Wolfgang Keller – Class VIII

Hello Friends!

Here I am! I know and I apologize; I know I should have informed you much earlier about my whereabouts and future plans!

Eight months ago, I realized that I could no longer continue to support the out-tech and off-policy actions of the “Church of Scientology.” I have been working since to create an independent practice where I can deliver standard tech as LRH intended it to be delivered.

This has been an interesting, but likewise challenging time for me. It all started with my finally awakening and confronting of our situation with the Church of Scientology. And I am saying “our” on purpose because it is not, as I had been thinking for over five years, it is not only my own dilemma. My previous self-centeredness may serve as an excuse for not having stood up much earlier. Because of my realization, however, that I was misled in observing an appearance, rather than the reality, I now decided to act in a decisive manner.

My introduction to Scientology

It was Easter 1969 in New York City when I was introduced to Scientology; yes, John McMasters and Mario Feninger were present, and I immediately became an enthusiastic follower.

Since I couldn’t find any organization or mission in Pittsburgh, PA where I then lived, I changed my employer and moved to New York City – but that’s another story that I should write about on my own blog – and I moved up to the state of Clear and beyond to OT III.

When I look back, this era still represents one of my most exciting journeys with previously never experienced adventures and inroads into a terra incognita, the territories of my mind, or in a much broader aspect, the territories of the human mind.

One thing is true for sure: All of us share a common something that has, depending on one’s orientation, different names, such as the original sin, the monkey or, as Hubbard coined it, the reactive mind. It has actually nothing to do with you and me, however, it has become part and parcel of a package that all of us are carrying and that, to our detriment, unites all human beings on our planet in a very arbitrary and peculiar way.

Again, this is something completely outside the scope of my announcement.- Let me come back to what I wanted to talk about: The reason for this post!

Becoming an Auditor

I would like to give a very brief overview of the years following my exciting discoveries. After completing OT IIII, I envisioned a more important role for my life than to be working as an engineer, even though I loved my profession and had invested years of studying to acquire a masters and a doctors degree in engineering. Nevertheless, I was determined to become an auditor and help others to experience similar gains that I had received.

From 1974 to 1977, I went to Denmark where, at the Advanced Organization St. Hill, I completed my first auditor training and internships up to Class VIII. Later I redid my Class VI internship and the new NED course with internship at Flag and audited until 1980 at Flag’s Case Cracker Unit. With further tech developments I studied the Snr Sec Checker and FPRD courses with internships, did the GAT Pro TRs and Metering Courses at Flag and advanced up to OT VII.  In 2009, I enjoyed being a new GAT Class VI Internship graduate at ASHO of Los Angeles.

By now, for almost 25 years, my goals that I pursued with my field auditing group, the ARC Team, were:

• To provide a safe and undisturbed place where people find time for themselves,

• To guide those interested with the techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard to achieve more spiritual awareness, more independence and more success in life,

• To deliver the lower Bridge from Life Repair up to Clear, and to have my pre-Clears well prepared for their further travel towards OT at an advanced Scientology organization,

• To provide a place where basic courses are available under standard course supervision,

• To be dedicated to deliver Hubbard’s technologies in the most standard way achievable. For this reason, all members of the ARC Team are not only highly trained interned auditors (from Class V graduate up to Class VIII), but also well advanced on the right side of the Bridge (OT III up to OT VIII).

None of this has changed!

What has changed

While our ARC Team has remained a safe place to spiritually advance and to enjoy the many wins possible, I had to confront the ugly truth that there no longer exists an organization within the “Church of Scientology” that I could trust to lead my pre-Clears further towards OT!

I had to confront the ugly truth that the organizations of the “Church of Scientology” had changed. These institutions had come to treat my Pre-Clears, not too different from the screening at the airports, with suspicion. They had to undergo strenuous and costly security checks and had to prove their good intentions by more and more generous donations, not just for their services. Those surprises that acted as major distractions from their envisioned goals, my pre-Clears had not been prepared for.

More and more they became inclined to believe that they had come to help the organizations rather than be serviced by them. When those observations already created great concern, much worse was my discovery of the ongoing alterations of LRH’s tech particularly in regards to auditing which made it harder and harder not only to become trained, but to advance towards OT. For specific details, please resort to my blog:


The solution to the dilemma

For quite some time I was stuck with a great dilemma! I had been stuck and I was therefore willing to compromise in many respects, as long as I thought that our Bridge was solely available in the “Church of Scientology.”

To my greatest relief, however, I found out that LRH’s precious legacy had been preserved outside the parameters of the official organizations. It had not only survived, but it is in full blossom!

My last hesitations were blown away! There is a Bridge! And it is accessible! And it can be traveled because it is on source! Additionally, it offers a safer passage than the one under the control of those who pride themselves as being the guardians of Keeping Scientology Working!

Without further uncertainty, I have decided to part with the Church of Scientology!

The future

As a member of the independent Scientology community I am offering now my services as an experienced Class VIII auditor!

With great ARC,

Wolfgang Keller, Class VIII auditor


Wolfgang’s Questions to RTC

214 responses to “Wolfgang Keller – Class VIII

  1. Wonderful, Wolfgang! This is another good day outside of the crazy Church.

  2. Putting money first will be known as the downfall of the C of $
    Excellent report , great service to Humanity

  3. Hi Wolfgang! I just went through your questions to RTC. This is an astounding technical trip through the squirelled mess that has become RTC and the “CHURCH”. I have honestly never seen such a comprehensive dismantling of the black dianetics “church” than this, absolutely stripped bare point by technical point. Every auditor and anyone professing to be “on source” should read this.

    I wish you and your group every success in the furure! Fantastic!


  4. Welcome Wolfang Keller, that is some write-up, well done! read your link to your blog and it is outstanding, covering all points well. You put a lot of time and energy into it because it shows. I am happy you are out into the free world of Scientology. Much happiness, love and prosperity to you.

  5. That’s great Wolfgang! Welcome and I am sure you will do great as a Field auditor!!
    One question I have is how did you cope with allt he three swing f/n stuff while doing your “GAT” training? Or , do you feel that the three swing f/n training is correct? Just curious.

  6. Für meine deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft habe ich meine übersetzten Bekanntmachungen auf folgenden Websiten veröffentlicht.
    (For my German speaking community, I have posted my translations under)

    and http:diephoenixquelle.wordpress.com


  7. hi there.i have a link from youtube saying that marky rathbun a violent person. http://whoismartyrathbun.com.

    Is this a smear campaign.

  8. Thank you so much for your declaration of independence.
    It is beautifully done and I am sure it will help many others out of the darkness.

  9. Fantastic news, Wolfgang! Will your whole ARC Team be joining you in independence?

  10. one of those who see

    Hi Wolfgang! What wonderful news to wake up to!!! Welcome!! Thank you for the work you did to become a Class VIII Auditor and for now getting back in the chair. Can you feel it people? World is moving up a little higher!

  11. Wolfgang – Welcome! You show the constant purpose to help others, to audit, to duplicate what LRH wrote and apply it correctly. Thank you for what you have done. So many long time Class VIII, Class VI, FEBC, and other highly trained people here in the Independent Scientology field demonstrates that it is not the blind or out-ethics that are here. It is those that woke up, said WTF, and had the courage to move on down the line.

    All who travel the road to awareness and truth for them, if they but confront what they truly observe to be in front of them in their interaction with the current RCS, RTC, etc; will at some time find their group here in the Independent Field. Only the unthinking, unknowing and those who have invalidated in innate ability to perceive and know truth shall remain within the shell game. This is the future for free beings who live life on all dynamics and want to help make life better for all.

    Just as you have successfully created and operated field groups in the past I look forward to your continued success here.

  12. “To my greatest relief, however, I found out that LRH’s precious legacy had been preserved outside the parameters of the official organizations. It had not only survived, but it is in full blossom!”

    The ongoing exodus from the CO$ by people like yourself with decades of valuable experience is ensuring your statement is true.

  13. Wofgang!!
    Here you are in all your glory. Wonderful to read your post. What a grand start to my day. You know already that you have a place to stay should your physical universe travels land you in Phoenix. Very well done and welcome to the real Scientology world where freedom exists and can be further explored.

  14. Wolfgang, congratulations and a superb write-up. Good luck on all your endeavors and if you ever need anything you know where to come.

    ML Tom

  15. Hello Wolfgang. Welcome.
    Hello Tipping point.

  16. Sabine Waterkamp

    Hello Wolfgang!
    Yes, you made it! I know how much you fought and how much you lost… But you came out the “right” end. I am happy to see you joining the Independent field and doing what you love. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that we can work together at some point of time. I am sure the rest of your ARC Team will come around too, there is no other choice…

  17. Corinna Neuschitzer

    Lieber Wolfgang Keller, Du hast mich erfolgreich 1973 /4 in der Münchner Org – Lindwurmstr. auditiert ! Jetzt bin ich auf OT4 nach sehr langer Pause und es geht mir sehr gut bei der Ronsorg in München !
    Liebe Grüße, Corinna ( Kaiser )

  18. Declared but happy

    Great to have you here and to hear about you. I remembered you in ASHO. Your daughters were training in our academy. Are they also independent ?
    Good job. Are you still in the US or in Europe. I moved back in EU. I will send you an email seperately.

  19. VVWD Wolfgang !! What a week so far, two CLVIII’s, and a CLIV Crs Sup, and that’s only what we know about!!

    Miscavige must be having scotch for breakfast by now.

  20. Hi Wolfgang!
    Thank goodness I don’t have to withhold your name anymore.
    Great write up. I agree with you on Jim Logan’s input. The guy is a tech genius with an excellent grasp of the data series.

    One thing that amazes me is how you can point out obvious tech and policy violations to people “inside” and they will absolutely refuse to actually LOOK at the source reference. One guy said to me, “I’m not looking at your policy letter.” As if I, myself somehow snuck HCOPL 12 March 1975, Data Series 40, THE IDEAL ORG, into the OEC volumes. And if they do somehow happen to read it, they justify the out-points with some obscure, disrelated sentence which, in context, has nothing to do with the original reference.

    They have twisted themselves into such an A=A=A that I don’t see how they can possibly get out.

    At this juncture one has to make a choice: One is either with LRH and his goals of improved conditions; or one is with david miscavige and his goal of domination.

    Well done on joining freedom.


  21. Declared but happy

    Just read this on your blog. This is great… thank you for your job and analysis :

  22. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Congratulations, Wolfgang, excellent writeup and great outlook for the future. The independent field has and will have ever more places, where Scientology is practiced to the benefit of of the individual and not for the purpose of extracting maximum amounts of money, as it is done in the COS.

    A place where people go free and the courserooms are full with cheers. I am looking forward to work with you.

  23. Well done Wolfgang.

    For your info, I’ve done a similar research cycle on NED for OTs, in terms of what LRH’s NOTs are and what David Miscavige has done to completely alter that tech. For obvious reasons I didn’t write an article on it for Steve Hall’s website.

    I have taken the original Co-audit checksheet that was used to train the first NOTs auditors, and applying A Talk on a Basic Qual from my hat as Cramming Officer (yes Dave, you dick, that tape refers to cramming and drills, not the Acad levels) simply re-arranged the checksheet so that the key data are drilled, and the gradient is in for a grasp of the actual LRH materials.

    I went over this material extensively with Mike Rinder, who was in the position of not only being complete on audited NOTs, but also was a key terminal in the original David Mayo trial and from that position had himself gone over the original LRH NOTs materials, all submissions by Mr. Mayo, and with Melanie Murray’s input into the compilations, and seen the full folders with any LRH approvals and/or fixes to be made and the subsequent approvals. The extant pack , that my checksheet is using, IS LRH, compiled by Mr. Mayo.

    The sequential numbering of the NOTs pack does not mean they are written as a checksheet, or to be studied in that sequence per se. That’s why the checksheet, the Independent Scientology checksheet, is important for a more appropriate sequence of study of the pack, as well as the demos, drills etc., that give one a skill at the end of the course.

    For any who have experienced the Dave Tech ™ version of NED for OTs, you will marvel at the fact that what L. Ron Hubbard terms the “best”, the “ideal” method of running NOTs was CANCELLED by David Miscavige.

    Here’s to a rehabbed field with another Class VIII set to deliver real Scientology 🙂


  24. Welcome Wolfgang and thanks for speaking out.

  25. TroubleShooter

    Wolfgang, This is a good day to learn that another tech terminal stands up and says NO MORE!!! It’s made my day!!!

    Gayle Smith

  26. I finished reading your blog and I recommend it to all whether in or out of “Scientology” or not. The way you did the non-verbal structure leaves no doubt how to track down the truth. Welcome I hope you put together your ARC group and wish you prosperity. ARC Bill

  27. I have a similar experience. I know a veteran scientologist in good standing with the CoS. He is trying to get me back in the CoS, and I am trying to talk about all the outpoints in the CoS. He just does not believe it. Everything David Miscavige says is the truth, everything else is entheta. Did David Miscavige hypnotize him?

    I could possibly push more, with a gradient, but he has several members of his family in the Sea Org. If I was successful, I would break a family. Eventually I abandoned the idea of trying to convince him.

  28. Path of Buddha

    I like your style. I shall remember your name. There is someone I know
    who could use your services.

    George M. White

  29. Dear Wolgang
    Gosh Hallo long time !! There you suddenly annouce yourself Its lovely to know your ok and the write up is remarkable, you just need to recall a DP working with Marie Passmore as Senior CS AOSHDK when you were around and married to Ingrid, that DP then was was a lady known as Maria/
    I would like to email you and the one listed asumming is that I can yes?
    Regards Hadley

  30. Herzlichen Wilkommen, mein Freund!

  31. This is exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. The floodgates are open. We are passing the typing point in recent weeks. I don’t know if the CoS will ever reform. But as of now I feel quite confident that the movement is under way. If they do not, there will be no stopping their decline. But that also means there will be no stopping the expansion of the Free and Independent Scientology movements.

    The future of Scientology is one that will include much freedom. And that is exactly where it should be!

  32. Wonderful to read this.

    I know what you had to go through to get to this point, but you did blow through all of it and here you are!

    Another competent tech terminal to deliver a Standard Bridge free from the interference of the church.

    Very Well Done!



  33. Wolfgang: Congratulations and a hearty welcome to the world of REAL Scientology.

  34. Adore the photo. So inviting ! Another auditor free 🙂

  35. Hi Wolfgang,
    And I am so glad to see that it is on http://www.dertreffpunkt.wordpress.com
    as well.

  36. OMG, are you the Corinna who had/has red hair?
    Your image just flashed up….
    Get in touch, will ya?
    Greta (Eckhoff) Alexander

  37. Thank you Wolfgang for becoming an auditor and for all that you do for others. Thank you for making the world a better place for me. Thanks for keeping the porch light on.

  38. George original

    my wife received auditing from Ingrid. She told me this had been the best ever auditing she did get.
    In order to avoid legal battles you should update your web page „www.arcteam.com“ very fast.
    Especially the trademark information.

  39. Hello Wolfgang,
    Being a lucky one to get a ‘preview’ from one of your friends yesterday I definitely recognize you from Munich in the good old times at the Lindwurmstrasse in Munich. I was probably the Upper Indoc Sup then.

    Absolutely awesome to see you out here in the light with a highly impressive homework done and the additional ammunition will help to crumble Davey’s ‘kingdom’, er, ‘terror nest’.
    More by email.
    Greta (Eckhoff) Alexander

  40. Hello Wolfgang! You look like SUCH a nice person – I am glad that you have cast off the shackles and bravely spoken out; that must have been an enormous and very courageous step. I wish you many, MANY, happy times ahead in a bright and vibrant future. xxx

    And – on a more general note – BLIMEY!!! – I go away for my first-ever holiday since 2007 (and the first without my late, beloved, Jasper) and the sh*t hits the fan big-time!!!! Proof, not that it was ever needed, of why Mr. Rathbun and the increasing (yay 🙂 !) numbers of his ilk are completely justified.

    With every good wish to you all,
    IEG xx

  41. Wolfgang has gently omitted some of the actual thuggery and destruction by Scientology Inc behind the scenes.
    He was summoned to Flag and paid $100,000 in sec checking and endured $100,000 worth of hard core sec checks for his “disaffection.”
    His wife of 40 years and his 2 kids “knowledge reported” him or in some way worked with the “Church” against him
    That’s right, own family members turned against the father of the family in cahoots with the “Church.”
    Wolfgang has been auditing almost 40 years in the Church but it was thuggery all the way.
    He was just about kicked out of his own home.
    The way the “Church” turned his family against him is the hallmark of Scientology Inc.’s relentless intention to destroy the bond of family.
    Business as usual.

  42. Welcome Wolfgang Keller,
    what a stellar name on Marty´s blog.

    V*V*V*V*W*D on you coming out.

    I think you don’t know me, but as a former Munich Org Staff (1992-1994) I have heard a LOT about you and your successful group then there.

    I wish you a lot of success; flourish and prosper.

    Another “BREAK” IN THE WALL of Dave ……..

    ML / Viele Grüsse,

  43. Same Wolfgang in which Alien cat burned down house????

  44. Hi Wolfgang, wonderful write up and it does the heart good to know such dedication to standard tech is alive and well.

  45. Well…Mr. Logan…since I’m only a few months away from embarking on my own class IX training, I would be very interested in your data if you are interested in sharing???????

  46. Great to have you here Wolfgang where real Scientology prospers.

  47. Thanks, for your acknowledgement.

  48. I totally agree, people need to be put first!

  49. Thank you very much for your comment and good wishes. After having spotted the outpoints it’s our job now to deliver LRH’s tech correctly.

  50. Thank you very much! I am glad that I have joined the free world of Scientology and I am sure your good wishes will come true.

  51. That’s it “one is either with LRH and his goals of improved conditions; or one is with David Miscavige and his goal of domination”. It’s amazing how many are turning a blind eye – and don’t seem to care!! Love it, another Class VIII! Love the dragonslayers!!

  52. Whoops, dragonpapers.

  53. Gerhard and Sabine, (especially Gerhard) has to be given a lot of credit for being a stable friend for Wolfgang through it all, giving information, guidance and support.

  54. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Hello Wolfgang. Welcome to the party 🙂 x

  55. Thanks for the welcome! The “Three Swing F/N” is a term that officially does not exist, but has gained importance in the course room. It’s an arbitrary and someone’s misunderstood and makes training and auditing under certain conditions more difficult.
    LRH never mentioned any specific number of swings for a needle in order to be classified as an F/N. Regarding the subject there are many LRH references, some of which I quoted in my write-up.
    My reality is that any auditor must learn to perceive what is happening with his PC rather than to stare at a meter and count the number of needle swings. He must simply know what an F/N is; otherwise he and his PCs will be in trouble.

  56. Thank you Greta. We will be in touch.

  57. Thank you, you are welcome. It is important that every one of us who has been willing to confront the outpoints practiced within “Church of Scientology” makes his concerns broadly known to help those still wavering make up their minds.

  58. My friend Les, without any question I be sharing. Especially with you 🙂

    Send me a mail at the addy above and I’ll get you the full pack and checksheet for your course.


    P.S. Well done on the original OT IV mate. That is so good to know that this vital VIII tech and valid Level is back where it should be.

  59. Thank you Ronnie, and thank you for your own write-up that contributed to my search. The ARC Team, unfortunately, is not ready…yet to follow me. I have resumed my auditing activities at a new location in Texas and am presently delivering the lower Bridge up to Clear in English and in German. A group of other Scientologsits and I are in the process of establishing a new independent Scientology center that will eventually deliver the full Bridge.

  60. You are correct! We are moving in the right direction!

  61. Bravo Wolfgang! Your initial apology is, however, unwarranted, i.e. all you’ve done and continue to do. Yes, you are a brilliant engineer.

    You are another Hero. Thank you for standing up and sounding off. My best wishes to you and all your intentions!

    (Side note: It sucks to be a little sawed-off, malevolent and evil-intended pygmy lunatic, doesn’t it Derision Miscarriage?)

  62. Karen,
    I am sorry to hear that Wolfgang had to go through that sort of wrenching ARC break with his family. I understand, as do you, what this means and how difficult it truly is to endure.

    It was this heartless, cold, cruelty at the hands of David Miscavige’s group that brought the difference between what he sees and what Scientology actually is into stark, clear and irrefutable relief.

    As difficult as it must be for Wolfgang, please persist with your integrity intact. In the longer run, the forward look, you will be whole, and you need to be to deal with those broken now within Miscavige’s dark sphere.

  63. Theo Sismanides

    This is really a tipping point. With so many good and effective people and with people like you Wolfgang, suppression has no chance. I am so happy and proud to have read your write up, seen your blog which is fantastic and more theta spreads around. This is great. A bit, warm welcome to a dedicated Scientologist and Class VIII auditor.

  64. Wow wow wow.
    Viele wertvolle Einsichten.
    Danke schön und alles Liebe!

  65. Wolfgang, so great to have you! Make sure you and your team joins the Indie 500 asap. I hope you will rapidly get organized and take even greater responsibility by delivering the OT levels standardly to people as soon as possible. The Church has abandoned the hat of training auditors and moving people up the Bridge to OT and the world desperately needs us to step up to the plate and see to delivery while keeping alive the tradition of Standard Tech. Orgs, AOs and Flag have all been converted into off-purpose implant centers delivering out tech and Reverse Scientology exclusively.

  66. Thanks for welcoming me. We will win!

  67. Tony, he covered that thoroughly with the proper LRH references in the article on his blog which he linked.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  68. Thanks! Yes, I feel it, too. We are moving up, up, up!

  69. There is so much verbal tech at Flag that people in it don’t notice for some reason. It’s like hiding a tree in the forest I guess.

    At one point my twin and I on the Flag Metering course got into an argument with one course supervisor because her verbal tech was different than another sup. I also enjoyed long pink sheets on phonetics, rhythm and other stuff given repeatedly until one “cognites” that an instant read is within the last syllable of the question and an FN has three swings.

    Sups were “demonstrating” to students on the metering course (in 2000 when I was there) what an instant read was by holding up a pencil and asking “OK- where is the end of the pencil?”. (Student looks confused so sup points to the eraser and says “yes, it’s the eraser!”.)
    I’m not sure where that came from, but they seemed very certain in it as a handling for students confused by the squirell E-Meter Reads films.

    Flag was such a insane and entheta envirement, I still think of it every couple days. It makes me wish I had gotten into Scientology sooner before Miscavige.

  70. So very well done, Wolfgang! We enjoyed assisting your passage through the Texas segment of the Underground Railroad. Do well !!!

  71. Thank you. I totally agree. At the same time I feel compassion for those who have their eyes blinded and ears turned deaf and who with earnest dedication are giving their best. Among them are my many SO friends at ASHO, AOLA, Flag and most of all, my beloved family.

  72. Oh yes, it’s true! We make it true! The responsibility lies with us!

  73. Thank you so much, I value your friendship and support. No question, I love to travel and will take you up on your invitation.

  74. That is great! I especially value your comment since I know you not only as a great Scientologist, but also as an accomplished writer.

  75. Hurrah, let’s have that as a strong postulate!

  76. Thank you. Yes, I appreciate your ongoing support and help during my days of thunderstorms! I’d love to work together and it is my greatest wish to have my ARC Team and my family back, joining me in freedom, in the world of free Scientology!

  77. Das ist toll, von Dir zu hören. Natürlich erinnere ich mich! Ich finde es toll, dass Du auf OT 4 bist! Du musst mir unbedingt mehr über Ron’s Org in München schreiben!

  78. Ja danke. Aber wer ist SKM? Doch wohl nicht Scientology Kirche München

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  80. Hi Chris,
    I too went through the torture of M-9’s and other word clearing punishments until I had the right “cognition”.. Education through duress.

  81. Thanks for your comment. My daughters are still playing ostrich. Some day the sand might get too hot and they will see that there is more to Scientology than to bury their heads!

  82. Yes, I agree – our week had a great start. And thanks to all the busy bloggers and commentators! Let’s continue trailblazing!

  83. The only explanation I have is that people have been either driven out of valence or got restimulated into an old implant. Under those conditions, it is impossible to expect any sane response – the present reality simply doesn’t exist for them! They need correct processing to become unstuck or feel safe enough to return to being themselves.

  84. I totally agree, would mean total ARC, which would mean, total understanding. Ditto.

  85. That’s a good name to have – it expresses my own experiences! Thanks for your ack.

  86. Thanks and yes, let’s work together! I’d also like to acknowledge you for our blood pressure raising discussions while I was sorting through some mess. Can you help to find the article on the Super Power Project Fraud? Maybe you know where it is and can re-post it here!

  87. The problem is David Miscavige is a sociopath just doing what sociopaths do. You’ve got to read “The Sociopath Next Door” asap. It explains a lot.

  88. Hi, we have been in comm before and I have credited you for your diligent work on F/Ns as well as on the use of buttons. Now you are making me extremely curious in regards to NOTs. There is such a high demand for that; I would like to get directly in contact with you regarding them.

  89. Chris: Has HCOB 25 OCT 1962 E-METER INSTANT READS been changed ?

    “We want the read that occurs instantly after the last syllable of the major thought without lag. That is the only read we regard in finding a rudiment in or out, to find if a goal reacts, etc. That is what is called an “instant read”.”

    My electronic copy clearly says “after”, not “during”. WTF is wrong with these people ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  90. Sure, it’s not only necessary, but it feels good to do so! Thank you.

  91. Thanks, I am very happy to be so warmly welcomed by all of you.

  92. Thanks. Yes, please spread the word as far and to as many as you can! To not be confused with my previous group, the ARC Team, I do have to choose another name, though. Any suggestions?

  93. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  94. Thanks for you acknowledgement. Please spread the word, I am ready to deliver – and by the way, I will travel as well if needed.

  95. I think you are thinking of Marky Mark

  96. Ouch! Please send me an email and disclose your previous name because on the spot I don’t remember a Maria as D of P – I remember a Maria as my reg..And naturally, Marie Passmore! She was one of the very best C/Ss who ever trained and guided me as an auditor.

  97. Besten Dank! Lass mich mehr von Dir hören und sag mir, wer und wo Du bist!

  98. Thank you and thank you for your warm reception while I was still searching.

  99. Thank you! It feels good to be welcomed by you. I would like to discuss some specific issues.

  100. Thank you very much. It feels good to be free!

  101. I am convinced that my wife – legally she still is my wife, but doesn’t want to be it any longer as she bows to the “master” – is one of the very best auditors around. She for sure is one of the very best C/Ss I ever worked for.

  102. Hello, we definitely have to meet soon. I had no idea that you are in California. Could we skype until we see each other in person?

  103. Hi, thanks for the applause! Where are you going to spend your holiday? I hope, that no matter what happened, things will work out for you!

  104. Well, you put it well – my omissions were on purpose! What you are writing does cast a bit of light onto some of the darker tales untold.

  105. Thanks for your welcome and good wishes! We should have met since I was in Munich until 1997.

  106. Yes, you are right! What a strange humor! But, you may be surprised that I met some people who actually believed the story to be true.

  107. One day I’ll get to it Steve. Right now I just finished the utterly amazing, encompassing everything from the Comm Course to NED for OTs, lecture series of the 9th ACC. I had to go through it twice, and this was after I’d gone through it all before a few years back, as the material was as high flight as it gets, yet really simple.

    Anyway, I got it on that book. I’m carrying on in my chrono study of Scn, into early 55 and the Tech Vols, books and tapes in sequence, and my “light reading” at night is a re-read of Will Durant’s Story of Philosophy. Ain’t read that for years.

    So, it’s on the list 🙂

  108. Thank you. It is actually very selfish to keep tech as standard as possible because only then you will see others winning and thus be winning yourself.

  109. Thanks, I appreciate your welcome!

  110. Thanks, let’s party then! We do have reasons to do so.

  111. Hi, great to receive such a welcome! It feels good to be appreciated.

  112. Thank you so much. Sometimes it is quite some task to spot the biggest suppression right in front of us. Now it’s up to us to build a future making correct use of LRH’s legacy!

  113. MODERATOR – this has nothing to do with Wolfgang

  114. Well, I couldn’t agree less with what you are saying. I will join the Indie 500. At our present location we have space to grow. Right now we are disposing of four auditing rooms where we can deliver auditing up to Clear and a course room where training for levels 0 to V, TRs and Metering courses are available. Our next project is to install a sauna for the purification rundown. Further plans call for converting another house already in our possession into a place where our out-of-town PCs can stay. Next year we are planning to add on more parts of the upper bridge. I’ll keep you posted as our expansion goes on.

  115. Yes, your face looks familiar! I didn’t know that I was on the underground! How bright must it be to surface then!

  116. I emailed you

  117. Thanks, I am wondering whether you are the Forrest I know. Would like to meet you.

  118. Oh gosh, that is great and I forgot to say, also create a page on freeandable.com for your practice. It’s free and is a place where people can find Indie auditors.

  119. Welcome, Wolfgang, and thanks for the very complete list of questions for the RTC. It is a pleasure and an honor to have you among us. I pray that your wife and children see the light soon.

  120. Hi Wolfgang and welcome. Boy you’ve been around for quite some time and it’s nice to learn about and meet you here! Did you sign the Indy 500 list?

  121. Jimmy, your fly is open…

  122. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Your grammar sucks.

  123. Hey Wolfgang, thanks for the great writeup and welcome! Great to “meet” you here.

  124. You’re setting up shop in Texas? Yeehaw! Can you share which major city you’ll be operating closest to? I’m in North Texas, where we’ve got a thriving little Indie community going. If you’re going to set up shop anywhere near the northern part of the state, you’re going to have lots of clients!

  125. Welcome Wolfgang! I really appreciated your web site and all of the information. It will help others too. It was very well written and so accurate as to the current condition of this Organization overtaken by a dictator!

    I hope your family gets out soon and you reunite. All the best to you and welcome OUT!!

  126. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wolfgang. You just solved that age old conundrum with
    this six line response. The most succinct explanation I’ve
    EVER seen written on Marty’s blog.
    What a severe blow for that unappreciative SP to have lost your astuteness and case-cracking ability from the ranks of the once proud ( and sane!!) Flag team. What a gain for the independents.
    Your freedom (from the cult) equates to acceleration of eventual emancipation for those still suffering the effects
    of “Miscavigeoholism”—Blindness, out-of-valenceness,
    refusal to apply the simplest of logic, staring one in the
    face and all the other illogical behaviour which manifests
    itself in temporary insanity!

    Congratulations on your breaking free and announcing
    the fact to the world. We are all indeed so much richer
    and more empowered for your having done so.
    Your lucid write up included much new and refreshing
    information and data that made the bird’s eye view even
    broader for me personally.

    Thank you, Wolfgang. It would be wonderful to meet you
    personally one day.

    Calvin B. Duffield. Durban, South Africa
    declaration 12 May (Mother’s Day)2O12
    Indie 500 list 301

  127. It’s movin’ It’s happenin’! Maybe this is all as it should be. It sure seems that way. If it feels like freedom then it is the truth.

    Independents will carry on the work. Your numbers will grow.


  128. Hi Wolfgang! I am so happy you made it OUT!!!!!What you have done is very brave.

  129. This is wonderful news Wolfgang! Thank you very much for coming out and helping us. It is a brave and honorable thing that you are doing.

    Boy oh, boy! Texas Indies are springin’ up left and right. There must be someone there with a “Texas sized” sphere of influence!

    Marty, you draw these top quality cats like a magnet. Amazing.

  130. declared but happy

    Thanks to you for being here. I am also answering for a comment above. Yes too bad for your daughters. I also was disconnected from my daugther hoping she will also see what is happening. Good luck :

  131. Just got my copy in the mail yesterday, Steve. I’ll squeeze it in, in between my Solo 1 studies. Thanks for the recommendation!

  132. Wolfgang — I can literally see and feel your beautiful theta in your very inviting picture. Who would not feel safe sitting with you in an auditing session! Best wishes for your ongoing endeavors.

  133. Please forgive me for going off topic, but I thought this would be of interest to people here.

    Members of Anonymous on WWP placed a subtitled version of the French television special “Money, Mysteries, and Controversies: At the Heart of Scientology” on YouTube. Mike Rinder is interviewed at 0:56:20 – 1:07:05 in the subtitled video below:

    Also, while I’m here, thank you all for the contribution to the Headley Family Legal Fund. It is much appreciated.

  134. Wolfgang,
    I’ll send it by normal email, ok?

  135. Thank you for your welcome. I appreciate your support to have my family see the light as well!…Soon!

  136. Thanks for your welcome. I’ll sign the Indy list as soon as I have replied to the many encouraging comments I have received.

  137. Thanks. It’s a pleasure to have your response as well.

  138. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Well, Wolfgang with your post I can report my bloodpressure readings are 120 over 84. But I am afraid your post may not have the same calming effect of a certain guy in Hemet drinking Whiskey and was reporting already 220 over 180, you might have just pushed him over the edge.

    Here is the Super Power Fraud stuff again.


  139. Thank you very much for welcoming me and your postulates for a reunite with my family.

  140. My hope is to have have given encouragement to others who are still sitting on the fence. The landing is pleasnat and there is lots of freedom to be had.

  141. Yes, I made it! Thanks for your encouragement.

  142. Nice to find you out here! I suppose that you are the Scott I met in California and later then on the Freewinds?

  143. Tory Christman

    Excellent point, Wolfgang. Congratulations on your new found TRUE
    freedom! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in July of 2000, when I escaped out. It’s been a wild ride—and has only gotten better and better each years. Cheers! To you 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  144. Thank you Mr. Wolfgang!!!

    “Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day. Fear of imprisonment, fear of torture, fear of death, fear of losing friends, family, property or means of livelihood, fear of poverty, fear of isolation, fear of failure. A most insidious form of fear is that which masquerades as common sense or even wisdom, condemning as foolish, reckless, insignificant or futile the small, daily acts of courage which help to preserve man’s self-respect and inherent human dignity. It is not easy for a people conditioned by fear under the iron rule of the principle that might is right to free themselves from the enervating miasma of fear. Yet even under the most crushing state machinery courage rises up again and again, for fear is not the natural state of civilized man.”
    ― Aung San Suu Kyi, Freedom from Fear

  145. Congratulations Wolfgang! You are a powerful source for good! Regarding your comments on Super Power, this thought/scenario just occurred to me. What if Super Power, as LRH wrote it up and planned to deliver it, actually was capable of doing exactly what he intended it to do and the “powers that be” inserted DM to make sure it was delayed and never saw the light of day until they were done raping, pillaging and destroying Earth and all it’s inhabitants. It appears to me that what is happening to Scientology is a microcosm of what is happening all over the world. Corporate Scientology is simply the “Monsanto” of religions. As a final step in their plan perhaps they will release their Black Super Power which will simply drain any remaining wealth and heavily implant anyone still left standing. Comparing the state of the world 34 years ago to the state we find ourselves in today can cause one to wonder “what if?” LRH did say this was a deadly serious game….

  146. I too am curious about nots. I made it up to that point on the bridge, but could not get excited about it.

    There were outpoints which I cannot resolve in my mind;

    1) How is it possible that someone who has made it that far on the bridge be declared suppressive.
    This goes back to the mission holders conference in 1982, when nots people like Martin Samuels, Dean Stokes etc. were declared sp.
    Flag was invalidating their own product.
    This is contrary facts.
    2) Also, in 30 years I have not heard real good word of mouth promotion of solo nots by people doing it. I have heard a lot of church generated pr about it, but not strong endorsements by personal friends on solo nots.
    I have heard strong personal endorsements of L’s, OT3, going clear, training, but not really solo nots.
    LRH says the best promotion is word of mouth. The out point to me is omitted word of mouth promotion from people who are on it.

  147. Dear Wolfgang! ALL THE BEST,TO YOU!

  148. SKM are my initials. 🙂
    I am just someone with loads of admiration for LRH, his legacy and the people here on this blog who are willing to forward it into the future – the ginuine stuff. It was already corrupted when I joined the “World of Scientology” in the mid-90’s. Didn’t feel good. It didn’t feel as the right thing.
    The dangerous part is, it contains too much truth even if corrupted. That’s why I stayed. (Even though I am now ‘disconnected’ from any org lines.)
    It’s a thing of havingness – if you have no substitute, you won’t let go easily. (In the purif for example we give the body new oil so it will “let go” the old, toxic one.)
    Everyone of you – Independents – represents to me the “new oil”, so people can let go the old, toxic one. And that’s just beautiful.
    That’s the only way it will work.

  149. blissfulldreams

    jimmfyfly you mean you can’t tell that this is a smear campaign just by reading it, this is the first time i have looked at that site im a non-scion and it reads like a really really bad novel i was ROFLMAO from the video where it say’s they saw him throw someone in to a wall and the whole building shook (what was it made of sticks) or his facial skin tightened into a mask, his pupils rolled back, showing only the whites in his eyes, and his seething chest swelled up. ohh hot dam i did not know marty had a seething chest (sorry marty,mossey) it was a funny read i know not from your prospective but dam all im going to see in my head now when your on telly is images of your seething chest :)) but i have to ask the question did you ever figure out why it was only your chest that was seething

    back on topic

    congratulations wolfgang on leaving COS and welcome

  150. Karen, thanks for posting this. I spent 35 years in tech, and I still find it hard to believe that Scientologists have allowed themselves to get into the kind of condition where they treat others this way (parents and spouses !!!!!). After 40 years of marraige!! Reports on parents!! I have experienced some of this heartache myself, though nothing of the magnitutde of Wolfgang’s family, the Rinder family, the Headley family, your family and others. Your voice continues to be an important one!

  151. Dan,
    NOTs, to me, is without any question the most powerful, fast, precise and far-reaching technology I have experienced. For example, I handled literally decades of charge that had been there, frustratingly, debilitatingly and as something I could not shake, in literally seconds on NOTs.

    I was fully set up for the Level. I have studied, re-studied, studied again, the material as well, so I am fully prepared on both sides of the Bridge.

    There you go. Some word of mouth.

  152. Karen,

    “The way the “Church” turned his family against him is the hallmark of Scientology Inc.’s relentless intention to destroy the bond of family.
    Business as usual.”

    Very well put. The same tactics are used also with friends and acquaintances on a daily basis to nullify anything that resembles ARC or U! This is the ‘new normal’ in the Church called $cientology.

    Thanks for all you do!

  153. Hey Jimmy,

    Yeah, smear campaign.

    As for the vitriol you’ve gotten from simply asking, some of the Indie movement are as aggressive outside of CoS as they would’ve been within the CoS. I sometimes wonder whether DMs implants play out just as much outside the church, or whether it’s just a personality thing. Having not had DMs “us v. them” attitude drip-fed to me, it’s easy for me to speculate. Meh. As someone once said to me:

    “you are who you are when you got here”

    The Marky Mark comment made me chuckle 🙂

  154. Wow! You are revitalizing my failed purposes!
    Maybe there is hope for this planet after all, if we have real auditors like Wolfgang.

  155. Marty mentioned a “tipping point” on his blog recently and credited Steve Hall’s Indy 500 list as a measurable indicator of reaching that tipping point. I cannot help but wonder if we have already passed beyond the tipping point. With the continuing mass exodus from Pharaoh Dave’s Egypt, and so many free scientologists delivering and receiving training and auditing in the independent field, it seems to me that the Church has simply become irrelevant. Am I just dreaming this up, or does anyone else feel the same way?


  156. I wish you all good!

  157. You say it! And that also means casting aside any of your own ideas and granting full beingness to someone else!

  158. While M-9 is a fantastic wordclearing method, I have seen it misused as a kind of forceful education tool. It’s the problem that we face with any powerful technology, it can be applied in a survival as well as in a contra-survival way.

  159. To answer your question, you may also resort to HCOB 21 July 1962, Instant Reads.

  160. What happened to Pierre Ethier’s site?
    It is down and just displays a statue of the weeping Madonna.
    Hijacked or what else?

  161. What you are saying is so true: Hubbard’s technologies are extremely powerful and tend to easily forgive some auditor’s errors in many instances. Real danger, however, lures when they are altered or intentionally misapplied. I fully understand that you wouldn’t let go of them unless you detected something more superior. And as long as we are not convinced that Hubbard’s tech is available outside of the “Church of Scientology” we are tempted to be reasonable and to tolerate a lot of wrongs.

  162. Thanks for your congratulations and your welcome.

  163. Pingback: Miscavige Regime Wrecks……… Yet Another Family « 31 Factors

  164. Wolfgang, Thank you for the reference, but what I was actually asking is whether the HCOB I cited had been altered (presumably in the 1991 reissues) .

    I see, you are referring to this: “On Rudiments, repetitive or fast, the instant read can occur anywhere within the last word of the question or when the thought major has been anticipated by the preclear, and must be taken up by the auditor. This is not a prior read. Preclears poorly in session, being handled by auditors with indifferent TR One, anticipate the instant read reactively as they are under their own control. Such a read occurs into the body of the last meaningful word in the question. It never occurs latent.”

    From Chris Mann’s context above (Flag Metering Course) it seems unlikely to me that it was Rudiments reads being debated at the time. But, perhaps, the latter reference was being incorrectly applied as the general case ? Maybe Chris Mann can further clarify?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  165. In a way it does surprise me how long I lasted in the “Church of Scientology.” Many had been the attempts to discourage and get rid of me. Those did not come from our outside enemies; the worst attacks always originated from within.
    It were the extreme adventures that I experienced through the application of LRH’s powerful tech on both sides, as I PC as well as an auditor, and it were the many beautiful people I met everywhere within the Scientology community, and especially within those on staff.
    But most of all, I was concerned of associating with people outside the official church who might not muster enough discipline to study and drill well enough before they were applying the tech when they were not supported by reliable technical and qualifications terminals.
    However, I met more and more people who are in the free and independent field who are warm, honest and very involved to not only keep the tech standards at a level where they ought to be, but most importantly, who tried their best to deliver them in their unadulterated form in the true spirit of Scientology, in the spirit that I experienced when I joined in 1969. The emphasis being on serving the individual who came to you and trusted you.

  166. It’s refreshing to hear that you got a thriving Indie community in Northern Texas where it is probably much less humid than here in the Houston area.

  167. For some reason my answer to your comment landed a line lower. Therefore, I post it here again:
    Thanks! Yes, I feel it, too. We are moving up, up, up!

  168. Well, I am glad my explanation made sense. I have traveled around the globe and still like to do so. However, I have never been to South Africa, so I will make a postulate to meet you there!

  169. Thanks for your concern. We have so many dynamics and I see my step in the perspective of the majority of them. My heavy losses on my second and sixth dynamics have already been outweighed by my gains on my third, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth dynamics.

  170. You are right. And I should add that also you helped me to put the puzzle together so that I could clearly see my road. Thank you very much!

  171. Does this mean one thousand pluspoints! Well, then my stats are in affluence!

  172. Exactly.
    “In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any thing is
    better than no thing, any effect is better than no effect, any universe is
    better than no universe, any particle is better than no particle, but the
    particle of admiration is best of all. – LRH, The Factors”

    I have my own array of questions with some quotes I directed to my local org half a year ago.
    No answers. If you’d like to read them, I will happily sent it to your e-mail.
    (It’s in german only.)

    All best,

  173. Thanks for the superpower link. I think it is an excellent write-up and everybody should read it. Has it been translated into German? If not I will do it right away and with your permission repost it on my German “Drachenaufzeichnungen.”

  174. Hey, that is exciting! Can I join you with your training? Would you like to twin up with me? I can be a pretty good student and I’d love to have the most perfect reason to enjoy Coeur d’Alene again! Let’s do that!!!

  175. Welcome to the Freezone Wolfgang! We’re so glad you joined us.
    Kerrie & Carey

  176. I love your name, bluecharm. Today, I will establish my husmail account and up we go!

  177. Hey, I have an easy answer! I e.g. don’t seem to be the product Flag desired! I, for whatever unanticipated reason, survived 175 hours of gruelling sec checks. There you have two choices: To go out of valence and submit or remain yourself and leave!

  178. Hi, actually I don’t deserve any praise for being an auditor. Agreed, it can be a challenging profession at times, however, the challenges are always created by external influences, never by the PC. I can compare having enjoyed my professions as an engineering and as an auditor. I almost feel selfish, but it’s so much more fun and rewarding to work as an auditor than doing anything else I can imagine. And that is solely because of the difference in products (the havingness part of Be-Do-Have).

  179. Sorry for the typo. It should read “engineer.”

  180. True enough! But in my case I can’t just blame the “Church” or any of their personnel. My wife and kids are highly trained auditors, they have the full PTS Tech, they know what LRH writes about disconnect and they have access to the internet and also RJ 68. They are aware of their loyalties and decided against the one who supported them the most, who in many respects helped them to achieve what they now control.
    I have to also look at how did I mishandle our affair. Maybe I was a Mr. Hershey or maybe I made other errors. And let’s not forget whenever we evaluate something that we are looking at an infinitely-valued logic! (e.g. The Book of Basics, page 152). Coming from engineering, I just love this piece of LRH’s ingenuity!
    My family members made their own choice! It’s pitiably to see the “Church” in their helpless despair use as a weapon of “destruction” something that is without any force, something we can only chuckle about.

  181. You are right, it’s business as usual and taken extremely serious. I can’t but help to see the fight becoming one where almost everyone will become an SP eventually. Doesn’t that somehow remind of a PTS Type III situation?

  182. Thank you for the nice quote. However, what do we have to fear? No imprisonment, no death penalty! But, I guess, independent of realities, fears will be restimulated from sources buried deep within our minds.

  183. Thanks, I like your analogy to gene modified products. You might be right, what was supposed to allow for planetary clearing is somehow pushed to the end of priorities. Imagine, what would happen if all the staff would receive super power – e.g.the ethics and justice repair list – might there be a revolt?

  184. That is such a nice comment! Thanks for all your good wishes! I have done it before with much less experience; there is no reason not to be successful!

  185. Li'll bit of stuff

    Superb, Wolfgang, I’ll make sure we have a decent entourage to welcome you up the line!

  186. Thank you for your good wishes!

  187. Well, the “Church” is mainly creating bad PR for us which is anything else, but needed.

  188. Hey, let me ask you when were you last at Flag? The F/N stuff I have seen, however, the rest I haven’t. My latest experiences are only with the course rooms at the AO, but also earlier when I did my Pro TRs and Pro Metering courses – Flag’s course rooms to me were always a model of something to be imitated. Sups were well trained in TWC with students, there was a high toned and ARC-full atmosphere. The confidential OT VII course rooms in particular were just awesome. Whatever I need to criticize regarding Flag, I enjoyed studying there.

  189. Thanks for the hint. This I will do.

  190. Thanks for your welcome! I hope to see you soon again in lovely Idaho.

  191. Carole Mangold

    Wow! This is all sooooo great, Wolfgang. BIG congratulations to you from me! I GREATLY admire your courage and tenacity. Also, I started readIng a book in Italian, written for intermediate students, AND I ALREADY KNOW 95% OF THE WORDS!! Yaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Caroline

  192. I hated M9 and thought it didn’t work (on me) until I realized something like what you said above. Then I re-studied it and re-tried it and it really does work wonders.

  193. It was instant reads. It has been a while. I do not specifically remember that reference. The other two were used and I believe I found something in a lecture that had similar content to your reference.

    I believe the cause of all this was the EM9/9A films that Miscavige had a hand in producing. Marty said Miscavige edited the reads and they were off. There are one or two reads in those films that are prior, although I actually never noticed because I wasnt watching them to learn what an instant read was. I actually do not think I learned anything from watching EM9/9A that I didnt already know from just drilling.

    They had a whole workout of non-LRH “references” to help you cognite including phonetics, musical rhythm etc. It was back at my org in Phx too- the sups were flunking people and using these handlings to get people to cognite that the instant read was within the last syllable. There was some dissent- the word clearer was silently disagreeing and I couldnt proceed on my course because of it. Ar one point the ED called me in and said it was “handled”. THey had me restudy the references and then I asked the sup about our prior disagreement I was told “what do the materials state?” which was fine, but I am not sure it was handled because I didnt do any more drilling after that point.

    Where it would come up is in coaching with the sup looking in or metering videos. The CS and Sups would stand around arguing about if that was or wasnt an instant read on a video.

  194. Correction: The musical rhythm references were for FN’s.

    They were pushing (enforcing) specific definitions of the words “end” and I think “at”.

    There is a definition for “end” in Websters that is something like:
    “The last part of something. eg: “The end of the movie was very action-packed”, or “There is an eraser at the end of that pencil”.

    This was only because the Film (EM9/9A) showed prior reads and people then had to figure out how this could be right because the film cannot be wrong.

    It was all very, very, very complex and fortunately Miscavige figured these things out for all the rest of us who could not possibly come to a correct understanding by only reading the LRH references.
    He is the Finder of Lost Verbal Tech that man is. A god among men.

  195. It was during a big “evolution” of outer org trainees and we were more or less not exposed to public and in different courserooms in the Coachman.
    Some of the sups were really good, but there was a cancer in the system at that point.

  196. I believe you are correct Sir! Good to see YOU out here!

  197. Nasty bit of propaganda against Independent Scientologists(no TM) of which I can confidently bet you are one, Mr. Pseudonym.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  198. Yes, please send me your questions. I might be able to dig up some references for clarification. German? No problem, it’s my mother tongue.

  199. That is true, but are they spelling your name right? Hehe!

    All joking aside, I have been fascinated with the curiousity and support demonstrated by non-scientologists on Tony O’s VV blog as well as on Marty’s blog. Particularly fascinating to me was Tony’s defense of independent scientologists on his own blog when a few anti-scns were making disparaging remarks against the indie movement. Although Tony enjoys poking fun at certain scientology cultural ideas, namely XENU – he adamantly defends the indies by stating that he has never heard of or observed an indie committing the abuses and crimes that are regularly perpetrated by the CoS.

    This public differentiation isn’t even my main point though. The indie movement is growing and thriving regardless of (and because of!) the public bad PR. If you Google “scientology gains” you will get results that point to the tech, not the Church. If Scientology is a subject – a body of knowledge – and not a church, then the Church is irrelevent now that the tech is consistently available outside of the Church.


  200. Hi Les, If that feels good for you, you may imagine how good it feels for me. Sitting between two chairs has been uncomfortable. It took me a while to sort things out and handle my doubt. You and Anita were a great help in this process. Thanks again and I hope to have a chance to see you soon.

  201. Gerhard, You are right. I see Independents emerge at many places. Isn’t that a real grass roots movement? Enthusiastic individuals without the big controlling hand spring up everywhere to form little archipelagos of sanity. Places where we can strive towards higher levels of awareness.

  202. Scott, no need to be that formal! We are not on the ship! Or even though you might think of me as a Black Belt of Scientology I am used to such formal etiquette only in my martial arts classes. Tell me more about your whereabouts, please.

  203. Hi Carole, Nice to see you on this blog! Thanks for your sweet acknowledgements. Great on your Italian! I just came back from martial arts training, to balance my spiritual and physical universes.

  204. Congratulations Wolfgang and welcome. It is obvious you have confronted and evaluated some bumps in the road. You are here now, and very valuable to the Independent movement. May you prosper and be happy in your adventures.

  205. Wolfgang, you might get a kick out of this. Yesterday, I was making up my contacts sheet and put down the phone number to call in Rome. Then, I went to my phone to call and test it. The hotel attendant picked up – and my mind went totally blank. So, I said, “uh, uh, uh, GRAZIE!” in a loud voice. And he said “PREGO” in an equally loud voice! So embarassed.

  206. Hi Roy, Thanks for your welcome. Having entered the fields of the Indies is indeed a very, very pleasant experience.
    It’s amazing to me how I am exploring a culture of genuine friendliness, of genuine interest, of entrepreneurial spirit to live Scientology, to be creative in this field, to pressure forward without being pushed!
    Nobody has regged me; on the contrary, many have been offering their help and advice. People I never met before have offered me to stay with them. It’s simply unbelievable – what a different world!
    Having left a “Hollywood,” a world of backdrops, facades and social veneer – no wonder when stating how one really feels and what one really thinks is outlawed – I am now in a world much more real. I feel that I returned home home after years of odysseys.

  207. (sigh) I hate typos — should read: “.. confidently bet you are *not* one…”

  208. Dear Wolfgang,
    I just sent it to you.

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