Headley Family Legal Fund

The Indies Defense Fund just put the Headley’s over the top to reach and exceed their $45,000 target.   See, Headley Family Legal Fund.   The $7,500 donation from our fund brought the Headley’s total to $50,535.00.    While it took the Headleys above the $45,000 target, I went ahead and transfered our entire fund as I originally said I would, because a) I thought that appropriate to satisfy the overwhelming show of support on this blog for the Headleys, b) I know that quite in addition to the costs bill of Scientology Inc. the Headleys had to satisfy, they were out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars in their own litigation costs.

Final Accounting Indies Defense Fund:

Balance 9/16/12 :    8,520.76

Less one refund:     1,000.00

Transfer to Headley Fund:   7,500.00

Final balance:                      $20.76

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Indie Defense Fund; and for all of you who additionally contributed to the Headley Family Legal Fund directly.  I know a lot of regulars here made substantial contributions to both.

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  1. This is just awesome! Good for Marc and Claire, who fought a great fight on behalf of countless others. Good on everyone that helped them.

  2. Good! Glad to hear it and definitely money well spent.

  3. Love you Marty. Nuff said.

  4. Dear Marty,
    This is the right thing to do all the way.
    Hooyah Cowboy !!!!

  5. This was a beautiful demonstration of people coming together to right a wrong and support some very courageous people. Major props Marty.

  6. I’m personally very happy to have contributed what I could. Your involvement in this and other activities is pretty amazing, Marty. Your candour is fully recognized. The Headley’s courage in what they did is also pretty darn amazing and they deserve the support.

    I expect we’ll see more and more insanity from miscavige as he flails around trying to destroy anyone exposing his crimes and preventing him from dramatizing his evil purps and reactive impulses. It’s great to know that a real team of caring individuals is prepared to pitch in when needed.

  7. Good news! I’m sure the Headley’s will do good job and continue to help bring truth to light.

  8. Perfect in every respect.

    Great for Marc and Claire.

    A kick in the nuts for Miscavige. The $45,000 meant NOTHING to him other than to be able to exact some pain from the Headleys. Another fail….

  9. The unsolvable problem he has – and this is due to the hundreds now in the Independent community – is that when he strikes, his targets only become stronger. The sad part is that since we have pulled his fangs, he keeps trying to gum people to death.

  10. Awesome Marty. Absolutely perfect.

  11. Thank you Marty for providing the vehicle for such a magnificent gesture. We’re glad to have helped and we wish Marc, Claire and family all the best.

    (As a side note: Screw you miscavige!)

  12. “the sad part is that since we have pulled his fangs, he keeps trying to gum people to death”
    Marty, I love the imagery!

  13. very under radar

    is there a way one can donate without leaving a trace?

  14. Fabulous report. Coolest thing ever.

  15. Sweet. Can’t wait for Mark’s next book!

  16. This is awesome! I hope those kids get an even better swing set and they get an even better vehicle than they sold.

    Recent events such as these are revealing a great awakening of the Scientology community. This couldn’t have happened without a major opening of awareness and open communication that has literally come on too the scene like an avalanche in recently.

    Well done Independent and FreeZone communities!

  17. Thank you so much for helping them.

  18. “The sad part is that since we have pulled his fangs, he keeps trying to gum people to death.”

    The whole place is laughing over that one, Marty!

  19. $45,000 is pocket money for the little criminal dwarf.

  20. I was so thrilled to help out Claire and Marc, even though I had more month than money left over by mid-September, so you guys helped me do a little belt tightening and lose a few pounds. I am so grateful. Also laughed my belly off reading Marc’s book, it is so funny in between the pain. It was a total joy to do this little gesture to help out.

  21. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Wicked! 😀 (dances happy dance)

  22. I’ve said it before Marty, you won’t allow photoshops of the tiny tyrant David Miscavige yet you conjure up pretty scathing imagery with your words. 🙂 David “Gummy bear” Miscavige lol.

  23. Very cool!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. What an awesome community we have!

  25. As Yukon Cornelius said….He’s a Humble Bumble!!!

  26. Thanks Marty, it is good that they get back more money. They had to sell stuff to pay that bill. Rebuying is going to cost them more than the original proceeds. I hope they are now at break even.

  27. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    Good Stuff !

    Dearr Marty,

    The search function on your blog is very primitive. Several times I was looking for references on your blog but it was nearly impossible to find the subject I was looking for.
    I read somewhere that there are addins for wordpress to have a mighty search function in it.
    Just a proposal 🙂

  28. Marty – this is awesome. I am so happy that you transferred this donation to mark and Claire. They deserve it and I feel honored to have played a tiny part. The phenomena of ‘crowdfunding’ is an amazing effect of the information age, something the corporation knows nothing about. The transition from the industrial economy where money was king to the knowledge economy where information is king is slowly becoming more apparent in our society. Crush regging twenty year olds will never work again, ever. The younger generation wants information, choices, awareness, and a more holistic way of being versus the money centered, regimented, linear methodology of the corporation. This worked in the 60s but the socio-economic paradigm has shifted and the corporation has not realized this and orobably never will. Mark and Claire’s ability to recoup their funds represents the best of the information age. If you are reading mark and Claire – you guys are amazing and I have the utmost respect for you as human beings. Love, Brian

  29. Send cash

  30. martyrathbun09

    Maybe someone can research it at WordPress and give me some simple, easy to follow instructions.

  31. You guys are the best and are true to your word. I can’t wait to go look at it….

  32. This is a demonstration of a true group. Group members are helping the one that needs help. I cannot imagine this happening with Co$ members. There if a member is in bad financial condition, I am sure, some good soul will write a KR to “help him”.

  33. burnedbutnotbitter

    The Headley fund was a moving experience for me. I watched it everyday and saw the contributions were obviously coming from Scientologists, non-Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, Independents, and Anonymous folks.
    I know a lot of those marked “Anonymous” are still in the Church. And some of the tags were very funny. An amazing thing to see and a sign of the future too…..

  34. This is so cool and blows so much charge.
    Real Scientologists helping, even in the absence of Gold camera crew.

    Dave, when the pain becomes too much, you can always write to Marty.
    You know the address

  35. Congratulations to you all for pulling together to give that incredible donation. A bunch of us never-ins over at VV (miss it already!) gave too (me anonymously & under a few sneaky names!)…because the injustice of what CO$ was trying to do to the Headley’s just burned us up. Very excited to be reading Claire’s new blog and her heart-wrenching story of growing up in the Cadet Org.
    Sharing is healing. Talking is healing. Connecting is healing.
    You’re only as sick as your secrets.
    You have a great community here; one to be proud of. This is what a spiritual community is all about – lightening the load for one another.

  36. If there is one indie you know personally and trust to keep your confidence, give the cash to them and let them handle the dono.

  37. I’ll drink to that 🙂
    How’s the blood pressure Dave?

  38. Thanks, Marty! Not often that there’s such a wonderful project to help with; and all voluntary donations from the heart, with no threats or intimidation as motivation … amazing! Eat your heart out, Miscavige Administration.

  39. Just de-lurking to say thanks to Marty and his readers who donated. Good show! Back to lurking…

  40. Beautiful Marty. And in addition to bearing the costs of their own legal defense, it surely costs something in time which might otherwise be used for earning a living.

  41. The best way I have found for searching Marty’s blog is to use either Google Search with the following added (separated by a space) after your search terms “site:markrathbun.wordpress.com”. WordPress.Com built-in search capabilties suck.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  42. The International Association of Independents comes through again! Marty, I am getting used to watching you make the impossible, possible!
    Great video! We ARE taking care of our own! That just may be the core difference, between “us” and “them” that is make break on survival. We are watching out for one another’s back.

  43. I already started researching before you posted this comment.
    I have some preliminary conclusions. I’ll post again when I’m done.

  44. It’s brilliant news – a bit of a poke in the eye for the Toxic Tosser though.

    New update from Claire on the donate page: “In 12 days, we received 556 donations, 23,104 visits to our fundraising site, and raised a total of $50,600, 112% of our original goal. So even after fees, everyone here has helped fulfill every last penny of the legal bills! The remaining balance will sit safely and will forward to the next cause when that arises”.

  45. I can’t think of anyone that deserved it more than the Headleys.
    Super cool Marty.
    The Fair Game unleashed on the Headleys for the Law suit is riveting and non-stop, even from what I know, the anecdotes sound like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.
    What a great title “The Greatest Good” ~~ Marc is a natural born story teller, so looking forward to his forthcoming book.
    Marty and Mosey were under seige for some 199 days so we all know how Fair Game is alive and well, but so very cool to have it published, Time, Place, Form and Event.
    High Fives to Marc and Claire.

  46. How’s the blood pressure? “Straight up, and vertical”! LOL

  47. I don’t recommend sending cash by mail. It is too easily stolen.

  48. I smell a “Silence of the Lambs” sequel with Miscavige as the criminally-insane villian who gums his victims to death… with a glass of Chianti.

  49. There are some great people round here!

  50. But soon it will change.

  51. Go through a friend. Or a lawyer.

  52. You mean single malt whiskey.

  53. Well done! That brought tears to my eyes. A true group.
    Looking forward to Headley’s new book!
    Best wishes!

  54. Bravo. Ph**k you Miscaviage!

  55. What a great thing for the Headley family!
    I also have a non-related question (may not be the best place, but oh well)…. How do I get off the CofS mailing list/s??? Despite having called 6 times, I have yet to be removed. I am receiving mail from CC Int, Flag, AOLA, St. Hill, ASHO and the IAS….. anywhere I ever did training or toured, apparently. I can’t handle this anymore. I haven’t been declared, and I am still on speaking terms with my family in the Church. I don’t want to get declared over some mail situation, but I am about to freak out. It is a constant reminder of the clutches of the church, and how they’ll track me down everywhere I move.
    Has anyone had any success with this? Is there some code or specific language I can use to let them know I am serious?
    Anyone know a lawyer who might write up a quick thing to send them – or is that grounds for a declare these days?
    Please advise.
    Thanks all!

  56. 5.4x the blood pressure!

  57. Man, what an OT group. Shrugged off a 45K judgement like it was no big deal. Very very well done to all who contributed in any way.

  58. This is so tremendous; even a few years ago there might not have been the public awareness that enabled so many to help. Thank you Marty and all of you who aren’t afraid to publish your stories and make the world aware!

  59. I remember reading not so long ago that Marty Rathbun had a blog, and I’ve been watching and reading ever since. It’s only been a few years and look what we have now, and it is growing every day.

    It puts the sparkle back in life.

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    Touche, douche bag! More pain to you, each time you mess
    with an Indie!

  61. can I do the rest, puh-lease, and no anesthesia! (yeah sure, I saw Marathon Man)

  62. Path of Buddha

    Very well done on this. The Headley’s deserve this support.

    With or without desire, may miscavige’s maw dissolve and may he
    thus be well and happy!

    George M. White

  63. Well, a lot of good people re-wrote the ending of that horror story. I’m raising my glass to everyone who threw down — and to Marc and Claire and their Ks 1, 2 and 3. Extra pizza for everyone tonight!

    Miscavige, you’re a joke.

  64. Martin,
    Seems like the London Olympics where the torch (which the IAS imitates images of, but is false help instead) is passed on Indie style!

  65. Reply to every single church email with a clickable link to Marty’s blog. You’ll be off every mailing list before you know it.

  66. Money order

  67. Tolsen Rodrick

    David Miscavige is becoming impotent. . .

  68. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    A kick in the nuts for Miscavige? Didn’t know he had any.

  69. Good.

  70. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    “Becoming”? Isn’t that what the copper rods were for?

  71. Ronnie,
    Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t this get WakingUP declared? I am mentioning this because there was a mention of “being in comm with family who are still in the COS” and I know you wouldn’t want to recommend something that might result in someone losing their family unless WakingUp has decided on his or her own self-determinism that they are ready to deal with that.

  72. Nice comment PoisonIvy,

    Yes, many on the VV (Village Voice) site did contribute and that is amazing considering most of the posters there were never in the Church. I’m sure the Healdlys would thank you personally if they knew who you were. I used my name and got a beautiful thank you note.

    “Sharing is healing. Talking is healing. Connecting is healing.
    You’re only as sick as your secrets.
    You have a great community here; one to be proud of. This is what a spiritual community is all about – lightening the load for one another.”

    Impressive and so true!

  73. I would be happy to help in the Northwest area. lynnehov@gmail.com I am kind of lax in checking that account but if you’ve read our story from Feb 23, 2011, you know we won’t steal your cash.

  74. My comment wound up under Yvonne’s but was meant for “very under the radar.”

  75. +1, wimpy!

  76. Becoming? *cough*

  77. Too funny, just had the same idea before your reply was activated by the administrator.

  78. Hi, Waking Up. Please write me, as I am keeping track of CoS stats, and they recently removed me from their lists. But I need that promo (especially the mags) to get to their published “Completion Lists”, to keep track of the stats. So I don’t mind taking the promo off your hands. If you write to me at info@scientologymyths.com , we can figure out a game plan. Thanks!

  79. Can someone provide a link to Claire Headley’s blog? Thanks.

  80. Nice comment, “Wimpy”. Your kindness is really showing! I love you.

    I am very grateful for the generosity of so many here in sharing your vast kindness, accomplishment, and integrity. It is humbling and it inspiring in so many ways.

  81. “it is inspiring… ” I meant.

  82. That is funny!

  83. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Love to you Mark and Claire and a good ol’ hug to all my friends out there for joining in the help!

    — Jackson

  84. Congrats, Marc and Claire! Most deserving. And great job, Marty. Celebrations all around!

  85. GOOD ONE ! 🙂 I laughed out loud… definitely one for the Indie history books!

  86. I was only answering the poster’s question. If they want off the church’s mailing list, I don’t know any other way to do it. I feel for their situation as regards potential disconnection from family members, but they can’t have it both ways. It’s a gut check moment that every escapee has to face. I did.

  87. Right on, Margaret. You just killed two birds with one stone.

  88. Cash in hand, to one of the “check cashing” places, from Anonymous donor, send it to Marty, with a note – legal fund, or to the Headley’s, same thing if you prefer. You can even mail it to a friend to mail for you in another state in a self addressed envelope if need be.

  89. no sh!t….. lol

  90. Dammit, Marty, I wasted half a glass of wine spitting it on the screen when I read that. ROFL!


  91. Question With Boldness

    Claire and Marc’s lawsuit had great results. The women at the INT base that get pregnant now are routed out of the SO and paid off. They are not shuttled to Planned Parenthood and put back on post. This is a product of their lawsuit.

    Claire and Marc called POB’s bluff with the help of sooo many people out here. They can now speak out and do not have their hands tied by the C of S. Everyone whom donated to the Headley Family Legal Fund really displayed what good people are made of.

    Just when POB thought he had Marc and Claire in a corner. How could two people whom had only escaped from the Int Base 7 years ago, with two small children pay $43,000 for legal costs? You all showed the world what goodness is! Also, you all gave Marc and Claire a look at how many people care about them and their family.

    Marc and Claire have lead the way with integrity and honesty. The legal process has not been a walk in the park for them. Maybe someday they will tell that story. But they never buckled. Not once!

    My personal opinion is that POB negated a very big factor in this drama. Claire is one of the most honest people that I know. Since I have known her since before she went in the SO, I am qualified to state this fact. She never backed down and only spoke the truth. And it was not easy for her to speak out about such horrible, close to the heart and private experiences. The truth ALWAYS wins.

    A couple of kids that escaped from the Int base with the shirt on their back, got the best of David Miscaivage..

  92. Very nice of Claire to say that, as they said they would. I have no doubt they will keep it in trust, as that is their integrity, but perhaps at least we should tell them to consider it a tip of the Indie hat for all their hard work.

  93. I looked into WordPress support, forums, and plugins.

    This site has the WordPress’ standard search widget. This widget only search the blog-posts content, does not search the comments; and it does not have other search option in its settings. http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/search-widget

    WordPress has a lot (1,000+) of good search plugins.
    I looked at some of them, and they don’t look difficult to install. Unfortunately, I cannot give you tested instruction because I don’t have a WordPress blog.

    WordPress has a search which can be filtered by blog-posts, comments; site, tags, username. http://en.search.wordpress.com

    Goggle can search this site (site:markrathbun.wordpress.com…), and can filter by year, year/month, year/month/day

    My suggestions:

    a) The search widget “Search this site:” title is misleading. Change its title to something like “Search (only blog posts):”

    b) You can take a look at the plugins and see if there is any suitable for you.
    c) If somebody has a WordPress blog, it could look at the plugins, select one (or more for test), test, and write tested instruccions.

    d) The fastest and simplest (maybe temporary) solution: Create an “Advanced search instructions” web page with instructions to search Goggle (filters as mentioned above), and instructions to use the wordpress search (filters as mentioned above). Under the search widget, add a link to this page, titled like “Advanced search instructions”. If you wish, I can write the instructions (for the “Advanced search instructions” web page) and e-mail it to you.

  94. Write on the piece of mail. REFUSED, RETURN TO SENDER!
    Then below or somewhere write,
    I believe this may work for you.

  95. You must put the piece of mail back in your mail box as outgoing mail.

  96. P.S.: It’s not possible to add a Google search box to the site directly. I tried creating a Google Custom Search engine in order to link to it from the WordPress.com blog, but I could not add optional date filters.

  97. Question With Boldness

    Claire’s Blog is here:


    Cindy Plahuta

  98. “Ronnie,
    Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t this get WakingUP declared? ”

    Could be Espiritu, but there is about no other way. I suspect anyone except deer leader understands they have any authority to remove you.

    I did a variation of that, factually worse than that, and even though I am “black listed” now, I’ve lost no friends that I haven;t deleted myself off FB. No more emails. Nice!

  99. Hey Ronnie I answered as well before seeing your response… like minds…

  100. Great – thanks so much! When I googled it, all I could find were the “church’s” hate sites.

  101. Thanks, Karen!

  102. Ask Offs don’t exist anymore, no one mans that hat. Besides, we’ve strayed way off-topic.

  103. I am so happy that the goal was not only reached but surpassed by $5,000!!! It has just been amazing to watch & see the outpour of support & love for Marc, Claire & their children. I am so amazed by the selflessness of others.

  104. Penny, I’ve tried that. It turns out that if it is bulk mail, the Post Office doesn’t actually take it back to the sender; they just trash it. Taking the pre-paid envelopes that come with some promo and using them to send their own promo back to the Church seems to work with some Orgs but not others.

  105. Laughter! 2FF! David has turned into a gummy bear.

  106. I can see it now, , ,
    The wee one – Miscavige, screaming; “You #$%*@$%S!!!, how come you didn’t reg that money from them to me!?!?” “You are ALL in the hole, on RICE and BEANS until I say you can come out!” “You ALL are worthless losers and can’t do ANYTHING right! You worthless @#$%&*(S!!!” “I told you to take ALL of their money!”
    “Marty is going to ruin EVERYTHING!” “Get that ass**** MOXON on the line NOW!” “I have to fix EVERYTHING!” “@#$%^&$#@!!!!!”

    Meanwhile, on a much more loving bridge, the Independents move on up a little higher – and the clock makes it’s familiar ‘tick,,,tock,,,tick…

  107. That was such a great thing for everyone to do. Just amazing! I am happy that Marc and Claire got this support!

    I think a note to RTC letting them know that the Indie’s helped Marc and Claire with their expenses and support them completely. Should cause a little sipping and slapping from Slappy McSavage!

  108. Penny: That was a very nice posting and the VV is a good group of people. To think that you report the crimes of David Miscavige and his regime and expose it and then help people harmed – is really a kind act and appreicated by anyone out of Scientology. Thank you.

  109. Send a letter certified asking them to remove you from the mailing list. Copy the attorney general of the state you live in, the state of California. Also put in your letter that if you receive any more mail you will consider it harassment and will pursue legal means to stop them. You can file complaints against the BBB and Attorney General online. You can also register online with the local recorder of deeds online.

    Or you can move and do not fill out a post office card – notify all of your contacts of your upcoming move – and don’t notify the Co$ of your new address. Tell them you are moving in writing and then make get a PO Box # from the local post office but do not open one – just borrow the number like PO Box 3942 Los Angeles CA etc. give that to them. When they send mail to the post office – it will get returned to them. Keep your address and phone number unlisted. They will remove you. Thousands of people have done it and been successful.

    Good luck!

  110. Anon-onyourside

    Without causing a stir (there are laws requiring them to stop sending you email if you request it), the easiest thing to do is get a new email address and over time notify friends, businesses, etc. of your new address. Then shut down the old email. Hope this helps.

  111. I once got a KR that my daughter only had oranges to eat. OMG this was a friend. It they thought my kids were starving they should get the kids some food and water & then write the KR… I guess this was an omen.

  112. Davy-Boy: So who’s really “Dauntless, Defiant, and Resolute?”

    BTW, Marc’s book also happens to be a great love story. It should be a movie on that aspect alone!

    I’m so happy to see Marc and Claire and their kids doing well.

  113. Anon-onyourside

    “Claire and Marc’s lawsuit had great results. The women at the INT base that get pregnant now are routed out of the SO and paid off. They are not shuttled to Planned Parenthood and put back on post. This is a product of their lawsuit.”. Thank you Claire and Marc, many lives have been and will be saved because of you. Forced abortions are the secret hallmark of many organizations that have devolved into personality cults around a grandiose individual who cannot allow any distraction from the money making to sustain his lifestyle and self-delusions. (By the way, laws have been passed in some states making the forcing of abortion (usually by parent or abusive husband or boyfriend) a crime.)

    What is striking about the independent Scientology movement, from my perspective (not being a Scientologist) is how much you are helping each other to heal. This healing process is beautiful, and is not found on other blogs where survivors from other cults gather.

  114. I am deeply touched by the caring support shown to the Headleys. Thank you.

  115. Thanks Marty. I can’t think of a better cause for that money.

  116. Tory Christman

    Oh baby! What a perfect image to keep a smile on my face.
    First off, my total thanks to all of you (and everyone not here who helped, also) in completing the Headley’s Legal bills. THANK YOU ALL!
    What a joy to see people from all different “groups” so to speak, come together for a VERY worthy cause. I think more than anything…that’s gotta piss “Dave” off, as his #1 action is always “Divide and Conquer” and he TOTALLY and UTTERLY failed on this one. Congrats and Love, Tory/Magoo~~Your local, friendly SP 🙂

  117. Martin Padfield

    That really indicates to me too – the difference between the care and compassion “out here” vs the total disregard for individuals well being in the cult. Indies anons f/zers exes can all accept idealogical differences when one needs help. I don’t happen to agree with Marc about the tech but I would choose to stand next to him in the trenches over any “OT” still in the cult any day.

  118. I am so proud to have participated, and so proud to be in comm with others that are willing and able to help. The Headley’s are inspirational in taking their stand against the insanity that has become the Co$.

    What is so awesome, is not just the number of people that pitched in to help in record time, but it was left to the individuals own self determinism. No threats, duress, fear of loss, etc., were used to pull it off. Truly amazing, and super theta!… All of the things that Scientology was supposed to be about.

    This situation is a testament of how Scientology could expand on its own if it just returned to focus on improving the individual and improving the conditions of society. People want to be a part of theta things. People want to help and do the right thing, and would participate on their own determinism, if given the opportunity to do so. Their is no need to force participation, and to force one to participate in a manner that crashes their dynamics. It just shows the other-intentionness that exists within the Co$ regging scheme.

    I just wonder where Scientology would be if it were truly about Scientology and not about Dave? It’s so sad to me that people associate Scientology with Dave and his behavior, and as a result, never reach for the tech that could really help them. Truly suppressive IMHO.

    Sorry for the Case on Post….

  119. Roger from Switzerland Thought
  120. I received an email from Bridge on 11 September – the Subject “Wendy, update on game – are you still in?” According to this email (if it is for real) Bridge publications started a game on the 7th of September (the Headley Fund started on the day before on the 6th) wherein you could donate 5, or 10 or 25 dollars online for the “International Library Campaign”. I thought it odd that within 24 hours of the Headleys starting their “gofund” website, that the CoS, picked up on this, probably saw the success and started their own donations. Wow, that’s power for the Headleys – the CofS is copying them!

    Also interesting is that the group being invited to donate to the Internatinal Library Campaign are all those on the LRH Quote of the week newsletter service, which has apparently “peaked out at just over 83,000 people across the planet”. Well, if there are 1, or 2 or 5 or 10 million Scns, I would have thought that stat should be in the millions or at least the hundreds of thousands. Its quite telling in itself.

    Also interesting that the email was a nudge on an earlier email that I had not received. They are keeping tabs on who responds or doesn’t. That brings me back to the title of the email “are you still in?” – what does that mean?

    They also said they wanted to wrap up the cycle “by the weekend and then send out a final announcement and acknowledgement on what we accomplished.” The ‘weekend” has come and gone and no announcement yet.

    Then I received some promo in the mail this week regarding this international library campaign with pictures of SO in a production line packing new boxes of books to go to libraries. So they have already decided for the public that these books will be delivered – the public just has to pay for it. Don’t worry about the decision on that – taken care of! Just pay.The CoS makes it easy for you. You don’t have to think, decide or even remember to pay. (You can put donations ot the IAS on a debit order.). Just pay.

    The Headleys asked but once. The donations flooded in – given from the heart. No crush reg. No-one making a decision for the donors. There was love and light hearted fun on the tags – I laughed out loud a few times – we were acknowledged with updates from the Headleys, we got individual thank you emails from them, they asked for less than they needed and are taking responsibility themselves for the rest, they give to others to help. The whole cycle was a pleasure!

  121. International Association of Independent Scientologists = I AS-IS

  122. Win! David has become the Goliath, but the Indies will keep hammering away to dwarf that extremely malicious being.

  123. I am so far behind! I just finished the three-part Claudio video at Dror Center. It was just great!

    I’m so proud to have contributed to the Headley fund and proud to be among others who did the same. I couldn’t stand the mention of selling the the swing set of the children.

    A sippy cup was recommended long ago for anyone who has a tendency to spew liquid on the keyboard while reading the blog. I believe it’s time for a reminder.

    Now back to the Alaska folks blog topic. Rachel

  124. Cece Kruchko Smith

    Thank you for that acknowledgement Anon..
    Marty is using Scientology to heal. He is a counselor. He knows the truth will bring peace.
    He also knows that to truly free another – you simply let them have the freedom to know.
    So he has this blog and we can all know as we see fit.
    See most of us have experianced very deap stiritual awakenings from the works of LRH. And when that ‘line’ gets threatened – like when it seems that it will be taken away – it’s heartbreaking. Or purpose breaking. Like having a barge pulling a mile of logs in your way.
    I didn’t want Scientology for myself only – I (we) want it for all mankind (kids, family, spouse, friends, everyone.) Seems one can not go up by himself. If one is truly going ‘up’ he wants to bring his friends with him ’cause its a wounderful place to be with friends. And that is a good thing. Thanks again Cece

  125. Thanks everyone, these are all good ideas…. some a little more “under the radar” than others. I don’t think I’ll make a direct connection between me and this blog (just yet), but I will step it up and send a certified letter cc’ing the attorney general and the others suggested. Don’t laugh, but I will try to keep it high ARC whilst getting my point across.
    For the record, it is all snail mail that I am receiving…. no email. I have successfully changed my telephone number and my email address so they no longer have access to that. But SOMEHOW (who knows how) they got my new mailing address when I moved. I made it clear to my local org that I did not want mail, but the big churches just won’t get the point. Last guy I talked to told me there was no way to just delete the address…. and to add insult to injury, right after I requested to be OFF the list, I received a parcel with the full Basics DVDs, an intro to Scientology (like this would “handle me” – ha!) and a condescending letter saying “Thank you for speaking with me today…. blah blah blah”…. what a comedy of errors. These guys are so out of touch with reality, it’s ridiculous.

  126. blissfulldreams

    it was overwhelming and awe inspiring to watch as the fund grew hourly, we all read about and viewed the debbie cook trial and whilst Kodos to her for the email and winning it was quite disappointing that she took the money and run. in marc and claire’s case they held on to their principals, honour and self respect it was a worth while cause to donate to nobody should be forced in the name of greed or abuse to lose those.

    congratulations, kudos, pat’s on the back to all who supported, donated to them

    vv reader

  127. Well, that didn’t go well. Just got off the phone with the mail department at Flag, the one that is supposedly in charge of all mail for the CoS, and no product was attained. In fact, I was told there is “no way to delete a name from the mailing list”… a fact I find hard to believe. I asked to be put on the NO MAIL list then, and the guy actually laughed at me. He told me I didn’t sound like an SP – I told him to let me keep talking and maybe I would.
    All in all, no product attained.
    I filed a complaint with the USPS and will send a letter to the CoS along with a cc to the attorney general, etc. Funny to think that this is what get me my final declare out of this church – asking to get off the mailing list!?! Ronnie Bell, I am beginning to think you’re on to something.
    I will also refuse all future mail.
    The part the gets me is that they KNOW this is harassment. They KNOW I don’t want the mail, and it’s a waste of money, time and energy. Too bad I can’t talk sense into any of them. It’s a losing battle. Waaaaah… (jk)

  128. It is one of those search plugins I mentioned in my above comment.

  129. After getting divorced I finally got my ex off the list by writing “deceased” and returning it. Took awhile, but it worked.

  130. CeCe,
    Do I know you? Did you audit me at the AOLA? If yes, I asked for you for two years after you were gone.

  131. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wendy, thanks for sharing. Yup, “the PR machine” grinds onward, relentlessly. MEST is, after all —just MEST! ( AND messed!!!) as MESTcavige!

    All so messy, I’m afraid, since li’ll davey began his
    messing up of the Scn playground, some 35 years
    ago. Oh, and now look what he’s gone & done!
    He’s gone and smeared all the shitty contents of
    his smelly nappy all over his face, for all to see!

    Not to mention the foul odour, that is spreading
    the most nauseating stench around his own
    stomping ground. For Gawd’s sake, will the li’ll
    brat EVER grow up?

    If he’s not pouring forth his screaming tantrums
    and excreta all over those still in his midst, he’s
    then kicking, punching, spitting and expleting
    his insatiable demands,into the shins of anyone nearby, in order to be recognized as the most influential “savior” ever, after his 1.1 deposing
    of LRH from that “perceived” role, 30 years ago!

    Narcissism has no limits to this li’ll brat’s insane
    dramatizations, in addition to his “turnTheta into
    MEST” obsessions, i’m sad to say! Oh, how very
    different, things could have turned out, had we
    “made a plan” to give him a “bloody good hiding”
    while we still could, all those years ago! It’s clear
    he was never given the opportunity to learn
    some respect, from those who may have been
    in a position to give him “the klap” (solid comm)
    that was so “SORELY” needed, so long ago!


  132. Tory Christman

    PJ the money is NOT the issue here. Davey boy’s #1 “tool” Is “Divide and Conquer”. He was rolling on that, for some time. Then we had the “Dublin SP Convention, and for the 1st time that any of us knew, we ALL came together: SPs, Critics, Anonymous and an Indie! (Sam D) 🙂 We all felt the amazing connection we had, together. This follows it up, again with people from Ex’s to Critics (never “in”—but fighting C of S’s abuses, for anyone new), Anonymous AND Indies! This rocked the boats–and ol Dave has to be having a major melt down. He lost BIG TIME. This is an EPIC WIN for us, and EPIC FAIL FOR “DAVE”. 🙂

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