“The Patina of Terror is Losing its Luster”

Folks, fasten your safety belts before you tie into this duo of gang buster articles.

Three of  the most competent, courageous journalists to have tackled the beast now known as Scientology Inc. over the past several years have filed reports this evening that are already shaking the foundations of Miscavige’s bunker.

Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller Times broke the story, Latest Scientology legal battle unfolds in Coastal Bend as private investigators sue church.    The biggest news story of South Texas in the past two years has suddenly risen from a nearly year-long slumber and has grown legs worthy of Godzilla.

Almost simultaneously to Collette’s report, Tom Tobin and Joe Childs of the Tampa Bay Times weighed with, Church of Scientology paid two private investigators millions to trail David Miscavige’s rival, lawsuit claims.

UPDATE 9/23 A.M.:  Tony Ortega has also reported for the Dallas Morning News

Tobin and Childs note that today’s story corroborates and vindicates the 2009 testimony of me and Mike Rinder in the Times.  In particular, Mr. Arnold and Mr Marrick verify this history that I told Childs and Tobin in 2009, Rathbun video the Broeker Operation, click on the segment titled Spying On Pat Broeker.

To recap, first Mike Rinder corroborated every detail of my story.  Nonetheless, Miscavige supplied the Times with sworn affidavits by long-time Commanding Officer OSA Int Kurt Weilland, and Corporate Scientology “lawyer” (and unindicted co-conspirator US vs Mary Sue Hubbard) Kendrick Moxon denying our story.

The Lawsuit

I have said it from the beginning, and I’ll say it to the end:  David Miscavige, if you tell the truth it becomes your past, if you lie it becomes your future.

David Miscavige will rue the day he crossed the Nueces (river).

Oh yeah, ain’t it sweet to see Sugar Ray Jeffrey back in the ring?

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  1. Hello Marty,
    The first link goes to “page not found”.

  2. Perfect, Scotty.

  3. Works now, thanks.

  4. Church of Scientology paid two private investigators millions to trail David Miscavige’s rival, lawsuit claims!

    By Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin, Times Staff Writers
    Posted: Sep 21, 2012 09:33 PM

    Good for you – I am glad you are getting vindicated! It is getting rather exciting to see this happening to the Church of David Miscavige – almost daily. People leaving and announcing their departure in DROVES. The media no longer afraid of the Cult – and reports from defector’s being validated!

    David Miscavige – you may want to exit the scene because your Ship of Criminality is sinking fast! We are all watching you – and your lies are being exposed for the world to see. Scientology has absolutely ruined it’s reputation – it is known as an evil regime and the leader – a dictator.

    No longer will anyone believe you – you are a liar and a thief. You are taking people’s hard earned money and wasting it. You lie to everyone on how it is spent and then you try to hide it with your glossy promo and “smoke and mirrors” events!

    What SECRETS are you hiding Miscavige? What did you do to L Ron Hubbard that the world keeps missing?

  5. Marty, this is not intended necessarily to be posted as a comment, but when you link to another site, could you structure the link so that it opens in a separate browser window? It’s more convenient than being taken away from the blog page (this is easy to do with HTML tags).

  6. Marty, this is earth shattering stuff but I can’t figure out why Miscavige would stop paying these PIs and risk this exposure!?! I’m sure the PIs and Jefferies both warned if you don’t pay up this is going public.

    I’d love to think the cult is so broke they can’t pay their long standing PIs, but that’s not possible, is it? Ive been convinced the Feshbachs got DM to invest heavily, and lose big time when the mortgage crisis happened, but I cant imagine the margain calls have them this illiquid.

    WTF is going on? Also, do you have any idea why they would have been spying on Mitch Daniels, Gov of IN??

    I am mind boggled at this coming into public view. Any light you could shed to stop my head from spinning would be much, much appreciated.

    Also, Christ on A Jet-Ski, Holy shit, OMGWTFBBQ!!!

  7. i’ll bet Dave is trying to settle this quietly before the pixels are even dry on this story. He’s probably not worried in the least. Just reinstate the original agreement and everything goes away. No biggee, right, DM? Unless Broeker catches wind and contacts Sugar Ray and says “Hang on a sec, guys,” and sees a chance for some long overdue retribution against his old buddy Dave. Now, wouldn’t THAT be sweet. Of course, having Pat Broeker at the head of the Church would be almost as bad as DM unless Pat has mellowed over the years, which is probably the case. In any case, this is going to be interesting.

  8. Simi, I just right click the link and open it up in another tab.

  9. Marty you also predicted a loooong hot summer. The implosion really is happening — the bunker is collapsing under its own weight (of overts). Guess Dave finally hit the limit of “how long COB can get away with anything.” How incredibly satisfying. As Karen would say, “high fives to everyone concerned behind the scenes.” That is some good shit. And awesome to see Sugar Ray Jeffrey not only back in the ring, but dominating with a TKO in round one with a dazzling blur of combinations. Personally, I am thankful that Miscavige will probably never admit his crimes because he doesn’t believe they are crimes. All of which will simply prolong his roasting over an open fire of his own creation.

  10. Oh yeah, ain’t it sweet to see Sugar Ray Jeffrey back in the ring?

    How sweet it is!!!

    There is one thing Miscavige HAS mastered — how to turn anyone and everyone into an enemy. Of that, he truly is The Master.

    Hold onto your copper rods Dave, there’s a shitstorm in your weather forecast. It may be time to fuel up the G4….

  11. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    This is BEAUTIFUL Marty!

    There is sure a lot of SUNSHINE down in Texas as of late.

    I was hoping Ray would show up back in the ring!

    Thank you to two good friends of mine from the SUNSHINE STATE, Joseph and Thomas!

    Hey Dave, you should ease up on the Scotch before trial starts, ya know…. so your sober.

    — Jackson

  12. We in RTC now have PI’s following PI’s.

    We in RTC have just ordered OSA to have its wog attorneys hire new wog PI’s to stalk, follow, and harass these two old wog PI’s who are suing us through their wog attorneys.

    Just to be safe, we in RTC just hired some new new PI’s to follow the new PI’s who are following the old PI’s. We are doing this in case the new PI’s try to turn on us and cut a deal with the old PI’s they are following.

    We in RTC trust no one — and why should we? Everyone is trying to stick it to us. For this reason, we have hired additional new new new PI’s to follow we in RTC to ensure that none of us ever leave the RTC Building.

    Even when we lay down under our desk at night for a few hours of restless sleep, the new night shift PI’s will watch us as we sleep under our desks. Upon arising, we in RTC will sec check each other to ensure that no one had any SP dreams or – worse – blow thoughts.

    We in RTC constantly police each other and everyone in the Church to ensure that there are no criminal blow thoughts, i.e. thoughts of blowing. And now we have the additional stresses of ensuring that we have enough PI’s to follow our other PI’s who are following the PI’s who are suing us.

    This is the price of freedom and we in RTC gladly pay it in order to clear the planet.

  13. It is all about the money. The ones supporting the violations do so because of the money or other perceived support.

  14. Marty, this is earth shattering stuff but I can’t figure out why Miscavige would stop paying these PIs and risk this exposure!?!

    Comes with being a sociopath/aberrative personality living in a world of sycophants.

    Why did he shoot himself in the face by suing Debbie Cook?

    Why did he convert the church into the Vulture Culture?

    Why did he disappear his wife?

    There is no rational explanation for the actions of an insane person. He may still have the VERY thin veneer of rationality (though if you listen to his speeches, you really have to wonder) but the “real Dave” is an insane, evil purpose infested, anti-social, computing psychotic.

    Don’t bother trying to figure him out. Just sit back and watch the inevitable unfold.

  15. Simi,

    For Windows Internet Explorer: right click the link, you’ll get a popup menu, left click in the popup menu either “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window”.

    For Google Chrome: right click the link, you’ll get a popup menu, left click in the popup menu either “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window”.

    I guess other browsers have something similar.

  16. MR and Marty – this is awesome news. Sugar Ray Jeffrey will prove to the man behind the curtain that he shouldn’t have messed with Texas. This is one attorney who doesn’t blink and has the confront of evil that is needed. Glad I stocked up on popcorn. Not only a long hot summer but this is a major event leading to a warm fall. The facts on record already support what you and Marty have been saying. This song is fitting for the occasion:

  17. Is unreal the amount of money that this guys (dm) expend for his criminality and overs….all this money that is coming from people who think they are helping LRH and helping humanity…..but is not truth….you know i was making for this guy millions on dollars in registrations events, etc, and he expend all the money in lawyers, investigators, etc…this guys is destroy Scientology….all the work that LRH did……this guy is destroying his (LRH) legacy really……

  18. Thanks the response Mike. I agree he’s total, psychopathic lunatic but one other trait he has always displayed is a instinct for self preservation above all else. (Dude would stab his mother in the back for another ounce of power.) I can’t figure out why he would suddenly risk his neck so bad. With Debbie I think he thought he could bully her and badly wanted to “teach the b-*ch a lesson.” I can’t figure out his deranged thinking on this one, I know I shouldn’t bother but I can’t help it. These aren’t SO members who he’s had total control over for decades. They are PIs who would have taken this nastiness to their graves if he’s just kept the money flowing.

    This is such a massive blow to cult. They have denied these PI spying tactics for decades and now it’s all going to come out – and they can’t call these guys “bitter defrocked apostates” either! I can’t wait to see what batshit adjectives DM will try to come up with to try and discredit these guys – and cont to make the whole world laugh at his rabid dog rantings.

  19. There is never a rational answer for an irrational action. It is merely a dramatization of some mental image picture that doesn’t fit the time or place or event. What you are observing is the outcome of insane and irrational decisions. No logic needed.

  20. What was Pat Broeker’s training level and auditing experience? Anyone know?

  21. Some people appear to have all the “luck” — wonderful things happen to them — theta and MEST move towards them … it just looks like luck — it’s really that they have so much theta. LRH talks about it somewhere.

    Conversely — others have no luck. Nothing works. Nothing. As Mike said some people repel others …

    dm is a living example of “no luck” — nothing works.

    TC has a few minutes left before he too becomes someone with “no luck” —
    if a Jack Reacher movie tanks … we’ll know TC is kaput …

    Great news Marty — you just have all the luck 🙂


  22. The media is getting the right message about Indies vs Co$!

    Quote from Latest Scientology legal battle unfolds in Coastal Bend as private investigators sue church:
    “Rathbun defected from the church in 2004 and settled in the small bayside community where he began counseling other defectors, writing a blog criticizing the church, and fostering a movement of Scientologists who adhere to the philosophies of church founder L. Ron Hubbard but reject the practices of the organized church and its leadership.”

    Quote from Church of Scientology paid two private investigators millions to trail David Miscavige’s rival, lawsuit claims:
    “Rathbun left the church in 2004 and Rinder in 2007. They have since been leaders in a growing movement of “independent” Scientologists who oppose the way Miscavige is running the church.”

  23. Less than Miscavige, even.

  24. From ‘Diagnosis and Repair of Groups’ Jan 1951, Tech Vol 1

  25. This is very funny but true – it is a hostile environment in the Church of David Miscavige – and they pour gas on their own fire. No one is to be trusted – when Mismanagement’s family has left the building and his wife is in the hole – he will turn on anyone and everyone. This is what happens to dictator’s! Is mutiny on the horizon? It is really exciting to watch this all unfold. This is justice! Finally! It may be a good time to sue the Co$ for any money one has on account. They are weak and have nothing left to save them. They are going down!

  26. Thanks … I’m usually too lazy to do this kind of thing, but it’s a great tip!

  27. Awesome, it’s not a weekend at the Int Base without a category 5 shitstorm. Hope you’ve got a raincoat little Davey! 🙂

  28. He is desperately seeking an effective executioner. He has not find one yet.

  29. Holy moly… Marty, you promised fireworks this summer, and boy, were you ever right. This is absolutely stunning. It’s either a can of worms, or a can of whoop-ass. Maybe both!

  30. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Dave-nuts roasting on an open fire … (cue violins).

  31. The PIs are money motivated and so DM will just buy them off, and this whole thing will pass away … unless Broker decides to say something.

    Marty, was Broker bought off, or did he just walk away?

  32. PreferToBeAnon2

    OTVIIIisGrrr8! — ROFL!

  33. Also Marty, if DM ordered senior execs to lie under oath about your original report on this issue, I would image that alone could become a rather significant bombshell.

    Ordering persons to commit perjury probably means jail time, so no doubt DM wants this flap gone real fast. I bet these two guys get millions to go away.

  34. Sugar Ray Jeffrey is gonna blow Miscavige sky high! That is, if little Davey’s head does not explode from the inside first….

    Lots o’ popcorn ready, sit back and watch the fireworks…..it is gonna be a great show!

  35. Sunny V, to the degree that you try to figure out a crazy person you go crazy yourself. You just have to say, “That’s nuts” and leave it at that.

  36. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Marty, I never thought of you as DM’s rival. That is a rather chilling thought.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Now added to post.

  38. I can’t see the ultimate selfish evil prick, consciously or unconsciously, destroying himself by such a mundane instrument as an unpaid PI bill. He has spent 30 consolidating his stranglehold on his power why would he risk that which is most important to him – his power and expose himself to sunlight via a situation so easy to prevent? He’s crazy enough to eventually self destruct but not via a few unpaid PI bills.

  39. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Only one word.

  40. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    Jack Daniels nipping at your nose (of course, JD would never be good enough for DM)…

  41. Wow, what great news! Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a while; I dislocated my elbow saluting the dog at Int Base, and then when COB ordered me to defecate into a plastic bag in front of everybody, I freaked and couldn’t go… it just went downhill from there. I’m fine now, and yes, the Hole does not exist. I have lots of work to catch up on with all these news stories coming out, so have to keep this short, plus I see two goons climbing in through the window, so …

  42. I don’t remember the reference, maybe someone can help me out, but LRH said to the effect, “… you can’t comprehend the incomprehensible.”

  43. Sorry, I’m so freaked, I even misspelled my own name!

  44. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Disband the church except maybe for printing and media facilities that produce and deliver at market prices. Have all delivery organizations be independent.
    There is too much potential for abuse in a central organization. The tech belongs to the people of this planet not a church.
    Whoever thinks replacing DM is the solution is not looking at the whole picture. Knowledge is power and you have to distribute it to prevent abuse.
    All the people in the Sea Org equipped with green on white and the red on white were not able to prevent the disaster the church has become.
    The problem is more structural than personal.
    Power to the people, not to a new leader.

  45. The Miscavige history of criminality is unraveling rather quickly. This is a major event, it must be driving DM absolutely stark raving bonkers for public attention to be placed so close to the period of Pat & the last years of LRH’s life and post death. Got some skeletons in the closet Dave? Fry you piece of shit.

  46. Well this just caps the week off nicely. Great news.

  47. Forever Lurker

    This is one of the most important insights I gained on the Bridge. Glad you mentioned it, Dan. Once you have that ability, you can live in this world at a new level. Never again getting “baited” into trying to figure out crazy or irrational. By definition, it is un-figure-out-able.

    Just say, “That’s nuts” and leave it at that.

  48. Oh Yeah! But we do KNOW SOMETHING about that, now don’t we. We know that SOMETHING didn’t ring true about “LRH abandoned the meat body to pursue upper level research” …..and never bothered to inform his friends (Scientologists) about his intentions. Now let’s hear the REST of the story, Miscavige, and we want it NOW! We want to hear about the sick capers that were going on during Ron’s last days before his body gave out. Somehow you just “lucked out?” or “won out with your personal magnetism?” and when the dust cleared you were legally in the drivers seat? And then for 25 years you have been systematically trying to dismantle the workability of Ron’s legacy (The Tech). Tell us about your actual intentions, you little prick.
    And remember that Ron has, and always will have, many loyal friends.

  49. “We in RTC now have PI’s following PI’s”
    Following PIs following PIs …

  50. Dugan, Feschbach, that is where your money is going.

  51. Perfect description. It is interesting how EVERY person I personally know, who has associated with David Miscavige up close and personal, gives the same general description of him. I have never heard even his closest “confidants” describe him “nice”, “kind” person he is. He is a real SP. SPs are like an alien race. They get up in the morning with a completely different agenda from what a “normal” human has. For this reason, and you’re so right, It IS difficult to to “figure them out”. My thanks to you and Marty for continuing to remind people of what we are dealing with in Miscavige on this blog.

  52. Wow, Wow! Truly a long HOT summer this is!!!
    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” -Winston Churchill

    “Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth” -Buddha

  53. SunnyV, Mitch Daniels used to be a senior VP of Eli Lilly. He was sued (unsuccessfully) in defamation by the church for saying:

    “The source of virtually everything you’ve heard about Prozac has come from the Scientologists, with a boost from trial lawyers whose self-interest is obvious. One thing we want you to understand is that the Church of Scientology is no church. It’s a commercial enterprise. Every judge and every investigative journalist who has ever looked at it has come away with that conclusion. It is organized for only one purpose, which is to make money.”


    He was touted as a possible Republican presidential candidate for 2012.

  54. The evil do themselves in, in the end, due to their basic goodness. A good LRH reference to read on this is the 1980 HCO PL “Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics”. The following quotes are excerpted from it:

    “When a person finds himself committing too many harmful acts against the dynamics, he becomes his own executioner. This gives us the proof that man is basically good. When he finds himself committing too many evils, then, causatively, unconsciously or unwittingly, man puts ethics in on himself by destroying himself; and he does himself in without assistance from anybody else.

    “This is why the criminal leaves clues on the scene, why people develop strange incapacitating illnesses and why they cause themselves accidents and even decide to have an accident. When they violate their own ethics, they begin to decay. They do this all on their own, without anybody else doing anything.

    “The criminal who leaves clues behind is doing so in hopes that someone will come along to stop him from continuing to harm others. He is basically good and does not want to harm others; and in the absence of an ability to stop himself outright, he attempts to put ethics in on himself by getting thrown in prison where he will no longer be able to commit crimes.

  55. Li'll bit of stuff

    Great news, Marty! Perhaps in strategising forward, one may
    begin to look at the “bounty hunter” model, fleshing out along
    the following lines of “capture.”
    1) The bait—massive TV scoop incentive/s.
    2) The subject — “A real psychopath runs the CO$”.
    3) All evidence / information / testimonial/s submissable.
    4) A symbiotic collaboration –Ortega / Childs / yourself / Bunker/
    Mike / Steve / in a final “coup de gras ” documentary, with the
    required global penetration and inevitable “sensationalism!”

    It is evident that fragmented activities involving the above, are
    already firing up and / or taking root!

    The gung – ho approach may just flush out the psycho from his bunker, as the generated heat would become unbearable.
    The siege would further trip him into top gear (psychopathically
    speaking!) and then he might really flip out and perform the
    previously unthinkable act of hari-kiri, or at least, disappear !

    A progressive demolition or implosion is inexorably underway!

    Sleep well, li’ll davey,…..sleep….well.

  56. This is amazing!
    It does sound sort of like blackmail from the private investigators. Like if you don’t pay us we will tell all and get Broeker back in town to worry your sorry ass. Not that it bothers me, anything that worries dm is all good to me.
    I am just hoping that this does create havoc and doesn’t blow away as quickly as the Debbie Cook story did.
    I am happy that it vindicates Marty and Mike and I really love the way it is documenting the fact that the cult DOES hire P.I.’s and all their afadavids stating they don’t are false! Isn’t that a crime?? he,he,he….

  57. Interesting that David Miscavige is named specifically which means of course he can be deposed. Have there been any other lawsuits where he has been named specifically?

  58. What I hope is Pat Broker to sue the Church for spying on him, if that’s possible.

  59. Many congratulations to those concerned especially Marty and Ray Jeffreys.

    RTC and David Miscavige urgently seeking, ex-Department of Justice employees ex-Secret Service, ex-FBI, Ex Law Enforcement with minimum 20 year records, Ex-Federal Prosecutor for immediate high salary work.

    The Church of Scientology may need you as PIs to follow and stalk existing PIs, and others ~~but the pay is good.

    Only LAW ENFORCEMENT with impeccable credentials need apply , and if you have inside connections that will help do cover-ups on the Church, salary will be proportionate….

    Due to recent events, immediate openings are available. Those with connections to Judges in Southern Texas, or Attorney General of Texas and other legal and political comm lines in Texas can expect generosity and guarantee of long duration payroll for Life ~~ no matter what others might allege.

  60. “Mr. Miscavige and his allies cancelled Mr. Hubbard’s Order promoting the Broekers by asserting that the Order was a forgery.”

    Was it a forgery or it wasn’t?
    What do you think Marty?

  61. Mike, I am in the middle of my own legal situation where I am asking the same questions. WHY WHY WHY?? The Stupid set up? No rational explanation. There are people that set the police up to shoot them! There are people that elect you to be the executioner. You stand back and say, “This was too easy!” They just want someone to come and get it over with. They are ready and wanting to go to jail. They are begging for some kind of whipping. They are pleading for punishment and loss. And you stand there disgusted with the task yet they have laid the red carpet out for you to walk in carrying out the execution. It’s like a bad trip.

  62. 2FF!

  63. Miscavige is in trouble. These guys have a good lawyer in Sugar Ray. In addition they are PROS. They are basically cops. And seasoned cops are usually excellent “street lawyers”. I am sure that they have the dope on Miscavige and are only showing a few cards right now.
    However, one observed outpoint:
    Flag Order 5879, reproduced at the bottom of the document, seemingly written by LRH, and promoting the Broekers to the SO rank of Loyal Officer, does not have LRH’s signature at the bottom. Did the signature just get missed in the the process of copying? Can anyone clarify this?

  64. Did he put Scotch in those syringes before they went to Dr D. ?

  65. Good to see the bunker being converted into a boiler room on the last day of the summer. TOASTy for the fall and winter.

  66. Little by little the truth is coming out.

  67. Gotta put a couple of PIs on that hangar in Burbank.

  68. Put Jesse P on the witness stand to add some extra bang to the show.

  69. I read the lawsuit. Wow! But they do sound very money motivated. $10 mil over 25 years is $200k/yr each. What, they didn’t put anything in savings? They’re complaining because they can’t find a job? And they want to be paid for life even when the job is over? And they have nothing in writing, and weren’t smart enough to record their conversations? Gimme a break. I think the “Church” will settle, but it would be awesome if it goes to court. Is stuff like this decided by a judge or a jury trial?

  70. Meanwhile in Birmingham UK the locals are wondering what’s going on with the large empty building the church of scientology bought and are not maintaining.


    Someone should explain it to them. ^^

  71. dm has 6 billion in reserves.
    The criminal dwarf will buy them off.
    It´s pocket money for the inverted 1D dwarf.

  72. +1
    He failed in putting ethics in on himself.
    Now he is confronted with the consequences.

    Here is an assist for DM: “Look at my finger – thank you!”

  73. If you have a scrolling wheel built into your mouse, you can use it to open links in new window directly. Just press the wheel.

  74. Well, what goes around eventually COMES around – even if it takes years; even decades.

    Incidentally, anyone notice a few similarities in this case: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/09/21/samuel-mullet-amish-breakaway-group-leader-found-guilty-hate-crimes_n_1902837.html?ncid=wsc-ukhf-news-headline ? So if this fellow (I’ll ignore the stark irony of a man convicted of haircut-crimes being named “Mullet”) has been found guilty – what about DM, who has been forcing others at his bidding to do more than sleep in his very own “chicken-coop”?!

    love to all, and strength for what is to come,
    IEG xxx

  75. The “rival” reference is to Broeker.

  76. LOVE IT! And, if I remember the genre – Godzilla did turn out to be the good guy in the end… 😉
    IEG x

  77. Agreed. Even Jane Austen had this sussed back at the end of the 1790s, when she wrote “First Impresssions” – her initial draft of what went on to become “Pride and Prejudice”. In referring to the amoral villain Wickham, she wrote “Never underestimate the impudence of an impudent man.”

    There is no logic in evil. If there was, it wouldn’t be evil – it would be righteous indignation and rational retribution.
    IEG x

  78. Roger From Switzerland Thought (LO)

    Could it be that Pat Broeker has the transcripts of OT8-15 and DM hoped that one day, by monitoring him he could put his hands onto it.
    For TC it’s about time he awakens as he got now a real Mission impossible.
    If he doesn’t wake up he’ll end up as a…………………..


    I never would have imagined that 1 year ago.
    I don’t think those facts can be handled by the RCS and Steve has do design a page for the Indies 10 000: 🙂 :):)

    I’m enjoying my win and I’m totally happy about having traveled to Casablanca to look into the eyes of Marty to find out the guy is honest and speaks the truth !

    WHAT A DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Claudio & Renata Lugli

    This is IT!!!
    Punches from everywhere….
    Cruise, Fairman, Dror, and now the ghost of Pat Broeker reappearing…. Ohhhhhhh yes it was an hot summer … winter is gonna be COLD… freezing COLD!

  80. I think Pat Broeker, not Marty, is indicated as “DM’s rival”.

  81. Wow! Just wow!

  82. And the walls come tumbling down…

  83. SWEET!!!!

  84. Wow! If you all haven’t read the lawsuit, it’s awesome! Sums it up for me!

    It appears that this is the withhold that we have been missing on DM all this time! Apparently Marty is just the PT restim of an E/S.

    Dave- you really should just come clean. You can’t stop or suppress it anymore. We know. There is no reason to destroy everything, including LRH’s legacy to protect yourself.

    Great Job Marty!

  85. Ground Hog Day DM!!


  86. My guess: This was so secret that only a couple of people at Int ever knew that these PIs had to be paid, how much and how often, and where to send the checks. Over time, all those people blew, routed out, succumbed to illness, were RPFed or put in the Hole or sent to keep Shelly company in some unknown remote gulag. Miscavige didn’t realize, when he blasted the last of them into oblivion, that there was nobody left to wear the double secret PI care and feeding hat.

  87. Did anybody notice that the suit was filed in San Patricio County, Texas? Not in California or Colorado, where the two PI’s live. And not in San Antonio, where Ray Jeffery’s office is, 175 miles away. Nope, instead, the suit is filed in the county where one Mr. Mark (“Marty”) Rathbun makes his home. There is a mighty big signal in there somewhere to Mr. David Miscavige. I am sure he will get the message. And I am sure he will have a heart attack over this very fact.

    Look forward to an immense battle over jurisdiction, whether the suit should be moved somewhere else. I suspect that the tactic is to try and bring out all the evidence about the Squirrel Busters campaign to a national press audience, because there are lots of witnesses to the harrassment that Marty suffered at the hands of those morons, all of whom could testify.

  88. Karma….. it’s everywhere you’re going to be!
    tick tock, tick tock

  89. Hey Karen Poo – sorry to hear of your troubles. tut tut. Here’s a fun suggestion to cheer you up. DM must be in a frenzy of fittin’ fartin’ and frothin’ – so if you just chuck him in the swimming pool you could turn it into a swirling hot tub! Note to DM: Why didn’t you put something credible on my Golden Rod – such as my utter disdain for the COB rather than the lie you put on there?? I am one hot cross bunny now!

  90. Path of Buddha

    Go Sugar Ray!
    George M. White

  91. ROTFLAO great visual.

  92. LMAO!!!!!!

  93. TroubleShooter

    Mark this day in history. Where were you when the tropical storm reached hurricane status?.,,time to evacuate sheeple!!!!!

  94. These two detectives just blew down DM’s house of cards. 🙂

  95. This is my take on: Why Miscavige would stop paying these guys?

    They have either served their purpose (not needed any more) or they have questioned / threatened his authority or they have become a liability because of what they know. Probably a combination of the three, as I notice the lawsuit focuses on culpability and their plea that they did not know the facts of what they were investigating — they are trying to distance themselves from the carnage and fallout that any investigation would result in. There is also the very real possibility that they have become aware of the facts surrounding their investigation and they are horrified — like so many of us. With the same lawyer as Debbie Cook hired, they have probably become aware of a lot of facts that set their panties on fire. They might not have been aware of the trouble they were in before they hired him, but they sure as hell know now.

    For the record, they are not the first independent contractors that Miscavige and/or a unit under Miscavige has stiffed along the way, they are the latest he has stiffed. But they are the first to have an attorney who actually has the lay of the land, courtesy of Debbie Cook and supported by testimony from Marty, Mike and others who have knowledge of these events and Miscavige’s modus operandi.

    My guess is that Miscavige is ready to “retire” and has all his ducks in place to exit stage right and live in a country with no extradition. All of his behavior leads to this inevitable conclusion and as he pulls out, there goes all the real estate, and all the funds that were never banked to Church accounts with any signatory other than his own. The Missions, Class 4 and 5 orgs already have their own legal existence and will find themselves in catastrophic free fall of clouded title, strange situations with the contents of buildings (including LRH libraries) and complete chaos on Sea Org finance, operations and management lines.

    It would not surprise me at all to learn that a special investigative unit has indeed been investigating all along. The FBI only disclaimed that THEY were investigating. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t an investigation, it only means that the FBI is not investigating. If the PI and Debbie’s attorney can get the lay of the land, so can “they” and that means that “they” have also understood that the individual members (staff and public) of the Church have been subjected to a “ponzi” scheme carried out by Miscavige on a scale that is mind boggling.

    Its pure speculation on my part, to be sure, but it is how it looks to me. I suggest that any staff members or Sea Org members who are reading this post immediately take steps to secure any valuable writings or materials before the fall out begins because sure as hell, Miscavige isn’t going to take any steps to protect you or the legacy you have worked so hard to preserve and bring to reality. Spread the word.

    End game. Melt down.

  96. I have been in Corporate Management for a long time for some large companies. What you say about knowledge is power and you have to distribute it to prevent abuse is spot on. But for an organization to thrive, you must key on “organize”. You don’t need a COB, but you do need a core group of leadership who will take on the challenge and responsibility for the hard decisions. It is necessary to have that.
    An effective team needs all types of team players. Leadership is key, but so are all of the other players. Think of the team as legs on a chair.
    For Scientology to ever become respectable to outsiders after what that little pissant has done to it, you also need complete transparency.
    I wish you guys all the luck in the world and you really need to start thinking about organizing and come up with a battle plan….
    Because I am sniffing necrotic flesh coming from the direction of Hemet.

  97. +1 – and the law suit is beautifully drafted – Sugar Ray Jeffrey has done a brilliant job -and citing DM personally is going to make this thing explode.

  98. martyrathbun09

    I think 50/50 chance, and somewhat academic in either event – but people are going to have to wait for either a) my testimony in this case, or b) my third or fourth book (whichever comes first) before I offer much clarification.

  99. And don’t forget the advice from the Simon Bolivar policy, Miscavige’s favorite:

    “When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgravia and bribe the police.”

  100. JP – from the suit filing.
    5. San Patricio County is a county of proper venue because it is a county in which a substantial part of the events or omissions giving rise to the claim occurred.”

    This is where they were hired/used to harass Marty and apparently not paid for it. I still expect a fight over venue just as you but they do have a valid claim for this location of venue.

  101. The end begins.
    Yo David Miscavige,
    What goes around comes around.
    All the money and lawyers won’t save you in the end, you filthy little dwarf.

  102. Absolutely correct, Gerhard.

    With independent organizations, the success of Scientology and the prosperity of the orgs and their staff will be based on the results of applying Standard Tech, not compliance to orders.

    Free market competition, governed by the four Conditions of Exchange, is actually the only true indicator and predictor of long-term viability for Scientology.

    If people are getting less than Fair Exchange, they need to be able to get redress for wrongs or leave to take their business elsewhere. It’s that simple.

  103. Good one, Karen. Did you see that in the “Help Desperately Wanted” section?

  104. David Lingenfelter

    Yeee Hawww

  105. Born Again Wog

    So true, and it applies to all of us:

    “If you tell the truth it becomes your past, if you lie it becomes your future. ”


    As you well know, this operation has your fingerprints all over it. The few who knew about the details are likely going to be subpoenaed and will testify to the truth, the full truth. You were the Operating Officer and mastermind behind the covert operation until you blew. After that Rinder, and ………. and………were used to provide a cut-out for the criminal monster. Miscavige on his own is too dumb to think up the details of the scheme, but he also is too criminal to not have people like you, Rinder, and …….., and…… run interference for him and thus build him an escape door.

    There is still far too much dirty laundry in your closet for you to put on the halo just now and point all fingers away from you.

    “If you tell the truth it becomes your past, if you lie ot becomes your future.”

    Can you handle the truth Marty, the full truth that is?

    Hopefully you will man up to it one day.

  106. A house of cards so fragile and full of lies that it took a mere breeze to bring it down. Nothing there but scotch and a vault of recordings, of the dribble from a mad man over the years. He wants to know if he can take his valuable possessions with him….

  107. wholly shit, I go to sleep early and miss this! awesome news Marty. the church IS imploding!!!!

  108. I was once so interested in examining and researching Scientology. I had read LRH’s first book years ago but I was way busy back then, now I have time but since I have found this site and done some additional reading I think I will wait till the dust settles. I get regular communication from a Scientologist(s) in Michigan but as yet have done nothing with their desire for enlisting, at a price, several books, literature, etc…..eventually they will cease as no funds are being sent….???Peggy

  109. The reference is Dianetics 55! in chapter 4

    Click to access dianetics_55.pdf

  110. Marty, This could be sub-titled:

    “The Apostle of Terror has Lost his Bluster”

  111. Memo to TC, JT and other celebs: This is your cue to be outraged and exit stage right. Thunderous applause from your fans to follow.

  112. “Comes with being a sociopath/aberrative personality living in a world of sycophants.”

    I think it’s “psychopants.”
    hehe! 🙂

  113. One of the traits of a sociopath is that they will do things “even to their own detriment”. They have no conscience, they do not “plan”, they just react and consequently you have situations like the one above. On the other hand psychopaths do plan and are much harder to catch – e.g. Ted Bundy. But Dave is furious right now and the result is things like this. Everyone is out to get him and the result is his inner “circle” agreeing with him – so he gets sicker and sicker with every passing hour.

  114. That sounds like a really good Holmesian theory to me. Good work!

  115. The idea is expressed in various places, Dianetics 55 has a section on it, but a succinct description is in Pro Auditor’s Bulletin (PAB) 44, TWO Way Communication in Action.

  116. And of course Peter Breggin’s TOXIC PSYCHIATRY covers not only the toxicity of Prozac, but various pharmaceuticals. Interesting to note the US TV ads these days for Class Actions on the anti-depressant and their side-effects.

  117. It’s not true that Pat Broeker was to inherit a mantle “ecclessiatical leader”. No such thing was in LRH’s mind, or in writing. Savescientology.com lays out what LRH intended, checks and balances. Annie Broeker told me that directly – LRH never intended ONE person to assume control and he did intend it to be otherwise for the express purpose of being able to check, and balance.

    Miscavige is a Suppressive Person. That is a large wrench in the works.

  118. Pingback: “The Patina of Terror is Losing its Luster” « 31 Factors

  119. It is important to note that “forgery” or not, the FO doesn’t assign them ADMINSTRATIVE functions, an actual POST on an org board. It is Rank, a Sea Org rank. Nothing else.

  120. I love Sugar Ray’s teaser about reaching out to Broeker with “sensitivity” before releasing anything publicly. For all Miscavige knows there could already be a deposition in the bag. Oh, wouldn’t Miscavige like to know. But how can he know when the two PI’s he had following Broeker are now suing him. This is better than fiction!

    note to Miscavige: Feeling a little antsy? Forget the scotch; I’m thinking before this is over you’ll be needing some nerve pills.

  121. Claudio,
    Yes the “ghost” of PB looming large as predicted by 25 years of resisting it!

    Geez Dave, wouldn’t it be wild if Pat and I got together and compared notes, what with Annie’s data, and the Gang of Five, Marty, Melanie, Paulette, and all those other troublesome persons who were there, J, T, and so on and so forth.

    What, didn’t you predict that withholding Pat was gonna eventually come to the bright, luminous, numinous light? Don’t you know that your Missed Withholds were eventually going to come straight up into the open? And that YOU were going to be the major driving force demanding this?

    Damn, you really don’t get Scientology do you. Tard.

  122. Yeah, but Dave forgot the “move off” part and went altered sequence. Dave. What a maroon.

  123. Marty, Marty, Marty,
    This is soooo sweet!!!!!
    Take that one Pope on a Box !

  124. Ronn S., There is reference to it in the book Creation of Human Ability, R2-68 “Incomprehensibility”, which states, “It is a new understanding to understand that something can be incomprehensible.”

    I think the news of this lawsuit is huge and agree that it will have legs! Wow!

  125. As some of you may know. I spoke to Ray when the Debbie Cook thing was going on. I called him intending to leave a voice mail, encouraging him to “fight on” even though the cult will throw money and resources aimed at disrupting him and his practice. I can say that I was 100% wrong in my assumption, because there really IS something to those Texas Lawyers.

    Ray kindly engaged me for 15 minutes, while driving down I 35 in NW OKC, asking me questions and explainging to me of all people some of the legal wrangling and strategy that they were incorporating. It was ZERO surprise that Cult Leader Miscaviage paid Cook a fortune to go away.

    Ray Jeffries is a straight up MAN ! With real loyalties.

    Something DM, will never get regardless of how many lobbyist he pays.


  126. I know this will never appear in court – these PIs have just won the lottery – but from my days bck on ARS, I get a real warm and cuddly feeling just with the idea of seeing Moxon go down hard!

    Yeah, really warm and cuddly.

  127. awesome news!!!! bye bye DM!

  128. It’s great to see Sugar Ray back in action! I think that he has found his calling.
    Been screwed by DM and CO$?
    Don’t call any “Squirrel Attorneys”.
    Call “The MASTER”!

  129. Gunfight at OK Corral Texas style.
    Miscavige is going down in flames

  130. One more thing…in his article the other day, MRinder asked the question, “Is this guy nuts or what?” The answer to that question is obviously YES!

  131. Uh, what’s Katie Holmes got to do with it? 😉

  132. It’s no surprise that all staff are pushed to reg money for the IAS “war chest” and they are financially rewarded for doing so. Just look at some of the weekly expenses:

    Hired professional security to protect Miscavige 24/7.

    Hired to professional security to prevent staff at INT from escaping (including external property sites where people like his wife are kept).

    PI’s to locate escaped INT staff.

    PIs to ensure paid off staff stay shut up.

    PI’s to follow and intimidate those staff who won’t take a bribe.

    PI’s and lawyers to intimjidate media who might report Miscavige’s crimes.

    PI’s and OSA staff to track and monitor the communication lines of public and staff who might possibly spread the truth.

    PI’s and OSA staff to shut the door on those found to be spreading the truth or even thinking about the truth.

    PI’s and lawyers to try to deal with flaps created by internal out ethics and altered/out tech.

    Pay outs to those damaged by internal out ethics and altered/out tech. Note 10’s of millions were spent on the Lisa McPherson flap alone while I was the Treasury Sec.

    Lawyers and PI’s to deal with not refunding money on account as per policy and the legal actions this creates. Note that with so many public resigning and the fact that the individual churches are grossly insolvent, there is no money to return.

    PI’s and lawyers to deal with unhappy PI’s and lawyers.

    Very expensive propaganda events and magazines.

    Beefed up security including bullet proof glass on the bunker, bomb proof vehicle, thousands of hidden mics and security cameras, bomb sniffing dogs, etc. (No joke).

    Cases of scotch…..

  133. Just read the lawsuit. Pretty much lays out what has been reported on for some time by Marty & Mike. I have forwarded to numerous friends still in. Hopefully they will have the courage to read it. My gut tells me these PIs are in this for more than the money. God how I hope Pat (or someone else) has ta handwritten copy of The SO & The Future Flag Order. If so, game over.

  134. P.S. It would be interesting to hear from Sarge…

  135. “The end begins..” – so we’re well past the idea of the beginning, wonder when we see the infinite ring piece of infinitely bright white light shimmering in to infinity…

    (Reference previous posts on Shermanspeak and David Miscavige’s “radiant” out pourings.)

  136. Excuse me, but he obviously *IS* crazy enough to do so – because he just did!

    I have a saying which you should really take to heart: “Do not seek to find Reason where Madness dwells!”

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  137. There is no such item.

  138. Don’t forget to stir the pot with a deposition for Shelly.

  139. You apparently have the dot connecting capabilities of an earth worm.

  140. Don’t mess with Texas… “get the tar and feathers boys, we got ourselves an ornery midget fellow from California that beats up on ladies like Debbie Cook and stole a Church to boot! Woopee! Go git ’em boys!”

  141. My guess? He’s already gone.

    We can only hope that there is some measure of care and respect for the religious privacy of confessionals. i.e. what happens to people’s pc & ethics folders, for example, the Flag Land Base files are in a building that Flag doesn’t own? How many buildings are not owned by the individual Churches? If the landlord debunks, what happens? The question is, who is the landlord? Who owns the Freewinds? Who owns the Fort Harrison, the Pac Base, and so on?

    As far as Miscavige goes, its pretty clear that he would not hesitate to make his exit (if he hasn’t already done so) with his “nest egg” and leave the remaining staff to sort out the shambles that are left. This would be maximal destruction and chaos and quite in keeping with his contempt and hatred for his own people. The ensuing chaos would support his meglomania — when in reality the setup prevents anyone from acting in his absence. Its really very vicious and not at all humorous.

  142. +10! This is the best bombshell of the year on the first day of Fall, no less!

    Truly a great classic comeuppance tale! Couldn’t happen to a better Pope. Lou needs to make sure there are enough bottles of McCallans at hand! I guess Dave hasn’t learned the lesson that stiffing people can bite him where the sun doesn’t shine!

  143. Take your crap some place else!

  144. Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam, Giddifi, Miscavige …it always ends the same.

  145. As much as we would all like to see Miscavige roasting on the witness stand, ain’t gonna happen. If you think Debbie Cook’s testimony was damaging, the evidence in this lawsuit would call into question Miscavige’s very legitimacy as the head of Scientology, in front of the entire world.

    These PIs can pretty much write their own check, and they are only in it for the money anyway. And Jeffreys may be our hero, but his duty is to get his clients what they want. I predict a very quick, very large, but very confidential settlement.

    Even so, Scientology is a hot topic in the media right now, and this story will have some legs. I’m looking forward to seeing Marty’s face again on the evening news.

  146. Wow, this is a great development, and hopefully Pat starts reading your blog, if he hasn’t already

    Pat used to be (circa 1969-1970) in the Finance Office US, the prior setup to the FBO (Finance or Flag Banking Officer network). When my then wife, Ann Halbom, who was the FBO Flag and then Ann became CS-3 (Commodore’s Staff Aide for Division 3) she told me the funny story that Pat used to tell, about one time in LA, where Pat was mistaken for US Treasury staff, when Pat was sitting in his car and Pat had a binder that said “US Finance Office” on the binder’s front cover. Some police happened to think Pat was doing some late night drug dealing, when instead Pat had just stopped into a strip mall for a pop or snack. When the police saw the “US Finance Office” binder, they mistook Pat for US Treasury, and apologized to Pat, and Pat accepted the apology and went back to whichever Sea Org office or berthing he then went to.

    I don’t know of a good single biography of his Sea Org career.

    He wasn’t the heavy theoretical Scientologist type, more the facility differential special go-for type who did the necessary special errands for LRH.

    LRH in traffic to the CMO has commented that the CMO will have to pick things up by osmosis, since people who haven’t already come up the ladder the hard way, learning each echelon as they come up, the best they can do is learn from LRH by osmosis, see how he behaves, and use that as their experience.

    This itself is a whole important discussion, at least for me, since how to train the top management people, how to make them into proper leaders, if one is even going to have a organization, it’s important to think it all through.

    The staff hatting that could and should have been done, and which is NOT done by these super top facility differential go-for vitally important people, like Pat was, for LRH, but their training, and the responsiblity that LRH may have wished to give Pat and Annie, as “Loyal Officers”, I myself, never took LRH’s intention to have them be the leaders of it all.

    LRH in his final years wrote so much more, about the top management structures and how they were to coordinate their actions for the movement, that the “Loyal Officers” whole top authority positions to me were NOT extending to them any meddling powers into what WDC and Exec Strata were to do.

    LRH with the IG Cramming Officer traffic, and the IG MAA traffic gives about as much of the oversight role that RTC was to have.

    The meat and potatoes running of the movement, from the top, the responsibility was in WDC/CMO and Exec Strata, and then CMO Int also houses Int Finance Office and Senior C/S Int Office and the LRH PPRO Int office.

    A whole history o the MAA and Cramming units at the top of the movement is important, they were to correct people and keep people from going “criminal”, but also how to get people audited and moving up the Bridge.

    Who audited Pat and Annie? Was it Neville Potter and Leslie Potter?

    When I was an HCO Expeditor, at Flag, in late Dec 1975, or Jan 76, I worked as expeditor under the FSO Comm Runner Steve Dryer, who was under the FSO Dir Comm who was Steve Wilson, and in the Dept 1 Flag Service Org Comm Center room for the FSO, right there off the 1st floor messanine, there for just a short time, I remember seeing there was a box called the “Red Ball Express” which was traffic to LRH’s unit in Dunnedin.

    There was big bird cage, and I think the bird’s name was Harmony and off this room was another room with some young CMO messengers, I remember Marc Yager walking through there as a young CMO messenger and also Julie Caetano (later married Mark Fisher).

    I saw Pat come in, once like in the late morning or noontime, and he was with whoever it was that picked up the Red Ball express traffic to take it to LRH’s unit in Dunnedin, or maybe he was doing the “run” himself, I didn’t really understand what he was doing, he was just momentarily chatting with one of the Flag Service Org execs.

    In Dec 75 at the Fort Harrison, ALL of the personnel had just come off the Apollo, all were sort of in transition into new positions at the FSO, and the people who were in LRH’s and Mary Sue’s entourages were with LRH and MSH at the Dunnedin LRH unit. So when one or another of the people from the LRH Unit came to the Fort Harrison, they’d stop and chat a bit.

    It would be fascinating to hear from some of those old vet Sea Org staff, Apollo vintage, who can recall Pat’s whole bio.

    I’m sure lots is on the internet, and more should be interviewed out of people who lived next to Pat.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org org,
    fly on the wall 1975-2003

  147. Anon-onyourside

    These PIs are seeking money and justice, and perhaps not just for themselves. This case is like a grenade with a pin half out. Marty R. and Pat Broeker are at its center. The order demanding the PIs harass Marty is going to be litigated. The order placing Mr. Broeker as Mr. Hubbard’s successor is going to be litigated (it’s part of the complaint), DM’s corruption is going to be litigated. Church finances are going to litigated. Are the celebrity members of the CoS ready for the mess that is going to come spewing out of the case? The case might be moved to a Texas federal court, but it is going to stay in Texas and I am sure once the financial and fraud issues are brought to light there are quite a few state attorney generals around the country who are going to be very interested…..and the CoS will probably rely on Moxon since it may not have the millions to pay its high priced lawyers once this ball starts rolling. Someday soon, as a result of one of these cases, the CoS’s bank accounts are going to be frozen. There is a division between church and state, but that does not apply to fraud and corruption (is Jimmy Baker out of jail yet?). If this case settles, I am sure there will be plenty more that follow.

  148. Very important info, what all Annie told you Jim!

    You should be interviewed by people writing seriously about Scientology’s management structures, and the intended administrative setups which LRH left the movement with.

    All those top CMO and LRH entourage people who firsthand heard and duplicated LRH’s final years of administrative intentions, need be interviewed.

    I sure wish we had all his traffic, to use, because I’d love to have a convention, invite all who lived during those years of LRH’s final despatch traffic, and job everyone’s memories about it all.

    There’s a lot to sort out. And with most of those people now declared SP and having no wish to necessarily resolve these later problems the movement’s had with Miscavige, the job of ever sorting the movement out itself, will be left to those in the decades to come who READ or listen to the videos that people do do!

    So you need to be interviewed about Annie’s thoughts, her opinions are very important to have in the public domain.

  149. Anon-onyourside

    Forgot to add, if the PIs were hired directly by DM and the CoS, no attorney-client, confidentiality would exist to protect the PIs knowledge (which would exist if they were hired by an attorney). It was really dumb of DM not to have any written confidentiality agreements with the PIs. I suspect he thought he was being really smart by not having anything in writing.

  150. Amazing! I understand better the transition from Broeker to Miscavige. In 1986 I attended a video event where Pat Broeker was presented as the new head of Scientology. Then I went to Flag for services and I learned that the new boss was Miscavige. As I was trying to understand why, I was told that if I was asking again that question, I would be sent to ethics. I gave up, as I had the feeling that nobody had the answer and that was not worth an ethic cycle.

    But I have a question: if there are no papers or contracts, how can the 2 investigators present a proof to the court?

  151. I tried to explain this scene about Miscavige stealing a religion
    and got some puzzeled looks. Then I put it this way “If I had enough spies
    and enough money I could be the Pope and live in the Vatican !” Oh really?
    I dont know wether to laugh or cry.

  152. LRH hired private investigators and created the Guardians Office to investgate and find out the truth about individuals who were telling lies about the tech and the church. It was easy to document the lies, because they were mostly lies.

    David miscavige hires PIs and uses OSA to ensure the truth about david miscavige and his own crimes and lies never see the light of day.

    You are either with LRH and intend to as-is aberration, making it vanish…
    or you are with david miscavige and intend to not-is aberration and make it more solid.

    It’s a free country. Keep your own council and make your own decisions.

    (at least its a free country for everyone except miscavige’s cult members)

    Note: I fully understand all of the out-points and negatives about both the tech and LRH. I’m not as naive as I used to be. However, as I use the tech daily, and see the positive results daily, you will never in a million years convince me that LRH intended to enslave beings.
    Nor will you convince me that miscavige has any intention other than to enlsave beings.

    Miscavige is completely FAIR GAME.

  153. BMOC — wonderful comment. Mr. Jeffrey is one of the most intelligent, gentlemanly people you could ever want to meet. And on top of that, he is a master street fighter.

    As long as you are polite and treat him with respect, you can sleep well at night. Cross him, or his friends, and you have bought yourself not just a fight with pitbull, its a pitbull chained to your leg that hasn’t been fed for a month.

  154. How many are left?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sN6n1XUp7w This would make for a good PROMO piece to say that of these people featured only 10 remain and of those 51 who left there were 25 OT VII- 33 SO.

  155. Best line in TBT article:

    “He could very well be a witness,” Jeffrey said. “Although to the best of our knowledge he wasn’t aware that he was being surveilled for 25 years.”

    I would love to hear what Pat Broeker would say about being followed for the last 25 years! Not to mention what current parishioners must be thinking about how $12 million of their donated funds was spent on this!

  156. “…and the responsiblity that LRH may have wished to give Pat and Annie, as “Loyal Officers”, I myself, never took LRH’s intention to have them be the leaders of it all.”

    I didn’t either Chuck and importantly Annie knew this “loyal officer” thing had zero to do with any actual POST, a FUNCTION on the org board.

    What LRH DID do with her, was state she was to be posted as IG RTC. That was the post.

    “Loyal officer” is a symbol, a rank, and nothing more. So she had no attention on this and it had no siginificance for her. In fact, the rank SHE wanted returned was Lt. Commander, as LRH unequivocably assigned that to her. DM “took it away”.

    Again, “forgery” or not, this FO has nothing to do with the Organizational legacy, or intention, or board, or posts or duties or functions. Zip. Nada.

  157. The fact that David Miscavige has Sea Org Members sleeping on the floors of trailers while this mansion sits empty is enough evidence that he has breached fiduciary trusts through mental instability to have him canned.

  158. Bank accounts. Money transfers.

    Plus, maybe they were smart and recorded or filmed stuff without telling their employers, just in case.

  159. DM you are a deliberate liar, capable of committing any crime behind your screen of cowardly untruth and double dealing. Your life is just a little beat within the heart of time. How many hours, how many minutes, how many seconds?

  160. I would say that per Ethics Justice and the Dynamics when someone commits overts, then he tries to do himself in so as to protect his fellow men. Miscavige can’t escape the basics of ethics. If you do harm to others, you’ll try in any way to remove yourself from the scene.

  161. This is the only theory so far that seems plausible. Thanks!

    I wonder if due to the top secret nature of the project the PIs contacted Int but were told to screw off because the only people aware of their work, and authorized paymasters, were in the hole. Things escalated and by the time it was a flap big enough to bother Miscavige with the PIs were making threats and pissed – this would trigger DM’s batshit anger and he would fly off the handle (“How dare they!”) and he’s off to let a preventable situation come become a hill 10 because he’s irrationally mad at anyone who would dare threaten or tell him what to do.

    Add to the fact this probably was even able to happen due to all the recent shit storms. Broeker went from a top priority to small potatoes over the past 2 years with all the stuff Marty, Katie, Cook and others have stirred up.

  162. Whoever you are, I like you! I’ve been saying for a long time that the day could come when the cult’s accounts are frozen. At that point everyone who has asked for a refund or repayment stands a chance of getting it.

  163. The following quote could apply to the nature of events in Scientology.
    This is a quote from a novel by Hubbard:

    “All I did was take advantage of a cautionary theorem in Advanced Symbolic Logic: “The apparency of an answer can be mistaken for the answer”. A parallel is that “the apparency of a result can be mistaken for the result”. This once, it seems to have worked. The bulk of the people of the Confederacy will now think of Earth as dead. […] I trust we have replaced mass hysteria with mass agreement, and “mass agreement is the true substance of reality”.” (The doomed planet, p 217. of the original 1987 edition).

    In this novel, the planet Earth severely damaged the civilization of the planet Voltar. The crowds on Voltar want to destroy Earth, but Jettero Heller (the avatar of Hubbard in the novel) has many friends on Earth and does not want to kill them.

    Thus he organized a giant event, with real weapons hitting a 3D illusion of planet Earth in the sky, loud sounds, battle songs, impressive scenery, etc. in order to make people believe that Earth has been destroyed, when it is not.

    That makes me think of the actual events in Scientology: giant scenery that gives a vision of greatness, false statistics or meaningless statistics (statistics of ideal orgs are replacing statistics of completions), etc.

  164. Perhaps LRH didn’t write it then. In any event I hope that these PIs are operating on a higher purpose than money and do not settle too quickly. That way some useful discovery can be done and gotten on the record. Seems the PIs developed a certain amount of ARC for Pat though I’m not holding my breath. It’s a shame that so much time and energy has been wasted these past 25 years.

  165. Anon-onyourside

    Yikes! But, if there is an investigation (and I think you are right on that), no competent U.S. agency would have allowed him to get on a commercial airplane after draining bank accounts. The problem with conspiracies of silence is that everyone has to be on board, and DM is losing “friends” by the minute. If DM thinks he has outsmarted a US investigation by using throw away cellphones, and secured Internet connections, he should think again. He has no idea about the technologies that are available the government, and he seems too dumb to even begin to understand the issue. I have to say that the stuff he has done, and is doing, far outstrips anything I have heard of, except in novels. My appreciation of the guts it took for each of you to leave his grip goes up daily. He has gotten away with it for years, but so did Bernie Madoff. There should be a clock ticking off the seconds/minutes/days until DM is arrested or, at least, unseated.

  166. +1

  167. I doubt Miscavige is leaving. He’s got multi-BILLION in the bank, and a small army of lawyers. Unless Broeker decides to speak out, Miscavige probably doesn’t feel too threatened.

    Miscavige was probably hoping that the PIs would just go away once the money stopped. But since they haven’t, now all Miscavige has to do is tell his lawyers to settle, and have the PIs gagged in exchange.

    The only unknown in this whole thing is Broeker. And it doesn’t seem likely that he’s going to come forward. Unfortunately.

  168. These PIs have no dog in this fight other than their own livelihood. They could care less what happens except being made whole.

  169. non-scientologist

    I want to know how a supposedly non-profit organization can claim that they should retain this status when they are spending millions on following Pat Broeker around and he isn’t even involved in litigation with the church.

  170. RE: ..”..he’s already gone..”? Look around at all the SP tyrants in just the past few years, who failed to see the “writing on the wall”! Libya, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba.. these guys REALLY think they are IMmortal & UNstopable! Speaks volumes on the egos of they who reach the top! (not to bother . Hitler/Musolini/Idi Amin/Pol Pot!)

  171. Wonder how Warren McShane is these days? And OSA Int guys, how are you today?

  172. “Settle”?.. sure! It’s a lawyer’s job! Ya throw some spagetti on the wall and see if any of it will STICK! LOL! When ya got opponents in propitiation, why ya got almost nothing to lose, right? YEAH! Let’s SETTLE….(and go retire down in Mexico, where the dollar can still buy enuf gas to get someplace!)

  173. Why then would LRH put Pat in charge of Scientology, given Pat’s lack of training and auditing experience?

    I’m curious (to anyone who cares to respond), what is your opinion of the authenticity of the LRH Flag Order 19 Jan 86?

    Given what Dan says about having Pat at the head of the church “would be almost as bad as DM”, one has to wonder – especially given the strict auditing/training requirements LRH set up for some of the board members or trustee members who were to manage the church upon LRH’s passing.

    It would appear there are contrary facts when you compare the Flag Order to the LRH-intended corporate structure – mainly the apparency of the Broekers being left “in charge” (at least of the SO), vs the various boards and corporate entities.

    Reiterating an opinion that has been stated more than once by more than one contributor to this blog – it may take considerable effort to determine which tech, policy, and other writings in the period 1981-1986 are truly from LRH, and which were written by others purporting to be “LRH” to further their own ends.

  174. Amazing how stupid DM was to think that these two PIs wouldn’t go ballistic when they were cut off. Of course they would. It makes me wonder who else he has cut off, thrown under the bus or otherwise pissed off who will soon be taking similar actions against DM just like these two guys have. I think what I am most pleased about is the prospect of all of those phoney affidavits that were done by DM’s lapdogs in the wake of the 2009 Tampa Bay articles being exposed for bird-cage liners they are. In addition to DM, ALL of the people that wrote those pieces of trash deserve to be PROVEN ON THE RECORD as having been on the wrong side of history. The clock is not only ticking for DM, it is ticking for those lying criminals too.

  175. Yes, DM certainly appears to have a lot of money at his disposal. But it won’t do him a bit of good if the accounts and assets are frozen.

    Also, gag orders are generally ineffective if they impair judicial process and are not protection against discovery processes or subpoenaed court testimony. Gag orders are really only useful for media concerns, and concerns like protecting trade secrets. The courts simply restrict the ungagging to discovery or court action that is in process.

    So this is really a fubar situation for Miscavige.

    Wouldn’t you throw your temper tantrums from afar?

    I sure would.

  176. When Bob Duggan, the Master of Due Diligence, finally wakes up and realizes how duped he’s been . . . well, it’s hard to predict what might happen. Some people don’t take kindly to being ripped off, fooled, played for suckers. Especially someone who made his bones separating truth from bullshit.

  177. Tango 23 – stealing the Papacy has been done before — by the Borgias. So it’s certainly not impossible.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  178. I wish we had those one or two events, I think the March 13th event and the May 9th events, right after LRH died.

    I believe Annie spoke at either or both of them. She clarified a few points, and she also, for the “Road to Freedom” album release, which I think was the May 9th event, she quoted some of LRH’s traffic to the Gold Musicians, and what she quoted came out in promo surround the release of the Road to Freedom album’s first release.

    Also the Gold Line newsletter of the 1980s once or twice quoted LRH’s music general principles.

    Further, I remember reading a lot of what was called “AB” and “Big P” despatch traffic, when I was on the routing forms project in 1983.

    And later when I was first in INCOMM, like in the mid 1980s, before Pat and Annie were “busted” the INCOMM “computer advices” binders contained ALL of the people’s despatches that were relevant to LRH’s answers.

    The “advices binders” would have not just LRH’s writings, but also included the despatches from the people who despatched LRH, for which the LRH answers then made sense.

    What happens/happened, is when those people fell out of favor, like when Foster Tompkins or others fell from grace, then their despatches would be removed, and readers of these binders of the pure LRH’s traffic would then lose the context, in many cases.

    There used to be a position, Michele Yager held it, called Ron’s Traffic Liaison, RTL. I wish that position would be re-created, and someone methodically reassemble ALL of LRH’s traffic, so Scientologists could avail themselves of the RTL position, sort of a librarian of LRH’s full library.

    Anyways, when you read the Annie and Pat despatches, they didn’t order things (with one or two exceptions, Janis Grady can explain the exact instances when some of the ” + + + ” signed despatches were actually LRH’s, but he let Annie be the one writing it, I guess for legal reasons or considerations on LRH’s part. And I don’t recall those even being “illegal” or some kind of LRH covering his tracks to avoid being sued, particularly.

    I’m pretty sure Marty’s right, all that BIg P (Pat) and AB despatches, are long shredded and all their thoughts and context are lost. But that would have shown their level of being trusted by LRH, is all.

    Anyways, totally agree and thankyou Jim!

  179. How right you are, Gerhard.


  180. Mike, More than likely you are correct but there were a few lines in the lawsuit that give me a glimmer of hope that perhaps there may be more purpose to the lawsuit than just money though I’m money is surely the major purpose.

  181. Even, if there *were* such an item, it would have no bearing on Darth Midget’s control of corporate Scientology, now would it ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  182. It’s good to know Shelly Miscavige will be available to testify if needed since her lawyer recently stated, “that she (Shelly) is not missing and devotes her time to the work of the Church of Scientology.”

  183. I keep thinking about Lynn Farney, and if he’s ever though of jumping ship!
    He’s the Legal Div head for 3 decades now.

    And Linda Hamel.

    It’ll never happen, but getting them to go public, and also Kathy O’Gorman (and Kathy write about the OSA file system and what’s all in that system), would be good to share publicly.

  184. I think perhaps David Miscavige is no longer on a point of power. He is not in the position to pay off off all of his obligations. His obligations to members of the Church of Scientology have not been met for decades. People sit with invoices for OT9 and 10. People sit with invoices for Super Power. When someone pays for something, is waiting for something, and can not get it, that is a red flag. Hubbard says anyone who “puts a customer on wait” is an ENEMY of the business.

  185. Fireworks indeed! I’ll go for the can of whoop-ass.
    Excellent Marty.

  186. SunnyV
    See R2-68 in Creation of Human Ability:
    A thetan is understanding.
    A space or mass is no understanding.
    A thetan is no mass.
    An object is a mass.
    Duplication is then difficult.
    A thetan must be able to be a mass or a space and to experience, at will, incomprehensibility in order to see spaces and masses.

    + more…..

  187. Maybe DM stopped paying these PI guys because his donation revenues were drying up and so he tried to cut corners to preserve his cash?

    When “free money” (ripped off from parishioners) comes flying into an organization, it can get blown out of an organization just as quickly.

    Since Debbie Cook’s January 1st email, his donation income might have tanked right at the time when his expenses were at an all time high… spending millions on his Ponzi presentations or spending on legal and PI’s to protect his ass.

    A house of cards?

  188. IMHO the importance would be that DM had removed a person LRH obviously respected if in fact LRH wrote it. There are a lot veteran Scientologists who remember the event with Pat and must wonder what ever happened to him. It’s a lie on the line that needs to be put right one way or the other.

  189. It sucks to be DM and be soooo predictable! 🙂

  190. How did you treat the loyal followers in your take-over?
    You asked for this, and I’m so personally happy that this part of it has come to fruition. You’ll need lots more scotch.

  191. Anon-onyourside

    “Also, gag orders are generally ineffective if they impair judicial process and are not protection against discovery processes or subpoenaed court testimony. Gag orders are really only useful for media concerns, and concerns like protecting trade secrets.” I agree with you. Also, courts HATE gag orders; it causes more litigation as the media will often challenge them as a violation of free speech, and will often win. If DM tries for a gag order it will be laughable, who will argue he is trying to protect? Marty? Broeker? His bank account?

  192. In reading over the lawsuit, at the very end it lists the 4 attorney firms that are representing the 2 PI plaintiffs. How clever is that!! Kind of looks to me like it’s going to be slim pickings with the dwarf goes hunting for a lawyer to represent him. I wonder if the firm that he used during the Debbie Cook matter will agree to represent him again. Or did they learn what a skunk of a client they had? Time will tell.

  193. Heaven forbid some in RTC having a dream-mix of blow thoughts and blow job…….Uhhhh, ugly and loooong sec checking!

  194. “I predict a very quick, very large, but very confidential settlement.”

    Debbie’s settlement came only AFTER her explosive email and court testimony. In the same way, Miscavige’s grab of power is already delineated by the way this lawsuit is laid out. Damage already done.

  195. Espiritu: the general consensus is that Flag Order was faked by Pat Broeker – and not just because Darth Midget said so.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  196. I am sure it is all David Mayo’s fault.

  197. Dear friend David

    Dear friend David Miscavige, by now you must know that I love you to death. I really felt for you to hear your boyfriend Tom cruise was suddenly free to give you more consideration. His Thetan must have felt conflicted and constrained in a relationship where it held a woman and a 6 year old girl hostage for you David Miscavige. David my main man and friend I have to be frank with you as you do not seem to have the balls to sue either Marty rathbun or my humble (cough) little person. Yes David I do have some bit of selfrelativaty unlike you. Dear David Miscavige, my supercute leader of a famous little cult, I do want the best for you. You could be very good in selling used automobiles, you really could. With your slick hairdo, your custome made suits. But David, it is too bad that you are alsoo a murderer and a person who lacks Balls.

    Please sue me in Holland, Your Dearest Friend Niels

  198. Maybe I’m missing something, but what was Miscavige’s legal wrong-doing other than not paying a verbal contract? I mean, IANAL (I am not a lawyer), but I’m guessing that’s what his lawyers are telling him.

    So the PIs are offered a large sum (as in “retired for life” large), and in exchange they agree to never discuss the matter. At which point there WILL be a confidentiality contract, and the PIs will be bound by it. But they don’t care about the internal issues of the Church of Scientology, so they’ll probably have no trouble taking the money and going away quietly.

    The only complication in this whole thing, to Miscavige, is whether Pat Broeker now chooses to speak up.

    Prior to this story, the world at large did not have a known way to reach Pat Broeker. Now, potentially, they do.

  199. That reference, PAB 44 is great. Filled in a missing hole for me with its relation to affinity and its application/phenomena. Also to attempt to comprehend an incomprehensible, well… that’s like digging yourself in a hole, throwing the shovel away, then complaining about why you’re there.
    Thanks Jim.

  200. Jim, he certainly missed this datum, “Keeps your friends close and your enemies closer”. He made enemies of friends and enemies of enemies and kept none close!

  201. Badda boom, badda bing. I hear a rim shot.

  202. Is this OAS speaking again? Did that person just say that dm is stupid? Please pay attention OSA .

  203. Margaret — Yes, I would suspect his lawyers would say that. I also suspect his lawyers would tell him that unless he settles this, there is enough to get this case into discovery and he will not be able to avoid being deposed on the subject matter of the complaint. It’s the liability of having so many withholds. He cannot ever put himself in a position of being deposed.

  204. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    And mama Miscavige’s.

  205. “The Broeker Operation, which secretly has siphoned millions of tax-exempt dollars from Scientology’s coffers, always has been a personal concern of Mr. Miscavige.” This is money laundering, which has the potential for huge penalties.

    What is Money Laundering?

    “Money Laundering involves transactions intended to disguise the true source of funds; disguise the ultimate disposition of the funds; eliminate any audit trail and make it appear as though the funds came through legitimate sources; and evade income taxes.”

    This places the CofM is serious risk of their 501(c)(3) status:

    “Maintaining a 501(c)(3)
    Compliance with federal and state law is a responsibility of 501 (c)(3) status. An organization’s size, in terms of income, assets, and expenses, determines its level of complication for compliance. Aside from its finances, an organization must adhere to the rationales for exemption, as stated in its bylaws and articles of incorporation. For example, if an organization’s purpose is to provide job training, but it instead provides after school service, the organization is not in compliance with the law. Additionally, an organization is only allowed to engage in activities that promote its tax exemption, such as applying for grants to operate its programs. Failure to adhere to these rules places an organization at risk of losing its 501(c)(3) status.”

    How far off purpose can you get in spending millions & millions surveilling Broecker, the Governor of Indiana, et al……. This is truly ground breaking!

  206. David Mayo and others may have non-disclosures contracts but that is not a ‘non-action contract’. I welcome old-timers to come back and apply the tech once again. There are thousand of old time auditors out there. Hello and welcome back 😉

  207. Santa Claus had something to do with it too?

  208. I heard a rumor that the Easter Bunny got declared as well.

  209. its never DM’s fault!! Everyone is incompetent and I can only get things done around here

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  211. Yes, that’s true it is only a rank, not a post, but Loyal Officer out ranks a Captain (DM’s self-assigned rank), and more importantly, it was a public acknowledgement of Pat and Annie Broker were then the top ranking SO members. As per FO 38, DM would need to call them “Sir” and follow their orders, which more or less throws a monkey wrench into DM’s Machiavellian plot to assume complete control of the management structure of the church of Scientology. DM is also not mentioned at all in that Flag Order, and I’m sure he took it as a “diss”. I’m sure DM could not handle not being in the spotlight, vain as he is. Be that as it may, I would still like to know for sure if it was a forgery or not. Perhaps we’ll never really know.

  212. I agree with you Kevin on the “lie on the line” part. It was also potentially LRH’s final communication to the Sea Org (and really to all Scientologists), and so also carries some significance for that reason.

    I don’t think resolving it’s authenticity is a show-stopper by any measure, but it would be a nice-to-know.

    Frankly, the fact that there is controversy around the FO’s authenticity — and Miscavige’s secret dealings and fears surrounding Broeker (all now being exposed) — tells us more about the deceptive level of Miscavige’s and Broeker’s ethics than anything else.

    So maybe that’s the real take away from all of this.

  213. what is your opinion of the authenticity of the LRH Flag Order 19 Jan 86?

    My understanding is that, in the last few years of his life, LRH was dictating most of what he wrote. (Can someone here confirm that?)

    If true, then I guess until we hear the audio dictation of that FO (and perhaps other 1981-86 written issues), their authenticity will remain questionable.

  214. Whether this particular case is settled out of court or not, it has become clear that the church’s fate will be death by a thousand (financial) cuts.

  215. Seems like Mr Diminutive will simply raid the IAS treasury and put the PIs back on duty or buy silence aka Debbie Cook. Why would he not do this? Seems like his only strategy to avoid the deposition.

  216. “Annie Broeker told me that directly – ”
    Bah… Isn’t she Annie Logan… yes?

    Ya, I understand you probably came to terms with her being known to Scientologists at large as Annie Broeker. But she left this world missing her husband, Jim Logan; thus Annie Logan.

    Just sayin’….


  217. Lisa Lirones, is that you?

  218. Dammit BDA, now I’m gonna be up all night working on a parody…

  219. I didn’t realize how much charge I’ve had on the injustice of Miscavige and his regime as I’ve been carrying on in my way, toughing it out so many years and holding my post and purpose. I am just BLOWING DOWN in such a huge way right now reading that lawsuit. *Tears of Joy* streaming down my cheeks to finally see it in writing, in the legal and justice system of our society in the USA with LRH’s appointment stapled to it as an exhibit. My tears won’t stop, nor do the waves and waves of joy as my very spirit joins the chorus of voices and life for rightness. Justice is so sweet in the end. And ultimately it is kind in its absolute relentlessness as the wrong-doers limit themselves and bring around their own cessation of wrong-doing, and the wronged are vindicated. Next: the body of work that is Scientology will be officially vindicated and liberated in its purity, within reach of any and all who can have it. I join the voices here and around the world and around the universe and beyond for what seemed like a loonnnnng time coming, but there it is…the burgeoning of the beautiful, immutable star of truth.

  220. I suspect that there is an ongoing investigation. When the White House responded to the petition for an investigation, the wording was that criminal actions were under the Department of Justice. The response did not deny or confirm the existence of an active investigation. Of course not! That would be exceedingly stupid. And now, here we are and these PI s can provide conclusive proof that Miscavige personally took funds for his personal project of tracking Pat Broeker, the man he usurped, ousted and replaced through fraudulent means. And if Pat is subpoenaed, then all hell will break loose.

    It is an extremely complex investigation, given that each of the classed orgs are independently incorporated and do have their own income and bank accounts, separate from the slush funds of the IAS and Building Funds. They are not knowingly and intentionally committing fraud and never have. The fraud is EXTENSIVE and has been perpetrated against those Churches, the public and nearly all staff members. There is no reason for them to be punished and their Churches stripped of all their rights. They have been told many, many lies about the funds for IAS and Ideal Orgs and Super Power and so on. Those lies come from Miscavige. Keep in mind that DM has sole control over the bank accounts of the IAS and Ideal Orgs, just to name a couple, so there can be no mistaking his culpability. And confusing these accounts with the Boston Class 4 org would be a grievous injustice. Gagging these PI s will have no effect on an ongoing investigation for interstate fraud. It’s not the Church’s fraud. It’s DM and his henchmen’s fraud. If I were the DA, that’s who I would go after as its pretty clear that the staff and publics of Scientology are not much more than dupes in an elaborate fraud scheme.

    Miscavige has no need to be in the U.S. at all to continue to operate, as he controls the bank accounts and the properties. What few staff members that have some kind of concrete evidence are in all likelihood paralyzed by disconnection threats or they are also culpable.

    All that has to happen is that the evidence becomes sufficient to freeze whatever accounts he controls that are in the U.S. But the problem is that they are probably not in the U.S. at all and have to be tracked down most likely through quite a labyrinth. Then there is the problem of getting other countries, countries that provide offshore banking to cooperate. Its a real investigative nightmare. This lawsuit is a BIG open door to breaking the back of this fraudulent situation.

  221. Chuck,
    You amaze me with your recall of these things. The accuracy.

    I remember that event when Annie spoke but haven’t been able to find it on the internet. I would love to see it again, if anybody knows its whereabouts.

  222. I think that when Pat Broeker does the Treason Condition, for real, for betraying the trust reposed, you will see many lies on lines cleaned up.

  223. You don’t know how rough it is to survive on only about $16,000.00/month, man oh man!
    Other people live on this -frugally- for 16 (SIXTEEN) months!
    i hope that these 2 fellows have a conscience behind their apparent money motivation or else they won’t get far.

    What I truly love in all of that is how the criminal David Miscavige brought it about himself by breaking the promises given to these 2 fellows. Like LRH said in HCOB 15 Sept 1981 THE CRIMINAL MIND: “The criminal, no matter what harm he is doing to others, is also seeking to destroy himself. He is in protest against his own survival”.

  224. Anyone engaging much mental energy on any of these questions has missed the forest for the trees – they are all quite irrelevant to use what works of Scientology effectively. I highly recommend my book What Is Wrong With Scientology? to begin to come to grips with that.

  225. I wouldn’t bank on that.

  226. Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    That should make little Davey happy … he loves people pulling all- nighters in his honor.

  227. Good!

  228. Jim, you said – “What LRH DID do with her, was state she was to be posted as IG RTC. That was the post”.
    Was Annie ever posted as IG RTC?
    Anymore background on that?

  229. And how do you measure “the general consensus” exactly?

  230. P.S. Is the definition of “the general consensus” applicable here?

  231. That is Scientology today – pay today and wait….and wait…and wait! No twins, no chaplains, no sups, staff constantly moving around, new staff untrained and goofing up – it is such a mess!!
    I was told it was an overt for an Org to charge for services and then not deliver – but that is the Operating basis in the Co$ and has been for years. I believed them and trusted. Pretty soon I saw people losing their homes with $100K on account but can’t do the bridge at all – because they are in utter confusion due to financial obliteration! Very crafty – Mr. Miscavige – but karma is coming your way! When you are kicked out – you will be homeless w/ no friends or family! Please live long enough to experience what you have put thousands of people through – you criminal!

  232. ^^^My thoughts exactly, Sherb. And I want to know who was with LRH the
    last 48 hours of his life, what they did and what they saw.
    I probably will never know. Oh, well.

  233. I know this might get lost in the tidal wave of comments, but it’s quite important if any body with knowledge of the SO staff numbers of the past 2 years or so could answer a few questions. We constantly hear the figure of 4,000 to 6,000 current SO members. But could any one give a rough, but accurate approximation of the number of active SO at:
    This is one of the important pieces of information totally lacking – actual current estimates of SO and it’s vital for a number of reasons.
    If anybody could provide educated info on the numbers at any of the above locations it would be greatly appreciated and useful to far more people besides myself.

  234. Classic song. My fave cover. Thank you!

  235. Holy (not ecclesiastical) shit…..

  236. I want to know that too.

  237. I suspect that there is an ongoing investigation.

    Crossing my fingers that you’re right, Maria.

  238. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Every organization will have a leadership team, but across organizations there is no need for a group of leaders that make the hard decision. Life will make the hard decisions in the form of those organizations that apply LRH and serve their field will thrive, the others will wither away.
    There will be an opportunity to work together across organizations in regards to marketing, materials etc.. The closest think might be a
    franchise organization based on individually owned businesses.
    That will give transparency by itself.

  239. I am new here and not a scientologist, but my twin sister joined the “church” a little over a year ago. Recently she has been begging me for money almost every conversation is I need money to buy this or go there. My sister is a college grad. And has always been successful and self efficient. So I started looking into the cos out of concern for her. About this post I’m not a lawyer, but wouldn’t this fall under taking donations under false pretense? I am sure no one donated hard earned money to follow a man around for 25 years! If it were me that made any kind of donation in those years I would demand a refund and try to press charges if possible. Even if it didn’t come out of a donation account they would have to crack the books and prove it! In regards to my sister any advice on how to approach my sister about independent scientology? I don’t want her to cut me off we are twins so she means an extremely lot to me. I don’t care if she is a scientologist but I don’t want her to be took advantage of!!

  240. Theo Sismanides

    The Big Ridge on the Bridge: Miscavige. With all those thetans now aware and acting in unison, hahaha, he ain’t got a chance anymore.

    On the other hand Pat Broeker MUST speak. Now is the time if he got something from/for Scientology.

  241. Don’t forget where LRH put INCOMM in all this, Chuck. They’re supposed to be a tight, well-maintained fortress that prevents the rise of any SP’s .. didn’t quite work out, though, did it ..

  242. Li'll bit of stuff

    Resoundingly and succinctly said, Les!

  243. Wow, thank you for that link. I wonder why Graham Wilson, spokesperson for the church of scientology isn’t answering his emails and calls.

  244. Cece Kruchko Smith

    Thanks for mentioning that Dan and for you guys giving the LRH refs.

    A year or so ago on this blog someone brought up and defined some terms about how while on staff they experienced justifing the ‘incomprehensible’ (madness) on staff. The person mentioned how she’d figured out the mechanism and the LRH references.

    I believe if she/they/I had had the references above re: ‘incomprehensible’, it could have saved the listing to even bother to figure it out. Then of course one would have recalled the chapters describing a 1.1s in Science of Survival and known how to handle.

    A lot of use were only Admin trained and truly it would have done us good to have done what Ron wanted for us all – to get hatted and then up the bridge.

    Course it’s hard to study with little sleep and the post loads were very full of getting public up the bidge and fun to top it off.

    Course that got taken advantage of with all-hands etc. Once one ignored his own progress (up the bridge) then one could not very well criticize someone else ordering it.

    But I help my ground and got myself to OT IV while my 19 years were all in admin. As well I got lots of excellent FPRD and RDDed 100s of very fun hours!

    Thanks you all for delving in to get the LRH refs. to bring understanding to us all.

    Thanks for the very very theta news Marty.

  245. No, she did not take that post. DM intervened. One of the issues she and I were dealing with.

  246. Hopefully some of these guys can give you some advice; I’m also a never was in.

    One thing I will say is really try not to lend her money; never say it’s because you don’t agree with the church of scientology though always give another financial excuse or just say you can’t afford it. I realise this will be hard but lending her money will only help her get deeper in debt and it will do nothing to help her because the more she gives the more they will demand.

    There’s an LRH policy on finance, others here will know it, about not borrowing what you can’t see coming in or something; the registras are very nimble with their “ah but if you do this you will be a better person and so will get more money” but she needs to learn to live within her means and not be pushed around by the registras. Since this is kinda what LRH says in the policy getting that reference might be useful.

  247. UPDATE ADDED: UPDATE 9/23 A.M.: Tony Ortega has also reported for the Dallas Morning News

  248. I look forward to the day they don’t pay the lawyers bills. Oh joy!

  249. Thanks, Jim.

  250. Oh yeah!

  251. Li'll bit of stuff


  252. Ima need a little help…..
    Dave’s nuts roasting on an open fire
    JD sipping through your nose.
    Masks are donned by anonymous fans
    Of Guy Fawkes protesters at large.

  253. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mat, great detail here! speaking of which, there is likely
    to be a grand audit at some point in the future, when the
    process of discovery takes effect. One little detail has
    intrigued me, and perhaps you have an answer.
    The “tunnel system/s” he has (likely)put in place, in / around
    his bunker? Quick get away to his secretly located helicopter,
    on ready stand-by,for example? Any data or speculations on
    this, Mat? We already know he works on extremely elaborate
    systems of subterfuge and meticulous hands-on planning
    for his “brilliant” attempts to “outsmart(y) the enemy!
    Psycho supremo, li’ll davey, may even carry around on his
    person, a little remote control device, which can obliterate
    all incriminating physical evidence—in an instant!
    None of this sort of speculation, should surprise anyone,
    given the nature of the now de-fanged li’ll beast, who can
    be counted on to be maniacally weighing up his options.
    One thing IS absolutely certain–for him, it’s all about just
    one thing……………………….destroy!!……………………………

  254. Li'll bit of stuff

    “All WRONG! you f–g c–k s—s! You need to get it straight! ! learned every bit of it from LRH!”

  255. ‘……you have bought yourself not just a fight with (a) pitbull, it’s a pitbull chained to your leg that hasn’t been fed for a month.’
    Big big chuckle!
    Love your sledgehammer analogies Mr R! Belies the Aussie in you.
    Miscarriage is going to need quite a bit of bandaging after this imminent mauling. Best to avert your eyes for those in any way squeemish!

  256. Very nicely stated, sir.
    You’re right, it’s the intention behind the impulse that tells all, and, while I too have been more than a little disappointed with what I have learned re LRH’s conduct on occasion, I have never doubted his intentions. And his legacy is there and can be used.. After all, he did himself remind us he was just a man too.
    Miscarriage, on the other hand, I don’t know what he is. And I no longer have any doubt as to his intentions.

  257. Mitch Daniels was the VP for Public Relations for Eli Lilly, before becoming part of the staff of George W. Bush. George sent him, and a few others of his staff to areas that had been Democrat controlled (odd for Indiana, traditionally very copnservative, but had dems for gov for 16 years). His wife threatened to sue him for divorce, AGAIN, if he decided to run for pres. Now in January he will be leaving his 2 term limit as Indiana governor and becoming the Pres of Purdue University. Picked by a board of governors for the University, all of whom he appointed. No academic credentials. Oddly last Summer, Indiana had legislation going that would have been favorable to Scientology being taught as a religion (as well as Christian, Islam etc) in schools in indiana. It did not make it in the legislature. Just politics, but the attacks on the drug industry by COS probably was why Mitch was spied on.

  258. Try Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle I think.

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