband.  These are important documents, on the order of potential impact as A Letter from Garcia and Class XII Karen De La Carriere’s independence announcement.  Please carefully read them and do everything you can to give them the furthest possible dissemination among Scientologists. Their data is fresh, and their research is remarkable.  What a couple of magnificent thetans!

Forrest & Susan Crane on Kenai Penisula

Doubt Announcement 9/16/2012 by Susan Crane

I am writing you as a friend and fellow Scientologist who is concerned about the current direction of the Church of Scientology.  This write-up reflects some of the discrepancies I have observed between the activities of the Church of Scientology as a separate entity to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.   I am completely dedicated to the works of LRH and the technology of Dianetics and Scientology.

Even though Scientology is being delivered in Anchorage, AK with great benefits to individuals, the group is still connected to suppressive actions of the Church of Scientology, specifically those condoned by David Miscavige.  I will no longer support the direction the church has been going under his leadership with off-policy programs.  I cannot violate my own personal integrity any longer.

I have been in Scientology since 1987 and have been a staff member for 15 of those 25 years, currently supervising at the Anchorage Mission.  I am a Flag Interned Class IV Auditor (pre Golden Age of Tech), OT V and Patron of the IAS.  I have held several positions within the church ranging from Public Service Secretary, Cram Off, Class IV Auditor, Course Sup and A/ED. While I have had personal disagreements over the years with the way management was being run, violations of LRH policy and tech, it was usually isolated incidents and I felt it best to keep the show on the road. That said, I have had a nagging “feeling” that something was not right within the church.  I have done a lot of listening over the years and not a lot of looking.  I’ve been told not to read the internet, listen to news, etc. as there may be entheta.  I have always been a “good” Scientologist and never looked.

Recently, there have been some high ranking Sea Org members who have either been declared or have left the church.  A couple of years ago I was watching a news show and Mike Rinder, a former spokesman for the Church of Scientology, was being interviewed and had left the church and was Declared.  Some of you may recall Mr. Rinder as routinely being one of the presenters at the International Events.  I was shocked but didn’t bother to look.   Last fall, my husband had told me that Dan Koon had also left the church and been declared.  If you did the ProTRs course in the 90’s, he was “Joe Howard” in the film.  He worked directly with LRH filming the ProTRs film and now he was a declared SP.  This just didn’t add up in my universe.  Another SP is Larry Anderson who is the narrator in the Orientation film.

I decided it was time to get my head out of the sand and start to look.  After all, I live in the United States and I should be able to communicate with whoever I like and not be suppressed or told not to.


An implant is an enforced command or series of commands installed in the reactive mind below the awareness level of the individual to cause him to react or behave in a prearranged way without his “knowing it.”

IMPOSED SILENCE.  “The simplest and most common implant – and its lightest but not least deadly form—is the command to withhold.  Implants could be said to be “methods of preventing knowledge or communication: and this can extend to the point of the person himself denying himself the data.  The commonest “imposed silence” is probably the threatened child – an “if you tell, you will be punished.”  Or simply ordering him not to tell.  This tends to occlude his own memory and can be classified as an implant.”

The church “culture” has become one of not reading entheta or negative press about the church, don’t communicate to others anything negative about the church, don’t read the internet, don’t communicate to your friends if the church is engaging in a program or activity that violates an HCOB or HCO PL.  Per policy, one should write-up actions that disagree with tech or policy.  However, if one does KR certain activities, my experience has been Sec Checks being order on the individual at his own expense.

On January 1st, 2012, Forrest and I were traveling back to Anchorage from visiting my mother in Georgia.  He googled “Scientology New Years Eve event” in search of any releases or announcements from the New Years Eve event.  Instead, what came up was an email from Debbie Cook, former Captain of the FSO for 17 years, OEC, FEBC (Flag Executive Briefing Course) and DSEC (Data Series Evaluators Course).  She is now declared by the church.  At the time of her email, she was not declared and in good standing.  I read the email and AGREED with every single point – FROM MY OWN REALITY AND VIEWPOINT.  There was only one point I didn’t agree with and it was only because I didn’t have first- hand knowledge of the events.  Not only that, I was familiar with the references she quoted.   I have heard comments that she violated her Nondisclosure Agreement when she left the church.  I have to ask myself this question, why did she even have to sign a nondisclosure agreement to begin with?  Was this to protect the church from her disclosing upper level confidential materials?  Was this to protect the church from some communication about OT IX or X or some other confidential project in the works?  It didn’t quite make sense to me.  Because of the above outpoints, I decided to search further as to what was happening in the church.

Outpoint:  The church seems to be operating as a money motivated enterprise with an insatiable appetite, more concerned with fundraising and cannibalizing its existing field rather than caring about the individual and getting them up the bridge.

What does LRH say?  HCO PL 31 Jan 1983 “The Reason for Orgs”  “The only reason orgs exist is TO SELL AND DELIVER MATERIALS AND SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC…THE OBJECT IS TOTALLY FREED BEINGS!”  Also LRH ED 131 INT of 8 Dec 1970: Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products.  One is well-trained auditors.  The other is satisfied pcs.”  And, “Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”  For the past 8 months, my husband and I have been following the completions for CC Nashville, Denver Org, ASHO, ASHO UK.  This has not been occurring.

At every turn, one is made to ask for donations, i.e. IAS, books, Ideal Orgs, various library campaigns.  From my observation, most people have a relatively fixed income.  I have seen many individuals and families having to declare bankruptcy due to financial strain from regging.  Maxing out credit cards, refinancing homes, increasing credit card limits seems to be the order of the day.  There is complete disregard for the individual’s ability to pay back the debt.  Additionally, I donate to several other causes outside of the church.  I can donate a small amount, say $25.00, and I will receive the most theta acknowledgement.  One would have thought I donated 1000’s of dollars.  When I offer a donation to the IAS, I get a lame acknowledgment and then pressure for how much more I need to donate, frequently turning into a several hour reg cycle if I don’t give in to the demands.

In September, 2012, we had the first Maiden Voyage event at the mission.  We had an IAS reg come up here from CA as well as a staff member from the Seattle Org.  After the MV event, the IAS reg gave a very short briefing – 10 minutes tops- about how the church was going to get ethics in on the government and needed us to donate for this campaign.  He already had the agreement of a couple to donate $2000.00 for this cause and wanted others to do the same.  A couple other people offered donations.  He then said he would meet with others independently.  He got with me and we scheduled a time to meet the next day.  I met with him and without further enlightenment as to the need for the dollars or what the IAS was planning to do with the donation, this was his communication:

How much do I make?  How much does my husband make?  How much do we have in our savings?  What are our investments?  Do we have any inheritance?  Are we expecting any inheritance?  How much do we owe on our credit cards?  How much is available on our credit cards?  Do we own gold and/or silver? Property?  IRA’s?  In the middle of this battery of questions, I asked him why he was asking me all of this.  (Duh!) His response was to “qualify” me.  I then asked him “What about enlightening me on why you need the money”?  His response was “We’ll get to that”.  Well, we never got to that because I made sure he knew I was not qualified to donate a large amount of money.  No further enlightenment came as to the need of the money.  Is this LRH?  I have personally experienced multiple IAS reg cycles where the goal is 1000’s, even 10’s of thousands of dollars for the IAS.  Of course all of this is for the greater good for the greater number of dynamics.   After all, the third dynamic is more important than the first dynamic.  The fact that I was contributing time as a staff member doesn’t even enter into the equation.

What does LRH say about the dynamics?  Per Professional Auditor’s Bulletin #83, * 8 May 1956, “The Conditions of Existence”, Vol. III page 375, LRH states “There is no thought or statement here that any one of these eight dynamics is more important than the others.  While they are categories (divisions) of the broad game of life, they are not necessarily equal to each other.  It will be found amongst individuals that each person stresses one of the dynamics more than the others, or may stress a combination of dynamics as more important than other combinations”.   I have not seen the caring for the individual in a long time.  There has been so much pressure brought to bear on the public that they are unable to afford their own bridge anymore.

Concerning “Ideal Orgs”:  Since when is a new building and a new church the same thing?  That sounds like A=A=A to me.   The PR for the church announces all of the new “churches” it has opened recently, i.e. Ideal Orgs.  However, they are the same churches only new buildings.  The ideal org seems to be based primarily on physical appearance, not actual production. Again, I have not read any policy where LRH says to refinance your house, empty one’s bank account or donate thousands of dollars to fund these new buildings.   Is that the answer to expanding Scientology?   I have read LRH policy to the contrary.

What does LRH say about fundraising?  In HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II “Org Programming”, LRH states

“If the org slumps…don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.

Just make more income with Scientology.

It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology.  It has always failed.

For orgs as for pcs ‘Solve It With Scientology’.

Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

We just held the three 2012 Maiden Voyage events at the mission.  In one of the events, we saw the fundraising activities of the OT Ambassadors at the different orgs across the planet raising money for their new Ideal Orgs.  Does this activity agree with the above quote from LRH?

What does LRH say about buildings?   Per HCOPL “The Ideal Org”, “It would be busy looking, with staff in motion, not standing about.  It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public”.


What else does LRH say about the importance of buildings?

In the LRH lecture “Consideration, mechanics and the theory behind instruction”, July 20, 1954 from the Phoenix Lectures, LRH says “There is no effort on the part of Scientology to own or have the allegiance of billions and billions and billions of people, or to have thousands and thousands of tons of masonry piled up, with Scientology written across the top of it, or to have certain governments of Earth giving their allegiance to Scientology or something of the sort.  This is very, very dull indeed.  The empire of Scientology is 100 percent the empire of wisdom; there is no other empire envisioned”.  How is an individual supposed to afford his own bridge after all of the donations to the IAS and Ideal Orgs?  To me, the church is putting actual Scientology out of reach to the average individual.  Is that LRH’s intentions?From my observation, the church operates 180 degrees in the opposite direction of LRH’s intentions.

Where should the income of an organization come from per LRH?  In HCOB 20 March 1957 Issue I, “Income Sources”, LRH lists the acceptable income sources for an organization.  There are 12 acceptable income sources and an additional 10 items that are the most potent promotion factors.  Among some of the acceptable sources are:

  1. 1.       Processing at the Hubbard Guidance Center (preclears)
  2. 2.      Training at the Academy (students)
  3. 3.      Book sales at 1812* Reception and the HGC (*1812 19th Street NW, Washington, DC- the address of one of the buildings housing the Washing, DC organization at the time this HCO PL was written.
  4. 4.      The sale of tests to the field.

The list continues but there is no mention of fundraisers or just flat out donations from parishioners.

Outpoint:  There has been an exodus from the Church of highly trained Classed auditors as well as veteran Sea Org members.  Some of the most stable terminals in the church have either left or been declared.  Did you know most of the following individuals are now either declared or have left the church?

Kay Rowe – 37 year veteran and former IAS Registrar

Ronnie Miscavige, Snr – David Miscavige’s father

Dror Center – Scientology Mission of Haifa, Israel has left the church.  This mission had the top auditor on the planet for 2 years.

Debbie Cook – former Captain of the FSO for 17 years

Karen de la Carriere/Jentzsch – Flag Service Org (FSO) Class XII auditor and C/S;  L’s auditor CS – one of only 7 Class XII CSes ever made

Mike Rinder – former chief spokesman of the Church of Scientology. He served as Executive Director of the Office of Special Affairs

What does LRH say about SPs?

In the LRH lecture “About Rhodesia”, “You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster…. Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff…. And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is an–a very exaggerated condition, SP.”’ –

Also, Tommy Davis, former spokesman for the Church of Scientology told John Roberts on CNN

“There’s no such thing as disconnection… There isn’t any such policy in the Church dictating who you can and cannot be in communication with, it just doesn’t happen.” LRH cancelled disconnection in HCO PL 15 Nov 1968, Cancellation of Disconnection.

My husband was told by the MAA at the FSO he had to disconnect from his sister because she was married to his brother-in-law who refunded.  My husband did so.   My husband has a very large family and it was communicated to them through this action that “Scientology destroys families”.  Fortunately their relationship has been mended.  But the damage had already been done to his family.

Outpoint:  The new HQS course that was released by the church in roughly 2011 has the Code of a Scientologist from the Creation of Human Ability book.  LRH withdrew that code and reissued it in HCO PL 5 Feb. 1969R, Issue 1 Revised 15 May 1973 Code of a Scientologist. “The Code of a Scientologist as per The Creation of Human Ability is withdrawn.  It is reissued as follows:

1. To keep Scientologists, the public and the press accurately informed concerning Scientology, the world of mental health and society.”   This is vastly different that the COHA code that is in the HQS pack that states: “To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press, public or preclears concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or those whose names are closely connected with the science”.  In light of recent events in the press, one has to ask if the church did this deliberately.  Also, with the emphasis of how the Basic books are exactly as LRH wanted, how could such an obvious oversight happen?

Saint Hill Size Orgs: You don’t hear them mentioned any more. All we hear about nowadays are “Ideal Orgs,” and the square footage of each.  A Saint Hill Size Org has to meet certain quotas – number of staff, number of students on course, number of auditing hours and so forth. It requires actual work. It requires real, honest expansion. An “Ideal Org” doesn’t require anything but a big, empty building – purchased with your money. The Div. 6 areas have big screen TV’s and fancy displays.  One wonders, are there any orgs in the world that are really, actually, the size of Old Saint Hill that can be measured by statistics that measure true production?

Superpower: Ron’s Journal 30 1978-The Year of Lightning Fast New Tech 17 Dec 1978  The Superpower Rundown was originally announced in 1978. It is described as “A super fantastic, but confidential series of rundowns that can be done on anybody whether Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the super power of a thetan”. Here we are, thirty five years later, and it is still not released. It also states “ Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming the Super Power Auditors in a special international course”. The only mention of Superpower these days is in the context of donations towards a building in Clearwater. Construction began on this building in 1998, and now, 14 years later, the building is still not open and Super Power has not been released.  Per Wikipedia, it was originally budgeted to cost $24 million, but the cost has more than doubled to an estimated $50 million after repeated redesign of the interior.

The 1991 Book Re-release: With the release of “The Basics,” we are hearing all about how the books are now “fully verified as completely on-Source.” We are hearing how all errors have been verified meticulously against LRH’s original manuscripts to ensure that the books are exactly as LRH intended them to be. However, those of us who can actually remember the past recall that the exact same things were said in 1991 when all of the books were repackaged and re-released.

Here are the words you are supposed to forget were ever issued, from RTC ED 450, 6 September, 1991, “The Scope of Scientology, Auditors Day 1991,” written by David Miscavige:

“For this reason, in April of 1987 we embarked upon a strategy of making all the material of the Scientology Grade Chart standard and available to all. The plan was to:

“ Review all materials against original LRH manuscripts and handle any omissions or alter-is that had crept in through the years either by mistake or at the hand of some SP.”

He goes on to say,

“In this period, from 1987 to present time, the following has been accomplished…

All Dianetics and Scientology books were reviewed, gotten fully on-source and issued. These books were put into a form that could easily be studied and understood by anyone, with definitions of hard-to-find terms right in the book, thus preventing individuals from going by misunderstood. This has been done with all of the over two dozen books on the subject.”

Then, in 2007, there is the release of “The Basics”.  In the Guide to Materials of Dianetics and Scientology, it states, “All of LRH’s books are now available in their complete and pure form, precisely matching LRH’s original manuscripts….In sum, these books are not only beautiful and enduring works of craftsmanship, but – first and foremost – each is a perfect rendition of LRH’s original.

So which is correct, 1987 or 2007?  And ten years from now, will we be told to buy all the books again as “now they are completely on-Source”?

What about the “old” books?

After the release of “The Basics”, the ED at the local mission was instructed to tell the parishioners to gather their books and mail them back to the church in Los Angeles.  Living in Alaska, it wasn’t feasible to do that.  We were then told to “burn the books”.  This didn’t feel right but we complied with this “order”.  We did not apprise all of our parishioners of this fact, only the most dedicated ones as we thought that someone newer in the church probably wouldn’t “understand”.  We had a book burning bon fire at our house in which we burned all of the mission’s books that were now “old” editions of the newly released Basics as well as our own personal books.

This is just a sampling of what I have discovered in my search for answers.  I am only asking you to do your own research.  Please check out these sites:  (I never in a million years would thought I would refer someone to a website with this name)

Here is the “policy” that I applied through my search.

LRH is the Source of Dianetics and Scientology and no one else. It is to be read, word cleared and understood by the individual.  Not an interpretation or suggestion from someone else.

1.On Personal Integrity

             WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself.

             And when you lose that, you have lost everything.

  1. Code of Honor:  Never compromise with your own reality.
  2. Data Series 19 “The Real Why” HCOPL 13 Oct 1970.  “A MERE EXPLANATION = a “Why” given as THE why that does not open the door to any recovery”
  3. Data Series 20 “More Outpoints” HCOPL 26 Nov. 70.  “Contrary Fact:  When two statements are made on one subject which are contrary to each other, we have “contrary facts”.
  4. Look, Don’t Listen.
  5. There is one tech and that is Standard Tech.

I am NOT Anti-LRH or Anti-Scientology.  From my research, I can no longer support what I feel the organization has become under the leadership of David Miscavige.  I have had huge wins in auditing and application of standard Scientology technology.  LRH’s purpose was to bring spiritual freedom to man and to make him more able. I feel that the organization has become one of  “mind control” and I want no part of it.  It HAS become a cult and I feel the church HAS become a suppressive group. The organization has become something else that I do not want any part of.  I want my church back!!!

The vast majority of the Sea Org Execs, Mission, Church and the field trust in LRH as Source and has the honest intention of improving conditions in this world through the standard application of ethics, tech and admin.   They are good, decent people and I will always be their friends and willing to help direct to source (LRH) materials when desired.  Per HCO PL 15 Sept. 1967, “The Supervisor’s Code”, #1.  The Supervisor must never neglect an opportunity to direct a student to the actual source of Scientology data.  I am willing to help anyone who is seeking answers to direct them to the LRH writings on the subject when able.

I am joining the group of individuals who follow LRH and insist upon “Keeping Scientology Working”.  The vast majority of the “Independents” are in accord with the above, therefore I consider them my friends and will be joining their movement.

Susan Crane

My Doubt Formula Announcement by Forrest Crane

I’m joining the side that will KSW. This was not a Doubt Formula on Scientology. This was a Doubt Formula on the Church of Scientology.   I will remain loyal to Standard Tech. Standard Tech is so powerful it still works even when fantastically alter-ised but when unalter-ised it’s priceless.

Back in 1989 I did lower conditions and I decided that my friends were those who would Keep Scientology Working.  I still have that write up. At that time, I was only getting a small inkling of some that wouldn’t KSW.  Since then I have observed just how insane a group will go in accepting unworkable “technology.” “By actual record the percentages are about twenty to 100,000 that a group of human beings will dream up bad technology to destroy good technology.” LRH.   Back then I never thought that I couldn’t just give another Scientologist the red on white, the LRH, and not have it complied with and I never dreamt that I couldn’t write up an Alter-is Report to RTC, Snr C/S Int Off, Keeper of the Tech, etc. and not have the red on white complied with. I have been thoroughly disabused of that idea, it is shocking. Everything I have witnessed is right there in KSW #1.


There is one Tech and that is Standard Tech.  Unfortunately there is other tech around.  This other tech is a liability.  Other tech is defined as any tech which is not Standard Tech.”

One hardly hears of Standard Tech anymore.   We now have Golden Age of Tech, GAT, soon to be GAT II. Doing the GAT drills, I encountered many violations in Standard Tech and wrote up my KRs to RTRC per the instructions and also turned them in to Ethics as Technical Alter-is Reports per policy. Some of this alteration of the tech was quite serious, not minor tech points. This I did push to get hammered out of existence which only led me into being an ethics particle.

Over my history, I have written many Technical Alter-is Report on the subject of missed withholds. The subject of missed withholds is just about the most important subject there is in Scientology. Well, pcs have vanished, Missions have vanished. Overts, out-int, M-Us and PTS can all cause blows (and per HCOB BLOW-OFFS, things can be so bad one has no choice but to blow) but ONLY the MWH can make one vanish.

I’ve written this up many times only to be sent to ethics, dead filed, kicked out and it has cost me I don’t know how many 10s of thousands of dollars.  I’m done M-9ing HCOB Auditing By List. I’ve lost track how many times I’ve had to M-9 it, M-2 it, M-4s, clay demos, 13 intensives of Sec Checks, you name it, Comm Ev (my request), Court of Ethics, B of I’s.  And “Do NOT change the question” still reads the same to me as it did the very first time I read it.

So, if one gets himself ‘Dead Filed’, how do you handle that?  Well, look it up, one has to get himself to the state of Clear.  What do you do if you’re already Clear?  Well, then it’s anyone’s arbitrary. I had to get Sec Checked for 13 intensives, there went my OT V.  I was even given the “Truth R/D” and never in my life have I ever falsely vilified a well intentioned person.  In my letter I asked, ‘are you or are you not going to hammer out of existence the incorrect technology?’ When I found out I was Dead Filed, my meter was at Gold for certification.  They would not return it to me, my property.  The ED at the Mission informed me she was told that I sounded like a ‘Freezoner’. I had never heard of it before!  What is that?  And my last communication to the MAA at AOLA was, ‘I’m in need of some answers’, which resulted in my search for answers, taking off the blinders and willing to communicate with anyone or anything and boy, did I get answers!

I believe it was in 2003, I went to do the new PRoTRs course at Flag.  I wrote a KR to an RTC Rep on the violations of HCOB Auditing By Lists.  I was taken off my TRs course and sent to cramming and again had to M-9 Auditing By Lists. From there I was sent to Ethics to be informed that I had to disconnect from my sister as she was A-J and I had to leave Flag.  The policy that covers this is HCO PL 27 Oct 64R, which says you cut communication with an A to J till they have a change of heart.  This is good Church policy, but to apply it to a brother and a sister is destructive.  I left and drove to my mother’s house in Denver for a visit. My sister calls my mother every night, so when she called, my mother told my sister that I was there. Of course she wants to talk with me. I take the phone and tell my sister I’m unable to talk with her because of her relation to the Church. This hurt my sister and my mother. It was over a year before I realized no one or any organization had the right to tell me who I could or couldn’t communicate with.  Ref: HCOB 2 May 85, Responsibility, Definition Of.

But the crime had already been committed. So I wrote an apology letter to my sister begging her for forgiveness. I also stated that that was not Scientology, but was Church Executives who didn’t understand Scientology.  But the damage had already been done, it has gone through my family, and both my brother and sister have large families, that Scientology destroys families.

This idea of Scientology destroys families is widespread throughout our society due to the many forced disconnections, which has been cancelled since 1968, Reform Code, Admin Dict. HCO POLICY LETTER OF 15 NOVEMBER 1968 CANCELLATION OF DISCONNECTION

The PR on the Church is the worst in history. You won’t know that unless you look.

The Classification Chart And Auditing, 26 Jul 66, BC Lecture #434

Pg. 245 “What is standard technology? Standard technology is contained in HCOBs. It actually isn’t contained in any of the books of Dianetics and Scientology. Did you ever realize that?  Modern technology is not contained in any of the hardcover books, or any of the other books.  It’s contained in HCOBs, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletins, and they just run off one after the other. And one of these fine days I suppose we will roll up our sleeves and publish them all in consecutive order, all corrected so that nothing ever corrects anything in the bulletins and make it very, very easy. But we will have to put them probably in about seven or eight or ten different volumes, because there are quite a few of them. But that’s standard technology.  They’re on white paper printed with red ink. If I haven’t signed it, it isn’t true.  And that’s standard technology.

Now, because we developed something later, we didn’t lose the standard technology of something earlier. The main bugbear of the person studying Scientology was that he – the bugbear was his, not mine – was that he conceived, every time he read something new, that that wiped out all the old.  And this concept was brought about on just this one point” that he didn’t understand the old that he had read, so he didn’t realize that it integrated with the new which had just been issued. And at no time, really, in HCOBs, has the new wiped out the old. There are very, very few corrections.”

I consider EM Drill 19-1, the only non LRH EM Drill to be squirrel! See my Technical  Alter-is  Report.

Many more tech and policy violations can be found at: .  Also one needs to look at &


In this, LRH states Super Power will be released within the next 6 weeks at St. Hills.  In it he lays out the upper bridge stating:  “NED for OTs can be given any time after OT III and before OT VIII and is a prerequisite for OT VIII.” But there’s all the original OT levels. The original OT levels aren’t delivered anymore.  Can one make it to Clear without his Grades?  Can one make it to OT without his Pre-OT levels?  Some do, few can.

HCOB 23 DEC 82 C/S SERIES 73RB THE NO-INTERFERENCE AREA CLARIFIED AND RE-ENFORCED.  Have you seen the ‘Greg & Debra Barnes’ video on YouTube?  Oh my.

CL XIIs, CL VIIIs, Top Exec’s, Whistleblowers, and other Scientologists have been getting Declared. The Church has been doing everything in their power to discredit them for whistle-blowing as they will do with me.  They can take every crime and overt that I have ever committed, confessed to in or out of session, as they do anyway, and publish them in the Anchorage Daily News for all to see. I couldn’t care less. I’d even get a good laugh out of some of them.  Anyone thinking less of me has far worse things that they are hiding.

A 1967 filmed interview with LRH: “A suppressive person isn’t critical, a suppressive person is a person who denies the rights of others.”

Even though LRH cancelled ‘disconnection’ back in 1968, the Church has re-instituted the practice of enforced disconnection, no longer a personal decision. I’ve seen destroyed families, destroyed marriages, destroyed businesses, destroyed friendships.  I’ve had my right to communicate, my right to property, my right to practice denied by the Church. And Debbie Cook was driven into the Hole (which is a double wide trailer at Int Base).  It is now part of Court Records in San Antonio, under oath with penalty of perjury that Debbie Cook was Kidnapped, Beaten, Tortured and Degraded. Other Scientologists were present as witnesses of the abuses. And of course, the Church says they are all bitter defrocked apostates corroborating their lying. The Church dropped their charges and would not let the Court continue. No libel and slander suit was filed. And where are the other Int Executives?  One individual suggested  they’re off doing OT IX & X. Other witnesses say otherwise.

Here’s notice to me from a friend:

Subject: Joining Denver Org staff

Hello Forrest,

As the subject line suggests, I am joining Org staff. As you might guess, I have to drop my connection with you because of some declare.

I wish you all the best, health and happiness, and success in the mining business.

Above all, have fun,


My wife checked on my SP Declare with Denver’s Dir I&R and the DSA who had no record of my Declare.  So I emailed my friend to get a copy of my Declare and he said he was never shown the SP Declare.  He stated the SO Recruiters were in Denver manning up the Denver Org.  They verbally told him 2 CL VIIIs he was connected to were Declared and I was one of them. I have not seen my Declare order nor have I been Comm Ev’d. And as it turned out, he never joined staff in Denver. What he was doing at the time was the greater good.

SUPPRESSIVES AND GAE, 2 Aug 66 BC Lecture #436, Pg 23: “He has other characteristics which are quite marked, and it’s really an interesting bread of cat. If you ever got him auditing, he will only be happy or satisfied if his preclear gets worse.  And he’s only sad when the pc gets better. And that characteristic was what spotted us suppressives, year and years and years ago.”

My wife and I have been following the stats of Classed Auditors made and Releases and Clears made in various Orgs and to our surprise, none to few are being produced.  In 2010, my wife and I even walked into the Atlanta Org and Nashville Ideal Org and found both to be empty of public. My last Ethics handling was at AOLA in 2009.  I was sent to do a clay demo in the practical course room. On one occasion, I was the only one there.  On another occasion which was a Saturday, there was only one other student from San Francisco. I asked him why he wasn’t doing his Solo I at his Org. He replied he gets better service at AO. He had the Sup to himself and he was also his coach. Well trained Auditors and satisfied pcs are the product of orgs and they’re just not being made or just too few being made. If you reward a down stat you get a down stat.

My wife & I are Patrons of the IAS, even though this practice is forbidden by LRH, (LRH built St. Hill by exchanging a valuable service with the public), we’ve put in well over $45,000 to the IAS and are paying on that debt. I look back and wonder, ‘wouldn’t it had been better if we had given that money to the Church and gotten Susan onto her OT VI & VII, she could have been through OT VIII by now. I think all these programs the IAS is sponsoring are good programs and it’s the duty of Int management to fund these programs. And there would be more than enough to fund these programs provided the Church delivered Standard Tech and was On-Source, In-Ethics, In-Tech and On-Policy. We take responsibility for it as we walked into it but I wondered, how did they do it? The IAS has a few techniques, here’s one of them:

Psychosomatic: It’s Meaning in Scientology 30 Jul 64 BC Lecture #395

Pg. 68  Now, if you hit somebody with enough bad news – this is your important technical datum – if you hit somebody with enough bad news, force or duress, you can make them give you something. That happens to be a mental mechanism. Nobody ever really looks at this as a mental mechanism, but it is a mental mechanism. That’s all it is. If you hit somebody hard enough – and that would mean a blow or bad news, or you know, a blow in the field of mass and bad news in the field of significance – if you hit somebody hard enough, you can make him give you something. Blackmail is based on this. Government is based on this. Taxation is based on this.

Now, so these things can be manipulated from the other side, too. But this is a mental law – this is a mental law you should pay some attention to, because it’s the basic law which is used usually in government, extortion, blackmail, medicine, any of these things.

My wife & I will continue our spiritual journey using Scientology. I will continue to audit and I do have some VVIPs on my lineup as well as some very good friends.

Psychosomatic: It’s Meaning in Scientology, 30 Jul 64, BC Lecture #395, Pg. 66 “Now, the right to practice is based upon the ability to do. And if you ever permit that to be dropped out of Scientology, you will have a great deal of trouble from thereon. The ability to do regulates the right to practice. That’s open and shut.”

Iknow of many more Gross Auditing Errors, however the above is enough to get my point across.

Best to all,

Forrest Crane

CL VIII C/S, FPRD Aud, Purif I/C & C/S, SS II, Patron

PS: To the Golden Age of Knowledge:

A Summary of Study 4 Aug 64 BC Lecture #396

Pg. 88.  “Now, you can err to the degree that you’re giving him a subject which he’s never going to do. Now, let’s take it over into Scientology. You’re giving him all the data necessary to run Standard Operating Procedure of July, Elizabeth, New Jersey and so forth. And the mistake is to give him all of it. He’s never going to use it.

All you want to know, all you want to give him is enough so he can identify it. If he collides with this thing again, he said, “Hey, that’s Standard Operating Procedure”, you know, “back there, Elizabeth”. “Early days, Elizabeth”, is about all you want to get through there. Have some dim idea where this thing fits, you see. He’s not going to do it. So therefore, if he’s not going to do it, you’ve got to strip the significance off of it. You got the idea? That’s the way these are kept in balance. If the guy isn’t going to do it, take the significance off of it. See, you’ve got to keep these things in balance. If he’s going to do it, pour it to him, man!”

My personal advice, KNOW THE TECH, skip the basics and get onto your academy levels. You’ll have plenty of time to read books if you haven’t already.

Technical Alter-is Report

217 responses to “Alaska Goes Independent

  1. Perfect! And the reference “Sec Checking Implants” that blew some charge for me!

    Thank you Susan and Forrest!

  2. Wow! Thank you Susan and Forrest!

  3. Ah this is a great way to start the week.

  4. Hi Forrest!

    I was thinking of you just a few days ago! Amazing. We worked at HEM for a while. I remember you working hard to get back to Alaska, and I remember when you finshed Class VIII you were reminded about being a ‘lonely only’.

    So glad to see you here.


  5. You’re most welcome.

  6. Wonderful to hear from you again! I met you in LA and briefly in Anchorage.
    Back in the early 90’s I mentioned Scientology in a tiny village in Northern Alaska and the local woman got all excited and told me the address of your mission in Anchorage. You were making an impact. That Scientology is not huge in Alaska is further proof of suppression.
    Maureen Sullivan

  7. Hi Bob,

    Thanks. I would read these replies here and see your name and go, ‘I know that guy’, along with several more names.


  8. You both are very thorough and I found your detail quite interesting. Good to have you in the open. Thank you.

  9. Congratulations and best wishes for your future. Blood is always thicker than water.

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  11. Susan and Forrest;

    Such a clean and precise write up. VWD. Others who have the good fortune to read it will definately be enlightened.


  12. I know it’s an almost impossibility, but my thoughts are that longer range, if official Scientology is ever to “reform” or be “saved”, it will be because of some long term experienced Class 8s like you Forrest, and you Susan.

    People who’ve done the Briefing Course, and listened to the hundreds of other tapes of the 1950s, and who are trained C/Ses and Cramming Officers, were I to be “firing a mission” to man up Exec Strata, I’d go hunting for Class 8 C/S trained and Cram Off trained people, who’d been staff in Class 5 orgs or in Missions, for a decade or so, and put those people in the Int Exec Strata, and let them argue over and debate, and pilot out some sane reforms for overall Scientology.

    Enjoyed both your writeups, and your references.

    One question, do you either think longer range official Scientology can be salvaged internally? Think there’s any possibility to change the bad pattern of official Scientology these last couple decades?

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org 1975-2003
    old Flag Landbase OEC/FEBC Course Sup and Word Clearer 1977-1983
    Routing Forms Pjt Research and Writer (1983)

  13. Susan and Forrest, thank you both for taking the time to do such a thorough write up.

    You two are living proof that an SP seeks to get rid of the best staff. miscavige only retains robots.

    I’m really happy to see more people coming out and referencing the original OT levels. They are invaluable from the viewpoint of really kicking up a thetans intention, his ability to hold a location and his ability to proof himself up against any possibility of ever being implanted in the future. These levels are available to all in the independent field. They are utterly unavailable to anyone who is stuck inside miscavige’s cult.

    I have a “belief” that I would like to present. I believe that some individuals who did the Original OT IV prior to NOTs may not have gotten the full gains from the level due to the NOTs case limiting the magnitude of the EP. I also believe that, technically, it would be harmless for one to review the level once completing NOTs.
    I also believe that not going on to Original OT IV after completing NOTs could be the reason why some who have done OT VIII still feel “effect” of case that they can’t seem to isolate. It is my opinion, after having completed NOTs and embarking on Original OT IV that it is possible to be fully cause over “case” past, present and future. I’m still off on a persistent F/N (three months now) but I am certain that the level is not complete and I’ll be posting my wins far and wide when I and my C/S agree I’m done. It’s magic.

    It’s also my opinion that miscavige will never release Orignial OT IV, V VI or VIII in an unaltered form because he IS an implanter and he KNOWS the strength this level will deliver unto a thetan.

    I’m not asserting that my opinions here are some big WHY for everything. I just think it’s an important aspect of the overall game of truly achieving the spiritual freedom that many of us seek. And I’m happy that others are pointing it out too.

    There are plenty of Class VIII C/Ss in the independent field who can guide one through the real bridge. There are none in dave’s cult.


  14. First of all congratulations for making your way thru Miscaviage’s implants into the light. Never really looked at the CofM indoctrinations to not look as an Implant! On my next visit to my hometown in Anchorage, will look you all up! Loved the back drop pic of Sleeping Lady Mtn.

    2nd when I clicked on the technical alter-is report at the very bottom of this posting, that wordpress page froze and I couldn’t get out of it and had to shut down my computer as it said it was downloading something from WordPress. Then when I turned the PC back on things were rearranged. I’m doing a virus scan now. Did anyone else encouter this problem?

  15. Oops my bad, that isn’t sleeping lady, that is down on the Kenai Peninsula? Getting homesick looking at it 🙂

  16. Forrest and Susan, absolutely awesome write-up. Thank you for keeping your integrity! It just keeps getting better and better!!! Love the picture of you two with your dogs! Much happiness, prosperity and love to your family.

  17. More indies! Less koolaids!

  18. Wow, Forrest and Susan. That is one laser-penetrating write-up. The issues could not be clearer to anyone actually reading it – and I hope your “still in” friends wll do just that.

    One thing though, when you said “I think all these programs the IAS is sponsoring are good programs and it’s the duty of Int management to fund these programs…” did you mean that? Cos all the evidence I have seen sugests that the programs are merely a cover or “shore story” for getting the $$$. Steve Hall has a lot of data on this, and Mike Rinder too.

    One very recent example I can give is that there was a big push to get public to buy (at vastly inflated prices of course) copies of TWTH. The shore story was this was going to be used to flood the London 2012 Olympics with booklets. It was going to be “the safest Olympics ever”. Well, it was a very safe sporting extravaganza, but that was thanks to Her Majesty’s armed forces and flanking security personnel. When I was at the Olympics guess how many WTH booklets I saw? Go on, take a wild stab. That’s right. None. (I counted them twice). In the Olympic Park? Nope. The sports venues? Not a sausage. The tube routes into the area? Stratford station maybe? Anywhere at all? If there was any being handed out at all it was undoubtedly with a Gold cameraman filming it for the next event before swanning off to the next photo op.

    Then there’s the infamous “library campaign”. There’s a ton of data about that fraud, and so on.

  19. Hi Chuck,
    My last stop at AO was with the Dir Correction. She got what I was telling her and she advised me, “Don’t pursue it at this time.” I sensed a Qual wanting to help me, but they were also being cowed. It’s he who cannot be named. On the day these thetans can name him, will be the day that Scn turns.

  20. Why would Debbie Cook sign a GAG ORDER? To protect the confidential materials? NO – she did not have to “silenced” for that – she had to be SILENCED as to what she experienced at the helm of David Miscavige. That is why the Co$ pays off those that leave and KNOW and could damage the Church of Scientology with the TRUTH.

    If any of you are out there – you need to come clean. It is BLOOD money and people are being harmed if you took the money to keep quiet. Come out and expose the truth. Your spiritual destiny is really at stake and you owe it to the poor people trapped in Scientology and cannot get out!

    Thank you for posting your declare of Independence from the Church of Slappy Miscavige. The truth is clearing Scientology of anyone worth having. Only robots are left and those that cannot think for themselves. It is not their fault-it is mind control. They are all good people having “BAD CONTROL”.

    People are leaving in DROVES!!

  21. Great write up. My congratulations to you both!

  22. ” If you hit somebody hard enough – and that would mean a blow or bad news, or you know, a blow in the field of mass and bad news in the field of significance – if you hit somebody hard enough, you can make him give you something. Blackmail is based on this. Government is based on this. Taxation is based on this.”

    Thanks for sharing this. It is a really useful bit of data.

    1. Bad News (so and so is a SP and is attacking the COS)
    2. Make him give you a disconnect letter.

    1. Bad News ( The COS Tech has been altered by an SP)
    2. Make him give you money to fix the problem.

    1. Bad News (so and so has blown)
    2. Make him give you your sole so he can justify the recapture of the blown so and so staff member.

    1. Bad News. ( the ____ of the COS has been ____)
    2. Give IAS money to fix.

    Now if only no. 2 was do more standard Scientology tech to fix.

  23. Thank you Susan and Forrest for this fabulous, spot-on Data Eval. Your write-ups were so well written and totally precise with all of LRH’s references quoted. Extremely Well Done! Welcome to the Indie Club where Standard Tech is still applied.

  24. Beeyootiful write-ups! So refreshing it is, the voices of sanity. You guys are quite a dynamic duo. And for any who don’t know, that is a real Alaskan volcano in the background of their photo. Mess with Scientology in Alaska, and you’re might find yourself at the wrong end of a pyroclastic Bridge flow, which is a sort of avalanche that moves about 450 miles per hour at 800 °F containing pertinent LRH references mixed with white-hot lava that pretty much burn away any delusions, lies, propaganda, confusion and out tech, so nothing is blocking the Bridge any longer. That’s why I can say when it comes to keeping Scientology working in Alaskan, it’s not hard to see the Forrest for the trees.

  25. Thanks Forrest and Susan! The bit about bad news being used to extort money hits home (to the tune of 100’s of thousands of dollars!) That and the data about enforced silence being an implant are very valuable to me.

  26. Wow! Being a layperson on Scientology, that was the most concise, blow by blow I’ve ever read. The problem is brought up, the outpoint was made and then LRH quotes were inserted to show the relation between right and wrong. I’ve heard, since I’ve been watching this, that what Miscavige is doing is opposite what Scientology and LRH is all about. I didn’t understand what that meant until now. Thank you.

  27. Susan and Forrest,

    Thank you both and welcome to the real world of Scientology.

    Your write up is well thought through, well supported by policy and tech and well worth reading. I agree with Marty that this is one of the most significant write-ups that is likely to impact current members of the corporate church because it is an analysis of the scene based on what LRH says, minus any HE&R.

    I was very impressed Susan with your reference on Sec Checking Implants concerning silence and Forrest with your quote concerning the IAS and hitting people with bad news will get them to give you something. They are SO spot on, and I hadn’t thought of either reference myself, yet I knew this was the case. So thanks for providing something valuable here that I didnt know!

    It’s a great pleasure to have you throw your wide brimmed hats in the ring!

  28. Susan and Forrest – VWD!!! Plenty of cold hard facts and references in your write-up. For all lurkers reading I suggest you actually read the references. Both of you have simply observed what you saw and experience and compared it to the standard concepts as written by LRH.
    Thank you and welcome to the land and group of free beings with their own thoughts and games.

    The idea and use of keeping a group in the dark, and unable to see the details, has been used to control for a long time. Always used by those that are afraid of the awakened and aware ones.

    A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an o”pen market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” –John F. Kennedy

    Both of you have demonstrated not only the understanding of the materials LRH left us, but the willingness to use them and move forward to help in making a better life for all. You have been willing to do your own thinking and this is what LRH would have expected from you. True Class VIII style of integrity!

  29. Mrs. Libnish – and I wish to thank you for following and attempting to understand. I know at times it may not have been that easy to follow but you have persisted. There is so much good in the subject that it makes many of us sick to see it abused, and denied to help others in the manner it was intended. Enjoy your journey along these pages.

  30. This is a great, great write-up!
    Thank you very much!


  31. VERY WELL DONE SUSAN AND FORREST! Excellent debrief. One thing on “Sec Checking” it was cancelled by LRH in 1968! “Securtiy Checks Abolished” He states the reasons why in the policy. I am glad you are really “On Source” and here’s to continued expansion and a great future!

  32. I would be interested to know just one thing about the new independent movement — something thus far (in my reading, anyway) that has never been broached: the cost. If I were to join the ind. movement with hopes of achieving OTVIII — what am I likely to spend? I know how much I would likely spend with DM, which is why I dropped out before even hitting the grades, but if I were to start fresh to-day …

  33. Forrest and Susan,
    Very good thorough write up.
    You have a ton of new friends and a New Life free from all the suppression and insanities calling themselves “The Church of Scientology”
    Good job on coming out.
    Thanks for corroborating the complete emptiness within the Orgs.
    1 student on course within an ideal org !
    This after scamming the locals down to their last dime, their savings, their 401Ks, 2nd Trust Deeds, the works.
    High Fives and congratulations !

  34. George original

    Just for the record.
    This George that did comment the second time on this blog is not the George that commented with this alias almost from the beginning of this blog.
    Hopefully someone noticed the difference.

  35. That book-burning makes me sad, and MAD! I hope there is a library being maintained by Old-Timers out there that includes *everything* that can possibly be scanned in, geeze ..

  36. Forrest and Susan, Thank you for your sanity.

  37. What is your point? I imagine there are a lot of George’s here and about.

  38. There is no set cost, George. How much do you want it? How hard are you willing to work for it? You could co-audit it at little or no cost. But whatever you need to exchange for it, you will know its at the best price point and terms available. You wont find that in the church.

  39. No offense Vicar (really!) but that is the same answer I was given when I asked the question ten years ago at the SF Org. Worse, I have all ready embarrassed poor Original George. It seems to me if you want to survive as a valid alternative to DM’s version, folks like me will need a little more information. I love reading the blog and I applaud you success but I am not going to start something I will never finish, and I don’t want to incur the sort of debt I did the first time around.

  40. Hi;

    The cost of going up the Bridge is between you and those whom you choose to help you. It is definately doable.

  41. Hi George,

    Why don’t you start with a repair session first and see where that leads you? Restore your abilities, then you will be able to judge for yourself how much effort it will take for you to become OT VIII. Go and really get acknowledged by an auditor. Find out what’s it like to be asked, “what do you want to handle?” vs. a Sec Check.

    I’m not sure if this is the “new independent movement” as it is more the original Scientology that gets delivered without the suppression of the Mighty Miscarriage Squirrel (my spell check corrected his name, so I left it. Please don’t take offense David) . I think the real Scientology was just in a very short galactic time out and now we (the real Scientologist are just getting our teams together gearing up for another game).

  42. George — I suspect auditing isn’t really for you. “Folks” don’t need a “little more information” for anyone to “survive” as a valid alternative to DM’s version. All they need to is deliver standard tech and get results. The rest will take care of itself. And if instead of doing what you can to move forward now, you want to know how much it will cost to “go all the way” before you even get started, then I doubt you will ever go “all the way” because you arent on the right purpose. In fact, I would hazard a guess that this comment has nothing to do with YOU, it is only intended to provoke responses from others and derail this thread. Hopefully my response will serve that purpose and others won’t feel the need to engage you in such a silly question any further.

  43. Vicar – you sound like the Co$$$$ – no offense – but your response to the cost just gave me the heebie jeebie’s and that is not good. I got sick to my stomach. I felt fear and started trembling – and hopelessness again and again and again!!

    OK- maybe a bit dramatic – but do you get my point?

  44. Thank you for a precise and referenced write up. It is one which in the period just after KSW made understanding the tech and the old church’s workings understandable. Now with the amount of someone’s hand bastardizing LRH’s true intentions it is refreshing to actually read an article that makes clear the subject matter. I enjoyed it and wish you both happiness and prosperity. ARC Bill Indie

  45. George – I totally agree with you – Vicar’s response totally turned me off from even trying. I, too, demand to know all of the facts before I start – no more secrets. No more mind fu$#ing!!

  46. No, that’s Mount Iliamna, a volcano on the Rim of Fire.

  47. plainoldthetan

    I was able to view the PDF just fine on my Win7 pc.

  48. plainoldthetan

    Excellent write-ups! Welcome out! Too bad they’re illegally holding on to your property. I suggest you get a lawyer to get it out of internment for you. After all, you’re declared now and can’t get any MORE declared by suing the Church.

    As for your tech points, I have noticed and noted that Flag is teaching Solo Auditors incorrect auditing tech for handling withholds in violation of From HCO B 2-Nov-1968 R CASE SUPERVISOR, CLASS VIII, THE BASIC PROCESSES (VIII:264)

    In the OT sections, pre-OTs often have plain withholds that have no overt connected with them, so WITHHOLDS is always okay to use especially “in the last session” or “in auditing”.

    Flag Solo Supervisors and Cramming Officers and C/Ses INSIST that anytime “withhold” reads, the pre-OT MUST MUST MUST find an overt and the question is not an cannot be considered “F/Ned” unless an overt was coughed up.

    But pre-OTs are not allowed to use and apply this reference EVEN THOUGH IT SPECiFICALLY REFERS TO “OT sections” and “pre-OTs”.

    This enforced “you must have an overt” is a covert and out-tech way of running group gang-bang Sec Checks on people in the OT levels.

    It also makes pre-OTs begin to “warp their thinking” as they must come up with an overt:

    Solo Auditor: “Is there a withhold?” (reads)

    Solo Auditor: Well, I didn’t tell the Flag registrar that I do have the money to put an advance payment on account for OT VIII. But if I spent the money on an advance payment for OT VIII I wouldn’t be able to pay off my car early and would be stuck paying interest on my car loan for another two years.

    Solo Auditor: Is there an overt there? Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. Well, I guess that by not giving an advance payment on OT VIII rather than solve the problem of paying my car off early, I’m committing an overt against Scientology and all Scientologists by not giving the money now.

    No. It’s just a withhold, and there’s not an overt connected with it. MANUFACTURING OVERTS TO MATCH EVERY READING WITHHOLD PUTS PRE-OTS IN A MINDSET CONSTRUCTED FULLY OF UNREALITIES. And it shows in their behavior.

  49. Before the book burning, I boxed up all my old books and stored them under my shed to await the day they were to be burned. Then, less than a year ago I noticed this box under my shed. What is this? I opened it and it was all my green back books. I had forgotten about them.


  50. Welcome out of that suppressive group, the Cof$!
    And I am so glad to hear you will continue to deliver Standard Tech, as more and more of us are doing, enjoying again the stellar PC gains & high morale for yourself that occur when you perform the finest work ever invented, thanks to a man named L. Ron Hubbard. Best Wishes to you both.

  51. What are your plans now? Is there much of a community of Scientologists in your area? Any chance of getting in comm with them to read your and Susan’s write ups?

    I would imagine that after having been major tech terminals in the area for decades you have enough altitude so that others will listen, obviously your and Susan’s observations would cause others to look.

    Have you read much of this blog? I would recommend that you and Susan read it from the very beginning; I know it is a lot. The various websites have an enormous amount of valuable data as to what happened, by who, when and why, but on this blog there is a lot of very current info, and a lot of first hand experiences of the ‘who, when and why’ I found helped me a lot.

    I left LA back in 92, and resigned from the CofS in 93. I got active in the ‘critics’ movement back in 94, I think, when I wanted to see what was happening to my group. I was a very lonely only, who was even more lonely and only since I walked away from the CofS. I found groups, ARS and ACT, and from them realized it wasn’t me that was screwed up, it really was the CofS. Oh, ARS is ‘Alternate Religion Scientology’, which was mostly x Scinos but also a lot of haters, and ACT was Alternate Clearing Tech, which was where those who were still working on getting up the Bridge met. ACT was pretty much completely squirrel, the LRH data hadn’t been leaked out yet, so many where trying to find their own way. It was on ARS and ACT that the upper levels first appeared, and it was on those sites that very major amounts of LRH were up loaded to be eagerly downloaded by hundreds of us bad guys, everything from Purif to OT VIII and up to Class VIII. The original OT levels, R6EW, Power, all of it came via those two groups. The ‘critic’ movement that drove OSA mad also came from those groups, or maybe the other way around. The CofS crimes became visible en masse for the first time, as the CofS had no ability to shut the internet up and it liked to talk!!

    There is quite a history here; some day someone may write about it. It is a VERY fascinating rebellion we’ve all been involved with now, some for over 30 years!

    Anyway, my point is that there is a fascinating story to be told if you are at all curious.


  52. I totally get you. And so do the rest of the folks here. I gave George the benefit of a response. But Mike Rinder was right. George didnt want an answer, he wanted ammunition. When he didnt get it, he, and you, attempt to create it. See ya….

  53. I’m sure these communications are effective and they should continue but I wonder how many these days get past the Doubt in the title before they mentally start going la la la la and sticking their fingers in their ears.

    The church of scientology active membership is very low but they’re also the super kool aid drinkers. I’m not talking about those “under the radar” but those who believe things like “well it’s not perfect but we’re making it better” as one who claimed to be an active public member told me. She also said she’d never heard of Debbie Cook but then she didn’t read any of the “junk mail” or donate to Ideal Orgs and registras never bothered her.

  54. “Please carefully read them and do everything you can to give them the furthest possible dissemination among Scientologists.”

    I can not do carefull.

    With regard Cat Daddy (Niels, AnonKat, KittyKatSpanker))

  55. very under radar

    Book burning? Like this? ->
    Any other parallels to be drawn?

    If anyone of you still has old tapes, re-recorded by the audio unit of Flag or Pubs org Thistle Street, compare those to their current editions. You’ll be surprised.

    Anyone wonder, why the intro parts to the briefing course tapes, where LRH welcomed individual students (of back then some ‘fame’) where chopped? Well, it would be worth posting the snippets of those beginnings and check, which hole those students were disappeared into under the current regime.

    (sorry, had this under another report by mistake)

  56. I still have all my original books, and my course packs, from when I started back in ’72. I’m glad I did.

    For any of you who want the original books, they are all available on Ebay.

  57. “I have always been a “good” Scientologist and never looked.” So had I. It is shocking to now find out what ‘is’.

  58. Totally forgot about that WTH drive for the Olympics, I wonder if it will be referenced in any upcoming David Miscavige achievement celebrations.

    They don’t actually have to hand them out these days that’s what CGI and Photoshop are for; although some of their photoshops leave a lot to be desired. 😉

  59. If you check Marty’s web site. He tells you exactly what his charge structure is.

    I will tell you this, nobody knows how much auditing you will need. However, any independent who will dedicate time to you will expect to get paid all expenses plus a modest amount so that they could continue living while spending time with you. It is nothing like what the Co$ charges.

    If you are not willing to let your auditor survive while you are going up the Bridge, you cannot go free. If you are, then we can talk.

  60. Fab writeups, thanks! The part about implants and enforced silence is totally brilliant; I had read that material previously but never connected the dots the way you did.

  61. I’ll second that, awsome confront with technical precision, a reference piece for all to appreciate.

  62. Forrest, Good to see you! I’ll never forget the time we sat in Denver Org reception many years ago & you showed me photos of Alaska via the rail road. My wife Cindy & I currently live in Castle Rock, Colorado. We witnessed a lot of craziness within the c of s in Colorado during the 2000’s.
    Cindy remembers you from LA when she was an fsm for super power. I’d love to talk more with you. Matt Plahuta

  63. This is offensive. Vicar gave you the best answer he could give. The difference between him and Co$ is that he means it and they do not.

  64. John Michael Finley

    A FUCKIN MEN! Sorry but your incredible write up and your technical-alter-is report just restimmed some effort I had in 2000 on getting back in the Bridge. A Sea Org FSO trainee was C/Sed to run the objectives on me. Well, that lasted about 10 minutes before I got got up and said, “OK, THAT’S IT! I AM OUTTA HERE!” In a nice calm Tone 40. The auditor just sat there ‘stymied’ and I walked out the door and walked down to the examiner to BER(bad exam report) at exam. The HGC got me back in for review within 24 hours. The review auditor asked me the question, “Why don’t you want to do your objectives?” To which I replied, “Are you kidding me? I did my objectives and my QUAD GRADES in 1975 by a Class VIII auditor at the Berkeley Mission. I Fully EPed on them then and am in more control of my physical and theta universe than 50 of your staff here put together. I spent good money then and I will not waste good money now repeating what I was satisfied doing then!’ ‘I have climbed enormous up to 300’ tall eucalyptus trees and removed them safely. I have accomplished projects here at Flag saving the org hundreds of thousands of dollars using my extensive rigging experience and you have the gall to get me to repeat my ‘grades’ because of some C/S’s imaginary mis-duplication of my case? No, I had wins on my grades that enabled me to do what I do without difficulty. Are we done here?” He replied that my needle was flowing and after routing me to the examiner I F/Ned at exam
    Forrest, after reading your report, with emphasis on the last paragraph, I realized that DM IS actually trying to KILL OFF OTs by requiring OTs to re-do their objectives. LRH says, “It’s that you’ll practically kill the guy if you run them. Do you understand? Because you are cleaning a clean.”
    What blows my mind is that OTs are allowing themselves to be put through their objectives without so much as saying that the C/S is wrong and I WON’T do my objectives. What is this now, OBJECTIVES FOR OTS? Another abomination created by the ‘FAILED AUDITOR AT THE TOP?’ Another way of his saying, “I failed as an auditor, now I want everyone else to fail too because it’s what Ron would have wanted.”
    Forrest and Susan, you are the kinds of Scientologists that make LRH proud because you are keeping the Tech pure. Please continue. And VERY WELL DONE!!

  65. Anatoly Kuzntsov wrote a book called Babi Yar, about the Nazi occupation of Rusia. In it there are three chapters called “Burning Books” about how each totalitarian regime burned the books of the previous.

    dm already had us burn books twice. The second time it was the books that he publishe. I guess he had a valence change.

  66. Contact an indie auditor and ask. If it’s too high, find another one. More auditors delivering = more choice. A free and open market will ensure competitive rates. There are a number of contact lists on the web if you do a search.

  67. tifsf-

    See mrinder’s response to “George”. It applies to you also, in spades.

    If you’re not inspired and motivated to pursue the results of the scientology applications as outlined by LRH in his books and lectures, then scientology is probably not for you. So why bother to post here?

    Nobody’s gonna bother to “reg” you to go Clear or OT, here.

  68. Obviously it’s NOT the same answer you got in the church, George, because Vicar says specifically that “But whatever you need to exchange for it, you will know its at the best price point and terms available. You wont find that in the church.”

    It’s only in the church that a person has to go into debt, because that’s how the church’s overpriced scam is set up in the first place.

  69. Forrest and Susan,
    Well, I’ll be. Not that I had doubts, but this gives our recent comm cycles an entirely new perspective. I’ll have that package of material I mentioned to you shortly. And, not to put any postulates there, BUT, perhaps an AO in Alaska? (With the Original OT Levels, of course, and you being an VIII Forrest, well, the OT IV RD, it’s all in those VIII CSes, with CS Series 13 to boot. Dang!!!)

    Holy cats 🙂

  70. The first time I opened the Technical Alter-is Report, it opened as Microsoft Word file on my Win 7 PC.
    Reading plainoldthetan’s comment, I got surprised because he says it’s a PDF file. So, I opened it again and now it’s a PDF file. I guess the webmaster changed it.

  71. TIF and George the second – I suggest you read the original comment. One doesn’t “join” the Indie movement. If you believe in the use of the Tech and wish to use it outside of the corporate church you have the right to be “Independent.” As far as deliver by the Independent there is no set price.

    You can look up the many auditors and groups and get in comm, find what services you want, what is your tech estimate and what will be the cost. There is nothing hidden or secret. Both of you seem to be demanding what it costs with no data from you as to what you want, need or have done.

    This is a blog. This group is not a delivery unit. You can find those in the link above, right hand side, “networking with independents.” You throw out a question demanding cost before you even put something into the shopping cart and go to the checkout. Nobody can give you an answer. If you desire the tech then reach for who you want to deliver it. Then you will know what that cost is.

    As has been stated – whatever that cost it will be a far better value and a much less costly route to go up the bridge. You may also just download the checksheet’s, get a study partner and co-audit. You would only need to arrange for a CS. No need for any upset or HE&R on your part. Those who have answered have tried to be honest in their response.

  72. linda mccarthy

    3 Cheers: hip-hip-hooray! Beautiful write-up.
    Linda McC

  73. Holy cats! Jim.
    If you keep doing “business as usual” you are going to earn your own Co$ sponsored hate website (another badge of honor). 🙂

  74. I can vouch for that too – I was a Gamesmaker and spent the best part of a month in and around some of the main venues in and near Stratford and I distinctly remember seeing exactly the same number of WTH booklets being handed out, lying around on benches, at kiosks and being avidly read by one and all. That is, zilch. But then I guess I must have kept missing the GOLD crew. I can also distinctly recall being subject to the tightest security measures I’ve ever experienced each and every time I arrived for duty….and thinking how incredibly safe I felt.
    The ideas behind the campaigns may be good (which I imagine is what you may have meant) but I believe the reality is that any token successes extracted from them are purely used to dress up the next event in order to illicit the next donations.
    With the resources the IAS has at it’s disposal, if the intention truly was to flood the Olympics with the WTH message, then I would surely have had plenty of opportunity to collect my own little stash. I did see the Watchtower being handed out though but I didn’t fancy one of these.
    Fantastic write-ups Susan and Forrest and welcome!
    Thanks for all the refs – I can use these too.
    Wishing you both all the best in your new group!

  75. You’ve brought up a very crucial reference. COS staff do not begin to understand the real truth about ARC breaks and missed withholds. When one studies the full tech on it, which by the way isn’t on the Academy levels or the Sec Checker Course or the MAA Hat, but only on the SHSBC, one finds that the charge that reads on a mwh does NOT come from the presence of a prior overt, but from the incomplete comm cycle between the pc and the auditor.

    The pc not wanting to disclose an actual overt is just one reason for such incomplete comm. An OT making an analytical decision to withold a comm or an action is another. Then there are simple auditing errors resulting in bypassed charge, and finally auditors and C/Ses failing to receive, acknowledge, and grant beingness to comm the pc is TRYING to get through to them about.

    This latter reason has been institutionalized as standard procedure in the Church of Miscavology. No comm that reveals the Church or its staff being wrong is properly allowed to complete. That produces what LRH called “inadvertent missed withholds,” with all the same symptoms as witholds of actual overts.

    Between this and the systematic invalidation of OTs, the Church truly is “the blind leading the blind.” The “basic blind person on the chain” being, of course, David Miscavige. Everyone who can see has either left, been kicked out, or had his eyes put out by reverse technology. I could rant all day long about this.

  76. Wow! Just Wow!

  77. Unrelated to this post (well done BTW!), I guess Mormons also use the word “apostate.” T-shirts anyone? 🙂

  78. Just to set things straight. Fixing a being is not like fixing a car. The damage is extensive. It has to be peeled like an onion. It takes time, and a lot of work by a group of people. Especially you, the Preclear / Pre OT. If you go to a doctor and ask for a deal to get totally healthy you will be laughed out of the clinic.

    After an analysis of your case i could give you a pretty good estimate of what it would take to get you to the next stage. Arriving there, like the rest of us, you will have to decide whether or not you want to go on to the next stage and when. It is not even certain that you will want to go all the way to OT VIII. You may want to “have your win” after you made a great personal breakthrough, and go experience life in the new stage of existence. It is a journey, and what you discover on it, is different than what anybody else does. Hence, the amount of effort is different from person to person.

    This is what Mike Rinder meant when he said it is probably not for you. if you are not willing to “peel the onion,” you are not ready for it.

    If that is the case, I suggest that you buy the book Self Analysis, or download it for free. Follow the book and run the processes in it on yourself. Even half an hour of these will change you forever. Run through the processes, and then tell us what you think about going up the Bridge. It will not cost you a penny.

  79. Funded by CSI, not by the IAS.

  80. George original

    The point is: look at mrinder’s response. I just do not want to be confused with you. Thats all.
    I have been Ethics Officer for a year. At the time Scientology had been more on source we sometimes had routed out people in a very friendly manner and offered him a book to read. In case they could understand it and came back we accepted them as preclears.

  81. Susan and Forrest,

    Your implants references are great. Best of all, is that you compared everything to LRH in such a way that a layperson on Scientology, Mrs. Libnish, cognited that “what Miscavige is doing is opposite what Scientology and LRH is all about.”

  82. Thanks, Sam. I didn’t think my question was so incendiary. I had the best time while I was in Scientology but I wanted it to be PART of my life — not my life.

    I understand at this point of the game Rathbun is more interested in getting the old guard back together again — all those long timers who were thrown out, or gave up, due to DM’s actions (and rightly so, as they will form the backbone of the new organisation). Eventually, though, the movement is going to need people like me and what will draw us to you? If you think about it, DM’s parade of poor decisions is keeping the new movement relevant. Yet, should the movement get everything they want (and it certainly seems a possibility) you will need a strong center and this blog (or what it will blossom into be) will be that center. Sapere stated, “This is not a delivery unit”. True, but it is how people like myself learn about the ind. movement. To us — this is our delivery unit, in a manner of speaking.

    The new independents will grow in proportion to Rathbun’s leadership, not the fury of auditor’s advertising in on Craigslist. How else will people know they are getting ‘true’ auditing. Mrinder seems ready to write us off with a flippant “maybe this not for you”. The responses seem to say to me, “we do not need your business.” But if it is not for people like me, the movement will be one long circlejerk and will endure only as long as the last of you die out.

    The day will come soon when it will be time to start your own little own office, like the ones LRH started in Camden and Phoenix and despite what Imavalkov believes you will have to do some regging (sp?) of your own. I will be there! I look forward to it. But for the moment, unless you live in Israel or Alaska that will not happen.

    Good luck. I will be here following you all on this blog.


  83. Hi Matt! Good to hear from you. I’ll be back in Colo sometime this winter to visit family.

  84. Hi Maureen… first time I caught your name. Remember me? We had lunch or dinner or some such, maybe both outside the canteen with Forrest and I believe another, perhaps your friend. I took you and a couple friends to the beach one day and someone just ran out of the car and jumped in the ocean, was that you?

    Ronn Stacy ~ former Alaskan staff & general trouble maker 🙂

  85. Okay!!!

  86. Hi Dean;

    You are right of course, the ‘thought stopping’ process in the CofS is epidemic.

    I suspect that such individuals are in agreement with that process because they are in some way, ‘protected’, either themselves, their goals, whatever, from the external world. Comm such as Susan’s and Forrest’s won’t get to them, but it will get to some who stand next to them, who will be compelled to ‘look’, and may comm what they have discovered. Eventually the shore line is washed away, then the pebbles, then the stones, and eventually even the hardest rocks are worn away. It’s inevitable that someday we’ll have them all.


  87. Forest and Susan,

    Good thing you’re not going into the Org tonight…us other Indies have a lot of comm for you!

    Susan…those many years in Nashville thinking the same things, but never feeling we could say anything to each other about them. Further, what kind of man would have, at least in my case, it perceived that it was not safe to communicate for another 15 years thereafter? What kind of man would have it that a Mother’s heart be broken because an outside influence she has no control over pits her children against one another? What kind of man would have me see my first auditor, a married mother of two, the woman who delivered MY FIRST WIN in Dianetics and Scientology completely horrified and a mess for weeks on end because her daughter was being declared suppressive for not disconnecting from a person who, out of the gate, was harshly critical of the first GAT? Well…no man at all, but a coward and a criminal.

    There are times when I think I might be reading too much stuff like this on blogs and other sites, but those thoughts usually only last for a fleeting moment. This is because I feel the need to understand every angle, every possible manifestation so this cannot, will not happen again. We’ve lived the practical demonstration. Mark it off as complete on the check sheet of life, but be constantly alert and always willing to fight back. Your write ups are so very theta, although difficult to confront, because they add so much clarity an understanding to this process.

    Thank you! I love you both!
    Your friend, Doug

  88. Really great post, John. It boggles my mind how anyone who has gotten through their levels honestly could ever willingly agree to have their prior wins invalidated by anyone for any reason. Although, now that I think about it, maybe a better answer is that if they’re so pathetically weak that they would robotically agree to be run on whatever a C/S programs, perhaps they are not flat on any number of processes and should be re-run on the lot of them.

    A handling that clearly does not apply to you!

  89. I really just love the way you attempted to make this about everything except your auditing. VWD! Marty running the show,huh!

    Thanks for info on Craigs List I thought that was just a place for furniture and hookers. I guess it’s where CO$ information officers hang out too!

  90. Kay Rowe was one of the most dedicate and respectful people I have ever met. If she recognized the problems and left we really have hope.

  91. The referencse are spot on. Miscabbagr -Head is programining HIS own case into the tech as he has and had the bulletins cancelled or re-written!

  92. “If you’re not inspired and motivated to pursue the results of the scientology applications as outlined by LRH in his books and lectures, then scientology is probably not for you. So why bother to post here?”

    Have a heart. There are many who have had their interest and motivations crushed due to the exorbitant pricing set by Miscavige’s “church” – from the highest heights all the way down to the Purif. The Indie scene gives people hope that at some point, as more and more auditors become available, they can get moving again (or even make a start) on The Bridge. So whilst there is no “one size fits all” answer, I believe George has a right to ask – and be directed to local resources where he can find his own answers – without hostility or dismissal. Whilst a proud old-timer may take offence at such vulgar MEST fripperies, is it possible the average joe newbie, having a wildly different reality of what Scientology can do and denied the opportunity to find out by Miscavige’s Church of Tantalus, may have very real and understandable concerns? Peace.

    HCO PL 30 May 1971 PR Series 9, MANNERS
    What Is Greatness?

  93. What a surprise this morning, coffee was still brewing! VVWD you guys!! And Marty, thank you for your great (appropo) introduction of my two best friends! I’ve known Forrest for over 30 years now, and Susan since before they were married, no finer people could anyone be fortunate enough to know.

    Alaska hasn’t lost a thing, rather, gained the support of a now un-suppressed LRH Standard Tech CL VIII !!! Imagine going Clear with a snow capped mountain in the background… I can.

    ML, Ronn

    ps: Type 15? …lol

  94. I was showing my daughter some of this post and mentioned the New Year’s Eve thing of the Crane’s seeing Debbie Cook’s letter. So many people are still percolating just on that letter! My daughter laughed and paraphrased an infamous movie title with, “Debbie Does Damage!”

  95. I may regret this but I don’t understand something you wrote.

    “Eventually, though, the movement is going to need people like me and what will draw us to you?”

    People like you? Exactly what type of person are you and of what are you an example of or represent..?
    As an auditor I always have to consider if I can or actually want to help the person whom I’m about to audit, It’s called Act One, sort of a contract with yourself. I can’t audit sterotypes, it’s impossible, they are full of hidden standards. You also assume I’m part of a movement. You’re mixing and use of generalities is making a beacon of you shinning brightly. I think you’re trouble.

  96. Feel free to contact me @

  97. Add to this, from HCOB 28 JANUARY 1960 The Key To All Cases—Responsibility:

    “A thetan accumulates mental mass, pictures, ridges, circuits, etc, to the degree that he misassigns responsibility. If he does something and then says that it was done by something or someone else then he has failed to assign cause rightly and, doing so, he is of course left with an apparently uncaused mental mass. This to us is the “bank”. To Freud it was the “unconscious”. To the psychiatrist it is lunacy. He therefore has as much bank as he has denied cause. As he is the only cause that could hang himself with a mass, the only misassigned cause therefore is self cause. Other people’s causation is not aberrative and does not hang up except to the degree that the pc is provoked to misassigning cause. Other people’s cause is therefore never audited.

    Here then we have the anatomy of the reactive mind. The common denominator of all these unwanted ridges, masses, pictures, engrams, etc, is RESPONSIBILITY.

    The discovery of the direct anatomy of RESPONSIBILITY is as follows:

    Able to admit causation.
    Able to withhold from.

    This you will recognize as old reach and withdraw and as the fundamental of every successful process. But now we can refine this into the exact process that accomplishes a removal of the reactive mind and reestablishment of causation and responsibility.

    A thetan will not restore his own ability until he is certain he can withhold from things. When he finds he cannot then he reduces his own power. He will not let himself be more powerful than he believes he can use power. When he gets mad he of course can control nothing, neither can he really direct anything. When he causes something that he thinks is bad, he next seeks to withhold. If he cannot withhold then he begins to compulsively cause things that are bad and you have overt acts happening.
    What we call responsibility is restored on any subject or in any case by selecting a terminal (not a significance) and running on it:


  98. Hi Bob, I came back to Alaska in 1990, and I hadn’t completed everything I intended to complete in LA, like my CLVIII C/S internship. Things were getting too hot for me to stay, so I used a flimsy excuse to get back home and came back home. Being up here, I’ve pretty much have been off the world’s comm lines. It was in 09 that I had to go to LA to try to handle some flaps that were occurring because of me and led to me needing some answers. Then in 2010 I found ‘friends of lrh’ on the net which led to finding many other sites and then things started adding up. I’ve been following Marty for maybe a year now but there is plenty I’m still in the dark about and of course I’d like to know. Yes, I sent out an email to every Scngist here in the area, which is only a hand full compared to Debbie’s. My wife wanted to let the ED of the Mission know our decision first, and the ED took immediate action to inform all Scngist in the area that we have left the Church, doing what she could to cut our comm lines. How effective that is we’ll find out.

  99. This is just AWESOME! Great references, honest observations.
    LFBD, Floating TA. Welcome!!!

  100. Yes Martin, that is a fact. Between Marty, Mike, Debbie Cook and others, we know that DM has spent nary a red cent of any IAS donation. He spends a token… a very small token… of the interest generated by the $1.5 billion principal upon “mock” campaigns — minimal efforts designed to convince Scientologists (on staff and off) that something is happening. My own experience is in seeing first hand how so-called “IAS campaigns” are quickly and quietly extinguished after the event is over. For example, in 1998 the CoS launched the “largest campaign ever” and in terms of scope it actually was the largest ever. I personally established all the creative strategy for each campaign involving 28 TV spots, 16 new book covers, new mass market editions of Scientology books, dozens of print ads, brochures, plus all the marketing for new Orientation (“Welcome to the new world of Scientology”… groan), on and on.

    I was the first to do what no one had ever been able to do: create relevant modern-day TV spots for Scientology books that kicked ass and managed to get approved by DM, most the first time through.

    Gold produced each TV ad for a DIY budget of $10,000 — Marc Headley (in charge of the main Shoot Crew) put the budgets together and got the money approved — $280,000. A few months later, he was contacted by the CEO of a major book publisher and offered $200,000 per ad if we’d only produce similar ads for him because he thought they were the best book ads ever produced. I groaned at the thought of what kind of life I was missing.

    While I was in the middle of writing all those 28 TV spots, DM had me transferred from marketing where I was in Power, into Cine, where I was soon to be ambushed and vilified by DM. Later in 2001, in response to a new campaign I did for the Married Couple film (“Can Honesty Repair what Secrets Destroy?”) he actually screamed at me, “You’ll do what LRH wants, but you won’t do what I want!” And for a brief instant David Miscavige was right about something.

    Actually, here’s what really happened. He came into marketing where I was working and demanded to know what if anything I had gotten done recently. I told him I’d just completed all the marketing for the Married Couple film and also did a full campaign for Scientology Marriage Counseling, including a major website, fully complying for the first time with LRH orders on the subject. In response, he screamed “You’ll do what LRH wants, but you won’t do what I want!” Bingo Dave.

    The ads were launched on nationwide TV and were a howling success for about 2 months until Miscavige declared that Manu Spencer — the sole person in Marketing who was running ALL “Scientology Dissemination Campaigns” to be “out ethics” — which I personally knew was a load. And with that, all campaign financing was decapitated. But that story is really nothing new. He did the same thing to the Dianetics Campaign. And to so many others.

    The illusion is that they’re running all these ads relentlessly. And the truth is that they mostly never ran in the first place. He doesn’t give a crap about dissemination.

    If anyone remembers the ads for the book 8-8008 (“The most powerful force of nature is you.”) Those ads were so powerful they awed non-Scientologists and Scientologists alike. A few weeks after they were shown at the event, DM abruptly announced he was not going to run them. Ditto with the spots for Have You Lived Before This Life? — one of the hottest buttons on public. For that one, all-powerful DM couldn’t decide on how to edit the book. Oh wait, guess DM forgot to mention all the books he personally killed such as Dianetics Today, Notes on the Lectures, All About Radiation and more.

    Further examples of endless corruption slowly revolving around the solar system of IAS donations are the sheer hype, gross exaggeration and utter fabrication imbuing many of the IAS Winner Videos. With rent-a-crowds and “re-enactments” ordinary Scientologists doing ordinary things were transformed into Glorious IAS heroes of the Fourth Reich for Make Donation of Millions for lining David Miscavige Bulging Pockets. In one of the more notorious examples 1998 IAS Freedom Medal Winner Chruyla Wurfel was filmed “teaching natives on the shores of Papua New Guinea how to do assists” (none of which actually happened in the first place — it was a one-day photo shoot dreamed up by Dan Zimmatore the scriptwriter to avoid being annihilated by DM because there was no proper ending to her story). Then again, this was just the final chapter in the larger 3-part “epic” by which “going to visit her sister in Indonesia” had been transformed into “setting out to bring a continent LRH Tech!” A fact well demonstrated by all the dozens and dozens of Scientology orgs and missions dotting the Indonesian landscape, Earth’s 4th most populous nation. NOT.

    So yeah, DM’s “IAS programs” are a pompous deceptive generality of the Ponzi sort: smoke and mirrors to pry money out of Scientologists and that’s all. But Susan and Forrest would have no way of knowing that. Sorry for getting on a roll.

  101. A thought it was a simple question – how much (per hour or- per intensive etc). If there is not answer – that is fine.

  102. Thanks – now that is an answer!! Good job!

  103. Okay ! He said okay 🙂

  104. Dear Forest and Susan,

    Thank you for standing up and stating the truth as well as clarifying what is supposed to be the Bridge to Total Freedom. Claudio did the same the other day. You are heroes!

    I am forever grateful. We’ll all carry on.

  105. Perhaps it could be stated that Debbie “did” dave….

  106. While the LRH reference you cite is of course true, the actual charge still boils down to an incomplete comm cycle. One outflows creation, and then inflows that creation by confronting it, thereby completing the comm cycle, resulting in as-isness. Thus, failure to take responsibility for one’s own causation amounts to incomplete communication with the area in question, and with oneself. Auditing works by simply giving the pc a chance to complete his old create/confront comm cycles, so he can see the truth, whatever that turns out to be, and get free of it.

    Insisting that the pc’s cognitions be of along certain lines (other than things like the cog has to be the voicing of the pc’s postulate in NED) leads to invalidation, evaluation, BPC, and failed sessions.

    As for never auditing other people’s causation, the reference you cite is not the only thing LRH ever said about that. “Fly 3” always starts with ARC Breaks, not MWH. So does the ruds section of any correction list. And, on any process, Flow One and Three address what the pc initially believes to be other’s causation, or at least his protest about it. Flow Two and Four focus on his own causation.

    The reason I’m going on about this is that while Responsibility ultimately IS the “Key to All Cases,” that principle has been corrupted in the Church and warped into Responsibility as Blame, a tone level that doesn’t work to make people better when used by auditors, C/Ses, MAAs, etc. You can’t force people to be more responsible. You have to parallel their minds. And in the early 50’s LRH said that running only overt flows, and never motivator flows, makes pc’s mean. Seen any meanness in the Church recently?

  107. As an outsider I’ve always been bemused by the concept of a “fixed donation” by the church of scientology.

    Based on my limited understanding I can still see why “how much will it cost?” Is like asking “how long is a piece of string?”.

    My understanding of the ethos of the indies is that no one who wants understanding shall be left behind, that donations are based on ability to make such donations that the conscience directs.

    In other words enlightenment can cost what the subject believes it should cost based on their conscience and ability to pay. This can of course be nothing.

    My understanding of the indies in this matter is the basis of my support for them because I feel that to set fees in any way in such matters (thelogical) is the beginnings of abuse.

  108. Susan and Forrest … Great letters — both of them. Thank you for your research and your courage. You kick butt. 🙂

  109. Forrest and Susan, Thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough write-up. You are obviously two more great people who are now Independent Scientologists. What you’re doing really does make a big difference.

  110. I will give out a number: It will probably be less than the 10% of your income that some churches collect in tithes. It will be less than the 10-20% of income you (or your employer) are probably paying for health insurance, assuming you are American. If you budget 10% for the rest of your life, I am fairly certain you will come in under budget.


  111. G, read my response to Truth is Free. I am sure it would be less than tithing.

    The best way to go is to co-audit. More fun and you learn more. It is irrelevant that it takes less $ to do it – it is a better way.

  112. very cool reply.

  113. Yes. First, the idea of burning books should be a cussing tip-off that Mr. David Miscavige is a cussing bastard. I have a whole library here in Oregon that I have collected over the years. I don’t take anyone on faith when it comes to Scientology, so I have a bunch of books.

    One note – did you ever compare the new and old Scn 0-8, the Book of Basics? Oh my God! It went from being a handy little manual to quickly look up the basic scales and axioms to being a freaking mish-mash of every possible breath uttered on every freaking scale! There are five or six versions of the Havingness Scale, there are two of the Code of a Scientologist. For example. The new books are nuts – edited not for what LRH said, but for what DM wanted LRH to say. For example: The “Story of Scientology” in New Slant on Life.

    And my favorite in Science of Survival:

    “A society … in which women are taught anything but the management of a family…”

    New version:

    “A society … in which women are taught anything but the management of a family…”

    That one change makes such a huge difference, and is so telling about how misogynist Mr. David Miscavige is. What Ron wrote was a commentary about how society was starting to completely ignore and avoid the role women play in raising children and running families, and were actively preventing them from doing so (as in Communist China and Russia at the time).

    Dave’s version states that women are ONLY – ONLY – ONLY to be used as nannies and char women in service to men. in Dave’s world, the gals would be set up with bunny tails, and get kicked out when they hit 33 or get pregnant.

    Yea, I said it. 33.


  114. Actually you’re right, mwesten – I am one of those who withdrew from pursuit of the Bridge because of the bad turns the CoS started making some years ago, including the monthly price increases.

    And people do have a right to ask how much it costs, and try to estimate how much it will cost overall.

    My short fuse aside, I would suggest these posters find an auditor who will provide them with a free Intro session, so they can decide whether or not they are truly interested in scientology.

    When I started, most everyone started by way of the HAS/HQS courses, doing TRs. This cost practically nothing but provided large gains. One could then co-audit up through the Objectives and on up.

    I had the impression these folks posting did not have enough reality on scientology applications to know whether they wanted any, and were just protesting the “Cost!”, whatever it might be. Some people think auditing should be free, and effortless (for them).

    I could be 100% wrong – it wouldn’t be the first time I was!

    But it was reading DMSMH that first got me motivated, not considerations of cost.

  115. Excellent write up! Awesome. Well researched.

    I love the new cramming technique “M9 until their cussing eyes bleed!”. Whatever happened to why finding? Don’t answer that! The why is that the church is overrun with squirrels and therefore the Laws of L&N no longer apply!

    Loved the expose of the Missed Withhold. The M/WH phenomena is something you have to work to get your head around. If you don’t get it, you get the kind of BS that they are foisting off in GAT. I mean Cussin’ A – if you ever heard the tape on Missed Withholds, ever really demoed it out, I mean, it is its own special thing and NOT THE SAME AS A WITHHOLD.


  116. Wonderful! I included that hoping it would help wake up my friends. They must wake up to the enforced silence.

  117. Good comment! I was hoping you would add to what I posted. And yes, I have seen meannes in the Church.

  118. JMH, wow, stated well!!!!! that right there is the difference between a freed person vs a robot!

  119. Welcome out Susan! Great write up.

    I thought this was ironic: “After the MV event, the IAS reg gave a very short briefing – 10 minutes tops- about how the church was going to get ethics in on the government and needed us to donate for this campaign.”

    Politics makes strange bedfellows eh, Susan. Talk about the blind leading the blind! The C of S getting in ethics on the government would be like a wolf teaching a tiger how to be vegan.

  120. Susan’s doubt announcement was just sent out as a big, broadcast email, a la Debbie Cook’s new year’s eve email. I just received it at the address where I receive Cof S emails. Let’s hope it wakes up a lot more of the koolaid drinkers.

  121. Tony DePhillips

    Welcome Forest and Susan!!
    And thanks to Kay Rowe for setting a good example!

  122. Les, the undercut to your statements here, which I enjoyed, is the question, “Whatever DID happen to the original OT4 and so on which were replaced by miles and miles and miles of NOTs?”

  123. Forrest,

    It’s great to see another highly tech trained terminal declare their independence!

    From your write-up it’s clear that you’ve seen the tin showing through the cheaply gold-plated “Golden” Age of Tech.

    More geographic triangulation! I love it.

  124. Seattle Org went through that ordeal on the Goodwill Games way back when–practically bankrupted the place getting more expensive quarters than they could pay for, using all hands for call in, and getting ZERO results.

  125. Aye Jimmy,

    I’m with ya’ 100% mate!

  126. Dean, our field in Alaska is small. Most everyone knows us. Our closest “friends” have not acknowledged our Announcement However, we had one “newbie” contact us saying he had the same questions. In our case, and I’m speculating, I think at least some of them will read it, in spite of having “doubt announcement” at the top. They will probably agree with it. However, they are many who are actively receiving auditing at the local mission, an outer-org, FSO, etc. Or, they have children in the SO and would not want to risk disconnection. I do understand their retaining their connection with the church. There are many Scientologists in the area who are not actively on course or auditing lines but that we are friends with. We let them know we were leaving, they duplicated our positions and will not disconnect from us, declared or not. When I told the ED we were leaving, she got pissed, told us we were dropping our responsibilities and stormed off. I knew that would be a possible reaction as we had talked earlier this year after the Debbie Cook email, which she actually AGREED with, then she got on OSA’s line and she bought in hook,line and sinker to the Dead Agent info. It took me 24 years to look. When I found out Dan Koon had left was the “go” button for me to look. The Debbie Cook email reinforced my knowingness. Even seeing Mike Rinder on TV and hearing about abuses in Int Management didn’t get me to look. Eventually the turning point did come. Sooner or later individuals will say enough is enough.

  127. However, Mike, it never hurts to let people know how much less expensive the bridge is in the independent field. A fallback statement which is still true today is that an intensive should cost about one month’s pay for the average working man. In those terms, I find the cost in the Freezone is lower than that. But it’s a free market out here and I agree, no one is forcing anyone to do it.

  128. Just slightly off topic: the Indie 500 List has spiked very nicely since your recent post where people were encouraged to sign on.

  129. EnthralledObserver

    I am afraid that with this attitude Scientology will die off with the current ‘users’. If you aren’t prepared to explore the questions and concerns of the wider community than those who already have faith in LRH tech, then you aren’t going to disseminate to anyone.
    I suggest you all just do auditing for one another for free unitl the last man stands…

  130. Forrest…great story! I guess “not know” comes in handy once in a while. 😀 Doug

  131. EnthralledObserver

    Actually… I’ve had a little time to think on this as I was doing my dishes. I think the real answer here should be: It will cost you absolutely nothing! Meaning, of course, that after as many sessions given for free as needed for any individual, and that individual being all ‘fixed’, there should be no reason any individual should not be financially sucessful, and will charitably wish to share that success with one’s auditor – because by now you’re great friends – and the amount will be less than what the application of the tech helped you make.
    Am I close???
    What a wonderful world we’re heading in to.
    Shame that independent scientologists don’t wish to be any more transparent than their corporate counterparts… and answer questions properly to those genuinely interested, but not necessarily gun-ho blast ahead reckless.
    That lovely world is fading before my very mind…

  132. How much per intensive is a simple question. One that the auditor will answer when you ask him. What George asked is how much to get to OT VIII. That cannot be honestly answered.

    As for me, I follow the same model as Marty, which you will find when you go to menu item “Welcome” in this page. Don’t worry you will end up paying a lot less than what you will pay for an hour of my time in my non Scientology profession.

  133. This was truly one of the best write ups I have read yet. Thank you.

  134. My personal advice, KNOW THE TECH, skip the basics and get onto your academy levels. You’ll have plenty of time to read books if you haven’t already.

    Amen Forest, Amen

  135. Flourish and prosper. This is driving the DeMon completely berserk. He just had to bribe four Washington Officials to appear at his DC Org opening.

  136. We’d love to see you up here. It’s beautiful this time of year. Time to increase our numbers in AK. We actually DO have an indie group up here. It just hasn’t been named yet – until now.

  137. Thank you Carol!

  138. As you probably already noted, Forrest meant CSI, not IAS, which makes more sense in the rest of his context as well. As one of his editors, I didn’t catch it either.

    Still, fascinating info Steve.

  139. Yes, yes, yes!!!

  140. Thanks Thoughtful! I’m so glad to have the “Run, Forrest, Run” behind us from the CofM.

  141. Thank you so much Mrs. Libnish. It means a lot that people are able to actually “see” what we are talking about.

  142. Yup, I’m the one that couldn’t resist the water.

  143. This lrh quote from Kay Rowes blog. I love this.

    “The next thing we’ve learned [in the first 5 years of active organization] is that organizational problems are best resolved by Scientology and that there are exactly two methods by which personnel can be handled – two methods. And these are very sharp and very definitive, organizationally. They are handled in one of these two ways…
    The two ways of handling those who are not getting something done is, one, process them and, two, disconnect them from the organization but not from Scientology. Got that?”
    [LRH then clarifies that we assume these people are Scientologists.]
    “But we do not, I repeat, do not, separate them from Scientology or Scientology organizations, nor at any moment fail to give them organizational support or cooperation in the starting of any new activity in which they wish to engage for the benefit of Scientology. You got that?
    “In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only – not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”
    …”When a person becomes part of Scientology in general or the organization in particular, they are part of our own time continuum. And enturbulences which affect them and separate them out of an orderly existence, kick back madly all the way across the whole set of dynamics and you have apparently practically offered to kill somebody. I think mere capital punishment is not a fitting description of comparable magnitude.
    “See, you say, ” Well, that’s all right. Don’t come around to this group anymore. You go away. Now that you have been booted out, why, you’re off of communication and we’re not going to do anything for you and don’t associate with us anymore” and so forth. This creates one awful reaction. I’ll tell you why I know it creates one awful reaction. These people don’t spin necessarily, but their retaliatory gestures demonstrate that they have received a motivator of enormous magnitude. I can tell you how it seems to them by what they do.
    “They practically devote the rest of their lives and all of their actions and attention and everything else to trying to get even with you or remedy the situation somehow or something. This is one of the more fabulous things, so that it must be something of magnitude.
    “It evidently doesn’t compare to simply being ejected out of a country or ejected out of some kind of universe or out of a family or something of the sort, you know? It isn’t evidently of comparable magnitude. This is a very great oddity I wish to point out to you.
    “In the first place, Scientology is a road out of and into universes.”
    […] “I merely wish you to look at the enormous actions undertaken by people who have been ejected from organizations and otherwise. They seldom go off and suck their thumb dismally. They seldom do this. They might go completely into apathy…, [but] they usually come in there fighting with violence; they’ve got to do something of magnitude.”
    * * *
    “See, we don’t quite understand the magnitude of the injury and the magnitude is considerable.”
    * * *
    “It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”
    From Page 9
    “Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?
    “So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie.
    “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”
    From Page 11
    “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”
    From Page 13-14
    “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.
    “And it never solves by being tough.”
    * * *
    “It is proving more and more and more, that it’s not a safe thing to do [ARC break a Scientologist]. Not a safe thing from the standpoint of a vested interest, or something like that, to attack Scientologists. They’re too agile, they communicate, they talk. Get the idea? I mean, they do upsetting things. They don’t go back and sit down apathetically and say that’s the end of that.
    “They write letters. They do things. They think of ideas. They think of ways to get a communication line through.”
    From Page 17
    “What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.
    “When you knock out one of those or degrade one of those, you’ve got less than you had before. You’ve got less organization than you had before.
    “When we drop the various points of the ARC Triangle in their fullest meaning, we drop also the assets of the organization. And I mean that literally. I mean we drop the mimeograph machine, just like that, you know. Bang!”
    * * *
    “And there’s only one more thing that we could know that would make us all feel very, very relaxed about the whole thing. There isn’t a person anywhere in Scientology who has bad intentions for Scientologists or their fellow man. And that point all by itself is very well worth thinking about the next time some trouble arises in your vicinity, because that is the truth. And if you handle a situation with that in mind, you will solve the situation.”

  144. Mother of Grendel

    This is great data! I suppose I should “know” this, but I’ve never seen it put so bluntly before. Wow – thanks.

  145. Mother of Grendel

    Isn’t a definition of sanity “the ability to withhold?” Therefore, a sane person would have withholds.
    Until they hit this auditing…

  146. George,
    There are several Indie training centers and dozens of active auditors all over the US and the world. But you do have to look, and you do have to get out your comm lines. You might start at; another resource is:

  147. Awesome post from a “Fair Witness” – one who was there and saw it all first hand!

    I remember some of those ads – they were fabulous. Then they just disappeared.

    This fact-packed comment deserves it’s own post – it’s proof absolute that David Miscavige is unmistakedly a Suppressive Person.

  148. Susan and Forrest,great write-ups. Focused on some specifics I hadn’t seen before that gave me a boost by clearing up some things I hadn’t understood. Big Thanks!

  149. You BAAD!

  150. Did you also count them twice? 🙂

  151. Steve,
    I loved that 8-8008 ad (“The most powerful force in nature is you.”) I always wondered what happened to it and why it never ran. I was sure that Scientology was going to take off if that ad ran nationally … it was incredible.
    Getting these stories and tidbits from you is so helpful in understanding what was going on. I really, really hope you write a book some day. Your stories fill in so many missing pieces, and you are such a gifted writer.

  152. So if my income is $20,000 per year – 10% = $2,000. I work in a retail clothing store. I don’t make a lot of money. Can I still go Clear and OT?

  153. The short story was they were going to flood the London 2012 Olympics with TWTH booklets. It was going to be the safest Olympics ever.

    In 2010, at the Football World Cup in South Africa, copies of The Way to Happiness booklet were distributed throughout the crowds resulting in it being proclaimed as the least violent World Cup ever.

    TWTH was the reason that there had been a peaceful transition of power in South Africa after the collapse of apartheid.

    I’m still puzzled by these statements.

    People who are saying this kind of stories: do they really believe it?
    People whom this kind of stories are told: is there anybody who really believe it?

    If they really believe it, then you can sell them the Eiffel Tower, twice! (I call them Co$ borgs).

  154. I’m really hoping that the Sec Checking Implants reference hits a nerve with some people. It sure indicated to me. It’s amazing how much it takes to confront what is. Seeing you on TV for the first time in that TV interview, knowing your status within the church impacted me greatly. It was the first I had heard of any abuses in the church. It put me on “alert”, but not enough to look. Fortunately, the press is making it EXTREMELY difficult not to look. I have so many stories from inside of people ignoring “help” from family members – shutting out anything that could be construed as an attack on Scientology. I remember after the Debbie Cook email came out, I visited my chiropractor. He said his mother told him how a high ranking individual had left the church. Totally discounted his mother’s comm. That said, I didn’t handle it either as I wasn’t quite ready to bring up my considerations on the subject. Two other individuals within the church communicated to me about receiving her email. One reported it to his auditor who in turn reported it to OSA; the other was going on about what a disgruntled apostate she was, etc. Loves, loves, loves Koolaid. I asked him if he read her email and he said no. But he knew it was all “BS”.

  155. Ronn – we’re ready to deliver and you’re first in line.

  156. Great! Thank you.

  157. Amazing write-up! Thanks for all the gems – those references FDSed and blew charge her.
    Excellent!! Well done for speaking out!

  158. As far as I am concerned, Debbie Cook is still in present time.

    That is unfortunate that she was muzzled, but her message is right now populating the Internet. I found it when she was already muzzled, but that is from that point that I began considering David Miscavige as a true SP.

    There are so many critics over the Internet I cannot check by myself, that with the years I became somewhat apathetic on the subject.

    But Debbie Cook made her testimony under oath, she is a very capable and ethical being, with 17 years in good standing in the Sea Org.

    So I believed what she said, and suddenly I became again interested in the subject. She knocked me out of apathy!

  159. EXSO, this lecture is : ATTITUDE AND CONDUCT
    OF SCIENTOLOGY 3 November 1955
    What LRH says clearly to do is the exact opposite of what DM does for 30 years. Creating dedicated ennemies for Scientology, by using force, hate and disconnection.

  160. Fantastic post and data – thanks. Also a little microcosm of one of the many differences between a Scientologist and Miscavige.

    Scientologist (Steve in this case): Time: 1998. Place: Int Base. Form: 28 TV spots, 16 new books etc. Event: “DM had me transferred from marketing where I was in Power, into Cine”. All specifics.

    Miscavige: “bringing LRH to a Continent” (meaningless untrue guff)
    “our biggest breakthrough on the fourth dynamic ever” (from 1993 IAS event) “Armies of Volunteer Ministers” “To the moon and back” – I could go on.

  161. “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve. “And it never solves by being tough.”

    Interesting to read this LRH quote, as it is, as he says, at odds with the stable datum he himself often used about being tough. There certainly is a difference of being tough on training drills and being tough on people. But that line was often crossed. What a different history and landscape we would have today had he lead with his heart and came closer to following his own advice. Putting heads on Pikes was more often the practice.
    And the simple example of the ARC triangle and the public. The lies used by the church have crashed the ARC. Its so simple to see and understand. But they cannot. They just swing away at any criticism, viciously. Again, what a different history and landscape we would have if the church had always been, or could become honest.

  162. Hi Margaret, this George is not your buddy George, this is another George. Jez Im getting confused, have to get myself another handle, thanks George!!! regards George.

  163. Wowwwwwwwwww! Thank you Susan and Forrest! And our respect for you !!

    All the Indipendology Team

  164. “I was very impressed Susan with your reference on Sec Checking Implants concerning silence and Forrest with your quote concerning the IAS and hitting people with bad news will get them to give you something.”

    These 2 refferences should be added to the list at

    It’s remarkable how the “bad news” mechanism is used by recruiters also, not only by the IAS.
    “Give me your life”, “Forget about you family”, “Give me more of your free time”, “Do it for COB”…
    This is “Reversed Scientology” at work.
    What ever happend to enlightement?

  165. Yes, I didn’t want to hijack the thread, but I hoped to support what Forrest and Susan wrote about with some specifics to back up their conclusions.

  166. I believe you could, the co-audit way.

  167. MaBu,
    In all honesty, great acks should go to Oracle, (Cat) as well. Her generosity and exchange made it possible for me to help others, as well as get to work on my own spot up here in Canada. (I’m now into the cement pour for the foundation, and have a nice temp residence in the meanwhile. I had one Indy up from NYC and he said my temp quarters are bigger than his apartment in Manhatten:-) )

    Merci Ms. Oracle.

    Next stop is Oz. Already have the basics of a full delivery center there, and that includes all the way up to AO status.

  168. Exactly and its getting worse faster. I guess the criminal is doing himself in as fast as he can.

  169. Hi Karen, hope to meet you in person.

  170. Forrest and Susan, Great evaluation of data and for taking a stand with it. I have lost my respect for my fellow Snr CSes I trained with at Flag who are turning a blind eye or succumbing to the idea that even though they know things are f’ed in the church “they’ll do everything they can to keep the tech delivery going.” as though those two things can exist in the same time and space. Thank you both for observing, deciding and taking action.


  171. WOW, Susan and Forrest, what a great write-up! Welcome, and very happy for you. Thanks for the reference on Implants.

  172. Thanks for the links. In case it slipped anyone’s attention, this is what was sent out from Corp Scn Pubs Org regarding this:

    “This year the Olympic Games are going to be held in London, England – starting 27th July, ending on 12th August. There will be an estimated 6.5 million people in attendance from over 200 nations.

    In 2010, at the Football World Cup in South Africa, copies of the Way to Happiness booklet were distributed throughout the crowds resulting in it being proclaimed as the least violent World Cup ever.

    To achieve the same effects in London, introducing L. Ron Hubbard’s Tech to millions and creating calm, donations are needed for bundles of The Way to Happiness, which in turn will be handed out during the Olympics.

    As I am sure you will agree, this has massive potential to reach a truly international audience!

    Staff and public volunteers are being mobilized right now and will be in prominent locations around the Olympic events passing out The Way to Happiness to everyone!

    The target is to distribute a minimum of 2 million copies!

    Each bundle contains 12 booklets. Please see below to select the size of your donation:

    Make a donation of $100 (5 bundles) <<

    Make a donation of $250 (13 bundles) <<

    Make a donation of $500 (27 bundles) <<

    Make a donation of $1,000 (55 bundles) <<

    The Olympic events start in just 7 days so we want to have this arrive before then!

    Note: Your donations are fully tax-deductible and a commendation will be issued to anyone who contributes!

    Also, when you make the donation on-line, we will give you access to download the Way to Happiness eBook!"

    2 million copies eh? Well I'll be darned. Wonder where they all went.

  173. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Great writeup Susan and Forrest. And the best thing, you even got more compagnionship in the independent of another Class VIII and OT VIII leaving:

  174. Mother of Grendel

    Off topic, but I just saw this news item – Narconon has more trouble –
    SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – A man tried to kill himself at a Scientology-affiliated detox clinic after its “purification rundown” took him off his prescribed medicines in a “quick taper,” the man claims in court.
    William Sweeney sued Pur Detox, and Dr. Allan Sosin in Orange County Superior Court, alleging negligence, medical malpractice and negligent supervision.
    Here’s the full story:

  175. I would say yes, but I can’t confirm as I am not the one delivering the services at this time. I would say I am sure you could get to clear on a co-audit basis. But no matter what, you would have fun.

  176. That is right. Training is OT! I have been “in” Scientology for 38 years. I woked in the N.OTD Dive on Flag.. There were 2 types of pcs those that were well trained Audiitors and those that were Professional Pcs. Those that were trianed finished their N/OTs in half the time it took those who were not trained.Those who were trined did not fall prey to the vageries of life and were and are much more successful.l I have 4 pc folders in all that time and a huge student folder. I have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by being trained.

  177. A very impressive account. It shows how very serious the situation is with the ‘Church’, led by Miscavige. He has turned the church into an implant-station and is actively destroying Scientology, or at least he is trying to. Thanks to you and other brave people he will not succeed!
    My theory is that Miscavige is alter-ising the tech because he does not want other people having the tech and thus becoming stronger than he is. He can’t stand other people being stronger. Therefore he has to control anything that would make them stronger. He is jealous of the tech! A real sociopath’s warped mind. And this is a very dangerous one, because he has the tech.
    Wish you lots of success and lots of freedom! You contribute to the ’empire of wisdom’.

  178. Li'll bit of stuff

    diogenes,interesting post.You may also be aware of a
    prominent quote by the ol’ man vs. the dm kool-aid…..

    LRH; “All I am trying to teach you is how to look!” (wake up)

    DM ” You will be punished for looking!” (implant!)

  179. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for that, Chris! The good news is that as long as
    one KEEPS right on looking, it get’s better & better!
    The world starts (and resolves, BTW,) with good ol’ TR-O!

  180. Li'll bit of stuff

    Forrest & Susan, Congratulations on your announcements!
    Now you will really begin to soar, and in the sunshine, things
    always look so much brighter. Looking forward to your new
    realities as and when you share them.
    Calvin B. Duffield Durban. South Africa.
    Decaration 12 May (Mothers Day 2012
    Indie 500 list#301

  181. Here is his post “Questions to the RTC”, from his other blog:

    Well worth reading. Another concise summary of the many outpoints of the CoS and the out-tech coming down from the top.

  182. Though I am still in hiding from the Church, Forrest, This makes me less afraid, as I knew you to be a Champion of Standard Tech in AK, and not down with the BS, even if you occasionally got a black eye for your trouble.
    I feel a little lighter tonight. Thanks.

  183. Susan,
    That reference certainly should hit a nerve. I have excerpted your write up and have printed out the reference to distribute to others. Just when I have seemingly hit the wall in trying to figure out what magical communication would get through to the kool aide club, another key person such as you and Forrest step up with a fresh ammo pack!

    Thanks for your research and your step up to the ‘podium’.

  184. George and Enthralled Observer,
    Pardon me for my over the top rant but you are both pathetic individuals. No one owes you shit, least of all being transparent about how much you would have to pay for auditing. Of course they should audit you for free because their time is worthless…………. same as your value to helping society. And George, make sure you go after only the things in life that are free lest you somehow incur debt in exchange for something.

    The independent movement is not an organization fellas. Take the rest of the day off.

  185. TIFSF,
    See my post above as it applies to you too……………………….and you can take the day off as well. The sand box is full here!

  186. Mwestern,
    I probably need some of that!

  187. I am referring to George the second rather than the original

  188. TIFSF’
    And you sound like a loser or you are at the local OSA office. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, get yourself a copy of the Dianetics Today book and DO IT (read it and apply it) from cover to cover. You could make it to clear if you found a twin who would put up with you and it would only cost you a few bucks.

  189. George,
    “I understand at this point of the game Rathbun is more interested in getting the old guard back together again — all those long timers who were thrown out, or gave up, due to DM’s actions (and rightly so, as they will form the backbone of the new organisation)”

    Where do you come up with that shit? OSA feeding it to you between being waterboarded with Kool Aide? Please shut the fuck up and find another blog to “follow”. It definitely sounds like you NEED ORDERS!!!!!

  190. EnthralledObserver

    Oh… really nice… “pathetic individual”. Mate, you have no way of knowing me at all… what a load of fluff. And by the way… NOT a “fella”. So much for me thinking I was dealing with lovely, respectful religious folks. And I won’t “Pardon you” for then going on to be spiteful and hurtful. Either you are sorry or you aren’t… I’m not going to make it easier on your conscience to be the latter.
    As for “No one owes you shit”, I never asked for any of anyone’s time, because, before I ever were to contemplate ‘auditing’ for myself I want the conclusive research showing, not whether it works, but that it does zero damage. (So I guess in a way an auditor’s time is worthless to me because there will never be any such research). But those that wish to know and want to do, don’t you think you’d be doing the ‘art of scientology’ a favour by graciously sharing, instead of nastily denying…???
    From my standpoint reading much on this blog and elsewhere, seems to me “auditing” might be responsible for clearing people of their ability to be logical… just my opinion.

  191. Hey “newcomer”. You don’t need to get Dianetics you need to get off your stinking OVERTS! “CLEAN HANDS MAKE A HAPPY LIFE”!!!

  192. That’s hopeful. Thanks.

  193. yea baby……… woooohooooo 🙂

  194. password protected… ?

  195. correction, this link is password protected, not valkov’s below.

  196. correction, they’re BOTH password protected….

  197. Great write ups Susan and Forrest. Although I remember you as John as you were doing services in Denver in the 70s. Wishing you both the best. Bob Earle

  198. Thanks you!

  199. Thank you newcomer. I too was trying to figure out the magical communication, the magic bullet – that might, just might get people to look. I truly hope it helps to get others willingness to look.

  200. Really! I had no idea he ordered this before. Can’t believe how blind I was.

  201. DC2, it is soooo good to be back in comm with you. We picked right up where we left off 15 years ago. Reading your communication has filled in a lot of missing gaps. Although we could not/did not communicate our considerations while on staff, I find it fascinating that certain, specific incidents stood out for both of us. All of this is difficult to confront. However, I KNOW we’re on the right side. Now we need to get others to look.

  202. Hi Bob, good to hear from you.

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  204. Hi Susan. Yes, back in 1993 I was at the so-called “true School in Clearwater. I was picking up my children after school. I arrived about a 1/2 hour rearly. There were piles of OEC vols and Tech Vols on the sidewalk, I asked what they were doing there. A uy said that RTC said to throw them out as they were being replaced with the “New ones” because they had squirrel data in them. I asked if I could have they said yes. I took them. They have all been dowloaded now for quite somtime in PDF format! I compared them to the new ones at the time and the new ones omit a lot of facts and revisions are not in script which indicates they hav indeed tried to hide things and have indeed altered them.

  205. Run Forest !!! Run !!!

  206. Both blog’s are open and no longer protect. Enjoy the reading.

  207. Never saw them at Bank, Liverpool St or Canary Wharf either, the three main transport hubs for Olympic fans heading out to Stratford. I go through all these stations at least twice a day, and they had no presence I was aware of.

  208. Dougie! There you are! Would love to chat with you. How the dickens can we contact each other privately with this WordPress stuff? PMs? Emails?

  209. Hi carrodyne2012! Can’t wait to talk. Hit me up at We’ll go from there.

  210. Fab! I just sent you an email, DC2.

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