More on Miscavige Style Planetary Clearing

by Mike Rinder

Having tortured myself Clockwork-Orange-style into watching a few hours of Shermanspeak® at the 2012 Maiden Voyage, I have a few observations.

Miscavige’s “Ideal Org strategy” is (no surprise) a complete bust.

He has banked everything on “Ideal Orgs” and the IAS.  So, in the age tested manner of a really good ser fac, he will go on proving the “rightness” of this insane strategy until he is dead right.

Thus, his manic efforts to make it appear that “Ideal Orgs” are “straight up and vertical” by showing tortured, misleading “stats” (more on that later).

But, through the smoke and mirrors of bursting, thunderclap and trumpet blaring graphics, it is clear that Mr. MEST has dramatically lowered his standards:  he is not only announcing “Grand (re)Openings” of EXISTING “Ideal Orgs” at events, he is personally attending those events to perform ceremonial ribbon cuttings. There he was at the new/old new “Ideal Orgs” in Buffalo, Stevens Creek and Los Gatos.  Presented with enough hype and certainty, Miscavige is convinced the clubbed seals don’t notice (and he may be right).

Of course, he really has no choice. No matter how hokey it is, he MUST appear so video can be shot and shown at the next event to keep “proving” his corporate expansion.

So, there he was at Buffalo “cutting the ribbon” (along with Joburg, San Francisco and Tampa, he hyped this as the FIRST Ideal Org).   But this time there was no Mayor of Buffalo or other elected representative reading speeches written for them by Aron Mason or Dan Sherman.  Miscavige could only scrounge up  “other EUS and Canadian Org EDs” to stand on stage with him.

And so it went – and this was presented as“proof” of the “massive international expansion” with the catchy sounding refrain:  “New Idea Orgs are rising at a rate of more than one a month”….(including the three above as well as Madrid and Hamburg “re-openings”).

It’s not JUST the lie that there are “new orgs” (new buildings) being opened, he has compounded the lie that re-opened, re-renovated, Ideal “Org” buildings are “NEW orgs.”  How Miscavige gets these things out of his mouth with a straight face may only be explained by Botox overdosing.

But there were more “incredible” (ie. unbelievable) “stats” he gushed forth.

“Since the floodgates opened with the Dianetics Route, new people onto service increased by 25 times” Of course, no figures are given. And with NO attention put on the “Dianetics Route” prior to POB inventing his new version, this could be a total of 25 people a week internationally equating to “25X” the one per week previously.

Same with “new people are stepping onto the Bridge at a rate 60 times anything before the new Introductory Routes” – again, no NUMBERS.  Just incredible “60X” expansion that can only be a complete fabrication. BUT he does also assert STCC completions “are 4 times what they were before the new Scientology Routes” so apparently only 1 in 15 COMPLETES Miscavige’s magnificent new course…  Or in other words “Number of people blowing off STCC since the release of the new Introductory Routes has increased 15X and is another HIGHEST EVER!!!!”

“LRH books and lectures in public hands since the dawn of GAK has surpassed 100 million” – this doublespeak actually means nothing of the sort.  It is based on enforced sales from the Pubs Orgs to orgs and Missions, counting 300 for each set of ACCs, 150 for each set of basics lectures etc. But everyone knows that the vast majority of this figure are sitting either in basements of orgs, tossed on remainder tables at libraries, were returned to Pubs orgs with their covers torn off or are locked in storage containers of public who have bought 2,3,5 or more sets after middle of the night visits and phone calls from staff who are not allowed to sleep until they meet their arbitrary quotas. But he makes it sound like this is the number of books in the hands of the new public.

“Every other day, another New OT VIII joins the assemblage of OTs – Highest Ever in history.” Amazing, he gave an actual stat.  But, if you analyze this stat, it is an enormous admission of failure.  Let us assume this lie is true (it MAY have been true one week or perhaps two leading up to MV – just like “Ideal Orgs opening every month”).  Taken at face value it means 183 OT VIIIs per year reaching the “EP” of the Bridge. This SHOULD also be the number of people who complete OT VII. But let’s be conservative and say only HALF of the completions on OT VII go on to OT VIII.  That would be 365 OT VIIs in a year (of course, you know if THIS was true, it would be being shouted from the rooftops “One OT VII EVERY DAY!!!!!”).  Let’s take it a step further.   The FSO has been promoting “10,000 on OT VII will Clear the Planet” for more than a decade. And they haven’t achieved it still.  So, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they have achieved 33% of that goal in 10 YEARS of “massive international expansion greater than any time in history and more than the 50 years prior combined”,  there are 3,300 people “on OT VII”.  And that means it is taking TEN YEARS to complete OT VII.  And if they have achieved 66% of their target and have 6500 people on Solo NOTs it is taking 20 years to complete!  If they have only achieved one sixth of their target in the face of this massive expansion and have 1700 on OT VII its still a 5 year average to complete (and that is 10 “6 month sec checks”).  Not even in the ballpark of correct orders of magnitude.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the insanity of the Shermanspeak® ramblings.  Delivered in monotonous sing-song, the Pope on a Box has become a parody of himself.  His amazing  efforts to make up for lack of substance with “clever” words  sound more like demented meanderings of a drug addled fantasy fiction writer.  Here are a few quotes directly from Chairman Mao that speak louder as to his nutball theetie-weetiness than any description could offer. And these ARE direct quotes, not altered in ANY way.

He got things off to a roaring start with this:

“Welcome to Home Universe and the greatest assembly of OT’s in history, or for that matter since before the beginning or even before the decision to begin.” Really???

“And as we voyage ever closer to a world of which earth can be proud, so appears eternity like a ring of pure and endless light” (with unicorns dancing on moonbeams….)

“We sailed a tide of history to the headwaters of infinity, until it finally came to be, that from the bottom of the Bridge to the very top, this is now our world.”

“And all of which makes this the greatest voyage in whole track history.”

“An OT voyage through a world of great wonder, where her wake ripples out to distant stars.”

Rest assured, if the CO FSSO had ever stood in front of an audience and delivered lines like this drivel, she would have been sent to the bilges as a “theetie-weetie bypassed case.” If a politician stood on stage and talked like this there would be calls for his mental health to be reviewed.  If the Cardinal of Rome spouted this kind of absurdity people would be asking whether he had self-medicated.

But when his presentation got really entertaining was the “specifics” on the activities on the OT Ambassadors to “build their Ideal Orgs.” As usual, he seems to get a real kick out of the juvenile and sometimes degraded “Bowling for Bucks” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” nights, the “hot peppers” in Mexico, Malmo’s “Heavy Metal God of Mayhem, Hank from Hell” and the “now famed” “Sydney Rabbit.”  It’s hard to tell if he seriously thinks this is good shit, or whether he is having a little insider joke at the expense of his OT Ambassadors.

But even more interesting is the absolute REFUSAL of Miscavige to mention the words “fundraising” or “money.”  The grand architect of building fundraising is afraid to let the words money or fundraising pass his lips as he thinks it “demeans” him (while ordering everyone else in his kingdom that this is ALL they can talk about). It is really comical to see how many times he squirms around the subject while briefing about the OT Amabassadors activities when ALL they do is raise money for “Ideal Orgs” – so he talks about “storming the pledge board’, “exuberant energy drive”, “Ideal Org Energizer”, “energy drives”,  “high-speed energy drivers”, “energetic drives” and the euphemistic “a million-plus cries of bravo” and “2.9 million steps closer to an Ideal Org”…  It’s like a football coach refusing to use the word football and instead referring to the “pigskin” and “object we pass” or “our little friend.”  Is this guy nuts or what?

Another classic of Shermanspeak ® is the use of “futurescape” as in “Toronto, a futurescape wherein existing premises will morph into an Ideal Org resplendent…”  (funny , the continental org in Canada has had the same building since LRH directed its purchase in 1978 and it is STILL not “Ideal” and is still struggling  – the absolute PROOF that a BUILDING DOES NOT MAKE AN ORG) – “futurescape” has now entered the Miscavige lexicon in an attempt to give substance to something that doesn’t exist.

The “stats” presented for each Cont are “Hours on OT projects” and “Square feet of Ideal Orgs on the runway”… And as he moved through the Conts, he repeatedly described orgs with “construction docs ready”.  I think he really has a hard time thinking in terms of Valuable Final Products.

And he is not only presenting “re-openings” he is talking AGAIN about the same orgs that have NEVER opened:  Harlem touted as futurescape, so too New Haven and Battle Creek and Kansas City and Kaohsuing and Bulawayo and Auckland and numerous others that have been used as props in so many earlier glitzfests to “prove” the massive international expansion with “fly throughs” of their “futurescapes.”  How long can this con continue?

And finally, one very startling omission. With all this talk of one new Ideal Org each month (and there WERE 3 new buildings shown from this year – OC, Denver and Phoenix, all WUS where the Baybacks/Jensens/Duggans are) – how come, with 34 Ideal Orgs, THERE IS NO ST HILL SIZE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ANY ORG AT THE EVENT?  After all, this WAS an event about Scientology and org “expansion”?  Why don’t all these Ideal Orgs now have Universe Corps moving their staff up to OT?  No Universe Corps in Malmo? Dallas? Nashville? Quebec? Rome? Las Vegas? Brussels? Seattle? Etc etc etc  He has had nearly 10 years of opening “Ideal Orgs” but in that time the number of St Hill size orgs has DECLINED!

That was MV Night One.

The only other “nights” were “ASI LRH Fiction Night” and “IAS Night”.  Of course, Miscavige didn’t do the fiction night.  That’s beneath him as he is a “religious leader.”  So, the “week of events” that used to be 5 full nights of briefing plus a closing night has shrunk down to an Opening, IAS  and a throw away “LRH fiction” night.  But it makes sense as the ONLY concentration of the RCS is fundraising for Ideal Orgs and IAS.  He also still does the “confidential briefing” to the OT Ambassadors that is not video’d and he talks off the cuff in incomplete, incoherent sentences dishing out a stream of hidden data and a bunch of verbal orders.

If I can stomach it, I will do a separate report on “IAS Night.”

But here is the bottom line:  No matter how much visual trickery, how many adjectives or big words or how hypnotic the sing-song delivery – the Emperor has no clothes.

And if, instead of being dazzled by the sequined gown, the flashing lights and the fake applause, viewers were to actually look at the SUBSTANCE of what is being communicated, they would see this is to be what it is:  a magician’s sideshow act,  not “the greatest show on earth,” let alone representative of a movement bringing truth and sanity to the planet.

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  1. “unicorns on moonbeams” Not figuratively, but literally I laughed out loud!

    Anyone remember the fashion showcase of new staff uniforms? Pouty runway models wearing the latest in Ideal Org staff haute couture? That was my “holy shit, he’s stepped off into the abyss and I must go” moment. Why am I saying this? I suppose the above-documented inane ramblings reminded me of it.

    Mike, you’re a strong man to sit through those….I just had an idea! Ever seen MST3K? These events are perfect fodder for such treatment.

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  3. Doing these events MST3K-style is a brilliant idea! I’d love to see that!

  4. About the statistics of the upper levels, I compiled and built a graph of OT VI, VII and VIII completions over a 30-years period.

    I posted it at:

  5. Mike, you have my sympathy for having sat through that drivel – I hope you ran out the incident afterward! Has Dan Sherman been drug tested for LSD or hashish use lately? Those quotes (especially the first) are mind-bogglingly ridiculous. And Mushmouth is a braindead moron if he thinks that nonsense makes him sound worldly and erudite, especially if he’s still speaking in that distractingly bizarre cadence he was using in an event video I saw about a year ago.

    It’s really sad that those still in don’t see the obvious in these presentations. The lack of real stats coupled with over the top claims of expansion (almost always some country you never hear about otherwise) was one of my first clues that things were amiss.

    It’s been my impression that Mushmouth quietly replaced going Saint Hill size with the Ideal Org scam. Would that be correct or do they still try to take an Ideal Org to the size of Saint Hill?

    Thanks for the commentary on this event, wish you could torrent it so the masochistic among us could check out the Squirrelporn. 😉

  6. Brilliant, Mike!

  7. Despite a resolution to maintain a gravitas, I am giving in to the weakness and have to ask a question, queasy as I am, and perhaps even sophomoric BUT I gotta ask of this particular Dave nugget of whatever it is he speaks:

    Is it possible Dave that the Almighty is giving you a glimpse of a bare-assed moon in this, what you say you see?

    “so appears eternity like a ring of pure and endless light” .

    Dave’s version of “been to Heaven” – and he sees the arse of the Infinite. Ya gotta love Infinity, mooning DM.

  8. I usually get a kick out of watching these events (much like Hapexamendios above me, I guess). Is the video posted somewhere?

  9. Thanks for the update Mike you had me lol at “unicorns on moonbeams”! My hat is off to you for sitting through this garbage. The fact that ANYONE continues to attend these events is completely insane!

  10. “Every other day, another New OT VIII joins the assemblage of OTs – Highest Ever in history.”

    This should read: “another [TRUNCATED] New OT VIII joins the assemblage of OT’s”

    Miscavige has denied his own founder.

    George M. White

  11. Wow, what a sad representation of LRH’s life work…. All boiling down to the number of building plans approved. Very lame,

  12. I recently watched a video interview of Hitler’s valet (who was in that position from the beginning ’till the very end) as he described the events in the Bunker during the final week. Herr shicklegruber would be maneuvering nonexistent armies around his “board” ranting at his Generals for being cowards & incompetent. All the while his top people like Himler & Göring were melting away on urgent matters (getting the hell out of Berlin) in Western Germany…

    Sounds familiar.

  13. I know someone who “completed” OT VIII this year, so is counted as one of the 134 “completions”. However, this person has horrible body somatics and was allowed on the level with the body somatics and still has them, even nine months after “completing” OT VIII.

    The number is in the tote board, but the product hasn’t been actually attained in the case of this one person, minimally.

    Even when Miscabbage has a number to point at, it still doesn’t represent quantity, quality, and viability. The sandbagging and stat-pushing going on doesn’t result in real levels completions.

    You can’t abbreviate Scientology grades to practically nil and then say you’re getting the same results as were gotten in 1982! You shouldn’t then also boast as to speed of delivery! You can’t rush a person onto Power with huge out-ethics situations and claim a Power completion, then repair the guy to death when he falls on his head six weeks later!

    No, the way to prop up the stats is to have OTs redo TRs/Objectives and Purification Rundowns, and throw their recalitrant asses back onto NED at AO HGC rates.

    There aren’t products in this church any more. And qual isn’t doing its job…the Cont Senior C/Ses aren’t doing their jobs. They’ve bought into and are operating like Miscavige isn’t false reporting to them and to the public.

    The House of Cards is collapsing fast.

    Step aside before it falls on you.

  14. This is an Enron scenario just before it caved in.

    A little while back I got a phone call from an OT 8 ,OT Ambassador
    who was crying he was loosing his home because of financial over leveraging maxing out credit cards unsecured loans all for the local
    Ideal ” Financial Black Hole” Org. Actually Im reported as “CRAZY”
    on lines but not seen anything in writting. So my point is How desperate has D.M. made his own living Gods that they have to call on “CRAZY” people to get salvaged ? I own two homes outright one I live in and one is rented .
    I have eliminated almost all credit cards and unsecured loans. I tutor
    people in deep debt who are typically millions in debt.

    My advice is stay away from Ideal Orgs fundraising, read Debbie Cooks email , get your own house in order.

  15. As a professional writer of many years (but never a Scientologist), the twists and turns and idosyncratic grammatical structure of COB’s past videotaped speeches has had me scraping my jaw off the floor more than once. I assume this is what Mike is referring to as “Shermanspeak”? My Lord, that guy could never get a speechwriting job outside Scientology, I promise you that. But he does have a certain knack at being able to say absolutely nothing for a record number of paragraphs in a row.

    (Your description of the robotic singsong delivery is right on as well. In my professional opinion, this guy is such a dud as a public speaker, which such a terrible marble-mouthed voice.)

    I wonder if there is some sort of hypnotic quality to the cadence and rhythms of COB’s speech patterns and the rambling nonsense of the prose and its non-content? Otherwise how else could so many people be taken in by this kind of nonsense, year after year?

  16. Can you post the video please ????

  17. At the Dallas Ideal Org they’ve been trying to push the “Saint Hill Size” boulder uphill for years now with no success. My guess is that the SHS goal isn’t being trumpeted because time is proving you can’t achieve Saint Hill Size in the current environment.
    “This is quite a valid observation: that an individual living in a psychotic environment will appear psychotic. You know, the environment can be crazy. It’s not always you. The environment can be mad as a hatter. And none of your fixed data, none of your stabilities, match up to the environment.” (6102c13)
    The Sisyphean environment created by Miscavige’s serfacs, psychoses, and despotic behavior is making it impossible for him to achieve what he claims he’s achieving.
    To the staff at Dallas: Keep pushing that boulder uphill, kids. Maybe you’ll recognize what’s going on before it starts back downhill and crushes you.

  18. Interesting Curiosus. Based on these figures, they “complete” between 100 and 200 OT VIIIs (and OT VIIs) per year, and have been doing so since 2004.

    Interestingly, this is the inauguration of the “Ideal Orgs” and “straight up and vertical” and all sorts of other hypey statements about “massive expansion, more than 50 years previously combined.”

    During these last 8 years Miscavige has also been promoting “go up the Bridge faster than ever — its lighting speed now.”

    So, one would imagine that after 8 YEARS of Ideal Orgs straight up and vertical there would be an increase in number of people at the top of the Bridge.

    Dave — you have the floor….

  19. Yikes, Mike!

    Every few weeks I get mail promoting the Harlem Ideal Org, or soliciting me to join Harlem Org staff. There is no org in Harem! Amazingly, the FSM newsletter I received last week touted the Harlem Org as the Number 1 FSM! I wonder who was at the ceremony to receive the trophy?!

    Yes, fantasy fiction.

  20. Ivy — yes, that is Shermanspeak(r) named in honor of Dave’s “speechwriter”, the “LRH Biographer” Dan Sherman (he has been working on a biography of Hubbard for nearly 20 years now but spends all his time writing drivel for Miscavige).

    Sherman’s vocabulary and sentence construction is unmistakable to those who have seen enough of Miscavige’s speeches, and especially those who, like me, have seen behind the scenes of Miscavige speechwriting (Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins, Dan Koon, Marty Rathbun, Marc Headley, Amy Scobee and others).

    And yes, Miscavige’s speech delivery IS hypnotic. And it is confusing — and not one person in the audience has the courage to admit they don’t understand a word of what he says (it is truly the crowds marveling at the splendid clothes the emperor is wearing).

  21. Mike, thanks for the brilliant report. So sorry that you had to put yourself through watching all that, and I hope Christie gave you a locational afterwards! I sure would have needed one. Puke!

  22. Thanks Mike for the update on the fetid presentation by the tuxedoed pygmy seal-clubber.

    Good thing I had a fresh barf bag handy!

  23. It’s not just a kingdom being led by a “king” with no clothes. Those sitting before the “king” also have no clothes. They go home and talk shit to their “followers” while demanding admiration and money (for which they collect a commission). They pretend to be “OT” and “cause over life” while having abandoned their own immediate family members and the love they once held dear. It’s a huge orgy of mental masturbation and Miscavige is the lead jerk off.

  24. Glancing at your graph, Curiosus, I see a valley in the OT6 completions after GAT was introduced, and then it finally rises about five years later. This tells me it took people five years to get through the training. (Hey, if DM can interpret statistics the way he wants to, I can do it too.)

    Actually, your graph shows me that when GAT came out, I was not the only one who dug in my heels and said, “I am NOT going to Flag to suffer through all that retraining of my levels that I GOT the first time!” LOL

  25. I think I like your analysis, Jim!

  26. Matt — you are very astute with this observation. In the fairy tale all the people wore clothes. In Miscavigedom they have played and lost strip poker and to admit his nekkedness is to admit their own. It’s why these people don’t SEE — if they opened their eyes they would have to admit to their own insanity too. He has managed to coopt people by getting them to buy into his mountain of bullshit (to borrow from John Stewart’s brilliant piece last night) and now they are stuck.

    Sad really.

  27. Hey, Tom, you could give Sherman a run for his money with your sentence! LOL, enjoying it!

  28. Yes, Mike, having to admit our own blindness was a hard pill to swallow when we did open our eyes. To paraphrase a famous song, “But you must not feel so all alone, everybody’s gotta get owned.”

  29. Mike, thank you for biting the bullet by watching another event. I couldn’t do it.

    On the “increased by 25 times” stat—there was also no time factor or place given. That could have been one particular week when one particular org pushed to get 25 people in after a week when they had only one. But even that much doesn’t really need to happen when you have a “magic hat” full of lies to pull out with no backup whatsoever, to present to the crowd gaping in mesmerized adulation.

    I love the way you trademark the Shermanspeak label, Mike! And “glitzfest”—

    You say, “If viewers actually were to look at the substance…” I remember one of the last events I went to. I observed the people ahead of me and I saw plenty of “squirming.” That’s what people do when they can hardly stomach it but they know they have to look good for the ethics terminals watching for bad indicators. I wonder how many of the squirmers are ready to start looking at the internet?

    Oops! My bad. Now the DSAs will all have someone standing at the back of events looking for squirmers. This should be interesting…

  30. The Moonies founder the Rev Sun Myung Moon died in South Korea at 92 earlier this month.

    Sun Myung Moon invested his big donations from the 70’s and 80’s in a widespread commercial empire, that supports the waning membership in the Unificaton Church today. Moon’s most enduring legacy may well be his multibillion-dollar business empire.

    On the other hand, LRH left us with very valuable auditing and training technology that was easily exchanged for money, that is, until DM busted up the mission network in the early 1980’s closing the front door of Scientology and then pumping and re-pumping every current member of the Church for $ services up the Bridge.

    Later, to exacerbate his crime, DM didn’t like LRH technology much, mainly because he didn’t get much from it, so he changed it to his liking, GAT, etc…. Now, no one wants it, save for clapping seals and staff that do not go up the Bridge anyway.

    So, with the mission network destroyed and DM’s squirreled LRH tech not selling, DM depends on the IAS and other straight dono’s (read: straight ripp-offs) to fund his empire. However, unlike Moon’s commercial empire, DM has nothing to fall back on if his straight donations in exchange for nothing suddenly dry up. The Ideal Org buildings are NOT a fall back, because they are expensive to maintain and thus assure starving staff who eventually quit, leaving empty buildings playing intro videos until the electric is turned off.

    In short, DM’s business model is a bust. He should have taken a cue from Sun Myung Moon and bought a national hot dog chain instead instead of a bunch of empty 50,000 sq ft Ponzi scheme buildings that look good but only deliver DM’s squirrel version of LRH’s technology that no one wants.

    That’s why the Radical Church of Scientology (RCS) is dead. Someone killed it.

  31. MR: The acerbic wit (not to mention cast iron stomach) with which you lampoon the Miscavige event tapdancing must certainly put him in danger of a stroke each time.
    In addition to all you say, he once bragged in the mid-2000s that by 2010 all then existing orgs would be Ideal Orgs and would additionally be generating some pipe-dreamt number of new orgs opening each week.
    Now he is calling the MV assemblage the most important and most OT event since before the beginning of the whole track…giggle…puke.

  32. Ron — Interesting, at the IAS event he showed Harlem AGAIN, announcing it was an “IAS sponsored Ideal Org” “coming soon”! And the same for Kaohsuing. He is recycling the same shit over and over again. Unfortunately (for him), with no new public coming in, the same people are hearing the same shit. He’s beginning to sound like someone with early onset Alzheimer’s.

  33. Yes HN. Remember those graphics that used to show new field groups and Missions, new NN’s, APS, WTH groups sprouting around the “Ideal Central Orgs” and how those Missions “grew” into new Class V orgs and then they sprouted Advanced Orgs all over the world? He used that CGI video for a few years to explain his “Ideal Org Strategy”.

    Mr. MEST just forgot a fundamental thing — delivering standard tech.

  34. Mike and Curiosus,
    I know for a fact that OT completions include “retreads”/”redos”.
    I would bet anything the new OT 8s is even lower in your write-up Mike because 7 out of 10 are probably retreads doing it “GAT style”.

  35. I’m sure no one in the audience would have the courage to heckle but I would imagine their brains just give up and go with the flow which is probably the intended effect.

    Can anyone who’s attended such events tell me if they felt somewhat elated after the event?

  36. Yes,I am sure you are right Harry. I was giving him the benefit of every doubt.

  37. Anon-onyourside

    So, if someone has nothing left to give, and can’t go on staff, what happens to her? Is she no longer allowed to practice her religion within the CoS?

  38. So you’re saying David Miscavige has seen the light he believes shines out of his ass?

  39. Could we please be waterboarded first as a gradient?

  40. Yes, absolutely brilliant. My favorite was the football analogy. So true!

  41. Anon-onyourside

    Let me also ask, is someone on welfare allowed to join the CoS?

  42. One other thing. The real “closed door briefing” is the fact that this whole ideal org “strategy” stems from one thing: DM’s need to suck up to TC. In 2004 or 2005 DM openly stated to several of us that with TC driving in “all these public” into the orgs, they can’t be shit holes. Yes, “shit holes” were his words, not mine. I heard them. He said TC was the only terminal of comparable magnitude to him and basically they were on the same wavelength. Here was TC doing his part to drive all these people in and what do us bunch of DB Sea Org members do? Provide shit holes for these public to experience. It made TC look bad! It was bad PR FOR HIM. We of course were just too DB to think it through and realize that if someone as stupendously awesome as Tom Cruise was the one making people interested in Scientology, that we needed provide these idyllic cathedrals for these new public to walk in to.

    (That, by the way, is why we had to call TC “Sir” – because he was doing way more for Scientology than all of us combined.)

    Although he never stated it, I swear I picked up an undertone of DM being in awe of TC, not the other way around. It was DM trying to live up to TC’s “standards,” not vice versa.

  43. Gawd….that is even worse than watching the NFL these days. Miscavige HAS to appear always in hyperdrive, otherwise he would “have time” to answer those pesky interview requests from reporters.

    Ready for Ideal Orgs version III?

  44. declared but happy

    Dear Mike, thanks for your analysis. Great one as usual. Do you have links to see those videos ? lol

  45. EISM — yep, I was there for those briefings.

    Miscavige wanted to impress TC for sure. But I am quite certain that the only person Miscavige looks up to is his reflection in a mirror

    He wanted TC so he could get on his comm lines to hobnob with “important people” and to fly in his Gulfstream and spend time in Telluride etc etc

  46. declared but happy

    I remember when I was a division 6C staff in the 90’s. I had fun opening groups, missions, getting FSM activated, doing FSM rallies…. I loved it. Then since the GAT, everything went down and down… No FEI, no BEI, MEI…. nothing…. the field went dead….. what a loss for those who loved field activities like I did.
    Hoping this will changed soon enough to really clear the planet.

  47. I never did. I was always tired and cranky. Unfortunately, it was a long while before I understood why.

  48. H,
    Some months back I heard from a Koolaid drinker that Universe Corps teams where being trained at L.A. org. Strange place to train UC teams….

  49. Mike, I just found the ACTUAL FOOTAGE of you watching the event! (Warning – not for the faint hearted)

  50. On staff, or in the Sea Org.

  51. According to the published completion lists, there are about 3400 OT VII completions and about 162 completions a year in the last 5 years.

    This means (10000 – 3400) / 162
    i.e. 40 years to reach the target of 10000.

    About the conditions:
    In year 2000: non existence.
    A horizontal graph means “Emergency”
    As that is persistent since 10 years,
    the current condition is “Danger”

    Theoretically David Miscavige should apply the danger formula to himself.

  52. Actually, there is always a need for the warm body stat of showing up for events, and central files work to be done.

  53. Can anyone who has completed Solo NOTs in the Indie field – or who knows of someone who did – say how long that level took? Thanks in advance.

  54. There are lots of inactive people still connected to the church. If a person is broke, they simply can’t buy auditing or training – or donate to Miscavige’s many ponzi schemes. It doesn’t mean they’re not allowed on the premises.

  55. The church screens new parishioners for some things, but not that.

  56. 🙂 like!

  57. I would rather have a colonoscopy while conscious using tabasco as lube.

  58. Mike,
    My FULL admiration for your stamina on going through this. I don’t know how you did it.
    For “IAS Night” how about an herbal tea maybe fortified with ‘something’?….

  59. I stopped being elated after church events when they started becoming Hollywood-style mega productions. I’ve never liked massive, staged public relations events anyway. When the church stopped putting on honest theta events that truly celebrated the real achievements and gains of the prior year, I stopped going. By the late eighties, I quit attending all but the most important events.

  60. Mike – I admire your stamina to analyze this sham and insanity and your ability then also to translate it for us.

    “He has banked everything on “Ideal Orgs” and the IAS. So, in the age tested manner of a really good ser fac, he will go on proving the “rightness” of this insane strategy until he is dead right.”

    So he has set up his own trap?

  61. I can tell you that they were in the 430s of OT VIII comps (since GAT) in Oct 2004, as I was one of them.

  62. the valley was the fact people were put back on OT VII and no one completed OT VII for several years. I think the first comps were around 2001 or so.

  63. LOL yes I remember the graphics, with growing arrows arching up out of the central Ideal org in all directions like multiple nuclear missile launches touching down to ignite the next wave of groups, growing like mushrooms overnight into an endless carpet of orgs, groups and missions. Would love to see the graphics for what actually happens….

  64. +1, was just about to post the same analogy.

  65. St. Hill size and the universe corps remains from a staff viewpoint the biggest area of betrayal in this whole mess. Joburg got its UC in May 2005 after being declared st. Hill size. They left in March 2006, returned briefly about a year later and have not been seen since. Of course the staff were told its their fault and the UC will not return until production improves. In short – “thanks for the work but fuck you and your OT levels”.

  66. You Bet your golden hind. Everything that D.M.
    is creating results in collapse. A to Z at many levels.

  67. That’s an interesting point. Is the ring of light, the Sphinxter of Infinity, shining for Dave, his own li’l pucker that he sees?

    Is he, looking up his own arse, proverbially speaking?

    Interesting metaphysical issues to contemplate. Thanks Dean for another look at POB, or in this particular manifestation of his Hole -iness, POOB.

  68. My question is: If an OT VII or OT VIII transforms into a bitter defrocked apostate does that get subtracted from the statistic?

  69. Greta, having you smile and say “oh Jim” has made my day 🙂

  70. OMG! That was the best yet for a description of the Dark Lord when he gives a speech.

  71. That is very sad to hear. Even the few that got them had them taken away.

    This is so typical of Miscavige’s “management” style. Even the OT VIIIs that never get OT IX and X are made to believe it is “their fault” because they have not produced enough “Ideal Orgs” to warrant it.

    Anyone who has ever been within shouting distance of Miscavige knows this is a standard pattern of operation — “you are undeserving” because what you produce is insignificant/invaluable or both. Right out of PAB 13: “3. Those things which the preclear could do (a) were without real value, (b) were done better by the aberrative personality or by others.”

  72. Would love to see the graphics for what actually happens….

    That’s easy. Just imagine an enormous boom, accompanied by a huge cloud of smoke. That’s it. No missiles, no mushrooms. Repeat ad infinitum.

  73. HN: Oh yeah, those “nuclear arrows”!

    The real graphic is a high powered vacuum cleaner hovering above the cowering populace, sucking money, checks, mortgages, jewelry and watches into its gaping maw — when the counter clicks to ten million a shiny, empty building drops out of the sky and the big vacuum cleaner, like the monsters in War of the Worlds, moves on to the next area to rape and pillage. The shell shocked people stand around and look at the empty building for a few minutes and then run away to hide as best they can before the vacuum cleaner reappears.

    All done in the style of the “CCHR graphics” showing psychs being dropped into meat-grinders….

  74. I’ve tried to watch some of these events, but it is like watching meat being ground into sausage or lunatic talking to himself in a rubber room. The way these events have degraded is astonishing. In another 5 years they will go something like this:

    “For all that has been said under the LRH banner of postulates and considerations, more has been accomplished this year than 2,500 times any previous year since 1950. It all starts with the mind and in the end, one meets again with the beginning-scape. So, coming full circle-scape when we start things we do it with authority. Since last year at this time, ‘postulates made’ is screaming straight up and vertical full 15X. ‘Happy thoughts’ is seven times it’s previous highest ever! And therein lies the real measure of tonight’s event: the decision TO BE to a factor of ten which has been made as real as the proverbial heart attack as we roll out our programs for planetary reaching out. For when one speaks of having, that bespokes doing, and so all the way full circle is zipped into being. And so, as we lay the ground work for all the cities and monuments ‘to be’ in the name of LRH, we do that by being who we are, full time, all the time and now there it is on our graphscape all-one-God peppermint-clean-Miscavige soap.”

    Factcheck: DM did do fiction night since everything he says is fiction.

  75. Never — it is a Rule of the Golden Age of Miscavige that no stat EVER goes down. It’s why you now see him promoting 10,000 orgs, missions and groups or “more than” 10 million Scientologists. Orgs, Missions and groups close, people run away in droves and the numbers announced just keep going up, up, up!

  76. Mike – It’s always a pleasure to read your analysis of DM’s mendacious propaganda. The unique perspective that you gained from your years in the service of the Dark Lord is a great help to those of us who desire a greater understanding of the truth behind the organization and a grasp of “what the hell happened to my church?” Your diligence is much appreciated!

  77. Mr Rinder,

    I’m sorry you had to put yourself through that, although I do appreciate the short version and the stats breakdown.

    I tried to watch one of his grandstands (video) and I just sat there, dumbfounded, that this person was speaking English, yet I didn’t understand a word he said. Kind of like the infamous Tom Cruise video.

    Today, reading your exact quotes….I was struck by the same feeling. I had to take each word, identify the meaning, move to the next word and put them all together. Several times. I got nothing. It’s almost like something you would find in a child’s bedtime story book about never never land.

  78. Steve — you are absolutely right. Major BD. Shermanscavage IS Dr. Bronner! I KNEW it reminded me of something….

  79. “And as we voyage ever closer to a world of which earth can be proud, so appears eternity like a ring of pure and endless light” (with unicorns dancing on moonbeams….)

    Rest assured, if the CO FSSO had ever stood in front of an audience and delivered lines like this drivel, she would have been sent to the bilges as a “theetie-weetie bypassed case.”


  80. Double LOL. I would love to someone in the community do a video of the real graphics of what really happens….

  81. What an outstanding, upstanding, and informative article, Mike. Thank you!

  82. I always like your posts Robert. Thanks 🙂

  83. I haven’t finished the level as yet, but I was given a very exact time for it at the outset, which is as of this moment, holding very precisely: as long as it takes.

    That may seem facetious at first, but factually the EP is the deal, not how long it takes to get that EP. It takes as long as it takes.

  84. Hey Jim- Word has it that DM like to bath himself in light. Apparently been doing it since he was a teenager. So that line make sense to me. This is probably what he sees while doing this. Unfortunately for Dave- looking into the light has implant ramifications but he didn’t likely get that memo.

  85. Hi Mike;

    I’m curious; is DM doing anything illegal?

    If he is giving out knowingly false data in order to suck money out of sheep, I would have thought that doing so was illegal. This kind of thing happens a lot in investments, where some con artist convinces people that he can get them rich in a short time using false or tailored stats to show how well he is doing.


  86. Geez Dean, you got me thinking. I wonder if Dave has mistook the Mystical Third Eye (related to the Pineal Gland) for the Unthinkable Brown Eye (relative to his Prostate Gland).

  87. That is a problem. Everybody knows that when an OT 7 or 8 gets a comm line with Marty or Mike he becomes immediately a bitter defrocked apostate and an SP. That posses a real problem for dm because after sucking all that money from the person, one comm particle and no more money. If you then remove him from the stat, you may end up with negative stats, and then what would he report at the events?

  88. Yes. After the GA of Squirrel Tech for OTs was decreed on the general population, there was a period of time when no CS would dare allowing anybody to complete Solo NOTs.

  89. Well, if you’ve ever watched evangelical preachers on TV, they hype all sorts of benefits and good stuff that will happen in return for your hard earned cash. Mormons promise you will be saved from the Armageddon and make your way to the chosen planet if you give your money. Catholicism offers you the ability to join the Holy Trinity in heaven or the devil in hell… In this country, its a tough hill to climb. But even religions CAN be held accountable for deceiving people into handing over their money…. Maybe at some point someone will challenge Miscavige’s claims in this manner.

  90. You are absolutely correct. To achieve SH size requires several things that are missing:

    1. The Org is in real ARC with the public and the environment. No threats, high pressure regging, etc.
    2. The Org needs to deliver standard tech.
    3. Services need to be affordable.

    Without the above, even if by some miracle and tremendous effort the org achieves SH size it shrinks back in short time.

    With the three above any org would become SH size in no time.

    I believe that the Israeli AO will become SH size in one year.

  91. The utter and complete arbitrary given by the C of S is 250 hours according to Snr C/S Int and DM Punching Bag Ray Mithoff because that is how many hours LRH audited on the level.

  92. Mike, you deserve a medal and the week off for wading through 2 hours of that mind numbing crap.
    My coffee soured and my head spun as I tried to make sense of what you were communicating.
    Then I mocked up being delusional, paranoid about image, total non confront concerning crippling finances, don’t need nor want non believers in my life and suddened everything got a lot clearer and sweet music wafted from that damn black massy thing that’s always sneaking up on me… ahhhh that’s better!
    Thanks for remarkable effort of shinning the light on yet again another stack of TLOP (the lies of POB).

  93. Mike, I don’t know how you can sit through this stuff… I hope you went for a very long walk afterwards to destimulate, and had a class of Cal-Mag (or perhaps a double shot of vodka).

    The clubbed seals who are staying loyal to Miscavige and RCS are living in their own Truman Show. Sooner or later, they too will “wake up and smell the coffee” and realize they were just living in a world of computer-generated imagery, “rolling thunder” and Shermanspeak (®). No real expansion has occured in Scientology in over 20 years. And as people continue to escape from the Int Base Torture Facility and Whole-Track Implant Station, there will be fewer and fewer slaves who will help Miscavige pull the wool over the clubbed seal’s eyes. Maybe when the clubbed seals see the re-re-re-re-Grand-Opening of the same Idle Org four times in the same year, they’ll wonder something is wrong. Sooner or later Miscavige is going to have an experience similiar to the curtain scene in the Wizard of Oz (Pay no attention to that Pope-on-a-Box behind the curtain!):

  94. Jim,
    DMs arse is puckered so tight that light could not possibly pass ……..only an occasional BB exits and that is at light speed!

  95. People go to those events and listen to this garbage because THEY THINK AS I DID TOUGHT that MIscavige has been APPOINTED BY LRH as the Supreme Ruler!!!!!!
    We need to get the message tru that THIS IS the biggest lie of them all.
    A very simple question is:
    “LRH wrote policy even on how to wash a Jaguar, so doesn’t it seem unreal that he DID NOT WRITE AN ISSUE ON DAVID MISCAVIGE being the Supreme Ruler??????????”
    But when you have that ingrained in your brain the rest follows……

  96. Born Again Wog


    Maiden Voyage 2013:

    There will be only the following pre-recorded message.
    It is for those cleared, and not cleared, cannibals who have not achieved and never will achieve the real state of OT

    2013 — The year we CLEARED THE PLANET

    In ages past the Mayans told
    That 2012 will be where all the old
    Will come to an end
    A new age will start

    And so the truth does come to pass
    2013 has arrived and with it
    A cleared planet is here at last

    As wisdoms holds and sages told
    Lord Jesus went East, became Metteyya, and returned West
    As king David now, we can clearly behold
    And now definitely learned
    That Ron has returned.

    All wars are past
    Peace here at last

    Insanity an illusion
    The able more able
    We just postulate OT
    And that’s all we need for OT to BE

    So OTs now roam, by thousands and one
    Just needing to be, aware of being aware
    Not needing MEST, with that game they are done

    Those Ideal Orgs,
    A quick stepping stone
    But nothing more
    A homely place now
    Where disembodied spirits roam
    A museum just,
    To ages past

    With the real world up
    And high above
    Where free souls fly and freedom rings
    There OTs lord and as postulated angles they sing

    And to those still stuck
    In man’s old past
    In those sad illusions
    Of old planet earth
    Of MEST and all squirrely things
    Which so do not last
    To all those poor cannibals
    Whom we’ll never clear
    We can only shout down to

    “We hold you all dear”

    Ron we so do love you
    And now back you are
    As King David for sure
    Just as it was foretold
    By stars, and the old

    Heil to King David,
    The long awaited cure
    He came and he vanished
    To play with his seals
    The billion year contractors
    Independent or not
    The squirrels
    The SPs

    They can see clearly now
    Hold him dearly and bow

    To his almighty presence of nothing

    Looking down on a planet
    So distant,
    So foggy
    And yet so very very
    CLEAR…….. :)))


    Maiden Voyage 2013:

    There will be only the following pre-recorded message.
    It is for those cleared, and not cleared, cannibals who have not achieved and never will achieve the real state of OT

    2013 — The year we CLEARED THE PLANET

    In ages past the Mayans told
    That 2012 will be where all the old
    Will come to an end
    A new age will start

    And so the truth does come to pass
    2013 has arrived and with it
    A cleared planet is here at last

    As wisdoms holds and sages told
    Lord Jesus went East, became Metteyya, and returned West
    As king David now, we can clearly behold
    And now definitely learned
    That Ron has returned.

    All wars are past
    Peace here at last

    Insanity an illusion
    The able more able
    We just postulate OT
    And that’s all we need for OT to BE

    So OTs now roam, by thousands and one
    Just needing to be, aware of being aware
    Not needing MEST, with that game they are done

    Those Ideal Orgs
    A quick stepping stone
    But nothing more
    A homely place now
    Where disembodied spirits roam
    A museum just
    To ages past

    With the real world up
    All high above
    Where free souls fly and freedom rings
    There OTs lord and as postulated angles they sing

    And to those still stuck
    In man’s old past
    In those sad illusions
    Of old planet earth
    Of MEST and all squirrely things
    Which so do not last
    To all those poor cannibals
    Whom we’ll never clear
    We can only shout down to

    “We hold you all dear”

    Ron we so do love you
    And now back you are
    As King David for sure
    Just as it was foretold
    By stars, and the old

    Heil to King David,
    The long awaited cure
    He came and he vanished
    To play with his seals
    The billion year contractors
    Independent or not
    The squirrels
    The SPs

    They can see clearly now
    Hold him dearly and bow

    To his almighty presence of nothing

    Looking down on a planet
    So distant
    So foggy
    And yet so very very

    CLEAR…….. :)))

  97. HN,
    ” Would love to see the graphics for what actually happens….”

    Well it would need a good sound track to go with it to accurately duplicate the GIANT SUCKING NOISE heard around all Idyl Orgs.

  98. Yes. I saw a BBC mini series on Auschwitz. The interesting thing is that they described the inter relations among the SS guards, and it looked freackishly similar to the SO today.

  99. OMG …. that is the classic description …..we need to create that as a video clip

  100. They will find a reason why he is out-ethics and cannot receive services. Once he has money again he will be able to buy indulgence by donating a big portion of it.

  101. “My advice is stay away from Ideal Orgs fundraising, read Debbie Cooks email , get your own house in order.”

    And whatever you do. Do NOT tell a Reg how much money you have or how much you are making.

  102. I felt elated that the event was over. It is like feeling elated when a Sec Check is over.

  103. Literally LOL.

    Wonder if this little mention of David Miscavige will make it to his weekly / daily summary of mentions of Miscavige in the media…

    I wonder if the speech writer wasn’t having a little private joke on David Miscavige by inserting a line that lends itself so easily to “ring piece” jokes… Maybe he quietly amuses himself by seeing what other foolish things he can get Miscavige to say.

    I have this fantasy about messing with David Miscavige’s teleprompters so he steadily says ever more bizarre things, including my favourite stat: square footage of real estate per active member, which is travelling like a starship straight up and vertical to the moon and back sending shining ripples glittering around Uranus…and there we go again… Oh what fun could be had as one of his speech writers tasked with creating impressive sounding drivel.

  104. Come now, what is wrong with having a colonoscopy while conscious using tabasco as lube (lol)?

  105. As staff member in an Org that was stat pushed to Class V only to become a prototype for the modern day Ideal Morgue, let me emphasize this one point Mike. It is NOT that you are simply blamed and have the mindset to disagree. One is literally as you say; “MADE TO BELIEVE…” it is your fault. There is this difference I think important to point out, and it is such a powerful mechanism that even an OT can be trapped.

  106. I believe you a absolutely correct. I have been there myself.

  107. I am just wondering. What will happen if someone brings an iPad and browses this blog while at the event?

  108. In 1976 I was clear # 11,850. That was 36 years ago. Today there 2656 OTVlll s. All I can say is, What the Fuck Happened?

  109. I mean, is it like 1 out of 10,000 or 1 out out of 50,000 that is actually making it up the bridge? And how many of the OT 8 comps in that 2656 stat report has been declared an SP? I can think of ten off the top of my head. That is supposed to bring applause? This is very fucking depressing!

  110. plainoldthetan

    This is the advantage of Miscavige’s current “stat non-reporting” technique.
    negative one times 50x “expansion” is -50. But if he only reports the 50x, it hides the negative one AND the negative 50. He still has something to rport while obfuscating the actual statistic.

  111. Theo Sismanides

    PoisionIvy, those speeches written in Shermanspeak as Mike says, give the audience Misunderstood Words like in many churches. Our Orthodox church is worse as they use some old language. No one is able to understand. Now, all this heavenly language that Mike could stomach and present to us is rather hypnotic, indeed and it definitely serves a purpose. We are into Sermons here and Mysteries as our Orthodox church claims to have many of those (Mysteries). I think this is where we are heading: the same old Mysteries and Sermons.

    Sermon: an oration by a prophet or member of the clergy. Sermons address a Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topic, usually expounding on a type of belief, law or behavior within both past and present contexts. Elements of preaching include exposition, exhortation and practical application.

    Dan ShermOn was thrown in to those events and speeches by Miscavige some 15 years ago (if I recall well) and has consistently ever since been giving misunderstoods to the audience through Miscavige in his speeches.

    More on the ShermOn phenomenon:

  112. plainoldthetan

    I belive the report is accurate because of this: Universe Corps teams are formed to “audit the staff to OT”. But so many staff are pre-Clear that Levels 0-V auditors need to be made in bulk. In bulk, because at some point after some Clears are made in some Idle Orgs, Class VI and VII and VIII and IX auditors need to be made; those won’t be made at LA Org, they’ll be made at…well, they’ll be made at Flag. One of the things that will probably be happening is that the UC auditors will spend 50% of their time auditing each other to Clear.

    But the most likely and credible explanation is that the Auditors-Made stat is crashed through the floor, and putting Sea Org Universe Corps auditors on levels training at LA Org is an artificial prop for the Non-E stat.

  113. martyrathbun09

    Good point. In the tale of the tape, the numbers don’t lie.

  114. plainoldthetan

    Actually, in HCO PL 6 October 1970 II MOONLIGHTING, LRH (astonishingly) says “‘Moonlighting on the government’ would be quite permissible. With governments anxious to hand out welfare, in some depressed area it would be quite all right to go on the dole or relief and work as a church volunteer in the org.”
    But in the Book of Case Remedies, LRH points out in Remedy BJ that a person receiving relief or disability payments can be a liability, case-wise.

  115. plainoldthetan

    Or your best friend, or your FSM or a person in the courseroom or…or…or…

  116. Yes and my point is they will probably put statistics to thoughts, since they’ve pretty much ceased all production already. They can just “be there” and get their stats up by thinking dim thoughts.

  117. Superb Mike!

    I thank you for doing the work myself and others have so much trouble doing. (Listening to dm’s b.s.)
    That was some seriously funny and true evaluating of the existing scene.

  118. That would be hillarious to create a mock “event” with a dwarf playing dm and computerized graphics of vacuum cleaners sucking the cash and valuables and then the public person explodes!! Lol!! Then we could send it to the Org mailing lists!! Hillarious! That would blow a TON of charge and wake a few people up. If anyone is capable of producing this I would be willing to donate some cash to it.

  119. Marty, I salute you for your courage in watching the entire video. After doing that, I am sure a root canal without novocaine would be a piece of cake.

    Any way you could post what you watched somehow so that the masochists out here in your readership could suffer along too? I’m interested in checking out a couple things: 1) is DM’s face still puffy and pockmarked as it was in the March birthday event? That could indicate long-term steroid abuse or other health problems. 2) Looking at specific differences in the messaging of how he talked about certain things, to see what he’s worried about? 3) any group shots to estimate attendance, particularly to see if it is possible to pick out how many audience members are seat fillers from Sea Org or crew. Any way to contrast attendance now versus last year to see if many people have blown?

    Also, any mention of the Super Powers building? Summer is over tomorrow, and it was supposed to open this summer, for sure, without fail, you can count on me, dead certain, no excuses.

  120. Sorry, I mis-read, and should have given credit to Mike instead of Marty.

  121. Has anyone tried to figure out the ratio of SPs declared by the church of scientology to OT VIIIs? Okay so we can’t be sure of actual numbers but they’ll be more SPs than on the Indy 500 list for a start.

  122. Oh it’s a blackhole… People don’t suck up to it they’re sucked up by it… (Makes sense if you think about it)

    Oh this really has to stop, I think we’ve done David Miscavige’s ass hole to death. 🙂

  123. The only thing keeping Miscavige’s con going are cgi fly throughs. If these weren’t allowed or the technology hadn’t been developed to make these orgs look as if they were already completed, the cold, stark truth of his barren wasteland would be laid out for all to see.

    You know, infomercials still work but not like they used to. Maybe the members stuck inside will become immune to the plastic glitz and glamour. I know it repelled me right out the door.

  124. I saw MV3, IAS event at our mission. I almost went unconscious.

  125. In one sense it’s not depressing. The corporate cult is so out tech that people are staying away. That’s worthy of applause.

    The real shame and overt is that DM took the existing organization and totally ruined the tech within it. Now people will just have to find an Independent. That’s where the real stats are; in the field, far, far away from the cult.

  126. Thanks for these replies … I guess my question boils down to, what’s up with this deal of people (at the Flag Implant Station) being on the level for 10 years or so?

  127. The rest of us saw what happened to guys like Allender and we ran for the hills. How incredibly, awesomely, bright halo like light in the sky is this marvelous OT VIII? (not)

    For you newbies, Allender is the guy on the left of the photo on the top of this page.

  128. You are pretty doggoned amazing Steve!!! Although perhaps we may disagree about the level of degradation that will actually occur. *sarcasm* That being said, take out several periods and I think you’ve got it! 😀

  129. Tom Gallagher (Keeper of the Tech)


    Due to the unprecedented growth and expansion of tens of thousands of readers to this blog site and the virtually incalculable new legions of Independent Scientologists, it has come to our attention that a MAJOR MU has occurred and been discovered!

    Not to belabor the points of KSW and/or Study Technology, yet, in keeping with these goals, the following misunderstood of MAGNITUDE has been discovered:

    COB is NOT a symbol that represents “Chairman of the Board”.

    Actually, COB is an acronym for “Chimp Or Baboon”!

    Since that’s now been cleared up, carry on……….

  130. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    It boils down to G-R-E-E-D: more sec checking, more intensives, more 6 month C/Sing, blah blah. In short, more cases of scotch, elevator shoes, custom suits, tanning beds, motorcycles, copper rods, yada yada for the Demented Midget.

  131. “LRH books and lectures in public hands since the dawn of GAK has surpassed 100 million”

    Hummmm….there were already 25 million Dianetics books sold prior to GAK.
    How many LRH tapes were sold prior to GAK? How many books and tapes were sold prior to GAK total?

    Of course, the part about “in public hands” actually means “in public garages still in the box.”

    Miscavige’s bullshit knows no bounds.

  132. One thing I’ve never seen Miscavige do, is apply Danger, which requires he actually perform the duties of those he is bypassing.

    He put those who should be managing in lower conditions and I haven’t heard a peep publicly out of Exec Strata or WDC, so they must still be in Non E or lower.

    And Miscavige is not bypassing them, he’s hobby horsing only the Int Landlord sub sector of the Int Finance Office, and he’s hobbyhorsing the celebrity sector, as regards to Tom Cruise’s Scientology services.

    He doesn’t know how to manage, otherwise 15 years ago, 20 years ago, he’d have kept Exec Strata and WDC built up, and they’d be doing their jobs per LRH’s final years orders to each of them.

    He hasn’t managed the movement by himself, and he’s not let WDC build up Exec Strata and the both of them (and the rest of Int Headquarters namely Snr.C/S Int Office, Int Finance Office and LRH PPRO Int Office) haven’t really been made functional.

    Miscavige is a horrible MAA even, if he thinks he’s wearing the IG MAA hat on a bypass also. He likely has not had a cramming order in over 2 decades, and I haven’t heard of the IG Cramming Officer duties being performed by anyone.

    Per LRH’s final 1980s writings, Miscavige is grossly omitting massive chunks of LRH’s writings to the top managers and people of the movement.

    The whole top of the movement has been chewed to pieces.

    LRH had a knack of attracting people to try their hands at working at the top ranks of the movement, and Miscavige attracts almost no one to go work and apprentice under him!

  133. martyrathbun09

    Chuck, great observation about LRH having a knack to attract. I would modify the second part of it, that Miscavige has an overwhelming compulsion to repel. The former is a good observation that Nancy Reitman made in her book (though I thought she went overboard by couching it, and positioning LRH, in huckster terms). But, you have hit on a very huge differentiation point between LRH and DM. LRH could attract. DM can only repel.

  134. number 1 reason in my opinion, being a dilettante about it – only auditing very few sessions a day. I was on it 2.5+ years, ending auditing 5-6 sessions a day. My wife finished in 18 months auditing mostly 6 sessions a day.

  135. > “I salute you for your courage in watching the entire video. After doing that, I am sure a root canal without novocaine would be a piece of cake. Any way you could post what you watched somehow so that the masochists out here in your readership could suffer along too?”

    John P.,
    You gave me a good laugh, literally (after reading M’s blog post, I needed one). Unfortunately, I was eating when I started to laugh … 🙂

  136. My bad. I opened the three ring circus. ( OK that’s the VERY last one, I swear.)

  137. Yes Claudio, some of us didn’t know better. Coming in 1989 I was clueless of the earlier years and events. But it’s true, look for LRH, he’s written up most everything that’s needed. I remember once researching for “command intention” because it just bugged me to constantly hear it’s command intention. I wanted to know WHO’s command intention!

    The more I heard it the more I rolled my eyes to myself. I don’t recall ever proving the case to myself on what command intention was supposed to be, other than just do what we say – which I didn’t take easily!

  138. Right out of PAB 13…

  139. Mike, I hesitate to use the word “excellent” for what is basically a review of excrement, so I will just say it is a great piece of writing and an effective dismantling of David Miscavige’s fake stats.

    As I read your review, I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t have me hauled away. (.. Wait, I actually do hear an approaching siren at the moment… Ok, they stopped somewhere else….) … because I was laughing hysterically and could easily have been mistaken for a lunatic.

    Of course when I read quotes like “or for that matter since before the beginning or even before the decision to begin”, the laughter nearly turned to uncontrolled vomiting.

    How long can this go on?

  140. TroubleShooter

    “The only other “nights” were “ASI LRH Fiction Night” and “IAS Night”. Of course, Miscavige didn’t do the fiction night.”

    It seems to me that every night is fiction night for cob.

    Truth is danger than fiction eh?

    Great write up Mike and eloquent as usual.


  141. Laughter! You have a good point!

  142. Synthia – please contact me at Thanks.

  143. Well – I know many of the original New OT VII’s, including family members, that did it in 2 years of less. It has gotten to be much longer due to additives and alterations. Even if we take the 250 hours that is only 125 hours per year of about 10.5 hours per month. When we look at it this way to think of 10 years on the level is insanity.

    The original people on the level were pushed to do an intensive of 12.5 hours per week. Whether this was the right thing to do or not what is obvious is it has been made much longer than intended by LRH.

  144. LOL, that might be what it takes to wake them up!

  145. At my local org in the late 60’s, most staff members were on auditor training after their first 2-3 months, and they got way more enhancement time than 12.5 hours per week. Then more and more admin issues came out, and staff got split into tech trackers and admin trackers in terms of their posts and enhancement. The tech trackers got to co-audit up the Bridge, while the admin trackers didn’t. So, low-on-the-Bridge staff ended up lording it over high-on-the-Bridge staff, which is, of course, backwards.

    There is no need for a Universe Corps. All an org needs to do is exchange fairly with its staff by giving them 12.5 hrs/wk of Bridge enhancement time, in addition to 12.5 hrs/wk of post enhancement time. I think this would lead to more post production on the shorter post hours, too.

    The bottom line is, Tech must rule, not Admin. And all staff must become auditors and co-audit their way up the Bridge. If those policies had been in, DM would have been fitness boarded off staff before he could have done any significant damage.

  146. “How Miscavige gets these things out of his mouth with a straight face may only be explained by Botox overdosing.”

    OMG, Mike! There goes another half-glass of wine through my nose and onto the computer screen! I’m gonna hafta buy cheaper wine so I can read your posts


  147. Very True Claudio what you write. And Starman8 below my now comment.

    So if we “assume” DM was appointed, then what do we assume who would replace DM? Looking into the future.

    I have asked this question many times here on this blog and the usual response is who cares, what replace DM, what the church is dead so who cares.

    But nobody seems to get the point of my question.

    So as you say above
    “People go to those events and listen to this garbage because THEY THINK AS I DID TOUGHT that MIscavige has been APPOINTED BY LRH as the Supreme Ruler!!!!!!”

    Right, but think further into time and ask the question who will be the next appointed one?

    Something is not right.

  148. “You know, infomercials still work but not like they used to. Maybe the members stuck inside will become immune to the plastic glitz and glamour.”

    So, what you are saying is that all the events are like ” infomercials” for the current members who go to these events. Or also in other words, they are PR towards a certain public (and PR means per the book Battle for the Mind), that public being current members who believe the PR (althought the PR is filled with lies as per the purpose of this post above by Mike rinder).

    But the PR events for the current members are filed with false data and false stats, but the current members do not realize it yet.

  149. The reason Solo NOTS takes so long for most people:

    1) Professional pc’s get on the level with inadequate auditing skills.

    2) The Solo NOTS procedure has been altered by DM so that the procedure LRH said is “the preferred method” is forbidden. This invalidates the pre-OT’s growing ability, forces lots of overrun, and pulls in more and more case to run than would have been necessary otherwise. Then there are the general out-tech alterations from the Golden Age of Tech, such as the 3-swing F/N, endless ruds procedures, etc., that create BPC and would thereby lengthen any auditing rundown.

    3) The 6-month checks are a violation of C/S Series 73RB, which states that “pre-OTs doing well on the level should not be interfered with by sec checking or anything else.” Sea Org staff don’t have to get 6-month checks, only paying public. And, getting sec checked relentlessly when you don’t need it is inval, eval, and introverting. It’s a Reverse Introspection Rundown, guaranteed to weaken the pre-OT so he can’t confront and as-is what Solo NOTS addresses. The only relief he can get from the resulting restimulation is to agree with DM’s “command intention” in all ways, by going out of his own valence into the only one allowed, which is obedient, hypnotized slave.

    The whole level is set up NOT to put pre-OTs “at cause over life,” but to render them “at effect of DM.” That’s the purpose, pure and simple. So, not only does Solo NOTS take a lot longer than it should, but the end product is not freedom, but slavery.

    In the Independent Scientology field, where Solo NOTS can be done as LRH intended, it takes a lot less time and results in actual spiritual freedom.

  150. The stat as quoted ““LRH books and lectures in public hands since the dawn of GAK has surpassed 100 million”

    is totally useless as it is not compared to how many starts it resulted in. Or what is the response rate. But hey, when you got volunteers (at no pay, also includes OT Committee members working for nothing but a pipe dream) handing out Way to Happy booklets, and volunteers paying for Org’s new mortgages just paid if full, hey who cares if you get a response.

  151. I walk by the Toronto org everyday and have never seen more than a couple of people in the study room. It’s usually empty.
    The biggest crowd I ever saw there was during an anonymous demonstration. Since then, not much happening. No leafletters on the street. No sales pitches as I walk by.
    I’m told a friend saw a guy handing out cards the other day.
    The building looks kind of dingy and needs some cheering up! (Perhaps some gay pinks would help? It would go with the neighbourhood! 🙂
    I was sad one late night as I noticed a flurry of cleaners madly working on the closed venetian blinds of the upper stories. I’m guessing the RPF was doing their usual cleanup? Sad.

  152. Poor Mr MEST, his words have no wit.
    He talks gobbledygook and pure BS.

  153. “One thing I’ve never seen Miscavige do, is apply Danger, which requires he actually perform the duties of those he is bypassing.”

    In my years on staff I have never ever seen this condition applied properly. Never!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However, in several wog jobs I have done I have seen it applied naturally.

    I have applied it myself on my juniors (employees) because there was something to be done and handled. And when handled just hat, not scream at somebody or put them in an RPF.

  154. Great debrief Mike.

    Miscavige is clearly descending into a hell of his own making. Although I didn’t see the event, I can just hear his (false) assertions becoming ever more strident and shrill. The whole thing is a tragedy of epic proportions, really.

    Thanks for your diligent work keeping us informed on the current scene.

  155. MRinder,
    Thanks for having the tenacity to actually sit there and watch this thing and then report to us. You are a stronger soul than I.
    As I read your post, I could hear the cadence and voice of the speech and it reminded me of all the reasons why I am here, posting on this blog with friends, instead of watching the event and experiencing the torture of listening to it at the “Church”. I have NEVER been able to sit thru his gobbledygook. I simply can not do it. As Marty mentioned above…David Miscavige repels.
    It is not only a matter of his manner, which seriously turns me off…it is the fact that he insults our intelligence to think we actually buy into his crap.
    Thank goodness you have taken this BS and created a fun, interesting and informative presentation of the emperor with no clothes.

  156. 🙂 funny!

  157. Mike, thank you for your voice of reason.

  158. I’m in! Tony that is a great idea on the org mailing lists. And perhaps the humor line in the correct entry point to blow the lid off the Kool Aide stand.

    I envision a van with flat screens embedded on the sides showing the Mike Rinder version of “CLEANING HOUSE AT YOUR LOCAL ORG” all the while the van is parked on the street in front of the Idle Org………..

  159. Mike, thanks for the briefing on the video. I would not have ever watched it all the way through for myself. Some wonderful phrases – “the dawn of GAK”, for instance. The sun never sets on GAK…..

    Oh boy.

  160. Now Now Now, so much Cynicism on this Board ~
    Have y’all not felt the LOVE and Kindness flow from the heart of Miscavige.
    There are some RESISTIVE cases here. Resistive to the GOLDEN AGE of TECH. And most posters on this blog do not understand DOMINATION.
    They do not understand how it can IMPACT ! Domination with Overwhelm shows ETHICS PRESENCE !
    Posters here should join together in hushed reverence, click heels and listen to the MUSIC and POETRY of the Language.
    It is only hardened souls that would not weep.
    Welcome to Home Universe and the greatest assembly of OT’s in history, or for that matter since before the beginning or even before the decision to begin.”
    Expansion is a deadly serious subject. There is way too much insouciance in Mike Rinder here. If anyone read Mike Rinder’s essay and laughed, Knowledge Reports need to be sent in NOW ! web site.
    Your concerns will be seriously and promptly investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of religious law.

  161. A documentary covering the actual state of orgs worldwide would be a hell of a trip through the wasteland.

    And I think some Koolaide drinkers would go. How could they resist? Especially with the right promo. Come see “The WorldwideTruth About Ideal Orgs!”

    I think of my friends still at Battle Creek. That org has owned a great downtown building right in the center of Battle Creek for well over 10 years. They got it for a good price and paid it off in 9 years, 2000 to 2009. See the Youtube video below.

    They worked their fingers to the bone on it.

    It is still not open. They are in a rented space just a couple of blocks away, and have been having nights when their courseroom is completely empty, for several years now. Their public is so tapped out I believe the IAS hardly ever bothers to have an event there anymore.

  162. We in RTC recently had OSA conduct an emergency investigation into the recent 500,000% increase in attacks against the Church of Scientology, COB RTC David Miscavige, and even the famous actor Tom Cruise that have been made by Psychiatry, bitter defrocked apostates, sleazy internet websites, and trashy wog magazines.

    The root cause of these is attacks is the fact the Church of Scientology is wildly succeeding in a vertically linear fashion that could be described as, yes, straight up and vertical, and, by way of vividly commenting upon the vertical thrust of Spaceship Scientology into eternity like a ring of pure and endless light, no, that light is not the train coming down the tunnel towards us but is rather the resplendent effulgence of pure theta emanating from 533,690,023 new Ideal Orgs, missions, and square feet on the runway and that is why we say that we are experiencing magnitudes at heretofore undreamed rates that exceed even the wildest dreams of utopia itself for 100% on source delivery of the Tech at the speed of light.

    But then did you expect anything less from the Basics?

    Focus on the Church’s incalculably heroic progress and not upon the shrill dyspepsia of discordant euphoniums and that blare defeatism and succumb to trillions of eons of years and moths and days of Psychiatric implants. And finally, if only by way or recap, there is every reason to ignore a shocking and libelous attack made by Conan O’Brien in which he mocked the so-called “wife auditioning” by we in RTC on behalf of Tom Cruise that never happened and is a complete lie:

  163. I am a bitter defrocked apostate although I never completed VII after two attempts. Yet the few Asho auditiors have left the building. Not good stats at all.

  164. BTW -You are on the list of possible resources. Thanks for being there.

  165. Is that like 43 OTVII completion a year ? (I wanted to audited but Flag would not let me)

  166. I personally know of one OT 8 who is completely insane and I have heard of 4-5 others. Those who are insane are probably counted as products. How incredibly sad and unbelievable. I would like to know what others know about this.

  167. The few of us on OTVII were treated like criminals.

  168. well just to give you an example..I did severals events around the planet one example is Mexico…you know every time I have an event there the amount of audience was less..every time…by the way I include staff members also…and the Corporate Church already have their upper, hipper yuppy Ideal Org Mexico…so I was asking myself what happen….every time is less people when mr. know best in every of his circus events….always mention 10X expansions……hahaha…
    regarding OTs…..just go to Monterrey-Mexico and you will find most of the OTs long timers OT VII and OT VIIIs….never come back again to the we know why…too much sec checks and invalidations…and too much money sucking…..

  169. You could set up an event at the Los Angeles Hilton.

  170. I would love to hear from you.

  171. Someday soon. You have my emaill at Hush. Thank You for all that You are doing.

  172. If you are LA Org, me and mine would be happy to help set you free.

  173. Hope the wine was not a total classic )

  174. I don’t think the hard core Scn are hearing the ‘data’ of thousands.

  175. Absolutely right, as long as Davey is in charge everybody connected will be PTS to some degree and can’t get auditing or will roller coaster per definition. I can’t imagine anyone there getting auditing and not have body somatics. None of their stats represent a VFP, only overt products that will recoil.

  176. DM’s iPad/Marty’s Blog at an event response:

  177. I think the stat of 100million “books and lectures” statistic is very interesting. If it is true, they are raking in a lot of money. I worked it out from the IAS Aussie dollar price that they were making about $13+ per disk. I know they give a bit more off at the events. But say they are making $10 a disk, that is one heck of a lot of money. One billion dollars! (I think it might be more in US dollars these days).
    Just the interest on that lot will pay for a few coffees and cakes.

  178. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Mike … great job. In fact, I love you; I’ve never felt this way before, but … could you please get those incisors filed down?

  179. Without DM, there is a way we can immediately recover the orgs. I say we call it for now, the Orgs In Communication Program.

    It goes like this: Think you’ve got an Org? Put a 24/7 camera/projector system in your front door, and open every front door of an Org to every other front door of the Org. Yes, a global Video link. Of each Orgs’ front door.

    Then, with overlays: STATISTICS.

  180. Karen you have a beautiful mind. It is the one thing in this universe that melts all opposition. Aesthetics knocks down walls. You have the power. David for real you op termed this woman, Hubbard, Mary Sue, the tech, the truth, the good nature and good willed, the street smart and the ones with top bill. You op termed all that stilled ….disturbance.
    You will live with your investments as we will live with ours. You depend on beggars worth and we depend on ours.

  181. Sure brother. It took me eight months.

  182. So true Mike, DM always covers his tracks with another arbitrary. Having to have before we can do, it is all up to you… It is not up to us. We are a no reprehensibility case. Did I spell that wrong? You dubbed in with the right answer not me. We need ___________ to get _________and the burden is on your backs. Check back with a done. Meanwhile I will balm in the sun. Really? What time track is this guy stuck in Ancient Greece or Egypt right? “I must be contributed to” is timeless. David people KNOW about this shit in 2012 stupid. Why do you think there is an “Occupied Wall Street? ” DUH!

  183. Beware the favored tools of GAT and the 2.5 %’s. “Third Party Law ” and “Agent Provocateur”

    We are in strange times!

  184. I recently drove past Austin org. It is located at 2200 Guadalupe St., which is
    directly across from the University of Texas. UT is, I believe the fifth largest university in the U.S.
    Guadalupe St. was packed with people mostly students. Back in 1980, LRH did a heck of a job picking out this location to put Austin org. The body traffic on this street is unbelievable. And indeed Austin Org flourished at this site for a number of years.
    All along Guadalupe St., you see stores and businesses that appear to be doing extremely well, with many people going in and out continually. There are several new high rises being built. The whole area looks very busy and prosperous.
    In stark, glaring contrast, sitting on the corner of 22nd and Guadalupe is Austin Org sitting like a vacant building, except for one lone person holding reception.
    It is so strange, on a street that is so full of people, that this one building sits so empty. It’s like there is some evil spirit that repels life from this building, so people walk around it. Morgue is a word that comes to mind.

  185. I assume that many of the pre-early 90’s completions also are post early 90’s completions since many of the OTs had to redo the levels. If so, then even these stats are inflated.

  186. abbracadabra. Don’t cross the river if you can’t swim the tide.

  187. Thanks for this Mike. I found myself reading your review of MV and laughing out loud on a street corner in Manhattan – waiting for a coach to take me back up north. Also — a few posts ago you mentioned dms inability to do anything right and mentioned “The Master”

    I took the opportunity while in Manhattan to see “The Master” — it’s AWESOME. The portrayal of LRH by Seymour is wonderful. He’s likable, human and bigger than life. While there are incidents that to me never happened (but I wasn’t around the early days either) … it is SO LRH, twinkle in his eye down to his Kools.

    Joaquin Phoenix isn’t anyone I recognize other than conglomerate of very troubled souls that LRH probably DID encounter in the early days.

    It’s by no means an expose of scientology — certainly not scientology celebrity style — it’s the early days of Dianetics — up to about 1957 or so.

    TO ME — Indies could benefit from the film — put an ad in a local paper (like the old days LRH said to put ads in papers) — “now that you’ve seen The Master, call to experience processing without the cult” — or something MUCH better worded by Steve Hall or others.

    Many will get interested BECAUSE the screenwriter holds true to “man is a spirit, not an animal — you are aberrated because of your bad experiences – nothing more”

    It’s a film that continues to keep playing over in your mind — I’m sure it’s going to get several academy nods.


  188. Sorry, it is not a big deal. Really. My 13 year old kids are on the bridge and have already overcome walls to make them go away forever from Scientology. They just blew through incredible invitations to quit. They keep on. It is that simple. 13 year old kids can get through it. They come up with the demons that throw them south and the angels that push them north. They know all of the time.If OT8’s are falling that is under David’s house in a very fragile situation. Not mine. I am on top of when things go north and things go south.

  189. WOW, that’s incredible Christine! Thanks for letting us know. I hadn’t seen it yet. Last fall I was visiting Mike in Tarpon Springs and he turned me onto Big Love — HBO TV series involving Mormons. It was an amazing series because there were so many parallels. But the most amazing thing of all was that it created greater understanding for, and humanized, the Mormons. Even though it showed the bad along with the good. You realized they have their problems too. There are people with great integrity, and also sociopaths.

    I just spotted what made that show so good: you realized the real problem was sociopaths, not their beliefs. The common misconception is that the beliefs are the source of all the trouble. Sociopaths (SPs) are the actual trouble. No one cares about the beliefs — except sociopaths.

  190. Thank you so much, KOT. I had it completely wrong. I thought it meant Chump On Board. Wait… I wasn’t that wrong after all.

  191. Or Crim On Board. That works too.

  192. 😆 ROFLMAO

  193. You mustn’t forget to add people with their mouth agape as the gold fillings get sucked out.

  194. Further, there’s an LRH advice to CMO Messengers, to the HAS CMO I think, where he jokes about how he knows he makes their job easy, since people always wanted to come work with him and help him.

    So many people, over the years wished to come work for LRH personally, so many people were glad to give up their lives to come help LRH as he ran the movement, etc.

    One of the first times I came and sat at one of the Int Base weekly staff briefings, where DM used to speak, I sat there and realized that Miscavige didn’t know how to play this role he’s assumed.

    You gotta have uptone wise people at the tippy top, and really working together, like the Coord Council PLs of the early 1980s lay out.

    LRH’s final years’ admin writings for the top management units are a whole “lost tech” and what should be being done instead of what DM’s doing.

    On DM’s beingness, he’s not got any compassionate empathetic side that is a requirement to be a good auditor or case supervisor, and thus, frankly, he isn’t qualified period, to be any of the leadership positions, since he’s not aware of the basics of the subject he’s “head” of (and LRH didn’t even want the movement to have a single head, anyways).

    The beingness of the top execs ought be a combination of the Class 8 Case Supervisor viewpoint, having total certainty one can personally C/S and audit any case to case gain, and on top of that, be an OEC/FEBC/PR Course trained and Int Exec Staff Status trained (the Int Exec Staff Statuses is the study of all the top management LRH private ‘advice’ traffic for all the various WDC sectors and to Exec Strata), and THEN you are basically only then become Permanent Posting qualified for those top Exec Strata and WDC positions.

    It’s a huge long runway.

    Maybe in the decades to come, they’ll figure out how to do this.

    Who knows?

    I’ve always been pie in the sky lamenting how top management went awry.

  195. I so believe that having LRH’s full writings, in the public domain, not just for the critics to jump on LRH, but rather for the Scientologists, the tens of thousands or more, today, who love LRH deeply for what LRH has given them, I truly truly (some say foolishly deludedly) wish that LRH’s full writings and hopes, were made fully public.

    The movement is legally “safe”, it is only DM who would get the biggest comming upence and trashing, if LRH’s writings, his fully cannon, were made public.

    The Scientologists, internationally, would be given the responsibility, to decide what to do.

    Scientology is LRH’s creation, and I think ALL Scientologists, are MOST deserving to have LRH’s full thoughts and lectures, in their possession to think about, decide to what degree they will “step up” and help out, in LRH’s full realm of ideas of how to go forward with the Scientology “tech” to help the world.

    I say, bottom line most wished for hope, I wish that somehow LRH’s full cannon gets into the people who are Scientologists’ hands!

    If an INCOMM “Computer Backups” person is possibly reading this, I urge you, to PLEASE send a copy of the full SIR TAPES to Marty Rathbun, and I urge Marty to share LRH with Scientologists, so LRH’s ideas are NOT lost, historically!

    PLEASE. I so wish some INCOMM Int Base people read this.

    Chuck Beatty
    former INCOMM staffe and later ASI Computer guy, 1989-1995.


  196. INCOMM either Int Base, or LA, or the ASI Computer person, if you ever read this, PLEASE put ALLSIR, and all the ASI advice traffic from LRH, onto flashdrives and send copies to the main Scientology “splinter” “squirrel” groups of whatever time period you read my plea!

    I was at INCOMM Int, and INCOMM LA and I was the ASI computer guy, with access to LRH’s full cannon, on the SIR computer data bases, and like the one LA Computer Room guy who DID put the ALLSIR he had access to, onto some backup tapes, one time, in 1995, and he took those tapes OFF site to a public top of the line university in California, kept with his old college buddies, so my dream, my plea, to repeat what ONE INCOMM computer operations officer DID DO, in 1995, it is totally reasonable to again REPEAT what one man did!

    LEAK the full Hubbard cannon (thank Gail Poval, she was the SIR project in charge and for two years helped put ALL of LRH’s private despatch traffic onto the computer, and today her project and all those helpers who helped her, and also seperately at ASI, the ASI numerous projects of putting LRH’s ASI traffic onto the ASI computers where ASI today has all of LRH’s private ASI despatch traffic to view) all of this final years LRH traffic belongs to the Scientologists of the world.

    The world is NOW populated with thousands of people who love and respect LRH, and they deserve to have what LRH wrote, LRH’s final years of ideas and wishes.

    PLEASE LEAK ALLSIR and all of ASI’s SIR to the public domain, and my pick of the people who will absolutely be SURE that LRH’s ideas get passed on to posterity, here’s my list of who I know who love LRH:

    a) Marty Rathbun
    b) Max Hauri
    c) Ralph Hilton
    d) Pierre Ethier
    and my most respected ex Scientology top ranks long term praise, goes to
    e) Ken Urquhart

    These people will share LRH, for history, so INCOMM computer room people who do the “backups” do a Google search, and share ALLSIR with these people!

    Or call me, 412-260-1170, and let’s get LRH’s final years of writings to the people who truly love and wish to continue LRH’s ideas into the future. (I’m an atheist, but I respect the rights of Scientologists to have their KSW number 1, which IS the tech. I will help Scientologists get LRH’s ideas, for them to decide what best to do with their subject, as it IS their subject!!!!!)

  197. Historical question for Mike or anyone on the “speech” lines, circa 1992, 1993, 1994.

    Question: What year did Danny Sherman BEGIN to be requested to help DM with his speeches?

    My recollection, I was the computer guy at ASI, during EACH event, Norman’s “speech” had to be emailed, via our common “INCOMM” email computer system, between ASI and the Int computers, and during ALL events, us INCOMM computer geeks at INT and ASI, had to be in instant and second by second, computer geek “insurance” make sure the emails went between the two computer systems. I experienced this, first time, in summer of 1992, when I had JUST become the ASI computer guy, in May 1993, and the “Ship Events” of 1992, had a few speeches going “back and forth” to coordinate the speeches, so the speeches for the Maiden Voyage 1992 speeches didn’t say the same “news.”

    Mainly, in 1992, as the ASI computer guy, my duties were to make sure, when Norman’s speech was being emailed to DM, that there we no computer glitch that delayed the receipt at DM’s or at Norman’s end, of the various other Int Execs (Ray’s, or Heber’s or Mike’s or whoever else was giving a speech) at that event, that their speech got to Norman, since Norman was “my” guy, I being the ASI computer guy for Norman. (Norman Starkey, Ray Mitoff, Heber Jentsch, Marc Yager, Mike Rinder or whoever else in 92. 93, 94, 95, the years I was the computer ASI guy).

    Norman would do his “speech”, and me, being at the ASI computer setup there on Hollywood Blvd, I’d have to give Norman ALL of the other speeches, like Mike’s or Heber’s or Ray’s or DM’s, to Norman, and vice verse. The reason was to ensure their speeches didn’t say the same thing, and their speeches didn’t contradict or in any way detract each other’s speeches, and it was the speechmaker’s job to read the other guys’ speeches and fix their speeches if any weird contrasts or repetitions occured.

    All this, historically, was back just before “Sherman-speak” era, when DM must have given the approval to have Sherman-speak enter into the mix.

    In 1992, 1993, I think Sherman-speak didn’t quite enter into the equation.

    I remember, sometime in 93 or 94 or 95 is when I noticed Danny Sherman come into the speechwriting equation. He would bum a ride in the “ASI van” as we drove from LA to Int, Saturdays.

    and we at some point, had Dan Sherman hitch his ride with us, for I guess, his “Sherman-speak” speechwriter for DM duties.

    I wish I could remember a little better, but Danny came with the ASI van ride to Int, Saturdays, I think in 1994ish or 1995ish, during those period prior to the events, to do his “speeching-writing” skills.

    Anyways, I only was a side observer, during those tiny years I was at ASI, namely 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, and Danny was very sychophantish, very much the subservient speech writer.

    I’ve had phone calls, in my years past as past sort of catch all listerner to people’s details they wanted to share, some people remember Danny Sherman from the 70s or 80s, I forget his role in Scientology history back then, but he’s always been the hack writer type.

    There’s so much history of Scientology people, I wish someone who knew Trevor Medal Johnson’s life as an even more professional-ish writer for the old What Is Scientology book editions and other writings Trevor did, since myself, I’m interested in “our” history of these “wordsmith” types, who did a whole hell of a lot of writing for Scientology, publicly, and only certain people, in history even remember all the details for all the old Guardian’s Office, and later “PRO” writings, for Scientology’s religious history.

    SO much history to everything, and Danny’s just the sycophant for DM’s speechwriting, and Danny just is part of a larger history of “speech” or ghost writer(s) (Trevor being a long term one who got NO credit, except in the small “need to know” circles that knew all that Trevor did in Trevor’s years of writings, and writings that Danny has drawn upon, in many ways, at least that’s what I noticed).

    Oh gosh, Scientology has so much more history to it, and while this is not the place to advertise for people to please tell what they know, I just hope people write somehow someway what they know!
    ex Sea Org and Scientology history promoter and raw info encourager
    1975-2003 (everyone writer their memoirs, please!)

  198. I used to write to the church, and the reason is I knew someone had to read at least my first couple sentences, and also, I knew that some had no clue who I was, and thus they felt “immune” to whatever I said, but also knew that my “complaints” would be recorded into their brains, and thus be permanently there, and not something that the recipients could every forget.

    Thus, my point, is that writing to RTC, writing to official Scientology staff, always WILL have potent effects, no matter what.

    What is written will be often read, a lot of what is written to offiical Scientologists will be read, and thus, factually have quite a bit of permanent and un-erasable effects on their minds!

    Write to them, as much as you can stand! It will have good effects, in all cases, inevitably!

  199. God that was hilarious!
    “It’s like a football coach refusing to use the word football and instead referring to the “pigskin” and “object we pass” or “our little friend.”  Is this guy nuts or what?”

    The Shermanspeak makes me sick!!!

  200. Thanks Chris. I appreciate the offer. I’m being well taken care of.

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